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4 1 THE SUN FRIDAY MAY 8 1891 I r
Mow a > Crow IH Im f Tks Haa O0e
VU r4 the Return of the Cam Be
tvretn New Tork Rd Beaton Brooktrr
eattem b PlilIadSIpktOther Cjoaaei
Yesterdays tames i tht Katlonal Lea
r nlted u follows
New York 91 Boston I
Philadelphia 7t Brooklyn <
Cloveiand 6 Chicago g
Plltsburgh 4 Clnolnnttl 2
rtutt Wan Zeif ftr a nun Won l r C
aaion e l ou rtilladtlpala T 1 to
ofeveianij 1 I I 3 nitionrmv S 7 4I
teDe 8 V >
CMcato e 813 I Brooklyn I I
KawTofk I 7 fxJ Cincinnati 4 10 2u
About 4 oclock yesterday afternoon two
young men stopped la front of To Btl > office
and Uklna a easy reitful position on the
stone pavement proceeded to state Intently at
thowJndow In a fewmlnntes they were joined
by other young men wbo after MleetlntT the
softest soot on nhlch to stand joined tbeflr t
camera In starlne at the window of the busi
ness ofQco There wore constant accestlona
I to the obsorTors and half nn hour later a sure
Inn crowd filled the street 1 far out a the car
It was a mixed crowd Gloss Ilk hats and
oreamcoloredcouta brushed oaalnst dilapida
ted slouch head coverings and faded garments
Everybody WM on an equal tooting and tho
man of moans strapped opinions with the coal
hoavor In a cordial and oonndentlat mann
hOlvr oonnlotal
One touch of bao ball makes the wholu world
KID No matter how much the crowd talk < < 1
they kept one eye constantly on tho window In
wbloft wax nlntloueil the numnot that ilrow
wlloh WI 111 Irow
them to the spot I consisted of a bulletin
board on which at Intorvals a you <
tnan posted tho base bolt returns
lan vroio nthur bulletin hoards In I
j the uolcliUoiliooil but they wore not
surrouiiiJol ijy I cruWiln the reason for this be
lug that TIlE rios bullMlii bits a habit of on
I ounclnii Ir returns Knrornl hr Mhlnt spoils
In advance of the others 1 thuro IH aitythlnc
on tlu fnonnf tho earth thnt a breatbleas anil
ecled base bull crunk detests It Isexasperat
lug doluy at 1 tuoinxnt wbeu be burns to Know i
that dlIL rot Bluuuorahnvu just out the klbo b
I on lklhU the wnuldb pitcher nfitbe Nover
1 wins th g ant 01U lalumot him for thirteen runs and
The crowd that ftnthorad tefore Tnrt SON
bulletin yestrrdny lolt that the Now forts
S bonlil do HOIOlhiol lo wipe out the awful
disgrace of Weilno < mysdefoat They want
to cit up and nbnke ttiuuisoio said the man
wlilt the rod nticktln and nOM tf > mnich
tll hUneluhhorhood nodded nssout
Merybody lu hlllohclborhood nnddodnllolt
Finally tho Una retuini vuini They oonnlstod l
ol a cipher fur how Vuik J nero a a General
iRb of illsamnniva but when a coose egg
wvat UI for Uostii thero woe a tremendous
Arvahl of cMiltallou
Yonr fzntur ID POE tt closn cnme today t
lemurkeJ the ninn wIth tim rjt 111 nard whls
tlo IIIn
fccrs Itiulu Ix in tho box and the lleaii
saluTe will nol siiaolncKs to woo om
One tonne won tho nliort fortbn seonnd
luring and tho iniiika rubbed their hands In
el IvIus ellglmt
She ullh 1 ilnmly call a tall slim
KtaiiwMi a wild light In his eyes That
t the kind of asiimu I like ODD to one or two
to two for nlmamiteon Itii1flgc Not a wild iiltcb
tr pnssod ball In tIme whole lame lllchort
true om out onu niter another Then the
1 winning run rondo Rier four base bit In the
twentieth lanifK Tiiuis bnse ball and he
lauehed n hf torlcal joyful laugh
That kind of nlaylni gives me tbe trip
nld the lit Inn with the coldbeaded cane
1 alt to see 0111 hit tbii bull btrrnnh It so It
runts Olnitno tlx eared runs Ilrt tuning
and outfielders tonitues hanulns outiiTuUe
both ultilicra out In thu souontl InnIng and
put In now cues 1 want a score of 21 to 16
Strike ih players earn their salaries Thats
the kind of basil ball I like
The supnorton nf the two platforms ad
ranced appeared to be about ijually divided
but when the third Inning putlBoston In tbe
lend by a run a common Bloom settled Over
all The sun had been obscured br
a cloud but the smlilua faces of the
cranks rendered tbo atruospbara balmy
and mellow When the dtsheartenjnit
report of a run for IJoaton and none lot Now
York arrived a wnvpof harrowing grief passed
over those upturned countenances that baa
the effect of darKunlng and ehllllns the air
I The crowd however waltod In a despairing
loped for tbo ntxt Ulfor6R
Finally large fluuro six was put up for the
New Yorks fourth inning and the Bostons not
i I At this point thcro was a combined yell that
I startled the InhaUltintaof Btapleton
I tell rou raid the fat man those GIants
lire cherubs Nothing can stop em In tholr
hunt for the flap They ploy base ball as It
should be playtid They bat tile ball sir and
he glared at tun thin man
I never had any doubts about tbe New
Yorkp sail tile man with the red necktie
They are lilies of tIlt Tiilley nothing on earth
i flan touch em at base ball No use of abusing
em when they lose for theyre sure to win la
Ibo end
There was no dissent from these otatcmcmts
The llfth inning hruuKbt ttvodpber and the
good feeling continued but 10 the sixth after
acoose oitc bad been mil kort to New York
live runs woro put up for the Ilnstons In
tamly there was u storm of bowls groans
and snorts of derisIon
I Ale tho o Now lurks said tho man vlth
tile HI Uornnrd nhlkors asawitberlne look
of scorn piwaed over his faoo are these New
YorkH ho repeated trnvelllna around tbo
country on the fiumptlou that they are baso
ballplayers Thnfo wan no answer anti ha
oimtlutud Croquet Is about tholr size and
the sooner they learn It tliu better
t Aint they n fine lot of cornfed Itenbens
said tbe fut man In awful disgust M Why I
can tako a team of old women and beat those
Bostons Whats the UBO of UK ciinportlnita
bull team If theyre going to fumble mind buff
like n lot of iavH Oh en theneuralela
and ho started to cot out of the crojvd He
kvpt looklnar backward nt the board as ho
walked and came to a sudden stop when the
seventh Inning put the New Yorks again In the
lead Th ealitli didnt ormniro the sliuatton
and the ninth left the Now Yorks victors Then
tbe crowd which numbered 300 showed what
Bood lunai tley had
A time fat mean walked away with a beatific
mite on his face be was heard to remark
Always 1 said they ate tbe greatest team on
DoTONMav 7Woli well well Bow Jim
Jlutrlo and hook Ewing did smile when to >
dnvs came was ended I And how fOil De llasle
did htm hImself with joy When the last I U Ifao
< 1Itlr bit the dllst ftbiI the ame waa carefully
tucked away wburo It would do the moat Kood
m the New forks record fitule bad not
only held tho Bonnoators down to seven bite
but hI RIO cored the winning run for his aide
and broke the hug siring of iinf ius which bad
marked the battles of tho Now York and the
lleanentors this nennnn
lea the 2smv Vnrks actually won a name
from Boston and they rained the victory Wit It
aTOMl slick work It was on excIting struggle
and time 153 persons who saw It were kept on
the ragged uulgo or anxiety alii the time First
Xew iork coiid one run and then Ooiloa
tied the eymo Then Hoston went them one
bolter hew rork saw the one nod raised
thorn live HoMon called and the mm stood
7to 7 Thou Now > ork took niiolher step
ahead and while 1It ton was strtiBKllne to
atoll up Ibo vlUom nddrd ntlll another run
Vi their flcoie Thru the Bostons tare up the
It was II great uaiiie to wIn nod A hard on
to lose DOlltQn tried a new pltnbor In the per
son of John Klley who rlayrfl with the mutt
I t Bo tort DIlle He pitched n strong game too
j wIth the exception of the fourth and eighth
tunings Buck Ewlnu tried to catch but be
WHS force to git a ui > after twoor three lOaf
fretuul attempts to throw tbe ball to second
base Hut he remuload to a ee his stars Irl
t vin ph and It wormed l the oockles of his heart
whi > n be aw i lluslo sprint across time plat
wlih the winning run a
Tho UotiiiK opened the fun In the second
Inning whoti Tucker siorcd the first run on
I his imii Blu lo I astnat a wild pitch and NnfiliB
sacrifice But In the name inning Connor tied
tbo soorA in the Interest of New York HA
I forcoil Glacscook at fecund raitfttcd second
I htmsnlf on ijtilimn mull and scored on bits br
I Vassett and Kwlns
I In the tblrd boston stock went up another
pnlut With Kllov out Long bit to Da lett
who fumbled the ball and Long was sale A
teal and n t pasted balI sent blm to bird I and
Utifnn hit resulted In another run Boston
Waterloo came lu the fourth Inning Her own
bntatnen struokjout In huccesalon and then the
visitors had their revenue Connor wai the
lint 10 siealc but ho was silenced br
Lowe who raucbt his bag fly Attnrnoy
Ollourke flied a brief and too umpire
ordered a stay of pronnedlniri while
the lawyer walked to flraC Then the circus
opened with A fusllade nt kits llasselt scored
a stogIe antI Whistler cleared the bnsr with a
two bagger llusle profiled bv iin attempt to
iiut out Whistler at the plate and refcbhod flrsl
hate Then Uoro etretch his arms and
the ball landed on tho railroad track It
rail a bonier and two more runs were
counted imile > Iflcbaniionwia not to be
outdone hr any such i > ro eoillnfr and be dupli
cated tire tilt lie was londly cheered as be
made a elrtult of the Dunce and scored the
sixth run of the tuning That was all tee rew
j ork not then but It gao the beaneater on
thn bleaoberl hach a lit of ague that one man
tell oft tho oJsro and nearly broke bill neck A
double play retired TiernAn and Olassoook
Alter that awful fourth Innlutr the Boston
were in a Mate or utter collapse > and the only
thicn bltsrn u whojaoed tho stalwart lluslo in
tile fifth toning truck out
Mailers looked decidedly dubious for the
fiesneitter until I the sixth Inning Then there
was a tnrtt in the tide of the battle that canted
the Arnnknon the bleacberls to yell for lor
regardless of waistcoat buttons or tile rule
of decorum which are posted on every I
street corner In Bofton Qu nn 0p0404 with a
lit and Tucker Mliowed with another while I
Lowe advanced both men with a sacrlficr
Irodl Ie wu tent to flrat and the bases were
till Capt Blllr Nash felt the mesmeric In
ilnence of the n100 eyes wlSlch were nced l nrpti
ilm A small DOT ealled out Now Billy
hOW em what we pay you 19000 n rear for
sash Have his trousers A hltnb spat upon
his band banged the rubber plate and then
wnlsperod ofiryi Let reropme Rust sent
hire II twbtr but Nb had his eye neon It
anti the crowd yelled when they saw TlerDlln
sonntlnc to the far right Held earner altertbp
bail atln WIII a clean threebagger and Na had
had earned his salary for ho had l cleared the
bases That disconcerted Rusln for ho itato
Oanzell bio base on ball and hit Klley In chat
the bases were again filled Lone OKled him
Into pltchlno four bad balls LOnr Nash wns
forced home A wildpitch enabled Oantoll lo
score IAkll who bail supplanted atovev
struck out and Union followed suit HORton
hadtlod the soon and her cranks breathmt
asler There wan not much glory la It tut
the runs counted Just cs much
The Now York were bound to get tod yfl
game or die In the attempt mn they lDade an
other spurt In CMventh Innlne Tlernnn
opened with a corking nit to rwnT field thllt
was oood for three bases OlasaooeJc hit n liner
which Long caught In ma 2utkllr s Mornnn
was a phenomenal catch Luckily Tlernnn
was looking for jut ooh R performance ami
waalOOlilnr the bail and prevented a iloutiln
play rHIs dlscrtlon saved ft run for
New York for lOnnor followed with a
twobagger and Tlernan scored Not content
with that small lead the hew lprk scored
again In the eighth Bust opened with n sin
gle to left Ooio and Illohardson followed his
Rood eCample and RusI scored what proved
to be the winnIng run The bases were ailed
wbllll Oflourke WAS retired
The IIIIDeAlen wore enabled 10 edit ono to
their sioro In the eIghth dhY rouoll of two hUll
A sacnilice saul A pasOd baiL Du the ziow
forks ntlll bad n 1 Iraq < > i one run ana as the
Boston were retired In order In the ninth
inning the game wont to New York Tboncoro
alaraa nlar0 a r
flora of 1 3 1 0 i > Lnnar a a 1 1441
nicharileoa3bl 3 a 1 0 l < tOT y fo 0 0 0 li
Tlroan rt 1 a 3 0 uLikerfU O II 1 U
Ulauoook aO D I 1 2 0 QuInn dbl a a A l
Connor ut > bt I e u I Tucker 11 b2 3 13 0 II
0Rklf aoi O 7 2 mm lK I rLf o o 2 o 0
Baneir Dd bI 9 0 5 211otthsefl II 200
Kwinc o 0 I a I I Nstm34b1 I 0 a II
Whiiuer L tt I I 0 n llantlL CI2 I I 0 1
lluaia PL 3 3010 Klley p o 0 0 2 0
Total aiXCTIO I 4 Total Til 21 U S
New York 1 M 0 I 0T 0 0 J 1 n
Sloiton 0 1 1 O 0 s 0 1 0S
Karnd rnmNew Tork ej noaton Twohai hits
Whlillar Conner Threebaa alii Tlernan hash
tlome rune llora Klehardioa sacrliice hit
OKourke low hash Klley Hioln bajiai Rlcrtnrd
ion Dan It aLo U Qilnn yirnt ban on billlly
1101171 by Klley > Pint taae on error < New York
I uoaton 3 Struck otII null li I br Klley i
Koubl Mayi Qulnn and Tuokcrt Rlehardion and ivm
nor Puot4 bnSln It ORonrka I WHO
pltehef Huile It JUICy I lilt by pitched ballKilty
Time alu Lmplrellurit 1
In the came at Eastern Park yesterday the
fcoro was a tie when otb > teams went In lor
wnrfc 10 the ninth inning The Pblladelpblas
were first up Oleason truck out or rather
was called out by Umpire Lynch Hamilton
who bad struck out twlee hit the Call to Inly
and as he Is a fleet bav > runner lint to first
base br n Brent elide tie at once mote second
iia e aided by a wild pitch by Terry Hhlndla
got his hano on balls and It looked very much
as 11 Terry was 1I0ltlllit wild Then Dale
hanty knocked the ball tbiouKh Dalys
Ice I and Urlffln made a long head
long slide to stop It but was unsuccessful
Ulirlen got the loll and by she time It wits re
turned hamilton bad scored wltb Hhlndle on
third and TJelehanty second Bam Thomp
lIOn bad not made a bit all day lone for Terry
had been hitting him with the balk This time
Thompson knocked the ball at outline who
was daring In right field struck hIs lees
clanoad off to left Held and 8hlode and Dole
hanty scored Meters bit aalely but demonic
null Brown filed out
The Brookline came to the bat and Daly got
Ms base on Browns fumble of hie sroundor
Terry hit to Allen and a double play resulted
Klnslow wan retired at Brut bun The prime
was Intereotlae and excltlnff after the scorn
had been tied It wa ladles day and a Rood
many of the fair MX turned HOT Olea ou
pitched steadier than Terry although the lat
ter did well andonlr the name number of runs
war earned off eaeh Htlll Terry was not
ffttllr at crlUoai polnta after errors were
made A fine rinyMenrreil l llo the third Inning
when IhePhllayteloblaafaad the bases filled and
one oat Delebantv knocked a terrific line hit
to Daly and a double plar resulted If needed
triple I play could have been made Justus well
Collins ftrimn Allen Uamlltnn and Shtndle
did Kood deWing Qleoaon was nor himself at
the start and was hit bard In the Sn < t Inning
Collins cot hIs bate on balls Urlflln hit safely
U Men wan slow Fonts cracked out a nlco
twobitizger to left field sending home Collins
and Griffin rtfcney singled to centre ond
iontr ecored after hnvlnir made n clean steal
of third base In the fourth Innlne Daly cot
Ills lm e tIn balK and so did Terry Kln low
Uorinced On OIolllOnl wild pitch DaUlored
A Terry bad been pitching crest call the
Philadelphia not having cot single safe hit
I It looked as If their ROOM wa cooked airain
Bnt Ie was In the fifth Inning tbiy beran to
liven up Daly threw the ball too blab and
QlenMon wile sate at Ort baae Hamiltons
rolndllr was fumbled t hy Daly Deleba tys
wbaBK to left Held sent both borne
Uerers lo the sixth inning led off with a two
bafigor to left Brown bit safelv aa Daly could
not possibly handle Inc bulL Meyer scored
and as italy threw the ball badly to the plate
and It went to the crand stand Brown lot
around to third base lie scored on Al1pnlI
safe bit which Collins eoold not cot to first In
time With the score a tie there was much to
qtclte tbo passions of the aiectators until the
disastrous ninth Inning TEa score
rlIb3DlLeRtA aoou
IiaanA I Rjlpoe a
Itmlllon I t f2 I 80t mu cmo 2d1JMIIo 1 j
thtnulIeSdbi 0 I 2 II Urlmno t 2400
VIbaal1 b1 5 1 IJ ti Foatz isib1 l I 6 I 0
ThouuponttQ I I 0 0 iuulrnrf0 1 2 I 3
At 1 g rT g g
4e7ridb1 2 5 1 0 IIpkuey30bo I 0 1 0
CIrmntacO 0 8 2 0 rIIIO I I co 0
Broo Iii bo1 I 10 II I flair U I 1 0 J 8 4
1111 US 0 I B it 0 Terry 0 I u o
Oiuoup I I 0 U 1 I Kiuiiiowc0 1 A 0 Y
Totals 1 ii 026 3 2 Totals I 4 7 7 6 0
Pblla4lpb O 0 0 0 I 2 0 0 97
IIroottn 5m0l000004
Famed rnarrIIdlphl 2 DkIFD 2 FIrst
bl bJ rrnrlllld liutuia 4 Bronklyn I Left on
baaLbiia4elphta ff3 IIronUrn 6 Iln bU on balls
oil Gleason rut atr Trry 3 Stroek oemfly Oleagon
bY Thrry U Two bI luiDDelhnty IIor
10011 eaortfle bllSbilldl Klnllo itoleu baa
Hamilton Allen fouta Uoobla rlayt ghlnille Allen
and yrown Dai > sad Coiilnai Allan I itytri and
Brown IlltbrplirhrTbompaon ill Wild tltchri
aIr rawed ball Klnilow Umpire
Lynch Time of ami H4i
cocoon May Clavalaod turned bbs tbl OD the
born olab today and woe lb tame In the ant Innlnr
mmrntmm flit ran An twa aln lai md Child t 4iij >
All I r lt i for four bull ad akla two m r cal i
itu Os a eIabl by LIrd and errors lit Dblu and
CoOal Andual 400Q TII score
LuLpoa ILlinois
lysaL f 2 S DOli CAItSF L I tO I 0 II I
05gev p aG I I 5 leeal a s 1 u I D ii
bShIaS 55 bU it s f i Dati a s o I
500 ill b 1 1 0 Childa illit 2 I g t
oajyoflnfO0 PcaCrlbO Ii 000Jetnsosrft 2 5 I Llyottitdbi flu I 1 g g
Wotot1A I II 0 U VJmtgaIIbl 114 II 0
Lebyp 0 I u I IIVelUIUb 0 II I 0
r 0 80 OVjaup 0 0 I 8 I
Totals I 7iii 4 Totalsa a v i42
0 1 I 0 0 0 0 I 03
cieviuo o o 0 i 0 u u 0 o
Earn4 ran Cbloaff 11 Cleveland 4 Twobai
Ml Alvord Thrrcbaaii hltVlrtu Home run
ChiC rttnltn bam Anton Ryan Davli Double
elay Dabln and ffeffer ffeffer Asian and haul
lint bae on baily tuny ai by Vuau I Struck
nntBy Inhy llbyvlau S Wlldpllcbai Lnby II
Vlau 1 I TlmaliJt I Uuplreloirera
lIuo41 cinciriiiTi is e u 2
Iteully CscuiAl lad b 1177Ui in I f11Ibur ycunumsa bug tar by t lb r aasioC or
om dun olbr ha PlttsburIi Itt afluuuoou the
114 mblblb wee the rmn 1Iudauo 1521
CIHCIIXiTL riTiaiuinu
alara a r slapoja
McFha 21 b I I H 4 n Miller a a I 2 4 o u
IslbW 3d bo 0 2 o o kf Nii hu 21400
harm rf 0 I 3 n o Hrownlnf I ro o i o u
lojilday If I I 0 UCarmnhrt1 I i o It
Mb A g f
fl 8
1 Oellly lit b5 0 7 0 li lmrbauer2l 1 0240
ilattery o tt 0 u S 0 0 llanlon 2 it l I l
Smttbiii I 0 a I rlelili e O I 2 0 u
Urrlntlon e o 0 a 0 o o Riily 3d bn I II o I i
thlna p 0 I 11 2 o ltaly p u 0 0 I I
Total 2 937 ii I Totali4 02717 0
rinclanatl 2 o o n o n n o 02
rittiburfb u I I IOU o I 11
Hum aarndClnclnnall 2 Ilttimrjh 3 Twobiu
hit llanlon Horn run Uollllay blnlea I bea >
Latham Milter Carroll llanlon IloubU piavi Hinlth
Ucfhee and Itelllri 1 RhIne Mclhe and Itrlliy all i l
lr Blerbaiier and Bcklayt lariauer < Hitler ana
Bokley tllli lua4 Oil Dvlthlnea at by Staler I
Hit by pitched nail tailiora fllruck oullly lllilna
2i by Btaley 2 faaed 1 bVIrlaMe Wild pitches
Jthutiv II rilblay t Time J bourt LmplreXcyuaid
Th Anrrlcitn Aaocla > tlou
The American Association games yesterday
Athletics 6 Columbus J
Baltimore Louisville 7
Cincinnati 10 Boston 9
8t Louis H Washington 2
mrit WmiMiftrrinutt 01 tvit rer n
Boa 13 7 IUtColuumnbits1 I I 14 40 >
Hlllmnris I 7 OMUInclooatlMI I tt 421
at LouIs it 10 Mi ttlilllc I n u < iu
Loulavllll II 377Raihlmion 4 lit yu
ATBLtTIC 61 COtDlllVll 4
rniUDtirniA May TTb Atlutitleswou a reed tame
rom uolumbm thIs 1 afternoon by a onmblnatlon viCe > d
ark and bard hlltlnir In I tue elihth innlna when they
Norell fear run AUtndano IWa Theioorei
LTILIUCLiaroAL alsroav
0 0 4 U OWluloekss I 4 U
IILJti I oa I Ce ota 14 bl a
t4lkIlIstbU I IC U I heTauaayaf I I 0 0
wo4Igo 0 If I OOcuorrrO t 0 u 0
uIry 14 b1 I I 0 I DarrI I I II I fI
Cerrolas 5 51 I B I U Onaabae a 0 0 I II II
4e0aebprtO I U 10 Zeluuis ttbI III I II
llltlias a 1 I 4 0 U 1tuabs 54 bO I I I
VhauibrIa4spI t t = 1 1 t p f Y I 1 I
1elal i iii Total 2i Ii
LbIstio 0 0 n a 0 I 4 114I
C1lllbllll I 100200004
liar nllsCI L he base IIIIM
sWlgiia IletIJ nrAI 11111111
14 i
I man Coreoran Wkettoak Itnttl Item nn Cham
berlala Btoleq taieOorkhlll Wood Mnlvey Crook
Ill Donh jilayeUhari and Pajiahul corjorati
rlrIbt Iortnn rm
nn < l Larklo hut baa on belUOft KnelL at 1 ofl Chain
beriatn e till by rtiflhl bailLarkln Struck out
VI Kiiia lIlt Chambrlaln I Land dR biiatona I
huI Wild pltcheiKneil II Chamoerlam Tim
I I hours UmpireJoint
lAI5Ol4 10 iotriimt 1
ilLlMOft5 MarTTh naltlmeret br tImely btllblr
and Hhrtiwlidnil acord alt 1 TiCS In the nln
nlnr whioti aaMiied them arreatly In winning Ohs tarn
tdT m
Atundanca aV i Theecorei
Wlobe I I I 0 0 2 Tetler IitbI 81 I 0
van Ol IIaltsa12 0 g g i llrlf 2 1 4 9 I
Jtayr r I I II II VIr io I II II 0
wtedb IJ I 4 4 3 U 011
g 3
t g nLt
iehssonII I 4 Ii ItonougmuLtiJ s 201
Warden tstbl I Is I 0 Hri lid bO 2 8 I C
011111 UI b J I II t II ShIflulek 24 DO 0 I n I
IloblbjflflOl II 1 I 000011 l U 3 I I
llaUdnpU 0 I 1 0 IhreIp I a 0 8 I
Total10 1037 ii 4 votaIs 7 Iu24 i ii
nlllmlll a 0 t 2 I 0 0 R otO
oulIII 1 I U I cm I II 0 0 07
Farn1I runBlIlmnr HI 11111 4 1hrb
hlllIolloyn s0li utlDlllmO I 101111
2 ioObi ptayOVSC IIalIrmu t1tsL and msdiil Gil
bert intl f ra First I bc On hatlaballtmor Cu
LoluvtlIi I 3 tIll by ttlckCpl nanwelch 2 itoOk Cult
fly an nlybI tb Tinue 1 jhoOra Umplts
ctCinxari i A 1U aorrov ca aX n
HoTo Slot I 7It required fourteen InnIng 10 de
elite todava r ram betnren the illuSIon itedi ana lm
rlnnatla and It I WAI lecMed In Kellya favor with a
home run mad IY i < blnnelf In the fourteenth liinlnir
It was a great exhlhulon of bull pial lot and full ot
ringer from the atari The titdement was lnten >
iliruuchnnt 1 liii Ismi l l live lulling eery waa on tint
bane when Kelly I knock ih ball 1 over the fence and
ai hit run won the came Kelly Is I only credited with a
three bOlo bit The core
sIamoApm sILFaAR
r t r II II 0 1IlrowneOi 5 2 I II
Afliniwl r 10 0 II I 0 jorca lid 11 I 2 IS I
kelly I II T II Obey r t mu I I II II
UflVAO 5 5 2 2 R 4 0 IIrouherl C boOO II II I I
nohlnennld b1I I I I 0 tarrl I 0 I t G II 0
Jobnnn c t1 3 U II II lIdorI S I 0 I B 0 I
tanner 1111 0 CI 3 I 0 Murphy C I 1111 II 0
lVhttny84 bu a I IL 0 Hlllotrld 112 I S I 0
Staunes I I 1 I 1IlIIlIlIlon p3 2 I II 1
Dal 0 0 IS 0
10111017 4l P3 I
Toll PIIillB 4
5 WInnIng run mad with 10 mn oat
IlnelnnAII1 I 8 II I r II 2 II 0 0 0 1 41 IIe
Bol B 0 I 0 I I I 0 II 0 0 0 0 U
Earned rnnClnclnnIL I lIoIon 3 Tn ba
IUf7I Kelly IInblnobJohnIlDD Onffy Thres
ham hllCann Crown I u Klly m4aeniuge hU
AndrWa Irowua Itucy M lurptuy tilnlokr Itoln I
baaiItromilhera D ldM W lbolrblt
SaleS 141 by uutit41tltufl I 7 by ° Iol 1r Eltitbameon
2 ln III aaed tfr
rtorClntllltlat 21 Poton 1 I ba laKelly
I MurphY IWM IlIchlIllmlllon II DIoIy I
turtles ou1 Mimi 1 21 ny lnmnloll HI tuy ialey Ii
Donbe pliysCartiey KSUV amupi taavamu lmA
stud Ijamnetu imrhker and DrOttlisnl Riultonut mrlcL
415 stud iroulbell ClaplroMalber 1IuO3 bour
n ouma H WAttitZITOY 2
WAIIIOI btiy 7ms cams to day wsa marked by
the IIulul batting luau br this season Attendant
IIIOJ The sootsi
aiLri 1 A K LIe PL V
lIod211 b 11 II II I I IIn o t 1 I I 0 II 1
Dltchorl I to I I I 0 Itmtlr I i 1 I I 8 0
1111111 0 r 0 I I 01 C uiflyefl 3 0 II
tnrrt t II I 0 luIyons fulb2 I II 10
lcQurr lit ILU I 11 It II Merl 112 1 I 0 0 II
lItnII I 1 II I 4 IomllkeItbt I H I 0
1D1111 nIb 0 I 1 II 4 IIInorl r a II 0 0
UrL II t 0 II 11mm
liars II 0 0 0 t 0 Iuun utb 8 4 I
CanaoY U II m n II HII1 p 1 I C I 0
Ma < ullcO II IS l 0
TolnlI4IUlll1 2
Total 2 Iiit iii 3
0 I 0 0 0 I 0 0 2
fctLoul I R 3 0 I 10 014
Earned rUbHI Lonla 2 Threhaie hlliSmltli
Mnnyan Boyle Home run Mciitrty Molfn base
Reeobar Horn hot Fuller Mccarty Double play
gun Mud Cnrafikey Flrat 1 baa on balli Waatiluff
Ion I ft Loula 3 Hit br pitched ball suvett
Btrnok out Hy Tareey 1 by She 3 by tttlvetta 11 bj
Neat a fM < ed ballaUcOuIre Hfloyle ttl Time 185
Eastern AssocIatIon
ir ivRircix
Syracnio t 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 n 37
Burlalo l 0 0 0 0 n n 0 l a
Ha i Mtf Syracnie B Buffalo r > FrronErracnia
3 Buffalo 2 rilcberFron and GoodalL
Albany a 0 6 I Ion 0 0 110
Koenaater 4 OU330O03 1 IU
Baa bltiAlbany 12 Rocheiter 14 Error Albany
61 Kocheiter 4 ritchera bpiaguoand blauvlt
AT lIEs sorry
Nwllavn 0080002027
lrotldnGOo 0 3 0 0 0 0 u 01
Sa1iutsiew llavn7 rrovldonceit Errora New
J rw
Harn 11 rro > 1dnce 7 IitcbiriUorner and Sul
AT nnso
Lebanon o 2000030 05
Troy t 0 I O o I 0 1 04
Raiehtte Lebanon 7 Troy I Errora Lebanon 10
Troy 1 ritcberi Taylor anil Horna
At Rlonx City Slonx City B Denver 6
At MtiwauksXlwauks 8 Lincoln 4
At Ulnnaapolli Mtuneapoile H Omaha
At ln raulSt raul nW Kauua City t
Other Uamata
GoaRiM 14 aLLiaTOga e
without Half trylnr tha Oorhami walloped the Allay
toni ai the foio ronnda yesterday Brooki waa bit all
overth lot and with bla poor lapport lha colored play
era b4 no trouble whatever In brlnclnR their rubs to
the doutil itKurea The acoram
aoun LLuron
iIsroAL III n
WIIIIm Istt1 I 0 0 0 I Dmlln lstbl 0 7 I 1
0 JaoksOn oLt I I I 0 Ilurtay Id bl 2 1 8 2
ft l
Jaokson 8 lol 2 5 4 A Lever I 2 2 g 1
OaeL r r 1 I 3 0 0 Klnl 2d II I I I 0
1Ildoa If a I 0 0 II Smith 1 II 0 0
arcona2 I 6 I Illrooksp003110
Iulet 4 1 1 I P1xlyo o z o u
IPiol1i h g g g
Nalon 0ib1 2 3 2 2 Kennedy r t0 a I 0 0
wooa C 0 I I 4 0 IImlu s4 b1 1 a 1 I
1l271S 6 Totals 5112711 6
Oorbm 0 9 0 0 1 I 0 s 014
0 0 1 II 0 0 0 18
Earned rnnGorbm 10 AUrlnn 3 lint bu Oil
rrorAUorbm 1 AIIreo 2 Ln on baUor
ham l Allrboua B liMe on balleOc SillIer 2 oJ
llmookL u Snuck outU J kli3ioh I Melon
2 Brooki 2 ilxiey Flemuluit lolen baieaWhl lame
Cant raidnn J Miller U rIo Lever Doable play
Wood and llllrai 8acrinrhlti < > Jackiou Dem
laiD Home ruuSlLevr Wllllama Threebaai bin
Mlllr ordOU Twobaie hlmsU Jacliuii Carton IIii
hy nllchr Klcuilnir Wild pltcbMlllir Imptr
Connelly Tlmei UJ
ai linn
CubauGlantio 3 4 1 0 0 2 1 112
Norwich o oouuoiuo i
AT rBosrxcr rAIL
RobmtsonandjamesI 2 I 0 8 0 I IC
bank of New YorL o 211212 oe
liarterlaiFebra and llaydock X Kline and It
Yale 0 8220000 12
Etaten Iiland 0 uooooooo 0
Sue hltiYal 101 futen Taland 4 FrronVale
Etaten Island II Pitcher Bowra and branch
AI Mlddletown Ajylnraa 12 pommerclala 7
Brooklyn Cub 8cbool0 I 0 7 I 0 0lu
Bievanaachool 0 I o I 4 l U H
Uaiee Ball Come Today
Boilon va Haw York at Boiton
Brooklyn vi Philadelphia at Kaatrn Park
Cincinnati va 1uuburitli at CtnclnnatL
I Cbtcaco va Cleveland at i CbIcao
uCJI AunclAn
Alhlaltci va Columbus Phlladilphla
Halttmore va Loulnvllle at Haltlinore
Bixton vi Cincinnati at llojtn
tVaihlnl vi M loula at ITaiblnfton
Albany va Roelieiter at Albany
Byncuie va Buffalo at Syracuee
llano null Notes
Thoe who are not Informed on bate ball thought
that Terry ihoutd liar been credited wrlth a twobaa
hll yesterday Acoiinllnir ti II the ruin he caunoi be ai
b wa ileoNrl oui fur uailinv out of bli turn Cone
fluently lug dIll nut vet a cole hit
Itnica May 1 7 Cornell itudenle are backing their
team heavily Mill aea ou It ItCh tha trim left for III
leL 0 1 hilu rUy Ohrrllu and Lnlver or Mlchl
can they bad nearly r tiOi to pare on fnrnell I Jf Cot
null doss not win Cornelllani I will reel very blue
Mauater Ward wan n bit net Ijenl yesterday Ite
fan l to take notice ot the acorn card mind cnnieoiient
ly Klnlow and Terry balled nut nr turn Accordint to
rw L IIi
tts order hlnalowwaitbDliltilb I halter bat he ballail
Ilia Ural lime In eighth place n1 l ai lie forced a runner
lout nothing was ialu Terry tame tn Hie bat tlrc In the
ud i tr g rr ItI i bJh l
aerunil Innlnir He innile i a I 4uuuutmA bit I I gui therefore
Lyncha attention Wee brought lbs fact that he had
butted out of turn antI he wi > i declare1 out
Tom PaIr ma In be celllna a irroJ deal of ceniur
for not Ilaylnz short wp cluE better than ha la I which
t i not rietrveil Nn initti on Ibn Brooklyn team would
do what ba lirfolnc atil Ii cannot receIve ton much
credit for It He M a catcher but wtllinirly I want III to
help out hli employer a thine that nlntrnlne plaTen
out of a luo fn lull onaltlun would Suit ho TO coninlad to
au In every lCalllhall lie huma et played nopllny ye
terulais lie has rll centaltu lIars and battIuu which I
lruulut III ritmue mitre than mail r tip for bus ennuune itut
IIrro1rIlo renks ln tint look at It In IIIIL hthL ThoI
Carlo 10 Ihlnk tht Iho other team should bugLe III Clue
errors Maid their hliin none
Kllxatieth Moons Very Much Hoard
EiitAiviii May 7Th sportIng element of thli CItY
and a number of promInent teulititin ran be Included
In lIthe i ateirory are In terrible frame of mind Lny
hr and Qulnii two fcatherwelibt pnilllita fouiht
fire list Sunday In thn preene of a blv crowd Now
If the le I anylhlni that the lllutielh authorities don t
ilka It la a prUa might and Ihry mean ttt mires ihi pros
ent analr In an time llm matter lie been brought to
he all eiihhtuuu of I he Grand Jury 1 ot Union county and
III Ia paid that they tulle the come of sauna prominent
peraoiii wliiim 1 that will tulup one to b bruaM bore
them Iontablea have hern armed with theie iubruBiia
and they have mreeeited In lervlni them on a number
of pereona who wttnemeil the mIght
Ticketi turt ten the Suit have been eecurad by the
rand Juy Th > y real l ai tollomt Irani raffle for a
blcvcle under Ihe miiploti ot the Koiille Alhletlo
Club Tlckati two dollars
The City A f VIII be III the Hnlm
Andy Kelly baa ten the units Athletic Club and i
olneit the Ilty Alhlellc Club Outer lb I colon of the
nrldf Athletlo Muh Kelly won nomerooi triumph
While lot I > thy A U 1 haa huG the prtitUa achieved hy
be Urllje Club It Pruipuecil > enaeavor In atialu that
eat and the iiiurlnf nt kelly in rprreni It Is I the
ilnst step bln that dlrrtlou I then squally noted par
f lithrr
rr will b approairhed It1011112 I
Tlio DrulU IVutt
form BITUIIII Iis l May 7Thr wee a jrrM la I i
lieu lamne her today naiwein the lirnidnf Haiti
more and Ih e ihlali unlrrliy tram Ihe Druid
wen by u lo J Tle iiaui Was lit ely ootiteiteJ
flee Ball rate PnrU 4 P M TodaJ
Brooklyn va rhllidelphla Ailrnlialon Ado Kind
7o L and Hrooklyn I direct
Ltdici Hay kadlei I free gruunli and Hand lie
Hal Kor Vole Conrtrl alny t >
I Are GGetn now nn ale 1 at 1 f A Bloke Company liiJ I Ctk 1
I oBze1
This Week
Sailor Suits 90c
School Suits 250
Dress Suits 450
Furniture aoltabl for country nr cHrhoinei atbav
fatal during our extcuiloa alteration
LgU 3
Cpbolttered in plnihi oak frameit well flnlihedt
ltron and durable reduced from 835 Chamber Milt
In oakfitiih Ccmnry Old Eniriiih Cherry Mahogany
Black Walnut Whit Maple ant all well flnliheditn
different patternaj from 10 to J300 barcalni la all
CCO to 871 Fulton St Brooklyn N TC
Dealers paying 110000 or J50000 I
per roar In rent dry roods men anti
others who Rive two and three years
i croillt We furnish estimates on tbe
furnishing of room flats country
bouses and hotels Got our estimate
and BOO if we are not right lurnl
ture catalocue mailed frco MASONS
Myrtlu I1V and Bridge Brooklyn N Y
1 11J
40 SUITS 10
30 SUITS 8
20 SUITS 5 i
202 209 FLAT USH AV
tipoffn1 ljool11
Tb 1RrnJSIt ilf nooO
Cuiblon Tire hell irarliii
All lmrrovem
Till Vllrolf Al I IUX
Make hue lace for AIL I
TUE 741EJpAulI htQ
All Ball llarlii AIIIIIhLO
1ti4J ducajaaj
UKATEN flY Thud aalUUtT
Hnllabnry at 1 to 1 Lend a fig Field
Merldtn Iliad the 8prlnter Th Bio
Ilndloap Ridsiced to n Match
Racing on the hili yesterday was not up to
the usual mark and many In the treat ibrona
of regulars who are the real supporters of the
port were dissatisfied with the results
Loncstreet Kenwood and Admiral were
scratched from tho JlrnoMyn Citlten Handicap
leaving the HoboVm Stables colt Text favor
ite nt 8 to 1 on ridden br Iamble and Father
Dill Dalys colt 13 D Million nt slo against
with LambleyB brother la the saddle to make
a match of It Text tt the pace at the Mart
and led all the war In a stiff gallop with 11 B
Million trailing at bill flank to the finish Text
wlnnlne br a good length In 159
Tho handicap for sprinters at five furlong
had five lu It with Merlden a hot favorte at 6
to 3 on Eclipse an I Amazon had a Ktroug
baokln each At 4 to 1 against Wliou the
horses were called to the post there wn a wild
rush on Flambeau who went down from 27 to
1 to 12 to 1 and was also played hoavlly at 3 > <
to 1 for place Merlilon took the load from the
cluster tho first furlong McDermott sent
Eclipse wide nt too turn Into the homestretch
and made a show of hustllnc but Stevenson I
who rode Ilumboau In third place from the II
start took eocond place Merlilon won handily
by a lonitth and a halt Flamteiu beating
Eclipse two lengths lor the place Among
others the owners of Ecllpso were very nngrr
believing that they did not net a run for their
Twelve ran In the opening spin ol five fur
lonee with JnyUuKI Mist clinloe At 8 to 5
agnmnt Hnrrlsbntir rating novt In favor at 1
ti > i Lllllo L led from the first furlong until
half way down the homextrotili where there
was a cloMnu up Bnllnbiirr n 7 to 1 shot mov
ing to the front and winning bahdll by a
length from Jnctiou 10 to 1 JoyUuKl loblau
tb pluce b R nlck
Mlcbnel Dwycrs colt Baldwin was the tin In
the second race a mile duali and the ion of
Knnuirdr went to the post an even money
favorite lInden made the running In the Ural
lair The IShleylif atfitol taking It up on the
turn for the homrstrofh Hamilton tried to
collar tho leader l with llaldwln In the stretch
but tailed The Sheriff beating Baldwin home
by n teok Once Again 13 to 3 came In a poor
llamblpr won post favorite the third we
lit olda 01 2tol Khaftnu at 2K to 1 camo In
the IflHt furlong anti beat Humbler by A neck
In a driving flnlRb I licnodlcttno 15 to 1 came
third two lengths off
Thr > sixth race wits an oren affair on the
boards between Deer Jntlgt > and Armlel at 2J I
to 1 ngalnst each and Ketchum nt 3i to 1
Kotehum took the loud on the far turn and
holding the track won by half a Icnelh fiom
llohomlim 18 to 11 Armlel losing the place by a
length ana a half nummary
Parse SOD iilltnjr five furlonf
M J taIls b c Salisbury aged by Stonehlni
Julletta IS2Barbee 1
Hickory 8tablei br K japhet i A tw iritevenion i 2
R Dwyere blk Co JayQuEU 4 HH fliun II
Oiapman 1 Iaroltna Cnior Harrlioirv I Ltlllt KInney
LoDffJaet Lamar ClUin and Volta alia ran
Tim I V3
Ililnall paid IIRTO a4mt geld taso
Fan J300 ulllns one mil
Athtnta Stables br F the 8t blrr < by Onoilafa
CCIII 11Oker 10 milenuier I
M K OwTeriti o Baldwin a tOll Hamilton 2
1arkTllm Mablta b h Onus AgaIn A IMMTurall 3
Ulonr mentIon HrrUon and MUillMlon also ran
limna l4i3
MutuilipaU taooWIO WVU
TUB Tntno nice
FuriaMOO Mlllnc thr f1narlr of a mile
Khanan 8iabl a br Ir Kbafun 4 by Mtarro Oyp
Bnctn Latch h I S HamWr n 10711 Andtrton 3
jIIm W
Wll Ttmmonii on f benedictIne e lu W rI
f > rV Sit LIttle Jibe Endurer amid Ninttn imuasell
alia lau
Tim 1 Iilij
Mntnalt pall aM fa 74k 315
Brooltyn CUlttn Handicap 1000 addtd mil ant a
furlong llobuukefl Stables ch c Text 4 by KlngllktUaxlm
101 Lamblty I
W U Cain b c B B Million 4 IIIIIJ Larabler 2
Time itS
ntoalt pal r 23THE
PnnafHX handicap I five fnrlonn
M l Dwyarbr m Harldeti I by iillllMercadl
in Hamilton 1
D JohnioDb Co Klambaau 4 103 Kterrnion 2
Kenctt JtWarna bo hcllpn lolUcU rinot 3
Valayrlan and Amazon also ran
TIm 1ici
Uutuali paid 305 fjau SSTu
Purse 5401 nlllnr irn furlongs
George Karbti oh c Ktlohum u br FAUitui Anal
Illehrd 111I SlnlInnl I
Sm J Hair1 b b llabmlan 8 ll8Harb I 3
Eaton < LeUti b I L Armll 4 lOS 1 Anderson 3
Veer Lodira EraU OMr Edward P Wandermant
Boibllrbt Ktntneky Dan Harry Ireland and Cenua
dram silo ran
Tim 1301
Matnali Data 9 SO jj f lOOi
EntrIes at Outtcnbunc
Tbe notion Countr Jockey Club announce an attrac
tive profframme including Uncle Boo io the race aCu
and n luaU larlonfrs The intnlee aqd weights are
flul nIur fact seIing hire nrloalt Salts
burr 512 I Tlox lIft liawistone ISO Jim Murray
I W Jay QnXl I lIlt uaflteen 110 htng Alt II Mo
blcn uIO Bob Arthur 101 Joe 1U1 bOlnnc 1171
Eunnia J IUI Itrnl IU1 Ellen vu Algebra
Bllr uv
Second RarePan 53to ielllnit IjV I1R onehalt
nrlonxic Itenedlctlne 12 i Autocrat los timber
1U < 1 Kitirof loa lago HJ Jed luu Foreit King th
Third Hace Inra Hxt sellIugi cne toils l lhniau I
Borg 5th 811 Drift l 1111 h Forum W1m I Rover 512
flsncnca iii liuaptoan 110 htantln ltuueIl ISO
buiurtll kaiePnre lI for maiden Iao yearoluls
halt a mil Air haC II Iti MCII 110cc Doll lilt I Oell
11 ttotart IIMI Vollplb colt 11th Cpl Jarnd
II IS aflnle lIubbrd rotC II 114 Gambler 1181 Iw
OIly 115 MOney Maid lit 1 Psw sus
i1 rnti r nd
IIJiIIJ flsteUro silt and nbal Combers
l4aw 6r Never III lInood Ill PrIor lIorll
112 Uncle lob itO VorauU lUI Glory 1011 bell
wnnd 1111 I Zed lIeu Abby 92
Sloth Rerura ft sellIng seyca rarlonp
Blackthorn lift IrodlcaL RIO Klutock lid Firefly
ItS Pm Alhamut 1 Ill t Conntlumu luau i 1 KCnotuuce l0
111 roan lu7i Ambor lot tuptoa itiSi 0mfs
lr I Sub
TIle RnnBlnc or flash Duke to aw iBTeatl
WuBinotoj May 1Th ileeplchaj for cnllmn
riders attracted the largest crowd of the mllac o the
races at Scoffing loday and nearly 4000 pricni
werapraieat The Krand ltnd > aa nld with ladles
Tb weather wa cool but the sun was oak and the
day was fairly pleasant Th track was bard and
tome good line waa made Lotloni mile and a quarter
InaitWH beIng particularly noticeable though he bad
hut Ia Pounds up
Tho running of Bull Duke the favorite In the fourth
race was altogether uniatlifactory and the Judzel
will make an InvestigatIon The story of tbe owner
anti the jocxiy II to tbe lattrra orders did not aIr
The bettloir up lo thli Din wni KOOJ but the publla
luiplclou ond bet Illll afterward Th favorites
took two out of the flee protulon1 races Little lIed
dIng broke Mi leg at the knee joint while rnnulnr In
the opnine twoyearold race and bad 10 be abet Tna
irnilemon rIders race failed lo nil wall unit Nntohei
luau iii easy tiuuuy of it Anulncr ot 1111 Morrli ooiia
Jcater SItu hail not yatruu Was 11 o0d havurute am 8 too
for the opening four and n halt rurlocx cratml with
rlw flrI frl ri Iio
itlletto OIly ueaniy > U well played am 2 III i I Arltocrai
ani 1 Hllloln lilly got un with ace loud but In the run
hump Je ier aL ltd won easIly by two leofiba
fcinelto a rnaL from ot Aristocrat I third
The puiillc made llunlc a atrour favorite for some
reaun atu In 1 fnr the sIx furiong dash lit the other
tuknce wui the tee played at 3 to I Mlf nco and lillnt
cot or loRelhfr and the latter loon made Cute running
wIth u hair henunlu advantage Louis running third At
the heail of the wretch Mlence mllnl roy and and lona
bad ulto I race won llnlihlnc n half Icnicth In front nf
J iulia who gut tlue place by three Icnetb from SIlent
w11 IrJ lrd m
lieve I and kowlandrr alternated as favorite for the
fAuit Handicap at MI und ariuarter tolles and were
IlayJ heavily In the licit IMUIIIX race ot the day
It tJlrlib tlJtlItIlrrolnl
kyrle II end > lrula at 4 In I took the largest part nf
the other tettllmut Unrllclil set a fail pare with Low
cootiolt 1rt
f lander runnliut icond mid lotlon thlrJ lotion muved
up In the Iurh and lacIng the lead beat Ixiwiander
by two lenurtbe In Jie4ii mingle ran third
Haul Duke waa Ht ttn 5tIOil rarrh barrel In many
J r
boiki wlicn the nona uumled for lbs Iunsi o go m
the poll lmu flue tire anil nut half lurlonra India Hub
bar Xary fiona and Vintajra Tim were all wail plaveil
hrlho lm f L a
avcond choir hero i at4tolach Mary hinge anil
DubIn uiaile all the running until the stretch WH
reached and then India Hubber won tn n drlvlnx flutali
by a tutu i lielliarln iiteonU a bet lnitui In I front nf
Wdv J
Vlntatri Time thiri Haiti liukoi ruuiilni wano bail
that me bless InvillKata ll
XlrHbtauau H to A favorIte In the roll gail a sIt 1
tecntli gniuuie the rumutluw all WTI and caking a gnit
lead at the elect t was never licaild lnnlnc I l two
lengthS ham Wood a 2 to I ecund rholce after vet
tlrir away badly I ran throuirli the tleid aim collarinc
llhody Iriiivle in the atrelcli gut the icy iv length
Mr Knutlon Natchei had an city vlctiry In I the Ken
tlemeii ateeplechaie rtniihluff almoit I hurler of a
mile In front of llucklibrry aeuoud UewMrry wai
Ian I
IanThli li 1 the pr < 2ramrne for PannIng todayi
rr Ct
Klrit KacTareniiiirter of n mIle Uranmerey
Costa ales each IIVI Harlluxion lu7 In ila llubber
nn HeetwIoK Vllla > a lali nil Barialii Basil Uuk
HOI tlutrUuanle uiuI I LcD IJirI rannle Lewli call
f ro
Vaiabond ulu PicnIc mi Cuiaon p04
Second llaceOne mile flllilt Ashen 122 Craft
lie V max Tim lilly 52 I hInt boloinuo IIItI I > Day
J TtraJr
Ion Ascot Ili71 Irene ll lint S
THrd Itac yivelthhinf a mil Hltten IIDi lie
eel I ibj i arpao IU Thlar I Out Own Klucdooi
1111 Nlnnoa I OK
Fourth nlIul at nv furlonni lelllnr Drew
itrr Itnillv Ill I Hunday ION Mucilaie Ki7 Uyda
suit Corntlli I l II IU3i I t Yauturcn Ella let Jcit colt Ito
Blnnrlie l >
Kill I Kare Eleepieoliaie two mIke lat Oalley
KtiMiiirnil 111 l Uriawarr 14 anjbar Iliro 31
Klplun IIM fivanifell e Jlepiaer IUJ leandr 123
Dultnikii Hucrrv rill Hm Ito
Ilni o s Jni May 7lialiQIt ihe AmerIcan palm
iner who tin lerlook Ihe lent yeatrrilay or wiiinnln
atxteii hour cnuo thai In tile Kurllali tliatinal
ruiilil his lak nicr iiull at mlilnUht
mllLB I
toxasnons 1rltNTUCKF
lease Murphy Pilots Klncma to Tletory
nt LcxtnRton
LallicTox May 1 7Tbt whether waimoderat today
and a lam 1 crowd attended the raeei thl aturnoon
The track was rood and the port Intritlni The
Hake wai the Kentucky Triple tent forthreayaar
oWe and upward aiD IIIU It f wee the fourth race
aDd bait sig itarten Loniihora 117 Britten up waS
the favorite at 8 10 II whIle Dnndia Was a biattly
supported second choice his POll odd bola 3 to ti
Halter Skelter made the runnlnt and showed the way
Into the alrateh where LoniiherB cam way M aha
pleated and won by two lantlba Xabell second a
head Intrant of Dnndea third Heller Skaller a lefifth
back The lndx placed llHr Skelter thirdprobably
OTtrlooklnCiUundea who came up on thaaxulda
Time linK Tne itaka wai worth SMM to tbe win
Bar t2u > to econd SliP to bldrll
Thop < Bin acrambla wu a eeIIhn eerie at a mile
wlln twelve starter Ed Leonard lul Brlttou UP
waS a hot favorite at tt tot s and ha won tn a drive by a
neck caihler eicond a lluftb later Kapplneaa third
TIms I42d
The second rac wa an overnight handicap at ell 1
turbots time bonlee narud Marchma brine maYor
lie rrlnceei I llnia HA hide tin a 7to i rhinos land
ed the money u aha rleaiad by two lengths Mount
joy another rank ounlJr wai In the plica with Had
clllf third lime lilBH
Uhll she tlilnl race was only a pars for three
ylar old at a muulle and navtntr yarita u provoked the
iieepat intrreit and raui l roncti apecnlatlon There
were Mh four atAriere Klniman a Urbv candidate I
Michael ih colt that ran Iho rill mill over the LoSIng
lOll tmk lash weak i Bermuda the conqntror vf lisle
and lonathura I the Cr01 flavor the meeting ant m ale
HI the winnerof seven lUrboul lace the earlr PIR of
last s uk Michael wu an air Hint favorite at a to 1
on Bermuda eecond choice at u to I acalnat and King
man next at 4 In I Bermuda carried lla poundi the
olheri lit liaac tlurnhy hal tba mount on Klnitrnan
and after liermnda had led to the lurieqnarien
with Michael an < l Vale 01 Bloea ip In
the order named Murphy turned Kinsman iiooe l In
earnest end came away withoutbelna touched wIn
suIng In hollow etvie bv three lengths Bermuda Meond
two leimtha before Mlcbal thIrd Time 141 the mile
from wire to wire being null U 142W Mony tnrfrnen
who wltnoid hit pirformanoe tIlts afternoon think
Klnvmati will win tha Derby
Htvn tworearolda aniirtred the ball for the fifth
and last race n puree at nine alxtetntha Lend Clifton
sac a warm favorite butlhe Hero UK Ovartonnp a
DIolahot landed ilia gulls without effent by a length
and a hair Darner second lapped by Caverion third
Time 37H
CUrdnere Crack Filly Xnnrl tha Ball
llende Htakeav
Ktinntii May 7The attraction at Wait tide Park
today was the tntllnn ot Ibis crack fllllti Ida rickwlck
Bonnie hind Ftllora and the MauipUli winner Mill
Conrtenay In the Delia Meals stakes at one mile which
was worth to the winner CIU93 k
The attendance was largi Jn spite of the cool weather
and the track was falu The race In question was a
haze betting affair Ida Pickwick Ill piloted by IU
Wllllama ruling favorite at 4 to 4 whIle
both 1hllora and Bonnie Byrd had many fallow
era Fnr seven buntIng the race was a
matter or doubt but at mat poInt 11 l u Pickwick got In
front and v on a lat race at mIte weIghts with a little
hating up by a length from riillora who wu a Ilk
ilUtance beforo Bonnie byrd Tim li3 The winner
for lien IncheA la n goad one and havtnaralo beaten
Ethel nt aprerlou iaay now ranks aa mhe belt of bar
per ami age In active training In the Weal It William
rode two wlnawra while all the lucky Statics wen fa
vnrltr lava K K whose victory at the odd of 4U to 1
waa the eurprlie ot the day
tieren maiden wo yearolJi started In the Drat race
at four an < l a halt furlunca Uollr hobla waa an air
4tniabiotKK 101 Vincent In tho aaddla whlla
Alice O ran third two length behind the favorite
Tm 5SH place oddi IJ I to I K K nona Dolly tfoblea
The winner U a daughter of Khartoum Amerlijua
the dam of Armla
OldBurch I lafridden hy XlcCalTarty was a 4 to 5
favorite In the eeond race a eelllnr puree at aeven fur
lunn and he won with a little la band by a lenirth from
Hall ItOu who heal lied LIght br two lermha for placa
honor Time IWM place adaa nona Burcli stoIBnll
Ross Old Buroh aaama In hie oltltlma form now ha
havlnc won hi laat three flu as In aucccf lion
Three Called to answer the bell In the mite amuds sIx
teenth handicap Till left av Ilka number to atari
Verge dOr UK R villlarn up wai a 1 to 3 favorlta
and ha won after allule ridIng by a neck from lona
bhotwho nnthed twenty lengths In from ot Wynndom
TIme 14IH Plane old none
Tha Belle Stead titakei followed and then tha ractnr
closed with aero furlong ears for maiden colts an
teldlnin nt the four itartere General Mitchell m
ridden bjr Thorp waa a 1 to 3 favnrlle and ha sot
home a head befora Elsie Duke who beat Jim White
four lengths for lecond placa Time 1 WL Place odd
3 to S Ganiral Mitchell area fliaze Duke
Plataa for the Buffalo MeetlBK
The Meiira Bcceman under whose auaplcef the
print xunnlnc meeting at Buffalo from May 30 to and
Including June 10 will be conducted bar te Inform
hariemen that arrangements nave been made with the
lint Railroad br which horses can bt > hlppea from New
York to nnSaJo direct to the track In palace hors
car at espre meed The fare will be uboiit ts par
heal Including boy or man to look after the hone
lloriemen will please nollfy Mr A II iiatteriby of
the Krinbion Ueacn Aaclnic Aiioclatlon aa aariy aj poe
alble of the number or horse thee Intend to send and
when they propose to hip The Krlo road wilt ttjtn ba
enabled to make np enclal train as soon aa time num
ber ot horeei in be pent warranli the undertaking
The Kuffalo track will bi ready for the reception of
horira for both itabllng mid Kniloplnz purposes ou or
about May 11 There la flritclaie eiabfirit for 4W
hermes lloriemen at waihlnrton deilrina to ihtp
direct from ihr to Bulfalo ara Informed that Mr
IMvK general trsbflo a5emul of the Penneylvaala Rail
road will shIp hnrtea at the rate of CUH pir car Mr
Altled fill fanniylTnla arcnno Washington D c
wllliiailad to furnlih hornmtu with detailed Inter
ow iera and trainer wlihlnK attend Chances at
nuffaio are Informed that br applylnn to SIr A II Bat
terby excursIon tIcket to lluualo will be fnrnlibad at
reduced rates
Trotting at Baltimore
Bottlunla May 7Flfleen hundred people war
present today at tue Oeutlemeni Driving Park and
great Interest WaS taken In the conttit Yorker
work and record were much applauded Ueiin Mar
tin A McAndreiva proprietor of the Gentlemen
1nvlni Park expreia themselves as entirely latlifled
with tn patronage TIle raeatinn hr will clnn to
morrow iti5 I the noriei will then no to rulladtphla
323 pare parse 3OO
Lady Sheridan b m Rw nn 2 1 1 1
Madire Miller b m Urecnway 1 534
Kerry Clutch b K Hunter a2 2 fi
Havld fopperrlelil lilt tWall 5 442
Claremont blk g Merretleld 4 848
rlm22 22114 2rd4 720
Clap 237 trotting purse ISA
Yorker lig r llewett S 1 I I
ileoriroil Molt b ir Palmer 1 433
Toodlee Jr b i Maul 3 ska
taiclnatlon i Oretnway 4 2 4 5
Tlnlo2J534 1li2j 212834 2i373
New from Cbs florae World
A Header It la too early to venture a pre
Mabol sister to Beautiful Bell has dropped
a bay call by rjtaraboul
The bay filly Cllntlo C by Lelapn ban been
sold to liyrou McClelland for the reported
price of 3000
A meeting of the Board of Directors of the
American Trotting llealsler Association will
be held In Chicago on Mar la
Col Simmons is back In town looking mnrh
benefited by his winter Dew Orleans The
Colonel nays be did not ej a flniolnaa here
in the South He iblnke Ed Corrlcan ha one
or two smart tvtoyearolde though
The German OnveiTimont has ben taking
measures lately to render betting more diffi
cult In the future raring will only be per
milled on week clays This will prevent work
Inemon Iromattendlns the rncon on Sunday
Messrs J A A H Morris hive a yearling
thoroughbred In hnaland by lalnnln out nf
Jvnnlo II tlmt la nttrartlnu a treat deal of nt
ention The elder horrid liaf tocolved sev
eral cabl critm nklic him to put a price OB
the royally bred younKBlor
Courtney Will XMuy Ii wlor
Wm 8tok i and Prof Coxflna were lo have moist the
office of Tutu tote list night to ratify a handball matoh
er E5 a side Kellherof the principal was preient
but Wlllljm Courtney left a further depoilt In behalf ot
itokra tu play CorKlni a home and home match and
any fair agreement that Cnfxtca wlihtit tn nib
would Ito accpmabl to Stub The etuly thIng that
Stubs eiigieuta is for tIm flcst series of game to be
playel on haturday Slay 0 and blue second sent a
wesb later or ie will 115 tlt first osrhe next Wed
fleailgy dud the 5 oitil On Ilun Wemteday fetitiuwlng
it hemu tuuil that Lswiur iuteiudcI In edhene to hi ertg
tail cbalenuce hourtney saId I will acceptnul U
prepared 0 olin articles 01 agneslnelut am Tee Scw
otlice luefit blunder flight at 115 unlock flue match
nulls for the beet or ebo mu gamca In tiuseyccolunt Law
br In sly Couriuuey ten aces tu Stole for lIme e uiii
According to his abel cemouuu xAlulermamt Jimes
Dumine or lirootlymu tune luecluilli a mlulinegger
perIod of about II tuantlu lIe hg removed to his
rhanalinireunutnrreihenoe In Loanectitut end as he
sill yestetulsy 10 5 hUH rshlormer wIll devote itie tlnte
bstwiefl hItting handbill Clii yalilog horses cattt
puUttr sucimie 0 whIch Will be qiulte diyinion i
lie Ii a rueven In stork breedIng as Ii is am the obit Dliii
sport be can beraisdln thiefirit ohiarsailvtor the
iulgh cbiul 5S It ware 7tts uuupulsr Brooklyn may
Sale has e lutemutly gel a flIluunfl of lb handball
fever judging rnoiiu hi excellent dtiibay ef
I sic If ill hunilu no hommilball player lo he world has a
llconee In give mItt etreliut then 50111P1 fellow a great
Coal of liilda utiud a hmiinur ilut at tireemut be Ia about
tiP Iit uunIe beyrmuI hIs proper pltylcal eunIItIoi
lie momi Ii tidIly this because In blue cycliC nf a
alit null hpp tluie iatulnrr the exAbulenmoen wsnm 10
be roumsldered no In the awl Coil he will undoubl
silt 5 aitSlutie to Ineaune the altu of the trisco mu
111105 It
Y05lrdlregAidmaa Penn Phil usyaimul Jolts
Lswlor three big Stuns indeed played a naltllnu
Fool eonlest In he court ot the Ilrnoklyn Ilandbsll
CItulu In whlclu eOleflce lrdomlnahed Two game
were played with the followln mulls
Phil Ra y ji 2I4J
Jaraa liunne ft 14 1731
John Lanlor 13 1731
hIsser Duane and Luauvler played aalsugle hagilel
IkOle sobquepitly lbs former ety u boil ittipis of
generatlip wjanlng by a score or II to 17
Damn Von ylugen lies bet doing some Ilsiemutbo
hraluulsug for lila match wIth Joseph Di Cuntabhinn Ia
onruw eftrnoon at Couruney Cujull ltnmoklvn hued
all comeyt Pareon loweya baa hiuul the Uarom In
hand bl lbs latter relIved a terrlbla drubbing Faster
day lis what wacoalieti a od
lianny Lawlor wrIt frern Flimisiriglon 11 J that be
hse no mIme mo 151k buittlbahl Ce llrkey bnnn or my
other lad bull niuw lIe cays thst be ii too ausy nutrolig
babies anti drInlIng good mesh Jry nullk lIe wIshes
to be memernhrel 11 lb JudE the lope flhily
torn ant be real of the boyS that toail Itis life so
OrecnOeld Will Hpur OKtefV
WaIler nrcenfleld the clever boxer of the Mohican
Athletic Club haa been matched to boa four rounds
with ann chive at the Mohican Alhletlo Club room tn
awatk nn Monday evenluc May IH with Daniel
IKeele of he tri End AthletIc Aiaoclailon bulb
then are In active raining and the bout prouUta to ba
Punt Smut Ih aurt ai Ihey ire among lb cleverest
amateur iarrara In Hw Jersey Th conteii will
Mtile tile llcntwelibi chainploneiilpof Yacx county
A tronlir ut inc A A L t value will b ihi prli
In IThleh MTaar Petal Ar xp1a1el mad
Many More Ar Not 80 Clear
decree Walton Green of this cltr has re
colvsJ from the Chairman ol the Harvard
Graduate Advisory Committee the following
reply to Yales communication refusing to play
a base ball series with Haivnnl
Mr Green makes the point that the Itarvanl
faculty fans nothing to do with nthlollos which
are In the control ol an athletla committee
comooted of three member ot the faculty
three underarndUAto nnd three gradual
Hariaraa tejplnder Is as follows
Uminmor Way a Idol
Tt lie rate Inlveriltt fail Salt AuocKUUn Ktw ltd
wn Ami
OoDtaamaii Cot note CAPTAIVI The Harvard Inlver
ally Bit Da I Anoclatlon rtipecltully acaiipwifdgei
the receipt nfyimr communication n C May OKI I I to
li 8 Dean capialn II U H H U In which over Ihe
mature ut louvtriitnr falhonn for Yale sou have
announced joir IntnUontf not arrantlug valeHar
vend ball auuieferthepreeeelea ton
we cenhamnly regret IbM the Yale sentIment Is op I
pced to bull 55055 wlhh as and that ur alluoan has I
iliac ohllgel to 1010cm 55 of your unwllbininece In met
otrbShltiloSln ainiesefgsmp which flea lermuny
yerb n an undeniable source of pleasure to the I
frleiidot Yale aim Herein I allia Wa are In a word I
Party that you have been Incline to ortietallv check I
our nrffotlailoni so abrup ly and we pArtIcularly re
irret that yon have forced our duouilon ao prominent
ly befora in pntilU eye
It u nnforluiiat that Harvard tmdriraduate repr
tentative ucreel p0 lar at was In thlr power with
year dlegatea to an arranfrment for a eerie of fle
game under proposed roniiltlona Juitly utiiatlifactory
to oar Athletlo Comnmlee whIch 55 fancy bear the
same Kovernmc relation to our athletIc ornauliatlonl
tbat the Vale faculty does li yours
In nor letter of April IV I8JI we ezplalned to you as
carefully a poialbtp the reaaoni mar the exception
taken to our prnpoiad arraniiament and wa cordially
aiktd you to meet us for the purpoiof amending ihi
arrangement for tba nrtlj game of lbs series In regard
to nhlcb alone there ba exiled any dlOerenc of
opla hoe
So fIr i5 your referencs to onr relation with mine
ton is I concerned we can only Bay nt tile Urn that our
agreement was mad under n written condition that
the proceillog ol the mllng ihnnld be Pooled to the
approval of the r apctlt 1rinoetinHarvard tnlvr
pIty authorlila yurthrroor we are tmable in realn
why In the arrangement of a HHarvard series
llir shoUld be more Initlee In your ltlpulaton that
Harvard heuld play with Prlaclou than there wonia
be In our possible lmand that Vale should not play
with Princeton and the latter we IKlave would be an
melrantenablpotllon W regard lite arrange
mentrf Talllarvardamraaaiirlciiy and solely the
cofireinof the Baa ball aeeoclailoBe of Yaia and Har
vard Hud aa inch we desire to treat them
After a careful readlnf of the exlllnecorrpondnr
wear unable to find any axpruilon on your part ot
dliiatlifacllon la regard to any portion of our original
nropoilllon lave that which ratatea to a llfth game and
the arranrcmenla therefor sa mortified by va
In coniidration of our unqualified agreement In ma
card lo four games as arranged wa ihonM iblnklt
vary unfortunate If wa could not drop all thought of a
flfih game and decIde to plar the four games
lll Harvard admire In continuance of longaitab
lUbel and agreeabl custom to play ball with Vale thts
year and we therefor at tile time challenge the Yale
unlvenlty ala Hall Clnh to plaY the Uarvard Lnl
virally naaa Vail Club a eerie nf four games two In
lie llavtn and to In Cambridge th gamai In New
lisTen lob played May IH and inns 23 and those In
Cambridge oa Hay 3ti and Jnno loron any other
date If mora convenient for both under the condl
lIons la governing correipondlnx Vale Uarvard
gemes Itt 1530
H 5 trout that you wilt receive onr foreeslng propoil
lion In the friendly spIrIt nf honeit rivalry In which It
is I tint and that we ihall have the pleasure of matting
your repreiantatlvea at the proper time to make all ar
rangrnenta which aa outlined will Hand officially an
thorlid atid without qyestlon n far aa Harvard la inlay
any wav concerned Very reiMclfnllr your
ncnuv ti Dam Captain U U u R Aiioclatlon
J TV Cussli Manager H D B B Aiiociatloa
Keller SjahUeloriV and Tku am am Krem
Tern far the 8 COB4 False
Uarbach and Voirs forfaltod their Mrtei In Twa Sex
Individual champIonshIp bowline tourney on Wednra
day night The former had a food chanc of wlanlna
the second prize bat Fesge had BO chance to coma In
among the ladrl Tha vlclorlaa of Thum and Katlar
pnu thamD evn termi with Kahtadorf andthw three
will roll a nrlei aralnit each other on Monday alibi t >
decide the second third and fourth prizes Eohwaeke
and RUler who are on even term for the fifth prize
will roll off theIr tie on the same evenIng In Ihe final
serIes on Wednesday evening Hua was trfated hr
Aberla while tha latter In Inns wu sully beaten by
Thom The loom war ai follows
plus OAIL
AberheIT 17 M TS M lift IM 147 IBT ITT
paac 10 IH W 48 M ee U 1ST 177
StrlkaaADarte S faa 8 IpareeAbanis ft Daaa a
luciD OKI
Aberle B 39 4T 87 7 9S IIS 184 JM 1T1
lisa tO 46 03 83 04 18 133 143 ICO ITS
strikaa Aberle 4 Uses S Bparaa Aberl S Haas e
raian aim
Abtrt tO M 48 M M 104 1Z8 US If lid
thai S ae sa M KI el B7 lie ise IM
Etrlkei Aberle 8 iraiaS Spares Abtrl 0 Haia4
Aberle10 w eo 79 un us izs IM tss 103
Haa ao 4U CO 77 87 87 110 139 143 113
StrlkeiAUrte 4 Haaa 3 BjariAbrla B liaaa 8
Avrajr per aaraAberl 17634l Baia 166
uapiro Hnry Schwacka Ecorer Adolph kaller
ntrr ana
Tbnm10 10 38 81 TB Be lIP 1M 145 187
AbenleAI0 3B 48 M 73 81 lOt Ill 141 107
Strike nuB 4 Aberle 3 Spare Thorn 3 Aber
le 4
uoonn oAata
Tbani10 BO 69 97 lid 125 14 168 ITt 180
kberl1 S3 43 83 79 87 108 133 IM IM
StrikesThom 4 Abarla 5 iparea Thum 4 Alter
1 2
TaIlS tun
Thnm 8 SB 88M 77 87 134 144 188 168
Aberla 10 20 S7 43 OS 73 JO IM 118 181
1 virlkea Ttum 4 Aterla L Spare Thnm 3 Abet
Averan per itam Thnm 173H Aberla lia
UinplraUiary ticnwacke HoorerAdolph Keller
Athlete In Seealon
The Central Board of the Amateur Athltlo Union mt
at the Allot lloui lait nlibt adopted byiawi and
appointed committees The varies aatoclaUon war
represented so follows i
lletropcllua Association Wm B Cnrtla and J E
Sullivan New Enitland Aaaootatlon J Taylor and W
Stlmpaoni K AT a J Harder AUantla AwoclaUon
Harry aloMillan
Dr J K Shall director of Bwarthmaro Caller ap
peared before the Board In relation to his alanalaf aa
an amateur and right to compel
on motion It was decIded to submIt the question to a
nail vote
Aa Director of Swarthmtra Collate thou drawi a sal
ary and tb question li whether Ibis tact makes him a
The commlltaes appointed went
rnclni U Wilier W T Lawson and Curtis
tiymnaaUcaJ Harder W 3 Ccrtla sad E A Rls
LacroaalL Steers W B Cartla and X U Hart
Imsue BaUJ E nlllvan W B CaTtle and H Ferry
oolbalJ m Taylor harry McMillan and J B 8i >
liv CantIcle sal Pit of Individual K caU icaW B
Curtis J Haf dar and A P II art will
AnnuAl Aihltlo Champlonihlp B liUtvaa J B
Taylor and H XoMUIan
booing and Wrej tllair ChamptonaalD m Cortla J
B Sullivan and w O eUtnpaaj
Kwimmln Cbamplotuhip 0 RUmpaoa B J Cor
nell and W r Kcru
rtnanoa Howard Ferry J Barter aid P F Stearns
Schedul J K Rnlllvao J Taylor and I K Stearns
AthltlonulMW B CarllaJ llarder aid H Wo
Trial and RlntatmntJ Taylor B A RU and
William B CnrUi
lltrordaJ iTsnWvan X T Harlwell and W a
All Around Oiara lonihl > J B Sullivan J Taylar
and Wm H CnrtU
The WkaelBaea DIvIsion Kavalaaj Ctrcalt
The prospects of arrangIng a divisIon racluf circuit
among the Maw York Elate dlvliloa clnbi cf lie lAnxut
American Wheelmen this taaaoa ti I far from promla
lor Chief Cental Bull In aa after to Infui new life
Into lha club has lent onl the following cIrcular let
Aa the icaion for holdlDir meeting approache
II is l probable tba the clubs anticipating holding tour
nament thla season may ba more InlerMtJ In Ihe
chcma for divIsion racing circuit prouoead lash fathl
Tblaaachime was thoroughly dlicuiaia at the eeml
annual medley of the Board of Officer of the division
and It was decided to ro on with n in pile
ot lbe fact that the divIsIon ftaclnt Pearl
repnrtea that thronjh the apaHiy of ihoa
mull directly Intereeierl the li A WTclull tlirooflioui
tlie htati It seams liable to fall thronili By mean ot
circular letter the aealitano nf every Individual morn
her of the illviiion baa bn liked and the ro > Mrlla
of Iba league dais has been invite < l I mlets the dl
vUion interest themselves tinmadlalely la tola raclw
circuit u ll useless for them to pend tIme and
money In the developmental the ichtmr
It can readily ba teen that lit clubs are very lax la
takloctha profei Albert K Markinan who hat Jon
been appointed Chalrinaa of the Ulairlot Raring Hoard
ara that ha refuses mute to tile socceas of the Chief
Ccmul venture at thIs lat day fron Hill It can be
Inferred iDeS th elrcull will have lo be given up
PrlncetoaH Athletic Under One STead
lJttlmCETOIe i May 7Al a mala meeting held to day
the various atblcllo orianUatloni were imulcamated
Into one to ba I known aa The Irlnceton Vnlraralir
Athltlo Aiioclatlon A new oonitltullen wai adopted
tile chief fealnrei ot which are that II provides for the
rmlallon of the imral athletic interest of all the
rjranltatlon Three meeting will he held annually
one on lha hlret Saturday In iictober one on the second
Saturday In February and ona ou Ih Kalurday before
She < iradnaie Ailvliory and Executive Comrolllie
will have the power of velolni the eieatlon ot tie foot
ball or any other captain but sari Yet ronat tue utah
within three werka after luis letloa The meat Sly
alflcani oUtia or lie I CAnatlfntlon la one artvinaffraair
powers tn iho Kxaoullvo Coinmltlee II says
ltrba1 take B iwothlrdi vole of lhraimt > reor the
College aMtmliled In man mealier man void any
action of the rixarntlve cnmmltle Heretofore a ma
jority vote wai auttlclent for auch action
The Lrlluuton 1Vbe Ianen League Dla
The Arllncton Wliclromi Leagu orxaolMd a abort
lime am IneonnernUm with tha Arlington League on
Fourteenth sIred havlnc found thai It was Impoulbl
to 111 ii a club and baring a large nairberof mete
l enc have decIded to Join Itus Vew York Bicycle Club
ii a holy The mimes of a dozen appllcanla will b
preaenled at Inc next meeting of the club
I Annthcv FoKlllat Tar nod Actor
Jack MeAnllBa the Sorties U lo be a rerular WI
Ode actor mil taaaon II has tigttt Is co wltk Idwta
r tuyeiisa raalodrona aatltlad In Ootaam lie
will star the part e 5 Post aid will kava aa eppoln
nliyto haw whether be baa blitrlanl talent The
compaSs will open lu tour In the Wit la leetembai
Bemethta for the National AoeoclatlOB
Btrmlcbtca Ont
There is a prospect ot another Debt In the
ranks of the crosscountry men the combat
ants this Urn being the Pastime Athletic Clnb
and the Acorn Athlatlo Association Atthe
ate crosscountry championship race at
Morris Park the Pastimes and Acorns
were adjudged to have finished third
in a tie lor the medals and place
but on closer examination of the lleures the
I Pastimes claim that tho bronze trophies holona
lo them This the Bay Itldco athletes lauea
at and offer to run oil the tlo with both teams
over the same course as soon as possible We
dont propose to be cheated said a 1astlme
athlete yesterday fnr wo were used that way
last year and tbo prizes which no wen then
Went to Brooklyn as tbe present trothles seem
to be going
One of the Acorn athletes said If anyone
Is cettlnff the worst of tho deal the Acorn
team Is lor It does not look by our fleuros as
though we finished third Ever since l last
rears championship when wn brought nult to
Keep the National Cross Country Association
from rerunning the coOlest which we had
already won the Acorn Athleiln AswiMlon
lias not been In favor with Prrident Mlllama
and the other officers of the National Associa
tion At the Long Island Cross Country As
sociations championship mIne at BrIghton
Beach the hostility of the N 0 C A A rronl
dent to President jr A Ctimlnc was very
marked as ho relumed tocnllow Mr Cumlncln
the room with him when be WUA ronsldorlnea
protest If tbe Pastimes wont run offth ° den
boat the Acorn Athletic Association claim the
The officers of the National Cross Country
Association have endeavored to hold two
special meetlDRS to settle the matter but the at
anuance baa not been sufficient to allow any
legal action being taken Both clubs ore de
arralned It Is proposed to have 1reMdent
John H Mellor of the Ix > nc Island Cross
Country Association act as mediator in the
Ielblajser Defeated by Heteaaa
Nearly all the Long Island run chubs lent their joot4
ot ipectatori to Dexter lark Lone Island jeilcrday M
la this match btwein r Lelblnger of Ibe Coney Iiland
Bed and Outs Club and E Ilalgant ot the furkwiy COO
Club for stitu a aide at 11 < > Jive birds Hurllmbani rule
lllgeni booting at b and Lelbinirer at H 1 iris
It waa a Dmtcli hot over again tha previous ole ha
bog drawn nn the leventyelKhth bird on account of the
ttpply Of bIrds talIhula when lllgsnl l was ten ahtaQhll
This made him a strong favorite and he Win hll
backer nioaer easily by seven biruls llhl34er
alihouglu he med a airalglit luu of elIhIsen md time 01
tittnmeen lost IlirolIlIl bull lurk aetna dirt from OflC of
hip shells bbowluuv in hi rIhl aye whhciu nuiiil hillS tO
full oIl very mmdl toward the flnluh Tiuey slusl IWefllP
lIve each and took a row mlnutee reethetween The
prey by twelutyflvee is cc followe P ieibtner rt 5
Iii Itt Tolal 77 Ii llebranu II 21 30 21 TotaL b4

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