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18 THE SUK SUNDAY MAY 10 181 1
f =
81 Will fa nl ntDce FoTIo
hyjIIa AtO1 Other Than Hn
Me Motive < It ta Nnre VFfc > Tfcrew
Vp HI Job > Told the Story
Of tbt story told b r Thorn Magee a pro
I fstslonal nurse sbo nt tbo imprisonment 01
L L i I ft II
jonn i uirn BU nijcu i c MWV
bouso nt 33 West Twen tysocond street by his
young daughter Miss Mar Laden and his
cruel tieatmsnt by alto dants Dr Bamnel S
Purple repeated yesterday tbat the slorl a 01
cruelty were absolutely fa I Vie Dr Purple bas
lived next door to Mr Ladon for twentyflve
years and both an nelefcbcr and physician Is
uprowd to know all ab ut the case
Jlr Laden Is cot flit mentally to be lefi
alone Dr Purple aid yestcrdar I lie Is not
what physicians call Insane but Is Buffarlnf
fiom senility lie Isnolaber 1 wild nor violent
and If yon ware to talk with him be would not
barm TOO but the chimera are tbat after a few
minutes conversation UP would waot to bor
row 25 of you Ho wanted mo to BO to the
Chemical Bauk with him to see about the for
tries that bad boen com tnltted against him
there At another lImo ho bald he would sire
me 1600000 Jf 1 would travt J around the coun
UT with him durlnethe sum roer
I bare been attending Itlm I for nearly a
year now Before tbat he naod to chines
about from a homoeopath to BI regular phyal
clan every little while and sometimes refused
I to allow any physician ae all iu I the house I
am not giving hIm any wiedlclfae because he
doeaut need anY Ha rfecelvts the kindest
treatment possible and tile rtor that he was
struck bY a DUIO 15 nbsoli tely Jalso lIe hud
some front teeth and pulled them out him
self The room In which 1 ale Is eparat > d
from late room only I by a thiln wail I and I would
nllw ai once it La wore ev > er subjected to vlo
lent treatment Ills unujtjliter Is his only Iv
Ing relaWo His will waiTmade years ago en
tirilr In her favor she has all 1 the money ana
wants why should she abuse her father
8 When MUNI came to the house last Tue
day bll evidently thought Here Is I a younfc
defenoetoss woman with Went of money I
ought 10 be abl to got sowo nt tbat It was
understood at the time tu t In pn > e he care
eatlslHOtlon be wa j to be retained for ojie
month at 111 a week Too next morning be
demanded that Miss Laden lgn a contract for
tho wbole imramer to pay mm 50 a week
hon she refused he went wny Dr Btarr
who has examined Mr Laden several time
has signed a certificate to tht effect that Mr
laden Is I not able to be taken court 1 hare
Kl 10 signed one and both arn m the bands of
Kits Ludene lawyer I dont MO the necessi
ty of brluglng him to court
All THE HUN NillIed yesterday Magee went
wltu his story te Lower oeU llanborne I and
a writ of habeas oornus was BO tnred tor the
m of old Mr Laden Wore Judge
Lawrence tomorrow
All that 1 know about the matter Lawyer
Sanborn sjtid yesterday Is what Mr Mcgee
told me 1 have had dealings with hm before
and hare always tound him trustworthy When
he came to me with this case I hesitated to do
anything about lit It was anoh a Queer case
As far as I know he was acting < Morn purely
dlslnterystsd motives and from n hi mane 1m
puIi I questioned him and cross nuestioned
KjrnY but lio cluck to a straIgbUoriard tory
hen as snV member 01 the bar would do
lUlQer the circumstances I MtJuiwu to vuun
Lawrence for a writ of habaes aorpns return
able Monday I know no moro About the
case than that
I All tbat iVan say further than this Is to ex
press my astonishment that they should heal
tats tor a moment to produce Sir Laden In
burt Winer he is sane Qr he is insane It
If the former then his detention Js Illegal If
tbe latter It is still Illegal without the knowl
edge of the court I should think that Miss
Laden would be perfectly willing to bare her
father appear In court
One of Mr Bon boras clerks who served the
writ on Mica Laden said
I took Mr Magoe along with me to identify
the young woman bbs seemed very glad at
tint to see him and shook hands with him
When she learned what the writ was and how
It bad been obtained she turned to Magee and
said What bnnfnesa is it of yours how I treat
my father Thereupon Magee gave her a
pleoe ol hi mind and charged her with treat
ing her father like a dog Bha made no reply
but declared that bar father wonldntt appear >
to court
TBJS xmr aims enjp soxtota
BUI t Kee Mr rtoaualle OIuo
A representatlv party ot American cattle
man inspected yesUrday the new White Star
eattla steamship Homadlo which arrived here
last WHit on her maiden trip from Liverpool
Among them war P G Barry Assemblyman
SH Smith Superintendent ot the Central
Stock Yards of Jersey City H P Eirfcham W
Judson Smith agent of the Bureau of Animal
industry of Syracuse and head ot the Urmof
Smith Powell A 001 I Joseph Eastman of East
man A Co New York I Samuel Sanders ot
Jersey City E Y Lancaster a ahlnper of
thoroughbred Etook of London P G Barry
likestock broker I Dr Charles B MIcbener
Chief Vetarlnary Inspector of the port 61 Now
fork and Jacob Mayors editor of the Butcli
fTA Adcocelr
They wore conducted through the ship by J
Grace Ismay the agent of the White Btar line
fohn Lee its freight agent Capt P T Thorn D
Hon of tho Nomadlo and Chief Omoer John
Itlnson Lunch was served afterward on
board Britannic
Tile arrangements of the Nomadlo excited
favoratile comment from the visitors at every
tip The construction of the vessel Is the
mttome of Mr IllmaolPo Introduction In the
British DoullO of Commons of a bill proposing
I o do away with tho transatlantic shipment of
attle on the around that It was cruel treat
ment for the cattle The bill was defeated
The Nomadlo is especially Intended to meet
he objections ot this bill and her bnlldera
have undoubtedly provided the moat humane
and convenient methods for the exportation of
Ire stock yet devised
The ship la 4bU fet long 49 feet beam and
3 J lest deep Her gross registered tonnage Is
iL7r0 > and her dead weight l capacity 7800 tons
sit baa three complete dciia tor the storing
eattla and each deck Is divided In watertight
pompartmenis which ran be Instantly sepa
rated from tli rest of the ship In rate of tire
or other accident The ship ran carry 1216
cattle and has luiulaied storage rooms abaft
tbe main engine room with a capacity for
2JJ87 qUarterd of bee The refrlcerator roa
ebtnery 1 consists of enuinen and compressions
In the inner the air is cooled and thou lInt
t among suspended Quarto of beef Tho
caTtle wben brought aboard are placed in
separate stalls which are arranged in rows
with a wife I passageway between This
permits the cattlemen to give them
the beat of attention The floors of
the stalls ar ot cement and can
t b eaully cleansed with I hoseIn tbe rear cal
BCHVuor aro UT HCU auii iua uraraafte laoy
tOi arIDlt8
polleot Is ejeelou over the sIde at every ten
f feot Wooden fiames above the cement afford
tie p eatUa bl a good foothold when the lord
Jn WateRs applied to the cattle from buckets
Instead of casks the water being stored below
the ongtns rooms whenoe I Is I taken by Dumps
and distributed br boss to the various compartment
FerhaM the most the most noteworthy
ure of the Normandlo is tlie system of ventila
i tloo Thlrtylour coneshaped ventilators for
ward bring In fresh air by natural draught
The air port on each deck are so constructed
that the water ktrlklng them In heavy seas will
I b eked from nferngby floating valves
which open to admit the air when tba water
recede Foul air Is I drawn to the top of the
vessel rfing oentrifugal fane
The diet real test of the Normand oa menu
Sll begin next Wednesday when an safe for
F Mrpool with BOO cattle shenls
c 1 Mr Cleveland Comlusc Visit to Bull
BunAix May 0Ei President Grover
Cleveland will arrive in Buffalo on Monday
morning I will b his first visit bor since
the fall ot 1S when ha came from Washing
S toe to ot Ha eomea now to take par In the
i IfUeth anniversary of the German Young
Xiaa Association ot which bets a life memo
Ur Arriving Buffalo be will b escorted t
S the Iroanols and will be left to himself during
I the day t make sails principally on relatives
Tka German Young kens Association recep
Lion committee will take charge of him In the p
Kinlng and escort him to Uusla Hall whsr
ii will mu an address and hole a brief re
osption after which a dinner will ba given him
t I Iroquola by his I personal anoVpomical
rienda Oorera for 150 will be lad John O
r Mllburn will be the tout master and will de
liver an address of welcome to Hr Cleveland
to which the latter will respond Oloe and
S The next day at 1 oclock there will be a
publlo reception tendjred UL Clevelond in the
Maytrs qffloe The Mayor baa appointed a
Boapartisan reception committee ap1O after
noon will b spent Quietly At 730 t 1 i atr
evening a I Batlon from the Olevefand De
eoirtoy will escort Mr Oluland to the clubs
itQuanors President Blssell will J make a
JrteJa4dseJormailr opening wl club and
b4i1lpg I Mr Cleveland welcome Then Mr
jUyeland will make a lengthy adrrl It
wUlofeoiinKvbe a politics speech Jtwlli
I pysbibly b 88 eforo Jir Cleveland will lake
a PPfltJo aVcne side rthe drawing room
554 bole aandsbaking u I I reception which WI
Br dllmtnt Doubts sad QoadrapU OarUbad with
dlall Orlb se
velum of not wt r warm KffrTMat Hpradil an
flesbie Bpniil I ars obuiatd SbIe sbvlaUaj prd ul of
jirtUakl aiu wbiUir ezyshaUlz4 nld ey S
Oartebd btlnt ao ack owl dtd remedy la etrtala
forms of Uoot ihe Importaoe or Crlitad with UIU
tnnottxoTrrllra > Utt
tL t1tLTtl or ncn WATER Is
d4tesrdsrlt 430 W4OlsIsy I AJALTMs
asily Qu ekly Permanintly estore
Weakra Nerveoess Dekllily and all
the tram of evil from early rrorsoilatr xoj ei
Ibe 1Irf of overwork alckneu worry ito 5u1l
trenalta ovlopm and lone alvea toovenr
organ sod portion ot Ui e body Blaple natural
mU > od laowdlau improvement Spl Dar
ImBooible rer se Vaunt
impolilbIs ijOOO refenawaT look SplaSuSs
and proofs malted teesledi free AMtmt umwm
Bought of merchants at a drive and offer
now 6 pounds extra flue Green and Black Tea
MACGREGOR 119 I Front st
a holei 1881 8 kolee Sn 8
One cent per hour for cleanest
quickest fuel Its a handsomer
and stronger construction than
other but the great gain is are any I
duced gas consumption with in
creased heat and perfect combus
tion by a Jair mixture You
darent predict greater possibilities
after a ten minutes proof exhibition
TRY ONE If TODTI a fault to flnd yeah r < t
rasher buk from a rOTrt plrutj 4lod UBI year year
IODOI nicer thln aytng 1 au r
Aotlr no IIOI abets 814
Acr On Ntira 3 hoi 028
American Nun Co 2bol
Amrlcant4tCn2bole 407
Atnrlcan Utter C a ho BUS
Kit Covtred Oar TIM Tnblnic per foot Sl Be
Oven Bri Iron thai Stuou and
rrl la en roy
altu for a makes a fu
The Star Co86th
86th St L Station
f eaciu IDtd I eJciu e
hum D Mnnf nnmnlnfo Unflnnrl nnrl Unmnlibn Unlnl in I m
UIU IUUDU uumuiUHUy auiuiuu ouu uuiuuiiau uuuoi in DIUUUIjIII
Located on Michigan Avenue Boulevard and fronting
on Lake Michigan gives Its guests a view unsur
passed for beauty by any Hotel IN THE WORLD
THE CUISINE I las Ortt sal ealy example of Wftwlui VHENCBCOOKINla
I PIC ale Ila
J I I I I CUeai Ukl ud Ii sot zesllel t in tbls
Qa BM I ao1 b anytatlilcoiiatry
T U J XAIMCT I fCt I I A DC sonhala the largest aod Said assortment if hol < iiirl > u < K
I r1 fORI4 I any betel or rtitaDranl IN AMERICA which art
sptolally Mleui la Korop and slilpasS la bead AIERIOA l tI
Ipeolll 111011 I Eor ao IbhM11 direct t TUG KICIIEEIED trI us
celia of com of bl html ant snort reliable houses la lb win dUtrloU of hue Oeraaar U
AoitrU and thr grist wloMrrowlnf etontrioa aad particular atunUoo li I paid to to armA supply
ix of PKITATK VAMIIIEM sat CLUBs I any quantity dashed ai tbe very lavMt
wkolHAlt prltM
I THE RICHELIEU I I I f h o f Uetlr furnUhtd and appolottd from ttpto bottom wldi
bolo paintings dteorttlnjt thi wail and Wl
palulll doorall wl al < the ruroUblnr of each
bedroom la lb boos bilnr inch that I eau durlni tb darllnt b conrtrted tote a eo iy ch rmlnt Bcb pat
ten l Tie miCBS CllABaCD are BO LUb r Uiaa at many hotel not 10 bl compartd la comfort or
beast as the foUowln seatdul e iloi 1 wll hoi om 1
BIBB PastS rooiM with emet veBtlUtloB
r Bfr 10 IsS M r day
Slati tIe roans with batkrooa sear OOto
ro S0 pp day
Li ge hash root with k throo
ro I wil ro o to 5O poe < F
lautgu r ou with two bedS sad batiiroaM l5 t eO r day I
Pitrior Mid oe bidraoat with t threoi I
Pror co wlU troa O t 1OO yer day
Part r sad two kedrootu With batkpoo I 5 is g1
U TUP nb RICH IPI I I t special aU t 1 > aa aUfof WHdtacs
niwnbllbU JI
a dlWvaurarUi aBdbsanwab
al hr ra a a alba a aatlr4tU4 rtTaU
remi key UII l Stat biaseS I t business eat pa
aa 4n Cf Oktue sad tssagm y tUg U city eftkrto ffU Tir e business are nsptstfony
invited te Mil sat see the calVe hisee waUr iby a gusts o eoe betel er aa tbr sag Uy wui
U mown O rr atuntloa asS eoartxr poulbl I W
I batik mr many frlndi who ban sires me their adorttm at and patronac and I assure them
Iha I will alwaya 01 my but toduvon t 0 talk every one who becomes a gases aur of I THE hoI
ICHEIIKV e l aiattb I Iml as It iI I my power te 10 TiE
very ieiiICe11j
= 4 J H V JBiEMS
1 4
y k J W AfM
Most ovory lady in Brooklyn has
bought at one time or another some
underwear from the woll and
favorably known retail and manu
facturing underwear firm of G W
Green t Oot Fulton st City
This firm IB now in process of
l < uidatonwinding up its af
Wo have secured the pick of their
entire stock consisting of Ladies
Gowns Skirts Drawers Corset
Covers Infants nnd Childrens
This stock get well into your mind
isnt shophandled your goods
theyre fresh wholesale goods
which were in course of completion
for the first and largest stores in
frst lafest
Boston Baltimore Rochester Chi
cago Salt Lake City Philadelphia
New York and our own city when
this unhappy liquidation step was
determined upon
Solemnly no such moneysaying
chance for ladies to collect their
Summer Underwear has happened
in years Yours very much lower
can duplicate them for today in
the wholesalo market
Telling particulars underneath
lMS pos Muslin Gowns I style come solid
tucked yokes others with 2 and 0 Insertions
of Hamburg Embroidery good length and
width wholesale price 85o Monday57o
1613 pen Masnnvllle Muslin Downs 4 styles
handsomely trimmed with wide embroidered
Insertion I or duo tucks wholesale I 1 these
horo 7 Jo
I 814 pea best quality Muslin Gowns 4 styles
Mother Hubbard yokes of fine embroidery
wboh BnlelSIStllr 980
890 pcs Muslin Gowns surplice neck or
squaro yoke colored trimmings or em
broidered insertion wholesale 1S
tor 118
C30 pcs i finest i quality Muslin Gowns 4 styl f 8
solid yoke ot handsome embroidery surpllou
neck or embroidered collars ana cuffs whole
sale l50for 125
1334 pcs good quality Muslin Drawers hem
an i a 10 tucks yoke band whole
sale 45c hero 33o
1272 pcs Muslin Drawers I tucks and ruffle
of Hamburg embroidery yoke band whole
sale Mo here 290
DOT P Muslin Drawers S stylos2 with em
broidered ruffle 1 with rows of fcatherstltch
lug for and hem yoke band GSa wholesale S9c
012 pcs Mosonvllle Muslin Drawers 4 3e
all with ruffle of lino embroidery yoke band
7Sc vrholesalo for see
ho11101 10
1780 pee l Muslin Drawers a styles insertion
and dgo or ruffle ol fine embroidery yoke
ban l 11 wholesale for 75c
S a6 71
1M3 pcs Muslin and Cambria Drawers
cluster of 1 line tuck and deep ruffle of
handsome embroidery or C clusters of tucks
those and flue Torchon lace edge wholesale lUl
1440 pcs Cambric HighNeck Corset Covers
square neck trimmed wIt featherstitch
ing for aud embroidered edge wholesale 89o I9o
1100 pcs HighNock Corset Covers cambric
Burpllcs neck u f wide Hamburg Embroidery
wholesale SOc for 890
1433 pcs Cambrlo Corset Covers 2 styles
2 embroidered edges or yoke of embroidered
Insertion and edge 09o wholesale her i90
6UO pcs Corset Covers cambric 4 styles all
p al
trimmed with flno embroidery or beading
and tucks 98o wholesale 72o
458 pcs Cambric Corset Covers voice of hand
some Platte lace and embroidery or Tor
chon Bale for lace insertion and edge125 whole
184 pea Muslin Walking Skirts deep hem
and cluster of 2 large and small tucks or
cnmbrlo flounce edged with embroidery
75o wholesale for GOo
67 pcs Masonvillp Muslin Walking Skirts G
tuck above ruffle of tucks and feather
stitchIng yoke band wholesale 93a for 630
203 pcs Muslin Walking Skirts deep flounce
of handsome embroidery yoke bad whole
sale 125 for 98c
490 pea Muslin Walking Skirts 6 oS
bomsttohe edges or One embroidered
ruffles wholesale 6 t b embrolder
9 pot Nurses Aprons foe quality 12
deep hem 8 wholesale Mondayiso
4 pcs Cambric Short Klips tucked
yoke Embroidered edge Tic wholesale
These 7 60 °
100 PCB Pine Lawn Short Dresses waist
trimmed with Hamburg embroidery with
sash 080 wholesale for wIt
90 pe Cambrlo Short Blips circular yoke of
for tucking Tucked Skirt 110 wholesale 76c
90 pcs Cambrlo long Blips I Hamburg 75
with Bash Coo for V 7l9a
118 pcs Cambrlo Long Blips three Hamburg
Insertions and plaits 75o wholesale mburl
GOO pcs Misses One Muslin Gowns Mother
p Gows
Hubbard yoke trimmed with Cambrto ruffle
all Bites t I years 76 wholesale for soc
Val nraradfloo
S Vdenou Sect
fl T 1176 STRAWS
200 doz Ladies Misses and
Childrens Hats large and small
shapes all this seasons goods
black and colors Italian Lace
Braids French Chips Milans
Satin Straws Neapolitan Bow and
Bow stock good from 100 to
176 will open a Bale of them
Monday at 25a eaohII11
II11 C11
4070 yds fine printed India Foulard Bilks
choice patterns and colorings light 811
pttrl ClorfDI
dark grounds Including block and white
and black with colored figures our whit
ular ISo quality this lot on Monday 390
47 pos 34 and 27 inch Japanese and Canton
Printed UUksj this class of silk ba tn
will Bold say for lees titan 1125 t 175hought 690 a Deyl yard
We have on hand a small lot of Plaid Surah
Bilks and Gauzes of the 880 to 125 quality
say Wo for these Monday U you quaiy
Ieh C11
100 pes Pure Mohair 88n wide
approved summer shades 60a class
for 25a o
100 po Mohair Brilliantine 4 I
wide mixed colors including gray
and tan mixed the 650 sort gay
90 pcs Pure Turkish Brilliantine
4 JC wide seven different styles
a on light grounds with stripes of
fq Ji Wi sm16
DOW Chevron effects this fabric
was imported t bring ILOO will I
bo tWo
Some French Beiges 4 inches
wide choicest line of mixtures
offered all this season 75o Mon
day altered t 470
GO pairs Printed Mohairs high
lustre in India SilkolTcct n a Bur
Erisp Monday to bo 390
Ladies French Cloths newest
shades of Tans and Grays 125
175 line
turn Auturu
25 pieces coInch extra heavy Cream Dam
n S > c I yard Instead ot GOclui
Ktock price It
4V nlcc < H of Nainsook Lawn and Lace
1lalds Check Hti Ipcs e IOe a yard In
stead of iso anti 18c iu stock yar
2 pieces 40Inch Fancy LAO Band Apron
Lawns prlc lOc a yard instead ot stet
UntniMils stale ol I
Il UOCKUW al bal
Brooklyn HI YI Brooklyn N Y
f In Vi fee Jfearly a Century
A reality Cur for I
Tat eoneentrmU If obtained by ermporm
IM assets Crab Orchmrd Water K oh bov
U > S Ounces > canlTalen to two gallon CM
ural water Prie S3 crnw BM Uat Cnb
Apple traoMiark Is I on the r
A canals Rirneir for DlitUN tl the
r6 all Drupgiftt
nro von rAKnun
Crab Orchard Water Co
I York fepet P Scherer C 1 1 Btrchy 8
< BLv K
for de Laws sake swIne to put dig coat mmy and devoice
I voice come right out de cabord
One of the Beautiful Standard Folding Beds Bed
I Wardrobe Desk Bureau and Cabinet Combined Complete
I furniture for a rom We are the agent for those Beds > f and
I carry the complete line i all the popular woods and finishes
together with the Queen City Amos and Frost Union A B
I Straight and other firstclass Folding Beds all invariablv at
I much closer prices than any other house in the trade besides a
I body would have to skirmish through both the I Big Towns t
I see the various styles colors 0 which you will find grouped
together at
Wanufacturfr ot and Jobbers in Furniture l
hoMery Bedding and Mire good Carpeting 4c
I Baby Coaches all makes Itetrigerators all makes
Myrtle Ave and Bridge St Brooklyn N Y
This to you means an immense saving as we are going to die
pose of some really desirable goods at a very close margin This
is bona fide You know ou reputation
OA K Ki l 1 o R U ICbHri PIO Clc ralo LD 1
tuis BKAUTT J aoo n Il
New And handsome Folding Bed Department just opened
Brussels 60a Velvets 99aj ingrains 85o
Oar 6 per cent credit system still open t all who des
good on their own terms
488470 M < 472 FiltM St 21 4 rt 6 Bi Mice opp Doffleld St BrooUrn
5 4
Charles Ford Hors la tbe New Tot
Blnma fleeces la Illlnoll
OTTAWA III May OCLarles For was
hanged here this morning He pretended to
b of Irish antecedents but both his parents
were German and his real nami was William
lludolph He thoueht that by asiumlng to be
Irish he would escape punishment
Last owning Rudolphs wife of a fortnight
Kate Weenock alias Ford at the condemned
mans request was brought into his presence
She had just pteaded guilty In court to com
pllclly In Moors murder and had been Ion
ttnced to imiirlsonmont at hard labor for four
teen years lor twenty minutes the pair wept
and talked togrther and then wore separated
During this interview tbe man displayed the
only sign 01 emptlon which hs IM exhIbited
since blq arrest 1lon wits baptized Into the
clhollo faith by Dean Kealna 01 It Colum
boe Chutch last ngbt
M RudOlph rsmln s mstrongly laid Father
Keating altenvard of one ol the characters
in Victor Hugos Lts Mlserablea lIe was ao
VIctor that anybody should do blm
a surrlld his I wish 1 christened hIm
William Amelia findtlpb Amelia being the
name of his mother of whom ho seemed to
know very little
Until Itt midnight nndolph paced slow
ly I backward and forward In his lonely cell
with eyes closed as if in a dream At one time
when jhe silence In the jail was oppressive he
danced a Sllen before tie astonished death
watch Jlndolnh broke Into a hearty laugh
and topped suddenly with the remark It Is
too bad lint It for young lellow like me to
Kndolpha avowed ambition was to bat the
record for gameness on the scaffold There
wu complete absence of any fear OJ bravado
When asked by the Shell i bn had anything I
to car he replied that Father Keating would
pear for rerld The priest paId that the prls
oner In the face ot the doom awaiting him de
nled that he was guilty of the main charge
arainst him I that he would weet his fate with
charity toward all and with malice toward
none and that he was going Without fear Ho
was dead In 10 minutes
Tbs crime which he died was Committed
JUVVULU0 for 11U VU WW MIWVA lall eommlted
on th morning of Juno 24 las The body of
David Slooro of Omaha a travoUIntc salesman
for the T U Scott Lumber Company of Mer
rill > Y 11 was discovered In Auoo Park the
head crushed In by repeated blows with a car
coupllng Pin Kate Ford hot bustard Charles
Ford nvnilam OBrien and Mlne WIn Ing
were arrested for comnllolty JB the killing
OBrien was tried In August and sentenced to
Imptlsonment for Ufa Ford was tried in No
vember found guilty and Betntenced to
ombr Judge Illr the trial Judge was
so overworked during the trial that
ho collapsed with nervous prostration
two dais after tho verdict and for
a time It was feared he never would he able to
listen to n motion for a new trial Sir weekS
spent at a private saultarlumand the judge
returned with his mind restored and Ms bodily
health Improved sufficiently to admit of his
brIlh eumornly
he silting denied on the motion for a rehearing whcln
On ho trial of Ford It was show that at his
instigation his wife Kate deooyod Moore t
maIL Allen Pak for purposes ot robbery o black
mFordVi father was hanged at SInK Stag his
mothers brother In the Fame prison for
train wrecking His sister keeps a lOW resort
In Toronto Mid bin mother was driven from
New York where she was a fence for thieves
h8w was also driven out of Onjeags and her
second husband also named Ford Is in the
Indiana Slate I Penitentiary Charles Ford had
also served a term In the Illinois Penitentiary
and two terms In the New York Reform schooX
He was born In the slums of New York and
has been a tramp inc boyhood
JLUC F n < uSET > s suzam
lassie when He lUraped frt > m > Baalta
ram la Philadelphia
The body otWilliam F Haliey the oonflden
ta clerk employed by Brown Brothers ft 00
the bankers of 61 Wall street reached his
home at 103 Willow street Brooklyn yester
day Mr Halsay w found drowned in the
Delaware hirer pear Philadelphia late yes
terday afternoon He had been uttering for
some time from brain trouble and be com
mitted suicide while mentally irresponsible
His friends had thought h health was Im
proving He had been 1 for eevora
months but early in April it b
cama evident to Dr T 21 Lloyd of
12S Pierrepont street that he was growing
worse and he warned the patients relatives
that change of scene would be of benefit t
him He cautioned the family to watch the
oatient closely 0 Mr Halsey was liable to
injure himself The patient was sent a short
time vco to the care of two specialists in Phila
delphia and he seemed to b improving under
the new treatment On Tuesday last he eo
cared from the sanitarium and no trace ol
him won found until his body was recovered in
th Delaware One of his sons Identified him
Mr Halser was 62 years old and had been
employed In the Urown Brothers bonking
house fo thlrtyelght years lie was baklns
the Her Dr Halsey a Presbyterian minister
who was an Intimate friend of JamesBroirn
The latter persuaded the father to let his lion
learn the banking business and when tbe boy
was fourteen years old he entered Mr Browns
omen He rapidly advanced nntll he became
the confidential adviser of the arm While
the war was In procrens when a cool l head
wns required for tbe place Mr Halser
reQulrl plAO Jr HolI WM
made the Bothern agent of the bouse las
established his headquarters in New Orleans
lie had reestablished all the ttontherniaaon
Otis of the house long before the reconstruc
tion process of the Government had been hall
completed Fve yea SiO he was recalled to
tho N ew < York OmN where be tookohargeof
the sterlnlrhanl branches ci the business
The firm gave hIm 10 much nl their confldenoe
that be was entrusted with a contdenc
ncr parte to transact its business 0 U he were a
Mr rfalw bagarne ill about a nar ago and
by the advice of J Lloyd abut went traveling
lor his health He gradually failed from thai
time He married HIM llary Haines In 186
and bo leaves two Ron and three daughters
His wife died flfteen yw ago duabler
children survive him The funeral w1t 1 take
place tomorrow morning from the lak
Presbyterian Church at Henry and Clark
tot Drootln at al
Am Orange Seed CanM tke Beatk or
Frederick Lek
Surgeons have caver yet discovered any
good use lor the vermiform append although
all human beings possess It If at some re
mote period I bad a tel baa lour since ont
lived It and baa come to be a source of dancer
specially to children I forms small aao In
the line of the groin Fruit seeds whloh obit
dreu are likely C swallow often lodge in this
sc to Wh h therl lsm > ontlet 1e I
Jraderiek Let 1 years 014 of Jwkson
avenue andBeventh atreet Long Island City
died in the Harlem Hospital fromtha ffMta ot
such accident efet
an acident on Thursday last after sub
mlttlnc to an operation for the removal aub
orange sead which he baUawaloned1 when S2
Madison a yIJt I I to his aUDI JrJ a4 B Taylor ot 166 On
lnElYRnr rrtq r n nro z
IuitTn of iii9 onrflODOxr
Te Majority of 1 Commute wIn He
nmraend ifla Trial Sir ffry5rOn5
Thin Wok Will 11 Jntcratlt
The mistieR of the Neil tork lYrsbyterr to
morrow will probably be t he most momentous
in its history more inoai nloim even than the
prolonged session ot a yea r ago last winter at
which doodled to yole f t ir a revision of the I
Westminster OonfeMlon I Is to decide
wlmther In Its opinion Dr llrlceas inaugural
ndJre on assuming his present professor
ship Is I orthodox or hetfrdlox The decision
will take the form of action POI a majority
report and a minority report from tb commIt I
tee appointed at t hf April session of Prasby
terr to determlue O to thiS orthodoxy ol the
She majority report aftercomparing sldeby
Mdo oaMBnes of the WostotlnlsUr Confession
and what Its signers tbl kk are conflicting
pnBsaaan In Prof Brings a dress will recom
mend that be be tried for heresy It will prob
ably bo sinned by the Ilav Dr O W F Birch
tbe for Dr J J Lamp > the novo Dr Jesse F
Forbes and 1rof t Stevenson bf the New York
University TIre minority itaport which will
doclnre rue aoarens not to DO inconsistent WIIB
he confession will be signed br the fey Dr
James I McllTalno and tldqr Walter Edwards
wards Tho liar Dr Henry f Tan Dips the
seventh member of thf ooramfuse altboush a
Irlond ol Dr Brlggs has refuimt to servo
Personally all but ooo or two e r the commit
tee are mindly to Dr Brlegs be t his reitera
tion ot his doubtful orthodoxy In the appendix
to the new edition of tire adores R has paused
the mntorlty to sacrifice Jholr friendship to
their Frosbytorlanlsm The appendix has
been pronounced tnuoh prndlr the
original address
If Presbytery adopts tho maiorMy report and
votes to try Dr Urlgx too Oonetral Assembly
will not set on the ole unless Dr Briggs him
self appeals to the tJuod and If It Is adverse
trt avere
to the highest body U the minority report b
adopted the fight will be renewed In the com
tug General Assembly which baa two courses
of action open to I It may rsftMe to ConfIrm
Dr Brlggss appotntmen the rroteseorshlp
on acceptIng which ho delivered the inaugural
address whloh has got blm Into the rcsant i
trouble or I may rteolaro it 1o hl to duty of
lbs New York Presbytery to try him far heresy
a declaration which the Presbytery may Ignore
I It wants to
Dr llrggn hal announead that ha Ud not in
tend to attend the General Assembly 8 his
phrslclan had forbidden him to He may
change his mind He Is i Quotes as swipe that
he Intended to fight the matter to the end
oven If I would bo necessary to appeal to the
civil courts out bn Implied in conversation
with the writer ibflt I he was moro likely lo
seek a more liberal Church
The meeting of mcbytery beginning nt 81 >
M tomorrow Is lilly I to last several days
The Briggs committee meats at a P M for n
final ennstilerntlon of what Is already decided
on printed and published
mcsmraaouas BO QN nI
T > Bash SC It Si the COBTemlon ar
S4OOOOOO Como ttttoek Ito rrcftrrvd
A syndicate consisting of August Belmont t
Co of New York Lee lUffKlnnon A Co ot Bos
ton and Brayton Ives Praildent of the West
ern National Bank has been formed to under
take th reorganization of tbe Westinghouse
Electric and Manufacturing Company ttnd Its
associated Interests Thia ayndfeute together
With certain creditor of the company and oth
ers has agreed tn late SotKt nf i percent
preferred stock upon the auent or the stock
bQldeato tho plan of i or < rratuition
Meiara August Jelmont i parcel In Hartley
Henry a Iljde and limy on hn of w
ork and Charles 1 ranch Adiuns aud Charles
Kalrchlld of Boston have consented to become
According to the plan the flOXXWnnn capital
IB not to be increased The holders 01 tbe
17000000 Common Btofk nutstaJidlne are to
surrender Into the treaxuri 40 per cant ol
their holdings Whloh with the J3IXOOOO Iud is I
sued but not sold will make ahouit tjuuoOOO
of treasury Block Of thlt f HXJjiKi is to he
converted Into 7 per ont stok of which the
t3000OOU specified ITO IH to 0 Issued to
tOO floating debt anti provide working
capital and S5000M Js to ba held In the treas
ury to provide further capital when needed A
part of tbo remaining treaeuy utoelc Is to be
used tojurcheae further stool In the United
Htates Electric Lighting Company and the
Consolidated Electric Llcht Company In botb
of which companies the wostlngnouse Company
paul Is already extensively interested
It Is I understood tbat this pan not only meets
with tbe approval of tbe directors and the
bankers but boa also been examined and ap
proved by prominent stockholders and crsd
Mr Ed Westinghouse JrM said yesterday
that neither the dlson nor the Thomson
houston folks are interested in the Jew re
organization clan In any war
I AHrlem md Xnasliut Seed la Nornritr
Domottly Nlkolayevlton Oitrovskly Bus
lan Consul in Norway has rendered to th
Geographical Society of Et Petersburg a r
port of the Ilusslan trade with tho far northern
people In the spring as soon as Ihs upper
llwlna Is I freed of ice the Norwegians ot the
northern tea coast embark for Archangel to
buy Itnsulan flour They carr the flour to the
city of Flnmarkenand thence send In return
largo quantities of nsh A certain Quantity of
fish It I worth a corresponding amount ot flour
and the one and tho other alike prefer the ex
change ot goods to specie payment Fin
darken on account of its constant and large
trade with fluids has become Russified The
traders not only speak Russian but even vivo
the words of tbelr own tongue Ilusslan sul
fixes ana prefixes and form their Hcandlnai Ian
sentences according to rules and usages of
i he Ilusslan grammar The whole people re
proloc gard tbe district ot Jblnmarkon O a Itusslan
Tho flab Is sold in Archangel on of rtaln mar
ket days when traders loom all parts ot tbn
northern governments come to the city Of
or however this trade has deteriorated to a
considerable extent Flour Is I coming to Fin
marken from the southern part ot Norway and
from the port of the Baltlo SOl and gradually
U pushing the llnnslan flour out ot the market
The same Is the ease with Itumlun lumber and
otherstaplo goods whlohliMon great rale In
northern Norway When recently tbe greater
part of lbs cUr of Tammeifent was laid wale
br fire the merchnntsot Arcbnnuel eXPcled a
largo demand for lumber in consequence and
A In tn mlt lnt th
novrroamft mar Ilammorfest wan rebuilt ui tauldly
with umber from the south nf Norway espe
cially from the province Dratnen and the
Ilusslan lumber was not need Tbe only
talon why the trade between Norway
and llussla Is I not cut on altogether Is I
that the Norwegian prefers to nay with flf > h
for the goods he require rather than with
ready money To procure the former h need
but throw his net in the nearest fjord and he
gets all he requires while for ready money he
must work In n different manner For this
reason I may be expected that the Russians
will for so mo time yet continue trading vdtD
their Scandinavian nulghliore But there are
marked signs ot the gradual deterioration of
this traffic Russian oils and pickled meate
which Kholmoyor hitherto has supplied to the
NorweRIna have ben rplaco1 by the Amen
CaD trade whoss meats especially are 01 a
better nuality and come to Norway In better i
shape at cheaper rates than the Russian
Tw tyBlne Done Darned to Heath
BBIDOKFOBT Mar Drhe delivery and board
lug stable ot Chnrlsss W Durand ot Broad
street this this city was burned this morning
together with twentynine horses a large
numberof carriages wagons sleUbBbarnegses
robes hay and grain Thirteen of tbo hones
wee owned by business mon who boarded
them at the stable The other sixteen were
owned by Mr Durand Among the former
were Come valuable nnlinnR The loss will
reach from 10000 to SlSeoO partly covered
by insurance The file l is svppoaed to have
bon of an incendiary origin
rae Ltutorlbrei
Tbn referee wets uppolnUd la ease II the stats
coarti In this tilt > last wash
Ivpsi en
1 glla
powrjr Bar ant act lekURIIIotRandrrd
XojuiKt rtn ac li TwomMy
ppoit Bant a UalbaubI IL I Twambly
ie < Rt Moilor J M Varniim
iMtlinr Bar Rank al t Tuair vr ttn
pitch sri nich B L IaticraoB
itilts Jrkiil 110 Bikr
Pmlm all llarrltan ThomM r Uoutily
bcbaS t llolmqnlit KbL rf
oc L
Knot in SisriltsRctso asegs
Tboitonait WIIborTrulCe5rakfln PLea
wrc tratt DiVetsetandesunyrice
r > rua ait Blboa lUmllioa Odll
Hittrof mnllb R r Andrwi
WcCaOrtr cLBbtrldanUornB Mirtli
halts A sci MathewsSiorg B > sweL 1
Laursrt tIaswsr EdwartJoob
CU 5 SIt Woore Yrajiklh Diui
Vttruf Wtliman n rraUaktrr
Andrew A UarrettThomas I Ut
tut frautni Justice hmi J
Btikmia atk CebornEuletSasiferd
Bli Coburl Elliot aandrnd
it Jua 0rf
fltrlaeb act mmauw Xlttwart
OiUanrut Walkr W r Hrrue
Krni artJCrai John It roH
fcarl ail racbuta i Con dow ara
lip hup 1
Xndnrk art K ndrlckharsh M SMith
PoIIuTCO sit SplilvsaJ05s511 JihtrIlok
Woudcoek sad eight ii i0 Urka
Ma Hallway Co Orv rClvaaa
lip Jutft muu
Xytrsatt Men j Urrtnt Cna
hy Jk4e Iatteres
Ch sit Han Jd llr lflg
Jut 5th 1Okr 0 Q coaster
iura ii > men GXXIIII mx
MaUe el publia part 0 U
MI n of public paki1 E f hi
c L 7thdley
Matter ot pabU park 0100 Wf 111
urn w L rudliy
comoi rtun
It cAWdadt ISihp
hatter if Allen ar St
Matter of AUD I I
Rb Usury
Mitt of HanS
= m II Olio
Maui ot Nicnoi je H Q turks
witi air 10r IL s KobUuon
Spannhak aft Cousins U Robll
ce co 1
R M nnry
tr fvigi AxUUtawr
Watttrof Strann It W Ta
trtr YsaCsrpesJ
7tanksotba ago WarzsrCbaflsi T1t55
no c
SMIth art N as7 s Chief Con 7u4Oe rW C trail
movaiiT as irm THEIR F41fl
Ties Little CUr oth M lam Pa
and KIM Him
A bnrgtnr entered the house of George IT
Williamson In Steinway Loner Island City n
right Inst wtok While he was rummaging
through the romsi6 wok MrWIIllarosons I
tw little girl Thy taw the man in their
room and thinking It was their father spoke
to him h thief sat down on the side of their
bd nod the gins smoothed his tao with their
liindsand kIssed hIm In the darkness they
ll UIO 10 discern hlR features HIii II l
leo A frightened tho nlUor girl who is about 12
Tear olil nod she said It wn not their father
The younger one Protected that it was With
this the eider girl sprang out nf bed sarlngi
I la I not Pants Im going to his room now
The tblot nude no attempt to prevent her
but bifoto she bad aroiiBixi her father the hr
tnider escaped learlna fats plunder behind
I Trent Flshlac la Hnltlrun and Delawtur I
ONc N y May DThere has be n
an unprecedented rush of city anglers to the
famous brook trout waters of Hulllvan and
Delaware counties since tho season opened oa
Mar 1 As usual some of the mote expert or
lucky sportsman hare taken home full creels
while th greater number hMo gone bask
empty banded or carrying flub bought from f
anglers more skillful than themselves nut
wellInformed fishermen all agree that the
active work done during a year or two post In
stocking the streams of the region and
oheoklbg tbo ravages ot pot fishermen and
poacher has reourod to sportsman this
Ilund ass
ion a belter run of nth lprlme numbers
than baa been seen In mauy years bumbes
A number ot really noteworthy catebn of
brook trout are authentically reported On
Mar 1 four Blnghamton anglers took forty
elght pounds but I ohould bn added that they
fished In stream which had been restocked
and closed for throe years by special relloclel
the Mm day two anglera Irom Tuxedo Park
took fish weighing twentyeight pounds from
ordinary waters while an Albany sportsman
ook fnurtyfonr fl > h wolgnlng twontssli and
twentKsl ad
OD > hair pounds
The lamest brook tront caught In the region
this tspaon was takn on May 1 from Homn
n by Charles Iakln living near by It
Weighed four pounds and eight ounce Unite
taken A number of two and three pounders have bean
interesting Infqrmntlon to angle that
a number of German brown trout and Califor
ala rainbow trout weighing tmm onehalt
pnimd to n pound and a half have been caught
this season In fttreams that were stocked with
A the fry of these varieties three and four year wih

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