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If p f L f t ft r1rffJt If
L > r iTi
T 1 r
W j tH HIM WEJLWSifcibAY APRIL 15 iftn 1 1 I
J IWO aovusa 0 1 XZOISLA
rnlf IICI OlJJz
f Aiienkty r8 i > BtH t Ci L
o the FcOral Govern fOr Defences
r New TorkTk BrMiky a1 Blr
ItttltrUgoBtlUAilTaiec TkcTwOBty
tghtk Street Xallroa4 Bill P4
Aum April 14 Fish baa downed Faisttt
me date of 0 nal adjournment WM flxd today
f April 0 Vhen the resolution to tnt ffot
in reported from the Finance Commltte Mr
jTaisttt endesvoied to explain the matter and
lit himself down lacy Tb approaeh of April
lysod tbs deitri of th Finance Committal
I Hat the Supply bill Ihould beatenday bll
t1 him to canvass the Senate He found tw
J Dtor In favor of April SO and of the rest
onehalf were In favor of adjonrnlnit on the
17th and the other hal on the t But when
It bad been decided to compromise on the 24th
tie bd Republicans In the Assembly declared
tbtmielvot la favor of the 80th and this mad
the Finance Committee helat They have
BOW decided In favor of the 3th In deference
of the Assemblymen
10 the wishes Alemblmen
When the adjournment resolution reached
the Assembly amended from the Assemblys
lato of the 17th Mr McClelland moied t con
cur In i tbe amendment bnt ealdi
rr When tbe resolution to adjourn OD the 17th
caiiid thin body the Democratic majority
ant just what It said It wu their Inten
1 t tion to adjourn on that date and to hare bust
t sue In such shape that the adjournment
t could te token with propriety At the very
latest an adjournment on the 24th could have
been had Hut without offering any reason or
ICU the Senate bait decided upon the SOth
Mr Breaker I hope the people will not fall t
l understand tbe iRnlflrance of this The dick
1 ering blclerlng and disagreement of the R
f pobllcRio conipol the Democrats to stay her
looser than Is necmMary We could hare don
l all of our work and we could have don It
wl t an I no adjourned un the 17th
Gin litMeil said the Assembly had no right
to iiuetlou the notion of the Senate Each
hmse had 1 right to tar when It would b
i reiilro ivliourn The Legislature could not
I have adjourned on the 17th It would hay
been Innxs ble oen to past the financial lea
I Ulatlon mo < sfi ry t run the government
the stale Not since 1874 had tbe Legislature
i sd ournid I eloro April 30 BO tbe precedents of
In favor of that date
meotetn par woro dat
t en McMahon agreed with Gen Busted
that tbo Aaiemtily had no right t question the
action of the Senate but suggested that the
people of the State had a right to Question the
action of both Houses and would do aoe
cclnlr I > In relation to unnecessarily length
toed ee > on lie reviewed tbe Important
leniUil n < > l the I tesslon showed how I could
bite been dlro > < of and declared that It was
unjust 10 ao u Ie tim Democrats of bad faith 1
thMr elrrt lor an early adjournment He
thouht the further continuance of the session
was a iHjHltlrc Injury to tbe peopleof the State
Aside from the chance of bad legislation he I
simple d solution 01 the raft of tax bills now In
11 1 nj would tond to disturb the business of the
te tl
bth P
ii n HitMed could not stand this Herataed
his I i i to a louder pitch than bad yet been
btaid thl oasion aud said ba
I thn Ouil that as a legislator I am not a
rewtluilu 1 do not believe that the sessions
of th representative of the popl i who alt
pon thin floor a a disgrace or a menace to
the Mute 1 such a ruckle charge Is true
then republican government is a failure and
dmiumLy iHMruud Hut It Is not true Tie
IOIII > know tiiatlt I not tre I has never
been true and 1 sit here today with u square
a tot 01 Den ns e er sat In this chamber
JJr ilsh agreed heartily with Gen Huts
estimate 01 me popular approval of the LegU
Ia 1 uri Hint chanced that Leader UeCleUand
was guilty of hypocrisy In his altitude on ad
journment He favored staying session u
til the bulpess of the tttat was dlsuosed of
Biaker Bheebao In his perch smiled at this
ana Mr Flab expressed the hOI that he was
aw dleoommodlng the Speaker Mr Sheehan
responded that he simply recalled the strenn
PUI support that urentleman from Putnam
bad accorded to the resolution lor an adjourn
ment on the 17th when it was Bret Introduced
lent AnsembJy Air fish was too much
elated over his success as a mischief maker oa
the quetl n In the Senate to be disturbed by
a trifling pin like this He acknowledged
the change of mind with a smile and attribut
ed It to u mlMakp in calculating the capacity
of the Democratic majority to do business
Tie resolution to concur In the tnt date
I was then passed
I The other tuMnesn of the Assembly Included a
long I discussion ot the drafted Mens bill which
enurU in its rcvommlttnL The lame fat over
took the t a < i < ettConnolly Itnlldlng and Loan
Association tilil
bar dah in consent Introduced and the as
r i m ly I passeil ai once the bill ceding t the
FeuerilUoernment lands in Queens county
ul wiiKii to elect barbor defence batteries at
Semis 1 out nud Hewletts Point
JiieAsntmUly aaed to third reading the
Drotixkr > J m River Jirldge commission bill
and Mrsiiiivna rfsu clt ted JJlrkett twin
bridue 11IL epoaklnu to the latter Mr llu
mi > nihal renremted the Introduction of a
tniuurn that 1 hud IJCUD killed in the other
IIQIIMC anti culled nttcntlon t tbe scandals
that hail nccompnnle1 the course of tbe bill In
tIe Petn e Mr Sullivan with aoharacterlstl
caly lonmeiii expression declared that his
perils wnii to undo the scandals hl
Jar p tr I Mil abOUt the consolidation of
the Annello IHlrlet surlace railroads giving
in > m IPOBVI ftii privileges not enjoyed In any
Steer pin o the city went to a tblrd reading
Tb 1lno n substitute lor lbs Itevlaion Com
USfth n Court of Appall amendment was
istf up r Mr1 < l > and peesed by a vote of
t I to laiur rldelor flteen Justices of the
MoV t iieitt aUd II but known M the
p 0 sm t
Tl > Asicmby Hat industriously work on
sriund ia Olnl of hills at an afternoon slon
Slid hat an piing session until long alter 10
teIoek jfteldotital < to the second reading work
wis NI tlu II appy despatch of the Harvey Claim
bilL in i Cani > ollr s liiiliding law was progressed
BUU made A M O < lal order for Friday morn
tnt A few bills were Passed including
bis wer laclUdlnl
EKf r Cantors Bronx Park Museum and
itotanlcal Garden bill and tbe Niagara Water
OWn tomllnJ < incorporating act which In
Creased Ih capital from MOOUOOO i to 10
00 This is a bill for kblgpowarcom
K7 JP which the 10l I blprol
ii Wonibly and 1nuilsh capital are Interested
2Le T rf c M bill was reported to b printed
Th eniite mad a special order for bur
day p o Ilnl of teuator Laugr fin 5 resolution
empowering the Canal CommIt to nioya
PIalllt summer 10 the Invesiteatlon of the
SSmfci The point involved lsnppoed to be a
PiitIcni attack
Wit01 upon Superintendent Hannan
Xfi I Some Position ou tie Assembly Ide
toi I retaliate or to got aboard the junketing j
10l aboar
train by movIng some Investigation tutu lie
DUDllcun cities and derartments
L11 rush Inspired by the approach of the end
of the t se8sl00 began today host te the
nllr JIB i renditions IUd advanci
tsT Iheftier lil11 to the utmost limit under tb f
ruisj mtng the bills passed
AInJ bis was Hasten a
Jnnjfislj liittn8lon bill Brown bill em
poweilng the Dock Commissioner bil give
iiiililiiSi < iJiireJt tls to Oyster boat Blrkettn
IfJir 01M bill I I for tt soldiers monument In
1 nAtlrli < vnnttf Aten < 1n the Ule of the
Greater Nw York Commission one year
s01 I ipproiirlai > 125000 the Blumentbal
4000Oiu schoolhouse bill and the MuUanT
tin for the relief of the i Twentyeighth and
TWsntrnlath street crosstown raIlroad a4
8fntorO nYd to strike out the en
ctlpg Clau a of the Mnllancy
101 Uolao bill because
bill tracucafly nullins tbe Cantor act under
35hMrf ehise for street railroads are unde
lie held that the proper way to remedy sold
eornnlalnt that the Didders for thin franehls
ititi I WU to ash the franchls anew frnoble
on to strike out waa lost 10 to 18 and the bill
a oad au to H Th city metSbers bil
nMiMdt 10 t The ciy members who
t Ut Jl nfiyor of the bill Were Abeam aud
o lob Those in the negative were Cantor
Yea Mauler and Stewart Drown wa absent
tIe olocen bill provldes mr mk that the a new Binning contract Fund with Com the
raliroad company which bid 38
compln pr cent of Its
iross reel ts for tbe frnnchls and cot lt
the track is I laid and rolling stock bought will
contract hot Sniteavor to operate tbe road < n dSr the
AceuBUs UaggU MlUkcll
CIUC40O April itJUIss Maria Erampa of
15 j Poplar street Philadelphia applied to
APor Cregler today for uslstanc to
teach be howl She tbat
lu say In February
> she was employed by Maggie Mitebell lbs
iQtteps se a tutor In Oernian She that
SSwr Oermla Sh says wlf
llpr lch1 md r severe tem with
sh was
an exacting mietress
thit stand I K when a Mil Krampa unable an to
strain broke down
Vtr11uVbntkonfcW4h AOU
PiStratlon at Burijuiton Iowa I St
IiIiuis ldItobell
a lurlnlton JOWD
1000usd Mltobel
Lflralon h r without iltoner broueh the
atl13Ddond Ione
ti00s some railroad miD she was ens
IItIDe COl 10 Chiosgo qd lbs wanted as
tit et to lbiladilpbls wntd I
Iefergj 101 bldllphl Mayor
rofcrle her to the Visitation and Aid Society
4 A Hrmey for 11 Grippe
rmOJ rOOIInO for alnl amle4 with
p I hDII UaIop wi hlph ii lh
Ir Dal1 IupsclaUy sdupt
tS4trtsympiPmSot 11 lb m end lungs JolaUy advl
fro hv it disa bet set a bnlti l
Itig 10 had lorJhlrtl ills n44
c1a4 t mII
ri 100 bui
lh a itedsucy 10 Prl us on
Li II1llU I la1 C
Clevelands Baking Powder
S Dooa not contain ammonia
Costs no more than ammonia powders
I goes further
It i pure and wholesome
You should use it
K ltaal Hcrk for Ske SMp
Al ets nc hMdlsccvar4 tat certain herte 4 4ft1
bloapaS i asi warn en M eNI Tip e I a
prepar d llncur Baad by IZC P tt ra
Co i rasa1 N T will surely i privies mi sitS M lt
eontallon Tfeeyaro worn 57 ikouai set sue r
wiiora hu i vr eantjit It urlpp
Alt T OCT drijit for Ife w SellS fAfv IC
411 11
ALVRAP IraKH Freoh im CollHC plus K t
laadrd BnnUI ArIag > NrIU
laflM HUrU Coal and Cue
Lasher Brand Collar aaI Cun
Do rO war iemf
x pa RkIHe to McKlar Htm Ibr S
aebiWrstsay pro aalll Br < w4 way
cptrl i
Ut S t
tl y U I vets
ay etatr < a
PIW 1 f
TIW AT tft4 iireadwey 5 r T I ne TDo
111 isis city bneb aad on rre a es
curser Ott set au Tiobo e 0 IIu
paddi4 yea tar inulot uraliuu 7t uial r tiftiU
nqvln Immatlat ailtpllon N UMOWII VKBXtFUM
gvs tflnfiiaickly icr salt by Iminui ae a tmT
coonn MJD COLD 4an9
C01O are anttroM fn r
era sMltbtrnwitli PAIISRsIINO
ABSBUlt HAIl isLeati sUe lb hair srowtb
opiotiterU cur oniilpatlo n pllta QL1T fv
insUaUsRIm ill Slh T ad all ttarjlata
Jwn Jt itt
NowZsdytkeMay Past f the
Coolklnlnr Ih butnini of s nsw story aUU4
bstdiaLl lb fUoi rAsh A1101IL wish o
< SfO IA1 U ssepimess el 41 VIOIYaS Oo
atfb fJkHION PLatS of 14 nulJ 118 0
lIDilt II IJ Miala at alwla
Gs1zsAtTMl2iL 5 o
ON t to sRIL i ii uvedselri
0 lae Door Best vrBroaawitjr NJCW TOZ
fl New JG
1 r fil XuvEU
r1f tUiCl 12
f I nw = Wai
CRiTiciaara l Far XOARD a
cmtoral or the Ceate sri KCCOBB
BBcBacd hJ the AIsssbty Committee
AIDANT April UThe majority report of
the Assembly Committee appointed under a
resolution of Jan 91 last to innnlr Into the
administration of lh laws In relation to the
forest Preserve by the Font Commissioner
wa submitted today The report quote the
law renting the Commission which provides
that I shall rrfeot and maintain A wise and
Intelligent system of administration and say
The lavesttf stlOB dliclosee that BO such rule or I
lithe was ever made BSdir Ihli provliloai that the
Commlisloniri have proceeded and arc BOW proceeding
without any aeitied policy for their SeaM or Its sanordl
natal Tlielr effJelal meeilnn have keen coBdnelcd IB
the moat IrriiBar manner ISO recular tu or parted
millet of hair prccctdlnta have ever bus kepi
Tkelr bock of minute proud Lore the committee
Ie a maser affair and but few dineitoni ware intend
SMO thai mInutes All the nlhrdlr otlone were vet
baL In this 1Ih the Cotninlwlouere and lbs Wardia
TV wliacBi written raleiandretuliiloni and with
oat direction duly fnlru on the mlnntre thire mUrht
be eec policy today sue another lomorrow or none
al Iii
Section is er the MlreoulrU that Ibe Oommliilonen
shalt 10 January ef each rear make a report lo the
Lesisiature ot their procetdlBta I This baa never teen
den > aCt men the luiperdci minaici abut men
110usd nave ever beta reported or puMiebed The pro
eeedlarc and doing of the form commiietonere were
never Known until this larMtlitatlnn The commutes
I ccmiirainedI lo ear from the evidence ot itte Com
mUiloneri I and Warden that tbe ccmmliilonirn have
been ntillKint and appear to be nnable lo comprehend
or dIiebar their duties as reootred brihe law ereCt
iogi iihtmatlea they ha tatleC to do so Ft o
Opoji eoBsMcrlBf t witeli cvldihce bronihl I to
7olarcommIiieI a Ilha 1 omelat ucufuiciN
oleial neal
of the Fort Comntiiittt a at pruuunt 000stituw S
55usd or thus VaSOIIS tier 500511 I be a rSorfIntta
I I llbe Prl CO mlIof rarlictular IIISIIIISU
of acts iraniaennna or neliota were bronchi at ienmii
befit MI commllleewhich hnve bale the cubjecifrf
ester entlclm v1 ILw pirriSt autO ecnvtaela I ii
DTanailoni of them hava act been made II U rocretud
ty commliti that some mlsbt honestly charao
little Ab t Ihan or some n bun as cbarO o
ini aine Ta eommIttCS will tint pow character
F any FI unfirtunel eommItnn anti rOI
StOOL W rlr that sack ot tiaC mmb of the Al I
iambic shall draw hIs on eonlloo from the
volaubtois syiCunu a 10 whither ibiD bU bun any
ciouaeoratplaaatioiC 1
Th report signed by William Ryan John
r r bJ Wilam
Connelly genry Cavle William M Cameron
amae lnIP y and 0org H Bush
The bill which will ho ubmlttedwith the re
port and which embodies the committees rec
ommendations rtoreanlte the Forest Commis
sion oiovldins that the term of offlc of the
present Commissioner Is endd and that the
Onvernor shall appoint three Pores Uomml
Onnror Ib1 allnt Fors Imm
honors as now provided by law I also pro
vide penalties fur trespass Ac Ao Com
mlsklpner shall cause to bedescribed br
exterior boundary line such lands In Clln
ton Essex Franklin Fulton Hamilton Hlr
klmer Lewis oneida Baratdga tit Law
rence Warren and Washington coun
ties its may b necessary to protect the sources
ra eure
of the Hudson blank Moose Beaver Oswe
gatohi Kanuctte tt Regis and fcfaranao
lllvers and the affluent nt the Mohawk to be
known u the Adirondack Forest Preserve
such boundary line to b approved by the
Commissioners of ths Land Ofllce The Comp
troller Is I authorlred to sell or exchange land
outside of tbe boundaries of the Adirondack
Forest Preserve or Cntsklll PArk such sal or
exchange to be approved by the Commission
era of the Land Office Ample provision for
the Comptrollers bidding in forrst land at
Stats tax sales Is made It is a
to bo lawful for mae of land
within the Adirondack Preserve upon
which taxes have been assessed 1Pl
remain unpaid to peel l bark or cut timber on
such lands or allow others to do so under
penalty of f 600 for each violation The Cmp
troller may purchase lands within tbe forest
preserve upon such terms and conditions as
appear to be for the public Interests subject
to the approval of the Commissioners of the
Land Office The Commissioners of the Land
Office may select any land within the Adiron
dack forest preserve for an addition to the
Btatf forest lands end if the Comptroller can
not agree with the owner for the purchase of
the lame the Commissioners of the Land
Office may acquire the same br exercising the
right of eminent domain The bill repeal
chanter 485 of the law of 1887 the Haler aor
and allows the State to bid on land at State
tax 1011 te
t minority report slimed by Messrs flirt H
slmed BIt
J mlnortJ Brown Dickinson and Olfford
was also submitted i says that nothing was
shown In the Investigation that reitected upon
the honesty of any member of tbe Commis
sion and that the Commission hl done its
work carefully and efficiently These recom
mendations aro mae I
yirst An amendment to section so of chatter IDS
law ef 1MS cilAbliblnff the Forest CominlialAn and
deanlnr its paviri and dntua blah ihlt provide sat
Detent DiBalilei tar the violation ot ralei which ihall b
made by the Uommliaton tor lbs prevention and np
preulon ot forest flrn
Second A moderate cum shall he provided fo the
purposa of uprmnL nodit the direction of the FeD
Conimlulon with rererence to tbe replantlnf ot de
nodal landi which have either been exbaoiled by cal >
tlvatlon rod < l br torrent or Injured br Ore
Third 1e the eomneniatlon ot nr wardens b
mode a eunnty iBilead of a town chart and that
their account bo audited by the Hoard of Rnptrvlaor
dcre of the respective coanUes whsrc Lbs cirvlcii arc D
VotirthTTial chapter 281 Laws of 19SS b farther
amended ci lo provide that the PotMt Commission
hill report annually to the Lgtelator l a detailed
almnlor lu reoelpu from all sonroec and lu 41
bunemenu In every direction
Both reports were mad a special order for
Wednesday of next week
They Cow aa JEekoe Proam the BoBmalast
of the AlBwaaarlca Wall
Building expert spent some time yesterday
afternoon sounding the walls of tho Albemarl
Hotel with hammers and caused much com
ment among the guests It was said last night
I explanation that the hotel was to be torn
house own and t b replaced by a bU carpet wa
Tbe building is owned by the Kenney broth
ers tobacconists and Landlord Walters will
be required to leave Boon A rumor was afloat
Ird t IOOn rmor aloat
that Ed Blokes Is I going to buy the property
and add it to the Hodman house
He has been trying to get It and said recently
cently that he had made an offer for the
property It wl ba said last night that
Landlord JValteis was to take charge of
a new twelvestory botnl on Broadway be
tween Fortyfourth and Fortyfifth streets the
twn te
plan for which are soon to b completed
4ZU 1
Arthur rriedkclmv edt
The third of Mr Friedhelm piano recital
which wa given yesterday afternoon in the
crypt corner of Fiftyseventh street and Sev
enth avenue wu especially noticeable because
cause of the fact that the concert programs
contained only the work of the virtuoso
master Liszt TU interest attaching t the
Llszt I
oceaMon lay not bower In the fact that
Liszts genius not the kind which bears close
or long inspection t since In reality his fantas
tic method and introspective mannerisms b
come fearfully tedious under tIe stress of con
tinned hearing and attention but came from
ibo peculiar aptitude which liledbelm dii
Java pula interpretation The extended
md earnest study which Fried bclm ha be
itowed upon his learner a l rfuslon has given
hint an external and mechanical ability for
heir interpretation which gives tbm a brll
hut t showIng Iu
l This power nevertheless ends In the display
of an extraordinary technique and does not
embrace any of this poetry or subtle imaglna
lon which oould either follow or Jfiustrata
Lilazte airy and erratic flights Frledhelmri
strength and endurance are marvellous his
reloortyl ii nlM wonderful esrveolally when I
Li allied with clearness which It sometimes Is
sometimes Is I not But his touch is 1 heavy on
lymDathBtlf nnd his renderings Oten tucking
fn grace and charm as bin personality falls in
magnetism Ills lest efforts yesterday wr
nth Legeuden and the T StudIes After
agsnlnl H which In themselves being more
ymmetncal ana melodlou than some of
LIurts original conceptions were thus nat
irally more grateful to the ea
The BublaeKIa Club Coaecrt
A request programme Was alvin by the
Bublnstela Club at Its third concert of th
aun In Cblokerlng Hall last evening Th
the Spinning Chorus from
first number wu tb SplDI1aK Chor fom
The Flying Dutchman which sine the
founding of the club has been the most famll
lar request at all Its entertainments The
LX > st Chord was received with more warmth
than any other pIece on the proalmme 1h
applause was Iremrndoul and Wiljiam 1
PI18UI wal director 11 repeatedly old i
out 10 aknowledIt the actos we nor
turns fad a fantaale crrtelat qu rendtrod
hi hlius tIavie Van der Ueude 00 the yIoLnn
r1 and Waiters Jrlre song from The
loistdrsjnger and Bckor s Sprlnlta
sung ty Iler Andreas Ilpp L The members
or tie club sat In n bower of palms and green
branches on tbe stage The auditorium was
filled and scores ol persons stood in the gallery I
Unlackf Actor In A Lucky Kaa
Tho actors who played In A Lucky Man at
Nlbloa Garden last week congregated at an
UDtown agency yesteidayand told the not
unusual tale of theatrical woe They declared
that though they had been encased with fair
promises they had not been paid for their
weeks work Two nOt r of them are prac
tically pennlMts and there tl no prospect ot
employment at 11111 date In the on
7 II Ryan tie Irish comedian wa among
the sufferer He says Mlblos is a hoodoo mor
played there In Noah Ark and did not gt
bU wages after the first week and other In I
the trout > agree that the theatre llnpk3
upon as ep iinlucky F house A Lucky Mn
It was said did not thy to Its exppsos let
dn orodtt The manager wap Al 6 lioth I
prolt Nat Roth who Wit to manage a
HarlAi theatre Vonug Ur lioth ha not
faced his actor ret they say I I
jutovjunn AT rAN J1 THE J10
rae Oppoeltloa to the Elevated Kxtemelo
Not ZepressetedPicati 01 Ofn > ttom
TkOB kto tko Mekeme to Beiaovo CbS
iyatd Slractar from the Park
AUIAXT April It The Assembly BattroM
Committee gave a hearing tonight on the
Clark bill for the extension of the elevated
railroad terminal facilities II the Battery by
broadening the existing structure without
using any more of the surface for foundation
The array of representative of different In
lerests la favor of the bill was one of the
lsrgst that hu been seen at committee
bearing this Mason Among the representa
tives were F B Thurber who spoke for the
merchants Cyrus Clark for the west side
Association Lawson N Fuller for the Wash
Ington Heights Tax Payers Association E
Judge Frederick O GeJney who nook for
the public and said that In careful Investiga
tion ho had found no opposition t the
bill among the worklngmon and working
women In tbllabr orsanlratlonn Thomas
E Triplet l J Miller and Charles A Data
of Yonkers James A Drng of the Uptown
Property Owner Association Charles T
Cronin of the Rapid Transit League and Julian
T Davies general counsel of the elevated rail
The opposition t the bill did not seem to b
ntflclemtly strong t be represented at 11
Assistant Corporation Counsel BInd stated
that the city authorities ware opposed to the
of Battery Park
taking of any more Daten Part
Assemblyman Mullanay of the committee
and Senator Drown who divide the honor of
representing the Battery district crouex
unload and objected somewhat during the
hearing Mr Davies Insisted that they and
their constituents were Influenced bymlsrep
nsontatlim of the bills effect
Be found Homethlng of the same misunder
standing lu the committee and addressed
himself to making I plain especially
to Dr Bush that under the provisions ol
the i bill only an gcregat width of 43
feel would b ud far tracks and only 83
feet at tbe station This Is a broadening on
only each side ot the existing structure of ton feet
Tbe point wa mad by nearly every speaker
that It I the work could be done In tbe night
done of the quixotic defenders of Battery Park
could see any difference in It I the next morning
Col Fuller in the beat of his argument lapsed
Into what his unaccustomed auditors thought
wa bumptiontnes Tny were not familiar
with the breezy oratory of Washington Heights
A exemplified by OoL Fuller and H B Perkins
Assemblyman OConnor was roved to ug
tTAit that committee should retire to the
Albany Crib Club the scene of the Dlxon
debt McCarthy pre fight for tha continuance ot the
this Col and Fnlltr retorted grew unmistakably bumptious at
Tba gentleman would not stand long under
those tnUeJn doesnt believe 1 Je him
rullS I
step outside and I willlshow him
the committee seems disposed to report the
bill L It had no tim to consider the matter to
day as Ambrose Butler of the liuffmo News
and a delegation of newspaper men were wait
ing to be beard in favor of the Bulllvan
bin to prohibit the use of the structure or cars
r elevated or surface rod In cities of over
00000 Inhabitants for advertising purposes
q Col Brown was against the railroads on this
At the same time with this hearing the Cities
Committee up stairs wa considering the
Tim Bulllvan bill to compel the removal of
the elevated structure already erected In
Battery Park The eoeakcra against the
measure were two of those who also spoke
before the ICallroad Committee but having a
clearer field they talked at greater length here
On > was Mr Thurber who lpk generally In
favor of the elevated system though he
has no U tot property and wa at one tlm
disposed to think that CbS elevated would In
jure downtown Iproperty Be thought the
whole city shared in the tremendous benefit
that had accrued from the development the
elevated l railroads mado
Be was sure that a very large majority of the
residents of the neighborhood would testify
that nt present structure on later Park
constituted no interference with the light and
air to b enjoyed by the frequenter of the
park nor would Its proposed Improvement
The other twooommlttepower talker wa
Mr Davles who showed that there was no oc
casion for the enactment of the Bulllvan
bill as the company occupies Battery
Park now under a permit from
the Park Commissioners revocable on six
moolbl notice if It Is deemed to be for the
public interest I To remove the Battery Park
structure now would necessitate tbat Hector
street should become the southern terminus of
the west eld system
When I asked why the company did not buy
private property to obviate this difficulty Mr
Varies explained tbat there wa no help to be
got In that direction
aQ chief trouble was the double curve that
would bl necessary at Greenwich street Bat
tery place and State street where the Wash
ington office building and tbe proposed new
Custom House made it Impossible to acquire
property to permit wider curves t be laid out
Mr Dale read a lot of figures showing how
important to the convenience of the public the
threatened stations at South Ferry and Bat
tery Place were In the year ending Sept 30
1891 over four million passengers used them
There in no chance of the committee s re
porting the Bulllvan bill unless adversely
A Newly Iaors > orate < Coaspaajr Bnyiai
Adjacent Land
The largest group of warehouses in the
country Is now building on the block bounded
ir Twentyseventh and Twentyeighth streets
and Eleventh and Thirteen avenue Borne of
the men Interested In the enterprise with
other have had themselves Incorporated a
tb Terminal Improvement Company the ob
jot TrmIDallmlrmenl I and Improve real
state adjoining with a view to Its possible
use by the warehouse company later on
Some of the principal stockholders Interested
In the Improvement Company are Samuel
Colgate Theodore Havemeyer James A
Roosevelt Henry O I Moore John w Aitken
and James Stiilmath The trsle forth first
year are James 1 DowerJoho J arlJf
of the Sugar IlenOlrll l Company Wiiam W
SoLBlter H Walter Webb of the New York
Central land Benjamin A Bands A meeting
nUa held on Thursday afternoon at Mr
tosslters offlce77 Broad street to effect an
organization Thirty city lots on Twenty
eighth 200000 street have already been bought for
The Terminal Warehouse Company which
the Improvement Company Is a sort of olT
shoot has been Tn existence more than a year
U President is William w liosslter and Wll
ham lIsldent is I llam the active members
Work on the warehouses wa begun in March
a year ago There are to be thirty of the
warehouses each 60x100 feet and seven stories
high Including basements they will have
bay twentyelimt acres of storage room The
racks of the New York Control will run I
through the building to Pier 67 North Illver
Which Is owned by the company The Ideals
bat goods from foreign countries may b
anded at the pier and stored In the ware
bousci until ready for shipment Th site of
he warehouses oost uo8 and the estimat
ed cost of the buildings is 1250000 Two of
he purposes warehouse will bl used for cold storage I
Ftrebora Milter Red for the Oran Jury
Hugh 0 Miller the Brooklyn firebug was
arraigned yesterday for examination in the
Adams Street Pollco Court All through the
proceedings be hung his bead In sham and
looked neither t the right nor left HU father
la apart from hIm and held no communica
tion with him All the testimony presented
was confined c th incendiary fire In the ex i
tension to the frjm house at 181 Bridge street
on the night of March ill which Miller con
e s d be bad started after plugging the koy
ole e the nearest fire nlDrm box
CAPt ton testified that when the fire bad
> en extinguished he dlscoyerud trace of
eroseneoironthf stairway of the extension
md that when Miller WAS arrested on the fol
towing night he Miler that be had plugged
the tire box sprinkled kerosene on the built
way and set Is ID lire
Twelveyearold John Connerton testified
but a few minutes befure the Ir was dleoy
crud Miller met him In bridge and High streets
and giving him ten cents sent him to grocer r
stor KIYoallm of kerosene He returned with
tie oil and gay 1 to Miller who hauded him
lack the three cents change
tbr cat obanle
11 further testimony was offered by District
Attorney ttldgway and 1 Miller who made no
defeno was held by Justice Walsh to await
the action of tb Grand Jury
Thrown from a Buggy and Injured
Miss Charlotte Cates of Baltimore who has
been visiting the family of O D B Track at
Sailors Snug Harbor went out driving on
Monday afternoon mMcompanled b > John
ruk sion of Oov Trask While they wIn
eqdln arfn I the turnpike at Tomp
kmtvill the horse became unmanageable and
Upset the buggy Jhe occupant were thrown
out tbl Hiss Cates was thrown violently I
out tie curb lb was carried 10 an un
con eloHs condljlon to a nenr by drug store
Ur Vllllam 0 Walcrfouna that her skull had
been fractured 1 She Is 1 NOW In Uov Trneks
residence serious Injury Young Track escaped without J
tmn or TUB BOA
T lropeet or the Advisory Be r4 XsTees
liuc Look Dnblon
Chicago despatches say the failure to secure
a Quorum at tbe meeting of the Advisory
Board of the Western Trafflo Association yes
terday Is regarded In railway circles as a pret
ty eat Indication that Jay Gould has decided
to upset the President agreement The ab
sence of tile Southern Pnclfla and the Great
Northern wat not considered very significant
but the absence of the Missouri Pacific and
Union Pacific officials was considered a omi
nous A general manager remarked that the
Importance of the Western Traffic Association
baa bon greatly exaggerated from the Ont
It is not what the President aimed to give
us when they met In New Yort he said
Their object wa to reduce the number of
traffic associations In the West by creating one
largo association to take the place of sev
stat smaller one In doing that they elm
ply I added one to the number Why the
Presidents agreement in its present form
I of no earthly benefit to th rail
roads and the Presidents know It When
they found they could not accomplish the pur
pose for which they met they decided It would
not do to acknowledge their failure as the
effect would be bad Therefore they patched
up a Impracticable agreement signed by fifteen I
teen roads and launched it ns solution to the
railroad problem In the West I was a i
blind The otbor trifle associations were
not abolished nor their rule changed
and although a pretence has been
made once or twice to enforce some
of the new rules the traffio managers
haie continued to do business under the old
agreements It lultrne that rates have been
better maintained this whiter than for several
years before but tho Federal Orand
Juries bforo tho Western Tramn Associa
tion are to be thanked for that The present
agreement Is I too weak to support Itself Jay
Gould is not blamed for staying away from the
meeting so much us for his lack of courtesy In
Lot collfting the Buard h intention
One more trunk line the Mew York Ontario
and Western came out yesterday with an an
nouncement to Its agents directing them to
boycott the Chicago and Alton on and after to
day The Lehlgh Valley Delaware Locke
Wanna and Western anti Central Railroad of
New Jersey are yet to be beard from General
Elster Passenger Agent Charles Oberg of the
Alton has belo busy completing his arrange
ments for handling traffio by now meth
ods In ease the boycott goes Into effect today
as ordered He will first try to get the dine
ent trunk lines to sell tickets over his road
and If they refuse be will then appoint a big
corps of agents to wi up business for tb
Alton lie says that ho has the addresses of
17000 scents throughout the country and a
great Ienls of them will be glad to work for
the Alton u they did during the previous boy
cott 5 Alon the promise of reasonable commls
There Is much curiosity among railroad men
as to how many of the original sixtysix roads
between the Mississippi hlver and the sea
board will come tt the scratch today and re
fuse to accept tickets of Alton issue The b
lief Is growing In New York that the boycott is
an Illadvised and hasty procedure that was
forced upon the roads by certain members of
the Board of Itullngx who are better up in
freight than passenger matters A Suit re
porter found more than one executive omcer
of the trunk lines whq was opposed to boycot
ting trnk distinguished President is said to
dltlplbed 1reldenl
nl the failure ot the first
have remarked after falur nrt
boycott against the Alton that he would never
have anything to do with another
A Chicago despatch saxs The general
manager of one of the Eastern rdL sup
posed to be represented by the Board of
Rulings in its 1preane of a boycott against
the Chicago and Alton takes exception to this
statements made In the notice served on the
Alton This I general manager has written a
letter to the Board of ulnae In which he
enutln your letter to C H Chanoell you say
you hav the authority to issue tbe notice In I
the name of tbe assenting companies an
on the list of assenting linos you name
this road Permit me to call your attention to
the fact that neither of l these lines assented to
the action of your committee and they are not
favorable to such action 1 am satisfied that
commissions are still being paid by other
lines aud tbat ar good can possibly come ot
your attempting to saddle the responsibility
for allot this upon the Chicago and Alton
Official notice has also been given by the Mo
non road that it will not obey the order t boy
cott tho Alton
cot Aton
President John H Inman of the Richmond
Terminal system returned yesterday Irom a
several weeks trip to the South He went for
welk8 tip loutl
recreation but be combined bnslnes with
pleasure taking the opportunity to make a
borough Inspection of the Terminal system
Jlr Inman was banqueted at Chattanooga
< harleston and other Places and he was an
honored guest every where he went Mr In
man SOTS that the Couth is growing mon
rapidly than ever
Several changes were made In the dime
Bevral If the Long Island llallroad at the
annnolineetlng yesterday as THE Bur sug
gested would happen nt tile SlmMr Charles
Pratt bought the Maxwell and Gtave ho lj
lags The new members in the Board are
Th Pratt Benjamin Norton and B 1 n
Heynolds all friendly to M Corbln
Prehlnt Thomas P Fowler of the New I
York Ontario and Western Railway expects t I
leave fQ Liverpool today op the steamship
Cjtycf fQt York to be gone about six week
Mr Fowler goes abroad t discuss the aral
of the company with some 01 the larger stock
cmpan wih
loldets amongiwbom are Dlreoiora Joseph
Price Charles Russell and Henry Pearson
Then directorwarolcted at t1e annual
meetIng yesterday of tho < PltUbnrgh naa
latl Otiloazo and Ht l Louis Railroad W A
Lull lirl
111 UIloajO Scott George Willard B B Con
ilngham JE Davidson J T Brooks James
ilcOreo TD MeeslKrWH Barnes Geprg
II Roberts Frank Thomson J N Dn Bary
and John P Green
The Chicago ad Alto has consented to
withdraw its tariff of reduced rates from Chi
isgoto Texas points bywayof St Louis pend
ng an arbitration of th questions involved I
Chairman d Ie of the Testern Freight As
sociation and Chairman Falthorn of the Bomb
western pool ae to bethe arbitrators Until
their decision is I given the previous rotes and
divisIons will be adhered to by the Alton
The latter company does not waive its right to
make tower rates from Chicago than are made
from Milwaukee on Texas business bat agree
arbitration hat the fairest way to setUe the matter II by
WIOTON Del April 14 Miss Mary Wil
son eldest daughter of Oen James B Wilson
was married at noon today at Stockford the
famIly home t Henry DTbompson
The Ht Rev Leighton Coleman Bishop of
the Diocese of Delaware officiated The best
Robinson of Phlladelpbla
man wu Thomas Illaellhl
The main of honor was Aellle Wilson and the
ridesmaidswer Ms Oat srlnl Wilson the
bridss sister Miff Ml lie MoComband Miss
Annlo IX Dupont of tbU city aud Mae lila
Dumond of Albany
Among those present were Senator and
Mrs Gray Gen W F I Hinltb fienatnr Higgins
Judge Irubb Charles A Pains Miss Dana
dr and Irlbl John 1 DosPasuos Buydaia
Grant and others
Defaulter Wlnonat Dead
lUtTJMonr April 14 Newswas received In
this city today of the death pf William A WI >
0nK Until Nov 1 last be was Bert and
Treasurer of the Safe Deposit and Trust Com
pany of Baltimore and until recently be wa
Treasurer of the Poor Association of this city
ie bad been In Illhealth for a long time but
did not complain and his friends who noticed
ils won upii nranc attributed it to his adyane
image and worry over the lou of his place
with the halo Deposit Company with which be
wih ben connected for many year After the
llselosur of his appropriation of the money
of the Poor sooiatlon Mr Wlsong went to
iartlnsburir W Ye where the strain under
which lot blm he bad laboring proved too much
I Stanley DenU It
BBUSSEM April 14The Etotli Stint say
bit Henry M Stanley has bean appointed
Governor of the Congo State
Mr Stanley said last pight that this report
f s not Irue He will sail for England today on
I the City of New fork
i f s
A BeaarkaBl Hnn la the Case Wklek
M Batter Jatd WoaUl Mark His Bo
tlreateat from Crlialaal rnwtle J
Make Hlsseetr Hear sad Will B a ea t
tko TrcatMcat Bt > ro a nigkvr Trikaaat
BOSTOK April l4Osn n I1 Butler fe
nearly fifty a a member of the United
States bar today wa forbidden t address
the Can The scene wa remarkable and
wa the outcome of a eerie of sensation connected
nected with the trial of Mrs Clarttta F Jobn
for At the Gen Butler
son perjury outset OL Bute announced
nounced that this would b his last erimtna
rue Ha ha fought every inch I of the way a
determinedly a he ever fought any battle
Today he was deposed by the Court and the
prisoner was Informed by Judge Carpenter
that she must seeur other counsel
Before the ensuing of the cur this morning
rumors hid bn current that something out
of the usual course would happen Th court
room was crowded and those In the andltn
kept eye in thl direction of the entrance
watching for the arrival of Go Butler BI
entered th court room In company with his
partner Prentlss Webster He wore his accustomed
pik customed but this Urn a carnation
As hi approached the bar In front of the
bench be bowed 1 salutation ot the Court but
obtained no recognition in response A mo
ment afterward Mr Johnson entered the
door supported by one of the court officers
and was escorted to a sat outside the dok
She wa very pale and on each cheek then
was a crimson spot As loU as she was seated
Gen Butler arose approached the bench and
Dutr te bnel
with his elbow resting upon the clerk desk
bowed again and began
Slay it please your Honol
Be was permitted to go no further in h ad
dress Judge Carpenter looked directly Into
Quietly the General but distinctly eyes and Interrupting said
You ale fprbldden to address ml on any
nbject Mr Butler
Gen Bntler without a suggestion of Chagrin
or surprise attempted to continue
I hay ft motion
Judge Carpenter without a trace of agita
JuWe Uarnter wihout trae ult
tion and with equal mildness of tone rpTled
IOU can file It
e en BuUr have already ted I with the i I
Judg Carpenter Very welt You cannot b
allowed to address me at any time
Geo Butler glancing In the direction of the
Judge and then to the lerkMrs Johnson I
her In court la her own proper person and la
her own proper person flies this motion in
arrest of Judgment You II ca do moton you
please with It
Gen Butler then passed tbe document to the
Clerk and slowly retired toward the rear of the
rm The Judge took no notice or blm
The General then sat down pulled a clear
out of his pocket and began to chew one end
of t now and tben taking It out i and clinching
his teeth firmly ash looked boat the court
room Then he walked back and forth In front of
the bench three or four times while the Judge
and tie District Attorney consulted The sen
tenoe of the prisoner was deferred on account
of this unexpected Incident In order that she
might obtain new eonnsel L orer t
On Butler with difficulty restrained angry
words when asked I ha bad anything ar
about Judge Carpenter action He said I
have something to say but remember I dont
say ft ip the court 1 ay that his action lilt
the illbred discourteous Judge that he is I
Iy that lie thought he was goingio sentence
the prisoner but 1 did not lolnto lbal carry
the matter further Into the proper courts 01
Continuing Oen Butler gave this version of
the dialogue between Judge Carpenter and
himself I attended court this morning at tb
hour named and when there seemed to b nl
other business before the Court my client be
ing present and the hour at which the ease
presnt aol te t08
should hare come upn having arrived a arcs
calmly nndjespectul1y and Iall May I
please you Honor I have a motion
M Stop Mr BUtS he said with great heat
and turning very pale Btop Mr Butler Yon
oant address the Court on any subject yon
are not permitted to address me on any sub
jeer I repeated I have a motion ot my cli
ent Mrs Johnson In arrest of judgment which
I desire to file
File anything yon places sIr
5 It Is I already tiled In the Clerk omo I
have the duplicate of It to submit to your
Honor and I dont care what our honor doe
with It I said my object being to get it before
the Court and 1 sat town That befQrr
had to say or intended to say I did not ehooa
to say any more When I havela duty to per
form I always go on and do it and the fact that
a fly lights on my nos don not Binder m
from finishing a sentence I cam away That
Ia all
Can you assign any reason for tbe action of
the Judge
Ys pure eussedness No other reason
that I know of If it was not that
Hay yon and the Judge been friendly al
waysNo sir never I hal DO special reason te
be friendly to the Judge HIli position does
not require it I lie is only an Inferior Judge
of an inferior court of the inferior State of
Ubod Island brought up her to hold
court while the regular Judge Is unable to be
I Gen Butler left for Washington tonight
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YOPfltREEflTse4ns April 14 by tbe
KtTUBfillsi tullaa dasdhlir tt lama K > Bst >
nerd te Clarence Dailtajt faro
ATTEKflONOa Udar April IS 1m A4tta
JU Ulovid wit et W 1 JBattsrsoa la the 40ta
yStr of bet see
illative nut frt 4i ave tasSel M attend theputral
from bar lat resides SU West trtk at es
Waiaaaday Aped In as 1 VIlest r K
InMrnentat Cypress Ullla
XCKf TTrOB Moafay April t 5 IM1 at his tale
resUsnsa Ill W eC Hll st DavU U ieekeft age4
SI years
BEKDVOn April It posanonla Xaa sl Bert
Is his 75th year
Relatives and trend are Invttsl to attend ska ratrat
sirylee St hi let > sUsMBiaoemn si Breok
lilt oa Tbartday evtalns at S eeteak
iDtsrmant prlrala
BETTHIa Jan y OUT us Ike Mtk CesS Charles
K Bella atid TO yeses
rrisnds ara mythS to attend Ike fanml srrls
from tits late risldaaea et Snmmtl av Jersey on
oa rrtday evening April IT
aILLI4gwIn llantMd Asrtl I Btuy mut
sled 78 yaan and s months
Minds are lavtiad lo athena tts rraeralfreti Us late
naldsnea e riowir at an Thursday aftstsee at I
IntannaatalCsdarBin Ctnitary
BONBIlljah Oliver Bnd
the funeral service will take place TnuMsy mess
mi April 10 at II eeloek X M elites Churched t
nir Wait Tinth sad Blmkint
BUXTON In Blvartank Coca April It Jaasa
H lade and 771 sari 7 months sal IT days
Itlsnds are invited la sltaad the fsaatal from his late
raaldanoa Riverbank oa Wednesday aftane ass I
interment at Boxtary Cimatiry
CAXITTTs Ideally eaMiDday ApmiS test
Banriitta M CarrltV sti4 10 yeses
Xetlee f tnairal hirianer
CJLBBOZLOB Monday ApvO 18 Mrs MarfarM
Rotatives and filindi at the amny and tkase tt bar
see the Bsv Thomas B OarroU are raipactfally
mvtttd to attend the finir l from kit late rut
aanea 2 lllankaiastplM BreoUra OB Thursday
ailOAK1 thianelesu Maty star ot the SM
Church see Leqseer ala where a ealema
rtqulim maaa wUI k oOared rer tbe rapeea ef kit
CONOKBAt Kawark X J es April IS ISI watt
tar M Coof ir Jr eldest SOB ot waiter M and Ac
Baas S Conrsr cud 25 year
Xalatlvas and frlf ndi are laviUd to attend Ms faaeral
from 81 ranla M K Church Broad and Manhat
sin on Thursday at 3 I M Balatlvea will meal as
his late residence 4t Utib at al t oaloak
COIlSAt Brooklyn ea April 18181 Cei Saitbla
W Cole In the 7th year et his ape
rsniral atrrlcia will be bud at BL Alias ea the
Uilfhta tornir et Clinton amj UvUistoa sta
Brooklyn en Thursday ABrtl 19 at 11 oclock A JL
Relative and trlanda are invited lo attend
OktOWSOn Monday April IS Joaiph Cross
rnnaral from his law realdaace 5 East 17th SC ea
Thnnday at s oclock
Inlsrmint la Ortenwood Cemetery
OTJIIrNAt SIT West ICth at ea April 14 Jets
Vnnaral will taka plaea on Arrit IS tronkta lala riM
dine Frlands ana rilitlria are raspsotfally ta
vhS to attend
BAMICtLAtrnl Sunday ivinlBt AprIl II Kt
V beloved wife of Joka Oaaiiti It
Balatlvaa and friends ot tbe family ara invited Ie >
tend the funeral services at her lat mlasaoa lie
Rut T3d at en Wednesday attaraeoo April 16 at 4
interment at oonealenee of the fently KladlyeAH
BATJENPOBTIa Tan of lint Cons AprU IS
JoMph Davsaporl aged M year a moaths sad U
yrindi an invited le attaail th tiaaral from kts
UtrritdaBOTBn > it Blvn en WedBiesay
noon at 1 oclock
Inurmant at Woodland 0mittry Btaatoro
DOODTOn Monday April IS al Xaw lavva
Tliomaa Poody age 09 years
rnanda are Invited to attend the funeral frestkl
let mldsBs s tUmors at ea Wadnacday far
BOOB at silO oelock sac from St FraacM Chink
at i4S oclock
IKHNOHVKlB Braokrra os the list last Tw >
Soc Dnaoha M id 54 years
nttads an Invited to attend the funeral rises ble
lau residence ssi Smith at ca TbnttOay foresees
at 10 oclock
InUrmf al Holy Crosa Cmtry
ZIBKN8TRINOn Venday AprO IS al Vw
Haves Conn Oatbarina ElbsnststB widow tt
Jostph Kibinitiln arsd TS years
Sauce ot fBntral hsnaftar
VJEX1VOWB Monday evening at kts late rot
deuce lea Wait laetb at Jeha r rallowa ta the
70th year of hi age
Finiral service Wadataday atOp kt
riiaa omit flowers
rjENTONThomss ynln native ot the pariah ot
Balacallln county Kllkiimy Ireland at his lata
mldiBoa 41 Cuirry it oily
Friends acid relatives are ristratfsfly rtqasatad te
altind tb funeral oa wdnaaday April IS from
SI Jan Cbnrch whir a solemn riqitsm mass
will be offard for the npoa of his seal these te
Calvary OmtUry for tnUrmiat
Kilkenny paper plau copy
VBANKIiNIn Rev York ea the IMh last ii
nit nankUn ajed ST year and II months
mind are invited lo attsnd the uniral from tt Wee
donut au on Wtdnnday aflarnoon al S elsok l
InUrmiBt at Lntbiran Cemetery
QAFFNBTMary Oafrner widow et James Gag
nay IB the 754 yaar other an
ynoiral from her lat mldenr 433 RatS at
Brooklyn at 6 A M Thnniday mender thiao Ii
Bt Atnsa Church where a requIem muiwOlk
oOird fey the rpos ot her soul
OOBHAMon Monday April IS at DamdM
Conn J alto Oorbam atd Tl run
fttindi are invited lo attend SIts foairal tract bat
Ul rMtdiae Baadn Coam en Thursday after
noon at t oclock
BADDOCBUOn April It al ntmsoM IkIsd
eoiBty Kottt lladdck
Fnairal AprIl IB at lio oelesk ta IUcnM Chanh
H1U On Sunday April 1SM Itiw liana Craa
David a Hill as SB years
orrMANNOn Minday April IS Mtaal a
HoSmann daachtar ot Ddtrlek Peter aM wIle tt
Wllllira noflmtnn
rnnaral OB W < 1raday April IB at I 10 Pit
Intirmini in Woodlawo
BVBBKLlUOn Monday Afitfl IS M BrUitpert
Conn Frank T HabbelL M4 es yean
triends are invited to attend lb funeral ea Was
dar attaraooa at 150 odotk from K K Ua
KEIITOB Tuesday April K 1MI Oerte Icily
SOB of Joseph and CatherIne Wetly acid I yaan sad
4 months
Finite from the resident of his paraatt M MtiUm
St Tburidar 583 r M
MESOn Monday April II M West Maya Coal
Spencer Kiye ats 47 years
Priced are Invliid to attend Ib funeral firm hla late
residence Richard it Sn Widsisday afternoon ass
KIBCIinorrAt Xw Baebsll ea
April It Mary Anna widow of Irnst Ktrtbkotr
and 71 run T moattis and T days
iBiiiraliirvleis an Tbnrsday April IS I from kr late
rtildcocc washington ar hew Itochilla M 2
oclock P M Carriages will be InwalUnc at Mw
Rochalia aailon on the arrival ot t A3 rit Inla
from Stand Cinlral depot
XtXirrKKIn Darin on thu ISlh Inst UnilitU
alopfir aid si years
rrtng are Invliid is child th tnnirat from hir
late riitdsnc Paris OOBB ea Tbarsday at 1
BVaVNOrOBD Brooklyn April U Robert tang
ford agsd 70ya r
FrKndi an lavlnd t attsad the funeral trim bla lat
nldsnrxsff Jay it on wednesday mornmt atC
select bent lo st Jamils r lhlJra Jay it
Inlarmsiitln jolt Cross Cemetery
JLTfONWon Toiiday Ap U 14 at hew liavsn
Conn Calhiria EilaaWth daixbUr ot usury i
and FrancM o Lyons Mid 4 months aid 0 days
Irndsarlarltd is attest the funeral frota she
nsldsB ot the parents It Forbs plies en
W4aslay atisnoon alliSOoMosk
BCABTINCB MBd y April iS Isabella wife of
Jibn Martin la Ik M th yssr ef bet at
BaUllvMand frUali are respectfully lavtUd Ka
Itnd the fuvtril servile I her late rtsldan 4W
Wtal > ihslou Maduisdar April la alllek
Intamaai at WeoOlawo
WAC vaCBToa Inlay avsaU April U
MarttmSrMtb Ha < JMk7 wltew at Ike Bern K > j
ward WaiQesehy CrwB RvssPSrIfS UsadJ f
famatca Watt ladles is I the Seth pest el be age
raniral sti1ei si her Ian rstHiaea 555 iteNN > >
si ikls WsdnteAay meraae UCVMeSat
ItKrmsal put wseiaws
JasaaUa Wan 141 papers gliasi sin
MEABK Mnday April I at firtmif
fIends Maada ar < l 44 years
FBBiral oa Wdnisday frornkMaMreaUermtsBj S
RCUHchst lloval Verses aSSAIL hslsames
la Calvary
ktOBKHOTJBK0 NB ay April It ta PiftOsli
Cnna aCorn Merikow ttM t 5 piece SM II
Frliti4s ar tavtl4 t sINaI Ike tvatnl frtkJ
late resUtBt ea W asay dlefsecs at tM
eolook S
MOBBIRXTOn lanaay April It M wHav a
Corn ttary Betlae daorttirot Jobs sad Mass
Morrlsty aget t years aid I m ntbs
Fnniral rrtrat
BC17IniEABIirTii Pew Tent is Apes It Awkk
Mniksan aird4tytra
Friends ar Uritid to attend the fsiMral team BtSj S
roi tttal foot otethstBaVea W4ao ia >
at 10 A M
KNAMAKAOn Monday AprU latiraw
Conn John MaXanura and ST years
Frtnit are Inrllfd te atHad the fanml trestle
lilt rtildsnt m Fraaklla at n WdB4y
anon al 510 oclock ana from H Praseevs Ok et
aid oclock
MeTABCkfANtVla Asheville M a BeM Apstp
lain Users B MTaiamaay MD aged 51 yiess
internist IB Troy M T eaThmdav
O3RItN Pwalh OnApall 25
at id es yaara
Frlinds are Invited to attend the tneral frets Ms lets
riMtnet Plymouth av OB Thursday BMnea ag
p eclMk and from At Mary sVdeb
0BAXs OBANAthir lat residence S Market
it Mrs X1ISB B Ollalloraa
Tsnrai from st Janiai Chanh es flicejap Ce N
oclock thine la Calvary Cemetery S
BATTOB taaday April U IMl m55erMmM
of her daightit Mrs Inset If Peek St Wwlam j
BridrirortreBB Mrs Carotin r PraM age M
yaars and months
rrlandaar invited la aSset Ik tensest fMt Ja e
nsldinc ol hit daughter ea Witetdr BtarsatB
InUrmiatatMonro Cons
BICBIa MOBBI TiraoB rt T a ApsM 55 ktBt
Plr BUh In tk TMh yfar ot hla at
Fanm settle at St Pant Church less ssS
XTM WidawJay April IS at a p tt
BOBXBTflOn the IMh lust WIllIam Ovas i
t Robert and Calkaria Robert aged I paw I
mrnthi tad S darn
FBBiral MrrlcM s tl bi bill at Mi late ria MB
Greenwich avinn OB Thursday at 1 otlwk
tBtirminl Woodlawn
BXZIBW Saaday April II ef pusunesla a4
pleurisy Allot dannhlar ot he ISM Ire sarah lot
Uw and naddaasbtar el tha 1st Mrs Atta rfr
Ftniral from bit Sate riatdsBo 41 DowBtug et
XawTork oa Thanday April IB al hued F K
tidally and friends kindly trailed
BHANAIIANOn Tuesday AprU 14 Frtk
shaaahan IB the Oth year ot his a
FBBiral from the rtsltsne ef hla sister Ki B
Short lor floerum place Brookyn Tbandan April
BBEBBANIn Breoklya OB the lllKlnit Trim
Shiiran ai d S rear
Frlinda ars lavlud to attend the fsniral tram Its
lau nildiaea tTT Tluary at en Thursday after
noon al 1 oclock
Internist at Boly Crocs Oimtry
JBETHABOn Xondy T eslne Arrll 15 al
Greenwich Cons aaddanly Oladya danskMr tt
Edwin II and Ant Ktimllh Shithar
Fnniral privet Iatrmnt tt Woodlawa
IOIIEBOa Tuesday Apr 114 IW1 M Ma perMM
rcsldinc Ml West dial st Fnddl Seller siel T
year and 14 days
Notlci of tuawal banafMr S
SPINOJLAAt Washington D O eo April 14 UM
OSB Fraacla B Bplaila ta the Tlsl year of kit age
Th funeral win take plae from the Ch rk ef as
ImmacBlat Conception 14th it near AT X en
ThondaymorBUutal lOaelock
aTBONOOa Monday April It st Mew Masse
COBB Bites tron ef lIe Tork it ed 10 years
y tlcof taneral hcranr
TATtKUUIXOn April It dittos W Taytnf
Relatives and friends are invited te atund lfctatt
ssrvleii al st Faolt Church Pew TorkW4nday
at I SO oclock
Taokir80NOn The Hib lust CkaMU kl
Thompson only ion ot James Tkompcn of its Row
York Bon acd yaara 10 montkt an4 day
Fvonal oa Sunday IWk lass from 41 Trey >
lelatitee and friends of be family ens kavtt4 iaa
TBTTJLB nithwood Bartitj eemty PS M
Monday April 13 1F01 MirriU TlMl talk es Bk
year of his age
Vnneral aervicea at his late resIdes as Tfilaniajr
April IS en arrival of I to train from fee et Oka
buseS S
interment private
rBQCBABTOn Mondar April IS at BrtflCBer
Coin Mary wife of lames Crqakart seed SI year
Frlinds an Invited to attend the fsssrsifrs fe
residence Themes W Oakliy lii lass nWkB
ton av OB Friday aftaraoon
VSBJBBOB Monday April U al Test Bva
Cons Qiorf F Uibir aged oeycar
PollS of fCBeral hereafter
TOOEU Norwalk on April 1 1 Banaaa a Tfd
ir > d W yaara S
Frlmds ara Invtird ta attind the fnairal fries kJ
late rindanr OB Ely av oa Wednesday cftanccsr
from B rtut church atJiao oaloek
WAIUEBAt Avoadal N J on Ste 15th lest
Mary Walter wife of Joeiph Walker
WALHRIn thl lty OB Sunday April 11 UM
William Walsh aged eyarmantha cad C day
Fanaral services private
interment at Bt Michael Cemetery Astute It L
WALLACKOn Monday April It Wllllaai Wit
lace and 73 years S
A solimn man of rwralim will k efr4 ta PS
Teresa Church Bnum and Henry art ttl
Widnitday at loao A M yuniral will lav lets
residents fIT Bail UMh at at 0 oclock hap
Relative and friend ot thi family and friends aS
bis con Ihs Biv Thomas H Wallace ste riasill
tally invited to attind
WABDo Monday AprU 13 Mary Weeks Ward
relict ot Moses Ward
BcUUvaa and frlsnda of the family are InvlUd Ii >
land Ihs oniral at the raaldano of her MB WkV
let C Wart its Win 42dctthl afeeocua 4
iBtirminl private S
WEEDln Iforwalk OB In 19tk last XkcBCBtr
Weed acid ee years T days
Intends ate invited to attend the anaral free lit
laU rwldenc 8 Seycaasr place OB ThBtcday afMr
BOOB at t oclock
WEXIHOn Sunday April ii at her lets real
m Bail SlOth si JoMpblaa wit ot Werise b
Wells la Ib S4ib year ol her at
Posers Wednesday at 1 P M from bet late reldises
Bilattrea and friends arc Invited to attaad S
WOUEAtJrsiy Oily on April IS cubit ° i
of her niece Mm B 5 Loat 10 Grand ct Jits S
B widow of John A Wolf In her Both year
Fnniral al Myall Ocnn OB Thursday al S F B
Office set stzu eve eoTBorSSdet Pew feet

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