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Wrmlnaj to nimeU mud III TrUnd
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pabll flAys US N for Frost
Joable teat Uaamltr 54 Knthnalam
trwnwoTox May 18The Illness of Beer
Jt Blslne which promises to withdraw him
tiporsI17 at Iat 1 from active work In the
iTu Department may have an Important
Siring the political events of 18D1 It
t4tdng upon poltcal ernt
J anK what has 10nK beon known to Mr
p Babe friends that he II I In uch I delicate
jsLnIs iiit of health that anxiety and overwork
1 him down Tbls hal been his condl
loViver Inc h returned from Europe to
j tr the Cabinet of President Harrison
Ite It II a warning hat he must
t4 rlik and could not stand the woar
let 1j rk of another Presidential campaign
Suit however about his having given up
1 longing to be ITealdent of the United
lonlln <
W who know
lutes corner from those persona knol
lathlnu onlU about the ma James Q Blaine
atlDK set his plerclne ere upon the
ur tears ago plrcl
r7 Ur 10
rrTildonoy and has never voluntarily wIth
rel4cncr Olroumstanoea on more than one
fcawD It Clroumelnoe mor ta
Mcaslon compiled him to abandon for a time
tt hopeof adding his name t the list of
rrIdents hoD and now when his party lion the
Ii of breaklD Into a unanimous wave of en
Umilasm for his nomination and when
imgiought honor might come to blm not aa
11OUb u1 political wire pnlllnit but as I re
ward for valuable services to the American
wa constitution may compel
ople a shatwred cODstuUon compl
bin 10 rthe Irol the fleld
There has practicallY Deer been mime In Mr
DIDo life whon he was ao anxious to reach
the goal of his lifeIon ambition as he Is to
day loa knows that D Secretary of State be
It the btlcht particular star of the Harrison
Admlulstatlon and that the people of the
country both Democrats and Republicans re
gard him as boal and shoulders above tho
Present In all the elements that 10 to make
up the popular etatesman I Is of course
true that Jlr Elaine cannot b a candidate for
PrMldtnt while ha Is Secretary of State and I
It alio true that ho Is not a candidate
I The closest political advisors of Mr Elaine
luch men a Stephen B Elkins Manloy
and other understand very well that he is In
the hands of his friends and that be will not
frown uron any of the efforts to increase his
popularity To several delegations of llocub
Hems who havo sounded him Mr Blake has
lit It bo known that while he Is In no eonso a
candidate nothing would please him better
than a condition of things that would mako
bl nomination acclamation the only possi I
ble outcome of next lars Convention
Judced Irom what cun b hoard In political
circles here at the capital that Is just what was
likelrto hippon and what may yet happen In
spite of the check which the Blame boom will
reCeive br the evidence of what has long ben
apparent to closo observers namely that phy
lically James O maIne Is a practically brokcn
downman Intellectually he has for the pact
few f months appeared to b more keen more
adroit and more farseeing than over He has
cDs more In tho past year to cot his namo
before the Amorlcaa people and to keep It
tier than at almost any previous period
In his prlltlcnl life any opportunities
in the htate Department have boen
very great and ho has taken the
fuLlest aduintnce of thim Nothing which bo
I done In the oast has been so fruitful of
Inntdlato results and Immediate rewards to
filaf 1 a h achievements since he has been
Us Premier of the Harrison Administration
flLBlaln keenly reallrei this state of Lines
It Is a matter of great regret therefore t but a
tact that cannot be disputed that Mr Hlalno
anil his frluniu fear tbat his tat oDt Illness
couDlel us it Is with the knowledge of his intl
m > frlemU that It is 1 but one attack In a series
Will tare a disastrous effect upon the cnthusi
10 that for the past six months has been
timbering about the name of Blame Itepubll
caD who bave come to Washington Irom ail
pacts of tbe country during the pant few
Bombs bare hart but one story to toll and
tai Is that Smth Hontb East and West the
Sane < if 1lnmep 1 G Blame Is more potent even
tauln HID dAr when he was the active brains
and recognized leader of the Itepiibllcan party
4tt tire Hlnlne wave would Brow to such
WcMTtlons between now and 1892 tbat no
torn could by any means overcome I These
tuurances hiivo been given to Mr Blame In
lOtion by Ibo visitors to Washington and
he hits often expressed the opinion that
fee KM peter so strong with bin party
and the people generally as now This ox
frewlon of confidence and satisfaction ha al
wan bAin nc < omi > nnlod by a denial of his can
didncra denial nnwover to which little at
Ilto at
tention has t ecu raidnot that It was thought
lobeliiAinceio but tbat It
IAnc lo was knowu to be In
effective In tin fate of the general demand for
his nomlnatli He Is tho popular leI
nublleim ni tIm day and It Is tho opinion I
I 01 uiirnwa polltlcul observers here that no
orguiilzation that President Harrison may
10b e lo let its Dd 1 ho boom that other am
MUou MdattB might inflate could make
rMduftJ neiuit BLame But tho physical
rondltlou i01 the man elves the most anxious
alarm to ide Irlemis and throatPn to prevent
t Irom etiterite the tbroapnl Vlvent
I omMtltfrlle race for the White
lOls Mr Blalne himself Is thoroughly
blmol hlJ
alrmed Al winter long he took the utmost
Jiauton when suHerine the slightest all
meat anti ha 1 lean constantly and most real
nUiy warched hy cOletDty
thephyqiia and the meat
bet mlm
eSSlSn bl fVr > Aotwlthstandlnir there pre
cuti h
caulons be has several times been confined to
of icre I and hus broken manr formal
ruaJDeut because he dId not feel iu1iist
Iberht Conditlo0 lo appear In public The
publ ibo
adlll UYlclll of Washington who hue
Waehlnlton hUl
eon alloaiiing Mr BIfllne
atandlnl was with his con
Ni Dnlle WIS
Ior quoted ill the pIece ° few days ago as
7hg no
Ir that ut the least sign of an ache or pain
iir 111110 remains indoors aDd solids
re 1door8 olds for blm
tIDI hlo repeatedly said to bar friends
tllUOor ni Clfllmotlnces fould the family
tOttent to have Mr lamlY
10SDI hlvo Bnlne nnderlo the wnr
test of another
campaign and Mr l3leino
lltell be oren oxpre sod his lear Jfr It lalno
tIsent Ilineas will no doubt ils
Incss wi RorVR to con
4ee doubt
ae tiui r hs fren4
tls II frlenls who havo been
I through lack nfopportunity
throulh lacki opportunity for ob
CITation that tnthejr I111 ls renily a sick man cb
uw n ihn
ld necessarily
Sitil tl11 i neessnrl put a more or loss
p2ft ell0u on their torts In his behalf
ti SLlPnt liarileon who bus viewed with
SOT he growing algae of
Irowlnl 8hl and
Sb Dalnelsm
na felt the
8 ba popularity created by his
W al arpnnj ibe circle to be complete
kilpatu hy the grantor comllataly
ktIPdt lute will welcome the check to the tc
Io onlhuslner although deeply regretting
NfleL 13lino
Ooes Blftl ° the only person that
th Harrison and n renomlnaiion
Suih0iJ appreciates tht renomlnnlon
WrllS8ItnSt More fully
thiSthe ful
I tslreldeDt and his Secretary of State
a Vk ralelan Say He will Probably
< tar to IVaahlnEloa Till Weak
ttttary Blaine Is still unable to leave the
hu5 of his soninlaw Walter Dararosch but
Dttntosch said last night
The reports that Mr Blame Is l seriously ill
l Wllrely without foundation and utterly
J 1WI lie is sImply taking 1 rest aler uterl7 a so
etriiln caused by his duties at Washing
He takes very poor care of himself PoSS
theentire lime from moraine until night
raJfV004lviAft result his Btomnch is In
L state What be needs Is rest aud we are
i f1wto indiice 7 him to take It SInce the first
ChMr rlaln 5 Illness his physician has
1 but oncn a day Mr Illnlne arose this
DID and ate a hearty breakfast and baa
I nLNBla other meals today with apparent I
jIrederik R Tennis Mr Blalneft pbyil
d W rots this bulletin last evening
da r IrhIlna has cuod a jorr comfortable
4 comfor
ue UlleOls 10 be about
Ubo tomorrow and
F DtObtbly leave the city In a tow day ad
1 t Ines soui EmmoDs iHaine returned
L t tdsy afternoon to 1alne leab retured
KId by at Pit Driver
tt10127G SInn1 a doCk builder 31 years
Vlm Ilrllnt treat Brooklyn while
i T ln Urlnt whlo at
I 7t al Pier 1Kllst lilver yesterday morn
t tlr 1 iit5k on ie head by falling ulle
krt bodied a tukeu lo Uou erneur Hospital
Men of Faibloa
e t Lily ° eeoril Derby Uat styles at 100 J
1 I Crlld al 0
Slack Ji Co at Broadway cor Graid St
Make a Startling Announcement
Commencing today tho suits rcoontlynd
ortlsed at tli will bo sold at SOJO lloys
buiti will bo Klvon to any ho l y for Uk aim I
complete bnso boll outfit with It
Wn carry half million dollars In Btock and
wo want to turn It Into monny quickly BOO
Mack c C Broadway cur Grand atAdv
Dont fall ta tee Ibo bow of unique furniture now I
OUff on at Qeo C Piles Coi 104 Wait l to ut4p
I Deserted at cio Very Altar
It bat become a frequent cccnrrene of lets for the
newiiuipen to chronic jut euch a end dory aa the
bore Solliln un tie I crna er than the desertion of a
jounr ami lovely girl l < y tLe man who tin won her
heart Two UIOII a o Irene I orifll wan one or Iba
note belles ut New York rltjr Sho wu b lrohe4 to
the ton of a wallkuonn mlllloualro manufacturer
Her parent were In comfortable circumstance only
but the popoUo brlIooro had wealth enough for
bolh Tho iareiill of the yimnir ilrl decided however
to give liar aa elaborate a neitdlnirap their moms would
allow lle 2 chief deiDiner I ot lli Ww ir ire und Mr i
liiH7biiiifi riitlmm iq wa cent i for and the mal
ter nr the trouieanu jlnceil In his hanOi wltn the under
IHnillni tilt no vxpenio aiiouM U pparrl
1ooi week u niimuer of the oi hrniil roitumta br that
accuniullflied I until err euml ie < l but they will
neier be hoed frr on the einim the btal to
Cot have iuowi Ion I toniuuiinMed the bridrtroom left for VIrtI >
Inl 01 the ontnm a carriage dreu which 1 Ibown
by permluion In I llate 2io J of iii June numtr of th
on ga 2
rJ ire and 1rz 10110 Ltidcg j diua litter wee
ao exoct oounterptrt nr the one bleb the urI
elancr baa bet a flaplrec lor the Jrhlu1 Wala
P4105 tnt Worrl hs 1 quite prcilrCtsl by the hok mud
lr father I 1nUI hid U Is talC Intention 10 Ilnat
the t taurdy blddroom evan IC lie I lice to travel over
gvvr lI hail re of I ha toiled elate t lu alaa It I J lar lo out
IIinIaarl iitice to 110 for the IhuL that lame bel
gitu rl deughteri pride Ale
AVIiut In the IIIBTrreiicef
Whet dhttngulthee llensonhurtbylne Sea from er
err other avallaula euburb II the peralttent proneOD
11 the Immena amount of work alwayS going on
Nothing thai tuna Intallifence and abundant ra
oureae can supply u laoktoif Tha pla a baa edt Ue
aitracllona ot a eUj without It nuiaauoeLAai a
Dr Ornyrss Reno for Not Doing Be
fore the Qrnnd Jury
DENVER May 18Dr Graves announced
last night to Stevens DUtrlot Attorney that
he would refuse to appear before the Grand
Jurr In explanation of Oravess sudden
change his attorney Judge Furman today
made tho following statement
When Dr Graves reached Chicago he saw
from the accounts In tho newspapers that he
was to bo arrested and tried on the charge of
poisoning Mrs Bnrnabr Ho therefore tele
graphed friends hero to employ counsel they
employed our firm The night he arrived I
saw him at the hotel and he made a full state
mont to ms Among other things hs
said that he hnd como to Denver en
tlrely a his own Instance Intending to
go before the Grand Jury and make
a statement aDd then have thnt statement
published in the newspaper refuting tho
slanderous statements that had been made
about him that upon reading the Chlcaci o
papers ho thought he had bettor see counsol
first I advised him as his attorney that I i I
the detectives wore hlrod to Mvear a case
against him they would probably mako It I
strong enough to brine an Indictment that
I we refuted them on one cbnrcn
they would tunko another nnd I toll
him that It wa best to remain silent
until some definite charge was formnlntml I I
nny worn going to be formulated in contt t
when it could be finally nettled I told him
thnt tho Grand J ury wns nn rxpirnbo which
undor the law bad only the right to hoar one
side that the States Attorney would be
present to crossevamlno him that bo
wouldnt know what bad been tontlllod to <
against him bv witnesses for the State anal
It would bo the duty of the Grand Jury to One
a bill regardless everything anything be
might sny Dr UrnAoasuld this t me I
JhosI charges are mail agaInst me
through tho papor I I remain silent propla
will think 1 am guilty lie Insisted on going
before the Grand Iury I told him that an
effort was evidently being made to nave an In
dictment found against him that would place
him on trial for his bile and that if ho wni
colnc to employ mo he must take my ndilco
He then consented to place hlmelf entirely In
my bands He didnt go to eec the District
Attorney until last nlcUt when I went with
him 1 explained to Mr Stcvons the reason
for the course he was pursuing
Judge Furman tbon said on behalf of Dr
Graves that he would brine heavy damnse
suits within the next few days He said the
Grand Jury today heard the testimony of De
tective Hanscome Mr and Mrs Worrell aDd
Mr nnd Mrs Conrad The iratid Jury will
continue its Investigations tomorrow
Serious Charge Against the Police De
partment la Providence
PROVIDENCE May 13The Mayor nnd the
Police Department are at loggerheads Tho
trouble crew out of tho refusal ot the Alder
man to grant the usual tavern licenses which
were recommended by tbo Chief of Police
Certain ones wero pointed out to tho Mayor
a boinc all right which remark excited tho
curiosity of the Mayor who determined to
make an Investigation A certain night was
appointed for tho official Inspection but In
como mysterious manner all Iho most noto
rious resorts bad received the tip und were
closed or deserted UxplnnatlonR were called
for and startling police secrets have been
brought to light
For several yearn a system of tribute has
been In force by which all gambling resorts
aDd nlacen illrepute have been obliged to
anto lD to the head of the police depart
mem ifthey wanted to continue In the business
The dnnmnd varied according to tbe respect
ability of the place but at leant n dozen
prominent lliuor dealers have Informed the
Mayor that the have raid 200 a year to the
police for protection Houses of Illrepute had
contributed all the way from 10 to SlOt and
If they roftiod they wore shut up The posi
tion of a prominent dotectlv not far removed
from the head of t 0 force is estimated to be
worth ut least S 000 a your in the way of perquisites
quisites and emoluments
Mayor Smith says b has no use for such a
pollen department and has declared his Inten
tion of calling an Investigation but before do
ing BO be withes to get a little more evidence
Lxrltemont runs high at tho City Hal a
knowing ones say that the greatest scandal
ever known In this State Is liable to broak out
at any moment
There Ws Trouble and Be Eieaped Arrest
by Driving Away
BCOTTDALK Pa lay 13The McClure Coke
Company charged their Painter plant full to
day and made start toward starting tho Union
Works President Gomocrs the region this
forenoon without accomplishing the deal
which ho came bore to mike The strike lead
ers denounce his scheme and Fay under such
conditions thoy do not want his help
Gompers Secretary Parkor and James Eee
cart went to the Valley Works to watch some
evictions made and almost a riot took place
which tho company cllm they incited They
escaped arrest by drivIng nwny heJore the
Sheriff could got boll of them The brick
compnny brought 400 Italians to tbo region to
day and expect as inuny more tomorrow
Labor leaders claim to have sent about forty
away Warrants were sworn out todny for
th arrest of James McBride charging him
with Intimidation assault and malicious
Intmlrnton Shelkev a striker who had
returned to work made tho Information
HAimtHBunn Slay 15An order was Issued
from the headquarters of the National Guard
tonight withdrawing the last of the troops
from the coke region Sheriff McCormick notl
peace led Gov Iattlson of his ability to preserve the
A Dlatron Karly Morning Fire In New
ton Vlllusc XOUB I lund
Sixty cows and two horses were burned to
death in Michael Kubonss stables In Hoffman
Boulevard New town village early yesterday
morning The fire in the stables bad gained
considerable headway when Bubens and his
workmen were aroused by noises made by the
Imprisoned animals They ruhod into the
barn for the purpose of fleeing thorn but worn
driven out by the flames after having released
I few cows Those fun dashed madly out of
the barn doors When the fire was over they
were found scattered In dlflcrent parts of the
town bevnrnl weie so badly burned that they
lied to b killed
The animals that bad not been reloaeed by
the mon broke loose from their sialls and hud
dkd together in the table and wero roasted to
death After the fire their halfburned carcasses
wore found In heap In the ruins Bubonss loss
I estimated at IHUOQ I
Tbe Clark Want the County to Pay for
t Domains Done During tho Strike
The Clark Thread Company of Kearney has
begun I suit against Hudson county for 25000
inr damage done to the oompnnva mill during
the recent strike of tho mill hand The notice
rloent ml Dolo
orthe commencement of the sufl was laved
on the Freeholders last night
Mr IVIIlluu B Avery Elopes
PLMNFIELD May 13 William D Aver a
New York stationer advertises in a local pa
per tonight warning tbe public against trtist
nu hIs wife and ba directed his counsel
IOKSIH JroUon t Coddmgton to brine a suit
against her for divorce naming John B Gable
iscorrospondeut Avery Is wealthy and lives
iu a hnmlsoimi house on Werenel avenue
nobtl Friday his wife It is said elopod with
Cinhlii I who Is an upholsterer bore
It was not until recently that her actions
aroused bar husbands suspicion acton
oniloa blight lust Friday night It Is said that
lable leturncd to tbe tuwn secretly at night
Gable bad hiOU engineer of Gazelle Engine
Company No1 for a long time Iut I lie has re
signed from HIM Fire Department He leaves
a wile and several children Mm Avery Is I
young and pretty Sho has no children
Story of an Apparent Chaps Seen or the
Mexican CoatThe Charleston Sleet a
Bteamer Narnl Authorities No linger i
Say the Itata Can be Seized na a Pirate
bat only for Violation ofXentrallty Lowe
CITZ or MEXICO via Oolveston Mar 18
The AngloAmerican newspaper publishes rumors
mors ot tho sinking of tho Itata by the United
States cruiser Charleston but gives neither
time nor place The authorities here say they
have no Information whatever en tho subject
The Government has given strict orders to the
port authorities on tho Pac I lo coat to re port the
appearance of any Chilian or other war ships
I will bo difficult to got news as the Govern
ment wires have to be relied
wlrs b relod on altogether
The general opinion here Is that the Itata and
her corners will double up on tho Charleston
The Government has ordered the gunboat
Dotnocratn to keep n sharp lookout for tho
vessel I It Is rumored here that a private tele
gram has been reoehed announcing that a
flshlncschooueryosterdny saw two vessels out
at sea off tho coast at full speed One of tho
vessels was sighted at 10 A M and tho other
at 2 PM but they were so distant that the
fishermen woro not able to distinguish them
This report however cannot be traced to a
reliable source
SAN Diana May Passengers on the
steamer Crescent City which arrived at Codros
Island lait night report that when about ten
miles below Enscnada Monday night the
cruiser Charleston was sighted fir out to sea
As soon as the officers on the war ship caught
Bight ot tho Crescent City they
sllht Cresout changed course
and made dlroclly for her As coon n the
cruiser approached the Captain of the Cres
cent City raised the American flag and tainted
Tim Charleston Immediately turned at right
angles nnd steamed to southwest
nnlles away and
soon disappeared beyond the horizon Tbo
Crescent City officers report seeing nothing of
the Itata
WAshINGToN May 13 When the doors of
the Navy Department wore closed this after
noon Acting Secretary Itamsay was no wiser
than bo was yesterday respecting the where
aboutB of the Charleston and the Itata In
the absence of farts the department officials
are discussing the legal aspects of the CIO
prosontod by the flight of tho Itata There
baa been some modification of tho lows held
by leading naval officers and it docs
Icadlnl ofcars not ap
pear thnt thero Is any longer a tenable claim
that tho I Itata may be solzoJ as a pirate
I Is recognized that she can bo reo
captured for violation ot the customs laws
disregard of the court and perhaps for kid
napping but any assumption that sho Is a
pirate is completely negatived by the doctrine
laid down by tho late Francis Wharton former
ly Solicitor of tbo Department of State and an I
eminent authority nn international This
doctrine was accepted by Secretary Bayard
and lull down at tho time of tbo Colombian
rebellion and tho Panama trouble The
Colombian Government bail declared tho In
surgent vessels to be pfrates na tho Chilian
Goternmont has done but the Secretary held
The Government of the United State can
not regard a piratical vessels manned bv
parties in arms against the Government of
Colombia when sucb vessels tire passing to
and from ports bold by such insurgents or
even when attacking ports in the possession
of tint nations Government In the Into civil
war the United States at an early period of chJ
struggle surrendered the position that tbono
manning Confederate cm lser were pirates
under international laiv The United Mates
of Colombia cannot sooner or later do other
wise tbon accept tho inne view Butltaowover
this may be no neutral power can acquiesce
in the position now taken by the Colombian
Another fact which may be of Interest In
view of tbe expected arrival 0 the Itata at a I
Mexican port probably Acapulco Is that she
cannot stay there Under tbo practice of in
ternntionai Jaw ino aiexicun uoeminent
could apt refuse to protect her but eho could I
not remain in port more than tneutrfour
hours at to d so would subject hor to the
charge of using the port as a bnsa of opera
tons against a friendly Government So that
I the vessel teaches l Acapulco before the
Charleston the latter essel would have
simply to wait outside the port fortwentvfour
hours to Itt an opportunity to retake the
Data and her stores providing that these hove
not meantime been traabferrod to tho Es
IQUIQUF May 13 via Gnlveston Today tho
monitor Hunscar the gunboat Magallanos
and transports Aconcagua Cachnpotl and
Dloblo arrived in the bay from Caldera and
Autnfocosta with thiee battalions of troops
under command of Lopez Frlns mid Valon
zula Senator Manuel Jos Irnrraznval and
Dentltiea Itamon Gnrros luco Ladlnlaw Kr
razwlg Ventura lllnnco Viol Cordnllo baiv
Dr Arlva nnd Minister of War Col Adolfo
flondley were on bond Tho troops ntimr > er
< about lOOil men and after landing paraded
the trots and wore received with great en
Senator Manuel Jo = i Irarrazaval has been
appointed Minister of tho Interior
Capt Itemey of the Charleston and Bear
Admiral StcCann Have IVar Record
No one can charge Capt George C Homey
the commander of tbo Charleston with being
afraid of gunpowder His record duiinc the
civil war Is a sufficient refutation of any such
barge I Is pretty safe to say that even
should ho catch sight of the Itata undor con
voy of tho cruiser Estneralda aud the latter
should give any evidence of protest against
the capture of the Itata he will not hoist the
white flag Capt Itemoy had many sniffs of
gunpowder during the civil war and not upon
a single occasion did nauseate him in fact
ho roomed to enjoy It
Capt flimsy was born In Iowa and was ap
pointed a midshipman at the Naval Academy
on Sept 20 1855 He was In the old Hartford
In the East Indies squadron whon the civil
war began and at once asked to come to the
ontro of actlvo w < rk Ills request was grant
dand he was ordered to the gunboat Marble
lead In the South Atlantic blockading squad
ron He was present during the siege of York
town and on several occasions engaged the
batteries at lone range until that placo was
evacuated by tho Confederates on May
I 1862 After that the Murblcbead wont
further north and In consequence of
icing grounded Lieut Itemey was compelled
to witness the battle ol West Point Vn with
out belnc able to participate In It But he took
an active part in the engagement with the
ebola at Wbltn House Pamnuky River on
unein 18R2 Ifs was Ilso engaged with the
latteries on Bulllvnu Inland b Oon two or
asionx with Battery Wnunar Morris Island
tat long range and took part In the general on
nuumi < rit with llntiory Wncnor on Auir 17
Iauumnt was In command of tho naval bat
tory on Morris Island front AUK Win opt 1
Thud andwainn iiued In the pnmbardrocnt of
Fort Sumter And nt times of lOr Gregg Ho
commanded the tccoud division of the boats
lu the night attack on Fort Humter M > ut 1
1863 when ho was token prisoner by the tub
13 He was cot released for several months
so that bin fiitute war services could not bo
conspicUoUS Since then h bus teen OD SI undo
onduty anal annoy duty ul thuinvti Academy
the Naval Observatory nail tho Jiny Depart
ment Admiral Wllllnm P McCann who Is
with lila llugohlp the 1ensnoolii In Chilian
wlh lulhl
waters ana hint boon instructed to lay violent
hold ou tho hula In taso ube should eonin
within his reach is n fighter from tho blue
grass region Ho wan born In Kentucky on
Jay 4 liiSO and was appointed a mldnhlpmun
In the navy when 18 years of age He was at
Vera Cruz on the fIIlo Sablne at the break
lug out of the rebellion but Immediately
asked for more active service and was sent to
tort 1lckens whlchlhe reCnforced w tbl nllors
and marInes on pr the I I anal 13 IHOl lie re
mained oil tbo fort for 127 cHive ami In June
assisted In landing additional reinfoivamenlh
In August on the tJnbliiK lin wns ncnt to that
lUickado oil this const of routli Ciirollnii filial
blCIO 01 battalion of marines of the Port
tamer oyul expedition lovernor and the crow of the transport
In April 1B02 be was placed In temporary
command of the gunboat Maratanza at tbe
clog of Yorktown bad several engagements
with the batteries there and at Gloucester
Point and when tho enemy evacuated York
town lie took the Maratanra up tlio York nnd
1nmiinky lljvorx and cooperated with the
Army ot the iotnmae Ho led RITorl recon
noitring expeditions on both rivers captur
ing a rebel gunboat and several blockade rim
ncr On Oct 1 lwi2 LlfutonanlCouimsndor
McCann was placed in command of tho gun
boat Hunchback In the sounds of North Caro
lina his services theie bring highly com
mended In tip official reports to tho Secretary
ot the Navy In April 1803 during the siege
of WaohlDKton N Alri hn bad command o five
Kitnboats with whlrh bo frequently ongaaod
anti euchred tho batteries a Hills autO Swains
Point on the Ininllco In November follow
ing ho wan orrtorml to command the guinhouut
Konnebee which had thirteen months of actlvo
and exciting service blouknillng Mobllo DIn
ratiturlng three blockade runner which were
ROM for more than a half million ut dollars
Jn thu battle of hnl mllloD Aug 6 ltfl4
tho Kcnnnboo was lashed to the Monongaholo
tilth In line of battle and whon ramming thn
relic Ironclad Tennessee she hod several
officers aDd men wounded After the vessels
woro separated the bont of ho Tennessee and
the wreck of tho davits and tho boats falls lay
across the Konni > beo stern Later llilneb
Bliell from Fort Moigan passed through the
Kenneboce quarter and within 1 few feet from
whore hor commander stood Since tho war
Admiral McCann has soon much active em
She Want S1OOOO ftora Abram Collerd
Jr for DreAd or 1romlac
AbrAm Collord Jr a on of one of the
wealthiest real estate owners In Jersey City
was arrested yesterday on complaint of Mrs
Otis Daniel who accuses him of breach of
promise and demands 10000 damages Irs
Dnniol lives at proont at 141 West Tenth
street New York She 1 young handsome
and vary fascinating When she lost her hus
band a little more than a year ago she was
living In Atlanta On Collard wont South
for his health last winter While visiting
some friends In Atlanta ho met tho
widen From affidavits she has made I
the Information Is dithered that she and Col
lord became very warm friends within a few
hours after they had beeu introduced During
the next ten days they were much In each
others society and Collerd paid her every
attention an honorable man does to the
woman ho desires to marry On Jan 10 I
theatre narty was made up but Color Bug
coated that a quiet drive to Marietta a suburb
of Atlanta would bo moro enjoyable nrs
Daniel accepted tho suggestion She swears
that on the road to Marietta Collerd asked her
to marry him She hesitated at frt but finally
consented Wben they had seen everything
worth seeing in Marietta night had fallen
Collerd disliked the idea of driving back to
Atlanta in the dark and over a road be was
unfamiliar wIth so ho and tbo wIdow put up
at a hotel
Aftor that Mrs Daniel accompanied Collerd
on the remainder of his Southern trip They
wont to Thomoaullo and Savannah remaining
a tow days in each jilnce and registering in
tbo hotels ns A lord and wife From
Hannnnh they went to tlchm nd nnd then to
Wniihnuton lnhrcomrllnlntlr Daniel soya
she begun to grow anxious about the marriage
ceremony and frequently asked Collard when
It was to be Ho mot her inquiries with a kits
and Invariably answered In a couplo of
weeks 1millr they reached low York nnd
follerd fitted up an elegant lat at 05 Vobt
Twelfth stroot for his prospective bride Thoy
lived there for some time until Mrs Daniel
Insisted that tho marrlugo must taKe place to
eave her from disgrace Then she swears
Collerd deserted her and she was forced to In
voke the aid of the law
Collerd was arraigned before Supreme Court
Commissioner Cannon and his bail fixed ut
1000 Constable Bolandwho had him in cus
tody aocompanlod him to several places to BO
cure a bondsman At last accounts be had not
succeeded It Is said that his wenltby father
will leave him to hu own resources
Three Policemen Put on Their Back Be
fore John Gulwuy Htoue Succumbed
A short welldressed man about 25 years of
age strodo up to Itichard L Pinch a lawyer
of 155 Brondway a he was coming out of
Cables restaurant at Broadway and Pino
street yesterday afternoon and without provo
cation struck him in tbo face with bin clenched I
fist knocking him down The stranger was
preparing to kick the prostrate ran when big I
Policeman Yolk of tho Broadway squad ar I
rested him The man foucht like a tiger and
was besting Yolk when two other policemen
cnmo to his rescue and conducted tho prisoner
to the Church street station At tho Tombs I
Police Court a charge of disorderly conduct
wns nrefeiml against him
While Officer olk was telling his story to
Justice Houun the stranger broke away and
ran to ono end of the court room whoro
waving his ha ho shouted Ill kill the Ilrst
man who trios to touch me Come on If you
daro My namo is John tialnay Stone My
father is a professor In Manhattan Colloge
nnd through him Ill have this policeman
bnrigod for arresting mo
Itoundsmnn Campbell got him to the bar
acaln but bo again hecnme violent nnclJuFtlco
Hogan oidored that ho bo taken down stairs
Oflicers Pntton MurphY Clark nnd Armstrong
Bet nbout to do It Iurrhr was on his back In
at cnnflsr1 nrt InrI nni Armtrnn whn orA
both 11 big men followed nnl him Murphy sue
ceedoil In getting a grip on the mans neck and
brought him to the floor Then while bor
count Delaney sat on Stones neck Armstrong
put the nlpuera on him and he was carried
down stairs It I F tyson of 288 Mndlson av
enue and AI Atierburg of 111 Broadway Rn
penrud an witnesses of Ibo assault on Mr
Finch Stone wan subsequently sent to Bellevue
vue He Is on tbo records as John Doe
Who Hitherto Dn Been Accustomed to
Do the Beatllic
Paul Kubnlla and his wife Josephine came
to this city from Bohemia eleven years ago
Thor are clgarmakors at 335 East Ninetysev
enth street A year BCD Kuballa began to
drink Ho stopped working and his wife sup
ported Mm and their children She would give
him no money for drink BO ho would wade
along the river bank with tho mud almost to
his waist and fish out bricks and log of wood
lie sold the wood nnd the bricks he piled up
10 Iloa
on the sldo of the Street lln says that ho Is
coin to build 1 house leaterday morning
Kuballa asked his wHo to give him some
I will not support you any longer you
loafer she saidas she caught dim around the
wIllet and threw him on the table The table
broke and lie went sprawling to the floor
Jben site picked up a cigar cutter and struck I
him over the bead Kuballa bad often beaten
his wife and she bad rotor insisted Her un I
nxpocted action frightened hint and he rOl I
fronted to the hal His wife locked the door I
and has not htean soon since Ktiunlln went to
the Ktuhiyolghth stroot police station and
told bergeantOiiceyaboutlilB trouble r A aur
goon Tom the Presbyterian hospital dressed
the ugly wound on his foroliead and he re
turned borne but MH wifo refused him en
trance So arrests were made
o the Eve of Ills Departure from New
Orleans He Declare That Farkero
TTIckllffe Mayor Rhnkeapeare aad
Other Were Harked for Aejanialnatloa
bjr the Infuriated Italian of the City
NEW OnLKANR May 13 Slanor Oorte the
Italian Consul hero did not leave today not
having heard from Elimor Poma the Vice
Consul at Xew York who Is to not In his place
during his absence Signor Poma Is in Bos
ton I la probable however that Signor
Corte trill leave tomorrow Relative to the
bummons from Rudlnl the Consul said
As tho consular agent of tho Italian Govern
ment during the stirring events which have led
to the exchange of diplomatic courtesies br
tweon my Government and that of the United
States I am about the only accredited Italian
who is ablo to officially testify In person at
Dome relative td tho unfortunate affair and
tho numberless complications which have
originated therefrom My testimony sup
ported by documents which I have carefully
drawn up touching every and even the slight
est detail of the affair is required at home
My chief desires my presence Ho has sum
moned mo and I am about to obey At nny
rnto why should I be recalled Because I
have expressed my opinion as an Italian
upon the barbarity ot tho acts complained of
God forbid that as a gentleman and a free
agent In n free country and officially tho
representative of ono of the European powers
1 should bo taken to task I for having tho cour
age lo express nu opinion upon matters vital
to the dearest sontlraontaof my oouutrrmen
Vo you peoplo expect thnt I think as your
Major doom1 or the foreman of the Grand
IqOR tleoroulnn
jury i nave saO Mayor nnnKespoarus 10
I And I havo done the same service to Mr Par
korEon and to Mr VIckllITe nnd other leaders
I Tit day after the killing there wan an abso
lute almost uncontrollable determination
among certain of my countrymen to kill the
Mayor rind all those who had a hand in the
butchery but 1 restrained their bands I con
trolled life furious man J told them to beware
stud tbat If any ham befell those gentlemen I
would mediately and unreservedly denounce
the petratots or tbe deed This firm stand
chicked them and I succeeded In holding
them with the promise that l would do bollol
thing In my power to obtain justice redress
and satisfaction
I have every confidence In the saying
Alls well that ends well The future has
peace and cordiality in store Evil passions I
popular fury race prejudices have run their
course and tbo reign of calm reason and sober I
judgment Is a baud Tho re will surely result
from the long investigations the ofliclal do
mantIs and responses and the diplomat a <
tt > ruit at amicable understanding a pulisfnc
I tory adjustment of the Imbroglio It would
only bo an act of humanity I too solution of
the problem Is found In thu payment of an In
demnltv to the families of the dead Italians
I toll you that I limo conclusive evidence
that among Ibo kllloil wore several Italian
subjects and that they could have proved an
alibi clear a daylight to ocupato them from
tho Hcnnessy murder Those men have left
their wives and children destitute Would It
not be just and equitable to Indemnify the bo
reived ouost
In a further interview tonight Signor Corte
said that he would leave his family here
Ho said that on the nlplit of the lynching moro
than a dozen had called at his house and de
clared that the murdcrof their follow citizens
who bad been slangbtornd after they had been
aoiiulttod by their fellow citizens demanded
rene They declared their intention of I
blowing up with dynamite the Plekwlck
Club of which none of the loaders of tho mob
as a member Ho argued with them several
hours on the subject pointing out that any
act of this kind would do moro harm than
good would stir up the anger of the mob
against the Italians and precipitate a race riot
in which women and children would lose their
lives Those arguments teemed to have no
effect on them and it was only when ho threat
ened to denounce by name to the authorities
tho men who proposed this crime that they
abandoned tHeir purpose
hevernl Italian women also called on him the
Fame night and Insisted nn revenge even I it
precipitated a riot han be was Insulted a
few nights after by hoodlums bienklne down
his fence and ringing his bell several hundred
Italians wnnted to act us a body guard at his
house hut dissuaded thorn Irom doug so
fearing that It might cause trouble and he ftp
tolled II ooforenoo 10 the municipal authori
ties for protection In regard to the charge that
a largo number of Italians bad been Induced to
naturalize them ohos fraudulently be ad
mitted that It was true and showed 251 or 300
naturalization papers which bad been sur
rendered to him by Italians These he said
bad been fraudulently Issued They had been
coming to him in batebe of two and three for
some time past Their holders explained
that they had had no intention of becom
inc American citizens or of surrender
lag their allegiance to Italy but In
the lost campaign they bad been told that
their vote were necesarv to detent the Mc
Kinley bill that this bill was very inimical to
Italian interests nod would cut down the trade I
botwion HalYDnd the United hiatus nnd injure
tho Italian colony here They woro told that
they would bo furnished with naturalization I
papers and they wore asked to vote ou them
and thoy did so
tOY Corte explained tbat the papers were
fraudulent and most ot them wero not issued
to the mon whose name they lioio or whoso
signatures thoy pretended to contain Ho
called attention for instance to the papers of
Pollzzl the halterased Sicilian who was
hnehed They protended to be signed by
Pollzzl who eould neither read nor bJ
And ho mentioned another case wrie
Italian boy of 18 bad been furnished tslth nat
urnll7Atlan encore nnd racrnlntlnn nnnarai
On Monday when ranging for his depart
ure Consul Cortn railed a meeting at his office
of the lending Italians in New Orleans and
counseled them to melioration HO us to secure
the icood will and friendship of the people
Nothing he told them was to b gaIned by
keeping up race animosities or illfeeling Ho
ISO explained to thom that one of bin pur
nose In going to Italy was to secure sufficient
capital there for the establishment of an Jtalo
American bank In New Orleans ao
City Clerk Carry Locked Up on a Charge
Disorderly Conduct
City Clerk Thomas Curry of Lone Island
City was arrested ou Borden avenue in front
of Millers Hotel about 10 oclock Inst nlghtac
cuped of disorderly conduct and making threats
against Mayor Qloason It la said that Curry
was Intoxicated and hung around Millers
Hotel waiting for the Mayor The Mayor tried
to Induce Curry to go home but the latter re
sented hlsadvico with oaths nnd Insults Curry
followed the Mayor who directed Policeman
Kelly to tako him Into custody Curry broku
away twice and made fo the Mayor Ito was
In wn
formerly the MniorH private secretary and
was appointed City prVA him Statute tlnm
aaro ida daughter who WAS 1 teacher hud
trouble with Principal Tnrpy I IH I Bald that
Curry aikod In vain fur the Mayors assistance
in having Tarpy dismissed
The Bill to Prohibit the Vie of Firecracker
on the Glorious Fourth Defeated
BOSTON May 13In the House yesterday the
bill to prohibit the use of firecrackers pistols
torpedoes or other explosives In the streets
wax defcatid 00 to 55 and the usual celebra
tion ot Fourth of July thus sustained In the
debate Mr Charles of Boston said that next
year the llepublirnnH would rmt in nomination
for President the man whoso genius In itdmln
Istratlte ability had commanded the ndmira
tion of the country Tills tribute lo lilnlno
Was greetnd with great cheering Irom the hat >
publican side wit cii was duiMcHtol by the
Democrats when Mr Chariot raid thai lhi < y
would nomlMHlo Grover Clooland lie Mild
bath parties would want to make a noise tutU
burn fireworks then aud be opposed the bill
JUary Ellen Persistent Adtilrer
Mary Ellen Cayne of Si Henry street Is try
Inc to find Charles Mills of 42Henry street
and yesterday at the KSBOI Market Police
Court she got a summons directing him to
como to court and explain why he persists In
annoying her with lilt unwelcome proffer of
nifi ctlon Sites Cnvno says Hint win n sit > told
Mills tlmt she rnuld noer marrr n mannlio
didnt win kbe salil hoi nrm antI locke I nerio
MI ing t bo would ci t her mnrry lint orUII I liur
Than alu > fitintoil iind wbeti KIIO riuuilied her
honio MIIIH bad lied The next night he fol
lowed her borne irom her work and site be
came no frightened that she was slezed with
hysteria and her physician told her that she
would BO crazy If she didnt have her admirer
locked up That U why she la after him
V102141W cnoKER costtsa HOME
la Fact He May Arrive on the Steamship
Fnert ntmarck on Saturday Next
TbeTammanytpeople are agog with expecta
tion over the return of their chieftain lllchnril
Croker All through the rank and fllo there Is
a settled conviction that ho will noon como
back and some ot those who always know
what is going on donl In mysterious hints
that he Is now on the ocean homeward bound
This Is In despite ol n recently circulated
rumor that he might not return this summer
Mayor Grant CominlEslonnr Gllroy and
other Tammany magnates who really do
know the facts do not say anything In support
ot the story that Mr Crokor will not como
homo this summer But they try to make li
appear that It Is not certain just when ho will
comeback At the same time they are die
playing a remarkable interest In the first trip
of the new North Gorman Lloyds steamship
Fuerst Bismarck which loft Southampton on
May 9 and is due here on Saturday
One of the dozen or less ot those who are In
the secret admitted yesterday that Mr Orokor
Is a passenger on the now ship and that prep
arations for his reception are on foot These
preparations do not Include any brass band
welcome any tugboat escort or any such de
monstration Mr Croker Is always opposed to
any thing ot the kind and the disposition this
time seems to be to have his advent unaccom
panied by any public notice Th news of the
embarkation has been kept a profound secret
bythoEOtrho shared It though Dome Rumor
came pretty close to Betting hold of It
The very groat political interest In Mr
CrokeVs return Is dependent upon his views
and judgment of the situation here These
cannot be formed or expressed until he has
become Informed as to what has happened In
his absence Bo the plan was to keep his re
turn quiet until he should bare time to look
over the ground
Among those who are to be on hand to wel
come him Is exMayor Edward Murphy Jr ot
Troy a close personal and political friend
And under the original plans he would have
j been much more apt to have found a retreat at
the head of Hudson River navigation in which
to got Hd of his sea legs than to have resorted
to the neighborhood of Mount Morris Park
Mr Crokors return lacks the feature of
general Interest that attached to his arrival
nearly a year ago when ho came bat k In June
to testify before the Fassett committee Than
he was an Invalid interrupting pilgrimage In
search of health to face an inquisitorial and
antagonistic political engine known as an in
vestigating committee and to dispose of nome
fantastla and sensational misrepresentation
This time his coming Is preceded by the posi
tive information of his complete restoration to
health and the Interest In what he will have to
t ay Is a matter of politics In the city and In the
His Neck Caught In the Cord that Was to
Keep Him From Falling From the Chair
Mr and Mrs Thomas McSbane occupy the
third flat in the tenement at 230 East Ninety
seventh street Their only child was a baby
boy named Eugene who was ton month old
At noon on Tuesday Mrs MoSbane got the
baby to sleep laid n Bilk cushion In the big
rocllng chair in the dining room anal put the
boy in the chair to tlnlh his nap For tear he
might awake and fallout the mother tied a
bit of cord across the arms of the chair just
below the childs arms and called every ono
out of the room that his sleep might not be
Khe looked in onoo or twice and found him
sleeping He had slept nearly half an hour
whoa Mrs McShone hear a fiber gasping
sound from the teem and rushing in found
her child dying He bud awakened and In
tossing about bad slipped down until the
cord bad caught across lila throat and stran
gled him Ho was still breathing palnf ullynnd
two physicians were summoned but they
could do nothing and the child died within an
Hut a HoBTman House Hell Boy Found It
on the Floor In the Corridor
Horace Stokes brother of K 8 Stokes had a
2000 diamond In a flrsor ring when he
started for a stroll up Broadway with Com
missioner Hess yesterday afternoon They
took a cocktail together at the Hotel Metro
pole He left the Commissioner In the hotel
and jumped on a car to ride to the N Y Ath
letic duo and noticed with a star that the big
diamond had dropped from Its letting
He gave the conductor n dollar to search the
car but the diamond could not be found Ho
wont back to the Metnipole Commissioner
Hess wan still here but the cafti bad been
swept out and Mr Stokes went back to the
Hoffman House
The bell boys began a diligent search ot the
corridors of the Hoffman House In two min
utes Bell Bov Edward Baxter found the dia
mond on the marble floor of the Broadway
corridor It bad lain there for nearly two
hours Mr Stokes treated all the bell boys to
net Compelled a Little Girl to Take Off Her
Clothe In the Wood
Eightyearold Ella Booth was found In the
woods near Queens Monday afternoon almost
naked by some women who were out gather
ing flowers The child said that on her war
home from school she met n colored boy
named James Freeman who took her Into tim
woods and drawing a knife compelled her to
undrosa He then fled
Ereoman la 13 years old The childs father
William Booth nod him nrreted accused of
assault In the second degree His father
offered to send him out of the State and the
charge was withdrawn
Dealt Ont atthl End RefUsed at the Other
All the Boy Had to firing Him Hack
A messenger sent from a newspaper office to
Brooklyn yesterday morning offered a dime at
the bridge car office In payment of his fare
and received in change a Canadian flvocent
piece Upon his return the ticket seller at the
Brooklyn end refused the Cnnndlan coin and
when the lad protested that he had no other
money and askuil how he was to eot back to
his employers office be was ordered away
miller threat of arrest for blocking the pas
sate way
Two Dead One Dying and One Wounded
IOUISVIME May 18A Timn special from
Cattletsbnrg says that at linger McDowell
county W Vn a fight occurred on Saturday
between the Halls and Stoules two families
who have long kept up a feud At Its close
Samuel and Hiram Steele were dead Lon Hull
dying and Lewis Hall wounded The fight
began In a magistrates office where a case
was being tried All were armed A friend ot
theStaetc < was testifying rand the truth ot
seIne statement of his was denied by a Hall
sympathizer A fisticuff ensued Both sides
rallied In the street and taking refuge behind
corners and boxes a running lire was kept up
for an hour
Got Drank and Died Vlille III Wife was
Being Hurled
Catherine Costello a woman who weighed
over 400 poumln was found dead In bed Mon
day at her homo In Jersey City She was
burled yesterday Harcoflln measured twenty
six Inrhen nt the shoulders and nine mon had
nil they could do to carry the body out of the
buUip Her lniHliud Iiuti irk Contollo was
drunk and did not go to the funeral Last
nlplit he was bond dead In bed by one of his
iitluhbois who stopped In to see him alter re
turning from tim lunural
A Woniini Pound limit nrd
A drowned womin wan foi n I yesterday
morning In tim lower liiy tieir the loot ot
Sixtyfifth sheet on tbn Hay HI lepthcire Hho
wait about 40 years old and 3 feet 6 Inches
tall She wore a calico waist a blue striped
skirt and button shoes The body was taken
to StiUwelfs morgue at Oravesend Nothing
was found on the body to Indicate tier identity C
A Local Trhln Exploded Charge o Dyna
mite Undtr the Track Near New Dow
ham Tearing Tp the nail tint the Ks
press Was Flncccd In Time to Aver
Dl ater A Plot of Train Bobber t
Beenre the Content of the Express Car
The Pacific express on the West Shore road
which Is scheduled to leave the Weehawken
station nt 880 oclock wns delayed on Monday
night That Is why the Woohnwken and West
Haverstrnw local which starts at the same
hour wont out nhoad of It It Is an unusual
occurrence for the Pocino express to start
The local stopped at New Durham just be
yond Woehawkon at 835 It was Its last reg
ular stop before reaching Haverstraw A mils
beyond New Durham Is Little Ferry and half
n mile beyond that the Northern Hallroad of
Now Jersey passes under the West Shore
lust as the local approached the bridge over
those tracks an explosion occurred The train
was under good honlwav and it wag Impossi
ble to stop It possod right on and went over
the bridge where the conductor stopped to ln
Tho train consisted of an engine and two
cars The glass In the headlight ot the engine
was smashed by the explosion and both the
cub windows A number of windows In the
cars wore also broken
There were few passengers aboard and the
whole thing happened too suddenly for any
annie to take place
When the train wan stopped the conductor
nnrlnar anal anvaral rut ha hata 4 S
flauMAUu flUb flLe
and walked back to Investigate
Close to the out through which the Northern
Railroad ot Now Jersey ran about three feet ot
the track was found torn completely out and a
hole blow out of the earth beneath It It was
a wonder that the train passed over safely
That It did so can only be attributed to the
fact that It was under headway and was a
short train
The conductor and brskemen ran back and
flogged the Piiclffo Express which was close
behind The express stopped and was quickly
switched over to the southbound track which
was uninjured and upon that passed the scene
of the explosion and over the bridge whore it t
was switched back to the northbound track
mid proceeded on Iti way to Chicago and the
West with littlo loss of time
It is i supposed that tho explosion was caused
by train wreckers who hoped to throw the
Pacific express Into the cut just ahead and rob
It at their leisure
This express train Is always loaded with
money and valuable for the West On Monday
carried no more than its usual load of valu
ables but that was considerable
Had the express not boon delayed It would
probably have been thrown Into the cut by the
explosion as It hnd seven or eight cars at
tached two ol which wore filled with express
packages forwarded by the National Express
After the express passed an examination ot
the track showed evidences ot a deliberate
clan to wreak the train Fastened by a win
to a plOLO of the track which was blown out
was a portion of a Blxby blacking box which
contained an explosive probably dynamite
At ono side of tin track was a cigar box
filled with a substance which the railroad
officials said was draralto From It stretched
two fuses to the ends of which were affixed
iJercusslon caps
It looked as though the train robbers had In
tended to fix this magazine also to the rails
but had been frightened off and were able only
to Attach the blackingbox bomb
Had this also been attacheh it is probable
that the local would have been thrown off the
track and wrecked down tho embankment in
the cut
There has been an attempt on the nart of the
railroad officials to hush the story up and yes
terday afternoon they denied its truth to a
SUN reporter
The officials ot the National Express denied
any knowledge of an attempt to wreck their
train It In known that detectives are on the j
cage In tho Interest of the railroad a
The President of the National Express Com
pany said yesterday that the Pacific Express
carried dally express packages to a large
amount of value
It was reported that 85000 In money was
carried on Mondays train but tbiswaedenled
Tim express compnny brings a largo amount
of bullVn East but sends little West
The express curs carry some paper money
but the bulk of the cargo consists of miscella
neous packages of value the contents which
are known only to tho senders
Passenger Train In Cotillion
PLAINFIELD May 13 Train 522 on the Phil
adelphia and 1uddln which leaves New York
at t P M loft the Bound Brook station nt 453
this afternoon for a strnlcbt run to Trenton
Engineer Frank was In the cab Just before
it reached Western and while running at fifty
miles orotund a curve the engineer saw before
him a freignt train which was taking a switch
lie had rnly time to apply the brakes when a
collision occurred
His entries dtfhed Into the freight train
completely wrecking six corn Englnner
rank lumped fiom I his cab ard escaped with
a sprained ankle and a bruised brad Strange
to say the passenger engine and five earn did
not leave the track though the front of the
engine wits badlr wroKed
sOt a uaassahigcrwas soriousiyinjnrodthougb
all wore badly shaken up Charles Taguns the
lacmnn of the freight train say be Meniillei
the passenger train but Engineer Frank ears
he did not ceo any signal The demolished
Irolulit curs wore packed with fresh fish
Cot CockerIll Retlrcl
Col John A Cockcrlll who has been Identi
fied with the World since It was purchased br
Totoph Iullter about eight years ago severed
his connection with that paper last Saturday
The Weather
A etorm was central yeiterday on the roast of Georgia i
cauiloit hutch wlndi between Ilatterai and Jackeonrtlle
and waa attended by a rain area that oorared Vlrflnla
nacbluf West a > far aaTannewee and Alabama The
fail we 200 Incbea at Charlotte N Cj rain fan ala
along the Gulf coait to Tease rziept In rlortda i
titers wu light raia 1 iii I Maine tliewbtre the weather
wee fair
The weattier r malne < J cool In ill the stats except
for a slIght lucrcait of hot over Ilia upper lake region
The fair weather aliouia continue m the Norlh ro8UUs
to lay whit but alight change In temperature Tbs
wluJi Hare variable and light on the coast from yew
Jerioy northward except a velocIty ot 2 < miles aa boar
at Block lilanJ
The day was fair In the city highest official tempers
tura 71 ° Ioweat47i average humIdity B7 per ecnUI
what cliangeil from northwest to aoathiarerag v le
Ill 7 niiKa an hour
Today prentice to be fair with a slight increase In
temperature tomorrow fair warmer
Tha thermometer at Ierrre pharmacy la Ti Ira
building recurJed the temperature yesterday H feI
lasi 1501 1500 1551
5 A M biu Si S ls P 5 et 715
CA ii 00 5l up M 1145 055
67 BIM itt ste
Average on hay iS lt0
stebuL nrniK ruaECiflT till 8 r M tucaioir
yorMiilne Naw Ilimtuhlre Vermont Mauachu < etta
Hhodu haeid I CoDiiecllciit and ratltrn Ario Tort gut
91 illS f airs Ialaaa tty leHlte ClOt C ttcttt lUjhlly uurm
frlnMini I vi tat IulnH I
Knr Ilia Ulnrletnf IliliiinbU New Inner DelawAre
eastern lennilranla and Maryland alioweraf DO
change In temperature toulheait wlndi
for Wait Virginia western 1ennaylvanls weatera
Hew Tort and Ohio gatteritly fair itaUoauy kmg
asaHi vsrUUi wlaAsv

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