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I 2 THE SUN FRIDAY MARCH 27 1891 I t = =
niaCtotlir Dry Although ItRiilactI Neurl
All NlithtIIli Ilodjr Ilanclnc to tin <
I Feaee o the Nliln Away from the Itoad
H rand at West Chester all Saturday nigh I
i and until iK oclock on Sunday morning At I
times tho water fell In sheets Little Joie
1 Tug Decker wan tound about 7X oclock In the
I morning apparently leaning up against tin I
barb wlro fence nt the foot of the railroad 01
hankraent and three hundred yards from the i
Went Chester station llli posture WJ natural I
Mid hn appeared to be ranting He wns rest
Ing but In death There was 1 racturo of the
skull over his right ere but no other Iniurlei I
In sight His clothing was perfectly clean and
free from rips and tears nnd perfectly dry
Ills shoes still retained their polish The
I ground at the foot of the embankment was
wet and soggy I didnt show any Imprints
however Neither did lh steep embankment
I of sand and gravel appear to have been dIe
I turbed by a IUdlnl or rolling body
I was at nrst thought that Decker bad beer
serried br West Chester and jumpodofl when
he found It out But Conductor Arthur who
ran the midnight train out of Harlem River
polled this theory when he heard of tbe affair
Decker was a passenger on his train he R ald
and was carried by West Chester and got off
at Bar Chester about a mile further east
Then everybody Vest Ch ier except Tugs
friends declared that be started to walk back
and was struck by a locomotive and killed
Hit friends declared that ho was murderojl
They still think so and they most be right
unless the followers of the accident theory can
satlefaotorlly uxolaln yesterdays development
I the toy was struck by a train and toitod
to tho bottom of the embankment while walk
t Ing back to West Chester his clothing should
have been wringing wot when his body a
I found He Is supposed to have been killed be
I tween 12i and I oclock I was raining then
I and continued to rain until Hi I Is true
that he wasnt discovered for three hours after
rain stopped falling but the atmosphere was
I damp and his clothing couldnt have become
perfectly dry In It But granting that it could
by what miracle li I tho presence of the polish
on the shoes accounted for Not the slightest
shelter protected blm It would have certainly
spotted his shoos it It hadnt done any
more But it didnt do that Tile Is
pretty good ground for concluding that Tug
Decker wasnt killed by a train before 4
oclock at leant even I hn were killed that way
at all Both Conductor Arthur and llrakoman
Taylor have sworn that when Tug got off their
train at Day Chester nt 12S2 he turned up his
overcoat collar and turned his lace toward
West Chester evidently wltb tho intention of
walking back Tbere U t another Important
fact however which was brought to light yes
terday a fact which tends to clinch the theory
that the jockey was murdered It has been un
dorntnod all alone that thl body was found
leaning up nealnst tho barb wlro feme on the
railroad Aide while as a matter of fact It was
found on tho other side of the fence This
In alKniflcaut in more ways than one
The fence of Itsdt is not much more
thnn two foot bleb and even oa short
a person ns TuRUeclcar couldnt loan up
ealnst It without tonpllne over The
fence separates the embankment railroad
property from the field nhbh IA I bounded on
one side by the rullroait and on another by a I
hrh known as the East Chester road No
fen > e skirts this road I iiml tho Held mlcbt b
filed extension of Ih hlghsay Original
I lyii I stonewall two feet hlcb veparntod the
field Irom tbl railroad nut a short time aco
tho hath wire fenlo nas bullion top of II This
mal tho funre about four feet blurt on the
Held aide while It lo nnlr two tent high OK the
railroad side luga dead 1 oily was found In
it ftiindlnir nostum on thn lleid side at the
I la < e marked In the a < > ci < inranyinc picture
with I len cr Aklir back wai turned to the rail
road und nls race lookid irosi the field
Now In tho taco of this It IiakPii i Is It
reasonablo to suppopc that ho could have l leon
struck by n tniin hurlod down the embank
mi > nt nml dropped standing on tho opposite
dido of the fence y Vhun one cnnuld rs that
ther wnsnt a scratch on Ibo body a rli > or
a tear In the clothes there would appear tot
hut one way to answer the question and that
way Is in tim neentlte
ho committed the murder I It was a mur
der The few Vn < t Choker folks wbo think
the jockey mot with foul play are of the opln
Ion that a jealous rival killed him On the
othnr hand TUBS friends dnHoro that no one
connected with a race Iack did It Thmo Is I
vory toiiHlipein nt In Went Chester they tay
and an element which doesnt lot its recruits
from the track either which keeps the vlllaeu
In a stale of f terror The members of this gang
are never knoun to work but always have
money Asaultx and robberies are of fre
iiuent oocnrrKiif about tbe vllloco they say
Tiiin irlendstirirue that If any jcalom rival
had killnd him early lust Suuday uioruine he
would hun chosen a different place in which
to do tliK deed They want to know how this
supposed murdeed from the track knew that
t boy was cnrrled br that morning and how
It happened that he ventured past the SeBt
Chester station nnd on up the track when lie
could lmn waylaid him In thu deep bridge
covercd cut between the station and Ihejmrk
UH shown In the iiiljolnlnR picture These
friends are s tlfled that Tui was murdered
not on thn railroad trdck but beneath some
roof and thnt his body wan canted to the fluid
whore It was found iiflor tho rain had stopped
lulling which would mao the hour between
4r nnd Ti A M
West Chester vlllnce authorities aro content
with b leInf the accident theory Homo of
thiiii h vnn one sn far as tn expreas the
onlnlou that they didnt credit the storiea of
Conductor Aithur and Hrll man Taylor that
Decker not off a Hay Chester and that they
would produce ovldance when tbe ImrueRt wa
men mod tomorrow uhloh would prove that
he rvally jumped from the rapidly moving
train But the witness br whom they expected
to prove this promises not tu bn of much ns
sIstnnoK to them fits name Is i JlcOuri and ho
II employed by Mr James Waierlmry anI 01 his
farm near lay Chester I was he who cot oft
the mldutuht train nt lay Cbestur as the con
ductor ftnys nt the same time Dnckerdtd But
he got off nf t another ear and he says that be
didnt see Decker
The accident theories of the jockey death
tbst are advanced are these
arl TUB was drunk He was carried by
West Chester and lot oil Ie Hay Chester He
walkod buck on lbs railroad tracks A train
struck him cracked hu skull knit then flung
It acoldnnt
his bbdy down tin embankment tnt
Ilv landed In a standing posture on tbe other
side of tho Imrb wire fence
Second TIIK was drunk He wee curried by
West Chester aDd got I at Day Chester lip
walked back on the lallroml I truck Ho stum
bled ami I fell striking his lirud on a sharp
stone rite force of the blow fractured his
skull Then he rolled down the embankment
fell over tho funco und brought upstanding on
the other stile
Third Tug was drunk He wn < < carried by
West Chester and got off at DOT Chester Be
walked biiok on the railroad track A train
struck him and threw him down the embank
ment causing bis head to strike a post with
uqh force as to fracture the skull and that he
fell over the fence nls clothing catching on the
barbs on the other side
FoiiHfaTuB wai drnnV ITo was carried by
West Chester When he discovered It be rUined
CUt of the car and blindly jumned off He
I I etrtck on his feet first but the momentum
threw him forward anti ho took a header down
tie embankment without touching the
mound and struck his hell against a post
fliifliolpntly bard to kill him and then dropped
Into tho natural posture In which be was found
i on the other side or thofcnciN
Thof proposition are all more or less com
I i patible prnposlton excuse for tbolr existence
I pltbl the fact that tho body was found at the
I foot of the railway embankment and the
knowledge that Tug was known to have been
nlWlet tblt kn1
I ll
drlnklnu and had been carried br Vest Ches
ter that thoro wete no other bruises on the
body except the ono fracture ol the skull over
I the rlKht eyo that the clothing was neither
rolled nor torn that the nboes still retained
their polMi and that thn body itself Wan lean
Ing In a natural upright pomnro against the
barb wlro foniOnre not of themselves fats of
I fenout
sufuVlint Itiiportancu lobe taken Into consid
eration bv the hcoident theorist
1 ito ground In thn fluid was not examined
on tho morning the body was discovered The
earth was titan soil The mud has hon turned
Into dust eltico then however and footprints
am no lager dlioernlblo
Ir When th Coroner resumes the Inauost to
morrow the juiy may hear testimony which
they didnt count rn The dead jpikeys em
ployer John Campbell ban two Pinkerton detective
Illorlr Campbel
tective working on the rate and ho said yes
terday that he thought there would bo some
developments byUomorrow
7000 rFoiTK ao TO THE HOW
Nothing Mlavtnc from the Circa of Former
Yenr nnd Much Splendor Added
Last night Rarnums circus opened and
7000 people went to Fee It They stowed them
selves away In the arious balconies of tho now
Madison Uuuara Garden and did not scout ball
so numerous as they really worn
The new Oardn la so big and airy that the
scene beforo the show began did not suggest
tho old tme opening of tho circus
Tho people wore In boxes and galleries and
the whole place wits so bright and handsome
that a concert or a lecture would have seemed
more appropriate
It was not until the big enclosure was all at
once filled with horses and camels and ele
phants aud hundreds of men and women
dressed In spangled tights and many colored
costume that the crowd really got Into a cir
cus humor and settled down to BOO the chow
in good earnest
Then It was quickly proved that It was the
tamo old 13am u in back again There was
nothing missing Tho chariot races ele
phant races pony and monkey races
bareback rldors In gar tights trapeze
performers and tumblers trained horses
and dogs clown elephant human clowns
roller skaters and bicycle ridersall the old
familiar people and performances which nave
delighted youthful and grownup New YorK
for years woie theie with a great many new
and amazing people and tricks and the stir
ring spectacle of Nero clapredouat the end
rll was a big show and a long show I began
at 1 oclock and kept up ntll 11
As at last ytars performance there were
three rings with two stages sandwiched be
tween them There Were generally four or five
performance going on all tbe time and some
times six and seven
It was Impossible to see everything and
most people were perforce content to see only
a third or a half
The now Harden affords more ring room than
the old the urvnn being somewhat larger and
a good deal wider
The band wui on 1 gallery at the Fourth ave
nue end over the doors through which the per
formers entered
rOtlers Jblro Is ret 0 fun for tbechildren In this
Tears program me The corps of clowns Is
bewildering Thu fat roller skater Is fatter
than ever and tounrei higher In th air when
IIP falls and tho clown olepbunt has new tilks
There are several Japanese jugglers and
tboso who are fond of line horsemanship will
Hod plenty to look at
Tho thiee Moors sNtors aroused the biggest
cnthu laum of the evening and W ODalo was
well applauded for his skilful leap s to the back
of a running horse
Children woro not numerous last night hit
they made themselves heard when all the
rings and Maces were filled at onco with
ralned animals
There wtre sheep goats dogs snakes
ponies and goose to ear nothing of a little
wnrlly dog which turned back somersaults
with great ease und rapidity
Perhaps tho most Interesting performance of
the night was the hazardous Dying trapeze
felt by u man and woman Known as the
There was a great catching of breath when
once the woman missed her hold and full from
high Iu thu air face downward But the net
I caught tier
callt rings wore clearedaway for the races
whl h were precisely like those we used to Re
in the Garden with Ibo addition of a wild
scramble liy a pack of s elptug English whlppxt
racing dogs which mads the children shout in
gl < A
Then the show ended with Klralfys Xero
more splendid thin over in brandnew cos
tumes nnd very effective In the great hal un
der the arches btuddod with vlectriu lights
Henatnr Daniel on Cleveland Hill and
Senator John Warren Daniel of Virginia who
is at the Hoffman House was asked last night
I Clevelands petition on the silver question I
was likely to prevunt tn Democratic party
from taking a decided stand in favor of free
coinage In 1802
Ho replied that be should think not Ho said
that the Democrntlo candidate mutt bo rep
resentative ot the Ideas and policy of tho
party or else ho would be out of place and un
available The Southern people ho said ro
grit that Cleveland bus adooted tbe Republi
can financial policy Instead of the Democratic
belief Of Oov Hill aud Senator Uormau ton
ator Daniel aid
Oov Hill etaod high In tho South HU
bold assaults on the iorco bill and his aggres
sive Democracy on all occasions have of
liv lemocrlv him strong friendship And
no one believes the filly twaddle about his
polling out Cleveland In IBM Senator Gor
man IK a thoroughly national man Ind1 he
were the nominee would stir our people with
enthusiasm 1 have not heard his candidacy
dlBctiBf l In Virginia nor dl I know that hol is
regarded as at all In tho field Ho Is an emi
nently capable jndicloiip and wellequipped
man with admlnktralvo abilities of a high
rdcr and would make an excellent rresldent
Arrrtt Meant Protection for Her
The most attractive looking prisoner wbo
bas been In Recorder McDonoughs court In
Ilobokon in a lonl time was there yesterday
Sho was Mary Newlngton 22 years old charged
with drunkuiincs Her modest appearance
and bitter crying enlisted tho Recorders sym
1ollcaman Delaney testified that he saw the
young woman almost helpless In Hudson near
First stieet After mtdnicht Wednesday A
young man who WAS with her ran away The
701la woman looked so roapoctabla that
Biuni did not like to arrest her but she was
not able to tako cnrn of bfrsolf
With sobs and leant I the prisoner told the
Recorder that ant Wednesday night situ wont to
a theatre Iu Jvew York with a young man who
bad been paring attention to her On return
Ing to llobokin ho took her to I restaurant In
River street whore they had something to cat
Alter oatlng hor vsoort gavi her a IllOf of
wjna Him felt convinced that it was drugged
Trunrounu lan was trying lo persuade hr I to
o to a hotel when lie policeman appeared
and he ran away Recorder McDonoueli dis
charged the prisoner after vainly endeavoring
to get the name of the young man with the In
tention of punishing him
Aent Koenne Hhort In HI Account
Foter Eosune Jr has been missing from his
home 326 Graham aonuo Wihilam burgh
since March 10 He wai an agent for the
uardlan Assurance Company of Brooklyn
with an office at 107 Graham avenue
Hix accounts with the main otllon do not
balance nnd Ueunal Agent 1C F1 Oilfllilm has
ordorod an InveHtluatlon Peter hoeuno Sr
ban promised to make good all dellclta l ounl
Koenne tea marrltid only six months ago and
UP hie youug nile Is ill with grief and mortiflca
ti1i Grlfllths said that I Koeune bad made
away with a little of the companys money but
an the company was secured ogulabt loss It
had no complaint to make
Where Ttrdars Fire Wer
A MlJSn4l Booth Fifth arenie feriphlne lrta >
Mtof grocery store awnlns Cre daman trIOIori Iiuo
BIT Weil Flrtrthlrd llretl rules of liable 1 no daaiifei
14 ROd Attorney strict Morru Bcbwartia daunt
ts 8il5 131 Jut folll nI W 0 liajioDi dliii
ale slight
P LtittO e Uoaroo strict O J allobialione
tllpprr factory dameS liol I 1M1 WeitKurirtourtb
Street liabella ITlnua dense I2 li < nji Ieek I
ruau Itreet chimney fit no damairei 51 44 aId i
Iioiion IICt Job bpejdor luw 5iOji storv
Jouln i 1 IiO 4 EaSt t 11lh Street r1 I Mc
Kiictiip ur5iu f iiiiiie iight I I 1i4 I4i La4
W N7
iIitIi lirpet f rl tYattler I I 5 Iiiag o Si 5ti IIU
Illiium street UaMi liernilelne lamo iqst uumait
Irlcuut MI iit > e weit Tftetuvinlfu tlrre Mtrvrln llul
IIIIIrl eporllof yobdi dfttoaK IO vuo bio
erryelreel Jonepu Krlealtuiteri I duu uio IU Oi5n
SNS lUnrtr elreel WUIIam llorke > < uin I25 1
1T3X IWO Kiritaifaue metier Hrct aryloodiVtote
4 ro4i u frlu l KM gluy I bunS Street I I
tsiiuikr upboUterer d mkie w
Sorted by Her Father to Marrr a Mae
who Almost Immediately Hlio Sam Be
gan to Beat and Ahn e Her lterl > caiie
A little Italian ctlrl her face tearstained and
ltte was found on Wednesday by Police
man Allen of the lark Department In Eastern
AIn Uronklyn bite was unable to under
stand his questioning and ho took her to the
Bergen street police station Therethtoueh
an interpreter she told her itorT to AKOUI
Coschlne of the Society for tho lrovontlon of
Cruelly to Children
She said her name was Frnnclecn Carlone
and that the was 1 yours old the did not
know where she lived but know that I was
outside tho city nor father had boon In this
country a joar nnd live months HBO ho sent to
Italy for her Her mother has been dead rouio
time A friend of tier fathers tuok her to
Brooklyn whore sho found him miniled tn
Cattarlnn Ciirrnno Ho told hor ho hud selected
a husband for her and that aha must vioparo
to marry him nt once When she objected ho
showed her a pistol and threatened to kill her
If she did not do as BOO was told Hho was
afraid to refuse and wan married to Giovanni
Larrlallo The coromony was performed by
father 1etro Haiionarn who was told that alto
wan 2D years old
Within a very few hours after sho hnrl loft
hor father her hiishnnil bent I or and abused
hor lie ti ok 1 club nnd beat her HO that HIO
could not stand rihe mado up her mind to
run all liut could not muster eiifllcient
eouraeo until Wednesday On tho frovlous
day her liusband tleil her to I led lost site
said so as to bn sum she would not leave tho
houen UurltiK hN nbsonco him hail boon wan
during MmUBbly about for toinu hours vlion
thn policeman took oaroof her
pnlcomln appearance coir > boratru many
parts of her nnfcaraneo did not appear to lie
more than a well developed child of H 3 Her
body and lem bore witness to brutal treat
ment In the Adams Street Police Court yes
terday morning fho bcttted that Abe be pro
touted from her hu band She tore her wed
dine ring from her flugnr and swore that slio
would never be LiirrlulloH nlavo again Thou
she threw tile tins on tho floor and stamped on
It Afterward her fury and her Htrencth ex
pended she cried bitterly until the Interpreter
PIndl unll
assurod hor that she should be well cured for
Jutlce Walsh remanded tier to the care of the
H P O C who will endeavor to find her line
hand c father I they are found they will
be arrested and prosecuted
Father Haionara In tho pastor of tim Church
of Our Lady of 11111 Carmol North Klchth
strict and Union avenue Willlatnsbursb He
said last night
I Illht Franclsea Carbnno to Giovanni
Iarrltllo on Jan 25 A man and I vonrnn rep
resenting themselves n the jiarouts cil the
bride fissured me In writing that everything
was all Isurol I refused to marry them unlnts
they showed me a certificate proving that 1
civil marriage had been performed at the New
York City Hall litrricllo showed mo such a
eertlfleiite but oven then 1 WIIR not satlslle I
01 tln
The girl told mn she wits 17 soars old hut bliP
looked so childish that I could hardly bolk o
hor I asked the man what pleasure ho could
huh In uiarrylni a 1mby nnd he said that
that was Ills business the irlrl was of nio
nnd hor parent hail Bion thelreonncnt Ho
added that another man wai after tho Kill I I
am always extremely iarolul whom 1 marry
In as I hnd a case once whoro as In thi one I
wan Informed that the Bin wan of RIO I
learned a fow days later that FIO wan only 13
In this recent cane I a told a tew days after
the marrlaco that tho girl was a minor
larrlcllo Inin yearn old J rranclscn told tan In
private convolution that situ WIS wllil t to
marry Larrlfllo as slid had already coau
ibrouuU a ceremony with him In New for
Mr Schwartz Unhy saved frnn Harm
LIttle Barbara Welch Xot So Fortunate
Mr lloslo Schwartz of ICO Attorney street
went to tho grocery yesterday morning leav
ing her oldest daughter Jliry who Is il yours
old to amuse Annie aced 3 and Jennie need
1 mouths lute locked tho door to keep them
all from falling down itnlrs flie had been
cone but a few minutes when Mary decided
that she would llko to ploy with the matches
8ho had lighted several when one of them
burned her fingers and she dropped It
on the pillow when the baby was sit
ting The blankets bacon to unoke and
finally to tao Mary fulled the buby to tho
middle of the floor and then In fright crawled
under the bed homo ono detected the 0 lor of
smoke nnd tent in un alarm Two engines
started for tho fire but before theyhad arrived
Mvnrd Stoolo had force tho dooi and thrown
ho burning bodclotboa Into thn back yard
rite teuouiont contains twenty families and
thru are six houses like It In tho tow
Barbara Welsh IB the thteoyt > arnla diugh
trr of James Welsh a ineohanlc who liven at
11 Lawrence street While he is in work bo
1 obllited to leave tho child In care of Mrs
SchmIdt wln > lives In the name house I VH
ejday morning Mn Schmidt locked th child
In the room while bhe went tu chinch bborily
after 1 rOOl1 wlio noiKhbori buard the child
scream They burt open the door and found
Barbaras clothing In IlinreD They extin
guished the tlunioB but tho child was dadly
burned and will probably die Ambulanuo
Burgeon Ward removed her to the Muuhattm
Barbara Schloicbor a Mr ent In the family
of Frederick Dansz J14 last richteenth street
was terribly burned while lighting a fro early
yesterday morning An ambulance took her
to liollevuo HospItal vuere shudlud lastnlubt
Italian Drilling In IVrmt Virginia
WHEBUNO Mrroh 2qThe Italians a work
on tho Ohio Valley ami Cincinnati liallroad
below here drilling
about fifteen miles are drlllnl
steadily and are greatly excited over the ro
ports from New Oileani Tho contractors
have boon able to got little work out of them
but are takiiie every precaution to keep the
matter from teState authoritleR tot car SOle
ictlon may bo taken that will doprivo them of
what men thny have Over 101 WOO dls
chaiccd recently for nouloctlnu their work
These men still remain about ihu I place and
pnrtaUo in thx drill It IB loarnod tblt tOY
are momborn of a military order oil luatlnc In
and at out Naples nticl toriued for the mtmirpose i
of havlncat Itncommand a large body of morn
tiers capable of currvliiK urine and upon which
it ran call Thin order looks upon the kllllnc
Illn orler
of their countrymen In New Urluuua us uu out
nil Ituliaus
rato put upon Illtulons
A Chicago Jewelry Ielrtltr Killed la
ALBANY March 20 Thomas Williams a
Chicago jewelry itfddlor while mnUluc tho
ouudsof the disreputable resorts with three
rontiatilona last Tuoiday nluht Wile saultod
Ilwd left half d < > ad on Iho m fMuwak by thmn
llo wan found hI ttir police and taken tn the
Albany City Honpltal where he wan mppomid
to have sustained milv tie m Injuilos incident to
a tevere heating II a drunken brawl lie re
mained In an uacont > cluus stato until tonleut l
when he died
An autopsy revealed that the ferule of an
umbrella had beau driven through hie belt rye
and penetrated tbiee Inches Into lila brain
An active hunt hy the police results In the
ntlo John Mullalhy oux of WllllaruHx
lomimnlons and In his po ses < iloii was uu urn
Iy irolnv detocliod from which the ferulo had been recent
Delaware Trump to Ilrcak Stone
Dovrti Del March 2GTho House raided
oday tho heimto bill known OB Judge Balls
Tramp Jal or bill which now only awult the
ipeakers signature to become a 111 I pro
vider 1 that vll azrnntn and vagabonds who
ramp around Uolawnru may be nrreiied and
yet to work for sixty days breaking stone for
ui ndlnu roads thor are to work clnht hours
I day and I refractory put In solitary con
Ineuicnt on bread and water
She Prefrrrcd heath tu Old Bnhin Gray >
HAZIXTON la March 2BMllll Capeoe
aged 16 fears commuted pulcldn at her home
Iii Foundryvlllo a short distance fiom here
his afternoon by ehooiinp lieihulf iliruiiili
the heart with n revolver hit girls hat emits
wanted her tn marry an ucod suitor and 1lfnS
who was In loro with u young man u neighbor
i clllod herself in despair
Ncwrbtioillnnd Solids Delegate to ElaDd
BT JOHNS N P March 2aTb lower House
of the Newfounland Legislature today ap
pointed Premier SirWllliamWhlteway Speaker
immerson and Mr Morln leader of the 00
loslllon delegates to RO to Kncland to oppose
the adoption of the iqperJhCoeicbon law The
Klslatl > e Ooiineil I will appoint the lon A W
Urvey and Mr Pitts Thedelenates will tear
> y the first steamer for Kugiund
Ilulne Trouble
Judce rhrllch of the City Court has ni
lolntud Samuel A Hnwitr rocohor for William
A all Tlioodoio 1 tjenlor undertakers on the
application of William T A Hart Ilufus L
erry has been appointed rereixor for Henry
w llosoDbaum putund call bio > erof 60 Ex
ohanne place on the application ol Draper t
Jaldnln judgment creditors for IOSO lloien
baum loon rears hal been on tile street for about tit
April May
1 Now Take
Tfi eastern dates bsek a lone number of jtin The
urnS when on cecil buy port llqnori U not u very
long xn In the tint putt ot thIs century or
liquors conM 1 S bait without say troublt Why
niritiit penult ers KlKflrd In willlnr a tong
term of juat for them lo te purified by sItar
Now the grttt of USIa It in great the tfmpt llento
ailullerat too tern Sting and the AM of adaluratlnit
to fine tbnt In til age of Adulteration It li almost
tmpoitlble to bur a pure article If a per liquor
rich In flavor eni itealluit la the IMI conld be
obtained for the name mousy m It wonlil cost to
bur a new lIquor U won4 not be neoemerp to
ailnttemte to oompeto with till IrlisUt fomell
lion There le unlr one WC y to accomplish that
New nqicre can he unite tnunl ti ho err ol1ent In
afewduyibrlht I ill RII1MI iiliiOIKS nnrmotboil
In nature m own heM and air Ilv forcluit aster
Al U w > re wo obtain the anne result inily in a much
horter time Sand in hJ > nroadway for tint u is
lortpilve pitmplilet lelllnt all about tie proeria
Aim our rfimplelA price DHL Atitl from now on ace
only the CLfilllNd PKIICRIR CUH nurineil llqnori
and pure wines bciimnlDs with your Bailer
Till IlKfiT ARE Till ChEAPEsT
Style and quality
AVn meadlly adlirre to our opinion that it
always pa > H to cell reliable aood
397 6TH AV
oTt OflfflWc v
aye 874 B7 BROOMS BT
Spring nnd Summer
Carriage i
Victoria WaoR1tee
Cabriolet pepot WIes
Two wheeler urtain fleekgs
Mall Phaeton K Tp Cab1t
landanlette Doiaflo
flmalbue Roa Wages
Im nockawar Tap rMeeoa
JJanp > e Roekawaya 5adla Fhaslepp
Holder Phaetoao flemekbard
t ledsVle IRTKKSS
andauii Hanabnut
Fancy Trap Derby Iha toa
Doctor Waaoa Wafrey
Peeler nroiiKha Children Trap
Faner Iluekboard Mates rbartoa
Waretn bastes HncUbearHi rtoetawara 5tyyeye
rantar trans VJotorlaa landaultie Wa5s
eArls Pot aDoi Milan cart 8antopeOln eit
fbaetona Depot Vaton Dotter rnaetota Bx Tie
Caurloleia Rnoaboita Caiopy CicsFia rttsen
57 STAlls to Utr < 24 Bait 4Kth it Apply wtlhra r
S us Bait 47tn I
Qt > coats
We make from the new
and popular shades of Mel
ton Kersey Worsted and
Whipcord but only the
most reliable qualities
15 16 z8 ao aa
Also other gradesdth
equal merit
8 9 10 ia a 14
Broadway and Canal Strut
The eontloaow ad rapid deveiepest 4
he manaraetare orriNK FT7KNIXTBE ci
a bleb order of arttftta u1hea kiab M
a feature of this Corapaay prooaetloB
The prevent cUBlay la the largest aa > eI
complete ever ohoirn
104 106 and 1OB WEST 14TH NT
j i
Is caused by spores or germs inhaled with the air They are instantly
killed by the inhalation of AERATED OXYGEN the most powerfn
Germ Killer ever discovered Catarrh Colds Bronchitis o have the
same cause and are aa promptly cured by inhaling this new and won
derful vapor
For sale by all Druggists
Free trial and book
Main OflUce and Laboratory Nashua N H
Joseph H Warren 1 distinguished Boiton
physician died on Tuesday at the RIO of CO
His father was tho seventh son of Gen James
Warren distinguished la the Revolutionary
War and In that nf 1812 His great grand
fatherwAS Capt > Joscnh Wurron of French and
Indian war fame His maternal ancestors
vcto In tho lino of descent trim the Duchess
of Marlborough Ills maternal grandfather
Joseph Hanklus was n prominent man
In New Hampshire and was HlRh
KherllT of that State nnd Grand Mas
ter of the 1 A M In Now England
holding the jewels und archives of Ibo order
when the Morgan oxcltemont aealnnt Masonry
I was so bitter Dr Warron stmllod at tho Cns
tloton Vermont Medical School Harvard Med
ical Uchool mind Bowdoln Colleeo Medical
Hchool uraduatlnn from the Inter In lbC3
After tho breaking out of tho rebellion Dr
Warren was among the first to volunteer ana
I he wan in Baltimore with thin Massachusetts
troops when the first volunteers wore mobbed
In the streets of that city Ho was afterward
commissioned by Piesldont Ilnc lit as
medical dimeter and Mtrccon In Gun Caseys
ilMslou and of iirovlnelal troops nnd ho
wan 1rcsMnt Lincolns private medical at
tendant nnd consulting physician Ills labor
weiovHpolally arduous and he did much to
iiliuvlnto tho HUfTcrluu of soldiers by thin erec
tion of r bariack ho iltals bringing order out
nf chaos by syptomatline tho service In that
deiiUitmout Ho paw active service in the
Held bcforo orktown and soon niter was dis
alleil while I oixrltiir prlvnte moiacs and los
patcue to t U8lniiKtou and wan olilkid to rc
Bltn I Ho ludtilcoil In foreign travel for
health and pleasuio and officially as
a delegate trout the Amorloan Medical
Asoolatlon of which ho was VlcePresldont
AIolalon t ISO Ho lead papers before the
UritNh Medloal I clntioii at Cambridge and
thj Academy of Modlclno nt inns In the
same A oar he published In London a Practical
cal iron let on Hernia n second edition he
JraIHI Jera <
InK published In lshi In America Ho operated
in innrf llirltiil London I and owliero to I
I lenoiibirabi the molhod lie was among the
first if iiot the OIY llrst to asplrato tho
I ptricardluiu lAprll 1855 und 10 per
form thin oporatinn of rarncuutesU tho
raela Auuuit Is5iil Dr Warren was n mem
I ber of tho lirlllsh Medlral AStielatlon a
permanent and past Mccliesldont of the
American Medical Association Fellow of tho
i MuKieluiPoUH Medical and BuHolk District
I ocletu < aud lniioriry momborof tho Ver
mont Utatn iledlal B olotr aud Otseiio Medi
cal Hoc itt of New York lie was at tho lime
I nl his death n trustee of tho Boston Ienny
tavl CH hunk a niomber of a number of lite
rary historical bclontlllc and HO lal BOclotloB
rln IIiorical eleltki
a nuiiiiber cf ht 1 litmus Hoyal Arch Chapter
builolk ouucll of tie Hoyal Arcanum and 1
member iettysburg lot G A 11 of lo ton
dipt P I Kemsen Chndwlek died In Cohnes
ThuiBluy mirnlni He was born In Now York
city In ism mind went to Cohoos when 10 yearn
Jor I sl er t l g
of no nail i has I I since resided there At tile
outbreak of this rebellion Capt Chadwlck wont
to tie Iruiit with the SevciilU Itouiuiont of f Mow
York Alter several months service he re
turned and t niaud In enlisting recruits
lie was proiuntfil to Assistant AiljUtantQen
ltl In lft2 aid In the lollolnur year wan ap
pointed Proost MarshalGeneral of Florida
Ha wan allot ward oncauod In operatluc In the
oil luulona of r lennuyhanla Ito lotiirncd
01 echoed and enuiiuod In tho kntttlnir
business operating the Ontario mill Ho
was one of the orlcinnl menibeis of tho first
I of tho Manufacturers
lloird nt Direct rs lRuufadurora
Hank < of that city and was also a mitten of
HID Mechanics Suvlncn Hank Ho nruanlxod
uud was the llrht Captnlii 01 tho Seventh 1
I oiate Company resimilnc his i oiumisnlOM after
I p lerll lompnny of active Herlce lie wns tho
I senior nnmborof the Insurance firm of I111
I 1mlor i ton of Albany Ho Issurvhod by
u wiio and ono ton
11 Col Ldiuil JnciiuoB Genet who died on Mon
day in UrvonbushonthoHudton was a son
of Edmund Charlos Genet known In American
I history asCitlea tenet and ol his second
hil Cl1101
I wife llrthlllslood who was a daughter of
Himuel Osood United Stales Iostmmtur
Cenoral I7fiI7ni 1 Uol Genut was born In
Greonuusn In 1821 1 on hIs faihers arm His
luthorcumo to tho United State in ITWns Ambassador
lutborcnlo <
I bassador from iho lust rrvnch republic le
I was sent ovt > r by tho Oirondlst party
I who wtro In power a tho time hit
ero atoll after overthrown and moet of
who albo do
ihLiu executed by lobeplerre do
mandod dunet but his surrender wan refused
by iho American Uoerntnont The Ambassa
dor leiiialncd here locamo an American citl
j vun math died In 1M1 llls first wife wns a
dHiichter of r lov Clinton 01 Gouot was a
lawyer by profession Ills wife who survives
him It I Iy granddaughter Col Nicholas Van
Lenu chicr
I lirlcflon Hannibal Day who died yester
day at MorrUtown N aced 87 r had
urvetl l forty coDsocutlvo ers In the army
lie was born In Vermont and was the son of
I Dr Syivestor Div a burgeon in the array Ho
was irradnatod from the Jlllltary Academy In
l23 t and mado a hecond Lloutouant In the
I Hccond Intantry Ho served In lie Indian
the enol Mexico and
wars In Florida II war wih loxloolnd
In tht Union army from Ihftl to August 1HI13
He oommandcd I a brigade of thu Fifth Corps In
the t entttt I h anla cant palgtt taking part In the
battle of < ieUi > burc Ho was brovettcd Brigs
dlorUenoinl for lone service in 18IM
Norman T tiassetto tnroucli whoso labors
rorJl1 twentystory Masonic Temple was
made possible and who stood almost pre
eminent In Musonlo circles In the United
Bluton died at his homo In Chicago yostetday
of puonmonla after 1 brief illness Mr Gti
BOttt was born at Townsend Vt t In 11TO Ho
served durlncr the war us a private In Ibm
Nineteenth llllnoln Infantry Ho wis Irand
I Henlor Warden of tho Urand Coinmnmlory of
Illinois In tin early daynot profestonal base
ball he was prominent In tin mauuszcmcntof
the Chicago s bite Stocking Club
Mr GuorcoM 1 Darnard a wellknown retired
merchant of lloxton dl1 > on Wednesday his
sJd year In Ib31 I hobecamo 1 member of the
Him I ylr 1arnard Adams V Co slut muping mnr
chuniu whoo trade extended tl South Amor
Ivu India China und other foreiuu countilos
Icu The 1 lnoln was dlsiolvcd in laiJ nnd Mr liar
uard cast itd on thobuslnessuntll about lit teen
I I oar iiui when ho retired Mr Jlarnard wan
u publlosjiliitod and chniltablo malt ninonii
aul Ilnoni
Ills public K Its bolne tho old schoolnlilp which
ho gave to the tjtute and which was named
fur him
Henry Hollnml tho actor who took the part
of tho n Hlnnl I play Mr Jolter of Texan
ut tho tilarThcatio died iu liollovuo llo pl
tel last iilubt of hoirt illsoiie Holland
WitS U3 years old WitH married and
lived nt 111 I West 1 hllU Uth alt cot On
Tuesday last ho walked Into lieliovuo Hospital
sulToilnu intuit ulcoliollni Uo and accom
jmuied by a friend who und that ho had boon
on I opt 0 for Bottle time
Sims Pottor ono ol Jostons oldest whole
sale then iliiilorH and bank ilrootorn died on
Inlo I1orH
Wednodiiy Ho was n liberal contributor to
oIIY I 1 Jblml
charitable nnd lolUlous horletles of Donton
nnd he aided Inranlyln the cuiiioof nero idu
riitloii In the HoMtb und In Iho establishment
of xclioolH and churches Iu tho far Wt < bl
Henry liutmoyer a weallhy Allrubenlan nnd
prominent Odd Fellow tied front tho tzu itt on
prtlllnont In Fuliriinry ho Cnt a valuable
prupeity at Laurel Htatlon near I Ittfiburth to
LR used as it home fOIl the widows anti orphans
of thu dead Odd Yellows of Icnusjlvnnla
Kamuol MoirlH died on Wednesday at bit
homo In Cllnndola N J at the nito or lilt He
was Otto of tho outset rallr md eniilncerR of the
United States Ho hud been for fortysli years
In lit ItltO yf the Camdon and Amboy and
Punnuylvanla Railroad Companies
Tbo lion Hlmou II Hwlt of Jiuffalo died In
Cube lon V last nliilii Ho ronolved asotero
Iniuri by a fall In DulTnlolai Ueember which
ii ultid In hut death Mr Hullt wits 67 years
1ul1 ItulTalo In was 1N77 a uiemLor of Aesombly from
rdward Oleason known as Old Pop who
for 1lwlnl many years had boon uriviita watchman
If bulldliiUB II ito < lel mu hlot I hood of hut tery
Iirk dlo I hiiildiinly of heart disease yester
day In hin ruin ot 3 lear street
HiiUb OConnor died yotorday from pneu
moniM risultlnu from uu attack of the grip at
mOIII f8lltlll
Iu7n Third Veuuo llriovn lhovna a noon
kopor 111 < alt atlvo member ot tho Lluutu
Ward Democratio AbSoclatlon
rite Bet Father Urady B h J pastor of
Trinity Catholic Church ashington died yes
i rdry acod 1C yenra Ho I WUH a roan ot learn
inu and came to Qeorcctowu College two years
Dun Two of MorrlBtownn N J most ebarUlble
women died yesterday Mrs Joseph Itandolph
of iTimklln place and Mrs Chambers the ven
erable mother of James Chambers
TIm Ilod eastern Connecticut citizens died
on rluudny Ole wo Jenet McAlplneof Mont
vlilo iiniH2 years and tho other was James
Iuady of Ncrwlcli 91 years old
Henry Iliac the oldest imm in Flemlncton
X J I I iticI l I yertoiday inorulni In hinjJth vear
He hud 1or bait u tirloub tlcknets Iu hilt life
up to tbo lima t of hi Iii death
loer Parker died on fuoslla night at the
home of one of his grandsons In Marlboro
township MonmoutQ county N J lie was 98
years old
Mr Itebocoa Bniohardaon died In Peabody
Mass on Wsdneedny eight in her 100th Year
lchtae and RtrcBKth Combine to Make
the New Craft a Sped Oe
As fine a pimped yacht as has been seen In
this vicinity Is tho ole now In course of con
struction at Wlntrlnqhams yard foot of Fifty
fifth street South Urooklyn for Mr J Itoccrs
Maxwell of the Atlantic Yacht Club Ho la
also the owner of the famous 70foot sloop
Bhamrook Tho now yacht U for the afoot
class whloh from all appearances will be the
raclixr class of 1391 and Mr Maxwell Is the
first jachtnman In Now York to order ono of
thesn boats built hero
Several names have been suggested for the I
boat but none has been decided on yet Hhe
was loslcno 1 by her builder I C I Wlntrlnc
ham with lie nssUtanro of tho owner and tho
twentytwo ton load keel wns moulded some
three weeks ago Work has boon pushed map
Ill elnco then and yesterday when Ir
SONS yachtsman vlnlfod I tho yard tho boats
oak frames wore all Inplaqo and fastened ned
the men wore ready to put In the twenty strol
frames which arc being Indo by Handront
llobblns Thorn are to bo ton of them on each
side with strong Moors through whloh the
twcntyolcht Muntz metal keel bolts will bo
fastened Tho bolte are 1 P4 and IX Inches
In diameter
Enough of tho boat Is completed foravaohts
man to form a very Rood Idea of her shape
and at the canto time to observe the very
thorough manner In which she Is I hnlnc con
structed Her entrance Is flue hor bilges high
and easy alit hnr runs us smooth as I fishs
lull From Iho llRurehead down to where
meets tho leaden keel tbo stem makes ono
craeoful sweep with no abrupt break below
tilt wutorllno and ao sho has practically no
forofool Alto htertipust bun about the u unl
rake nnd her itunwalo will show a pretty sheer
1 ho torn tutu ntornpoits are ot oak tint
former belnc cut In one piece from a trout tho
grain of which hiistlio t oxnet curve ronulred
The oak keel to which lie lead keith l In bolted
IfM loot hunt 11 Inches wide and 11 incites
deep TJio after deadwood Is I thoroughly rlv
nted to the keel and thn stern plank shear
bulwarks and iinarter hoc are out of n six
Inch lou of mahoeauy Jim oak frames lirA
2u incites jiiaro and the first uarbonrd plank
that goes on In to be 12 Inches wide The rest
of the 1lnnklol will taper mum 1f Indies
thick nt the mast to 1 1lti inchos at tho Morn
and to I1 at tho bow To lluhton the dock
berime fluid nt the same time to make them
Blirlnit without Impalrlnc their strength one
lower odgo ol each for almost Its entire lonutb
bun boon gouged out The framos are spaced
li Ini IUH Iutwoou centres
Anovnlwnyof bnltlnu hue lead kool on has
boon adopted by Mr W Intrlncham Of every
three bolts that eo through It nt Intervals of
eoino foOl and are fastened within a few In lies
oroih other ono trace straight up the net
curves so as to roeolvo Its nut at tbo side nnd
tho third ono half the length ot tiu other two
goes duwn from Iho top of tho keel tu a square
pocket cut In tho stile or tho keel just big
oiiouph to hold the nut llrmly Into which the
bolt Is I screwed down This Hide Docket uflor
wart tilled with lead Is invisible
Tint new yacht will be Tory roomy below
hiosbtio the owners stateroom located abaft
thu companion ladder with Its two berths
them will be a lunge cabin with wldo seats a
buffet a flatroom for tho Cnptiln on tho star
board sIde just abaft the niat an Ice box a
forecastle with ndmstablu elooplnc berths for
eight men If rocessary nnd any number of
lockers The boat will steer with a tiller and
have plenty of dick room to handle nail The
ctlinoiilonsof tho spars silo Mart overall
fill feet bowsprit ontboaid J2 foot main boom
61 feet over all cull 8i feet topmast 3U loot
Kawyerwlll make Ibo sails
Tho yachts principal dimensions Loncth
over till Hi fet at load watcrlme JG foot
beam 11 feet i 5 Inches depth 0 tact draught
ID foot 3 Inches Sho will ho docked with 1 >
Inch white pi no Her cabin bulkheads are or
thin pine and her skylights of mnbocany
Tho yacht will bo ready to launch In May
Mr t lntrinchnm says sho Is the lightest and
rot the strongest boat he has over built
Change In tlir New York Yacht Club Itnle
Commodore FJbrlduo T Gerry presided at a
general meeting 01 the Now York Yacht Club
hold In the model room of their club house 67
Madison avonuo last nUht Tho report of tho
Committee on the llovislon of the Constitu
tion and ByLaws was unanimously adopted
and their report on racing rules was with a
fow amendments also adopted
Tbo changes Iu the bylaws Include making
tho limit of time thirty Instead of thirtyfive
days iu which members elect must pay their
Initiation fee and duns also this addition to
chapter VI The fleet Captains flag hall bo
n broad pennant with a blue foul anchor on a
white Hold
Secretary Oddle road a letter from Capt Oa
den loelet of the schooner Norseman which
ho offers as uminl a flOM prlzo cup for
fichooiieis and a > nn < > < cup for sloops to bo
raced for Ocr n course an the Itesatta Cora
mllteo may direct during th August cruise of
the clib I or pi lor to It Cupl ioeluta offer
was accepted with creat applause and a rising
votMr Grelet resorves tho rlcht to permit for
nlcn yichts to enter mind compote for die cups
If they nro in the vicinity at the time also that
yachts may enter until K oclock on thin morn
lag of tho rico Tutu iiuentlon ot the dcito of
the ioolot CUD race nnd thu ports to be visited
will be decided at that clubs May meeting
The Hcretiiry of tlin Treasury In a reply to
the Commodores letter of uiMiilry about the
Inn roiulrini painting of Vessels nnmos on
their bows and stoins referred the Commo
ilore to the net of March 1 Itwt which states
that n distinction Is to be made between ves
sels employed tn mint coasting trade aud yachts
In tnvorof the lat er
These yachtsmen woro elected members W
tv Colo bore I do Tlmlstrup J II Wnde
Frederick M Hauxllni Ino F lawrenco Wm
K Dodge btofccs Win Henry Vandcrbllt Cot
nelius vnndorbilt Jr lluyard Thiuor II II
Duryea Jno M lluuhea Chine W Wetmore
and Jno 13 Morgan
Another Anderaon Fitate Suit
Walter 8 Carr husband of Mary L Carr a
daughter of John Anderson tlie millionaire
tobacconist has brought suit against tho New
York Life Insurance Company and Frederick
A Hammond who aio Interested In the Plaza
Hotel property to recover a life Interest In
onofiftb ot the property and J200000 damages
for having boon deprived of It This was a
part of the estate of old Anderson who by his
uill gave tho property to liii eon lohn Charles
Anderson He In turn disposed ot It amid It
finally came Into the possession of the defend
ants Carrs ilauirhter Mary Maud Watson
brought suit In ujectrnonl against thin occu
pants of this land she loeotured juilgniont
her grandfather having boon declared Insane
Khncomproinlbod for a handsoma sum Her
mother it tn elaliiiod wan entitled to a one
lllth Interoht In the property and Carr main
tains that ho basis life interest In his wiles
Production of Thn Pnlnni
The first production of The Passion n ser
vice arranged br John H Churchill with music
written by John White the organist of tho
Church of the Ascension ut Fifth avenue
and Tenth ntrent took placo In the church
last night In tInt choir wore Mrs Cloiian
soprano Mies Mnndellck contralto Mr line
bass Mr Dixon tenor and u chorus ot twouty
the voices
Thn church was crowded TInt service con
flicted of anthems sung by the choir reading
by the rector the Hov IX Winchostur Donald
and iii flirts which nero sung by both the choir
and conurountlon itt S hue one warmly con
grfttulatod alter the > urvi > o Cutdoi nf tile
sorvlee In pamphlet form without the music
were given to the congregation They wetu
the first of the books that have been printed
William F Kern Made President
The Jersey City Board of Fire Commissioners
mot yesterday afternoon and elected William
F Kern President Mr Kern was appointed a
Commissioner In place of Commissioner Con
way who wan made chief of tho depnrtwnnt
utter the death of Chief arTier It Is under
stood that Commissioner Hrowu will bo made
superintendent of the department it lily
Abbott stcns the Mil pawil by the Legisla
ture providing for superintendents lor tho
Polluu ana Flru Departments
The l > emi > ey Will Case
The lawyers In the Dempsey will contest ap
peared In court In Hackensack yesterday and
Lawyer John B Davenport of New York and
A Q Euasioy of Newark argued to have the
probate of the thirtyolpbtrearold will of lie
late Jane Dempsey of tort Leo refused by the
court on the ground of lock of evidence and
lack of attestation iftor snveral bourn of ar
gument Judge Van Valen stated that the Court
would announce a decision upon the motion
next Wednesday
Dinner to Surrogate Itanium
A reception and dinner will bo tendered Sur
rogate ltnstusK Hansom next Tuesday even
ing at Pherrys Fifth oonuo and Thlrly
nevcntb street by the omployooa of the Hurro
gates pfllee The Managing Committee In
eludes James Fairfax MoLouiihlln Fdward
Uoyujng Mortimer ahay jiarpand J Tlqnir
and Thomas Casey KxBurrOKaU follies
Ellbn Itoot Hhsrman WKneval Judge Ingr
ham Judge Miles Beiob Burvojor Lyon and
Colltotor Urbudt Will attenit
Dr niockH Wire Come from flouia and
Milken Thing Lively an the East Bide
Chief Ilabbi Joseph has two daughters Dr
Dillon has a drug store and had a boarder
Dr Simon Block has an Income and a wife
Tho wife has an Idea that Dr Simon baa also
a love for Itabbi Josephs daughter Hannah
All ot these people have bad trouble becnune
ot Ibis Idea
It Is almost four years since Dr Simon then
a fuzzychocked boy of 20 first mot Cbashke
Kosenthal Ho waa a student ot medblne
the University of Buvalkl In western Russia
Mist Cha < hko became Mrs Simon and there
tho trouble began Miss Cbanhke was a very
disagreeable Mrs Simon and Blmon left with
celerity for a free country He brought bli
Income with him a d that was another scares
ot trouble
At first lie wrote sweet letters to Choihke
persuading her to stay yet another month In
Russia That scheme worked for a while
Then Simon wroto and told her plainly that he
did not want hor and would not support her
Then ho quit writing About this time he wu
boarding with Dr Dillon at 149 East Uroad
I wnv nnd hnri hln offleA In thn honna
It happens that Dr Dillon also bas two
daughters and they have a piano Itaobl
Josephs two daughters have not a piano The
two fathers of the four daughter knew each
other In Kuscla and hate continued their
friendship here Bo Dora and Hannah daugh
ters ot the Rabbi practised their music on the
piano of tho daughters of Dr Dillon Bo It
fell out that Hannah and Blmon mot Hannah
Is handsome and Blmon Is dapper
It chanced that some two months ago
Cbanhko first saw the Ilarge Office Hr what
method she found hor Simon it Is not known
Blmon says that one day she met him full of
bate Mho onme lo tho house where Dora and
Herman practised their music and walked Into
his little olllce Angilly she reproached him
Bho demanded unheardof things
Actually exclaimed Blmon she would
have me to live with her and support her
That is too much that IB Impossible Bho IB
crazy to ask that Blue bas heredity Inanity
I cannot do that and I will not So CbnshRe
went away But she bad seen Dora and Han
nab and mute had hot Ideas Then she went to
Itabbi Joseph
Rabbi Joseph shoorled your daughter
ban taken away my husband
How do you know
Ob 1 have heard It
That In not enough When you shall see
her with him at the theatre or on the street
coma back to me and I will Rive yon hill satis
Thou Cbashko had two new ideas First she
summoned Blmon to Ecsex Market Court
where a lust Judge decreed that Simon should
pay her t4 a week for support Then she lay
In wait for Blmon and Hannah SImon de
clares that Bho amused herself by appearing
10 him suddenly In the street and upbraiding
him with flourished sticks At frequent Inter
vals also she vlltod his office and broke furni
ture and spoiled pictures Hho caused BO very
much trouble that Simon left the house of his
friend Dr Dillon and wont elsewhere to live
ami Ohashko has not rationed him out
Now It happonod that the daughters of Dr
Dillon gavo n party Among the guests wore
Dora nnd Hannah then Hinuon came to the
party Hannah told T > r Dillon that she must
go homo Gallant Dr Dillon said lie would
nvcori her As Dr Dillon with Dora und
Hannah reached mIte Rabbis boast no one of
them eawOhoshkelying In wait behind the
But Cbanhke saw tbemlt she mistook DrDll
lon for Simon worse for Dr Dillon Armed
with a long stick and a large tin can Cbashko
bore down upon them and put them to Ufght
Amid the whoops of a hundred and fifty de
lighted bots they ran Into tho rabbis house
andl hasbke eavntbem nfklmmerton with the
tin can utah stick Now Blmon says be will
have Cuasuke committed to an asylum
Nominated for Alderman at Large
Time Republicans of Jersey City after a dili
gent search of ton days under adverse circum
stances have succeeded In finding a man who
will accept the nomination far Alderman at
Large The victim Is Dominick Wcgman who
lives In the Sixth district and Is engaged In the
fruit business In New York When the Repub
lican convention met a week ago Wednesday
lie task of finding a candidate was assigned
to a committee
Tint committee hold several meetings and
after making n thorough canvass ot the eligible
Republicans picked out Mr Wegman for the
slaughter Thti convention will be called to
tether again Katurday and go through the
form of tendering Mr Wegman a unanimous
Bed enthusiastic nomination
The Democratic City Convention also will
moot on Haturdny and nominate Charles W
Allen the Incumbent ot the ofllce
Will Co to Jail ICatbnr than Spend Money
The frugal habits ot Jacob Gotlaib Stable
landed him In the Harlem jail yesterday In de
fault of 300 bail for trial for falling to provide
for hU family He is a silk weaver and lives In
ono room at 100J Washington avenue
Neighbors cull that ho makes one loaf ot
broad furnish his table for two days His
wito thou iii May 1HH3 leaving him with three
children whom 1m put Into the CbildrenH
Fold Three months ago betook his Hyar
old daughter Kate out of the Fold and on Dec
ii Agent t4ehitmlteut of Mr letmy society found
her In thnsnowncarhorhomeunconselou He
at htiihle nnd found the man had 2000
In thou Genuiin Saving Hank Stable was fined
200 in Hpoeml He slcniB He promised to r < 5
have thn city of his children but did not keep
his woid und was nrieslod
Ilunlry HUM Iefl Uootha Company
Lawrence Hanloy who was one of the lead
Ing actors of lie ItoothBarrott Company be
fore Mr llairottfldouth has severed hits con
nection vdh the company Actor Hanley ap
peared lor thin last into with Mr Booths on
Wednesday ulaht He wan oust for rosen and
played It sitting in a chair most of the time
Last night bin place was taken by Mr Beau
mont biiiitb
Th Work of A Bn4 Vnamtm tk flw lh
Artist Sol
One hundred water colon the work of ft
Swedish artist named August Fnutren who
bas studied tn Paris under gnanBouTer l
for the last four years wore sold br Ortcies A
Co at the Fifth Avenue Art Galleries lit
night Robert Somerville was the auctioneer
and the Bole netted 4B78 The prices paid for
most ot the pictures were small Pare Jean
Louis was a bead and bust of a peasant living
on the borders of the Fontalneblean Forest
whose portrait was taken Just at sunset The
level raya burnish up tbe bronzed and wrinkled
features to a high color Tbere was lively bid
ding on this picture and i It brought 170
There were a number of late afternoon icenei
and several landscape ID shadow or moist
with recent rain MBonlna In NoTember1
was sold for 220 and Last Hay of the Sun
for 170 Borne of the other picture and prices
Ssyig Cries Vi llltJn 5t02i A flertte
laud pie onutDf In Ppring lma Jim
noon IitOi Piotir srlst of goers PS limit
lremlsr hsuiyou It
E of a LeeLOng Day iis
Zoe flarton Wilt Beeh New YorhTml ki
Several hundred persons waited about the
depot at Tarrrtown yesterday for Miss Zoe
3ayton who Is walking from Ban FraneUoo to
Mow York for a wager She left Peekaklll at
She arrived at Sing Bins at 1107 after bar
Ing covered about twelve miles from Peek
skill She reached Tarrrtownata80 PI U
Detective Gore of tb Mew York Oentn
termed MlisOayton that the company obi
ed to her further conUnnlmj her journey on the
rallroal track She replied that he bad trav
piled from Han Francisco and that this was
the nrst time sue bad been interfered with
Detective Gore told her he bad Imperative
Orders to keep her if the railroad track JIe
said that not only ersilf but thecro 01
men anu bore who joUowed at her beet were
In danger ot being killed by the trains
Mlas iayton rebiotantly continued her jour
ney down Broadway which runs through Tar
rytown she attracted more attention thus
ever on taking this course They arrived at
Irvfngton at 816 P it fine announced thai
she would remain at Irvington until thu
morning She expectS to complete her our
nov neil arrive New York tonight
Eavalide Impronm
Un James L Barclay who for some tins
has been confined to her home It East Forty
eighth street was better last night and strong
hopes of her recovery are entertained
Hr Fredtrlclc Oebhard whols m with In
Hammatorr rheumatism at the house of bis
sister Mr Nellflon 100 Filth avenue Was bet
ttr yesterday and Is thought to be oat of
Henry Harrison one ot the party of Jia
delegates who recently came to Amirlai 4
who hai boon ill at the New YprS Hoep tel
with a dangerous cold that resembled the grip
Is convalescent
The Rev Charles i De W Brldcmao of the
Madison Avenue Baptist Ohnroh is rapldlr re
covering from an attark ot the grip and ox
peels to be out In a few dan
Coroner flmsnly who izas been onned to his
house 129 Avenue D for a week with raev
monla was reported to be jnuehbetter tail
night Dr McDonald now thinks him out ot
1ollco Justice DlTver basnl held eonrt li
Harlem for two dare Be ban a slight attack
of the grin It ion t serious enough to conflni
hint tools house

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