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4ZL 44 44 I4 flgnwSttaSflatflnnaeaen
a r atp
l < 1 11 1 Tit t t I h J q > T tI I
FIRST oAtan roll ma AfaaticAir AH
t I Wahla toa Ixinlerllle aad Baltimore
Ameast the WlaaeraMlh X llr la t
Leal An Venal the VptM Bid not
Fleas BlxaJUaaUa Other Ommtm
Thl American Association opened their
ehamrlonshlp season yeiterday Thl tames
I Vfashlngton Ot Athletle 8
p Baltimore lit Boston 7
Bt Louis 7 Cincinnati 7
Forfeited to 8t Louis
Louisville 7 Columbus fl
ntiinttniit Aprils Tb penlnggam ot th As
Boclallcn hanplonihlr eaonloday between the
AIbllIC 1n8 WblIOO IOb WU 111OI h 10
1 ltIO nybedV The sttot1 UP6 54 of lhFs
rUistfl lbs 8111 Irnln oo wo lt lniI bUs
s4 wEd throw 17 Mulv stid icord Uln
WI1 hail I1M Wl U rb rmtitrm if cord nu
onI leurib on a liue nn b and Vlinjr e trlpl ml
Albletlci did tome hlitlngln Ihe alb and elxthlnnlnge
when thir cord Ihrt ran In tie eHbth Waihlng
ton 4teloped another blUish Iuk Mo with two
I rrori netted them flve lolL TIll Athletle alt took a
torn at tatting In the ninth and knocked out rive rone
bIln lb alh onlln
a Ul bid a 0 PlOW tn tie but neither Wood lorI
McOiachv Was equal 1 the mrginey Attendance
I S UB Tbeworei
II LI stLro A 5
fisitmis 18b I I I 2 I 1lfI sl2 I 4 I 0
I nlr b1 I 7 0 0 BObr I f1 I 0 U
j tulsyld 1 bl I 0 2 lIlunhan24ba I I 1 0
Wood ILf I a U 0 L VIoa r t I 2 I U 0
NC0UlbTtO 0 I U 0 In or I 2 I 0 0
MeOuolfO I 0 0 OIMCQnU7 Isbl l 2 0 0
g =
= j I 7 1 01M rflJ I 4 2 1
CorcorsfltSt a I 2 2ImMlySdbU U 3 i I
Wrllr 0 I I Ojcaroy I 0 4 0
elI 2 Totals i 2 i i
AthItIo I i g g g o 1 000e9 i 2 o 0
Earned run Athletic Aj Washington 8 TwO bis
hll > Croil I A corrorau llatneld llunlarx Illnei
I TbresbOl hli > Larkla Wood Vlener Stolen bales I
HaUeld I bunlap Viiner UoubU piayt I arty Hat
p1im 1 i
c I fleld and Movjueryt Unnlap natfittd and McQnery
b Urti bit on baili By CarMy > l b Wejhing 2
truck outBy taney 4 by neyhlng 41 Pautd Ball I
llrt I Tim 2110 UmplrJon I
unwo 1 1 Bono A A 7
I3ILT1SOIV April yortyelght hundred ppl lot
emt In the cold todaY an4 law th Baltimore win their
Crtt ehtmplonthlp tame OBrien bat II tot Ih lItton
art ttis third Inning when wiih two hand out b
UnwsI the Orlolei la iron nv bIts and that with
twe bain on ball and errert by Joyc and rarrelU
yielded liven mba Till lead this vlillori wflt0bis
overcome lltddlck went In In tho fourth moms and
aid much belter MoMahon after lbs nm Inning old
great blr hailing of Johnson Brontber and
IleMahoa and lbs Haloing ot FarrelL Strieker Kobin
on and Johnson were this future Th monet
lira A R 111 A 5
Webb o I I 0ltro0 2 I 2
1 r
ValIahtre0U1 I 4 4 I1JolI I tdb2 I I
WIaS d i I a 2 Ii llo0tblns 111 11 I I
Townnd Tt2 0 I I RlohadofO U 0 I 0
Joklsln L I f1 4 I I Otr1 0 a 4 I 2
Otitrt8l bt 2 2 2 I aordIO 33 2 I I
WPdn lit bI I U 2 I Irekr 14 bO 1 4 2 I
I 7 2 I Orl I 0 0 0
Iabonp2 t 0 4 fI1titiu0L 0 tal I
1 I 10 0
TIIIS271 I Totat 7132 7
8Ittoii n I 0 0 I 0 n 01
ln I I I U 0 0 I 07
barnd uniBotOn 2 Two bis bltalladford r
boon 1 Brouttiara lbrbale bitJoys I Horns non
flrontbns nrl bsC on ronBfumor 4 Has
lrooll on ball TowniendiS lirownt J Drouth
rail Jotce Hadford tielib Van llaltren Left on
ba < ra Baftlmorr 6 Boiton la FacHKee hluHlrloker I
Welib Hit bv phchrWIeb I Strieker Double I pays
Wine Wenten ndVan llaltrtn 3u Van llaltren and
Warden Brown rroutner hirlcier Bedford and
Brouthir Hirnck ontBy Roitnion by Tan Hal
tren I relied balle Fanall 1 1 RobInson I Wild
FltnhtioMbo0 htolen baiii Brown Welch Town
r n t OBrien t arrell Tlroe22U UmplreBnyder
I LoOtS 71 CIXYIIIUTI A j V T roariiTiD T tt toot
BV Itl
St Lorc April B Delplle the rather chilly weather
agrealcrawdgatheredatr > rank IbIs after
t1 to witnMi ih Initial g os of lbs Aaaoelatum
10 tll which opened In thla city with lbs Cincinnati
rrayd aitalnit flu Boos manager I team That Ihe
vtiiion oniplayat 1 the home team who evident iq all
preaenL Imt they novertrieleea lot the same Alter
the Innlnta had been played tIe ecor aa tltd and
tbovgh darku M wai fait approaching Cmplr Uleamn
ordered another Inning begun lbS Browne blnljt the
bt After IS minutes ipent mostly crotdng abont In
hue darkne Ql aun called the earn awarding It to
t tb Brown altetflnif tbnt thavltltori had purp < eely de
tared play to obtain a draw Oleaaon ontp r nor was
generally nneaibfactory The monet
I lO CISCHMTI fi t j
H ef I I I ORerryrf 2 3 I 0 0
McCarty r f1 110 I Anitrani lf I 1 1 l i u
Crrf1 i u 0 I u Oeanans2 2430
Lyon bbrll3 I I U I 0hlIyc l 0 3 S I 3
Comliky Ib 0 oil n I 0 RobInson 2bl 1 I 8 0
ian Kb o I 6 1 0 Johnnon c tw l o I I I n
ValherSl t 0 I 4 2torfleyIb0 IOU 0
fcoyle o 1 V 8 A 0Whilbsy0 8221
t1ttLp1 10O OMcOllUp 1 0000
Hurley c < > 0 ft o 0
Totali 7SS7104
Total 714 IT 10 S
St Loot 0 O II 0 1 O 0 0 17
g g g i
Cincinnati 0 1 3 4 0 o 0 u 07
Farnad rnn Clnelhnatl I Two hat hit ranavan
AIo llorley I Whitney I nonble playynller Ira
andComUker KaioaoubalU Miveti 3 on wi
011112 Wild plioh stlvetti it Seoul i Hit by
pitched ballfuller Umpire William OKaaaa
tociiviui 7 COLVMICI a
Lociitnir 8Hefor lh game eI called the
kampionvbip Hag Wit floated and th band played
blot and the crowd cheered ttielf lioari ag irfinl r
will IJlnb brat ih toiiimbtii club todT In an exciting
bat rather badly pitied same In the ninth inning
Pally Uonoran Weaver and Wolfe made lr which
with error yy f rnok and Cleveand let I In nv run for
the Loutaflila I nub The platlrgif Donovan for Louis
vlle vs one of the baTOns lbs rants th lam
wat raarred by klckln of the plavara atalnlt the um
pire declilout Atiendanc 4177 The Icons 1
louiiriux I coLOnBca
n le roi xi a Ia foa >
Taylor Ib i ou 1 ulwoTamny 1 ef1 0 2 oA 1
no I t I J 2 0 0 Crooks 2bO U au 2
olte r I I b I OConoo 1 I 0 I I
u We C rO 2 0 ii 0 led r I I I 0
Hst S I O U 4 1 c I 1 2 1 0
J t 1 r I f V
tttt 4 5 1 r1 lil 1 1 2 I
b 2 I 0 2 I Whelock I 10 S a 8 0
tlIO 1 2 S 2 3 0 Lb 01300
I 6 I I Ulrlbl p0 0 0 1 I
totalS 7 i i 4 TotMu i i i i
LulIU 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 17
Clomo 0 0 0 U 0 0 o
1 Twobaaa Fittil bItRain iuuiiufllck Stolen ItohV I balesDonovan Diiu CIyelad I Wolf
1blloI 10ubio plySOld and LhAnl VhoIQ
lad I4hia rUI Intl Tylr Url base on bal
McTammany Itches Donovan Beani 1ettlt hhluulck
Hit by pitched bailCleveland ttuead blruck out
Kyan tn II1CI Crooks Connor Whealock
vaiirllbt plteHacnllar land ball UConnor I Tim2ciu Urn
Other Oanacn Yeaterdav
new VORX 11 rBlMtT05 C
Tb Frlaceton boy did not play A good a tam us
terday lnll thhw icrk at the lolo ground
IBy did tnbaturdaya game IhoNair onb lannstl a
t leaon in that lint earn with tlu co leglana and aa lb
wethr WAS murli warmer then usual they let them
sLves nut and made thins bum They p aycd aa hard
and rneUy aa tbey knev how knowing trW c
work that opponent bad don ailalnet them that they
J = rl
A wuuid hay lu get up shah ell to win
The leviin bundrvd and more percn prlDI haS
p anty or than < ei to nlhaa lun WIt in th box for
lb nom team and although tb colliKtaiia got ten
blilolt him sarly ha ro them 1ogm ll fll tenf
lb horn blOts The whole J w fork ham played
TUt bailnt frotn oheir wonk t btter Lisa was 00
rla bow theywi aunean iatnt thur
5 opooonlL Ionoor BIhedon Ulaucook
L2hyrDby lacoel
tl4 plodld rk lackIng up on hoot
ia r40 ityle I Iennywie ai gay as a kitten and
allowed ensue of bit oldelyle vim and determination
Al the bat ri rI everybody by knocking out three two
bias bits He WI very gay en Ihe bales Jh actually
SlId on hi lomaoh Quo
In I ih till Innmg Illenirdion made a very rlerer
running cairh while In the third I Tternan made a mug
Blnceut throw to Urnnt alter having I caught a lIT I bad
ialilng adoiib eplar Clark catching wat a lec
ture I threw the teAlS In a way mat elicited urn
ven frnm the culleg boy watebing Ib game 11
Sret lanlng Huile ought a low pop up thy and sent lb
bail I like I rIrim shot 10 Denny catching Hurll All
lhrtgb baa the gain lluele lbrw usIft and accBralily Al
Tor rrlaeiton DJ ell and Ring did great nt
Knickerbocker e work wniitelledlywiatlioiii at Ib
bat nnd fn the flVd Young llerirea and I > oll pitched
thri Inning etch berlin struck out lloxer Coanor
for the first lime tnli ICISHI 1 Three hits were mad off
Young four ort Bonier ami six on llroke The loom
H 0050 UICT
lIr0AL p lPoAL
er I I I 0 Daul 2d I 1101 I
1tennup r I 2 2 2 I 0 I 0 I f 0 I 0 0 0
GIruck 5 12 I 0 I I hlrokw I 6 a I
on nor hI I ui I I 0 V lIsa II I b 1 21 0 0
llInhanuln2dtiI 3 5 2 I Kbicsrbfll n 4 a 2
StalIstiLti I I I 0 ounl p0 0 0 U
elarkc I 0 I 4 I nieep I 0 0 I 0
lliuy ld bht 2 g it lrow r 0 I a t
IttiltI I i 8 0 KIng ltd b 1 1 u 3 g
7eths i 2 i 8 Drab lt g 3 U 200 I 0
Total 4 i 5
K wTork 3 n l l n s o 4 011
g g
B 1 I f
Irlncttei 003100010 4
Urged rumNew York 2 FIrst I t hat by i errort
> tw rork 4 Irlnreton I or Loll on > aniM < w Yurg
I rrliictlon I lint I 1 b n rn tall lXiw Yrk 7i
Princeton a hlruck out New York au Princeton I IX
Two bale hltlllore uUI ttlchirdton Ileiny 9 > Host
KacrlCc hill Tlernan uianiooek Connor Clarke
Kuile Drake Stolen haxeilore Tlernan Olaeteocx
Connor right Richardson Clark Ienny I Husle
DurllJ Mrgen 0 liouble playiKnl erbocker
and Uurell heroin and lnny Hit try pitcher
Purell I vTIII pllebeultrgen nri I Hush J piiid
balIsflrobaViCiank8 Two boors I 2 Umpire Connolly Tim
Srw Ilivxii Ap8 Bhs rerunS lama of Ibt TI
> e Haven tirlM reiulied lo a victory for lb latter
Theecorei I
SIW aum I ui
a lero I alaroAa
Henry r fMa i i i I Cuiblng L e 0 0 i a a
euntor I U0 1 2 1 Uhuile 1 4 i 0
Lalfyt t 1 II U o Oahounr fo u 1 o o
iudwnrln t ns I a I 0 Murphy c 10 0 i 0 0
Wuonlf 210 0 riewuri tuba u 18 i 0 0
A DcylOd I kf I 4 I ilIac If I o o o o o
Krpnin2dBo 212 0 Kedil Sd bU n t 310 2
JollordO1 111 I Hetll idb 1 0240
thiltad 1 a o 8jBB p a l u i o
I 0 II I 0
TolIa12102lII i
9 Totals S TsTT
1 I 080 0 s a 012
YI D U 1 IOU o o i a
Erd mnli JlunI Tt I roball hit
llori and tVihio Slolsi baosTta lii IW Itayin
a lule l playiHeaatoalilng and Slwari tinny
anti fudOrlh lull en bU1I1I lilllllad Ut off
lIuro I 011 linn t tIll by itiched ballHy 111111
land 2 b ° boar It br ltane I Snuck OUIO
IIl1hii 7LIIY t Jlora L WId pl bes4luiliaod 3
2osn II EIII 3 101 bAIlrool a itoaJ I
ttml UlllpireKII At1sooancw
aoogiri < 7i HUO II
Managir Pore and his kluiclothed pltyert hegtn
their Dreiluilnar work prior to lb opening of lbe
ffi lOn pesterdar lad 1
that Manager owsrs wits fully sotishhed with his 1dm
ISrooIllIiI found any Iroubl 10
yioirdhy a gms but lb HUdOhO plalo wIth y4 nil
aaih andktplth Leaguer moving duiltigIbiwbeli l
game Noo or this hlleu hid any practlc whatever
bafor jriitirday and considering thai they iiav ver
played together belnre they sbowsd up In goiT rorra
except at Ih batf Tbelr larleidli strOll lid when
nor game hav been payed will show up to good advantage
vantage Yields and Smith who played with Mwtrk
for a number otyeart and Knowlei and Lyon of Jsep7
City onghl I male quit a quartet and with Jos tier
5555 aol itchmsr they uhooli be near the top In their
allocation Manager Ward irld thr ofhl pltehirf
and but two hits war Itcored on them Foul IS I hold
ing down tint ball well and Is covering a vail mennt
ground ftrai r all the plaieri in lbs torn iirlttln
leemit have become the Tavnrlt Not only 11045 hi
Cud In xcllnt style but his bluing It bard sad clean
TbI acort I
IItOOll ttjrruo
LisP0LY R 1 Ba0 i
Cetlina 3b 2 til Beklffler r f U 0 3 0 0
tlrumneuI 1 SOOMaek2b flUb UI
lnknu8b0 I r OILOiOeef00IUO
hal 71 I 0 D a 1 rtnwesb 0 0 I P 1
Home rf 1130 0 floreunglf i I 0 0 t 0 o
OBrien it I 0 I 0 li Field ll D III 00
ifIrdLs I I a II OBmittt5s0 0 a 6 3
Kimlow 0 0 I a I 0 wokh ktr 0 0 i 2 2 o
terry n IJ t o a I ti Barr p o 0 o t 0
Paly e 11 o 4 0 OUoodtLp0 0 C2 u
Hemming p 0 0 o 0 II < I
Palley a n 0 2 0 0 Totall 0 JSf U 6
Leveif p 0 JD I I 0
Total 77 io ll
Brooklyn I o o 3 I 2 o o 17
Karned rumBrooklyn 2 TInt bit on rrin
Brooklyn 4j nnloL Len on buei Brooklyn Ut
Buoaio4 threebale hllharne TwO bate hllUrlt
nn Molen hai olllna llrlftln Foul ward Daly
Sacrifice hiltIrlftln Mnkney Fonts Hemming
Ponhlapta fmlth f Mack and Fleldtt Kineiow and
Teryi root and uolllri Font Lovett and Daliev
Btrnek outroBlx OBrien 21 Schrrler 2Sn Imht ih
Birr Mack r Heidi Weckbecker First bait on balli
OftTerry ill orrBarr 21 ott iinodall a lilt by pitcher
Orimn 1 tldpllchOoodall UmpireBuibcng TOOl
liirxai II mtrum 808
hI Minhiltan A C bin ball team play d more Ilk
the picked nine mad up oCYoutigtten that nn lUau
th Vacant ion than like a nnlanr crganliBd tiam In
the game igaloit lb Jatptrt Manhattan Held yeiter
day 1 he Orll
wASlAITAN A a Autos
LILo n lero1 x
Young a a p 1 l 1 I l Emote o s 1 7 3 O
Kill nab i 00 1 I 1 oicarr3b 4 2 ft S a
nelL liibo I B 0 0 olllnlf I 2 I 0 o
CarbraelL a f0 O 8 u o Mara p o 1 0 1 J
K uailard aI 080 o Ioujhiin ii 3 2 a l 3
Wllwin pt o 1001 Quinn lib 2 ll e S 0
i bollard ad b I l 4 s i 8UII tinin a s l 0 l l
Dpdrlok I ro 1 tt 0 0 MUgerldTt o 0 0 II U
Oiblin p B B O 0 0 a I Flynao 1 0 I 0 1
TotS i 84 ii ft Total IB 8MU 5
Young ml tot Interfering with th ball
Manhattan A e o inonoilO S
Jtiperc 4 IS 1 S 1 0 1 = 18 I
Earned rnaJaiptra I rirtt bat on rroneblan
hatlan Attilitle Imn ft Left on baleManhattan
Alhleilo Club HI Jaipert 4 line on bailOff Ulbllu
401T Young I t off Ira a Struck out Bills2t tilt
bonelL Wilson J Dallam lara W tItrgerald Three
bus hIt4 Ninghlln i Twohat bita0 I Lagy Congblln
Viltion Stolen ba eililll CJI l Dullard UX J Dot
CM Klatlcr oLeary ui coughlln 2X Hrennan flit
geraid Hanhl pia r Onlnn rougnlla and O Larv
Tilt by pitcherQnlnn Brennan uacrlfli hlti Ud
rick Mara gulnn Brennan VTIld pitohe Marai ai
nllllr glll
Ulblln 21 Yoang i fawed balla Uollard 8 klnilir
I Umpireuaa Hart TlmolUII
c C i t > ricatiin
Ctieend in by an enihnnlaiUc I following lbs Cetnm
bis Grammar rehool lads defeated Ihs Packard Unit
net College team yeiterday afternoon at ih M Little
Polo groundi 117th Unit and Rertnth avenue Until
th eighth Inning honor wire erin but then th Pack
ard went all to pieces Tbs score
cos a 330301 IIB
Packard 1 0 o 2 7 0 010
Y trdy afternoon the Columbia boys war tot to
fortunate 151 Wilson S Kellogg nine defeated them
by th doss icor of 18 to 17
rordhaxa Coltse Base Ball Clab
The Fordham College Kara bare thIOehidnt ar
ranged to duel Thursday April I Trinity College
Furdham Sunday April 12 Olympic Fordham
Thnriday April 18 Columbia Cnlleg at Fordham
rJaiurda April 18 Lehlgh College at liethlehim gun
day April 19 Cathedral of baw York at fordhami
ffedneaday April 22 Lafayett College at Baltoni
nan Jay April 23 Collet o Ity of hew York at Ford
ham Sunday April 21 Calomel at Fordham Thnn
day AirII 1 frown at rordhamj I Sunday May 8
tiirUIhir W
i oI
Tlgereat For Iham Tneidar MtyN Stevene at lord
tiarat saturday May u Wilyan at KlddUtownt
Tbundav May HI Lrhlgh May I 14 at Ford Amherit ham at Sunday rordham May Saturday 17 olun
ieertFordbm Wednesday May 315 V Lnlvenlly of
Ienniylvanl HI Thlladaiphla Snnday May 21 Tlgera
at Kurdbam Thurtdey May 2H Cornell at tordbam
rUuirbrV l 1Mf J
Tiaturday Mug 311 i Tontere at Yinksnl two gamash
ThutvilaV Juni 4 Lafayettaat rordbarai Saturday
June Trlnlt at Hartford Thursday June II I He
loran at rordnam and Tuesday June 10 Unlrertlty of
rnniylvnU ai yordbam
Gejorare Smith to Go to Cincinnati
Phnrt Stop Oaorg SmIth is no longer member St the
Brooklyn Chub Yaitcrdav aftirnoon be was lgnd for
th Cincinnati Club by rretldent Kyrne of lb Brook
ra Chub CI Iattsn acting U agent for Managr Lofln
President Brn bad quit a IInnll talll with SmIth
who naturally iseta morn In havIng IIY IIrootln
aa hi retarded It a good aa hIS borne but u hs prefer
Cincinnati any Other city barring Brooklyn 0s coa
lequeutly did not red downnearuo
Bane BaH GIRd Tody
Biltlmore vi Boston at Baltimore
Athletlei Waahlngton at FhliaddpnU
St Lonl vaT Ctnclnnatl at Ht Lout t
100111I n Cclambo at LouUvill
Kew York Ta Buffalo at Dul Polo gnanda
Fordhim College n Trinity college at FerdBal
hew Haven v L Brooklyn at Sew llaven
Ease Ball Note
Mickey flashes th Brooklyn Clobi old pltctier baa
been sojourning at CullS liland all winter
Hocbeiter ha alined Second Baa maa Bellx and Left
yieldtr Robert ot lIst years baorainento Cbs
The ft Lout College team bay Slay n Jun 5 and
Bit and July 4 OliO Addrett a tlota secretary ztu
Will Thtrtyelxlh sorest
The Atlanta B llf C would IJke to make date with
club tn play nut of town on Batiirday alieruouna Ad
driu E A Spine Kahway I J
Tony Frlcken bae been ordered to rport WIth th
Albany Club en April o but he ha aaktd for a further
delay owing I to being eomewhit out ol form
ThAcmhavMay lit May 80 1 A MXandJnlx4
1 Ji
AM and f u r open which datet tbey would like to
arrange gamac for Address 11 K Lurtla 4i Murray
Umpire Birrymtn who officiated at PlalnOald and
Rldiitwood Junction urecouuuinded at a good urn
StrI and may aecur a berth in lbs international
The Vounteera fu Mount I Hope would rI Ilk I ruld irrange
games with etrunu uniformed team for tnturdaji ana
nndava Addret llugb OIIL Jr C Irvmout
Bllgh th cxColnmbnt catcher li tending bar In
South Brookl He boo ourt from leverM Veitern
lube but it II thought that h will local diner In Uen
v r or Omaha
Th Arlington A C would ltks to arrang garnet for
Saturday afternoon and hnlld jl with all club whole
player do not exceed la yars Addrew K K cuilerlr
Arlington J
1 bll Canilln Jo a rattling good third hateman and uho
Was with the Oneonta uuttl they dltbauded tail rear
bu received a favorablo offer from Ibo fclmira Club
and will probably accept
Tbe St Lonlt Ctlleg Hat Ball Club open their season
00 May 3 a lth the Oranxe A 0 at rail uranga They
J lIur
play ib Corinthian A C on May It sod the WeitUeld
A C on Ueoontlon Day
rhe MOil Uaven Bate Bail club have rorganlrd and
would IIh to heirloom all drilclnat la and out of town
clubs with unclosed ground Addicts Kdward V uu
MU 5i luith ititet
Aa Hi Monitor F nk gronnda will not ba opined for a
fen wtki Manager Van N aikenbirg ot the Allcrton
itlub desire to arrange a gum lor next bjud y Ad
drew 691 t blot Forty ninth itreet
BiKeoa April el Tbe manager of the Portland Bat
Ball Club have made arrangement lOOp the main
with the Boston Leiwue turn ou April 14 Th Iort
lanAI will play th llo delu College 1110 on fait Day
The Marcy riub of th Eaitirn Dlttrlct Brooklyn
whoil payin average lu year bay a law more
rm JofJ
dates op < li ion i Hiturtiay afternoon In Jun July and
Augutt Adduaa W Van Utnlacge Ulu fena elreet
Tb Writ Bergen Athletic Auoclatlonof Weal Brgms
N J hav rurganizd theIr bass hall team forth
coming seamen and would ilislo bur from all tint
chase amateur 10110 AdOreD Will law II Oram 4 Vale
avenue Welt bergen J O
UxManagr and tint I Baitman fowling of the
Oneonlal hub oC iast year 5 Kw lork Stat LIagils hl la
ettahliiiiedlnbnitucMiuthUclty II Is itilet that h
would bav no ohjicllon playing Sainmay or Hunday
games with solos goodaeml pruleiaional club
Clubs with plrn la years old can arnanga gas
Wllh its Untlo IIIr ldllr piayrs are II10br 0
atlrs p liationsy Ibl Usnso ib harris Ib
IlnOls 5 5 I g lrllil Cartuii I l sod htcrnaii I
e t All communication to bl aildtmed 10 J llicker
ait Cherry itreet
Tho Corinthian Athletic Chub will open the lesson on
their ground un ftatuHav Ihelr opponvnu will lia I
the fw lork A C Th ortnihUtiihuv April IHnd
rJ or rJ
JunBUcpea and would ilk to clone limn at one with I
good teama AddrtM Atlhur U Kurd ttit hew
Srliton 6iatn laland
Scr tary Morrlwey baa assured th following play
irs to rprcentlb Oolumbu A d and would like r
book a few users 41155 for July and Anguiti RoOd anti
Faton c1 Brown and Cooper p Murray lit b
hbeaban id 02 BIDirl a It Htaahepe lid h i iealhan
I r i Mcfallln c rt 1 Fdwaru r f Addrea Jere
Mi TrlsIoT 1103 harlee Strict
Hie Stolen Island AlhletU are supposed to hay Sn
paged atelier kraut for Sits union its u I a very
clever > oungnin lo the petition the oulr objection
being to lull rhorlneii of suitor lie Iilanderi ar
tuck on the 1 llule fellow but It i 5 iineiiionaUle whether
tbey ran hold bUrl It hi stated that ti I buanviral good
oBert ndmy acctpl us of them
The Rlchinan f cbmldl A Wolf Bar Hall Olnb bats
organised forth 141011 Tbey would lie pleaSed to
bear from all teaint In th clash trade Their player
rl J 11 bercJ cTr
ci r
sri Morris frank 11 tudor I Jacob ci i Clarence llow
ling tat b hick Uloole 2d b Hen Springer s a Mlk
bcbarf bid bl > lorrliJacfita I I fu Chris Ireycr r 11
t ro hll 1IIo lj
Bam Loeu e f rnr Saturday janice address horn
Frank care nf Rlcliman bcbnldl A Wolf II la and 120
Ureeiiftre < l
Tbe newi la yulerdiyt Outs that an lion wu toad
to get Jim Kourk m go to I Inclnnati created routld
ruble IsiS 101001 late ball men Ai waa Hated ha
retuied la I go and according lo Ib director of th
Nw Yurk Club yederdty that Millet It oBuurk
will riaaln cbllr Mtv York team J 11vI fepaldlng
Mid yiird rt 1 prnmlied Manager Lon of tlie
ilf I kIM I wood us vary Illieltor to go
us hourS ton his sam II wanli a caDlain otid
hnw that Jim wOultI I suek A good titan fo heal pout
M nl U rt
lion I Mad a lmt talk sub him and be fgrd not tab
kindly ts th P llr1410 at I promised Loflut
and thai sods this malttr
Oll llivKBiiiih April aTh report that Walter Burnhant
of New Haven bad elf ned itt Furs to play I inn bait
ha caned a stir in batebail circlet her ae it had been
announced that Karrer would tnana and captain th
HvrMlii ot the New tn IId League and play Brat
bus Freildtnl Fuller of this chIns clot law rarrar at
Milroae sat week slid got bu refusal it tltMt for the
ea on providing hi did not gel an offer r nm rolum
t I rA f Ir
Oto rr Io r
but Yetierday afieruunii roller got a telegram from
Farrar aikloj If Hav erlilll couM pay tixi A negative
reply wai vent hill I noiliiair uior his been lt4ri front
him II was UPUllllo I brine lIre payen with him
to this city 1 uroug itnllmtat II eirrened here In
favor of getting John Uorrlll and lilt I teiu to play I Lire
liner Hull New Polo Ground Today
I Buffalo va hew York Gam 930 P it Admltilon j
230 4KB
WoIffsAMEBIacking TbMors4sI
1110111 PIIe wIlOlOt Latter
WILL fAIK owe 400 CMinawant rarttUft
WILL 8Mb N IOU OLO SAaiV 101115
WiLe HBaivei COUCH lime
WOLFF > mANDOLTH 1I1Ua41111a
rt tltauf g oa
Highest Grad
a WArren New
Caikton Tins Hal I Betrtw 5 J
TPK Mtfrult Iraprc emenD AT I3M I
Uakei the > ice for AL
THE NOrtrAKH L 1 1 IH < OlD
All Ball neirtnn All 11IIb I
J4Ii4S Broadway
TmrniVCI UIIUlll I u I u X l CAR THY One BONEHET IT doss PUICE will isp d a II touuiti noSlf CE3i1 + II I J I
J 4
t 4
Are the natural result of Dealers paying 10000 or
50000 per year rent and t others who give 2 and 3
I years credit Get our estimate and see if wo nro not
Manufacturers and Jobbers of Furniture and kindred good j
Carpeting c also HEADQUARTERS
for tho Standard and all other Istclass Folding Beds I
Baby Carriages and Refrigerators
115 117 119 and 121 Myrtle AY
Brooklvn N Y
li2 A by
Ban Fact SRI lIpIetioma U post the tit
towatd rvcnl
Tbs fats of tbs ble billiard tourney prolect
WM decided yBstcnlnr Itdled of whit might
be clUed heart failure It didnt take the ex
pected adters news from Chlcaco to dnoltte
the trneedy tli her Geors Blosson and
Mnorles Daly cot sick and tired of tryln to
secure tbe active sympathy of the billiard
manufacturers and they eave tID at last In
dlsRUst Blosson stopped practice altogether
on Monday and that significant fact was it
premonitory symptom of the early tlcrnls of
the undertaking Blotson ssld yesUrdny that
the Interment would be prltate and thnt there
would be no flowers There Is a bitter feeling
of disappointment left behind however
amObll room keepers nnd billiard lovers that
the enterprise should Imve been practically
choked to deathby Indifference of the Chi
entail rebreRentntlveil of the manufaoturers
Tho latter looked nt It III a bu < < lnoasway nf
course The billiard lot orn and room keepers
dn nol perhnti Jhey contemplated It with
pleasure beeatiHe of the uromlBe It care of It
rIme troat prnlded by the live foremnst bll
llardlsts ot the country Maybe they were Im
practicable dreamer The promise made nt
bslya bajuiuet of tlOOn fira the mnnufac
tuners might have tnnde the undertaking a
ancerss but there Isnt luuoli gOod In reealllnB
tbnt fact now
It should be tinilerstood nnd remembered so
a dvocateH of the scheme sny that the tnurniy
WHS proposed ortKlnally to retrieve local bil
liard Interests from the blow that lllcbard
Itoch dealt by his interttrinoe WIlD tho
Hchaafertilonon match for tile worlds chain
ptonnhlD niiibletn That blow WItH struck when
Iloohe tlemnnded Hint tile makes should be
2fiwi Insicail of I30U and It wns none the
less hnrmful deadly because It was nnln
tentlnnal or thouahtlet Slosoon stood ready
to ploy Tel and Oater nnd anybody else Sits
the match with Schaefer When the match fell
through Daly thooatit out the tourney sehem
That was something that could be carried
tbrouah without linohes permission Itut
somebody seems to have ant down bard on the
prOject from the very start Tbe Western
manufacturers do not want the tourney ap
lncr not think tho Idea n food one Mr
Troeschersald becaitsnl belIeved Ihlt cer
tain conditions would have been Insisted I upon
by tho Chlongo players that the Kew korkers
couldnt comply with A Western tourney was
on thine I think I look ahead for the best
Interest of billiards and that a tourney next
fall wMLbe better than a tourney In May
Blonln hold tn < Ills original opinion that
Ihe billiard InterrMs rf the metropolis were
entitled to recognition when thn roomkeei
favored a May tourney and that the tonrner
onaht to have been held He thinks that It
could hive been held In May if there bad been
a hearty sympathy manifested by those who
be sayR profit Inriely by the busIness In this
city Maurice PnTv Hgreot with him
The death nf the tournev scheme will come
neat strangling the project in found a billiard
club to have uPtrvl lon of all matches and to
stimulate billiards by the active patrnnae
and Intellleeat Interest of wealthy gentlemen
atrmtqiirc Its a pity The promise was made
that If the tpnrnMfwas arrnntted for steps
would Immediately be taken t < > organize the
club proteetorato NewYnrk tuts nothing this
season In hIll ardll But what s the use of re
pining Them may be a good time coming
come time Then WI may be happy Theres
no telling
Colored Mca Flaht Hard
A rattling lion tight between two eolerid havy
walghti took 1IaC ou Tuesday night at a wait side
club It was to bays been a Ofteen round bout for a
pne of 100 odered by tlla ilnb bet a knockout eo
curred In the twelfth Th flgtterewere Jackrraaltrand
Sam Kllet and Frailer who weighed about 185 pound
wagacoupie of inches th taller and at sail flv
pound heavier Clots nmbn acted as refere and
tinier lilies made rOIl or grunt aewral Sims In III
Br I foar rounds by planting nm one Oil and tben lbs
fhU u1 Ioll MJd
oiher 10 the big man stomach but Frazier didnt
weaken On the contrary he remained sung and In
lbs sixth and eighth ronadi rnnlihed Klleg wall In
the latter round he knocked Mleg down twice and th
mailer roan wa almost out but he stayed nnder a is
Ten punching until ih tw fib round Inth twlfth
hI W
Frailer I knocked bll man clear oft bit reel with a left
bander on thar and when Klleg etffgerd to hi
reL f raxar put hit right with a twlng on Kilega jaw
and Kllai tumbled In a heap ft aileep Tb IUO riCh
member preient Bay they never aw a gamer tIght
than that mad rrlilnmr
Berkeley A A Tournament
Tha handicap aontlnaon pool tokrnament between
the member of lbs Berkeley Atbtetlo Aaioclatlon will
loon b nnhhed but few more game remaining to bar
played H B Thorn Ut Syme and Jw McCllntock age
r r Mi
ngged In the mrugirle I for Dm brine with lbs chance
favoring the former The cora op to dais la at followii
war tost tVoi Zest
S B Thorn ft it QQnhltb 0 2
rB Kym 4 I a Friiibewabn O a
J ICCllnlocll6 I < 1 Smith 0 2
r R LlIIrlt3 1 it A De nastyo 2
J K OasisI 2 K U Koinqntto 2
J B IIl1l1n2 3 B rlaroo 2
SKIfSSt 2 2 UCAmoryI 2
K L jerrllt1 2
tom very high scores have been rolled In th Saudi
cp bowling tournament and Ohs conteiiant are > o
venly matched that It It CISterns y dmiiult to pick
Usa winners The cora to data follow
Won Lost Won Lo
A urBIUf 5 par Mathe UUU 3
a smith a a JKyi u 3
J R Klndiey 8 2 K A 15 Roomy 0 s
a T Omlth4 I lit 6yma o 2
a B Thorn a 2 ItM lIarno B
NorooO1 2
Parkway Shooters
Ttitirday regular monthly ahoot of Ihe Parkway
Gun Club at Ueiter Pork wag not ai wall attended uj
anal 1 only nine member going to the Snaps 1 Blake
J Byder and h Breanan lied for Br > t prize and the
gold medal of the club on scores of 0 each i In tbe shoot
oft Blake won A few awcepatakei followed tlie regular
event Tbicorit
Keitnlar t tub shoot modified Horllngham rules even
birds each ranI Biak 27 yardaii h lleleana 27
H tiir
yard 5 A ndrwa k jrarda bi 11 Hramwell 23
yird 1 M Meyer 2t yards 0 l French 25 yarita 2l
J Hyder tt yardt 6 M 1 Uonden VI yArd 2 t Bran
nan 21 1 yards II In the ihooton for Brat prize three
bird shots man then mUe and out Blake and Ryder
killed three tr < liht each lath men mleseil on the
fnurth round inrt Blake outihot hIs opponent on th
nfiernth round wilt thirteen dead and two mined
In Ohs iweepitakM Jereay rnlta four bind sacS man
C Keln of the Zeltler Rule Club outihnt rrl Bramoiell 1
with a total of N i to 7 llelgnna Ulak and Ffoblroann
lilted tunas each the laatnamed wlnntug In Ohs shoot
Denonnclnat tbe nixonXeCetrthr Itchc
TOOT April SA meeting of clergymen and prom
Itent laymen at the birth Arena Mithodlit Church
thIs ftiruoon adopted reiolutloni dinonnclnr th
OlxonMcCarthy flghl and diclarlng that no ilmllar
encounter mitt be hereafter permitted Many ad
dreaie ere mad The Her Xr Bnlnier rector of fit
Loss Episcopal Church caused a ainiatlon by de
claring Shot the minister and layman who hail spoken
dm not know thai Oust dl dt been a prize flghl except
from what they had read In the paper tie bad often
put the cloven on at collate and did not consider It die
graceful lie had lent many tu the link and had given
rI ragIII jl >
pnpili hia points I lo boxing lie moved to amand by In
setting work alleged before prize tight but
bIo motion wu voted down
Brooklyn Yacutcmen Elect New Meaiben
An Interiitlng milling of th Brooklyn Yacht Club
was held last night at 155 Lawrence itreet Brooklyn
Freildent Daniel Rellly presIded Important builnia
concerning coming season wat discussed and the
following lacntimen were elected membeni Jainei J
Onln Vrank Towniend W Olf Anderson Jr slid
BicbardM hummell Mr Iron ownllb afootcabin <
slop 1 Mary A Mr Andnoir boat is I the Bialnerll
TacblUertrude and Hummilli obe Buda i also
a malniall boat
Builder O Bailey li work rm a yacht for J C
Egerion of the club Bht to ti called the Edna
Twentythird Briclment Mboot
In the Boman Banntr eomptiltlon at II e Twenty
third lieglment armory Company > mad iku following
tootti IJ nu Total
Private Ireenmaa 21 H 47
rorpuril Hall 22 o 47
Irlvate 1 heeler 33 I
Irlvme Greene ai 2i 49
tirt oral Field 21 at 41
Irlvatc trink 2J it 45
WrltltMIWlnkl zu a4 44
1rlt ate I anWlnkle 21 M 44
Sergeant lowler vo 21 49
Private Mliea lu si 41
Totall 211 SJ5 TtO
Itallaa Fencer I OBBJO Arrive
Dr Adolf Longft fencing champion ot Talb dli
Cum of Buenos Ayrei bai arrived from Booth Amer
ica I and la I a gue t at the Hotel American In Irving
piara lie is an Italian expert and bus challenged the
local eiperti Frof fiirinlne klnlicaico ibe liallaii
Policing Club and Irof Arruand Jacoby of the Fencere
Club hay both agreed to test his ikill br an encounter
Dr Loniio will lence In puhllo for Ihe Unit time ou lb
also silks Lexington I Avenue Opera UOUM
Today Programme at Outtcabar
Th ilx wellfilled racol Including two handicap
promii rare iporti
Firil nM31tlln ulllng tlirieonartin of a
mil Xhatlan lll Klngiluck tin Planter II2
HiackBurn llu tte r Lotus lilt Perlcl IIMI Bmeti
flilr 1Ui Illliion IUI Tom Pity Illi Kxtra IUI
Blanche m Kentucky ttilsUit rharUr U haIti K <
kfuondBacBruri l tZI 15111051 ill suit osehaht
furlong Storlngton lilt Aftermath 115 Cnipman
Uii Bralt liu cblckaaaw 19 f ferlid Jojj Urban
11 III
Third Race 1urie avo handicap four furlong
li4 lvii Defendant survive 120 9 < t Autocrat Extra t Dry IU Mi 1so Cnra KM Tanner Daliyrtan tt
Fourth Inoe illeu luand Hotel Handicap It000
added mile and ailxteenih llanquei tnii Jack Boss
r Ir J
lilll I
nxi hn > lurer iw Tell lAd it u Minion fa Con
len 10
Mflh Racernri Vtiix for 3year oldI Mlllngi three
qneteri or a ml e Muidtione llu Alderman Mac
IU r ir hones lull Lamar fit UrenUno IUJ fcllaa I
114t barter 1 ui llepeni 1 tu Kioto J vl 1rioI uT
Mith Itacerurie ftvm lelllog one mil llotr
tIll Hruiinil in I tjgIOi1 nil i Rover I13i bno
cell lOb ldeiton I lOOt The Forum liAJohn r Jay
M Hi Newcastle 10V Ilarrv Kuil IM Puzzle lUll
Jack Uiictielur 104 Iceberg 102 Wyadhain lu
New from the Horse MTorlil
jArKBOx SIloli April 8Thll Michigan
Dreodlnir and Trotting Association has ap
poluted delegates tn attend the national meet
lust at Chicago April VJ A ro olutlon was
l tiaered roooinmoniilne the puicbasu of the
Wallace reslaicr lorflUOOua
Experience Wine the First Knee Hy n fiend
uahtlaht B nta Bohemian by a Ileiiil
la the Iongj RaceIlorsea Win 1 on Form
At leant 4000 regular tossed their money
up wildly on tb races nt Qnttenburg yester
day and they cot a run for their cash every
time Three favorites cam In winners and Ihe
other rnce were won by horses that carried
lots of money
Thirteen tan In the t1ri > trace Experience
at odds ot 8 to 1 and Rapine and Besile K at
4 to 1 each carrying the bulk of tbe monoy It
was a horse race all the way Freedom at 15 to
1 Betting the IIac at the start and leading to
the last furlong where Experience tackled the
leader andWon by a bead Freedom setting
second plnco by n uevk from Itnpluo
Discount 9 to Against Prince Edward
81 to 1 and Canteen to 1 were the popular
selections the second men all the others go
ing at double Inured Discount Prlnoo Ed
wnril sod Klncstock ran In tho root rank to
tbe last half furlong whom Irlne Edward
moved out winning by n length and a httlt
lIt m Rlngstnck Canteen came In third
Tho Excelsior Stables colt Bemamln was
backed all around the ring to win the third
race at 7 to n against Ban Arilo rating next at
4 to 1 Benjamin tor tin the running at a
furlong and won hamilly by threeiinnrtcrt of
a length lan ArJo Retttnirthe place by halt a
length ftnm Ullns
Miclirtel F Uwrer mare Mfrlden at oven
money Kenwiipit at 3 to Land I trluea llownrd
at 4 to 1 were the selections the fourth race
Glory at 60 to 1 set the pace ttptll half way
down the homestretch 1rlnce Uonarcl m ov
ine forward at lha finish won by threequar
tern of a length Men den getting the place by
half a length from Glory
The full Held ot ten started In the race at a
mile and a furlong Xenopbon wa a prime
favorite at n I to 0 against Hushligbt going
fairly well barked as eeond choice at 8X to 1
Rushlight vamlng tilts feather weight of III
pound ten nil the way winning In a not finish
by bead Bohemian Its to 1 beating Kbits 40
to 1 three lenulbs for the place
Thirteen ran In the sixth rare Urustels at
2i to lMldcet and Qanymed at 4 to each
abd llltiokthorii at 6 to 1 all fUrllntr well
backed Lsmiir at 10 to 1 and Ulaok thorn
made a great race In front of the Held trotn
Mart to finish Ihlaekhborn beating Lamiirhnma
by a neck Ariel IJi to 1 came In third two
lengths behind the leaders Bummary
rune TOO for beatin horses selling allowance
three qnartert of a ml1
JK Midilent br o Experience 4 by Prince Charlie
0lPoitsb Myralia tua g Freedom litl ed IttijIKontt a I
loktch d lOutS ITrlor 8
F Jlllkollb n Rapine iged
Adolph It Freeil Judy Mlwhll Avtry J 1111
Semis X Amot Enola and Oregon alto Itr
Tims tllTr I
Mutual paid M15 Ji I b 75 si
runf300 sIltngallowatheee 10 pounds above th
seal 1 IlIrqoartn of a nib
spendthrIft Ithhe5 h b Prtnc Edward 5 by Spend
tbrlft Ilcoailllly I Ill Vint 1
c1 J PI Klngitcck I k 135 Redfleldl a
If A Uciulrei ch E Canteen IlHRlmt H
Dlicount Oriental Baylor Boodle Uulbbler Jlin
larray TOte Hegutn and Kitty Clover geldIng alto ran
HutoaU pill M45 tti lttit1
Pan 8400 ulllnl albowuncee flra orlonn
Exctltlor Htabl I elk e Hinjamln 8 by Ur riekwlek
Coanteu lISt Ray t
LamMB < r BrMbc Non Ardo 4 112 Flaunt a
i I Campbolftb o Pllai a 01 Blnnnl 3
CarnerK Bam blots May O job Arthur Ill Spent
and Go Lnoiy alionn
Wutuali paid f JOO tzo S34OT
Pure 500 tit and a half furlongs
iA Mah nry > br Price Hoe ard 4byrrn Charll
Blanche 116 Turail 1
M FOwrirgbm Mtrldtn a I lo Tarlnr a
WT luljrteh 1 m Glory r I0i J Laratiley I 3
Kinwood Tbs bhtrlll and Monterey aUo ran
Tim l224
lotoasphldi223 e3eb stta
Pun IOO lelllnr allowances mile anti a furboag
B Itaao s cb c RuibUgbt it by Wanderer Blu Cap
81 I Mfvenion l
XJ DlyU h Bohemian 6 W > Doan 2
g Ct It1
M T Donarani ch h Eblia fl Ini Barton 3
Xenophon Landieer Mnntpeller 1 ftuDertitor Eats
Clark Squanderer and Eearte alto ran
rIme l5SJi
Nutuall paid ST5 14 BO S3 80
Pira KtrO felllnr allowance seven furlong
B A Mcaolreablth Blaealbora aged by Bramble
Valerian itO Iflmfi i
O Magnets Lamar 3 110 10055th a
Envena Leighs n t Arinlel I m 1M nMra 3
Aftermath Sporting ianymida Ariel Peklno Brna
Mla StarVeS Bodice Midget and Ned also ran
Time 1 A
Matntla paid h4O sLot 1020
AB OutsIder Wins the Blc Event at Epiom
for Col North
The City and Suburban Handicap the great
Brent of the Epsom spring meeting was de
cided today CoL Norths flreyearold horse
Nvnthorpe by Speculum or Camballo out of
Matilda winning with Mr W A HoareSmltha
fouryenrold colt Bullion br The Miser out
of Stella by Megader second and Mr J
Lowihcrs five earold horse Workinctcn by
Chrtribort out of Hematite third
Ie Nord and Father Confessor were first
away followed by Dorms Bullion and Bnbrtna
VasUtas Theopbllui and Kee tlOr wIre tIm
last to get off Father Confessor iiulckly
dropped to the roar and SabrIna made the
play Hlatut and liulllon following Tlia
others were bunched in front of Nunthorro
Ynhlstas Father Confessor and llve dOr who
were last In this order they parsed the mile
Post As they entered the straight Sabrina
ran wild and WAS quickly beaten Bullion had
the Inside track in front of Worklngton lied
Eagle Le Nord nnd Lord ieorge Nunthorpe
and Ret e 1Ol were next FatherConfessnrwas
last Crossing the road Wnrklngton led clear
of the others with Bullion Le Nord J7Abbe 8
de Jouarre anil Nuntliorpft next Lord Genres
was In trouble At the distance post Nun
thorpe was second When the leaders wore
opposite tIm Btenll Nunthorpe shot ahead and
won the race by three lengths There was a
neck between Bullion and Worklngtun The
time of the race wilt 2 minutes and 28 seconds
The other dtarlera were Baron de Hirschs
Vaslntns Prince Holtykolls Lord leorge Lord
Inuracn Lbhosse de Jonarre Mr T U
Wilsons little Tattle Mr A Tnylorn Hiatres
Baron de Itotbsrbllds Le Nnrcl Mr Daniel
Coopers Dorcas Mr W J Leighs Red Eacl
Tapr L H Jones a TbeophlluB Mr Ablngtons
Father ronfenor tho Duke of Beauforts Have
dOrand Col Hay wards Babrlna
The last betting was 50 to 1 against Nun
thorpe 2 to against Bullion 10 to 1 against
Worklngton 4 to 1 nrulnst Va lstan B to 1
agaInst Lord George 7 to 1 against 1Ahbusse
deJouarrp 10 to each against Tithe TaU
lllatuo and Le Knrd 11 to 1 against Dorcan
n 10 I acalnst Beil Eagle S3 to 1 each against
Theophllus and Father Confessor 40 to 1
ngnlnst nOB dOr and 100 10 1 against Babrlna
The conditions of the race follow
Tbo City and Rubnrban Handicap of 20 aorerelvni
such tufcrr lt with iKUnverrlirnl added rortlme
ytai mne and upward the owner or Otis second hors to
neesiTe hi 1onrlrnl Out of the Malr t winning tdtsal
tin aniranc h ioverelint Otis onlY llabliltv If de
clared about one rale and a quarter tT subscribers
of whom dtrlared urfeli
Until within a fortnight of its date the City
aDd tiuhll1 hnn nttrncted little attention being
oveinlmilowed ion then by the great Two
Tbousund Oulneat which will be run on April
29 and th still gieater Derby which takes
place cn May 27 I be City and butmrbun
honiTT Wills well wcrhr of notice for it held
forth > rOiBrt ol ronovreil strife between the
bret racers in 1 upland 1rnm the list of forty
two BCClltlllll B ulinouDId 00 Jan n the fol
lowlni were clilul among those of which most
favorle mnnilon was made Le Nord Bain
folD Lord imirge LAbbeRse de Jouarre
I Vaslsti Worklnctnn Nuntborne BathbeaU
Rball We Iomeniher neve dOr lied Eagle
MeloilyvEyrinll anti EII Eye
t In till opening iiuotntlonH on March 23 Le
N rd ant l Bxlnfoin headed the betting at 10 to
1 against each Lord George and Yaslata
ranking nuxt nt ion to K against Frredvld
was quoted nt VO to 1 agalnnt Ie Nnrd grew
In favoranil stood at the head of the list
Sainfoin andVnslBtas for a little while being
lint in order on enual term Worklngton and
athbral Htood together a little further down
follow eil by Nunthorpo and LAbbesso do
Le Noril who from the flrft held a very
prominent place In the b < ttlng ran his best
nice on Fpioro Donns lie with Lvrcflfld
and Breach nppinred tn POSJDSH the best
chaureA II hpn the weight went announced
The promlnrnce ulvrn 0 LH Nord Ii dun to
his iietous uood re old over thin com so
when he finished second to rjalnfoin in the
flerby last year by I tbreeauarters of a length
together with his promising condition and
favorable weight lie came up splendidly last
winter and It was expected that be would
inal hla last year reputation j It Is I not cn
erally known that hl Is n late foal being about
two niontliH younger than mot of his
contemporary threeyearolds when be
competed for tha Two Thousand GuIneas
last yrar Bnlnfoln had wintered well
and porno judten worn Inclined to
five him the rrferonre for the City and
Buturban It Is only natural that the nuhllo
should cling to a Derby winner nn his own
IrOIJDd Vaitstafl though be lost the City and
ground last year hy only a neck did not te
celve much tavor owing to his habit olpro
fog disappointing Nunthorpes prutcrblal
lack of Ilull teemed to render him harmless ut
Kpsom hits chcncea fa firing lAMussi elf
ilousrre more ilenplio tlmfact that she carried
top ueight Shall liotnoinbcrseimeil to be
I likely to find backers being of fine promise
I Jtathbeal Garter lather Cunlessor and lied
I taula alto promised well j
XBnnlFIC AMATKirn atons tfarna
nr Poneht Content fop Oold IVittches
nt the IT 1 A Club Itounc
The Mceml trial brute nf tin Wllllaminnrth Alhlttle
Aaioclatlrin oonirnj lilt HUM at ItO club lions of the
intralon U > klllnllll Tf nm > brooklyn
Tha bouts wOnt tn the men atiar then lattlef
BAMTiM KBIUHT LAU < ll I > A torah
Final BootBetween Joan hart I ewn Town A O
and otto Etninpt National A C P Wsisii Oriental A
CX wlihdrew
The Xttlonal athlete landed tbt mOil freqnintly and
tnnrded beautifully lie bad the Down Tontf very
weary when time wet called although II waa a great
lbs lodges I gae It to Btumpt who thus got hi nnt
Bparrtnx pUbs
nrmtawticnr ClAss 115 ovue
Final Boot a Btrrr Brooklyn A C withdraw and
q ONeill 7 uiitamsbuirgl ii A A and Pnerrltr Na
D IN1Ib1 went mlo1tlItA was a very tr ight hot
tbs Judges gave It to OSelU
irrciii utioBT CLAys 113 reoxni
yinat flont Won Joseph Stimuli Wllllaraibnrth l
A A M ueranikil irvui hilts t A liandW t Mltchnl
Nonpareil A u not comlni to Urn
Jell wMicnr C8A58 lii rouxm
BoutWon by T J Campbell Bronklya It C
wttTKB WItCH cuts < 145 poundi
Flrlt RontRatwaen John Uullliaa William A 0
anti It rrreman city A 0 TIle ansI round wise
llvelr mill the men ilafrlni Tlolouily Frtemaa drew
the tint blood in I the nazi rOM but In the third round
MitllKan did I Ibo better Itaillur and won
SlUt BoutHfiVe J Moan helionat It c and J
Mulligan Wllllami A 0 Mulligan won
JarrunclaK for the Hoed race
A meeting of hits dleuII of the Brooklyn whel
clubs met on Monday eranltif at the Drooily Bloyel
club bout V2 llanion pluce and mad toe preliminary
aranitf menu for tbe formation af a team road racing
anodallo amon tlie city clotii It was decldtd by
the desgstes present 10 call a nesting for April 20 at
tbBro < klyn club home and In tb Interval lun In I
vliatlont to tha Nw York llnrlem Manhattan hirer
Ir 1d I
tlda Slid Loog liland Ubtelmen Brooklyn Rambler
and Bedford irchnt Clim to be preitnl f the tneetlnr
when an anoclatlon mcluJlne thtat club Will b
wnairtatallfrfnce ot oMnlon at Monday
meellar In what the ilistoltes or III race eboulit be
The kings County It II noM a twenty llT mll
rare while tIle brooklyn duO were In lavorotatlfteeu
tbr It frVO
mile contest Allen much discussion It Ass deemed
bUlla maka the dlitante nfietn utile The raoa will
be held semi annhially In June end Fentembar A
rJnla t runiNh rplt
rouTes on lne Island rerr likely the Jerleo Pike
blob wili In a short urn be mocadamlied 11I11 55
IUd for the nurse 1hll learns soil eoniltl of about
lIve men sirS and a hsttdoiit trothy win hi ottered
which must In won twice In liecom club proper An
Imtwrtantrnliifr wai the barring of any man wbi ha
evr entered from or competed for an atblatlo etnb
from coupetlnir In the races TOte make tiul tans a
purely CycliStS erent and will be fnccttitut In bringing
out new racing la enL
Lacrosse nt C C N T
Thronih Ohs anercy of W V Kelly 91 the Berkeley
Oral bai bet iccured for prattle for the C a H Y
lacrou and Iniercolliilate team until May I and
they are now taking advantage ot that fact Every
Tuesday afternoon Capt Haekett hit the laeron me
at the oral for practice and on the other afernenne
tkty xonp to th Manhattan A CXirnunda ThettCN T
will tak tort In ths tnllov Inn camei A pill 11 o Ii N
V ve Corinthian A c at New York April 2ft n a N
Y n JerteyClty LCkt New York Way 1 U O N Y
vs BrookDn LC at brooklyn HayiV 0 C N Y vs
tterioi Initllute at llniiokea Slay 23 C C N t n
hew York A c at haw York
lbs team will start on If annual trip through New
Jmry and Penniylranla en Acrll IS
Th Crrirountrv Auoctatlon will end team often
men to the Suburban croMfonntry run on fcaturday
A commute of three batben appolnttd by the Sea
waahlka Corinthian Yacht Club to select a alt for a
Bummtr houi for the club Th member are very
much la earneit about the matter and It la laid that a
pot on Sbs Loot Island shore not far from Sanaa
Point la Using favorably conildered
A feature of lbs Jiuttain Yacht Clot which is I hailed
by th membara as a atedful one In a club yacht to be l
ttssd as a sort of schoSIshIp by Otis members BUe Is to
t out every arternoon brine biteS lir an old proe >
ilonal yachtimia ttembtrl way go on board and
learn the ropes
Tile otticera of th Southern Yacht CbS recentlr
elected sri K tt Day Commodore Alexander Brewa
tar Vice Iommoitore Ct < arle J Ittchardion Rear
tommodore llugu W Drawn Treaiurer Frank M
Gall becretary
An ExtensIve Evtmt
Amnrtmenta were eompletad ynterday for the big
athleilo CTnt which will be held In tbs Thirteenth
Beclment Armory corner of Flatbnih avenn and
Hanson pine UrooVlTn on Tntmdar erenlnz April
la Irot James Douglass Andrew the tnitrnclor In
physIcal culture of the Central Branch of tb Young
Mini thrlitlan Aaeoclailon of Brooklyn wilt lead a
picked cur or one hundren expert cymnaeti In a eerIe
ot pleaaliK erolutloni on tb parapbfrnalia used In Obi
tyinnailim lbs rouna men who will participate
Ohs sntngs programme will be epeclally arttreil for
th alTatr the proeeotia or whIch wilt be derotd
toward defraying the cost or nnlfnrralna the Thirteenth
Regiment Cadet Iorpi Alter tbe general proiramm
or renti to I ilnith I there a Ut bo dancing to the mutlo
ot the reKlmeDtal band
Beaten laland Athletic Club Event
The spring bulletin or the Etaten island A C sets
forth that the Eowlluc rommltte bar decided to keep
the alley open during the summer and an Individual
baudicap tournament will beirla sn April 17
A club renatta for Junior and senior single sculls pair
oared that a lonlor and senIor fooroared ihalla and
eltlit nared > hii will De held turllay May Ut l
It le tile intention or the larroei department to have
two complete trnms this leaeon
Tbe tititeruh annoal miring xainea will be held on tn
olnb irounai Saturday May Is lbs Inlvtrilty or New
York will aio hold their athletic rams on th Staten
Iiland A C ground on May v At tb ennrluflon or tb
games tlie member if toe Hoant oi Manager of the
etropolllan Arwocutlon will Os entertained at dinner
by IT M januen
Crovacountry Kunner at Work
Several of the croa country teams beld their regular
weekly trine last nuhL The Union Atbletlo Club ran
from K M Kaechee hotel on the Boulevard a miles
tewtrd Coney lulauil the course being two and a half
mile In extent each way > J Dwyer Bnlihed flnt with
James P Flndlay next nnd r Poj d third horn
out at KiiieAood the members of the niirwood
Harrier held their regular weekly handicap run over
lb > ilendale nusds
The semI weekly handlCAnrun or the Monroe Atnletlo
Club it iti held trnm Harder a Hotel on the uoney Island
touietard Twenty meml > era or the cirtanlratlon
turned out for the run ldward T Ring Bxurod on tIui
scratch line with handicaps ranging from Iliecondi to
a mluutei Blffge won with Bernard Dalkw second
ai d henry O Thomas third
The members of tin Mercny Harrier ran over lbs
Boulevard route in trookljn
Work Commenced on tbc BAC Trees
Work was commenced on the athletic grounds which
the Brooklyn Athletic Club will vie yesterday morning
Contractor Rotiertion ruperintendlng th work of con
struction The plant was formerly known ai Grand
Elreet Park and In its day was a famous bane ball
round The track will be compoiu of clay and cin
der eight i lops ti tho mile with east rounding curve
A loyard rlntlvhtway will tie the extent nt ihe
sprinting Ifth lor a large hlllmk In the rear of the
ground mide the acceptance or Iheie limit alone
rractlrabli Ieunnoiiloui grind and fIeld stalide mill
be arranged ant th plant will bo laid out thoroughly
and romfortably Lockere will he built under the grand
land and the clot will have when completed toe belt
quipped atbletlo groundi In Brokl > n
Odd and End ofHnort
O II New York city Charles
John T Mernrmtck BrooWtyn N YOeorgs Ulxoa
was born at Ilaltrax K 8 and IU years old
The Cathedral Athletic Cub vill give an open gym
nattto and athletlo competition at Ohs Berkeley Ly
ceum ou April vs
The Titan Athletic Club will wind np their aoclal sea
ion with a Max reception on April 25 at their club
room 414 West Fortynlth ilrcei
Thu Titan Athletic Club ha applied for the date nf
April JS and he Varuiia Boat Club and National Ath
letic Chili for Mai hi The apilica toni will be con
tldered by the Schedule Committee
Thoine llunklng U desIrous of mellng any l5
pound boxer tHIc or Nlntra prterrd before any
athletle club for a suitable iropliy Address Pet
IJelguan 440 Yeit tlttyfourtbitreit
Btera Cincinnati OJack Dempieyi weight at tha
ringside at New iirleani when he met Klfalmmnni wa
MTH pounds Uemuiey was born in the countr iu
dare Ireland Dec 10 iu62 Ill haght 0tetit
The Cedar Athletic Club had tnelr reeulrr road run
from their club home on Monday night Ihe follow
lute li the way they nnlihed i rVat C Alexander no
unit W Tobb third J Jloche the red followed m a
pack Tbrdlilanc waa about ala huOsa
man SCORES ASD cosizr i ° Lt
The Member of tha Kaleherawckter Bowl
Inn Club Wla Ifandoocne PrUc
There wa a constant rolling ol th ball dawn the
bowling nlleyi In this tennl court buldlng en forty
trit StresS yesterday atttrmon hetwaea the hoar of 8
and 0 oclock by ths member of the Klrk rne kr
Howling Club upon thvocation of their weetly melt
ing One ot tb largtit ctowdi which has yt atunaed
then conteite was pritent Tb5 deli In order lo urge
this members In dlrplay their abllltle lath rather un
certain taU of rolling nltn iceret totaled u very hand
horns iral and ensoul lamp fAr this iihlheet store
ro led by any or tiuC lady mernb This wat von bv
Mia tWtnca Van RiaMelatr wllh > ewer ot 1ST and II
poinisbsliditlD Aver pPstlyep WsS prneniid by
Klnlibtndicaa for th tltond hilliest leer whlea
was woo by Mr rmmett with a lOOtS of IBM and 20
somVoV tile hieseet corn wr u folltwat MIes
rottr i3 Mr W Kaiberrord Hilt Pr Porter lOll
tiles Ml R Jackson 1t4 Mta Finreitr ClArk IJiliMr
O W BrarawtIL 1WI Mlai Ural HHI Wr llorac lag
nard UUt Mr T r Cooper n > n Mr A J fires bit
Ths large Tlflanv Ixiiet preiited loll wetklor the
nigh icorei were found 10 contain a piece of soap and a
jumping Jack
JL SerUn nivlele4 Rrttvrtn flares Saartaa
Bowler In Th Hun Tourney
Tan Box Individual haBploaihlp taursament at
tracted a big crowd to th Uermanla Awtmbly Rooms
alleri on Tuesday night Ih three contcitant at
members thi w11known fpirian Club and as thai
club hat a number ef cracki1 In thelrranki natarally
an Intereitlng espIes of games was pected by ike
knowing one The caret however wilt ahan that
neither centeitant dia any wond rinl heeling Th
nrrrTflinD SCRIM
rIfts dint
nun M M 4s et 53 lot tie in ITT
ltltl M 42 M UO 11 M 103 12J 143
RtriksTkam 2i RUler L I bparei Thnm a Kil
ter S
seconD cues
flueIS 2 48 itt HI iii loT lie 1M IS4
Itltier I7 27 47 O 7 S HI 112 I IfJ US till
StrlkeiTkura 3 Hitter a SpareiThom 3 Bit
tf a
Avirag per gmThum i4f flitter 191
rtrnyouBTn SEBIES
nan 055
ynags15 52 60 69 79 107 lit HI ISI IC8
ThomIS 8 W 74 t5 101 I3J lij 171 184
ilrlkeFoege3t Tbum4 Spatearoege Ihiim5
sEcoaD AIM
Foer K pt ss so M s1 102 121 till 1t
Thnm ID 29 II < 57 77 B9 liSt 131 14J 1W
Strlkeiyoeee S Thorn 2 8parlFoga S ThUs I
Aera e pergamroeg IUJ Thom 175
rirrtnrrn BEBIIS
run 050
RitturhO 80 60 JO 18 IOR 127 1ST IM IS4
Big 10 20 44 54 62 7ii iuo ItS tea iu
PtrlkeiBltter 3i yoege4 Spar Bltter3FogX
itcoHo om
nitier IS M 40 63 tJ 01 ion 118 lie IM
FiVge l 87 M W TO lOU 110 120 147 1U4
StrlknRlller L paresRltter J Feeg 8
Averajf per gsmeRlUer I7UH 10515 i
At Wrtlera 1707 CoUmbni avenn en Tmday
moemnig4aleIloyd I35i BAit 187 Arnold IM
Lewis Ul Btraali fft lohden IW ntrpatrlck ixit
Hemmler 151 MIles 1411 wltr ISO Tolii leSO
colonbailiMaberl ITS Hunt m Bboraoiir 143
Aliutbarrow W swlektr its Nauorniaek lot
liftakin tiU0 Slebert Ho DemOns 123 li dIes isa
Total ISOL
The Creeceits anti HOary Bowling Club relied two
gamei on iJabnk Brottierf alley on Tuesday night
1 Isa scores
hIlT 08 a
HllaryStrottiere 1M Iaekman IMt Kerker 1J7
lflg5tl50i5l5tr17li Morgan IIS Manahin 131
Crieentrrd Roth 131 1 Irving 1S8 Mannlnt tei
Archer 141 Uitioard II4 Aoton IOU Sir Booit 133
Dr KlbHl total UT4
rrecentFrd Roth lei Irvine 148 Manning IBS
Areher IM A Oebbard U8 Acton 123 Ur BBOth
131 lr Roth 124 Total 1114
lllHryBtrutber Mi Laekman 143 Kerler 178
Illgbe ill Starr IM ilortfau JIM Uanahan 14B
WHO Hi Total UUI
Tw Hole and th Hmit teems rolled Ih dacldug
game In their match for th morning ce wipaper chant
plonihtp yesterday atleruooo ou Humans alley la
Jearl sorest This stors
azure so
Wbits4 5 II 181 I 6 t84
ThiOls I S 4 141 Gifleepi3 0 1 Ills
1 7 ltofLoekwood0 0 hO Ite
2 7 2 a It3
Hewitt1 4 to 137 DeviL0 6 4 184
Totals II 112th GIl 11 31 20
Hnttd55 117 mi 277 ao 3M 458 sse sin en
Bcs S US IBO 2311 2S4 Stfl 49U 4M KU 630
Umnlr Mr CampbelL Scortn Xtiin Johntoa
and Uatdtia
Then was good crowd at thu gamil of th Brooklyn
tub tocrnameut on Tuesday evening The uomi
rIfts ami
MonrMHoward 1311 Miller 154 Allatr 143 Loar
man IV Bntbrry 155 Total TaO
KecreUoBWbitt Ill c Oray IS5 Beper 149
Sweeny 183 Meyer 143 Total 13
icoin CAMB
feoonlcW Kagleton 151 Illekok 172 Waterbury
ISO J Kagletcn lu u Eainon isa Total 7JL
MonroeUoward ITO Miller 147 AUalr 14a Lone
man 125 Looaiberry 241 Total 831
IlecreatlooWMte 11W C Gray 115 ttftt 11S
Fweerev ISA Meyer ISa Tout TH
FceoaVW Eagleton 129 Illokok 198 Watertary
114 J Eagleton iMi C Eaglaton 13i Total Via
The PoutS Paw teim won two game In the Arllagtcn
aabtoernameni on Tuesday evening The ccore
rust am
Exeter Ni INySe 144 Bobbin 117 Fcrman 144
Elliott fo Lahman ITS Total 7t
Ioit Root 159 brown 14H Elock IU Thomtxon
133 batterIes lOT Total 653
Koulh Faw Gordon I4B Rudyard 147 Naoman
17 ° Michael 158 Blrrihank 125 Total T2H
Toil Boot 123 Brown 113 block luu Thompon
12J fatteraon tn Total 7ie 1
iniitD 05
Enter Fe 1IIyde fS Robbln 115 yornan flIt
Elliott 181 Lehman Ill Total i 47
South Paw iordon I51t Rndyard 127 Manman
Ill Mimaela ISIS uunhank 115 Total ux
darnea Tontlst
mi itx ixnirircii cunrio TOftWIlET
Aberleva KahUxlorfi KahUdorf va Muller Mnllerv
Aberle Fautaea va HarkUk Barklag vs Lthrhacn
lchrbacb > 5 faulien
ntacn TocavinBKT
Nlcatlne Ta Fuck Jeannette vs Hndaoat Jlollan
Ti uxford
oacini HATIOXII meiooivimnr
T arena 75 WlntT vt Winters vs Fin Knight No
S nn Knight Mo 2 vs Varuaa
St Monica va ThIstle
AmUrdam TI Klnrild Wbtelman
Colllaa and Daly Matched
AS the remit of Kick Colllnii not In Tao BON a few
de ago match was completed yeiterday betwetn
rollln and Fat Daly ot M llllatoebargb who returned
from Kaglanfl three west agn The mm ilgned arti
cle to box tweaty round In three weeki To club
hays offered the pair a pun of I2O and there will alto
be aiuk of f tula 144 en ohs match Tli man will d
rid tomorrow wntrb club ihywili meetbefuraandt
tb semi time vot a forfeit with Tan Sen lo guar
antee appearance ai the ring on th night named by One
club whose puree is accepted Italy and Collins irs both
boy C ho take oars nf ificmielve and Uiay are conn
dent ills can get Into condition within three weeks
They will weigh la a ISO pounds one boor belore ntr >
ing th ring
Compaiir A Ttreatythlrtf Kcirtnaeat Stat
705 active members of Company A Twentythird
rt1ra nt tendered a reception to titi Taiwan mem
ber of the company tact night at tb armory Previous
to Ihe receillon an Mblbitlon drill by bogle rail was
gun through alter which all adjourned to the drill
room where en excellent proirarome of vocal and In
airumental mUSiC was rendered AmOsg tOts who
took part war J B Bardiit homorbt and Frank Fat
tenon of th Tough Club comedian Sipper wa served
by Maiietti
It Ha Tat Conrage Into ii ltesp
Hudson Coantya Ieopi uA
BclaKtenslvcty Mlgntdatia a
to we Held tn a Day or TwotV I
Authorities ActtMInc tIle RMon4
Tie pull of tbebln four in HndRon
mighty but they and their lenchmefl111 Oultili
Binning to aiiaVe nod fear thm hftsrttltk11
M strong poslblllty of the l1ltlerburgy I
being cloned For over eighty Oavs the iiid1 I
County Jockey Club ha vlolntel the j i °
now to cap the climax ot their Impn
tby have paid the New Jersey J ctteyCtb I I
and Linden Blood Horoo AsOilallon inS I
perdity for their date nml niinoimrtiiT
swagger that tllny Will rncoumitVsyu
that nobody can loo thorn I
This bold statement oonplol with in 1
to back It UD with 25000 lnKool iij
sat the reputabe people of Hudson eflillI
thinking They realized Ihatttw It
disgraced br the slmmtlr lluj0n cZ I
ring and they ate determined to aeerrtbha1i
how much Indyenco Moists WalbautL v
Lanahlln Cousins aid Carr have Ttspp5 1
to ask the New
pose n Jorsoy nutluritr I
thee men are permitted to to on dt i r
day anti make their sf51
i eirenunlr A flap gnat
iaiiirblnB stock lot the rv st f 1115 itlVp
action Judge Knant In linri lIe
Jury of Hudson county 011 Tniny it Sd
Once to the dollies of the ring nt Outl lf
encouraging to those who fool
thnt lilty
the riant The people of llilson wWii
behind the movement to ouiorcc liii
they will see that no B > oSrt of WiSiiiV
flounce prevents their tilling justice
Th following IH the beading on rr
which is l Ielug olriulau1 i lnCiiuiVcr > tt
it which has already Le > n
The hIs proserhulion and ennllchion i Pus pr °
of Oh illtOofl race 1151 III IU5l 011117 lid is1
ultItInpIon to pall of lbs Teilg nI p001st t Is s
Rey Ii have Oh lair against biouttioliu Ac
754 petitions circulated thrutuughu ttte rblirchs01111 I
Stats were large y loelnumolai it deleshih1
ot Tbe tall1 o this sOort bias teiilteJ to tItu
niof all the hew trey tract list sttii 3
iurE UYsrei trarke have oud hetr
ony sail at that p150 lbs law is daily eoll 3
alt sOd Ye Iherefiuro to uiitrenei closes
lludaou enmity farneetuy Drolest lifoiuil Is nlu1
St law 1110 iemsnd hue en orcemetut oc lIe haS ltti i
this lIstItutInO at iuttentjurg piculd at nu5slyl5t
by eo support a IflotenisnI fur 11181 en I atd inr i I
The petition aicompanloil brthlseiKui I
Mrn > o > Im MT N I Arril n mi
Thus BloTdia The Inctnud petnion biankeua
Hielt Oftbs evils of gmnbiinr on the race irukLul
Ing farther need beiald It laearneeili lre ISrTiiiS
you DMient thIs matter burr < > your rtnr entliti
the coming Sabbath April 12 atfd nle orTC
as merit itgnatnrta w this jetition ac pop U J
nay retain rP r for other nimei tmlti tti1 < i
last at which date please return It te me uc
hawken P u Hudson county > j Kinoermnnri
t W1 iiout s tVifrnn
The Bev Mr Uotren says This oolu I
citizens movement of nil Hudson oaitt I
an will be In every ohnrch for snttuniuj
advoeattxl from every pultilt ID Hudson cotntr I
next Sunday I
The recent charge of Jjdge Knapp 10th
QranrtJury encourage the gtenii wjji
Jadn Llpplncotts action In the rn tier ol
Bnaoay ttifjatrtcals In Ilohnken Coimwitli
M retained anil a tneetlrie culled prohibit
Hobokea In a few days Guttenbnrif bit < ont
too far5
Seaiattoa la London Ohm ClreleeVirk
Interest Evinced In the ForthcomlngHittk i
LONDON April 8The news which anirtd
here today that Blackburne Intends to cjii
lenge Qonsbara for a match seven Rimes up I
on his arrival In London has caused a HIM
tlon In London chess circles At tbt 81
OeorjrVa the City of London and BrttUi I
Chess Clubs the news was balled with dUih > I
Ounabenr said
I snail be dallehted to play Blackburn u
soon aa ha wishes Of course I dont knov u
vet what conditions Blackburn will prcwi
but whatever role will eorern the tog i
test If In any war reasonable thill steep
them I shall have no difficulty whatever la
flnillnc backers and neither will Uliotbor
But for some oemestlo troubles I fctoaM iik I
Blackbarne to start at once
A JPhlladelphla Chen Crank Kick
Appended is a ltr In reply to the out riUlAtlii I
Taeaday lined A Boston Crank I
to taa flIT5l Sr Tag Srv strl Tour vilnJ t4ftf
Sr yesterday Btala4 another eommnnltitton Cruet
by > B4 toa CheeR Crank tn whlcb that rertlfnn
once mom vnnm tote the Held tt rnclfhnn
ipils ot th fact that his farmer propher rntf J ti I
adlml failure be asserts with refreiian cwnx
again that Ulelalu is lost In both games
NVIII you permit ma to a iert thai a careful tiircliv
tlon of both gainti doe not reveal any suItS cwtUoi
The Evens is a noiltlv draw and no filler sill < I
whit Twblgorla mar da you will nnd a nuly fOf I
byklaek wIlts drs not exehaore Insets 180111 l
5 e 5 bow he can continue any ort < t attack wlrteit d
isis and tbe moment b dee ike araw cecouMiia °
certainty The Two Knight difcnceli pratt rsl
It be itartv
In the lam cendltlon aoar priiumed
Mtelnlrii wIll now aniwr 85 KKit lMkeui ° l 1
reply K Kt 9 cb u that would le 5 piece But tf Is
trie to develop Kt br iau > i flret esch > riekj4K
a Kt which considerably lessen his rtnic 50 54
S3 Kt B itulIM
nlng eince If black should play
black would ins through whit plylrgM gal
Undn lb ctrcumitancei I think fsirnitntil clw
bisysre will egre with me in concludlot t4inL I
than likely bOUt gatos will be drawn I
Pt5LADeLPUiA fm in4JL
Whit Living the above U i U lot rliht lo sat ItIIIE
anthorllle aa Miarkbnrn ana MeeKentf fiV
doried the lUtememi mad ky A Boiton Cnsliki
Shooting at Woodlavn
The Fountain Duo Club th crack onranUinen
kind In Brooklyn met In Woodlawn Psnk1L7e
day H W Blattmalber had furnished a tn M
birds but neverthelcM four mmbn of lbs tt
managed tomai clean srss only on of tin f4 < J
c W Jones ttepplnr oAt of the race for flrit p wj
tile I000tO3 later in lit fh eb eecured tnt LIIO
Among thl ihoowr present were brsides lbs wit
boul Davenport Snapper Oarriton hick ihAli
hltalternat Blllr heveU ThompBon llltIZi fit
and a boil or tpectalora The rulet of the UIli
lagu governe

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