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n v f r r + rJIi I to i J I
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7 > r f l
1 I
fb m W nn be21 u
ma intrisnon TTln4r
dlpUe Oyer tho JEperor I
DnMldorfTho Kalr For
Bp eeh In
spee bWs th fao or Fronek WIRe at the
Fe tlvltleHo Mu Cat Dow
Cologne JutUlcaJe
clOIe the Let or the Sermon of tbe Court
CIIeT C r atrowerof tho Army I
Bill 1 Which Ha De jeited Keeently
Johen 8r Leeds a Bis Concert
uv Hay 10The report wblch the Fret
fliv1N Jar loTbe
alnnUte JL party circulated that the Emperor had
mnllr written to lYInee Bismarck aeons
tainlm of closing his eye to the OUIlph Fund
IDr olollnl
peculation Is said to be untrue The Em
latir however dM express himself In Try
VIrOr hover
2 TerO trms on the subject at a dinner party
Tv rr cattle and also on a similar
the Ilmll
glien it cale nso
Minister Von Boot
SrtiiJon of
uJon at tbo house 1nllter Bot
Oron That gentleman by the way was all
of nn autograph letter from the
the recipient autolrlPb
Kaiser In which the distinguished correspond
tnt handled Bismarcks financial adralnlstra
tine without gloves I Is understood that
Herr Von Boetticher has permission to lose
this preolout letter one of these line days In the
presence of somebody who will be noscrupu
preloCD tho best use of It
Iou enou U to make very blt
This would Eeotu to indicate that the Kaiser is
not above taking eel his oue from Blsmiuok The
to publish the Emperors
latter has thtoatencd publsh EmPlrr1
orreiPondence during the Illness Frederick
the second TbD letter t Herr Boettloher II a
kind of Damocles sword suspended oyor the
bud of the exChancellor I Is a Case of
mine and counter mine
Saxony Wortenburg Bavaria Baden Hesse
and Baony the fractions of the German federation
professing pain and astonishment at
ation are profesllnl
tbe Emperors ar Dusscldorf speech culminating
ag It did In the assertion so characteristic of
thsreakw14 There Is only one lord of the
ream and hi stands before ron J tolerate
will The kinglets are reminded
no other klnlrets a remlnllll
occasion Wllllniu II
that on another occllun WllnU I I
Hid Tbe Brandenbnrgor must fol
low their > Margrave through thick and
tbln The KalMrii haughty slo volo
slcjubeo hoc also been revived In the mem
ory of his vaenbL and bts threat I will crush
Whomioerer or dares to oppose mo still rings In
their Sr To show that the Emperor has
overstepped his provlucethey cite the eleventh
paragraph ol tbe German Constitution which
deals with the rights and privileges of the
Kaiser Doubts If the letter of that docu
ment It to b consulted thoy are right but
ter forest that It was framed some twenty
years ago and that Its author was Bismarck
When la Bone recently the Kaiser donned
his Borussea students uniform of white
leather breeches Wellington boots black vel
vet jacket and little round cap and unexpect
edly made his appearance nt the Commors1
of Us corps brethren a the are called I
Be participated In the beer drinking as of
old and smoked the hugo pipe in conformity
wt time honored custom though be doubt
less I knew and dreaded the aftereffects He
alto made two humorous speeches which In I
keeping with the occasion contained no
polities allusions
The CIO festivities have not been en
tirely free from unpleasantness 1 appears
that the managers of the Onrzerloh banquet
contracted with a firm of French champagne
growers or the supply of that particular wine
which the firm agreed not t charge for on
condition that no other brand of champagne
should be drank on that occasion Tbe Kaiser
heard ol the arrangement which was In entire
disregard of his own Incredible passion lor the
villainous German z and at the last moment
ordered that only Bhlne wine should appear at
banquet The French firm has threatened
t sue the committee for breach of contract
watched and the progress of the action I being eagerly
The Kaiser has given great offenoe t the or
thodox commnnltr by ordering the
communlr b orderlnl court
chaplains to curtail the length of their
caplalnl oural lenlth tllr ser
mona which in future must not exceed 1
minutes whatever may be the occasion Tbe
Emperor Instances several occasions upon
which he ha been detained I church for from
lIe t seven minutes beyond the time allotted
for divine worship and be ndd This Is not
t occur again
A famous Munich firm of stained classman
afaeturers sent one of its directors t Rome
with an otter to repair and refurnish the win
dows la the Vatican which had been shattered
by the Ibo < 1 of the recent explosion Tbe
Pope It Is I said has acopted the offer
Prince Earl Llchtensteln has just been a
retted In Vienna on a charge of obtaining
money undfr false pretences The complain
ant Is nn old man who has been in the service
ol the Prince for more than thirty ea and
tb money represented his savings during that
perod The Prince Is IH and Is quite an old
offender lu this kind of wrongdoing lie has
wrouldoln le ha
intimated his readiness to emigrate to Amer
lea I allowed to escape from the clutches of
the Jaw
The hoeWMs In the Reichstag have been
Congratulating the Government on Its attitude
lecurJIuc the Worlds Fair in Chicago and
Her JJubel ald he only wished tho money
which had been sunk In Africa In destroying
the lathes for the sake of civilization And the
beaent uf one or two Hamburg firms had bon
BDeut In fuftterfntr fpfttnrllt nl i
vuw IJvwtuu
Germany and tho American republic
A party of Infantry reserves wero at the
trloJrlch irasso railway station yesterday
waiting for a train to take them back to their
homes One of their numbor an elderly man
was Indignant with the
newspapers for talking
glibly about the coming war and tklnl e
rtsslve policy which It was Germanys duty
Gernfs dut
adopt I have fought at Ktrnlnsgratz and
bedanhesaid but
led sll bat was mere childs
play to what tim mer ohlds
Ilar t tlo next war will bo That new
rile which we have just been testing Is almost
too horrible a weapon to use against any
aemy The bullet which I scarcely an inch
toot and about as thick a a goodsired cigar
Stte will pierce earthworks of 70centImetre
lekne at a distance of 180 metres At 170
metres distance It has made a passage through
Befull knnpacks placed In echelon IhrUlb
Stein a distance of 2050 metres the bullet will
Wnetrnte a human body wi
The IJaden Chamber of Commerce hal peti
tone the local government to Secure for the
Old Duchy similar exclusive commercial
tntlleces In exports to Brazil to those en
iort1 by the United States in their dealings
Eaden lth Brazil Among tho principal exports of
Men chemical preparations shoo leather
van paper and rubber goods
Tho tillage of Mustlg Bchlottutadt
lne Mut l8r Bcblotltadt wits
Wnd to th ground on Wednesday 100 large
wrohousos the church ncbool and the ca
tits Ii belaa destroyed A workman named Untz
been arrested on a charge of having pur
tel lr set fire to the village in four places
Among tbe young men who reported them I
Mlrl WI or military duly at II In Hungary
iiiBsda saven exhibited
IAlday loen xlllited freshly Inflicted
ooodt on their right hands at Ibo supposi
tloathet the Injuries Incapacitated them for
Tb nUhtsr wnioe In this they were mistaken
authorities are by no means unfamiliar
L tse attempts to evade the obligation of
ttr t service The penalty for this form of
IDBellnl Is the addition of one years ser
tee earl ee
trto J tlje regulation term of three years
Irlt tint for the presence of a large nunj
bro nouiiinnlirH nt Mie I mnlnn prrform
f I R rmeu blmi ilrauia ilanter
< lleat the Vlennn Bern Theatre aloW
fionl Igo llls curious literary production of
VUfl1ftnias Queen would undoubtedly have
been hissed off th stage a fate which the
presence of royaltrlu the Imperial box could
not have prevented The plot of the drama Is
revolting lit construction worse than ama
teurish and the language generally crude
where not to hlghflown for the understanding
of any ordinary person Not all the ef
orts of great actors like Bonnenthll and
or nat Ktor lke 80nnDnthi nd
BnrlnskL and actresses like Welter Hohen
talc and Leuthold could have saved the pieces
Johann Stranse led the monster concert at
the Banger Hall this atternoonwhen the bands
of tho entire garrison of Vienna combined
their efforts It la many year slnee the
Waltz King has conducted a public concert
and on thin ooonMou ho produced his most r
cent composition GreatVienna adollolonsly
tuneful waltz which promises to become Im
mensely popular
Friedrieh SrlelhBgenddrama Iron Time
which the authorities rejected because of the
severe criticism It contains was played at the
Ostend Theatre a secondclass house last
Monday but failed to achieve the hopedfor
success The authors literary powers seem t
have degenerated ef late The drama Is of the
ultrapatriotic tno
Efforts aro being made through the Spanish
Ambassador her to secure the participation of
German artists In the forthcoming Columbus
celebration to b held at Madrid In 1 commem
oration of the 400th anniversary of the discov
ery of America A committee has been formed
for this purpose ot which Prof Virchow Is I a
member a fact which augurs well for its
Morltz Jokol has been operated upon for
trachlnosla The operation was performed by
Arkody who hopes to save the eminent novel
ists vocal
Jta Tocalowr
The vineyards of Baden have suffered great
ly from the hard winter and the harvest
l fom ha witr harlst pros
pects In many of the districts a gloomy In
deed The unfortunate vine growers who
have bun disappointed for several seasons
a In despair and anxious t sell out
The oyster beds of the Wattensee on the
Bchleawlg coast between tho Island of Bylt
foln and Amrun after having been closed for
nine rears a t b reopened this season
Expert say that at least 8000 tons will b bar
Tested notwithstanding the fat that the Wat I
tense was frozen over for fully three months
last winter The beds wore at their best In
1870 when 0000 tons wore taken In 1882 the
yield fell to 500 tons which led to a temporary
suspension of their operation
lan Germans are Indignant that the Prince
of Wales should have been selected to open
tho German Exhibition In London though In
the ordinary course of things he would b the
most suitable person t perform the function
It Is alleged that the Prince for some reason
threw cold water the
IhroW Watr on Exhibition project
from tbe start and that he only recently wrote
the Emptor that the enterprise was purelr a
speculation and advised the Kaiser to have
nothing to do with It The conseauenc Is
said to have been that the Emperor withheld
his support from the Exhibition until Us managers
agers laid convincing proof before him that It
was a genuine Exhibition worthy of patron
age There are some who reason that the I
Prince may have been correct in his criticism
of the purposes of the Exhibition A tho time
he communicated with the Emporor and that
his disapproval had the effect of
dlelPprova ea8t causing the
promoters of the affair to turn it Into a more
legitimate enterprise thus making it possible
for him t eivo it his open sanction
JCvKeaea that tho Strike In Oolag to Piece
end Wit Soo be Over
EcoTTDiLC Pa May 10 Today has been
another quiet Sunday in the coke region
About the only bustling that is being don f
by the bosses A number are reported a out
among the strikers trying to Induce the drivers
to return t work This kind of labor they are
sorely in need of At tie Lelsenrlngs yester
day employment was refused numbers ol
miners on account of not having haulers to
te the cool from the mines
AdjutantGeneral McClelland left the region
on Saturday evening after Inspecting the More
wood and Central mines I Is reported that he
intended visiting several other mines on Mon
day but notcls a given him by the coke
companies that his presence and that ot the
labor agitators at the works as smelling
committee WAS not wanted and would not be
tolerated The courtesy of permitting to
Investigate the charges of cruel treatment t
JorewooJ and Central a considered suffi
cient to convince him that the charges were
flao of the and Governor made only to work upon the credulity
The General Managers Snoerintendrnts
enl quite encouraged todar They say unless I
agitators get around I number of the men and
do mischief there will he a great mob of strik
ers asking for work tomorrow morning Tuoy
say that runny delegations visited the offices
ou Saturday evening and made application for
work In every case they wero employed and
work was when them except ut places when
he works are crippled for the want of haulers
While these places are of course few Itlia
great drawback to the operators In their effort
to break the strike In citing eriilenon that
the strike is going to pieces and that It will be
wi b
over AOn an operator said
when yon see men during strike moving
from ono works lo another you can safely Buy
the strike wont last and that there Is a grit
rral disposition to give up the battle Last
week unless than thirty lamllles moved from
> ne works to another aud went to work bl
object Is evidently to lose their Identity and
avoid being called blacklegs But when they
resort to this you can always till that they
lie > bad enough and want to go to work
That Is the situation now and IO work
work would be general did not the loaders con
Inue to keep up a feeling of fear
A Komomcr In the Life of Tonne 1
Who Wan Found Deed on aAlrod Trek
ALHAVT May 10On Saturday the terribly
mangled remains of a young man were found
on the Hudson tracks a few miles west of
cbeneotady A letter found In one of the
pockets Indicated that there win a romance In
tbo life so suddenly and terribly terminated
le terminated
he letter was as follows
liiuxi Jo March IRI
tlr Fnnuel frith
Diu yeseng I rot roor litter In which yen I the
hand of mrdinitilir All rlihi If von are the re
polable youn man I tskeyou for I shell b glee 1
bav yes for a ion Inlatr J dont care If you at poor
I lisTs go mouth inontr for us alb All r J want poor I
good ftiiow la mine mr money and oilier analr ai
f am letting Ion old for that 1 know A rJ 7ager and
El la BOMr anil will com to year cur soon and find
at II you us all r ch and 1C you are All right will let
Oi I
yea com aOl marry lay daughter tooL A Your MvvbiLU friend
Nothing was found on the body to Indicate
where tho victim had lived He won well
dressed and In the ear pocket with the wol
te was a Sew Testament It is thought that
bQ fell from a westbound freight train on
which 1 bo was trying to make his way to tbe
object of his affections
Red Tape That tcft Scarlet Fever rue
In e Police Htnllon
Park Policeman Dunphy found a man lying
Ill on one of tbe benches Battery Park yesterday
erday morning and summoned an ambulance
from Chambers Street Hospital Dr Manning
who responded t the call said the man was
uttering from a contagious disease and bo
could not take him The man was In such a
miserable condition however that the Doctor
coudlon tmt
removed him to the Old slip station house and
told HID Hfrkonnt on duty tlieio to notify tbe
kuird of Health
Two hours Inter another cal was sent to
Chambers Hi root Hospital for the same ease
and the man was then removed to the hospital
and the Hoard of Health was notified Dr
Alvah 1 iioly called and diagnosed led caso
a s one of scarlet fever Ur Manning bad pr
lously attributed the mans condition to the
carrie dlsaae The man was then sent to tho
Vlliard Parker Hospital
Plrkr 10plal
WI r 10ty sId the Hoard of Health had not
been notlfloil 1 by the police the Bergennt at the
Old thin Inn In hlxmixlety to get rid of the
ulik inuii luiv n MIIIIIII rind I uinjiuiiiticu
from 111 yi i OMI I ito il ttI llilt 1 u I I I U nit
veineurlloiipltnl surgeon rolilsej to taIu the
men because 1m had l > ren only six month In
the country lie U a Germnn butcher and his
name la llormau 1 Ul6
TONS OP oitooouEa BAKED amirED
Col DI Ram Ulo Trains flight Hy oil
the While and tVonldnt Stop Eye
TChem Chief Ilonner Ordered the Police
to Close the HlrcetAn In ten Una Fir
The three top floors of Francis I Leggott ft
Oos ninestory wholesale grocery house on
West Broadway Franklin and Varick street
were gutted by fire yesterday afternoon Part
of tho cupola and ot the wall on the West Broad
way side fell out and struck the down traok of
the Sixth avenue elevated road smashing the
guard rails and ties and rendering the track
useless But trains ran right along book and
forth on the up traok When the fire was
out Chief Conner examined tho West Broad
way wall and pronounced I dangerous
and ordered the street closed and trains
stopped Got Haiti tbo general manager
of the roa refused to stop the trains The
police were then called on Thoy made a show
ot Mopping traffic Col Haiti called at the
Leonard street station and then the police de
elded that tho wall was not dangerous and
that Chief Banners orders need not be en
forced as far as the elevated railroad was con
cerned But they closed the street below
Tho fire Itself was ono that tried the grit of
the firemen The building was supposed t bo
fireproof The fire broke out IUPPoso floor
about 21 oclock The floor was used for the
storage of spices and the boxes were plod In
ters from th floor to the ceiling with narrow
passageways between the tlera A
pnaewau btwtn tlen small part
of the floor was occupied by machinery for the
grinding of spices Policemen Cavanagh and
Clark saw smoke coming from one of the win
dows In the northwest corner When the fire
men got there they could find nothing but
smoke fight Both the top floor and the
eighth floor were Oiled with smoke
Chief Banner finally located the flro In the
Varick nnd Franklin street corner of the build
mE Twenty engines and two water towers
attacked It Three Dremen clambered up the
fire escape on the Vnrlak street side carrying
hose with tbem They were npto the seventh
floor when the first water tower got to work
The stream from it struck them flattened
them against the wall and held them there
until the men below took better am
Firemen from Companies 7 13 15 25 27
29 3D 31 and 3 and Trucks 1 8 0 and 10
went up Into the building by the stairway to
the eighth floor and the top floor They
fought the fire there Chief Homier himself
climbed up on the fire escape to direct the
men The fire burned from 330 P IL until S
oclock before any blaza could b seen from
the outside of the building Finally Capt
Brady of Truck 2 and a lot of his men raised
53foot ladder from the roof Grammar
School 41 adjoining t the roof of the grocery
and the men chopped In the roof a hole 25 feet
square Flames shot out of It The object of
cutting tbo hole was to give the firemen an
opportunity to light the flro te above The
heat was so Intense though that this could
not be dono
While tie firemen bad been cutting away at
the roof the tire cad eaten Its nay down stairs
to the eighth floor driving before it the men
at work Inside The eighth floor was used for
the Btoraza of flour and cereals and extracts
of lemon vanilla and other thine aro ramie
there Alcohol used In this manufacture W
on that floor and it fed the flame The burn
Ing liquids ran down tha three elevator shafts
In tho building to tho seventh floor where the
teas and coflees were
The windows In the cupola above the
ninth story on the West Broadway and Fran
tin street corner lighted up about this time
and there was an explosion that shattered the
glass This was attributed to the accumula
tion of alcoholic and other lses Flames
came from the broken window oDd soon the
whole roof was involved The neat could be
full down in tho Street
Water was dripping and pouring from tho
upper floors On the West Broadway It fell
on the down track of theolevated road and tbe
trains began running oa the up track only al
ternately up and down The firemen put lad
ders up on the unused track and Slamesed
four hose Into one big butt that shot as
Mir a iream I as tbe water towers and
Mkitnlinl thM innnnnrtl ton floor It tmnlAri
the f iei off by the armful nnd flung them
down on the fireman Their heavy hats pro
tected the men A big flagpole with a weather
cock on too rose hlRb above the cupola The
polo began to war and leaned toward the
plo of the building The big stream struck
itoncu It leaned 01 or more and held there
I oncl nn instant at an angle of 45 degrees Then
it fell carrying a section of the roof In with It
1 Jbe butt of the pole had been set Inside the
cupola down on the top floor of the building
proper and the end flew up and knocked out
the heavy wall of the cupola The cupola was
built of stones averaging two foot long a foot
wide and a foot deep On each of tho four cor
ners ware column three feet long and a foot In
diameter of polished tone One of these col
umns and at least a doea of the stones were
knocked loose by the pole
Tho foremen who WAre man tglng the slam
esed stream were directly beneath They were
Chief McGlll and Fore
in charge of Battalion Cilet MaGi
man Iteanlon of Truck 6 The crowd of re
porters and policemen In the utreet shouted t
tho firemen The firemen dropped the hoso
nnd ran Tho stones smashed down on the
track and through to the street breaking ties
tutu guard rail and smashing one of the steel
rails Foreman Jieardon fell on his knees
when he bad run but hal A oozon steps and
tie stone pillar struck within a loot ot him on
the guard rails
Iuard Donnoly the boss truokman of the
Logeettsand John Montague helper were
under the wooden awn In over the sidewalk
unlocking a door for the firemen to bring more
hose Into tho building They heard the shouts
suspected that tbe wall was tailing and got
luspeotd thlt Iot
out just as t lie awning was snashed
Without the roof tonlndor them the firemen
made short work of tie blare Thoy carried
hoeD up to the roofs on tbo west side of Yarlek
street hey 1 slam eod more booo nnd with
tbe two lowers they poured rivers Into the
building and Irownod the fire Work was just
about over when engine 29 In WestlJroaUway
cot too big a bead of steam on and blew off
her top and smokestack iiromun frank
MaaDn was slightly hurt
Sir Wallace a member ot the firm estimated
the total loss at MiKlOOO of which 360000
WHI to stock mid about 100000 of that was
done by wiitor lie thought Chief Bonner
thought 1250000 would cover the total loan
Later Mr Wallace said 3UOOOU was a oon
tervfltlra estimate
Chief Ilonner Inspected the building and de
cided that the West Broadway wall mllbt fall
at any minute and ie be ordered that the
street be closed to trafllc lie told his messcn
ger to go to Col llaln who bad been at the
Franklin Mreet station watching the fire and
running tho trains and tell him that It wax
dangerous to run the elevated trains by the
bnlldlnir even on one track and that they
MThBm BMenBer went to the Colonel I dont
thinir anid tim flnlnnnl that It Is met to lion
tho tramu of this great city for a little fire like
til tit
Those are the Chief orders said the
messenger The West Broadway wall may
tall vPeft te trains will go cnaaid Cob ham
I do not think the wall is in any danger
rhMneseneer went back to tQ Chief and
the Chief called rlant McCoy of tho Lnn
ard street polipe and repeated his order The
Sergeant said he would stop traffic and he
sent two policemen to Cot hahn They re
ported back to him that tbo Colonel had agreed
to atop the trains
Col Ham after his interview with the po
Uceman got on a train and went to the Houtli
leeDnn Tie trains continued run on tbe
uptown track Al out 7 oclock a HUN re
Drier asked the Sergeant whether the Chiefs
oroVrB were to be ctieyol
They wore saId thol ergeant Col Ilaln
remised me that he would stop the train
lint I understand the Chief has countermand I
dbl orders 10 that It wont be necessary to
Bton the trains The reporter went to the
manded Chief and asked I the order hal been counter
Itlrns not saM the Chief sharply I
ordered that the trains should stop boo UPI
their rnnntng oudangers human life Col
ham tilled my order 1 called on Din police
to enforco It Titer have not enforced It 1
cant do any more Uhat wall Is In great
danger of falling I K Is possible of course
that I may not fall but there Is dancer of It
and ibos train are run against my orders
anI mr adylo
When I TiE RUH map told tho Sergeant that
the Chief said that tho order had not been
countermanded tho Sergeant ad It shnuld bn
obeyed then nnd his I wouljl HO around tn the
stnll m homo unit II nil wlmt 1011 I ii doni
Co IIlit WlM itt tile stiitloii lie mlkid with
IJI Bttvoimoii and thn Kirgiaui Half nn
hmir later they lelt the sntlon ihs Colorist I
went hom nn H trI The reporter aiked
Barvant McCoy when the train woiilil stop
Ilrlplt wnnt top at all tui < l the t
Ive given a good deal of thought to that wall
and I dont think It dangerous at all Col
Ilnln says nets sure It is not in a dangerous
condition trains and so there I no use stopping the
IlnTho Chief has examined the wall said the
rerorter tl n and says It is in a dangerous condl
Tell said the Sergeant I doesnt look
dangerous though wenavent been inside and
made any such examination as the Chief 1
dont believe It Is I In a dangerous condition
and Col Iln says he doesnt Whats the use
of stopping trains 7
Then you will Itrnoro tho Chiefs order
asked tho reporter oror
YftV nnswerod the Sergeant nnd added
twirling his club that he had been looking for
the Chief to toll hIm the well was not danger
cute While he waa saying this patrolmen wero
holding the crowd back from all fides out of
accounts the street The wall lad not fallen a last
H Hysteria n wn Not Vhnt Killed Edith
There came to New York from Boston six
months ago a plump young woman with black
hair and blue eyes Her ago Was quoted at
93 and she brought with her a letter Introduc
ing her to a woman who kept a boarding
house at 143 West Fiftythird street a Miss
Edith Raymond
Early yesterday morning Mies Raymond
poisoned herself with belladonna at 158 West
Thirtysixth street
She had been In the house two weeks Miss
Spencer who kePI the house says that she
drank heavily and when sho recovered from
her debauches threatened regularly to com
mit suicide
On Friday night she went out and abs did
not return until Saturday afternoon She was
then very drunk She Insisted on drinking
more and when she retired about 1 oclock
yesterday morning she was hysterical
An hour later Miss Spencer heard her throw
up the window of her room nnd scream for
help Sbe found the girl lying on the floor
with a bottle her hand marked Belladonna
Poison Fur external use only Part of the
contents bad boon spilled over the front of her
ur u J Adams and an ambulance from the
New York Hospital arrived In response to the
call and notwithstanding the bottle of bella
donnn Dr Adams pronounced tho case hyste
ria lie took her to the hospital
The first entry on the book ut the hospital
opposite Miss Itavmond name is hysteria
QPDosto Mis laymondl nwo 1 byterla
the next I opium 1 and finally Is bella
donna poisoning By the time the third entry
was mode the girl was dead Miss Spencer
mae oncr
pays that aha told the ambulance surgeon that
Miss Raymond had taken belladonna but that
be Bold she bad simply spilled I on her dress
Deputy Coroner Jenkins examined the body
and paid that death had undoubtedly been
caused by belladonna Among Miss Day
monds papers was bond a sealed envelops
without address I was worn and crumpled
In I was a mourning card announcing the
death of Mary Marella Bweeny > acod 2 months
and 1 days the daughter of Patrick and
Emma Sweeny of its Castle street Boston
This a dated Juno 26 1819 street ton
Edith Raymond was probably Mrs Emma
Sweonr tho obtained tbe belladonna on a
prescription signed bJ Dr H Henry Dessau of
47 Went Fiftysixth street Whon she was liv
ing In Fiftythird street she was sick with th
grip and Dr Dessau told her to use the hell
donna 1 externally for tbe pains In her back and
The woman with whom site lived for several
months In West Fiftythird street Bald last
flight that i Sweeny I she was Mrs
Bwceny had been educated at a fashionable
school Boston Her father was a welltodo
merchant In Boston who lived In woltolo
When Emma was 17 years old site married a
yar mlrAd n
young man enpposably Patrick Sweeny clerk
In a bank Edith or Emma told this woinnn
that after a few months her husband became
attentive to other women and she threatened
to commit suicide throatene
Besides the daughter Mary she had a little
boy who is now slid t bn living with her par
ents She quarrelled with her husband and
boean to drink A year ago she received a
note from him one night according to the
stories that she told In which ho sold that he
had appropriated money belonging to the
bank In order to support her bloneln
He fonnil that he could not repay It and ho
sailed fur South America She said she had
not seen him since She then ran away to
Chicago with an elderly man who bad known
her husband She drank so bard that ho went
back to Boston leaving her a roll of bills and
same good advice
Miss Spencer him gone to Boston to look up
Miss Raymonds parents
Then Da lied III Eienpe Pleaaantly
Greeting u Policeman on Mia Way
Joseph Travis of 273 North Sixth street
Willlamsbnrgh is In St Catherines Hospital
suffering with a severe wound on the right
side of his abdomen He says his brotherin
law James McDonald of 131 North Fourth
street stabbed him with a pocket knife Mc
Donald does not say anything He in a pris
oner Iu the Clmor Street police station He
f a cooper 25 ear old and the only appport
of his mother who is Traviss motherinlaw
Travis visited her yesterday noon and met Mo
Donald The men have always been friends
Mrs Catherine Feely told the police all they
have learned of the affair Two or three cans
of beer were drunk and McDonald made some
remark to his mother that offended Travis
who told him he was no man to speak like that
to an old woman McDonald replied that If
Travis did not want t be thrown out he bad
better get out Travis went out saying that
he would see McDonald again MoDonald fol
lowed him and on the ground floor landing of
the stairs the men clinched Travis had Mo
Donald by the throat Mr Feely l says when
McDonald hit him in the side He fall to the
ground bleeding and McDonald ran Into the
Lack yard and jumped over a fence
Detective Sergeant Corcoran was notified of
the trouble almost immediately and on his
way to tbe North Fourth street house met Mc
Donald with whom lie Is acquainted Mo
Donald said as he passed nerualnted John
isnt it 7 Im going for walk Travis
Ilnt Iolnl a walk was
attended by Ambulance Surgeon liasbaok who
said he was dangerously injured Ho told
Corcoran and Police Captain hort who bad
stabbed him and they found MoDonnld In an
empty room in 153 North Second street two
hours later 1ollooman Alnwlck troot Mo
Donalds Knife an ordinary pocket knife near
the fence plaoo wheio Mrs Jbeely saw him loa tl
OrcKorto Toanl1 Dlaeourty Ce BI
and D Friend Arrest
One of a party of three Italians caused wild
excitement in a surface car bound south from
Fordham about 3 oclock yesterday afternoon
As usual on Sundays thc car was crowded with
women and children GrogorloTonni Antonio
Perrl and Posquale Foraano crowded Into the
car and Gregorlo shoved a old gentleman
roughly aside William Bevman of 210 East
126th street said it was a shame that dagoes
should be allowed to act so and Tonal whipped
out a huge revolver and levelled I at Barmans
bead with a threat to shoot him
Tho women made a rush for tbe door And
would have jumped oil before the car stopped
had not the men on the platform prevented
them until the oar was brought to a standstill
This only took a moment but by this time tbe
children were crying and several of tbe women
were adding their voices to the uproar The
carwas emptied of Its women iiuusencers al
most as soon as It stopped
Meantime Conductor Patrick Mulllcan had
rclred TonnI Ironi behind anti pinioned his
firm and soon lie was relieved O his Inonor
by Detoctlvo ilrulr and lloundimim Smith
Tonnls friends followed him nnd near the
Morrlsanla station tbuy made n rush at the of
floora and a lively tuseel for tbe possession of
the prisoner ended in the locking UP ot len
nd ieraupo At Ibo station a clsipknife the
blade of which Is bald etntnn be a spring when
opened for use was found on TonnI In addi
tion to the revolver The Italians say thor
lit 1 in Myttlo avenue Brooklyn
A Double murder Over An Acre or Ground
NEWTOIIT TESN May 10Two or three
years ago two neighbors Berry Holt and William
lam Holdway had trouble over a tract of land
The bitterness than engendered never died
Yesterday lawsuit was decided In favor of
Holdway This morning while William Hold
10dW Jr and Pleasant Holt were moving a
fence according to the deulajon Itufus Holt
lon of ilerry Holt shot them both down with
hut pUtnl Hold wnv using ln tautlv nod Dean
ant Holt Inl liuurri Inlei i Il iitiiotint of lpd
dispute H I one nrn Th raurdeior fled to
the mountains mid bun not boon uppruhonded
happy ttarprtae I
AWall thee going 10 tUnis for turuUitxs44
Latest Marine Intelligent J
rrit8 jUMBborn from Baltimore
NO avoir FOREST TIRES jotomr Z
MCa amca 171
Clinton TVntkervllle and Bear Lake
Known to Be Destroyed Beatdent Flee
to the Water Tor Bnfety Mllllona upon
Ullllona of Feat Lumber Burned and
Mllli Chnrehe Farm Home nnd
Darn for Mile and SOles do with
Then Rnllroad Stopped und Tele
graphte Conneetlonp Cat OCT
DITIlaJlonlr tho mot meagre re
ports are being received from the vast district
in the central port of the State that ha been tho
scene of the devastating forest fires for the Pat
three days
These reports more than confirm the worst
fear and show a widespread line of disaster
not equalled aloe the great woods fires of
1871 The fires have burned down tbe talc
graph lines made railroading dangerous and
wiped out barns houses stores churches
and mills with millions upon millions of
feet ot lumber and logs A smart gale has
went the flames about at will The air Is
filled with black smoke and a myriad ot sparks
that set Ore to everything they touch
W WLI Mlch May 10The forest fires
I have done great damage In this vicinity today
and tonight Fie watchmen aro patrolling
the town t guard against fre
Clinton on the Toledo Ann Arbor and North
Michigan Railroad three miles north of here
was totally destroyed yesterday not a building
being cot sianmng
The mill of Wagner A Pierce ot tat point
and 2000000 feet ot log are a total loss and
about 1000000 feet of lumber was destroyed
owned by Hyde Bros of Stanton The people
had barely time to escape with their lives
The sawmill of U6 Prlngle situated three
miles south of Farwoll went the same
mies louth Farwel lae way
together with several dwellings About
1000000 feet of lumber and 1000000
feet of logs owned by Mr Frlngle
400 cord of bolts owned by Eugene
Rounds several hundred ties owned by the
Flint A Pore Marquette Company were burned
I Coldwater township Isabella county yes
terday Theo Conley lost two barns and con
tents and a valuable team owned by Mr Bel
lows was also destroyed Undoubtedly much
other damage has been done but communica
tion ha been impeded so that no news can be
obtained I
Lake Station six miles west of the Flint and
Pore Marquette was reported to b In great
danger but the residents thought they could I
fight the fire blck
GRAND RAPIDS May 10 Incoming passen
gers from the north say that the whole conn
try Is blue with smoke The Chicago and West
Michigan station at Shields near White Cloud
has been burned
Eighteen O and M freight car were burned
at Lilly Junction Doer Lake near Rex CIty
100 mUes north of here has telephoned to this
city for aid and a fire engine has been font
Forests are ablaze and the Osterhout 4 Fox
lumber yard with 1250000 worth of lumber is 1
surrounded by flames I
Walkervlllo a small town in Oceana
Waikrlo Imal Ooeaa county
the terminus ot Butters and Petorss logging
road was totally destroyed by fir The hotel
livery stable Itora saloons blacksmith Ihop
and nearly all the dwellings went UD In smoke
with 600000 hardwood Ion
Kltzlngara mill at Free Son burned
KItnlsr re
The report tonight Is that brod
and lumber at fiatchollor cannot be
paved Altoona I a village of 400 people on
the little Afuskogon River 18 rnfleB southeast
or Die Rapids and containing Methodist Free
Methodist and United Brethern churches
All those and eight mills were burned last night
the to I stage IY driver says who arrived at Morley
iliiifusoN Much May 10The fire boys are
lr bs ar
fighting bravely Wltnont their aid the city
would undoubtedly ban been on lire before
this The poor farm was in danger this
morning and tho furniture was removed to
the CongrugatlonaKchnrch
A number of boys are laid up overcome I
with the smoke The firemen will be up all
nlcht Many residences were tboneht beyond
aid early this afternoon but the firemen did
noble work In preventing the lire from reach
Inc them Tbe city In in no immediate danger
TBAVEURE CUT lllch May 10 Forest fires
are raging In every direction around Traverse
City Standing pine hard wood cordwond
destroyed and much valuable hardwood Umber Is 1 being
Many farm houses and barns In the sur
rounding country are threatened and In sev
eral directions in tho suburbs of the town
forces of mon are fighting the fires t keep
them from the village
The air Is so thick with smoke ashes and
clndera that It I Is difficult to breathe
Late despatches from several points Indicate
that rain began to fall this evening and the
worst 1 thought to be over
The Inhabltantl of Dar Lake Maulslel
county were burned out today and compelled
to wade Into the lake UP to their necks to cave
their lyss The long railroad bridge at Stur
geon Itiver was burned today
Tailor flock Who Eloped With Ur
VIe Die id an Insane Asylum I
Herman F Beeline whose elopement with
r Valdes the wife of a F Yaldes a cigar
manufacturer caused a sensation In Brooklyn
In the summer of 1884 died last Thursday In
an Insane asylum In Illinois and will b buried
from a undertakers shop at COT De Kalb
avenue Brooklyn this afternoon Boehnes
death and burial form the last act In the
scandal When he ran off with Mrs Valdes he
left a flourishing tailoring business a well as
a wife and two children His partner In the
elopement also left her two children with her
to wih
hutbund A few months after her husbands
flight Mr Boebne obtained a divorce and mar
ried Mr Itleppe who had been her husbands
manager Mr aides also got o divorce and
remarried hIs second wife being one of the
teacher In the Brooklyn Tabernacle Sunday
Mr Jlohne and Mrs Valdes lived together
in the West until a year ago when the former
became Insane and wo sent to an former
asylum The latter roturnod to Brooklyn The
second Mrs Vales had meanwhile obtained a
divorce from her husband She died three
months ago It Is 1 understood that since hor
death Mr Valdes has resumed his marital reo
lations with his IliBtwifn When Mr Boebne
took to flight with MrA Valdes lie left a polliy
on his life for S100UO In tbe hands of his poly
Hho has paid the premiums and will now col
loot the policy
A Chance for Dais to TJae Sits Pistol
A Brooklyn printer named Davis gained
notoriety recently by suing circulars holding
spiritualism up to ridicule He advised inves
tigators to test the genuineness of materiali
ration by firing a horse pistol Into the spook
A few week ago a medium won a bet of 5
made h Davis that she could not rend a sealed
letter held by a person In the audience
Ho gave her a per ok for Sb I and amid the
applause of several hundred BplrltunllstH de
clared Dint the test had converted him to
spiritualism I cow appears that Darin him
become a highly developed medium He Imi
rent out a clioular announcing a regular pro
gramme of supernatural manifestations
Irlmmu manleltatons
something that Spiritualists in general pro
nounce an absurdity no mortal being able to
tel what the spirits will do It U suggested
that It would be a good scheme I try Davlss
own horsepistol teat on bis spook 5
Capt HeCamnn Wire and Money MlailaE
Skipper Henry McCann of 229 Lnfryetle
street Newark recently sold his schooner
and distrusting banks gave the proceeds
about 13000 Into hi wifes care Last week
bl negotiated for another schooner and paid
16 on It He wan coming to this city on Fri
day to pay the rest but before be got up that
morning Mr MoOann took the money and
her 10montbold baby and left the house
Ihe has not been heard from since and on
iaturday night her husband notified the po
lee of the Third lrec ftubad
Mrs Mcrannlxin I attractivelooking young
wnmim of 21 yare and lias been married two
roM They Imu liini < 1 mi domestic trouble i
ana the husband IH at a lots toexpluln her uc
ton unless It may bo that she used some of the
money and was afraid to tel him about J Ho
I eels sure there Is no other man in the case
and is 1 distracted about uir absence 01 a
JRJrrR nirciiia ARRESTED
Found In Havana Jest aa Ho was About
to gall for Vera Crux I
The steamship Tnmurl of the Ward IDe
which recently arrived from Havana and Vera
Cruz brought the news of the capture In Ha
vana of George Wharton llltchlo who is want
ed In Philadelphia and several Western cities
for embezzlement forgery and other offenoo
Rttohte had engaged passage from Havana t
Vera Crz on the Yumnrl and was arrested
just as tho ship was leaving port The detec
tives have searched for him since February all
over Mexico and parts of this country
Ritcblo said that ho had been in Venezuela
where he changed all his money and as for as
possible his appearance He had a large sum
of money and two loaded revolvers and carried
a sword cano He appeared to regret that his
arrest unforeseen and that he had
arest was ulforoscn no
chance to use his weapons Ho will b brought
to Philadelphia by tho first steamer Ho I
only 23 years old
PHILADELPHIA May 10 Ritchies wandering
after leaving here covered a territory from the
lakes to the Gulf and from tho Atlantic to the
Pacific Descriptions of tho man had been
cent t the police of all the principal towns
and he bad many narrow escapes from
Id eealos frm cap
ture Ho finally fled to Vera Cruz Mexico
whore he became friendly with an American
and a Spaniard A few week ago tbe three
men took tho steamer Yumurl for Havana and
New York On the stoamor he wrote a letter
to a friend In this city and gave it to a pas
senger to bo mailed in New York Ho left the
steamer at Havana and through this loiter ho
was traced and arrested
Colllllon Last Night Near the TTeat End
or the Bencen runnel
A defected switch caused an accident last
night on the Erie Railroad which came pretty
near being serious Train No 31 on the New
York and New Jersey branch from hack
ensack and due In Jersey City at
710 was deflected from the main track
about a mil beyond the Bergen Tunnel and
ran Into a switch engine on the side track The
seven oars wore crowded with passengers
many of whom had to stand for lack of seats
The shook threw them together into heaps
and the flying glass was scattered over some
of those In the forward cars In shower
Several ot the passengers were pretty badly
cut about the face but no one was serIously
The Pilot cab of the engine attached to the
train was smashed In but the engineer George
Nicholson ana hlsflreman escaped unhurt
There Is a curve at the point of the collision
and tbe train was running slowly on thatao
The cars were brought Into Jersey City by
another engine and arrived about half an
hourlat The train was In charge of Con
ductor JJ Hiker
Mill Winston of Chicago Narrowly Ea
enped Heine Struck by a Rifle Ball
TOLEDO May 10 Shortly after leaving Elk
hart last night passengers on the Lake Shore
limited eastbound train wore startled by three
sharp reports in rapid succession Ono ot the
window in the New York car had been shat
tered by a rifle or pistol boll Another ball
was embedded in the framework above the
window A third shot seemed to have missed
the train entirely The occupants ot the sec
tion where the shots struck were Mrs FH
Winston of Chicago and Miss Winston The
glass foil In pieces in Miss Winstons lap
The fact that throe shots were fired almost
simultaneously and that two of thorn struck
the car in about the same place seems to Indl
ate that two or more persons did the shoot
Ing They also go to show that there was a
deliberate Intention to shoot at the train and
hot the shots did not come from a stray hunt
ng party nor from a target shoot Tire por
ters and conductors of the train concur in the
opinion that Miss Winston was really tn great
peril and that the fraction of a second in the
motion of the train or the lowering of the di
rection of the ball by a low Inches might have
resulted in serious bodily injury to her if not
In her instant death
A snfEfEAnOLii nint STOLEN
By Her Death Two Mn Would be 8SSOOO
filcher Tbrougi Inheritance
MEMPHIS May 10On Thursday last Anna
Clara Eennoye the nineyearold daughter of
Mrs M It Eoocoye of 20 Allen avenue started
for school but has not yet returned In 1888
the child and mother by accident met cnn
river steamer A P Eersnckor of Dubuque
Iowa who afterward settled at Greenville
Miss He took a groat fancy to the bright
faced child and begged of the mother that she
permit him to adopt her daughter His re
quest was denied He gave the child many
presents however and saw her frequently in
April of last year SIr Kersuelter died leaving
525000 of his fortune to Anna Clara kennove
of Memphis which In the event of bar death
was to revert to his two nephews residents of
Dubuquo What connection If any tho terms
of the will has With the disappearance of the
girt is of course problematical but there is
little doubt that she was kidnapped by per
sons having an interest In her
IVIlllam Williamson Uanceronilr Stabbed
by John Kennedy
William Williamson a plasterer working at
Rockaway Beach was stabbed In the loft side
with a butcher knife by John Kennedy in the
Hill House at that place yesterday morning
Charles Downcs was lying danger
ously ill in the house with the grIp
Kennedy created a disturbance In tho
place and Williamson attempted to eject
him While they wero struggling in the ball
Rennedy drew an ugly looking knife and
plunged jt into Williamsons side it entered
between the second and third ribs Dr Vlt
ham U Phieiio says Williamson will die Nan
nedy was arrested bv Constable Jones and Is I
now looked up In Fur Rockaway
They Mad Drugged a filch Block BaUer
Cntciao May 10Mrs Towsloy who shot
and killed hor husband at Austin yesterday
has been kept under a strong guard at the vil
loge lookup today She expresses no regret
for her action Her statement to tho effect
that her husband was wanted by the police for
robbing an old man of slnOO Is correct
Tbe robbery occurred nbout two months ago
at Henry lllcbardsa saloon on Houth Halstead
street the victim elnu l > n wealthy Block raiser
from Texas who was knonnns the Major
To tsley and tile wife und a brother of lllch
antis arranged Fchomu to drug the Texans
liquor and r b him which was successfully
carried out
Towalev was afterward arrested for this
crime < ut the Major bad gono home and
reliisod to return to Chicago to prosecute the
Knocked Mentrlea wllli n Hnndbac
Henry Molestead of 11H William street
Brooklyn while walking In Ninth street near
First avenue lato on Saturday night was at
tacked by four men One of them clipped up
behind him and struck hint on the head with a
sandbag knocking blip senseless They wore
rUling Ills pockets when Policernnn Major
came up The robbers run down First avenue
but two who gave tier names m John Kelly
and Thomas JirougUaro were caught At Ea >
sex Mnrket yesterday they wore remanded for
further examination
A Three Women In Peril
Three young women were out In a boat off
the Seaside House In the afternoon when It
capsized Tire all seized hold of the over
turned boat and held on John A Romson
who saw the accident plunged off a wharf and
swam to their asslMnnce lie towed the oier
turned craft ashore with the three women
clinging to It They were takon to the Bedside
louse and their garments dried Ono of the
mrty was Miss Miller of Rj arson street
The Itata ITa OB U > nr > Start but Bho 2s
a hlenr Teasel and May Be Orertaken
The Robert and aClanle Capture
Bin FiUKctsoo May 10A morning paper
says that when the Charleston sailed on Bat
nrday morning It was under sealed order A
cipher despatch wo received by Cant Horny
at midnight on Friday It took over three
hours to translate tile despatch and at 4
oclock In themornlngall visitor wero ordered
ashore and the Charleston hastily put to see
The Charleston Is provisioned and coaled
for a long cruise and Instead of going outside
to try her guns as was the general supposi
tion itissaid that she ho gone In pursuit of
the Chilian steamer Itatn with orders to cap
ture her If the Charleston does not catch her
the orders are to keep on until Admiral Brown
is encountered In Chilian waters The trans
fer of arms ammunition Ao from the
schooner Robert and Minnie to the Itatawas not
completed until Friday afternoon so that the
Insurgent vessel has start ot thirtysix hours
The Charleston has not yet returned to this
port aa she would have done by this time U
she had gone simply for target practice
WAflinNOTOx Slav 10It Is believed her
that orders have been sent to Admiral Brown
commanding the Pacific station and to Ad
miral McCann commanding the ships ot the
South Faolflo station to capture the Itata by
force II necessary and take lion to the first
American port
oeoreiary iracy lots mo city ycBteraay on
the Despatch lu company with Commodore
Folger to Inspect the now naval proving
ground down the Potomac and has not yet re
There Is the strongest reason for believing
that tho orders were issued yesterday before
he left the department and that the Charles
ton Is now on her way south after tho Itata
The Itata is an iron screw propeller ship ot
1200 tons and was built In England In 1873
She has compound engines of antiquated
make and Is not capable probably of steam
ing more than nine or ten knots an hour
She was formerly owned and operated by the
Chilian Steam Navigation Company and was
doubtless seized by the insurgent at the be
ginning of the insurrection The United
States vessels In Chilian waters are the Balti
more and the flagship Pansacola with lies
Admiral MaCann In command
The San Francisco when last hoard from had
left Peru and will likely join the Baltimore and
Pensacola early this week With the Charles
ton the Admiral would Lava under his
command the three finest ships of
the new navy besides the Pensacola
Which is the best of the wooden class In
the service With these four ships it Is not an
ticipated > T naval officers that much opposi
tion would bo met with should the United
States Bee fit to capture the Itata even should
she bo reSnforced by the best ships of the In
Los ANQKIXI May 10 Before the schooner
Robert and Minnie was captured by the United
States Marshal Pilot Dill who took the Itata
out ot Ban Diego harbor wont ashore and was
arrested at San Pedro Supercargo Burch
came to Los Angeles and was traced by a re
porter to Arcade Depot where be was waiting
to take a train to San Francisco Burch at
first denied that be was the man wanted but
afterward acknowledged It Ho was arrested
and Is now In custody of the United State
Marshal Burch says he landed the arms but
declined to say at what point but It Is BUPDOSOU
to nave been at Catalina or San Clements
BAN btrao May 10The manofwar Omaha
steamed out of the harbor yesterday and after
passing the heads stood out to sea in a south
westerly course Commander Cromwell re
ceived a mass of correspondence In cipher
from the Navy Department and it Is under
stood that he bas Instructions to cruise around
the Coronado Islands and Han Clemente to Una
out if possible where the Hobart and Minnie
met the Itata and to pick up the Itata if
iaaiiai Gard Detective Harry Morse and
Deputy Spauliling put in the day securing ts
timoy corroborating Spauldings statement
as to how the Itata was manned when she left
the harbor The statement was vorlQod by thn
men on the dredger and the pilot boat all of
whom claimed that at least ISO armed Chilians
were seen aboard the craft as she sailed out
Marshal Card Morse and Spauldine for
the North last night
on zrr DEARS sucit A XTMEI
The Gray Bat Rotate His Adventure a
the Fire Engine BO Home
A long tailed sober whiskered gray rat
blinked at the nnnllght In the vacant lot on th
west side of Park avenue between Fiftieth
and FiftyQrst streets Then ho joyfully
skipped across the lot and into the hollow
trunk of an old tree that lay near the high
board fence
The lot Is used as n playground by the boys
who live in the flats further west on the block
It happened that a number of boys were there
when the rat frolicked by They gave ehnse
but the gray rat sat in his retreat In the log
and licked his whiskers In peace
To Johnny Carr occurred tIle Idea of giving
the rat a froa smoke To say it wan to dolt
and the gray rats nostrils melt the smudge
Positively unendurable Bald the big gray
rat as be ran out of the log and his foot twin
kled toward his home In under the wall The
boys were alert and went after the gray rat
with a whoop When they remembered their
pmoke It had increased to a blaze and the
blaze bad eaten up u large part of the board
Then there was an alarm of fire and the
rattle of Iron wheels and tha clangor of boils
startled the quiet streets it cost the city 57 t
The big gray rot eat In bin bolo under the wall < 7
told the story of his escape to his admiring
family and chortled in his joy >
WIll Rnialn Hnapend Her Expulsion De
Moscow May 10The decree suspending
the expulsion ot the Jews allows a years grace
to those who do not own real property and two
years grace to those who do As the suspen
elon of the expulsion decree Is not likely to
have any perceptible effect upon the business I
Inoonvenlences attending the expulsions it is 1
believed that the suspention is merely ths j
forerunner of the revocation of the decree
Sunday Crowd on the Bridge
It was estimated ty a bridge policeman yes j
terday that 30000 persons crossed the bridge
to enjoy the view and the breezes from over
the Kant River The prpmenitda was gay with j
tho colored kerchiefs of the Italian women It
was a groat outing Sot the lower Hast Side i
The Weather I
n warm wait reached Its maximum In the middle
AtlantIc Stiles yeutsrday lsw Tork was the warmest
point Tb temperature teethed SO at Albany and 81
In this city width WM 6 + warms than JatksonvlUa
Ib wave will be dUilpiUd U thl Mton loday ty
coldtr w Mb < r coning down over the lakes
The storm LeslIe from Lake Superior Crossed to the
reset of Mala atltnllad by rain torouglioul thtlUti
and upper Few BoilaLl
The WCLIILSS In this thy VM fair ni lml offlolU
t mp ratora M loves O4l ayare humidIty M
pr cent wind lontai avsrafa 10 mllei an hour
The tbtrmouxtir at Perry pharmacy In mi 5os
betidIng reord the tiraperatuns yesterday ai followii
154 1801 iIq 1t451
SAM 64 SilO ti
6AM Bl Oil OP M Y7I lie
OAII el9 ta Ol1 ti Si 7r
12 M w > 72 12 tild as 70
r raoaNayi6VBW7V i J > 2
siGnit ornci roiicin tat 8 r H noniur
Yet Uaios New Hampshire Vermont UaxachOMtU
Itbod island Conn clleit generally fair coolir
Monday nlxbti wind becoming northwest
TUT eaiurn Iftv yore ftncraUi fair teoler tn sortS
portion cooler Jon4ay nl < M < n leWd portion wlnai t
comfncr norf AicMt
For eastern fCDDtylvanl 11ev Jersey Dtlttrtr
and karylaud generally Istri cooler l aoailiy dUbl
winds UcomlncDortbvMl
70 r tb DUlrlet ot Colombia and Tlrrlnls afar till
Titidiyi cooler Mondsy alibi whit tesealag
ii rtkwett

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