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i tvT t TVgT t > i ifi rv t > ui r < V V 4i f J b l
it Ob
II Lcndon OfncMof TIIR 8UH
r1on > YfetiEtrsnd
Aflflnmt1daflbnhOIid bi ad4rMM I I Is TRANS
I WlllTg fM htreud landau W U
State flights
The tlstnnco which tho Ilopubllcan party
has travelled away from tho Constitution
may b Judged from those remarks upon
whloh our esteemed Republican contain
porary the litany Express Impresses a
the solemnity of doublo leads
KXr BumttoklihvmllUUon li I chllg4 taconfiit
that when Governor Ktcaotu tIIIO that ti Hw Or
Uws offal I I something with which thi reJeral HOT
trnmint should not lntrfrwuy lbs F dtral Goy
rnrnant malt stand aside
doctrln of But
ThbUtht rssirllon of the old
rights I prone that the old feeling illlt prnals
that ti eentlmenl which one plunged hi counter
Into a trrltilotvll war exists and nay yet Mine aD
ambmd Til upon l land
Sine this Ovrnmnl WM ttat > ll ha thU p r
aloloti 4 ctrl bu exerted Itt baleful Influent and
net again Innraomlgnieoant mannr thVeOttS o
th ltd Ill i a brought lice la tae with It I
Th cat li 01 to icl ths molt mlous Ihonfbt ot
> Utoilo Americana
The pernicious doctrine of State rights
Is tho foundation of the Constitution the
protection of local autonomy against tho
despotism of centralization A fine Govern
ment this would be I tho Federal power
could reach Into every State to romovo from
local Jurisdiction and try with Its own Juries
and courts persons charged with violation
of tho law of ho State Such 0 condition ot
things might b convenient for foreign
ntlons but It would b the death of Ameri
can selfgovernment Thus far shalt thou
go and no farther the Constitution of tho
United States says to tho Federal Govern
ment If tho Mono of the Albany Express
could b put Into force the limitations upon
the province ot tho central Government
would be removed titato lines would b
wiped out and the Government with Its vast
I wipd out to Gvernment
standing army of placomen would become
all In all
The most serious thought of patriotic
Americans may well b excited by tho readi
ness of extreme Republicans to destroy
very artier against tho destruction of local
eeirgovernment Tho party that devised
the Force bill will not stop at any means of
aggrandizing tho Federal power
A Picture of Politics In Onondaga
Any fresh and unconventional account ot
local politics no matter how narrowly local
1 Interesting to the world at large Such 0
conspectus of tho situation In the chloride
of sodium county of the Empire State la
furnished by our esteemed contemporary
the Est Syracuse Atoa 0 newspaper circu
lating among the Republicans of the dls
trial which Is so eloquently and fearlessly
represented at Albany by the lon IGNATIUS
I Although tho election Is etlll seven months
I away the enterprising reporter of the Weirs
who had eaten I bounteous supper but
was hungry for tobacco wandered t
Baggs Hotel expecting by his natural wit
I and humor assisted by the charitable na
r ture of LBW SnniTiiiFF t obtain a good
tencenter Tho Journalist succeeded even
beyond his expectations Ho obtained not
I only an excellent I eleemosynary ten
center but also two glasses of alleged soda
water and fund of Information respecting
the hopes ambitions intrigues and rivalries
which mae of Onondaga 0 seething polit
4 ical caldron at the present time
For the office of Surrogate the seems t
bo no doubt of the renomlnatlon and reeloc
ton of the accommodating and always
I pleasant GEOUOE R COOK Morning
and the of the
non ad evening says reporter
t News he can b found at his office work
Ing away not only preparing the legal pa
pers and notices for the poorer people whom
circumstances call t his court without coun
sel but also for the lawyers who aro re
tained by and appear for the richer people
I I heard a lawyer of prominence say tho
other day that In n his eleven years expe
rience in our Surrogates Curt ho never
prepared 0 paper that Mr COOK always
prepared them for him at the asking It
does not seem unlikely that this remarkably
accommodating and altruistic magistrate
will have the united support of tho Onon
daga bar excepting of course such lawyers
of Syracuse Camlllus Lysander Cicero
Marcellus Manllus Fompoy Fabius and
Bkaneateles a may want the Surrogates
office themselves
4 There Is no plain sailing however for tho
candidates for Sheriff Tho Hon laxATius
I BAWiirLLEB the wholesouled big Assem
7 1 I blyman from the Third will not return t
Albany owing t tho mean custom of this
I cut t give a second term and no more I
BAWL Is 0 BELDEN Republican and
L the News believes that ho will b able t
mae a combination with BE FOBBEST F
SEE who Is a HIBOOCK Republican which
shall elect SAW a Sheriff and SET
TLE a County Clerk This he odds would
k > a victory for both factions and a defeat for
wither and It would b 0 blessing t the
party a ollvo broach But JOHN A
BOX I also a standing candidate for
Sheriff and unless ho can b taken care of
r I In some other way he I likewise 0 standing
r menace t the triumph of the SAWUILLEB
1 SETTLB olive branch combination More
I over A CanT PALMER of Manilas repre
sent the soldier element In the shrievalty
contest and I he should object to the pro
gramme outlined above his powerful friend
Hi BAKES of Cicero might take a hand I
It i and then there would be fun I
I The fight for Coroner this year Is any
bodys fight The friends of Dr F W
I Bmra a making I still hunt but Dr F
are by no means asleep Dr BILLINQTOH
now resides In Syracuse but bets never
thaloM I Manllus boy and will receive a
i largo country support possibly including
J the invaluable advocacy of h former follow
townsman U mysteriously potent III
BACKS Th e tftat believed that I tho
member o the medical fraternity cannot
re among themselves a t which one of
thorn ball b Coroor It I might not b bad
I politico t go outside of the profession and
omlnaU Exoolltnt loU MCOABTHT the
I wellknown undertaker
The Bra HxramoKa according
t the atc which we a quoting will
b rt t to Btete Bowxto not b
cause the people this district want him
but booaooo FEAMS Huooox does CBTTO
I 1 lawns name has been mentioned but
Mr Huooox doesnt want him because
Cirnxm U one o those men who I free and
r Independent and who will represent the peo
I ple and not a favored few CoN adds
4 the tfeut would make a Ideal Senator
whom the humblest laborer could
one te hubt larer cud ap
1 I proach without formality and embarrass
t mcnt and feel at home in addressing and
jro way ann the Interview feeling sails
fled Among the utlwr jxttslUe candlda is
Co Mr HxxoiuaKsa lat are the lion
WILLIAM H GALLUP of Marcellus and
Imblml 1C of Cortlaud Mr lw
would like t b Senator but there Isnt I
hot of a chance for him because Oortland
wouldnt unite on him or on any other Cort
and man
Onondaga has three representatives in the
Assembly In the First district although
Assemblyman HOWARD G WHITE should
ho sent to Albany Just s long a ho will con
sent t go the News believes that our
friend n BAKE woud mao 0 good man
and on excellent run LAHRT T Joxn
would also make a good one In tho Second
district tho Hon WnuA T KKNSKDT will
b ronomlnatod with flying colors for
everybody knows BILL and t know him
is t like him I should Uko continue the
to the
authority on Onondaga politics t see
juryman who has served In this county
within tho past ten years that has not been
treated to cigars Ac by BILL During
court days whenever BILL la I not actually
engaged in tho trial of a cause you can see
him In the corner anteroom of tho Court
House telling stories cracking Jokes and
renting Jurymen to cigars No I dont
think that BILLY Bunxs or his friends will
disturb KEKNEDY this fall
The Third district I tho Hon IOXATTDS
AWMiLLiuts but ns wo have already sd
that legislator Is shut out by the mean cue
torn which prevails In Onondaga of giving
its Assemblymen only two terms JOSEPH
BOXDT would bo the coming man If he had
not made himself unpopular last fall with the
Grangers b putting on the airs of a French
Count when he made tho rounds In hU can
vass against BAWIIILLEB Tho Farmers
Llllanco I strong In the towns of Sauna D
wilt Manllua Pomp and Fabius and
hat circumstance may give tho Democrats
a chance Our authority believes that 0
practIcal farmer will b chosen and
wouldnt wonder hlsnomo will b HIIUM
K C EDWABDS That astute agriculturist
Is already doing a great deal of practical
talking at formers club meetings and ex
pects to b nominated frt as a Independent
or farmers candidate and then endorsed
by > one or the other ot the old parties thereby
Insuring his election Our authority hopes
tint HIBAM will come out a a straight Re
publican and reminds him that he has been
well taken core of by tho Grand Old Party
and should not now In his old ago turn ungrateful
grateful I EDWAIIDS should run a I
farmer candidate with Democratic endorse
ments asks the News where would ho b
I tho Republicans should name CIIAJILES
PECK of Manllus against him 1
Such Is tho political situation in the st
eat county of New York a it a ascer
tamed by tho enterprising young Journalist
while ho was smoking his gratuitous ten
cent cigar and imbibing his two glasses of
alleged soda water In Baggs Hotel close to
the heart of East Syracuse politics
Mr Roosevelt as an AntlAdmlnlitra
tlon Republican
Civil Service Commissioner ROOSEVELT
has appeared in Maryland In the part of an
antiAdministration Republican and thero
Is general interest In the inquiry Will the
lon BENJAMIN HABIUSOK forgive him A
Hate Convention of Maryland Republicans
will b held Baltimore this week to decide
for the of the
upon I plan te reorganization te
party management Two factions of R
publicans are fighting for the possession of
ho machine One faction Is led by the Post
master and the Collector of Baltimore and
other Federal officers The other opposed
t the Administration and Is led In part by
unsuccessful candidates for Federal office
The delegates to the next National Conven
ton will bo the representatives of the tao
lon that succeeds in getting control of the
machine Hence fierce and into the
Ience I fere light ad to
fiercest of it dashed the plucky young Civil
Service Commissioner t whom a fight Is as
the breath of his nostrils and who doesnt
greatly caro whether he licks or I licked a
long as thero I plenty of fun
The primary elections of tho Baltimore
delegates t the Convention were held 0 week
ago today The Administration party was
know t b euro ot a majority and tho
antiAdministration party seems t have
called on the Civil Service Commission for
help Commissioner ROOSEVELT who bad
already examined 0 number of the officers
In tho Post Office and the Custom House in
regard to contributions t tho campaign
fund went t Baltimore on Monday and vis
It tho primaries much to the terror of
the Administration men The employees of
the Post Office and the Custom House were
afraid of bringing down upon their heads
the wrath of tho Civil Service Commission
and so they fled from tho primaries and the I
enemies of BENJAMIN HABBISON triumphed I
over him As far A Baltimore I concerned I
Mr ROOSEVELT If tim published accounts of
his pilgrimage t tho Terrapin State are
correct has dono his best t send an anti
SABBISON delegation t the next National
I I said that tho Baltimore Federal offi
cers will ask GQ HABBISON for the head of
tho young Civil Service Commissioner
There Is little probability that they will got
it for Mr ROOSEVELT Is 0 privileged person
In his party and licensed t tread on every
bodys toes But ought hot allowed tots
terfero in politics And I s ought he t
b allowed t interfere in opposition t the
friends of his superior officer 7 He would
say of course that bo knows neither Admin
istration nor antiAdministration bond now
free Ho is simply a Civil Service Commis
sioner whoso chief official business is t
make life as unhappy a possible for all poli
ticians and especially for those in office and
charged with the power of appointment
But what provision In tao Civil Service law
makes tho dutyof Civil Service Commis
sioner to watch for Federal officers at
t Federl ofcer pri
maries 7 And I It I wrong for Federal
officers to b seen at party primaries why
isnt it wrong for Mr ROOSEVELT I It not
proper for him t reprimand himself for
using his office however unintentionally
against the Administration and taking
official part in party squabbles
New Light on the Trotters Future
Already tho year 1801 can b set down as
marked with a veritable sensation arising
from the world of trotting horses The de
velopment of speed Is not the only source of
winder t breeders Tho extent to which the
running horses blood can be blended with the
trotters has Loon 1 subject of peculiar
attention on their part and also pro
llllo of constant surprises to those who
have combated the theory favoring Its in
fusion 8 tbo product of heads R crazy as
that of the wildest thoroughbred The
most noticeable nows s far of the year
is concerned with this pot of brood
Ing and consists In the announcement
through the Turf Field and Farm that tho
candidate at Senator BTAIWOIIUS farm
Palo Alto for tho honor now held by that
most marvellous of trotting beasts Freedom
namely the yearling record of 4 = 291 I a
BUy far richer In thoroughbred blood than
any animal now on th track
This fly Rwen I by Azor aolre who
Is hal thoroughbred being like Patio Alto
by Electioneer from a thoroughbred dojn
But the tharougiibrol atralrVin llowona her
self has been still further strengthened
through her dam also being a thoroughbred
making her the trotter which I the meet
trustworthy of opinions that ot Senator
BTAKFORDS trainer Is I t achieve one o the
greatest feats of the year threequarters
thoroughbred I
Here w have a blow dealt t the antI
thoroughbred theorists harder even than
torubbr thort harer een ta
he triumphs o such violations of all old
fashioned principles as Palo Alto himself
an animal ot such high breeding that their
attention t his extraordinary speed
might well be swallowed up by the
astounding fact that ho had any Sir
said Dr JOHNSON to a man who asked
him I he didnt marvel at ono ot the other
sex preaching so well a womans preach
lug Is like a dogs walking on his hinder
legs you are surprised to see it done at all
That describes tho popular amazement at
tho haltthoroughbreds first success a a
trotter But that Umo is past Senator
STANFORD whoso expressed intention lo
breed Polo Alto t thoroughbred marcs Is
most convincingly Justified by Rowena
still continues to pour more runners blood
Into tho trotters veins and that to with
out taking tho curl out of the tatters knee
or tho sobriety out of his howl
When will ho stop And of what blood
will b the fully evoluted trotter I Will he
D finally perfected bo substantially but
another form of cultivation of the pure I
thoroughbred from which all but the last
inextinguishable trace of Ignoble blood has
been eliminated
A Preacher Who Confesses His Bal
Wo publish elsewhere a letter from the
Oho I Is called out by some remarks
which wo made last week on a Good Friday
sermon preached by this Congregational
minister in tho Episcopal church of It
Georges In this city
On that solemn occasion Mr GLADDEN
declared in sweeping terms that our Lesis
latureo rook with bribery and nearly every
State Legislature nearly every City Hall I
an Augean stable which cannot b cleansed
without Herculean labors The are very
serious charges and not merely against the
legislators accused of practice so foul but
also against the people who elect those men
to office Accordingly we asked him t
substantiate his assertions by proofs for of
should proclaim nothing
course preacher shud prol not
of this sore from the pulpit which he Is not
able to sustain fully and thoroughly He
must not himself boar also witness against
his neighbr when ho Is assuming t r
buko falsehood and evil speaking In others
ns sins against GOD
The answer Mr GLADDEN makes is that I
has been charged that nearly every mem
her of one Legislature only the Ohio Legis
lature travels during the term of his office
upon free railway passes and that It was
plain enough that money was paid t s
cure the election of a United States Senator
from the same State But the accusation
of his Good Friday sermon was that our
Legislatures generally reek with bribery
not that it is a notorious fact in Colum
bus that mot of the Ohio legislators travel
free on the railroads of the State and that
money was use t procure for the election
of Senator PAYNE
I Is not becoming for legislators t accept
railroad passes We have always opposed
the practice as beneath their dignity and a
establishing at least a obligation of cour
tesy under which they should not put them
selves It Is In bad taste but It Is not necessarily I
sly or Inferentially a corrupt practice
They may accept the posses simply a a
compliment t their office which saves them
a little money and gives them a little additional
tional Until within recent
tonal consequence Untl rat
years when public opinion has become more
sensitive and delicate in its criticism of pub
lic officers the acceptance of such favors
lc amcer acptoeof favor was
genom and it was taken as a matter of
course In some States railroads are required
quired by law t furnish the passes t cer
tain officers of tho State Perhaps even the
travelled as a deadhead though of all men a
preacher of the Gospel should keep himself
free from obligations t Mammon
Whether the passes given t the Ohio
legislators serve a bribes which Influence
their votes on railway measures causing
them t betray tho Interests of the people
for the benefit of the companies I the ques
tion of fact for the to
ton preacher answer and
yet he does not answer It He can only say
that it is freely admitted by members of
the Legislature who have carefully watched
the course of affairs that legislation is affected
fet by this practice Jut that Is n ev
dence It establishes nothing He must
present particular instances of railroad
measures passed not on their merits but
under the influence of these small bribes
Has the railroad legislation of this Ohio
Legislature or any part of It been a bad
and s Injurious t the people that It can b
inferred reasonably that it was procured by
means ot those passes
Who are the members of the Legislature
who have freely admit t Mr GLADE
I that legislation is affected by this prac
tice and If they a honest men and faith
ful servants of the public why do
srant te publo they not
expose tho iniquity and demand that it b
investigated We have hoard nothing of
the sort from Ohio I that Legislature
reeks with bribery wby do tim purefcnd
honest members suffer the base imputation
t rest on them also by not insisting on Its
exposure 1 That I their first and gravest
duty both t themselves and to the people
of the State Why does not Mr GLADDEN
offer himself SB a witness before the Ohio
Legislature to his charges and
Llllturo t prove car80 brm
the infamous culprit to Justice r
What ho says about the election of Senator
PAThS is the merest hearsay also The ease
a Investigated by the Bent at Washing
ton and a the Ohio Senator WM admitted
to his seat by a vote ot both his party
friends and his party enemies the reason
able Inference Is that tho charges were not
euntalned The accusation was made and
It was not proved according t the Judg
ment of that tribunal Who the
trbuna are te mom
bra 01 the Ohio Legislature belonging to
Senator PAYS party who told Mr GLAD
DEN that money was used beyond all ques
tion t secure his election and why was
not their testimony taken under oath and
published 1 Why did not the preacher him
self go to Washington t prevent the suc
cess of means 6 Iniquitous
To Justify what he said on Good Friday
from the pulpit o 8t Georges even e far
as concerns the Ohio Legislature merely it
was necessary j kIm t have indisputable
evidence ot the corruption jdlputble
confesses that ho had no such evidence and
that huclrcl11utdlothlng more than scandal
hence lio profaned tho temple of GOD Ho
proclaimed a lie a tee Truth of Heaven He
assumed t b a messenger and witness o
divine Truth speaking with authority and
yet the witness he bore was false He
was A more scandalmonger In the pulpit
No earthly court would have listened t a
word of his aucusallnna
Uo used tho pulpit tl which ho had been
Invited defame h countrymen and t
imitate the methods of a ranting dema
gogue He made base accusations of gen
oral application without a particle of evi
dence on which t sustain them Yet ho
continues t appear before the people as a
minister of GOD I
Mr GLADDEN concludes his letter by
saying that ono large part o the labor of
he Christa of today I the task of coun
teracting the influence o a certain class of
newspapers which Instinctively take tho
wrong side of every public question and
that if THE SUN Insists upon It ho will fur
nish ono specification Thanking him for
te offer w will respond by promising t
produce for him I ho desires an example ot
a class of blatherskite preachers who
reckless and mendacious utterances from
tIm pulpits they pervert make more difficult
he task of a newspaper which seeks t
nculoate the truths and principles of tho
Christianity they profane
Air Blair Will Go
Read tho throe extraordinary confessions
made by the Hon HauNT W BLAIR In the
course of a single brief Interview
I I am no politician
3 I nay btacranfc
1 dont want the Chtnm OOTtrnmnt to think
that I here antatonlud them In aDS mar than a Fink
wioklnsnsa W4liad to cI I ItiiYOUof th
Iotlal MDM ta gel ot lb Partite
coast and wa 414
By tho time this curious person reaches
Pekln and begins t earn his salary of
I M2000 as the price of I humiliation which
few Bolfrespeottng clttzensould undergo
for thrice that stipend the astute gentlemen
of the Chinese Foreign Office will have his
measure a accurately a if they had known
him all of his life
What an excuse for a representative of the
United States to make to the Government of
the nation which he has Insulted and t
which ho now turns for subsistence I
I am no politician I may be a crank I
Insulted the Chinese people only in a Pick
wickian souse I was obliged t insult them
by the stronger heads in my party in order
that we mlghtnot lose the vote of the Pacific
coast I really did not mean what I said I
have the highest respoet and admiration fo
the nation which I publicly compared t a
pestllental disease I hop they will treat
me well remembering that I am only a
harmless Irresponsible crnk
I Faugh t
I was a great political blunder the part
ot CoL Dunn B Lon to allow to 10a
GROTKB CLEVELAND to have his portrait paint
ed at this time by 8 truthful and coniclontlous
Today the Grand Army of the Republic
complaint Its twentyGfth rear of existence
and will duly celebrate this event Its quarter
of a century of growth has been astonishing
especially because I goes on steadily ana
without any alan ret of stopping Its first pst
was formed at Decatur Illinois on April 6
1866 with a dozen charter members Dr B F
STXPnxasoH a practicing physician ot the
Belaboring town ol Sprlngfltld the founder
of the order who had been Surgeon of tho
Fourteenth Illinois appeared as Commander
of the Department of Illinois He had been
aided in drawing up the plan of organization
by Chaplain WI KUTLKDOE his tentmate in
the Western campaigns Another post In Illinois
nois followed then an extension t Wisconsin
and in eight months the new order was ready
for its first national encampment at Indian
Last June at its meeting In Boston the
Grand Army had mown to 7178 post in <
States and Territories with a membershln in
good standing of 427981 The total member
ship Including those under suspension or out
on transfer was 468230 If the increase sino
then has ben equal to that which bad taken
place daring the previous year the meeting
next June will show 600000 members Tha
Grand Army expends about a quarter of a million
lon a year from It relief fund and up to this
time It records show more than 2000000
thus laid out
An organization of such a membership and
such vitality may well commemorate Its
twentyfifth anniversary I Is sure of per
petuation well into the twentieth century
The iia Salary Too Mack or n Temp
tatlom for Ills Selrpeet
WiiBiKioi April S T vexed qa iton which has
bn atlutlm the minds of Bnator Blair and bli
nnmcrou admlrtn a to whtbr the ChiD
naeol amln 1Ihr Chinese Gov rn
mint will re lr < th Rts Chairman of the Commit
t O EdncaUon and Latxr a Mlnliur c the ftowttj
Klofdom ha bn ttltA On Saturday Mr Blair
calltd on the rrndnt to take hU Itar preparatory to
departing from Waiblnrton
Mr Blair U I not so eonvnant with tb bnilntu rats
ttou suiting twlwen China 41b United 8UIM a
hlatpMth on liii ChlniM iclmioo hill old 0 to
Idlest CoDitqunUj b will go to Nw York the early
part of this wek for the purpose o ascertaining
thing aba tb IntereiU of lb Chlntx on the Atlantis
ooaat From ther he will go to Ktw Uampihlr to
wind up bli penonal attain and then start for San
Francisco wbr b will remain a week or ten dtjt
itndjlng t Chine question In San Francisco Mr
Blair Intend to devote a food deal o study to lb re
laU ni o the Chlnea to American la a of their Ia
rounding 1 that he will b enabled to deal IntelUgenUy
with qntttlou which a apt to com biters him when
he U duly InitHed as Minuter
Mr Blair laid thli morning I aD Mt afraid t
stand 0 mr record concerning my action toward us
Ohio When t Ohlaae ucinelon bill cam up for
dheneelon la leptember the coontrr 0 right In th
mld t of the FreeldmUal campaign of 1883 Both par
till wits itrlrlng to get the vote o the FaclfloeoMt
f Beott Mil which 6 framed In te WIt 101 as
allot u Btpnblleau thought then and Mill think bad
passed te llooat WS cantuMd on th matter and It
wa Inallr decided to p I In MB tOn Tbe
bill waa crudely drawn tnt we thought vs
conla emawnlate I by alopilng amendment Wi
partlcolarlr deilreil to ditroy Its political ffcct
I far a the Democratic party 0 concerned That
wu thS iota otjtot o th cue but trery Senator
from lb ratio coast wa a tirly > oppowd t any
alteration la the bill whatyer that It
aleaoall te 1 was Pd by a
ot ot 87 to 0 I Immediately novaS th recooildra
Man it M Tot t knowing tkat my canes otlliallona
were ramertd by th paweg of lbs 111 and mad a
motion that l bu ikoiUd notg Into effect until lbs
litottae fallowing November I ala vd thai
Io t fII fonmbr al mT dlbatth
b shoalS keeoBL UopcraUT I It shoalS b Ire In I
lbs mess lime that the treaty with China then pend I
ing ateild b ratldtd The vote on that notion WM
Ukvn aat It was lost by ODe ol aoto31
M I am D politician and doa aiaoclat much with
poUOclaae I lan bad a that I could attend t oa
th Commute e Rat and Labor bnt In spank
log is te Obinsee bill and Infaror o II I was con
trolled bjr my party obligations I may b a crank bal
there U no reason w1i7 I should net bar fair play I
des want the Chlnrw Oorernmtnt to think that I
ha T antagonised them In earthing m01 than a Fek
wteklai MIM Wbad t get the rote of the Faeiao
coast and vs did but lb Eepubllcn Etnslon of b
at did not really want to laJar tl relUoru ot coin
IIT and pac suitIng between this country and China
A flalrttuallit AatMTnmbuB Bill
P Ikt IttltiltllHlMarhlc Jcurnat
In th Illinois Ltglilatnr tOW In stisinu at Fprlng
otld a bill was Introduce last week bS Senator Tliomai
ot Cook county which I 1 bcomt a law will prove
auoonlo Spiritualists and laveitlgalori of iiyohlcal
and tplrtllMi ihenonteaa Th wording of lb bill
IstoUUnUallyas originally written bS the lion A 1
Dalley of Brooklyn whose high standing
DS 111 bol tb at a lawytr
saC Iclrltnailst I I already well known to 0t of the
fnuwHi eden The last of lbs hill b a follows i
Every person bo for profit or gain or In anticipa
lion thereof for the purpoeof presenting any spirit
uallslle maurlalUaltou shall Imjiertonaie the spirit of
any deceased pereoa or by any trick device or me
chanical coatrlvanc shall pretest snythlug rprsat
lug lii spIrit ovum dssasC person tbalibe guilty of
a mUdsinisnor sitS npou conviction I ihtreof shall Is
ltnd mm f not al lets I thou Slit nor nor Ihsa tluu for
esoh inch oHence or bal be Imprisoned In lb oonuly
Jill not leas I than three nor more than sti uontba or
In lbs dUcreUon of lbs Court both stiell rca sad Ian
prUoomenl may Imposed Provided that otElng In
perfonnanc Ibis act ahali b construed at applying t any Ihsttriosl
T passage o Ibis bill Into a law need not bs tad
bS any honest medium on lbs contrary all such
should actively favor I and solicit their patrons to
wik fur I This law I will pits honest mediums a
ebsoss and leasT from umptailDn lty > s who might
poailbly U driven tolmull spirit form against
tatlrtvataaaalMce through iirtst of elrtutawaac
and lbs tompeUtloa of naeontcltaaUt cowps o i
The National Planr e9r > M4 Will Now
ae Atom M Large A boo Islam aid
WASRINOTOK April RThe Fiftyfirst Con
gress made a fn contribution to the national
nark system bJ setting apart around the Yo
Semite valley reservation a area greater than
the entire Stat of Rboda Island I I also
created two new part In the bin tree regions
ot California one of them known as Sequoia
Park being very extensive and valuable Yet
Ike its three predecessors this Concress failed
t provide for that enlargement of the Yellow
stone Park which has been under consider
ton during six or eight years Exactly M la
the previous Congresses bill for this
te Prlous Conlrlu a bi purpose
Which has passed the Senate four times was
once more defeated by tacking upon I a
amendment mad by tbe Public Land Com
mittee o the House authoring the Montana
Mineral Hallway Company to build a road
from Cinnabar to Cooke running through a
part of the park a1a
Al the more welcome therefore Is the re
cent proclamation of the President which
though not finally has yet potentially se
cured a vast extension of the park area In the
desired regions by withholding It from settle
ment The day before the close ot the session
he hal affixed his signature to tbe bill repeal
ing tbe old and much misused Timber Culture
act The repeal measure contained a provi
sion for withdrawing from entry any public
timber lands A the 1ronldonts discretion I
occurred t some vigilant friends of the Yel
lowstone Park that the I timber lands adjoin
lug that reservation could bo secured from the
ravages of the axe under this authority The
result of a consultation was the relent procla
mation reserving a broad belt on tho east nnd
at narrower one on the south ot the park
and officially described a follows Begin
ning at a point on the parallel ot U G where
jalf parallel II Intersected by the meridian of
110 west longitude tbence due east along
laid parallel to the meridian of 109 80 want
longitude thence due Routh along said
meridian to tbe 44th parallel of north latitude
Shapes due west along said parallel 1 Its point
or Intersection with the west boundary of the
Btate of Wyoming thence duo north along
Paid boundary line tq Intersection with din
Kuth boundary of the Yellowstone National
lurk The public reservation Is I t lurofora In
creased by nrarly onehalf In breadth while
on the south I takes in Brldaera Lake wble
The new tract apparently Include an area
twice as great as that of Rhode Island While
Rbod81lAld Wble
I docs not follow from the Presidents action
that the whole radon thus withdrawn
from entry will b added to wihdrawn
yet the practical effect will be to add
as much of It as may be deemed ex
pedient At all events what has Den accom
plished Is to resouo the desired area from gen
eral occupation and Intrusion and without
yielding that right of way to such portions
of the northern border of the Yellowstone National
tional Iark 1 may be necessary to reach by
the nearest practicable route from Cinnabar
the Clarkrf Fork mining dIMrlct which ha
hitherto defeated the project In Congress
1c ids the value of the addition to Ibo park
as a pleasure ground the new wooded district
will bo of much benefit In keeping up the water
supply of the park reirlon The reservation Is
at toe headwaters of tbe Madison Snake and
Yellowstone and giving up to lumbermen
so great a region around the park would seri
ously diminish the waterfalls that form one of
Its Ohio Klorlea With the Intrusion of tim wood
choppers rnd tha settlers would come greater
dancer from fore t lines which aro more to be
feared even than tbe ravages of the axe
Where lire arc started tbtough the neglect of
camping parties they find an enormous area
of tinder roady for them in the dry under
growth and the Inflammable material accumu
lated on the ground for generations Tho
forests now hold the snows from melting early
In the year and make their disappearance
very gradual Cutting down the trees would
mean a rapid melting with torrents early In
the season BO that tho beauty ot the water
scenery would In great part be despoiled at
tbe tourists time when the park is chiefly visited by I
The new reserve region also will be of ad I
vantage In protecting animal life This Is now
ot great Importance to the park It Includes
herds or blcou elk antelope and deer of
mountain sheep and IOnIA with the beaver
the otter and other animals while former
enumeration of the feathered tribe by one of
the superintendents included tho grouse
pheasant cartridge mall wild noose and
duck besides the robin meadow lark thrush
goldfinch yellow hammer blackbird oriole
and many other bird The new portion added
on the south Is said to b 1 favorite breeding
Klaoe of the elk and has been frequented by
inters Kecurlnu this tract will undoubtedly
aid the preservation of animal lila and In
deed tbe time Is already at band when this
great national game preserve may be used for
stocking other public parks or Institutions
subject to certain roinilatlons including tbe
expense of transporting the animals
Regarding the region Just reserved from sot
tloment as a permanent annex wo should find
Yellowstone Park possessed of the mognltl
cent area of ot er fi000 square miles or about
OH much a the States of Rhode Island and
Connecticut combined It U possible of
course that Congress before formally adding
the reserved portion to the park will rectily
the boundaries by taking off a little hero or
adding a little there But it Is a great gain to
have secured In thn main the desired region
and tho troop of cavalry which Is now Intrust
ed with the caro of the Dark proper will un
doubtedly bo instructed to extend Its jurisdic
tion over the annex
Did lie Know Be Was Writing Bpnb
ilea Campaign Literature f
from the SL Louts Republic
T statement which the Hon Francis Marion Cock
rell furnished c a Washington syndicate agent wa
certainly a most unfortunate 000 and Its nubllcatlon
put him in a position that II untenable for him 0 a
representative of Missouri Democracy Prior to Its
publIcatIon In lb pnuattlehla rmi bis statement was
forwarded to th IfputtUc with a note from the eradi
cate agent saying that thongb It might be matter more
suitable for Republican papers the Republic a the
landing Democratic paper In Senator Cockrelli Elate
0 entitled t th ref nisi of It I
The statement accompanying this not bore air
Cockrells signature but I was 1 unlike anythIng he
bad ever said btor or that could have been expected
i from him that lbs JttjmMfc declined to publish It 1
I presenUy appeared I th PMlatelfhl Frets with head
lint potting Mr Uockrell forward as a champion of the
nnbeard extravagance of appropriation aggregating
over a thousand million dollar
I It I tra that the body it the article a written by
Mr Cotkrell himself did not bear out these headlines
lot this whole tenor of It was that of advance excuses
for the seemingly anticipate failure of the next Con
gress t retrench and therefor lufereatlally a jntttO
cation of Ih billion dollar basis
Psrhsps In Urn Mr Cocktail may be bad from t
ther un lb subject bat It I certain that appropriation
muitb retrenched Mr Cockrell ipeclally has no
room doubt II for be Is a member of tbe Senate Com
mittee on Appropriations and If he felt hu own sec of
akllltr to successfully attempt It I would be his duty
to resign fran that committee and make room for some
Democrat more thoroughly Inspired by the determina
tion of the Democratic party
Ther mustb retrenchment radical retrenchment
Is I th Fiftysecond Cnn Ther Is I no room e tt
Deaoerstlo tot ton Ibo who doubt either the jot j
aiblllty of such retrenchment or the auolul ntceislly
for It I
The Eagle Scream
I a the American Esge
And my wing flap together
Likewise I roost hl h
And eat bananas raw
Hem nay sit on her
Seven hill and howl
Hal she cannot
6lt on UsI I
Vniliti pises pat that
In her organ and grind I I
I am mostly a r of peac
And I 0 born without teeth
But Ive got talons
That reach from th storm
Desten coast of Ibo AtlanUs
To the golden shores it the
Placid Pacific
And I vie lb Rocky Mountains
At wheUtnncs to sharpen them ou
I never cackle till I
Lay an e n
And I point with pride
la lbs gn Il laid
In the last I hundred Sun or 1
Im gams from
Th point of my bet
To the star spangled Up
Of ay tall feathers
And when I begin
scratch gravel
Wind your eyed t
Im the Cut ot the Walt
And lbs llenblrd of th
Goddess Liberty
Tb only gallinaceous
X liivrltvi unun
On record
Im an Kagle from Bsglevllle
WIlls a scrsam on me that instep
Thunder sound Ilk
Dropping cotton
On a still morning
And my present address la
hhsflCohg44p 1
1 I A 1 I
Bee I
Kewmot orshe Campaln arises Ro
t W J Tolnert of Month Carolina
OBAKUWTOX April 4W J Tolbert the
Uto lecturer ot the Alliance sounded th
keynote of tho campaign of 1802 at Oran
burg yesterday hue he mace soveral
speeches and granted an interview to the re
porters Among other thing Tolbert said
TIle Alliance endorsed the lt Louis and
Ocala platforms and does not propose to sup
port any man who Is opposed to the demands
of those conventions TheN is said to b a
movement on foot In which the labor or
ganizations of the United States are Inter
isted t have a convention In February 169S
tls 1 peoples mare Tho old political hack
of > both patties may expect to tand aside and
let the grand processlou headed by the hoopla
nasa In The Alllnnoe In this State Is In with
his sentiment We demand a change In the
monetary system tt tho country and If we
ant got It in one way well got I In another
The Alliance Is a rUmrmpurn political organ
Alalre intend to have reform or by tha
Uternnl we will know the reason why We
want the good will of all but beg the friend
Ship of none and all that a man opposed to us
hal to do Is l to atop aside and let us pal or
we will run over him The Alliance wants 1
brnK about a peaceful and quiet revolution but
it It cannot com by peaceai > lo method It
must come by some other methods Wo bare
sated for relief from our representation at
Washington reler onrvolee ban not been heard
butthoierrlll com a day when an angry pee
pIe will appear at the gales In a mood not to
b changed by reason for when mo flag of
retritiutlon and wrath In rained It will be too
ate for reason I am agaInst Cleveland for
1rssldent My candidate has lo support tbs
Alliance platform lullpr
Alanco latorm
Tolbert regarded her D tho exponent of
the t Alliance eentlment I may be regarded as
almost certain that Booth Carolina Ilrde a
in tho Democratic column Clrolna It there b
a third party candidate In tho field
Hepnhllesnn Attack Waanraaker for e
talalast liar ae PoatraUtres
Assent PATIK April 8Tho Jlepttbllran of
Wall township Monmouth county mot In mass
meeting last night and bubbled or with In
dignation because Postmaster General Wane
maker has decided to retain in office a Demo
cratlo Postmistress at prlng Lake A Simon
pure Bepubllcan Lincoln Nesultt was an
points Postmaster last February but the Ink
on his commission was hardly dry before It
rvfin revoked and no cause vas given
The objectors say Miss Josle Yard tbe Cleve
land holdover has n pull with Wanatnaker
through her many wealthy Republican friend
In Philadelphia who summer at Spring Lake
And who are patrons of the PoKtmasterOene
tale store The mass meeting was addressed
by local leaders of the party and reaolutlonn
were adopted denouncing Wansmakersoourae
an unmanly and unIlepublkan and declaring
that unless the Democratic Postmaster In the
I county were summarily kicked out of office the
I passer of the resolutions would bolt the party
forever Gen Hsivflll the Republican bossol
the outrage state was also scored for permitting the
The Roy sir Gladdens Good Friday
To ma EDITOR or Tn Box Sir You demand proof
of the charge mad by me on Friday last of the corrup
tion of Legislatures Her then is t one specldcaUon
This Ohio Legislator occupies a building which la di
rectly acroi the street from the room I which I a
writing It baa bean charged on the floor of on of Its
House during the present union that nearly every
member of the Legislature travels during the term of
liliofflc upon railway pastes This charge was nat
denied 1 Is well understood that these honorable
gentlemen who are called every session t leglslaU
upon natters directly Involving
railway companies
rII accept from these coinpartlee gratuities of
1 description A Judge ulon lie bench who a
rented a present from a lultor betor his court would
behave no more Indecently It la trashy admitted by
Uo m hlh
members ot the Legislature who have carefully watched
the course of atlalrs that legislation attested I by this
practice Ibat this practice u nearly universal la the
Bractlce tJr fafJ bf tl
blste Legislature 1 am Iniormea and believe I a
lo THE < this may scent a Denial fault Itaeem
Dolllome The most < 1 fflsutt and delicate question
with which the > legislator havs to deal U the quesUon
ot the relation of ibcse corporations c the public
whose reprewntaUve they are then they make
themselves this way the banenclarles of this corpora
lien thr ar guilty of a shameful breach of oorpr
Here Is another spscidcatloti U Is a notorious tao
hereabouts that teats In the benat uf Lbs United Dial
lays been purchased with money In one cast at
least evidence was collected and laid biter the senile
oataDliihlng fart That the occupant Of the teat
paid the money was nnt proved thai the money wa
paid for the seat was plain enough I have never Men
any one In this nslghbornood who wa mnoont enough
yd rbhti
to tI It Membere of the Legislature who voted
for the winning candidate have told me that moneywaa
used beyond all question Verbap under thus clr
ouinttaiices 1 may ie pardoned for believing It
ouiI tilllI fll rarA It
This Is not In my opinion an Isolated cue I am not
overcredntoue ot evil tales concerning my fUow men
but some lieu are notorious
TUE Hcif censures me for falling to glv I specification
In oonnsetlon with the Charge 1 may say thai this
dlscoura question was about tuft mInutes In Itngth
that It w as a discussion of the work to be don br the
ChrUtlan of todayi that Instead ot being a political ha
Ssngue as Tar Hex alleges only aliontcve mInutes wipe
evoted to political Issues that II was In the nature of
the case impossible to give speolncatlona and that lbs
congregation was sufficiently lutalllxeat to bs fully
war of ohs facts oa which my statemente were based
TRI Box says that the burden ot hladlaconn wa
that now after nearly two thousand year after the
crncinxlon and In this Christian country our society l
utterly corrupt and vs are In a state of political degra
dailon almost 1 without parallel I in tha history r elvuua
tlon Christian or pagan
This characterIzation of mv discourse Is ultcrlv eaten
The who 10ufll waa hopefuL showed Indeed that
th grfb today not only hansom large task
upon his band but It Safl declared that he af taking
hold of them with a spirit and a purpo never before
igI1taCd r h 3IRu f r
manifest and that hshss no doubt or being able to per
form them that their are not too arduous for the sU
bJ Iog
conioertnggace of Him who has banished Infanticide I
abolished elavery and lifted n omen to an equality with
man and who II able now and henceforth to subdu au
things unto Himself I I
thllllf add that one large part of the labor of the
Christian of Ida the task of eountsractlng the In
flnenc of a certain clas of newspapers which Instinc
tively take the wrong aids of every public question If
YI m drr
J rtf SIotf
Ins dun Insists upon It I will furnish one specification
WjlUlircTO OliPDIK
BUS 0 April I I89L
Mr Blulae English Criticised
To THR EDITOR orTna Ban Sir It may not ba good
form for a Ulasonrlan to correct a New Englanders I
style or grammar but as no OUt else teems to hays no
ticed It I shall do so with your permission Mr Slain
speaks of favaa verbal requests sign tangubgs it
Is said ha made a near approach to perfection In
8lclly and many foreigner know that this American
Indians also use a sign language and they think the
American whites ire half tavega They will suppose
that Mr BlaIn Intends losartbat Hava also came In
person and making signs for Humbert Hair
New Orleans Ca shook his del at Bums touched
hIs pocket and ImltaMd l going away In I a rag The
next time New England son says verbal when he
meant oral the smlbarbrlansrof the trans Nlssls
slopl will feel compelled to quote the nret Un of
braketpcaren epitaph at him Osoaca Wilson
Lmuisuvoa Mu April 0
Foreign Notes of Beat Iat ret
A Feel school of cookery has latsly been opened
Jules Simon presiding and delivering the address The
tnslllntlon was started wilt funds accruing from exhi
bitions held node this auspice of the Association ot
French Cook There I a grand kitchen and a lariI lec
ture hall and degrees and diploma will be conferred
Irot lirne t Bruck of Ih Vienna 11111rII Sla a book
called 7he Beauties and Defects oftbs Human Body
says that this realistic artist of the present day chaos
their model without car and reproduce all their Im
perfections This ystern mult naturally lead to a de
cay of art Modern humanity has larger head and
shorter legs than the ancltntt The modern painter
however show a sreat dIsposItion lo copy the matter
of Renaissance who bed a habit In their loveotu
aggerallon to show people crooked lesmd
On of the French provincial law court lias had aa
odd dUousslon as to this precise definition of nlfht
A man was charged with breaking a law I nearly fifty
year old which forbid portsmn to shoot at night
The prliontr pleaded that tub day was 1I0tU over Af
ter much sclentlno discussion It was decided that night
began wllbth close ot twilight chili the sun bad
detcended ill degrees below the horlron Tbo almanao
showed Ibat on this day In questIon twilight as thus
described endrd tllrlyseveii minutes after SunSet and
the sportsman wa adjudged guilty upon that ruling
Kola work how no diminution In popularity
LArgent bit last has reached already a tale of 60
000 copies III Ant venture La fcrtun dee Kougon
sold 22OUO the Curt 83000 the Venire Se PariS
SOOOU tbs Cononet de naatana MOOO the Taut
delAbbS Wooret 40TO ion Eicellenc BOKOO
31000 Assomninlr which stamped his ucccss 17
hEll Une r ge dArnour 7UUOO Nana sold hiS
OH the title llumalne 8JO Tot HnulUe 7i
0 th lola de Vlvre < enoo Germinal mod
LOJuvre 6aio UTcrm Koto and Le uSgs
T700u Tlie entire literary labor of Zola not Including
Argent and tome Inferior compositions of his
youth Is represented by a sal ot 1079010 volume
II receives on an average about IOTOOU for his
books while their late to the newspapers In ruIMott
form before publication Lrlnji him In Hwx for each
Thn Ituilcr Ileut SlIm
oin heC1le0t1 Trlhunt
TIe barber drew Ms fnieri gently arose the face of
UUvlcliiu and saldi
I iou have a strung beard sir
There was no reply II caressed the silky locks and
queried t
Have a slisraeoo sIr t Tour head really nd It
The etlllness remained unbroken
bball 1 was your mouitache sir I
Mo reply
Sea foam sir t
The man Intb chaIr drew a email tablet from his
poi krL end wrute nn tt
i lInensi anil duirtii
On me wall bet Uo tie mirror liunc a Isrge No Cred
it card lit barber turned It and nimted to the motto
on the reverie side Tr luicrlptlon was this
a C last and Dumb Men Viable Irlce
IT shampoo no was us iiafoara saM Ib disgust
sI man In lbs chair luddeuly Undlng a 44cc
All right sir rejoined the barber Thought Id
fetch yen resnd Floe day Isalill
WiLlS wa Ana Ait TALKJXO
The Italians In this cIty have cooled oil Untie
within the past few days When thty tni
heard ot the trouble lnNw Orluani their
minds were Inflamed In an alarming war and
their language and gesticulations wore ot tha
most onergetla Latin style Tbolr fever atiM t
as soon at lludlnl change his tone It was m
turtherallayed when lludlnl changed hiti
tude anti IL baa almost wholly dlsssluri aiii
since itudini began to show that he bi
ehnnged his mind A Burn reporter Who ui
ales wIth the liahlans hereanout bts t ° °
tutu they can now talk with morn sense this
they displayed a fortnight ago It is B5f
fay that the Iiallons In America wouM be M ti
likely to suffer from the tantrums If tltoy nonld
Ham the English language ua
The member ot tho Womans Council vie etUI
are trying to invent a bualncei VfOBiaa
dress can get some practical hints by y rui
log up be Bowery or from the Hatter
Cooper Institute any morning from ta
7 fo I
o g
oclock t nnd if they will extend their walk no
Third avenue or cross over to ttloWett ildi D
avenues their knowledge ot the subject vliiih
The number of ca ° es of grip In the cltt bis
larcoly decreased within the past two sunnr
day Now think ot the diminution cl tb
volume of groan and moans that have rlns 1
to the eloudil Think of the visage rron WhIt
the wrinkles of woo have diMppearedl
of thee housebountl lpvalhde who cart noy
joy tile ODIn alni Think of the nigbima en t
that cannot be forgotten 1 And rejoice thaUi t to
sunshine of th springtide Is driving aV >
the grip that paralyzes body and nilud f
Tho Hon Jerry Simpson of Kansas rlckaj as
up a great deal of agricultural and other ctwi
In thin town last week i yet ho WM dlisDnnlat
od In that lie found It lmros lblo to ruin a
boom for himself or even for tho Farmers if
Itanoo even In Wall Street or Cooper Union f thi
the Windsor Hotel and bo leaves Now York i
us n bear oa the value of locklesa lama e
Mr Cabot Lodge Is I prepared for tho rorlvl
of KnowNotbtnglsm on account ot the unrre
csdentod rush of undesirable immlrsnte to
tIle United l4tatea In thece times Mr 1
is desirous of the enacimant of laws that viii
chuck the infitix of the hordes who are dsU1
passing through tho liargo Oflico
When Amrita Lai Boys htVhcnsto Illniloo t
was In this city ho could not be Induced to tit mi
food with any American or any Chrlitlnn Hi eat
was very much attached to an American frleni tb
here who strove without avail to obtain hU SIr
company at table At one time when plnch 4
for money ho nffoid hunger for months ste
and sustained lifo on a little rice but would
rather die ot starvation than beculltyotnar
taking of any diet other than that authorized 0
by the lawn of his caste lie ate only t eEetalln ala
or rice cooked himsplf in his own utetshls
by pis own tIre If ho hud done otherwise
would bars ber > n outlawed by his cvto sad
proscribed by all his family and frlenils when Qil
he returned to India Those who know Amrtu
Lai Boy In New York can certify Hint lie Lent
the dietary law ot bit canto while here
The official who inspect the Italian must the
grants arriving at theliarg Office nlnotenthi lilt
of whom are of the male sex find that nearly an
all of thorn com her with the oxtivctatlonol Ste
making money that will enable thorn to go
back to Italy and live them Tbo is of Ui
passenger wh < > have eon rom f hoi > io 1orow
during the decade uf Italian Inning itionirlvf I
evidence that the hopes In which Hiiiltnsin wru
duign when coming to America nra rarely re
shined Very lew Italian names are to be founj
on these lists bs
I was always told said a reformed smoker
that I could not give up the cigar habit which Ide
I bad indulged tn for twenty yearn but I re
solved one day to give It up and hare kept till
resolution for two year It you want to bt Sal
sure that you have any mind left or any soil 9
control mat do as I did and It you cant keep
your resolution you may l > e MIre that you
have not the capacity of selfcontrol and ars
on the way to Imbecility I tested my mind by
resolving that I would not smoke and I bars
stood the test and I know that my will his
grown stronger In consequence It Is a great
thing to have a will that is under the control el
the judgment
The now from Born according to a mat ihoi
from Borne is Inaccurate In saying thai the
Italian Government will not participate la lbs
Chicago Exposition on account of the Now Or
lean trouble More than half a year beton cat
the Now Orleans lynching or as far back u
October last THE HUH had a cable dtinatih e
from Home announcing that Italy would not S
be officially represented at the Chicago Earn
sltlon There are two reaumi for ltslyade
termination ID this case Kb Is so bard up for
money that hhe cannot afford to wnste a ceu
tosliiif and she does not think U worth while the
to make an exhibit in the nrofl settlement ot got
Chicago anyhow But Chicago may hays th
some Italian business exhibitor on their om
The barber says I have no objection to fe f
male bathers In New York and I believe that
in London they shave mens beards in a very
pleasing way There la a French madams wit
in a ladles hairdressing boudoir here who can lhll
ne a razor von skilfully and has need of It la be
her business But I do not believe that female Ie
barber would bo popular in New York or that un
they would get a flrtuIaaH run or custom or wit
that shaving beards la I a nice business for 701
American young women
Mrs Henry Ward Beeeher nocorapanlel is tioi
Mrs Nutt has gone on a trip to WashlnelOB the
Territory to visit her son At her BBe77 bat
such a trip would seem formidable were ti be
not a roost vigorous and actlvu woman but
she la KO Interested In all that pertains to llt hot
she will enjoy every day of her journey tod We
come back at the end ot a month InvlkoratM
and rejuvenated
Women who ounnotroslst the tralllnc druscd tile
newly devised for the benefit of thus ATM
making trade and tbo merchants are bewail liii
ing tile filthy condition ot Brooklyn strMta fro
The Imagination need not bo vivid to get in
Idea of the state of a ladys undergarment at
alter a promenade In Pulton avenue Tbt
pavements and crossings are well srept or din
costly gowns and tho dirt IH carefully deryiJ
ted on the olothlna ot train wearers 1M
Utret Commissioners ought in be grateful for sd
t volunteer assistance Borne of the street sal
are HO unclean that it mutt require resolution
OD the part of women to trail n garment Ovef
them though many are like the lady vlio de
fended herself for wearing a train tydtilsr the
lug that she ruined IB bonnet every time tbt
crossed tbo street under the elevated roii
and the might aa well have her whole toilet the
equally damaged
Gen Christensen the treasurer ot the fund
which Mrs Laura 0 Langford Brooklyn nu
undertaken to raise for Miss Anna C Diesis
son has supplied the means which enabled
Miss Susan Dickinson to remove her eUttf
from tbo asylum at Danville Iawbor su wj1 be
a free patient to the retreat at lisbon J Y
where she will be protected from tbo prteenrl lag
ofBtrangera Her expenses will its l 1511 bY
Gen CbritenBoo and what with the conlrM this
tions reaching him and those goIng to A 3 Oat
Drexel of Philadelphia It it l honed thai n un
dent fund can be raised to enable Miss Vln lelt
ln on to go abroad for a year or iw
nsbonnas her mental and phykul fslfirj to
lion IB oomplotoa Miss Ulckmson tiadl > coo
Eettted to her removal and made thump in i wel
special car provided by the uperlnunUDtl
the Erie road bile was accompanied > f W
home physician by Pr Seward and bvnforBUl
trusty maid whoa presenCe an aildltiosu
comfort to thu invalid Miss Dickinson w14
have no needless restraint put upon lie 155
when the snug weather comes she will htT i >
tile baneiltof pleaaautdrlves ftiidoutdourocto
lOtionS and amusements Her frleiiiB now
confidently look iorwtird to her weedy rSCO
cry and ure earnestly striving to seUr9 a sIt ask
flcont lund for bar to release tier from l cua
iary anxiety for some time to coma
Whatever the duality ol Jerry SiniPtmf
socks it ii I noticeable that his shoes are MPf
dally neat and well made In fact Jerrys bolt
appearance is that of a man to whom dial i
by no means a matter of Indifference 1115
eolQcUms In Biveeob are oceanlonalh PVI
serious He has trouble with his filial O You
Wretched for example he pronounces M J
monosyllabIc Occasionally too lilt verbi SD
nouosdonot agree vocabulary lioneteru
full and pritty accurate This Is not urpfW S
however when one knows that bU fsiyOriit
authoraare IJIckenaThackeray Henry ucorgt
Carlyle and Shakespeare
Delamoro Place the home from which MW
Ellen Hayard wont forth on Thursday tJ t Mj
come the wife of a nobleman Is a IJOUM
peculiar liUtorlo Interest It ManiH II tb
uumLli nfVllinluKton overlook liiftneyorw
tlnnrv and he UfluwnrH A great IlJJWJ i
lorcil fionU the east ami under till porch l
the main door opening upon an ample SI IVJf
hail In this bous lived for eotne roan JJ rri
Clark Gaines with her guardian Col liutl5 l >
entbulastlo Uelawareon wboso sons
named New Castle Kent anti Sussex In bQ
of Delaware three counties
Ten Mora Debnrrret jmmtgrantu
Four immigratntis with consumption fle Will
asklnUiseas and hive tvliotbe hangs OfflOelO r
rt declared were likely to becomei puJJj
tv wsvo debarra5from ffjoit vnAtetfifi
anaTent to th Bteumahlpa that brougut IB

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