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Tfcey Ttll Him So Oae After the Other Md
All Toaether tower Interest Hlcht
Ceitr Ct the CarreneySmllen when fle
Feint to nil nmUnc aid 0 ye thut
Appropriation Have Deem Lsrge
poinhi OR Dehlt ot Appraiser Cooper
the rerntelons Activity f Tree
About tie rleoa
art AeentsTh > Hecretary Defends the
Dlloa Concrestj In a Brooklyn Hpeeck
BMMtary Foster got down to business astir
vsiterdar rooming Ills first July after break
hit at t the Fifth Avenue Hotel was to talk
WIth Republicans of national renown There
were older vldltors most of thorn old friends
Solicitor Hepburn hat run oyer from Washington I
Solcior and called early
ington during Ihn night Ind cllot
1IIIon eretary Foster Murtod for the BubTreas
nrr at 11 oclock Mr Hopburn wns his enm
Ir Bnion In the cab The Ohlonn was creeled nt
the subTreasury by Assistant Treasurer
Boberts and Ihesl bankets John A Btowart
brtl Henry W
if the United States Trust Company
CiDDoa President of the Chns National Dank
Cnnon John President of tlio Mercantile Na
donut fornellm N Blls VicePresident of i
tbiFouith National Charles B fimltb Presl l
dint of tlio Chamber ot Commerce J O Cnn
YleePMsldent 01 ths Fourth National
BOO YIPNellcnt Nntonfl
ST I WhltotUdmund D Randolph President
of tm Continental National J T Woodward
ProiliUnt of tho Hanover Nations Qen
j D Woodward President of tie Third Na
tional Cbarloi H Falrchlld President of
tonal Trust Company Charles M rY
Preildiat ot the Bank of New York 08 Nol
IOB VicePresident of thoBoabonrd National
f ll 0 French President of tho Manhattan Trust
Ooraiany I lluokhoiit VloePro ldont of the
Third National Logan C Murray President
of the United Stales Natlounl P C Louns
bun lre IJent of 1 tho Merchants Exchange
National F It 1 Wright 1rerident ol the Na
tional Park Bank llrayton Ives President of
the Western National John Jay Knox Presi
dent of tbo Hank of tbenepubllo George B
CoIr iilent of tlio American Exchange Xa
tlonal JI 11 i Dillon 11 H Pcrltlns Jr Presi
dent of Ibo Importers and Traders Hank
Oeorco F Crane ot Darlmr Magonn A Co
George 0 Williams 1realdont of the Chemical
Bank BITes e Sollcmnn
Secretary Foster greeted ex8eeretary Fair
chllJ with cxpif Ul cordiality The Secretary
knew that the men before him wero vigorously
opposfd tii tbo Treasury circular Issued by
him on TcusJnv announcing that some of thj
Hi ror Cnt bonds mlcbt be extended at 1 or
1 per cent Interest aftef Kept 1 He had
hMn mad lH nwuro of their sentiments the alan
maL nil hands worn In eood humor and
ttff nroposed to reason the matter out
Te Uecreturr 811u tbnt the meeting had been
arranged at Uls request by Mr Jtobcrts Ha
wanted to know the orlnlonn of those present
lit took up the last statement of the UnIted
le loot Treasurer a to the OoTornment a
ieiand liabilities nnd tlgured tbnt ho had at
tl dl posal l I5H000IHK Thin Amount was
tnadeup of the cash balance Including the net
actount In national bank deposltarle frac
tlockl silver fractional currency and minor
rein and the net bnliinee m the Treasury He
locked over toward Mr Fairchild when he
cvatlnaed and said that tinder previous a
nluitratlon th 8 se three amount bad been
eonildered available to pay the debts of the
GOTtniment lie Intimated that It was a new
intern otbookkeeplnff but that he jra willing
toaceeetlt But although ha had 59 0U0OUU
tii thought that for prudential reasons I would
M a eood Idea to extend the 4X per cent
14s Ho one he said could foreshadow the
condition ot the Treasury a year from now Ho
telleved that the collections would onset C tbe
disbursements and yet he naively added that
the appropriations had hen large I
All bands Died at this
The Uecretorr went on to say that the Gov
ernment should bare money in reserve and
I rsre 01
lor that reason he advocated the extension of
the 44s Toe auestlon 8 at what rate the
bonds should he t extended There had been a
misunderstanding a to the location of tboso
beds lie was rosHlte tbat the larger cart
of them was held by Western banking Institu
tions Then Western bankers from his own
XDimledce were willing to extend their bonds
on the banta of H per cent and he didnt
know bat that they would aceept 1 tier cent
The bankers railed at thin and the Hecretary
Ibpn askel for tlie expression of ecrtaf
Exaecremrr Falrehlld wa < the tfrst soeakar
He practically asrecd with Mr Fo tor W to the
amount of funds available In tbe Treasury just
M the moment HP Old not nay anything on
the extension fuo < tlQD President Btiwsrt of
the United Suites Trust Company and ProM
dint Kioxnf the lliiuk of the Iteoubllc sold
that If per cent wa > too low Ilrlublc allt
tnittad that without doubt tho banks would ac
Upl t what the Secretary in his good judumont
tbouEbt It advisable to onr President tit John
of tue Menantllo National Bank raid ihat there
vainoprollt II mnlulalDIDI n circulation based
on b tSlhll pnld Il < per cant me Presl
tl t Perkins of tho Importer nml Traders
MlllTfd that lh Bccrotnrr could find hl way
Ind IY
Wttlo extend the Uua at J per cent He did
sot bIo that the banks could accept li per
tint Pro Ment Coo of tho American Ex
tbtn Nntlcnbl llnnk rain ho did not b
Vni1 Iho WiVernmont ought to drive a
C iMsaBP his matter Jes ti Scliciuan
fcwjHii tVillianiR of the Chemical hank
pa 14ut nsndolpb of the Continental and
TMIdttt Irenali of the Manhattan Trust
iJWl all followed with their protests
Utltat the l > per cent rate
fti wstary by this time wan smlllnu
OMIy at the unanimity of objection to his
Th4urr circular in fact nil hands cmlled to
yJ hOl thl tldH rp nanlnst the lint official
cnnilt snied by tp ToMar Protldent Can
bon In 01 Ibo Chase Nsillrnsl l ilnnk thounjit that
tberewasnndolit that tim bonds could be ex
Mndtd at IK I tar rent but Ho bellovcd that If
thllWMdonettj I
1M done Ih lIUK would loRe money on
LbtD aod that they nuld not he kept al par
Itllhlr Conlon would prolor to Iold the bonds
lei Dar000t rntl rather than bo com
peld 10 In1 four Ior cents lt their present
llum hore wore other speakers ali
rtrr0a1iiead against Air fOMles Ircu
Jir illl Iroltent Coo suggested Ihlt
tN 1 lllltl bt wide Chnlrmnn of the
RMtlng and afll thie bad been niteed upon
lr 00ltr duced tbi4 resolution Ilroe
Itiet this inrett rmpoud of rtprdeuia
tti Itllnl
ft 1 biaS IrS trtau rorIuIuIi ad fPUI
at Ih r or tork hby epri lo the Horretiiry
U Tyel0v I uIIuutmoua pinion time In view of
iieuity fcr an Iflereai of eircntatlnt IlOti tot
f nI
I unnymat J 1t
arit of the ebiltidant commit orop of every
117 t Ii to the
antic lb 111 nIrsi or Ih OU117 t to
ITO 1lurlul t pet rem Send at tho rat or
OavrOma Ur crit 101rnt taXable lt Ibe plurI A thl
lu4 to 101 and Ihot a tower rat 11 et 101Nt would
to alt buil11 coniTict lnIL the rurrenoy II I titus Iconolonl II
I w adopted without a dissenting Tote
ltridOtufpy dluentnl
etldOoIIIUI n few remarks were paaeoi ubolt
coil aipmpnta
10 IlmnrB H irotary Foster said
At they d Int disturb 11m in the 10ster lie
Ibld that It 101id shortly ho demonlrnteil
found t Ptf honslon bused on them was 111
to Derllry nook hands all around and
wv the Vuttoin House stud lunched with
CDil i < 1018 Ild
KJMW Lrhardt
ra 1rhardt Alter lunch the Hecretary
formally Ito ured Iv l > tbe Collector 10
irorjyofl and evnt Ofilcor Willis Then
dsn nnt lavnl
wer deputy floleot and Wil dlvslons
Memdtt1olluioed to the Secretary Th Obloau
fttlled 11
teled 10 be Particularly
struck with the
U8iyo wih
LnallTO beauty 01 Deputy Collector Shea and
l Uty Collector Uunnnr ilurat hialetontt va
lflg 1IIItenilIUI
tIJ1 10 corral 11 focrotan for A dinner lit
le Union JenllG eiub In iirooklyp nail otter
bearty lrooklynanlllor
hearr han shake al around Ibo Sectelary
trnrlol with 31r JiIstend lectetlry
hi Jnlhteod
C Onnorce e f this wnM going on the ChAmber
tfl luiS nnerwa9i Oalntt the report of the Com
tflU on Foreign
U wa S2 JDrelln < Coinmerne and the Jtevenue
Ut tmnin eapiiuions Introduced nt the
SS S e effffi11 which emrowfrod Ibo commit
SPieio Int report I the employment ot
I 0 Ilnll by Iho J reaiury Department In
e Dnecton lh the customs revenues at this
Ort Is cutoml reeluel thll
OrIt Cooduche
Ct bo bHIr to tho remedy of abuses nnd
b e conduit of the > customs service
pourem rerotIa Blnod by J I Tburber James
eler ftephrn wi tarry and Uuplnv n
ti7k t IiOttorc T1IO report Includit Hecretnry Ios
LnVn tty 1i defending tht Treasury
toot frolsurr
Lu delsctiug arid telling of their urelonl Iel vices
insAi W frauds on the ieenue The opln
ll I400retarb John Bnmaii and focretary
tttlel t Bhermln
l wt tooretur
lenti are also delining the duties of epecial
1ttttlajh qll ted hey are both tuab
lLiD I the eame ald floclare that special
1 muet not interfere with the regular
I I I lacmIOO or the cu ioms business by the
fomcer hut are expected to
fi cortpernte
11 ini oOlperte
tl aOhd ir m < Jtlhe labor And vigilance
ueh on lllllnoe
Ir jcn oilters After that the committee
t torn the InIIloR 1 tuitilo by your commit
I we
e rOlr
itlaiIt we lb nnURlol1 1 that thn r ° Cnt uotnpintnts
its netlou 01 specIal ngnts are In a
ttlbnie ini tle 10 Wreof1 of the spirit
0e have trotrtcton Ih Pllelr the 110 special
i thle row r I Ue choose rxer
practlcafly usurp the power of local
customs omor They can demand aty paper
In al Pilor
POssisJon ot the Oovernmnt tOsy un
Oovtromut lb
eupend ilte aplrallemen alld delivery 01
aooll IpdfolIY and indeed deltr tbe
Wbol mftobigko of the caloDa servIce much
of DllltOU muol
and demapde technical
bHMtal l ywva v ant UVIUMUUI IVUUUIUIt
JJJWedeo of a high order and long expert
ono ia They can P0mde bo medium < J t par
Ulan or fBOUonV intrigue by which efficient
08 < 8M jay be Ulscrfdlted and 01 onoYeAt
AlmltllnK lfcnt the inspection of special
agents is a necessary and proper regnlatlon
we ean well nee that unieneoaable rOlnlaUol
testy action on their part may do great Injury
S2lli10 tho customs offlcers and the business
public Uupposetnat commandlnj officers Fn
tno army or navy wore subject to the Inroads
01 Ultra ontcara who would lviidrsto l
subordinate direct and Issue now and differ
ent ones in the place of those In nol ad I would
of coerce demorallre the loreo and no self
respecting ollloer could long endure such an I
Interference with his functions becau It l
wouh dctroy his roaionelbitity for either
good or evil results rOlllonelbllt elhor
The Committee otiote a part of Secretary
Foslera letter In which bo states that the
Treasury ftceuls are reciilr d to bring to tbo
notice ol the local l customs nfllcers such irotids
SSHJn eeularltles or other defects ns they
may dlsoover and do not Interfere with the
wih 110
reeuliir transaction of customs business by
coUeotors or other local ofllcers
The Committee says oflcrl the spocla
agents to confine themselves to the tenor 01
these utterances they would ho of gloat i
HSt to h0 Oo ofnment nnd to honui t
importer > On the other hnnd no loca i
Public officer can object to having
his administration Inspeotod and If It becomes
apparent that different regulations are deni
able he should ba th ono to put them Into
operation or If it be proved against him thud
lie Is venal or Incompetent lie should bo
promptly dismissed ihe general reoulntlon
of au oitlpur lor honesty and efllcienoy soon
becomeTs known among those who aro brongbt
amonl lhle lroOrht
In contact with htm and we believe it to be the
unanimous opinion of the leading Importers
Of Maw York that there hm never nAn I more
conscientious and onlclent administration of
the ftew xork Custom House from tho Collec
toy down than at the present tIme
lnrlh r on the committee siiys that a con
siderable portion of the amounts reported to
have been saved to the Government by special
agents has afterward had lobe refundd
through decisions of the courts The report
was accepted and ordered printed Tho Cham
ber win petition Congress for ail Investigation
of tho administration nf the collection of rev
enue at this port with especial reference to
the action of special agents
This report is I In 1 the Interest of Appraiser
Cooper His friend say the Treasury agents
have Interfered with his administration
Eminent Itepub lean politicians smiled last
night at thn Chamber of Cummerco report IIIt
WILl sold that tue Chambers aCtion would J
Inlluiuoe Hocretitry Foster a particle In deal
line with Appraiser Cooper and that all that
Hecretary toiter wants Is I a reply IroJ nilhot
vuuio uuu jr vooDor irienos to tne ciinrgex I
Incorporated In So Icttor Hepburns rllorL cUnrlol I
tho charges can be eatlstactorlly answered
all well and Ood I they onnnot Mr Coopers I
place will b wanted The decision may como
at once or may bo postponed until after tho
lolPonoL ultl Alor
next election
Hecrotijry foster spent the afternoon at the
Oxford 1 Club lu Brooklyn M tho guest of 1reM
dent William lieirl He was welcomed by
twentythroe Presidents of banks and financial
Institution In Brooklyn who had funDcll1
laity Invited by Mr Bern He said to them
While the United States is able to pay the
4t percent bond which mature onHptU i
I think i would be the belt policy for all finan
cial Interests to extend the bonds which ould I
be satisfactorily done at IX oercanr In
closing he said There J l a great deal of I
Ire iMI
talking nowadays about a bllllondollrtr Con
geese but the people should remember that
leo sboul tblt
this Is a billiondollar country
from the Oxford Club the Secretary was
taken lor a drive through Iroioect Park and
dowu the Boulevard and In the evening ho wa
entertained at the Union League Club Nearly
one hundred lending cItizens were Invited to
meet the Secretary at dinner and at Its olost
ho was escorted to tho main hall bl President
Francis H Wilson and held an Informal reese
Ion Ho made a ten minutes spenoh which
he began by defending tbo billion Con
cress A great many big appropria
tions bar been made he said but all
of them were essential to the rnbllo service
and no larger tbnn the public nerds required
The Democracy waa In a terrible rage over the
condition of the Treasury but bo could assure
them that the Treasury woe In no serious dan
cer This ha said is l probably the only coun
try In the world that Is sound financially
The llepnbllcan party bad been true to every
i emergency and proved Itself worthy of the
confidence or the people He closed by com
plimenting tbe HeputilloAns of Kings county on
the remarkably effective work done by them
In the last Presidential election a V White
sad Murat Halatead spoke
The Stasdlas Committee HHTe Given
Phillip Brook ajtlnjoritr Already
The standing committees of thodlocoses of
Western Michigan and of Florida consented
yesterday to tbe consecration of Phillips
Brooks a Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal
diocese of Massachusetts This elves Dr
Brooks 23 votes out of 52 not counting his own
diocese and only 1 majority was neccessary
The dioceses which have consented aro
Albany California lnlrat l Tenniylranla Connecti
cut Delaware Florida Indiana Kama Kentucky Long
blind Lonlilana Maryland Hlebl aa Uluutiola
illnonrl Nebratia New Jeriey Hew You North
Carolina Ohio Fennirlvanla Rhode titans Eoolliern
Oblo Tenneuee Virginia Western Mlcblmn Wit Ml
aoorU Out Vlr t
Ae there are fiftytwo dioceses In all twenty
seven Is a majority The vote against conse
cration to date Is
Chkaia YeaS dn Lao Iowa Man Ullwanke Xii
UilppL Newark Uprlnintld Telaaa
As soon as the Massachusetts diocese re
ceives formal notice fron the necessary num
ber of standing committees Its omcers will I I
communicate with Bishop Williams the Ira I
siding Ulshop of Ibo Episcopal Church In
the fulled Elates and 10 will ask the
seventyfour nifbops to Bay yes or no to tho
nueatltnof PnPllps llrooksscunseiMtlon Ho
ought o pot the answers within two week
Dr Hrookss friends think now thnt by the
middle of Ihlo month wlllredennltoly known
rolnthnr or not Dr UrOOlIS Is tO I l lilSbOD n Of
In the mean limo Dr De Costa Is keeping up
hid war upon the Boston divine In answer 10
the loiter l of Dr John Henry Hopkins who
although n High Churchman and opposed to
Dr Brook e views has declared against Ur
Io Costofl ononvrooiis IorreBpondenf and r
says that JInxxacluieettB Is entitled to the
Blsbop she lint elected hir JJo Cot
nays that Dr HopklnsM statement that ho
Inrs Costa was linking Heber Newton and
Dr Brooks together xjras untrue Ho pays
that lrlokR Hopkins belongs to the trad
log wing HOPkills I High Church party und
In prnctlcnlly making overture to the other
II prnclcnlr
aide for political purposed Dr Ie Costs took
occasion to sac again that his correspondent
was n person whose worl carried groat deal
or weight and that he had received a further
letter irom his friend corroborating the
earlier Matementa of the doctrinal views of
Vr JACJChONvnTBJune 4The Standing Com
mltfe of the Episcopal diocese of Florida
voted lodny In favor of Dr Broolcso con eera
lIon The vote was 8 to 10 The IHsbop of the
diocese Is said to be opposed to Dr Brookes
It VTmn fOr 520 and IVaei Hlnned bJ III
llldnt Get Him
Mother but the Stranger Oe II
Last Monday A short thickset man of dark
complexion called at 811 East Thirtysecond
street and banded Mrs Mary Forbes a paper
Ibo cannot read and risked the man what h
wanted I want Johnny Cnlpln ho said
nnd this is a receipt for 120 from his mother
Its nil right Hhe sold I could take him1
Mary Forbes refused to give up the boy On
Tuesday oho reported the matter to tbe Gerry
Society and Officer Hunt took the children lo
the societys rooms and then looked up thin
motber Ann Cnlpln He found her at
IM becond avenu jut sitting down
Ull n pitcher of beer with June Smith S hen he
told his errand she ran up n ladder to the roof
Hunt pursued the woman nTr II doen roofs
but she was battled In her efforts to escnim by
doling nil the ecuttlon losed She was or
ralcriid In the Yorkvllle Court yesterday and
Justleo Murray sent her to 1 the IMnna for six
monlhl The children Johnny ngod 4 and
Anlit 9 voars old were sent to the Institution
of Mercy Tbo woman Is I well known to the
womln wol
upon police the and charitable has obtained money by Imposing
ClothIng Almiiat Given AvruyA Chonee
for Every Ole In llrena Well
ClothDB buyers fhoiild not miss Ibo groat
sale now going on at Bowery cur llecter III t
The antlre luck of lino clothing for mon and
bore will be L slaughtered at any price 111120
b01 nil and I74dv fas suits are offered ot at ilnw
i luduced ratee are mad t Hold Marlboroach for I
amuitr patron Am rloan and Kurutui DI na d
Purl of ma Ontnt Prononnccd bJ the In
tlBnaat tlndc who Sent ned the Prim
our of the Mild Blue ETC the Most
Diabolical Contrivance to Torture and
Murder aver Found on a > Criminal
A mildlooking man with Abort sandy hat
that curled In little rings all ovor over his
bond and with big InnoconttooKlng blue eyes
luny face down Inn call In the gallery of the
Union county jail at Elizabeth yesterday and <
played checkers with n colored man who sat
on the gallery floor with his foot hanging over
tbo edge The colt door was locked nnd to
make his moves tho mlldtooklnc man had to
reach through the barrad door
Theso nro tho two most celebrated prisoners
in thojnll nt piesent The colored man Is ao
I cured of murdering his own child The mid
nan with the innocent oyes stud tho curly
sandy hair was doctored by Presiding Jude
Itlco In the Court of Sessions on Wednesday to
be n desperate murderous character who
wont about to steal with tho most Infamous
and diabolical contrlvnnoqs to torture and
murder that wore ocr found onnorlmlnal a
man deserving no sympathy nnd no clemency
n brutal wretch with murder In his honrt I
man who would not hesitate to commit any
deed In the pursuit ot his unlawful calling I
This man was Joseph Mnlvron He was sen
tenced on Wednesday to twenty years Impris I
onment at hard labor on three Indictments for
burglary Whllo Judge Hlco denounced Mal
neo and imposed the long sentence be holt
In his hand a black tube two Inches long and
half nn Inch In diameter On one end there
was a brass can and In the other a gun wad
Tboro were seven similar tube on the desk
besides a murderous looking knife a screw
driver a cornet steel ground to A flue
edge nnd n bottle containing a liquid
These were tim Infamous and diaboli
cal contrivances for tottura and murder
that Ibo Judge rofeneil tlahrun looked
llrst at tie Juditoand then at the things on tilt
desk Ho couldnt aponk or understand Eng
llhh nnd thcroturo liu did nut comprehend
that the Judge was paying to him Hu va
taken back to ibo jail and nn Interpreter told
lilin His late Ho oiniiilv shrugged lila shoul
ders and went to hK cell In half an hour ho
a plailnc uheckurs with the colored man
The wea ons and tools that were on the
Judges desk were gathered up and put In a
lniK and taken to 1rosecutor Marshs oillce
nuioht the toot where they wero looked at
by many KIIubothliirH during the day The
tubes were guu cartridge shells 10ndtL with
black popper and with just enough powder In
the ends to blow the pepper out a dltatieo of
probably ton feat Tho Iliiuld In the bottle
wn chloroform
Malrrva was arrested three weeks nco In
Bnmralt by Chief 01 1ollce Edward 1 Kelly of
that town He was prowling about the woods
and was taken In on suspicion A burglar bat
visited Leslie Luotuns house In llnhwoy four
days bofnro and had stolen a quantity ot silver
ware and cleaned out the larder lie got Into
tho house by prying tho catch oft a window I
Abe fallowing night a man got tntolofttmaster
L M V > hlttaker house at Westneld
and there got moro sIlverware and
more eatables That 1 on bunday On
Slondiiv night Mr Jilya house In Crawford was
vloitod and silverware a hat and n flUO
bieechloading gun were carried oft On
Tuesday night May 12 Mr La Hurses house
lu Kummtt was robbod
Chlet Kelly took Mnlvron to the town hall
anti feearcbed him Mil ren said he had uoth
inK about him but a packet of gun cartridges
the screwdriver Ibo knife the sharpened cor
sot steel and tbe bottle ot chloroform were
round In his possession besides a halfburned
candle and several pounds of silver pounded
Into a lump Mulvrennald then that a Dan
whom he had net the day before In the
woods hal given the things to him to keep
for a while Ho didnt know what hod become
of tho man He protested there was nothing
auspicious about him unit that he had no
dnngerous weapons Tho cartridges be enid
were not loaded with powder and wouldnt
burt anybody He mlebt have saved blmsell
ome ot 1 Judge Ricos denunciation and clew
yearn Imprisonment lino nnun maao tnt
assertion iOn curtrlilcos without a gun are
cot considered deadly weapons
Vhft Matron said tho cartridges were not
loaded with powder Chlof Kelly thought It
advisable to tlnd out what they were loaded
with and he had one pulled apart There won
halt au ounce of pemvr in lu When Malyren
wns asked what be did with the cartridges ho
raid he didnt know what they were for There
was hodount In the minis of Chief Keller nud
the other oniflals as to what the cartridges
were Intended lor FIji gun wad In tho
ends titled looh A little shaklnl Iwould
loueri them and I then Iho popper could be
thrown Into tho oyes nf any one near or Ifs
iron wits tired the powder could bo shot out
Into n mann eves Taken altogether the tblngi
found ou Malvron certainty deserved the do
eoilptlon Judge Jiloo cave In riotrt
Malri was taken to the county Jail at
Elizabeth The four men whose houses were
robbed identified part of tho pounded silver
ware br traCos of the fancy patterns that had
not bean altogether obliterated Mr hly
dentltlod the hit tho man woro 61 tho one
stolon from him Wbol Malvron was In
dieted he wns arraigned In court to plead
tletod Inll City Attorney James C Connolly of
tlllraboth was assigned to defend him Tho
prisoner protested file Innocence HU lawyer
talked with him and advised him to plead non
taked He refused Later ho a nntned with
ult le
by other lawyers and county oniclals who
Pitied him for luis big Innocent bluoeyes until
they had lliilched talking with him len
they went away and argued with a citizen of
Summit who bad had bolt tbu llrst talk will
him after his arrest The Summit man said
lies Ibo consumeJst blank blank liar that
everwas born
eiTlio stories Malvren told wore various But
10 stuck 10 tlc stnloment that ho had landed
In the couutiy seventeen months acn that ho
md money whoa holaidodayd that he hadnt
nado n single actiulntanc Klnco lie bad been
in thc country except that of the mini who hail
given him tue itiinBii iimi wore mKOI arUI uln
11m IO UII I
when ho was arrested Ho told somo torn lie
bad travelled all oter the country Ho toM I
others he hndut trravellcd at all He lied the
worst to the moil who called to coo him
orltlie purpose of helping him out of his
trouble If they could Flume wore Imany peo
lii 1 1 into I dldut bollVO him guilty Therein
not one pr60n In the iviiole county now who
dOI > s not believe and declare that be IH tho
mom despornto burglar thoro oxer was In ihu
county The police officials belIeve ho Is I
man with I record but titer cant Und out
anything about It that everybody won
InhI11 Is bow me i u mildman
nered mim with such innocent eyes
ould possibly be a desperado who wouldnt
ipsltato tn blind tho man ho was robbing or to
till him with chloroform or to cut him to
iloccswltb tho murderous looking knife or to
stab him with the sharpened corset steel
Mahren wits tried on three Indictments On
hn lInt tho jury returned a verdict of guilty
withIn live minutes On tlte second and third
thy convicted him without leaving their seats
Thelo was a fourth Indictment but It was
lolle nl ed beoaURO a witness was not In
court Judge Itlco Imposed the sentence immediately
mjlal rOQ may consider himself a lucky man
It wasnt long ago In Jersey court that man
was sent to nlo prison for twenty yearn lor
merely having a Jimmy In his pocket Ho
lldnt try to use It Another man wont up for
the p5mb term for having n black mask 11 his
lossesElon when arrested llnlvrou will vla y
checkers with I tbo coloiod lan accused of
checklra wl 10
murder until tomorrow afternoon when ho
mlrdor uptl
will start for Trenton
Ira Did Until the Atr Ur ke Were Put On
and Then Sic IVaei Ilnniped front thin Cub
Isaac 0 Osborn arrived at the Manhattan i
Hospital yesterday direct from Cleveland He I
plays a drum In a concert troupe which bus
been > making a tour of the West and was on
bin way home He thought he would like to
rids In the cab of I locomotive and a friendly
mglneir nccoinmojntnd him uud n friend
enllnor Ilh or HO from Clnvslnnd a blight obstruc
lon nocnssltuled the Immrdliite iippllratlon of
lon air brakcB and the iiglne Jialtcd with n
iiddenesf that aunt Jsbnrn and his friend fly
ma out of tOo cab doors They landed In a
sot spot but Unborn back was wrenched
end ho was PO sore when lie wits landed at
eientynlnth street nnd the North Hlver that
lie won taken 10 the hospital in an ambulance
burgh lie lives at 111 bomb Jlltn street WllllamB
Sir John Xlitcdonnldn Condition i
OTTAWA Ont Jung 4 7181 MAlr John
lacdonnlds condition throughout the day has I
Leon slmplr one of continuous weakness from I
a dellcleut heart action This nlternoou be
xblllteiTdeoldeilly an increase of conscious
nose busting over two hours 1oweia A V
Hhe Also flirt Vp 0000 DIU Hh Took
on nonrd Off Son DlrKO
IQUIQUI Chill via Galveston June 4The
steemihlo hats arrived here this morning
from Tocopllla and has been delivered over
to the American war ships now hcre
The Charleston ls expected to arrive here to
day from Aries
Thellatabai handed over to the American
warships to which she surrendered nil tho
arms she took on board off tian Diego These
consist of O rifles
The theta arrived here tlili morning with
COCO rifles aboard She was fmraedlntol cur
remtcro I to tho American Admirals MoCnun
and Drown Tho commander of Iho Itata says
Ihat the arms vero not embarked at Ban Din
go but at a point many miles at soa The
Iqulquo Government assorts that thin clroum
Btauoj modifies the situation considerably nod
will probably result In a speedy iolutlqn ot the
dinioultlon between the Admirals and the Jun
In The authorities at tho ranio time declare
that the cargo ot the Hats Is nf little Impor
tnnco taking Into consideration tbe small
number of arms
WAsniNiiTON Juno 4Tho Navy Department
received oltlclal Information tonight of the
peaceful surrender ot the Chilian insur
gent steamer Data nt Inulauo today This
Information was contained In a dispatch from
Acting ItnnrAdrnlrnl JlcCnnn received by Hec
rotary Tracy several hours otter the rceular
time of closing of the department The des
patch canto In cipher and It took about three
hours to translate I fluid oven then thure wore
several instances In whIch Its oontontn bat
not been fully Interpreted
In effect the despatch stated that the Itnta
had arrived at Iqulnuo from Tocoulllu last
nigh aId was plared nt the disposition of Ad
miral McCnnn this morning Slits 11 all on
board the despatch earn KouO rifles and also
ammunition taken from the llobert and Min
nie I off tbe tort of San Jleso Cal She bad no
other munitions of war than those belonging
to the ship and had tranMerred nothing to the
ismorixldfi with whom sho communicated off
Acnpnlco Mexico al
The Itata will now be sent bark to Ban
Diego probably under the convoy of ono ol
the cruisers of the Admirals squadron as
noon as she can coal and prepare lor tbe re
turn trip tbs will be delivered to tho United
States court officer at San Diego and the
proceeding against her for violation ot the
neutrality laws will be resumed
Secretary Traoysnld tonight that soon after
tho Itata bar illegal oecapcd fiom the cus
tody of tbe Marshal nt Han Dleao the Govern
mont was Informed by the Insurgent Innders
thnt they disapproved tho action of the ofllcore
of the vessel and made otTumtbroughAdmltnl
nUlto rslbroullAllmlnl
McCami to poaoeably surrender her to the
United Hlates as soon as the nrrlted
in Chilian waters These offers were In
due time accepted by this Ciovernmont nnd
a telegram authorizing him to cease the chnso
was sent to Cant llamy or the Charleston but
the earner had already railed when tlio tele
gram reached Acapulco and the CaptaIn una
ware of tbo turn aiTnlrn hiul taken proceeded
on his search for the escaped ossel
Letter Carrier ODoBhia Arrmtednt the End
orillH Round
Probably tbe Ort case ofalettorcarrler being
accompanied on his delivery rounds by I police
man and arrested at tbo end of the trip in that
of Joseph ODosbo who Is attached to Station
W In Ninth avenue near Eightysixth street
ODosha IB charged wllh abandonment
and nonsupport br hIs wife Emma of 107
East Fortysixth street Bheobtnlned a war
rant for his arrest In the Yorkville Police
Court and It wee given to Court Officer David
OConnoll who has been on the fore more
than thirty years
Yesterday morning at 10 oclock be went to
Station W In citizens clothes and Inquired for
ODosha When tho carrier came out OConnell
showed his shield and his warrant ODosha
refused to go with the ofllcer
I am a Government employee he said
in a United State building and engaged In
Government business and I defy you to take
me away
The superintendent sided with ODosha
but OConncll Impatiently refused to accept
be excuse Finally tho superintendent tele
phoned to the main office and got a rpplr
which lit ald was that the nollcemau mlubt
take ODosha but not until be hud finished his
delivery as the letter carrier was about to
ntnrt out when UConnell entered with hit
warrant Ho ODosha got his bag of letters
and throwing It ovor Ills shoulder startod on
nnL rounds accompanied by the policoniun
ODoghaH demeanor while in tho oillce had
been anything but civil nnd bo continued his
disrespectful remarks while on the street Ha
troot Jo
started off nt lively pace and swore at Ito
ofllcer when told to walk slower as there wns
ploutrot time Ho would dash Into the hide
door of a corner store And running through
come out on the side street IhN was the
general progrnmmoof lila manmuvrosvariod In
details ns opportunity offered OConnoll snys
bat in hits thirty years experience he has
never como across so proioliinc t a prisoner
Jut lie stttoK close to atm on hIs entIre round
hrouch all the streets from Eigotyslxtb tn
Vlntyslxth bntween Eighth and Tenth
twenties I took I little over nn hour fur
VUoftha to deliver all bin letter < and then he
returned to tho oillce where he gave up lute
heather bag fiow I hope youre satlallid
bc paid to UConuoll and I suppose Ill have
toRo with you
Ills wife wan waiting In court and ODosha
was arraigned lu his carriers uniform before
be Judge Ho demanded au examination
and In default of 1300 hall wont down to the
prison Mrs ODosha was neatly dressod nod
lehl I a fourweekrold baby m her arms
She raid she was married tn ODosbn n
Ittln olor a your ago and that niter
jlttn nlo
hlnc with her only u few months ho nler
sorted her and linn contributed nothing to
vnrd her pnppoit since Ho Is only 22 years
old and gays he lives at J VI 1 Culuinbun avenue
Cangron Objection to Drinking from rAn
Led to the Kllllnc or Iwo Bleu
Coroner Echiiltze held an Inauest yeaterdav
Into tho deaths of Albcrlco Arnono nnd John
toinlngton who woro killed by John Cancro
on Slay 22 lu front of the Fiihon of Antonio
orderIIISBO atlUJ ICiiet 112th street In Little
Italy Yerdorrnsl was arrested ns anaccesory
before the fact being accused of bating given
the pistol to Cangro to do the shooting with
The evidence obtained yesterday mlle out
hUstory Cangro the two men he afterward
tilled and Tony Itemlngton and ebnstlan
arezo wero playing a lame of Italian bal In
ho yard of the saloon Deer was carved on
the giimei and Cangro objected to drinking
his from a pall 1
hllrom u glass he slit When I gel mr
boer lu a glass then 1 pet a clasful I I drink
out ot u pull either 1 don t get a huh drink or
some cue SilYS 1 tim Inking all hue beer
Then there was a fight and all four of the
other men started In to do up fungi o VIT
lorrasna Interfered Lick him ono at a
time ho saidbut dont four of yuu pitch
into him nt once He pushed Cangro Into the
aloon Jm and shut tbe others out Cancro
staved there and playel pool until after
dark Then the lleinlnplons and the others
came brick nnd started In ngnlii to thrash
ilin He nnt Into another room whore
ho found tho revolver coil followed by
the four mn ran Into tie street He opened
fire Ol and killed two or them and wounded an
Trioverdict wns simply that the dead men
came to their deaths nt Cungros hands Cor
ner Hchultre discharged VorJ < irra < sa and
aid afterward that he thought Cnngro would
land be acquitted a trial I be were to give himself up und
Shechun to Itealen from the Hlnle Com
CutTALO Juno Demoornta nnd republl
cans here are all agog over the announcement
that Breaker Sheehan will resign from the
Democratic State Committee which moans
that he Ie to be his partys candidate for the
office of LieutenantGovernor All of Mr
iheohans friends confidently expect that ho
will receive the nomination for Lieutenant
lovernor and while Mr hheehan says
nothing It Is generally assumed that he will
accept The patural consequence will baths
a L vacancy will be created In ihu ritato Commit
nlttte and some Democrat from this Con
gross district niiirtt tin ielccled for the place
Tbo must HUely ucci5 lor to Mr Sbeolinu I
iiRiistus r hcheu son of tln > lato Solomon
cheu Mr Hchou IB I most capable man for
be place and Is solid Democrat
De wni Weker Yesterday and tu Alraont
Certain to Die from the frtetm or the
CRt DUe Reeclved Nine Slonthn Ago
Asmnr PAHK June fTho cas of nichard
8 Bartlno the lawyer of this town who Is
dying at his collage over In Loch Arbour from
the effects of I cat blto Is the main topic of
conversation at the several resorts on this
portion I of the Now Jersey coast and letter l
nnd telegrams of sympathy and advice aro
pouring In from Now York Philadelphia Jer
sey City ilrooklrn and other cities
Bra mouth Johnson and Wilbur have
Leon In almost constant attendance upon Mr
Harllne since early this morning He roiled
better last night but about daylIght tbo
spasms Increased In number and severity
Mr llarllnos sister Mrs Heading ot Trenton I
came bore on the first train todny and has
since watched At his bedside The physicians
administered soothing medicines today In
powders and pills and allowed no liquids In
the patIents room
Mr Dnrloo oat UD when not In convulsions
and conversed about his business affairs with
his children and some ot his frlouds Ho asked
K Ten Droeck Stout an intimate friend to
take charge of his business affairs He also
talked with his daughters and toll thorn what
should be done In the event of hits death Ho
sullerd terribly whun Attacked with spasms
nnd wnswlhlrent dlnouly held upon his bed
This DOOIlo hero aro Intensely excited over
the cnso Early this morning Chief of Police
Bailey Issued an order Instructing the odlcers
under him to kill all unmuzzled dogs and cats
seen In the town
Dr Johnson said early this evening that Ibo
Case bad not developed ftufllclontly to show
that I was genuine hydrophobia but bin pa
tient hole nearly all the symptoms of that
maladr There was no qiie llon Hint h > illness
POSH WIVM caused tiy tho miinElluaot his band
by the flaws and teeth of a < at nearly nine
months c1 nlo and that condition was critical
Dr Klnmnuin ald this evening that Mr
Dartlnn WAS xory low 1 he was not snflorlnir
from brdriiphoiila the IliyHlclnnu In attend
ance did not know what ailed tilin
Mr llarllneH sulindld tihyxdiuo and his
temterate liabltf are certainly In nls invor
saul Dr Mnnioiitli but ha IH vary ill The
eouvulntoUK are Krowlug stronger He hal nut
eaten or drunk anythlnc inc Tumlav aftur
noon and Illonlnl flesh and steadily sinking I
1001 teILIlnllI
Dr David W Unrtlne of Mrobantvllle ar
rcbnollo Ir
rhoil here thin evening and was driven to his
prothor bouse where he met Urn Klnmoutli i
Johnson and Wilbur The four physicians I
were In consultation until halo this evening
Tboyconcluded that Mr linttlue had icenuJno
hydrophobia and that his chances ot recovery
wore extremely doubtful
Two men from Ufa saving station No G hate
hem employed as constant attendants at Mr
BartlneR bedside to restrain him when ho is
seized with convulsions I
sin irizzrt3is roiVTAit IIHOTIIKIL
lie IITPH la Maryland end Hnyn tile Hrolhcr
Inherited n Nrrvou Amirtlon
UALTIMOHK Juno fAlostnr 1 Gordon
CummlnK who owns and works a 200acro
Farm near Hykosvllle In Carroll county Is a
brother and the next In lino to Sir William
QordonCummlng now famous through the
baccarat scandal The younger son was pos
sefsed of only a moderate Income and he de
termined about fifteen years ago to come to the
United States nnd settle Ho first established
himself on a farm near the White Sulphur
jprlcce He then started to b reed horses and
cattle This venture did not prove successful
and ho moved to Carroll county where he has
lived ever since Ho bought the large form
formerly belonging to Cot Ignatius Gore a
wellknown citizen of Baltimore
Boon after coming to Maryland he was mar
ried to Miss Ames whom be bad mot at Ito
White Sulphur Springs Miss Amen though
from Washington was I member of Ibo old
Amos family uf New Kngland Mr Gordun
Cummlne in an extraordinarily handsome
man He l overO cxlrlurulnlrlr comlexlon
is norm in ma extreme ana no wear 1 Clean
shaven fneo Although the laruiem near him
wore at first aUdIo awestruck at his pedigree
his frank and genial mnnners soon broke
the ice anti now they are extremely
Foud and proud of Cummings as
they call him They declare that be
desttrvea tbo wood fortune which he IH reai
log Amona the socioty reoolo of BaltImore
and ftaslilnnton he Is I nUo a great taorlle
Fact summer 1U handsome home Is thronged
with vIsitors Itobort Carrelt was one of hId
most frequent visitors before bo left Baltimore
and the navy circles of Washington pro Idea
large opportunity for Mr Cummlne s hoTl
tnllty Mr and Mrs Gumming spend the
winter In Washington anon year
In an Interview this evening Mr Cummlne
Bald trim ho unjuHt thought the Prlncua testimony at the
have you any theory as regards the accu
sation aealustSIr William or liaio you thounht
ot his alleged mode of play V was asked Jly
mother Hold father was aliocted with M YltuRa
dance Mr William Inherited It Ho always
bad a fldeatv way wltb his hands M y muther
used to sny to him For uoadnoss sake quit
tldfoUnt If Sir nllllam nlnyeil at
cards boV was constantly bundling chits
like many men do at faro tattles Kir
Wllllnm would repeatedly break things In
mndllncr them The wlthnsses may hay
thought they haw my brother ohoatlnu whin
lit was simply nervously hnndllni his chips as
1 haro dcscrlbeil Thitt la my theory
How do you think lie aTnlr lenkeil out
1 havnt the HllKhtest Idea Itarclny loiett
of whim yon rcinl U n nilserablu cud
rthht alout the ti IIKOIIH
The Mlnons are extremely ordinary i > eo
ile When 1 real I of tho liuccnrut tplsodii I
mmodlatoly sent 141r illlnin a cublrcrnm In
eply to which ho sent inn ii letter doclarlnit
ilniRelf innocent and uiylni ito would Huht to
the bitter und
A Clerk In lie Diuil Irftrr Offlro ArrpHlel
iluil Confrmt ll Ontll
WAPnsoTO Juno Jlor several roek
pnst It has been susrocto I by the Chief of tho
Dead Letter Bureau of tint lot lObe Icp rt
moat that some one lit hut oflhio wninteiillne
money enclosures It wets dltrnvnrutl that
onoof the letter openers made much leH 10
turns of money found In it > < al I IdIots than hN
associates The case wa < reimrtol tn thin olilot
ostOfllco Inspector three or lourdnysnii >
nspectors Smith and Troy wore dotalled toco
operate with Mr Lelbbnrdt the Fuperln
tendon of the Dead fcttor due
and the result was that loilny Ar
linr U Knylen urns arretml with oght
inttts Itt his possession tno of wlilch wo MI
toot letters uteil by the Insportor auto con
ttiiiitug marked monei Hiulu c l > nfoa ed IHH
Built At ittutail time ii In inll Hiiyles m nl IK
bo > Central National Hank nnd pail iwo innll
notes with money lie nal I lukou from letters
his inornlnu Two mnrkod Ihpdollir hut
were found In the Imnknnd one of the liunK
nfllcers Idontlllud Mr riarlon as the out who
paid the marked notes to thus ban Hnylen
wait appointed March i71H9I by certlllcullfii
from tint Civil Hertlr ninmlsslon ItlHilo
turnilneul that between April 1 ittuti May 23 bo
ins stolen about hIlt lutiul It U estimated Hint
ho hits taken at loiict flunu Investigation
nay prolitiblr show that he baa taken more
ban that ninount
Throw From Their BugBy at Pork
Miss Julia Hall aged 21 years who lives at
01 West Fiftysixth street and n male escort
were thrown from their buggy at the 110th
street nnd Sixth avenue enhance to the Park
esteritay morning Mlts Hall struck on the
eft side nf her aio Her left cheek bone was
fractured and her face was Olsllcurod She
was taken home In u couch
Verary tluvtloe Indeed
Mrs Charles Kraeeer and Louis Sopp ot Ho
iokiQwbile arranging to elope to Germany
ought with Krancor on Wednesday And were
ientto ituli for thIrty days each yesterday by
lecordor MoIJonougb for assault Krueger
bagged the llecurder to let them both BO free
> lenr > Omrrul Prcfton Much Rettcr
Mnnslgnor Thoma ft Preston Vicarden
era of the archdiocese who has been seriously
ill I with a bilious attack was reported to be
much better yesterday lie goes about as
usual and tomorrow wUl leave for a vacation
ft Ito month
xgM ron TUB ecitoor HOARD
Comptroller Myem Cull Them SSluadrer
Mr Clerk Imnlrei After Their lawyer
Comptroller Mjera Is anxious to know Who
advised the Board of Education that the fees
ol special counsel assigned by the Law Depart
ment In proceedings to condemn school sites
should not be paid out ot the school fund The
special counsel of the Board ot Education Is
Mr Boardsley Comptroller Myors said last
ii I dont know what ii the matter with that
School Board It makes more mistakes and dis
plays more Ignorance business than nil other
cltydepartmentspnttogether It takes almost
ull tho time of one man In our department to
correct their accounts They are always doing
something foolish an this resolution for In
stance And I wonder who put It into their
Do you think It was thlelr special coon
sol l
ej dont know Im sura And I dont know
what their special counsel Is lor I can t Im
firms what ho has to do Ishould like to know
that also
Whllu Comptroller Myers Is not Informed as
to who gnus the Hoard its tilt It Is tilnlu tbnt
tbe Corporation Counsel Mr William H
Ciatk thinks ha has spotted the man Mr
Clark made this suggestion yesterday
While Commissioner lornrt Is Investigat
log the expense of acquiring school sites It
mmht be profitable for him to Inaulie why this
work Is not done by tin counsel to the Board
of Education who drown tlouo n yenr from
the city As the tltlra to sixteen sites pur
chase t nv the Tlonrd In the lust two roars hae >
been searched by this department nt the re
quest nt the Board It would appear that the
position nfcounrol to the Board of Education
is somewhat of a sinecure and that tbo money
paid him Is not very prolltably Invested It
might Interest the publla If CommlHlonor
Gerard would point out the particular pro
jlslonnf law which authorizes the Bonid ot
Education to appoint a counttol and to specify
what that gentleman Is expected to do In re
turn for tim salary vail him
Tai3iBLEnr < iaiK SPIKE is MISSING
Bat the Newark Authorltlc flay Got
Victim John oa Hare Enough
Spike otherwise known as Eildle Chand
ler one of the most expert thlmblorlggers or
shell workers In the country U supposed
have jumped his ball of 300 and bU bonds
man Frank Btrousn a Newark bottler In
imxlous to find him Hplku was arrested
loot month for getting t4 torn Martin John
HOn a young Dane who Jolt his plecu as u
Imkor on a mourner of the ThlngralU line to
go to his uncles In fit 1nul nnd mopped at
Newark to tea BnrnumB circus Chandler win
dolug huslnvssnonr tbo cIrcuit tents and bohn
son became nn easy victim Johnson Is still tn
jail as n witness
Spike IH a wcnren llttlo creature with a
record sovernl ImprlxnamentH andnnumter
of charges of swindling for which be has man
aged to evade dlsagrouablo consequences
Hire Cclcoran Itcturnn to rind her Baby
Slaughter Dead
Mrs Colcoran who lives on the second floor
ot 63 Leroy street bad finished her family
washing yesterday afternoon and taking an
armful of ciothes nho went into the yard to
bane them up leavlnz her children Emma 3
years old and Delia 14 months old playing
on the lloor As she rontared tIm bouse
Emma onrne running toward bor crying
Mamma Delias fell TItus mother rushed
Into the room and saw tho feet ot hnbv Delia
sticking outof a wash boiler wbloh she bad left
on the floor filled with bolllne water She
solred the child and ran to Dr Knoxs drug
store at 68 Carmine street wupro J5bn asked
for relleflor her child Tho Doctor saw that
the child was dead
lio I Too Old to Oo tn IVacblncton to be
n Clerk for harrison
ATCIIIBOX Ran June ExSonntor Ingalls
was asked by a reporter today it there was
any truth In ito report that there is a proba
bility ot his becoming Secretary of the Interior
Drawing blmscltup to his full hlght and look
Ing through his eyeglasses at the inquirer he
said My dear sir I am setting too old to go to
Washington to bo a private clerk to Harrison
Hhe baird the Burglar
Miss Henrietta Mott daughter of Samuel
Mott of Chlcboster avenue Dnntun was
aroused from her sleep on Tuesday night by a
mans hand on bor face Gbo crapped the band
thinking It was her brothers The hand was
roughly trn loose and Its owner fell
over a chair In his baste to lenvo
the room The yonng girl sprung
out of bed called her sister Mary who slept
with her und started In pursuit of the fleeing
intruder hut be escaped The family wore
aroused and search throueh the house re
vealed the loss of 5 from Mr Motts Dockets
and 10 from a buronu
Gee Burton Stud to be Dylnc
Gen Barton the comic opera manager was
reported lm > t night tn bodying nt his moms lu
the Uilsoy House Ills irlends appear to have
abandoned bopo of his recovery
The Weather
Itt < dorm that wx In Itt Ohio Vatlty on Wednesday
changed Its couriefroia norttirat to touthf AitaDd was
central off the tout a lithe loulh of New York yeller
day In railing south of thu cIty Initeid ef Irartrt
leg it ortglaet course to the north U chanetd what
might bare teen a corcbtnir warm day to a cool ora
Th dge of IM cool wave reacted only ai Mr icath ci
IhUndelphla At Waihlniron and points further south
it was warmer tlinn uiual and on a line directly veil
from Nw York city the limit of the cool war could bo
Tlio weather lucre vni clouilywllh Unlit rain at night
Itlilueci nodal teuuiperature air loirett tiu averts
lumlUliy HO per cliii i wind north and nortbent aver
eve velocity 14 mOat
Tlic thermometer In Ierry pharmacy In Tin Bet
biitlilliir recorded Itie temperature yesterday u
follow l
term ust tseo Iset
3 A M fi is nan r si lo Hi
II u A II 05 t2 II I M N Oi
It A M 71 12 u uh r M 7i 07
IJ M IU 64 i Mia f5
Avrrair Ca
ArAuI tilt June 4 l i i W
niiKAL iirrirK ronrcivr riti B r H rnintr
For Maine New llaiupitilre Vermont MAiRtcriuiettB
blunt Hlanil and Cniinertlcut fair weather variable
whidi ilatloimrr temperature
tor the Dlntrlciof Lolcimlils lailtn Vu Yort coot
0 ut ivniutlvanla Setu Jnitf VMvarr ilnr lant ant
troinltit lUnwfri stationery ttmttrattirt variable
Iat weitern renn > ylvanla and weitern New fork
ar armeri vail ibis wliiilt
Intvst Marine Intcllls ncr
Arrlreil Fteamtlitii Utnatna from Im Maria
amaloa from lori Curtea
Mrs Benjamin IlarrUon accompanied by Un Olin
Olin left itt City yatarhey l nioruInK fur h iitdmiiia
Mr HUM til Jlarrliiiii U I lll nt the tiled r llntiie
Coiuiitrnller Sieve line npimlnird John l > rory a
TwenlUlti utiultt Cuuiily lienmcrac IUAII a nieeiio
err In Ito > > < 5tty IA intlert ntice at CiO n year
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CIty on Wedneiday left lionn nnn ute riOting wa
Inuni on the lIne rxllway CrItIcs itt er Ten hurt reek
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Judirmente of al volute illrnrrv were granted Teller
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HHjeoKkl by IIUIK Trnnx lo liars U Uaers from
Kliratxili Hatyert mil liy Uiluo Aloe Iv taut It 001
from JoirptiiiTe WooiM
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etree and Judge Inwlnir feiueiiied Him retltrday to
Mate prison fur cleren > care
formal peruiliilou was irnnted yesterday by Jesus
Andiewi In ills hiipieine l curt lo iliu rector and of
fleer of Kt Luke C R Iliuicli lo fell lie property In
lludeon near Chrl tnprer Street tt the Irlinty thurrb
CorpnrHtVm for laoomi The money Is I lo tie devoted
to buhudlug hue clutch at Cvur ui artuue Cud Wait
141st sinaI
Mr hoirery counsel for the Edison Rleolrlo Light
Company lu the cull nromlit lo restrain the United
SIlica Eintrio Lletutinue lunpony traIn using en incitu
deieenicsrbon lamp conrluudsl Iisunuuung upfor lb
pilintilt iii itt nOel SuitS sicutt Ettir yesterday
Intl ua case wa formally teclareit tIttlOd by Judgi
Wallace who will render hIt oilniou In a aliorl lime
Krneit Attain Chelrltnn was arraigned at Jefferien
Market v > tiday cliened tVtlt ewlndlln < people 111
Tampa Kla and Jamaua tv mean of tooted Snafu
Juitle Kelly rommiiied him In default of i ° OOuball
for esamtgatlou tomorrow Two warrant are out for
him one for forgery and on fur olilalnliK money
nuOer tali Inmate and tittadliloa v peu at on
QordonCammlBKei Cask Would Got Over
the Chntk LIRe After He Knew JJiU
Card fled WcaAII the Witnesses 8 ay
They nd to Beitev Their Omi Byes
Hlr Wlllliina PlttidUat with hr X veU
to Help film Oat of the BernpeMr
Lyeett Green Says fir IVIIIUm TetacM
Her the > Oume Incident of the Day
LOKDON Juno 4The Interest taken onthli
the fourth day of the Tranby Croft baccarat
scandal trial waa apparently as great ns that
manifested upon the throe previous days In
side the Queens bench division of her Majes
tys High Court Justlco the same throngs
were gathered ant a repetition of the now
familiar scenes was witnessed Outside the
court the scenes woro of a like nature in
the fact that crowds assembled to see the
distinguished people arrive but a heavy
downpour of rain kept many of the outsider
away and compelled those who braved the de
pressing weather to keep their umbrellas
hoisted throughout the morning
The Lord Chief Justice Lord Coleridge In
order to try to make inoro rapid progress with
the trial by arrangement with counsel on both
aides In the suit of Sir Wllllnm GordonCum
ming against Mr and Mrs Arthur Wilson Mr
and Mrs Lycott Green and Mr Berkeley
Lovctt for slander opened tho court nt 1030
A M loathed ot 11 But lone before tho open
ing hour the nnttuiitcd fashionables who have
been In attendance throughout the trial wore
In their usual places ready for another day of
baccarat revelations
The PrInce of Wales who hud remained until
late In the morning nt a State ball was among
the early arrivals He was greeted by tho au
dience rising to their feet Ito bowod pleas
antly right and loft and neated himself In the
familiar red velvet nrm chair on the left ot the
Chief Justice
Shortly afterwards Sir William Gordqa
Cuuimlng Olgnlflod and apparently confident
in spite of the general belief that the cele
brated case is going axnluxt him entered the
court with his bond erect and hilts gray eyes
flashingFcorn in the direction of ltis enemies
and took bile place near his counol
The plaintiff Is a much batter looking man
than his portraits now In alt the show win
dows make him out to be ITs tanned
soldierly features are clear and llrm and he
hasa mouth and chin which denote determina
tion Tho anxiety and worry which the Baro
net has suffered are beginning to lenvo their
traces on his face and aro shown In his weary
look nail the dark circles which can be plainly
noticed around his ores
Outside of the Immediate entourage of the
Prince of Wales end of the Wilsons and their
friends the ladles In court now make no secret
of the fact that their sympathy is with Sir
William GordonGumming though it is dim
cult for thorn to explain their reasons for this
sympathy Possibly the fact thnt the Baronets
strange notions at the Tranby Croft games ot
baccarat leaked out In spite of thq compact en
tered into betweetrtrrmself and the defendants
that the affair was to bo kept secret and the
uttor social ruin which awaits him if unsuc
cessful In the present suit have much to do
with touching the hearts of the fair dames and
damsels present
Mr Arthur Stanley Wilson whose Imper
turbable drnmatlo demeanor yestorda made
him a sort of hero In the drama of society was
the first witness to bo placed on the stand this
morning Mr Wilsons orossoxnmlnation
commenced with a long and not very interest
ing discussion as to the positions of the tables
used In playlnsbaccarat In bcptemberat Trau
by Croft
Replying to the questions of Sir Edward
Clnrko the SolicitorGeneral leading counsel
for the plaintiff Mr Wilson paid
When I gave the orders to change the to
bits after the disclosures of the llrst nights
play 1 was ready to stake my life that Sir Wll 3
Ham GordonCummlng bad cheated I nnd my
mother sat down lo play on the second nlglit
Sept 9 lollein that tho chalk line which we
had marked on tho table would prevent any
further attempt to cheat
An < l not a word was said to the plaintiff
about it risked Sir Edward Clarke In ar
parent surprise
Certainly not ropljol young Mr Wilson
eharply What wan my word against that ot
Sir William GordonCummlng
Continuing the witness said On the BOO
ond night I llrst noticed that there was some
thing wrong with Sir Wllllnm GorJonCum
mine twenty minutes after the beginning
play Lady Coventry wan sitting between the
plaintiff and GenOwon Williams I sat around
tho corner Tho plaintiff diJ not put his bonds
over the lino until ho know that his own ride
won and then bo put over a 10 counter mak
ing hIs stake i5 Instead of 5
Then aslod Kir Edward Clarke why
did you not any to Kir VYllllum GordonGum
ming You only staked > V
Because thvro wero ladles present and it
would lmo been un ungontlomunly thing to
have had a row beloro thorn
And continued tho SolicitorGeneral
I you wont on staking your mouoy after cooing
the plaintiff cheat V
Yes roplie1 Mr Wilson eerIly
An counsel for the defendants did not show
any disposition to reOxamlne this witness bo f
lug lt was evident satisfied with the manner
In which the young gentleman had Acquitted f
himself on the witness Maud fit foaling which t
was clearly shared by Mr Wilson he calmly
left the box and resumed his befit with his ad
miring relatives who seemed delighted with <
Ills successful appearance before the public j
lint the young gentleman had hardly reached
his seat when he was recalled to the witness
box at the instance of the Lord Chief Juntloe
who nbkod him If ho Lord Coleridge bad
rightly understood him Mr Wilson to say
that be shored In tim winnings of the plaintiff t
Certainly not mr lord replied Mr Wilson
Shamir almost Indignantly as a red flush
crossed bin face 3
Sir Charles llnnsoH leading onni6l for the <
defendants then addressed the Lord Chief t
Justice remarklnetbitt 1
Both Sir Edward J Clarke and T my lord i
are agreed that II the act werecommltted the
plaintiff alone prollted by them
During the crossexamination of Mr Arthur f
Stanley Wilson It was also shown that the T
counlorn used In the fateful baccarat games at
Tranby Croft were the personal prop j
erty of the Prince of Wales that they
belonged to a set which the 1rlnce 1
carried about with Dim Mhcn vIsit I
Ing the country houses of Ills Intimate friends 0
for the purpose of playing the apparently In <
dlspeii > abl game ills fact bus been well V
known all alone beforn the trial anti during
its progress lu court but the fact that this
ownership of the counters has heeu dragged
out In court by hit Kdwnrd Clarkp the leading >
puunvel for the plaintiff Is looked upon ns bn J
Inc direct imd poslthe evidence that SIr Wll r
Hum GordonCimiiuInK Is abowingblBtaeth i
and that ho Is not Incllntd to sparo his former
friend the Prince of Wales any further for as I
eterroody admits the heir apparent up to the A
present has been very tenderly treated by both 2
parties to this Interesting suit 3
it has been common gossip that on do
eniint of the Prince of VValess connection
with the affair the suit for damages <
against Mr and Mrs Arthur Wilson I
Mr and Mrs Lycett Green and Limit
Kerkrley Levott would flutTer bo tried Tin
testimony taken today brought out the first
really Important disclosure In regard lo the
Irlnceof Witles for It is admitted on all side
that tbe more conservative and religious sub
lecta of the Queen will Ito l far from tieased t4
Bear that lbs bolt uppanut iu boon In lbi

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