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Qbe XT 0 i Sflw Ube IT HO q
u of Tentrlenl BolngeA Heear
bt Espe4lea t Gg1R ihXasS
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Two Clrene ClowneA
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Olr4 the World On 10r1aekle
JI No Beepeel for Bot
17MAflYdl3tIflt8b0d merl
flZflLfltJJV dLtnlllhed
flocking to Berlin although boon
tins ir has carcefy Tot bOlun Jerln Henry Ylllard
UOfl ba fCArel
Sthhlswlf and daughter arc living In the
iIth bll wUe dBulhttr ar Ivna
Unm front suite atlho Knlsorhof which wo
Sed b r Lord BeeonltoW during tho
of 1870 and which at one tlmo
Ouforeee I tmo
Cnrornce the American Legation Tho
yjilirde n r entertained R dinner the other
Vilrs their old Berlin friends and acquaint
j r by
ln and tho dinner party included the
oces Rd nd Mme Uerbett tho
Ambassador Ind Mme Herbte
i nen
7rencz Amb ltor
Drz1lian Minister and Counted Jlaguba the
Bwtl1 MlnUter aad rl noth Mr and Mn
B111 llndolin tho Greek Mlalster
KMlUlUuui Prince lldoln Mllatr
ltd Mine itangabe
JsmosaMontcomcry the Hpubllcan bos
who spent the Winter of 1880 and
ef t Oregon 1
ISM OUln Kalsorhof has also returned to his
eU abodi The Montgomery and M florae
White of New York met at tbe festive board of
Whit rhelp previous to Mr White de
tirtore Constantinople Among the party
ZattUte for Coltatlnople Aonl patp
were Mr and Mrs Oliver S Carter Mr and
frL Walter Ner Mr E B Johnw and ho
I I Water Bultn and Boardman with a host of
German officials
A BaUveof New York visiting the Frladrtch
Wllbtlnuudt Theatre where Nation ha
iutbeen revived might very well imagine
J1 blmt Uwr ln at tbo oh Thalia Theatre the
Bowirr lor Jenny Btnbol play the title rle
lAnk is Jttrttttae and Frttnleln Offenny also
svpsin I T revival of the pS baa been a
Fault tJpTo Date will b played by an
Eocllib company at Concord Motto Hall in
Ibsens Croirn Pretenders which had been
tally rehearsed at the Royal Playhouse was
iiddonlr wlthdrawi and will not be produced
14doD wltdw wi pronced
until out toason or such time a will enable
the Emperor to b present at the rehearsals
I hi was I the cue of Tbe New Lord
Vienna male chorus start next week
with 178 members on ItsIOrlental tour The
eioroitodne 1 at Constantinople on May to
nirform before the Sultan and at Athens on
fu2 10 serenade the aister of the Gorman
The Hebrew American Opera Company II i
win Inc money and winning laurel in Buchnr
1t her the prima donna Miss Finkelsteln
I mating quite a furore
I his been left for Reiohsgerlcht to place
tafcaott odious unjust andabsurd construc I
tion on the law of journalistic responsibility I
HBceforward the proof reader of a daily
ntwipapar for such it f seems is the law will b I I
Ilibla t imprisonment for obnoxious or llbel
loss article appearing in the paper with which
ttr 1 a connected The Industrious States
Attorney and the newipperhUnff official
n9donbtM9thatthBjj4wtJj o tatvrprted
kit highest court of i t realm i prp
tUt eerrUd ont la utnnc tI the case
trklch gave birth t this Iniqniton ruling the
editor of the paper which published the libel
htd beezi tentenesd months ago ao > that the
cl l I it existed had bean fully atoned for
Bat outraged Justloo was apparently not salu
ted with a single votm The typeMtter wa
sot t b found and the foreman who placed
the article between the column rules
Il alole btweD te rlel W
I dead 1 the legal lightnings fell upon the
poor proofreader He at the trial had ad
I mitted having read the article and baring
Bade In It some slight alterations to the ex
1 tint of turning three As right side uppermost
I ud straightening a conile of Ne For these
kttnous offences he It now undergoing four
months imprisonment wearing a striped uni
form and naking matches
Vienna thinks of nothing but American trot
tm jut now and of Mr A Terry sixyear
old mare Boxque B nlta that won the groat
lUkej at Wednesdays meeting She U at
tnwnt the most admired animal on the Contl
Dental turf She has broken the last years
record of 210 twice over and made the first
mile In2t8 and tbe second In 216Y for which
feat hefonner received 15DO florins premium
utUdltlttn to tho I Grand Stakes ot 0000 florins
Tirys Molly WIke carried off tho second
ProUIJ forms soconl
Atlla Government has decided that
Pool rocmiMdostablshments which must be
JernuL As It take about a oar to obtain b
cnif the turf will have to get along without
wil Iet alonJ
NOlbOUJe5joascason l
> fo icason at least
A miUiW llult I before the Zurich
f4 cu In wile the weiknown clowns tho
welknlwn olowol
1llc Brother are the defendants and the
circus manager Wor Is the complainant
Bleb of n ctlstho cause of action yet
aton Jt
DnhlbPrench ISSPiteOfthe i Pnnront simplicity of the case
n11 Frencn MKlan Uimgurlnn German I
WaBwIjslaws will hmo to bj argued OermAn before a
JtWoa can bo tvn
n The brothers Price are I
EIIsbme rxlurilzed AS Danes The con I
Intl t which Is alleiwJ 10 have been broken was
IDed iii lors
II though a French
IblOUlh neency
MI K ouny
i3lIa the
1ble delellant clowns
ololns wero mlfllllngnn
amemcnt In Prankfoit Tho plaintiff is u
I hungarian and tho tonrl < t stipulated that
I 11
7 brotbfl 1 should make their first appear
lace In
Sen ° their new BB soment at the Wolff
cunnruselj i enlncmelt Wolf
In nrueeb
eeus They prefered not to do
SmaiT and It was on meeting th
8ttvBndKt T ncotnl them noel
dentally at Zurich the
deltAI other dny that the plain
ttjocmraenceil this action
Mbtng perhaps could better illustrate the
IIelC 11 Clvafdlfl of Continental press
Continenta pros
ln IhlO their Irc3 > nc lat
prelnCI litTuesduy In the
nuilain II
it JWIamcnt lag tho Chamber for the purpoo of Invok
r Bthe protection of tie President of the
Depnties II calnt he Uuperutho Criticism of
DPltc The muzzle
tvaa rarticularl
I WA Nuleurl y tecom
Icld d fir the nntisomftjo Deputies
Pesfdent 111lomltlo Depulel and the
ruldelt strange to soy promised
i i 8tlnae omlAd to do alt
isbi al
L I power to shield those nelfconstltuted
Bues from criticism
the Beiaatloufti piragrophs he appeared In
t VlonDa Darers ln which Baron Soraoskevy
alluded tons being a fugitive from justice
Satin la at present 1VOB 1 the hotel l
wntlnental lo rarh where be Is I thought to be
I > t
rel Awerlciit lie goes by the name of
Victor l Voye and lio In
bi < lro I style worthy of
k adopted nationality Ho claims to be an
Aaericau citizen Bud says that ho changed
ii cbAnel
wnam with the consent of the Nol York
Wnty Court
tat 0 fit111 R native of Bout WestDhalJa I
1101 rc siding at Brandon Minaesota ha
tlon to the luthorlle < t of bio imtlvo town
M lntthemtocoleot funds to enable him tci I
skttbe lour of Ibb world howoback I
worli on lie
or hOlebRck Jo
I 4sures
ura them that be
never quit
tk ittddle wi nlor lulC
< except for tho purpose of
tlZ B and embarking at bun Fran
Ck for tbnDlbal and At 1Uvro for New
he fs
f ijJl cerlftln great honor will be
f JreM re
I to Itod upon lila birthplace Truth compels me ro
Ibis ih Ioweve thftt up to tb8 time ° r riling
tl the citizens of B16st haTe not exhibited
r wthuslosm for tho wbera and the local
lmerleat Jt can had notiMter bal lines for It than
okt wwloan C humbug tho fraud on horse
Ultlburg t e1 a a ° r rnment steamer will leave
h Iburs carrying the new residence which
eeb nttructed fr the Goernor of f Or I I
a El AfrKo The building which 1s of
wood and capable of being divided and subdi
vided iC necessary has been made by German
engineer at n cost ot about 130000 Quite an
army of skilled engineers and workmen will
embark nt the name time for flat es Balaam
Malor Von WlrBinann has bon writing plain
tive epistles from Africa to the German
tve tllttes Arica Gernn pates
in which he professes to be very much aston
ished that the public does not side with him
Inc his dispute with Emtn Pasha Ha main
tain that he had a perfect right to recall the
Pasha The subscription for the proposed
Welsamann fleet on the Victoria Nyanza
n not coming in as they ought
and promises of donations are being with
drawn fact which taken with tho Emln Un
pleasantness and the Kaisers unconcealed In
difference to hU schemes should bo enough to
convince the Major that ho fl i vermont the end
ot bltf tether x
A local paper for comparing the Kalter to
the Emperor Biglsmund in respect of a roving
disposition and assiduity in spending money
was threatened by the Btatos Attorney with
I prosecution but th Emperor Interfered Ho
remember that his ancestors acquired Bran
dnbnre in 1417 from Slglsmund who owed
them 400000 ducats nor does he forgot that
the latter mae himself Ring of Italy and
Roman Emperor and that he feathered his
nest generally very well I sometimes at the
expense of othen I
Mr Phelps dined a a guest of the great
author Frledrich Bplelbogon on Thursday
night on which occasion ho had the pleasure
ot meeting some of the brightest lights of mod
era German literature and of bearing their
views on the copyright law
A Schnapps ring U I now being formed with
its beadauarters in this city Prince Bis
marck t named as one of tho baker of the
scheme in which all the great feudal barons
of the empire are very much interested us
well as two of tbe largest banking houses
A citizen of Gem has been sentenced to
eight months imprisonment for saying that
hsoTerela tb Prince ot Begs might emi
grate to the land of tbe Hottentots I he de
sired adulation but that he the citizen would
certainly refuse to recognize him as a superior
being reigning by the grace of God
Cltlaenn of o Southern Town Summoned to
the Jail by Military HIcnnL
WILMINGTON N C May 17 Several negroes
were heard to make throats to attack the jail
last night and release Kit Hugglns the driver
of an omnibus which ran over and killed a Itt
tIe white boy named Llston Chadwlok yester
day Sheriff Stodman therefore with twenty
wellarmed special deputies took charge of
the jAi and the police force of the city received
special Instruction to be oaths alert By 10
oclock crowds of negroes began assembling
leAr tbe jai Chief of Police Hal with a de
tachment of police went t the scene to dis
perse bem They moved away but oulckly r
This continued for more than two hours but
there was no actual violence and no Seatui a of
special Interest until between Laud U oclock
when the negroes began marching up and
down the street in front of the jail and after
ward assembled t lore within fifty yards of
that building Mayor lilcnud after consulta
tion with a number of discreet citizen then
ordered the mil tan to b sounded from
the flee bells This was done and tbo mom I
hers of the Wilmington Light Infantry oamo I
city rushing t their armory from all part of the I
ri soon a the first tap ot the lam bells
w n rdtjine rn > i > n to < disperse
Twelve or ten of them were arrested by U
police and by 8 oclock In the morning every
thing ws quiet Their armory being within
200 feet of tho jail the light Iniantry were not
ordered out bnt were under arms allnlcht
The utmost forbearance was exercised by the
white vnot I shot being 11 red and not a club
used Nearly every one ot the negroes carried
a pistol Borne of tha negroes professed to
< PItL that they lared a attempt would be
made to lynch Bugglns and said they wore on
lade to protect him t
There are no indications now of further
trouble wltb the negroes bat sa a measure of
precaution thn Wilmington LIcht Infantry
have remain been all ordered night t b at > their > armory and
A Chnnee For the Ooeelp In Mr Xlowern
Iono Talk With Him
Richard Croker left the Hoffman House on
Saturday night and went to his home a SO
Mount IIlt avenue Ho secluded hlintelf
for the greater part of yesterday and though
bis door bell was frequently jingled only a few
of tile most intimate friends wero admitted
The conference that nearly every politician
was sure would be held Immediately on Mr
Crokera return was held on Saturday after
noon and 1 carefully was it kept a secret thai
not an inkling of it was allowed to leak out
Tbo conference btldln ope of the rooms
occupied by Ear Murphy and his family at I
lie Hoffman House It lasted r ni noqn < and
the conf rrens were Mr Croker Mr Murphy I
Mayor Grant W Donrke Oockran and Can
crefismnu Homveli P Flower
During the lone talk nobody wos admitted
and all < > f tho many clle were asked to call
Inter The conference must bAT been sadly
Interrupted twlceloron two different occasions
Cr Flower wo observed to iJeme the hotel
hastily and atier on abienco of bout fifteen
minutes to bustle back again
minutes so early in the reason I wouldnt
be so very absurd to accuse the gnntlemen
with having talked ctato polities The pres
ence halnl 1 lower will I RI tta the grafts Q
chance to assurt positively that the talk wa
About the Governorship and that Mr Flower
li himsel the chosen candidate of Tammany
yesterday afternoon Mr Murphy was asked
if there was anything new in politics
Ob no be saM There Isnt a thing I
lag on months and there come wont be probably for several
Ones Skull In IrAn ant Hie Wife
Ooen dnuntOE for Ule Aienllunt
Frank Giordano of 460 Carroll street Bouth
Brooklyn andBoptlsto Dllico ot 20 Richard
nan street Orcenpolnt were frlonds In Italy
and yesterday Giordano accepted 1 long stand
log Invitation fiom his fellow countryman to
come and see him and bring bis wife
Plenty of boer was drunk and late in the after
noon a iiuuiraf was developed Mr and Ie
Gioruinno rose to g
tWice insisted l 10 their remaining and when
Giordano refused ho hit him on the Lead nltn
somo blunt instrument Sirs Uiordum says
and ran away The polio hate not found any
tbln with which the blow could bavo been
Htruck wih Ambulnnco Burgeon Marqullies
who took Ulordano to Bt CMtharlnea Hcspliu
says that hlH skull IH fractured and that he will
irnbably ills ot the Injury
The serious nature of her husbands wounds
wa < explained tu Mrs Giordano bbs swore to
hare rVveiuto and not until she was threatened
with arrest did she quiet flown About two
hdurs later a policeman of the Uraburn avenue
squad found u woman running along his pist
and fnUII a revolver At the I police station
Abe said she was Ascarlnela Olordano alt
that khe was looking for bur husbands mur
del er Wit was locKed up general alarm
hiiia i been sent rut lorDIIKe He Is big power
Pitted ful Slid dark complexioned His face Is badly
Ue Hhot Illmeeir He SaId Without Know
Inc Wb t He WHO Doing
James Cavanagb Ibo real estate agent of
025 East Thirtieth street who shot himself In
the head at the Grtnpolnt Ferry last Monday
died early yesterday morning of bin Injuries
In the Eastern District Hospital of Brooklyn
The bullet was extracted from his brain after
a piece of the skull about as Ug a a quarter
of a dollar hat been cut away
The wound healed but on Saturday the
doctors found his pulso falling and notified
bin wife and son who wai with him when be
died Deatb was due toshock Mr Cavanoch
protested irom the first that be had 10 linen
lion of Iron himself and until bo awoke
lon the Imllet bad been rend And found
lilm hulet hospItal le did hot know what
bcfia > j done
Hn I tone recollect leaving New York by tho
r nnr where begot the pistol Hn hail no
trout ror HN dome llo lolutloo were Lppy
hI said and bu WICOlnrUrllblr oft financIally
NIB mousAim PJTOPXJT xnr 2
Lea Than UnlF or Them Bee the Corner
Stone or the New Cntholte Remlenry
Z > nld Thonennd Walk on the Bntlrom
Tmeke Arehblehop Corrigan Nearly
Five flour Coins ThereAn Impren
Biro CeremonyThe repel Teternne t
Hot halt the people who started for Talon
tine Hill South Yonkers yesterday to witness
the laying of the corner stone ot the new
theological seminary for the Cathollo arch
diocese of New York got there The railroads
wero not able to handle the crowd The cere
mony was to have taken place at 3K oclock
but was not held until after C
About 1 oclock people began to crowd the
Sixth and Ninth avenue elevated traIns on
their way to 16Mb street where trains ot tho
New York and Northern road were to take
them to Dunwoodlo a few minutes walk from
Valentine Hill For about nn hour everything
went woll but shortly after noon when there
was a big rush the delay began There were I
not enough trains on tho Now York and
Norhor to relieve tho 155th street sta
tion ot the crowds that
tat poured Into It
A a result the elevated road wa
blocked and trains were compelled to wait
on the track from the end of the road
n far down as lOt street for a longtime
Thousands got out on tho tracks and walked
t 155th street Between 9 and 8 oclock the
rush wagreatest Then the large number of
men who crowded the tracks frightened the
elevated road poople and tho poltco were called
to keep the tracks clear They couldnt do it
An express train took a hour and a half to go
from 104th street to the end of the road
When I became clear to tho low York and
Northern road that they hadnt train enough
elevated road trains were run from the 155th
street station to Dunwoodle That
Itet elaton woodle arrange
ment didnt help matters much The Now
York and Northern tracks were filled with
trains which 1 required some time to empty al
Dunwoodle Every train was crowded to Ire I
fullest capacity Young men and boys moo I
oaDcltS Younr ald ro on
the engine and many got on the roofs of tho
cars To make the trip Irom 155th street to
Dunwoodle about five miles required on au
average two hours and In some cases as ion
A three hour and a half At least A thoutand
people walked half the war Whon 1 delay oc
curred many young men got out and walked
to tho head ot tbe line of trains a dUtance In
sOle cases of hal a mile Then they board
ed the first train and remained on it untIl It
came up with the next string of blocked cars
Hero they walked up t the head again They
pursued this course until Dunwoodlo was
reached A few women did some walking too
Trains that according to ncliedule time
should hnvo reached DUD woodle between 2 and
3 oclock didnt get there until between 5 and
G Thousands became disgusted and started
back for tim < city at once Passengers un in
coming trains seeing some that bad left Dun
woodlo In disgust judged that tho ceremony
had ben held and laturnod to Now York aUo
A large number walked a considerable part of
the way bnck
Archbishop Cnrrlnan and his party which
consisted of Archbishop lynn of 1 hlladelphli
Bishop KennoofthoCnthntio University Bishop
Mctjunld of roebelter Bishop Conroy of Cur
ium Mal Preston Farley McDonnell and
many priests started from New York for the
seminary sill at 1 oclock J was just IS
minutes before 0 when they arrived at Dnn
woodlo They waited at the Fiftieth street sta
tion of the elotated road for a long time before
tber joirded A train The overcrowded con
dition of every train that came along prevented
them from getting The other dignitaries
and priests who were pnrtlolpato In the
ceremonies had a similar experlenae Bishop
Wlgger of Newark and a dozen priest rode la
the baggage ca of one trnln that took threo
hours to make the themile journey Bishop
UFarroll mae arrived at tie seminary
grounds about 1130 I Probably 200 priests did
not roach the place In time to take non In tbe
ceremonies Many of tho clergy followed the
example of the way ot the people who walked a good pat
nThe elevated railroad men at tho ISStb street
ralrold A
station t that about Suuuo persons bound
for the seminary site rode ou their trains
Eeveral thousand members of societies wont
to Yonkers by boat Ten thousand Yonkers
people camn down to Valentino Hill und many
thousands more from parts of the archdiocese
above Yonkers were there It was calculated
that 00000 p < > rson tried to witness the cere
mony Probably 40000 wero at and around
Valentine Hill when the Archbishop laid tho
Many prominent New Yorkers went through
the rawer rough experience of getting to the
ratIor eXlrienre Ietna
seminary site Mayor Grant omptriller
Myers Judges Fhrllch and Daly Police Com
missioners voorbis and Martin Eugene Kelly
Jo epn J ODonubuo John Gllmary bbea the
Catholic historian and editor of the CathnHo
Catholo Herman Rldder proprietor of the
Catholic firm end publisher of the tJaati
Xfituna John D Crlramlns and James S Cole
man wore among them
mln wor back to hew Inrk was almost ns bad
as getting to DUnwoodlc hvery train was
jammed The delays wore long and frequent
Darkness would pot allow the paaingai to
tlo any walking They were loud in their ex
presiloun of dl lust shortly after tbo
beginning of tim ceremony the trany
started for New York I was not long
bHore a block occurred and trains that started
blore Dunwoodie after GI < oclock tnok about
two hour to got to High Bridge Them was
no trouble at the 153th trot station then Tho
crowds were ell handled and the elevated
t i rains ran on schedule time People who had
riiM soboulo tmo
bit their homes about noon for the seminary
grounds didnt set back until latent night
and they hadnt bail much tooat during that
time It must hare been 2 or 3 oclock before I
lme one reached borne
We could have handled the crowds with
ease said an elevated railroad man last night
eaol hay reporter had the New York and
Northern road been able to receive the too
pie aa soon ben titer tot to Iho 1SMU
street station The block on our road
was caused by Iho overcrowding of
wa station When the crowds got back
from tbe cer mony B were able to accommodate
Tho Now iork and Northern road
date them To ow 1ork MUM Iern rOI
tales Its pamengers from our 155th aired
station As almost overy one who rodo on our
cars this afternoon was Hound fo Dunwoodle
carl platform was always crowded Thats
how the dolts occurred
When Archbishop Corrigan and his party ar
rived At Dunwoodle a great crowd greeted
them It had boon the intention to ho the
tbl Iltellton
mens Fooltftlfls nf the New ork churches ar
ilvo at Dunwoodlo at 2 o cloak and line the
road from tbo Dunwoodlo crossing to the In
tornectlon of Yonkers avenue and Jerome
coording to the programme the Arcbblsb
Acoordlna prolrammo
a40 The cadets
ODR train was to arrive itt cuderl
of Bt Johns Collects Fordham ISO strong un
der command of Lieut Edwards U t A und
holed by the Davids Island Military land
was tu act as escort to the Archbishop who
passing societies through tho lines was to review the
The wrotched railroad arrangement pre
vented tho carrying out of this plan ns fuiiy a
WM dished All the societies were not on
band deAled cadets wero thoro and they acted
ns the Archbishop escort They and ho and
tho otter members of his party followed by
the societies went along the rood leading tn
Ilolellel nloli
seminary grounds The road was lined
with eollie
WAt an old mansion on the ground which
had been the homo of the Valentines the
former owners of the properly for generation
the Lrelatos and priests vested for the coro
mont Then anf by the calel tho robed ec
cletlaatlos went to the Rite of tbe seminary
A large woodun oroa had heen erected at the
place where the seminary chattel el Is to lnd
When ArcbblihoD Corrlgan And hi attendant
nrrlied at the corner stoneabout lfl000 or 0
UOU peoplo surrounded him closely In tbe
road and near tbe station A Dunwoodlo were
thousands more
On Idl Poro the Inteno of the hour Arch
blsnop Ryan began bla address before the
stone was laid H o woke of the importance of
a seminary and Iho dignity of the priesthood
and paid a tribute to ArchiiUhpp ttmjgan
zeal After the address Archbishop Corrigaii
In cope and mliro and currying his
COp tie stone According to the
Itoraen pontifical I the earner stono was
placed a box containing a manuscript latter of
the Archbishop certlfilnff to the ceremony
signed with his bald Ana bearing hIs arch
episcopal seal There were also a
strip of parchment containing the nec
essary 01 Information concerning the prop
erty and rmatOn description prepared
jy anI McDonnell the Archbishop
private socretary coins of the country bearing
the date 1891 I and a medal stQ9k at Borne In
the seventh not Iope Leo XUIs nntln
cats The trowel used IY the Archbishop In
performing the ceremony WM If solbi silver
and was presented 10 him by John D Crlm
mlnl who was ono of the promoter of tbo
Around the corner tone stoel with the
Archbishop Dlsbops Keauo Motjuald WIiOr
OFarrell and Conroy Mr Crlmmlns William
Beblckel the architect anti about 800 priests
The Archbishop wa assisted br the Rev Dr
IOn MoLouglilln of Yonkers the Rev
Conception and the Rev Joseph F Mooney 0
the Church of the Bacred Heart as deacons o
honor the Her John P Chtdnick and the
Itev Joseph Meobler as acolytes t the Iter T
F Murphy of the cathedral as crossboarer
and Mor McDonnell the tiny James W Itchy
of Wwiainsbtdge And Ihe iteviW J D
Dalr Wlambrdle Bar Henry 8 Newsy
of the cathedral as master of ceremonies
Of tho priests present many werj from other
dioceses Among them were the Very tier Dr
tabrlels ot bt Joseph Semlnarr Trnyt the
VOn Rev Charles B Rex of the Boston
diocesan seminary the Very Rev lr
Magnlon of Bt Marys UnIversity Balti
more the Very Inr Dr hogan of
the Catholic University Washington the
toY J xiattery of Epiphany Apostoljo College
Baltimore and the Rev Dr Ignatius Horst
man Archbishop Ryan prlvato secretary
Reprctentntlv of the Jesuits Redemptorlsts
Frsnclitens Carmelites Capuchin and other
religious orders went there Brother Ctement
la Brother Acarlar and Brother Thomas
Director of Bt Jnmeit Behool wore among
the conspicuous Christian Brothers present
Here and tber In the dense crowd Around
th let wand a banner of a religions society
beside tho American flag A group of a dozen
men attired In touavo uniform attracted attention
tention They were all that are left of the men
who went Irom thin city more than twenty
wln frmhhl
years ago to fight for Pope Plus IX and am
known as Papal TeterRnl Cant John Klrwan
commanded them The religions societies of
men landed In Yonkers and after parading
through that place marched to Valentine HllL
The ceremony it wail asserted attracted the
largest crowd over brought together on alml
crwd ove brouJh ylml
jar occasion In the archdiocese of New ork
The laying of the corner stone of the new
cathedral In Fifth avenue I tbe only event
cater slsnoas Fltb In Importance and imprea
The seminary bulldlne Will b completed In
about a year It II I tn be in wI form of a hollow
square facing south by southeast and will
have A froutacs of tbO feet In strlelt will bo
Renaissance It will halo four stories and abasement
basement and will he built of reddishgray
granite quarried on the grounds The build
ing which will accommodate about stn
dents Will cost l 500000
HURT I TUB issrn BTREKT cnvaa
A Train Started ne Urm Brovrnlee Wan
Trying to Get Aboard
Mn Annie Brownies a widowed sister of
Assemblyman John Connolly live at lOt East
Twentyseventh street She started yesterday
afternoon in company with ll Nom Fenton
to go to Dun woodle to see the laying of the
corner stone of the now Catholic Seminary
Mrs BrownIes nnd Mil Fenton loft the ele
vated train at the 155th street station and
bought excursion tickets for Dunwoodlo
There was a tremendous
Wo were told Miss Fonlon said yesterday
that the next train would be a through train
so we waited on the station platform The
train came up crowded 10 the doon People
ware standing on the platforms as well ns
inside The train bad stopped and the cato
was half opened when Mrs brownleesteppad on
the platform Hho bad one hand on th roiling
nnd one loot on the car platform when the
train started up again She was thrown down
and dragged ulonit tbe station platform for
nearly I cars length and would certain have
been killed bad It not been fora policeman who
pushed through the crowd tn her Ildo The
policeman picked her up and just then the
poloeman up
raIn stopped again
There was great deal of excitement among
the crowd and In the rush six or eight people
including too several ladles were thrown down
10 scams likely that the train stopped to
loon and was sinned up again in order that
all the WI might open on to the platform
The railroad Ieople offer tO i explanation
MrBBrownlei 6 A taken into tho waiting
room and afterward tu the Manhattan Hospital
I tos
pital Thero it was found that abe had received
ceived slight internal Injuries and that her
right side had been considerably bruUed
tio great was the crush at the station that
10 reserves were font from the TblrtythlrJ
precinct to aid in managing the crowd
Aol Zjlndeeker Cat His Tat andBnnn
BleedIng Through the Street
Alois Llndecker is described by his wte Eliz
abeth as a dissolute cigar maker who lost a
situation four months ago by reason of his
habits Ho lives at 727 St Anns avenue
For two weeks with the exception of two or
three brief visits Llndecker has absented him
self from homo He returned on Baturday
night and rapped at the window for admis
sion His wile refused to open the door and
is called her names and left She saw no more
of him until 10 oclock yesterday morning
Un had been In the house about half an
hour when became UP behind his wife throw
his arm about her ntck nnd drew bar bead
backward on his shoulder She broke away
and wont Into the rear room He followed her
old felzeil her by the throat Then she saw
that ho held a razor in hlu band tOte struggled
to free herself and received two slight cuts In
the thumb and fingers the left band She
wrenched be street herself from his grasp and lied into
IbX moment later her husband ran out of tbo
house with blood streaming fromjadeou gasu
which extended the entire width ul Ills neck
He ran down tit Ann avenue for two blocks
Uythis time his olothln wan saturated with
blood and he began to stumble from weak
flees Ho turned into the Urnzonla Cemetery
In at AnnV avenue Just below 150tb street
whose big wooden gates stood open He stag
gered along nbout fifty feet and fell Prostrate
In the shadow of Q big willow tree Dozens of
eonle gathered about him and Policemen
Kuhn and Farrell ant a hurry cull to the liar
iem Hospital
A German priest who happened to he pass
inc knelt b tldo tbe apparently dying mRn
but Ltndecker aimed a vicious blow at the
Driest and struck at all who tried to aid him
He was tO weak to give his blows weight
He was removed the Harlem Hospital
The physician have but little hope of his recovery
covery V
rouxa aims wno TKLT UE
Some Have Their Stories Investigated by
the Gerry Hoclety
James D Wall of 404 West FIt street
tried to hire a room at the lodging house at
Grand and Bulllvan streets on Baturday night
He was accompanied by a fairhaired little
girl in short dresses and Proprietor Donnelly
caused his arrest He was locked upon a
technical charge of disorderly conduct and the
girl was handed over to Mr Gerrys society
She said she was Edith Chtrong 1 years old
living with her mother at 101 West Seventieth
She had been Introduced to Wall by the col
ored porter at the Ninth avenue elevated sta
tion at Eightyfirst trot She met him by
appointment on Saturday to go t A concert
bbs did not mean any barm and did not know
where he intended taking her She wa a
good girl she said
Agent Bebultps of the society made an inres
tlgtlon anO told Justice MeMahon In Jefferson
tllatlonLand JUltOI
son Market Court yesterday that bl could not
believe one word of the girls story Her
mother said that she was more than 1 year
old The Justin issued a subpTua for tho
petered o Utoe attend In court this morning
Wjdi and tbe giI wore remanded
Michael JJIbeJio wu Jded from cus
tody yesterday b 1 Justice rMAhon ole was
caused by tnrlchetta Bplno with abducting
her from her home at 370 lileecktr street and
assaulting her nt the point ot a knife on Feb
21 I 1890 Mr Gerry society Investigated the
matter o thoroughly and reported that Mill
hplnn although only 14 years old il n ac
complished liar Dlbejlo I a married man
cOPpllbed Ju Dbe oe
and live in Philadelphia
vottiasr itECEirjio xna BLOW
He Ilnrt Been Bespattered with Had and
Hie alt fled lynched at Him
Coroner Iinnly was called yesterday to Belle
vuo Hospital to take the antemortcm state
ment of James Forker He drive a wagon for
the New York Bottling Company II i 22 years
old and live at 163 West Sixteenth street lie
aid tbat on Saturday afternoon ho was driv
Ins through West Fiftieth ttroet When o
glue pattered over him and a boy named
Thomas Dual who was riding wltb him A
colored man laughed at them and Dual sworn
at him Tb colored man seized a bale stick
pan over to Dual and was about to strike the
lad when Yorker stepped In between them
ajd received tn 0 blow on his head Forkey
elf unconscious and Uie colored man ran
away It is I feared that Forkjr skull Is frao
lurd lan The police are looking for the I colored
lathing prttlUr or more dtslrafeU I to to a piece ol I
urnliurt from funt tt is 1 III IQ po
Cil UUIIktns Opera dempsey at Worths Mutual 1
acrsnd siucrsi and drawing crowdtd boiuu 4 < m I I
I v t rr
i 1 vt C
1 l
John B Hoekcfnllera Puree Appealed To
Dr Pone Accuse Dr Storehouse who
Boot and the Board of the American
Baptist Home Mission Society tVIII
Xenomtnate Seeretnry Morehonio and
Tryto prop Secretary Pope The Ho
elety May Overthrow tale Ire
An effort will be made at the Annual meetlog
of the American Baptist Home Mission Society
In Cincinnati Wednesday next to prevent
the reelection of the General Secretary the
Rev Dr Henry L Morehouso of Brooklyn
The friends of Mr Morshoute will strenu
ously npoort him and there doubtless will
b some unpleasant friction Dr Morobouso
who la a bachelor clergyman without
Q to i charged with diverting
from Its proper use money entrusted to
his care I one of the trustees of the Cham
berlain fund the income of which goes to the
Loland University a Baptist educational In
stitution for colored poople In New Orleans
According to some of the Board of the Home
Mission Society 10e charge against the Bar
Dr Morohouo wore made at a meeting of
the Board with much emphasis by Dr
0 0 Pp of this city reoutrd to
a wealthy Texan and a member of the Day
Dr McArthurs church Dr MoAithur la
the ReT Dr Pope is a hightoned gentleman
Dr Pope said that Dr Morehouse had mis
appropriated the Income of lh Chamberlain
fund and that bo was a stock gambler Dr
Morebouso got up and defended himself with
vigor accusing Dr PoP of being a stock
gambler also
This incident led the trustees of the Cham
berlain fund ono of whom i Prof John C
Overhelserof this city and another the RI
Hiram Uutchlns of Brooklyn to investigate
the accounts of the Rev Dr Morehouse
The trustees had relied Implicitly on the
honor of Dr HorehouEe and had left the en
tire management of the fund to him
They employed an expert accountant who
found that the income ot the fund bad been di
verted from its proper Uio Through tbe
good offices it II i said of a distinguished
Baptist clergyman on friendly terms with John
D Rockefeller Morohouso obtained a loan big
enough pay back tho money still duo to the
Leland University variously stated to be from
JIBOO to f2Boo with Interest for the years
use of it
Factions have arisen over this affair One
report la that the Board of the Mission boclety
refuted to net in tbo matter because they
I raid I wa Dot within blCAUSCj juris
i diction aa the offence WUB not committed
I against the society und that the liar Dr
Morehouso was responsible to the society it
self and not urn Hoard I
I Dr Popes friends nay that Dr Morehouso
borrowed 11000 from Dr Pope And that when
Dr More bouse paid It back Dr lope discov
ered that Dr Morehouse was using tbe < Cham
berlain fund
Dr POPO warned Dr Morehouse that It wan
not right and the two had a colloquy warmer
than clergymen usually Indulge In Dr Pooo
house then made his charge against Dr DrJooo
On tne other hand a member tbe Board
said last night Mrny exaggerated stories
have been living about wltnregard to both
principals In this < controversy Dr Morehouse
is the Uonornl MroretRrr of time Home Mission
Boclety a position superior to that of Dr
rope who Is Secretary of the Church Edifice
Board I Both speculated more or less In Wall
street and Dr Popo got pinched Bo was In A
tight plaee and Dr Slorehonse lent him
mone t lt out
Later on thl ilatlon between them became
strained and each made accusation alI nit
the other Dr Pope came to the Executive
Board of the society with the story that Dr
Morehouse had used money from a college
fund entrusted to hU car The Executive
Board controls both men
An Investigation was begun at once It re
sulted In the vindication of Dr Morehouse
from all taint of dishonesty He admitted
having used a small sum as WAS charged but
said that It wns gloen t Dr Pope to help him
In bin predicament
Tbe money be afterward placed li t t true
that be ba loans from John D Itookefeller
but there In nothing unusual In this as the
two were personal friend
The whole thing has a commercial trans
action which con b viewed of course
acton Ylewed coure
In many ways The Executive Board
however don not Executve More
houses Integrity to lie impeached The
Board is with Dr Morehouso wholly and ab
solutely and tho result of His proceedings has
been more detrimental to Dr Pope the I mail
gator nf Its Investigation than to any one else
His resignation has not gen asked for but a
six necks vacation < has been given him
Ho left for tho Boutb lout week and may be
present nt the meeting in Cincinnati Uliou
the general election la held on Thursday bow
ever bin name will not bo presented for the
oflice ha has held
This Is tbo result of tho Boards deliberations
and he has been Doarl It deJhcratone Il0ro
house will bo renotnlnnted however And there
seems to b good prospect of his reelection l
There will bo no formal presentation of the
matter by the Board A new man will Imply
be put In Dr Popes place mll
Professor Oberhelner has resigned from tim
Board of Trustees of the Chamberlain Fund
since their trouble with Dr Morehouse
One of tho first assignment that Reporter
Elliott I Hhepard of the Mal ami hrprtt took
was to write up a dinner that was given to the
Rev Dr Morehnnse at the Windsor on his re
turn from Europe several years ago
rurtt nnr
The Rev Dr Hnrehoiiso was nao nd of J
I Dean whose failure 1 number of years ne >
was n severe blow to the American Baptist
Home Mission Society Its funds being Involved
In Mr Deans peculations Alter the failure
lpOU Itonl faiure
Dr Morhoui9 was among the first to de
nounce the breach of trust
Cbnrlee Collloe Had Been a Truant From
SchoolHi Body round In the Hudson
At noon on Friday Charles Collins the 10
I rearold son of Policeman Thomas Collins of
the Washington Heights Police went home ns
usual to dinner After dinner he slatted It
was supposed to return to school This was
the last tlmo his patents saw him alive
Policeman Bobol trolllng i along the Hud
son River at 10 oclock yestorilnv morning
found thi < body of the missing boy flouting In
the river at the foot of West IMd Street
Mr Collins learned from one of the lads
schoolmate that ho bad pot attended school
since Monday He wus a pupil in Grammar
Bchool 46 at lMth street and Amsterdam
avenue Ho arrived there late Monday morn
lag his classmate said and was reprimanded
tir his teacher who sent him to the princIpal
who In turn ordered him to prlnclol
father This the boy seems to have be en
ifrald to do but bo di elvrd his parents by
JesTing the house and returning at the usual
oun J P MoQowun saw the boy wandering
along tho river front on Friday bOJAndrrlnl
hints he sat down on the river bank Coln
falling asleep 1 toppled overboard and was
fl oTtrbor
drowned He was the oldest of six children
Two ef a Bal Pn Drowned
Maw HAVIK May 17This afternoon Prank
L Burns Frank Oren Lewis O Lannbler
and Frank Webber all wellknown young men i
ohIo town of Mllford sailed ont into Long
leland Bound In Buruss sloop for plea nr Ln
Two miles oft shore lear Merwms Point a
sudden squall ulet the sloop Webber WM
caught in the rigging and drowned Imme
diately The others clung t the b ttomofthe
sloop and drifted about for two hours a cold
wind nearly freezing their blood
finally they wore seen irom the shore and a
man named Mix put oft to rescue them As ii > >
reached them LIP ler strength became
exhausted and he ell Into the sea
Mix picked up Burns on one tack and Green
on the next and both at one lapsed Into un
eonsclonsneis in which state they remained
until some time alter they were landed and
restoratives were applied Lanphlere WM un
married Webber bad a wife and children
Thrown from Their muggy
Mr OOare of 111 West Fifteenth street took
his i wife Catharine and his two children out
for a drive yesterday On the Klngsbrldge
road near 182d street something lying In the
roadway startled thC horse and be shied vlo
lean and lupiettlngthe buggy and throw
niront the occupants at
te ou
nJ OOare left arm WM broken Jut above
am abT
tb 1 elbow Her hunbaad and children escaped
with a few rj Itee aMrs 0 r ares arm was
dressed at the Manhattan Hospital and su
r Ma9attu a 1
was taken homo by her bubaa
fjarsxoir CERTIFICATES Jl2lDz V
Beeretary Tester Fears There Will Be e >
Large Deflcleiey In the Treasury
WismNOTON Mill 17Tho Washington
Gaiettt today charges that the payment of
pension certificates In case that have ben
completed is f being withheld at tho order of
Secretary Foster who fears that there will bo
a large deficiency In the Treasury at the 9nd
of tbo fiscal year The Gazelle says
The pension attorneys who have hundreds
of cotes on file are writing to thn Pension Of
flee every day asking why certificates lor the
completed Cal are not issued I and In most
cases tho letters of the attorneys remain un
I appears that Commissioner Baum Is J act
ing under instruction from Secretary Foster
to ward off a largo deficiency which seems
inevitable Instead of Issuing certificate for
cases In tho completed flies the Pension Offjci
Is pushing with all the flroo l Its command
oases filed under the Disability not of Juno
1800 Last month 30000 claims under the not
of June 1800 were issued and comparatively
few cases on the completed files warn touched
Tho Commissioner understands tho position In
which he placed and hence ho is f willing to
let the completed a rest take all the cr1
clzm of the attorney and listen patiently to
the tales of woe the claimants pour into
his ear it he can only avert a doflcloncjr Then
Is a material difference in tbo amount received
by the pensioner whose claim is filed under
the act of Juno 1800 and the claim In the com
pleted file Tho average difference to between
100 and 300
If the CommIssioner would Issue
certificates for the completed casea sale
a prominent attorney it Is doubtful
if there would be anything like A surplus
loft in the Treasury alter the pensions for June
aud July have been satisfied Of course It is
possible that the pension appropriation may
be strung out until the beginning of the fiscal
year when the appropriation mode last Con
gress becomes available but in order to do so
the Commissioner must greatly curtail the
issuance of pensions
A Long lelnnd Bjtllway Pnseencer Train
Derailed by a Horse and Wagon
OTBTEU BIT May 17A shocking accident
happened tonight to a train on the Long
Island Railroad at Greenville
AtSK oclock a local composed of an en
gine baggage car and one passenger coach
left this place in charge ofConductor Albert
Jones There were no passengers on board
When the train reached Greenville the loco
motive struck a horse and wagon jumped the
rails and plunged down a high embankment
dragging the cars after It
Engineer Frank Coombs and an orstormin
named Jarvis who was in the cab with him
wore killed The fireman who jumped off
Conductor Jones and the brakeman were
badly Injured
There was no one at the scene of the acci
dent able to give a clear account of it The
injured were removed to the nearest house for
medical attendance
Word of the accident was telegraphed to
Long Island City Jamaica and Oyster Bay
and a special train was sent out from Lone
Island City to convey physicians to the
xscexoiAnr FIXES ix UAnirit
Xabblih Ignited In a CcllnrTke Content
or letter Bono Ablmme
Petty fires gave the Harlem firemen several
runs yesterday The first at 309 East 101st
street was undoubtedly of Incendiary origin
It occurred shortly before 2 A M It was de
tected by the odor of smoke which Oiled the
Frank Berman whose mother Barbara
owns the house aroused the other tenants A
man disappeared through the hall door aa
Berman ran down stairs
The smoke was traced to the cellar where a
barrel of rags which bad been left under the
stairway had been dumped out and ig
nited The flames were darting np
through the wooden staircase but the
fire had gained BO little headway
that It was easily extinguished with a low
rails of water The house is a double tene
ment occupied by seven families comprising
forti nine persons most of whom are children
incendiary tires In 101st end li2d streets
have kept the firemen and the Fire Marshal
buoy for two months At least seven at
tumots have been made within the time to
barn down the tenements at lIlt East 101st
street and tho one directly back of It at 120
East 102d street In each case the fire was
started In the cellars and rubbish found in
the cellars was used for fuel
At 315 oclock rcsierdav afternoon circulars
and letter in the letter boxes In the hallway
of 9 210 First avenue were net on fire
The flames extended to the wainscoting
and the department had to bo called ont
25 damage wa done It is believed that the
fire WA the work nf mischievous boys
Yesterday morning boys wmoked cigarette
in the collar of CIS West 180th street and threw
the ends and matches into a baby carriage
They managed to set the carriage on fire and
the department extinguished It Mo arrests
have Been made
John Buckley Jr the OldTlme Minstrels
Hon hangs Illmetir In His Bedroom
John Buckley Jr not vet 21 rear old com
mitted suicide about OX oclock yesterday at
ternoon by strangling himself with a three
foot noosed rope which be bad fattened to the
door frame of his bedroom Ho U the only eon
of John Buckley I the oldtime minstrel who
lives at 808 West Twentyfifth street
The boy had been employed at Lsrrabeo
Con In West Fifteenth street until about two
weeks ago when he complained of neuralgia
and bad been at home place Us was melan
choly and taciturn and had threatened to kill
hlmtelr Mr Buckley rouldnt understand his
sons fltrnngo change ot temoornracnt but be
thought it best to hide the lads rotor and
did BO
YoHtprdav afternoon the young man was
sitting at the trout window reading tbe news
Mtrers and smoking a cigarette HB mother
and Meter had gone to titaton Inland and his
fattier VA with him Mr Buckley thought
John wined iv little more like himself and
supposed the medicine ho wan taking was
doing him good
Inn casual way the boy asked his ftlirlf
he would go to too a frloml in Cbariton street
abont a lAtnlly matter Mr BuiLley said lie
nuM AH soon > A his father hal gone the
boy locked the door opening Into the ball
went Into his liediunm locked the two door
put the noipe around hU neck and swung his
body forward His foot could touch limo floor
s hen Mr Buckley returned bo had to break
iqtbo soar entrance and Into his cons room
The boy was dead No letter rould be found
and no rijeipiato motive in known Homo of
tie I friends ald last night that it was n case of
jealousy but the father said Unit could not be
the mason
Six Arrests for Pout Htlllne
Thomas F Wynn Peter De Lacys chief
clerk and rlahtband man was arrested again
on Saturday at De Lacys pool room on the
second floor of as Park row and yesterday In
the Tombs Court Justice OReilly bold him In
500 ball for trial Pnur otherpool sellers Vero
trralvnod nt the Tornb They are James
Campbell of JD North William Street Charles
Andet son of Ullurk row tlllam Braun 12
lentre street sad Thomas Uriidshair of 16
lentre Strait They waived examination ana
were held In IVKJ ball for trial Richard F
Murray of fill East reientyneand street was
held at Essex Market for keeping a pool room
at 10J Last Thirteenth street
Injured In u Colllelon In Prospect Park
A collision betweun two coaches In Proiptet
Park Brooklyn resulted In painful but not
rlpusInjuries to thue nersoni Mrs ONell
of 4ll > i Wyckotf street ElljaliTXeb of dPi iX
layette aveope the wife and daughter I e
alter and Mrs Woranberg of Colorado ko
was in the coach with the ioeb family
She flail Been Missing Sine Jon KSner
Body Found on the Shore or States let
HndIIer Hnacl > ter IOenlirrHrC1othee
Patrick Pnyton was drawing wood on Satur
day afternoon from Barnes Beach a portion
of South Bench Staten Island About fiX
oclock n negro boy who was assisting him
called his attention a body that the lido wot
As It drifted In Patton found that it WM the
body of n woman almost nude and so badly
decomposed at to be unrecognizable Under
tim arms was securely tied a paving stone
Pftrton pulled the body on shore and after
covering it up went to summon Coroner
George F Staplston
It wa dark when the Coroner reached Darn
Beach The bodr was lying face downward In
the sand with the paving atone that had sunk
It swung around until It rented under the left
arm The Coroner judged that it was that ot s
woman about 20 years old
It bad evidently been in the water many
days The right hand and a portion the
forearm were gone and the left hand looked M 4
if It had ben cut off at the wrist The lower 4
jaw ton was broken on the right side and the
front of the skull had received some hard
Thin stone tied to tho body was an oblong
paving stone weighing 19 pound and U
looked aa if It had been newly cut When de
composition set in the body was able to float
it The rope that was tied to it was bout the
site ot a clothes line It looked like a new
piece of rope
It was wound three times around the middle
ot the tone and then fastened tightly in
double knot leaving two equal lengths that
had been tied around Uo body just under the
armnLh the exception the shoot and stock
inns the only clothing on the body were the
portion ot the undershirt corset and bisque
that had been Held in place by the 4
rooo The basque was nf l > ok casslmere
and a strip of the front with Its black button it
hung to the rope The shoe were well pre
served and had been resoled The stocking
had been eaten on to the tops of too shoes
Coroner Schaefer sent the body to the county
Yesterday morning he found a description of
a missing woman at the Htaploton police sta
tion that answered to that of the body found
on Barnes Beach
O J Mahler of LOSS Broadway Brooklyn b
told tho Btaten island police on Feb 17 that
his mother Emma bad boon mlsslnc since
Jan 23 She hail boon visiting a son In Jersey
City and when last seen she was getting on a
ferryboat at Jersey City
He thought that she had either fallen over
board or committed suicide Uhe was S2 yean
old 5 feet tall and had brown eye andiron
gray bar She wore false teeth
Chief ot Police Blake of Staten Inland sent a
telegram to lDGO Broadway asking name ot
Mm Mahler relative to come down to Staten
Island and view the body At 5 oclock last
I night two welldressed young women visited
Police headquarters Siapleton and naked o
view the body They wore Emma and Maria
Trie body was at the county house but the
clothing flint had been fount on it was In Cor
oner bchaofors office When the young
women HAW the portions of the basque one ol
them said that the recognize It aa her
mothers because i4i3 bad made it
They both MentlUed the shoes and said that
tboTr mother bad purchased them In Germany
and bod recently nod them resoloii They said
that Sir Mahlerhad ben a widowana bad
three eou wbn had charge ot the wine room
of ibe Murray Hill and Plaza hotels and fire
Two nf the danghtern are drMsmakrru at
lnu Broadway Brooklyn two sire attending
school and one Is married Ills Kmma Mah
her raid that for five weeks previous fo her
mothers disappearance she had been living
with bur son J J Mahler at 65 Mercer street
Jersey City
As she was unable to DM the bodyahdid
not feel sure that it WAS her mothers Earlr
today they will go down to Btnen Island
again and look at the body When Mrs >
Mahler disappeared on Jan 23 active search
was made for her andi her photograph
was vent to the notice of different
cities near New York when two months bad
passed and nothing had been heard of the
missing woman her children abandoned alt
hope ot seeing her alive It is said her life
was Insured for S10 000
Besides owning the dressmaking establish
ment she had considerable property and was
a member of the Ladles Knights of Honor and
fc number nf benevolent societies Her laugh
tore thought It possible that she might have
committed suicide as she was despondent at
Mrs J J Mahler of C5 Mercer street Jersey
City with whom she had neen living before
her disappearance says that her husband and
bin mother had some trifling Quarrel on the
day she disappeared
Site bad been acting rather strangely and It
was feared that she would become inane
Deputy Coroner Dr James ODea made an
autopsy yesterday an > l found that death baa
been caused by drowning
Prom Its condition the body had been in the 4
water about three month Dr ODea also
discovered A slight deformity of the left breast i
and Miss Emma Mahler sold that her mother
had Hits same deformity There I little doubt
therefore about the identity of the body 4
Home nt the Btaton Inland officials howovor
are inclined to discredit the theory that the
woman committed suicide The stone was
fastened around her body In overskilful
way It could have been concealed under the
womans shawl or cloak when she boarded the
District Attorney Fitzgerald called on Coro
ner Hchaefer last nght nnd told him not to de
liver the body to Iho Mahler family until he
hail received further Instructions He said a
thorough Investigation wniild be made The
inquest will be held at Now Uorp on Friday
A Boy Billed by a Teats
As engine 81 of the Bushwlck branch ot th
Long Island Railroad was approaching the
trestle work on Montrote avenue near the city S
linn In Wllllamsbnrgb Engineer Lawden D jf
Wallace of 71 Stanhope street sow a crowd of
small boys playing the track All jumped
with the exception of Cyenrold Fugeno Btef 4
fins or 200 Bcholes street who stood as If paroi
Wallace says that be tried to stop the train
but the distance was too short and the llttl
fellow was ground to death under the wheels
Policeman HoeOIng of the Htagg street station i
rode with tbo train to the depot and then ar
rested the engineer ana Conductor Joseph B >
King of 2U btagg treat 7
HUbbed by nn Vnknovrn Knn
Policeman WllUtto found a man leaninc
against n lamp post at the Bowery and Doyen
street joMorday morning He said be WM A
John Ones of 208 East 103d street and that
while talking to a woman in East Houston v
street between Chrystle and Forsytb he baa J >
b en attacked by an unknown man who stab
bed him twice In the chest Hews sent toth
Chambers Htreet Hospital His Injuntl wen
not dangerous
The Weather
The cold way rscbsd ibis city ytrdey meraJag
end lowr ntis temperatUre within 7 ef tb trutii
point Frosts occurred U ortbtrn Wtw York Oble
And Jllcliljtn and sbculd occur tbU mornlDf In the
mldao MUotia end New Epjltnd Stats Tb castro
Of the cold wave WMSI11I weal Ot the AtlghuIsj BA4
wu mat Inf lo III southeast
Thin wit a bromtrla depression la ths Northwest
sad a ucond over Kaniu lib lbs former there was
very Illll rte Wlib Ib latter was arab ares over
Hluonrl and ArksitM
In lh morplor ib wind was blowing a jals l from lbs
wtiovr tb midll Atlkntlo cud M w EiultDd couts
rescbliiimttliiollrof 33 wiles In this city and sutsid
Tb dty WM fair la this city liUtmt official tempera
turn C8i IOWMIWJ encase humidity is rxrotntl
wind wtKtooortbwttti sragvioclly ISmlUi
Tb brm ratlr M firrr pharmacy In tat 8n
ttl dlDroordid lbs troi > rtur ywurdiy M lollawn I
imrt seoi 15551 imt
3AM lii 44 jsjpU72a 5I
CA 41 iii r
47 ttru srla s q
Ii IS ci ca ii Mis se o
AYirgsOn lii IT llU eJ3
IIQXI oPTICS roucuv tat 8 r H xonoir
For the DIstrict of Columbia Main Kw Ilsiupihir
TtrmoDl Muikcbuttu Hbodt Island ConntcUcot
KUttrn Km flit HUt4r rmtuilfanta VMwon ttiw
lvUy CdMarpZasS ensrlIpflmb
Vmdsf N3011 seriSmit wisl
Tee WM Vlfclate western rtaniylrinla westws
Ktw Verb hewer UMblMo end Ohio gtawaO felt
wumiri wlalt Iceomljif icmtb

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