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4 orzn TOn X11n RJrSflYI1rRrn
i Aeked to Crltlolee I d tke
l1e7 r s Crllele 1
clte wilL nepor Ala Nn Ter
i Dr ration Uope 3 Borne rrt of II
I l 8tndIr Anybody Tklk tho
EL J Will SInd1 AnybodJ
I Crl Will B flecIVfltred He Is Ml
t kllebat Oyer too 8llm rropecttj
iJ f Vnlo with the IpteopItnn
tJ DBTHOIT MT 22It took the Gnral I
ii I jurnblr DEOI an hour thia morning t dls ole
fmbl of the tllmorla Conf Ion
f tho fl Tl lonof r Oonfulin
i The nadlna 01 the report of tho 1evlllon Com
I ttteo wu JoltoB d nftor a comratatlvolr
mlte by the adoption of a resolution
j V peon InterVal ndopton resoluton
f lenllnBth report down to tho Brcsbytorls
Jor criticism and amendment Alter thus
4 Lhaltlns the revision question for another
I hlol A s mbl7 adoited I mod of pro
dare In r ad to the more Important
istlon Of the preservation of the Integrity of
Inton wnloh will bring the matter to A
4eBIbIO wl brnA mater
41e I et Issue I II to Tote directly on
of Trof BrlBBss appoint
1 the fBnnmbent of the Edward Robinson
Z oi piuu cal Theology The announce
olntment by the directors of
ant ot bis appointment bJ dlrctor
gTaemmery Is to be token out of the report
iJa by them to tho Assembly and voted on
pstsl7 In order not to appear to dls
o seminaries
appointments in other
gttXXIiDtO L appolntment
to be voted on in the same way but of
a the tatlni of direct vote Is manifestly
01 that the Assembly may pronounce on
jprdrthatthe 4mbl maJ
It cas
the Br rAtemWy had don all I really
auto14etowarJthe revlslonlot the Confession
dpMId the way for handling rrofBrlgss
abae it discussed among other
Ltbout glows amoul oter
things Church unity and In the course of da
LgJtemuehwftstald lu regard to tbe Episco
t palians that II I not caloulated to brine about
t Ifce won desired by some
revision report came before the Aesem
The rport
immedlsUly alter the ounouncoment of the
4 klr aler
I ImeltlJ tluat the different committees
Wben the original text of the Confession was
p elWdbythe Rev Dr W 0 Itoberts Chairman
lad bJ te
of the Bevlslon Committee in oon
with the changes made many of
niclloo wih mae manJ
the Commissioners acted as I they heard
It for the first time the statement the
eipresslon nntsinc ntrs41 In chapter
XJJJL is dropped because civil magistrates
to this country cannot bo said to hold that rM
Ution to the Church caused laughter
t rjgjontlnued applause followed the read
TDK ol the document No sooner had I ceased
thin tbe Rev Dr Joseph T Smith of Haiti
e tI moved that the recommendation of
elor 10ved tat
tie committee be adopted and that the report
I n b te sent down to tho presbyteries as recom
t w Iude
The Bet Dr G 1 Hayes after asking Dr
Smiths permlfiion offered this substitute
Btiokeil That the report presented by the
f Committee on Revision of the Westminster
Confession accepted as a report of progress
t Cnlson b aCO te a repor prolra
sod that the stated cleric be hereby directed to
Id ta
v Mint It under the supervision ot the commit
tee and send It down to the presbyteries and
i the committee b continued to make a final r
n part to the next General Assembly I
pr added that he had no complaint to make
5 olteelrt Jedded hot thought It should be made I
> one of progress in order to give the prosby
1 taxies opportunity to crossexamine the com
gslttee with the aid ot the original text of the
Confession and the proposed chances arranged
laparallel columns The presbyteries could
J plel
11 I then intelligently send delegates authorized to
act flnaily on the subject
I 4 Dr Smith said Dr liaises resolution em
v bodied what he bad Intended to say so that he
cheerfully accepted it a a substitute for his
less critical than Dr ares he went on id t
v yralie 1 the report which he sold was accepted
I ly tbe Commissioners glowing hearts lit
radtude I was our prayer ho continued
IhatthelnUerlty of Confession b main
tsined and heres our old Confession which
we baT all lived and loved so ardently unal
tend la a single essential We may not assent
Lo every proposition made by the report but
2 e can accept It a it is and feel that we are
Church faithful to Gods truth and to the creed of the
Elder J M Graham of Nebraska a sturdy
eld covenanter now opposed the report in a
t pliture of Hootch brogue and wild Western
accent which was unintelligible at times
Afterhe was the oldest Commissioner present
11ad would be 8 in July he said
MI for one would not cross a T or dot an I of
the old confession Armlnlanlsm has got into
tbe Church but not through the elders InAtlol
the tub e Is made by the ministers Look at
thC tub e made by Trot Brlggs There ure
too many Prof Hrlsxsea In tbe country A
c F Ibte has said to me that he did not be
Btve in the whole doctrine of election Armln
lantern has got to be dealt with by the Presby
nan Church Now I move that this report
be tF sent tons down to the Fresbitories without in
Thereare none now sombody said and
tides Grabamgolng on to speak for his motion
tome one else askod to have the old fol Oldon
elmd out of order on the ground that the 0
onwu not lecovded A second was at once
forthcoming and tlder Graham said in a ono
which made everybody laugh who had not
Janguyd before Ive got a second fie went
W to wl of an old woman who had a fantastl
ha 1 fad
ta hQfe which always backed when she
ule I 1 go forward until the Commission
n ho wcr not angry a his taking up their
tl got 10 Urea ol jaughing that ho was
s IHbekd Qa tut le wa
The hey Dr Patton Ptincatons Prosident
1 WM greetj with applause Iceton Proaldent
ftn Ml rise to support Dr naress resolution
on resoluton
O WcIitecunlcal groundyln order to ovoid
PObl f ln1lt tlk I would hav preferred
t lIds sport be recommitted with lustruc
D to tbecmmlttel thutlt be lustrubc
blrlel aDd that they orwwd
iand their erlt
thoJ forard
1jmM to the committee to report to the next
emb y I wAntel1 to avoid the appearance
o o this ifniblTB IUDK Il l lenranc
report OD Its m rlta Now 1 dont intend to
nterupon the merits of the report but while
a In sympathy with the resolution I think
I f important tb at this Asombly should un
Gertlnd that acceptance > of this report Is for
SfA In no sen carrIes with It
i r in favor wih Ipprotal
Iln if of acting the
JS JfMtlBB upon recommends
f but ns 1 bavI already Bald recomrenca
I 1 II 01 the question < concerned
Iblt ber Wile te8tttioiiy to the harmony
ja ervaed the committee at all Its met
I nl Is
lll dont nioco b
mlnn Ir harmony a sentimental
li1ngne nenlmental
t lllneaeps Qn the part or
cC his every one to sacrl
c eonlctlona tn the rest but a desire on
t e i
part of the
Dar ea composing the com
itteswhatyer composlnl
do ltllwbltne their inrereuces nf opinion to
UDite on to reconcile tbose dlUoeucos old
I noie a common round
Whatever may be the dlfTorencos rn the
committee dlforeoces
I eommlt anll In tb Church I
ness bat can wit
1 ls bOtWltisstafldliig
notwltbstuodili many changes
prOPOSed III the deport not hanlos
rporr it solitary doctrine
t Csiulstlo lollry
tle Clvalltc SYtoin has been
aftow ha touched In
tl rlrltt 01 tho evialop Committee
Reision lAp
use If Commitee
I 1U1 t ers are mn lu the lAp
j to be
sir Work maJ Outside among whom
hast appears to hays caused great In
who bay bn under the Impression
committee Imtrseon
KSbsssWR to decalanlze
I ofessaon of lath ald give expression
leprea hlen
I t to Sistla thelrubytrhl Church they they
n bdieappointL
lPpolted There has been nodlu
I lon the pat 0 the committee to alter
fT b y Q Impair the Integrity oJ thu
t I I tho Cnfenlon
C ae no ashamed of thIs word Cal
Ad t
ti frkP It I I a 110S thing Cburch to rlls means the
rQ o b ana tb committee must
I tb
lOnt1nue Ce th indelicacy bop I the asking Assembly to hi
rr I cAtl llrubJtrortbelr UQ criticism BO It may
tlo1 wo differences ot
tro Wl Cane opinion
I t 1 9DJ fLOOYirt5ta deareawblchconcen
tU m emDbuis
Wt emphais
i r J lit O CreuiuatsI1eddidnc4want
I A Uhenipr ut they sMon oilll that loua
1r 01 I think tho committee
t i1 Itrel on the work ol re
o t or t Assembly which an
Is o t was an li Wi sam spirit In which reo
01 before the
cUN o presbyiories
I ar r W some of u who at tha start
on but wlo
wo alter the pros
I h j n Tiesril from became com
I 1 rde on boeazing for myself while
I OpO to any revision when I
J a ma rSjp1on was manded I tit
I I I S In OI r assent th rsgardo heartily somoof SeolnK the
a eyIi Q is I emandod acer are changes
1tL dmondod
1 te chDnle
o ODKbt to be tuade Other proposed
1JagsarenOtealIed not s ob fororneeded but they
VOOmmen eotonllla to cal forth from u
cmmn ororltclsl Therearoalsosomo
UOlu thoontosslon lomo
iy which ought to
Dle bt LL11 tbo way proposed They
ded propoll 10
dm 6SHr ° a und are going to
tbtnadei but notj 1 the war recommended bJ
Clmlt thor roosi changes
flOteede Ur ropos ao
P0 ae ae not necessary j say this
I a th 210 Ar ILa tII
II preb7terlea Who use to pass 01
ourworK wont criticise I tlilnktngwe r
unanimous They can do with the report as
they please I for one hope that some ot I
wont stand Applausel tat
Dr rations speech was followed a was to
be expected by the Immediate adoption of t
IlayeVs resolution adopting the revision
report and continuing the committee The
vote which was unanimous was loudly
The revision of th standard ot Presbyterian
ItAdar rlbteran
faith had not lonir been got out ot the way
Aot t waJ
when the IQ J J Frapol of Cincinnati
Franolf 110In1
offered the following resolution to clear the
deck forth battleoverBrfgas a1
Unit t tnald That the General Assembly
hereafter In the exercise ot Its power to clasp
prove and veto the aepointrnenls of profeesoys
poe l polntQlnts rofulo
Lit Its theological seminaries shall proceed In
the following manner
1 The time nfsuph oton shall be the lint
rfrlr orde 01 the of the first TUda
afternoon of the Assemblys sessions 2 tybsa
the time for sub action shan have arrJred It
clerk shall rend the name of each arl t pro
fpfisorselect and Jam to which he has
been elected and the question shall bo then
put by tho Moderator without admendment
an follows Will tbe Assembly disapprove ttte
appointment ot to the chair In
theological seminary > I The names of the
professors elect shall be presented In
the order of time of their respective elections
ore lma
4 Alter the submission of the name of each
professor elect and before debate the Com
mittee on Theological Bemlnarlea sbeJJ U they
deem best report anything which in their
judgment shall aid the Aseembly reaching a
wits and Intelligent decision
The Urlggs men did not oppose this for they
Are not anxious to shirk the IKCIIA The rann
lullon was referreil without debate to tEe Com
mittee on Theological Seminaries to report at
its earliest convenience This committee Is
composed of the following mlnlstersana elders
Ulnlstm The RST Dre ration Hllllam MeKlbbln
Wiim 011111
dames r Laiiaky ak lowden John n Hewitt
James Wright Thmsi a lleeder and Uarens A
grownson Kiderss M Brtcklnrtdge n r McPetltt
V TLU Hnmpbrey R C litton fhlilp Doremua Ma
well Trick and Uohert McConnonghy it I rom the
Ctialrinan down all lbs member of toe entaintlteo
which Is I thus to art upon contlrmtllon of Dr Brings
so vrottssor of Biblical theology In ha Union Ihs
elegy Seminary with till rosilbl exception of Dr
Bowden are opposed to the arm C tuoa
The Episcopal Church cot some hard raps
when the report of tho Committee on Church
Amity was discussed In the afternoon The
Itov Dr J T Smith reported progress as he
had before at Hnratopn and asked to have the
committee continued A good many thought
that something more ought mnnJ reported
after the lapse of another twelve months 80
when somebody moved to have the report
accepted and adopted Dr Hayes asked to have
the motion separated Mounting t the plat
form he continued
I am not anxious to be reordatned at the
hand of 1 socalled historic Episcopal Church
I have all respect for the Episcopal Church
but let us deal frankly with this matter Per
eonally I dont believe ell denomination Is
ready to come Into the union They call us
laymen We hav no name fog them cal
find them In the Bible Laughter I am not
satisfied with tbe Mcene Creed as a snfflotent
bntls of doctrine Btnceltwas adopted other
questions have arisen I favor the discharging
of the committee further consideration ot
concerned the subject so far o the Episcopal Church I
The Itor Dr It nice of San Francisco said
that although there were High Churchmen In
the Episcopal Church who were altogether tQO
high and deserved bwere criticism yot no
w as not prepared to deal thus summarily with
the matter thought tho outcome should be
loft with God and tho committee should be al
lowed to do what It could In illustration of
the liberality of some ilustraton in
HaDCtHI Bishop Dodrl 14 pronounced Low
Cburhman I the way com mendIng a clergy
man or his diocese for holding union services
with nonEplscopalans
Tho Ilev Alexander ProndOt of Baltimore
pole without naming him of Dr Halnsfordn
declaration that he had only invited Presbyte
rians Into his pulpit as laymen Mow con I
tinued Dr Iroudflt we esteem our TOWS of
ordination to be as valid B any of them Ap
plause Thoy ate just a good ana a little bit
better We are anxious for union with the
whole Church but we must unite on an equali
ty with other denominations eual
After Dr Smith bud spoken In bennlf of the
continuance of his committee Elder George
Junkin ot Philadelphia said
Ve oral banded together against a com
mon enemy and each regiment should be
recognized as equal to any other In the great
army 1 the Episcopalians will recognize our
ministry let us extend the runt band of f fel
lowship to them But they are merely dallying
with us They never mean to reapenlze ue a
part of tho Church of Christ They Want the
great Presbyterian Church to wanl Itself
Into the little Episcopal Church Treat us as
equals and wo will unite with you for we
recognize you as part of the Church of Christy
te t
features in spite of your Dishop and ncnHcrlptural
The Itev Dr Xognn of Beran ton told how be
had once officiated at a funeral with an Epis
copal clergyman It wan a streak ot fat and
astreakoffoan First I officiated In my way
and then he In his After the Inneral we had a
good time
Tbe roars of laughter with which this was
erected prevented the speaker from explain
Inc what be meant plaer
Ibe Itev Dr W A Bartlett of Washington
DO said We dont want ordination
from the Apostle Paul whom Episco
palians claim a the loundor of
their church but from the Holy Ghost
We are better ordained than the Episcopalians
unless God ba abdicated Ills functions I once
went to officiate at 1 wedding In a Episcopal
church and tho clergyman taking out a sur
plice asked me If I would wear It I said I
was not in tbe > I t > ltof wearing robes like
those at that time of day Shrieks of laugh
ter Btlll anything for union and this is a
step in the right direction
Dr Hayess amendment that the committee
be excused from further efforts at union with
the Episcopal Church was then adopted by a
vote of 311 to 86
After thU was announced several said thlr
did not know what the were voting for and
Dr Hayes declared he did not mean to leave
the Episcopal Church out in the cold entirely
Bethought that while union was not practicable
ticable nor desirable there might b federa
tion with I as well a other churches
ton wih matter WAS much mixed hJ this time
It was referred to a special committee and the
repert acted upon of Dr Smiths committee was left un
A local neW a r h1 an article entitled the
History of a Cad In which It calls Col
Elliott F Shepard a moral mountebank and
accuses him of lying t Its reimrters in saying
that GeD Sherman had fiercely denounced
two years ago the M continued disloyalty of
the SouthVEI
Tho prot it which A number of the alumni
of Union Theological Seminary prepared lat
week against tbe removal of Dr Briges from
his chair in tbe seminary has been sent to
about GOO alumni and already 217 replies
have lO received Of these 176 are favor
able to the protest thirtyfive oppose I and
six are protet Among PresbyterIan 18S
replies are favorable while there a thirty
seven answer from CongregatlonalUU who
are pronouncedly In sympathy with Dr BrUgs
Of the thirtyfive alumnI who oppose the pro
test tate that they do not retard
Dr briggs as a safe teacher and that they de
sire his removal from the seminary while
eleven would leave tbe matter to tbe Assembly
ThIs weeks number of the Enaelt tie
Prsbterlan onrana full of articles favorable
to lr I3rigg and ovldeptly Intended to have
weight upon the General Aoemblr One Je a
long review ol the situation by Pro Willis J
Beecher of the Auburn Theological Seminary
whoso position appears to be very similar to
that of Dr Brlggs Another article by Prof i
Ueorgo 11 Prentlsa of tbe Union Theological
Seminary denies the right of the Assembly to
veto the appointment of Dr Briars t the
chair transfer of Biblical thoolocy alleging that It Is I a
The Unique Way In Which Clerk Xenyoit
e 0 Hunker Illialr Vented Their Hplte
BriucUHE May 22Clerk of the Stats Senate
John D Eenyon of this city has just ruodoa
purchase of real estate in this city involving
an Investment of tlSUOO The purchase was
effected through an agent for had the original
owner known the real purchaser he would not
have parted with the property for love or
money The plot adjoins a apartment build I
ing owned hJ Clerk Eenyon in a fashionable
quarter of the city The owner of the ground
was Charles C Blair a note broker and private
Charos prvae
banker who alto but an apartment building
adjoining Kenyons The lines of division
between the possessions of Mr Eenyon and
the Blair were so carious that Iheyhave
for six years waged war upon each other
by adding to the heigh of their respective
building and bJ filling up areas wit brick
and mortar to shut out the light
The trouble grew out of an encroachment
upon t trouble of the Blairs by the Ken
Yon when they first tie As the Blairs made
tile Konyons pay dearly for this mae
furvnylnp an enmity was engendered which
basdovolopH the queerest freaks of human
character The Ken yon 8 raised n fence of cor
rugated iron twenty leot high against the win
dpwsef BlHlrH Ijullllnr and built a dead wall
of solid brick len Scot high on a roof to further
Intercept the Kunllght When the Blairs
erected a baud runlhtt structure fix stories
hIgh In a position to allow its tenants to
peek Into the windows of the Kenyans apart
inentH and ranted I in Tom Dick and
Harry 10 tniiku Slits Intentions oil tbo more
evldunt the Kenynno retaliated ni 1 unique
way They put isp it frncn running out to the
street inn on It sainted In rail three balls
nymbollcatof the bunluehsln which Mr Blair
Is etmaged the Men bnlnR so placed as to
scorn tn be connected with Mr Blair house
The Ulan was for several week one of the
curiosities of the town to
I Is said that the warring families have
spent at least 25Ul0 warn In > enllna their
spite on ono another The purchase just con
summated puta Clerk Keuyon In possession of
tho Held as ho can now virtually enclose the
pocket Dlu rs and render tbolr building as dark as a
jnnr BOOK
afrlef B Tleir > rr tapertMi eel Zatrt
test Haw YblJeMtas
Te Beet July Bob of the Creates
Antbori OonJensed fo Busy People b Den
iamln B > anal Nineteenth Century Book
Concern Buffalo seems t hay bln Intended
in a philanthropic eplrlt but men have been
lynched for offences far inferior I Is dedi
cated to Mr Armour ot Chicago and t a
number of other distinguished American
whom f characterises In capital letters A
beacon light I omits the Scriptures from
its condensations The impossibility of eon
Sensing works like the Bible and one or two
others MR Davenport says forced the
editor t substitute those which he
deemed useful and instructive While wo
do not believe that the editor meant
to lay eat what this sentence Implies It I
may b that he does not Include the Bible in
the list of useful and instructive publications
The prose writers among the greatest author
receive the most hereto treatment from Mr
Davenport Tom Jones Is rendered In
twelve paces Ivanhoe and Vanity Fair
net seven eeh and David Copperfield Is
turned off In eight Tbe same easy Buffalo
form of literary expression distinguishes them
alL and no Quotation marks stand as a light to
Inform the busy people l o the occasions
places whore the editor drops out of his own
playful style Into the actual language of the
greatest authors The Inferno Is condensed
Into twentyfour pages th Decameron into
twelve Hamletinto ten Paradise Lost
Into twenty and so on Homers Iliad comes
out of the Davenport press looking very small
indeed and we afford a brief sample of
the result To Agamemnons disgust says
the condensed Homer In his second book
speaking of the flight of the Greeks to their I
ships this feigned counsel was taken In
earnest and th braves were all ready to go at
A moments notice and a stampede for the
ships began But here Juno interfered and
sent Minerva stop the retreat who soon ret
the brave Ulysses to work Ulrejei shamed
some persuaded others and some like the
factions deformed and bawling Ihersltes tie
unmercifully pounded Surely Jupiter who
A under obligations to Homer m a defunct
< o or he would condense the intellectual
magnitude of Mr Davenport by holding his
head under the Niagara Falls
Of course I Is not Immodest for Mr W D
Howl in his little volume of essays Criti
cism and Fiction Harper A Brothers to
praise the sort of novels which he himself
writes I would be an evidence of insincerity
and of 1 want of responsiveness to conscience
for a novelist to beltevo with on earnestness of
belief in the superiority of one tort of fiction
and to produce another sort The good fortune
of the arrest audience who attend upon tbo
story writers lies especially In the fact It
seems to us that their taste is elastic and that
they can regard the mot widely separated
kinds of lotion with eOns or approx
imate liking They avoid irritation and
increase their opportunities of entertainment
br reason of their ability to look less se
riously than Mr flowells upon the mission ol f
the novel end Its producer They do not
bother themselves with the Idea of nn evolu
tion whioh Is to result in a style of fiction RC
transcendent that to depart from It would
amount to wickedness They go on reading
Scott and Thackeray and Dickens along with
Mr Bowel and Mr James and the patient
historian ot The House by the Median Tree
and thank heaven for all Il Stevenson and
Haggard are grateful to them 8 well a Miss
Wilkins nor are they flabbergasted by the new
comet from BudJpootnah shaking brilliants
and curry froth its amazing toil L These same
people licensed in their universality of taste
will read also these essays in which Mr
Bowel a points out to them what a clog upon
progress that universality is and will be very I
much obliged to him indeed for the grace
ful and captivating art which he has put Into
thom He is one of the most delight
ful of writers to our mind and it he
wer to publish an r eSlar contending that
realistic fiction under proper handling was
bound eventually to abolish poverty and de
stroy the microbes of disease we should read
I with pleasure and agree with I I I seemed
make out
to us to a ease
From the point of view of the realist we
should suppose that There I No Devil
translated by F Btelnltz from the Hungarian
of Manras JOkal would seem to be a peculiarly
worthless book but the untrammelled natural
person will find I a romance alive with won
ders a sort of new Monte Crinto highly un
reasonable and absolutely alluring I wU be
an able diviner of the mysteries of lotion who
will prove competent at any one page to tell
what is f going to happen on tl next The
scene varies between Hungary Parts Brus
sels and the battlefields of the FraneoPrussian
war The hero seeking death Is I dodged by
millions of bullets and seeking financial ruin
becomes one of the richest of mn Everything
goes just as nobody would suspect I is a
tale more deceptive than thimblerigging
The railroad disaster with which the story
opens will be apt t deter the reader It le a
semewbat lurid disaster with lapses of logic
But after that all lia enchantment The title is
aforl in a allegation of the hero He be
lieves originally that there Is no devil wavers
In his belief afterward by reason of tbe as
tonlshlng behavior of three beautiful women
and returns fixedly to his belief at last
hesitation whatever In
We have no hlltaton whtavr
saying that Manrns Jtfkai who has been writ
lag fiction since he a a boy who has pro
duced several hundred successful volumes
and who now at the age of 66 Is a financier a
statesman and a journalist a welt as a novel
writer is a very capable romancer and we do
not believe that man of those who make it
their good fortune t read M There Is No
Devil will b able to restrain themselves
from feeling very much obliged ICU Pub
lishing Company
Younger American Poets edited J Doug
las Bladen Oassoll Publishing Company In
clude examples of tbe work of numerous
American writers of verse whose lives nave
been comprised within the last sixty years A
number of these arc briefly considered by Mr
Bladen in a critical introduction and a few
Hues of biography and bibliography introduce
the poems of each author represented The
volume Includes also an appendix of Younger
Canadian Poets edited by Ooodbrldge Bliss
Itoberts of Bt John In a introductory son
net a good one Mr Bladen who is an Aus
tralian very flatteringly credits America with
having M Miagarited the orld
Very charming stories a those afforded in
4 and Other Kentucky Tales
Flute and Violin Othe entck Tale
and Romances by James Lane Allen Harper
A Brothers Two Gentlemen of Kentucky
Is an especially delightful sketch among these
and It f because It Is so good that we are par
ticularly pained to find the word enthuse
seriously employed in It Ja a literary sense
It Is as objectionable to enthuse seriously
55 it Is I to suicide or to burgle Tlie word
Is I one of those eroselota usages o the West
and South which have grown to be very popu
lar certainly but which have net yet come to
b elegant They are excellent fort pur
poses of humor
A Box of Monkeys amd other fareeeom
etHos by Grace Livingston Fumes Harper A
Brothers are very Ingeniously written novel
In their subject matter and full of sprlubtll
ness and wit There Is no end ol edification
In the manner la which the ZaaV Ouinivere
iltndpoore in A Box ol Monkeys essays to
Invest herself with the fascinations arising
from a easy command of American slang
These comedies are charming t read and we
should think that they would prove successful
In a stage setting
TheFriend of Death Is the Ute of 1 new
adaptation from the Spanish by Mary J
Berrano of Pedro Antonio de Alarc < 1ns fan
tastic story of Oil Oil who rode with Death
around the earth in 1 chariot of human bones
end who had been dead COO years before be be
came aware of the lat It Is an excellent
adaptation and a sufficiently strange tale It
affords the most recent volume in the Cos
sell Publishing Companys Unknown Library
A Descriptive List of Novels nod Tnles
Dealing with American City Life compiled
by W M QrlawolJ Is published by the author
a Cambridge Mass A glance through thti
numerous list Is evidence that more tales of
this sort navo boon published than have been
An Attempt at nn Analysis of Music by
Helen M Bparmann Robert Clarke it Co Cin
cinnati Is an essay of which the burden Is
that music represents motion It It admirably
written li Interesting and possesses the high
recommendation that it is subtle without bow
ing obscure
Jenny Lind tbe Artist Is a memoir In
two volumes prepared bJ Canon Henry Scott
Holism and Vi1 1 IlrokMro from original
documents collected by Mr Otto Goldnehmldt
It Is a work ol great detail with many por
traits and illustrations Charles Kcribners
Sons iustraton crbnera
A Calm Review of the Inaugural Address of
Prof Charles A Briggs by Edward D Morris
Is I a wellwritten essay which finds that tbe
address in question contains 1 number of ob
jectionable points Anson D F Ilandolph
4 CoAppletons I
Appletons Dictionary of New York has
reached its thirteenth year The edition for
1891 f woll written well arranged and well
supplied with maps and illustrations A use
ful and convenient guidebook
Volume XIV of Tho 1eoples Bible by the
Rev Dr Joseph Parker Funk A Wngnalls
deals with Ecclesiastes tho Song of Solomon
and twentysix chapters of Isaiah
The Devils Visit U nn anonymous poem
Excelsior Publishing House I I 143 pages
long concealment and its quality of his warrants name the author in
IS Your Baking 9
I Powder Pure
It may masquerade as absolutely pure I perhaps
you think it is but you may know whether It is adul
teratcd with ammonia or not if you
Test it Mbe one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder with one spoonful
of water in a tin cup boll thoroughly for a few moment stir to
prevent burning and ammonia is present you can smell it In the riling steam
As baking powder when thrown Into water will effervesce do not mistake
bubbling for boiling
There is no ammonia no alum no adulteration
whatever in Clevelands baking powder and in the
laboratory and in the kitchen
Clevelands Baking Powder Stands all Tests
uilt l ittl
8300 Worth S4 I Correct Style
iZPOi worth S4I Absolutely rorract styles to TBt1 >
oOlW lllolDrDU
man bait All colors Pint end round grown Wo
CANVK 218 Bowery near mine It
Ket > i Ne > cllsre Shirt mode or cheviot
aejihrr percale Ilannel ana silk fabric Largest atock
In Jieir York liiqnliue uegllge shim if00 each
1 110 cl
Ho1 and Bit Broadway
Dr TyanB Perfect Tooth P > w4r wbltaos
tbt teeth and puriSt breath 25
prrinl f fttl
T Tluet London
N fie water I oheap M well a gooa
I Invalid are reeommeided te drink Id I
The demand fer II I I treat and Increasing
Tne Tunes LouSes
i Accepted bJ Oenllemrn Inr or Fashion REload Intel as the Lead
I E 0 TUOMVSON JO Broadway
ciuryuIenN HAVaNa WORM
repair Immediate attention BKOWMrtVBRKirDOB
ComlUe aretlie JIBoT WORM LOZENOUS bOut
1 r relief qulcuy I rem sale by urosgUU Kc a box
TVIIEV THE HAIR Is thin and urav PAR
Khun hAIR RALriAlI renew the rowth and color f
TAKKEICa OIMiHK TUMU she Lest coneb cure
3rtv ubltrittioit
Dire Mishaps
BarnStorming Company
The ttorr dealt with the hnronrontae welt aa the
erleu tide of u Itarn Hlormlnv I Company on Its travel
hrotigbout the Ut lied MAIMI lsoat trlr > iil lury of
dlo He Stage with a Directory of toe players from 11M to
dloJrl TSe In cloth JIKX
Hev Vork Wholesale AudIt
By ARm UCRNII AllD translated hy KUSB L LA
jllttilP vtttn braullful photogravure I sot
limit I halt lbs lJi I paper 7S col 01
A novel that will Hire rare pleasure to cuUlrnted
readsrsa slniriiUrlr vute naturnl lion ul modern
life ehowlui iinlnio loclal cundliloiis It I Is I Written
wills IUr3rlSli scillly Ifli I Ireilmse and eibluitta
flaw utrabg o force saC orijclualiiy that I moat taci
IVOKTIilNOTON CO 747 flovsy N Y
m raKtsio IE01
F U N I Handsomely Illustrated
I KP l OUBC4ITOON8IH JirHlit licadlni 011 Matter
Tne clroDJallnr department e f the LIBBABT rn the
slew laldlaL will be opened on MOKDAV MOaNiNG
th231b 01 MAY
Entrance to buildln and delator en AETOB FIiACB
w Jt ubUCI
overflowing store of good literature
nnd exquisite nnN Y SUN
Tho Juno numbor of Rapn
MAGAZINE contains tho opening
chapters of >
0 novel written and illustrated by
tho celebrated artist GEORGE Da
MAUIUER This story i one of
peculiar psychological interest and
being Mr Du Mauriors first effort
in the Hold of romantio Utorfttaro
its publication will provo t be one
of the chief literary events ol thi
Louis FnEOirETTE the famon1
Canadian poet contributes fou
annjo number a picturesque do
scription of
I accompanied by numerous illus
trations drawn by 0 8 Reinntvt i
and others
A T QuiLiiEi COUGHS second
paper on
I relating to the scenery and associa
tions of Shakespeares country
is accompanied by nearly thirty
illustrations from drawings by
Alfred Parsons and forms a very
attractive feature of this ver
timely article on
in which ho presents for consider
ation some interesting facts regard
ing the efficacy and economy of the
system of local government repre
sented by tho Now England town
meeting and compares i with the
more centralized but less demo
cratic methods adopted in othotf
sections of the country
ANNA 0 BRAOKETT in a practi
cal article entitled
discusses some subjects of especial
interest t busy people whoso supj
ply of nervous force is in Bnp
being overtaxed
THEODORE CHILD in his ninth
article on the Spanish republics of
South America describes an in
land voyage of 1350 miles
I from Buenos Ayres to the Par
puayan town of Villa Cpncopoion
The attractiveness of this valuable
article is enhanced by numerous
illustrations drawn by T do Thul
strup and Harry Fenu
WALTER BESANT contributes the
first of an important series of
papers on Londonthe life of ita
people and the features which
characterized its existence during
the periods of its history In
be gives an entertaining account
of the last days of tho Ikmiun oc
cupancy of the city and of the I
probable nature of the catastrophe
by which the memories of its for
mer prosperity were so utterly
buried uttri
of this number includes besides
the opening of Mr Du Mauriera
novel l short story I The Failure
of David Berry by SAUAH OnNB
JEWETT and the conclusion of the
two serials by CHARLES EGBERT
The sonnet entitled The Closed
Onto by Louisa CHANDLER
VloULTONi is an affecting tribute t
the memory of Winifred Howolls
Other poems arc contributed by
I conducted by GEORGE WlLLUSC
embrace discussions on a variety
of timely and entertaining topic
Price 35 Cents a Copy
Subscription SI n Year
IontHptfi five to nil subscribers in the
United Stiitcn Cunudu and Mexico
llouhscllcra aWl Iostninstera uait
oily receive Subscriptions Su
scrlptlontt sent direct to the publish
ers should be accompanied by Post
Otllco Money Order or rnt WbeA
no titHe Is specified subscriptions wU
begin with the current number
HsUUrlee md MstrtU HUM InvlitbleA
Smith Infirmary Deficiency
Livingston Batteries and Ira Klneeley Mar
tin of the wrecked insurance brokerage firm
of Satterlee Bostwlok > t Martin have not yet
reappeared Smith it Perkins are the lawyers
for the firm and Mr Perkins said yesterday
that he did not know where the two men were
but that he believed that Mr Satterlco was
sick He thought that Mr Satterleo would bo
heard from In a few days
I has been stated that Mr Eattorlee as
treasurer of tho Smith Infirmary on Staten
Island was short In his accounts E C Bride
man of 81 Warren street secretary of the Board
of Trustees of the infirmary made this formal
announcement yesterday
Treasurer L Satterlee has turned over to
the Finance Committee of the infirmary
Aqulla Bleb James W Dads and Charles F
Zenpgrelf all the securities intact and the ac
counts arc now being adjusted by that com
George W Curtis Is President of the Institu
tion Early in April lost Treasurer Satterlee
wan short in his accounts 2400 This de
ficiency was In the fund subscribed by the
Wealthy people of Staten Island for the main
tenance of the institution An explosion was
Imminent and Satterlee went to Ex Norton
formerly President of the Louisville and Nub
vllle and borrowed money to make up part of
the deficit Secretary Btidgman raid that Mr
Satterlee could not have misappropriated more
than t5o or 16000 lie did not believe that
the deficiency would amount to anything like
that sum
tat IUm
Latham Alexander A Co said that none ot
the Insurance firm bad eve speculated through
their house In stocks with the possl ble excep
tion of Mr Satterlee who five years ago bought
100 shares of St Paul His account was closed
without loss The banking firm was made I
prfere creditor by the lusurance firm be
cause of a small personal loan less than 1000
made to one of the members
Tins Campbell Jola the Farater > Alliance
WABHIKOTOH May 22 Farmer Tim Camp
bell M c from the Eighth New York Districts
II deeply l impressed by the Farmers Alliance
movement throughout the country and is pre
paring to keep step with the political music of
ho grangers He joined Farmer John Cham
jerllns grange of the District of Columbia
Formers Iranle here last wees and has been
deputized to establish I branch grange Ie
Sew York Farmer Tim will open the grango
at room 1 Astor House tomorrow at 2 P M
and New York farmers wllll be duly Initiated
and decorated with the famous badge of the
Farmers Alliance
nutna juiaiuc THIS Oiv
l 0 4mpsunIta 7 181 Moon rtiev
aaty Heox 1 811 I GovItlaml 7 501 Hell Gate s 40
A r yedFaur May n
Oi won fobS Bremen
8e AmalU I Krah Hamburg
8e Apollo Sykei Antwerp
8i Cedar Braucn lliuon Hamburg
as Baicarre llarrlaon Gibraltar
= Srlxbam Coomts SIlla
so Wan sworth Mlicbell rernamlme
tl 1 finance oiling St moInes
Kurtpldeei llrs rhlUdelpbl
8 11p0 Wilder Oalvestou
lie AlioEQiln aleKee Jacksonville
be Itoanoke llnlphera Men folat Va
6s laaanra Brag Iorllan
Us city o hew HeiUorO Wrbber New ISetogd
S City of Savannah barag bavanuah
l y W Brunt Lewis 1 Baltimore
t i Bea BUTeua horlolk
Bark JObaaa Lemcke Nordenham
Br AJdln Lawrence Montevideo
lior later arrival see First raga
jitnimo OUT
I Kibe from New Turk at Snutnampten
Ke Bohemia front New tort at Uueeuelown
Fs IslaoJ rom New k at bwiaernuade
So RutS from New lork lleratmrg
M Auuteraaui trom Mw York at lloalogna
SI Til Queen from Xew York oil Klusale I
I Weiteralano from J > ew York offoctlly Island
mm ntox roxiic Iou
B Columbia from Hamburg for New York
I rnraeeela from alovlll for New York
ecrcom sTimseir
suit IVifay
Uattt Test Ttuilt sail
Alvo Kingston IICOAM IJKHH
Auianla Clteryool 2iU > t U 9iAM
illy of Ati ula Barannah S O r tl
iltyof Borne tilasgow 200 P It 1 11
Deals Hamburg 6s AM
La Mourgoime usSr 130AM BiuuAM
rluba Uavaaa 11OOAil liorM
enntaud Antwerp I our 5 II
Puns UIm IL IlayllIllS AM I PHI I i Si l
ral bouifeamiMea 2530 1 A 35 hU A N
blngvalla Coumliaireii 244JA M A OUA M
rrkendm Rotterdam m AM 0 511 A t
Wjomlni U eri > ool > 43UAM
1111 441
Mattel ft Kilt May l <
Holland Liverpool May 7
AniruMa VictoriaoIthallptOfl lay lu
Vhllanelpht Loiiarru 115 ID
tt I
rIP Havre l y la
Veendein ttotterdatn May e
Ludxate Hill London i VIur I
finance tit Thomas May 1
bueSundayA1oV 24
I unVla
Umbrla Qneeustown May 17
CitroIPara Colon May 1 16
Trlnldail Htnnuda May 31
LaUreiagne Havre Muy IS
Kartell Hull ilay 10
D tlotitai Man 23
Alter Fontliaropton Kay 1
Alaska UuaensMwn War IS
Cl r of Washington llavana May 31
Ethiopia Uovll May 13
tlaialfiia Ulbraltar alay I
fHte ivttav Jay alt <
Hberlan Olasgow Way IB
tlloeola uwausta Way II
Itti ViantHiitv ilan 31
NUgara Havana Way z >
Victoria DlbMllar aJ 2
iiohcmla Hamburg May IS
WasilandAntwerp May 18
Labu Houtljtiipton May O
Tetilonlo Juttniloirn > May 21
Bent to Prliion far Five Trace and Eleven
Montlin lot Kldnapplnn < Tcnnle HecKweB
August Elboccn who called himself 1 dra
matic agent and who vas convicted In the Gen
eral Sessions last week before Judge Martin
of kidnapping In sending Jennie neckwec
aged 1 to New Orleans to become a waitress
In a disreputable dire was sentenced yester
day by Judge Marline
ElboeensaM Judge Martin yon cer
tidal committed a very grave offence You
took a more child fortunately for YOU just
above tho legal age of content and under
shameful false pretence lent her to New Or
leans to be exposed to all of the moral dan
gers of 1 vile resort You are a > man of mature
years of good education and of large expert
cure lu busluoeo matters Therefore your
crime Is greater In the re of the Court tan
It would have been I you had been a man of
Ignorance and Inexperience But yon knew
perfectly well the quality of the act that yon
committed and yon were prompted to Its com
inlsMon oololy by tbe dAr for unlawful gala
In view ol your previous good character and a I
Mroncrocommondatlon to mercy ot the Cur
by the jury I am not disposed t be extremely
severe though 1 believe that you should be I
punished with Borne severity I sentence yot I
to State prison nt hard labor for five years an
eleven months lt I
Klbocen was almost overcome by the sea
tence Later Lawyer House obtained a stay of
proceedings rending an appeal from the eon
Supremo victlon from Court Judge Ingraham sitting I the
KO88ITEHHirNDRIClEOn the Ktk taut
at the borne tit the tridts patents Font Grove
Albany by the Rev John Wloka Uelsn daubter o
James Hendrlek to William Wicks Besslter
1891 at the West Spruce Street rfeeoylerla
Church Philadelphia ra bytbe Bev Ersilne I
White D D assisted by the Bet J I Pailon
Henrietta Logan daaihter of the late Strickland
Eneais to the Bev Stanley White of Oiaaie NJ
BAILEXAt Fordham N T on Tuesday the ink
Init Theodore W Bailey In Ifee 7J4 year o his ago
Relative and friends are Invited attend the funeral
services on Saturday Hay 2 at hU late residence
on Marlon av at 3 30 P M Carriage will neat the
233 1 M train from Grand Central Station Harlem
BANNiniLOn May 21t at bait put 4 P M D
eneo L Bsnnthr Infant Out o U ILBaulhr
and A I Banallir aged SOmontba
Cincinnati papera clease copy
BAITNKSOn Monday Hay tl at MoirUon m
the Eel G foster Barnes
Interment on Saturday Hay 2 a Madrid BprUra
N y
BASSETTOn Wedneiday Hay 2 a Kaullion
Cons Edward C Bauettot haulerS Cons se4
69 yean
Interment at Hartford Cons
BKAVEnIn Danville Pa on Toesday May IB
isai Thorns Beaver formerly of PhUadelphla
axed 7U year and 0 montha
BVKRAt Montclalr V J on Thursday May at
David A Barr axed S3 yean
Foneral lervlcee at hie late realdeac Walnut it
Montclalr 4 r K on Saturday May 23 Interminl
at Washington D C
COlIANEOn May alt 1881 Jane Cebane beloved
wife ot Daniel Cohane
Funeral takes place Sunday 24th lost U 9 r M
from 128 Division av Brooklyn E D Relatives
and friends are respeotfnlly Invited
COKNfTEIIAt 6ohene tady May It l 1S8I
Chart W Cornwall axed 87 yeart
Belatlve and friends are respectfully Invited I at
tend the funeral Saturday afternoon May 19 at S
oclock from his late residence tn Soheaeetady
Carrieca will be In waiting for frt nds leavlax Mew
Tork on the 8U5 X U train Interment M tooth
kepI MT
DAOGETTAt New Ilaven Cone May XX et
eneumonla Elizabeth Watsen widow of th Bev
Oliver Ellsworth Daggtt D D
Funeral cervices Sunday at 2 M oclock
DATIDaOn Thuridny May 21 1801 Alice wit of
Edwin < T Davids In htr 0ch year
Interment at Beechwood Cemetery New Itochelle K
T on the arrival of the 2M train from Grand Cen
tral depot on Saturday Nay 24 1631
DAYTONOn Thursday May 31 Willie H Dejten
on ot WUIett DayMn tn hla 30th year
Fnneral from U B Church rieajantvUla X T ea
Sunday aftsraoon at 330 oclock
DEWITTIn Ibis city on May 32 Pauline wire ef
Cbarlei Dewllt axed 31 yean
Notice of funeral hereafter
DICKINSOrVOn Thursday May 31 at Hartford
Conn James B Dickinson ared S3 year
Frlende are Invited to attend the funeral from Ole late
residence aIM Main st on Saturday atleraeon
DONUIIVEOn Thuridey Hay 31 at New Hayes
Coos Margaret Donohue daughter ot Seamy sad
Johanna Donobne aged 9 yean
Funeral private
DOKIANln urooklyn on May in Emma Dorian
widow ot Patrick Darien saC beloved daughter ot
Winifred McCarthy
Fnneral from her late residence nr flyrsos > U > a
Sunday Hay 24
VAKNHWOUTnOn Wednesday hay JO In
Whitney vllle Conn James A rtrnsworlh aged lid
Friends are Invited to attend the funeral on Saturday
adiruyoo at 330 oclock from Coocreratlooal
jnANAOANOn Thursday May 31 at Now Ha
ven Conn John W Flanagan axed U yean and
8 mouths
Frlendi are Invited to attend the funeral from his
late residence V3S Chapel it on Saturday forenoon
and from St Mary Church
TZrATHIClCla Brooklyn May Jlotpneo
monte Susan Fltapatrlck axed 44 years
Friends are Invited te attead the funeral trem her
late residence IttlO Atlantlo av on Sunday May 24
at a oMock
FOX Allocution or Bum Pumsir Memben of
above association are hereby notified to meet at
Park Baptist Church Port lUohmond Staten Island
en Sunday at s oclock r M take I oelook beat at
Batterjr for tke purpose of paylax the hut tribute
nt retpect to our deceased member Thomas Fox
OKECORVAt Wimp Conn May20 after abrltt
Illness Bmma a youngest daughter of Sarah A
and the late William D Gregory
Funeral at her late home on Saturday May 33 at 3
oclock r M
OUKNTMEROn May 20 IM1 at 288 East Sib St
Joseph Ouenther axed IT yeara
Funeral services trese lb Church of the Most Hely
Redeemer Saturday May 33 at S oclock AMI
thence to Heir Trinity Cemetery
UOU ANOnTburda May 21 siNew Ilaven Cons
Bridget wife of Michael Hogan aged M jeSts
Frlende are Invited to attend the funeral from her
late residence IK Han si on Saturday forenoon
SiSOoclock and from Bu Patrick Church at
bedeck XDMUND STEFI1 N80N Pres
IIOYTEUiabMh at Jobs widow of James A
Boy la her 77th year
Belatlvei and friend are Invited to attend without
further notice th funeral services to be held Taat
day May it atQrae Church Norwalk Coos at 2
r M Carriage will meet II A M train from Hew
INNEHOa Wednesday Hay to I8S1 Isaac Inns
in the Nth year of hi ege
RelaUrei and friend of she family are retpectfntty
Invited to attend the funeral services at hit lat
residence Locust OroT Kewlown I I on Batur
i ay at 1080 AM Train leave Lent Island City
at 10 oclock It U kindly rnotitod that adoweri
be sent
JonNHONtn W it Nor walk oa the 21st lett Mary
B Jtnnson axed 78 rear
Noble ot funeral hereafter
JOBDANOn Thursday May 11 IW1 CaUeri
Fnneral on Saturday May 91 at 1 oclock sharp from
1 too 24 av Interment In Cnlvary Cemetery
KErLEROn Wednesday My HO John J Keller
late otsu Louts axed 74 year
Relatives and friends are Intlted to atttud the fune
ral on Saturday 23d loit at 10 A M from the
rtduce of tuls senin law D J OConor an Wei
Iota It thence to the Church of St Paul tb Apes
tie fifth st and Oth av where a solemn requiem
will be offered for the repose of hta aonl
KEIIEYOn Thursday May 21 at New Haven
Cone James Keller axed M year
Friend are Invited to attend the fnnf rat from his
late residence 33 silver st on Sunday afternoon at
S oclock
EKDDINOn Thunder Slut tnst Astoria L L
Thoma F Leddln aged 0 yeara
Kelatlve and trlesde are Invited to attend the finerat
this day Sunday from his late residence Oil niton
av at 2 eclork Interment in Calvary
JLlTTiEIn Norwalk oa the 31st Inst Mary Uttl
widow of John Little ated 78 year
Notice of funeral hereafter
aMTTIEOn Friday May 33 at New Haven Oentu
James LltUe ion James and Bridget Little aged
34 year
Frleott are Invited t attend the funeral from the
rildeaeotlil parents 333 James it on Sunday
afternoon at 3 oclock
LOWKKKEOn Thursday afternoon ta this city
Harriet Hyde wife of R U Lowere
XVTZUr Catharine Lutz at 333 Wet SStb M
Funeral Sunday
IliLEROn Thursday May 11 at the residence it
hi daughter U Trinity place Isaiah Miller In the
71st year Of hte age
Funeral on Sunday at 1 P M Internent ta Green
wood Cemetery
MOOREOn Thursday May 21 athtslat natdeae
228 Rail 335 at Patrick H beloved hastenS
Helen Moor
Funeral services at SL Gabriels Cbiroh Cut 17Ik it
today at 10 oelook
MtTKrirrIn New Tort en the 124 lost Aant
Murphy aged ul yean
Friend are Invited to attend the fuaeral from 8M
Columbus av on Sunday afternoon at 1 eoleex
Intarmant at Calvary
MVKRIiTln Brooklyn on the list inS Mathaw
R atarrty seed M yean and 7 month
Friend ar Invited to attend th funeral free the
rldtnc of his mother d3 Deftaw st en Bunda
afternoon at 1 M oclock Intermut at Holy Croat
BtTZANAtbl lat reridenoe S43 Nut Mlfe It
Michael Mylan la th 13th year ef U age
Funeral Sunday
McDERMOTTOn Thursday Kay 11 Jass
MoDermolt axed 23 year
Funeral from his let reildano 331 Baat 55th etea
Sunday 24th int at 18O P at
OKEEFEIn Brooklyn on Thursday May II
Minnie the beloved daughter of William J and Ana
Eliza OKoefe axd 31 yeara
Filende art invited to attend the fcaeral from Sir
lte reeldeno S3 WyckolT it ea Sunday after
noon May 24 at 3 oclock
PA RUTAnnie wife ot Jn Parry aged BO years
Relatives and Mend ar Invited to attend the Mr
vices ana moral at 2 P M May 34 from 48 Cbarl
torn it
JKKABKIa Brooklyn on May 20 Maggie A beloved
daughter of Ann and the lat Patrick Read
Friend ar invited to attend tho funeral from her
late riUdenc 143 Uarriraa it en Saturday fore
noon at9190 oclock and from tbenc to Et
Peters Cbrch comer of flicks and Warren its
where a solemn mas of requiem will be offerei
up for the repose of her soul Interment at Cal
vary Cemetery
XT AN On Thursaay May 31 la Mew Haven Cna
Lacy Byan daughter ot wnilam and Bridftt Ryan
axed 8 year and 4 mouths
Funeral private
SANFORDOn Thursday Slay 3L et Healing
Springs Vlrglola floury Shelton Sanford lat
United Stats Minister in Belgium in the estb year
of 1111 age
Notice of funeral hereafter
SIMPSON On Friday May 23 Bithir Blmwon la
th 33d year Other us
Funeral from her mother residence let Greenpoln
av Greenpolnt L L on Sunday May 24 at 2 I
oelock sharp Inltrment in Calvary Cemetery
SKINNER May 21 Harry Skinner son of thai
late Ca L Edward Skinner axed 20 years
Funeral services at the resldenc of his mother 4BS
8tb tt South Brooklyn this evening at 8 oclock
Interment at the convenience of the family
STATION New haven on Thursday May 31
William son et tlcbard Elation ef 43 Ueorxe et
STOKESOa Thursday May 21 In New Haven
Cona Margaret Htekea axT 73 yean and it
Friend are invited to attend the funeral from tier
late residence 78 Gaff st on Saturday fore
noon and from St Mary Church
TBOWBRIDQE South Norwalk on the 2Otb
bit Arthur M Trowbridxe eon of George B and
Mary D Trowbridxo axed I year and 2 month
1VAWHBe7KNZa Wallah 8 O Con a X Wash
Interment at Hartford Coax
WKINOAHOTOn Friday May 23 at OSOraham
av Brooklyn JMOO beloved husband of Eva Wale
xardt in hi csth year
WOODSOn Thursday May 21 IM at nil late
residence Greenwich it Joseph A Wood eon ol
the lat John Wood
A solemn maui of requiem will be offrd for there
pole ot his soul at St meters Church Barclay it
on Saturday May 33 at 930 A M Interment la
KINNO Oa Thursday May II In New Haven Cons
Joseph on ot Nlchclo and Anton hue of JOe
Wallace st axed 1 year and a month
Fnneral private

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