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THE RUN Ntw Irk City
f German Kaiser Overrates Himself
We a not surprised t hear tat tho
Grand Duke of Mecklenburg resent the ar
I rojant and silly speech made by Kaiser Wn >
UAMlI on a recent occasion Smarting
I apparently under BISUABCKS elect Ion In tho
Geestem ndo district In the teeth ot tho
Governments opposition tho Emperor r
seized an opportunity ot declaring that he
alone was master of the realm and that he
would tolerate no one at his side whose
views wore not conformed t his Tbt
j more one ponder this assertion more
preposterous It seems IfWUJLIAII I
really had autocratic powers he would b
stupid t brae of it but as a matter ot faot
alter a King of Prussia nor a German
Emperor does ho bear the slightest resem
blance t an autocrat An autocrat Is a
potentate who can tax his subject at will
bat WILLIAM II cannot exact a kreutzer
from any Gorman citizen or even from a
Prussian subject without the formal assent
C the peoples representatives
In hla capacity King of Prussia WIL
UAKII 1 a constitutional sovereign It is
true of him as It is of King HUMBERT In
I Italy that ho reUns but does not govern
All legislation must emanate from the Prus
j sian Parliament which consists of an upper
n chamber or House of Lords and a Land tar
or Chamber of Deputies The civil odmlnls
xtratlonof the kingdom is In the hands ot
Ministers directly responsible to tho lower
House That principle Is now impregnably
S r established It is true that for four years
between 1862 and 1866 BISMAHCK persisted
in acting 8 Prime Minister in the faco of
repeated votes of censure Year after year
ho went on levying taxes without authority
the Landtag refusing to pass a money bill
Yet no one know bettor than BISUABCK
a he ha often since acknowledged that he
risked his head nor does any one doubt
that had KOnlggratz brought defeat in
stead of victory t Prussia he might have
Buffered the fate of STRAFFOBD It is Im
probable that any other statesman would
prble oter sttsman
face such risks a were confronted at that
crisis by the iron Chancellor nor should
S it b forgotten that BISMAECK himself
hastened t obtain an act of indemnity from
I S Prussian Parliament whllo it was flushed
with elation at the splendid outcome of the
AustroPrusslan war He could not have
made a moro distinct and solemn avowal of
his previous violation of the law
I Germany outside of his ow kingdom
of Prussia WILLIAU II has very limited
S powers In war t b sure he is Com
monderinChlef of the German armies but
In peace he 1 a mere figurehead represent
ing through Imperial Ministers the collect
ive Interests of the confederated States in
their relations t foreign powers A legis
lation on imperial concerns must proceed
from the concurrence of the Federal Council
and the Belchstag and Prussia delegates
to the former body are appointed not by
WILLIAM IL in his rile of Prussian sov
I ereign but by tbe Prussian Ministers while
S Prussias representatives in the Reichs
l I tag are chosen directly by the people
Even therefore in the and
therefore te narrow cr
l I fully defined field of imperial affairs
S the ersonal volition of the
personal Emperor
f prona volton Empror
counts for very little during times
of peace A regards all those matters
S legislative administrative and judicial
I which In the State of New York would b
I dealt with at Albany with these WILLIAM
S II has absolutely nothing to do In tho king
doms of Bavaria Wurtembirg and Saxony
In the grand duchies of Baden HesseDarm
stadt and Mecklenburg In the Saxon
duchies and other smaller yet partially
S Independent principalities Tho slightest
attempt of the young Kaiser t encroach on
t any of the reserved rights of these States
f would provoke concerted and vehement resistance
sistance which might possibly result In the
S disruption of the Gorman empire
When therefore WILLIAM I vaunts him
t self a sole master of the German realm he
S utters the thing that Is not It was a fools
speech the bravado of a silly boy
I 3
I Sir Cleveland Discovers the Billion
r I Nothing In the world gives THE Sun great
S er pleasure than t commend the Hon
I OBOTEB CLEVELAND whenever that gentle
t man manages t get his somewhat pinguid
Intellect into correctfocus upon the political
situation I doos not happen often and tho
I Joy is therefore the greater
1 Mr CLEVELAND Is sound and straight and i
S 1 Democratic In comments Buffalo upon I
the extravagance of Urn Bepublicun Con
gress recently adjourned His position on
T this subject is morally and logically and
I politically Impregnable When ho In
I eists that tho most threatening fig
ure which today stands In the
ur toav stnds I way
S I ef the safety of our Government and tho
happiness of our people is reckless and
S J wicked extravagance in our public expendi I
tures who going to get up and say No
S i Mr CLEVELAND you are mistaken have
you forgotten the protective tariff When
he affirms with solemnity that I public ex
travagance Is a deadly dangerous thing
that frugality and economy are honor
able and that the virtue and watchful
uses of the people are the surest safeguards
I 4l against abuses in their Government no
j I Democrat will speak counter t his propo
sitions When ho borrows from these
S columns the deadliest missile now known t
political warfare and hurl the Billion at the
S enemy It surely Is not THE BUN that will
S bid him stay his hand
Mr CLEVELAND is unquestionably on the
I I right track although It has taken him some
S I 1 1 time to get there
r r The peculiar thing about this statesmans
r I sudden awakening to the real Issue of the
I y1 the fact that he elms to suppose
I that every other Democrat baa been asleep
t loo up t date To his denunciation of the
is I unparalleled extravagance of the Billion
S Congress he imparts a of the Importance
of an original discovery He apparently believes
S I lieves tat at Buffalo on May 121801 1 and
i I by himself the Attention of the people was
I for the first time adequately directed t the
recklessness and waste of the Republican
S Fiftyfirst Congress and its criminal Indlf
I ferencn to tho countryd good Ho axes his
swon ant i cries Cntno 111 I when in rmillty
t heisalonguuy behind the auibulinci6 iiiul
even the mule train
There is consequently something almost
t comical in the apprehension which Mr
OurmP MpreiHd M I Buffalo that the
tttots e ski taW itatw a not u
j S S S
eleatly down on Billion Congresses I andsuch
enormities To my mind he says with
amusing earnestness the caddest end
most frightful result of public extravagance
la seen in the readiness of the masses of
our people who are not dishonest but only
heedless to accustom themselves t that
dereliction in public place which it In
vplves ntvcr and harbor bills ho odds
by way Illustration wore rfgardcUonlv
few years ago o excessively extravagant
when they amounted to 11000000 anda bill
of that size gave rise to a loud l popular
protest Now continue Mr CLEVELAND
a public extravagance demands an appro
priation of 2X000000 for tha same purposes
and the people Arc silent t
Silent < Why tho extravagance of tho
Flftyflret Copgroes was denounced and
resisted by fatthfulDcmocrats in Congress
and out of It m lit and months ago and
hundreds jot watchful mocrto Journals
pointed J out tho villainy of every supceselvo
step Is the carr ofp that mcraorn
ble legislature It wasMr CLEVELAND
who was silent When tHopeoplo gut
a chnco at the bllo boxes they
voted spendthrifts out ot puworhy ono
of then Impressive verdicts over record
ed Allof tbls limo Mr CLKVELIND A
writing and tolklogfrpe trade IHlllonlam
tkh for him political issue
had no attractions as a pollcallQc
When the Fltyf Chi M wtjntout of
existence and tho figures were fcotol i tho
terrible Billion went ringing ttlirquch the
land It has been ringing for mqro thfcn
two months If this is ellcneo slleucu never
was sp noisy before S
I etrke us that tho Uon Onovfin CLUVE
LAND IsUnjuatto l a grctttraany hund dot
thousands of Democrats whose nits mayo
morerat > 1ly than his own nnd who are qulte
a slncerelyconcerned as he Is about Qult
economy qnd frugality > which belong to
sturdy Americanism l Nevertheless n e are
gratified to observetliat lie has Ulscmcicd
tho Billion at last t I I
Tl > e Holy Bible
This week the American Bible Society has
celebrated at Chlckering Hail tho seventy
fifth anniversary ItJ birth It was ouoot
the fffof the groatorgaiiizntlons for ttho
gratuitous distribution of the Scriptures es
tablished In pursuance of the Protestant
theory that the Bible Is the only Infallible
rule of faith and iiractice and that the d t
ot interpreting it rests with the Individual
or In other words that Scripture Is its own
Interpreter as the Divinely provided guide
to salvation
Under that fundamental principle it be
comes the prime d t and the first essential
of Protestantism t put the Bible into the
hands of every human being and t teach
him t read t The worldwide distribu
tion of the Scriptures their translation into
every tongue and thounlyorsol diffusion of
education are therefore neer conse
quences of the Protostnnt theory
In beginning of the present century i
or at the time when the present lat agen
cies for the distribution ot tho Scriptures i
were founded England andthis country
the Bible had already been translated Into
nearly all the languages Europe and Into
a few of the Oriental tongues Since the
formation of the British and Foreign Bible
Society the parent organization In 18 the
number of languages Into which transla
tions have been made has increased to i
about two hundred and fifty though
some of them are of parts of the Scriptures
only This represents a prodigious amount
of labor performed In great port by Protes
tant missionaries and it furnishes imprrs
slve evidence of profound faith in the Bible
a the infallible Word of GOD Of all these
translations the seven principal Bible socie
ties of Europe and America have distributed
at least 200000000 copies The American Bible
Society alone has circulated during the
seventyfive years of Its existence 54000000
copies of the Scriptures and tbo British and
Foreign Bible Society in existence since
18 has sent out about twice a many
The various branches of Protestantism
differ a t other matters but they all agree
a t the duty and necessity of disseminat
ing the Bible and therefore they unite in
suppr of those societies I Is true that a
part of the Baptists separated in order t
circulate a version of their own with the
word baptize of the authorized English
version translated immerse but they are
among the most strenuous of Protes
tants In demanding that tho Bible shall
to human tho
go t every being a
only infallible guide t salvation The prln
at the celebration
clpal speaker anniversary celebraton
of the Bible Society at Chlckering Hall on
Wednesday evening was the Rev PHILLIPS
elected t b and his appearance on that
platform Is a striking indication of Eplsco
pal sentiment in approval of the pur
poses of the association From one end
of Protestantism t the other tin
Bible Is revere as the revealed Word
of GOD Whatever doubts there may b as
to the necessity of other religious agoncies
there is none a t the Christian obligation
t exhaust every means for tho distribution
of the Bible to mankind Accordingly tbo
American Bible Society U 1 tho centre of a
widespreading system of societies for this
purse formed in every denomination and
scattered throughout the world
The popular reverence for the Bible Is also
strong and It extends to every copy of
the printed Book and includes even those
who reject the supernatural authority
of Scripture At least BO for a j tho exhi
bition of outward and formal respect con
cerned they are all of on mind Tho vari
ous Bible societies arc careful to put copies
of the Scriptures in tho reading rooms sad
bedrooms of hotels and upon all ships and
steamers It cannot be said that those
volumes give evidences of having been
extensively read but they are never
defaced Tha most flippant treAt the
Holy Bible with Instinctive nnd dis
tinctive respect Roysterem do not tear
out Its leaves to light I their cigars Tho
lewd do not disfigure its pages Gamblers
on Mississippi steamers will gravely and
carefully put away the Bible boore using u
table en which it lies Other books
are dogcar d and grimy with Indifferent
use but the Bible remains clean and
whole The bibliolatry of which Prof
DBIOOS s ok so slightingly Is very
generally displayed In this country at
least The Bible Is treated as a book apart
Iroraallotlier books even by men who carry
his theories to their logical conclusion and
reject Its divine authority altowther They
look upon any misuse of f tbe printed volumo
t In bad taste and t her is among the
usually thoughtless and profane a supersti
tious fooling which prevents them from do
Ing injury to it No matter where a Bible is
put It maybe assumed that it will b safe
from 111 usage
These aro very significant fact and they
suggest the revolutionary change In cllglotia I
sentiment which would occur if belief In tho
Blur at tlip tictuni and lufulllbln Won of
GOD passes away among Uio people I it ia
n book of orrofcaiong with Its truths Its gen
eral distribution would b as likely t prop
agate error as truth the individual canndt
be trusted to Interpret It for himself accord
DC to tin Uwonrot1 ProtMtaatUm What
5 5 ±
sure 4tl test has yy he by which to discriminate i <
between the false and the true the knpwl
edge ot man only and the absolute apd per
fect knowledge of the omniscient GoP I
and tho rest ot the reputed and designated
porirpen and map rolut the Almighty In
writing its books were not the realitran
BCrlbcru and I men of unknown names did
tho llternt work and they recorded only
traditions ofl the Jewish race how f
the old veneration for the Bible re
main Tho basis of faith In revelation Is
destroyed I people are told that the
belief of centuries Mt the Bible Is false a
mere fiction r they not more likely t
throw overboard revolution wholly thanto
adopt a new andstrangttheory ofIt under
the tuition of Dr Bittaas and his school ot
Biblical critics V
It is not surprising therefore that rtho
dox Protestantism Is aghast at the enter
pYlBdof Dr1 Biuoas He Is tearing P the
old faith from toe very roots
I Tho Cologne ottboWet
Our oteemcdconternporry the Chieagc
Herald records Jn sorrow moro than In
ringMtheperslstent local peculiarities ol
Mm Windy City Intho way of astaulU upon
th yCW tho eyo and the ear It will
romcmbpied that Chicago began some
time ago a mighty cffrt to get ut of the
smoke that liabltnilly veils her beauty from
hf eyfBbf stronger and tho admiration fol
her Sdns How wrong the schema has gone
lA clear fioin tllst truthful and painful
chapter In dcBcrlntlvocnpnology
ittmntlnrtTldcomnd on both hf > ree or that
willed aoi ttiflver stood doe roldUI
IUee purto Uielr Jofcrivejr 4Tom4lt tit illteMlont I tail
a nil felt fame i tWo Itrte iu tteamer slowly fwi
acjtift b n rro cnn n IUir ill I ot ti I
tide founAxlin i Thf tesmtrsbelrg too nnw ldy
f pull ilbr > nl ll tUKbrfiu 1 tltimtn dl < I no
mrra bnl the IUt funiUt When nbfnl I rMpi
null trim tie brtdre iheybotlv of them betan to
blob forth inio 1t Sot th wblte thin lie to lbt
iHhly rio UiioIbb arlIt djUpptitn but th dtntr I
HjnB MDtk almpii hUektn hut a4 thtklotMm I
who h ln briallio ILwhich Ii ISO product f ott
col In In lm > riect stats ot icmtiuttlon
11i > t oaai I tnoIis t woe pant v forth 1
vltlAtitrj in 1 Ifh an n ter pith nf danmtlie
riiblo cuMtdntu nnil Ibo r cm on inddonly that
loan Instant r bd IIWIIP ttirrlninwiboinc
on tho tirjdn fnd on lh iharet tn their Hbli iitnktar
a5oattnt t < > ntf Anil tni bombitrdmopt ot black
root and sinohawaP ktpt np cntll atr lbs two tail
T MtllhmJ bun ndr tfe1 bout a bock fnrthtr off
Thirrowd ipaittrtd and co4hd and trltd to catch
ihilrbreatbaandlhoUdltii 111 bnrld tblr brljht
toe i In thitcp riim d bodhcblr to oteapo Ibla
faetlbnot ibli ant smks lat thno wai no p
ln It It ptottratof nf T 11 r < ry hinJtmhUr
lliftrchtd In ay tbrooih Ibo ndum < drtMM and
I rtachid th aehlni JnnnoftYnybodythatWailnth
vicinity l yortb ipaetof flro nlantn tho inn boeano
InvliUblo to that crowd n sky took on a iom r lint
and banks ob olU > isiok itr tobi4 ont In tho air u fa
a tb ala fault rob Than tho wild btgan soatur
lb rtTOltln m u of Ulamtltlot choking amok d
on I WIDr 111 dtpartodto isfoal othir rotlona
Then T rybody IDthS crowd or follow nstrori ba
ncimora to btoatb frly > Ittanwhtl lbs bridge
bad larD4 back 1011 oil pies and the llTln tenant
ot human ho > ago rushed nadly OTtrit Some ot thus
uMd cuss words
If two little tugs can puff Up such a lung
choking and mephitic exhalation what must
bathe usual Chicago atmosphere blackened
malodorized hundred
polluted aqd maloor by a hundre
thousand smokes uncleannesses and savors
Intolerable 1 For the benefit of visitors t
the unfortunate spot we quote another chap
I ter a chapter of smells and screeches
Tho llltl icon wai ontoC rryday ocenmnc
But It wa hardly mora than thu doings ot bcadroda of
raDroad tnrintt all ortr thu cIT In fact while tb
defiant tafboata with thrill screams and whutlta sit
Tolamtt of black tmokt 1 about the ntlcbborhood of
Wills COrSet brldf jom two or thre looomottrta
ruhtd back and forth nndtrtbo rladnet olott U th
bride clanging chair bulls Itttlnz off a with th
nolat of a coodtHtd explosion and puffin the
rry tam variety ot nlfllnc amok into lb trtra
blnc atmosphere Ja far at the character of
lbs salience was eonoaratd It wa a muck
ndook ram btwtn tb tugboats and th
locomotlTta And at II li I on lbs Korthwottrn road to
I It oa Ttry ether within thu limits of lb town
Sickening took and dtaftnlnt met ettry when on
overT track that crass ncroutt and InnntcM Ohi
Sac cIT A wh1ialpolionloiof ibu sunset most
itceaury to lit air And Ibis mobs fees of txliUnit
I awa la tb fat of lb fact that larr claim bar 1
oDI bean mad that lbs amok nuisance la rapidly
abating Tbs fact that our city air It itlll at
thickly charitd with amok at I ever was perhaps
mor to than of d may b limply tmonitrattd said
a pabllctplrlttd citizen who hit lattlr jolatd an or
laalzatlon tttbllibid for lb purpose of either mode
itlnr or wiping out a Mriti of now priTalllnf
nuIsances All on has to d li I t obttrr the
way rclll dnlthtd buildings bar baum chantad
b iy lh air to far ai their outer covering U
costumed > Look for Intttnoe at tbt sew Inter Ocean
building about a ytar old Notice how that treat
rehlteetnral wonder In tower hu taktn on tbo hne
ot mournlnr all due 1 th constant emok In lb air
Loe at any of thou recently built mal itrnctnret
con town on La Sail and Uaaroe and Dearborn
treeta Rvtn before they are quit flnlthtd and ready
for occupancy they look old and dingy and smoke
begrimed Then when you come to Ib chapter ot
UDtwbI odoriferous ona of almost Illlmltablo
aeopl I Our chemical factories with their Tarlemed
Delta our tallow and ilanibter houSe our leap far
lorll and 10 on through the whole history itlll iprtad
a much stink an ore tbe vast urn ot Ibis cUlt as
they r414 deiplt claims made to Hit contrary
And yt It Ih t nothing but a rIgid eoforcement or
exlillncordlnancea notblnibut a health department
that will du its duty I wipe this trll ont compltttiy
Bridgeport 111 1 true li I not quilt to offenilr to thu
olfactory nerret ai I onr was but other stink
prodnclnc eittbllihmtntt hart sprung np with mush
room growls In other parts of thu city and lb sum
total of ulnki they produce U at letit lb tqnlra
lent or tbe sum total of ten years ago
Must this smoke rasp tho throat and red
den tho eye of the Orient and tho Occident lii
vlted to celebrate CoLuMBus Chicago and
Republican party In 1833 Must these
Bedlamoutbtillowlng nol knock out the
tympan and these more than Chinese
oor make Indignant the nose of civiliza
tion 1 I Is time for Chicago t reform to
swear off smoking t devote herself to de
odorlzatlon and disinfection If
odorlZton dlnfecton not What 1
Signer Cortes Confession Case for
Our Government
I Is surely an extraordinary and inex
plicable confession that Signer COBTE the
Italian Consul at New Orleans has made
Itlnu Cnsll Orleas ha as
given in yesterdays SuN
I contains allegations which Consul COKTB
ought to b Invited to support with legal
evidence before he takes his departure for
Rome next week I
Ho confesses that a few weeks ago ho had
private Information concerning certain mur
derous projects that Italian resldeutaof New
Orleans were prepared to execute
He did cot at once communicate this in
formation t the authorities of the city in
order that preparations might b mae to
prevent the projected murders I Is only
now that he has given it t b known that ho
w In possession pf such information
This is a serious business These are astounding
tounding revelations and Consul COHIK
should not leave the country just after
making them They Involve questions of
concern t the American people
Consul COBTE says
The diy after tbe lynching fof lbs Italian atXew
Orlttni then wa tn abteluta loIs uttatnUahl
determination amour trials ot Bucoontrymea t kill
tbt > aol and alt thoit who had a band I Wlb
rF hit I retrained tbtlr beads I ctntroUed t
furleoi men I told Ihtra 1 ao I said Ikat U any
harm befell those tnlltmtn I would Immtdlttily aad
nareeerredty denonnc lb perpttraton ot tb dtid
This arm Head checked Ibm
Thus it appears that Consul COHTE noti
fied tie wouldbe murderers that no would
denounce them I they executed their
project but meanwhile he withheld from
authorities the information that
tne proper authorte IformatoD tat
be possessed of their designs
HofrtYMtbwnamM o tome ot the sit
S f I I
tans Now Orleans who had been marked
for murder
I hare ard Uaytr SKi Mr ifi lit And I b
oa the lime servile 10 Mr Fun sad to Mr
WlcxXlrraand other leadtrt
Hp gIve still further details On the
night of the lynching moro than a dozen
Italians callad at his house to say that the
lctimsmust l b avenged and t t l hIm
that they would dynamite the Pickwick
Club which one of tho lynchors belonged
Anumber of Italian women alto visited
him the came night and insisted on
rovenjro1 even I It should precipitate a riot
A force of several hundred Italians offered
to secure his own protection by acting as
his body guard < Ho says that he argued
for hours with these Inflamed people that
ho warned them of the danger of the course
whlch they were about to take and th the
dissuaded them from perpetrating the deeds
uponwhloh they wave bent
Truly these are astounding revelations
It seems t us that Consul COUE having
raodolthls confession ought to b required
by < our Gpvornmcnt before bc leaves for
Borne to give an explanation thereof and t
toll the names of those of his countrymen In
Mow Orleans who In his presence threatened
t murder certain American citizens and t
destroy a building with dynamite
One of the propositions r disposing of
MSenator BIAIB of New Hampshire is to
make him Commlsslonerof JmmlcriMIon This
Is I Hnofflce which BLAIR can lv I good reason
son for refusing tab When It a created
In roll last through tbe passage of tba new
immigration pot Coaress failed through an
oversight make appropriation for the
rnlnry of lu Incumbent How could Mr Bunt
wait for bit salary till the next Congress as
semblos and makes provision for Its payment
Furthermore the Commissioners salary A
established by th act la I small It Is I only
0 a year Under lb circumstance It
cannot b supposed that President HADDISOH
will further wound Mr BLAIHS already
wounded feelings by offering him the office of
I Commissioner of Immigration
Wo learn from 1 religious paper that tho
Protestant clergy here Alt approve ot the order
just Issued by the German Kaiser that the
Cnr preachers shall keep their sermons with
in a quarter of an hour I appears that an
elaborate Tollreasoned sermon properly
aravrh up and with an Impressive application
whether tbe sermon be extemporaneous or
r a from manuscript requires about an hour
for its dellTery though there be come preach
ers who can expound the doctrine of a text
end enforce its lesson forty minutes The
question is a momentous one for the clergy
Ibis I also ot interest to the hearers and pew
holders who hare not yet expressed their
views 1 or taken a vote upon It
There Is news from Ottawa that the Cana
dian Government is about to adopt measures
and make an appropriation for the purpose of
inducing the return to the provinces ot the
Canadians who have come to this country We
suppose there must b hundreds of thousands
of Canadians in the United States and a Urge
proportlpn of them are In the New England
States where they are engaged on the farms
In tbe factories and in all kinds of labor and
where they get better wages for their work
than are paid in the Canadian provinces
We suppose they stay In this country because
they find life more satisfactory here than they
found it in Canada and It may be doubted
whether even an appropriation will induce I
them to go back to Canada a long as th con
ditions of existence here ate better than there
Among the Canadians living In this city and
State there are many men of enterprise who
have won success in business and who would
smile Ufe at any proposition to return t provincial
A Forctcnborm AnerleM Soy Wa Shoal
tTncoTcr ud atom tVhcm the Bud
Plays the 8t rHpi > DSle < l BttMer
bo too much to expect of the gentlemen who
assemble in their thousands at Central Park
every Sunday to listen to the Inspiring strains
of Cappas band to arise and uncover their
heads when the national anthem is being
layed Dont you think that this slight respect
spect is due to the 8turSpaneled Banner
I am not a nativeborn American but I am an
American citizen and am ready to fight and
die for the glorious banner and Institutions of
the land of my adoption I it should ever become
necessary t do so The starry banner is my
flag and the StarSpangled Banner is my
national anthem
I cannot understand how nativeborn Ameri
cans can treat this soulInspiring air with such
disrespect A lot of Italians just after landing
conld not b any colder or less I demonstrative
I may b argued that the majority of the peo
ple who go to hear the music on Sundays are
foreigners but to my mind this is no excuse
for It does not follow that foreigners should be
ingrates They ought at least to respect the
flog and national anthem of the country which
protects them and gives them homes and even
furnishes munlc every Sunday for their amuse
ment 111 beautiful park
hapn that you will speak through TRI BUN
t the Americans who go to bear the musIc on
Unndayn and request them to arise anTI nn
cover their beads when the band plays the
glnrlous an thrill of their native land and
when tUe foreigners see tbo Americans doing
their duty It will follow its night does the
day that they will do likewise nlh
Pop exam pie shads a lenlal ray of light
u hlch Irlendi are ant to borrow
yir I > improT yo ineif today
Au4 next linprort your iritndi tomorrow
I am certain that our requent wilt work
such a change in tlm peopin of thin city by next
sunday I bat foreigner who stop to hear our
fret concert In Central lark will not doubt
that they ar iljid sd in th United btates the
laud Mir of tb free I Voura ec CITIZEN W E
Charlotte Tempi
To vms Kcrron or TnaSra Ar The itattmtnt In I
your paper of Hay 10 does trial InJniUc to lbs mum
r eta wtrthy officer ot Ihu Brltili army
CPI John Montreior was In acllvt wrrlce In America
front I7SI to lh end of liii War of lb Berolallen
with tM exception of 10 month haT I of abuses
from November gIn
11 married at Now Tort March I 1 < Frances
Tncktr made his horns In I this I city and purchase the
preeent KindaUa Island In 1773 for a country ten Hu
family of ten children were born In Xew York II was
conntcttd by marriage with Dr iuclimnty the rector
Trinity Church
There li no authority for charring this eetlmabte ten
tltmanwlth brlndnir a mlitreea to her York In 1774
It U to be rmotted that Mr Nod In hit memoir of
Vn Bowoon paid more attention to the oailpy article
la tbt newspapers than lo the tall In tb4 cat
I donbt that Nn lon e vlilttd New Tork
before thu publicatIon of her noveL She wa exiled
from MatiaehuMlti when a girl of Ie and did not re
turn to lbs United Stales till lbs ytar lies U
Poor Bryce on the Nw OrUnna LyoehUc
from the Xeu York JUt
oc Iryct ducuiiei the Itcal and oomtltnllonal
aipteti of tt aSalr and lays I down tl propoiltlon
that the oortrnmint U I net reiponilbl directly toy thu
acts of private prOD bat only for ntflect an III own
part lie supposes la ordr 10 Impll the argument
that the lynching bad happened la I tbt District of Co
lumVIa cndcayti If Grand Jury refuted to aid a
hill or I a p111 jury acquitted thu erUontn Ibo DOT
ernminl could do no more lii own would be ex
hauled So would lb powin ot lb Irltlih Oorern
not la a Ills case In nillher Jarlidletloo would
there b In lbs abitac ef fflell negi ot a claim
aialmt the OoTernmentfor outratci b ylottrs
lit discuss lbs rights arulng as II Ii I sllmd they
do aria oat ef th treaty o 1n and comet 10
practically tb MB conclusion He says ai Mr Slain
d that Ilalliat tassel b f a better poiltlon than
eliluni of another Stae Ho
American 0111 I adopt tbt
cimlintion that hay when b mad the treaty moot
bt held to bars had nolle of th limitation upon tlie
treaty miUng pwes ot ilie United Slates of their
I onilliulafi and III particular Ibtl irorlelon wh ch
leaves the admlulitralion of criminal Juitlc to ilis up
arale States lie hold on tlie other had that lb dO
tel of official procedure a r DO anewer tothecem
pistol of a foreign Oorerament If lbs la of
Jtiiiteli palpable and t eisa ietiOs a foreign OOY
trantat nay treat II as a grey breach f Isursatltsai
gifatit f aalblyktvsa ai a CUM Mil
5 t i S S r tj t
S xns ozjatvjurs aff4r1 I
ThejTrlhnt to m Very Ahltt aid Jiottl
S Sontharn SeKter I j
WASBINOTOK May 14The monument whle l
has just been raised in honor of Gln Fatrie
Itonsyne Clebnrne at Helena Ar1 btart wit
ness to the fat that the mattery ot3hie
gallantIrlsh soldier still cherished although
more than a quarter of a century baa pud
ifncehN death on the battlefield In the Con
federal cause
Cltburne has often been called thefltbne
I wait of the West but while that epithet Is In
asbrlways not felicitous then Isno doub
that be was a remarkable soldier whose t
tude for the profession of arms became more
and mere apparent with his rise IrKJomrriand 1
H l tbI k said Gen Gordon who delivered the
address at thi unveiling of the Clebnrne shaf
a Helena that we do no Injustice fo t any 6rte
living or dead when I saytbath was the
most distinguished efficient soldier ol his
rank that fought In bur Western Aries the
i moAtlllustrlons exponent of Irish valor and
eJneat aor
Prowess that has yet appeared on American
fields Remembering the m ny fatuous
Irish born soldiers who have fought In our
country we need not institute comparisons
am6ng them but Cleburne was unanestlon
ably an illustrious figure among the Confeder
ate HaiorGeuerals at the West sIt
It is interesting to note that debuteWho
was born in countYCotk Ireland on Bt Pat
risk Day of 1818 was s decadlint 01 th
William C lyhorn WhO baIt been Colonial
lieerelarT of Virginia A century before JIII
injrwas Dr Joseph vie burn > f nod n Is
other a daughter of VatrickBonnne Of Anne
brook comity Cork whose ancestor wajj that
Maurice Ilonnyne who obtained from Henry
lv agrsnt or the rights of Barrlllhmn
flip father intended him for the medIcal pro
teeion but tlrinirof study ho ranaway from
college and enlisted In tho ortynwt Ann I
moat of Foot In the British army After serv
lag three tears hn drlftrd to the United atutes
and it I remembered us aiding the sickIn a
yellow lever epidemic
Atthfi outbreak the phil war he had be
Bun the practice of law at Helena He enlisted
n I1 1 rlvfje 00 the Confederate side but nat
rally with his military existence was soon
ramJo a Citntnlc nail thin promoted to higher
rmlcs eo thut cary In Mt he had rloeu to lx
a brliraillordeiieral At Hhilou ho coinmnnded
a brig 10 of six nclrnontn and two batteries
InHHrdees I I lIPII und It seems tohnwf
the JIK81 hlhrlld l In Johnstons army ha
inn 2700 e fleet h OB len Cleburne attacked
most viaoroiisly especially In the boeitv
valley of Oak Creek and more tbD onethird
of his comnmiul nwordinc to Gen force were
klllfll or wounded Later that rflHT > when
lirnce advancrd Imp Kentucky Clebnrne tool
part In the battle pf Pcrryvlllo whore he was
wounded Tlien hv received the o6mmand of
It division In Hardee corps and porformsn 1
most eOeetlva service It was Cleburne who
In the effort to turn iJcCookii right flank at
Jiotfrersboro threw his own division Into
IGegno which MoCowns had unfortunately
made in the Confederate line and with a splen
did rush aided byMcCowo overcame Jobs
nonii division and Involved Rosecransi riant
in disaster at the very outset of the battle
Throughout the engagement he showed great
vigor and at Its close a care and discretion
al o noteworthy S
At Chlckamauga aebume performed ad
mlrable fervlce and it Is with good reason
tbht the name of that battle is plaTed In raised
lettering under a i eprosentatlnpot the seal of
the Confederacy upon one lace of the memo
rial shaft nl Helena There he commanded a
dh1 Mon of Hills corps and at the extreme
right supported by Choaibam made a tre
endons attack upon Johnson and BaIrd At
JUlldouarT Ridge his division under Hardee
wan one of these which held bhrrmau In cheek
all day until Thomas carried the Ridge and
thenlt performed the hard and important duty
of rear guard His troops thwo were from Ar
kansas Tennessee Alabama Mississippi and
TOXIC The word Missionary KJdsr under
aUgur of trlns harp wieatbed Insham
rooks is on one face of memorial shaft
Ir the Atlanta oampHlen of 1864 under
Johnston and Hood Cleburne on tin oed to
win laurels His division under Bards com
prised PulkX LorJtiKs Covens and Smiths
brigades He received the thanks of the Con
federate Congress for the defence of fling
eplds Gap greatly distinguished himself
nt Now Hope Church and elsewhere and
covered l Hoods retreat at Jonesboro It was
in Cleburnos skirmish line tha McPhetnon
was i killed At the latter part ot ibis campaign
lie was for a time in command of HnrdeeH
corns and len cox save of him notlne the
tranSfer of command that no officer nf the
Confederate army had a better established
reputation for courage and energy When
Hood moved north to Tennessee Urburnea
dlvlllion nr CheathamlI corp roruted his bead
nl column 10 Crossing Duck 111181 tJ1 the
battle 01 rankHa which cost boo ao hlI1ll
In officers and lOon Jleburne led his command
with an energy amounting almost to despera
tion and fell In the front at the close of day
110 that the emblem of the a ttng sun which
surmounts tbe word Franklin on his shaft
Is most appropriate r Vvt
Thn name of Pat Clebnrne will long b re
mi > mber l by the Confederate veterans of the
West vtlh whom he was a favorite He lash
tUlad the Order of the tjouthern Cross and tn
manv ways tlanullred his devotion tothe cause
to which be gave up his life To place him In
a ve > y f onsplououR place assess the CopIed
tAte ofllcers of his crude who served at lbs
West is an net of justice which neither his com
radII nor opponents will question
Mr Tildes Disputed WilL
frm the Xrwark Journal
Two Judges have decided in favor of the
Tilden will and two Judges hate declared
against It The ease will soon be argued b <
fore thC Now XOIK Court of Appeals which
will finally decide whether New Vork la lo bar
flvemllllnndollar library or whether TH
den great beiiuest Is to be absorbed by TII s
greedy nephews f i
No man doubts that It was Mr TfldWa pnr
pose and Intention lo found A great pubrln
library with his money Ha carefully executed
a tro t for that purport and died In the belief
that tbe bequest wan so well guarded that his
heirs could not have it set aside by any oulb
ble of the law I And yet 1 purpose 110 plain and
IInmltakAble ball been dlclAflll1 invalid bIWo
Judges who Interpret a law which described I
as the perfection of common sense
It Is this extremely technical fnternretatfrin
ot the laws provision uu the part of Law
Judges that justifies the presence Lay
imlKes on he bench of NewJener Among
Ihe Lay Judges of the New Jersey Court ot
Appeals there would not be two opinions reminding
carding the intentions of Mr Tilden in the
testament he e edited prior to his death
They would unanimously in favorof the
will And so In fact would our Law Judges
who have on some notable occasions demon
strated that with them law Is itfdoed the per
fection of common sense
Legislators AeUonrm for the Circus
frrm n PlilHUtlpMa Iftttt
ISmunne May 13 Barnumt Circus deitrey4 the
fflcleney of tho Leitilatkr today enoti an exttat
thai It wai thought wise to adjourn the none this 1 evea
leg l 10 permIt member to o to tb bow
Mr Ullla floe Flablne >
mm lAG milat Ktvt
Exeeptlai MVtral tug cihlnr partita iia in honor
to ana another given by tbe Hon lIofr Qllis
lbS pail week ther has been almost a darlh ot social
insults la Conlctna
Forclca Notes of Hcol Infertst
Aeeerdlni to lbs lot Mains there war twntyli
DttetayecroM ntrrleil women hi ParU and two ol
them have elnct boon divorced
All old applt 1 oman known at Cltty tat lust died
In London s Ihe are fUI Site epsa Illllt tUnil
ntarBlntJamet Hall where she ottta 114 1 candy lo
Lord Nelson aol apples lo Jill and for
After 011 ot the recent vlillt of rretldent C not to
the Jtrdln dAccllmatatlon a Dakonilai wai istul
what thought ot Ibe French fhlet tlMjatralcv Oh
hi Itadlcnllled and rlootlar wan replied di
eomplexltned ftntleoant bat bt atwayi samoa
with tht aim woman yor lb Lordspks has he
only one f e v
U appear that lbs rnptror WIlIIata > III not > rota
his naiilt near Meti lists II said I to bt too dtnrercoi
pus for him now In I eonaequenc of its eilrepn Irri
tation canied by the maIntenance of the rltorom pat a
porlatuart Itltalto r > portt < l lhsilliaMoetr bit
receIved atvtrtl thrrattnlnf letttrt from dIBirtnt
parttof AluceLornlne
KtnUBey a powerful liaiuwah ebltt bavlpf been
convicted of blAb treason and finally tent te Italy aa
obliged to leave I hit barm behind Ota Ealdlaxra
Oorernor of the colony according to lb Uoman
caper converted tee barium conaUtlnf of MTen yuuoi
women Into seven lottery prltet whlohw BOB b
bl effljera Bnt Ill lottery wa uafertonit and ill
tb ladles ran away from their new sultans
rrlateM Louis of Utamark who Ii ipett4 to
marry Print Eaton of Sweden tu birntmt and
seal ot her bleed from he Queen Loatu ef f rmela
the most beaatlfd wtmai whebsa Btet edii
Btrlla soars the Ubo of dttetnl Ui Queen IoaUei
btr yoaniMt dnf bter Ltalt who merited Ike Doteh
prince yrdrlekrirriaoM yreflerloit daughter LouUe
who beCame Qoeen of Swtdtni lb Sw dl h Quasi
danthter Lonlt who married the Crown rrlncof
Pearatrk rrlnceii Load It aid to have Inherited a
good part of the beaaty ot tht famous Quen wboie
aamt the > r She It I la yean and month old And
Uthe third of sight cnlMren Her prosperity husband
Hi Puke of Sent le ZU naps old and lbs fourth toli
athuuth only Ibe third ton from the SiredUb Strums
II the tecond ton fax up hit right tawuilea en
marrying a woman ostat4e t of the pIor royalty II
baa stadl 4 IndutrUiitly with thebst palittn In
ran sad I a an artist of high aWllllea u will aa a man
et more plar ad 110111011 habit ibis tII sTar
54u Sanitaa poIses
I t
It I t JtI l1
0 J L y4iV i
EErwdifr R rrxrr m zr
PlltiatCoplitstttos Es aintnt TkBt In
S S Kahlua Trouble
Buitna Marlt The municipal l affair f
this cut hate been In a wretchedly demoral
S ized condition for tone time and at the late
S sprite election l eightmembers of the Common
Oonooll war elected on what was known as
the reform issue Seven members ot the body
wei elected who were In favor of Mayor Do
vidson and his policy which hadmade the
June The leader of the reform majority was
eeL D a Robinson the eon of the late exGov
litiotts Robinson For several day he held
the Board opposed to the programme the
Mayor fcnd his followers were trying to carry
out Then Councilman Brady a Repnbll can
but elected I as a Beformer astounded his party
abandoning Col Robinson and joining the
Mayors fortos Thereupon a number of his
relatives were appointed Important offices
and he boldly I declared when taken to task for
hu apostasy that ho was In the Board for the
spoils and was cettlnc them Acommlttee
J Ta5 appointed on motion of Col Itohlnson
investigate firmly on charms ot bribery and
a report nan made establishing the chants
but lbs majority With Bradys and the Mayors
votes refuted IIreceIY8Jt That settled the
matter and the Mayor and his followers car
rie > j out their programme and knocked reform
entirely out
Now a sensation has been caused In the city
by the lOtion of the Excle Board which has
onlled forth more than loeal polllloal Interfer
ence for In the straightening of thin complica
tion the aid of Bonn > lltt nnil Senator Kas eit
MbeingenlJRted l IQ list rathor positive policy
IlaJOr vavldsoq ta always Adopted In his
mallnltemol1t 01 11111 office he has been opposed
by many politician and among these are sev
eral Individuals who keep hotels or saloons
Licenses bars bean refused some of these by
the txelse Board and their friends charge
tuitt the Mayor lisa used Mn influence with the
Hoard to thus punish bill too free critics and
nutBbOjien opponents This however only
excited loeal political ire and the victims had
togrin nnd bear It
Now howover some one else has been
touobea One of the stanchest and most In
fluential supporters of Henator Fassettln the
city Is T M0 Fennell of theKeeond ward
Ho Is 1 a llilior seller and irh n It was an
nounced that the Kxclm Boom had refused to
want him it license ItN not lllely that the
Second ward dad ever had such a sensation
tennell li H treat friend and supporter also
if united States Marshal Arolilo lioxtor and
to htm Instantly went In this itiost remark
able uSttmtloti It xyat found that Kxclse f nm
inl 8lonar and exMayor Parsons wn renpon
sible for the failure uf Mr Fennells license
JnrnmlMlonsr Parsons la an employs of the
United States Lxiiress Company In this
city ExBonatnr Matt Is Prnsident of
hat company Senator Fassett IK Plaits tight
han4 man Titeretoro Uol Uaxtnr callwl Sons
M Kasnetts attention to Inconsistency ot
immlssloner Parsons bnilolnc Platt friends
lit this way and wanted to know If something
could tint be done Senator Fasnott thought
something could be done and he rumor has
t informed Mr Flatt of the terrible work his
employee was doing in ElmIra and madaa da
naml that Commissioner 1arrons bn called
town It li understood that Plait has called
tito CommIssioner down as requested but If ho
i as the Commissioner has declined to come
down and atpreseot wiirng the situation Is
inehaneed rThprasultfof rnrsonssrleHanco
of the orders ot his chile is awaited with treat
The Orayeont rollce STarch Tn cad Down
the Hhndccl Avenue
A Park policemans lot U a happy one
compared to a bluecoats when it comes to
parading In place of having to tramp up
roadway In the hot sun from the Battery to
Unon square the sparrow police merely
march up and down the shaded Mall
To make up for this to be sure they have a
much smaller crowd of admiring spectators
Titers were not more than 2501 spectators ot
e8terdays parade The parade was seldom
et In a fairer frame The trees which arched
bemtehes cathedralwlse over tho Mall bore
nnnmerablo tiny loaves of the tender tint that
tillage loses when 1 tally grown through which
he morning sunlight filtered dicing each leaf
with a smItten glow Whew soft shadows were
tint cast by the foliage nn the crass nn either
hand dewdrops Rllstened In the sunlight nnd
in the raeaJriv beyond tho green grass was
dotted with the white form of feeding snoop
To this peaceful plcturn the pomp and < tlr
eamstanoeof the paraders formed a cnntr st
Mtlier drew UP along the Mall 250 strong to
he Inspected bv Mayor Grant Comptroller
Myers and Park Commissioner Gallup and
Tnppan Afterward they marched and re
marched through the Mull to tie music of
Cappas band whose uniforms lent color to
the Bolder gray of the police Capt JBenty nlio
owe Ttporrapnlinl Union No u a grudge lor
generally spelling his name Beatty command
ed with Hergeant Ferris as his adjutant
Jibe commanders of the five companies
were sergeants Flock Meaney Fitzpat
rick Mulbolland and England Itoundsman
Agan iommanded the squad of twenty
mounted men which brought DP the tear
When seine of the marohlog was done at
double quick Micky Finn shouted Thayro
chasing sparrotval and everybody who heard
laughed except lbs running policemen The
rank and lila of the Knirrow chases did not
entry clubs so there wai not the elaborate sa
luting of dignitaries r > n the grand stand char
acteristic ol police parade
Children with their nurses prevailed among
the spectators of the parnile and many ladles
in carriages looked on from the drive
A Snake Among the Lilac
A Woman with the llcht of New Jersey on her
face aid a good deal of Its dust upon her feet
went Into the cabin of a Pavonla ferryboat
yesterday morning carrying an Immense
bunch of lilacs in her hand bhe looted about
her rfoxlopsly to see If I any other person bad
made as tine a collection of rural treasures as
she had The tan and the dust and the tired
healthy countenances of the other women
were about equal to her own but though
there were seven other bunches of lilacs In the
S cabin and the air was laden with perlume
Jiera was Incomparably the lurccot und roost
redolent Hue loaned back with a sigh of satis
fnctlpnburled hernoxa In the llnweisand pro
tended not tn sea seven oth r women who
were watching her enviously Then huddenly
she sprang to hot feet enrleklnv and threw
her lilacs upon the floor Out of the blossoms
crept a small green dreadfully frightened
snake It VISS hardly lint Indies long and ol
course uulteharmless tnt before a man with
a big foot had done bruising Its bead with his
heel tho floor of tile cabin wan carpeted with
flowers for every woman who hart a bunch ol
lilacs hastily flung It down None of them
cared to touch tbim again even after their
llrnt fright was over and n deckhand who
gathered them up acid tier would be sent to
the hospitals
the Chaplain Ouve SlaCk the Csrda
5 fmn the Cnumtu 1Ija5
I had rallier a remarkable experience while
I was chaplain la the nrrny remarked one of
the ralnlsiera at the pastors union
What was it
lOst been working and talking to the hors
about Bftmhllnc and they llnnlly turned all the
cards lu the camp over to me The next day
they were paid nit The following day I was
passing ont and saw a blanket spread out with
two lumps of sugar on one corner nnd nbout
unit tin money In the camp iproad out
What wore they doing
Thi > y wore hotline which lump of sugar
n fly wouM Iru hubs and all the money on the
blanket chunked hands on tilt result
What did you nay loth bys
I said Here boys com get your cards
Tbe Town May Hnve InbHbllauit Seen
fmn Ilit ntltnllan Mw era
Bosllclc Is the only town the only railroad
centre that we know ol that Is without a single
Inhabitant Wea learn that one of our best
citizens will move there soon <
i Opening tbe Georgia Picnic Seatou
rnm Its TknttanUlf lamamttt
Dr 7ambropgh of Hnston a tooth carpenter
was In town th llrat of the week Be came to
repair the molar of some of our citizens for
ihe pknloUluuer Friday
KUIee Nuiuerou Oraadparcnt
front Uit bin Oil turn
ElilChte duulittr nt hines end Clara Chase nf
yarraouibnil more rrandiathert aalitranilnotliert
tlieu any chIld lu tlaialiu il < aU ot whom ar now
living I itlr below tte naiueii
Edwd ant Mary Class grattlfalhr and grand
taaiiitr W1 Emma Ellla fro tthr ana grand
hir5 and Jan LUte sveabgraadtatbr and great
Jrr and Condsils Cbs grsatgrsndtaiher nd
i1lh 5 Oray great grandfather and
jiass grudwether
S ddiie lcktr oi grlltrsatsygadtusher
Jerry Walker ereabjreatgraadralher
This is TsrT rectaftablu eta grandalhra and six
srandnolbrsan4 alt btviusnsaklsg scotlecuen this
has p0 Mval In Ohio coaotry
IIa > < tertan lac
t bur Intt Vn Tompkins objects la derotini air
pin money to drtielax the baby
S Yss taunts there wai slight Oliirfmeeef npin
loolitlKten Ur ana Srs Tomjillni She iisdrEoOd
Hut It wi to U liam D4 Ill mousy and be tely
Aristocracy and Ecc Diet
then Ike 4teMea CieS
Atehtieit a of a swell It a nan who ban spring
cbtcitu II eat when they are an small It f labs ear to
hIm a
d 5 z Sit
Two Divers O Utena mi tb e seefle x f
1 Tctalalne Aejutsttltsnade
Two women were discussing1 v srv deilesle i
subject womanas a sexmerernsry
calculating <
I think I am very well acquainted within
sex said one and I am forced toacknowl
edge to myself that women area apt to be en
continual watch for what maybe gained
from friends They make tbimstlvespartla
nlarly agreeable to people of inOneae and
ignore those that areof small eonseauene
The more Innocent young girls i smilemost
brightly on the young man who send flowers
and candy and the fast ones play a regular
game to get Kitts of a more substantial sort
lienare so foolish too They fancyWoBt
sincere and honest and consider it a privilege
when they are allowed to make apresentot
value to a beauty that has flattered their
vanity Alas I I mourn that my sex Is so hyp
oorltlcal and grasping I renumber thetime
when It was considered an Insult for menlo
give presents to young Indies Now however
woman has ohangaa all that and after man
has known a girl a week he asks her to
accent a diamond bracelet or some othe
expenaive tnigket It is really too bad
The other ladY aughed heartily at what she
called her friend a pessimistic mlsconeeptioc
Nonsense ehe cried Im astonished at
you Where have you been living of let
Atnnnsftbe wild Iloliemians who TTaveto xTat
S3 their wits > Iii warrant Now my dear
friend I Insist that von are all wrong In your
conclusions and 1 claim that except for alit
lie community of women found In every larire
capital the general modesty and pride of tR
feminine sex are as pronounced an thty were
when we were a good denl younger thawe
are now You know well enough that you
would not allow one of your dauihtart toao
cnpt a gift from a ma and you know that
they would noxer dream of manojuTrtngfor
one Now are you so conceited as tothlak
yon are different from other mnther or four
daughter superior to all other girls 7 War
the world Is crowded Kith just such pee
Pie and In them Is the arest spirit that
keeps the race alive The only way that your
conclusion Is lo bo arrived at la by confining
sour studies to a narrow coterie oMbr < i
hleuatrunir and badly regulated women that
makes itself conspicuous lu tbe unwholesome
neighborhood of a olty Ilka New York The
women make n noise and are vulgar and It 1s
I lelr habit to trot all they can out ef peotH
they racer Uut you ought tn know tbatthey
arc a woftiliy small part ef tbeworld aid
eannnt affect that San feminine ebsrsetsr that
objects to common contact and ho eenlf
feature Is the quality of irlde Fie I Believe
in your sex my dear Woman is not mere
ttnrr or calculating
The last speaktr was a cehemesE sad eon
vlnlng that tho other smileul over tier tiseus
and aatdt Well dear perhape 1 was mis
taken Im sure I hope so d everyone
else tunas hope so too
Mite Batter Knamentten BcforMB Nel4
In Public tnclltutton
Miss Rosalie Butler as President the New
York County Visiting Committee of the State
Charities Aid Association has written a letter
to the Commissioners Charities and Correc
tion calling attention to needed Improvements
in some buildings under thelroontrol and ask >
ing for better management In others
Miss Butler says that the ten wooden pavil
ions which shelter about 800 patients on
Blackwella Island are Insecure that the liar
lorn Hospital because constructed of wood and
with but a single narrow staircase would boa
death trap In ease ot Ore that the rowboat
which piles between East Seventysixth street
and Blnek wellslsland Is propelled by Untrained
workhouse men and should changed lor a
steam tug that could safely proceed against the
strong current which prevails in that part ot
the rlteri that additional biddings should bit
erected to relieve the crowded opoa the
asylum farm at Central fiUp > ana
that more space should be prOvided
lor the reception hospitals at 120th
greet and at Qouverneur slip Mis
Dull r rays that the system of continually
changing the workhouse help at thee two re
ception hospitals Is troublesome and thatpaid
help should Lie employed She also recom
mends that an additional appropriationbe
made for the Bellevue Training booFfor
Nurses In order that the allowance for board
per month shall be 15 each Bhe explains
that she calls the attention of the Commission
ers to these points now In order that they may
allow for the expense these Improvements will
cause whim the provisionaleMlmates to
submitted to the Board ot Estimate and Ap
portionment are being calculated >
The death of the Rev Dr JosephD Wick
ham in Manchester Vt on Tuesday night
leaves to ExJudge Charles Johnson MeCurdy
LLD of Old Lyrne Conn the honor of being
Ito oldest living graduate of Yale University
Judge NoCurdy was born in Old Lime on fled
7 197 and raduaWd from Yale In 1817 He
wssLieutenantUovornor of lb fiat In47
and 48 and from ww to am was United DltMVlt
Minister to AuHtrla From H136 he nerved as
ono of the Judges of the huprente court Beach
until his retirement in 1867 In 188H the de
gree of Lit D was conferred upon him by his
alma mater
One unexpected and almost startling effect
of the paving of Eighth avenue from Four
teenth street Fiftyninth with asphalt bats
been its suddenly displayed popularity among
the wheelmen among whom it is now known
as Bicycle Boulevard At nil hours of the day
and at most hours of the nlcht their swift
running wheels may be seen though not heard
gliding along the avenue Each carries n lan
tern but the number of blc > oe Is so largo
and their speed no great along the smooth
surface of the new pavement that It bas be
come an element of serIous danger to tboie
crossing And this Isesieclally true on Sunday
eveningswhen the electric lights arc not lighted
and the thoroughfare Is shrouded In darkness
and obscurity On such occasions there is no
warning of the approach of bicycles and ass
cnntequence several accidents have already
occurred I
John E Kelly who was recently appointed s
Police Justice first came Into political promi
nence as the secretary of the late Fernando
Wood then Congressman and the doughtiest
antagonist the Tammany wigwam ever had to
fight In New York Edward P Barker who
wa at the same time named for Commissioner
of Taxes and Assessments was the Deputy
Commissioner of 1ubllo Works unJir Jtje lie
publican CnramlFkloner leorite 51 Van Nort
and brain 15 Tappeti who was renomlnated
lor Iark Commlbsloner was ono of the pro
AlUlnir officers in l 78of the old City Democ
racy which led in the tight against aramany
and aided In the success of hOward Cooper an
Mayor Jest by snob appointments as these
II i < > the fnrslchted and taaaoloas leaders of
Tninmany Bali constantly ten4and ponIes
jsh the strength ot the organisation by aaelm
listing every potent available force in munici
pal politics j
The habit of saving cannot bo said to be aa
Inherent one among clrls and young women
who In New York bare almost countless needs
for petty pinmoney expenditures ribbons
nicblnsrs candy hairpins books and raaga
zinc curling Irons tnttl truth aid knlck
knacka The Introduction of the nsw style ot
burnished spiral savings banks In tin for bold
ing dimes and nickels tins led to the display ot
a strong provident propensity Each gIft who
gets one of those little batiks regsrds it with
ail the Interest shown a new toy and entolstes
every other girl in possession ot one by en
deavoringtniun up tbe amount It Is si
most lucrcdlblo how swiftly money saved In
mall Hums counts up Atmostllmperceptibly
the mm of f 9 IM teachixl anti then It opens an
tomntlonlly lIve dollars In sliver is soon ex
changed for a bill and that goes ofUner than
not Into a regular savings bank and Is sac
foundation of A permanent account
Trying BltuatloBlBBenleo filrl
rnm Ihn Chieatt flrgd
Here Is the wry n clever girl maaaged alry
jag situation Blio bad just takes I seat n a
Hfth avenue stage when she saw oa > of two
HnauiarJa who sut In the corner next tbs dpor
stoop und nick UP a small silken object with a
gorgeous buckle attached ilbe saw lo her hor
ror that Itwuu her garter Th yeuna men
prolT > r < Hl It to another lady in Ihe elsa wfo
shook her head Then be acid It ont to ins
owner who refused It with burning cbedkL
Thnyottng men sniped lha pretty trill ov r
and jabbered furiously aa thBy admired It from
tin various points
Our clever airl was ia despair Bbe waaUd
her garter she bated to reclaim It aad yeti M
determined to secure it without lookta wote
bold smiling young foreigners IB the fate
While wondering what she should do see
reached her destination Hbe rose to leave
the stage and as she passed the Bpanlarde
turned her head away pulled lbs strop with
one band and held out the other behind hr
toward them tilts felt the garter dropped In
11 I mud with a sigh of relief stepped from the
tw tj > turrn firma and proeeidad to 5
friends house for repairs
It nappea1 In tbe Mnatnie
1 > VM Ml liHianafilU Jntrial
You reit was ihie way 1lte jdfsrober
mastruc lbs e ssilietrin all bye shim
eetyke iforr
ltrs4o laps hen I 5 ipgsjerfojtndlt
out I e Indisrubber mass was beun4tL
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