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gjjegj I 0 im at bi V4 Stilt bi Jlfe iun
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czxnanaar Am TJOXKS
c r
I cy XIV mAr Ar
eatraee lea Beber low
e and Otter Let NemK t eenUlM
t ogeIiteWk Signed Wfco
I l a tMr Ucwtem bttamMc Tkaxt rat
BldlnloM Wa to Fire tfc Co
It a eoa
I Th lonaeipected protest against the action
TllloDIIJct Newton and the Her Dr
eftl nr a Heber ad Re
clb Ratnstord and the Rev Dr t Newton
Banwrta Inviting clergymen outside of the
LlitcDsl Church to preach and tae part In
1 tbespoM Lentsn services of this Jar and
lest inlhelr resosctlre churches Is finally made
Jt taken the form of an Open
Mblle I hss takn lor Opn
bie adrlee to Bishop Potter
I saijlsslsned byllC clergymen nnd flltytwo
i laymen Thlllti
Jul HUM gHtmt h Isnp I > 3 npft
Whorea The rectors of several Danube In
Ho city of Nol York during the season or
Lent 18JO did Invite persons nit duly licensed
crbrdslned sccordlng to the Iswi governing
the lvrotetint Epl coal Church In tho United
EtstM ol Amerca to officiate In their congre
cations by delivering sermons or public a
dueL and did thereby cause scujdal and
I dreu < T to many of the clergy and and laity
of tblidloceei
0111 wherea iltirtnir the present sesaon of
lint similar invitations hare teen given and I
Itcepted and similar proceedings have con
tlnood and apIear llkoly to continue by
ftiion of which the Impresxlon baa wldelr
lpr sJ that th olermr Iud laity of this dlouose
irs Indifferent to tho said proceedings or BP
I vTov 01 them
fberefiira wi whose names are here under
writ en mindful of our responsibility to Christ
ud to the Church at lane I and constrained bl
fluoontlctlon that duty Lowdoolves on us
premises do hereby solemnly remon
itnts against the said action ot certain rectors
I ofruUbes In this city at Introducing Into
tkclrpulpltapreacbets whl whatever mar bl I
thtlr Qualifications ol Ilety or learning ate
lot r pn lble to the Church for the doctilno
which theY HMb I and ns being In direct cnn I
truta lnf 1 ihflaiv of this Cliurh as ei
plf44 In Title I On on M V of the lki > SI ot
I OI f of Ito General Convention a follow I
It ulnltttr la I iiamt at kny runirrcailun uf tm
I Ckirch or lu cirtot lacaxor ur uttni 10 church
irttDt Tt tiiovt nr iruiiMi or Its n
at ptnnll tur ptr > nn tu ottiolat tbrtln wilUout
Mftrttni wUit t lila btlnc july ti enid ur urdainwl
H ntauitr In tiih Chbrcu < I
And we do moreover remonstrate itnd pro
tIE lnt be ald pioceedlnu as Injurious I
la their offsets niltig to foster siilrlt nf
I t rpt forth authority nf the Church nuffl
ditlr manifest airendr in a rowing dl re
ttrJItt 8ml quartern of tie ChurchH HiunU
srai of faith and of wr bll as well us nf
ordr confuting the ionc our In ItO matter
o ore to law calculated tor > Ur > lthe
IMloration of the iniy uf t hrirtlciirt m anil
etnatn to disturb the peace and harmony
Wblth now for mini tears have haiipily pre I
lf among the clsruyaud corgrotiatlonH of
tt 1 dloctne
nslf > Muit 1 Mnrch 14 A D 1891
1 I e are the NiW York city clergymen who
li I i I Kiicuud the letter
if I ureof rarlili IliiehlniC Ihbop ft Pbl llpl
i f Brown c I hoinu I Th > m a J4 Krt Hrowu
l tor lit Xlrilna Htnrr Cl anbrr tint Si Hat
Lt fI Mornai uis Trmlir < t > rjrllu i Duiilt M
tbi ilit Bp > tf I N liunnil All Halm Thtojorc
A Xalon ht Cltpltnl ihomaa Thoor
laat Tbomu It lurrla n ratilc A a 11 art
JtJWtefiL I I f lohC SL Trnn an
ntcr UukMUoi IP > a > cbr > dir > ri un y
Hlu u ntr lulwil 4lou aid M 1 liuniin
7uiMlllllit Holy Jltrt ra tdII Nell I > t K i I
yut it Nriyr JMfcb Rmout t itrt Hull
ln irltut KlutiU itt utU1 mln n K elm 10c
rwr11 Hnrr T HAttrl rstviirr Win J itbury I
Jibe 0 HIkaLur Juai
r Mt
tte21 tte
ett ut uU
X MtrJtb nkfil llurr Kuan Panm
L v r tsinuiil Airrd U itCalt 11 Ral
lt tw Mrrlire ikr rndnu lb VOo II
JI CL 5eat L Iok unrr I ia > ar J H 1rliff l >
vuwn rr4 W Pkvu unon tday Mik
t I ii 1 rnrh Jy M l1rtn K If u
UA Uh n h kddi t
ndda Hurr a Goraa Bo and K Ornlcr
WmmilOfuibtrtfuwrltmreloror tnt holy spirit
JHurt M Hardtn Jon u H llttib tlrari K Ilijv
kanJiiMouW inn Job Henry llopklna Ulchioa
Unrti4 Mward u llotuthtnn Kcui > tn W Ilbol
Jtttrt MtrrU II tl oR Kimbr 1 Hnry
t I Jj Srtbi Edwaru I Kriiu Irtdcrek U
LW I t ult Arthur tdre I
> tnrJamti Iuichihy iIrry W NanrrtT
John T ruy i Oturnii r Alben Ktchy Trinity
Ckaatl I iitorr iwabury Thnmu lltnrr bill j j
Ja WD foqJ 1 ttstait sit M AHlirllnc Uaac C
starn A J Tbtmron Aurtt Ilmana M Vaii Clue
Mtr eoirerniirXorrU VUHIU
Iboe whose cbargs urn Dot detlned were
MWrr aiilstant minister In obargu of all < Ia
o are rnlilonarfei or unattached Bealdea
these the following clergymen who are
folowol elerlymen pro
kssors In tne Oeneral Theological Seminary
tsilhremon tranie was born signed U
lt Bot 1Ilun City Ihilanrr K a4v
1t11r S Clnbrdi I 0 Hall K hladr Ilma bean
r1 miesry tdr I Andrsw Oliver
iau kltbI I 14 Wlpl Je11 Andrw
Of the ntrtivo Inymen woRe names ap
aOD the rrlntcd rmonlranc Iho follow
iliaretbeboatknnwu J A Dealt Deverly
Jruf lholl Jaleslon nr CoIumija
a dnT Oprr J Itleecker Miller William
Iulb Whitotolll and John Zabriskle
MV tbA ui lo oHlrmen that the champion
iirfhKor < 1 and Newton consider that
thumnltlnel h I weak Here are some of
IMpremlnent clergymen nf theiChurch In
w York who havA th8Churlh
1 not jibed In the remon
tdr Stance Dimes all rector of the churches given after
rI t lioSmin All Ancta R W Pontl
S a rtLWlrilhrehw C HntlMtonOrioi
I oh tirttin llfavmy Brit lltnrjr KollL Holy
tiSS DI t Wairit WAr hole Trlnitr Arthur
Rth i Nki liurch of iht Inrarnntinn Uartd II Arur
RrJil smwit I cue V it I ShUl I Hi Jmtii a F
I CI John the itrariuIat J II B I
11 Tliomi i luo tiukaers I 5 lane ifc
Anothernam which I mhllol Ie that or
rtbeJ o it Httnington flotone tblt the
0 reset diona of the dlooejie U L
fiite I dIC 41
lLavSmlth I Thor s F ii Van Klek A
I SSvLSiimlln ittilt 10 rlN u Johnson baa
111 Ill nille tmlmpaiicr
Th Ilr
tiewe that ho reitiiiitrance bad hun
mud public wsa brought to Mr Newton by a
81 rOprlr Ilt tining It WM a
lurriveto blli lie Dlnl I complote
1Uoloed from tho fact that I
hrj had heard
two lotbiag frm Ihl rmnlntran a In the IMt
aided Week that Its reators A In SSr de
d1U Irp It I dldot hunk that ths a
be Ihlnl iA
outit ss Ihe
vututble nf the folly or mrklnr such 1 doou
It 1 bud brIne the Chinch itbttot prMolln and which t nd
WOlld huT ben Ir AlmJle to go about tbll
In 10 abut
Dala I legal innutter Four iii r the clergy
bollero that Iwa
bJPO liat wa iolatIng the
canoe lw Iolatnl
UOD IIw boulll hao formally Prenod
Gtb formal
lb IIKhol as hi presoilbed by
aw I nave I lusollbed ti oburch
bnT not time now to
unnirer folly tbJii
fSrflOflhtfance sill but rim may be assured that b
lull P 0 i day ° f two state my views of I more
S Nwtn IIInted out that of tbl 8tanillng
< lll 01 the dlocf e all liii four ciorgy
jCttWb are nicilibots hail IJe crl
B Ii Dr8at1trlep egned ibey are
BKn Ut
tnthrler iilcluuyjatd Dr
b ieu
try Now The four lay mor Del ha < niot signet
nOW lhl > unmnillton TIJ aaJ IIt
ho said h t M
commltoo ftu
ry bodr VI 1
10 Blalictp ii a
o lKbup otIer aoa be
taiity Joter
Coijeults DOe8
mmftnBU With thorn
wll conocrnto tho
mm 111
r1dtiOflClFtOCO Thl I makes coaocrnlnl
rr aitil rer he mike 1 jllalolal
Isasss meLnhrH
Otb 1110 mtto itiemseivie plan un ar signing
remnctrnn 0 oem to ma to how aoIDI
IOur iie I otwhat judicial a Very
Mr CIWbat admitted fnnrton ar
rl Rdmltd that there were
tool many
1IUU on the remonstrance mnl
1d I hI ra4 Is over Rnt
Ii A I said that It
dllr aOlared to rspreon the
tdtocese repnaelt strength of
itt crc Yoth a re 8S7 elergyey 10 the diocese or
aeeomiing to tho Clurohntana AI
lor 19i and 110 Ii not quite
V numrer 111 Qul onIhlrd
TiiB Inlrlinl to note said
tIN antolad a layman to
CIitfl5 reporter bat only one Ni York
tLt 180 of thoe who may be said to be
I1hop rOltr baa b
hR signed he
rIuti ana that 1 the eljne remop
be Thomas iiarri
Itiluifoyi of the diocese AIlmtr of
r obtained
O Ullor obtane permjscio from
op lotter rmlloD frol
Ioter to Invite the
tjnn the InTle clergymen
aLiop tl 1 otlber denominations IQd thl
Ott bojly0 sympathy with hIm 1
or tbele thlt tha Uhebop wilt
t toutheNmon5uenc4atL Isbop
at Tb paperbits
tonarno palr
b r
UUI In thlut
weas tlrcullte
07 tho
U I SsSFF rpl who are
5sM i8fe list of names they baTe
w getting
Ouie Iltll have no douttt
vilFy bav dOlh
trOtiISlt f good names but or Jo eight
I 01 of P4 a naml the city the ehch
lay on y three hivS signed i white
citalay of in aign bo lled
uhlX Ilnlr are mlnltr without
I inlwhohv l5ltnlhtIV wlhou J
tj1t umsAwbobave bet their Initnence
m olmen Inllpee
I Iebw nlChorvsryyog 1bo lay list
5 ° downataj T I big gup r11 church are
° k
seat members ksithelg istotniomi
II 1 Tituttynone or t whoa ueoria names BL appisr Thom
Si Path Hhrmnnn New Cfcnrgc
Ajl 18T a Father Rho
JII J the stetjeti
I e lu OeD Hhlnnllllu been
tt I chal b Itr tm Fa 1 raltnf 8t Mlehap1
irloul I er B IrmaD plcaohoy
c I r ao I
Frvtcstaai and floaa Catholic Clergymen
Unite IB Ort Him
PllMU Bishops and ministers of Roman
Catholic and rroUstant
Catolo lolitant ehnrehe met under
the direction of the National Temperance So
ably I in the aisembly room of the Metropolitan
Opera Home but night at a reception tendered
rocepton toadere
to Archbishop John Ireland of Minnesota
Among thoM Present were Father Bnrttell
Bishop Andrews of the Methodist Episcopal
Church Robert Graham and tho leT Dr De
Costa of th Protestant Episcopal Church The
Rev Dr Theodore L Epllcoial pressed and
aid In part In Ills address of welcome
Honored and dear brother ns Democrat
and Republican stood side by side before the
eannons month In th late war so do Itomatt
Catholics and Protestants In the war against
rum Wa were glad to hear the
wer t Plenary Coun
cil at Bnltlmoro take the strong around of total
abstinence Theru were two grand men In your
communion In Brooklyn who worked In this
causeFather Malone and the lat lumented
and honored Father Fransloll who was carried
to hIs crave amid the lamentation olrl nil
pur citizens O all the temperance relormerx
In the nineteenth century Vatber Theubuld
MatblW wu the greatest and
areet wear coming
to link roar name with hk Mr a temper
ace peeehIWM made In Glasgow at I meet
InK where Father Mathew presided and at the
clot of tnT ni I4 eoh he rdl to me and
klfsedme I hare always considered that mr
commission to speak In the
Gommlliloa spak temperance eaune
lam glad to welcome yon dear broiher br
the mime br which TOO a known In tho West
the Connerrated Blizzard I hope you wont
forswear p htp the name 1 Helps t clear tho atinos
JatberWalefEIlotor the Panists ald the
attitude or the Paultat Fathela refusing the
privileges 01 the Cbob tosaJpnn keepeis was
well known Now that the 11na Council
had spoken against the saloon I waa Cuucl
to a finish damon keepers would hive to quit
either the saloon or the Church The broad
aeal of Rom waa on the decree of total absti
nence and In that realm ot morals the Church
must win In the roam however long the fight
Arehbbhop Ireland spoke for half an hour
King Alcohol had won many victories a said
hut when he found himself In the presence of
sodlers like tbosa before him te believed In
the ultimate triumph of total abstinence lit
the saloon Is I found the source of rebellion
again all law toy ft defies the law reblon
ing Us doors on Sunday It was mystery to
him he continued why A few come out from
th church sat l worked for total nb tlnenco
After long thnnnht tin bad concluileil that mo
wer not willing to denr themselves for he
hike of I cause hey I kuw to berlghtobus
But thank Clod toe time lisa oime he said
when Protestants awl Catholics cain stand to
gether In the matter ot total abstinence to
in demanding the proper observance of Run
day Let ua stand together and threaten I
reiieat threaten the lawmakers wbo favor tile
falcon Alcohol is a bold mimi I is not our
part to coax its If we were timid VVe must ap
peal to the ballot box and not go along preach
I pracl
InK nuletly and oanlly agnlust the saloon
Americans are patient hut the time will come
fool when they will rise and put the saloon tinder
lcvclnnd had 01 tsrtanlty for Bom Kc
tnnrkn on Education
Tho Democratic Club honored the memory
of Thomas Jefferson last night at a dinner
given In Its club house at C17 Fifth avenue
J U V Ainold presided Among the guoits
wore Grover CKvelond Mayor Grant exGov
Dele and Coy Abbott ot New Jersey Orlando
1 Potter rUb Ely Roger Foster Theo W
Meyer J O Calhoun J Rblnelander Dillon
anJ A L Banger
Mayor Grant eat on Mr Clevelands right
ant they chatted cheerfully together during
the dinner refore the speech began the
Mayor excns d himself because of other en
gagements anrfJcUbdrew ilr Arnold Intro
duced Sir Claveland who declared that he was
a Democratic partisan so Ion < 8 conditions
exist which to mr understanding make ad
herence to its doctrines synonymous with
aao07moul wih
patriotism Continuing be said In the course
of his address
orhll h
no man ueuevni more impunity in toe
pollticM Instruction of tbe people than the
great founder ot our party and the first
triumph of Democratic principle under his
leaderrhlp was distinctly the result of a cam
paign of ed ncalou 10 tOo lu the light or our
fust great victory no man who desires Demn
crntlo Kuccesx will I deiy the supreme Import
alien of H moa thorough and systematic pro
I sentntlon to fellow cltlzenx of the
sontAton our telow lltzn reasons
which support the avowed and accepted pur
poses of our party Tno e who now sneer at
eriorts II that direction am our enemies
I whs l her they confront ua as contested oppon
ents or whether they a traitors skulking
within our camp
I seems cump that I this Is peculiarly a time
when thn Demoiratle party should b mindful
of its rrlatlnn to the oonntry of its responsl
MillIe its the guardian of sacred principles
and of its duty to a confiding people In there
lolclng which xuccess permits let usremewbe
that the rnTe lon of our party In continued
warfare We cannot HCflomollnh what
we promise to tbe people If we allow
ourselves to h diverted from tht peril
which ere still In our way We shall
court disaster we relax Industry In com
mending to Ibo intclllganceof our countrymen
tb reed which we profess and we tempt hu
mlllatlng failure auTdlsaster I when we en
courage or tolerate those who claiming fel
lowship with us needlessly and often for the
worm of motives seek to stir up strife and sow
dlMonl In the council of our party
Among the others who spoke wore J C Cal
houn Ivy Ab ett and Roger Foster 10 Ca
TerrlhU Atrocltlen Coantnlttcd at Iqnlqne
Abandoning the NIt Fnetorlei
PANAMA April 4A correspondent writes
What 1 occurring In tbe unfortunate port of
Iiiulqne la something unheard of and It leoda
one to believe that no elvlllzod beings now live
thoie PnasengerB say that the vagabonds
there are robolng plundering murdering
assaulting women and committing all sorts of
atrocities while Incendiaries ore also engaged
atncltel wbll a
in destruction and pillage ao eDaael
Tbe distress along the south coast due to the
revolution I appalling A will be observed
from the dlfferout reporis The fol owing
which Is I translated rom the Opinion Xacioiial
of Lima of March 18 well serves us an exam
ple Tho steamship Peru which arrived yes
terilay from tbe south brought tOG refugees of
dlffirent nationalities They are women and
children and old men and 1 they have no
placo to lodge they have been allowed to remain
main on the wharves of the Muslle Uarsena
Company M Kallnowskl the manager of the
Hneli Jaanl the Callao landing docks
hue opened a subscription lat beading it with
12m in order to assist these unfortunates
The iilma Vomtrolo on March 8 published
the following cable mevage from Iquliue
letr which bad burn received by the English illn
The triumph of the rebels on the 1th was
deollreand Balmacedns troops were knocked
to pieces alter losing all thoircannon rifles
and ammunition Only a few ofljoera and sol
titers eoaped The puople who are with
out aLe sunring fearfully and
hundreds of them have abandoned the
nitrate e works only carrying btttlvs of
water all t accompanied by their families
have wearily trudged acroj Slip dftert down
to laulqu on the coast Many lave t led on
the way to liiufiue and their Douse will mark
for mal a day the rnaxis to the now aban
doned nitrateproducing factories I
Private despatches from Chill fay that the
Insurgents in order to supply their fleet with
coal have seized the colliers Itoger and Kill
mono la The former Is a German vessel and
more flies the rll18b Hqg This traiixao
Ion lattr old took place at QuilteD and the
fnsurgent British gunboat War Mprlte IB now booting IDa
nTheircoiHw < T < 11 of AntoraRlla reports thai
the hills near Flnaaua are covered with dead
bi I falls to soy whether the deed are In
lrloDt or aheroQt of Bimaceda
1 IUrll out hat lbs algd wouldbLasss
sin or Ua 1000 of the Mlnlstr aJ luenOI
Ayre was n 12yearold lad Tomas Hsmbrlco
Altu lad says that the Oenersl put up the job
hlmelf anti hud the boy by baring an anger
hole In hs carriage mok a channel fora
barmlsia bullrt which found 1 nettling ppnt In
the foot lion rd He says that the Gonernl In
duel him to do this
T DlHontlnnnac of the Extra Fare
Chnrgce on Ihn New York ftnd WianhlnK
ton Limited Trnlni vIle the rcnniflvnnln
Uttn I unrM by l th r n > iirlrola SatirIst I Com
pany tar nn an I afir iliiiHU April l Hi Ixira
far > rlnmo n > II Kfw I or + in i Via lilnion lliui 1 < i
trill I armS v e V r > k lay I 1 < II A I uiI I
rt Il t nn u ll IHI A M t t > n l > will
wtiuinxu Tliti iralu I urn c ai u1 uC fslmau
Totlimu ixrloroif rurrrln I iuinytvanta I lliillr at
lnm > < car sill Ill > lily aitdiilnual ur U k nomluf1
0ia hws4 M lilt ritllaau CiuiMr Tit hlsh tluiD
tit ol S4oipIuebt lUll i tlltn wrvlo which kITS J
naf taitf UUfit UAIJ J iu t > jiuaiu t
I TonnB at t4tuytlesreIlCorte Pcllrtc
d Mrle 10 JI
Itla l A trial will OlsIfate Ulllr mel 1l DfsjIIIL
r IC
I MlUn Hill Shockingly but Jr Bnrria
JEccnpcn Without a WoundIt Mnkcn
Two Journeys Tkrongk the Oonntrr
Krrroirr April 19Thr have been 1
many mad dogs In Jersey recently that people
here were unusually excited at the biting ot
Arthur Hill on Sunday Early that morning
William Brewers big mastiff broke the chain
which fastened him to a stake In the back
yard ami staried for Keyport a mile away
lie took the Keansburg road
Just on the outskirts of Keyport la I a settle
ment of oytermen and olammers called Loon
port It isnt BO citified as Keyport and
barbed wire lances separate the little yards ot
the fishermen from the highway Opposite
where Arthur Ulll lives the chain which the
dog was dragging from his neck caught In a
fence and the animal In its endeavor to become
com free got tangled up
The sharp prongs of the fence cut its body In
many places and caused It 1 to howl with pain
That waa about 8 oclock Arthur Hill ad ln
dozen others living in the vicinity went out and
watched the dog struggling to get away until
its tongue hung out and froth ran from its
mouth Finally Hill went to Its assistance
Ho unravelled the chain and then le the dog
by I across tbe road t his place
I happened that one end ot a rep wa fas
tened to a tree In his yard and Intended to
fasten the chain to this rope
Just aa be stooD to pick It up some one In
the crowd called the dog and the animal
Jumped in fright It saw Bill reach for one
end of the rope and evidently thought he was
going to strike It At all events tbe bug mas
tiff made a plunge for the man It struck
him with its front paws full In
the breast The shock was sufficient to
throw him t the around The dog then en
deavored to fasten its teeth in the mans
throat III11 caught the brute about tbe neck I
with both hands to prevent it Dog and man
rolled over and over on the ground Hill man
aged to keep the dog from burying Ita fang K in
hut throat but waft able to prevent the ant
mat from catching his arm and leg The crowd
In tile read just oter the fence stood rooted
to the spot Hill was losing strength rted
finally liharlee tit wart a neighbor fut
t bio assistance lie caught the dog around
the neck from behind and pulled him off the
prostrate man The dog then turned on
btewart mD oth < r neighbor carried Hill
Into the house lllUs lbrl gsa almost
completely torn from his body and he was
covered with blood and dirt He had eeteral
ragged wounds In the right arm and several
rae the left leg te rin enra
In tbe mean time Stewart bad got free from
Stewa ba lot rre frm I
the animal and lescaped with nothing more
Beroualihanlseveral rips wit trousers 10r
The dog then dropped its bla tour made a
cut for the Keansburg road A dozen or more
citizens bed started for shot guns and revolvers
tartel Iun rTolv
ra The dog circled past the crowd and
took to the fields It was followed by
tie crowd who shot 11 relied Tne
brute gave vent to a continuous howl
a It flea over the fields nothing at the mouth
The pursuing party kept up a steady mouth
poor animal made a detour and came out on
the Kenn turl road a second time and pased
through the lot of Its recent struggle From
hero It out through the yard of xacheus boy
dr adjoining that ot Hill Bnydern dog was
chained at the barn and was In tbe direct path
of tie fleeing animal The latter stopped
there just long enough to bite Sobers
dog and then continued Its race Tbl6 tilDe it
made a bee line across fields for its owners
farm followed br Its pursuers It reached
brewers place and diopped exhausted and
panting In front of its kennel Th armed
posse bate a abort distance away anti I rested
on their arm Brower cam out of he rate
tndwaIkeddlpehiyup to < thy Hog It
wa AaU and allowed As master
t loaten U han which was still 1 dangling to
Its neck t toe stake In tbe ground Home ot
the pursuing par wanted t shoot it right
puruhur K 1 Roberts who came up
thoit having just left Hill requested them not
t ue wontna to mute cue animal to New
York and have U examined ama agrerd
to and be party lift while the supposed mad
animal wan eating Ita breakfast AU day ma
day the big mastiff lay dozing In Its deD
When rower went to bed lbs dog was still
there About 10 oclock however 1 Is sgp
Ild to lan bud another paroxysm Ul
pulled its bud out or its tlb fitting collar
this time aDd started dOWl the Koarusbur
rae for Reprt again hen about u blok
Leioud the scane of Its first exploit I baited
nnd then entered James Walllngi yard
Waitings dog was tied up to the t Jard
the night and Brewers huge mastiff
walked straight UP t it 1 and bit it The hide
ouo bowling which the two animals set up
awoke Wiiiiing aDd he stuck his bead out ol
the window to see what was up tie then
blazed away with ahotgnn ThU frightened
BrTwSrtm a It ft Al Jut night I
ra about the nclenborhnod biting everything
Ibat jiot in its war Nothing definite was
hoard of I however until Stt this
morning A that time Mrs Daniel Harris
was returning to her kitchen from tbe wood
shed the met the dog wild eyed and frothing
at tbe mouth In tbe middle ot the path A
eon as the animal saw her It made plunge
at her It truck her In the maea ale aa
ground It did Hill and threw her heavily to tbe
It then jumped oa top or her and tried to Rot
a grip on the flesh ol tie lower pars or hr
body Hor clothing prevented this Hle
screamed murder and then became r tlcalJ
unconscious Her son Joe and Jobn Howard
a boarder dashed out of tbe kltbe Howad
aid Joe made grab for the dog and the dog
made a plunge for him quitting the woman
It oau Joea right trouser leg and was omaD ao
Ing to follow UDthe attack when Joe gave him a
savage kick full pp the jaw It startled the
animal and caused him to release tbe trousers
Howard by this time was creeping UP behind
tbe animal to eaten I about nl nek The
animal turned however looked at him a eec
anlja turpe wheeled and ra Mrs Harris
wan carried inside and revived bile had not
been bitten a
be1 blteo dol wnen I quit the Dar places went
directly home again arrivthq about 8 clock
That was this morning Mr JrowJ had
missed It and was greatly worried He 1
the animal sneaking hole across lbs fields
and went out to meet It The dog cam right
up to him the name a It did before with Its
tall wueglng Drawer tied it up again An
Hour later Constable James A Walli
lpur Keyoort accompanied by Abe Mor
ris a crack shot of Monmouth county
appeared with gun shot and powder
wih IlderJ
The constable ordeied the dog shot and
Morris f hot It dead Dr ItoberU was precut
orrrbDt I Irelt
also He removed the dogs brain and put It
In a bottle for Dr Glbler and then examined
the dogs stomach It way full pI dry gras
twlirs and stones which It i bad swallow
These In themselves the doctor ron derQ
Bufllcleut proofs that the dog bad the rabies
Tho constable and his sharpshooter than
started out to kill all dogs that Brower dog
bail bitten yesterday and today They shot
niinala belonging to these persons James F
Wnlllng A B Htoney Joseph Oberrr Ormond
Walling Ueorge Bchells and David ttpader
Inl JJar
Tomorrow they will continue lbfr search
wi OOltQU
ktlllnif not only all dogs which are thought to
have been bitten but all unmuizled ones also
As everybody In eY ort keens at least one
dog and 011 keep bar 1 tgla and A a
murzle Isnt t well kMf this vicinity
titers promises to be a Rlaulber
IIUI the only prsousStufllIV hilton hid Jils
wounds cauterized by Dr lobeta on tUI9I
morning and this morning ha went to the New
York Pastei Institute for treatment Tie
bottled brain or the mart dog was sent to Dr
Olbler today also The doctor says there Is no
doubt the < log was mad rblaltl was learnod
today that llliaru TbUtw ii laborer
met the md tnastlff on the Iron
bridge on the Keansburg road a It
WaR returning tome this m nhIuf and that be
tad rettralnl struggle with the beast tQo
Thistle bad his arm full of saws > with which he
d lfeudo himself He drove the brute ottaiter
a ban light and tbeluC be saw brulll I animal
it was galloping homeward
Contvlnlnt Agnlns a Hrond clsrect Agny
Frederick fetei ot 181 West Sixteenth street
and Henry Oest of 429 Went Fortyfifth street
told Inspector Dimes yesterday that they bad
been swindled by a firm styled Williams t
Boberts ol 02 Broad street and 60 New street
A week ago Mfllse advertised for a situation
He he received an answer from the
Bays lrm
rh04 D1
agency offering elm a lob a collector at 12 a
week on payment of IO security t
Melss accepted and called with the money
lajtThnrsdsys apaJlttoBob rts He got
arecelpt Sgn TVllllamsTfc aoberU Tie
was to call on Monday or his Rbr When
he went jo the office yesterday be says be
finiml It liererterl I Vest who bM parted with
at aV also there They walud Bviral
I hour lint Mr Hi tl did not how up lvral
Instoclor advrseTiheui to gil a Aral
Thin O Comci rrem tToodbridgc N Jf
ass Another In Beportad Front Oyster Bay
A supposed case of typhus fever Is I ttndor In
vestigation br Dr Cyrus Edson of the Health
Department The patient was a man whose
name was given as John Judge a Hungarian
He died In the Now York Hospital on Sunday
night and at the autopsy yesterday afternoon
many Indlcatlonsof genuine typhus fever were
found The rash however one of the princi
pal signs of this disease bad not made its ap
John Judge had been in this country
about fit months He worked In the clay pits
at Woodbrldgo New Jersey for some time A
tew days ago ho was attacked with what was
considered tbe grin and rapidly grew worse
He wan sent to New York on Saturday On his
back was pinned a short note stating that the
man WA very sick from the grip and ieeded
hospital treatment The epistle was signed
by Dr Decker
When the sick Hungarian arrived In the city
he found a policeman and was taken to the
Liberty street station An ambulance call was
sent t the Chamber Street Hospital which
was answered by Dr Bennett He found the
man sitting la a chair and very III The In
Ir I
formation which his friends gave was briefly
tntrd on the hospital book Iayo tats that
John Judge wa 40 yearsfoid and nan4ed a
aalv or Hungary and a laborer mae
was diagnosed aa pleuropneumonla
Judge was put into an ambulance again I and
carried up to the New YorkHospltal He grew
worn and on unday It became apparent that
he conld not lTe In the evening he died
tl nlli
There was no thought at the time of typhus
fever but an auto > sy was deemed advisable
Sid yesterday under tne superintendence of
Dr Frank Ferguson It was held
Evidences were discovered which pointed
etoMly to typhus fever and the body was Im
mediately removed to tbe dead house nt the
foot of East Sixteenth street The Health De
partment ha taken all precautions anti placed
the wards at the hospital where aat patient
was under quarantine patea
1 a stated that there Is an epidemic grip
at Woodbrldgo among the workers In the
Jay banks where the manwaa employed th
Edon telegraphed to Dr pecker the remit of
his supposed grip case and then sent Dr bone
dirt of his staff to investigate Dr Benedict
will probably be enabled to make his report at
mae repor
Sanitary Headquarters today
In speaking of John Judges death Dr Edson
aid that at present bo would hardly dare to
eallj It typical cave Nothing was found upon
the Hungarians clothe and they were Imme
diately destroyed after the autopsy wor further
examination will probably be made upon the
Yesterdav afternoon Dr Edson received
Yellera aferaon Dr Edsa
letter from Dr O W Filler of Ojster Bay
Long Island stating that ne bad a patient un
der eatment who lie believed bad typhus fe
Vet The patient is a man who bad over In
the Clreassla from Ulargowon March 23
This In the same vessel on which James
Taylor who tint from typhu at Bellnvne and
Fannie Goldberg who is now at North Brothur
Island came over on Tbe Board of Health
gate has sent an inspector t Oyster Bay to Investi
John Lowery 8nyn Ho wnn Drunk TVhcn
lie Killed Owen cAlcer
John Lowery who plunged a butcher knife
into the heart of his companion Owen Mo
Alee in tbe yard of Urn Millers hotel in Mid
dle Value L L while disputing over acan ot
beer on Sunday night was arralened before
Justice McDonald In that place yesterday ana
held to await the result of the Coroners In
quest on Wednesday He la in the Queens
count jail Lower Is 8S years old and was
employed by John Hossman a milkman The
murdered man was 24 yearn old And also
Worked for a milkman named Henry BeddelL
When seen in the Jail yesterday Lowery was
unable to account lor the stubbing lie fays
Gable walltlng dow Vlushlngjivenne
Willlamsburgh on Sunday alternoon when
McAleer came along and almost forced him to
go to Mrs Miller saloon Lower an bo was
then under the Influence of lliur to such an
extent itbat ho was almost helpless Before
the stabbing be says some one struck him on
mil neaa wun n weapon or some Kind
Frederick Bchnugg of 110 HoElbben street
Brooklyn and Thomas btratten nf Fast Wil
liamunrgh are locked up In Middle Village I
witnesses Kcbnugg says he was parsing the
placo when be beard some ono cry out I
am stabbed J Further then that he out
1m Jurtor le
be knew nothing btratten rays he a80lt
through Mrs Ales yard when he too aolnl
some one cry out 1ra stabbed I He caught
Almt caulbt
HoAleera falling body In his arms and laid It
on the ground
Lowery was arrested for horse stealing two
years aQ Yesterday morning a farmer was
hunting Lowery to recover a watch which he
lad the farmer had stolen from him
nrrozcm TALVE soot DVTT 11000
Welt for Glove Aincnued as Cloven ntl
A Do
A most extraordinary Interpretation of the
now McKinley law was brought to the atten
tion of Acting Collector Couch yesterday Col
lector Erhardt being sick abed with tbe Irlr
It appears that J O Northrop of Glovers
vllle Imported 1800 worth of welt used on the
wrists of glove Assistant Appraiser Burke
decided that these welts were dutiable under
the clause making them whole or In part I
gloves The duty under Ibis clause Is I fl a I
dozen and on this Invoice of IdOO the duties
IUI0 were under Oln Burkes interpretation mae
The Collectors department Inssted that
they should pay duty on manufactures of
leather at SB lay cent ad valorem or in tim
neighborhood of800 Appraiser Cooper would
appraisement not agree to this and ducllned to order are
Home interesting notes parsed between the
Collector and the Appraiser but Mr Cooper re
fused to recede from his decision and now the
case will be taken to tho Hoard ot General Appraisers
ralerKi n
Killed Ulniccir In m Mllrlnm
Louis Wllhelm 83 years old throw himself
from a window on tbe top floor of the flrestory
tenement 631 First avenue yesterday morn
InJ He Jell sixty feet and died within an
hour at Bellevue Hospital whither he was r
tDoyed He i was suffering from grin
Wllhelm worked In Price A Carla moulding
mill at Klrit avenue and Thirtieth street
Betwesn I and 6 oclock yesterday morning
Jbolm ana 11 fO get something at the
store She was only hair way down stairs
when be lumped out ot bed raised the window
and threw himself out Jut at Wllhelme body
Btruoic the rldewalk his wife opened the street
door Wllhelm little opeDe I years was
awake ali said her father threw himself from
the window la
Wasted Her Valuables Before Trial
When Sarah Collins was arraigned yesterday
In the General Sessions for grand larceny
Lawyar Keller her counsel moved that the
Court direct tbe Property Clerk at the Police
Central Office to return to her her gold watch
and chain and f ICO that were taken from her
at the time qf her arrest I she got back her
watch and chain and moneyhe said she could
pay counsel to defend her Judge Martina de
clined to glte the order asked for Lawyer
Keller retired from orer case Judge Martins
assigned counsel to defend Barah Collins and
remanded her to await trial
Mr Bcrniee Cut Of Her Iliinghtrr
Bnrroeato Abbott of Brooklyn admitted tbe
will of Adeline D Bernice to probate yester
day Mrs Cerneo died iu January last and
left her worth IGO to her two
lon Frederick and Christian She Ignored
her two diubiers MrsAdeline uDoiobue
and Mr Caroline OCatlln because of un
filial conduct
fla Catllo Is I dead but Rufus O Cato her
only child contested ts will on the ground ot
undue influence Citlm U I a nephew of Hocre
Vtl Hocf
tanr Catlln Tracy of Brooklyn ot the Navy and of 010 Isaac 1
Tan OolSUd Vnn Not 80 Bndly Broken
Lucius MUD r the colored ossified man
whose thigh bone was broken while be was
being carried to his lodgings In Grand street
fin April 6 has got along so nloel v at the New
York Hospital that the authorities there will
permit his manager to remove him to private
rooms toda The rmo buns is knitting
though slowly and the curve of Munroels leg
is not likely t b Increased
eevtto Grnntrd 4 Nnvnccn Bloter
BUTIMOIB April IThe three Navasaa
IMnnl rioter under sentence of death here
nan rslel uTr nlto rom President Har
rison fiom llayla to June nJ as ID KIV
time to examine the pspsra in ih > matter ot
I application for a commutation of the death
I InteRo to 1mJTIaQntu k J9 Jl
Oon Wiley Hays that the MltttU Mast
JfemtitB on ea r4An Agitator nt a
BcMener Meeting Buy Ho Too Mmr
Work la OperatleaZeRors el Maid
rrrrsnujion April ISBrigadlerGeneral
Wiley came down from Mount Pleasant yes
terday and spent the day in town He said
Everything Is quiet at present In the coke
regions but that indication Is I due wholly to
the presence ot the troops The strikers are
oowed by tbo uniforms and arms of the
soldiers and will offer no violence so long as
they remain The presence ot the troops Is
essential to peace up there The Governor Is
anxious to maintain this order and as he Is
kept advised of the situation I am sure he will
not endanger life and property by recalling the
troops for ns soon as they are withdrawn there
will b an outbreak Of that I am confident
There are several thousand men In I the
ooke regions who are anxious to go to work
I but who fear to do BO They are not afraid ot
personal violence white under protection or
b guard but fear that their homes would not
be safe Therefore they remain Idle though
hunger and want cause great suffering among
them Protection Is assured them but they
know what they would b subjected tn They
would be annoyed until their lives became
wuld aoaoe unl lv beam a
burden Besides these men who are anxious
t work there are thousands ot others who
would b compelled to work despite every
thing I they were not under the special pro
tection of the striker As long as they are
fc and oared for they do not care about ar
cr oa abut tol
ins But how long the strikers can continue
their work of supporting these men U a ques
tOD As eoon as they fall they will flud the
men drifting back to work In such numbers
that the strike will seem to be broken at leait
That Is I the time I dread It will occasion
strife that will result In the loss wi Ocaloa
great destruction of property I truly hop
Ibm da Is I ra off when this wilt tub bop
my mind It surely will come unless the labor
trouble Is I amicably settled
bcoTTDUK Pa April 13 There ww un
usual activity all along the line today owing
to the fact that the Prick and McCluro owlol
panies bad decided to begin operations at all
plants possible The Mcclure Company con
centrated their efforts on their Painter plant
The other McClure plants at Lemonte Don
nelly Diamond Buckeye fUming bun Bes
semer and Hayfield r still totally
Idle The Prick Company state that
their shipments today will reach 10 car
of coke but the strikers deny this ea
usual Some twenty eviction notices have
been served at the Trotter plant alone and In
view of the tnt that fully o no Ices have
been served throughout tbe region It is
thought that trouble will come when the war
rants shall be executed as the strikers will
certainly I not go out peaceably Great meat
meetings have teen held at several points to
day and at each resolutions were adopted to
remain out until the end An enormous t
ingle I in progress at larra tnnlght
MOUNT PLEASANT April 13 Affairs continue
quiet in the coke regions A number of wares
are now in operation but the men are not reo
turning work as rapidly a the operators
hoped On the other band more oprtor
working than the strikers expected Rumors
SPctd lulor
of proposed raids on thefllaitown Alice and
other plants were In circulation last ufgnt but
they proved groundless At Bessemer today
there was a mass meeting attended by lOOJ
striker The speaker advised the men to
stand firm andas ured them bat I they did
victory would soon be theirs John Nngent of
Ohio was the orator ot the day tie told the
strikers to respect tbe Notions Guards aa
tie protected tbe strikers an well as the oper
atorTbank God he said U there are ten thou
old tents In Ohio and wu hoe a Governor
who will send them here the same aa he did
to th < sufferers from the Johnstown dil
Cheers You can live in these tents get what
0 Want to eat and tell Tommy Lynch that
11 Tommy
he does not own the OHIO tents and he cant
put von out of them
JJurlntr Nnitentn speech an excited Slav ROW
three men drawing coke at the ovens and ha
w the crowd to go down and stop them
He was quieted after a while but the affitlr
created consiuaraoie excitement A sooituaio
special says there was 1 bud break In tbe
strikers rank at the Painter work this morn
log Eighty men renamed work
Tomorrow eviction notices will b sent out
to all the tenants In the McClure Companys
house at Painter There are fortylive or
fifty of them and all will be required to mOle
within ton days unless they return to work
At coal Brook nine oar of coke were shipped
and eighty mon were reported at work
crowd of fifty striker vslted the woiks
and attempted to persuade the men to stop
work Another party will repent the visit In
the morning Borne of the sir kors claim
that a few men were kept at work
on Sunday cud a lot of coal was
cot ready to b hoisted nut and thus
the companies were enabled to mske an un
usual show of Industry today 1urthr re
ports make twelve meu on duty at the David
son an 1 twenty at Adelaide There are about
2500 ovens going In the Connellsvllle region
out or its total of 10000
TJalUtonrs Big as Egg > and Hut Finnic and
Sits Girl Blown Oon Their Boggy
GAINESVILLE Texas April 18The heaviest
bal and wind storm that ever visited the
country occurred here last night Hailstones
fell as large a bena eggs and to the depth of
several Inches drifting in many places a foot
deep Trees were stripped of their foliage
and the young fruit was swept from the limbs
Garden and field vegetation is I badly damaged
Scarcely house in the city escaped with whole
window glass
In the adjacent country the wind was as
destructive as the boll Large numbers of
dwellings were blown down barns were
wrecked and orchards and forests were laid
waste Fowls were killed In great numbers by
the hailstones and wild bird on the prairie
were slaughtered by the hundreds Cattle and
horses were blown Into wire fences and many
ofjbera were killed outright mat
Hal Finale ad a young lady l while driving
in a buggy to church near Era fifteen miles
wetof here wentplcked up by the whirlwind
and carried several yards the young lady
falling In n wheat field and Mr Ilnnle lodging
on a barbed wire fence lie sustained serious
injury but the young lady was only slightly
Ariarge Baptist ohuroh was blown down in
Era ali many other buildings Buffered Mml
larlr Many persons wore seriously hurt by
the blowing down of the houses In which they
were at the time of the storm but in far no
body has been reported as killed Tbe stretch
of country covered by the storm Is twenty
miles long and about the same In width
AB n lres > Just I > lkt > Br Trlemt
18 Xela Carltedt a lively brunette who
used to be a member of the Oaalno company
and recently played in A Man About Town
on the road was talked about yesterday as an
unexpected heiress
HIM Carlstedt says she Is a Swede and the
story was that a certain Baron vonFalken
burgh fell in love with her when she was 17
years old which was about five or six years
ago and wanted to marry her
Yesierday the reporfsaldshe received word
from Cblcag that the Baron had died and had
tell nur 60
ellis Oarlstedt was a warm friend of Ray
lb war Irend I
Douglass who it was recently reported fell
heir to a large fortune by the death ol a reia
the Mine Carlitedt wouldnt say anything
last night about her reputed good luck and
apparently a rather nettled by tbe story
Cnpt Furker DtflriUd Agate
Capt Francis Martin was elected President
of the Marine Society yesterday by a majority
ot twenty votes Capt James Parker was the
opposition candidate He received thirty votes
The election was the result of a contest over
the validity of a recent election by which Oupt
Anibross Unow was chosen to the Presidency
The reason for the contest was that an insuffl
eleut number of ballots bad ben cut at the
first election Capt Albert Hpencer was made
Vicepresident of the society receiving sixty
three votes
0e rt ry VosUr illS Not COM
Secretary Foster did not get here yesterday
He remained over in Washington with his
brother Cabinet officers to see the Presi
dent off ExSenator Platt returned from Old
Point Comfort with a bad rlurjtd did not
wish to discuss tbe results nf his visit t Wash
iiiKton lie did SHY that he did not believe
that any serious changes were contemplated
in Jrederal offices In Ibis town
A Collapse tkt Will Probably Cost the
Lives of Two Mrs
A hot water tank In the yard of the Empire
Oil Works at Klngsland and Qreenpolnt ave
nues on Newtown Creek collapsed last even
ing and severely injured Patrick Barry ot 157
India street and Frank Brown ot 107 Newel
street who were at work repairing it The
tank was of wood clamped with Iron SO feet
long by 10 feel wido and 8 feet high It ww
kept filled with water made boiling by steam
forced through It from the exhaust pipes of the
immplng engines The hot water WM used to
wash the oil and cleanse the stills
The cover ot the tank has long been out ot
repair It had been removed and Barry and
Brown were erecting a tcaffoldlng over it that
a force of men might replace It with a new
one One end of one of the scaffold poles broke
away from Its lashings and fell on the tank
which collapsed under Its weight aa it it bad
> osn built nt paper The two men were
dragged br the falllne tlmbera Into the water
and were horribly scalded before they were
Tbey were taken to fit Catherines Hospital
where it was said that Harry was mortally In
jured and that Browns chances for recovery
were very slight Both men are married
The Empire Works are run by the Btandard
Oil Company The ownership of the stand
and plant was It Is alleged one ot the causes
of the quarrel between Flsk and Stokes
cwnur namr ttipf ao TO cotmr
AB Injn tlon to Prevent the Bale Thetr
jrrnktchlM mt Anetlas
A temporary Injunction restraining the Sink
ing Fund Commission from exposing for sale
the franchise and privileges ot the Union
Ferry Company was asrved on Mayor
Grant yesterday The lease of the company
expires on May 1 Accompanying the applica
tion for a renewal was a request from the mw
owners that power be given the company to
charge two cents ferriage at all hours The
Commission objects to this and pending a set
tlement of this matter the Commission has
secured an appraisal of the companys plant
and objects to the upset price put on it by the
company The company la endeavoring to
prevent the Commission from advertising the
franchise for sale The Commission will meet
at 11 oclock this morning
Miss Meyer CowhliUd fey ft Matron Whe >
Iliad Kntertatnca Her
ST Louis April 13 Early last month Miss
Minnie Meyer of Venice Ill aoros tbe river
from Bt Louis oameover to visit the wife of
her old friend Mr Rotbmelr
Mrs Bothmelr had no previous acquaintance
with Miss Meyer but as her husbands friend
she entertained her for several weeks After
Miss Meyers departure Mr Rothmelr con
fessed to hie wife that his relations with the
young woman had not been proper
On Saturday Mrs Rothmelr sent the wo
man an Invitation to coma over and attend the
matinee Bhe came The wife was wait Ing for
her with a rawhide As she entered the door
with a smile and a greeting she lecelved a
blow across the face which brought blood
Another equally effective blow followed and
then blows were rained down upon the young
womans defenceless head untIL screaming
with pain and fright she rushed from the
house The enraged wife followed MJes Merer
for a block beating her until her victim fell
exhausted and then aba fainted away Miss
Meyers wounds are not serious Mr Roth
melr has nothing to say
Ho says Ho Never Knew Pollt No Indict
elan ze UI IO usr
NEW CHILEANS April 13Mr S Oterl head of
the firm of Oterl it Co and owner of the Oterl
line of steamers to Central America expresses
great surprise that Folltz should have men
Honed him In his confession as u leader of the
Mafia and one of the men who decided upon
the death of Hennessrt I knew Polltz only
by sight ho aid He worked In the
gangs on my ships as he did for others
I saw his name frequently on my pay
roll just as 1 saw the names of hundreds of
other but i never had any personal dealings
with him I have been a resident of this coun
try for forty years 1 was In New York and In
Mobile before I moved here I have always
been opposed to Malta methods and to the
Mafia itfelf and have steadily tought It
An the Grand Jury has taken up other mat
ters It Is understood that It has completed Its
Inquiry Into the parish prison affair Ttrjre
are no Indications that It will find Indictment
against any member ot the mob
Ue Entered a Haloon to See If Zl ner was
Hold Without m Licence
PATEMON April IS Dean MoNulty a Cath
olic priest ot Bt Johns Church who Is at pres
ent engaged in a temperance crusade entered
the side door of Christopher GroetsohB saloon
on Market street this evening to ascertain If
Groetsch was selling without a license
The priest it is said was attacked br
GroeUeb and knocked down His eyes were
blackened and hU mouth was out He was
thrown from the saloon bleidlng and covered
with sawdust He went before Justice Senior
and Bwqre out a warrant for the arrest of
Uroetech on a charge ot assault
Grootuch was arrested and when arraigned
before the Justice denied the charge He al
leged that the priest was assaulted by some
one elsa lu the saloon GroetsoU was held tar
The Preildent Starts on Hie Trip
WisnrNQTON April 18The President and
Mrs Harrison with the party who will accom
pany them to the far West loft here at mid
night on the special train The first stopping
place will bo at Lynebburg Va which will be
reached early In the morning
The party consisted of tIm following named
persons The President and Mr Harrison
Mrs Makes Mr Dlmmtck Mr and Mrs Rus
sell Harrison PostmnsterGeneral Wanarna
ker Secretary husk Marshall IX M Ilansrtell
Mr and Mrs George W Hard Mr K F Tib
bolt the Presidents stenographer Major Bat
ger ot the army and representatives of the
press associations
Mr lloyd will have general charge of thn
train Private Hecretory Halford Is Detained
in Washington by the lllnnesof hIs wife Hec
rotary husk will accompany the party only aa
texas Galveston
JQoMJd with the MaId ServMt
YouxosTowK 0 April 13 Martin L Bon
nnnstlne a travelling salesman of Wadsworth
O recently deserted his wile and three cbll
drei ami eloped with Alice Ledyer a domestic
In his family The ileserted wife came toro
this morning and found tbe pair keeping
house She caused their arrest They were
locked up to await a bearing Bonnanstlne is
45 years old and Miss Lodyor is 20
A Uncle Teucher Dice of Xarvntlon
CINCINNATI April 13 Frank Bierp a poverty
stricken music teacher 65 years old lived In s
tenement at 210 Hunt street Neighbors miss
lag him entered bin room and found hIm ap
parently prayer at a chair ho wse dead and
the Coroner found that he had died from star
BepubllMnn Win In Pntiraon
PATSILRON April l8Tq tbo charter election
today Thomas Beverluge Kepublloun de
tested Nathan llarnert Democrat thepresent
nrumoent by about 700 majority The Re
jnihltoans also bate control of the boards of
Aldermen Education and Freeholders
New HuperylelugArcbltset I
WASHINGTON April 18W J Edbrook of
Chicago has been appointed Supervising
Architect of the Treasury vice Wlndrim re
New Britain Goes Kcnnbllean
New Burr AM Coon April 18The city eleo
lion today malted In the Kepabllcan getting
control of the city government
den Mplnetn Bend
WASBIKOTON AprliV Gen Spinels died at
135 oclock this morning i
She Was Shot Head by III Hide and It
Was Shot Htnbtte und Hriilcu us lie
PuMinrd the nlnnThe Whets
Cennty tfp In Arm Alter Them
WttiitKOTOM April Informalon WitS re
ceived thin morning of one ol tho mont brutal
murders In the hIstory of Cecil county Md
It occurred nt Porters Bridge n small pine
about three miles cnstol Colors Hit The vic
tims wore Mrs Elizabeth Rlchnrdn and J
Oranvllle Richards who live there with thoig
The husband and father J Oftnvlllelttch
aid is inspector In the Dalllmoro Custom
lionse and an oxmember of the Maryland
Legislature from Cecil county Mr Richards
was the daughter of Trunk LnnirJon n well
known citizen ot Cecil county
Husband and wife retired later than usual
lost evening Mr Rlchnnls fell nt once Into a
doe Mrs llclmrJ who had not yet Bono to
sleep was startled nt 1 oclock by an unusual
noise In the back room and aha aw the figure
of a man In the dooi way
She rose upright In boil but before she could
utter a word the ruffian fired upon her The
ball entered the back of her head penetrating
the brain She foil bad upon the bed
The report of the revolver aroused the hue
band Be jumped out of bed with a bound
The burglar fired again and the shot struck
Mr Richards In the KIt side Hn staggered
then With a desperate effort made a grasp for
the throat of his assailant while the latter
withdrew down tho stairway firing as he
All the shots wont wide of their mark until
the two men reached the hallway down stain
It was Intensely dark and Mr Rlchorda could
only hear the intruder retreating
At the bottom of the stairs the assailant
turned again and fired the ball striking Ur
Richards In the stomach Here Mr Richards
thinks a second burglarcame upon the scene
and helped his companions to finish his mur
derous work
Having discharged all their shots at Mr
Richards the men set about beating him to
death with an Iron poker or jimmy
Mr Richards fell unconscious to the floor
and lay there while his wife breathed bar last
up stairs and the murderers made a hasty
search of the premises
It Is thought this was only a blind however
as the only things they took were a gold watch
and 150 In money Tile men then mode their
escape and have not been caught
Mr1 lllcbards lay unconscious until lbs II
The nusbtnd although conscious ts lying la
a precarious condition The chances of nu
recovery are slight
Mrs Richards was a very attractive young
Woman aged 88 yearn
Mr Btcharda is wall known In political cit
des at baltimore and also throughout Cecil
No clue up to a late hour tonight has been
Mining front the Bnrrctt Home Cara
Paul Bhadrack cashier of the Barrett House
oaftS disappeared about five days ago and
nothing baa since been beard ot him by the
Barrett brothers who employed him
There la an apparent shortage ot a little loss
than 1100 in the caM receipts on the day ha
disappeared Mr Hooper Barrett said last
night that he had pot abandoned hope that the
cashier would return and explain matter
Bbadraok was quiet In manner and was
popular at the hotel He has been cnxhlnrof
the caU since October when be left the Uileuy
House after a dispute with a guest
Editor Balnea Knocked Him Down jl
Yesterday forenoon Boas Darned a brother I
of Nathan Barnert the Democratic eandt late
for Mayor of Paterson went to the office of the
Freninp Newa for some extra election printing
dispute arose between Iiarnert anti B B
fairies the editor of the Veos which resulted
in Barnert calling the editor a name and In
the editor knocking Barnert down He held
him down until Barnert had enough Barnett
said afterward that he regretted ne had lost
his temper so that It IB not likely that any
complaint will be made
Tha Wenther
Tlis storm over Hbruka on Sunday night divided
ens ClaIre forming over Northern Tuuu and th other
Ttr MlaatMt Th spilt greatly crjcd the power
of tho norm Tb depreuion ptrslch4 from IkBo
ptrlor to Taiaa with gtnerallr threatening vcathur
nil occasional Hint ratnf Tbi atotma are moIng
caatward ana shouti cause light rain la tb MlmJ
lien sot Ohio vtOIy today and high easterly winds
In the Uk ftflon and they will probably reach the
Atlantic com north ot Nw Jnr at nl St
A cool wave spread over lbs Dakota and Minnesota
eatufaf a drop ot about 20 la tsmperatutel eUwhfe
there was a general tlM
In this city th day was fain highest Gavtrnmnt
temperature 63 lowttt 4i av rw humidity SO
pr enti wind southwest nvrat velocity 10 aUas
mba thrmomitr at ftrrjt pharmacy in Tna 8mr
feulldlnfr c rd < the Imperature reit rdyu follows
1803 lent IBM ice
aA 47 SlOP if83 VS >
1 BP M 78 wts
B AM M 50 ep Uat tT
uu es > 4 12 Mid Sit sie
AT rai Ott Aprils 1800 eo
lamL ornca roaicitt TILL 8 r a XUBDIV
Tb ttmptratura will fall 2Qt at Chicago and Bprlor
reid ULal Mllwaukteand Bt Loula nnd at Dabmjaa
IMTnport and Kiaknk 1w on Tueiday
For Hala Kw Ilamnhlr and Vermont fair
wtatbri light rain Wdnu4an southerly wlndsi
tatlouary tcmptrtur
yor Mat aobn iu Bbod island ana Oonnctlcal
fair wehlberi light rain Wdnoday morning aomv
rly wladi warmer except In eastern Mawacbuttsi
stationary temperature
ruriaiurn Jfta 1erlc uturn Anniylranla sad Km
Janvfalr tctiulier Heal Yale TISUJOI flljAt tnaStrli
want warmer
yor the District of Columbia Delaware Maryland
and Virginia light rain TotiiJar at itrnooa or renlnis
toutbrly wlndtt stationary Itmptratur
yor weittrn New York western fenntylraola ant
Wot Vlrdaln rats Tuiilri southerly winds wlnil
bit tint to nortbwetrly aud much colder by Widsct
day moruluf
Fret nibb ha bad a touch of the grip bnt not noort
to burl him
Cnarlet E Warna wa steeled lait night la be First
Lieutenant of Couipuy A Twtlflh Jitfliutnl
lbs Yanllocotln ynttrilay with n upon of many
old wrecks dtitrord Including lbs Vucay and lUt
Corntllu UartraYa
A Ju4rmnt for 48 wa entered yeitenlar silted
Kufo hatch of I Broadway la favor ot Jottpb duck
on two promUtory note mad on Junt I5tt
EllMlietU Mtchln apautnitr on the steamboat lle
nr ttautOtlL felt oil lit cnrpSank at a ooJock rt >
ttrdar moroluf l liii joel at franklin uttti ana was
FUtt Lltut Wllltaa Ctrtlrou was unanimously
Itoird Captain of U Company Twtutr ° on4 ltti
rnnt la1 nilbt to succeed Capt Bartlttt who bas
150 lct4 ellIot
Jadct Andrew ba granted aUoIatt dlrorotto Xa
tKlllolman from Strange A llolmani lo Mcliolaui
Bla < 1lmii lltr from marcia 8taittuu > llr end to Cioua
It fcDTlU from William Knyib
The man found dad in th artawar at 43n Panel
sliest on Sunday mornlaf wat ldtntlflil at Ih Marie
by lila wife riurdar as Michael J kbaaly a book
ktptr rio lived at 4111 Canal street
Juigs Barrttt In the Ortr and Ttrmlnr rwlrdy
took up th tat of rollciinan Wllllaiu SmIth who u
undr Indlotmtut for manilauililar lie U oharz < t
wiih trlkliii bit wit Mat un tIe tied with a ciub
on PO SI last ilhs tiled on Jan u tile year
Til body of Obtrlei O Darli clatter or Hi Columbia
Mailonal Bank nf Uoitun who WIS a cabin umtnitr
on tb Anchor line tatntulp Itopla funk off idtritl
tar arrived hr irriurttaf on tlit tieaiunlilii UolumMa
U will be burlid from lie rrildtnce of UU maldtu eta
leTs In horton
Judff OBrln liaf awarded Juitvmtnutn the fnllnw
Inc l < ralil rallrvd > iii Ktmle of Jaculi Colito
777an < t77K Hlilh avenue t70Ui fur fyi cud C ii ptr
year for Ion of rent Chin UaTainiih IK Hnwtrr
tltuo lot Itt and fiXiOa year rur l > Mof rent 1 M
Levy 77d Third arnn tluu for Ic and lluo year
for low ol rtnt
lush Uottt attd 9 ytara the daughter cf hattie
MOM a tailor In trrt clollilnj Clot at ol Howtry
was run ever and kllld la fwni of ii JtKrtun uteri
Tilrdar afternoon br a track drlrtn bjr Jclin li
tbartnof Ml Kail Illlli ttrttt The truck la owned
br Jono J annr of 44 BuflolH autt Itt Masse fam
ily lit at 82 Jtffnon street Tb drlrcr was ar
Mince flillmli ike divorced wife of Comedian Gus
PlitIipi Ootty tlochti pleaded guilt ltrd4y ii
the tinerai SeMlaul or ieltn a fluid Wath and
phitn yalsd at 1 groin ltiyttc J bowl in the pa
hoen at Ale btcliway onjrtb ii She baa been a
rtd cves tim oae5igege of ilealIn vats
hi from intoiiea d wee Sb got Iwo jeala is lbS
peulieatiu Ibis Hate

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