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I I THE SU f THURSDAY MAY2I1891 ¼ Ij 1 f
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The Gold Shipment
We havo been putting our voId upon the
I waters at an unprecedented rato but for the
mot part with Ito or no confidence that
I would return Every shipment has been
t watohod with apprehension and with a con
stantly decreasing faith In the ability of the
country stand tho drain Tho result has
reflected In the stock market
boon sharply
bn sbnly r el st maket
A considerable part of the early spring a
Y nco having boon lot while the volume of
business has shrunk by more than twothirds
I i While this has been going on and while
the general sense of uneasiness hero has
been really painful England and the Con
tinent boo taken our gold with a corre
sponding sense of relief and have been profoundly
foundly Impressed with the ease with which
wo parted with It and with the exceedingly
significant fact that It produced no perceptible
ceptible disturbance In the rate for I
money and actually caused no Im
portant Impairment of our resources II
We have been able t sod abroad
some forty millions of gold more than the
normal adjustment of our foreign balances
required and the conditions in which we
ave done I have conveyed more than any
thing else could havo done an Idea of I
the stability soundness and strength of
our position Nothing else could equally 1m
i I ree foreigners with the substantial qua
° ity of our comlnerca status and the onclur
lug prosperity of our country
The relief which we havo afforded abroad
will b at onn reflected In our own market B
I I It I eafeto say that American Investments
will be looked upon with a degree of confidence
dance fa creator than they have ever enjoyed
joyed before When tho BAKINGS failed
tho only securities that there was a
p ready market for were Americans and
now when tho banks of the whole of
Europe havo had t strengthen their r
Eorvns there Is only one country able t come
to their aid and It Ia ours These two facts
should count enormously In our favor In the
immediate future They are substantial and
cogent and their effect will not soon b Im
Tho general opinion of the largo exchange
houses appears to b that we shall not send
much more gold abroad at present the need
of It according t their advices having
ben sat stled or nearly s Even I we
should send ton or twenty millions more we
cau afford t regard It with equanimity o
I well a prldo Wo have It and we are the
only people on tho globe that can spare It
The General Assembly Today
Tim Presbyterian General Assembly met
ot Detroit today t consider the great que
tons of theology which havo been raised by
tho demand for the vision of the West
minster Confession and by the theories ot
Biblical criticism and interpretation propounded
pounded by Dr Bmoas
On the eve of tho opening of the session
two Important documents relating t these
subjects are published Tho first Is the report
port of a committee of the Board of DIr
tore of the Union Theological Seminary con
taining categorical answers made by Dr
I I BRIGOS to questions concerning tho sources
of Divine authority the infallibility of tho
Scriptures tho authenticity of miracles
and the future state of the penitent and the
< Impenitent The second I the report of the
committed appointed by tho last General
Assembly t suggest and recommend
I amendment and alterations In the Confes
I wo accept these two documents n set
tling the matters t which they refer
tho whole agitation of tho Presby
terians over their faith and theology
has come to naught It lias been no more
than beating in the air It has been an at
tack on windmills and not on real enemies
of tho faith Instead of being a heretic Dr
BBIQOB according t tho thawing of his
categorical replies is linprccnnblo In his
I orthodoxy Ho bollavos that tho Bible is tho
only Infallible rule of faith and practice and
t ihiitit contains no errors which disturb Its
infallibility and he does not believe in a
future piobntlon but that a man dying Im
penitent will have no further opportunity
of salvation and ascribes the miracles
recorded in Scripture t an extraordinary
exercise of Divine energy either directly or
c Indirectly through holy men I Ills afflrm
I atlvo and negative answers to tho catechism
I of tho committee ore to b tnltoa a fully ex
pressing his views tho General Assembly
must follow tho example of the Seminary
Board of Trustees and glvo him a bill of
t com pinto theological health
The Committee of Revision retain every
doctrine of tho old Confession though wlh
dilutions nnd modifications creditable neither
to their literary Oipaclty nor tho Integrity of
their purposes They havo made a very poor
I i piece of patchwork In their painful effort t
I satisfy both tho advocate and the op
I pnents 61 revision and t produce
s i the impiesslon that their labors have
been fruitful when really they hare accom
plished nothing worth undertaking If tho
ce General Assembly and the Presbyteries are
wise they U dismiss the recommenda
tions of tho committee In short ore a
vmero botchwork impairing the dignity
and symmetry of the Confession disturbing
Its logical sequence and confusing Instead
of elucidating its statements and doctrines
I Attlio beat what they have put Into it I I
urptasage only
I Tho committee start out by adding unneo
1 ea mi Ily t the Confessions full and compre
I honslvu declaration as to the Divine origin
I I and authority of the Scriptures They would
put In to It a clause announcing the truthful
f ness of tho history the faithful witness of
I prophecy and miracle and yet already the
rp chapter proclaims the entire perfection
thereof How can tho Bible b entirely
perfect without being truthful In its history
and faithful in Its witness r They have
t labored more over the chapter defining
lag election for It w the caus
of the whole revision movement but
their exertion has been to no pur
pose They have stricken out altered
t and ameuded but in substance the doctrine
remains exactly the same They have tried
In bungling fashion to hldo its disagreeable
feeturrs with filigree work but they have
not dared r rrmovo It for It I theivery
pillar on which tho entire construction rests
Take for Instance the section of the Con
feialon relating t the nonelect
n r r kII5OoD wa pUutd MMttto t
th mtwrtbaU tiuMl 1 Dt nil iwo II vhtrtky B
i 1 3
esteiiatth o withboUsth ratrey M its BttaMth I tr Ik
117 o till Mvtreln paw r vnt ni ertaurt t ftn
by 0 < I rdln UMB M dUIMOT Ml wrath to lhlf
I t Its pitlM f turn ftortow InUe
The committees tinkering at that very
clear statement logically connected with
eoar ttment cnol 1t
the whole enunciation of the doctrine of
election h produced this feeble result
Tb rail St manilad Os was pIu5 aceordlni to
th Bttarehabl oantt at Jilt aim will wbtnby n
xttndtth o wlthbeldiUi mtrcy M lit pluMtb tut It
tltet unit ntnatiint I Iv bit t oa thorn t dishonor
ant wrath for Uitlr tin 1 t th praU f nil lorlni lu J
tloti y M al tluntt SU41 dot ltMfMUa rutmm I
Hi tftr tt MtMMm t 5 1 seas cnMUlo rfmU I I
CuSt Mr I ratnlnt Ittt Uufnttom V sap M
UMnttrM uxtfttnt K A aftr
We put the oltoiytlons in Italic Whether
the expression 1 that the nonelect were
passed by or that they were not
elected unto everlasting life the
meaning I the same The change I a
mere Juggling with words I O tho rest of
mankind were not elected unto everlast
ing WO that I the end of the matter There
I no more t b said on > the subject and
hence the original statement stops with
that declaration I there was any predesti
nation t salvation or t damnation It is I
unchangablo by anything man may or condo
do It I a awful fa and I Isuseless l t
try t shirk It with the committees transparent
parent Bubtorfugo They accept predestina
tion and tboycannotevade Its consequences
What was decreed must take place It the
offer of salvation was for a11 s aim the
eternal decree applies t all
The Confession declares that elect In
fasts dying In Iq fancy a regenerated and
saved by CirnisT through the Bplrit and
1 s also are a other elect persons who
are Incapable of being called by the
ministry o the Word That Is con
sistent with the doctrine of election
It I simply that the elect will profit by their
election under any circumstances a of
course they must do Tho committee there
fore have wasted their time in altering the
section s a lo lao Itsay that all In
fant dylngln Infancy and all 1 other persons
who from birth t death are Incapable of
being outwardly called by the ministry of
tho Word a redeemed by CHBIST and
regenerated b the Spirit Accord
ing t the doctrine of predestination
retained by tho revisionists everybody I
subject to the eternal and Immutable de
cree Everybody must b subject to It I it
exists Those who wore elected t salvation
will go t heaven and those who weN
ele ted to damnation will g t hell no
matter how young they may b or where
they may 11 vo
These are a few of the changes recommended
mended by the committee and they Indicate
the character ot the whole Hence the Gen
eral Assembly need not waste any time over
their report Tho best way would b to burn
it no a utterly worthless Yet perhaps
have done tho best they could If
they hav bst tOY they
attempted any revision at all for It has
been manifest from the beginning that
to satisfy the scruples of those Presby
terians who object t the Confession more
alteration and amendment would not b
enough It would have t h thrown over
board entirely
The Case of the Ambrose Light
While no exact precedent for the case of
the Itata can b found the seizure of tho
brigantine Ambrose Light half a dozen
years ago furnishes an approach to a paral
lel in several particulars and the decision
onhercase In the United States Court forthe
Southern district of New York I full of sug
The Ambrose Light a vessel of American
origin had been purchased at BarranqullU
by CLA of the leaders of the Insur
rection which prevailed I Colombia during
the early part of the year 1885 This Insur I
rection having obstructed traffic across the
Isthmus of Panama a naval force under Ad
miral Jorarr was sent t occupy Colon
which had been set afire by the Insurgent
leader PTA Tho latter escaped t Porto
Belle and there put t sea and the Alliance
while searching for him found a brigantine
about twenty miles off Cnn under a
flog not known t any signal book of Inter
national colors On examination she
natlonl clor emmlntloo was
found to have one cannon aboard with a
quantity of ammunition Intended for the
vessels at that time
Insurgent vel tme blockading
Cartagena besides about sixty armed sol
diers destined for that point Her
dler detned pint papers
purported to commission her as a Colom
bian war vessel and were signed by PEDBOA
LAn Governor of the province of Damn
qulllo which was then controlled by the In
surgents a was a portion of the adjacent
jacent coast region Her Instructions
woro t fight any Colombian vessel not
showing tho Insurgent flag of a red cross on
a white ground A prize crew took posses
sion of her and In the District Court the
Government asked for her condemnation
o not sailing under the authority of any
acknowledged power and hence piratical
Tho claimants her owners held that since
she was a actual belligerent shu was not
piratical and further that a diplomatic note
from our State Department dated on the
day of her seizure amounted t a recogni
tion of a state of war
Judge ADDISON BKOWN held In his decision
that In the absence of the recognition of
thnt rznltoo
belligerent rights by other nations such a
expedition aothatof the Ambrose Light must
b pronounced technically piratical Tho
liability of a vessel to seizure as a piratical
craft was held to turn wholly upon tho
question whether she had or had not ob
tained any previous recognition ot belliger
ent rights That particular case was pronounced
nounced unique In modern times since
rebels s fa a Judge BnowN was aware
had never attempted to blockade ports i
without a previous recognition of their bel
ligerent rights And yet wo now find the
Chilian insurgents far more able t carry on
at sea than tho Colombian rebels
war B rbl were
They started with a fleet of ormorclads and
fast unarmored cruisers a war ships
Sic piracy In WUEATOHSwords f the
offence of depredating on the high seas
without being authorized by any sovereign
State it was held further by Judge BBOWN
that proof of an Intent to carry on war with
a particular power and not to plunder In
discriminately does not alter the case The
failure t procure a recognition of belligerent
rights from some sovereign nation was held
t make such maritime operations a the
Colombian Insurgents were carrying on
only unlawful private warfare and further
that the publlo vessels of war of all nations
I for the preservation order and peace of the
seas and the security of their ow com
merce have the right t seize a piratical
all such ewiele Accordingly the nelson of
the Ambrose Light wu Justified br ths
Court Bnra aot however forfeited since
the letter of the State Department already
spoken of showed a subsequent Implied
recognition by our Government of the In
surgent for as a Government da facto In
a state of war with Colombia and entitled
to belligerent rights The vessel was accordingly
cordingly discharged from custody on pay
ment of the costs by the claimants
The application of the terra pirates t
those who are engaged I a civil war until
after they have secured recognition from a
for Government a belligerents some
times repugnant t popular feeling I U
i I
h l
evident tat between the different kinds of
pin engaged In maritime warfare when
legal phraseology may lump as pirates
there I the same moral distinction ai b
tween soldiers who may haT been engaged
noble unsuccessful strufl
gaged In a though unsuoultl
glo Incited by high motives and the mid
night assassin Hones a high authority
bos suggested that some popular opposl
tion t decisions on this subject might b
avoided by the use of some other term than
pirates such a unlawful combatants t
describe the condition of unrecognized Insurgents
surgents Dr WIIABTON proposed r
nition of Insurgency without belligerency
t denote a condition that would save Insur
gents from the situation technical piracy
In reality however the question 1 as t
when and how Insurgents on the high seas
may acquire the rights of war
Of course It Is not the custom for foreign
States t Intervene In a civil war when their
ow rights or those of their citizens are not
affected Hence HALL declares that when
piratical acts have a political object and
o directed solely against a particular
State It Is not the practice for States other
than that attacked to seize and still less t
punish thopersonncommlttlngthem
pun lab te prn cmmlttlng
recognition of Insurgents asbelllffcrcnts
Is shown also In the decision of Judge
Bnown t b the province of the political
and executive departments only and not
of tho courts President WOOMET has laid
down tho rule that aprlvateerof an organ
Ized rebellious community acting under
letters of marque given by the supreme
authority according t law Isnot doing
piratical work when In a state of open war
It pry on tho commerce ot its enemy al
though Its Government be as yet unrecog
nlzed But that view was not taken In the
decision rendered on the Ambrose Light
InterState Banishment
An Interesting question In morals I not
In law I presented by a criminal case
arising In South Carolina which we find reported
ported In the latest I volume just published
of the excellent series of law books known
a the American State Reports
The prisoner had been convicted of the
crime of grand larceny and sentenced t
Imprisonment at hard labor In the peni I
tentiary for a term of two years Before
that term expired tho Governor of South
Carolina him a pardon which
Crlna granted a paon w
exproesed t b upon condition that he
shall leave the State within fortyeight
hours never t return On being released
under this conditional pardon the convict
went away and remained six years after
which however he was found again within
the State limits and was ton Into custody
and remanded t prison t serve out the
rest of his original sentence
Upon an appeal t the Supreme Court of
tho State the legality of the order sending
the defendant back t prison was assailed
on the ground that the condition In the p
don was Illegal and vald although the par
don Itself was effective and valid Under
the Constitution of South Carolina the Gov
ernor possesses express power to grant par
dons In such manner on such terms and
under such restrictions as he shall think
proper 8 a conditional pardon In that
State I clearly authorized provided the
condition is not one which I forbid
den by law In this case however
It was argued that Inasmuch n there was
no such penalty as banishment or trans
portation known to the laws of South C
Uoa the condition that the pardoned pris I
oner should leave the State never to return
was unlawful The Supreme Court of South
Carolina however refused to adopt that
view all the Judges declaring that they
thought it quite clear that the condition
annexed t the pardon granted In this case
was neither Illegal Immoral nor impossible
to b performed
We do not quarrel with that portion of the
decision which declares the lawfulness of a
pardon conditioned upon the Immediate de
parture of the convict from South Carolina
That Is a question dependent upon the Constitution
stitution and the laws of the State But the
assertion that there I nothing Unmoral In
such a conditional pardon we emphatically
deny I our judgment It I a great and
serious wrong for one State of the Ameri
can Union t banish its criminals Into
other States and that I virtually the
effect of such pardons o the ono under consIderation I
sideration It is true that in tho case of
South Carolina State with slpr the
convict might possibly make his way direct
ly t some foreign country but In most of
our States tho only way In which prisoner
thus pardoned could avail himself of the act
of Executive clemency in his behalf would b
t g Into some neighboring State and It Is
plain that 1 the practice ot granting such
pardons should prevail t any extent almost
every State would become tho homo of a
considerable number of banished criminals
The people of this country protest with
much reason against the Importation of
criminate from foreign lads I seems t
us that jut a valid a objection can b
raised by any State t the admission within
territorial limits of convicts who
Its trtorlalmtt cnvict come
under a sentence of banishment from some
other State of the Union
Dr Millers Plan of Forest Preservation
Dr WABNEB MILLER as a faithful son of
Herkimer I much Interested in the railroad
which various capitalists to build
whic vaiou opltt propose t buid
from Malone t Herklmer through tho
Adirondack forest At 0 meeting held
in favor of the project at Herklmer on
Monday night Dr MIL put forth
some original notions In regard t for
est preservation As he was ono of the
first supporters of the proposition for a
State Adirondack pk his present attitude Is
somewhat remarkable He seems to have I
persuaded himself that the railroads a the
best friends of the forests and essential t
their preservation We quote from the
Tribunee report of his remarks
Born poop < UI hut it railroads az hUt tt I
forU thu ortt will iooal 4t lr 74 uut
to Ira or tt 8tat Una M > at pr t nuh flwtmo
tlon of prlr U Undi tb fUU nut COM lautf buy
thor Tbal I I i only Mr way At U atandi uw I
th obl lon ut uula by th Laud C mmlul n
n ha Stat Hyt t th pal warai We will n t
buy ynraail > aid w will iaal In I bway of your
cbtalalui twniHU from your prp riy by pnrtntliir
Oto building 1 rtllroaila which will lat your toni
valuabl I dont know Jut what amount Ibis road no
qolr > of gut Land but I dont bUtr 1 amount ta spar
par Coat tt the whol Uat sad for Ibla laoonilaamhl
anoint iktnld t bulldlac of a railroad b I praraaUd t
Clop laabar U aa Boepuarr 0 ebaap food and prduo
and all rr How foollih 10 bal a wall arooad
the Adirondack and ht tb tries now and dcay sod
ala 1 wba that o H aaadad for the balldlDgup at our
tows sod atilaa
We fear that Dr MxuacBa natural excite
mot at the promt of a boom for Herkl
mer b either elected h ratiocinative
channels a little or unconsciously lessened
his devotion to forest preservation Doe
h think thai the fire which will b the In
evitable accompaniment ot the railroads will
assist in the preservation of the forests r
Does he think that those fires will discrim
inate between forests owned by th State I
and forests owned by private Individuals 7 I
Does he suppose that It will b easier and
cheaper for the State t acquire private
lands for an Adirondack park after those
lands have been Increased I value b the
coming of the railroad Does be think
w M 1 I fl 3J
that the lumbermen want tho railroad t
enter the forest In the Interest of forest
preservation 7
Dr MruiXBs remarks about cheap Inns
b show that he has not now a proper
understanding and appreciation of the
value of the Adirondack forests to the
State and of the States concern In preserr
ing them Ifs coalition ot selfish Interest
succeeds In opening the Adirondack forest
t the railroads the Adirondack park project
will b made moro difficult of execution and
even I carried out will b likely t pre
futile The lumber that corned from de
stroying the Adirondack for cue will b In
the end the costliest lumber that was ever
out In the State of Hew rk
Horr Ho I
Wo find In the Minneapolis Mbwt a rep
tition of the rumor that the health of the
Hon JAMES 0 BLAIKK has been at last uad <
up beyond the reasonable possibilitye4 its
recovery and that he must get out C the
public service The Tribunes correspond
ont from Now York and Washington are
responsible for renewing this story the
former saying that Congressman HIs
expressed his doubts that UrBfcAnre would
ever resume his duties and that Dr DBNHIS
the Secretarys physician who has been In
attendance lately stated his bollot In his en
tire break down Tho Washington reporter
quotes an unnamed physician of that city
to the same hopeless effect
t te smo hoplMs elot
jTho presentation of Mr BrLntns phy
ical i failure has never before been made s
fully or confidently even In any Journal of
politics differing from his
The remarkable feature of this long string
of rumors has been their persistence against
every contradicting fact which Mr BLACH
baa exhibited o a member of the Cabi
net and Very conclusive those have been
We suppose that nothing will give perma
nent cheer to the bears on this gentle
mans constitution short of Ida drop
ping and crossing the ocean
and bodily flooring Lord SALISBUBT in a
bout at UrrocoBoman Perhaps a declara
tion that he Is a candidate for the Bepub
licon nomination might have an equal effect
The fact 1 so lar o It can b arrived at
with reasonable Investigation that there I I
nothing physically tho matter with M
conviction to the
Drum barring a slight cnvloton t
contrary on his port and a tendency t that
universal possibility gout
An Interview upon the silver question
which tbe Southern Alliance farmer ha had
with Senator CoLQunr of Georgia give our
esteemedIn di f Melt contemporary a chance to
take a long range and particular shot at our
local capitalist
Th fold bun of Wall strnt soak to dtvtrl ivbUc at
tnlD from lb monopoly that tnjoy by raUtnf a
stoat bU and cry about ti monopoly of Otto protected
nannfactnnr Of I two tilt tat latttr I lbs lou
if ons wIU day tbat proueUon wblle opprttalof lbs
man dot build up manDtactorlnf tntarprltt aad
thus lncru the woalib of oar country Hot so with
I monopoly our law I flv tbtj fold klnrs
The Southrrn Alliance Farmer mlitak the
source of this hue and cry which I hear The
gold bug of Wall street ate Blow to noise
of any sort TheIr habit I to lay low like
Erer Rabbit Tbe rumpus abut tbe tariff
comes from the camp that I stuffed with the
Prophet of Mugwumperr
Ata conference of Congregational minis
ters In Brooklyn on Tuesday anaddress was
made by the Rev Dr DC Fonisrof Alabama
the President of Talhvdeira College In which
he said that In some ot the Southern States
not more than onehalf of th colored preach
en a able to nad We suppose that these
ignorant preachers are oldtimer the stir
vlvors of th dar of slavery The young
Southern colored clergymen of today are fa
better educated than their predecessors were
A year ago the General Cur of Massachu
setts passed a law abolish Ins publlo ba and
provIding that la barroom and saloons alco
bolts drinks should b led only at tables
A years experience ba taught the Bostonians
what mOt men moat New Yorkers at
any rate know Intuitively that I Is easier
to fit down than to stand up that one
can sit longer than one can stand and
hat consequently the average beer bibber
or whiskey tippler will drink more and longer
sitting In a chair with newspaper on his knees
and bottle at his elbow than leaning against a
sloppy bar with one foot on the edge of a
wooden dado and too other jostling a spittoon
The law in fact that was to Induce temper
ance ha been proved to promote intemper
ance and those legislators clamored moat
for It enactment ar shouting for Its repeal
This Instance Is only one of thousands to
attert the iaetDcaey of any sumptuary leiriela
ton that is directed not to the root of an a
eged evil but merely to the mode of Us mal
estallon Such legislation is I generally emo
lonal and so more or loss illogical whereas a
knowledge of human nature almost amount
ing to omniscience Is needed to predict
with nny certainty In the vaguest way
ha ultimate effect of any law affecting the
normal habits and tendencies or men Belong
too a the root of the evil t be suppressed as
In this case tho desire to drink remains un
hanged Its natural harvest 8 In this ease
drunkenness cannot be materially diminished
though I may be Increased by legislation
The Establishing Board that has been
mated under the law for the State ear of the
Inane adopted at the last teslon of the Stat
glifnturo bus held a mooting In Albany for
the purpose of providing such buildings G
may bo needed to accommodate all the Insane
patients still remaining In county asylums
The Dad is amply supplied with funds and
to law under which I acts is in every way
satIsfactory We are assured that the desira
ble > change provided for by this law will be
brought > abont without any unnecessary loss
or lime I is I probable that all the patients la
county institutions will b removed to State
asylums before the eloie of the present year
One would Imagine that there were no
newspaper In Berlin Pamphlet are all the
o In that town and in sensationalism they
bat the paper all to pieces Herr BIWIE
generally believed to be a oonOdant of I
MABCKelf not hi protlgA publishes a pamphlet
which Is 1 supposed t reflect the precise views
or th newly elected Deputy Th document f
beaded with the startling nacroloclcal till
The Death of Austria It says
BUMiacK would pror the InUrcata a the tm
of FomtraoU t lh quoiitoa whUr Trll should b
Si ItaiUn or an Austrian town MoroT I a dtct
sirs 1 mcmtnt BUIUSCK would got OMIUI t allow
baits tp eontlnuo her butorla march
BII c blloro lab through Balra
r which would hi a finilai CsIIp14 eiimaniforth
rraneoaaulan para < l of M us Ifoaaiuiativ Thin
lbs Ordtr ot RalatAadrf union dteoratoi lbs rtpubll
oau breast ot a Otaior alcut b aim join te n
f lbs all ririDi
Tin isolation of Franca ud If ntoaatary 114aU
bl l wtorr nc muitb lbs iupru aim of dtnnan
polio Ourmsny I I itronf enough to dMlroy Franc
sad Rnatla toithr Mnrlhtltu a victory over Una
a 1 would be lbs startlnr point ot a sew arta ot Baaaa
Gamin eampaliaa aid for otatnrtu we woald htar
nlniltd with lbs Frtach cry ot rmat a Baatlaa
heat ro T cianoe without th Maae et Ger
many timing a Bualaa AUao That U why Esipwcr
riuuKwhola BO loan taYk < byte ito el be
mpr M Faa aica 0 his faldlntipfrlt cried eat ape
hi U dtatttbtd Post 11 fluids r e Tke Bualaa
hatred of Germany would dlaappiar lbs a far its
tneaat we wanli spas t allla lb sat i of lbs Sal
tulsa frostier T r1 I no ration why tie thea > <
501 l a Ruitltn sad Ocrmtn alllane orartr
This Dumphlet and others like I are roorlr
calculated to strengthen the already weakened
bond of the triple alliance The boat that
Germany Is I strong enough to deitror Fianoo
and Bunts together read like bluster Ip
tally when It 1 followed by the expressed
fear of long campaigns and of asia of
mrac If Oermasy was I strong I Bar
u i 4
BBWXB t ur abe I w ws WIfflIedU
hqrt order andlf rrauteonld bnre U
the trpli alllane waonlr a searejerowfaah
loned b BISMAXCX t frtghtea Ker and keep
hr quiet ths fftMrr < tt resins wofctd b
started atone Bnt the faetl tjKmcti their
powder Is motel neither Germany n6r
Frane can l th red road tdvictory and
that Is I th only r jon why they prate abut
pa whll fishing ralie J i
Wo have received I gorgeouslybound d
profusely Illustrated velum narrating de
tail the life of a popular soIrees who died Vet
long u andwcnotle I In this plco
CUI1 afford an occasion fop eorrotlig a
aorl oaloD tti
very disagreeable habit that prevails upon th l
tag In this country and Sofia other although
though It is I much mor frequently xhttH d In
tarletj entertainment than In those 01 10r
elegant and classical theatres Th suVJVot If I
nnpUasant enough and for that reason w
hope not again to meet with an pCeSM I fOr
bestowing upon I the blame It deserves
In oni of th many portrait of the actress
whleh are contained In this volume nBkUii
hlbltedIn a beautiful gown In > ort sleeres
with her arm raised up sod under the arm In
the armpit a mass of hair II 1 depleted <
Now this Is ah exhibition whisK is I entirely
improper and disgusting and no lady of refine
ment on the stajrewould appear In sures with
which such a display could b posllbl Enough
said wo hop I
The Italian Government ascertained
that the rash of young Italians to this coun
try Is i hesealpg the number of Jits subject J
who a liable to military servle and
whose names are needed on the conscjjo
tlon rolls In a official olrenUK recVStJr
tuned 1 minors over eighteen JeaN qUar
prohibited from leaving Italy wlthOuVfPOcIaU
authorization by the Minister of Wr and other
minors who doslr to lee must obtain a cer
tlflcat that tbero Is < no lesallnjpedlrdnt 1
to their laavlng I Is I to M presumed
that the enforcement ot the proviatons
ot this circular will result In entflne
down our Italian Immigration 1 faras
the younger portion of It Isconceroed
The Italian Government would now do will to t
Issn another circular probibitig the de
parture from Italy of such ot Ha subject A
are debarred from the United States
Dr HKXBTSI LETPZKIEB who wmschosen
yesterday the Board of Education Vor > < A >
ulstunt Superintendent of Public School ii I a
earnest student end an enthusiast on the aub
jecfof progressive education vH BtfiV i
led extensively and Ie I well known ss the
organizer and director of he Hebrew Tech
Il a Institute of this city Re managed the
free publlo lectures last winter to U steal a a
isfactlon of everybody who took an Interest hi
Ibem The Board of Education has vldently
made a wise choice
Within the past two years many thousands
of Italian bar left the Mediterranean ports
for Brazil the Government of which country
offered them nil sorts ot inducements to settle
in It They were assured that in Brazil they
could get land at nominal prices on long credit
that IbO could raise Brazilian products with
easy labor that they could find employment
on the public works and even that they conic
procure loans of money from the appropria
tion made by the Government IB their Interest
terest Of course nearly all of them who were
thus Induced to take ship for Brazilhkv
met with disappointment then Thy
could not get land on the terms
that had been published thy could
not find the work that bad been promised and
they could not get any part of lie funds that
ha been appropriated for their assistant
Last ea those of the Italian la Brazil who
found that they could no longer live under the i
hardships which they wr subjected sough
for assistance from Italy to return ea4
many of tbm bar gone back within the year
Nearly a thousand of them are at an Italian
Ia port a fw day ago carrying melancholy
reports of their Brazilian experiences It
not likely that Brazil will hereafter bOa favor
their It resort country for Italians who desire t change
Pugilist MTEB ot Btreator must now ap
preciate the wisdom of the proverb He that
ruletn his spirit II I better than he that tat
a city I be hadnt losthls tamper last Tues
day night be would have won his fight with
Mr BOWCN ot New Orleans
Sixteen graves that have lust been uncov
ered at Fort Ancient Ohio tooVrecon
For Ancient are t1n
structed just a they were found ait the World
fair as a part of the exhibit of American an
Iqultles Fort Ancient is a great earthwork
In Warren county Ohio overlooking tkvLttU
Miami Biter I II 1 one of the greatest earth
works of the mound builders but
ort mOlod bulder nobody
know yet whether it was fortified village
site or merely a fort though It Is quits certain i
n was built for defensive and not for religion
purposes and at least 35000 people could 1
sully have taken refuea within its walL Mr
W I MOOBXBEAD who ha long been excavat
loa there has recently published a book abu
this rlc la which he particularly eongratu
late himself that the farmer let him xearat
to his hearts content Of one of I 0 11 I
ID agriculturist he writes The stole
pavement we uncovered lies under his bc
md la his front yard yet he mae no oWes
lon to our digging a large hoi In the sod and
flower bed In order that wo might examine It
Egyptologist have recently complained that
the suspicious fellahtn put Try obtaein
ha way ol archaeological researches and that
heir conduct II i particularly annoying when
some object of Interest happen t b onor
ea their premises It would beadeYtblife
n they could b Infused with helpfnland
accommodating spirit of the Ohiogranger
Jorte Beauttrui tfmm Uatttre
mm an PMlafUfUla BKOT > i
A Bumtr of young ladlas In rrukfofd bar formtft
a a clty the tltl of which la I Mn MaaDattra The i
mtmUnhlpnow laetnl foorta of the pnttlMt giiU I
Is I yraaktord wbo bay base counted daria i war
mouths and wit inland Is tote bl It thfl WB
hands durUit t summer In anilclpuloo ar thi anasal l
summon slight and flock by themuives fle satin ola n
ttadil church In I a body 0 Sunday atoM nlu hem
without mat neoiu Uaayof lbs farmir rorid
oanimta nt Ih yoanf Udl i n4b tpsla4
vats palntnlly abased whra their PoJlIsialitattcs
mat with no rupoos f pnlty fruldtat delarxt
yHttrday that ti jovat tatu would be twyoottad noW
lkrproDlMdto cows to linus
Wkea Pluck W 1 ftj
mm rat Kim ri ctr A f
This word afford 0 laifaiio of Its way ii I wsisi
aUa word la I the oann a tim become 4pl4 Uto
vrrul Enilbh We new mst wltk plaak pa
alaeky S a tte te cnli4 aalvalat t eMru
sad coutatous Aa tairy In lrWaJwr MtCe
araal shows tkat In 1837 tb word bad aw f t Isi H
low chafMUr U says vol IL p 1111 i Want fbM
article blackguardly caPeS pluck Itend lsob
viou 1 yrom aady tim tB heart baa bats sxpalarly
sxardad aa I Iar eoarai Now irbtp tUktr
lays p a caress b dlTd the incas vtsaaU o tk e
taut ul tb the wUdplp and Ihto ebp i
of ttbtr the salted nsarl and Iuastlgbm1g
k fflwd he Urn i suited nut the pluck
Cigarette Hmrts Net Tr Vtttail
mmUUttn rancUMCkrenttla > JS
I DIM laAm aatopiy OB lbs body of yess
rtlr wk wan drowned U lbs bay 6a > a4ar <
vtpd U at that he forfeited bla Uf te tle clfaNtte
kablk I It was foand tkat he tMs vary yi 0 aa d
ease ef elfantl baSil tk amtk antis th valT
ttkatOTcani kardwi sad sates iCatlot aayktxd
rosalie la the dtath at the Ttatlas
Can Thl Mr CUe r PhlUdalyhUt
Piau May 1LA 1 Aaurlcaa bsaeiyeIJt5eo
fnaic to near 1 damaf t Ike Vatican Vy sti re
cant lonfa powdr muaglse
Tha Editor Tolaatnry Grt >
1ci IA < OtJiln leader
The rat I that mtaar brutes andwemaaueela
This U oar opinion and us are Btl keupecked tlth r
JL New Kind of Brther aOd > w
IH W e1 J
asa is swt d wilt wa 1 w way Il I
n a1 ti
r 4 b
1 I I Ib
jar rjrzsuMTnro rxcxcta
ajw man M Hie mntl u
I I iFw public men have u ranch t imps
them 1 Major MeKlnley who U I to b Ohios
lUpnbllcan candidate for Governor said a
toma atth Ebbltt thin morning I the
peopUonly knew a much about Major MO
KIDIa domestic life a I do continued the
woman ° they would admir the man more
01 but how r UoKluley does love her
husband and Inspire htm In hll workl She is t
at Invalid of many Tea suffering but she Is
the most patient swe > ttetnpord woman you I
evSr saw You know Ilajor and Mr McKinley I
have lived her at thlshotel twelve or fifteen
years and we who have lived her t during
that timehavesen som thlng of the devo
tion between the wit and the author ol the
nw tariff law I
Most men who have ao many attentions
shown them by Ibe public who ste invited out
everyday and night to some dinner lunch
supper caucus conference political or other
meeting would after a number of year at
tetst ba foreetf nl of their wives especially I
lhewlvea were Invalids and Vfould seldom b
found at hnm o otnllht But It la not so with
Major HoKlnley lie would always prefer f
1t down ber In hi little parlor Just off from
th jlr bedroom and spend an evening with hit
wife than attend the grandest banquet and re
oalva tho applause of th people
Mr McKinley can never hate too much of
bor husband present continued the we
man who has known these two person for
very many years Bite Invariably sits at the
Window where sht sari leD her hUfthnnl depart
1 the morning 01 get tie fist poaslble
glance of Him when ho teturns fr lunch or
dinner sal i you ran sop nor eyes dull with
tIn or light wth bnpnlno as ne leave or
disappear around hits comer and then reap
t < enr upoo hia return Her nusbanil Is I av ry
1 thing to hr for alio cannot walk without his
iltpporr and neter goes out without her hu
land She has tiouiile with beranlno poor
n yeet woman and Innkn as delicate as a My
Bhn always hnn his thotngiai In tier Ill a when
be does any needlenork of which stie In toni
oath her md tan tell at a glance In liar e4 I
tabS II I thinking tbe absent husband fr she
looks happiest then Neter a word of com
plaint vCCBfi hr lips Nn pain anxiety or
suspense bow 1 be IH about They are
like two sweethearts Inneed Much dovutlon
between man anti Wife after a married life of
well I suppose it most b about twenty years
I hhv never Seen
When Major and Mrs McKinley wore hear
leg the hotel nnd we bad all said goodby one
lady remarked that the nsxttimo you eutn
al 1r McKinleylt will bo tn lire at tba
hit uuor 11 u a the reply 1 hop
ant > ben nsUoVwhy would not like to
be In the White Douse where every woman
wanted t live site aid 1 havo seen so Hula
of Major MoKlnley at time hero that I hope
we maY never roiurnto Washington And I
know she meant It Sirs McKinley Is the most
nlncere woman you could find Tbr is I noth
InK affeud by her Xou can tell It all In her
at a glance
And she help bar husband so much In his
work lot by ugestlng to him what be
should or should not do but by lvlng him
selfreliance 1 doubt If she b much of nit
Idea what hn Is going to say In a bill or speech
or report She tells him that he will pay JURt
the right thing that hell strong nn J good and
wine and that If he only tries hn can aood any
thine Myl but she fairly forces Into him con
fidence Tbe man who said be would rather
Have confidence than capital must have known
of Mr McKlnloys confidence lobe husband
Losgsvlty Is North Carolina
mm tlut Atttnln cmttltutlt
PIGEON Brren N 0 May luNot lone sine
the Jonttitvlion contained a notice nf the death
t > f one wbo 8 claimed t be the oldest person
in western North Carolina In Alleghany coun
ty at the age of O
In iustlon to the remarkable longevity of
some of the inhabitant of this Hkylandr re
gion It dhnuld b mentioned that Veter Mason
a blacksmith died only a few week ago at the
igs of 101 On toe bnturday before his death
Wednesday he took n tutu to mill a distance
of two miles His health wo good and he
worked wore or less to the time of his death
Uncle Elba Pcllllps bas eqn tho sunshine
of to nmmer lot long ago Wllliiun Hamp
ton died at the age of 113 In thin county
There are DO doubt many other such case
In western North Carolina but tbero are all
from Hay wood county nnd are known to bo
correct from good authority obtained by the
Writer I te
BelawnrV New IVhlpplnac Foat Tried
rm Uu OaUImm America
WrLMTKaTOH My 16Tbe new pillory and
whipping post In the jail yard at hew Castle
was christened today ion the frat time since
ltrctlon the old one having become rotten
Sheriff Ulmmons spoiled the lash and pillory
to those convicted of the various infractions of
the law About 20 spectator In the jail yard
watched the flogging Bores hud to b
stretched across the yard to keep bank the
twd Alexander Worwnbory and William
HJBradahaw hot it colored stood in the plllorr
from 10 to 1 oclock and Haul Swell and
Andrew Jackson also colored occupied It from
1 until 13 oclock Earn of these prisoners
received twenty lashes from the oatonlne
talls whleh were wall laid on te oatonIDe
The other victims of the la h wr nja
aria Caulk and James Williams both colored
UD lashes George Cummins and colond
Urnome colored and Andrew Bead white live
lashes George Barman colored tour lubes
Am Erring Brother Plea
I mm At POlIties numocrap
YeT ago whn a church organization In
Phillips had ben In existence but ashort time
one or the newly made brother took a little
too much toddy and became slljrbtlv Intoxl
rated l The brother and sisters expectIng
Upel the offender immediately cot logetnar
The erring brother made no denial whntevrr
but aoknowledle everything He adilres ed
the meeting however and gave It as his opln
ion that 1 they were going to keep Una church
in the town theyd cot to take such an they
could get It II I not recorded whether his evi 1
dences of repentance were considered sufficient
for the oflenco sulclent
Jrerlahed of Cold on May
from Hit Albany Arvut
1 Henry Fredenbnrcu of Livingston Manor
and about 78 years was found dead last
Wednesday morning by the side of thj road
leading from Liberty to Btephenvllln He rB
been very drunk and had undoubtedly been
frozen to death In the night When found his
a lnds and Limbs were frozen stiff a met
unusual thing to happen on May 6
One of the Per eflire la Atchlaoa
from Me Alt Ctafe
An Atchison mAn met a pretty little girl on
the treats the other day and she WH so sweat
that he had a notion to pick her up and kiss
Her as he might have done with 1 baby lint
the thnuebt occurred to lb that the child
might be older than she looked nnd he ehllt
tatod I WAS forunHe that he did the ixI
as nearly IB years old
> She hfakc Chairs and Thine
rnm Me XUAUim Gtobt
A South Atchison woman has a foil Mt ot
eexpeiitern tools which she uses with remark
able kill in making uterul and ornamental
articles for tier home a full net of chain being
genius among tbe production of her mechanical
Devoaahlre itnd Cornwall Name
t tiu EoiTon or Tni Bas Sir A roar or nor ar
wbn la Eniland I look n innIng trip through DOD
stile and Corn wall In pautnf through lb town the
names on the sins over th shop doers of court at
Tacltd my situation
J cktni BUM ban trav < IId br and curled a nato
beet that I mUtt christen bit eharacttr tUur
I bad ofun Ihoutht his namwwtr oak UlUv
aseblldrtnaay collector bat now I thick ht wat only a skilled
Iliad you n lit iathrd at random tboufh o
raai4 opba tea
lty N alb ftB bID
UaUr fotmert Suaau
liliarwlok Ka3a < flny
Mdlln Nancy Toublln
llt 1 1
Ucmi spiur lrlggtui
Ooacbtr Spout
Oa or two wr mad motmonle by Iht addition
btroocupinon M Pounce poalttrtr sad hiss
ttiaar milliner will always hi tip la mind
1 r w
A Welltodo Colored M
ATOM IA l lla Jun
The loTtntorrof Iht prM > nal Ult ot tbtllKJ I
Seth > Thomas lbs coorrd tttt4or we Slit In the
Orb Court 1elerdo 1 appfabamnl sjro
w iawitwzsiKf
isis 61IM Li inctudI5CLj In huushotd if
10 11luld prvptrty and buuuhfll
nsa aa > 1
Dah sat 1 ansi Cbapil IB dlnaay
a Wkafa tit Butttr dear <
tIr dul r sated Call
redtlbatr Walts baa a cranddauihttr Scythe deyvtl can
An Internal Unarrloa
fr m fntficifn Ljt
Sapolton JackwDli di ola wnman wiry Iet l hu I
I It ail Jasey u utfM faiwln pain In da Hum
tpoleon JWb i di ftnnllnn I
Sw JsnseIte Jltt twallud bin fatal tittki
Th Baninier rocS
mm ubreak list I
break I
1 a tuaesiasi I Ifl a wttb oh Mrtsstityq seal
11 I I
M 1I I
1J <
WJfAT Iz AiX urJom
Oompai lively few person know that tbl
Worth moBument beside being a monument
toth Mavest of the brave whom amot
patrlte di 1la I a tombstone well lint It
lit W lllUi i Jenkln Worth a gallant and suc
cessful sol Her sleep underneath the obelisk
whereon h w battle are sculptured and hun f
dreds of tfrnsand l to whom tho monument Is I D J
a dally slant know nothing of tile man to r
whom I W let At one time Worth t
nJ e to Ge Boot t Bcott was 0 feet orb W
hellht Woh 6 fjct a IncbL Hoott admit
tbat he eon lerrd himself handsome t Worth t
wan aokno id fed to be the handsomest man t
10 She Arm A aloriou sighs the two mal i
must hays road as they walked In the tor
goUM uniforms of bal a century ago down
< dOW
Broadway t irrny hr driurtr or nauntred
among the ljoas and fair ladles of tO lunter
The trade ark and sure sign ot a porting
man Is In his > e ot the word win and > lose
NO porting sn however thorough may hat
been his 10 sling ever say he won any
money or tbR he lost any All say I win so
much or M I Jose ueb and such a 1
They rarely i entlon the ord e alUm
leave It to b upposed and Imply say that
they IOM fifty r they win a hundred This is I
the ctronee peculiarity ot the brotherhood
that haunt I rae tak 11
The poorer chain town find It r difficult
to keep bell bo tn their employ because the
hotel draw UP i those Institutions for their
recruits 0 in boy take places In the
smaller club t 10 and 113 a month and
board but a si m M they learn bow t eerv
drink and met i they emlty get from 116 to I
25 and board al the 1011 let
In nothing II I tt > dlfforencn between the east
aide and tbe wesl aide of town more boldly
marked than In Hho load of f humanity that
the elevated rail ads carry on one aide and
tho other The biauty of the women on the
east tide trains raVy be no greater than on the
other hut It In 1 different for It Is exploited by
joungJewrsso they are there In great num
bon Their corn exlorni are unrlvnlled the
o al of their face ams perfect titeir eyes and
fulllipped month nd luxuriant head of hnlr
are splendid Tb letter obos dress elegantly
n nd nope are too boor to display jewelry of
real valuf In the any aftern > n the nelfao
do girl carry oults Inline banjo painter
canvases and rnusbrollnHlleni yet eloquent
proofs of the rest wfh which they are purtti
lag the lolldllle ortho whltn ot nn ambition
for refinement 1 m eonla who live on the
Welt side have thelTjoys but hey t miss all this
The most ieulin feature that Is possessed
by any club In town a the grout steel sale la
the Players CluDl Externally It look lIke
one of the great st ldoord vault la a sate
deposit company lut when the doom are
opened one sees that they protect a gtass case
Htoredwlth thenioa precious brlcVbrnc ot
the stage the jewel nf great aetrnspe nf far
bygone days the eil rlnun nl actors of the
rank of Oarrlok anl Kenn In short It la a
treasury ot prlceloi memnntuen 01 the great
est heroes of the staiintiio past
A physician whoso tractlce IB largely among
the Hebrews In town Va > that he finds their
peculiarity to be that they make morj ado over
illnesses thnn centllik di No mater what
ntsthem they fnncTtbernre going to die
Yet an a rule their cotatltutlonn are i > n vigor
oun that they throwfoll disease easily and
Th gallant Gen Franz Fleol may b > seen
on Broadway at times but he does not look as
vigorous as he looked n other years and It is
evident that the hard perlenco of life nave
told upon biro lie IsputGO roars ot age yet
His hnl fa century sin e he was n student
the military school at Cnrlsrube ID Germany
fortythree years sine lie held command in
the Baden revolution fortY years Mi o lie
Came to New York ant thirty yean since lie
entered upon service In I the war for the Amer
loan Union In which b won renown lie bas
had a life of activity aup many experiences as
a soldier politician and writer and It Is 1 pleas
ant to know that his bind Is yet brightened
with hope for the future i
There ha been a rae for the chare to f erve1
liquid refreshment to list crowds who iso to the
various amusement ball of the new iladlson
Square Garden Two min have got licenses for
two ot the three available corners of Madison
avenue but the best plafo bas fallen los down
town asloon keeper wbd only a fe yesr ago
was working In a tee lid capacity for the
wares of a laborer S paid 80000 for the
building on the corner In question and has
money left for the next i ood cbam that turn
un But Lbs best thing e say for himself la
that though he cans ti o or three saloonj lie
never yet violated theE olsa law
In his lecture In Pro dene the other day
Mr W Lewis Fraser of hi city rebuked the
many illustrators who ire ashamed ol thalr
work and prefer to bo tt t ought of as pointers
Mr Fraser proved thai Illustrating In not a
minor form of art Ho t ild that all the work
of the italian rentier are from Gotto to
Itaphnel show that all those great painters
worked a illustrators n BUTM tnklnc n written
text to illustrate either h clanslc the DIMe
or the legends nf the f tint That was the
glorious period of err anil alter Its dic deLO
Illustrating cave place tojnlleitory
Think of the pathos tint distinguishes the
tones In which most street cries are uttered
then account for it if iou can Almost the
only confident hopeful voices we bear are
those of the newsboys The men who sell
brooms adopt a hlah key ned n C y that goes to
ones heart the berry x > H > llos nil do the tarns
thing The onllnctors who cry onlil lists or
bottles ould Iron nine one lid the same
tune and It la I ono of 4 ep melancholy To
hear the ragmen sboutlni Annie Hags
forces the conclusion lint tliet nri > lovelnrn
folk mourning a dead sneethi art Why In It f
Does money como no liiknt nnd is I life BO dim
cult that the pathetlo key In which tlieO cries
are sounded unronclniiilreob < fi the spirits
of the men who utter Shim or nro this mn
mere imitator < of thali uiiccstora crying the
cries ot a distant pant
Whoa you step Into tlis poky nnd rhenrnaIo
old elevator In the Post 011 co building yon
leave the ground floor aDd ascend to the sec
ond story There would seem to bn nothing
queer about that yet It Is She only public or
eemlputillo building own of wiiiolitliaame
can be raid Vlierever rou no whether
npnrtroont houae hotK oiTlie buildings or
whatever the ground floor tins neither name
nor number and the aeond In railed the flrt
floor All the other buildings produce ln < nms
for their owners but thd Pst OlUo tiiildlng
dues not Hence the contract
If all the Germans aid aorminiraerloans
now In New York wero to Icnve It In a body
they would still bo kept fresh In mind by rea
son of their remarkable use of our word
already Just an we use the word nnnr
saying see heie now or well now iou
know ao they lug In already by the bead
or tuo heels or the middle whenever and
wherever they can tit It In And the queerest
thIns about U Is that nativeborn American
who have much to do with the Germans catch
the babltfrora them and end ery sonof see
tenc with that word4 I
There is more than one way open for the
construction of the Instruction by the Ilev
Dr Lymnn Abbott Plymouth Church to the
ladles of bin flock to brine only homo mad
cake forth refreshment of the vltltlng minis
ters In the session ot the General Association
gltbaHiaieln Plymouth Church thla week
In Abbotts request for borne mad cake only
is I printed in italic lie doubtes Intends to
convoy arompllmeut to Brooklyn housekeep
era for tbnlr tlllty as cooks but a pawlmlst
might argue that Dr Abbott lightly esteem
bnkers cake and fears Ur Brings theology
and the product of rrolaalonai bake shoiC
would not harmonize In the ministers inner
most audits
A queer vessel wont down Baltimore bar
bar the other day a fonrmat schooner
with auxiliary steam power The spanker
mast or at all events the altar mast of the
four roastswas the smokestack and from the
cap where the topmast altnemoke poured out
Vhl tide was against the schooner and under
the stern churnedawy tbscrew aatne queer
craft straggled along ssward tbe was from
Maine that much could be made out from tb
cbali tio lettering on nrtern but what her t
name was no one of spectators could see
Washington for Its size Is a small place Its
street lamp are not lighted on alibIs when
the olmanao say the moon should shine and
as even in Washington the Weather Bureau
isnt on epaaklng terms with the sinuapap the
result of this custom are bad especially for
th stranger Then again thee are fw iboe
blacks botldo notall have them and
the itreet are not furnish with roagyof
them ayes the club get along without them
It events logical to suppose that every one
blackens his own shoes
Tb run from Baltimore to Philadelphia of
the absurdly named Royal Blue Line express
is t mad behind what Is said to be the largest
engine la tbl country It weigh 187000
Sound and run on four driving wheel 0 focI
S Jnohes In diameter Jlsek without a rartiol
of bright color about If the engine Is grsn
pit of mechanism anti pee easily can lmItpe
th aginr havtog a foelingof afleotiop 101
the hue DacUla that is so reaeaa1Ti 10aM
A d
L > A V I Lr

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