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t 0 e
e WIt to Erect I In ike Wtnrtr Cltr
i aa Inducement to People to Vlult the
IrA Director In the Scheme I > etall
ty I peopnaIneOre pay It Can Me
r t and Art Lover Proteet
J x afdnet the Iropoed Icecratloni
11 f rmcwo May HTo bring the Colosseum at
j fimt to Chicago That Is the plan which Dr
Mm D Altken a retired physician ot great
o Idol at son 1ralrlo avenue
If nrop red and submitted to tbo Hoard ot
j tarenoe and Control of tho Columbian Fair
jlulonern which will consider It at Its
trt meollne And he bat submitted I In
uietelthar Ho ha worked out his plan to In
Silt t detail has orpparod flguros to prove tho
< 4tuihlllty of hU Idea and backed by a ayudl
of cafcltalltts representing money chouah
lil cf the United States Treasury betoro a
Sesmbllcon Oongres had guttod I ho will
IMar before the Commissioners I and explain
Ic la
18uH reporter law Dr Altken at his homo
t ill evening whoa the Doctor explained at
e me length his Idol and the war In which ho
taI ld eurr It One
v t first sight Ibo Idoa looms ridiculous
iiiald tbe Dootor but when I havn shown you
me flIiIbt J think youll agree with mo that
iTI 1 hare bon to even worlds fair since that
t ekilULond have studied the subject thor
re hly 8 that I think I am better prepared toe
k on the matter than any other man in j
c have interested a number ot ncn
intm la the matter and wa bnvo formed n
dreate to bring the Colosseum to this
ontry nndor certain condition of coarse
jiiniTiot i at liberty to divulge tho names of my
jejJJofllaUt u rot Among them are many well
tiwitn Cblcwtoans Indeed a man noted for I
i 111 pltallty to gtraneors In our city is ono
t d another I a Kntleman who has vlsltod
I fejrlast In i a hli official capacity both ot
Vita t ntl mn being also connected with
tyraaaMcementot the Fahra wcllUnown
MrehiDt of this city some of the Philadelphia
WtUlifts and some ot the forolcners who
ibM Invsitod so much money in this coun
vlr > BxCooKressman Law ir Is also with
I vtv Fdrthtr than that I do not care to say
ajtoept that my friends represent more than
tlitt000000 and that arranements aro bolne
l nUt t Incorporate the syndicate under the
II 1IpI of Net Jersey Tho corporate name will
tkfatChicago Uomnn Colosseum Company
tWftVPplr for incorporation In Now Jersey
I ta rely because tho corporation laws ot that
fjutoaremore favorable than thosoof Illinois
Uir bad bad more time we should have bad
2irM Illinois Loalalaturo pass a special act for
= t Perhaps that may come later
4 < Now a to the plao Wo shall propose to
b beCommlislonors to sit aside for ns In Jack
isrk In separata enclosure a space of
iJMkJMro Within that we propose to oroct the
TMniMum and I a sufficient itrlo of land can
iUlnod to erect 0 section of the Appian
Xrt Jut think added the Doctor Inter
t rmJtimr himself of the advantage to ovary
tqp J JTh7vl 1 lts the Fair of seeing these two
retrials monuments of antiquity the Apolan
Way and the Colosseum storied relics of the
tWt the contemplation of which Is a liberal
dncatlon 8 greatly Indeed have the edu
national possibilities of our a Impressed
WITH on some wel known philamhro
iitU that some have token took In our oom
psttiyfor that cause alone CoL Sbepord ot New
brk the Rev Dr Mallory of New York the
Uy pr TamaBe They understand what a
oor for good tho Colosseum will be In Chicago
sJThekpplan yassuming it to be
iho ppln Wayaumlo built
LW oe managed u a turnpike though I
allt opened on Sundays and holidays free
i o t chVffo The Colosseum itself within its
own enclosure would be reached
ow enolosur on pay
jJWntpf asmall entrance too Of course tho
wcterlorof the Colosseum could be coon and
iBiadlea without charge Now nearly 17000 I
iOOOpersons rlsltod theParls exhibition 1873
twbire there was no especial feature In 1889
tare than 29000000 parsons visited the Ex
Imltlon and of these enough ascended tim
1Jil owe to brine In 11500000 to the corn
tS > r Blnce that exhibition closed the tower
Ja bn maintained and the stockholdors In
jW TUff el l Company aro entirely satlsil ed with
tiI ends Furthermore a similar tower
ItottSnubuIU In London althoueh there l t noex
jBMtlOB there Thus you see that a Kood thing
U > tqod thine whoroverjlt is and that a toa
tM ateVvaiidfalr
helps the
fai fair a well a
ktlPeltMlf With ourColos eum In running
c Urw Mtlmjte thatiotjoss than 31000000
JPJWoni will enter the Fair and that fully 17
tWaoOO will Tlalt the Oolossoum fuly
vjSithjioUoaoMhe Eiffel
ltonf Eltol Towor directors
4JJTI1BT extra for admlttanca to the tower
a M a urecedent for doing the same
br Onr charge for entrance would be
MrteiicentsMhat would allow the vis
ksWander > at will through the eronndfloor
Chsvi4 building toroivch the UP POI storlol
SihrictU foes will be paid Then we shall
Wrto the directors to hold the opening coro ehal
r5TlntIColoi80Uln W08ha hold races
W MiBTali thorelnon tho State days tho
lM oval will form a superb place of mooting
t visitors from each Blote and It f pot
iio that we e may lion make iliiarn arrnngemont8 F Cody with
Alkon la back Wilam chair and gazed
I eeOrterwItb sparkling oalr
f oyes
uxIato nUl In the Colosseiirni bo said
1 541 Colosselm slld
tL1nk of thatJust Ihlnk ot ilintl
ISlt1 dt at Idea cast te llol Tower Ihal
t StlDUiEyenwith the low rates
samlatlon we estimate wih 101 raol
I900O I in the 1tlmate months that during we ball take In
sl whlob the
iEs to b open that II about one pot cent
l4ftOnh on 0 capital ot flO000000 10r Then
C O at close When the toOOOOOO wo keen
u iong U wo oboose and
< move from
I C tO 9Iaoete 1ew lark
t plIi London
hr In tad that wo desire Lonconllr
I OW aatotheznoobanioalnnd
LuWIulti to te overcome The engineering
t b ovroomo Colossoum
U lots Mainius It Is called claesicallyis
m Teetlong by A28 feet wide clnelcolyII
S1t824l65flJ5rofeetor four storelin helrbt As about you Imowlt 7 acres Is
S tentIreuoh Jou
uch ct it having boon
Osed In 1 balnl boeo remove to
l building modern Home In tact It
1 101 recently that the srioliation o the groat
auaig IPolaloo o Krelt
bUwl was t0ppodonly since tho nccea
100 of Vlotor Emanuel Ho ttJlou t1onIgit1i
OflneojgInal fronflths
Ile orllnal buldlnl sti remains and that
Dropoeflion Is to
oroPosllon cruet In this city At
a otc ot our COmDY in the now Mnsoulo
le In Masolie
C f tpIe we have a collection of photourai
efpILpeOi Ilhotolralhs
I Pal 01 the Oolossettm taken by day
hol that was not available by
1114trfO 35l We 1lbt Thiso also aro all Ivalablo role to
a complete
the bavi aso model
Clos8eum on a scale
Icale 01 alz
sr to the incha wonderful sl1
ytbo be1s way when you consider thnt
e ql ton or twelve feet
L to thn inch Is
That Is rnoriIy tho beginning In
Oio at the prooot time Is 1 IrllnuI
a wallknown
D te tm on
Uerad bridge iiuililer of olknown
city uctlng
i vru who lulller tliH ciy Uthll
wl tale charge of tho work thero
Is take down the tleN I
reflntpnd biiildinir and then
Irnllnd the ouclfon of It here t I
It I lbs orpclon e IIIVO
e building Into twelve suctions
re eacI scolonH
ocb section WA shall
coloo iihk for
Irato bids hal Ihl
blrs lor the iomotal tY4 shall
bids fom alt Iorll lirms shal
t removing onaalol
removlnl bulllnC both in thin
ied elsewhere loth > city
< then
b1bs here Ih6r are n numtwr of sucli
isail In Now
Own In1 York which cnn tuko
I leQ Oll here anything all be ani h numbered putit up again lieu will hw 10 outer noiit
fKrter 00 cnrlerl Sloan era V hhall
Itrer thence only oUr Way from Ostla 10 1irtluuuud
flu by rail rlllli
Cue I rll or to Montreal and
te ot bat and raiL Contracts will bo
Pi to Ihe
Interior with the facing
ot the
orlht fnclnl
eatlte the smo araugerneaa
L ° maae bu with IIme arrliltomonts
gDade 4 wih different alan will be
tble j Is Lft the nuljdlnir la I faced with
tblbHlt buit of brick and to transport
Io MDMAte H WOUld BO trnsprt
Therefore 8 each section of marble 18 I ro
moved oement will be applied to the uncov
etch brlok For Instance In a room or a COY
ered gallery the tolling will be ccnered with
cement and then removed In one leeo 110 also
will the walls Vhcu we rebuild the Colas
seam each wall 01 thu room will be put In place
tho vnllltiR will be plncod on tim walls the
cement romirvrd and thoro will be the original
room This system can be applied M wall to
curves ns lit Diane surfacns I will bo much
like rotting n scene at 1 theatre Ut course
It Is al great plcco 01 work but as COlrt sqq
Is pofslblo to ilo It YY
Vi > estimate that I will renulro twelve
months to movo tho buIlding work will bo
carried on nIght nnd day In Home and bare
hvery plan will lo madam auadrut > lloatoone
plan will bo In Home one horn In use snothor
In our oillcei tho fourth In n safe deposit
vault whero It can bo loaobod I whon necessary
HO you BOO that we hao prepared our plan
carefully I WI Jrelared pa
What do you oxnect the cost to bo I asked
the reporter whon Dr Altken paused
About 100001100 answered the Doctor
A principal Item will be the mirohano of the
Colosseum from the Italian Oovetnmont tb
course tho presence of tho Colossoum in Homo
Is i of pecuniary ailvnntniio to Italy AS W8
have not bought tho building yotyou must ex
ctisomolf 1 urvlino to dwell nt length on the
dotalls ot tho tiroloiu d purchnso ItTs I onoupb
1 think to BUT that the prIncipal dlllloulty be
for Hlgnor LiiKzatl and Coloinbn tb pteient
finance Ministers ol ItalyIs to niakoboin
ends moot and that they nro not In I position
entirely to Ignore a fair oTter The onutof
transportntlon unit of taking tho bulldlnrf
down will be lots than lie cost ol erection 11
dont cnro to Rive our L stlmatu5 you will un
derstand vhy
Will tho sttnlnod rotations botwoon Italy sntl
tho United titatos Interim with your plan
1 am In doubt as to that answered the
Doctor Our latest rvivlcen are that It will
nol Of course wonro not InslUI any time wi I
are preparlug things to that nothing short of
actual war can stop us Vo have applied to
Ul hae
Mr lllalno for credentials we are prepared
with I bill to bo Introduced Into Congress as
loon as that body meets glvltK lDlrsl corLoratn
powers under Fo loral authority and w shall
hot bo 8urprised I In extra IIIoo II called
to llonOrm tbo appointments or tho nino new
Circuit Judges and to do such other bull
ness n < may be necessary Certain members
of tho Into Italian uoverhmont are Our agent
ar BOot
in Italy and one ot President Harrlsous Cab
inet a mun very closo to the President an ox <
ccllent DitsluoRS man IS I Interacted In our plan
financially nnd ottierwlso Bo unless war
actually nccuis I think we aro all right
How do the Commissioners view your plan
The plan has not been brought to their
notice oillclnlly as yet but BB 1 said two of
tbo Commissioners aro In the syndicate and I
have every reason to believe that the Opinion
of tho majority will be favorable
Whr ru arrangements do you hope to make
with tbo Fair authorities t
lonnnot toll you tbat In detail Our plan
as submitted provides that we erect the build
log on land to be sot apart by Ibo Commission
for our tiHo that we maintain It providing our
own attendants and paying toward the sup
port of tho Fair police who will havo charge of
It that we pay to tho Commission 15 percent
of all entrance foes collected but nothing of
the fees for entrance to iho upper stories and
10 per cent of the rentals Ac Of course these
plans may bo modified
Dr Altken do you Intend to put y on t at
tendants Into Itomnn costumes out Ibo
DUce be dresod ns llctors r
An now you ask mo about a detail to which
we hnvent as > ot paid much attention That
Question at this stage or the proceeding Is like
the question you newspaper men ask foreign
ers boforo they reach the ste mstilp wharf
How do you tWo America They cant say
because they dont know neither can 1
The 100 Frank Lawlcr Is entnusloitlo over
the plan entnuslulo ovr
re Jho Idon ho said of leaving that superb
oxompar of Homos highest art to decay
imiouc the deteriorated pooplo of modern
Italy I nm heart and soul In the plan When
1 was abroad 1 Spent days In the Colosseum
wandering about and around It drinking deep
draughts of the other or antlijiilty which hangs
ovor the Immottal building Then and there
vowed to work for tho preservation of the
Coloaoum bow 1 did not know 1 actod to
tho blindness of ereat passion and sym
pathy with the glorious relic of the agesl
rathy Colol our In Chicago think of Itl
Think of walking out to the shores of the vast
inland tea and looking at the walls of tho
greatest bulldiuuon earth
The Jolopscura is a npernl education Here
In Chicago Its destiny will be 10r
tho couiro of the American continent will
roar aloft Its tlmo tnlned walls a monument
to the great men who built It ant monument
to the greater men among whom I am least
t whom was vlven to sea and understand its
Blgnltlcance A silent book but how eloquent
Vet after all continued the Congressman
I think how bIgger and grander the Colos
seum would Boom bore on too shores of our
peerless Lake Michigan than over there In the
contra of an ofTeto civilization The Colos
scum standing here would be a living
spectacle ut the way In which Chicago In
dustry U otercorntng the world What
a magnificent compliment It would
be to the noble enterprise which we show daily
In so many ways The sIght of Buffalo Bill
drlvlanihls broncos in this temple of the
Cjesara would bo uplifting and Inspiring be
yond measure Let nothing b left undone
lor the sucoos ol this noble scheme
lO1t Fottor Palmer whom Dr Altken seemed
to Indicate ns ono of the syndicate professed
surprise when Questioned on the subject
lurlre did you get hold of that he asked
but he declined absolutely to talk about the
matter I D Altken and tien BooySmlth
say Its feasible Isnt that enough f i
Oen Winston who was once Minister to
Persia could not be found by the reporter t t
Hon Philip Armour however was emphatlo
In his approval
I Idout know how you got the story he
said but Im glad its out Yes sir Im In
It Chicago should have thoColo eum Chi
cago Is the Colosseum City of tbe West and to
her belong of rlBbt ull that Is good or great of
cities and countries older than her but which
tutu not for an accident of birth greater or bet
ter The plan in feasible Have you seen Gon
Kooy8mlth 1001 Hn can tell you more of
tho details than I can
Then Mr Armour asked the reporter
It Is Don HooySmlth who designed the plan
for the undertaking Dr Altkon declined to
name the engineer
If Dr Altkon wont toll no one has a right
to say a Alkon answered the millionaire rltht
Mr BooyHmltb however could not be found
tonight at his homo In Lakewond It wee said
that lie had gone out of town lora week i the
servant believed he had tone to New York
Mr Marshal Field could not be seen but In
answer to n written note imeworea that he
was Intoreted 10 the plan th ugh he had not
hoard of It In detail
hear Dnvls DirectorGeneral of tho Fair and
Mr llutterwortb Secretary of tbe Board of
Local Directors said that thor wore not In the
syndicate and had not beam of the matter
the subject would not come before the Local
Board primarily so that there wo no reason
Irlmarly roo
why they should have beard of Ie
m In this city the now created some astonish
mThat is a Chicago Idea said Signer Ba
sottl of the Jogrp880 IlaloAmmc n The
Colosseum will not co out of Borne war or no
war You know what Byron wrote I
While itandi the Colouenia Home shall stan6
When fain the Coloaieum Home bal fall
ADd when Home falUlbo world I
Hut Is the plan foaslblo
I presume SOl given enough men and
money anything may be done In thoo
A dIstinguished engineer who did not wIsh
his name UHOI said that if t Jon BooyHmlth
declared nlt the plan feasible I could b carried
Mr Marauand President of the Metropolitan
Museum of Ar11 Ill nnd could not bo seen
but a prominent illtector said that I would be
an outrage to movo the Colosseum an outrage
artistiC political monil which he hoped would
never be consummated
Thu head of a wellknown firm of contract
ors whose buslnesA lies cblellyin taking down
houses bald that he would certainly bid on the
proposal to remove the Colo seum
We can take down and Jut up again any
building 10 oxlstonco ho sajd Its a ole
tlon of men money anti time Othor thing
being oiiual I uhnll bid for the work I should
have to go to Home I think though to ex
amine the jot In porson and uf course the
conditions must he fair te
codllon8 do I ho was asked
We can move the Kront pyramid If It Is
mode worth our whlln ho answered
A shipping ngoiit slid that all the steamers
needed could bo vent to Obtui within a month
I required ho rtuu prepared to contract to
supply thorn
The Colceount or CIrcus MaxfmueRt Rome
was built by VuspaHlan and bin ion Titus between
tween Vi and hO A D I ron urot Vll i > y o28
fret und IH 1G41 Italian feet in clrcuromrenco
Its wale wlioro they are complete are Hi7 feet I
high It could Heat hliOOO persons Whon It
was dedicated tho cames latid three months
and live thousand wild animals wore slaugh
tered In it hnndiods of Christian martyrs
woro put to doath In < M AO I during a
Klitdlntorlnl flirlit TolomacIiU a monk enter
ml tho uroiia no1 tried to 1opnrnto ibis com
bfttnnts The enntcod iiopiilico ntonerl him to
iloiith than lorwiiUn burled him with honor
nnd building tliurouitor 10 shows wero hold within the
Brooklyn A ocUllon Worklnjc Olrl
TlioDroollyn Association of Working Girls
HoclotloH has boon Incorporated Tho paper
woro led yesterday with tho Clerk of Klnc
county Tho managers nro Mary Storrs
Havno Mary May I F dimming Marlon
11 liby Llrzlo Clmiln h W O White Alice
Van Ingon K M Ktotichtnn Mary Rbarpe
Lizzie B 10110 and Harriet Dudley The a
soclatlnn Is organlrod for tho promotion of
charitable bouutolent and literary ctTort
mutual Improvement In religious knowledge
Bud thin maintenance of I llhriiry to arouse a
desire for selflmi > ro > emrnt und lo protect the
Interests of Individual members and to main
talnbourdloc houses for tbo wpmon N I
Thai who bave walled caD 51 treat bargains la tl1
altar ut Use C runt Coi 104 Will ULU HJIIB
1i1nr gtLct
Mr fVlnelonK Soothing syrup far children
leetblnc soften the sums reuuc iDrtammatlou at
jays pan cue wlud cotta 2A cent a loramDaUo
Anchor Jtnind Collum nnd Cnffk
Do you wear them
Standard Brand Hprlne Noveltlr
Ladlea ShIrt Cola and Cuff 0
Keep fiUlrtu to Meu six rot 89
Kone better at ny price BUI and I Broadway
Jlltcnt 31ptirt1
STHI Alt tans llroadway CLFANISOi
It I MTU ler5 y city braocb and rurnltore wareiouae
ornertli and hrle Telephone call J 0 1U tvffe
ndiled vuni ror moving uraiiure tend for rtr
Rows fA L1EOflitTED H3o
Antutja DKNTIPRIIIK H I Ibe rut tooth powder In the
world toe Dreeerrlim tile teeth 1Ltvai4lu AMU
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ruppoiilorlei cure conitlpallon I LCd PhIL HCOM t 1
Ball BO centi ill tittt av ioU all diuniUt 1 1
1tU ut1mtPn
Now Ready The Juno Part pi the
Young Ladies Journal
rontalntnr all tbe IATHIT PARIS rAgllIOK with
OIluNTli rAHUION kopbliineiit oral yiOtBBSanil
numeroue iiotlee New Must new IltlBKaUWaT
deilrni IATTUftNP c 0
Irlct 0 data Yearly N All newidealen o
Four New Novel for IS Cent 0
i complete tbe JVNn HUiimm of tue
Family Ljbrary Moijthly
Only 15 Cent Of a cawidur o
tUK 1UTBRVATIONAI JifiWS Co flaw Ysa t
ZZLIYG FOR nits fvitr
rrrQ Jur
A Tonal of Contradiction on the M Cor
ten Marder Trial
The Jury before whom Frank A McCormick
U on trial In the General Sessions for murder
leg Edward GIllMpi at Second avenue and
Thlrtyelghth street on Nov22 about mid
night will bare a hard time of It when they re
tire to frame their verdict Never wa test
tony fuller of contradictions
MoOormick U jointly Indicted with Martin
and John F ealey the BOM ota clerk at the Police
Central office Their tater sits In Court and
carefully studies the proceeding McCormick
Is a typesetter and formerly worked for the
mission at First avenue and Fortyfirst treat
The manager of the mission It Is said bat
so strong a belief In his Innocence that they
retained Lawyer Miller to assist In his dofeno
MoOormlokt counsel called John FeoUyon
of the oodofedanta to the witness stand
Civil Justice Mitchell counsel for the Feeleys
objected to his examination and advised him
not to testify Hewas allowed to quit the
stand and Martin Feeley was called lie tos
lined that ho and Michael Lyons John Foeley
Michael Maloney Qllleiple MoCormlck and
John Foley were In Hcaloys saloon at 813
East Thirtyeighth street the night of tho
murder At about Jl > 4 the witness went horn
and wont to bed Ho slept so soundly that ho
conld not tell whether his brother John who
usually slept Wltu him was his bedfellow that
High or DoL
l Mnry Feeler the mother of the Feeleys
stifled that both of her lone slept at horn
that nlEbt They came homo at abut 13
o clock Martin came In shortly before John
Michael Mahonoy tostllltd that ho stood at
the door of the house with John Feeler Hud
that Martin Feoley went up stair to bed ill
lesple and McCotmlok wont to the corner of
Becoiid avenue shortly before the ubootlus i
Then John Feuloy went Into tbe 8hoolul
A few minute later Joseph Wellington joined
Mohouey Jutt before 1 oclock they hoard a
pistol nbpt Then leer saw a man running
very fast from the direction ot Second avenue
The man held hi tight hand to his hip pockc
aud something shlnlnc was In his hand Web
InatnD ssidt
V t doesnt that look like a pistol he has In
his hand
The witness said I may be a paper of
chewing tobacco He could not descrtbe the
appearance of the man who ran past Welling
ton corroborated Mahoney to anloutr
Annie Fitzpatrick aged 22 who formerly
lived with her motbor on the floor above the
Jbeeloyn at 310 East Thirtyninth street tvstt
lied that though the night of Nov 22 was vary
cold she was at an open front window her
mothers roomlooklOI outlor fully two hours
liar mother was out and she was watching for
her For fully two hours before tho shooting
Bho saw Mambo Mahoney the principal witness
for tho people walklnc up and down the Street
with a young man This wan Intended to con
tradict Mis Mahoney who to tllled that she
wits on her war up Second avenue from I ball
shot at the time of the shooilna nod saw Qlllospto
shotMrs Mary Bradler thc mother of Mamie
Mahoney testified that Mamlo came to her
rooms horl lreI the shooting and said
Iammoth rewas a lan shot at the corner of
Thirtyeighth street She did uot appear to
know any moro bout the shooting Then ebo
said she was going back tn t ho bal and wen
out At the police nation Mamie had tiroteitec
that she knew nothing1 of the shootIng al
though Caot Ityan called her I irma little
hurzy and threatened to hnvo her looked UP
for a year I she did not tell him all that she
knew Joar
When Capt Ryan testified for the prosecu
tion be denied that ho mode any such throat
But you remember Irs Bradley askec
Mr Lynn that your daughter made n full
statement In the District Attorneys office of
what she testllletl to hero and signed and
swore to tbe statement do you noW
Yes sir replied Sirs Bradley
And didnt YOU then say Mrs Bradley
when you heard the statement read Oh for
Gods sake the FeelayB nnd all the rest In
htrtvnlnth street will kill us
No sir l did not
The square deulal Irritated Mr Lynn and
ho exclaimed
I cannot restrain myself at the thought of
your coming here a mother to swear away
the reputation of your daughter
MoCormlokn counsel obiectnd to tbe remark
and Becorder Smyth told Mr Lynn that It was
Improper I wa
Sir Lynn mode Mr Bradley admit that she
WAS living with her present husband James
Bradley better known a Bully Bradley at
the time of the shooting and that Mamie had
< lad
worked steadily and given almost all her
wages to her mother and that Bally llrad
ley got the benefit at time of the money
The witnesss was married to Dradley In tho
Mission a First avenue and Fortyfirst street
Then Mr Lynn asked Mr Bradley etrot
Mission had not frequently paid her I ami
otherwise helped bor Itecnrder Smyth ex
cluded the question The trial wa not ended
The r of Putting I FlatltUaa BleU att
AnetloB Sale
1r E A Mann of 135 West Fortrfonrth
street 1 that she delivered certain furni
ture t Samuel Krolser an auctioneer of 138
University place to b lold She was present
during the sale and learned that tim total
amount brought was 02 Krelser accounted
foronly 300 and Mrs Mann complained Au
custns W Clark who acted for Krelser told
her that many of tho bids were fictitious and
were made In order tat the goods should not
b disposed of below their value He said that
the articles on which fictitious bids amount
ing to 10a had been made would b sold later
Srs Mann complained to the Mayor and
terday Mr Clark was examined by Beoro
tart 8p er who tried to learn from aim what
he meant bJ llotltlous bids
Under what process were these good
bought In Clarkwas asked ol
1Tlat Is ono of the secrets of the business
be replied They were knocked down to a
resene bidder
Lawyer Jaeob Fromme who appeared for
Krelser asked
K ld you announce that
that Not llkelr replied Clark I we dont do
tfonweot over the list and decided what
yon thought the various articles snould bring
Then yonbad some one In the room I
Qit no
Whsn a prett bid 5 what then 7
Then Id lay 14
You would Xo I this on lOu authority
Without any bid say SX I < authorty
wltQut AJ Ilr Kreiser
That accounts for the difference In the
Secretary Speer will recommend to the
Mayor that Krclser s license bl revoked
Colombia at tbo World Fair
PANAMA May CCol W P Tisdol the
Worlds Columbinn Exposition Special Com
missioner to Colombia arrived at Colon from
Bogota on tho Sdth ult and will visit this city
during tbe present week He was received with
exceptional coidlallty by the Colombian dig
nitaries It has been decided that this repub
lic ball erect her own exhibition building
which will bo 1 miniature copy of the Capitol
a most beautiful structure in Its elegant sim
plicity and solidity Three national Commis
sioner will be appointed lo arrango the exhi
bition The Interior of the Colombian build
lug will be finished with the different hard
woods of the country all ot which will bd
highly polished and form in thomselvea a
most IntoretttDtt and valuable exhibit Indicating 1
mOlt the varieties and oIl Individual val
ues for building or Inside finishing purpose
Tbe principal exhibits will consist of coffee
cocon robber tobacco olgars fibres gums
medicinal bark and otbervegltable products
raw ami manufactured and of course a com
plete display of the rich minerals that abound I
throughout the department but there will
also be minor exhibits equally full of Interest
to the world at large compiling the various
nntlre manufacturessuch in hammocks hats
silk shawls 0 cloths carvings pottery antiquities
Tell In a Fit Into a Mona
OXFORD Conn May 14As Mr Moxie the
operator In charge 01 the Western Union Tele
graph Companys test station here was as
sisting friend In burning UP worms nests
yesterday ho was seized with a nt end fell
over Into the tire Before his friend oould
rescue him his bands were literally roasted
and his face and chest badly burned tlo will
lose the tiRe of his had I they do not have wi
b amputated t
Captain aU Crew Keecued
CuAnxznToN May JLTbe tug Hercules
brought into this port today the Captain and
crew of the bark Edda from Jamaica bound
to Liverpool with a cargo of logwood The
Kdda spnincr steak on the 10th Init and went
clown SMlnl Htralts of Florida The bark
Oscar > yondt from r naacoa bound to Bor
deaux laid by her until the water reached
UVtWJ > alI by we > unti veww watr roahed
twelve feet In the hold when the Captain and
crew woro alcou oft
I EaIlen Duilnn Wlnerlee
BAN FRANCISCO Mar HThe Examiner an
t company of British and French spirit dealers
baa been formed In London to buy wine In
California with Improved facilities for export
tOg wine The syndicate baa mode an offer for
the property ot the American Concentrated
Must Company of Uerserrlllp and other simi
Jar watkawlUJia but Uirouabout the State
AN ERABVJta ov nommsxur GOOD
WINS JZBwovaTiov
Capt Carpenter who Directed It Say the
word Eraicjd Looked Like Onflut
the Xraure In 1 13 Indie Long
Ooodnln Say the Word Meant Un
derrrot tA Pnrrot and ret hog Time
John W Qoodnln wns A roundsman of the
Oak street squad Ho resigned ID August
1689 and now ho Is going tn 0 reinstated
The CMO was on before a jury yesterday In
Juitgo OUrleus court and this Is tho story
Goodwin told
While ou sick leave lie drovo with hIM wlfo
from his homo In Ilnrlom to tile doctors In
fecond nvotiuo noarTvrcntloth Btieet I
to a saloon at Water and iorer sheets to Rut a
parrot Got a parrot lroo of hal a dog
In the carriage Doc tried to eat piuroU Dog
not Its paws caught In 31rs Goodwins lace
dress Goodwin poised Ills wifo the reins nnd
leaned ovor to dUontnndo the dogs can
Carriage struck a truck anti was overturned
Goodwin fell on bU head nnd his wlfo who
was In t delicate condition wns badly Injured
She was carried to tho elation houto and ho
followed When ho reached tlioro Horeoaut
Mnaan accused him of being drunk nnd or
dered him to tho back room lio was not
drunk Magan ordered him to resign Good
Win refused Mao lockod him up In a cell
forten minutes Megan told him 1 ho did not
resign he would bo lockod up for tho night arid
taken to court next morning Mugnn refused
to allow him to co homo with his wife Uollov i
lagt hat sho was dying ho signed the ilgnatlon i
and had almost finished wiling the words un
der protest when Mama grabbed the paper
from him and has nevi > rorrorod to return It to
him Ills wilt wns conflmd to her bod for
seven weeks after tho accident
Mrs Goodwin coiroborntoil her husband
Bho says she saw Servant Macau snatch tho
resignation from her hubnnds hands while
herhusbantl was attempting to wrlto urnlor
protest While 3Iaian had her husband i i
looked up In the coil the bogged him to let ice 0
husband co home with her but ho refnrod
saylncthnt ho would keep him thero for the
night and tnke him to court unless ho slcnod
the resignation Alter her husband hind failed
In his cOurt to write under protect and UK
they were learlngthn station house she turned
to the Sergeant and said
Johnny makes trouble for you for this It
Is Tour own fault
She denied that her husband wnslntoxlrnlod I
Assistant Corporation Counsel llawko Intro
duced the resignation Louis J Grant ami his I
client iuodwln vMimluea tho paper They
looked fort ho partly written under protest I
Mr Grant dlscotered that there had hoes an I I
erasure an Inch and a half In length just
whore according to Oooilwln the wit ds had
been written And that the word Hounds
man had boon written motno erasure
Horgeant Mucnn was tho first wlinpuflfor tho
defonoe HP said that Goodwin was under the I
Influence of liquor and ho denied that ho had
threatened to lock Uoodxun up for tho night
unless ho resigned Goodwin ho said had
signed the resignation In the presence < Capt
Carpenter who turned It over to the wltno < i I
Goodwin signed voluntarily nnd till vlnoA
tmnor teat In any way Mayan denied crubbluc the I
Mr Grant on crossexamination asked
Megan who made tho erasure Hn replied time
ho dId under orders from the Captain lIe
supposed the word he struck out was on ns
near us ho could maLo out Tim rauro La
thought was about niuiniter or nn Inch I lone
but he f ndmtttod I that Nt was CM i an Inch
In length lie said ho bad leer told any c
at Police Headquarters or elsewhere of the
erasure Capt Edward Carpenter tnstlllud
Hint ho did not come m duty hn day until
Goodwin had been locked up rs Goodwin
was sitting In n chair Apparently suffering
pain She told him that Johnny had cot Into
trouble again and that situ wanted Johnny to
go home with her locdwln was brouuht out
and the witness said >
Johnny youre lot yourself In I bad scrape
and the best thing you can do under the po
cumstances Is to resign
Mrs Uoodwln Ball fohnnr vouM bettor do
It Oooilwln did not want tosIgn at llrit and
toslm fral
ho told Goodwin to do ns ho liked Finally
Goodnln signed voluntarily Cllt IIed Carpenter
did not see the Fergoant crib the pat ar and
no threats coercion or subterfiiiro wore used
After toodwln and hia tyPe had Btnttcd for
home In the carriage Mngan called the Can
tame attention to what seemed to bo tho word
on under Goodwins signature and he dl
rected Megan to erase it This
rol4d Malan Ibls erasure was
probably an Inch and a nunrtor In length He
could not make of tho writing Ibo words 10
del protest The Cantata bad not spoken of
the erasure to any one
The case was given to the jury and In half
a hour they returned a verdict that tbo mug
nation had been obtained under duress rell
The case now goes to tho Special Term and
if the reinstating law Is agreeable Goodwin a mandamus will bo issued
Mayor Ounces Likely to Blake I Vncom
rortable ror Ills Former Secretary
City ClerK Thomas Curry of Long Island
City who was arrested on Vo3nesdny night
for annoying and insulting Major Gleason
was discharged by Justice Mauley In the Long
Island City Police Court yesteiday morning
The Mayor did not appear against him After
his discharge Curry went to duo City Clerks
offloo above the court room and resumed his
accustomed duties Curry wax Mayor Is
sons private secretary until the Mayor ap
pointed him City Clerk
In view of recent happenlncs I N I said that
City Clerk Cnrryn tenure of ofllcn will tome to
an end shortly Homo time ago be had a mix
understanding with tho Mayor in the host
It argument I Is said Curry threatened Pod
lit harm to tho Mayor Curry now threatens
I the Mayor ousts him to betray till the
Mayors secrets with which ho was Intrusted
a private secretary
Took Purl Gen Probably by Mistake
Mr Mabel Newton has occupied throe rear
rooms on the fourth floor of 153 East 118th
street for about a month Sho wont out to
work regularly and complained to tho neigh
bors that sho was unusod to hard Work I
never had to work when I lived with ray hus
band she would Bay She said his mini it Is
Charles Newton and that ho held t responni
bio situation In one of the main tblouhone
offices down town
Mrs ford lives on the onnnsltn side of the
hallway At 1 oclock yesterday nininlnb
Mrs ixewton rapped at her loot I bnvo
taken poison she sal Ijl Jrs Newton who
wks still In her night Hollies ran luck to hor
room whore Mrs Ford curd ou a table titans
hal filled with water and PnrH croon When
in ambulance nrrlted Mm Newton said she
had I taken the polon mistake lor a snnorlllo
the was taken to tho harlem Hospital film
will probably recover The police believe her
story and she Is not under nrroat
Exorcise at the Inntltutloit lor the Dllnd
The largo exhibition hell of the Now York
Institution for tho Blind at Thirtyfourth
street and Ninth avenue wn filled to overflowing
owing last evoolnc with an audience gath
ered to witness the anniversary exercises ot
the pupils of the Institution The proRinmmo
included vocal and lutiirumontiil music ricl
tao reading nail wiliinu nnd riillsthenlcs
Inr Ills11011c5
ovor 0 hundred pupils vnrylnn In age from 7 to
17 taking part Tho majority wore girls The
moat romurkable feature wits tho rapidity all
exactness with which tho junior class of forty
girls and twenty boys solved illlllrult problems
in mental arithmetic propounded bJ their
blind Instructor 1rofoHsor llubcock Iiery
number hearty applause on thu programme wa greeted with
Work of JVatlonuI Acudeiuy Ntuileiif
Tho largest exhibit of drawings the stuJcnlu
10 the National Academy of Design have given
for several years was opened yesterday In the
lecture room of tbo Acitdomy There arc between
ween 600 and COO pieces upon tho walls In
eluding nearly 200 skotcbca IP m the nude
100 or mote from antlitio iuoden and a large
number of original sLotoln ami designs m I
Hindi ehnriOal pen and luk watur colors and
ills Tie exhibit roprcientx the work of near
I r 1JOO students and Is highly meritorious
This evening sexeutoott silver medals nnd live
xonzo models will be awarded by n council of
members of tbo Acnil niy Inmldont 1 W
Wood will preside After the exercises the
atuuientswiii conduct their friends through the
analog ooms und tbo rouupllou will conclude with
Hoy and Olrl Win I Hlrlke
Fifty boys and girls employed In tho Chelsea
Jute Works in Manhattan avenue and New
town Croek Groennolnt who had been on
strike since Monday for a reduction of work
Inu bourn from eleven to ten returned to work
yesterday Joe Murphy 15 yours old who
nude known the employees demands on Mon
day was promptly dluuhsrired Ho related the
osult of bit Intel vlow wllh the bosses and his
associates quit work raying they would nt
return until tholr domunds were granted and nn
apology made to Murphy The firm gave in J
and at nnnn yesterday wnrkwaa ratumarU
Think a Tnry Will Acquit Dim of Wire
Murder If lie Can Talk to Them
Medical Student Carlile W Harris whom
the Grand Jury Indicted on Wednesday for
murder in the first degree in killing his young
wife Mary Holon Nellson Potts Harrlp by the
administration of five grains of morphine was
taken from the Tombs yesterday to the Con
oral Session to lod Harris who Is n slen
dor tall goodlooking young man made a
careful toilet in MB coil Ha pnt en an ex
pensive suit of dark clothing and a satin tie
In which he fastened an opal pin Upon the
little finger of his right hand ho wore a dIa
mond He carried a Ilklined overcoat on his
arm and his black Derby was ot tho latest
block He was crowded with the rest Into the
Illnck Maria and rattled over the stones of
Contnt street to tho Chambers street entrance
of the General Hcsstonn building Harris was
arraigned buloro Iooodorlmyth when Clerk
lieu asked him how ho pleaded his couniel
Law or IMvlsou said
1 hnvo not yet lint time your Honor to ox
amino Indictment 1 would like to have
tlmu to examine It and to dotermlnn what plea i
I hnuldnilso my rliont to offer I limy also
desire to demur to the Indictment
HecordorMtnyth Mow much tlmo do you require asked
Until Monday I your Honor please ro
piled Mr llnvlson
llocorder Hmyth granted the adjournment
and romnnded Harris to the Tombs
While Harris was in tho prisoners box after
lio was remanded ho mild to a reporter that he
had portent confidence In tbo result nt his trial
I he was over tried Ho haul no doubt that ho
could move Ills Innocence Ho had never
noidcd Inquiry Into tbo circumstances of the
itufortunnto death of his young wife but on
thl contrary hail suggested and aided in an
Inquiry Ho had voluntarily one to the Die
trict Attorney and professed his readiness to
toll all that ho know It was his Intention If I
arraigned for tilnl to nsk the Courts permis
sion to lake a statement to the jury before
evidence was taken mid ho was confident that
ihojury would bo entirely satIsfied with his
stitemnnt and would Prompt acquit him
Harris has retained Mown A Hummel It I
said yostorday to defend him
I onrrvAitT
LlcutCol Eugene Ie Couttimy clerk at
dIvision headquarters of the Soldiers Home In
llntli died on Wednesday evening from heart
trouble aired about 40 years Col Courtney
was 1 native of Dutches county and entered
tho army nt the age of 1C Ho was so gallant
soldier that lie 0 made UcutenantColono
nn the uutztff of Gen Wonzcl before ho was 20
yearn 1 < In tho Fenian uprlslmr in iHfiC lie
VHH AdiutnntGonorat of all the Irish forces at
Llari Hock lie went subsequently to hng >
land whoio ho wa ariestcd and Imprisoned
lor eIght inonhs Tlicn a ticket of leave was
given him vhlcli had just expired at tho time
of hl death He aciointmnlod Con tme
Igyptwhon th latter took command of the
nrrny of that country and on Iris return to the
Dotted Htates became a leading correspondent
of thetriiinnit artnurnnf Ho had awlde
acquaintance with military men ot this and
other countries and wasan acknowledged au
thority on army affairs Fulling health In
rtucoii him to enter the Soldiers Homo ton
mouth auo
Francis N Zabrlskle D D of Princeton
died on Wednesday afternoon after a lingering
Illness of a year and a half Dr Xabriskle
was born in Haokonsack In 1832 11
1M50 ho was graduated horn the College
of tho City ot Now York where ho was I
a member of the Psl Upsilon fraternity
In 18JO he was graduated from thoTheoloclcal
Hemlnary at New brunswick and subsequent
II hold pastoral charges at Livingtone Cox
suoltlu Ithaca nnd Uavorack N Y He WAS
I editor ol tie ViriAfiflii Intelligence from 18SO to
1188 I and had since boon a constant contributor
1 a the writer of the 011 I Colony papers Ho
I camo to Princeton In 1H85 CIOnYJnrel bpon
engngid as a contributor to religious papers
Dr Xubiiskies biography of Horace Greoley
was published 1 recently He leaves a wife a
son and two daughters
David A Weed died yesterday morning at
the JIurrett House of Brlghts dlsenso compll
I catod with nn attack of the grip Mr cOIPI
wits born In Stamford 03 yours ago and wad
educated In tha public schools of that town
At the aao of 21 ho came to this city and be
caraunclork In a tobacco importing firm and
was admitted as partner nna later with his
brother Itobcrt who died live years ago he
bought out the business und contInued It
under the firm name ot Weed llioibers
For twenty years ho lived with his brother
Iwentyolghth ptract and Loxlnttton avenue
Ho had married when first coming to Now
York but his wile died a year later His sec
ond wife snrvIvAs him Mr Weed was chlot
of stall of Gout Vlmi6r who commanded the
State militia twenty venrsago
John T I Forlsh formerly it commission mer
chant lu this city died on Wednesday at hits
home 70 Park avenue Mr Parish was born In
Virginia In 1N19 and came to this city at tbo
ace of IS under the care of Louis Ilosero a
New York merchant After completing his
education nt Lnwrencevllle N J Air Parish
went into the tobacco commission business
Before he WAS 40 he bad amassed a fortune
retired from uctlxe business In 1870 he mar
ried Miss llrlor daughter of It C Odor Asso
ciate Justice of the Supreme Court of the
United States Mr Parish was for many years
a member of the Union Club He was B mem
ber of St Bartholomews Church and was a
large contributor to all charitable enterprises
John Walton the oldest employee of the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company died yester
day at his home 1103 East Grand street Eli
zabeth Ho was 80 rears old Ho entered tim
service of the Now Jerney Itallioad Company
now n division of the Pennsylvania In laSt
Ho assisted in building the roni I from Eliza
bath to liabway For ten years be was a track
walker between Elizabeth and KabwAv and
afterward was foreman In tim supervision de
purtmont Ho wan recently retired on a pen
sion Ho was married fiftyone years ago and
died on the anniversary of his wedding He
leaves a wife and three childrenolaton grand
children and two groat grandchildren
George Benedict Fowler who died on Tues
day from tbo runt tire of a blood vessel at his
residence 2M Jlonioo street Brooklyn was
Iho Inventor of many popular novelties among
which wore the Doxtor wagon jack the
UandgriP tester the cigar and cigarette cane
nnegg bonier and mIxer n combination pic
lure hanger clam i ouster nnd the Universal
adding machine which he was just Intro
ducing He was born In MoDluissot L L 67
years ago Ho lived for twentyfour years at
the hufio of his fatherinlaw Thomas V
Gondur on liyoison street lie was a Mason
aid n member ol the Sim won Methodist
Mr Oliver Wheeler died on Wednesday in
Ashley Mass at the age of 95 years and 0
months Mr Whoolor was n member of apt
Oliver lundullK company In that town which
served with the militia who were called out
during tire wat or 1H12 to resist the expected
Invasion of the llrltlsh nt tho time of the horn
bardment CanIne nisfiuher John Wheeler
and bis uncle Amim Wlieelor rcro members ot
WymanH company which fought In the re
doubt lit bunker Hill Mr Wheeler wits the
oldest member of the Massachusetts Society
of too Sons of tho American lietolutlon
Znclnrlnfl Stern died at his residence 105
East Klphtysocond street yestoi day of gen
eral debility He wan born In Germany
Mivontyoue years ago and came to this city
In 1K51 In 1ii ho established the firm of
htern levy t Co shirt ranniifactiirers it HS
Warion street In IBU liu withdrew from the
firm nnd went Into business ou his own ac
count nt lot Franklin street Ha lemos a
widow mid four sours
John Donnnlly died on Wednesday at 933
Jhrtlo iuBniie Brooklyn In Ma sixtythird
year lit tins the uldcHt driver on the llrook
nn City llnllroad having boon employed In
tnat capacity by the company since Its or
gaul utlon lhlrtyBoon yours ago
Mrs Catharlno Smith Dunuoll wife of David
Biiniioll a leading furiner of Wulpnck N J la
dead nt the ago of 80 ribs Is survived by six
children the eldest of whom in Thomas G
Jiiinuoll udjtoruud proprietor of thoNowton
< X J herald
Charles lingers for many years In the em
ploy ot the Erie Itallioad Company ns looo
motive engineer nn HrstHuss passenger
trulns died suddenly on Sunday of pnoumonln
nt hid homo nt Hornollsvlllo M 1 aged C3
lie leaves a wife and chlldion
J P Wlnovor Preldent of the Lancaster
Pa Hchool Board died on Wednesday In his
fortythird tear He watt a lending memborof
ilin Knlcliln of Pythias and Junior Order of
American Mechanics lie was a large owner
of Lancaster real estate
Counellliinu Aloinudcr C Huber who died
nt MeuhiinlcBburi In on Vednodny had
been a public offlcer In ono capacity or nnoth
or for tfin past thirty year Ho Was 05 years
old and died of consumption
Mrs A J Mncaulny wife of A J Macaulny
of the Cotton Exchange died yesterday at the
Barcelona uparlment house In West Fifty
ninth street aged lb She was a Miss Euuiott
of Now Orleans
Jay 8 Butler formerly of Buffalo and editor
of the Elmira Uaieltt from January 1RBS to
March 18J1 died In Asbevllle N C ou Wedes
day night of consumption aged 41 year
Prof George Gosaman n teacher ot Jan
gunges died at bin home In bbilwaukee lie
was Consul to Athens under President IAn
coins Administration
Inchara Smith the oldest man In Dories
town Pa wan found dead In bed on Wednes
day lie wan 01 years old UU Wile died la
December last
The wife of George Bcroggani one of the
firm of turfmen who own Proctor Knott and
dther homes died at tier home In Louisville
Edwin Defntest Baker a wellknown car
riage manufacturer of Marathon N Y did
on Wednesday need 1J Ho leaves a widow
School Trustee GuMnvo Schmidt the Fifth
opl Isina Uloni filtv In load
She Availed Hereeir oftlie Altnont Forgot
ten Writ orl rnounl Replevin
BOITON May 14Mrs ClarlKtta Johnson
GOD Butlers client Is once moro at liberty
and sho owes her temporary release to Con
Butlers thorough knowledge of the law She
was this morning taken out of tbo Womans
Reformatory prison at Bberborri by Sheriff
Cashing a wilt of personal reploIn do
homlno roplselandol The process brought
under chapter 185 of tim public statutes has
been very rarely used and Inquiry among tbo
lawyers develops the fact that to many ot
thorn It was unknown The lost ease
brought to the Supreme Court where
in this writ was used wan In 1314
This Is a very old writ and tho only exception
from its operations was the prcacpt ol the
King when In 1780 Masnnchusotls tmsiod the
statute explaining tire writ or topletln what It
wa and how It should bo sprvcd It wait re
iiulrol In capital casos to lo I served by tIle
Sheriff and returned before the Supremo
Court otherwise tile porcon might bo Imnacd
whllo the iiue0 tons raised by Ito dofonco uero
being tried Than following the analogy of
tho old KncllMi law n tnnn held by the
supreme oxoutitlve nutborliy ns n dangerous
parson wa excepted That win the only ox
CRptlon but In vnsoof soinctlilnc test limn n
iapItftI crime the writ was to bo returnable to
the Joint or Common Mono
The law In relation to parnnnnl roplnvlit re
mained as It was down to 1810 whrn tire com
mlKSlonors rovtsod the statutrn They roooin
mended tbat the wilt dohomlneronfcglando
should bo repealed on the wound thnt there
was no HBO for It but tire loKllnttirfe thought
dlfteiently and It was roCnactod substantially
OB it Is now in 1817
Mrs Johnson fnrnUhod tire noeesary bond
to the Sheriff and is now frcu In Lowell
The Contest Over Orener Rubvami Child
There was no hearing yesterday In the
habeas corpus proceedings brought In the Ku
preme Court Brooklyn by Minnie flank to
gain possession of her daughter The child is
now In the custody of Mrs Joseph Hubsnm of
Htnploton H I and was n daughter of Hub
ram The broworleft his Illegitimate daughter
a fortune nnd Mrs Itubsom Is mipcrlntendlnit
tho childs education Justice Bnrtlott ad
journed the bearing yosleiday and before the
caoo Is called again an nmlcablo undirntnudlna
may be reached by the contending parties
fun flies 4 43 I Sun sirs 7 101 hose sets 110
HIGH wAtsstiti nir
Sandy IlcoLia III I aoTI > l ndl2 471 I U 1t Oets a 37
ArrlTed TBUUDir HIT 14
Sitrava Paula Brinin
as nrrian Neatly llaifmr
Pi twtnt Iltltna Tort Maria
iii Carolina Aldamlz Iaiharlen
n I VMnthron Hoiu r tit John M B
taCludait Condal Carmoua IJaTana
Raleigh Surge liarlen Oa
B > II V Ulmock Herry lluilon
81 duty ot Fltchbnrr Bibber Fall River
ship Uatirsrt b Vrleik Aniwerp
IFor UUr slrivalssee rim rtl
jinitin our
ft fruM from New York off the Ultra
sttatin from New York at Bremerhartn
fiitvn moM mutes reset
ill Osemsuuto from Qnacniinwn for New York
Es Werra from Southampton tor New York
outcome RTIAK8Blr
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Walls 7os Tettttt ftoU
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oh rokea cbarleiton 800 i M
Tallabauet fcaTaooali Suur X
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Anchoria Mttgow 10 oo A M 12iTO Jt
Arizona Qmenitwon 11TO A M
nermuda liarbadoes1015 A M lu do M
ESter Soollianipton B so A M IMII M u
Ktrurla Liverpool H3OAM l2i jt
Uellrrt hamburg u no M
La Clinmp ilif llavr 8Ou A M llu i A M l
rn rn < Um Rollerdam HIIIAM IIMA M
Vumurt IlavaaaILiXIA M 1AOP a
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Maicott filHraltar April SB
Jnill i litiriltar Aiirll m
Wtrkendam Bnttcritam klar 2
ciiyof nom ciuxov Mar 7
riirot Horlln Ounnntown Mar 7
Fold Rnutbainpton Mar 7
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Due Sutvrttn Juv 13
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Kunt Dtftnarck fonthamptnn May u
TDinzvalU CLrlilianiina Uar u
Inc Sunday Hay 17
La Bourgoaneifayre Uay D
Orinoco jBcrmnd Mar 14
Atiranla uOafeurtown r Uar in
Scuds Olbrallar May 3 i
Out JTontfay 11 iv 13
Rnnle Liverpool i May 8
Rotterdam Amilerdam Mar e
r < nnland Antwerp Mar n
BelrraTIa Gibraltar May 4
Kaale Southampton Mar III
Orizaba Ilarana May 14
Alro Fort Llmonn May 140
Hut TuaOai Mat I ft
frleilana Antwerp May 0
Ianada Ixindon May a
AJlrondack Klnrttdn May IS
at Wblttitona U J br the fir John K Allen ot
Tarnrtown N Y Llllle L daoxhtir of Fred N
TMttrln BKV to Lonli L Gaining all ot White
tone L L
ia3AVITTCAKPENTEmAt the Church ot
the ttrangrs New York city on Wednculay May
13 by the Eer Dr Deeme Mrs E 1 + Carpenter nee
klackln to frank K Learltt
lIINORMAIItEBUr William Towoiend Ml
nor to Hits Jotepblne ROM Walker Ho oardt
8IOTJSRATJJntJNOn Tueidar May is lOot
by the Her W O Blttlflg Nellie fUatbbua of 6yca
enit X 7 to Daniel U Mote of Mew York city
May 14 at the reildlnce of Ibe brldei rarenti 01
Weit 30th at by the Her WII f Kannee Carolina
Stoke > daughter Samuel B Van Duseir to John
Henry Towound
ADiiSOnWedneiday May 13 Darld Alexander
Abel ion ot Henry J Abel
Funeral yrlday morning 10 oclock from IIS 3d it
AllEISNOa Wednesday Bay 13 at Hew Uaten
Coon Alice Xt Abirn wife ot Patrick Aiern aied
64y < ari
yrlendi are invited to attend tbe funeral from her
late reildenie 1P2 Frank at on FrlJay forenoon at
9 x > oclock and from St 1atrlcki Church at 10
MKGJ > ETOn Wedneiday Slay 13 at his residence
184 last 87th it Ieter Btgltj
HII UUEVSuddenly Wednesday May 13 Carl
yrlenli are Invited toatttca the funeral nrrlceicn
Friday afleruoon lay IS at 2 oclock at tbe
airman Llederkrani Hall ItO Kail K8tn It
BRENNANOn WednMday May 13 at New
haven Cotta Robert llreanan ated 32 yean
FrIends are lotlted to attend the funeral from hIs
late reildince r0 AOaUno it on Friday afUruooo
at tliree oclock
BUBciIKlIAt her late reildence 337 West Slit
it Vtarr Ourchell aged 73 year
Fnneral at coDrenltnce famllr
BUKICUIn llrooklyn on the lath tnit the wife ot
niorxe Butke aged 50 yean
Friend are InTlted to attend tbe funeral from her
late reildince sue Columbia it on tiatttrday fore
noon at U oclock and from thence to St Hiryi
Star of ibt 8ia Vbnrcb at Otto > oclock
BV UN tftin V dnei4ar May 18 at Hartford Conn
Jams K It Burnt aged 27 yean and B raontht
CAJiBOtIOn XVedaciday Uay 131891 Uildtot
Carroll aged Ol yeara
Relatives and friends are Invited to attend her funeral
from tbe reildence of her friend tire K Klniella
43 < Court it Erookljn on Saturday Way 16 at 11
A II thenee to 8t Mary Star of thetfea Olinrch
wbere a solemn mm ot requiem will be ollerei for
Ike repoie of tar soul Interment la Calvary
tt 12 B Cblcafd paper plies copy
UIABEUo Wednesday May 13 Ainu Clare aged
11 year
rnnerat from tbe rcildenee of bir parent Shut
ay on Friday at u oclock tbince if CttureU ot Ibe
Immaculate Coneiptlcn
COONEYIn blamford on May 14 Mary wife ot
Michael Uooney aied 43 yeari
rrltnd are Inrlled to attend Ibe funeral from her
late ruldinie Cedar it on Balurday forenoon at
HK oclock and from Ct Johns It C Choral at
OROCKERMir 19 Conilance Bartov yonoieit
dauihier of Alrab and Charlotte T Crochet
BARtYOn May U loot Mlcbael Direr of Law
reneelown county Oalwey Intend axtdet yetri
and t month
Funeral from nil late ruldinoe 4740th ar on Oat
ul > r U v IB lUlL LI 1U i U tkua IhMU lAS
Mlehneli Chord 3M ft andoth cv here a lolemn
rQuVm tnni trill tc oltere up fur tbe repcie ot
hIs soil ThltrmtlillnlAvnry i
JKWINOn Vednndr ifarIX si lust Itt I reel
deuce UI7 < nrriii it hrJrVlyn UaraafelTyrrell
beOTed wife of Jobiv iaria In the Md yeirotfier
ntloilT i and frlen ti are invited la attend the funeral
crrlcei nt St Iau i IL o Church ourS and O
gre in onnmrday Mayjin atfl31 AM MU
wash and Clikaio pepri pleane copy 4
IIItKMINUii umnJ y mornliijt May IS Oct
don Dlckion ai do ara
Funeral FetilCeS it hti lute eellenre n Storm a T
Jersey City llefgiits X J Friday ST U KeUl 4
and frlendi Are invIted to atteaJ 4
BOOVOn Mayl3 MamieIono n wUe < t
Joseph Doanran ant datfcbler ot Aue Poach
Rsitties nail friends ate reiptcifiilly IncIted t ex
tend the funeral from her late rcildtace no SLay
on rrlJ r May lsata 1 Jt
rAItlKIIOn Weijntidar Stay IV studs reaMenee
Tn r > rV av John T larlih In the T24 yoar ci his
Fonernl rvlf eKill to keli nt MiBurtheloeutetf
Church 44th it and Nsdleen ar at 10 oolok
Balurduy meiriilnif May 18 Fflenda ate InTlKdU J
attend Kindly omit Cusses
rtTZIMTRIClCOn Thnnday May liJWwart
lUipalrlck seed RTycnri
Funeral from tile late reildentt too H4it IWlh aU e a
Saturday at t no rM i
FlT3 JiUIl > At hit late reiMeact 111 Weit
4 < th IL liUatn Flutjirald toe Will reer ot Uti
unerM Friday ttx IMh tact at P A M thenie tO
ft Iltrlcka Ca hedrak wlnTeKgoltrtH lilotBf
requIem will bc off re it for theVrpoie f MffiMI
relniia invIted to stUnt w
KnricK The mamue e otthe lararaanr IlaU 9aet
Commuter Iwentynril Anemtly 4tifle see re
queued to attend tlie rnnerat ot oaf ktefet V
member WlllUm fltzrerala from We ml4ee Mtta
West 4Uth tu ou frlday the Mth lost at o iC Mj <
CIIAllMS P ALMUt ChalrBxajyi
KENSl Soddenlr on Uar 12 iftil Bartara wdw
Frederick ttse Mod 67yean
trnsrsi freer tier sons reildenca COt JaT > tC mk
Ira today at 2t51 1 M Quebeg papere piasesyy
niOOINHOn Die imtli last Uailel lllntea evil
4711 native of county Ixmcford Ireland bM
ItelatUei and frlcndi are rcipertfojly laittrit He
tend hli funeral trora hl late reaUenee 44 KtUaL
Drookljn to dar at IOU1 JI
KIKRNANCAtharlne widow ot JTarrtck CctSttv
In tbe Seth year ot her ao
IA VKONJn Brooklyn on Mar It narei T aU >
con aacd 44 year
FrlenHiare Inrlted to alien the ftreui ti
snotherarcaldence 43Itoit at on maaarisy
terment lu Zirenrreena
XINNOI1 May isai Ut Broolctm Otttte CttOm
wife of J It LJnn
Fonerat prlrmte 0l i
rVNtilAt hit late nsUeue IOC Kalkcem ant
Frank youattit ion ot Tic late retries sitS liZta
L nch
Fnneral prlrate
BLVNNINUOaThursdayMay 14 trTeriletfejn
Conn llara A Jlannlni daojrbtercf
Jeuphlnc Uauulnn ecwl 14 yun
Kotlee ot funeral hereafter
MAIIKNnAOn Wednevlar Bar IX oaI
Matlenda aired AOyeara ml a monlha
moeral from bU late reitdenco 313 Blrlnctea at S
Friday May 1C at 2 oclock lauraent at Oatnry
McCAULKYMarr Ann belore4 wife of M t
Relative and Mends tartted to tsatnl t 4r at
1 oclock sharp front reddence 511 Writ latch at
Ith or
McCIUKKKTIn Slow Tork Hay IS JUry Ia
Clocker axed 72 rear
Frlcnde are InvIted to attend the meant frsr ta 7
King street on Friday at u A M and frets at
Anthony Church at 030 cHock Interment M
Cat van
lIcQVIUEOn Thursday May tt ISO Andrew
Mcllnlro In tbe 5llh year et bU ace
Frineral Irom hli late roitdeuce 3UEattXM t4e
Saturday May It al 2 1 St
IXcKAIlHlITAt 13 J Eait 7Iit at OB lUy II
Emily A wife of Tbomaa MeKstght
Celatlrei and frloade ue Invited to attend tueral
service today at lo AJ1 at 8U Anns Chorea
lull it between Ed end 4lh an
lleUAHIONIn New York on May HEcm ttJIo
Jtabon aced 71 years
friend are invited to attend tlie > fonerat front 4ft Le >
roy it on Hatnrday afternoon at 2 oclock
MoaiAIIUXOn Wednesday May 13 at ItexUem
dean Mania HcMahon of 4U Cntontl
Notice ot funeral hereafter
MOrrlu Urooklin May It t Kott of S3 na
Kotlee ot funeral hereafter
MJUVKIUKOa Stay 14 801 atberresideic irA
gait 12Jd it llanuah K widow of itorrU sew
kirk In I In 74th year of her ago
funeral from tbe M B Church Gosben X Yi oq
balurday May la upon the arrival ot lbs 8CS ttala
from New Tort
ODELIsOn May 12 Jonathan OdeJ to theOJtli
yearot tUage a
Funeral from lili late reildence 3Vfe S7lk at 03
Friday May Id at lu A M Interment t VTootUwa
at con > enl uce of family KtfaJly onlt Oarcrev
OIMSTiAJOn Wedntidiy May la atBrtlra
port Conn Frances U Olmuead
Frlendi are InTlied to attend the funeral from rts
lark av nn Friday afternoon at 3 oclock >
FATEKSONbuddenly on May 8 EdwaM Teter
tori aged 71 years for over twentiflre yurt arid
dent of Jersey City heights X J
Interment private
rKItltVOu Tuesday May 12 at Far1ell Cn x
Harriett Rurr widow of Curtis ierrr aged 7O teera
yrlendi are Invited to attend the funeral tram her
late residence Falrfled Coca on Friday atwao
at 2 30 oclock
Pit ATTOn Wetneaday May IS CbarUa n iaaui I
Son of Charlei II and Hattie S 1ratt axed 2 rain
unit It tnnnthM
Funeral service this Friday morning at II oclock
at the residents of bit pareoti 464 Veetzotb it
EOHMOn Tuesday May U 1K > 1 Prederlek a rou
only ion of John F and Satab U lIeu wed 4yits
3 rnonthi and 8 Uayi
ynneral from tbe retldence of till pirenti S76oo
at Ilrooklyn today at Z I It
8CIIALLEUOn May U UUn Ernrt EenoW
aied 20 yeari and II month ii
yuneral May 15 1B9I at 31 U from 91 Ut av ie
I4tbtran Cemetery
8OIUMONUn May 12 at his reildenoe It Ke
alnjfton 1alace dardeni IxiQflon iv Henry Solo
mon heloTed fatber of lira Ilapnatl Lowlaobm ot
713 Iurlc ar aged 7fl jeari
SWIFT Maruaret Klernan lelorad wIt of Hirry
B Swift and granddaughter of the late Wart Kler
trlenflH and relatlrei of the family are reepttUnlrr
Invited to attend the funeral from time residsoec of
tier parent 14441 rut av today May 15lKHit iras
e B Icttrmtntln flatbuib
TESt IINUCNAllfierbracke r Q Canadx oa
Tomday Slay 1U real Feel Itr Undtn formerly
bandnuiler it Weit Iolnt and Davids Island
Frlendi and memberKf Jluolcal Lodge No 55d LIt
0 V alto Uuilrat Murnil rrotcrtlre Lnton rt h
Tlto4 to attend the funeral on Friday Slay If at t
F V from tie rerldtnce of Join Jott yes Even it
Ilrooklyn n r
IVAIrJ une C wife of Jefcn T Walt In the ± lh
year of berate of pneumonia
Funeral from bet late rtiiileucc Iess 31 ar filiay
at J F if
VIIITiHiADln Brooklyn on trie 12th last
George Wlileliend a natty of Scollaui In lila Otk
Frleudi are invited to attend the funeral from his Rat >
reilderoe 110 Llrlnj > ton it on Friday foronoen M
oclock Killnburvli sal London papers pleaee
TTICKIIAirAt Vancbetter Tt on Tneaday talk
loiu Her Joiipb Hreiier Vtckbam D O fornxly
of tills city in lbs 05th yaar of his age
TVIlMAMMIn Brooklyn ou the llth Init Vof
aplt WillIams azedOJ yeara
yrlendi are Invited to attend the tBneral floss hey
i te reildenoe lot Warirly ar os lunday aiur
noun at 2o clock Imeuaentat Ureinwood

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