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2 IIF YOU SEE IT iN c 4 c I v 6 f q Il F IFfj 8t fl Of 1 r
fitbt mY < jjiil 1i11L 1Y QJb
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coxauz conns UAKKS FVDLIO ma
Bay TIt Nearly All of Thai Killed
I tba Blot Vera Itntlaaa aa He Can
Frovene Alo Cbante That the Grand
Jury Garbled lila Wordan Included
Merer Conversation
In I Report
That Occurred Outside the Jury Hoom
NKW onwANS Mar 7Blgnor P Cote thl
Italian Consul today mad public ft letter to
United States District Attorney Orant written
nmn Um alo
11 Is tbo basis upon which Italy wilt demand
eompn allon ot the United States It If a
In reference to mr Interview with you I last
Monday I beg to state according to an x
amlnatlou of their passports and Information
received from our Minister of Foreign
Attain and to the testimony of the
AlaIr tostmonr
survhors rind of rolatlvos and frlenda ol
I the victims It appeals without doubt
that the IOMODS I Lilted ware the following
Antonio Abbacnctto Antonio Bngnolto Yin I
con > o Traiva Charles Tralva Antoulo
Orlmundo Antonio Marches Qerolamo Ca I
ruso JameS Caruso Emanuelle Pollzza Man
uel PoIltzAntonlnoScnflldl Antonio BcatndlJ I
Ilocco GerM loreto Comltls Fletro Monas
tero Frantesco Itouico Frank Borneo The
proving on this occasion also of tho
nationality of the deceased peons and
that ot those who were robbed ot their
savlncs maltreated and confined In prison for
alx months and then acquitted or released on
ball Is I dcom necessary and I hare
the recta ration records and other docu
ments on that point and they are
at your dlspo uL Thero Is no doubt that at
tile time their death Metro Monnstero Loreto
Comllla and Vlncenzo Tmvla wore subjects of
his Majesty the King of Italy as also Antonio
Grumando who nrrhed hero from Italy In
November 1838 although I Is assorted with
out i roof thnt ho manifested his Intentions
Oct 1 J890 to become 0 citizen of the United
Btntrs under tlo I nnmoof Antonio MarchesAH
the others killed except Machoca and Frank
Itnmeo the llrt an American by birth and
the secind by tlrtuo of decree signed by Judge
Theard dated April C 18G8 I must
consdor Itillnnn either for not having
compiled with the formalities required by
C article of tho Italian Civil Code to renounce
helr cltlzansbln or for not complying wish
those of 21C5 the Revised Statutes of
thu Untied States the only legal way t
Lecemo an American citizen I Article
I 183 of the Constitution pf Louisiana of 1870
accords to aliens manifesting their Intention
to become American citizens the right to
vote at certain elections and under
stated conditions it does not ac
eoidlng to the terms of the document
given to voters mnko them American citizens
independently of these conditions I will
prove 1 necessary that the names of several
of the Italians are considerably altered that
the registration papers of some appear to have
been slzned by them when thor do not know
how torte and In other papers there are Ir
regularities which destroy their value
Of the persons acquitted or released under
bal who were a Is said maltreated and Im
prisoned for six months with the exception
O Fatorno Cnarle Matranga and John
Caruso all are Italians having the most of
them their passports In due order <
Itisjrnmorftdhore that suit will be brought
> JtJQrbo
fitstes Court for u large sum In behalf of the1
heir of the eleven prisoners lynched J the
parish prison
Signor 1 Corte has also sent the following
letter to he foreman of the Grand Jury
I am Hurprlsed to HUO printed In the re
port of Jour honorable body published
Eor thu papers today a great altera
tion of pertain pasts of my state
ment made not only before jou bnt
cppvoiallv of those mads tn Mr lafnre
end another member of the Grand Jury at
my residence and not und r oath of secrecy
Pr an It 1 < pull ly asserted some members
of thai Ulanll Jury nora In the mob and that
body IH l trying to oxctixo thAlr actions it
loo not con co n r personally but I cannot
nlloiv mr statements to bo altered or partially
piidllsned with the object of drawing Infer
ence contrary tn niy deductions it is my I
opinion that nolidilv fdioulil exist between I
good elements In uider to guam against bad
ones and In this SCIIP nuked by the nboie
two utiiitleinoi I them wore any Italian
cnrnliiulB lu this iliy I illu not hesitate to
reply ultlmut Divine tlm number that
there I r nut a low an there
worn of other niitinniilltfef hut I added
thnt It woull lio Ulilleiilt to eat rid of them
either I cause tho most of them are natural
Ied Amiirlian Who lmo the support of poll
tlclunxnnd certain mi h > rtipH or either becansn
oxtiadttlons vteio 100 costly In the United
1 1 fed as iin Instance the extradition of
> foBlio 10 nlikh iiot MI I iho I Amerleiin preos
exsroae1 ItMlf In onDOMtlon nail which
wis sniiosful at I heiuv expense
aOl litinuse I lie dimnnd II oxtrndltii was
imidoln Ito < Northern KtnteB JUKI because
ilinru warn u great muni or ft cr mliali here
I wiiJ HiirprlCil totoi < in one arileo S nftote
Jr > u dens w u a goui and tho were acciuliUd
or nut yt tred uCQultc <
An to the incldfnt on I the Intella referred
to in tln resort 01 t o fiiiiut lurj L ua askid
by Mr Jma p on th Ixt inst If wjmt was
publiHiioil I li i ihii I 1 Ila on the 2Mh lilt was
iruw lilt I Its I hail nmt leturned hern from
rensirolii I io1ibd that I did not know to
what Il l al ii rio i llnln I I I lead s tho nrtlclo I
unwihut UVK mint ike I r fei rod to the ilenmer
Hon nf 1 tle Anchor line nml then J loll that
ni to tie ntelln I wai mirpiled that the I
imrtloi doeyiiiulfXi > rii lv Siy flu Mnyur to x
II nin Into l 110 I ponillilon I I or t 11 i flimlgt ants
did not notlco tint H41 imcBBiiBnrs landed
XVhlo the lint cull d for only 1118IerS I
Thlx explal > s ptnliilx to me how easily fuel
live from jiiHtlcpnniild be l Introdured In this
rotmlry I nutlio Sties locoranelvnt of omco or
LMlcBtlonr In such matters ware iutruutud with said In
Audit la pnitlyio thin undue mlnBllntrof
outaldeiK In i the Trinnln of mlnllDof
hcrlbn Ibn bVidy irrfKadr lint tlm agree
able fileuia tin Htudoii retlceiiio and ulbor i
arcomnnuvlnvr IniuiurlilK wilt novor do
Klroy Ibl i truh of tlm facts Ineiirrod and
wholi 1 ilinoiinceil in my Government viz
Thit an tiiiiidllil s Italy I an olntud hy the
luyir fiom flu bacinnluu preniedltalod as
It anpoiHil In Site appeal the killing
of the prisoners uppelr fame IIInl
aysemhloil cn the night of the 13th
of llnrrh to take in cold blood
the necessary Meps to kill tor political pur
fllel j defenceless but fearful adversaries
that about twenty tattles among them some
representing the Jay and Older tioolaty
execnled said proioet preventing heforo
tho commissIon of the deed nlnl admit
tanco In prison of the large crowd of
childien women and others Kathorod through
curiosIty that innoeent Imllnn blood was
shod thnt no only nothing 1IIIno done by the
autnoritlM lo preent but that officials con
irlliited directly or indirectly In order to ac
compllsh Sits work and that finally the namen
of the t participants in the killlni nf nanl81 as
those rlt ol the instigators are of public noto
If Ha Ambulance Are Not Called Tliey
Wont COte that All
The superintendent of the Now York floe
pltal said yesterday that the hospital bad bad
no wire connection with tbo fire alarm system
sine the great storm of last winter which
broke down the wires To connect the hospital
with the nearest underground conduit which
I In 81xth sydnue would cost conduit 8800
This the Fire Department haslelt the hospital I
to do and to pay for and unless I make ltd I
own connection it will hare to depend on the
Police wires alone ambulance
polce avww lor f iiitsu min c calls
The uospitn I ftunorJnionOoDt said irpftttrdftT t
that l the hospital fin d the public for noihlng
I and hat I the public through Ha sen apt the
aJ Ieuitnett tii iid not avail IBll n jf one of
the mean of Heeurlnc tho hospital senlie the
JostWBH the I publics not the hospitals 1e
pIIlc tla
was tulle confident that the hospital nonld n > t
pay for the privilege 01 erlnK the pubUr aDd
bat ttDleAB Lih > J connection between the hpepi
fay ae the Blllth nvanie conduit was ma < febr
the vjre Dl Pan ot It I would not be made at
all The nif PUftl could stand the Joa of the
Jieooiud is or lbs Fire Ppsrtmcuts wire ll tho pup r
r I
TUB nAn nr J6nr
Overthrowing the Theory That the Polaoa
Was rut In tha Bottle In Denver
rnoviDEiiCK May 7The first move In tbe
fight which every ono baa felt sure would come
over tbe Barnaby estate was made this mom
inn when the following document was ned In
the Municipal Court
J U < ItrmnrabU the Uuntclfal Court of Fmltcnei
mal t Molt tilant
naa4trlfI41 leOt ue SfldSr the will ar Jonpbln
A Danaby late ot rrovlfonc hereby petition the I
Honorable Court that err Van Blrck or eome1 other
suitable person b appnlnted custodian of the estate ot
li lad Josephine A Batnaby
Join Uowmn CO BD
This petition was at once granted by Judge
Bplnk and Col Cyrus II Van Blyok was ap
pointed custodian of the property Ills bonds
are fixed at 100000 and his sureties are his
father Nicholas Van Blyok and Charles
Ucbrjro Postmoaler A noon I was au
thorltlalvely asserted that both oUbl wills now
on file will be contested
The theory that a bottle of pare whiskey was
ent to Mrs Barnaby In friendly spirit and
that It a tamperedwith In Denver Is over
thrown by the logic ol a nan who has carefully
investigated the cue lie said
If Ihetendarof that bottle ot whiskey to
Mrs Barnaby did not mean to polaofi her why
does not h turn up I bl Is I innocent I the
contents of tha bottle war pure orit the
whiskey was purchased for tho Renulne article
and was mailed In rood faith the sender must
know that ho stand a much better chance of
Kettlnc off free Ithe acknowledges the fact
Ihnn If hn IrAMnn eltant atirl IA 1a 1 la aii
traced to himWhatever differences of opinion
there may be as Jo what occurred In Denver
there Isno doubt that the bottle
thee wa mailed In
Boston and that Ihe man who sent It has been
a dally readerof the papts aver since Mrs
Barnabysdeath His sllqucoli one ot the mOlt
auspicious incidents In the whole caO
I Is evidently true to that the person who
keeps tblsitlOn e mmt bo one of the half
dozen whoknew both Mrs Barnabyn address
In Denver and of her frlond of the woods und
a able moreover to nect the mailing ot tbo
bottle In Boston Make a list by way of experi
ment or all the names that havo been con
nected with the Barnaby case lu any relation
apply to each one the triple test ol the Denver
address the mailing In lioxton and the
reference to tha woods and yoU will be
surprised torse I how the number of
persons who can b inspected will grow
beautliolly 18 and it Is one of those few who I
must have mailed or prompted tho mailing of
the letter and It Is one of them wbo It the
poisoning of the whiskey was accidental or
was dOb In Denver could eMi come for
ward and ray so adducing vldence to show
war < tonpnra 1 ahall b surprised If
i shall appear that Dr Graves is the guilty
IDlor Iult
man I appears that he was equally well
provided for under both wills equaly wel
Barnaby waspaying him a good salary
It was for his Interest t have her live a long
a possible Therft Is no Indication of the
alleged strained relations In the last will Dr
Graves is made tbe solo executor without
bonds That certainly shows unimpaired con
fidence In him on Ito part of Mrs JBarnaby I
par HarnabJ
think Ifthe crime Is ever traced it will be 10
ore one much nearer the family than Dr
Graces Dr Gravess action famiy 100 in taking
Mr Conrad to the Security Safe Deposit
vaults and giving him 1 lint of the securities la
creditable ti him He was no obliged to
do that He was lett tbo sole custodian of the
funds and was not obliged to make any account
count to any one but tbe executor of the will
and I be were that executor he could be made
account only I to tbe Jndge of Probate He
would have three months in which to file a
acbedulo the estate with the Court and in
the mean time b could do any tblngbe pleaded
with the propel ty I no one knew what h s bBd
By his voluntary and early dlvulgenceof the
of Besets them h has < made himself responsible for all
I DoottkinIblauP9Intmet execntoc
wW1au0edto taen JIDteJt th reoortar
noiamstter 01 msTHiiut or
nnooonee There la no halfway crotind He
R either all right or hole l all Wrong Tie ques
tion of his fltneps for Stun position ci executor
willbring before tna Judge of Probate tbe
whole matter ot his connection with the Bar
nab v mystery and will disclose what members
of the family think Inasmuch as the guilty
party it guilt thrro be In more likely tn be In
he numberof the legatees than any where else
he attitude of the various beneficiaries toward
the probating 01 thu will will be significant
Tills is a concise nummlngup of tbe case
from a legal and official standpoint and e
a plain light clearly the situation as it stands to
DKNVBB Col May 7All persons Interested
In the Barnaby case having been ordered to
estlgatlons com West tbe Grand Jury continues its In
The Defendant Selzea a Letter Team I i
Up and Faints la the Arm of n BberlfT I
NEW HAVZV May 7 Judce Prentice of the
Superior Court and the court officials together
with 200 spectatorswore entertained this morn
ng with a dramatic scene The divorce suit of
Charles M Foster of Springfield against his
wife Alice W Foster was first called Attor
ey William ATVrichtcounsel for Mr Foster
took his seat at the table in front of the Judge
and Mrs Fosters counsel Judce Flckett eat
down opposite to him The suit Is brought on
the ground of adultery David W Beaver of
New York being named as corespondent
Ir Hadloy a friend of rs Fosters was I
called to tho stand and testified ai to what i 1
took plaeo on the steamer John II Btarln one
day last summer when Mrs Foster and Beaver I
were In a stateroom together
Dense tell the court what you saw and
heard said by either Mrs Foster or Mr Beaver
in the stateroom said Lawyer Wright
lire Foster removed her skirt and Mr
Beaver offered her a needle She eat oti tbe
side If the stateroom Ied
I Well what wa < soM r
Mrs Foster lald Oh Dave and Mr Ben
ver replied Obi Darling and they kissed I
then loll them1
Just at this point Attorney Wright drew a
paper from bi pocket and aid It on tho tnblo
Gaper him I was a latter written by Mrs
Foster to her husband begging him to return
to her and live with her Mrs Foster spied
tbe loUr and recognized it BH her own Hho
suddenly turned pale and rlalntf eelred the
letter Judge Prentice Judee 1lclcott and Mr
Wright nil Jrentoe each shouted to the
womanwho was rushing sea ifs tho court room
to stop 1110 vYrUht followed her UM quickly as
possible and Judge 1rontlce ordered Deputy
KborlfT bpelplo to nrreot her They were too
lherll Irr
late for as she hastened Inward tbe door Mrs
Foster tore the letter to bits and quickly tossed
them from an open window Just BB she had
accomplished the destruction of the letter
Sheriff Bpelle relied hr and with a shriek
Fho fain ted In his arms ane Prentice Imme
diately adjourned court and the attorneys In
the ease decided not to pram tbe suit for the
present Tho bits > of the t torn letter were
gathered by the Sheriff and will be Intro
duced a evidence when the case is next called
KOCH iTttra OF aaRAT rAZua
Beport from the noaultala and Private
Practice and it Humnmry bJ Dr LooI
At I meeting of the New York Academy of
Medicine last night the physicians who bavo
been experimenting with Kochs lymph for
Bore time submitted tbo results of their In
vestigations The Jacts In their reports have
already beon printed In the newspaper Dr
Alfred L Loomis presided and about 100 phy
sicians were piesent The report of tho
observations In It Lukes Hospital was
presented by Dr Francis IKlnnlcutt Belle
vile ljospital Dr Loomis MLhlnal Hospital
Dr 1olPtaJ l HcTneman the Adlrondao Hani
Sr Dr J L Truilaau and In connection
with the pneumatic cabinet Dr U E Julm
bay lire A Jacobl E I J Wapdt a Baruoh
and I 6 Stearns also C made reports Dr
Wendi said that the mae such as to
encourage him to continue wr use ot the
lymph Dr Loomis summed up all the re
ports thus
InI tie lymph we hav an agent which can
do good and very great harm Wo gnat con
clude that It require core In Its use ns well as
more experience with It I I nm fully nf the
opinion that It I IH going to take n prominent
place in the treatment of tulirrculoila ana
ibatlt Is going to HIIVH more lives Imperilled by
that disease than any other agent Still It
Pay kill more than h eaves J we ult reck
Ifllrt < > Karrlaa la Hat
Aa aton aa they loanS tbat lbs oauld f urn tin ebaply j
and omat4Jy Pbome on I lea < enall t lap
await1 a iRk tow esay CKilbaj o aja L T4ds
I t l I
r lo e
I la Ii Mad froaa Blatlll4 Crataa Water I
I Jy I T Dyila ise col Ua it Kail Iysr4
tJ h 1
KlaelraMadleal Battarla
j Tbb etof all for uMleati or dtoe 554 Tklfw
I V Un7 with Pry CelL TM > Ma aeld or Unl
I > 11 1lla Wt dealers uaC7 cilUandt
r 8w tt 0 a r
The Landlord Agent HisS Her Thlnxa In
the Street lint the Health Department
1 Them BackAnnie Under the lied
When Mrs Henry Von Olahn went out to her
work yesterday afternoon she told her nine
year old daughter Annie not to go to the door
who aver knocked Annlo more than obeyed
When she heard a rap at the door Ibo 3
oclock she crawled under the bed In the back
room The visitors wore not disturbed be I
cause no one answered their knock They
smashed In the door and proceeded to carry
out the furniture
Mr Von Glahn and bar husband who Is a
conductor on the Third avenue surface road
have occupied for several months three little
boxlike rooms on the third floor of 2187
Second avenue The wife goes out a a washer
woman Ann I la I just recovering from the
scarlet rover and Mrs Von Olahn says that she
forbade hoe togo to the door for fear of draughts
fIbs emphasized her command by tales of men
who would como In hn ambulance to carry
Annie off I the disobeyed I was fear of the
terrible ambulance fellows that mad Annl I
crawl under the bed
But the dlstutbors ware not ambulance men
They were City Marshal John E Lowry and
two assistants and they were armed with a
dispossess warrant
It Is I mor than surmised that hire Von Qlahn
expected the marshals B A Klein the land
lords way agent who collects the rents nuts It this
Oh yon never sea stab a VomaL She Is
valklng around und saying all the time I
lhsygant put me out Tell maybe 1 gant
She come to mine own house nnd s lia nay to
me Youro that dam thief taking hat a dollar
a voek In your own rocket of that rent und I
tell ida thats a big lie rent
Mr Kluiu says he Is agent for more than
forty tenement house Mr Von Glahn says
that on May 1 alum came to her rooms about
2 oclock In tbe afternoon and ordered her to
let out br 4 oclock At that time Annie had
the scarlet fever Mr Von Glahn told Klein
that Annie had tho fever and hleln said she
lied Any way Ir Von dluhn sayn Jvleln In I
Hinted that she should get out fever or no
fever So tbe went to Dr Charles H I Monk who I
a treating the child nnd got a certificate
that tbe child was III of tbe fever When sho
got home she says she found City Marshal
John T Manchester with n dlspossea war
rant bbs showed Manchester Dr Mcaks cer
tificate she ears and he told her that he would
not molest her until the child was well
That didnt suit Klein a bit lie went to City
Mar bal John E Lowry with his t CtJ
Lowrr Is attached to the Yorkvllia Court and
Manchester to tho Harlem Court In which
jurisdiction tho place WIA Lowry got a war
rant and yesterday afternoon he red It He
had carted down the crooked stairs a stove a
table or two a big trunk and some other
things when Annie crawled out from under
the bed to view the land When the men came
for another load she said
My papa will bo back pretty soon
That is sho says she said that Then she
nays tho men wpnt right away They sl a
lot of von Glahn a nrnllura on the sidewalk In
front of tbe tenement hoiiso >
Von Oiabn says be bad just gone to the
butchers for meat when Lowry began bs
work When he got back and fonnd wnat hnd
happened he weut alter hlt wife SItu was
coming through the streor when she recog
nized the health ofilier who bad disinfected
the house because of the scarlet fever She
told Von him Olahn all wont about down It and to as see a result Dr Edpnn nt tbe talk Dr
Edsnn sent an officer back with Von Olahn to
lea that the scarlet fever furniture was put
back laths house Dr Morgan of the Health
Department went ap to see tbe girl He Sound
that It would bf necessary to keen bar In tho
house several days yet and told Mr Von
Olnbn that ahecould star where she was until
MbndayHt least Dr Edson Y Von Olahn
a TntpftomUmnyfaiuifn paper constructed In a bQr which read
TeYrtneaftlrr urvqu flblref swrseerss 5e
rmo l elefc wiibeehrnrrr frattaflltl irmuHTiit
moved without prnm f rom l < 1t11
Tbnt oncht to cover the eMe pretty well
van hahn was mourning loss pret box of
cigars and three silver quarters yesterday
evening His wife sat on a trunk and vowed a
lawsuit against the man who had broken her
stove legs Annie Played with her dolls and
was happy but Klein was angry
My myl he said but that voman Is I
awful That child aint got lever no more than
a post She vIk in he door and says shell
trick be sick a year I sho likes It Its just one big i
trickJlnt the Health Doctor says the girl has I
scarlet fever la1
Ye tbntH It answered Klein ° What the
Health Doctor know about it I like to know
Health Board give em till Monday 7 Veil
maybe I put em out boforo Monday again Vei
When She Came to Tows to Sea Her Slits
band She Found lie Und Another
Chancellor McGlll has granted a divorce with
alimony to Mr < James It Meeker of Newark
upon the strength of testimony taken by Special
Muter in Chancery John Wbltebead
The story Is that Meeker who was employed
last year by the HomerLee Engraving Com
pany became fascinated with Miss Emma War
ren a typewriter employed the office of the
ompany and began to neglect his wife and
boy > In Newark to < emoy the company of Miss
I Warren Meeker was a skilled engraver and
earned from t50 to 73 a week but bin wife
SIS ho cavo her only 15 or S10 to keep houso
on alter ho began visiting Miss Warren and
that he frequently stayed away irma home
all night aud said thnt busineHH kept
him co late It was nut worth while to
home The length at time be
come 101 o tme remained
< r
rosined nwuy from home Increased steadily
until In Juno ho deserted his lumlly
entirely About Ibis time ho went Into bust
ness fur himself nnd Mr Meeker called at his
ofllce ono day and Inquired for him Hbo wns
Informed that bo nan rick at his homo VUi
HAI street She called nt that address and
wax confronted by Mils Warren who was liv
ing there with her parents Miss Warren said
Mr Meeker was sick and linked If she could J
do anything for the caller saying 1 am his
No I am his wlfi > said Mrs Meeker and a
lively scene resulted Mr und Mra Wairen
Irely that Meeker was merely a boarder und
that their daughter was cot his wife 111s
Hooker saw tier husband and he said to her
I lon this woman butter than 1 do ou
r Meeker returned to bar home but with
out evidence upon which to get f divorce She
obtained that last autumn when Meeker nnd
Miss Warren went to Itldgewood N J and
took board at tho home of Mrs Kceley as Mr
and Alre amos IU Meeker Meokers pay
ments for board became Irregular until bo
owed Mrs Keoloy tGU and when be left to make
his home In a Hi tie cottage with Miss Warren
and the elder Warren Irs Keeley held his
clothes and bicycle aud some clothes of Miss
Warrens When the cold weather came on
Meeker begged an hard for nn overcoat that
Mrs Keeley gave it up Qn his promise to
pay UP soon laVA has sine paid all but
ilfi but this did not prevent Mrs Keeley
from disclosing everything to Mrs Meeker
when she called at her house Jn Hfdgewood l
nnd told Mrs Keoley who She was and what
she wanted Mrs Keela was Indignant over
the Imposition wh ch had been practised e
her nnd the gave testimony Which secured
In6 testmony securel
Mrs Meeker her divorce
Meeker mime no resistance soil I Is under
stood that be will marry Miss Warren
Nobody S5nuau to Know Wilbur
The two black oofilnswlth their contents
murdered concert hal singer and her mur
derer nere side by side la a corner of the un
dertaking shop at 130 First avenue nil day yes
terday The rod roses that the woman clutched
tightly In her left band were withered and fall
ftg 10 pieces
Dozens or people cam In to see lbs bodies
hot no one recognized ubnrles i Wilbur the
murderer and suicide Urn Alice Ingalie
th sister pt Ida Braroort the ea singer
sid tbat fbi dead woman hoiband I J 0
Drmere all that ha want to Texas DIn
years ago for his fbat She relieved tat his
wife had Intended to start for Tuu nut Mon
day to join bar bnsband
The two bodies will be burled by the proprla
torof the Excelsior Concert UallaoV Bowery
where the shooting occurred The Inquest
will be held today
Expelled for Hnllcllloc Bribe
SCIUVTON 1a May 7The Select Council
at a meeting tonight expelled Councilmen
Oolden McOrall and Kelly charged with so
liciting brlbali from Edmund BartU candidate
for City Engineer
It Almost ChekedMaasle Rellly to Death
Defers I Conld DIslodged
Maggie Belliy a brightfaced girl of IS who
lives with her mother nnd brother at 87 Hunts
street Sing Sing has just passed through an
experience wbtnb has made her an object 01
wonder to all the neighbors
Lost Monday she swallowed one of Und
Barns fiftycent pieces and came near choking
to death before the big coin which had stuck
In her Throat could be dislodged
Mitggton mother Is a washerwoman and on
Monday afternoon the girt had gone on an er
rand to the house of ono ot her mothers cus
tomers She rewired a bal dollar In lament
for the previous weeks washing end Started
homo with the coin In ber hl u1
Half a block from her home she met some
her lr friends A young woman stood on the
porch ot a house near by and called to the
girls to catch something which she was going
t throw down to them
Maircla held nn her hand and a she dirt 1
unconsciously lot the halfdollar slip Her
month was open and the coin popped Into I
and down her throat
She gasped once or twice and cougntd hard
but the coin was fast Inber throat and wouldnt
budge She ran home screaming with pain
for the big coin had distended bar throatso
that its outline could be plainly soon
There was no one at brine to help her
so sho started for the house Mrs Armstrong
In I Kills plc where her mother wa working
The Chief of police Of the town met her on
Main street and when she managed t gasp
out n bar ° plight be took her to Dr elms real I
Dr Helm tried to remove Ibo coin but Mag
Bio struggled and screamed KO under tbo
physicians probe < that ho could rio noth
Ing lor her He thought itt had
ford the coin down into tbe stomach
Heed Maggie said the pain was just I
bnl ns ever and she started again for this
place where her mother was Dr George
Jackson Fliher live next door to Mrs Arm
strong and when Mr Hellly Df What the
trouble was she led Maggie Into th doctors
Hbo wan purple In the fac then said fr
Dallly and abs could hardly speak I was
all we conld do to get her Into the doctors
ofilca and she declared the doctor must give I
her chloroform before be operate I upon Ilve
Hut Dr Fishor called Ir i his BO Fred to help
him and then reached down the rsopbagns
with a pair of forceps In the hope of extract
lag the coin In that way The forceps pained
down for nine inches out failed to touch the
half dollar which Maggie said she felt then
somewhere in hor hot
Dr Fisher saw there was nothing else to do
but lo force the coin down Into the stomach II
posslbeln order to eave the RtoaOb1
thin pUr orer used a long pliable strip of
whalebone with a sponge fastened on the end
This bo slowly pushed down Mncglee throat
I enconnteiod the nbssruotlon after a journey
of about twelve Inches and readily pushed It
lowa Into the stomach alter travelling six
inched further travllna
Mangle who bad been struggling so hard In
the grasp of the Doctors athletlo young son
tbat he bad tha hardest kind of rounl hold
her was quiet on the Instant and said the
pain a nil gone
She was able to walk home and the next day
was playing aronnd as usual al Fisher says
that no further danger need be expected from
the troublesome ooln
And Now na lant Eren Ali to Kick Her
When Se Rob Asralnnt Ills Lc
New BBUXSWICX May 7Mlk Smith who
used to be a moonshiner but U now one of the
lawabiding and wealthy citizens of the vil
lage of Ten Mile Run seven miles from here
has been compelled to sit bolt upright in I
chair hand for four weeks because I a cat bit his
Mr Smith own tw eat a maltese aDd a
mongrel The maltese had a habit ot Jumping
up on be dining rook taDle to ba
robbed Qn April T ttfidW thhvllr
ifriWyoWnfrby the back and was about t
drop It on the floor when it twisted around in
nome way and seized his forefinger between
tts teeth tightly enough to break the skin
Mr Smith dropped it then Fire little drops
of blood showed where tbe teeth had heen
Mr Smith washed them off nod went about
his business 111 few hours even the marks
r kn ana t nh Wui A nnt vial nldk A t Ih
however pains began to shoot un the arm i 1
the hand began to swell lie sat up nearly all
n cbt bathlnt his band In limn water
In the morning he sent for Dr Mealier of
QreRCStown who told him tbe cats teeth had
poisoned his blood At this time tbe swelling
bad extended up into the arm and the arm
pained him so that be could not move
The doctor poulticed hit arm and Rave him
some medicine for his blood He ban not been
able ingot out of his chair or go to bed oreven
to undress since
Hometimns the cat that bit him comes and
rubs herself against his leI In asvmpathlzlnc
war and ho Is not men able to klefc it The
swelling In Ibo arm Is very greatly reduced
now The bond is still purple from the poisoned
Dr Mosher nays there is no danger of Mr
Smith dying but he may have to sit It the
chair two months longer before he will bo
cured Cat bites that end In blond poisoning
are not uncommon but It Isnt often tout the
victim uoderolnl has the experience which Mr Smith
At Lest That Una Been Mr Balleaa
Experience ut Albany und lire
George W Jones President of the United
States Collection and Mercantile Agency avers
that bo employed JumoH 1 Italian lawyer
the local work of collecting
to tako charge of leaal cole tnl
claims Intrusted to Site agency for collection
About three months ago u customer saw flat
len 1 In tbe office and told Jones that that man
hn1 Leen Indicted for grand larceny and for
gery In Albany Thereupon Jones dlboharged
Hnllen An examination of the accounts dis
closed so Jones allege that Hallen had ap
propriated to his own use about 12500 which
be had obtained from the sgenoy to pay cost
In suits for the collection of claims held by the
inB had ITalian Indicted forgrnnd larceny
and Hallen was arrested yesterday and arraigned
lalAo Ylster
raigned In the Uonural Sessions Be paid to
the reporter that he had been arrested three
tlmns before on this charge and that each
time the police ma Wrate had dismissed tho
complaint The money that hl was accused
of appropriating was money belonging to his
Hallenn rent and neither Jones nor the
agency had any right to It
alelOY thl IndlctmenlB mind against him In
Albany count ho said that they were found
at the instance of a yqunu man connected with
the District Attorney office thai with whom
he bad had a ouarrol The Indictments were
subsequently dismissed on motion ot the Ills
trlpt Attorney of Albany county
trlla ieAdIb 100 with the City Cham
berlaln and was released
nits svoKisaaAsca TROTXQEE
A onmc Syrian Girl Cornea Over the Oeena
to Enter Her Adopted Home In Chleaaxt
When the Into Congressman B B Cox was
Minister to Turkey he mado frequent trips In
Syria On one of his journeys he was accom
panied by his cousin Mrs Buckingham of
Chicago One hot summers day the party
reached tbe ancient town of Baalbac They
put up at a bo el kept bill Arbeed and de
cided lo remain there for several days to
explore the ruins In the vicinity On their
visits to tho ruin they wire accompanied by
time young daughter 01 the hotel keeper
Mrs Uucklnghnrn wus ereHtly attracted bv
Mrf young girl on account of her beauty and
IMelllgenee Tho girl was lieu about 10 years
Ilt yars
old and fbnwad gieot affection for her patron
Minister Ccx suggested to his cousin that Ibo i
adopt the girl and MM l u ° kjmm after
IxnluRUonslndueel t 8bfalhef to oons nt
3s Buckingham baa the < lrl What cam
fl Labebl A Arbed slot to jia Yntlfltt
ohool at flyrout wbJr Ibl boal pro
Derout Iro
Ilolent In languages and music bbs rrnd
WI this Qltr on the stasmehip arndm on
e needa pn her way 0 enter per adopted
home with ifm InOklnl am In 0 tealo She
ts now II years old
I Not Enough for n Tblrte Club
Eleven people mot last night at the resi
I dence of E It Oloott 3H Went USth street In
reaponHo E 1 call to orcanlEe a braouh trftln
I I Peuple Municipal League
Ha In Effect Asked for the Coavlettnn or
Woman of Ineendlnrlam Deeae Hhe
wits JasveseA Hebrew
M Debrw Lawyers
Rebuke of Bigotry and Intolerance
BinicusE May 7An extraordinaryscene I
was witnessed In thlGebernl Term 01 the Su
nrcme Court Jusllco Kennedy presiding when
Louis Marshall the lawyer whose youthful ap
pearance In the Court of Appeals In Albany
three years ago astonished the bench appeared
uphold the dignity of his race Mr Marshall
who la now well known as tho bar of the State
Is a Hebrew lie wont before Justice Kennedy
to argue for I new trial in the case 01 Urs
Itochel Brooks also a Hebrew convicted re
contly of Incendiarism Mr Marshall mad
Incendltlln mal
the bold assertion that the result of the trial
had been reached byblgotry and Intolerance
officially sanctioned
I bare more than an ordinary Interest In
thla case Mr Jarlh llald because I be
lieve that the defendant not entity and be
cause further I feel that whether she b
guilty pr not the case was submitted to the
jury under such circumstances a require a
new trial as a matter of eourse on all principle
On the trial he District Attorney in his
tra fhe Dltrot AtorneJ hIl ad
dress to the jury used It Is alleged this lan
This woman belongs to a race that wor
ships money as I worships its Jehovah As
the golden calf was raised by the Israelites of
old I has been held aloft ever since Give me
money I I peril my nwneonl and mr own sal
vation I there any doubt about It bothers
any doubt but that that woman loves the gold <
I that her race loves 7
Mr Marshall WAS very emphatic In his char
aoterlzatlon of the District Attorneys mis
conduct In tho use ofanch language and he
demanded that the Court set upon It the real
t A n u
VI UIDIVIyn uo1tu
A more Improper and dangerous appeal to
the prejudices of a JUt boa never been made
in the history of our jurisprudence The his
trlet Attorney if a county the size of Ononda
In selected by bptb Jews and Gentiles to
represent them a tbMr prosecuting officer
found I necessary to address to the jury tho
argument that the defendant had a motive in
committing the crimo charged against her
simply because she was a Jewess and that the
people of the Jewish taco would for tho sake
pt money commit any crime known to
law Such an argument could not fall to
bum the de ndant I Is Bad to confess
but It Is nevortBeless truethat there adeep
seated and lonerooted prejudice against the
Jewish race among the nation of the earth
n preludfo which < had Its oifgln far earb In
tho middle ages hut which has never been
eradicated and which has In a certain sense
become hereditary I IB t well known that of
all forms of prejudice religion prejudice I the I
most difficult to remove That there has bee
prejudice against the Jews for more
than eighteen centuries among the
people of almost every amonl nation
of the world la demonstrated by the pages
of history Even In this country It has bran
sought 10 stir up1 1 feeling of prejudice against
the J 011 The Minerva Publishing Company
of New York ban issued thousands of copies of
a foul and infamous book called The Original
Mr Jacobs written by ono Timayenis who
line only escaped punishment for embezzle
ment from his partners by a technicality of the
law Yet his poison hat been circulated and
find vent In the narrowminded pulley of
many hotel keepers who seek to Illcr tbe
class of the public r who are ashamed
to evince their prejudice ae ahame
Jews vlc relnilb > to receive them
in their hotel 811 impossible to live In a
community like OQpndaca county without
Ir la
nndlnglnnumfrabie j instances ot the existenCe
of a lqw NeJt4ber tJ ti
1Ra p rt
aiiun auiQtiiK ui rfuqic vum > vionnlv >
mitt these clrcumptano is It possible that
when the District Attorney BO far forgot him
self ns to give utterance to this sentiment the
average juror would rise above the prejudice
which the District Attorney himself could not
shake oftt
Mr Marshall throughout his Impassioned
argument had the profound attention ot the
Court and of the lawyers present
Two Pasaengera Train Collide A sag
gage Master Killed
COLUMBUS Ohio May 7A disastrous wreck
occurred on the Pan Handle Railroad four
miles west ot Dennlson Ohio at 1 oclock
hit morning being a collision between the
limited mal No 7 West and Passenger No 10
Est Daniel Longnecker Columbus bag
gage master on No 10 was Instantly killed
He was formerly a conductor on the same road
Throe or four cars were demolished and
I trains delayed about six hours At the point
of the accident a double track begins and it is
he usual place for the trains to pass The
I passenger was running at t high rate I was
tcavlly loaded l and also had the private car Of
Superintendent J F Miller with a party of
road otlleluls
Knclnoer homas IrwIn says the air brakes
alleit him ant hn ran out on the slnelo track
and wan In the act of reversing to gel back
when the accident occurred The two engines
werit fairly welded together The first mail
nnd baciaue car wore mashed Into kindling
wood The ouKlneeM and firemen escaped
with slight injuries
The ocoupants of the rear coaches and mall
lar were badly shaken up but estapod serious
Injury In tie front ear of No 10 however
the 00 ulants fared differently Longneckor
wait literally crushed to death dying almost
Instantly Express Messenger Marvin was
adly brnlsetl und Postal Clerfcn C D Itoeern
Samuel Crouch anil Miller all of tbe first car
were more or less Injured Internally as well as
bruised about the bpdy ana limbs wel a
Kitty Had Seen the Boya In the Btore Baa
It and Thought He Knew How
John Muty a watchman employed in Wood
A Mennsbs new building 131 Newark nvanuo
Jersey City was killed In the elevator about 8
clock last night Hn had been warned not t
go near the elevator but ho bad seen the boy
employed in the store going up and down and
thought could do It Stepping Into tbo elevator
vaunt he pulled the rope and snot upward
On reaching tbe third floor ho wanted to stop
but not knowing how to manage the thing he
tuck his hoed out presumably to call for help
Us bend struck the ceiling and was crushed
between It and the elevator
Muty was 82 years old nod lived with his wife
and one child at 218 Newark avenue Coroner
Faherty shop removed the body to his undertaking
Composed f Women Who Intend to Re
formThclr Ilnaltanda
BELYIDBBE ay7The women of Blair
town Warren county bv organized what
they call an Indignation Club tile object of
which Is to discourage gambling and unsaa
onable hours among the husband of the
members The society contains twenty or
thirty members among them tbe wives of
loading citizens There Is great complaint
leadlnl ollzens Ireat 11
the place over alleged Immoralities In which
some of tbe married men are alleged to be
lartlclpnnts and the women say they nre do
hazards ermlned to bring about a reform at all
lr Amonst tie Tea Broker
Fir did 180000 daman last evening In the
baJ4DI at 8 and 87 Trout street A net
work of win J front prevented the ratlin of
tl water tower I 1 4
Due wire knocked off tbcap ot thi driver it
the water tower wagon a I cam rattling UP
and bad It dangled a few Inches lower would
ha I
have caught his throat
Tno building was pretty badly burned
throughout but aA Ill fifth anti axth floors
wet vacant and the others wero occupied
principally by the otncan of cone andtea
principaly entire loin will not axroed 10000
wotblrds of tbl ditmage wits done lo the
building which is 1 owned br John B elI
who had an ooice there < Y j 1
Other ocoupaqts wys EJpenL tnlb
Otor OOUl4il wer El Dt
brokeril W ii Morewood Kirby Hale
or1 J
J w oa A 0 tea nsb core brk i
p 016 e IJ mig aa j 1 c t i
k A 1 x t c t
ants xitnoB CAPTVIO A BU10LAn
ThrewHim to theTfoor nnd Held HI
Ther tUDOr Husband Came
PATEBSON May7Mrs Diivld Kchoo ft pow
rfullybnllt woman who rwldrswlth her hus
band on StrRldlt strs l saw a burly thief enter
her rom about 2 oclockthH rnotnlnR She
Ipanl out of bed And grappled with the In
truder throwlnR him to ihefloor and holding
him until her lusbadwa aroused by hor calls
and appeared with areyovr
Mr Kohoe then giiarled the robber while
MrsKohoe ran but onfhe street and found a
policeman At the station bouse tbe burglar
gave his namons1 Thomas Itllcyand said be
lived here The police bqirerer have been
unable to Identify bilk t >
roar KCB Kilted a > 4 Tfclrtyaaven Beea d
AltvaThalClna on lire
OtiBiJBUno WVa May 7Th1s morning
at about 7 oclock at the Ocean coal mine
northeast of this city owned brWIIsnn Black
A Bberldari a terrific explolonof gas oc
The ronortwa heard for many mile and
brought a tbifoDgbf people from all the sur
rounding country to tHeoeneTh men had
descended Into the mine end abont forty more
were waiting to descend
When the explosion occurred two great
clouds ot smoke and a largeTolum ot water
were forced from the two ntranoe to the
mine about 1000 fast apart and there
was no i Idea thnt any ofthe men
would escape death but a > rescuing
patty started Immediately after the pIosion
and thirtyseven ot the men wore got out alive
they having been iu a port of the mine remote
from th cbamii r wheke the aas was igptted I
The other lour Joapl Feather Wlliam
Dougherty athaaOnInr and Charles Welsh
were all instantly killed
Feathers body was recovered through a
rush modebythe re < ouerbut the other
could not be reached The bodrhad the
clothing entirely burned off The mice at
once took fire and It burning furiously and
there is no hope of obtaining the bodies
r n i
A Chicago Polleaatam Fatally fTonnda His
Idollied Danahter
Omcioo May 7A terrible deed was com
mitted this morning by PoliceOfficer Hugh
Burns who is probably the murderer of hi
daughter Iva Burns has been acting in a
peculiar manner since tile death ot his wife
a4m weeks asoahd when he returnee
hpm4 from the sUJtop tblij morning hU
daughter noticed that his behavior was un
usually strange She Questioned him nod he
drew his revolver and fired two shots at the
girl The first bullet enteredtha leftbreast
just above theheart and Will probatlyprove
fatal The second ball made slight flesh
wound In the thigh Bums has been on the
force number of Tears lie was placed under
arrest Burns Is the father of eight ohlldranth one
I shot being bis only daughter Hhe wsa bis love
and pride and he wonnever tired of dilatlni
on her beauty o bis friends She In tha Idvl
ot my life he would say When arrested he
delivered up his revolverand remarked that 5f
na had some more cartridges fan would kilt
himself and his other children fie is violently
insane Burns is a brother of State llepre
entatlv Burns
While the Train Btapa Ha psoe a Sod
Word for BJver bprsvet
POBTJ UO Or May The President and
hi party returned ths mornlnc from Pusnt
Sownds4 Jolt at 7B AfbvnthVal A
y 7 tri
3loUded t 9f
about 1080 6eock they clrad and the
remalnderpf the trip through this picturesque
valley ot the Columbia mads In in bright
sunlight which disclosed th mountain and
cascades in ali their bf auty and grandeur
The first stop of anyImportance was made at
Tbe Dalleswhere tite partyreceived aoentbn
Blantlc welcome la responding t headdress
ot welcome by the Mnyorthe President said
1 quite sympathize with the suggestion of
your Mayor that It leone of the proper Govern
ment functions to Improve and opento fare
navigation the great waterways of theeonn
try IChcers The Government having re
served to itself the exclusive control of nil the
navigable inland water It Is of course In
cumbent upon the Government to see that the
people hare the best possible use of them
They are Important as they furnish cheap
transportation and touch the points that are
olten either toroeonomy or natural reasons
InaceRKllile to railway traffic
At Celllo the President visited the salmon
canning estaiilibment anda large box of
salmon caught this morning was presented to
WrlUe iff Florida Presentation to a
North CrotIn flack
CniitLOTTB K O May 1A cheek came to
the First National Bank ot Charlotte this
nomine made out on a check form of the
Merchants and Farmers Bank also of this
city drawn by N yikowsky in favor of T C
Kellogg and certified to by K H Holland
cashier The check was punched with the fig
ures 835 and a specialrubber stamp was used
fotbe e whler < a name Theiack of the check
showed that It was honored by the Merchants
National Bank ot Jacksonville Flo and was
sent by that bank to Its New York correspond
ent the National > Park Bank That hank sent
li to the First National Bank ot Charlotte for
At once it was seen that It was a fo aery of
the name nf B A Witkowsky a wellknown
merchant nf Charlotte Kater In the day the
Merchants and Formers Bank received a
similar check for 7U This cheek was Identi
cal with that received by the First National
Dunk the only difference being In the amount
of cash it called for Tee handwriting on the
checks looks like that of a schoolboy The
stamp of oertlfleAtlnn and the punched figures
nil are most1 skilfully deigned The bank of
Jacksonville 1 was notified
Beatrice Cnmeron Oct Her DIvers
Judge Patterson has granted an absolute dl
orce to Phfcbps from George UPhcn
bus Mrs Phcebues stage name Is Beatrice
Cameron and she Is now leading lady with
Ucbaid Mansfields company who are playing
nt the Garden Theatre She declined last
evening to say Anything about the case Her
counsel Abe Iiummel5 said that he had been
pledged to secrecy
Wornna NuSTrnna Drfeated la Nova Beotla
Hiti iiTNiB4MsV 74A bill for the en
rancmsement of women possessing the same
nualinehrtpns thdtentlllo nan to vole was de
eitftd IPtheilloasopf AH pmby this afternoon
Forist Sirs are barnlor in all parti of the iobijas
fls isyaebtultt snat hu psuel to be uirreud
lb tab to rfpMIIspWic tat bc Dy e yIs of Ji 1412
The Aipb Ieiie hi opysatloit rn tgut is Saul
Ins yatsrdsy Zarly setty rotee its iii ruetliry
we reiesnId
JW Moor of Vsndrrtillt Unhtr lty wan tht reid
nidkl In lh ornturlcal cnhlxl at the Cnlorlllr t
VlrirlnU vm nlny M unlrflmtlea win represented
t hester K is Sleet a bllllurd tabi tniDnr ctur r
whIiarsding lilthor > t Uuld fpiliif ran > lllw u
be TMitrday teas ihiown frame 6U sulky and In
staaliy killid Uli nick WM broken
KM arbL Mli wu arresied yiler4 la Soatr
ciii lsaaUa aeelMy 31 rhuk nd Br II M
lsb iasasaleg lbs uUf a serves gist an ihtlr
empler by edlasl alMMtM la > WM ialM la
T6 British brig E4hh si Baltimore from OUntatn
poru JUHIHI oo NayS one mile tooth or Ysuwk
IoIaid LKhiiblp aionkro wroek with nut BrelMtini
stoat ten tst kbort the water A yard wu still attach
sit to th taut i
Blcli r4lTilw i itrrtaiy cut ml slahd l by Joha
Itrlhol > o lulUnInnlcwtrHorlnui intliirerl liar
tale yistGay invrnkiK if5r1ini uitit runt and
ntitt hair a 4lnitn KubSniiiLyU < p ih > 4d and uick
UU conitltlon srlnastt luuuu vat arccittiL his
quarpj winabontawwnim jt
AsdvswAlrf Truikrir M ie Bttttn Iav < tt
Siset tOmpasf was JaiaajstJa on Jester
day cbsrsdbllPme WitboWAiUi I4UOtrom
5 seed Ubeisistue Msa tale
THE caAianrn OF COMKSBCB uatf
A Keiolntlon Pooed rDant OB > ly WkMk
Evidently Cornea from CbaiIsa > SI
AppraIser Cooper la It a Tlghtl
For 123 years the members ot the Chamber
of Commerce ot Mew York have met on Ml
early May day elected A President and en
joyed a lunch ot salads and champagne Al
yesterdays meeting Charles Stewart Smith
was reelected President and Alexander E Oir
I WAS eleited VicePresident
I This significant resolution was reported fcy
the xecuttve Committee and unanimously
That the Coramlt en rortUn Oonntrci sod IM
Kinnni Uwt berequestedtotsquss u < npaH te
th < Uhim1 > erlt th mplojm niot ipel asses y
ttieTratuy lieparlmeat in eosuottea with the SM
Itotloo of th ouitomi r < T < no > at thU port toaaaAaalv c
to tbetsmsdyof 5btssatid to thSbttsroesdisu C t
Ibt Customs Mrrlet
The resolution was Introduced to rnttala
Appraiser Cooper In the trials and tribal
tlons which have beset him rlnnn h > beotiM
Appraiser ot the Fort His friends la the
Chamber will do all they can to prevent his re
tirement A number ot them seem to believe
that the special Treasury agents hare been na
frlendly Appraiser Cooper and by their per
alstenoy have brought him Into reproaeji with I
Secretary Foster Appraisers frUndaaaj q
that of course his Integrity cannot bequee S
tloned and that when thespealal euuy I
agents attempt to reflect on his ability they a r
wide ot the mark >
It Is known that the special Treasury sta < ii
for a number of years have exerted atremea
dons Influence on the policy of the Traaur
Department They appointed i bytneBep
rotary himself and arehis specialrepresenta
tives Mr Coopers friends protest that the
conduct of the agents toward Mr Cooper has
been nnwise and unlalr Many ol the men
bera present yesterday proposed to see the
President on his return from the West ajld
protest Malnst tbecrc posed wtlrementotMr
Cooper They say that the talk about lie
Coopers Inefficiency cannot be snbstaattaM
It Is known that the Treasury agents favor
the appointment of Charles 8 Wilbur to sue
ceedMr Cooper Mr Wilbur la head of the
special Treasury agents In Now York and U 1
a young man full of energy His friendsla
advancing his candidacy are declaringth f
only dlstonest Importers object to his appolat
Mr Staple Rays tha Court of pp3
Opinion Suit the Water Supply Cpapy
Cyrus E Staples a Brooklyn stock broker U
the owner of 2100 of the 2500 shares ot Block
of the long Island Water bupnlr Company
He said yesterday that the opinion ot the L
Court of Appeals in the Ziegler suit restrain1
tog the city of lrx > klyn from purehaslng tbt
plant and franchises of the company firmly is e
tnhllshed the corporations vested rights In lit
Twentysixth ward
If I had sttirted out tn frame an opinion
myself or bal hired all the legal talent In
Brooklyn to do It I could not have badsa
opinion more satisfactory to the company t4 >
declared with enthuslofm The company
will now proceed to extend its plant and Di eo
Itself on a firm business basin The talk ab uS
going to the Legislature to secure the gight to
acquIre our property by eminent domain t
not be taken Into account If the city watts
to bujrout the company It will have tor
t 9
Wdiffase Ialyea h crei s
HusMx the frosts ot the past threeor foot
days have destroyed the middle varfetr L
ofpanchts hOt the early and late varUtla are
uninjured This would make If they stand4
Jane crop onethird of a crop In Sussex from
Uiddletown to Brtdgeville while on all lbs
branch lines of the railroad west of tb mala
line the fruit Is all right yet From prespat In
dications tho crop of peaches taken altogether
will be a large one nl thoueh no entirely rellabl
estimate can be made until lute tn June >
In Kent county and on the eastern shore ot
Maryland practically no damage has been sus
tained br the fruit or peach crop which mar i
be considered safe In all that region
As to the strawberry crop the bestgmwr
lathe neighborhood of Delmar Br igevlUs
Laurel Heaford Itldgely and Kelbyvllla estj j
mate that the crop has been damaged sum
elently to out It down from twentyfive to forty
percent A warm spell with shower how
ever will show a dinerent state ot affairs but
n hot dry spell will have the oTeot nt catting
the Sussex strawberry crop sry short
The Weather I
Tbs sea ot hIgh praunr which waa th sass if thK
cold weather nbll central In the labs railoa ehMetI
Ida etntre yextrday to the central State movlnr so the
sootb ait and domln ttnf tba conditions out at tka I
Mliitwlppl In all the StalSI the temperatays rosfro Bi
totol9A Tu Tb warm wav U trav Ul f aUwly
eastward >
Clear walbr prvatll In all parti at tb eaatry
except for Debt rains In tb xtrn Xortbvwl and aa
the lower California coast
Itt thteciiytbs day we tatr and wamseihtgbstf
ciattmperattzre87 lowest 59 ° lavrgbumiditn
per cfnt wind intilr nortbirMti averse vtao
eight mItes
Tut thermometer In Ptrrjs pharmacy to Tn Bn
bnlldlnilndleat the mpratury < itirdayHollawsi
isoa I8JI ISM 2NI
8AM 40 43 arX63 504
HA M 4J 44 er M 01 5O 0
OAM OS 48 0 P as
12 M J 61 iaMidCa M
POid 1
Areraf Averal on iay f isto VVV VVVVV SON
Street ornca roarciir Till B r n nraiv
yor Main Xaw Hampahlre Ttrmonl MaataehaMU
Shads liland Connecticut Casters NI Tort aatfara
Itnnttlmnin Jew Jerut Dtlnvart Was mimla
western fenni ltanla western Ftu fart OMd JMtaNe
tippet UlcMgan lower Michigan and nuiwli fUrfl
tcarmtr winds Itcomlna loutlurlv
For the DUtrlct ot Columbia Maryland VJrflnlv
Tennta Kentucky aqd North Carolina air sad
warmer till Saturday variable wind e
Jodi Patterson has riantsd an abatot dlvaraa a
Mary Ann Ponncuy from Iatrlek J honestly
Jude Oltrin hu refined t appoint a nedverat
he Uand 7 I company In Uerrmacue soil afmiaal
Thomas J Untrty a Tammany man of the TUueatk
dlitrlct was apfllnti4 aMiilaut e erk of lbs J > an
ytttrday In place of J B iloUovirn wb raslcaas
iUarr litXt
Abaallab Josef the Syrian who wae Itken front the
ttmmer Ja Uaecon a week ace eudertnii frnca Irabu
tarranil Iruiuftrred to Aorlb UrolUen Island died
on Weduiday
The nev Dr Norton nix will addrfu the nitmben
of tli uenealoncal and Illoiraplilcal soiled ai th
DnkeKr trceum thIs veoiog oo Mr J J Aitoraai
his American Ancestry
The license of Edward Ullr a hackman ef BBMen
roe etr et ira revoked yeterdsy by Stayer crass is
I oewaiil hid coinulamed thai Lally bad eVrCbrIIi
aim end as drunk aud abuilre
IonIa Joan a wild eyed Italian who tred a plied V
three tins at Houndimn Hleme In Wooner street on
April iar rae cievtOtel in the iinrat Koeloai yMtar f
lay and lent to htate irisn > fur seven ysara
yorlwo weeks a little doir has loafed about BalUry
Park Ye < lerlar when some newly ion l led t InimlrraU
te4 l him ihrlorinapDed at them slid iroltudat tk
mouth and Iark fviiceman smith killed Mm 7
Collector Krharrtl Was down with the tiprale yes
terrtar It was a relapse from the attack 01 a coope of
W5ll ata ami Iii Coljfrtnr wa > connntd lo his lioo v C
Jli pU > eii Kue MU lie would be out In a day or two
The iKbternlh auction sal of unclaImed prenertr
and police ana caruic properly was bell ai folio
lradiuarlere > iierdy The UK lota brought Inuor
ban ika H which will go to the roll ruioa laud
ThomaS Tbompaoa porter who lived at llllaal
yorljHrit elreel WM reset dead I k dyUry
oornlat oSooatid by aaa It Is ballr4 that k
death we accidental Tb cock aatba jas Sitar was
loose aid essay urutd
Tbeeecood trial ot be Putt ef Kanrerel Metieoka a
dreumiker walnii liii City for see mo dawate n
ulid reeterday In a rardlot forth city the Tell Os
tile tiriaia and hurt her boss The oat was trIed
for Julie beach and a lory
Incite Hrnwn In the UnIted Stales District rents ra
dered a drlon jeeterlay iraln > t Hi city for 2itJ
niuefee iu the Oils ut in liw iroonriatlII I om
tEll TbaCtttapaoy ovrueit pie rlasI iaI l > Niggle 1
wtl b on NOT it collie In on lie u i Wilt ISO 00V
wneit br the city sud fuundei e I u I Uoteruore ulano
Jndi OBrien decides that the < isil l Mrilce Board Is
hound to hear ami waoiMb endfnee tiles iJaiBeeu
Ian le the veteran John Murplir who > illecbufe ie
ptBdaeee am iientitl in irelerenc ae a ia
The Board bad 4e llne41 deHrmm Ihe natur Hu
I tue man wboealutednndera gals name preTest

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