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utbt un ID nn bt un
ratova AH OY or nw rovmsns I
ntsosotmcAi socnsiT
or n rnJoSOllC
I Ao In London tat tk
Btrf I T ree Week co
Tail W Not Md Kaoa l 0 the rab
lto d Cremated
M < tJattl Y lf rdrThe 31013
DelrcdHlory of Her ttr ad
M She
riae Socltty Hhe Helped to roan
RMme I3lftvMRkT the noted
IXTX May 13Ime D1lt k
Snot the Thoosophleal Bocltr died
ItUAtian nnadrecent Part three week
al 19 The fact hw only now become publlclr I
lD Influonw
KOTO of death was
knowil Tbe caiio delth
wriyatd bow br kidney trouble The body was
muttel J lat Wklng ocoorJInz to Mme Blav I
atikr desire
Vrryllttl I definitely known of Mm want
anti early life She was a
1lHthn fltRky Parentage and was born In Kkaterlnlow
Bula In 1111 TheosoflJifets accept bar
ittUment that her father was Col Peter Hahn
3hMndiit of a titled family of Mcoklen
Jan mil lhat her mother wa Helena
fry I
r I
of Prlry Councillor
i dcef the dunchter COlnelor 1
AndrtwPadefl end the Princess Helen Del I I
goroiiky Kbe ald that when 17 years old she I
married Klwrhore UlsvatKkv Councillor of
Stats nnd > rflnternor of Erlvan an old I
man oDd that File ran awnv from him a few
wenki mll afterward and travelled in Greece I
Egypt and mUtt upon money supplied by her
Many wonderful stories are told of her a
Venturis all over the world and particularly I
p In Indln but It Is bled that she Invented
tbM In later Ufa to Increase the atmosphere
of romance and mystery with which It was her
tailnesa to turround herielf
It la certain that she did travel eitenslvely
and Ue belle U i widespread that she was a
ID la the employ of the Russian Govern
OMnt Dr Elliott Cones of the Smith
loalin Institution who carefully In
Ttstlcatod her theoiopblcal humbug in
187 and who e Interesting dlicloaures
lire printed in Tar SUN last summer be
hives that she Invented the scheme In India to
lover poll Intrigues and when dropped
by the Russian Government need It as a means
o livelihood
Authentic history begins with her expulsion
from Egypt In 1870 while trying to form a snlr
jtaalletio society and her appearance In this
ouatry In 1873 together will formation of
ikMremarkabl Imposture known 81 the Ma
aatmlo Iers movement which to this day has Its
lalKH she met Col H S Olcott a Nw
ToTlnawyar who had ben lent by a news
rlowrttsaserles articles upon a 6plr
Itaallitlo demonstration in Vermont She pra
40 to call into axlsterue a mysteriou
Ed spirit whom she named Ma
allele Root HoomL the Induced Olcott
to have a dream In which Mahntma
appeared and left Instruction for the organi l
zation of a society Olcott solemnly showed a
tnrban which the spirit bad left htm as a son
flair and a letter In vhUh Mahatma mapped
out tne plan organization and rube mile <
New York Theoopblcal Hcclety wuloh was
dUly rounded on Nov 17 1873
le obJect of this ocl tywreto Invest
nt the unexplained laws ot nature and the
Pjrcblal powtrs of man and to promote the
study of Aryan and other Eastern langnagtH
T members were clcdccd to ohey iilavatsky
WIthout aueatloitolirestrTe Inviolable
Wtbout QUutolqrStre vlollble nocraay
Ad abate 11111 t help the 8f01ry wIth their
moral and financial Mipport hopes were
hound I over the country and burners
wer sUrtM BUvatiky heated the faith
fat lo private vimr of the Bttrnl body 001
tbe great Mabatiaa and whenever the
wtsrests if the I business demanded fresh In
ipiratlon Col Olcott who was high pnebt
had a dream In which Mahatmas astral per
baRge would appear and leave a letter llr
Thea a letters eocoutaged the faithful to be
Uno In Dna ekr ant Ukotl and to do wb b
aver they desired It
SIU IhO I rue nunounced Iro n
DUDoloce 1
besiquarters <
budDRrerl that charter for new branbes
could be f1 for f5 f nod tllllt dolomas
membership would CUB tl each The
I Char or were written on heavy rico paLer and
endosed In long PIler
envelopes of Eastern
< ilonB enTeJOJI mann
llll J here were hi roglyphii trl the en
elorC5 whIch were 1nted with Handal
wood The writing taa done with anllll
eal I bu vnclii JIluyatik rd
atD bluo
1D Ii the
haseref bInd t4 Ihe atelety Oloott
iiad was W PreIJat A Rod ROlerAI buinlll mllllr
10d I A ludj ia Orator In 1t75 IJiaat
ty mad UnTt
Inerebont I brIer Reflection by marrying a
from J ills
elI1net Hetanlly who
t tar a dttott Iror her two or three months
10 1878 mlnk took dvimtnRe of the
intb of i tho
JOlerb flenry
doJij Ilen JAnfl Charles Baron
lOrbreoch w one of Jr foliowei to get notice
Bocl Ho notce
ttdBfarAiV was reputed it rich
wf man
In lad the liinvtty gave him n wonderful funeral
e May
IOllo on i8 It was
mllcb lay
Idvertld and wits known DB I tho
eon Daa fUlera The boly Wih lay In a rosewood
1No which In addition <
10 Ibo Barons
lelel 1 atvord red anti blue addllol doorltnns Darns
rvn bile and Heo oUDdle
boje Im
ur the 8S
Outartj Al
I t OutlllNlaltestuUun of spiritual
At th head nf the coffin In IM R
Wel aruld It l Was gre r i epotteti
I ilr Ieroerz
PIbfriuJsonJawsaud i
Ilb rlUson jlvaud fearful eyei symbolkof
1hlIha r
lh Ilallo In orIll of the Creative principle I
Cl a blaek
tlaok rob a ted n 111gb
i re1 aslsled Lty Icn Other pIOllln atld ni black
rb chantod lavocafoM to tht Rrdrit of
IsOoman SpIrt
tee high Wladomanl Bout of the World anti
I Pronohinced
vu both pronOlod In orAtion whIch
11IIUdod and hhc5ol
tfeUiOfllet the hl81 Alter Ibo
rlonl joeld wnrd and other
talblt were remOIoll from tho coma which
tty terDorllllr placed In the Juthera Como
liYtuoths later
Nttttiun by DJIYllk created anew
Ilrol Ih holy <
blvlal cremated
it be
lthe ftrst crematIon In the Uniteil titatse b
uhsjjtaky Unl1 Htals
JIIaky and hr
br Prosper4 and
iQoktl J lOJward 1BItaDtllrosporp1
aft 1 JrJudge In to new olnlJuoh lllb7d ho
Judl lit
clare tbhecountry and
elided Olrtt II
rod OIflt otflo Inala hele
th1 ollo diet In i Zdndras
a shrIne
ytaLIbod and a cbInet
huh ant t spa
tlly duilued aiahtitme pj art oattbly Poet llco IPI
ljer Ietterp
Mahiiml Theo she
ent to London and 10ltort Ihe
leer > etabllhO a branch
In rch 1385 letermined the Lo ndo Society for Psychic Re
Jl HLMLrllnAd 1 ° investigate her and sent
llodaion ad
i mSSTnh to rJWrlu for that PUWoae After
ipate nn elaborate
H Ia report
Iwt Ha shnlA drawings and plan of thi cab
doors bv uleins olwnrheth airings and Cab
DrR to means or which the Olor had bern
I appear
thi exposure was
Occasion WIS
I olllon 01 a violent Quarrel be
° Ul
L lsrnfn Ocott and DlaTatkr Ilaal ky
Jihicetilky lit tied t fotperznittina larll and Wurbur t exposure until
Ji i
he storm unl
te over and thin the two
ulcoti company td dlvldfd the buiniiS
OIOOt ritataid Poslesaton
dus rltOI alon of the Madras
te e Irm hti society the Exorio
taIpQphiel 1 tl Eolerlo
B oty Jilavataky rlalned
anhltib PI1 lavatk the
itat This ot th and Esoteric AmrIcij Do business under the
rough dIleloo WI Iloceaful managed
rclh l0strUflefltaJhty 01 mlnanld
ahtmlo 10trDontl the Blessed
1iter Hot Iloomi lal DIslhe
abOObIhghngI 100ml Inl
hi oblalnllr left a Iitterfth Blayaekr over
lnftture wth Bil VIk
aloaturo ordering the
t prderlol Riuco
a ebllie
ellr Judo baa rempJe
j1V hor lu lod srLlrJ tI the
01 OnM deiartbe Dluallk
ua dOlorb u Qbue
ma pretty hands spd feet ana long
IDer cipi al bail a nose ar hU I be
Owbatr alartarf4
taut bones and aat lstc eel5iiltu
vote a dewllp OD her neo z
II WI barb and strident anti her le
SdtlOu t ad be oonvor
ranu rllne aid witty Bho bad a bad tern
rr It 10 Vhrfil1fJf Hbo alwav tel d
I a Sal htnllur I many 1tr oller titan aba
tth Allltlol djnl odd tend hideous ciuthea and
btb hili with Olclt lu little nat at 787
I city aue over a store while she was n
aei eIY She was so fat that lb could hardl
ad spcnt mOlt 01 her tIme In a dent
she bad fixed tip writing gibberish about
theoaopbr answer R the letters of ber diibei
and smoking cigarettes
In the dining room she had I big figure of an
elephant while scattered throughout the
Wbl Icnlered tbroulbolt
rooms were ugly Indian Idol stuffed lizard
ADd serpents and many emblems of hidden
and forbidden arts
A very peculiar and effective arrangement In
I corner room which she uced a her study wa
made by a dexterous combination of tobacco
leave 10 represent a umaiisiae4 Indian jungle
Once or twice every week there need to be
gathering In her rooms and Indian spirits
were 8 common as pie in New England I
good many wealthy people term to have been
duped by her for carriages nred to roll np
there every day and fashionably drossed men
and women used to go into her apartment and
I apallonl
spend hours there III
Blajataky ldntlr did not rare much about
Initiating the common bard Into tho mysteries
of the new religion for she made no nttemit
to onllghtcn the people of the neighborhood
and seemed to retain her occult Information
for hose I who could nfford to nay Informnton I Hle I
moet away very abruptly and nobody In that I I
neighborhood heard from her afterward
deem necessary for hlB Welfare the whole or
nag part of tie raid principal eum held In
trust as aforesaid
11Upon the death of my Bald son to con
vey transfer and pay over so much of the said
principal sum na may than remain to such of
bis lineal descendants him surviving In equal
shares per stripes and lot per capita as may
be the Issue of a marriage between him and a
wife who prior to such marrlatto had 10t nnl at
any time acted aunv or danoed pro
fessionally or otherwise performed for
hire on A dramatic stage or other
place of public amusement or entertainment
AnlI i hereby empower my said son br hIs last
will and testament to divide the said sum of
300000 or so much thereof as may be held by
my Rid trustees for his benefit nt the time of
lila dot ease among such llnoal descendants as
Are herein described and no others in such
proportions as he may designate Instead of in
equal shares
in case of Howella death without leaving
any lineal descendants Issuing from suob I
marriage the remainder 01 the trust fund is to
bo conveyed to a Memorial Home association
to be Incorporated under the will a80claton I
lima the aBoclatlon Is not Incorporated the
In I onto Is to so to a niece Henrietta Olive
Trowbtldso the daughter of a deceased
brother until the Home Is Incorporated In
case this niece In I dead onehalf or the Income
tll I
ot the tauiiwu Is to po to the New York Hoiun
for Kcspectable Indigent and Aend Women
t the other hal to 10 to the President and Fel
lows of Yule College
Mary A Walker a sister of Mm Osborn ro
celirs 50000 which Is to co to the Memorial
Home in case Mrs Walker dies without Issue
I thcvHoroe I nut yetLncopprctedthtnionuy
In to RO tollowell Osboru for life and then It Is
to b equally divided between charity and
Yale College
A mini 01 1200000 goes In trust to Henrietta
Trowbrldga absolutely and SSOOOO In trust to
Irfila A Hnnriques Mrs Osborns sister do
Ecendlni when she dies to her daughter Leila
In case the latter has no issue the lemalnder
BOOS to the Memorial Homo
Fly thousand dollars Is also loft absolutely
to the daughter Leila SuUOU Is left abso
utely to Minnie Oari > on daughter of William
K howell SUOOOO for the bulldlncand fur
nlblll of 1 recitation hall at Vale College as
a memorial to the testators husoand In cane
tho trustees think A more lilting memorial
would be tho endowment of a professornhlp In
the acadmle department of the college titer
have be rower of substituting this lor the
building Then the will says
The foregoing beuuosts beIng first fully
pal and sntlslluii then in case and upon the
express condition that my eon Howell Usborn
shall wlihln thirty days after their demand ux
eciile and deliver to my said executors a con
sent to tho probate ot this will and a waiver of
I be Issuance I and service of a citation upon him
In the matter of buob probate and also a
duly executed declaration or ncreement
In such form AS shall be approved bv my said I
executors to the effect that ho assonte to all >
he provisions conditions and limitations af
ootlnahlnnelrnnd his lineal descendants an
well as otherwise contained In this will then
out itt t the rest residua and remainder of my
estate I Rive and bo > iueath the sum or S40
000 to my said trustees In runt however for
tbe general uses nnd purposes following
I To apply the not inoomotiteroofto the use
of my said son during his life I and also In
heinihsoluto and uncontrolled discretion to
apply to hlcuse at such time or times as may
o them seem advisable atid to such extent as
her may deem necessary for his welfare tha
vbole or anypart of the said principal sum
In cat of Ho wells dell without lineal de
scendants the prinoloal left of the S100000
goes to the Memorial Home Association The
101 ordors that as anon as possible after the
leeeasa ot tbo testator and during the lives ot
her son and her niece Henrietta Olive Trow
rldee the trusteesshall Incorporate the
Bbal rcorlOrlte
illrlam A Osborn Memorial Home Assoola
lon If this name does not appear to bit fitting
ton trustee may change Ie The home Is to he
directed by live managers and shall nave the
same chartered owe as the Home for Aged
tespfotablp and Indigent Women at Iioth
Street aud Teuth avenue I Howell does not
waive objections to tbo probate of the will
vniTU uujawbiMa iw kMV > www v v w wi
wIthin thirty days after the executors demand
Burb a waiver th 1400000 ROBS to tho Memo
nfIr42tr rr
Home are to be proouredby the sale of all the
testators land In Westrhesler county except
twelve and ono lxlh acres nt lire Neck where
elands the summer reclduuce of the family
The roslduay clause says that IIowoll If he
be alive and has executed the Consent and
waiver required shall receive onehalf the In
come of the remainder ot the estate 1 he
dies without IFBUU this Income Is to go to tha
JUeraoiliil Home onefourth of tbo residue
go emO s Vale Colline for general purposes ant
the remainder to the Memorial Home
If Howell has no Issue and the Memorial
Home Is I not Incorporated the residuary legatee
IH Ileniliiin Trowbrldge and S100000 of the
legacy which under certain contingencies the
Home fr Aired Respectable and Indigent
Women will receive Is to be used In the erec
tion of a building for the Home In case of
any litigation the expenses scorning there
from Gall he deducted from the share be
queuthed t ° to the person Instituting the hOgs
be trustee am John N Sterling and the
Central Trust Company The witnesse to the
will were J O Bloss O H Church and John
AA waver of objection signed br Howell Os
born was filed yesterday morulnc
The Income placed at Hpwells disposal by
his fathers will wan derived from 500000 and
so If hA gets nothing more than the income
from the 70o0Mi placed in trust for him by
his mothers will his Income will be Increased
tl elY tilDOOO u year Unwell Osborn is about
35 icnrs of HUB nnd has grown bulky
of late He Ile about the medium height
and has a brown moustache which Is
generous enough to permit him to
curl the ends lie wear eyeglasses Ills
clothes have been the wonder and envy of such
an adept In dressing u lierry Wall He has
never beon noted for anything so much as his
ureat good nature ltd I said that be has never
Iood nalure I leor
Veen known to refuse I hearty laugh at the
poorest joko or na expzesslon of sympathy a
anytskol l woo
Iurine Ilowells spasmed flights In Wall
street be becuine well known to all the high
nioiu ihoro At his failierM request he en
tond Into partnership with William L tow at
purtPlblp wlb
64 Broadway and purchased a seat In the
Block txehanice The firm wa shortly die
solved and Mr Stow brought suit against
flowril to recover 500Jo of borrowed
money Howell wa then in Europe
and 10 the suit was directed af the trustee of
tho trust fund Mr Blow gotiudgment which
Ar tlow
wai returned from tbo Sheriff s ofllcp un > atli
fled Eugene I Iomoro was appnlntrj ref
er hy Indirn Andrews nnd testimony fnt
titkin nt Intervals for uv ml Inn hl I lie
trittae sail tiuit bay roulil not ret statue any
pI Iths trust fund becauSe they bad none In I I I
hlnl referee advised the dlamtiial of the I I I
suit rbi 1 hii report bl said that CbiaUi J >
TV Q Judge the New Turk Thtoonphtet
Sny UlnTiitiky May Appear Aajuln
W 0 Judge President of the The osopluical
Society was entertaining n friend of the faith
last night when a Suit reporter called at his
house 110 WlllouRbbr street Brooklyn On
his library table a oi alato
hlslbrlr tbl was copy 0 a theosoph
Ical magazine with several book about lila
vatsky Mr Judge hal evidently been con
sulting these books for ho was primed with
historical and theosophical fact about the
dead leader of eaoterlo Buddhism He gave
his opinion of Blavatiky In these word
She 8 a great woman of enormous abil
ity great energy large charity high purpose
nobility character kindness to everybody
and wide Information on alt subject and in
no sense a humbug and never ha boon All
her conclusion D to the proper position sci
vindicated ence should assume in relation to man will be
Mr Judge said that it was Blavatskye ex
pressed duslru l that her mortal body should ho
cremated I would be impossible for the
toclotys branches In this country to do more
than to pats the usual resolution Th society
had lung been p soared for ibis event Mme
Blavattky hers elaro 1 warned the rhooso
iiblstn that the death of her mortal body might
be expected at any time The society realize
the force nf tho blow It receive In her removal
but It would continue to go on with Its work
nnd to spread Its belief Her teachings survive
her and the nae of her works Is constantly on
tho n < Iso cQnstat
Old ton Know of tbe death of Mme lila
deah Ilmo Da
all before the receipt of the Associated
Pros cablegram V quailed the reporter
Living as 1 do in this world I know of only
one way to receive worldly Information about
worldly affairs such as the death of tbe body
of q friend and my information of the death of
If V Blavatskya body was by means of a cable
message received today before 2 oclock
Air Judge explained that I a his custom
to aay that he knew a thing only when be had
the evidence to show for I so that he would
not tell any one not aTheoiophlsttbat knew
of Blavatfkys death until after he had received
his cabio message
Will you RO to the funeral Mr Judge
No The ceremony of cremation will prob
ably take place this crmaton rob
Mr Judge did not know apparently that
week sho bad been dead and cremated for three
weekWill yon send Jour astral body 7 the reporter
porter caked him
n In my opinion it is no fit ue lo which to
put on astral body to take It away from the
mortal bOY It Is I In connection with in
order to tin present nt the funeral ceremonies
of some other mortal body at a distance
lie Judge mid hat he believed In tbe existence
istence of An astral body but that the pres
ence of the astral body was necessary to tbo
life of tbe mo tel body
What do yon believe will become of Mme
Blavattky e astral body
I will either dissipate aa some nsttal
bodies do or It will take no another human
tenement A some astral bodies do I It
take UP another human tenement it will con
theosopby tinue to he l ot assistance to the spread of
At thla pint Mr Judges tbeosophlcal friend
asked him I the astraL body would not of
necessity dlsMpate but ilr Ju Jge walked out
Into the hallway and hIs answer wns lost
lie salil however that H I wo hIs personal
opinion that If Blavatikys astral body should
take up another human tenement i would be
In her power or was In her power while In this I
life to control to some extent at least the I
personality nf that mortal tenement His per
sonal recollections of Blavatsky he thought I
were a private matter and he had not made
up his mind what he would do with his own
astral body
The Aisembly P ie > Recolntlon Denonne
late tie Knatiford UUU
ST Joints r F May 8The Assembly met
last night and discussed the Lord Knutsford
Coerclcn bill at length and amid much excitement
resolutions denunciatory
ment finally adopting rsolntons un
ciatory of the proposed action of the British
The people are considerably exercised over
the affair and are entirely In sympathy with
the action of the Assembly
UAMPAX May 8B l 8 Emerald has re
celt ed orders not to proceed to Newfoundland
until further orders I cradle for torpedo
boat will be placed nn board the next regular
mall steamer wlilih leaves England
The Emerald will take charge of tao torpedo
boat at bt Johns and tow her to Port Maun
ders the headquarters ot the fleet where I
will receive a thorough overhauling before
entering upon tbe fishery service
LONDON upon BLrd Knntsford after to
days Cabinet Council resumed communica
tions with ibe Newfoundland delegate The
latter In their memorial offered to submit a
Mil to the imperial Government which once
Mi Impria
agree I to could te expeditiously passed by
Ile Colonial Legislature aR a temporary aoL
The delegates draft of the bill now known
a the bnuts old bill U reported to have been
approved ty t the Cabinet Lord Enutsforda
reply to the delegates memorll Is I now ore
paring and ought to be in tbe hade of the
delegates tomorrow
It Is expected that this reply will enable the
Colonial Legislature t pas the proposed act
before the YVhltsun recess and thus lead t the
bill Government dropping the present obnoxious
He JEerer to What Ra Hey Was the Only
MIstake lie Ha Made as Print
Father Sylvester Malone the venerable
Catholic priest of Willlamabnrgh wits 70
rears old yesterday lie celebrated mae at
8 oclock In the morning and delivered an
A to his congregation in whtoh ha reviewed
< lreJS
viewed his pastorate from the time he cele
brated mass fortyseven years ago In the little
Bt Mary Church In upper Wllllamsbnrub
JlfS 11 ulrer
Iu the course of his address he said that
when he began his oaieer In the priesthood he
had resolved to do his wh le duty not only n
a priest hut al a citizen He felt La bad been
true to that resolution lie had at all I times
tro I tmf
and under all circumstances striven to do his
ant antI win happy to cy he hud never had
ant hnEly
trouble of any serious chniiioier with any one
Protestant Catholic or Israelite
Father Malone added that he recalled only
one instance In his life B a nriest when any
thing like trouble occurred The trouble grow
out ot his friendship for a dear good man
1 wa devoted to that friend said the
wa and I believed In the ideas be
represented and that ho fought for
rather Maloni had reference to the MrOlrnn
onlrovoisy When the services In he church
were over the priest vsn congintulntod by
thousands of pnrlabooern anil cltlrens lire
prctlvo of creed List night the nrlous
organizatIons a banquet attached to the church cave him
Tb llanncer Hue Chung Chtvr Attaches
Ibe Coetume for Money Loaned
Deputy Sheriff Carrnher levied yesterday on
costumes of the company playing at tho
Chinese Theatre 1J Bowery upon judgment
obtained by tue Chung Chow the manager
against Ngah Wlug for money advanced
amounting to mi VBen the deputy sheriff
visited the theatre ns found a Jabbering lot ol
actors and other attaebs who refuted to
rccoenlz blm He bad to get the assistance
of a policeman and threaten tbo whole crowd
with property arrest before he was able to remove the
rroprtJr itt In Wr Tlram I
John HaLbsrtnn new Mory In lo morrows
tkinitau JUncwy deaU Iu a njott interestIng
way with tho prank hardships and amuse I
ment of private in camp All veterans of the I
wa should read itAds i
Tae Car > ofYour Ileitllb j I
SanItary Uadrwear oarinlee4 pure wool at 101 I
afc Mwtffcaaau gaet la rftrflanflt fVr Jt J
nor NO rIO ron nia cnizDitEN 1
Thnt Menu Fur Templeto Term of nil
Mother Wilt which Iarrae Ilia in
come < o May ROOOOO Ho In Contcat
GIrt to T alo College und to CbarUle
Howell Osborns brief career In Wall street
convinced Ms father the millionaire banker
Charles Oaborn that the financial abilities
of the son lay more In the direction ot bane
fltloR others than himself This discovery
diminished the revenues of some of tho young
mans acquaintances but they solaced them
selves with the thought that the time would
ultimately name when howell would have no
father and when they would tot a fair chance
nt the young man Jut when Charles J i
Osborn dlod In November 1835 ha left
something II Le 12000000 to his widow
and gave his son only the Income ot
tSOO00 This gave Howell 135000 a year to
spend and he tried hard to worry alonn on It
but fnllod miserably He lived 10 extrava
gantly that no other young man In town could
keep pace with him He was fond ot the the
ntro and fonder still ot the nympba who daneed
about In front ot the footlights His extrava
gant mode of living was encouraged rather
than chocked by the tradesmen who trusted
him for they felt certain
r of getting their
money some day by way of his mothers will
perhaps The mother Mrs Miriam A Oaborn
died on March 1 last In this city and yester
day her will which was made on June 2 1888
was probated
The will Is a formidable document so far aa
bulk Is concerned I begins bJ Riving all
my works ol art articles of vertn jewelry
wearing apparel and personal ornaments to
m executors In trust to dispose of ns they In
their absolute and uncontrolled discretion
may think best
The will than gives 10000 In trust for divis
ion among servants and 300000 In trust
lor Ilowell as follows
ITo aoply the not Income thereof to the
use ot my only son and child Howell Osborn
during his life and also In their absolute and
uncontrolled discretion to apply to his use
at such time or times as may to thorn seem
advisable and to such extent as they may
Osborn maintained two handsome residences
his Fifth avenue house containing furniture
valued at tSOOOO Ho hit a Meant yacht
which cost him 10000 n year nod bin tam
ily expanses wore 125tKn annually howell
was an only boy and during his fathers I
llfntlmo constantly overran his Income of
S300 After tba older Ooborns death the
xecntors warned the plaintiff not to trust
Howoll with any money and he actually en
tered Into nn agreement In writing with them
not to do so In violation of this agreement
pod vylth the knowledge that every want of
Howolls would bo rutiplled hy the trusties
ot his fathers will plaintiff continued
to lend howell money which ns ho
himself lestllled was used forjnrpoiOB of ex
travagance and debauchery The plaintiff has
demanded and obtained upon this trial n de
tailed statement nt nil mgnoys applied to the
ISo of Osborn nnd has examined one of the
trustees ax a witness Not an item of
Improper or extravagant expenditure appears
pears on the record and no Mmeestlon has
boon made that any Item has been open to ob
jection on the strictest moral rounds Tho
presumption I K therefore ml In Invor of tho
trustees who did not personally know of
llowoUs habits and against the plaintiff who
did and who lent Howoll money knowing that
I was likely to be used forlmmoral purpose
Mr stow however sold Howel seat In the
Block Exchange and by this means decreased
the debt due him by 20000 <
Home time previous to the beginning of this
putt gossips bad frequently linked tho name of
Ilowell Osborn with that ot Fay Temple
ton tho burlc Quo actress They said
amoag other things that he bad estnb
shed ber comfortably In an apartment
house at Flltrseoond street and Hlxth
avenue Strength was given to the gossip by
Ilvon thJoR1C
Ibo frequent publlo appearance of Mr Osborn
and Miss Templeton alnearnnce rumor came
that they were married W1 Lykens stated
shortly after Ibo flat In Fiftysecond street
bad been surrendered that Howell Os
born had signed a four years contract for
Miss Tompleton to appear In comic opera to
begin the coming season From Ibis tine UD
to within n few months ago Miss Templeton
lifts tnnnaeod to keep herself prominently be
loge the public by a series of proceedings
Among her escapades was her midden flight
Irom Chicago where sho was playing with lllco
pad Dlxeya Corsair company at the Colum
Pie Theatre She Caine straight totiuisctty and
Hulled In the French steamer Ia Normandla
for Paris Just before she sailed away she
raid that Howell Osborn WAS to meet her at
Havre Then it leaked out that unwell had
cabled for nor to come to him in Uowol The
cosMiiB lot to work again and said that
lay had been anxious ant years to
Cultivate her volco in Paris and that
howell bait finally consented to see that site
was provided for during her work It was
stated with some poslttveneRs at the time that
Fay and howell wore married Thoy dropped
out of sight after this and nothing more was
heard of them for nearly two years and then
Fay Templeton came back here alone
ana got an engagement at tno i > < > ur
teenth Htreet Theatre where Hendrllc
Hudson was playing Bbortly after this
came tho news that 20000 worth of diamonds
that were being brought over hero to Bias
Temploton by Henry Herlschy OsDorns valet
had been seized by the Custom House authori
ties Tbere was some weeping and then MIss
Templolon went to a big United States official
and told him an Interesting story I was to tho
affect that while shn and Howell were In Paris
their money save entirely out and they were
compelled In order to supply their Itamodinta
wants topawnbnr Jewels Hbehad ar
ranged to come to this city and BO she came
away from Purls without her diamonds but
with the understanding that Howell was to r
deem them ns lon as ho could and send them
to her Howell did BO I was pretty well
known Ihnt the jewels were her personal
propertand not newly bought and they were
delivered to Miss Templeton
During his slay In Paris Howell lived In
grand style tnd succeeded In running far
enough Into debt to feel per feet I r at home
He bad a big house on the lloiilevard Hnus
mann and he plunged like mad < horse
races and at baccarat He finally male
a big hit at loth 1 and with a remit
nnN annt him by the trustees ot his
find hero succeeded In squaring up and getting
away His arrival here produced 1 cloud or
creditors who dunned him relentlessly I but
unsuccessfully HA was credited with having
made 00000 out of an Investment In Bt Paul
through the assistance of his fathers old part
her AddIson Cammack
At present ho Is In Paris having let a
short time aeo but his old friends In Wall
street knowthat ha Is 1 certain to return to bin
old stand In New street opposite the Btock
Exchange and give them another chance at
him Far Tompleton Is in Paris too
amber Denier Arr yrd AffAlnnt the
Ilulldlng Trade
The New York Lumber Trade Association
representing all tho big lumber dealers in this
city decided yesterday not to deliver lumbar
to any building In this city after today until
tbo boycott which the lumber handlers have
put on Charles L liuokl Co Is lalsad I
his decision Is carried out i will menn that at
least 20000 men will be compelled to quit work
within two weeks I Is Tory unlikely how
ever Unit the matter will be allowed to co so
ar as that
The lumber handlers made a demand for ten
hours nnd batter wages at the beginning of
his week and the dealers refused Ie Then
he men decided to strike In one yard nfter
another and the other building trades prom
Ised to help them in case their places snould
to tilled Charles L uncUt A Co were chosen
first bccnuBo they paid the lowest wages Tho
strike did not spread nnd the firm was only
beginning to feel Its oflect Tho dealers bad
announced that they would stand hy all firms
that suffered through strikes and the decision
yesterday was tho fulfilment of their promise
J hero are enough lumber dealers In the city
and near It outside of the association to pre
vent building from comlnto a ooruplete stand
still but nevertheless the boycott would have
considerable effect It la expected however
that tho lumber handlers will withdraw their
It was a similar step to this that the brick
manufacturera took lat fall when tho build
Ing trades put a boycott on the brick of certain
frl was announced yesterday that T R fc 3
M Cornell would open their shop on Monday
A member of the firm said yesterday
We have all the applications for work that
we need and on Monday wo will have nnough
men any tuble to RO ahaud with We do not anticipate
Trans or Clotted lllond Fonnd Yesterday
on III Throat
Traces of clotted blood were found yesterday
under the blue ridges on the throat of a dead
man found In the East Illver off Sixth street
Long Island City Wednesday afternoon
Dr W W Melners a Coroner of Long Island l
City and Drs Strong and MoKeon who per
formed the autopsy on the body believe the
man was murdered and their now discovery
strengthens their belief
The veins In the neck were congested and
tho tongue was swollen The Coroner and two
doctor believe that the man was choked and
beaten to death and then thrown in the water
Daniel Levy of 46 West Third street Now
York city who the day before Identified the
body a that of Edward Wagner a former
companIon who lived at 6 West Fourth street
New York city with a woman named Dole
IlersoD visited Cnnwavs Morgue In Long
woman Island City yesterday In comnany with the
bits became demonstrative In tier arts when
the body was shown lo her Coroner Mcinern
nays her grief was very violent and sudden I
Is thought Levy and the woman knewoomp
thing concerning Wagmra movements which
tby nave not made nuMle
The couple said they bad come to the Morgue
for the purpose nf finding out what disposition
was flrpOI bo made of the body Thin
wnman said she had buon to fee WBR
nerf parents who lIve on a farm at
Manhasxet but tboy refused to have
snythlnR to do with her and declined to take
charge of the body Thoy finally I arranged
with undertaker Conway to have the bOy
burled In Bt Michaels Cemetery It is Raid
Wagner was married and that ha deserted his
wife to lire with the Person woman The
body will probably be burled today
Moved to nUmlia nnrkeHu Appeal
Assistant District Attorney Sample moved
before the General Term of the Supreme
Court yesterday to dismiss for want of prose
ecutloa the appeal of exAlderman
James A Barker from his conviction
and sentence of four months lor as
sault Barker was admitted to ball In
15000 on June iBOO mid nothing has been
don In his case since In opposition It was
urged that owing to delay In the District Attorneys
unod owlnl
torneys office tho stenographer I minutes
were not prlntei until it WHS too late to Us
a note of Issue lor the present General Term
TniilnH rou served un hue Uittrlnt Alt moron
Ttifltduy TfO I lo jul ii luau nrUin ninl I Ii its nut ro
turnid tbtm as boInK to luir Uoclnon re
That Would Leave the laaarceata em TOp
and Ml lit Jar the Dlfflcnltlci or
Vatted State Cruller
an Attempt br a 1altd ftee Crter
to Capture the nnnnway hate
LONDON May R Private Chill cables say
that President Dalmaceda is I arranging to lee
from Santiago and to coma to London by way
of Buenos Ayres The proposals of mediation
IT I Franca Brazil and the United States are
rejected by the Blamacadlsts who consider
the success of such mediation impossible
llalmaceda has Invested a large sum on his
personal account In London bonk
WASHINGTON May Despatches received
here from Chill this morning ear that Presi
dent Balmaccda has directed the suspension
of all paper payments to the Government In
tho future he proclaim during the present
emergence payment of revenue and other
dues to the Government most be made In
silver A naval officer today pointed out the
fact that this might Indicate a certain amount
ot shrewd precaution on the pat of Balms
cede who mar be preparing for an abdication
Such things have happened often enough
before In South American revolution to make
the theory entirely probable such an act
would of course end the a in favor ot th
A Story that the Charleston IB to Para
tho Chilian Insurgent SIp
BIN FBANCISOO May eThe Ma California
professed yesterday to have positive Informa
tion that the United States steamer Charleston
would sail for Ban Diego today in pursuit of
tho Chilian ship Itats Secretary Tracy tele
graphed special order yesterday and the
Charleston left Mare Island and anchored off
Ban Francisco Instead of taking her usual
aichorace she went behind Gout Island out of
sight Her ostensible purpose In coming down
was to go outside and try her guns The offi
cers and men wore ordered to be on board at 8
oclock this morning
One of the officers of the cruiser who was
ashore today said the Charleston had left
Mare Island for gun practice but In the mean I
time bad been placed by order of the Navy
Department at the disposal of the committee
having In charge the funeral of Minister Hwlft
In the event of orders being Issued from
Washington to pursue the Itata they would ba
received in lurlne and nothing would bo
known a to the vessels destination until sho
was well on the way
A despatch to the Merchants Exchange from
Pan Diego says the Unlttd States manofwar
Omana arrive I there lose evening from the
Asiatic station
EoN DIEGO May Marshal Gardes parly
has received ordors from Washington t re
main here They would give no information
as to what the special order contained but It
was Intimated that they expected to await the
arrival of a United tales cruiser which might
be ordered In pursuit ot the Hats
WASHINGTON May 8Ttte policy of the
Government with respect to the escaped
Chilian vessel Itafa is still an official secret
Secretary Tracy this morning refuted to dls
cusi the matter at all The officers whose busi
ness It Is lo transmit orders to our naval ves
sels are almost as uncommunicative There
can bo no doubt that the Government In
extremely anXIOUS to exhibit all possible
goal to recapture the vessel In order
to avoid any unpleasant conseqnoucea
that mluht arise through the presentation
of a claim for damages presenlalon
of the Chilian Government But naval
officers are very skeptical of the ability of our
ships to recapture the Itata I is not possible
lo get n dolnUo authoritative answer to the
Question Will the > Charleston be sent after
the Itata All of Inlormatlou vouchsafed
Is I that the Charleston two weeks ago YA or
tIered to coal and got ready for sea at the oar
let moment The formalities attending the
residents recenton at Ban Francisco neces
earthy delayed those preparation but It Is
Inoertool that they are now actively under
Blnglehandoil men the fleet Charleston
would have great difficulty in catching the
Itata The Itata may be COO miles ahead of
the Charleston When the latter starts on the
chase und a variation of a point or two 01 tho
compass iu steering the course would lon
roparato tbo two vessels by many leagues PO
that the Charleston might pass the Itata with
out knowing It On thin account I is prob
able that I the Navy Department is really
satIsfied o its right to seize the Chilian
vessel on the high peas and is determined
to do RO It must rely largely on the
United States vessels in tho South Bo far I
I Is said no move has been made in
that direction but the department may at
nny moment cable to Admiral McCann who Is
ou tho Chilian const with the lon leoln antI
the Baltimore and to Admiral Brown who Is I
on the han Frnnciro somewhere off JLeru to
endeavor to head ulT the runaway ol
But tho question of the right of Ibe United
States to take the Itata ou the high seas Is I not
altogether HO tiled The State Department
people bare searched tbolr authorities and
have scrutinized the fact In the case and are
Inclined to doubt the right Tho whole ques
tion arises from n dispute M to the character
of the vessel Were BIO a pirate n ship In the
service of an enemy to this country or a vessel 1
of American register engaged In acts In
violation of treaty stipulations the case
would be a simple ono Hut she Is
merely n Chilian teasel 1 engaged In tbo
transportation of a eusnected cargo a cargo
that may possibly be contraband In the lictit
of the treaty and there Is a very crave risk
Involved ho ono doubts the right of the
United States to arrest the vessel in our own
waters for the purpose of examination anti I
her detention on Tuesday afternoon was In
accordance with this belief But now that she
has landed the deputy marshal and sailed
along on her business the case presents a
different aspect
In the matter of the questions of International
national law Involved It seems the state De
partment IB Is fff not In entire I f accord with the rest
u n w u u
eral Miller and Secretary Tiocy lean to tit
belief that the Itata 1 legItimate prey
The Ban Francisco story printed this morn
Ing that the Balmaeeda armed transport Im
Periuleis hovering off the const or California
iocapttite the Itata Is said nt the Navy De
partment to be without foundation for Ad
miral McOanns last report showed that a
month ago tint vvhsel wns hut up In Valpn
raise harbor bv the Insurgent Hoot and It
would b Impossible for her to have reached
California in I mouth <
A report lias como from San Francisco to the
effect that nichard Trurnhull a member ibn
Chilian revolutionary Congress has been ar
rested there No knowledge of such on nut
bus ron oh cd the Department of Justice I IK I
said there that It would he an eaev matter for
anyone to cause tho arrest of Trumbull on
the ehiargts of lnming the neutrality lawn
The Marshal Is bound to reoognlKo an order to
this effect contained In un Information or
complaint sworn to by any citizen In case
there la I n mistake and false arrest there Is re
dress only in the form of a suit At law against
the informant The Marshal is not responsi
Wm F Peck tho South American exporter
of this city who pnt i some earl in Chill was
linked yesterday whether he knexr anything of
the antecedents of lllohaid L Truuibull tbo
representative of the Chilian Insurgents In this
country who Is said to bays secured the ship
input of arms iiud ammunition from San Fran
CIKOO nn board the schooner Itobert and Bin
nit Mr Peck said
Trumbull IH a nephew of Prof Brush of
nle University and I n nephew of the late
DrDuvId Tiumbull of Valparaiso liewa born
In Talcahunnu on tne to this country about
1mt74 run wa graduated from Wllllston Rem
mary at Eahthnmpton Mass in UTH and from
the Sheffield Hclentlllo Hchool at Yale In the
class of 1HH1 Ho then studied law and was
for a time an attache of the Chilian Legation
at Washington afterward be spent two yearn
or rooro studying In Berlin aud went back to
to his native country I believe in 1889 He
held on Important post In Santiago for some
time under the Cuultablo Life Insurance Com
pany ot Now York and also had full charge for
a time of nil the telephone exchanges In Chill
lie in roognizeul ity those win have had buO
flees relations with him isis a man of marked
What Col North Really Think
LONDON May 8Col North the Nitrate
King complain that in the Interview pub
lished yesterday be was misrepresented Cot
North city be did not mate the statement at
tributed to him that bo believed the Chilian
InMirucntH would bo crushed ioonornr Inter
As thn mlstikp has been published he adds
I Hi I flti it voil ui say now that from iny
Mhut uiItit > < H ii sit I riom Chili I mil In
lui ul lint the I tat 11 t I o I In tl I let country la
to bu Inund among the member of the Paula
mrntnrj pnrly whom the bulk of the twople
lavor l against President Baluureda There
fore I am rather Inclined to believe that the
luunctAU will ulumatoLr ittccied
Talk of Valte Action to Itrlna the Unite
State to Term
Bouz May 8The Itallt save The Italian
Government Is about to address a circular to
the European powers submitting the eon
duct ot tba Unltod States Government
in the New Orleans affair to their Judgment
Italy will thus bo the Initiator of an interna
tional agreement to compel the United State
to find means to guarantee the protection of
foreign subjects
The Italian press Is indignant at the repotto
the New Orleans Grand Jury The Popolo Ro
tnano says It will impossible kerefter foranr
civilized country to make a treaty with the
United State based upon reciprocal protec
lion of the liven ot citizens of either country
Ono thousand two hundred emigrants let
Naples for New York today on board the
steamer Victoria and 200 others by Italian
xntt ynir OIILKASS rrvcnnro
It May Form the Kutf ct of use Yavetiga
tlon by Concreai
WiBntKOTOX Slay 8It is not Improvable
that the New Orleans lynching and the failure
ot the Grand Jury to Indict the leaders of the
mob will form the subject ot Investigation br
Congress next winter There b > a strong be
her that in view ot the utter failure of our
Government to ghe the necessary assurance
to the nations of the world that our treaty
obligations will be met In good faith and In
view of the fact that tho Government of Louisi
ana has confessed Its unwillingness to bring
the offenders to justice something should be
done by Congress No one seems to know just
what Congress can do but probably the first
thing will be on investigation by n special com
mittee and a long debate on the report Sena
tor Cullom Is among those publlo men who bo
hove the report of the Now Orleans Grand Jury
a disgrace to our civilization
I dont remember having read a docu
ment ho said today so full of humiliation
to the good citizen of this country The
Grand Jury says It cannot bring indictments
against the men who marched to the jail and
shot down the Italians because there were so
many ot them and seta un the clamor of the
nubile justification for that which everyone
knows was a crime against law and good
order How puerile this is every one must
know who knows that the names of tbo ring
leaders of that mob are common property It
would bo as easy to Indict them as any other
offenders They are known and can be
reached by the officers of the law at a mo
ments notice I have no sympathy with the
Mafia nor with any other secret organization
having murder as one of its methods of obtain
ing power or profit But there can be no justi
fication for such a mIscarriage of justice as
this In New Orleans and for the protection ot
the Rood narao of the liepubllo something
should be done I am not In favor ot gIving to
foreigners resident here anymore protection
than Is accorded our own citizens and I would
he no mire eager to punish the ringleaders of
that mob because they shot down men who
came under the provisions ot n treaty with a
foreign power In the first place we ought to
show that we are willing and able to protect
citizens as well as foreigners and punish all
offenders against the law Throughout the
nations of the world this Grand Jury report
will excite contempt and amazement and
something should be done if It is possible to
do anything to counteract It
Exploded with Such Force as to Chrett the
Speed ofu Train the Trainmen Hay
VICTORIA Tex May 8 A large meteor
passed over this locality last evening causing
considerable consternation It camo from the
northeist and was seen or heard all along the
line of the railway from llosonberc to Collad
about 120 miles About the time It reached
this vicinity It exploded with a tremendous re
port As the sky was cloudless people Im
agined that It was a boiler explosion It was
also attributed to an earthquake
A brakeman on a freight train near Ira a
small station twelve miles west of here saw
the meteor plainly and saw It burst He says
one of the fragments which appeared to be
about as large as his head struck the earth not
more than 100 yards from the railway tracks
The concussion of the explosion was so great
hat it momentarily checked the progress of
the train this fact being noted by all on the
train Tho conductor thought the engineer bad
suddenly applied the air brakes and ran to the
door to see what the matter was
IVIItlam Price flanged at Uaratmll Mo
for Aiinultlne 3II Nines
MABSIZALI Mo May William Price was
hanged In the jail yard here at 11 A M today
for an assault upon Miss Alice Ninas commit
ted on Nov 18 1890 The girl and her aunt
wore walking along a deserted road near
Sweet Springs when the negro overtook them
put the aunt to flight and assaulted the girl
Three hours later he was captured
About the middle ot the following February
Miss NInes was married to George Miller a
farmer residing near Swet Springs When
Prices trial approached the prospective ordeal
of going upon the witness stand and telling of
the assault so worked upon her that on March
idlastshe committed suicide by taking arsenlo
Prices trial resulted in conviction thonch
he protested his Innocence to the last He
died laughing As the cap was pulled over his
head he remarked Sheriff I ought to have
had a shave
Pearl Arnold the Museum Freak Dying In
the Syracuse Penitentiary
SYRACUSE May 8Pearl Arnold known on
the stage as Pearl Arundel Is at the Onon
daga county penitentiary Buffering from the
effects of her career as a museum freak She
was recently brought from Now York where
she was engaged in a Bowery museum to an
swer to a charge of robbing nn admirer of 1100
while playing an engagement InRyraouse The
girl Is Buffering great agony Before lofulnc
New York she was troubled with vomiting and
terrible pnlns In the abdomon The vomiting
has Increased and the pains also and the
woman can retain no solid food ou her stom
nrh Injections ot morphine are given from
three to five times dally She has vomited
many calls and tacks that she awallowi in
her career in the museum The doctor think
that If the patients constitution holds on t long
enough to allow the nails and tacks to become
encysted or pass off site may recover but she
has become so cmnclaiaj that this issue Is
hardly thought probable
The Btoue Carpenter Cut with a CaB
Knife by u Scene Shifter
John Ilarofl 02777 Third avenue the stage
carpenter ot the Park Theatre staggered
down the stops of the Bingo door just an the
performance ended last night with blood
flowIng fro ni a stab wound In his left side
iluyes had been talking with Gus Puter a
seen shifter lust before and It wns leportud
that they had quarrelled Policeman Wood
rang for an ambulance
Hayes said that ho bad boon stabbed with a
clasp knife The ambiitnnco surgeon dressed
the wound Hayes rufusid to RU to he box
pllal None of tho UIIKU hnnds would tell
Ivtoifls address
Hayes was taken home from the theatre In a
carriage lie saul that ho didnt think Ida
wound amounted to much Iuters bad not
been arrested up to mIdnight
ait HULKS aiouEsr vnoposiTioir
Ho Wonld Have the New England Htuttm
Invited la Join the Dominion
OTTAWA MuyP f Sir Mills Conservative
member for Annapolis Intends to give notice
nf a resolution declaring the N < > w England
HlHlrg should lui Invltud to ut lu the maritime
ttOyIticcs unit boontu pant of thi Uomlnlou
Latest Shine Inlrlllictiice
ArrIved outSi tmbrla from iw York ftr Liver
poll liai lund itof lisle I
Mill May Zdee Stays that Its Not True
end that She Will Disprove ItAllec
Violence to the Method UervkuKt
If Thomas It Mocee profaulonal nurse It
to be believed then John Laden a wolltodo
retired man of business 71 yean old Is a
prisoner in his own house at 38
West TwentrBacond street confined at
the Instance of his young daughter BUss
May Laden Magee has taken the matter to
court and through Noel D Banborn lawyei
ot 20 Wall street obtained yesterday from
Judge Lawrence a writ of habeas eonras to
have Br Laden produced in court next Mon
day forenoon
Magee lives at 1U East Thirtysecond street
He said last evening
I went to Mr Ladens house as hit
nurse on Tuesday last on the reoom
mendation ot Sister Lanrenttn of St
Vincents Hospital I wan to receive
141 a week but I remained only one night
Miss Laden told me that It was necessary to
show firmness In dealing with dear father its
that was the only successful way The nurse
whose place I took bad bon so firm with
the old gentleman that on ono occasion
us I was Informed he bad knocked a few
of bis front teeth down his throat There was
another nurse there a man from Jersey I
think who was not a professional nurse but a
sort of general utility man Ho was on duty
in the day time and I was to stay with the old
gentleman nt night
Farlr in the evening Mr Tnden wanted to
dye bin moustache Ho bad cot the impres
sion that he was lo b allowed to go
Ut door and buy a pair of shoos and
he thought he would look better with
his moustache dyed Ho asked me It
he might dye It and I toll him ot
course that I had no objections As he wan en
paged In dyeing It the other nurse came In and
told him to stop He icfusod and the nure
went to Miss Laden about It and she Bald It
must bo stopped Then the nurse came back
scattered the dyeing materials about on the
llnor and taking hold ot the old man threw
Itlm Into hl1
When he and Mr Laden were alone Macee
Bays the old man told him that ha had been
knocked about that way for four or five
months and be bosoutht Muuee to go to a
lawyer and secure protection for him
Mr Laden It teems lost his wife
about eighteen months ago and that
was a very severe blow to him About lnHtChrlst
loan time according to Magre Mr Laden
went on a spree and had delirium tremtins
from which he did not recover fur a week or
ten days Since then he has not been let out
of the house
Magee says that BIr Laden Is not Insane or
oven sick and ID an wall able to co out upon
the street as anybody He bus a physician
Dr Purple who liven next door at No 36 and
comes to see him every two or three days but
does uot proscribe anything no medicine being
Tho old man does not oven require opiates
Magee says although they persist In Riving
them to him The night he wns there old Mr
Laden asked him not to give the usual opiate
as It made him ill 80 Mcgee talked to him
when bedtime came and the old man fall
asleep quite readily
Magee says he threw un the job because he
did not care to be firm with the old man
At first he thought he would drop the matter
but finally be acted on the old mans request
and called upon Lawyer Hanborn
Mr Banborn says that ho has had dealings
with Magee before and has found him to be
honest and reputable In the Peck will onus
Hugce came forward with testimony which
proved to be true and valuable
A ring nt ilr Lodens door was answered by
Miss Mar Laden herself She Is a handsome
young woman of perhaps 21 years
Miss Laden said that Magee story was ab
solutely falseaa would appear at the hearing
on Monday Until then she preferred to ro
main quiet
Will Mr Laden appear in court on Mon
day7tqaus asked
Decidedly not was Miss Ladens reply
Dr Purple declares Msjrees statements to be
false and malicious Ha was one of three phv
slclana who examined Mr Laden as to his
sanity His associates were Drs Btnrr and
Guernsey They found that Mr Laden was
sane but Dr Parole says that ha is a sick man
and physically Incapable of taking care of hlm
Magee alleges in his petition that In his be
lief the motive of the daughter in holding bar
father a prisoner is to prevent him from
having communication with his friends and
making a will that would ba adverse to her
Another Chili sore to Mr and Mrs 4T
Hooker II mtr ley
According to the Will of Louis 0 Hamersley
the income from his estate of oeveral millions
of dollars Is at the disposal of his widow the
Duchess of Harlbcroueh and at her death the
principal estate Is to pass to the male issue ot
J Hooker Hamersley the testators cousin
Bat if J Hooker Hamersley should have no
male Issue then the widow Is authorized to
divide the property among charities
J Hooker Uameraloys first child was a girl
It was born twenty month ago and died on
the 101 h of April last At the time of this
childs birth there was a good deal of talk of
the disappointment of the family because it
wasnt a boy Yesterday morning another baby
was bonito Mr and Mre Hamersley It too is
a girl
The Weather
Ibe weather wu jinarally clear la alt parts f tk
country ytt rdiy txeeDt for eloadlaeu in this ntloa
an8 northward through New Enilind a ttary sbewy
in Florida sad heavy rain to Montmn The storm 1
thus t Northwest WM atntral over the Dakota uiomtic
deflnlu form Inoreulni la power ul mortajr slowly
to thI lake region The warm wave ana ha Increasing
31 rtaobtd northtrn Stow York yesterday la the
Dakota sat MlonuoU the temperatt ran ahoy BO
Fair wath r pnvalltd In this city The blfnwt
oSlelal temperature was 04n lowtit 4S average
humidity OJ per cnti wind southwest average
velocity 13 mllea
The thsrmomtr In arryi pharmacy In Tn Bn
bitliUK > cord < dtbatiniprala rMt rdayMtaUowBi
issxx irii JaO 11151
SLYeI 45 sumPLas sy t
ex iL 43 45 6 7 ea
BA8 7 47 We Ecu
12 H iij eo lisil8 47
jkr r ie oniur V1H 51
uaiui orrioi miscasT nu 8 r K iivtnair
Far Malna Haw Ilampehtro Vermont MaataehaaetM
and < anew fn > fort li > M nUKctn lUtkUt leanur ee >
upt natUnan en lt meal touOt vimii
For Rhode Island Conneetloot Maw Jaraey aaaUm
renuylvanla Delaware Maryland weitero raaaayt
vanla Ohio and Watt VirginIa generally falri wanaar
south winds
yet wutera Ne r York fair except llnht ahewanea
the haket illfbtlr warmer l sooth wInd
Joy this Dlitrlet of Columbia Tlrttnla North Oeie
lire Tenneiiee and Kentucky air Saturday aid lea
day slightly Warmer south winds
John Wtaltn aged 10 ytara ot 84 Corttanflt strea
lldown stair at hits horn THiarday and taetorM
itt SkulL II dIsc two hour ln r
GoIng to a Ira In Bait Fourteenth stress last alibi
bUlp tarroll of M aDirlna was thrown off and fill on
ila biad lilt Injutli war nut Mrlou
The Spanish MloUt Oooiul Otnaral Baldaaano and
the oBcri oC tba Spanish aohool atilp Maatlloa oecn
ilaa boiM at tin CMIDO hail nlfht
Undtrlakir KIpp says that tha boar of Ida Breyoort
he iiDElDirclrl Wile wu klilaJ br Uharlti n WIlbur la
M PinliW Conrail Falcon on Tn < idar night wUl be
bunId today by tb rroprlfior of ba aalooo Ko oue
lemitukDuw the cool
Clerk William tamb Jr upon an anthnrizattoa from
la Hupria Court Jeoaral Trm enrolled yItsrday
a tamuuiLitr of iha hew York bar l jao Frederick A
ttarjtT5 who eomm < nil1 the fiartntcintb Corps of
lie Arur ot the Taiimxii
One of ilia two men wlio rotted Thomas Oliyrna at
Fntirih avenue and KleTenili etreet on Melixilar
venlnf waaldentidat yaeterdar aa Thnraai Cleary a
rltuier in llll > UoUluryaialuon la halt rouneoutti
inner Al iPX Markat oleary was held for trial
Lucy Hall and Hell Herbert arreeiect for tior > HfHn
In stub avaune dry iooila < ior > were htd joy IrIsh itt
efftrion Market Court yaitrtlay iiella Pier arts
iuiban4 who U known ai Klirpatrlck aurr udrad
lawn UcieUrepreieiiUuj JOJ woriti at stolen prop
Ierrlall Famner the great North American Idantt
C er waearraigned reiterdar In Ilia deiicrM Bekeinne
upon the Initlrtment onariinr Dim wIth eut rn > tlnn ot
lerlurr In nRerluf Coibberi 8 Hafferr Sit uuu lo Idem
yr Wtlllaui Wright the Ailwr house eulcUe ue ouu of
the rtftiri fomjur pleaded mil rulllr
Frask II Elder bored A hole Ibroovh Uezlean hank
stuck lullpbloikoun In them and aola theta a Sa
lutro a ireMut rurloiltr Cliinn lllr Imllm Hnunili
titan Hlcliardt of itialenlral irtlce arremad Mm Tre
herder at IUtzst sib auu lotiriiii llrecl au4 al JcOir
son Market Klder was held In Satsfor trial
The tiljr ot an unknown man VAIL found flnatlnfln
he tail Hirer ai Her 4 > eeturday atlerooou The
mdr wu thaI nf a nan a ont Ml yeeri oil medium
lelibL lIght oiDi4eJUon dark balr ant mooaueba
arkolothea obeok eturu andblarK hum lotelut
kntfs An cents and alas Irldje tickets a sri round so
tat body

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