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flrbt 1Uf nn Utbt tm
J aovTBfiur WOMAN otr nuAXro
Vn < II1 tTk Use 0 B A Atlaata
Belle CbrSd With Mar4erlaj Kra
Vinp lTae JPrteoaer wa tTaaM to
Par Not s ftp orrwe4 Meaer JTaet
Taat 1 O Wlaae ta Rave Kept Beeret
Bo Ga Utarch 80A pretty woman stood
si the bar ol justice here today on trial for
iwllfe b hs lsMrsOraMeKsnoMlssOra I
Bract e who for several year was a sooUtr
Jrc bll Atlanta Slit f biD tried for mlr
derlsff Mr WlrnpeU a nutdoor neighbor
Hi two women were 001 Mends I II said
that Mrs McKee spent money moro lavishly
thin htr husband could afford It is declared
tl ib neoded t but did not care
to Il her husband for It She went t
jjri Wlmpel l and asked her to bor
row I fr ° m Hr MeKee and loan
After sons prellmlnarr arrange
Inc bar Alor II ar
Mrs Wlm l obtained the
ment it II I said Hr Wlmpel obtn
money lenl from Mr MoKee giving bin her notes
Bhe then turned 1 or to f Mrs MoKe taking
ber teD for So These notes one for 1180
one for 1120 one for t ana one for 115 were
placed br Mr Wlmpel lln a tin box and looked
Plt I her wardrobe Ib two women con
tinned on the most friendly ten until 8ep
tembf r when the DOt began ailing due As
the noner to pay them was not forthcoming
something bad to b done
I On Sept 91 lr MoKee prepared a plat of
easned peaches I Is alleged and sent them to
ole I Mr Wlmpel did net like canned
peaches but to ahow her friend that she p
reolated liar kindness she ate a portion of
than and threw the balsa o them into
the yard That night she was taken I
and the continued sick for some time lr
MeKee and another neighbor I Delta
being hei attendants On Sept 2 IN
McKee to restore her sick friend gave
her a dost of whiskey lr Wltnpel grew
TOTS Instead of better On the Bight of
B pt 2 Mrs Wlapel 1 won l Wlm
pel Mrs McKee A Delta and r Puu
etr were wit ber Early I the night l
McKee prevailed upon 1 Wlmpel to retire
Mrs Pounoey Was then prevailed upon to leave
the lick rom bus Instructed those remain
loa to prepare an eggnog for Hr Wimpel
Of the making of that eggnog Il Delta ears
After midnight Mrs MoKee began preparing
IM nod assisted br myself Bhe say me the
whites of the eggs to beat while she prepared
the rest We were in the kitchen and she
aiked me to go Into the dining room which I
did being followed f about a minute br her
with the light and noe Mrs Wlmpel l took the
eggnog and tate only a teasooonfuL She
refused to take any more as ah said it did not
nfus t te M
tatfe right Mrs MoKe urged her t drink It
taring 1 was a right but when she still refused
fused another Mrs McKee said WilL well make you a
Mrs Delta says of tM second one The sec
ond was prepared I the same war and I was
a asked t a out o the rm This
aroused mr suspicions Terr much but Z
obeyed Mrs Wimpel tasted the second te
and said r could not to It because it
taste the same as the dr Bhe said Yon
le I lo i
tit t Pelts can drink It To this Mrs
MoKee replied OEwcanH drimk fifon am
JeM stomach s it would make us sick
The glasses were then taken out and the
contents thrown Into ihe slop palL The e next
da the cow owned by lr Wlmpel was taken
plot u4 dID a few day 0 ntDQIa
th room Oa the silghln QeeIIOP Jx
as santlutly 1 ° raWtaipi persuading
r aUf Jr I
per to turn ll fa t the wa 50 thaI tao
lltht would not i 1 I be JIL She t
turned her attention to J Veils aI
tutoetded In prtuadlug Xra Ditis to try
lute some eMPoH loKe t tD
threw herself upon the b and soon
everything about l the room seemed ID nl
aioept the blockeyed young woman who was
smitIng furtive glaneea now and then at tbe
vraidrobe which contained th IUn box In which
ts tbe notes which were due and not paid
Itntly Mrs McKe ale and stepping to the
wardrobe pulled 1 the door open Tt creaked
oPn I
and she stopped and looked at the bed be
town clock Mrnek 8 nut neither of the women
0 te coo moved The door quickly opened
and the tin box that held the note was taken
out It was the work of only a moment to
plare the box li a box for fire wood and throw
a shawl oxer 1 tt Having accomplished her
purpose she threw herself upon tbn bed
Mrs Wlmpel hail 1 shown Mrs MeKee the note
box In the wardrobe and from what followed
bl rob fm
trew anl
lt peml that she was not asleep when lr
Mete opened the wardrobe door About day
light ahe asked Mrs Diets t build up the fib
sod on oIug 10 the wood box Mrs Dietz felt
something cold woo hits of wood Al
soon I tbn Ore bad I been built Hr Dicta
p awoke Mr MoKe and asked her to ao anit
I get breakfast Mrs MoKoe fathered up her
shawl and the tin box from the wood box and
Want out tD Wlmpel asked Mrs Diets I If I
M1a out bad nut been In her ward
robe lcKee asked her to e It her
tin boz was still there The box was gone
and thenl Mrs Deltz temembered ibs wood
ten a Ditz remmber t
box On making an examination the shawl
pad what was under It was gone and Mr Me
nec wa charted with taking the box At first
S b > denied It but non helnir crested she Dro I
duoidtthit lock aididr Inedwbera
al had attenited to redid IlhS said she
btMrrWlmrel ws going to die the
plitil so she took the box aon get a paper ot
Jllh 1 tb
er On being opened the contents of the box
were round 10 be undisturbed 0 McKee
bavioglnlled to open It
lr MoKee disappemrej and Mrs Wmpl
continued to Rrow worse Mrs Voltz went
two or three times to Mra McKees honee and
knocked hUt failed to JoKoes one Late
ce afternoon Mis Delta MIW MisMoIees
eopkeotn the yard and she followed her and
asked her where Mr MeKee folowe hlooi
raid sheer didnt know mid Mrs Delta started
home Irln Before she reached the tre
powers her back the cook came to the door and called
I went to the door stud Mrs Delta and
Mr McKee IIAndlpl ut Inside cried out
Come In for tbe Cords sake come e took
bar by the band and Raid You must tell m
all you know nnd unless you tell at nuoe what
you cave to Ils Wlmtiff she will die end I
she dies yon will be bangd
u iio you reckon I wUl hangr asked Kr
You surely will It abe dies and tb doctor
a nnlnu the know what is I the matter with
her so the can treat her rorreotly hat she
cannot lite hba then naked me If I would
Promise not to tel anybody except the do
mrs and I promised bbs then Hesitated and
ssleil mi If I she would Ibe 11 arrested and what I
Wanieii her to tell mo and almost made me
awoartbat I would tell nobody but mao te doC
ror McKee then told her that she had given
11 > er let here rat poison The next day Mrs
I llKt dlan Bred A few days aftarward
Ira Wlmpel died In about a month Mr rl
Iuel rbut
aoKps trer since was captured and has bD mont her
1lClf nrC1 SAXTTT
lie Arrested While HaruaznUia Crowd
aad beat to a Hospital
PrrnnuBan March 80 Joseph Pilok the
recognized leader ot the Anarchists In western
Pennsylvania 1 sent t the Allegheny
Hospital today pending an examination I to
nia sanity He Is over 70 years old lie wa
arrested yesterday In Allegheny He was
surrounded by a throng He jumped and
yelled himself hoarse denouncing the United
States Government newspapers and the
capltatlits Hs advised tbo overthrow of the
futtre governmental system and the destruc
d tion I of everything that operated against tem
Anarchist Frlok was educated at Heldelbnrg
Qerm ny His belligerent disposition led bliu
11 hlllPDt Ill
Into many Lucia uiul from most of them be
ftcapod unuiin being a master of the art nt
I IOcinv J II al hie that miler duel lie touiht
I ended fatally to his opponent aol jVrlck wIts
lorcril in leave lbs nountry He bad been dun
tilled with the Jallal L Imvnt J those MU
dent a Jlllburr wbo aniji to Pako a
repUblc of Otrmanr n dritsOd I to Jn
Where us bAfam5 a tiocialtitlo leader tr
s h t WDt to itew York and then cams to ntIs 1
bUllU the rprnlatbl tlD cmf ot
A Whole r mlli Ille or Irft OrtrP
t WtNnHK TK Va ilan hSUA wluoe family
V eoosUtlng of Adam l rleraa e1 641 I bis wife
I seed fl a siter 68 and a daughter qlh 0
dled In the oIweIk ant dallbtor l1su
1 afed I SlOtS OW Itr I tOY
I V pJP t5n owl
I ltn
a on Clr Ill o
Cr nrlrer elltye story fMewHe W
An s > iilU mad Kae ke Area His Car
John Betllr a driver on Mayor Qleasons
nuntora Point and Oaltary Cemeiery bon
ear road which runs through Borden avenue
Long Island City accused the Mayor yesterday I
ot assaulting him nnd knocking him off his
car New rails are being laid on this road pre
paratory to running the ear br sleotrietty
The Mayor wa In front of Puritan Athletic
Club Bal at 330 oclock yesterday afternoon
superintending the wt when Rellly came
citing along on car No 7 on a return trip to
Hunters Point There were several women In
the car In front of Puritan Hall owing to tho
condition ot the road there Rellly sarabls ear
jumped the track within a short distance of the
biff Mayor As the ca bounced offthe rails
he says tb Mayor made a dash for the front
platform where lUllly too exclaiming
Get off there or Ill kill your I
Bcllly says the net instant the Mayor struck
Mm In the face with his clenched 1t knock
ing him from the car into the road As he recovered
covered himself h era the Mayor shouted
Go away from her or Ill kU yon
tiellly says the women In the ear cried
Bharoe shame while the track
whie tl tnk layers sus
pended work to witness the fray Itellly is a
small man of slender buUd Fearful that the
Mayor would renew the attack be ears he
ltrt on a ran toward Hunters Point leav
ing b oa behind The Mayor Jumped into
his baggy and started in pursuit Itellly mad
good use of his legs and wan almost two blocks
away when the Mayor overtook him Driving
up t him the Mayor ordered him to go back
t his oa and take It to Hunters Point and
leave It there Itellly says Mayor Gieaaon
again applied vile names to him aDd wound
npby threatening to kill him I he disobeyed
Itellly then went back and getting the oa
on the track drove t the stables in Hunters
Point His clothes were covered with dot
There was a big bruise on the right sldeot
his face from which blood had flowed Bellly
says that I where the Mayor hit bm H told
his story t several friends who advised blot
to have the Mayor Ute About 6 oclock he
went to Justice Mauleys office for a warrant
but the Justice was not In He says he will
apply for a warrant In police court today
This is the second te Bellly says the Mayor
has assaulted him last fall when
b lauld him Lat fa he was
fixing a wagon he says the Mayor became I
offended at some trivial thing and struck him
I the fae knocking him down
Itellly lea brother of exExcise Commissioner
James Gleason Rellly administration who was at ODe Urn high I the
Mayor Gleason says Bellly was drunk BI
denies that ha assaulted blm
Be flagsccste a Corrupt Bureau Wksa Ke
Urs d tie Mayor to XeapBttUt Him
BOSTON March SO Mayor Matthews sent a
mOs t the Common Council tonight an
nouncing th removal of B H Atwooi City
Architect for cause and the temporary ap
pointment of Superintendent of Buildings
James O Tucker in charge ot the department
He also sent in the appointment of E II
Wheelwright in place of Mr Atwood for the
a beginning May L I his letter t Mr
Atwood notifying him ot his removal the
Mayor reminds him that on March 21 In a I
appointed Interview he urged upon him the
Mayor the expediency ot his own reappoint
IQod t exlteDO b ow ra plnt
mOt I City Architect C the ground that to
o could and wonld b used for the political
advantage of the Mayor
tJY statedsays the Mayor that Ton
eould assist Alderman Oarrnth I cat he
should become a candidate lo the State Sen
ato at the next election and that I yon were
not reappointed yon would b a candidate
yourself for that efflco Ton concluded your
proposition by promising that I case you
were reanpolnted yon could control at least
forty or fifty votes I the next Bepnbllcan
Mayoralty Convention and tbat these votes
Hrorat tl1O
should b cast for such person as I might deem
to b the weakest candidate for the nomina
tion and yon felt confident that your Influ
ence would b sufficient t cause that nom
ination t go to such person I the Democratic
party might prefer On March 28 I requested
your resignation through my secretary and
ive It The citizen at
you declined to give It e cltzeD
large have long felt dissatisfied with the
management of the office of City Architect
I has been frequently reported that tat office
since I h been under your control has been
used more for politics than for business Your
proposal 1 an illustration of tat vicious
commingling of cheap politic with municipal
business which has been the curse of our city
Ch > rant in recent years and your wllllng
nem t suggest a corrupt bargain of this char
acter confirms the opinion I have been for
some time forming of your nnfltness fur the
office of City Architect
Charge to be Freferred AcalBitth Mayor
cad Other City OSUlalft
ELM lah 80The investigation of the
preferred sgslnst Alderman
charges of bribery Irefored uant Alderu
Dater has taken a new turn and now promises
to involve Mayor Carlson When the Investi
gating committee reconvened today John B
Btanehfleld as attorney for Alderman foley
asked that the investigation b adjourned to
allow him time t prepare his defence Mr
Schwartz the attorney for the committee said
that he was In favor of granting the adjourn
ment as the charges yet to b preferred
against the Mayor and other city officials wire
ot such gravity a to require time for the
preparation of a defence
At the meeting of the Common Council this
vtinlnga resolution after reciting the fact of
the appointment of the committee and the tes
timony already elicited continued I follows
liTUreaa Ttillmoar alrtaty Uktn Mfor such speltl
comroltu UniU to Ibow bat CbarlM a Damon
Mayor of rb city cC Elmira and ettitr offletn or Md
city have WtD guiitr of corruptly oUtrbur aad maklas
appotnlauau aad nomlaatlMS 1 one or offrlej and
presiUlaf 1 procure BOBlnailoai or appolntm ou to
let or aaklnr axrxmtati or udtnundlofs with
said Aldtrmin Palsy wUortby bisvou opinion Jiilf
aest action atcUlon or otb r offleltl procMdlot
aaA W laBnsaoid ttorebyt t
jMolMtf That tb povari or latd spchal eommltU
ba > < arabtr kyBtarodlolaeludo inY UiU t
all aforMald matters with nforoas 1 look soUse
at U Major and other city olfl naa < I tbM tao M
cola baTi full powtr 1 md for pcmns sod
ypm fur sits PUp of sold lavtstlMtloa
The resolution precipitated a long debate
and was finally lost by a Tot o 8 t 7 the
Mayor casting the deciding TOt Th Mayor
voting to refuse investigation ot b own official
cial acts is an unusual spectacle and elicits
criticism from all sides
Ian I
Mr Doracher Accuse Boa e al of
Deputy Sheriff Bbaw on complaint of Mary
A Voucher a widow of Mount Vernon ar
raigned twfor Justlo Hilllman In Whit Plain
yesterday Arthur 8 Gaa who runt a livery
trar Mount Vernon lr Dorscher al
leges thut Gale forged her name to two notes
parable at the Mount Vernon Bank one for
150 and the other for 1270 The notes were
16 Ibo order of A Wright
made payable to ordorE WrlrbL
The case was ujeurned until WedneaJay next
CJale Ol boarded with Mrs Dnrschsr for the
past boadl and hil rcbr Mouni
VsraonlsssM I to hayS been purchased with
her money isle aUII tr Dorscberhavbetn
very friendly ao to im I J Incident
Ar You UolBK WeMI
luichsae lck vii the irell tour rsek Now York
cnriI AwICsssrIslSl aUroa Ad au
lfl UtYO0 spIib14 qutpmut traad sososri
Wi Irl Ibtau ° tour tu1pInl sod lir to
l 111 r VII ary djv la she year trout UnitS I Venial 4
K onw A Umy lle Acme Ileorl o PII
I iDttklu and b1 DID throat trvublM Iiuggtit
r D raUaro aaa bM ko bad ef Oil a FUsl C W et
I liih st and fela avdI
mvnr rociro J
Traed rM CiactaaaU to This City sad
loanS with Two Children He Call4
His Adopted Bawghtere The Hrry >
oeletr sad lupeeter Bynte Have His
Case IB ild Raid to Be Im Bestow
H A Bernard was until a few weeks a a
produce commission merchant at 1480 Court
street Cincinnati Incidentally he ran a small
laro bank in which young boys were enticed t
play In connection with these tw busi
nesses there Is said to have been a third that I
of enticing young girl into h DlaM
Bernard was married to a young Cincinnati
woman few Jea ago but within the part
two year she died He had canted her much
shame and misery It 1 was lid on account ot
his conduct with certain Maud Qutnn who
lived at lo Thirteenth street in Cincinnati
with her widowed mother and who was Dr
nards bookkeeper
For many months Bernard has been under
the suspicion of the Cincinnati Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children and Animals
Its Secretary Mr Erastus Burnbam has had
Him watched Little girls were seen t enter
Ills place A point of observation was obtained
through a skylight I the top of the back part
of his store
Among the little girls who frequented the
place were two children from a family named
Davis one named Kemellu one named Ward
ono named White another named Clemens
one named Grant and one Paokham and two
Quinn children younger stators of Maud
Quinn Bernards bookkeeper None ot these
children was over 1 and most of them were
much younger
The Clemens child had been seen under sus
picious circumstances throuah the skylight
The Quinn children were known to have passed
several nlghta In Bernards bedroom The
father of one of the Davis girls missed her
From home one evening and went to Bernards
rooms for her Bernard at first refused t
open the door but afterward let the father In
and allowed him to take the child away after
quieting him in some way unknown
The authorities could get nothing definite
against Bernard Be was a hangdog looking
fellow with a darkbrown moustache and dark
hair Hewas about 1 feet 7 inches tall and 8
years old He was known to have followed
the races to have bean a circus fakir and
general confidence man But when the par
ents of the children were Questioned they
would have nothing to I The children
themselves all denied that anything
temaeI a dD tat UJthllR wrong
had happened
Early In March Secretary Burnham found
that the two little Quinn girls whose name
are Lottie and Carrie and who are I and 10
respectively were coming to New York with
Bernard Laer he learned that they had
goat with him and that they war at a house
with furnished rooms to let at 336 West Thirty
first street
I It baa since been learned that Bernard arrived
rived In hew York pa March 17 with Lottie
QuInn and Edith Packham They went to
Hmlth A MeNellB Hotel and the next day they
got rooms at 867 West TblrtyUrst street
which Is run by Mrs Carter who also manages
336 where the girls were supposed to bal
gone Bernard n > frtsUr d at Bmlth < k McNeils
under bis own name and registered the girls
under hit name ala He told Mrs Carter that
the girls were bis adopted daughters the
says tbat they took two rooms at tt a week
and that she aw nothing wrong
tat not
On Marcn 19 Bernard sot word from Cincin
Iot C
nail that his commission house had burned
and went bank tner leaving th to girls
here While e Was gone on March 31 there
waa a grand row Tn the furnished rooms
Edith Fackbam bad been living In Clmiunatl
fatber with her mother who was divorced tom the
When the mote who I housekeeper a
Mr names In West Seventh street beard U
her daughter bid soot wltu Bernard she was
much anlotd LtJ bowler she Rot brvl
over It but when Mr Patam who lives In
Baltimof tisard abut iia daughter he hur
tied to New York and going to the furnished
rooms at 866 found her and took her with him
to Baltimore I
loon Similar March 22 Bernard returned
from Cincinnati He bad 76U inuuratic
money with him and also a girl to take the I
place of Kdith packbsm This girl waa Car
Quinn aged 10 and sister to Lottie He came
on with two sporting friends ol his Ueorge I
fish and Frank Herman Th three Intended
to start a bookmaking llrm ol which flab was
to have been cashier at a salary 1lsU and
Herman tbere went to Smith d McNeils and are
Huperlntendent Jenkins of Mr Gerrys so
ciety got n letter the day after their arrival
from Secretary Burnham Within an hour or
at U20 oclock Agent Wilson of the society
bad found the girls and had taken them to
tho societys rooms Bernard followed him
and protested rooll lr Jenkins that the girls
were bin adopted daughters and were In New
aonted dauhtr anl lew
York with the consent of their mother
The girls said that this was true and that
nothing evil had been done to them by Bernard
notblnl ben
nard They were small for their age not at
all pretty looking even younger in form than
aJprccrOOklna younar
they really are and were dressed poorly
When ra children were taken before Justice
Ford at eflerson Market he held them to await
advices from Cincinnati In the evening of tbe I
same day Mr terry personally questioned
da UerO pnonaur
Bernard who was bold and defiant and do
manded the girls back Mr Gerry lound that
he had no local right to them
Laid IOII morning lra Qnlnn and her
daughter Maud appeared at the rooms of the
Gerry society and Mrs Quinn demanded the
children She said she and her daughter bud
arrived the evening before In answer to a despatch
spatch from irank Herman and that she was
prepared to take the children back bhesald
Bernard was all rleht but that she would not
let him have the children again
Superintendent Jenkins was suspicions and
took every precaution to see that she started
bock to Cincinnati The tickets wore bought
bak heran agent accompanied her and her
children to the Jersey City station of the
Baltimore and Ohio and checked their trunks
for Cincinnati She Is I a dressmaker and has
evidently been v irypopr all he lie Her I
West daughter Maud who caused the trouble
between Bernard and his wile Is a rrsttr girl
of IB Besides these mice children Mrs qulnn
Bslngadvlsed by wire Secretary Bnrnhams
agents mItt tbe Qulnns at the train In doom
natl on Sunday evening and accompanied
them home Meanwhile another little girl
named Clemens who nad Been seen In auch a
compromising situation I with Bernard bad
been taken to the Childrens Home In 0 ba
beer and examined When confronted with the
Doctors statement she broke down and con
fessed implicating herself and many other
ImplcatlDI breB ote
children In intimacy with Bernard
Through some With circumstances which
have not yet been explained to the Gerry society
ciety the Cincinnati soulety did not act with
promptness nor have they yet displayed I the
expedition necessary t bringing Bernard to
justice The Gerry society ktPt track of Bar
nard until Sunday night Then he disap
peared Fish and Herman say that he Las
area Boston Fish says he thinks Bernard
will not come back and that be does not now
believe In his innocence
Another letter I arrived from Secretary Burn
ham In which be says that laud Qulnn now
tam a suit In court against a lawyer charging
him with being the father of a child she baa
recently borne Two surprising telegram
came to Superintendent Jenkins last evening
Both are from Secretary Burnham and they
are In answer to several messages sent him
asking now t matter his come out Mr
Burnham says In the first despatch that the
Uulnna arrived on Sunday evening but disap
peared on Monday morning and cannot now
be tounil
b fount telegram eaya that a detective
has started from Cincinnati with a rant for
Bernard Inspector Byrnes who baa been
working with fiuoerlntendent Jenkins In the
ease has wt information ot this nor has be
received any request so be says to arrest
Bernard and bold him Thcase of tbeOnlDos
has been droopedbut the ease against Bernard
baaed upon tue story of the little Clemens girl
will be prosecuted
Mix Baathe froaa the OH
Deaths yesterday numbered 122 There were
six deaths from the gripJoompllsaUd with ot
r llseasea Four women and two men die
r she disse 4Jheir ages ranged from 00 to
q6 tin ilunday eig11t deaths re attributed
to the same cause Th total of deaths from
the grip UP to date I thirty Thor are 109
I sick policeman OD the rla
xwo wdaaar KILL A MAD DOO
Kiss OmHsmam Peels Htsa With a Fork
sad Mae jretl Bade HIM With a Mile 1
Mrs Job J Pall of Eagle Bock avenue West
Orange and her friend Miss Mattie Chrisman
who live in Hr Falls native place In Virginia
and is paying her a visit made themselves la f
mon yesterday morning II killing a dog sup
posed t be mad which had attacked Mr Fells
flee setter and killed two of her pups
Mrs Fell and Miss Chrisman heard a great
commotion In the rear of the houae at 7 oclock
and running out they found the sumac dog
battling with the mother of the pups two of
which kennel were lying dead on the ground near the
Miss Chrisman seized a hay fork and boldly
attacked the Intruder driving him Into a
wagon shed bleeding from ssvcral wounds
Meanwhile lr Fell ran into the house and
retained with berbnsbands rifle Miss Chris
man stepped aside and Jr Fell took quick
aim at the dog and sent a bullet through Its
hea One was enough her aim was so accu
rate and the dog stretched Itself out and dld
Th bal struck It fairly between the eoa Mrs
Fell learned to use a rifle In her girlhood days
in Virginia and became QuIt a famous shot
Mr Fell believes that the strange dog was
mad and he will tie up his dog to watch for
symptoms of rabies
rrra MAYORS nr A BOa
Gratify theraaactt Commlttte Atkaowl
edsls Its Power
The Fossett committee held a seance yester
day roorntni In Senator William M Ivlnsa
office In the Mills building The special busi
ness of tho meeting was to deal with the May
ors ot Amsterdam Dunkirk Jamestown
Wattrtown and Oswego For various reasons
the Mayors of these cities had declined or
fatted to answer questions propounded bJ the
committee Mayor Waldron of Amsterdam
declined to eive tbe Information asked unless
ho was paid for the trouble Involved But as a
result of this March elections he was succeeded
br Mayor William Breadon who attended before
fore tbe committee yesterday and brought
with him a wad of documents which the com
mittee considered satisfactory
mitee newly elected Mayors of Dunkirk and
Oswogo and the old Mayors of Jamestown and
Walsrtown were also subocanaed and attended
before the committee yesterday None of them
had prepared answers to the questions asked
by the committee but they all promised tn col
lect the information desired prol submit I
within a week On tbentrenRthot these prom 1
ises they were lowed to depart and the committee
mittee adjourned I
Somcthlag Mar Be Expected From the
CommUitlon In About Six Week
An article was published In a morning paper
yesterday stating tbat the Rapid Transit Com
mission would report the adoption of these
throe plrns The granting to the elevated
extend their lines to the
roads permission to teir Inoa thl
Boulevard and to take all they want In Battery
Fork a franchise to the New York Central to
the construction of
run tracks to the Battery constructon
an underground road on the Greathead sa
1resldent Steinway of the Commission said
yesterday thai the Commission bad made no
such decisions and that there was abso
lutely no justification lor tbe statements
At present he said wo are trying to ascer
tain whether electricity will not carry 20000
passengers In an hour and shall examine
many prominent electricians upon the possi
bilities 01 this force The Commission has nar
lowed its attention to seven orelgbt plans and
will weeks probably announce a decision in about six
weeks ToaT the Commission will bear Austin
Corbin advocate his tunnel scheme
un 0
Thomas Qnlaa Knocked Dow la Newark
Bualeat Street Early la the Eyea
Thomas Quinn of 195 Lexlnrton avenue was
In Newark last evening and encountered a
footpad right in the busiest part of Broad
street near the junction of Orange street Be
1 found br Patrolman John Bran surround
ed by a little knot of people and lying on the
sidewalk At the Second Precinct station
Quinn who Is 33 year ° old appeared dazed
but managed to pay that he was walking I
along the street when he was accosted by a
tramp who naked him for mousy to get some I
thing the eat
Quinn acid that be gave the man ten cents
ana resented his Impudence wh n be asked
him to make It fifty Unon Qnlnns refusal to
Increase the gift the tramp hit him on the bit
temple with an Instrument which seemed to
Quinn to be a brns knuckle
Quinn was seriously bur and was pent to
the City HoHpltoL Although a crowd nnlckly
formed altar Quinn fell to the sidewalk no
witnesses could be found who saw the assault
followed and the assailant slipped away without being
Coolly Opened end Destroyed Letter lathe
Cbarlts W Athlon a letter carrier who was
attached to Station B at Fulton street and Nos
trand avenue was convicted yesterday bra
jury In the United States Court Brooklyn of
stealing and destroying letters The offence
was committed on the night of July 2918JO
Ashton who was an old and experienced letter
carrier was even standing under the glare or
an electric light In Fulton street coolly open
inc loiters examining their contents and then
tearing them In pieces and throwing them
10lrDi He bad taken thirty lettnrs tram the
distributing table in the station He was on
Itie vacation at the time
The defence R that Ashton wan Irresponsi
ble for his conduct at Ihl time and his lawyer
also urged that I be was not then actually en
gaged In the Government sen lea the Indict
ment against him as a mal carrier could not
melt There was no evidence that be had stolen
hold OIldenO
anything from tie letters ho destroyed al
though a postal note was found in his pocket
when he was at 1 rested
for After sentence his conviction Ashton was remanded
BeatlM W F Atklniea Dies la Bellevne
After a Years adaeaa
William F Atkinson a dentist son of William
lam H Atkinson 1 D of 41 East Ninth
street died very suddenly at 6 oclock last
night in the Insane pavilion at Bellevue Hos
pital Although his condition has been very
pitiable for a long time bis death was not expected
otd He was only 80 years old He was
graduated from the Dental College four years
IdDat Dlnt
NO and had built up a lucrative practice
About two years ago he hogan to take mop
gliin and since tat Urn he hen peen ID poor
health The habit steadily grew stronger and
Coalt Thl
at last be added cocaine to morphine A year
ago be became a mental and physical wreck
For the past year lie hal been kept at home
and carefully watched by tbe family On Sun
day night be became violent and I wastbouaht
best to have him removed to Bellovue lie
made no resistance At 1 oclock be was gut >
worse in the Immediately Insane pavilion and lie began to get I
A Baa at Cematock
The Board of Polo Justices met at tbe Jef
ferson Market follce Court last nlsbtend con
firmed the appointments of Dominick OFar
roll aa assistant clerk and Thomas F Feather
atone aa snbpoma server at Special Ses
sions Court for two years at 2000 each The
Board decided to enforce the rule which re
qnlrns that all papers of the court shall b regarded
garded as the property of the court and kept
by the proper clerk who hal give access t
them to any proper person but never allow
them to go out ot the possession of the court
tem Is 10 rap at Mr Anthony Oomstook who
has recently been having a disagreement wIt
Jutc rant hogan about the execution of a war
A Big Vail t Leave No HlgB
An ambulance was called from Blue Hos
pital about 8 oclock last night C til E
Ninth street Dr L A Wend found a man
named Daniel Gus lying In the yard In an
epileptic ttt The people around the man said
he had fallen out of the tUb story window In
hisfit Dr Wendt was unable to find any
broken bones01 any Injuries that such a fall
would b likely t occasion GOBS was taken
to Bellevue and remained the last night
iroHiunnr nr FOUR FLACKS manor
Th Xeglem la TunaoUThe Jlattawa
IelaevrlaglLetth and Marerood Werhe
Attacked Track Torn TJpOT Brok
ea Into and Tools BeatroyedBov Pat
tlaoa Asked to Allow the Vie of Anas
BCOTTDALI Pa March 80 About 6 oclock
this morning 1600 strikers marched upon the
Jimtown ooke plant and compelled the men at
work t quit A bomb exploded at the
Letseurlng plant to intimidate the men who
had gone back to work
I toro a hole six or eight feet into the
ground throwing earth into the a to a great
height The explosion was had seven miles
away The miners at Leith were raided and
driven ai
The big Morewood works were also sur
rounded by nearly 8000 strikers this morning
and the men and deputy sheriffs driven front
their positions
The lorry track were torn up for a long die
tanpe numerous ovens were broken Into tools I
destroyed and a large amount of damage
done A number of the supposed loaders ot I
the raids have been arrested and warrants a
out for others I
Late tonight a Is I quiet at the works which
were raided today The labor leaders are
happy and leading operators a Indignant
All are preparing for a resumption of the
strtigcl l tomorrow
Sheriff Clawson telegraphed Gov PaUlson
today asking him to allow the Sheriff to use
the arms of the mllltla I I feared the
strikers will make other raids
trken wi mae
The sheriff seems powerless t stop Im
The strikers fear only the military authorities
Much anxiety Is I felt over the situation
The lad on the Morewood works was at 2
oclock this morning The plant Is f owned by
the Southwest Coal and Coke Company of
which H a Prick I President and employ
about 800 men
It was started in operation last week against
the wishes of the strikers About IO men
went to work and a number ot deputy sheriffs
were sworn in to guard tbem
When the attack was made most of the depu
ties were asleep As a midnight attack had not
been looked for the rioters came from all the
surrounding vlllsges of coke workers particu
larly Bridgeport and Standard
Many of them were Hungarians and others
Slavs They were mustered by their lead
ers in the evening and alter bearing
several Inflammatory speeches aDd nerving
themselves to the deed with whisker they
concentrated their forces about 2 oclock on
the hills around Morewood They were accom
panied by two brass bands
The Morewood Coke Works are admirably
situated for a rad The plant is I situated In a
valley and the bills around have seen a good
deal of action
I was at Morewood that the big riot I the
strike In 1683 occurred The strikers were
then led br the famous Steve Btranix
The strikers today were divided into four
sections all armed with revolvers clubs iron
bars and other heavy material
Utterlnir yells and commencing firing re
volvers they dashed forward toward the coke
ovens The deputies on the ovens seeing the
howling mob coming retreated toward the
engine house
The strikers stopped on the oven tops and
began tearing the track Between GOO and
000 feet of track wa thus disposed or
A few deputies bad taken refuge in a box
car and I soon u the raiders saw this this
they pelted the car with stones and rooks until
the men were obliged to seek safety elsewher
The marauders continued their work by
thrusting coke oven scrapers Into the burning
ovens piling up In a heap a dozen wheelbar
rows and making a bon fire and by knocking
in eighty oven fronts
On toward the A shaft rushed the strikers
yelling and shooting and breaking window
class and on to the companys store and
Here tbe large panes of class were shattered
and smaller panes In the office broken
The strikers kept up their raid by throwing
down the fences around the works until about
1 oclock when they dispersed
USIONTOWN Pa March 80The lawlessness
feature at the Leltb coke plant had some peculiar
A band of infuriated Hungarian women at
tacked the drawers at the oens and drove
them away with clubs and atones
Some of the woman were drunk and they
rushed at tho men with yells and curses Yard
Bosa OConnel was Injured
Pit Buss Hooper received a terrific bow on
the head with an Iron bar In bands ofjone of
the women who followed I up with several
more until she was overpowered and her arms
were pinioned J I
The men seeing that resistance was useless
stopped their work and fled leaving their tools
behind them
Two thousand strikers assembled at the fair
grounds this afternoon and were addressed bl I
President Rae and VicePresident Penna and I
others I
Tbe H 0 Prick Coke Company baa mode a
determined move to checkmate the strikers
T6nl the petitioned Judge twine torso in
junction to restrain all mn not In their employ
at their work from assembling on their
grounds or In the vicinity of their works and
from intimidating the men from working or
interfering In any mane with the operation
ot their works
The petition Is I supported bJ elaborate affi
davits and sets forth the days rioting The
Jnde granted a preliminary Injunction and
fixed Saturday for a bearing
Warrants were sworn out against Wise
Eager and other Influential lobor leaders to
the number of forty charging them with con
splracy and riot and assault and battery
These warrants were placed In the hands of
Sheriff McCormick and armed deputies who
left tonight on a special train for Jlmtown
Forty deputies armed with Winchesters are
on their way to MeOlures Coal Creek plant
Tonight a row occurred at Everson in which
one striker was badly hurt
The dynamtt bomb exploded at Letsenrlng
was a warning to a number of men who had
gone to work at the companys proposed slid
ing scale Fortunately no one was hurt
HAABtsnuBa March 80 There has been
considerable telegraphic correspondence between
tween Goy Pattlson and Sheriff Clawson of
Westmoreland county this afternoon regard
ing the strike ot the ookeworkers and the at
tack upon the works of Prick 4 C at More
wood this morning
The Sheriff asked for permission to use te
am of the two companies of the Katlonal
Guard to protect property but OaT Pattlson I
responded the civil power t maintain the
peace must b exhausted and powerless ha
for yoked tbe military power can b successfully In
To this Sheriff Clawson replied that he did
not want the troo ps but only thefr arms Goy
Pattlson In another despatch declined to Issue
the desired order Capr Lobr Captain of one
of the companies figured I the correspondence
A Cowsalraey t > IUU Oeverasaeat OBeer
WAUOXOTOV March 80AttorneyGeneral
Miller today received a telegram from United
hISSes Marshal Walker at Fensacola PIe
saying that five of f the men connected with the
hootiocr of United States officers at Bonlfay
F a In I December last have been arrested and
that they pleaded guilty to having conspire
to kill Government pmcer lie says that be
experts to catch the other persons concerned
i in that affair GDclrDI I
< I
cnzcAaos scovnas
Nearly 8O > Die la That Town la Twenty
four Hours
OHIOAOO March 80This WI another
gloomy day In Chicago It was hoped last
week that the death rate ha reached Its maxi
mum but when Beclstrar of Via Statistics
Tom lD eon eloped his books at 0 oclock thin
evening ho had chronicled tho death ot nearly
300 people for tho rust twentyfour hours
Never before In tho history of the office ha It
submitted such a statement for one day I
I showed that Chicagoans arc dying a the
appalling rate of one every five minutes
Streets leading to tho graveyards were choked
all dry with funerals At one place on Warren
avenue three processions became tangled up
and It required several minutes to separate
them I Is estimated that there are 000 bodies
awaiting burial In Chicago tonight
RaIn continues to fall and the weather Is
warm The grip Is I spreading In all parts of
the city Onehalt of the people who are dying
have been stricken by the scourge The hos
pitals are no longer able to take oar of the
sick as every inch of available space has been
taken by the swarm of sneezing and choking
persons who poured Into the doors last week
I la feared that the deaths this week will reach
tho unprecedented figure of 1200
A recalag TOM la Michigan Departs by
VaaaHaon Bequest
COIL Hick March 80 Alonzo Alnsworth
has been In the habit cf peeping Into bedroom
windows about bedtime and has been caught
at It several times and thrashed Last night
he followed a young woman home from church
nnd later was caught peeping Into the window
of her room Tim young womans father
caught him and thrashed him This morning
the citizens decided that they bad enough of
Alnsworth and they told him he must leave
the town within a hal hour and not return
He laughed but they muttered something
nbout tar and feathers that madehlm turn Dale
Whenthe half hour was up fifty citizens and
boys with drums tin pans whistles and ether
Instruments assembled at Alnaworths house
and called him out They made so evident
their determination to do him bodily harm right I
then and them that he lost no time In leading
the body of citizens out of town by way of the
railroad track tho whistles and drums keeping
time to his fleeting footsteps He was warned
not to return and probably will not aa tbe
dose of tar and feathers which was ready for
him this time will be ready on his return and
tho citizens are only too anxious to adminis
ter It
Re Will OppoSe Mr Cleveland Tlecanee He
Insulted Free Colnape Democrata
BIRMINGHAM Ala March 30In an Inter
view hero today Senator James L Puch said
Mr Clevelands uncompromising hostility to
the tree and unlimited coinage of silver com
pels me to oppose his nomination in 1892 I
nominated he could not be elected for that in
judgment would drive the supporters of
free coinage Into a third party My opinion is
tat free coinage of silver will be a sharper
Issue by itself and worth more to the Demo
cratic party than tariff reform Unwisely this
was made a single Issue by Mr Cleveland in
When the Force bill was before Congress
and tbe whole country was alarmed Mr Cleve
land kept silence but when the Sliver bU
whipped the Force bill out of the way Mr
Cleveland and his Hold friends broke silence
and opened war on the Silver bill In the most
insulting language They smothered the bill
in defianoo of an almost unanimous Demo
cratic support The antisilver letter of Mr
Cleveland was insultIng to every supporter of
free coinage as impeaching their capacity
Senator Pugb while noncommittal I to his
choice expressed agreat liking for Gov Hill
The AntlAdmlnUtratlon Wing la BaltI
more Win a Hluffed DUo Box Victory
BAT OBE March 30 Ballot box stutters
had the call at the Republican primaries today
day and the consequence is that at nearly all
the polls there were from three to four times
B many tickets as voters
Whoever cot possession of the polls first
filled the box Then the opposition got mod
beoauso there was no more room and In sev
eral wards threw the ballot boxos out of win
Brawls and fights were the order of the day
The patrol wagons were kept busy from noon
until late this evening
Blacks as well as whites used their fists aDd
tomorrow the State will b several dollars
richer because of the Ones
The whole election therefore was a farce
and the trouble In the party In this city Is no
nearer a settlement than yesterday
The result D announced gU en the antina
tional Administration faction the victory but
the Harrison wing 0 make a fight in the
State Convention
As the latter will be made up largely of anti
Harrlsonltes the indications are that the Presi
dent will not have Marylands support In the
National Convention
Two Passenger Coaches Demolished and
Four Feron8erlon Injured
BUNBUET Pa March 80An accident oc
curred on the Beading helloed near Vastine
a few mlO from this city this afternoon re
in the serious injury of four
suiting lerlous Inlur persons
Two passenger coaches were demolished and
the road blocked for several hours One of the
coaches was thrown from the track by the
spreading of the rails and overturned on the
side of the track The next to the rear coach
became detached trom rita trucks and was
dragged fully a hundred yards before
the train could be plopped and the
twelve passengers it bald were badly
shaken UP The passengers In tbe coach that
was overturned received the most serious
injuries Tbo stove was upset and for a time
the wildest excitement prevailed as I was
feared ldoat the injured passengers would be
burned to death before they could be extri
cated The Injured are
J F 1 11 artz passenger brakeman from
Wlillamsport Mde nnd book badly crushed
also Inteinally Injured
Officer William Hoover of this city cut about
bend and Wilam
Mrs vTreiher of Lewlsburg face and Ida
badly brulred
Contractor E B Eetzel of Danville Injured
bCntractor Inurld
about back > and limbs
Fine Weather Helps the Sick
Yesterdays pleasant weather had a good
effect on persons suffering from the grip and
colds and a change for tho better was noted
in a largo number of cases Police Justice
llynn wan a little better soil the doctors say
be will recover shortly Coroner Hanly was
very much Improved and Is expected to be
about IOOn Alderman Abrams physician
says he Is past all danger
Justice Peter Mitchell woo has an attack of
the uatco suffered a relapse yesterday after
noon but was better in the evening
Method let Mlnlatere After the Bookmaker
CAUDBK March SOThe Methodist minis
ters of the New Jersey Conference In session
here propose to suppress gambling and book
making at the Gloucester race track 1 they
can This morning they directed a special
committee of which Dr J J draw Is I Chair
man to look UD tIle law ind I ascertain what
can be done Another meeting will be held on
Monday next
The Author of The Breadnrlaaerm
CBICAOO March 80In the course of a talk
on literary style before the Methodist Minis
ters Association of this city the Bev Dr Men
dSDtball of Cleveland set street the mooted
I question of the authorship of The Brvsdwla
tiers br announcing himself a that mu
i = r
Failure Doeent Discourage the Flrebns
Who is Trying to Itnru the Old tucson
don Hotel In BrooklynAn Angry Crow
Await TOUUK Miller In the Court Kooav
Last evening for the third time within a
week an incendiary fire occurred In the old
and unoccupied Clarendon Hotel adjoining the
new Kaglt building tn Vn hlncton street a
Brooklyn Tim police bnd become so mush
alarmed over the two preceding attempts
burn the building that Cant Campbell had de
taIled ono of his men to the special duty of
watching thebulldlng after the watchman em
ployed by the Kagle loft
Policeman baby reached the building just
at 0 oclock last night and although Watch
man McCormick notified him that things were
all right two minutes had not olapsed before
volumes ot smoke began to pour UD from the
cellar directly under the old Clarendon Hotel
barroom It was discovered that a fire had
been started among somo rubbish and char
coal In nn old ice chest which bad boon aban
doned when the hotel people moved away It
was extinguished befomthe arrival of the
Capt Campbell hud supposed that the only
two 8PDI caches to the Interior of the building
bad been carefully guarded and so confident
was he that the incendiary must have secreted
himself on the premises that ho throw a squad
ot men around the building and caused an ex
tended search to bo made for the mysterious
culprit It was unsuccessful though
In anticipation of the appearance of Hugh
C Miller for examination yesterday morn
ing the Adams Street Police Court in
Brooklya was jammed with spectators and
such a big crowd assembled on the side
walks la front ns almost to block traffic
Many person whose lives had been ondan
gored br fires which Miller Is supposed to have
started were in the crowd borne of them bit
terly denounced the accused as he was escort
ed by n strong police guard to the court room
So Intense was the fe llna against Miller that
the police authorities fcarol he might bo at
tacked on his way to the court ills father and
a few close friends were the only persons who
regarded him with any sympathy Miller wee
not arraigned owing to tho absence of District
Attorney Rldcwar who Is conducting the
prosecution and the examination went over
until Thursday mornIng
It Is evident that Miller has one or more Im
itstors In Brooklyn lor since his Incaroeratlon
there have bron fhnorslx fires clearly of In
cendiary origin An attempt Is Minposed
have been made on Sunday night to urn the
fonrstorr flat buildIng at 128 Boherraorborn
street About 11 oclock Mm a H rhllo who
oofupie the fourth floor hoard footstep out
side the door leadlnc to tbo corridor and on
going out to Investigate she smelted kerosene
and nicked up a cork which Imd evidently been
in a bottle coutnlnlnc tbo Inllnmmthle liquid
he tiollcfl of the Adams street htntloti were
notified anti Detective torKtirtnt Itoddv mad
an investigation He found that tho rear base
ment door bad bean left unlocked and discov
ered ChristopherFordham the Janitor asleep
In the cellar It Is susPeCted that some person 1
entered he house branch I the ha oment door
with a bottle of kerosene Intending to start a >
fire on one of the upper floor and that Mrs
Phllos movements irlgbteno j him oft
It the sunplolona of the police are well
founded Daniel McAnerney and Thomas Ma
lone of Jersey City have started ID early to be c
firebugs Daniel l In 6 years old and Thomas 6
They were playlne ball yesterday in u vacant
lot adlolnlne Woolsoya paint factory In
Grand street The workmen In tha varnish
room went away at noon for dinner
Daniel and Thomas saw an opportu
nity to have some fun They piled up
a lot ot chins on the floor pouted oil
over them and started a lire The llamas wer
blazing merrily and there was a very tire mis
inc prospect of a conflagration when a man
loyed In tbe factory discovered the fire
and sent out an alarm The firemen arrived In
time to prevent the spread nt toe llamas The
factory Is a large frame bulldlne filled with
paints and oils end the bore would have h
its Dletsnre of witnessing a big Maze if their
plans bad not beau nipped In the bud They
were arrested hy Ueteeitva Mollrlde but on
account ot their extreme youth they were
paroled In the custody of the r parents
A dense volume of smoke began to pour out
of a rear roomou the second floornr 81 Ludlow
street about 0 oclock on Friday morning
Engine 17s house is just acrnm thn street
When the firemen reached tbe room they 1
found the doors locked Thoy forced their way
In and soon put out the Ore When the dames
were nil out a coaloil iamb WAS found among
the bedclothes After nn Invcstlcatlon the
Hr Marshal caufeil the arrest of Abraham
Michaels a peddler who orcuplni the room
and his tenyearold ran Isaac Michaels wit
Is fhe housekeeper of tbo tenement
When the prisoners were arraigned In the
ERSOX Murkrt Court yesterday the boy told
Justice Murray that on Friday morning his
father called him from play and told him that
an soon as bin mother should BO to the butch 1
ers ho should pull down the window curtains
break a lighted kerosene lamp in the bed look
the door and run away lunao said that be
had done as his father bad bidden him
Justice Murray huH Michaels In f 2000 ball
for further examination today and sent th
boy to the House of Detention I
I Ihe tenement bus six stories and Is occupied
bv about twenty hebrew famllle Fifteen
persons live ia two small rooms on the eecond
The Weather
Tht storm central on Sunday nlht In Nebnukawas
Hill over tbe etlrn part of tint gtata y > traay t
moving slowly eastward The rain and mow sru was
coDdnid to the Rtatta bordering > tht Mlwltilppl the
Ohio vallfyand rca and Mlnnmou on ttthtrilto
alr wtatbtr pro alltil Tin storm ihonld st its pre
eat rate of movement felt In tie Atlantic Statute
day tht winOs ihlrtlni from brlik uorlhwit to Utk 4
corthia with rain and lot
II was warmer In all parts of the eonntrr ytittrday
otr > t Colorado and Wromlnc where U waa from U
to 20 btlow rteilnr
fair weatber prevailed la ibis city Tbt winds were
nortbwtii ten to fifteen miles an hoar Tbt hlibttt
Government ttmper turewa4tll bract 40 average
humidity OS per cent
Tbt thermometer at ferrje pbarmaeyln Tn lel
building recorded temperature jeiltrdarae folio wii
ISM 1891 1890 181
SJLU 33 4S 8 30 P II 41 MO
UAM J3 43 Oi M M fcfle ee
OAX 93 41 e P So M
ISM ue 62 12 s e 48
ATerete 3
Averse on March oo leeo a6ga
iiciiti ornci ronciit tut 8 r M tuaipir
lot tisins New hampshire Vermont MawaeboMtlt
Bbodt liand Connecticut and aattrn Jtw Yak gene
allyfalr illiMi warmer vrUllx ttititt
rorentern rtnniytranla and New Jtnty rain tf
Tawday night allgbtly cooler winds becoming bulb ut
For the Dttrlot ot Columbia Delaware MarylaaAaa
Tlrglula rain Tuesday allgbtly eoolert sontbeatl wUds t
For wttttrn lenn Hrauia and Western Hew Tech
rain Tuuday no change ID ttmperatnrt last gale
Chief Josh Rtdfwlok of the Superior Court has
warded s JuJimeoi urreratlnf SI4VO wains the
tlevattil railroad oompaolei to Benlamln B JohniWa
who owns Ml 2U aud 30 rearl sliceS u6 Us Joki aA16
Henry Jacfceon 18 jrfanold was caught on Sunday
Bight lu Ibt room of Volte tatgeon AUgUStUS h Mar
lev In tbt Wticmlniter HoteL lit wae bald al the
fin Markit 1olioe Court ytittroay for aiMmptei
The annual entertainment ot Ibt Oatllc Society takes
plaot tblt treulnf at tbt Lenox 1rceum yolk lanes
natloi ballaaa and Inatrnmenul mualo are oa the
me MtM iuti Carnal will atag M tbt BUM or
Koira r
Judge Lawrnehai granted an absolute divorce te i
Jamea Bulger front Jaunt Pulger and to Jemima
who trom Tbtodor U WILd iud McAdam ties
granted a limited divorce to Mary JtoMngrava front l
themes tt KoitntraT
UlcbatlOtntr t lb altered Super ef a policy shop
at S4J I anal eireet chaOs corn cauee j till row between
comitock and Juetlct liugau on baturdar rout to tb k
Tombe Court reiterdej and gave blmatlt us Julio 3
lain tor held him for eiammatloa
A timporarr Inluootlon laiutd by Jntf t Laconhe of
tbt Uulttd btalee CircuIt Court WM eerred on the
Mayor reiltrder itatralntng Hit hack Uefartmtnt
fromooailnningtb oonitruetlen of a Dew bulkhead
wall on tk Ntrtb LUTe frtm flftrflrtb tt nflyalath
eireen The writ was UeneA en Ibt applloauca et j >
hath A S att4 Walla ef HalUurr Conn
Oeoit F Woolflon bee e nil penllng In tht Boprent
Court lo recover SU4II700 u damuet for breach of 1
eonlracl from monies O rowtr lit aeaerl that
Vent contracted 10 e oU is him stock at tkt Helena
water Com pa r sod tbt wilt Mde Hater Company II
llelaa Mr rower says Woolaton wai to rat tbt rt
ot ibt slAck flret and that Wooliton wont thow bin ri
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