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i r
rAClITlIKBN OF mit irnw TOJIK crUD
BlUcr Trophy Cnp Won In Many KnrUe
r k Battle Ador the ruble Tne OU
Aatrlea Cnp 81mile Alone O Its
f MerlteCommodore Elbrlitce T Gerry I
We s EloonfMIlent Hen nnd Jndc
tVnllne A1 oBrenUTlie Dinner OreM
RneeeMTVho Were There
If Commodore J C Stevens and the crew of
hi I yacht Glmorfck on board ot which stanch
but small craft the New York Yacht Club wai
organized In 1844 could hnre stepped into tho
model room ot the club at 67 Madison
avenue Inst night her would surely
hare said Well done tore And It
hDe was well done Like a good many other ihlnes
that this organization has done of late this
first annual dinner of theirs was another step
In the right direction
Why Its what were wanted torn long
time said en old member I brings back
old times when we used te meet and dine
1 I
I 1
I inc AMERICAS cvr
A more approorintn place for yachtsmen to
hut In would be bard to imagine and the
surrovnOlniiS were all In keeping with the oc
eon During the afternoon scores of ladles
vlilted the club house and model room which
bad been tnstelully decorated
Tricolors nti earners drooped from the cen
tre of the relliug to the sides and ends of the
room whKe a double row of little flngs the
vritRte signals of yacht owners hung above
the hundred or more half models ot famous I
Upon the three tables which formed thc two
sides And one end of an oblong table were i
tiered at Intervals the silver cups which Oi I
ptA In this column Their total value Mould
represent at least 100000
z I
At the middle of the speakers table at the
east end of the room naa set in front of the
presiding offlcvr Commodote Gerry this cup
won Commodore John Dlckeisons schoon
er Madeline I Is a beautiful wcrk of nrr
At about four bells In tbe first watch 10
oclock when grog bad been served to all
hands Including the cook Commodore Gerrys
gavel was heard and s was tbe Commodore
for In his usual prompt but pleasing manner
he bronchi the jolly rrcw UP with a round
turn and put a stopper on their nw tackle by
spinning one ynriis
Tbo only cruise that was ever sailed before
that of the hew York Yacht Club bfore
vrnstha one which Jlr Nnah sailed In hi ship
called the Ark lIe got along all rleht so long
ns he soiled In the salt water Imt Ion a ter
he struck fresh water he ran hit hip sground
rl IArounl
loon only comimio Mr Konhs Icnonince of
lonls Ilnolnce
nnvleatlonwltutlm rally ofii Wustcrn leizla
lator who when ha saw the bill relating to
the figures which Ibo law ieiiulrei merchant
vessel to paint on their bows anil sterns to
show the draught Raid snenklng or the auto
acre C feet or v feet ns applied to a nun
of a achl Yes thats all light In summer
time but what In thunder nre you going to do
1IIHler AoluK
t the winter when tOll i can y freight <
xiorar muraruD TO CAP osoooo OJ rwi
Polished up till It shone like I mirror the
old AmerIcas CUP mood on a side table hy it
e1f beneath the festooned Colors of England
America J and the New York Yacht Club
and cloe > to the model of tbe yacht America
that won It In IHM Call attention to It
ommodoreGerrund That tun Is placed
there for two reasons 1 has n place on thee
tbbles with these UIB for they wero loaned
by the utlemD who jiavo won them and had
a right to tiaco them there We hat no right
thJi 10 1lac the Amorics Cun among them rfAlt
the onl one 1bo < bad thut light Is gone from
ibe Commodore rertrel to George L
R t 1
SchuYle ti1 was the OBi surviving donor of
the oup He died hit July on bard the
I tra
Lllnl William HenD whom the Commodore
introduced I al a gentleman a sportsman and
a Irishman with a love for American yacnte
Americas and yachtsmen CuP responded to tie inset Tlo
UI saIl he had built a boat to sail for the
CUD mb had raced lor It well with what result
I the members tie
winmembl j knew very well had tried to
In Ild had lost < end he WM well satisfied l
p that our rrbll were fail one All honda then
iIngttlat rotisingitong with ariDglng cbonis
p 1mpol by xommrdnre Nlvholfon 1Un
and ailed Tblool of te CuP lne
JUd55 Wall who wes eel CuP to respond
to I calid
p the tnst Tho United HUtcs told the
tommb orore and members that he supposed It
8 b CIUI he Wits I Inyr and knew nnlb I
Inl hit vahts that hf wiw iilll on > n fnM
Taehtsmen He oompllmented members
on i their organlxatlon Bud lu progress
Lauders orchestra played IrOea balcony
while the guests rimed below The illumine
tion was splendidly done with double rows ot
Infnnrttsceni lights nboa and with electric
llghtid inndelabra on th wih On Com
modore Flbrldea T Ocrrire light at the
speakers table snt Judge Wallace and E S
nfray ut his left wete Commodore George
I IJ Hill Llont Ilonn and li n leD llt
The others at the table wero Elliott F Bhep
STRli Tliecxioro > W Myers H H Pnrnielue
VVIIItam 1 elttlerJ 0 Bergen 1 J O Perkins
B B Ilavn F Cronies J W Heywnrd 1 J C >
BnrronHcT1 K Osbprnu Jr 1 8trlti
Johit It Platt F J I Hal A I Jones W 1
JVetmore Dr I A Tucker William
pnpont William F Costoa n B Church
J J Ascb Mortis J AscIi A J
Paine T H Newbernr Albert Darling
T D Asten George A Cormack Krnosl
Kaples O T Minion E M Pndellord Stephen
Peabody n B Palmer John aDlckerson O
I Htndrlcks William fe Pearl John 1 Moore
S Jones Auguatin Monroe D T Wordon
John J Jlr U8lstn Jllown F 1 RoblnAol1
11 LunBUry J William J Duncan F W J
Hur 1 K C Wilam Thulstrnp J V8
Odde1 H Livingston F P Aflame A O
Wnnhlngton James Francis Wlllln Butler
Donian Jr W F Iselln Woodbury Kane and
F 1 Ciittln Ieln
Th committees whose good work made the
banquet aernnd success were Invitations I
Commodore Elbrldge T Gerry ezUommn
Nicholson Kane D T Worden Philip
cuuvlAr i It 1 Lounsbnry and John
II Wilson Commlttou on Silver ice
Commodore E l Morgan J V B Oddle
F I W J Hurst Chester Grlswold and
J G Boresford Commltteo on Decorations
Dear Commodore W J Duncan Jr K C
ilantOD V J C llarrou Frank T Iloblnsou
Committee on MIIBIP and Kntcrtalntnent
unmoi1oro H Nicholson Kane Alexander
Taylor Uoyward Jr Frank M Cronise and James W
He Wee to Kepay the StOOO IVhrn Ho
Mhonld be Able lie Sitya tbe Note lant Due
Jay Gold was sued In the City Court yestor
day horore Chief Justice Kbrlleli and a jury bJ
Lena Koch for 1000 Mr Gold sells clothing
on the installment plan nt 616 Eighth avenue
Lena Koch maiden name Kulns Is a money
saving young woman who lives at 209 East
Twentieth street She spent five or six years
as a domestic servant and accumulated a snug
little sum Joseph Jundernnl and Jay Gold
know this she lay afid when they decided to
go Into tOe clothing business they borrowed
WO from tier In a month Gold tried to get
hi partner to retire but1 1 undernal demnnued
soo < This sum also was advanced by Lena
the nsked for no security ntuold l olnoiarlly
wrote out the following promissory note In
cngli < h
Lnll Nov 6 1889
For value received I promise to pay Lena
EulsH tlUOO This amount I agree to pay
whenever 1 shall be able JAY GOLD
wleneTer b abl
Lena can neither read nor write and does
not understand English the thought Gold
wan to pay ner whenever she should ask for
the money When sherwas nliout to get mar
neil the following January she asked him for
t but he told her he wa lf not yet able
Golds defence wts that at no time since he
borrowed the money has be been able t repay
it In reply to Chic Justice Kbrllcbs question
lie coull not t 1 when ho would b able some
time or other be hoped
amount The jury of 1000 save and Lonn costs a verdict for the full
The Momament IiitktWB las CoMpleted
A Letter Irom Mr DuI
JiciRON Miss May 7Tbe Confederate
monument here Is completed and will b un
veiled on Jnnn 8 All of the military of Missis
sippi will attend In full uniform as well as a
number of companies and associations fiom
other States Gen J B Gordon Commander
nChlof of the Confederate Veterans has
ordered that organization to convene here on
hat dato Mrs Jefferson Davis and her
daughter will b pre pot Mrs Davis has sent
n the President ol the Monumental Assoclu
lon the following letter
When the proposal was made to erect this
monument we feared years must elapse bo
tore It could lie placed position ncd finished
Jut tho devotion and energy of the Indies wbo
undertook the work have achieved an unex
pected triumph and UA wbo has parsed away
since its Inception and whom you have hon
ored with a conspicuous place upon the ped
estal had an intense Interest in seeing the
completion of your noble work To see his
statue there honored bY the people who con
erred so much upon him who knew nnd
therefore loved him best will be the greatest
gratification lo his daughter and her mother
Mena ClothlBR cC Dlaeonmt
There seems t b a rivalry among the
clothing dealers this spring as to which shall
tell at the lowest prices lu fact so noticeable
Is this at present that garments are selling at
a mere song leaving no excuse for any of the
mae sex t present other than a wellclad
Business suits of stylish pattern and cut at
S10 overcoats of mottled goods In cray and In
brown at Sl and single garments at proior
lonate figures are offered at Hlribklnd cor
ner of Broadway and Walker Mreat tin oldes
nbllibed house In response to a question
he superintendent Bald
te Well tubeuln with we manufacture I the
clothing wo blln which of course means that
we at present can afford we to are retail somewhat ata rloe overstocked margin Then ami
blnk I It better policy to sell the cheaper gride
boter Iolor
at nomewhnt blor cost rather then cnrry
them over in another spnuoc Of course wo
influenced by iho cut
nre to some extent Inluenrod II lt
which of late has taken place in prices everywhere
where The good we are specially odvirtlrlng
at pnsent lire among t rl regular grades and
lr amlnl the exigency
warp not msnnfactured for
Other manufacturers endorsed the state
ment that moos clothing could never b
ought cheaper than at present
Hllpihod Kllietlon Vetoed by the Cover
AIBAKT May 7 The Governor today T
toed Assemblyman Townsends bill allowing
towns or counties except In Now YOlk ana
Kings counties to designate a bank or n trust
company to act P the financial agent or such
town or county in Issuing bonds In his mem
orandum filed with the bill theGovernor says
The title and tbe Imdr of his bill ore In
consIstent The title rend An lot to COM
rer further power tlo local legislation upon the
loerds of Supervisors except In the rounly of
New York In BO section of the bill Is l New
York county excepted from Its provUlons
while by section 0 the bill Is expressly made
inapplIcable to the county of Klnes Tho bill
must be regarded a fatally defective
The Goveinor has also vetoed Assemblyman
McK nnivs bill relstlvo t > expenses for high
way labor In Jamaica Queens county In the
memorandum tiled with this veto tbe uovernor
eels This bill Is defective In form in that the
tills of chapter HI of the LnweoMHM II I moor
rertly Hinted to b the title of charter 451 of
Ibo Laws of 1885 I cannot 0 expected to ap
prove such slipshod legIslation l o
Anna Dleklamoa Goes BncU to Goahtu
Anna Dickinson accompanied by Miss Ack
erly left the Bturtevunt Mouse last night
where she ha Icen I saying for the pnst few
weeks weeks and went back to Goutieu for a lew
Tb tobl impraNlolu Irodlt on Ih nt ap
psrHc 01 the 11 t lIQuid treil rsmrly lrrup ot I
PIC yura as ha btu Incauc 11511 0InI br
lb ptssni xprtnce or sfl who hats 1114 Ii I an4
it uIcpe rrC trprltors Id Insutaclusre lb
Alrr S 0 rll I r 4 V
JORBln ALTujir iBVFFsnsD AD as
TttltOUOlI ills SttSK
It Itatlnt lift Able to Itrfalht Jhrmigh J
MUM 1310 I stilt I tttmtlla Drt McCoy
IHUman and Ulatr Ilemortd 3Mrfifipo
Tumor from IH Kott ttittr drouth
im Hue to Intnrrh A IfoncprWl ftfory
t suffered 10 from not belnabia la breathe thoah
mr now thai I almost wnt Stacy ul < I loetph Allot
to a reporter Mr Atlulil l llre at Zit Sail Seth at
c n tin alnt he said I 1 tialnt fcreathai lhroo h my
ro 5105 1170 unlll a Short time 0 Three rnnnlh
MO Let a Ie IS78 hats nlun rears that I conidn
Drtatrie Ibroaih mr nor Mr now was fuller smelt
tumors Tlulrcrowih was due to catarrh
The kepi tile back and mali II Into
They NX I raoin drop my
throat I couIttt item lol huiehi V waa full or palm In
my chest and bt I waa eputlns all tie Hint to ct rid
of Ibo mtient 1 went to several phyillane They re
lieveilm for a hert 1m Only one doctor told ma f
tied eotIumptlon 1 bought lola ot patent nditlnei
too m JI didnt Ja flS anr ynod rinallr about
llira months ceo I want to lra Mcrn Vlldman aol
Jimir They ramoed thirtytwo tumors from my eels
They war at thick sac bunch or rapt Doctor Mob
lor Wlidman and HlalrliaToeur < toe complatly f
ecU bratb throoli my none Steely Notoay know
what auHerlni I want rub In all those yeare ant
what a relief I li to be abla to breathe naturally again
or court I feet l vratitul to Ore Mosey Uliiiman and
Blair for they liar don for ma what no phrlrlin did
J OiL McCoy MI1man and Hlalr furnIsh all mdelnt
tree and thr chargei for treatment are ao low that
they are within the reach 0 all
a Bait 424 street near Orand Central Depot
t nth av near Mth et and Broadway cot 14th at
New York and IH7 Montagu eiret lirooklyn
whir all rurabl case > rc treated with ineee I
jiiu lIe M a ctletanre writ for a symptom blink An
< tries 1 aU hal to 3 Ka > 4 dC Ole 11051I H to I A
Mto 4 r 1 7 toU P l dally Sundays u la 12AM
Facts about our
An old fashioned idea still prevails
vails to some extent that be
cause we are on Broadway we
get fancy prices for our Mens
and Boys Clothing
The fact is we ask lower
prices for a bettor class of goods
than are found on other
thoroughfares We are one of a
very few great clothing manu
facturing concerns in this coun
try and are enabled to place
thousands of the best made gar
ments before our retail custom
ers at remarkably low figures
An opportunity to convince
incredulous people is all we
Bway c Canal St
ot lOt Witt inh at 1 dIsplays tome Tirr pretty and
unique blrtltey maple ceilroom inlu QuIUqgalol
and iiHMtlra somehow of ample sass and Ulnre U
their furuituf In Ibo old colonial style and of luxury
that of the Tint Empire This suits show a natural
wood nalb T Arm make a ipeelalty ot draping and
npltolitrlni to order and will nadertaka to 10 f oralih I
a room bit lerylhlri bill harmonlre which I an
art that bal few plpl DDdnlaoc Tblr aaaortmil I
of Uobllo tap itrlM for apboUlarlif P1 exhibits
ome rich eolrlag aid nnltta < etn 1 1
nor n T rumiFxn PULLED THIS
The Horse Std to be nrokcn bocn Three
Week Asa Worked a > Mile Vsalenlmr
I H Ii44a4nia Owner Puts on 8TOO nt
XOBB Odd for the Itronklrn HandlCMpr
1 o Dwyer nnd Mnlly Corhett net
1OOO Prince Itoynl Acnlnat Teeny
nnrllnstoMn VorkOoialp
David Tenny riiislfer was up town last nluhl
smlllna and serene for his nroat fiveyearold
racehorse Toimy tho npule of his eye linO
worked I mile during the nltcrnooti nt Jlorrln
Park around this hill In 1HV Tie Western
turfman Is rallied with his candidate I
obnncei unless the mysterious lameness with
which he was afnlctoJ returns between now
and May IS which Is extremely remote
Mr Pulslfer was averse to admitting that
Tennr had went n milo lu faster time than
149l nnl said to two or three men who held
watches nt the time tilt bo bad made the
time 148 Mr ulslfor Is very shrewd and he
succeeded In hoodwinking the bookmakers to I
perfection When a morning dally announced
three woeks ago with all tho gratify Imag
inable that Tenny had run his lat race that
he had broken down iriotrlevably THE SUN
representative wont to Morris Fork saw
Tenny examined the let which was said to be
affected ant announced the day following
that the Injury was very trifling and that I few
days rent would Iut the llvoyoarold In trim
again A few days later Tenor was galloping
again but the makers ot antepost books I
raised tho prices shifting tho figures from I to
1 to 20 to 1 In some Instances Mr Pulslfor
appeared on the scene two dIV ago nnil ns
announced a the limo bet 4UO at long odds
He followed this uu yesterday by putting on
30 more nt 8 to 1 and now loony Is favorite
again at B to 1
alln rhlllp J Dwyer was watching the reflec
tion of tho bid lira at Hunters 1olnt In the
lleeey clouds over Dolmonlcos on Vpdneedny
night and itlmMiesinR tho bill hnndlcap when
he raid I Fridays a lIne day 1 tnink Prince
ICoynl ouaht lo win tho Brooklyn for me
TheyR beat you with Tenuy romarKed
Matty Corbott
Maty tno tbouand dollars Tenny wont beat
mo retorted tho President of tie Brooklyn
Jockey Club
Uono told the plucky Cnrtet and in an
instant the money was put up
Mr 1ulelter said last night that Tenny was
wearing a bar shoe on that suspicious foot
and that so far the bore had not taken lams
Eten Tenny In the Drooklyu alters the com
plexion of the race
VMtorsat the Qravesond race truck yesor
dar invariably asked the question Hns Ton
ton arrived yet Y and the answer In every
Instance was ho not ret but he will bo hero
Lverybodr wants to see the big chestnut
horse that Kentucky Is going broko on if he
fall to land the Brooklyn Handicap a wee
irom today The hcr e in ctiansoof Trainer
Jim Murphy left Lexington two days ago und
should bo here today unless an accident be
mIle them on the route There was very little
fast work at any of tho courses leaterJav 1
ratio and a Quarter suln by Durlinvrton bolnc
the I most iioteworthr performance The blncic
fellow with Ueoi no Miller up went way from
the lost like nn nrrow from th bow and ran
the first half mile In 4Pi focondu and the five
lurlnnes lit 1hI4ft kilting race to mart off
with in a mile and a quarter tria At
the end ol thrceiiuarters of a mile
the watches registered 110 and tho time for
tho seton furlongs waR 1W < the mile was
1 451 and iho milo lint a quarter 212 Home
folks thought the fouryearold was very tlrtnl l
at the end but tile fact remains that the work
was vary creditable ComotnTnw accompa
nied Burlington over the lat in Hi Willie
Martin has bpen engaged to HJo Burlington
but tbe boy baR not ns yet secured a llceuio for
1891 from the Bourd of Control Prime Iloynl
and Eon welt an easy mile In 15X
At Guttenburc Terra Cotta was brought out
yespnlay morning the oldtimer going the
Handicap distance In 215 Undid uot please
the critics any too well but his owner J > T 1
Johnson who knows ns much as the critics
about his own boise thinks well euouith of his
chances to make a bid for thM best tiding
tuleutlntho market having engaged Jimmy
MoLaughlla for Friday In case AliLenee t Co
decide not to strut t Demiith McLaughlin t n
Oravesend getting In trim and will easily do
UK pounds next week Casslim one of Sa
cott t Campbells candidate worked an easy
mule and a furlnnc at the Out Tarl having
mlo mount Uncle Bob who Is Tlrrl Cottas
stable companion went n strong mile in 145 >
working tho dIstance very nnndlly
Hayward Wits in town yesterday and went up
to West Chester to lool at Cant t > nm Browns
hncdflomo mare Stnorito The dean of the
pigskin will have the mount on bcnorltaou
Friday next
He mill Now Doctor Royalty
BPHINOFIELD Ohio May Another Yankee
physIcian has been honored by tho King of
Siam He Is Dr Will 11 Lee u brilliant mem
ber of last Card clans of the medical depart
ment of the University ow YOlk At tho
age of 23 Lee finds himself a royal physlclau
and civil officer of the Siamese Government
with largo 1 stipend to be paid from the royal
treasury and a Government residence at Bang
kolr 1ivo years auo ho was a railroad express
agent Later be drove n wagon and delivered
package for tho American lxpre Compnny
ill thi citY The Missionary Society of tIle
Kirtt Presbyterian Church raised 1lFit 0 to
send him to New York city to prepare him for
thf work of a medical missionary in India
tlp graduated with high standing In las
> ors crauutlo rr bYlorlnn Board of tor
elcu JllsBlous Immedlnlely appointed him to
olln medical post at Petcliaburee Blnin In
jvpumber lust he WItS mnrrlcd to Miss Sarah
MiKllllken whom ho met in Now York while
site was a medical student in the leI york
TraIning Kchool for bkllled Nurses hon
alter no went to Slam nnd has now bpjn up
pointed one of the roynl physicians lie has
resigned as a missionary
The Rev Dr John nail Advise Firm Ho
ller In the Bible
PITTSBURGH May 7The commencement
exercises of the Western Theological Seminary
jroritheld tonight in the East Liberty Presby
terian Church BeslJei 1 crowded general
audience a largo number of the clergy from nil
aldlencl Inrlo < CrY ul
about tills sootlon wore in attendance
The Itov lr lleoree Mjl PjeslJontof tho
Hoard of Directors piesldeil Tho prlnolpitl
leature of tutu occasion was the address by the
Itov Dr John hail of New York The cralu
sting clnFS numbered twenty The liar Dr
William H JetTori prenontoil Ins diplomat
Dr Hulls thiiiatlwn htroctlvenoss or
Powir In tile 1iilPlt lie told the class that
while orutorr wan imoful other things were
urmoie so nnd added
lie good men bo holy men bo consistent
Je be gentlemen l ho sympathetic men le
llBiiterosted men In reeking your peonies
welfare Again he chIld French tIm word
and the truth only Lot it be otvlous tr your
Fible DoonlH that you ate a llrm believer in the
An HOyenrold Hunlmnd 1Vnnt a Divorce
NEW HAVES Mny 7Tbo oldest man that
ever asked for A divorce In the history of Con
necticut dropped into Stab Attorney Good
harts office the other day and said
I want to tile u petition for separation from
mv wife beonuso rbe is I incompatible and for
other reasolul
What ale tbo other reasons 7 Inquired the
habItual intompornnce and cruelty was
the answer My name is Joel 1 Webb and I
am HI anllver years old I live at 101 iiijrh street I
cant eland It nlY loner
COlt Joel 1 Wbh Is a goodlooking man
healthY straight backed and pretty spry At
tomes Goodlmrt tiled the petition nail Joel
Oooilhlrt tod nettun
rotted home Ills case will be heard before
the next homl term 01 the Buuorlor Court for Kew
J live a county
Fomidrymcn Vlio Favor Nine nor
Thero wns I moss meeting of foundrymon In
Clarendon hall lost night at which 835 votes
were cast on a resolution In favor of reducing
the hours of labor from ten to nine Of these
127 were In favor of the reduction
The committee that called on the manufac
turers ystirdny reported tilat the mnnufnc
urppt would consider the application for nine
hours and submit a written agreement for the
iieri to slon In the course of a week The de
cision of the men menus that If this agreement
II not Htttlsfactori they will i strike but they
will wait to rte what It Is I
It was rllrt ef whMI the Board of Walking
Delegates al yesterday that the pultern makers
employed in J I I 1 I J M Cornell shop were
working of housesmlthi I only half Unit on aocouutof strike
The Girl Hud flt Inwn Tickets
Detectives Head and Wade yesterday after
noon arrested Bella Herbert of 2U West
Thlrtyuinth street and Iuy Hall of 112 West
jlxiernth street on charge of shoplifting In
Mtmarisdrr Bonds store HlMh ntenue and
Nlnetvxntn street
11ell prisoner were coot looking and well
helrl They bail In titir psessiun proper
ty valued nt over JlfX nhlih II i is l nlened theY
hail moleu Ulioy ulso hal sixtyfour pauu
Boer from the Trnnairiint Intend to Flock
Into Mnnhonnllind
LONDON May replying to a question In
the Itotiso of Commons today In regard to the
reported Boer trek for tho Invasion of a
shoualnnd Mnnlcnlaml and other South Afri
can territory to establIsh the eocalled lie
public of the North the lion Edwad Stan
hope Secretary o State for War said that
troops were being sent to British Bechunnn
laud in order to oppose the moem nt
Homo weeks ago I was announced that a
fore of 5000 Boors contemplated trektng Into
or minding a portion of the territory north
now occupied by the British
Five thousand Boors wale expected to form
the army d invasion Theo wai attempt
to conceal the raid and the
projected rlid apparent
indifference of the British Government to the
moomdnt caused great Indignation at Cap
Town and elsewhere so much so that meet
lues wero called and It was openly sold that I 1
no help waint the Boors nns to be expecied
from Great Britain it wns tlnio ro the Cnpe
colonies to declare thetsohel mdopoudent
This stirred up Lord rlnllsburys Govern
meat fur Htr Hvnvr Jlron unin Lorh was In
structed ten days RIO to Inform President
KruKor of tho Jrannnal lenubllo that any
movement ot tile hoots into thetorrltory would
of tuO l England con llcrod nsnn act ol hostility to the Queen
To this Iresldont Krncsr replloil briefly that
he had damped the trek hInd It was up
posed that nllalr wns ended Inl
A nay 11 two Inter however It became known
In Cm o Town that tho force of Doers which
Proposed establish Ihollcpubllcof the Nil Ut
MIB IOratOsed of 2UHUU Boers Instpitd of 60IHI
nnd that In spite of President Krugeisnnxlety
to live up to the obligations entered Into between
I tween tbn Transvaal nud Great Itrltaln It
would be beyond his power to prevent 2UXH
welliirmed Iloers fiom carrying nut any trek
lag plan which they might into formeit
The trekers are understood to he upon tho
point of massing together from the Trnnsvaal
the Free mate and Irnm the Cape Uovern
trentR on tIlt southern bank of tbe Limpopo
Itlver and will cross the Limpopo on June 1
and Immediately proclaim the lie PI hl 01 Ibo
North The leaders of ihe trek Include men
nt position from both the Free Htate and Cane
Colony and all steps taken are said to have
met lih tin approval or the famous Afrikan
der Bund which was recently In Hes Iun at
Tho leaders of tho trek say little or nothing
about tbn Chartered Company claiming to
base their proceedings upon conccslous
granted long before tho Chartered Company
existed Thorolsa wide district between tim
eastern boundary of Manbelaod and the west
ern frontier of tho Iortticueee settlement
aid it Is In this district xvhch extends north
ward from the Limpopo to the ambesl that
tile now Republic ot the North may be established
Eye the Government I Crippled by the
lIege otiS Kpldrale
LONDOX May BEach of tho large hospitals
In London hns an average of 10U oases of in
fluenza There are signs of a continued In
crease of the epidemIc Several more mem
bers of the HOUPO of Commons havo been at
Six of the usual occupants tho Treasury
bench were absent yesterday Prince Christian
and Count Hatzfoldt tbo German Ambassa
dor wore unable to attend a dinner len at
tho Gorman hospital last evening Tbo
Duchess of Mnrlhnroimh Justice Bonier aud
IictoJ a host of public oQklRlj are among those nf
The Lad of Powlsiled last night The retiRe
of death has not yet been reported Tho other
prominent parsons atTeutod are making antic
faetory progress
In Kbemeld the epidemic Is abating some
hat Elsewhere lu the provinces tho epi
demic contluues Tho large number of publiC
men attacked Is n subject of remark I la i
HUpposed that tho strain of oterwork lenders
them an easy prey
Albany Knlichta Tmpl r GoIng to Hnxland
LONDON May7Fjyo hundred Knights Tern
pier of Albany X Y are expected to arrive
here lu the latter part of July onatourthrough
Europe They have applied to Minister Lin
coln to obtain from tbe British Government
permission to wear their sldo arms and reeallu
while in England Mr Matthews the Home
Secretary bas been consulted on the subject
nnd baa Intimated that Impossible to make
nn exception In the ruse of the Albnuv Knights
J ho Irtter Insist upon the right to wear their
uniform and arms nnd parade the deck of
the Hleamer City of Chicago which they hie
RhnitcrHd for the voyage although she sails
under the Brltlsti ling Io this problbly rio
bJe ton will bo ottered Application has been
mndo to me Governments ol the countries
on the Continent which the Knights Intend to
visit that they may to allowed to march
through tbe streets armed nnd In full regalia
iuanuuvns bearing their banners and executing their
Capt Verncy Henteaee
LONDON May 7Tbe night Mon Arthur
Wellesley Peel Speaker In the House of Com
mons today tend a letter from Sir Thomas
Chambers the ItocorJer who yesterday sen
tenced Ospt Edmund Verney member Par
liament for North Buckinghamshire to one
years Imprisonment lot conspiracy to procure
n young invernnesi for Immoral pnrpOh
notifying Lila House of the sentence Imposed
Un behalf of the Government the Chifncellor
ot the Kxchequcr the Itlcht Hon Oeorce J
iohchen said that dipt Verneyu sentence
and the steps to be taken by the House In eon
suyuenuo would be considered on Tuesday
A Tnrnudo flouted than InfMntrr
BKKIIN May 7WIllIe n detachment of In
fantry woro at shooting practice near Neumln
ster Bcbleswig today a whirlwind sprang
tip and the Captain foreseeing disaster or
dered the men to throw themselves flat on the
ground Before the order was fully obeyed
However tile tornado struck the spot and
many men were thrown down and blown alone
the around some had limbs broken others
tie Intetnally Injured and nil wero badly
property shaken up The wind did much dauiige to
Emperor William Belleven In Athletic I
BERUK Nay Fmperor William in an ad
dress to the students nt Bonn today spoko of I
the healthy Influence of athletic association
which he said deeloped phvBine courage
ind discipline without which sound publlo
KH was impossible He hoped that the Crown
Irlnco would houiiuio like himself a mum bar
of the Bonn Corps
Heavy Fog nt Qnenatown
QUFEXSTOWN May 7Tugs which have ar
rived here report that the Wblto Star line
steamer Germanic from New York April 29
arrived off thin port at I oclock this morning
arrvd 10rt
Lut owing to the heavy fos she decided not to
attempt to land either her passengers or wails
her but to proceed direct to Liverpool
The lluehe Mnrlborouch III
LONDON May 7Tbe Duchess of Marl
borough who has been III for Homo time with the
Influenza Is reported to considerably worse
and her physicians recaid her condition ns
Xotei or Forelttn Hnpnenlnic I
The strike in Belgium Is spreading I Is
estimated that 100UUO men are now ou strike I
Manager Harry Edwardes will not take tbe
Gaiety company to Iho United mates this Rea I
son nnd probably never again lie iloclnres
I that ho lost 20000 In his American venture I
Heart Hands and Feet Taken to France
lot llurlal
lor has left for France with the heart hands
and lest of her mother The remainder of the
body was burled nt Peru tills btaty I The
mother requested that the other portions re
taken to Franco and burled In tbo family bury
inc ground there
ExAeaemblyman MeDerraltt Acquitted
The jury In the case of exAstemblr
man Frank M McDermltt wbo i charged
with having llbellod William Ure and
William T Hunt owner and editor respec
tively of the Newark buudau Call by stigma
tlzlnutbera us thieves robbers and rascals
in the columns the wltau Nfllard brought
in I verdict last night at not guilty
A Hoay From the Best Hives
A drowned man about 30 years old I feet 8
Inches tall with dark brown hair cud dressed
In dark clothes wad found yrsterdny at Bob
erlBs stores lu Broonlrn and removed to tbo
Monrnu A chain with I guise charm key
shaped was found In the waistcoat pocket
I Not thrtsIflus liter Usher
fillet Usher Robert F Daly of the Casino
I says that Joi ph 1 Andrew wbnwns accused
I or traline John T Mnnnlncs diamond stud
I nfirrward Pound Iri the i on ni lon ft f llllam
Maiiiiln hat terev Leon chief Lsher oftne
ill no
Enlofle Delivered Before a Bit Andlenee
In Brooklyn
Tho late OeD William T Sherman was a
groat favorite in Brooklyn and his visits to
that city in the closing years of his life were
frequent 1U presence at the Academy of
Music on any crest occasion always stirred up
popular enthusiasm and everywhere he wa a
welcome guest
Brooklyn honored the memory of the old
soldier at I meeting held last night at the
Academy of Music under the direction of the
Stain nnd local organizations of the Grand
Army of the Republic the military order of the
Loyal Legion and the resident officers of the
army and navy
The big building was packed from pit to
dome with veterans army and navy oflicers
and iepresentatle men and women of the
city The decorations were of a military
nnd uatriotlo character and the name
ol the dead eoldlur burned in gat jets i
over tile proscenium Chauncoy M Depevr I
liresldod and among those surrounding him
ju tho platform were CommanderlnChlet
Yeazoy of the G A li Uoar Admiral D U
Draine Gen Henry W Slocum Gen Horace
Porter lea 0 O Howard Col
Loomis L Lnngdou J 8 T Btranahan
Benjamin Blancbard Geo James MoLeer
Gen James Jourdun lea Molluenux Oea
Jhrlstenscn Grand Army Deportment Com
mander Charles i > Ireeman Congressman
iioody the Rev T De Wit Xulmave Miss Jl
Dutcbnr 1ollco Commissioner Hayden Joseph
IJ Hendrix H V vhlie Charles A Moore
Darwin It James Ponmnsicr lQorleJ Col
line Joseph 1 KnuRl William Itlehardsou
William Bern and Will lam Cullen Bryant
A handsome souvenir programme contain
InK a floe steel engraving ot lea Sherman
wai presented to the ladles The vocal and
instrumental music were special featuree of
ho programme The former was furnished by
the Amphlon Society under the direction of C
Moitlmer Kiske nnd the latter by the navy
rird bund underihe I leadershIp I of UConterni
The nomination of Mr Deiiew Chairman
lbo lomlnaton
by ion Chrlstensen was greeted with an en
thusiastic outburst of auplause
tlusilste opening address Mr Depew referred
to Gen Sherman as the most Dlctureauuo llg
Uo the clll war Tho characteristic of
Sherman which made him famous be said
was hits regard lor those with whom be served
Ho Was n largehearted citizen a grout soldier
1t WIM 1
and a distinguished patriot
There wu < I volley of applause when Mr
Depew > Incidentally mentioned the name of
HeerMary Blnlno
Mierman the Patriot was the theme ot
Editor Ht Clatr McKelways address He said
Sherman would tn form er the legendary hero
of the civil wnr Gen Swnyne spoke of Sher
man ns the loyal commander and comrade
UI inn Horace Porter Gel Blocum and
den Howard also spoke Fred Emerson
Brooks recited his poem Shermans March
lletwrou speeches tie audience ana March
lilt Through Georgia America and
Tramp Tramp
Memorial services were then held according
to the ritual of theO A I under the direction
of n Provlslonnl Post organized for tbe oa
cnolon by Department Commander Freeman
with Cbouncey M tepew lS Commander
Members 01 Gen Shermans family satin one
of the boxes
The CoMing Transit oflfereury
PIIITADKLFUA May 7ProL M B Snyder of
the High School Obervatory of this city calls
attention of Western astronomers and ama
ours intending to observe the planet Mercury
In transit on Mny 9 to 1 phenomenon seen by
hIm In the transit of tbo same planet In 1878
and which may now bo verified When the
Planet was gradually projecting Itself upon tbu
solar disk between first nnd second contact
only that portion of Mercury already projected
oulha sun was visible ti hen hownvor the
ilnnet was about mid way on the solar limb A
lUlck glance into tile telescupo with specially
ested and sensitive oyes revealed loran In
stant only the entire disk ot tie planet This
entre Ilqk
vlNlblllty of that portion of Ibo plnnet stilt
away rom tho BIIU at the mid position has
lover teen noted before and seems to bo duo
lever lellucllon of solar Jlght In lot at
noRDlieroof Mercury I Is possible that this
ihenoinena may be visible I only at a particular
ihne ol the pioiectloa on the solar limn nnd
hence It Is closlraulo that observers should
make several trials near the time mentioned
ICOOOO Fire In Kyrncuie
BTKACUFK May 7At 8 oclock tonight a fire
started In the fourstory brick block In Walton
street owned by James W Eager and which a
your ago cost 135000 to bull
rite fire spread rapidly and the building was
totallY destroyed It was insured for 18000
ilr Ka on occupied the first floor and hose
mont for his heavy hardware business
The rear ot the aeoond floor was occupied by
Trunk Diet for the storage of stoves and hard
ware nnd tbo first part ot the second story LJ
Joseph Foxenger manufacturer of paper
ToSClh oler papr
boxes > and perfection door hangers
Tbe third story SI ont was occupied by Charles
Gllcher iV Co manufacturer of childrens
shoes nnd the fourth story was used for the
storage of furniture by the Syracuse Cabinet
Company who had just put In their spring
Ilock Sneers stock was valued at 455000 and
upward and was Insnred for J29000 The
total Ions will probnjdy reach f 120000 Insured
for about half at value
Acquitted orSagnr Frauds
PnirADFuniA May 7 George 0 Baker
formerly a clerk In the Appraisers stores here
was acquitted today In Ihe United States Dls
rlet Court of the charge of altering records of
ho oflh oly which it wns claimed that the
Government had lost thousands of dollars
Borne months ago It was dscovered that the
polnrlcoplo tests of sugar consigned to Onus
iprockeln at thIs port had been made too low
and Ihut the Government bad been robbed of
I IIt dutIes in I the extent of I35IHW and
moth Upon being notified of the frauds that I
Jiad been practised upon the Government Mr
Hpreckrls Immedlstely ant his personal
I cheek for the amount After an Invettlgatlon
by Appraiser Leach Baker was arrested
rhnrgfd with being In collusion with the par
hrl lar
tic > who haul porrntrnted the frauds
ParktrD Hurlbnrt the wellknown profes
sional bore trainer and showman is dead at
the age ot about 13 Ills death occurred Us
week at an Interior town In Nebraska where
ho nas showing his collection of trained horse
nod doss and wan the result of an accident A
largo gasoline lamp which seived in lighting
his show tint t oxploiod while he was ifgiilnt
Inn the flame and throw the fluid over his
head arms nnd breast He was dread
fully burned and died after cevera
days ot suffering Ills remains woro
brought to Corning N Y o tho home
ot his wifes family for Interment Ho was
born and made his home when not upon the
road near Harpersvllle Brooms countywheie
he owned I form He wa a brotherln
and a pupil in his ptofes < ion ol the Into An
drew Rockwell tho horse trainer and inventor
of the Rockwell safety bit
Benjamin F Romalob one of the older mer
chants of this city died at his residence d07
Madison avenue on Thursday morning after
a short Illness of heart disease Mr llomaltis
wee bornln 1831 in Anthony now Worth street
where his father Jacob Romnlne kept I well
known prlvae fchool In 1840 the ton be
Came associated lu buolnes with tho late Wm
Demlstotrn and afterward with fax late Inana
Bbetman the firm then being Sherman
llomalno Mr llotnnlne had prartlcally re
tired from active busiqesa ti number ear
ago though ho was still senior partner of the
Urm of llonialno V Co lie wns one ot Ibo old
eat Trustees of the Bowery Savings Bank and
he was Chairman of the Board of Tiusteo of
the Church of the Dlvlhe Paternity whets the
fnneral will I be His wife four sons and a
daughter survive him
Mrs Nnncy Rtrcett widow of the Iltl Shad
rock Street and who died on Wednesday I
bured yestoday the family boning groun i
on let estate In 1 Ualalr Md Mn Ktreelt be
longed to tll liarier family lr of the oldest l
and mot Influential In the State bho would
hate Lean iou years old I she bnd lived until
Dec IS 1HI2 Mrs Ktieott when n child bent
1 walnut tree that her father had planted In
the yard Tho tree straightened and grew to
bo unite large She gathered walnuts from
the tree fO over twenty years and a tow years
SRO the had the tree cut down and made into
a bed upon which obe died
Augustus C Canfleld died on Tuesday night
at Succnsumo N J He had at different times
rvproentod Morris county in the Assembly
end Senate as a Democrat In 181 he Intro
duced and fought to passage a general railroad
law which gave any railroad corporation tile
right to Dulld a road In any pan of the Stain
without special lezlMai ion ended he long
eontinued tights of railroads for control ol the
Legislature any mads Senator Cantleld tot
tbo time the most popular man In tlm State
He was 4l years old His funeral will luko
place at Buccuiuraa on Saturday at 10 A M
James G Turner who died at the City Hos
pital lu Jvowark N J tho other day aged ti9
years wan lormeny one 01 toe best Known
hotel keepers In Now York State He suc
ceeded bin father In the management of the
laraou Kilo Hallroad Hotel and restaurant at
Turners Station and remained In charge for
many yearn lie lost heavily bv the fire whloh
destroyed the now brick hotel building and
about five jenin ago be sold out nt Turners
and wont to Newark to Into charge of a club
house Ills wife died about two years ago and
hn loaves no children
Thomas H Bacon a wellknown citizen ot
Biookllne Mass died on Wednesday aged 74
For 21 years ho was Treasurer of the Suffolk
Coal Company He was Interested In the ship
Ping business and was also the trustee for
several large estates V Ith his father be seat
to California one ol the first vessels that Visit
ed that coast during the cold excitement and
he established a commission house there
Frederick J Fiellnebuvsen n cousin of the
late Secretary of Stale Frederick T Frellng
tiuyBun died near tomervllle N J ou Tues
day In his 73d year Ho was Sunosate of
somerset county for one terra and wan county
Superintendent ot rcbools for many years He
was also secretary of the County Bible Society
A widow and three children survive him
Mr Margaret Btowe who tiled last week
was probably the first female magician In this
country About forty yeats ago she and her
husband John Stows nave Hlelghtofbarid
entertainments In BCbnolhousos and dining
halls of tillages that have since become pros
perous cities She was the mother of John F
and Hurt stowc the circus owners
Isaac Sears Ogien died on Wednesday at his
Line 2u5 Dlvlson avenue WllUninsburgb ot
old age He wns In his 7d year For many
years be was sexton of the Bedford Aveuue
Reformed Church and for more than twenty
years he was chaplain of Baltic Lodge F sod
A M lie celebrated the fiftieth anniversary
of his wedding ou Nov 11 last
Charles W Strickland the oldest citizen ot
tow London Is dead at his home In that town
aged Ho yenra Mr Strickland had been hale
and vigorous all his life and UP to within a
low days of hit denth used to take long walks
about the town He wan n native of Chester
field Coon anti for many years was a promi
nent grocer of New London
The Itev John Shields who died at French
own Pa on Wednesday was very widely
mown throughout the Methodist denomlna
lon In Pennsylvania He was the author of Rev
oral denominational works lie was 05 years
old and bad been in active service for forty
years as a preacher
Funeral services over the remains of Edwin
P Mlllett were held last night at 341 Quincy
street Brooklyn He was In his sixtythird
year and had long bean connected with the
lour manufacturing firm of Gonrg 8 Heekr
t Co He was a member of the Produce Ex
Paul Deshaves the wsiknown French
actor Is dead nt the age of 67 from paralysIs
Imouir his many creations that of JauarJere
in Inn Dukes Motto will probably bn
oftenest associated with his name Hr bad
won many notable successes on the Paris
Celeste Horne the singer and soubrette died
of blood poisouliir In Spokane Falls recently
She was born In Richmond In IBiiS and went
on the variety stage In her girlhood About
two months ago site wee married to Aug fit
Clalr an actor Her parents reslds In Brooklyn
William Martino tiled atTomokinsvillo yes
terday Ho was n son of the oldest Sandy Hook
pilot who was lost with the Enchantress In the
blizzard of 1888 nnd was a member of the
dgewater i Board of Health He wai unmar
Daniel B Coleman died In Trenton on
Wednesday In bin 7Hth year He was a mom
> orof the Mercer county Hoard of Freeholders
and of Trentons School Board For fifty years
be was trustee of the First Baptist Church
Henry A Aldrich exPostmaster of Mendon
MaRL and an oldtime Democratic politician
died yesterday aged 78 Hn had been Post
mat ° r under evnry Administration from the
first Harrison to Van Bureu Inclusive
John Iefurgfly of Summ > > rntd Prince Ed
ward Island who died on Tuesday in Boston
where IIP hail gone form dlcat treatment was
the wealthiest man in that colony He was
largely Interested In shipping
Kanalor Haylhorno of Charlottetown Prince
Edward Island died yetardny at Ottawa Ha
wan born In IrilS and ntorAii this Senate In
H73 when Prince Edward Island joined the
W A Woo Ibrldge teller of the State Bank
and formerly President of the old Columbia
Jnnk of Chatham N Y died at noon yesterday
of heart disease aged 78
Chnrlei Knox Furlado for many years noting
manager nt the London 1rlnceiss Theatre
and latterly ot lienclers English circus Is
lire Eliza Torason who died at Milford
N J yesterday bail lived In the same house
rom the day ot her birth She wu 87 years
rdwnnl Anele the oldest man in Busies
county N J diction Tuesday in hit 99th year
The Conductor Orannlxcd u rose e
MnNTOOMKiiT Ala May 7A rare riot was
averted on Ibe Western Ilnllroad at Whitehall
tonight by the doteimtnnlton ot Conductor
It W Gorman
When the regular passenger train reached
Imt point two car loads of negro picnickers
were attached to the regular train The
Irunken negroes made n rush for the Indies
ear and xnmn of them entered it swearing anti
using vulgar ianuao
Tint conductor rushed Into the express car
and returned a moment later with a hnlf doen
Vindicators and some roiolvern and quickly
orsunlrad n poso iiniong the passengers rind
trainmen he ordered the negroes out of the
They were Inclined to ie l stubborn but un
erthe murzlesnt tho deadly flrearnm they
vero lnwly horned fiom the car nnd Into their
compartment without ti odiibed The ring
eoders were brought to this city and put In
The Payment of VlrRlnln Debt
IticiiMosn Vn May 1fey McKlnnoy recently
ently receIved n communication from the
Olcott Committee of New York asking him to
convene the Virginia State Lebt Commission
so as to hare a conference The Governor
who Is absent In Norfolk has replied to the
committee saying that t ns soon na the provisions
of the act under which the VlralnlnCommlslon
is 10 treat shrill have been complied
with one of which Is that Silo bondholders or
representatives shall depolt bonds to the
mount ot SIOOOOUO as an Index of good faith
he irglnla commlnno stands ready lo confer
correspondence IH looked for from the
lew York committee Should the two com
missions nieet In the nesr future and agree
upon a plan of settlement of the State debt
their action will hae to be ratified by the
Believers Enter It Onlltle nnd Deliver
ProM TernplMtlon
A new edition ot Prof Brlftgss inaugural ad
dress on assuming the Edward Robinson Chair
ot Biblical Theology in the Union Theological
Seminary on Jan 20 is to be issued on Mon
day with an appendix answering some ot the
criticisms which have been made on It la
the preface to the now addition Prof Brigs
I have seen nothing In the hostile criticism
to lead mo to make any changes whatever
either in the matter or the form of the ad
In the appendix he reiterates his disbelief la
tho verbal Inspiration of the Scriptures On
this point ho makes the statement
Verbal Inspiration was not taught me by
any ot my theological teachers In the Union
Theological Seminary In my experience this
ncholnstlo dogma has kept many men away
from the Bible
He then quotes H B Smith In support ot
plenary Inspiration In place ot verbal Subs
Uiientiy lie Bays
I yield to no one in reverence for the Bible
My life Is devoted to the study of the Bible
Every word every syllable every letter re
ceives reverent and carelul handling But
reverence Is the stouteSt foe to superstition
Dlbllolatry Is a wellknown rico ot Protestant
Alter reiterating his opinion as to the er
rancy of the Bible he maintains that Luther
and Calvin Baxter and hosts of orthodox
scholars and divines In England and this coun
m now recognize tIle existence of errors
All this was perhaps to be expected for Dr
BrlgES has confessedly the courage of his con
victions but his eniphaslrlng at length his be
let In moral regeneration after death and
ultimate salvutkn to nil will probably arouse
the criticism whloh the original declaration
to this effect In the address did not Perhaps
ills must noteworthy dictum on this point la ae
Relievers wbo enter the middle elate enter
guiltless they ate pardoned and justified and
nothing will he able to separate them from
JhrlslB love They are also delivered fromnil
temptation They are encircled with Influences
br good such as they have never enjoyed be
fore But they are still the same persons with
all the gifts and grace and also the same
habits ot mind disposition and temper oe theY
11114 when they left the world Death destroys
the body It does not change the moral and
religious nature of man The eternal punish
ment of a man whoso evil nature has been
stripped from him and left lu the grave Is an
The fathers and doctors of the Church will
be the teachers of the dead as they taught the
MR KICK nans coyer ISLAND
An riad That Hie Wooditoek Bill Kne
Mode Him Fnuon There
Gravesend and Coney Island wanted more
policemen > and a hill was introduced in the
Legislature list winter allowing them to In
crease the force It panned both Houses but
was vetoed by the Governor But Supervisor
John Y McEane found a way out ot the diffi
culty The little town of oodntoek Ulster
county bad a few thousand dollars paid It
whlrh It i could not legally spend Aasem
ilvman Jacob hire Introduced a bill allowlna
he Supervisor Town Clerk and Justices ot
the Pence or a majority thereof to o > iend
any surplus moneys for which uo provision for
expenditure Is made for the pin pone
ot redemption of outstanding bonds or for Im
provements in said towns and repealing all
acts Inconsistent therewith
The act went into effect Immediately and the
Iraveseod folks said nothing until the Logls
lattice had adjourned and all fear of an extra
roaslon had paSsed Then the cat WAS let out
of the bag Tberu Is about 000000 to the
credit of Gravtsend derived from the sale of
tile Coney Island public lands which like
Voodstockn bank account could not be spent
tow It can It Is said under the Woodstock
till and the improvements the townspeople
have been clamoring for but have been nn
able to secure are likely to be made
Assemblyman Rice went down to Coney
Iland yesterday and found himself famous
here He was met by exAssemblyman Earth
who drove him over the island and In lie
evening a reception was held at the Alber
marl Hotel at which Mr Rice was made
much ot by all the leading residents of the
Frtlc1 rtton sit Trinity and the Chnrak e
Ihe Htruntier
While the sweet voices of 100 little children
filled the Church of the Strangers with melody
yesterday afternoon 200 Sir Knights of Pales
tine Columbian and York Coinmnndertes
inlghts Templar marched into the edifice
and took seats In the pews They had marched
town Fifth avenue behind luesss Thirteenth
leirlment band to the church to attend Ascen
Ion service and hear tbo llev Dr Deems one
ot Palestines prelates preach a sermon After
he service wbllu the Hr Knights stood In re
view on Fifth avenue near Eighth street with
worlast pre ent Dr Deem with uncovered
load followed by Hinging children marched
Ut the aventte
Afoenoloii Day services at Trinity Church
began at 11 A Jl and continued for over two
hours Dr J Novell Btoelo was celebrant Dr
amrs Mulchataov gospeller and the llev J N
Dill master ot services Dr Dix delivered the
Sermon > and Prof Walpole of tbe General
Theological Seminary read the epistle
Duos Hnya He linn Told Ilia Story
Charles J DIxon who says be came here
rom Pueblo Col to get 16000000 from Jay
Gould or kill him Is confined In the Insane
pavilion at Bellevuo Hospital Several efforts
were mode yesterday to induce him to talk
about himself but be persisted that be baa
old his story and bad nothing more to cay
Dre Fitch and Field pronounced him insane
and today bo will betaken to an asylum
Pnynixi Col May 7All that Is I known here
0 I Charles Dixon who wants to kill Jay Gould
is that nt one time he was In the grocery bnsl
less nnd afterward was a real estate dealer
lie led here about a year ago end was not then
considered Insane He is a native of Kentucky

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