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I SAIII FMsnam DrEW roc
BrookJya kae aw laawTlBOO u Befkatlaej
tke ciswsIudrk Beeeoa aadl Oaata
V aatt Clake adel VMterleoi Tkelr Oadlt
A Naw ntokar fOr JlreeklivXeBwJts
e > t Otker 48aaiaeTTawa aa4 H tL
4 The reiolts f the National Letgna lames
aesterd were M follows
Brooklyn Ut Cleveland I
Boston it Plttatrargh
CladnnatLs I Phlladslphls l
At Chicago Bain
TUX um
fTk4 o jig l Cwbs Ww c Cl
CXKojrix l 1S2 Mtn l4 II 100
flliel > oribl4 13 SIM I NawTorkl3 14 t2
ClavalaaCls 14 817 Brooklyn11 je N
I rkttadalphla14 I MO Cincinnati11 IT
OLCVKLAXTO Mar 25COI Lee Tlau chewed
arum hard and looked daggers at Umpire
lynch In the third inning of todays game
The harder he chewed and the more daggers
ke would bare liked to han hurled at Lynch I
stomach protector the luckier the Brooklyn I
dropped their hit between the infield and the
outfield Viaus intense nlsllke t Umpire
Lynch was occasioned by three vary close and
questionable decisions of that unfortunate In
dividual He gave them all to the visitors and
that sottlod the tame a any one of them
been given lo Cleveland the Brooklyn would
have made but two runs Instead of eight
Not only Vlau but the 18UO people who bad
come out to seo the game won indignant and
for the first time In this olty Lynch was round
ly I hissed One decision occurred at Ort base
Where Lynch waa undoubtedly wrong and
I the other two at b home plate The Clove
I lands opened up on Lovott aa though they
meant to drive him out of the box Bo looked
tired and war at the end of the flrst Inn
ing but when his club gat a load
I he grinned wIth his former confidence
I twisted hlmtelf on his heel and threw the ball
1 even more violently than the had started t
do at the eommoprAtnent of the game The
treat play WA mad a usual by IMVIR Daly
Iret slow lluu fly over second The little con
I tre fielder came In for It lIke a race horse lie
saw he was not going to roacult and lunged
forward bead foiemoot grabbed the bai about
a foot from the ground and went head over
heels In the turf but be hung on to tbe bait
iioAleer was the flrst l batter and fouled out
Olflota base on balls Davis flew out to
Ward Then Bhlldfl bi bal to right field
and Johnson followed with a clean single to
lilt Doyle came up to the plat and with a
4 viclnuR 1 crack cent the ball spinning I t left
field for three bases while MoKean and Child
rfd Wards twoblue hit and Griffiths bit
to left field scored one for Brooklyn I
In tbe third Ward dropped a line fly over the
boa of tbe Inllelders Orlffln hit to th
Wbo threw him out at tint but Lynch would
not allow It Fouuhltto Doyle wbo tried to
alow fre
make a double by throwing to Child but was
too late and the bases were filled Burns 1U
safely and Ward nnd Griffin scored A great
many thought QrlOln wss thrown out at tbo
DanJ but Lynch would not allow that a
I OBrien LIlch left field and Fouu c rd
i Plnkneyn line hit sent OBrien to seoonoTand
he went to tnlrd on a passed throw by Zlm
mer Daly got a base on balls and Jewtt was
I put Va Virtue Collins bit lately and
O Brlen and Pinkney scored War followed
with a twobast hit and Collins scored Grif
fin waa thrown out by Cnllda ana Fouti
I Btruok out
In the tilth Inning MoEeans fumble with
three men on bases cot the Clevalands just
two rUDI when there should hiive been an
j easy out Lovett started the Inning with a
threebase hit In tne saventh J with one ont
McAleer bit wifely and so did IcKean Both
scared on Chlldss tbreebasa bit Th ie score
CI aaooutK
10 L1LpOAL
Maaleer L tl I a 0 0 I Wlna3dbUlmi s
M Koanaaa I 0 I 1 Wards a a a o 0
IsItat 0 0 a 0 OOrlffinfI a jo
Cb4b 2 2 2 0 rOLII a on o o
JobnaoLrtt a i a 0vruurLt 01 o o
poelMb011410BdoLtl 1200
VIii 1Ib0 U 1 00 rinkneyB db1 1 1 2 0
0 0 0 1 TeB > Paryal 1 e o u
r1 Dt
I y 0 0 I 0 Loratt 1 1 o l o
Tata a 3411 4 Totals iluiTST
i a i 2
ClOVolABdw S OOOOO10 a
rt t o o o a o o o II
Barped raiOteveaid It IHI 1 Tt
Je Wild C IJi7 PVJPSrtSSt
I Pail Lo1rt blots zr Lift e baa
CIUI Irooklya ia igaak owBy Vloa II
by Lovu a Baa on tati > OBVlan 4i as Lovott a
taertflco hltaOrlffla 2 renta Levatt Viral ba o aa
erroraBrooklya 4 cUvotaail Bit by pltehn
j yirtna Wild pitch Tlanv tlma 141 1 Ia
J m tone t S tX II nmaoaaa S
rrmanoa May 20 Tbe Bootona gaade thlt Stat ap
pearaaeo hare today and wen a tea tuning gam
iellly orrore gave them thebr vletoty u they raapod
thioe tuna from bla blundro Mchola airuck uut
twelve The aeore men Both pitchers dla well Attendance 3Buu
ii ea 2m32G1I
I I 10 IOU Niflar 1 1 a 2 0
r 1 j 0 2 t 1 C IBIr lil tA all J n i
i Iaahtdbu 1 2 I I Cao rLO 2 U 0 0 I
Qiden 21 b0 I C S 0 lltbagsr24b0 I 4 4
II Sb T r ru C C U I r reN g 0 0 3 g
Tsor III b0 0 0 0 Ilsek 0 1 0 I C
g g g g
bstt o1z U 0 ktfly2db0 U 2 1
2bol P 0 1 0 6aI0 p 0 0 CO
11 TOla I 833 3 V8 RI I
1 00s I ae 01 wb 1lr rn mad
I 1a 2uouio000i4
Ilubald 1 0 I U I 0 0 U 0 01
i Ino rPbrb Boston I Tob111
Mil 3ak 1tvi lbfbue bllLon laor
r httsIath Qointi Tucker Vim ISle on efrora
14oIn I a 5111 beSe anT batIIlIIburb 2 Iloio oi
Inla baINIr 2 Love 21 I hb 6IO thit4e
j 1Iay10 rur and IIr Ptrnck alIIILbnl I
4oaIOfl tor DichtIchet Len ii baassYhts
I bgzgtenostcna umu J I
nan I 5 I J 4 aluau Z
CtalueL r Utndr dark 11 Ih Rd d
tiMed lb 1130I hlu Ibis 1rnooa hi aa azcIltu
ese barer t7 spectator TWI rm war ocila
I Itbia IY ts on baIt III IJIPI o antI Lailicin
drla Ih onr pair by a Irln IIe Llhl bJ
I Mcrtde far IO stone fimnI tiip
tIr acxWe gATe htiJpbJ COUPIL
It Tbr
LlLa A r LILP0
II c IcPbsa2dbt I l 2 alllon L I A U I
I LnII1 I I 4 I CImnu 1 1 I a 0
Il Iartrt I 0 I I 0 UbIn4lsLbI U 110
1 IItdey I 10 3 II g I lbaznpon r ti U I I U
ri 1
f Ib lit 0 IMruP4bi I I 4 U
1u c fa U 2 I I I uIYC fO I i u 0
i 111n a 1 I J I 0 Brwa Iii bO U C I U
I arrlaoloao I 21 I I Al I e U U 2 I U
I MUIieespU 00 1 0UIeODD0 I I 40
7 2 14 2 4 2 1 I
I ii 0 n 0 2 0 ria
I 1114lrb u i i ii u U I 12
Pia rIClocnaaIL 21 lMtadlphls I Twa
j mIsaadtty 1hru bees 111101 Deible
piyiMe10e and 111 bd 1 eys Cud litown
I 4IsL IYSl am4 Craw dIou basesMart
Latbam r Cs sq Jf Mullen t
II ClemcD Wee Co a TIltu StUct SetUI imolnUutJ IIUIIAIIS I fe ball
Pu c u eNICG
Caicsc May ro Th flaw Trh did Cot ha say
ehII lb ltkxs br t II II OtaI
1s 1 of II IrI lao prI1 the gam tb
1lot r much bnlue or lll epeat4 to 1 of
esm lb bli trI bus are ct dtlcoursg4 Tiler tbtnu
r wIll gal there In goud aIryi < flay wSit have
but ihre come in IJter aov and Anion ii count
1 tog oa lk su otton cou
II Tke Amcrloaa Aeiaclatloa
Only one game was played in the American
Association yesterday The score waa
1 Cincinnati 5 Athletic 4
THE Bxconn
ntrta Wail InU ftra flab iroN tow Vr Cl
c1oa15 lu TJ Olactanatll 23 410
atmon2 II el6lruItiII7 I JJ dll
Bt L LautaJ I 1 Columbaa IS 31 ila
1blUu4 14 flhlWasblaxeeu 0 4 a
r cuctxiiri < A AX It ivatitic 4
Ct f mion May 2 The ground at the Aaoclatlcn
Park were In a wratehed ooaaltloa today sad aril laat
r fclaylazwu an Impoeolblllty Water atoodla mlnla
lutelaaaa l ater lha oalOIJ aol tba mud wa r
I AIec was Ub Midrews for IIDOIIL
andcorkllll to the AIDIeilu played a Due floidlag
gmo rtanaa two wild pllcbai wore coally thor
I uaaatak ef lha remowaa made by Anoowe In Ika
Btth lantna a bun and dUHculi fly tram M bat
The AUietlceauSjrad moil froaatha dMtaloaeef lbs
Smclre who wu hard oa their bailer Tho close was
rUUiat IW but Ibe Cincinnati pulled out The scare
a IsroiLI ILPL
eeryrf l I 300 rorthlHaf to JO 0
AnJriwalfo 0 BOO llallnua Id h6 1040 I
lInrivc0 I I U U Larkiii Itl h i IT U 0 I
I aaaYaDO t 1 1 2 wooLr I 2 S I I p
ohInaow24b f 0 r C g MulroySd b o o 3 B 0
= ld g
ebaitos ct1 2 1 0 OlLorc0tnO 0 B u f
olIIU IS 0 NoOn rtl 120 1
WbluSI C 2 I MMIIcan > I I s a u
Cisse p I U Cnamt > rln p J u o e
Tolato e BBUU I Totals 4 7so 1 i i
Clnclanoli 0 0 2 I I I 0 0 0 la
Albletlo I 010001010a
Barnad nnuClnclnnetl 3 l Athlella 2 Twobaea
BltVakBfon Tbrrba bltMcU cby Home tuna
I 111 blIIcb I
T6ary Tikln Bwaa on ballaBy Crana II by
ab a Cr > 4i byObamhir l
ttlab 1i a VhaB aaalV
1 wona I fU t pG M Time aO Umpira
I J Mo Leagusa
J I AT acmio
1 Buffalo ot S 0001005
j Lebanon o4oA4000008
I Bate hltoBaffala Si lohaaoa I ErroraBtOala
I 3t Letaaos a riteharoBarr and Ito
At aoeaxiiaa
I xochiatir o o t o o 0 0 o ci
t I I Truy o i o i u i o 0 oa
lieu ulliBoehtiter Ti Troy I ErroraBochoalar
Cl i Tray I riicheraCaakBua aad Aay
I a aruciia
Srrcui B 0 e ft a 0 0 i OT
rroiimnee 0 0 e 0 0 o I 0 ll
I 4 Kate hltaSyiacuio Ii I rtOTtdinca a Krron
I 1 I C
Uvaa arracaae II riavldanea I ritaharayetaea sat d
on taiava
Al RvaaovinoKvaaivlllo Ill iMytoa T
AlTar UaulaTirra llaata M tri 4
A2r JiapIlsOrsal Itapi4 11rll rO W57 a
At Bay City Bay city Ii Da troll S
Olker Oaaaaa
Biirtutrt or rxtumviiu nr Si raiKtroB
coiuauaina 4
Fnacarow hay 21Tb University of reaBiylvanla
aaorvee 4afaala4 ItS rnnoetee ceaaoll4ato4 team to
day on tho tormora ground Mailen and Borfn did
groat work at tha tat far rrlaanon but errors wet lb
r s m ihicoro
mcrro cUn mr er run noL
floll4Mkko nott flaassl i a 0 i
McLean d tO 001 3 ThempaoB 2 i 0 SI 3
Splforo r l B Ii 0 5 nr a tl U u 0 1
WIIIMl Ut k II III ii 0 nN L I t 1 a I 0
KnUn p a n t I IiugbC r to I I I I
innL 1 I 1 U 0 MazIn p O n u o 0
g rb
I g g g
c tt i i i a UIbLsJ4sudbU 0 0 50
A Dtkn oo o to l 0 PevilB tubI Oil I 0
Woodcock 110 I 1 o 0 Whoea a o o e o o
Teul 4 i 7 4 Total a sir i T s
rMneeton 0010010104
Vnlveriltyot ra Beiorvuo r l o f o 0 4 o s
ThroobOM hit Mnilan Homo run Banran Baaaa
mi fcalleMoUan Sinien baaifplorr fix Banaa
units DnB e tflrnck oatBy Muilan ill ° y Mar
tin s Loft oa taieerrlnceion A ITnlvmUy ef
feaatylranla a Double ayVu1C aa4 Valllant
Cal MI 4 cat rnt 2
An ell and clotly nttited game took place
yeitarday betwoea tbo Ihl rl aol rhl I CM fralrnttv
ehapiar at Ktevana At the stir both sides nada a
abowlng on tIC score be4k but after that tne ran wit
orrerlaa Hawaii pitched aa oicellent game and Ida
Mtnald of both aides were particularly wall trained
Cbiret 3 0 0 Ion n 0 OS
ckirhl M itiOu000004
nmaneta 1 o o I 0 e e e 1 4
g g 8 I
MinulfotberaI oooosOOIo
AT mitGKiroOD
rima o o 4 o 4 o cs
vw ut00001 I
AT p oirc rush
Brooklyn flirt School OOOOOOIO 01
StaTen School u a 10 0 T 0 S 9 I2S
it acaunaicK rr
C v X o 0 n o o l o 4 tS
g g
Ann Arbor 1 0 0 0 I O e O OJ
AtJckniiownAlbanr lIaw liana 9
saebnlI Gum Tod jr
PAI0i4L tzGu5
rklracn n Xe w York at Cklcuo
Cleflnil T Brooklyn al Civlst
fl 8l tlfOY
Mtubiink vs Castes > t rilutuctv
cuetaaui n rftU aBliU at Liacinnali
saisocu iwnaitiajL
riwrtmullTm Bottaa at ClBClaaaU
Cotiwibw m Balllmora at Colunboa
LoiiUTlll SC AibleUcS alLonUrtilk
M Loul vs waanlai MB at Bt Loots
Buffoon Lebanon at Buffalo
BooAMUr TI Tray at ftMbMttr
am M 79 frortiUnc al Syraaua
Wya r 11
JUkaay vs Haw llarn at Altany
anua OAMU
ManbMtaa A ft YL Crwctat X C at Mantattan
Tn In Bttortcr at Ylldjswood
o Hsturdajand 4ar Am tcnr ge
n raUawtmi gauss wore play4 on lIallltde sad
lW atCDoittrHorthBMoAa lit PIcked Tim
7 At oulh nrooklrnChlrrt S7i UUTMMK
At rrn > oct frk Calomtu 4 MUCUM II At
Waltfoa I A 3diL S 11010 Co B Wt4in I It1 Ir
M IL B CltOln a W14B XL At Ktuoir Btarvoy
AlklttloaBi a 1W4 Stockima a At wark1rqusl
Albliltct S Star AthUHo 4 At South OrauI I
quel O Albloltet C Bur IeUttlou Al Jasper grenada
TnI IriI
Invtaelbloi 17 Muck s AI Uoanl Voraoo Koaal
Voraoo 13 Aonet S Al W hawkn Joreoyi Mi
BtMtrtoa 7 At AMf iwooe Ballot Brofhtn Mrtti
Man II Sinai Hon At Took tYoi > kere A a 7
Alpku At MoeJwt fatk aacuaoro It Fljawy v
See No Raraa la Sanaiar flull Playing
folloo Jutloa Davis of the 8eoaa4 OlattKt Follc
Court la Jra y City ma4o kliBMit aoU4 ytittday with
all tko aoyi of that city Cbrlitlaa Koyoor ahoy living
at llhCbrlfi street was arrslsn4 baron him tor
playing bad la a Teat lot OB Sunday In mains uf
ibo aaio Ialllooo Dart Mid i
I 4oa > taMany bernIe playing h on Ban4 y U
tho koya daat anof tbolr o if1i AnL Tby aro bailor
omcloiod at thai than in drlaLUf wbliky on Bunay
rOil an dlaeliwittd
Brooklrv Qika Hacarotf Staler
rmmao P My 55 tlrry Euloy for three
TOVI put with tba ritutranh Clot hat signed with
Wards BnHiklyn team II win pitch hit Ira jam rot
them against Mtubtnb on rrtiuy uozt whoa tbo two
clubs wtU sire over bar to ploy a f 00 pe tpoD4 on
uoler fl to = r =
account of Vita then proccoa w Brooklyn to play oo
JoIortal Day
Baseball Noteo
Peony will notko toleatott By XowTatk Club
LonE no lonjr IOtt I on ii the bat for lha Bcalona aa
be ha fall loa oft In his btttln
Tko farm of yiomnld pltobrt lut aeaaons BtalCa
Club war aeeoit by Loiurlll ynnrilr
Tb Fbitd pblu who we ro not jprtid to 4a mush
la tb Wwt liar allaclab4 oTtrb4y bv wtanLur
more tamct than any other Buttra Uam Lad yet It
waa oxpooud tltat they would eon boa In last place 1
TIle Troy lm la badly In flied of a maatn sad
PresIdent IIaJ l U irrmr to mono Billy riliarMO
Ko bailor nuumr ooald aoMonnl but II r BI lUtly I
r e Cl l
that bs WU Says Ills iCW lork Club bf whim no u
Tk Manbattaa Atblclhlo I Club will play the strong
CteMnl ar U of BrooklTn today at Manbitn Ml t
The cticai hay Sbl boner o r bolnc tb Brat amunt
club 10 win tram tie aitom CIties island Aikldo on
tb B L A C BToaadA Ian datriiy and tby bool4
sly lb rarty Diamond a suing aLms Ladio
are admlttad tots BTuuada aad rruiU Stand
The Apollo Club of Btooklya the wallknown viola
rote slatIng asolIy will hays a natal ball jam at
i lilla
Wuhlaiton Fart nxt Thnrtlr Tbs Contest for ta
primacy wlU bo between ibo Tnori and SaMoa II
will De eStplloinlarl affair admlMlon tobabrla 1 I
vlutloa Uckot eDIt Ie no helm are to be aoKL BOOM
ot arooklyna foremost people have ham invtlod
TILe rhllaaelabla Kacquak Club Make 14
Plaaaant for Stranger
ralLjotirau Key tSn ratladalphla Raeotiot
Club U I a strictly private organIzation They IOTO oar
thlng of a prozrtiilva cbuaclor tiowetr ana open
the occasion of lbs vUll of th strong aggregatIon of
handball platen from Kaw YOrk and Brooklya to day
the u mbr of IIIe olub turned oat la nnunal atintth
The Ttarn handball oxnrt ThODH Mcbolu u inptr
IntQdint of the club and ho made tea visit of the
sttnattraazcaadluty pleasant
The visitor laeludaA fbll Casey champion ot tha
world Barnard MeQuada Mew York a allampioa
James DeCal 6rnna ot the maul alUM players In
thi country Dr rhlllp droltb who for rear ranked
55 lbs olvreaI PIr In lbs Watt Major r tlulJ car
motr hdward u Wackormana ot Awazk John
tninab and capt John 10 Thy wr royally to
e al the iiinbaa4 wbn ike amou
prta wbo war MtadnLd tu plY appeared lo lbs
court they wore vaikuUarlcatly applauded TbU
laty wa wn Cued ABonii UMM present wrai
iQabtrl W Cay A 111 OlSon Alxaudr Carl
wright S > lk < rtaa4 Uw MrrU rarrlib W W SoUls
Sited Talaad Tb for UwrtHn IharUa Boland
PaUl Tbompioa Coarlat B Townaand J I MIllion
Thomas Wanamakar l > r a Sntto Joseph h Tn Mon
aura Hoblnvia Lewis Budlo chario rarnnm James
la > MtL clarence Dark I It Meredith Bailay
D M Boklaa Wllum haitI K C fai
N Trottar EUJD TownHnd U hell lam
letter A kD7wbod II Cans c Plait Jr Itlckanl
II LIsT W Welsh pear Kiwla T fioikliKhut I
M Smith C V Uraat rraldnt P J otlrlcn of 111
Amlur 1 AlhlUa Aaaoelatlaii Jama NaOaokait aa old
ud popular I Eaa4bU oxport r lbs Quakar City aaa
gall a nomtxr at otbr invited Bioata
qw CMC ± I avoat of ro n > wa Sr nuieh between
Phil Casey sad Or fhll amltb against James Donn
Brand HraaM MeQuado BxAlaomao l > mai IB I
hla aow tasty anlfaia of wklta Kauri 1 naoaora awtpa
shirt sod dark ties cap cli at a quake city paturn
leaked HI aaoMk to play for a was > Ufa aad kla dU
play was of scab a 0Jc order that ovoa
Iii l viaran Mwkolaa who baa aaaa aU Iba
baM alrr at the lima ramaikod Wig Mr
DBUBO aan play anybody Champion Cuaia root
J lbr l
usum were Watebal with II dial It auntlon ana the
mmrlon seemed 10 ba In azetdlnily good tamer
tQuads ana Smith aloe played an JII ILL
T hi i apooUlon wee null albiuUalla an4aMtoa4a4 I
avuy good play Tb seers wu
PuanindMeQuaJa IS I 31 17 31 25
CaMynd Smith II IS 31 a 1J74
lufiti aid markf tJoba Don
TkTMtorowMoaakaoqaoilly laltrUlod hi Mra
Tbeaaa SlcncUa who by Its way hu always bata
an sadist admiral al the eUItUnapotk
A4 Coq eo
n following gaines wota played ea tka South Brook
D Rlordan and ra1I1w2 17 21 9
Joa bUll sasl ilium Brandbr11 21 IJ IT
Joseph Kelly 23 3143
ratrick Malooay 0 1423
Jobs Coaaollr and rater Cenolly10 31 232
B BolinaJ Uo CaaIIlItoD21 IS 14M
Mlekoy Ltnaon 31 3143
Robert Froal 17 11211 I
O llaihaadaaad J Poroall 31 IS 31OS
W Haibaada sad B Israeli 17 31 947
D Wordan and A Glllon II 13 3154
W trIO D4Jam CodrIUIt ItII
JblL wra41 yoator 31 III 14M
WUUaia Bran4aakar 19 II 81 ta
B Hol o aad K Dobarlr 31 2142
John rowers lad i McUlairy ia ITSB
Mr ArtUar Fcrtbniii 4Otooler laubaa la atiln eat
at relllona
Ckittr Chaplna One schooner Tampa will sot ba pal
to aommlaaloa ibli season
Tba sloop UltehUt U having a new nut put la at
PolUon yard Baulk Brooklya
Tba iptlnr naillait of tba Corlnttilan Navy wCI bar
Mew bal liar of t > 4 lark ericlbl call tael yin
and now lanyarda ant running rliglag have boon Bti4
10 1110 Ianob old Obanner Oaunileaa by Low llebu
alao Juil flnlahad a gang ot topmast rigging for Vice
Commodota baaka a acboonat Want WlicB
yor t Botero Maxwell a new diStill sloop faullli < o
Bbrger Cblllp I B Low baa mad aaplondiil gang of rlv
plot Tha iliroode two on a Ida mod lbs bead laja
ate oritolnch itael wire end lbs blda > coTotad grummat
atrap that lei go around ibo main boom sad hold tba
triplebeared main heal Mock la a deugbl lo tka eye
r lbs saVor
Haw ruHy XTbe naphtha yacht Ouolo own4
oy nan Edward nom ot rII Broadway aaa arrived
In the harbor whets lha will alar during the Tale com
Eenccmeat Tha Unralala a wall known Seduce then
boa > tbo aamaier reiiteiiao otuai Thomas belug I at
Dab tarry liar l length la 23 feet with W4 fool beam
Bba drawi HUfaaiAf water SUe cam op from flew
York on Wednesday In lwv hour The Cygnet
which was owned by tbe itt Charlea Frail the
Standard nil magnate la la lha bvtor Mr frail ion
la Bilug bat
Baaekall Maakattaa Fle4 A P 1C
Manhattn A O va Ctracaat X 0 350 includIng
grand itand lit
Dealera paying MabOO or 150000
I per year In rent dry goods men and
I others who give Iwo and three years
I credit We lurnUh estimates on tbe
1 furnishing ol room flat country
I bouiei and hotels Get our estimate
I and see 11 we ore not right t Furni
ture catalogue mailed tree MASON
Myrtle ud Bridge st Brooklyn N Y
Wwrnilur It ttaltla ft rC aiitrT ctJ Clu tT
all mnrke dews rWtimt
aaako roam for xaaoaa mad lao
pesters ctkrlaac onr ullor
100 a 4ig Tkrae
Mar BalUlaBja
siaao rAHLom STTIT
Solid OakorChorry raUibad Mahogaay BaabooMyla
Pram Doubt Case Pelt Very tulrafclai ro4s ol
ram til I JI In all I tataiawaka tfce
559 to 571 Foltm St Brooklfi N Y
T °
r I
ChilD foall be 1I01 WHITII OR IAOIII
WOAIIK I5eo imp PIDDISHe lie DOI POlleoJltl
oalLOaxl1 m r
7 rot Dl S
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ran LT111110 JlllDf AaJ B 3
1011110 IltltmPL1llIei PPa LD
LINEN RaIL Llla op LooL sea r
0aDo D0DCLIIbet S os I 4PI
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f2ltI 82 AND 1210I BRAIDED 010 ASE
LIMP9 ecUI C0 ALL xsne AlunmaLtg
Htat llufU Ilffbal em EACH IOTJVYIS
tIC TROtL12l0 TO t1 wltafhJe IAkt
sooge 2 FOR TOo OAT 100Mb WIll SAND
ot r111 PC routn son KOWS1C4a
IvggyDEioaIrJION rtaukasAxsaTgaLvaps
a P follzr
13 coifafnblfflf1lf1J
0 KLYit N V
daeo from OOe Ttte aad io
OXFOBO fJASHKa at 10 ftaiMaaij
041 aid B8OO caob
worth aVI00 to 8800
100 ttANNlkL V HTS at SlMt wt IVeM
ao to SJAOO
Tffi marked down from 1400
TACUTINO CAPS fla at 114 aa4 I
aeo 1800 SIOCtTM BACKrrS wW
w ara orerlaa at SOO to 40 aaMb
while tb Barn gradee I B lOll ao4 a a
worth S400 40 STOO eaab
A G Spalding Bros
241243 Broadway
Wo have BOW open for Inipaetlcn a fan Das at
tha celebrated Swift hiatus be highaat node
nacbtnia I mad with aottd cBihlen sac jrea
Delia Urea W and HncY heIaS2l pafeda
wsigbt adapted toeitherladlei orgeatlaaiaaaaaBi
Olhar ball bearlai etatleJ from Wl n
WoooHlallrmvlta Inapacttoaof ear BOMBS
parlmoBL ID which wo are now dlIIIJIILItrII
hIlls of Boboala Adirondack Boota I1UO
raddling Caaoea Iidlan Birch Bark faaias
Paper Bacuui baaUa sod Boat TtlauBina 4 ever
fine Trout Bade of our own Baaafutara
Flablag Tauklo ot every deocrlptloB all l e JeadV
tog Cameras Including I Koa > k > aad noia
MltlA MnnnllL Lawn TeaCh aad AthlotlaOoadi
Mefl Ulatou Mlcroecopea Toleacoao m
O > reonpletend artUtlo calalcgoa grvao file BJ44
appileallaa at our lion
ppsle Fifth rnno Mos
HigheR G
5 Only
18 Warroa New TML
N 11 ifp
It Is Tnm for the New York A CJ Mem
bora aad In Their Chub Henet Too
Members of the New York Athletic Club are
not compelled to leave their club house when
they desire to go tithing They fish for tarpon
In the swimming tank ot the olub and while
they have succeeded la making one splendid
strike they failed to land their dab Aa a
general thing people In search of tarpon go lo
Florida but last night 160 members of the
wingedfoot organization went to the fine
borne at Plxth avwnva and Plftvflfth street In
order to see one ot those big Dab caught
The novel sport was highly enjoyed and pro
volVd nnlimlifd rntrrTment The tarpon
proved be F J wells the expert water polo
player and the fisherman was B A ttoU
rough The tackle oooII c of a heavy bam
poo pole adapted to tarpon fishing and a stout
lon In
Previous to the triaL and before lbs manner
In which the Dab was to be hooked was known
there were numerous facetious sngcMtlons as
to the character 01 the bait at which Mr Well
would bit An gal food now pudding crater
patty and olfaet delleaclee van named but no
one was able to explain bow they could be nf
Hied loft book
Finally when the tarpon walked out a
very surprising performance for fish it wu
rJJurPrilIUR already bookod A leather bar
ness waa fitted to bin bend One band passed
around bin Head and two over the top to
which an Iron ring WaS fastened at tbe crown
ol liii iliad lo thin ring the line was
The tarpon WIll to take to the water at one
and of the tank and the flsbermanrwas to land
blm at the other end so to could be reached
with a sixtost salt The fish was to be landed
In thirty mlnutoe or waa to be oonildered loat
Promptly at 9oclock time wa enlled and
Fisherman Chesehroagb Immediately felt a
terrine pull at hla line He soon observed that
be bad hooked a sixfoot tarpon that mu t
weigh IBO pound and be wall pccordlnely
Terr jubilant Cautioning everybody to KMP
as quiet as possible ao aa not to scare the flub
be began to employ all tho anglers arts la
order to eecufe toe pleoatonal price
The lib showed tight on the start and so
rat was the fttraln that Ohesabnraarh irnra
line Ha toon reeled In I and began to work the
tarpon toward the other end or the tanfclt
was elow work the nllh pulling and jerkin
like a team of horses The flsberman
hod all be could do to keep the rod In
his bands Rlowly and laboriously be
worked down the tank lie bad consumed
twantyalx minutes Kotna half the distance
aDd realizing mat ha must do something des
perateln the next four m utoabtmad liD at
tempt to drag his flub alone TAre was a
stubborn resistance and the line broke where
upon the tarpon disappeared from view amid
a ehorna ot aba °
Tbe fisherman was whit with despair and
was ao exhausted be could hardly stand The
alb came out of the water M fresh aa a daisy
and experienced no Inconvenience except a
rather sUIt neok caused by the strain
ITtKhterei GrOwling I
Jim Paly efrMtsasralilals hart at work tunIng at
Mra KU LaaryskmaeetOoar Island beach I or lila
ttehlAar71SCIaa Fort Richmond ra la
lake place s week adarUa aiartaKUrala coaloat In
tbaoaa ring at the Qraalla Aaaoclatloa Uooakca
Daly la baakal by Billy Madden Data llollaaa aid Oaa
TullhllL Maddan latradtd that the PhIladelphian
abonld dahla work at Mrs Billy OBrlana hoiol on Ibo
Coaay island Boalayard but whaa Daly mada his ap
poariBco there Charly Mitchell aId siaTta gate bin
each a cold receptIon be decided took for othr qar
rrirr Tho lattara tralnar Jaok Uailaghf r ralld al the
mutraic Ntm affiea TMtarday aug laid hw badly
Mitchell and SUrtn bai troatod hta man
Jim wnlto Mra OBrlniaitbtarltallonf Tony
Moot who aId II would be aiowl Uoa for Daly to
work with BtaTin bat lha Aulrallan and Mliaboll lava
ea lbs oold stake co I brouht mysian ta Rat larya
Vlarln did not mat Jim nIght l anyway r lha
trlnr Daly loft i a sick bed to com orar to the
Madison Sqaaro Oardn to box Slarln I throo rundi
laaioad or matInS u a friendly lha Australian wont
51 hint and pnachod him hard Jim called I Maddana
atumlon to Ibis aaroro iroatmaav and IB the tail
round OT Flann punch In ino mouth that brought
the blood 1a la aonndnt that bid ho baaa In good
urm ha would haTo mad nl ranch warmor for Slann
Aftor lila match with tally ha would like lo right either I
Slum or Hiiohall Is dent think the AID the
great nsn ha ° painted 0
About sisry day Klrra and Ultchlt Daly and hlo
Iralar moat on ina back road but Ihoy BOTaripaak
as they paM by JIll UIy Is I very popular wan all lbs
iporta In llie Bawtrr on the Ulantl who bate made
him their pat axalnat Englishman and too big Aua
traIls who are training turtbor up the baach
Aa iBtaraattoaal World Fair Regfatta
Richard K Toi baa raeolfxt aaTtral conmuBtcatlOBS
from ptomlaoat n aaklnghlaa I pot UP n
OW aD Inlarnatlonal Eipoaltloii regatta te bo hold la
conltmctln with lha Worlds fair at Chicago nail ar
ID an interview about lbs project yciUrday Mr fox
paid Mil I wan certaIn that lbs bait oarancn U Eng
land Anitralla Canada and the IBltod Butaa wastE
taw I waol4 straw a iwalla that would eclipse lao
lalaraaUonal Ccntonnlal rogatta bold on the SoaufiklU
Btfor al PkUodolpkla In I87S An laMraatlonalalnglo
scull roe wooJd not attract half Ika Iniomt nnla a
J > moa Bianakury Faiar kemp sad Jakn MLe1I Of
Auilralla coaa ntad to maaaaro sprees wIth I William
Connor ikoehamplan John Tmr Jako Uaadaur
and h ward Haalan Aalnglaicaii lalerallolal Tao
would only last two diva DCAOM tba trial hau oould
t decIded 0115 day au4 the final the next Tba plant
an tUckIng oior and I shall wait ta haanftoai lbs
oatuaea In thIs country an Australia berate 1 docldo
npoa a programme la I la give a pure for an Interna
tional aincl l double sad roar oar4 race rot the chant
JlonahlneC tno world Tkla would not oaly nile a very
ttractlTo programmo lot u would greatly assist ta
boon up not only inl wull prof rwlonal raring but
double and fonroaroa ratio At praoaltl ibId tko
Ivttct iiottt InternatIonal World Fair racatta w be
bald In Chloaio la 1 iwa ainoal sotflinly for all
tha homo oaraman its ready and If poaaiblo Kemp and
fctanabury th AnatnUlaa 1 ohamploa and aba Aallaoa
and Mallanoa may decide w nier
Tke latareollCBtate oaaaaaa
The athletlo neal of the week will be the annual
games ot tbe Intercollegiate Athletlo Aaaoclatlon to be
held next Saturday Tboie cameo alwaya excite a
great delict Interat and thla year will benooxcep
tloo to the rule In fact there la I more eutknalutla
talk about them and how they wilt remIt 1 than ascii
ThiS Ii due to the largo number at ontrlooaad to the
high ability of the campotltora The Executive Com
mittee having the g > m > lii charge are leaving nothing
undone to make uem a atceeoa and everything now
relate U > elr being nnnclally more auccaaatul than
during aay provisos year Tbara are a iheaoaadoa
Tho gamu will hi aianed at oclock and ra ordar
that every event may come off baton nightfall tha adS
ciT will have to rettt thing alaag pretty ll > aly There
t gII 0r7 L lljl
ia no question but that they are ptrtectly able ana COM
patent to do It Tltlaie mar I beught at the followlaat
place BerkeJoy Lyrount il Went lerly fourth etreeli
A u paI4i111c Brua Peck bujrdiri mad Ira fayna
Colambla Cycle Clnfc TaanraajMejaS
Tile Colombia Cycle Club of Bartfordare arranging
lohold a bIg rae IDIII LI the Charter Oak Dtlvlaa1
rut an July 4 ERotl will ke mad to secure the
pretence ot all tha last rider la I the SaM oat apoalal
Indncmnti IB I the way at valuable prltaa IrIII ba of
t A good progtamma ot eranta IncludIng the tol
1011I woe wlltbe Ten
OaomUe latr 120 alaaa Enumatlo barredt onv
11I11 ld u
all Mftr city tipotieia iiaauaaile barred onomlla
ordinary blat abamplontalr oaomlia tafaty haudl
oar onaouio ontlnarr I handicap nancy riding ono
mlwaaletyapea ooobalrmUa aafty Slats cLamol
oniklp j onemile atolnaty opea onomllo utah
abamaloaahlp Batuord paamaUa Barred fAnor
tidIng anatuns twomIle caret haa < tlcaD
raeoDulll Urea wheels will ko barred Iron all tel
K A W Bating Matter
Chairman Charles II Bandall ol tll1 X W Racing
Board baa accoropllihd conaMrablo work during
put week A number of potltlena for rouutiumoat
from uUiuallflad rIders hare been conildcrad and two
rloUIIIInl hay been made George r Waldronot
Omihaf > eb and II M Ion or Grand Banidi Mich
bss boea ralnitatoa aa amaiaeta
Maura a T Clark 01 Mitchell and If B IrwIn
tar beea appointed member ot ItM Maryland elusion
Haclar Cairo and a P M Alllaoa W i aaila
and C H llauaaer memoirs ct tba Kentucky dtTlaloa
Kaclni Board A number of ontalal baadlaappara u3
Baclug Hoard mambora bare yai to be appointed lot
lhe men officiating lax yeat bold 011cc until theIr site
reasons ar apltod
Baewdca DoCeata Cnrtla oa MoUara
landau IT Kraayit Co Saturday there waa aa
enormous crowd at the Olympla Hint to wltneu the
IwomlU race for LAO a lido between William Curtis ad
Engtaaf and J A fnowdea champlon America tar
the title of abort dlatanco roller skating champion ot
the world Immediately Iba plilol wan Brad Slowing
took the lead and In the Crl lap ruwd lha Boat fou
yard ahead ot curtis In thla vrder the ruI
until Iba sixth lap Ion rail u hen Curt with a graad
apart passed lilo oppoaant aad la tka aTaalbIa Ud
rJ 11
by a uiupla of yard Malaiaining his load till tl tnlh
tap be looked Ilka winning but unrartaniely stumbled
aud then Snowdan got akao In tbe laat laa tha Ear
r lt d 7mICa illl
lib crack thawed good lorn but wu unable ta COM
hie opponent who ultimately won by ten yarda u a
mlaatoa I second
The FuclSta Coaat Aaaoclatlon Loaee lie
H A Kit Iborarlfle Coial Alhlatla Aiaoclatlona rap
reaantatlTo ua the Amateur Aihlotlo Calon Central JoY
inning Board wrltettaJamaaB lulllTn the Pnlona
Soaratarr and says Fcoit boa rctltned from the
Frealdencr of the radio ton branch of the A A U
and I do not know who will lake hIs place The Olym
pic Club bulldlnt u In prerresi aid lnldtof A raw
montkt wa will have a nao club IIOHM In which to en
larIat lbe boys wbeu iher coma oat her I bear that
Belt Saturday there will bo M > IuIe record brcaklnc for
lhe hello coast at the Betklor games In the ball aI
ItS sad lGrr4 hurdle naca °
Racorda Kzaactcol t S > ba Hrokea
Much latoroil la being manltaatad in the gaaua of
tha relyteahnla laiillnta which ara to come og on
Ftttay next The track at Washington Pink the formit
tome of the Brooklyn baseball team la being pat In
aritolaii irlm for the nccaiinn Vkllllam Wlndaam
anperlntendenl of Kanern lark having tha wurk In
cJiari0 llliaipaied I lhat the condition of the track
will make ponlbie for sam lecordi tu bo broken
Wright BraakB o > Hoeord
Niw IIiTm May = oD Saturday aiornuf sUb
tale field W B Wright Jr 82 waS aa aliampt to
Weak the Yale record for the halfmil run ef I mis
lies 3 12 S i noon Ja held br R B Ulnckley SB and sue
rr UI m r
aaided In ruanlnl the dletane In 3 mInutes I lft r
mile Th trial look placa al II I IM botonlo timera
silo sosra1 wltneuea
rrm fAroitrriaf IXCLVDIXO ras s3t
Mr Xeeaea Colt hIdden by eLanghlia
auS A to 1 Oa is the nUlBK Vplseed
at the IIHeorlt Defeat Prince
HovBlIfBiUrlode Partly SaTed the DS
for the Falthfalaocker Ba Eel
ett 4 Hide a tlreai Kaee
It hab bean many a day sine the talent roJ
cITed such a drubbing aa theycnoonntend
at the Oraveaend track yesterday afternoon
when five favorites In nccessloa were de
feated The bookmaker chuckled with ghoul
Uh glee aa they totalled up their profits at the
close of the day
For a atarler ninetenths of tho 10000 per
sona present thought Tournament could win
theopenluc ovntat mile and not half try
Ionsstroet his rival In the estimation of the
knowing ones being withdrawn by Michael F
Dwyer who wanted to glo Foxhall Koeno the
pleasure of seeing the famous white with blue
polo In front the first time they were sported
this season UcLaughlln had the mount on
Tournament for whom It will be remembered
Ifr Keen paid 33000 at tho recent sale ot
Senator hearst stable and opening at S to 2
on the plungers backed the brown colt BO
heavily that the odds teocded rapidly
until 4 to 1 on was the standard figure
MAn or searchers for bUrc money put up
1000 to win 220 and thought they were
stealIng the poor bookmakers cash at that At
the post the betting was mainly on the field
against Tournament three to one being freely
offered Tournament was never dangerous nt
any time In horace the tour rearold colt
jtrontenae winning very nanaiiy with that
greatly Improved fllly Livonia second and
Charley Post third Tournament was beaten
at the end of fin furlongs and although lie
Laughlln peraerored with him to the very
and sixth place was tbe boat be could
do at the finish Tho pluugora could
acaroely bellee tholr eyes when they
taw Tournament plodding hopelessly in the
ruck and It waa surprising how many knew
that he was always innk our a counterfeit
and several other epithets rolled Into one
after the race was over The truth of the mat
ter la that Tournament baa caver been an
early horse all his spring races at two and
three years old having been twenty pounds or
more below the form he displayed in midsum
mer or the autumn Then too the colt moved
none too freely In bla preliminary and ibere
are some good jnrtges who declare that he was
a trllle lame behind as he want Into the paddock
before tbe race Ills best work nt Sbeepsbvod
Say which is a second and a hat or two seconds
faster than the Ornveiend track had been a
I1e and a furlong in 1 57llhl mile In l4SM
Ell bad the older Jildgley up Which
did thla and probably carried 110 pounds or
more After theace Albert Cooper who trains
the colt bad n IUD talk with Mr Keene
Cooper could not account for the defeat of his
charge and declare that time will show what
kind ol ahorseTournamentis Closeobservera
know already and If the brown oolt does not
meet with any mishap he will win In any com
pllnr before July to irontenao was played hy
Eany trainer Andrew Thompson who saw his
colt win In n dream on Munday night One of
the vary few men who thought Tournament
could not win WHS Jockey Ed iosten the owner
ot Algernon who laid llCOO against the fa
vorite Few persons are aware of the fact that
Foater la one of the blahrollers of the ring
tlurprllle number two came In the second
race when Senorita collared the favorite
Prince lloynl In the stretch and beat him homo
handily In the mile and a quarter handicap
Hamilton riding Capt Browns bla mare tn
beautiful atria Kenwood alter making tbe
pace for a mlln was third Rogers was confi
dent that Senorita could win and his friends
were heavy winners over the race Ja fh
Morris Oily bplnalong waa beaten a bead In the
third event scramble for twoyearolds by
11 F Uwyera Alrplant aaon of Ventilator on
Whom Hamilton rode a moat dogged finish
bplnalong bad all her opponents beaten at be
head of the stretch but Hamilton never aulta
until the Wire Is reached and prodding whip
ping and rallying tbe ron of Ventilator sue
cepe crowned his eflorts In the end Happy
John a goodlooking son of John happy a
brother to George KInney was a fair third
Chatham was again the choice of the talent
for the threeyearold rAce at a mile and a fur
long although nli previous races bad been
bone too good It was a most singular contest
Masher leading by fifty yards hut three furlongs
from homo but finishing In the nick having
struck one of his loge and pulling up lame
leaving the Dwyer colt Portchesler to come
through next the rail and win handily Hamil
tons waiting tactics being most successful
Uno Orand owned by F Mclewee was a good
second while Chatham was third Algernon
was played very heavily by a select delegation
but the colt ridden by his owner Ed Foster
died away under a null In tbe backstretch
India Rubber showed a lot of speed and will
do to watch If Masher bad not struck his leg
he would have won running awav
Recess wns airtight number five and the
faithful now weary and benrtsore out down a
plumper to got even for prevloua reverses
There WaR a FHonll Up out on Guilty too and
thousands of dollars went on her at odds rang
ing fmm 8 to 2 to 1 Jockey Bergen waited
with Disappointment until Guilty and HOC B
had raced tbemselva to a standstill and then
coming onwon very cleverly The race for the
place was a bummer Arnica In L J Rosaa
string getting the verdict by a nose while
Oulliy and Detrlot ran a dead heat for third
place Keersi was only a nose back Arnica
Is i the fllly by Ham Brown out of Belladonna
mentioned In InK BUN some weeks since aa
batll worked a quarter at Gravesend In 23K
Hoaterlode carried the hones and ducats of
the puzzled talent In tbe final race of the day a
selling affair at a mile and throesixteenth
and ably handled by Fred Taral he won with
Vlrele second and Hoodlum third
Jockey Martin Beroen went to President
Dwyer between the first and second races and
told that aentleman that be did not mean to
be Impertinent on Saturday afternoon when
Mr Dwyer reproved him for spoiling starts
Mr Dwyer readily forgave the boy and gave
him permission to ride again at ono This
opportunity Bergen lmr > ro od by acting In the
most exemplary fashion at the noel on Disap
pointment nnd winning a rattling good race
with Mr Dalys colt When he appeared the
saddle on tbe way to the post be was cheered
loudly but that reception wan mild In com
parison with the ovation that followed his
winning ruh at the flnlrh Btnrter Caldwell
who bns bad no end of trouble with Bergen for
Iwo lCUS past said
1 0 asked the Jockey Club to relieve me of
the responsibility nf setting boys duwn or of
fining them fur their misbehavior at the post
home folks ear Im prejudiced against IJergen
olbjng if the sort Ive stood more from blm
than anybody that over rode a horse since
Ive been handling the flair not even excepting
Andy McCarthy Im going to be rid of this
responsibility If Bergen would always be
have as be did today there would be no
trouble and everybody would bo sated n lot of
worry 1 want it understood tbat I didnt set
Bergen down on Saturday
President Dwyer Yes the four Jockey
Ube Ithe Coney Island Brooklyn and New
Yoi k Jockey Olnbe and the Monmoutn Park
Baaing Association are going to engage some
reliable man tQ go tn the post and report to
the Executive Committee what occurs there
The Executive Committee will Place the evl
donoe before the Board of Control and that
body will fix tbe penalty I think myself it
would be better to nave two mon Instead ot
one and pay them a good salary Then there
would be no chance for ery of favoritism
Tbe pool rooms received tbelr Information
by signals I through the Western Union Tel
graoh Company who had a boat of employees
at the track
Spider Andepon tbe colored jockey In the
employ of Byron McClelland tbouaht It last
hour bad come yesterday Before the race he
Will walking through the paddock doubtless
planning a raid on some crap came when he
IIIIDPI on a bannna peel both hla feet shoot
s forward with the force ot twin catapults
fOOl it napneoeu inai a yarn or so m ironc
of the luckless tiplder walked Millionaire
David Dunham Wither of the Monmouth
park KaolnK Association Tlie Bpldera
heels knocked Mr Wltborss feet from
under him with beautiful precision and
In a twlnkltnstba millionaire sat down He did
not land on the brinks but unop tbe roun
abdomen nf the ctreatnst of rrap shooter and
the Spiders breath deserted him bra moment
TUe inllllnnalr was angry the boy badly
cared When Mr Wither Cot on hla feet be
durtrd for the a older who took to his beols
Later on somebody told Anderson that his rid
ing career wan ia an end and that the best
thIng lie could do would be tn make his apolo
elf 8 Tbn lat seen of tbe Holder he was mirak
Inifup the back fctalrwuy leadiua to Slim club
hnui bat In band to explain how tbo Insidious
banana cot la its work
Donobue Charley Pout and LlrpnU were
first away Tournament In the middle of the
bunoh and on the outside barley Foil Don
ohueiellle lily and Livonia inane the run
nmttTournament IIOVIDIr 111 on the Outside
Tbe pace quickened perceptibly colne Pilot b
old clnhhouseand the spectators were amazed
when MoLauBlilln besan riding Tournament
to keep 110 with Ibe procession He lost sround
despite JlmmTs enorls though and turning
Into the stretch was hopelessl y beaten Charley
Post tionnhue Livonia and rrontenao had
the race to themselves through theatretcb
tbe last named drawing out and winning
handily by two leoctb Livonia was second
three pan of a length In front of Charley Post
Tournament liD hid sixth
A awaipotakia ef S20 each tot thrtayaarolds Sad
pward with SUP aided of shah 8JCO la eeaoad asS
toanl t tahiti I oh tS
A JerdInl elL e Stoniniso to hi taltttrCl
rreaknoM lli7homp tiable a kt Livonia 4i liKJVi = 1
W natai c Paly I a en a l Oiarley Poet 4 IIS iLamVef 3 a
Ban JstC enlo lIly Toniearnest taenfala t alalta
aad DoBohua aloe 1 raa
TI u
Hatting Tnarnamaat 3 IOB I stalest Kellle Ply
Uvwala 1 rmttaaOy each It to Ii Cbartay roil ta le II j i
Thorndala 5iillt boaokae and Ban Jean 80 lo It
aleiiaivoui Situals palO IPDO SaUl t3f111
Renwoo and Oops To Taw nn first away
Prince fioral and Montague last Kea wood and
Cows To Taw ran In first and aeeond places
all the way through the Ddt the
tnrn anl up the baCkstretch Near the eld
clqb hnnoeFrlDce hotel move u Terfaat
followed by Benorlta on the outside In the
homestretch the Prtara took the lead and ap
peared to be winning handily when Harnlltrm
brought SsnorlU UP with A rattle ana bang
and passing the favorite opposite the stn
the brown mare won cleverly by ajenittn urn
atson ftopplne riding Prince foul at toe
end Kenwood WIll third
A handicap aweapatakea of flt ah with IOtO
aided ot 0 biaS > A > j to aaooad aid liP ta third one
hUe sad a naaner
r a Hrowaabr m Xanarlta a by ftlaaa Charlie
OondAla lie t lUmlltcni I
r J Dwyar a Seao ah h Frlnoe Beyei a 123 < Uar
rlion 3
Urlon 1
Donokon Xlanlea a a Keawood 4 iiiilAniklay it
The Serum cam to Taw I B MIllIe I Mists and
Montague also 1 raa
Tim 2lltl
Ueitlnr yivata4on mIne Jtorali agalnot 1 eaotlla
2 to It I Montague o to It Coma Is I Yaw Kenwood eaoh
fxitolt I In loran and a 8 Mlllloa each ion to I 1
tlTeu tol I I Mutual paid 114w Sft usa80
Annie Queen Bplnslowt and Ninon were
the leaders In a good start and In the order
named they made the running until straight
eud out lor home when bplnalong appeared
to be winning handily Hamilton brought
Alrnlant up with a rush In the final furlong
and lu a rattling finish beat the favorite out a
hoad Happy John was third
ru1 awoopatako ot Ito each for Iwoyoarolda J that had
run and not wan at the meeting with BIIMI added
ot which IJI u 10 oaiond and fnoialkirdiOva aiida
lialf I furlongs
M r liwyara ch eo Alrpleat by VaatllalorDaaalnat
lilt I t
jI1 A llamlllnl A u Marrlaa br f Sptnalong lla < r Little
111 a
nll L I TiVornVonibtll rry John sleysrierC
Nlnono trod Lee Annie Queen yiattary Tempts
Bllaiatd sod Jester atxi ran
Tim 1110
Betting Ten ta 7 on ftalong agalnal Alt plant 4 to
U trhaUr7Sleit 1 YrsO Lie lulolt Mnono It to I
Happy Join Utolt Temple ao to llAn5leQnuai
lou mtafard eo ta Trl I Jester eo to I fiatuals paid
1010 SILL i as II
THE nrrn rBicc
UnoOrarjdeCbatbamand Algernon were the
leader at the atari Belleroe bringing up the
rear Ballerue went through his Held Mpldly
and mad the running with Alcfrnon Jtiiahar
and Chatham were tbe noat prominent ot the
others Portolieater and India Bobber trailing
Cbatnnm showed in the van at the club house
but Masher coming irons tbe ruck with a rush
passed everything as though they were
anchored and when they were straightened
out lor home apparently pad his field peateo
He stopped badly In the run homo aad Hamil
ton bringing Portehesier through on the rail
won by two length Uno Grande was second
five lengths before Chatham third who heat
Masher a head for third money Masher pulled
tip lame
A iwoepaiaiei 820 each for Ihreovear lhat
bar ten and not won at the meeting with tlujo
ended or which SJOO to aecond and aluJto third one
mile and a tnrlopg
F1 Uwyer A Sons b c ypnehMtor by roUttto
Bemprvtva I 117 Hamilton I
r C MaLewooa eh o Uno Grand a 107 cPoggatt a
rt ftr l
J A A A H Morrlia k e Chatham 113 rtitloneld a
Maaaer India Baboor Vagabond Alters and
Bollavaa aloe ran
Tim deft
Batting Agalatt Alrernoa a to 61 Chatham 1 to 11
rortebitr 4 to I India Rubber Ito It Sister lu ta
I Bellev a10tolt Vagabond 15 I to It Una uraada
10lot Motuals paId SnI llQ fILeD eeieO
Guilty went away in the van with Recess
Circular and Arnica the most prominent of
the others Tbe sister I to Tipstaff opened a gap
of three lengths In the first quarter Arnica
find Detroit In full chase Stevenson went
very wide with Guilty at the head of tbe
ptretcb and let the entire Held through next
the rails Guilty laded away under the far
long pole BQl Bergen bringing Dltappolnt
ment from the rear and riding out In grand
style won the race hjr a length Arnica
Guilty Kecess and Detroit wera nose and
nose the two flratnamed running a dead
hunt tnr thtnl mona
eollrag awoepotakee of BIO each for twoyear oMo
with SIOKO added of which SAU to eeeoad and HOO to
third flva and a holt furlongs
John Dalri br c oiiappolatmant by Tom Ochlttrae
audio H 103 Br n 1
Roiemede l grlT Arnica B8 Ward 3
n LoightoVa eh r Guilty J Siavaaeoo
y Dwyer A sons b o Detroit ilL Taylor
rfli circular steal 1 rreaton Band CoBtortat abe
Time I OOW
Dead best for third place
BeltlagAgalnet Itecew II to In 1 Onllly aU to It
Circular a to II I Detroit II to 1 Dlaanpotnimeah not
1 Azalea O to 1 lr eian II M w it 8las t Ci ta ii
romtoruc IOU lo i lIt paid 114503 s5a BSOUJ
nrasterlode Hoodlam Little Jim Tlrgle
Vivid Kern and Forest King was the order of
a close start In the last race Hoodlum and
Virgle headed the cluster In the opening
strides and made the running to the seventh
furlong post where Maaterlode set the pace
and made an open flnlnb winning by three
lengths Vlrele beating Hoodlum hall length
lor the place
A aolllng aweeratakoe of I2i each for threeyoetolda
and MrIJ Sloun sided of which fJUO ia aoeend
and tlou t third i on mil and ihreoolxteentba
Kystofle Pthel5 rho 0 lIurI04 4 by Sit Medn4
or Ityrie Dalnl nylon 112 ITaral 1
It IIrIIrb r Vigl a MliH Jsae 3
II Gideon1 i eh o hoodlum lneBerga > a
Kara Little Jilts tore King Vivid and Oione
also ran
Time 2t0i
BttliigAtalnitUastsriodo250 It Boodlaa Stall
v fYI Little Jim 6101 I OionMitol Kern li
lo I Vivid 80 10 II yoreat King 40 to L Mulnals aald
fTe t8dM1323
look out for good things in L J Bases
Little Jim baa lost his great turn of speed la
the streteb
Tbe Great American Stakes today should be
n great contest
Foxhall Keene looked sadly when his 33500
colt finished In tbe rock
Longatroet could have won tbe first race by I
60 yards had be been a darter
India Rubber Is several percent higher class
than tbe general public believe
Everybody hopes that the nubile has heard
the last of Jockey Bergena troubles
There are far too many scratches nowadays
Or is this one way ot bamboozling the pool
rooms T
Jockey Foster says Algernon quit under a
gentle pull when running in front oa the back
Russell has Improved greatly since his last
race and Is now said to be a much better colt
than his stable companion Terrlfler
David Gideon did not play Disappointment
but bad tono on Hoodlum for a place in the last
race Bradley little fllly upset the good
Fivedollar mntnals on Fmntenao winner ot
the first rae paid S1D9JO Fivedollar tickets
on Disappointment In tbe fifth event paid
Col Frank Hall of Maryland wilt probably be
the man selected by the Board of Control to
represent it at the poetNo better selection
could be made
K H Holloway owner of Teuton told a cor
respondent THE Hux at Liuonla yonterday
that his borne would not be ready for the Hub
urban He will not be trained until late in
the fall
It was the Intention of the Brooklyn Jorky
Club to offrr a stake of I500U lot a meeting be
tween Loncatrret and Tenny or Kingston and
Tennr on Thursday next Piilalfor u ill not run
Tenny however and there will be no race
Col 8 D Brace wan busily engaged Jn male
lug preparations for the sale of the Kllerslle
and fcrdenbalm yearlIngs at the track tomor
row The Colonel turn that they are a super
lorjot of youngsters fit tn perpetuate lit fame
of f olns Cbaraxua Dry Monopole Greenland
and Dalnacardoch
Three policemen bustled a young fellow
through the gates just before the racing be
gao without giving the man a chance to say a
word One of the pollotmen In reply to a ques
lion as to why tbe mau was bounced raid
To protect you and others from losing
watches and JK valuables The ol1c > do
proteCt the public you ice
Ectag at Chicago
Cnieco Hay UTbe wiatnr waa cold and dis
agreeable yl fifteen hundred people made the Joarny
to Weet Side Park today The bright ouniblae at Ban
day dried tbs track oat asS It wu la good eoBdltlaa
when the Dm race waa called
Tka talnl colliE the Out race one two Holler beet
ter an oddion favorite winning hy a lenftb from Too
Sweet tlia tacand choice tn the belling rrtd Taral
wu mode an even mans favorite In ike second rare oa
ble iplendid BarfMmanca oa Haicrday Seoond place
wu the bad 0a could gel however out of llibiana
well nOds br Penny mnlr j Cecil The ad cam
Balgnet Bankrust a red hot fa > orlio for the hkjico
had no trouoio lu winning yol owing are the reaulii
llrat Bacarureo S4M for all ageet three qmnia nt
atnilo Halter ikeliar WOO 7 wee second Virgin
IL third Tim l2a
leased Bacb llng pun 4oni tot Ihtao yaarolda
and upward laayan etbth of a mIls Duke ol High
land won Tree Taral eercnl Tom Jontl third Time
Third RacoBaadtean sill added for threeTear
elde sad upward I lie mlleo Bankrupt won Whit
IIruconil Blue Tall third Time liret
fourth Hacofurae t4v > all aiost on mile Brook
wood woe Oaberaeuceud Little Snooora third Time
111th Baaeraraa MOOfor twoyear oloo flvoalgbtha
of a mil Pod rank won Big Cailao second Von
signer third Time 111014
i PlahiaL
Ia Etatan IiUnd watarstbe diet waakflib of the nor
son ware taken with hook and line aa last Sunday by
Idsar MCaCII Stauagenaata and Jeha Vickora ot
New York
ThoBambarof nhoaptared was throe sad the ex
31011 Wi performed In lbs Oteal Pills ThdSc happy
51sosigerose sad Ylekersi
GaArzExwzPltlMtwfG PaoGaAmM1
The Great Aaaarlcata lisle aad eke
Branklya Berbr lo he Kaa Zola
The Grareaend trapk should be crowded to
day as the Brooklyn Derby for threeyear
olds and the Or eat American Etakes for two
rear olds worth 20000 lo the winner are to
be decided in addition to tour other Interest
ing contests
Mr Qebbards blsbprkedcolt tuny
land the Great American Stakes but on public
form Bt Florlan will make him ran for the
money The Morris pair HuaaMI and Am
bulance should run first rind second In the
Brooklyn Derby The Patrimony colt may win
the opening event with Tarantella second
and Clarendon may win the second with Eon
second Jsaao Cowls may win the flub wlth
Text aecotid and llaldwln and Adventurer
ovhrt to go well In the last
tirM Kaea A awoepaiakei of too each for maJlan
two yaarolaa with SIUW 50451 l ITs forlocra
eBibanay Ua lerrrag no
fairlmoay colt ill KUoaa Ill
liuon Ill Natalie a lio
reruviaa 111 riotJBiilir ijo
ondoller Its hetile jiti
iihg Ms ill Joutra lio
Prnqenca 10 Taraattlla lio
Julictta oily ill
Second Race A handicap awerpelakas at KO each
with f 1150 added 1010 aol a lurVon
Eon Ill Clarenitoa 113
pqqset ill laxt IOJ
C Iaditona 4u
Third Raca The melt American ttakaa for two
yaarolda at tao each the Clnb to add CAtch and to
gusset that the etakaa shall BO worth 3OCUi the
atennd hone ia rcrin RIAXJ and the third Siuoo eat
ot lha etakaii five lurloaga
CoxswaIn II Mar tS
Worry Monarch 1IH hi rinrian us
Ltour iis IUKPV John lift
ottiiur Ill Airman 1S
Ills Hlihntoa lib Airptant IB
l aara lll > IACCUnt Water 115
vieiory ijs Adugmiy us
ax Us llinusbwyerlie
Iiellgst ill
Fourth Raca The Brooklyn Derby far tbreirear
oldoat floicaeh with Lit addd at which lbs ii
aacoad and tn to thirds tnU and a quarter
Balere IniyotfoM In
Warpath ir Bermuda u
Altrnon Izt ricnlcker 171
Kuwll lnAmbulanaai UT
Fifth RaceA heavy weIght handicap iweepatakoo
120 each wIth luuu added one tall and a liitiDth
Banquet 3 SEat 114
laaaoliewta UK klngibrldi US
Belwood Its Lime loa
Sloth Race A eelllng aweepelakee at S20 eaeb far
tlireoyaarolda with lluu added on nile
gllty T 114 Caldnm 104
Snowball Ill Mloalvo ipe
Tammany110 Auitral 104
Mveslnierice Bonahram 104
Brqnonca colt IOU BlaotlOak104
Lyceum IIS Nubian lot
BaMwia llfc
Samacr ClErIc Wlae the Keatnekw Triple
Toat la a Canter
Cucixnin Slay 83 Compar Fidel the crack fllly at
his Latchar stable itopped Longibore In her triumph
ant march In the Kentucky Triple Kraut al Lalonla
today in the Insane ot about 4010 racogoera The
weather waa aleady aad tha track good but the day
was a Walotloo for the talent only ono favorite reach
but the winning Una In front Ontild ot temper ndolo
who carrIed tot and waa ridden hy 1 Tartar thai
on In the Triple Brent were the Scoggla Brothers pair
at ISlam Louahoro and Dolllklno The race was
a mil and a quarter and worth to the wlnnar MM
Simper rldalawho wan a 3 to I on favorite waited ea
Delllklna who made the running to the torn for home
when simper rtdlo drew to the front alUmaUly
winning In Canter by two langlhi from LoDgthota
wbo wae note ahead of Dolllkliio Tlmo 3iloJ The
winner has apraad Out and doTalopad in eraryway
during the change from her two to her threeyear
old form ana her showing today la suBclaet e claos
Bar with say threoyoar old In 1 training la tha Wait
not oron lupllng ib double Derby wlnnar King
man Unfortanately however aha IB ant any too wall
engaged ihoagh aaured In aeveral valuable sates
Baelag opened with a achIng pane one mllo aad
twanty yards with six starters of which Bod Stga was
the favorite but the weight anchored bin and J oblIge
ill and K to I IB the betting won oailly after leading
pearly from the etart hattie Allen fobbed aeooad a
loagth and a half as while Uapplnew was third a like
olataaee baok Tim 1 ita
Sieves started tn the mile dub for thraeyearolda
Woodvale was the tsvuntt but he and the real ot the
field were bastes br the e to 1 shot Torts who woe
uador a drlvo br two lengths from Palmatlo Woodtale
third Boopeaaa fall la the aualcb creaking bar lookayB
lac Time litajt
right ran In difr mllo and oovanty yard bandksp
Boboeplerra was a hot favorite bnt be died away in She
homaairoMh lbs 4 to I shot Yale winning on lbs pail
ty aohorthoad torn Mora wba beatiOl throe length
for ooooad place Time lieCM I
The tail race at tnday waa half amlia fortaaldaa
twoyurold nilla The tjirathmoro Oily Aatrakaa was
tha pabltoa choice In tka Bald of olevan bat aha tan
third Matilda 4 to 1 tn the batting woa ilddea oat by
a length tram the IS to I aUnt ClanS who bees be
favorite bait a length for second place limo OMiu
Tho radiea after making a tbofomtb tavoatlgatlan of
llllya ridIng oa the tavorlla BaboaaUtra la the third
taoe dooiiled to gale the boy off They are alao ntaktac
InvaatlMtloa aa to who Inaotgatad Lilly to da the
erected wotk and a turf acaadal may yet grow out
of the race lily la claaatd among the reopen olaaa of
joekaya sod his absence from the turf will have Utile
Judge Blodcatt Zeflaasa to Great Bias aa
Caiciea May 22Pd Corrigan and his Chicago Baa
ing Aoaoolattoa mat wllhdafaat andaraprlmaai kafore
Judge Bloegatl today la the application foraalnjaae
tton roMramtBC the Weatera Ualon Telegraph Coatpaay
from charging Btoo pot day for nrnlihtn tbo aaooola
lIon with new ot turf cranIa at other eltlee la order
that posh might bo sold ea thorn when other aaoocla
Uona arc charged only f 10 tor that prlvlloga
The Conn aaaa Without oamUderlng any other phaaa
at ILtbe gentle Ibis Court u oalla4apn la f orce theWoot
era Oaloa Telegraph Uampaay Into U ot each a doubt
ful character that oonrte of o < ruty cannot reapoot It This
urulolitng ot sew on bone radii la I a species of tam
hung and it la against enbllo policy It enable poapie
to gamble la hone race at LoulavUlo and Mow York
without going there Thta Court mUbtJataa wall com
pal tao Weetera Union to report a prize Oght hy rounds
aad lot aa aMocfatloa ooll pools oa U oa to grant tha
myer of tha till The motion lot an InjiucUea 13 I
Badawa Blver Regatta Aaaodartea
The Hudson Hive Ragatla Aaaoclatlon held meeting
last light at 140 Weet Twentythird treat tot the put
pota of completing arrangement for their fire annual
regatta which takta place on Saturday July IB over
She Fort Lee coarse distance one and a bait miles
aaaoctatlon was further atroagthanad latt eight
ty the admission of Iho Active Boat Club The board
of OScars was completed by the eleatloa of P II Gui I
kel of tbe ALive aa Vlcorrealdent and II Bturcka of
tbaWavarlaya aa Troaaurer
The foUowtng la the programme of races adoptadi I
Senior aal Junior sCulls anlor and Junior single gIll
patroarodgiga fonroareil ti Ua elxhtoare shells and
Un aif bargtatbe latter two being Invitation
racea while the former are only open to date com
prtitng the aaaoctatlon
Toe Uegatta Committee U competed ai follow Fraa
Ideal JT MIller Valencia Vlcerrotldent T U Can
bet Acttvet secretary TW Scott Uadeao Traart
B Clinch Wavarjays W Uayter ActIve W Van
prod Valencia w Cowan Hudson and B F Stone
Flying Pigeon
Booty MOOT May 31The bird of the Wuhlngtoa
D C fidration cent hare for liberation la their race
for a diamond badge and other prizes hay aotbaaa let
go Ibo weather being unfavorable
Oaiiao Va Hay 35The birds sent bare freas rklla
delpbla for liberating for the prlwe ware not let go yea
Wiiamirroir May 25The birds at the Empire City
Clnb of New York and Kowark wore not liberated yea
tarday tbe weather being iniuiuble The buds are In
Una caadltloB and good anted was expected
TauiDiLraii ra May aiTn Ufaitau urn bird
will be oounlarmarkrd la tbtr Brit trial for the ptUon
The atari will bo from a station la Woot Virginia auo
mile distant TB last traInIng ouraiy tfaa from
Green Caitlo ra I4U mtlo The avarago prosE waa
BMyarda par minute Tba cub la thu ar wIll pleated
with lie new courao the Ualntog having keen with lee
of inly two bIrds
MILTOX Mooa May 35Th birds of tka Susan Hill
Slab ware llbaralad In North Aaama MM at COO 2
M on Saturday The Brat tlurae war le th loft of A
II Lado at 10oclock The dletanc le I III mile the
average oneod 77B yards The laat pravlona luurnoy was
on May If mom Miller fain when Ibe 71 mil was
covered In TH mlnntea Avaraga mile 154 l speed
IIH6 yards pet minute
raiumtrau May JlTb Cadwal ader birds bad
Iholt oocond ny agatnittha u and U lime tbUatur
noon and were again baiea Tbe bind oer to have
beoa llberalen yesterday morning but by reason ot the
bd woalher were held nnllU tu oclock IbM kfurnoon
when they were in go with its curl ot train 908 Both
bIrds ami train wr limed In Vardley at 4lJ orlock
bat the train hail fully elgkl mile grairr dlalaace to
cover lhv ragaepe laf Iba bind was about MM
yarda pat minute lha iiillo in Itt of lha train about
IIa7tar < taandthainllelii Ii9l I Tha next trial will ba
from Newark Del The bird did veil having beea IB
tholr baakoialaco DaiurdayBoon
Tko Dana 4ua Club Shoot
The rocanily raerganliad Diana Gull Club bad lu Brat
ragalar monthly shoot at Daiter Park Long lalaad
yeatarday the club shoe at flfieeii blae rocks each
IB two claiMO Ion two gold medal O Rings 14 yarda
won In Claw A with a icoro ot 10 J Hartman was
leeoad wIth Tlie oilier ocnrra were l Munch J4
yards < 41 U II ilraiio It I yard Mi P Braner Ill
yarda 7
The tier p01cm mel rneldent J IUrltnnl Vlro
friMni I II Uraaeg tocreiary C Mgnab Tress
nrer U I Alago
Tea home h to iMlety wbet tka katrt < J te tka ketjw
tha vital motive power
When the fattier is vtmeBl tkeaetbot etaarful aaa
the children happy It la a bren oa aartk
Whoa dlaaaia atalka In ea4 fell the taller taatra Bi
tha mother er iUti the chtidna all beCame eeeota
To mesa the bams Iisppytvep the kaattk aontr
rovcrtr may corns kit II caa te esdciii If the hsslt
Ho health waa aver malattleed wlthoal aoeMaaoa
BealiB Ilka tb4 body naet ke supported Vat taaat
stake a mleiaka and da II footMhly
lbs bait way la anitala toe health U a aaaUt It t
Itlmalala Tba boil way la baalthlty lUntolate U k
the Iii of pare aaadattaratad ntadltlaal whtekoy Doe
ton baTa olarod thIs otitBUrutiava eeennntall ass
balk haYs Isolated thai Duffya rare Matt Meter M tie
OBiycirtotlyBOdlelnaloBo market ta4edBBat
become aa It doaervaa a bemoobold aecaaeltyv
l f = J
BUflGH mar ouv A FOUL
Carney Was TJIaejualiataa Mack taeVsjBBs
tloa at the Verdict
A despatch received at the Iblfca Mr M effleo Grose
tendon yealerday says that the fight btwara Bcrga
and Camay rmltid In a shameful dlcfolon The ale
fought at the Hop Malt Exchange rooms catty yenoa
day morning Both maa Bran IB good coadUlaevAtf
tee fighting which waa at Ant tame developed late a
rattling mill la the eleventh round It wag at tak
point whan Burn was oonaldorably woakoaed IOBBI
hla ban da dawn lo appaej far a foul sniping eat It kta
holding and going down At tnli earn y want at Biraa
and knocked him down Tbo latter claimed a teal abS
Carney was dirqaallted amid a atom at tadtgaaej
Any add could hare bees obtained eaCaraeyat tke
time at tie dlaqnallDeatlon tie cited bItterly aver tie
molt Carney was ascended bv Jock BaUeck aad
Anthony Diamond leazaa and MrOanaaa eaaeeiai

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