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Li Ije nit
W4DXIG or ran juMmnra cir
I nrr Ooortta Hotrn WIth HIM lend They
Try Bow Ta Mtlllon FcalAn April
jroel Joka oa the Stock Exchange Boy
Thl Bon J rrr Simpson Representative
from Kansas expressed a wish a the Fellow
raft Club dinner on Tuesday night to pene
trate rot Cub mysterlf of Wall street One of THE
BUM mln present at the dinner and Sereno 8
ol the
Pratt the Mew York correspondent
JViiladVpMa ItJgrr 1m I ted Mr Simpson to
msit them at noon yesterday and promised to
met and Henry
iho him around Mr Etmpion
George hoI met the newspaper men at Henry
Clswss ofllce The tint stage of the experience
of the AntiPoverty
rience was the Introucton ntroerv
rateiman to Mr Clew When Mr Clows and
Mr George Del they raised their hats They
bad never seen each other before nnd both
mailed neer when the two bald pates glistened In
the electric Hunt Mr Simpson stood In the
bnekcround and looked at Mr Clews through
his goldrimmed glasses He had never even
etn a Wall straot banker and hi eyes dwelt
llboerlngly fn on Ibelpalutlngs the vehet carrots
and the great plush and mahogany armchairs
of the omce Just at that moment Charles M
Foster Mr Clewss partner came In horn the
Block Exchnnce Ills lunch was on A Ira on
one ol the deslu He wai about to tat I when
be was Introduced to Mr Btmpsou and Mr I
Gen rue
Think of men said Mr George and Mr
Blmpaon nodded approvingly staling In
here amid the electric lights and the rush of
this business when by spending some of the
wealth tier bare acquired they can have
Gyt own sunshine and the green fields
09a Foster who started in life tel years ago
with Koarcelr a thousand dollars and Is now
worth nearly a million and Mr Clews who has
much mora than that smiled Mr Foster In
nocently remarked that ho would go over to the
Block Exchange and toll his tlands of the im
pending visit of Mr George and Mr Simpson
Nettner or Ihooj gentlemen hud the fnlotest
Inkling ol Whet thli meant I nail It WH thought
bull not to enlighten them at the llmu 1 un
conscious the prooosed reception the two
statesmen looked tnrongli the offices and were
then taken to the hub rtUr
Assistant reasuier HUMII Roberts received
he little party and suggested thut liU deputY
Ilvrird W Hale HO through the vaults with
tbe visitor In ths aulta of tho BubTreasury
there are now nearly i WooOOOa Most of IL Is
In gold coin and gold certiQoate but a good
proportion Is In groe back and silver The
first vnnlt contained 30000 In peoples The
second vault holds part currenoyanu part gold
certificates A system of the Treasury from
time Immemorial Is that all visitors are locked
Immemorslls al tnlre 10ckr1
In when they enter this vault So Edward H
Fuller accompanied Mr Hate Ho had one key
to the maitlva door and Mr Hale tbe other
Ole key alone cannot open it but the two to
gether i
A i aokage of 15000000 gold eoln notes was
banded lle r Qforge and Mrblmpson to hold
lor a moment Between them they held 110
OIr trll ion what gentlemen remarked Mr
Simpson 1 never thought to have tsUOOOO
In my hand
Neither did I commented Mr George
The next vault visited was tbe sllvei vault
Mr George is for the gold standard Mr
Blmpsop believes In silver Mr Hale took the
visitors Into one of the detached vaults which
held f 10000000 in silver dollars Mr George
a ked how much was In each of the gleaming
white ban He was told thousand dollars
and he was invited to pick one of them nn I
weighed sixty pounds all In I single dollars
Take hold of that Simpson said Mr
George and say how long you would Uke t
log that around aa currency
a ourlO
The Kansas Representative hefted the
Kanlu1prelellUv t
silver I and said tat he was la a mine of silver
where SflaroeJy any work wa to b dine There
silver was already tber waiting for the ma
who could get It Wat
AH this tUne Mr Poster down on Ibt floor of
te Stock 11 ho been waiting for the
visitors to appear in the gallery Three hun i
dred brokers were on the floor and word had
been passed around All unconcious of any
such proceedings Mr George and Mr Simpson
and those with them went from thesub rise
ury to the Stock Exchange gallery and lookdown
down on the broken There was no explosion
and no yawping and not even a sign e
visitors were departing when up rushed
Foster breahl CeDnl mie
Come out Into the gallery nulck said be
I want to show yon whats going on
Mr George looked at Mr Bimpeon and pull
Inz off his glasses looked hard at Mr Foster
aslt trying to understand the Interest In i get
ting him back into the gallery Mr Simpson
took off his Derby hat and running his band
through his straight black hair returned Mr
Georges glance and seemed also to be re
fleeting whether Mr Fosters Invitation should
be accepted
No np finally said Mr George No no
u Inal Id Geone
echoed Mr Simpson I guess were well out
of It And Mr Jofler IMe fell The prepa
rations be bad made for half an hour 1 nlnre
to receive vigorously tho opponents of pbs
I Stock ExchanKO ant Its busincsft methods pad
fallen to tbe ground He 1 then told Mr GeoVge
2nd Mr Slnipon that he had notified all the
brokers nf their slt tfet I In the rash of nest
ness had nOl kept track of them in the gallery
Bo Mr George and Mr Simpson In their flrst
visit to Wall street on April I Fool Day suc
ceeded in fooling three hundred of the sharpest
brokers on earth Mr George and Mr Simp
son chuckled and said that they had had a
firstrate time I ha
The Finding oftke Led Pipe the Trek
Near he see of Cbs Murder
Coronnr Drews West Chester jury Is pretty
well convinced that Jockey Tog Decker was
murdered 1 a week ao last Sunday Tnawni
found lennlng up against the barb wire fence
dead and circumstances have pointed to tour
der from the first After tbe body was taken
down and carried to Undertaker Lovlus Ed
ward Strasaler and four or five other men ex
amined th side of the embankment to see I
they could discover the place where Tug slId
down but they couldnt Finally they
went up on the railroad tracks About
two hundred feet r < eyon < l the spot where
Tug stood toward the West Cheater statIon
< Hlatoo
ptrassiers eyes lighted on a piece of
lead pipe He picked it up It Was shout sIx
teCO Inches long and UP been slightly Ix
Seen 1 bad the appearance of nothaving
Ill there 10DK The party examined it closely
cud without any apparent reason spoke nf It
su Connection with the jookeirs death They
errd to the peculiar pasture In which the
0 was found and expreaaed the onlnlon
Inst he b1 met loul nlay and weie Inclined to
Dslleve that the piece of pipe was the I Instru
nent of death No blood was found on the
Pipe howevpr and then Itl easIer dropped It
atain and the party dropped their momentary
Ideas out of their heads and passed on None
of ham i considered this Incident worth ro
Tie first day of the Inquest developed noth
lag but a dUuosltlon to make I a CAM of ncol l
dental death There WHS a postponement of
pewit a week during which time Mr Camp
balls detectlveH found n boy named William
Sterno who mew 11 1 1 wiIam
elD Iow all bolt the piece 01 Ild
Ilpf and bt more had I 10 ttiepossis
Ion th boy had kept on the outllr of
the Investigating party on Ibo mornIng Tugs
body wa found ld lBlllrOIr pick up tht
piece of pipe sad throw It down agatn end Ii
Iben taken I bI01I The oh fitted I ba
In Tugs bat exactly AI pIe Ited on of
the InquMs 8riilsr 11 the stand and ho
Jqld the sry all about it and Ibo suspicions of
hImself Si his ° aiI > tn2n1 tl the time The
Inn Imf
Inquest will be
Wl probably finished next Prlday
Aatn i 1QvIdi far hi Jfaashtera sad
the Zest Given to hla WIt
BOBTOK April lTb will of Lawrence
Barrett was filed with the Clerk of the Norfolk
Probate Court today Mr Barrett makes no
public bequests He bequeaths to his Wife
llaiy Frrderloa Barrett all his furniture pic
tuna clothing plate china watches and
jewelry wines and household stores and all
the rest and residue of his property Is i glen
to trustees to have and to bold for his Three
dauiibUra Mary Agnes Baroness Von Itoder
of mnttesrt In Wuriemberg Anna Gertrud
Sit I of Joseph Anderson of London and
Edith MlTtonla Bsrrstt to Lndon whom
la to b paid the sum of tlCoo per annum In
< > riuii quarterly parmenUot tiou each The
Inuml of hie estate beyond Ibis Is aol Iald
to Its H ifp <
Chad lalhld Harry Burnett and WI
mrl y amt aye Bamed B ttruatees
1h wul I wa SAC on Doc ia 1889 at theo
sadoate nll 1a Ion at4 was wil by
o C Spris ope A Morse Oharhes 0 Barry aad John
8 anAca ICtn I
She la doing t Bnrosw ts T Ie Itve
Dow the f M at
A story of Miss Grace Reyess relation with
Charles Warfleld who abandoned his wlfo and
four children WAS published yesterday 1
told In substance that Miss Reyes a daughter
of Beth 0 Keyes one of the wealthiest resi
dent of the Eastern district of Brooklyn and
the senior partner In a large carriage factory
at Broom and Molt streets this city met a
man who called himself Edward Raymond i
December and fell In love with his fine figure
and long blond moustache
He represented himself t her as a dingle
man and persuaded her to leave her fathers
home and go to housekeeping with him at 649
Wythe avenue Wlllamsbuigb In her infatu
ation she bad been content to exchange the
shelter of the fourstory brownstone house
187 Penn street for three poorly furnished
rooms on the top floor of a tenement She did
not tell all of the truth Tbe person who rosily
had been sinned against was not Miss Keyoa
but a woman who up In Harlem r as working
hard night and dar to keep a respectable home
for herself Vnd tbe four children of the man
who had deserted her
Ton rears ago Charles Warfleld then 27
years old was a medical student at Bellevue
Hospital He married one of the students In
the school lor trained nurses there and quit
the t > tudy of medicine The wife lives on the
third floor at 3185 Third avenue this city
with her four little children The youngest Is
4 and the oldest 10rears old they are all girls
r al
lire WarlleM l3 plulP prepossessing woman
ot Sl and Is bright nnd vkeerf Bhe wJan
My husband II 17 years old and hes a big
Inaor H claims to be only 30 years old but
Its false We were married In 1879 thats
twelve years ego nQw He was very handsome
then but awfully lazy He worked In Lord t
Taylors for live yea s and he was discharged
for Impudence Then alter a while he got
work ou the cable earn a conductor and there
ho first met Mis Keyes Mr Keyes and his
two daughters used to live In a fashionable
apartment house at 10 West IGOth street
About three and a halt years ago Grace met
my tiuaband on the cable car and after
that she used to ride up and down all day
long and flirt with him onl didnt know
anything about it until three yearn ago In
February when my husband Won discharged
They told mo Unit it was because be talked too
much with the Keren girls but he denied It
About that time he left borne anti I had to look
after thj young ones myself I was look
provide for them so I put them Into an Insti
tution and went to wore Mi nurse In private
sanitariums Then I learned that I he Drvt
fog with Miss Keyealn a flat on Fourth avenue
I went to her and showed her our vnue
eertlllcaio She whimpered a little and said
Oh dearl what shall Ido ltle didnt know
he was married 1 shant live with him any
longer Mrs Warfleld but I yon want 2 Ill
give them to you and ton neednt say any
thing more about It I told ber that I didnt
want any of her money and that she ought to
b asriimed of herself Then I went to her
father and complained to him and what do you
think he sod t Pbee my daughter and Ill
stick to her even ifshe gee to the gallows
Now hes In the Tomb under 1800 ball and be
wont b able to get It I hope he will be sent
to anion for a year because he deserve If
At the houe of Zeth 0 Keyes lent night It
wa said that Grace was going lat on
JnoDlay with an elderly ehaperon and would
live down the scandal I was not aa bad as
people thought hit everybody was only to
anxious to speak ill of any one In trouble She
had completely recovered from her infatuation
for Warilsid It was said
warflelda case will come UP for trial tomorrow
DXDVT Btnv AWAY aooy Kxovaxr
JhTra ttsabersep > a kTaabaad MnrHa Mat
Brecaa Servant tfnder a Pale Nnnta
Four y Iar ago Csrl Ruttenb rgr a young
plumber married Elizabeth Saffer and they
went to live at 730 Wstchtfr avenue They
bas child about two a 014 Becently
Buttenberger h ben staying out late and
last Monday night be did not come home at
all Nr Buttenberger was about to go In
search of him on Tuesday when she received
a letter fro in blm
The Utter said that h bad been In danger of
being sent to prison for ten years and had been
able to escape only by marrying another
woman Now he probably would have to run
away anyhow If Carl had seen how angry his
determined little wife was he would have
boon sure he would have to run away
She found that her husband bad been stay I
Ing out late because he was courting Minnie
bcaul a
ItartoBg servant employed by Matthew P
linen at 610 East 188th street ae took Min
nie out walking oa Monday night and tried to
assault her on the Southern Bouleverc nar
155th street Minnie fought him off and Po
liceman Sheehan came along and captured
hIm s he was trying to aonK over a fence t
escape Minnie had him locked up and was
herself detained at the Morrlsanla police sta
tion for fear one would relent
The next day the chance a long term of
Imprisonment was uppermost in the mind of
the prisoner and ha said ha waa anxious t
marry tho girl Minnie was wilting nhf Po
Rrl T
liceman oh took tbe comIe to Faster N bo
las Weiss1 I s house at 3976 Third avenue Wife ere
they were married Buttenberger was mar
ife d under the name oJ Charles Probst
thi Huttenberger has asked the police to
arrest her husband
Vmak MeNliih Funehc George TTIteoa In
tie Jaw
BUFFALO April IAt the Hotel Oarleton last
night a mlsnnderftancllna between George
Wilson and Frank McNIsh both of the min
strel company bearIng the formers name resulted
I suited In McNIsb planting a blow full ou the
Jaw of Mr Wilson The righthander of Mc
NIsh staggered Mr Wilson somewhat but be
fore he could get back at MoNlsh attaches
of the hotel Interfered and a fight was pre
vented I
For the pat few weeks the company ha
been playing t poor business and salaries
were somewhat behind McNIsh claimed that
805 was due him This Wilson disputed
which led l to the row In conversation with
Ul BUN correspondent tonlaht Mr DanteU
inunitger of the company said
IUQlle salaries were all paid In full today
xcept MoNlshs Ho won t get a cent now
He owes Low llenealct some 1700 salary While
be was In UpMshs company and when In
fioatou rroently Jlenedlct wm going to have
him arrested hut I Interfered and we came tn
an agieement whereby I was to deduct tlfi
very week front JIcNlshs ralarv until the
entire Indabtednass was liquidated and so we
InlbtelsR wal lquidated
own him In alit only sc4l 1 I telegraphed
tn Boston tbHt I Lew will got out an attach
mcnt ou McMshs wages I will pay the 191 to
I hlm
But Mailer Erdelje Vice Ul Cae
Nnozl Erdelye of 239 West Twentyfourth
street the leader of the Hungarian band until
recently one ot the attraction of the Eden
la Jefferson Market
Mus e was a prisoner II
Court on Tuesday charged with breaking the
nose of Blglmund Hedervarl with a cane Mr
Erdelye whose nOl was In far worse shape
than that ol his accuser acknowledged that he
bad used his cane but pleaded that he bad
used ulet n moment of anger under great prov
ocation and In selfdefence lie said that Uc
dervarl was discharged from the band on lat
urday for inlsbnbuvlor Un Monday they met
InhKtli avenue Tim plaintiff culled Mm 1
tllef I ilemandytl 5H wfildi lie mid was duo to
tie and talsd bin cape threateningly and
Erdolrn defooded himself The faces ol both
men were badly marked Krdelye gave ball
for bU appearance at tbe General Bssslons
I aeout it BaUtlona
William 0 TompkInss wife Utile obtained
an absolute divorce from him In 1887 and be
was directed to pay alimony at the reto of 110
a week He has not paid anything and the
wifes counsel yesterday asked Judge Inicra
ham ol the Supreme Court to require him tn
pay the alimony n send him to jail The wife
says that Tompklns ha Dared an actress
and openly refuses to pay alimony TompkIns
does not deny Ills remarriage but says he does
not nay one cent for any woman support
I On the contrary he ban bad business reverses
and has been unable to rav alimony He was
IJln divorced wife 5 week and
willing tn pay his I I 101
I wle
i allgee that she IH living with his former book
keper Tompklim son corroboratea blat
about the bookkeeper Mrs Tompkins how
ever denies the charge Decision reijned
I eoluart1t
I BsplMIOA ot tbs suel u tt Bsnionkirst by tts
Woung dt i3siyIieiFcuie LlerlOI
1 lerI oaDt tot purity ana Cavsilsuca PIII
I PaplsirssIoIbsd 11 low prIsein llalr
I ruut i lilt si M31 Ilk IIJ
Mr Choate Pretest that thin I I as Intpn 0
tntlon on She CoenBtlanr e > r rn
Political Hcetndala oftla Ajn 1a i
OBrien A Clark and other aqueduct eon
tractors bar suits pending In the court t
recover from the city over 18500000 and there
wa a little scene In Judge art Cham
bers yesterday over Intimations by counsel
that extraordinary precaution war desira
ble to keep polities out of the case
The first unit Is I by OBrlen ft Clark for
150070490 In excess of the amount awarded
for section six of the atnneduct This action
cam befqr Judge Barrett yesterday on a
motion by the city for a trek jury On this
motion the city a represented by no less an
array than James a Carter Ellhu Boot Wal
lace MaoFarlahe and Austin G Fox In oppo
sition there appeared Joseph 1 Choate
Tread well Cleveland and E T Lovatt
Mr Boot saId that such a jury was absolute
ly essential her the of Importance
I euental a case wu one
portance and Intrlvacy with complicated
Questions of fact which required Intelligent
comprehension The action wa practically
I test suit In vlow of the complications and
political scandal connected with the aQuoduct
ho thought It necessary that the selection of
the Jury should be taken out of the bands ot
all officials
Mr Cleveland contended that there were no
difficult questions of fact Mr Choate pro
tested against the reference mad by Mr Hoot
to politic and politician In thl and too other
Mr Choate remembered but one struck
Jury In his experience andthat In the cave of
William M Tweed Judge Barrett recalled at
least hal a dozen Juries of that description
Mr Choate maintained that such a jury was
not necessary In this cat There was no sug
gestion of corruption creeping Into a jury her
as was anticipated in the Tweed case
Mr Carter in making the closing argument
referred to the floundering of the Aqueduct
Commissioners In politics but Mr Ghosts In
sisted that I politics wo t b discussed be
should be permitted to reply Judge Barrett
remarked sternly that be would not hear any
thing about politics
I object with equal emphasis said Mr
Choato to the Imputation necessarily made
Jurors In this motion against the Commissioner of
Mr Choate added tat he did not know Mr
Bellly but said that he had every reason to believe
lieve that M Bellly could not be Impeached
Here M Carter was understood to say
Perhaps hi ca but I am Imputing noth
ing He then proceeded to describe the com
plicated questions of fact to b passed UDn
Judge Barrett referred his decision
qcle Carter said afterward to a BUM reporter
that he lied not used th expression perhaps
he can In reference t Impeaching Commis
sioner Boilly
The natDr of the cat is suoh he said
that it Is proper that the Jury should b se
looted by persons who are perfectly Impartial
In saying tat I do pot mean t Imply that the
CommlnMoneT would not b Impartial The
circumstance of the semiconnection of the
case with politics Is SB added reason why It
would be proper for the Court t select the
persons who shall choose the Jun
o elect a struck jury the Judae who
grants the motion for such a jury appoints
two persons who choose from the ordinary
jury prOs name of the fortyfight men
who seem to them best aba to try the casein
tlaenm Oh par tojime action 0 twle
peremptory oallDL From time twetrour
usual restaining way uameltl jUt sot In the
uua 1
NcTarthelese He WI sad He Will BO
wife Pastor the Church
The Rev Churner B Chapman he rector
of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church at
Ocean and Pearsall avenue Jersey City
gained a signal victory over his enemies hut
Many prominent members of tho church
and more especially tb member of the
vestry have been trying for four years to get
rid of Mr Chapman They say that his speech
and hearing are defective and that be retards
the progress of the church
The vestrymen suggested t him tat hi
ought to resign Be could resign In a year or i
they would pa him a years salary I he resigned
signed at once
Mr Chapmen appeared at the next meeting
of the vestry thanked the members for their
kindly consideration and said ha would notify
them of his decision in a lew days He never
spoke of the matter afterward
he vestry made an unofficial appeal to
Bishop Btarkey but the Bishop declined to In
terfei because the vestry bad not taken any
oflicial action
P AU this time Mr Chapman Insisted that he
bad the support of the majority or the church
member Finally a tucK understanding was
reached that the dlmculy would b settled at
the Easter election
Hr Chapman and his friend bustled around
and got UP an nl freDa wasthougbt I
that lot a wouldnt bei Ip the Ice but it
was The election was held last night
It resembled a political primary in many r
ots Mr Chapman presided Ihe first
clash occurred when Mr Cbaoman declared
that only seven vestrymen were to be elected
instead of nine u hertofor
MrVhapman also announced that he was
tbe solo judge of the qualifications of voters
A vigorous protest was mad but Mr Chap
man if his speeb and bearingaredefectlve Is
courageous and positive He would not enter
tain any appeal from Ills decisions
There Was Intense excitement when Mr
Thee who ha been a vestryman for ton
Mon ed up to tote and was challenged
on the ground that he was apt a subscriber r to
the church It was Hector Chapman who said
hVrBMorg became greatly oitd nnd called
M r Chapman a liar There was great confusion
fusion lor a few minute and the voting bad to
be suspended When t peace wax restored the
voUn wi resumed It resulted In the elea
tlpn of Mr Chapmans ticket
t Those cJeefivrfld elected were J J Pet
wilier and George A Be Forest wardens A I
1 w1prand C Hoffman Samuel Ross
PeDlstnn Jamej Horman loaa
John Williams James hIss Asa Davis and
James Chapman vestrymen Oeorae A Je
I Foret A Peuiston and James Chapman
I A protest was made against lho election and
thure will be trubl over It Mr Dllwler and
Mr Williams who ovr also ou the opposition
tIcket nounce1 that I RIO would npt avers
twin rn
It II tltought that the tight will result in ditto
leg the church
A Little Talk Bf > fbra she Klaatlon About a
Probable Gift to the Church
congregation of the O Seventh Piesby
tsrlan Church of Jesu Christ In the City of
tlran York at Broom and llldro streets
reeiected last night aa trustees Dr Nichols Dr
Thompson and J 0 Everly This was a
triumph for Co Shepard who Is President of
tbe Board of Trustees suit who although he Is
ono of Pr Halls parishioner la1 benefactor
001 of the llldgo street church because his father
and mother usd to attend It Before the else
tlon CoL bhepard after announcing tat he
bad bought the property adjoining the church
wlfh intentiOn although he wouldnt commit
with 101 11 wl
mit wmsrlfVot giving it to the congreicaUon
Snwssod the nope that Trustees Nichols
Thompson and Emir would be eleotd
Dr Slchols racilvil 84 votes and the other
I Ir candlrtiitenon the Hberard tlcktt 29 each
whIt tbvltojiiionBiiU receltedJ Lahoryieau
12 ndFnftev < ns7 tot 5 The last named
N n iirotbf of a former superintendent of the
tlKtllald a lodging loIlSe connected with the
I ohuich lodllqa Cl Shllud bad bounced
HUk Men Uendlac
There la an improvement In the condition of
Civil Justice Peter Mitchell boll laid up with
the grip at his home 3 Charlton street Ills
he will recover
dOlor says Justice llynn Is I recoverIng from the
IUr lIn
1 < 1e which html iunflnud him
atm iii k nf liU i wools li onnu
10 bitt house lit last Uroaday tr ten clays
hil bOi le wits able to set Ul fur a at bEe yestar
dill uLornOOU
DOBATS ox nouns AKD PAr
JFatBtcrai sad Their Fuplyero Val Ce
Beaeh a llatlta tery CoBelaeloa
There wa a big mass meeting of laboring
men In Cooper Union last night the like of
which ha never been seen In New York before
Nearly 8600 journeymen painters who want
to work only eight hours a day after April 0
for 360 which they aro now receiving
nine hours work and a mere handful of mae
tor painter who are willing to let the men
work as fw hour as they care to but with a
corresponding decrease In wages came to
gether for the purpose of sustaining thslr re
spective sides by argument But the tcsiilt
wan what every ODe bal foreseen The men
showed a disposition to guy their employer
end the employers were too timid to state
their views openly and boldly There was a
great deal of beating about lie bush and no
result was reaohed
August Mayer a member of the German
Fresco Painters Union presided There were
lix speakers In I three on each side John
J Seattle a master painter eroko frt His
speech was very much like the work of a
dentist In filling a cavity As long as he fid
dled around the wall all wall but
anlnd wall al was P soon
as he touched the nerve the ratlent kicked
Be said
I can see no reason why painters should
work one hour longer on buildings than other
mechanics But there Is no antagonism In the
matter of elcht hours a day The question Is
Bliallltbe eight hours a day at 350 or any
other method 7 FIre yearn ago employers and
men could not have come together like gentle
men as they do tonight Tho standard ol
wages should be at that figure at which we can
remafn honest Now our proposition Is this
Hake your wages so a day
Ther were several cries of No no and
the Chairman made a little speech nailing for
order Mr ate was not again Interrupted
The next speaker John Hanlan of the Oper
ative Palate Union said many severe things
about employer among thorn this
You cannot rely on an employer word
That is I only so much air His actions must
Louis Hopnvr a master painter tried to
prove that If the men got what they wanted
the bosses would lose money and then they
would not be able t gIve the men work In
which ease the men couldnt get what they
wanted This syllogism floored the audience
The other speakers were Edward Conklln of
the Progressive Palntera John Wlssmann of
the German Painters and Walter field a mas
ter painter
No Election or Governor By the Paonlo
The Ittatur Bcpabllaan
PsovxDiNcx April 1The absence of tte
graph and telephone facilities In many
town In the State renders a complete
statement of tbe result of todays election
Impossible before tomorrow afternoon
even ware the count finished but the Austra
lian system of voting causes so much delay in
the counting ot the ballots that at midnight
the figures are very Incomplete
Nevertheless It Is apparent at this hour that
there has been no election of the State ticket
bribe people unlessvery great and unex
pected changes are shown In the returns yet
t be reoelved
It Is I equally apparent that unless the figures
yet to come are greatly chanced tbe Hepubll
cans have carried the Assembly by a safe
working majority In each House thus insuring
the mao election of the Republican ticket
In this city the vote was comparatively light
and a great deal ot scratching was done As the I
count on the Assembly ticket will not be com
pleted before 9 or 6 oclock tomorrow morning
nothing definite can be stated beoud the fact
that tbe Heoublleane have probably elected
holt of their Assembly ticket and possibly the
t This Is largely the result of the big family
quarrel among the Providence Democrats the
defeat of Boss MoNally for Mayor last fall and
his known determination to knife the party
ticket this spring to secure revenge and show
ht 1 Is I charged that hi Influence has also been
extended beyond Ibis city ana Wnonsooktt
which should have given lor Davis 200
najnrity gave him sn only showing conolu
ively that pnvls was knifed by the friends of
ination Mayor Pond who was I candidate tho nom
One thing 1 certain national Issues bare
played no significant nat this election The
Itepnbllcans prosecuted a still hunt aided by
perfect organization and an abundance of
money and took advantage cleverly of their
opponents local weaknesses
The Democrats hal no money at all and
very little pretense of organization and made
a tame campaign of It meeting wlb divided
forces the solid front of the old Itepubllcan
ring and tho result Is no surprise to
those who were thoroughly familiar with the
inside facts on both sides On national Issues 1
there rel little doubt that with
thorough organization and an ener
getic < campaign with a reasonable
amount of money to meet legitImate expenses
the Democrats can reclaim the Btate but only
by harmonious action and vigorous well
directed work can this reasonably be expected
t b done
Labor Leaders In be Coke Region Arrested
BOOTTDATJC Pa April 1 Deputy Sheriff
Bkllea arrested James Keesan James Crow
William Kerfoot William MoEnery George
Ager and Gordon Pagan all prominent coke
strike leaders this morning on charge by
Superintendent Bohoonmaker of the Prick
Company of conspiracy and riot
These are said to have been at the Jlmtown
moss meeting on Monday whea the raid was
made on Anril They 15 gate 1300 ball each for a hearing
The endorsement of the Federation of Labor
hat assured financial hacking to the striking
cokers and tevaral jubilant mass meetings
were boil today Severalweeks ago the Hill
Farm and Pariah plantu a Dnnbar were nl
Inueil to resume but today oilmen were or
tiered out
The Dunbar Company ba posted the hated
sliding scale and the men refused to Work In
addition to the alliS tle today Kheriff McCor
mlck arrested thirtysix rioters nt Leitb all of
whom were placed undtr 10 baiL
The conference at Pittsburgh yesterday be
tween Metsrs Carney Evans and Lannon of
the Executive Council of the American
Federation of Labor and President lies
and VliePresldent Ienna of the United
I Mine vPelldnt America throws the
weight rf the combined organisations
into supporting the elubthour miners move
ment wherever there Is a mloer strike now
existing from April 1 Instead of May 1 At the
latter date the efuntrToiir miner trko will
lale wi
be extended to an mining region through
b eJtndd
out the country but not before I mean
that for a month earlier than was contem
plated the entire power of the American red
eratlon of Labor and the Knights of Labor II I
directed against the coke operators of the Con
Del vUe redoii
Irf Htrlkca U Jersey
MonntsTowv April 1 Today every me
chanic In MorrUlown went out on strike
Some Urn ago the workmen In the various
trades carpenters msaons painters plumb
era and others formed a federation and de
manded that aide hours should bo 1 dats
labor from April 1 without decrease of pay
The employersconcodoil the demand and the
difficulty was suppose to lie fcHM until yes
terday when the uployer fixed the workipw
hours from 780 A M to flao Ixelr f The men
asked that the hours bl from 7 A M to 1 P
Eke l being r lu ed a strike was o
ered Five hundred of Ibo striking workmen
paraded through the streets today and held a
meeting in the park where their leaders made
PLaINylrrn April 1Every hodcarrler and
mason carpepter and joluer In Ilalnlleld wont
on at i Ike today The hojfarr er demand an
Increase of pay from M to I2M per day and
the mechanics want a reduction In time to
eight J hour In all < 0 men are Idle and all
Uiu building operation In tha town aro at a
standstill op rO buildings ate In course of
construction yield The bosses 1 is thought will
CanUfa licker Hlrlka for Nina loa
rirrsinmnii April 1One thousand cnrrlace
aol wntroii makers slruo here tniUr for nine
lionises a ilars work Thet > os fsure willing to
prunt the union the nine buuiit but reme to rl olnlu
An Iai raali > that the Retailed Mtatstcr
Vaa Not the Man ta > finiavla with tba
8Hnatlonraal a Taaa af the Italian
New aperV rr Ltttls Talk it War
ViceConsul Qerolamo Naielll said yesterday
that communication had passed between
Baron Fava nudthe Consulate but hi refused
to make them public
Tbe situation he said is I Interesting but
there la I nothing In I at the moment to oc
casion fears of any rat International dim
culty To b sure International situations
vary from moment t moment and I would ot
protend to prophesy but Just now I am not at
all apprehensive I It I not true that Baron
rays I recalled In the sense that recalling
means a practical declaration of war
I he wore then the legation would b closed
a one whereas I Is open and In charge of
another Our office here would b olosed but
you see we are open Diplomatic relations
continue between Italy and the United States
and wi continue a long aa the legation re
mains open at Washington Baron lavas de
mand for his paMport I 1 mad not aa though
I closed the legation but as though be were
going to leave the country upon a leave of absence
sence The simple recall of a Minister may ba
mae for many reason I dont pretend to
say why Duron Pays wa recalled I dont
know why 1 mar have my opinion but It Is
only an opinion The consulate has no knowl
edge whatever upon the subject
I Is not then your opinion that Italy ha
recalled Baron Faa with the purros of
bringing this country to term 1
Italy lid Mr NulL Is desirous of
maintaining friendly relation with the United
States This aotlondocs not mean war What
may develop I cannot say but there are mal
many stops between the reoalllngot a Minister
without closing the legation and war
What does Italy wanfr
Italy wants protection for bar citizens In
America That is all It II I not at probable
that she will demand any Indemnity A nation
does that only when its flag is I Insulted There
was no Insult t the Italian flag In the New
Orleans outrage Tho only demand that will
be made If things go no further than at pres
ent will be the punishment of the murderers
and a suitable indemnity to the families of
those murdered
Mr Naaelll said he knew nothing of Baron
Favas intentions It was learned from another
source tbat he will coma to New York today or
tomorrow two and may remain here a week or
twoDr Baffaele Asselta President of the United
Italian boclotlos declared leslerday that this
Issue was due to the incapacity of huron Pave
The Italians of this city he said are
persuaded thqt the recall of Saron Fava means
serious oomplicatlons with Italy If not war
Many believe war is I Inevitable We do not
want war Most of us are American citizens
and would consider It the greatest misfortune
in the world If war should arise between our
native and our adopted country We believe
that I a better man than Faa bud represented
us In Washington this crisis would never
have come about i do not attribute any
thing worse than bad management to him
mind ou ue undoubtedly meant well
but he was not the man for so big a respond
bll ty He oould not grapple with this situa
tion for the boat Interests of all Be was not
broad enaugh We should have had a AW tea
man to represent us in this country What I
mean is that Pave bad it In his power to hold
the Issue in abeyance U U the IWo at bad
come if over such a time should come He
cauld hare advised his Government bet
ter aa t the temper of this nation
and a to its 1 custom and laws
He could bare advised ffcem t watt
until something wa aetnnlly dope her before
taking a radloaVatap He could have assured
them that the United State as well a every
Italian in the country earnestly desired 1
peaceful eettlemsnt of the difficulty and that
such settlement probably could have been
i brought aiout in time It they would but await
I the result of the legal proceedings In the Btate
I tle Louisiana I do not think too time is I rioe
now for another mal meeting of Italians rDe
this city but if tlipr Is another mass meeting
1 can assure you It will be a tremendous one
1 b trmMDdoul
and Its object will be to beg the Italian Government
except ern mIni war to settle this difficulty by any means
Do you think asked the reporter that a
party ueslr on the part of the pew Ministry to
accomplish something as has been suggested
jcomplsh omlblnl ullelleC
had anything to do with tbe recall
lad No sIr sId Dr AR IIa yleoroualy I
know Kudlnl tbe Minister of Foreign Affairs
I knew him bcfir I came here Ue Is a man
ff tremendous energy and tremendous will
but he la a wise lao Ho it I a Bio Han IS hen
En was Mayor of Palermo in IBtiU there was a
revolution Single bundled suppressed it
He walked tbe streets of Palermo when no one
elsa except the conspirators dared to do f o
anal tbey were afraid to lujure htm By tile
own tremendous will und enerxy he crushed I
out that uprising ant enrlV Palermo his
enemies burned bU house end destroyed b
rropoity but they did nut dare to todch him I
nefora be left lie will carry on the Affairs of I
his department wlm the eameflrmnraa and decision
cision but he will act wisely
Here Is I what the trt < < ior < Cobimlo Ill I
lJre think that the lecall of llarnn Fava
from tbe United Htates does not mean a rupture
of diplomatic relations between the two coun
tries or a declaration of wni 1 does not sig
nify that Italy has any ill feellnu toward the
United Btntes but It may heat the yam y most
Unlod Baron eva baa not proved himself to
be Ibo right map on this occasion and not
satisfying the Italian Government nor the
irnment of Ila United dicta > his place
may ba lilted by another reprenoutatlve who
can act In this affair more satlalactorlly to
both parlirs
The answer of Gov Nioholla I has not had
any Inlluenoeon the delibet utlitus of the Ital
ian Government Italy does not recognize the
Htat of Louisiana nu < any other Htateoi the
Union Hut she recognises the United ritatfft
represented tne federal power The United
htatea and Italy sue mutually tied by 1 treaty
The solution nf any iiuectlon must be made
directly between the Italian Government at
nom Washington and the Onitvd btate Government at
WhIDiton a change but the friendly rela
tions of the two countries are the sumo us
they wore before the Louisiana affair ho the
urtttolora Ualmnlio hopes and wishes We love
Italy but we love also America two nations
that destiny and history Predict shall be al
ways united
Eight along with the trouble nt Washington
camo Ibo action of tne members of the 1rod
use and Maritime Exchanges In circulating n
memorial against Joaciilino Cuertlzzas big
peanut stand In limp mum corridor of the I roo
duce Exchange Ihl Quln The stand hns been
finished but Cbe7 bal not yet moved In
with his peanuts The members dont want I
peanut stand there and many signatures on
t memorial to Ihl managvr of tbe two Insti
tutions said so
Up on the Block > Exchange the boys had fun
with John IIDOhl most of the day Char on
the Consolidated block and Petroleum E
Chang JW p deAsuero was conspicuous
They called him I duo and battered his
bead and rolled him around until all hands
hed bad fun enough especially Mr de Aguero
raw in Wall street regard Ihe matter seri
ously Henry Clewu ban this ICe ol tile situ
otSI ko paly sigpifloanpe 10 be atahed tq the
Italian dispute ft simply that tbe King of Italy
ban home disturbances to contend with On
the alight pretext furnished by the Nevy Or
lean affair the attitude taken by Itajy in recalling
leaD nlQlr ra
calling her Minister at Washington Is evi
dently to divert attention from icy domestic
agitations by creating a foreign one 1 is I
merely a piece of stratagem In diplomacy and
aa far as It concerns this country will loon
blow over ncrll k of war based on such
ridiculous grounds Is slmpy silly There will
be no war with Italy Mlntster FeTe I it very
nlco and genial man but 1 suppose be ha not
made stir enough about the NoW Orleau In
cident to attract attention from tbe Internal
squabbles allrac country Hence his rcli
and the pretext given therefor
JKca uftalia will say today
No one la more interested than we are In
the perpetuation of the frendly relations between
tween our country and America Italy ac
cording to the despatches f rom Home did not
force the situation The Italian Government
It I not interested In the rlutlous existIng be
tween the bide and national Government
Our Government made I treaty with the Federal
era power and tbla treaty must be adhered 10
The withdrawal of faT II not an Indication
nl wlb Ills secretary remain In washington
The Consuls of Italy In this country have not
received any InlruCI eli and our flag is I still
touting at the national capital All the Oontl
Jo llnl cowers undoubtedly support the de
mind of 1r Because all of them are eituaily
Ila1 hecauIrl
lnirc it1 In behalf of tbejr sutuects lu the
Illume I The OaMaet at Washington knot
nliitt rhould be done to escape tba
I > r 111 nt embarrassment It is I a thesis ol in
trruatlonal order that requires solution We
orde tat
C cau aCddu uat auatarbltratloa flUsettle thUr
alsTctl beiireea two friendly nitlors that pre
entitled tit equal respet We think that
Amortca U o should be the ilrst to desire arbiira
11 Proarnn HaloAmrrirano will ea y that
Inssmneh as Baron FaT did not demand his
passports but merely presented blat Utter ol
recall to the mate epriment the aspect of
the matter la entirely different fnirn what I
appeared to be at first It would not Influence
the dlplomatl relations between the two coun
tries It merely Indicated thai Italy was
displeased It would be u niece of great stu
pidity for Italy to declare war Irt wonld
think a little about tho million of her citizens
In this country before hazarding such a step
fjhe would make no armed demonstration
Everything would bl settled by arbitration
rLivEN MEW cinzcita or iTALIAN BtiTn
The men In charge ottb Naturalisation
Bureau In the new Court BOUM were prepared
for a hard usys work when they reached the
wrk 1
oDIce yetrday rnonilnit It WRI expecte
that there would b a rush of Italian fo pa
per of citizenship In order to avoid any dan
ger of being drafted Into Italy army 1 case
of war with this country These expectations
wa lh
went not thoroughly realised for onLy atleyen
Italians applied for their papers This Is a
slight increase over the usual number The
rush may begin today
Masked Thieves sb an OU Cops of
0 > an d 8ao > ata tha WIt
CAEUSIB Pa April 1Mr and Mrs
Michael Btromlnger an aged couple have
lived In a small house on the outskirts ot
Lewlsberrr a small village twenty mile from
here near the York and Dauphin county tine
for many yean They had arranged to pay to
day a balance of nearly 12000 on the Shelter
farm which adjoins the village and which
thev purchased about three years ago Mr Btro
mlnger bad carefully put it away In the house
While sitting In their home about halfpast 8
oclock last night two men came to the door
sad knocking were admitted They wore
masks and the nature of their visit was won
known Without parley they demanded ot Mr
Btromlnger the money which he had In the i
house and about which they appeared to have i
a remarkable knowledge
One ot the men bound and gagged the aged
wife and the other robber held a revolver to
the head ot Mr Btromlnger who is 80 years
old and demanded the money He was forced
to give up the gold and silver which had been
hoarded to wipe out the Indebtedness
Before leaving the house one ot the robber
said tbat he would release the old woman re
moving the gag from her month he discovered
that she was dying He volunteered to go for
a physician and did so The robbers then
made their escape
When tbe physician arrived at the Btromlnger
residence he found the old lady dead The
cause was suffocation The physician sus
pected nothing when be was hurriedly sum
moned by the robber to go to Btromlngera
and he would not be able to Identify the man
Tcrrlla Flghtlnc at Valparaiso Between
Chlllaa War Ship
SiN FRANCISCO April 1 Private advice
from Valparaiso say that the ironclad Blanco
belonging to the insurgents recently attempted
to blow up the armed Government tug Florence
with a flsh torpedo The torpedo missed the
tug but struck a big floating dry dock In the
harbor blowing It to pieces The Blanco was
thereupon treated to a hot fire ot shot and
hell from every gun In the fort and steamed
out of the harbor
The came night a torpedo boat and the tug
Florence stol out to attack the Blanco The
Ironclad was not alone being in company with
the sloopofvrar OHlggihs Both ships com
pelled the Government vessels to return to the
harbor and followed In hot pursuit A heavy
shell from the Itlanco struck the Florence
blowing her entirely out of the water and
everyone of her crew of seventeen men was
either killed or wounded A broadside from
the OHIgglns knocked the torpedo boat all to
piece The two Insurgent vessels then turned
their attention to the torts and a lively battle
ensued A shell from the torts struck the
OHIgglns and went clear through her An
other shell caused a gun on her interior deck
to explode When the smoke cleared away the
deck was found to have been literally torn out
of the vessel and nine men out of the gun crew
of twelve were blown to atoms The sloop was
at once taken out ot the range of the nun in
the forts
Chleacoa Great Death Kato
OHIOIOO April Todays mortuary record
Instead of showing a decrease from yesterdays
list actually exceeds it showing 1GS deaths
against 165 the day before
Vital Statistician Tomllnson received a cable
gram from London today saying Dr Mor
timer Granvllls begEt physicians of Chicago to
try five grains ot camphor in twenty minims
tincture of Iodine and one drachm of glycerine
with syrup frequently for Influenza Strong
meat juice Is also recommended No anil
pyrine Experiments will bo made with this
prescription In an effort to check the un
precedented ravages of the grip
The Weather
Tht storm that wu pu > ln am time upper lake I me
jrloii on Monday nUrht movia Into Canada ytiUrdfty
having lot consIderable l mire The tatn ana had
dlmlnUHed bat light rein waa filling la the lowtr k l
and mow In Ulohigin Hlnmiota the Dakota Colo
r do MoaUno and Canada cUtwhtr the weather
was cloudy and threatening say for t malt eltar
arts tn Nluonrl and Indiana A storm wu forming In
southwest Txai that thould crisis hIgh winds and rain
In in Southern Etattt toitajr
II was from ito It drsi below fritting In all the
nnrlhwtit Stales yeittrday and growing wanntr la all
the tuternhalf of ib country The rain In this city
en1tstS A M but the daywu oludyand foggy
hIghest Oovernmm temptratur 4 > l tewsl Si
average tmtnlllts Si percent wind S is M miles an
hour northeut shifting to pouibsait
Today and to morrow promise to be fair with sta
tionary temperature
Th thermometer at Ferrys pharmacy la Tm sea
building recorded lbs tmperatnr yesterday u followei
ISKX 1801 Islet Intl
1AM aj H7 SSOP Jt 43 45
OA H SI 80 OP M 42e 44
DA M 84 ° 40 01 M 38 42
UM 44 IaMbi < Si 40
Averei 41W
Averaion April I IBOO StiKe
11011 orncn roaiom vat 8 r a VHCMDAT
For New lUmpeUIre Vermont UauacbuMtU Rtiod
liaud Coanecllout latlirn New fork western fiaa
tort tftia Jertev and tattern rnruytasrWa yalta on
fAHridav mvifuiuitrlv winds toarmer
Forth Detriot ot Columbia Uarrland and Deltv
wire rain ou Thursday satiny wlndi warmer
MayorOrant It al Laktwood Corperatlon Couaael
Clark U I In Albany
Tel RDK hu received a check for 4 for Loot scull
lloiorose KulBlibtr fourth etreeL
JuSt Lavnae hu irnteil an abeolol 415tH te
mIles r Muster from William Fluster
Tue Roewll P Hover Awociailon give lh anneal
ball this venlng at the Ltxlngtou Aienu Opera
beat Cr Vlowr will bepresat
Kate lulda eo y tars old of 1411 Arena A fill frm
a fourth story window of bee resIdence 10 the ndtwalk
halt night bCe was eiYtely talonS
Dr Thomas Bgleiton of this Audubon Venumenl Com
inittee report tenet contributlone aiuuuntlag to
S3J1U naklog a total to date of u0iaa
Ths stockholders of the Standard Trust ytsttrday r
loiedtheietruelM ion tIme leant John I Necks
Jeilir Wllllim Rockefeller and ntnry 11 Rogers
Joeephla Shea wu held ytertr by Coaimleelener
nklsUf for trIal oa obarie of iinoggllag Ita gawnt
and OlSen article of wearing apparel Into ibte conairy
Tb flea William F Cody and hIs testier lady eilled
yetMrdar tar Antwerp an tb K4 Mar etumihlD
Koordland coentrnv Indians fron sIts Hoku
ueacr stave itlltit from fbltadelplua for Antwerp la
open the wild Wt t show at Btutigart on If ay 1
Louis Molten wu convicted at Jfferton Uarkstyee
terday rharod with throwing his bouiekeeper Xary
Narmand out of tile flril floor of nul Wet 1 wentjrnlnth
strut Tb woman lueialned a tractor of the right
lei and Injury tutbeepln ah hln I Uellerue
II Bliltr Haggard and Klan Admiral i n howell ot
the Untied Cute Navy called for Kurop ytiterday on
tnistasaublpUerBaal K 0 Clark of me can
postal ltvics sailed on lime Uttneurf American slam
Ship Dcaodl II will return oa lbs Kormannl
Julius Schroeder a merchant ot Stettin Ormaar
who two ytart ago forged not for Ihe amount of
S3IOI mark and tied to this Country wu Scot bark to
Utrmanr yesterday oa tbe tieamikfp Werra Scbro
dir got work In tihlcazo u a laborer IIUdlKOTwy
was aad through a letter written to hla wife aekttg
ber Join him
Tbtfllilelb anatvcrstry of the founding of tb Sew
Tots trttunt will be celebrated al th Metropolitan
Opus lloue on the eTenlaiot April la Among Ibex
ubo have accptecl iuriLstioa to mak sddfujq ate
the Hon James u Blalo the Hon Oeorf WUItam
O nU the lbs Cbauneey M Dpw auif as Boa
ki uoiwtil o UCK 4
He Kndenvercd to Have It Rescinded But
tka Italian aovernenent Inilat that Is
Bhoala Ba rre ntae18 cratnrr Btnlnen
letter In Reply Intlsantc that the Baron
lIed Misrepresented the Position or Onr
CldTnineent am the Question of B spara
tIes Adlstltrstiea OsjclnJ Bldlenln
the Talk Abut War But Italy1 Pre
BIer obeys thn Elk Vnltad HtaUa DisC
Not PeniS that Is U In the Wremaj
Xnvtnra la letavl ta > la Tha tVnr Talk Bex
ealls Secreteur Trswjr Pletnre tn MID
Bpe > rt ef Our BetYneeleea CeMtdltlen
WABBTNOTOW Anrll President Harrison
and his Cabinet Ministers and other official
In Washington having recovered from the
surprise caused by the announcement that the
Italian Government had recalled its Minister
resident Baron Pare are today Inclined to re
gard the situation with considerable equanim
ity Each of them of course decline to talk
upon the subject for publication Privately
however they do not hesitate to express the
opinion that the game of bluff which Italy Is I
playing unworthy ot that country They re
gard the action ol the Italian Minister of For
ism affairs aa a bit of picturesque jingoism ne
cessitated by theory of populace for redress
for wrongs that have not been committed and
In order to popularize the new Administration
with thepeopl An attempt U being mad la
certain quarter In Washington to make what
Is regarded by the coolerheaded statesmen as
a masts diplomatic flurry Into an International
row of large dimensions involving perhaps a
threat If not a declaration ot war President
Harrison and Secretary Blaine have no sym
pathy with this feeling and they profess to be
entirely confident that the recall of Baron
Rave wilt have no more serious consequence
than a rather annoying and embarrassing dip
lomatic quarrel followed by strained relations
for a time between Governments of the
United States and Italy
The President and Secretary Blame attach
no particular Importance to the fact that the
Italian Government Is now unrepresented In
Washington by a fultfltdged Minister They
of conne take it for granted that In recalling
Baron Fava the Italian Government Intended
to at one put an end to the amicable diplo
matic relation existing between the two coun
tries but having left the Ugatlon In charge of
the first Secretary with orders to transact
current business they evidently Intended to
preserve at least a show of respect toward this
Government The President and Secretary ot
State it is 1 learned do not care whether this la
the case or not and after a consulta
tion today they decided that aa there
was no cause for the recall of Baron Pave the
United State Government having done all
that It could do when Mr Blaine wrote to Coy
Nlflholls nothing remain now but to allow
the Italian Government to send war ship up
the mouth ol the Mississippi Blver or take
whatever other steps they may deem neces
sary to emphasize their 111 feeling toward
the United States To a friend who
called upon him today the President Inti
mated that as far as be was concerned no un
usual pain will be taken to appease
the wrath ot the Italian To show the Presi
dents indifference torthe subject regarding
which there is absolutely nothing more to be
done It la averted that the plan for tIme
Presidents departure from life city are now
being made and whether Baron Favu leaves
Washington today or next weak or does not
go at all President Harrison will start on his
tour of observation about the 16th of April
Secretary Blame ha determined that aa the
Italian Government would not accept as sin
cere his assurances that the American Gov
ernment regret the murder of the Italians In
N w Orleans and is 1 disposed to treat with con
sideration Italy claim for redress and in
demnity there is i nothing furtlior that he can
do except to band Baron lava his passport
and inthe language ot the bIde Department
reiterate to him and his belligerent Gov
ernment the assurances of bU es
teem and consideration Mr Blaine IB ot
the opinion that any other negotiation that
may take place or are necessary can it required
be conducted through the medium of the
American Minister at Home or If that method
is not found desirable the Secretary of State
can communicate directly with the Italian
Minister of Foreign Affair In bis letter to
day In answer to JUarouJavae note he reeog i
nires the continuation of the legation here by
addressing his communication to Marquis
Impvrall whom Baron Fava left In charge
The following is the correspondence which
was made public tonight
WASDIJIOTOS March 8118911
ttr SecreteS Of mtu
By my two notes ot the 15th and IBth Instant
I had the honor to call your Excellencys me
none attention to the occurrences excep
tional gravity which took place at New Orleans
on the Uthwhereby four subjects of the King o
Italy who were confined in the prison of that
ity were massacred by the crowd under the
leadership of two American citizens
After having formally protested against the
unjustflabie conduct the local authorities
which were evidently recreant to all their du
ties on that ocoaalon I reserved to tho Gov
ernment of his Majesty the right to demand
such satisfaction as it might think proper
silted the occurrence in question constituted a
patent violation ot the stipulations of the
treaty In force between our two countrlen
which secures to Italian subjects residing In
the United States the same protection that is I
enjoyed by American citizens and which has
always been extended to the latter In Italian
territory The epa ation demanded by tb
Government of the King aa I have had tha
honor to Inform yon In our Interview held
during the last few days were to consist of the
following point
1 The official assurance by the Federal Gov
inment that the guilty parties should be
brought to justice
a The recognition In principle that an In
demnity Is due to the relatives ot the vlotlraa
Your Excellency was pleased to declare to
me that as the Federal Government illd not
think that it could take this view 91 the ease
it declined to take the two aforesaid demand
into consideration Under these circumstances
the Government nt his Majesty considering
that the legitimate action of the Kings Mints
tar at Washington becomes Inefficacious hu
ordered me to take my leave
In obedience to the Instructions which I
have received I hive the bonorto announce to
your Excellency that I am going to leave Wash
ington as speedily as possible leaving the
Marquis Imperial his Majesty Rooretary of
legation In charged the current bus neaa ot
the royal legation
Be pleased to accept Sir Secretary ol State
the renewed assurance of my highest coatld
ecatlon FAVA
flls Excellency James O Blame Secretary
ot State Ac Aa Aa Washington
WAaniMOTOH April 118911
tie Jftrni httrrtuKciuir t 4jnilir < trc
BIB I have the honor to acknowledge re
ceipt of a note of vMterday date from baron
Pays who Dan felt the Italian legation In
your charge
I beg to express the linear regret with
which the Government of the United States
receives the Intelligence of Baron Paves
speedy departure from this capital Though
he has more than once Intimated this purpose
the Government of the United States ba been
unable to see adequate reasons for such as ten
The Barons service here for the past ten years
has been distinguished at all times by the
most agreeable relations with the Executive
Department of this Government The regret
at hla leaving Is I enhanced when an the Pros
ideal believe be has been recalled under a
misapprehension of fact by the eminent
ol Italy The cane of his sundering hla diplo
iqatlo relatIons with his Governmsut is 1 thus 1k
given In his note
The reprl emaaaedbT the Tjirnmest of the
Klnr ii I nav laid Ib hooor is Inform you Is I our
Interviewskla4utnctnUlfw days were to son
siam ef she followIng eistsi
I meomcialesssraocebth Federal OoTeromeat
thai the guilty eTerll shoalS IM erott la JueUe
X Tbe reoanliloa ID principle that aa Internally U
da U tbe relative ot Its victim
The first demand thus stated by Baron Rave
aflcbUy oaangea In pftrrom theism

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