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V t
I I I habit t of carrying ftba carat It abut with
01 him whlltaylbl Yiflts to the country houses
I Courtroom rumor alio has It that Sir William
I I liam OordonOummlng Is determined to be re
I venged for some reason or other upon the
t 1rnce of Wales and upon young Sir Wilson
whoso I rpally dont remember Blr Kdward1
I I nnd cool I fancy so serjes of 11 ha l al
c I nnl 1t dlsooco the 80 lolorGeneral able
< ant ozperJonvd lawrr 1 not 18
I Voting Mr Wilan for the first Urns fi un I
tner La tbe wltnft box hel Ilr EdwDrd
I I Clqrko quietly askod
I t I 1 CIIIlo QQlell ever belore the evening of Sept 0
iieoil tho counters you plajed with during the
cuuroof that evening 1 Wt
Cllro hearing tbls question yonng Wilson
henrlnl tbll
I QUOLon Jonnl Wllon
I I fluchod nprvously glanced toward tbe Prince
or Wales who was closely following the testi
mony n > linv nnd pH replied somewhat hesitatingly
Or with l any nlmllar counters asked tho
I I Bollclloruenernl I Insinuatingly
Ii No not to tno best of my recollection
Illl I Mr Wilson answered rocolocton
JF II Itoturnlng to the charge Sir Edward Clarke
l nsiod Had you ovorseen those counters
J I boroo tho evening ot tho Mb v tlolO
l 1 No waa tbo yoting gentlemans reply
i Do youknow whose property they are
t2 I finally thld the HolldtorGoDnril amid painful
l sllonoo throughout the court and during
I ti which tho witness again glanced In the direc
I I I loalod tion of tbo spot whoro the Prince ot Wales was
I I Yes Mr Wilson answered slowly as t
I Son to hnvo to ninko tho admission
a Wboso property aro thoy 7 was Wlr Edward
I ClarkAB next question 1
Alter a rantnentn hesitation Mr Wilson
hlIlnton Wison
I ft slowly rOlled Thor Dulong to the Prlnco of
I Waive
J I A moVoment of relief l ns If a period of sub
duC1 tolment Wss ovor paused through tho
I I court room when this rdoco of oidoneo was
I 1 1 placed on record Nobody doubtod after Hlr
1 Edward Clarke first question In this direc
tion what tbo Solicitor Intended to drnw from
I 4 the wiles and low people woro In tho dark
I i a to what young Mr Wilsons final reply tn
11 this series of questions would bo Novortho
I U everybody felt relieved when thn mur
der was 01 and tho audlonco then Indulged
tc In ono of those abort periods ot animated
I 1411 whispered comment which during thn trial
I rh huTo always followed development ot some
1 l Imtiortnnt point In tho CISo
P f MrIlorkoloy J T Iovitt a IJoiilonant In
4 the Scot Guards tho rnulmout of which Sir
William UoidonCutiimlni was Major apd
lileiitnnnntColonol and ono of the defendants
0 In The suIt broUEht by the latter In conso
quonconf the oucurrenoos iitTniuhy Croft in
HoPtMnber last wa thu next witnii Jjuiir
Lovett appeared to bo pain and very norxou
evidently retviltm thn ordeal tlirniiEh which
ho oxeeted to pass lloplvlng to Kir Chariot
KusjeHR rIo1 tloUB thfl wltniss Knld that 1m
Trnsn Lloutonniit nnd tlmt ho bad known Sir
Wllllnin i lioril aCutiinilug intimately id tiro
ISlo The ilentxiiaiit III sub < taneo I then
ronllrmnil young Mr VMlnoni testimony In
regnnl to flll took plaont Tiniby Irolt on I
heitrf Si t 111110 Ito said that when on tho
first niciit Mr Arthur Wilson told him of Mr
Willtnui ionloiiCuinniluuR stnntco iietionH
I vtMloplnylusrliiocarnt flint then told I liini to
loolciirib lilmmll and twomooomlnced I that
the Ilarono was cheating lid did ns iuehted
and fjw Ibo pbilinlll on tho second or third
I conji1mmle bin cuiiulor as already Urtaloi
nnduhon tlie banker dielntoil a coup Sir
j IllUIiu iolvlonCulnmlne allot two 11110
I ti cnUnreri imd I < ii l wis Mild him
Tim trIinus WIIK ulisilutelr certain that af
1 totllneo uioro noupi I lie again silo Mr Wllliiim
t liordoiiConimlnu add imotlr 1 > vonntarto
1 1 I his 0 irdp miakee alter tho bankur had dediirud tho
C ontlnuincr lleutonnnt Lovett stld I then
turned to Jlr Vll cni nml aid its ton ho
I Thu IJeutnnani tlioii ie I oiited In Mibttiineo
I the convorsniion which took pbieo I otnceii
I l Mr Vllnu nnd hlm olin tils bedroom vhoio
I I 1m nskod young Air Vlson 1 not to say any
j iblni about > thnt they had peon ror time nko
I of Mr William llonlonCuinmlg nnd ior the
sake of thu leglrnunt I To till renuost ac
cording tbo wltne q youns Mr Ytllon roo
iii lcd I miA te tod I my loot imr
So ioitinupd till Lieutenant
C ncroemrnt OIIUI1 tl Iloltplnnt
Wits entered I I nIH with tlio object ot watching
the plaintiff limo second night of tho bacca
rnt Playing Ilout Jcvotl nOilod that ho
therpaftnr purpnOlv avoided watching Sir
MllllnniOoidonCiimnilng lnopt luHwhlle
I returning from lImo Uoncastor ruco meotinir
i thowltpo s Ins it party 10 the nncrnln
I which took nlaro nptwp Lonl ldward fcom
I < Tftt CIt tSomor Rt Mr Arthur Wilson unit
Green whoro It > > ileeidil
4 Jlr Ijeutt wlor w to con
01 sult Lord Coventry Upon this ocenslon iho
i vilneoo iiefcod to be left out of I and wns
nti > r < itonl a thesubseiiuont interview which
I loon piaielatwren the guntlemen mentioned
and Lord Country Con Owen Williams WIIH
presentwhen Mr Jjycott Ororn mado u tae
L inenf In regard to tbo nail to the 1rince of
ii Waltpv During this iutervieiv the 1rluco aid
to tho witness
J l Ibeliovo that you too saw It referring to
I thn action of hlr Wlllinm UonlonCiimming
Uo this said tho AJsutonarit l retdiod I
WelUJam In luaftwkwaril position belnt In
the caino regiment asbir llllam Uonion
< u rum Inn lie was my Captain But 1 did see
I I1Siojiad tb undertaking by which tho
plaintiff undertook nevnr again to rdav cards on
thi mornipg of fcepr 11 1 llrst hoard of Ibo
document In question after the Inlet view wits
UipvlvJriee ol Wales I faltlitullv kept limo
termsiir fiicrecy as to what had happened to
vliloli W8 hud pledged our6elvo > i
t Ilout Lovott then gavoailetaiiod n unt ot
hisvisit I 10 Sir MllIam GordonCummings
roohi rind told of his labors io I < iuost Ion tie
IJarnttbt flikod Couldnt you say you woro
UletHIu t1
To thin tho Lloutonnnt said that ho replied
1 Would fiiyll was mistaken for our eako
and ril tho sake ot tho regiment but 1 know
onomun who would not do so and that la i Mr I
ItorUfeev lycptt nnl
t rime plaintiff replied You surely cannot
bolU > vnthiH of mo
U 0D8rar wan that I mu ° t bollovo my own
eyes 1 saw you nilding counters to your
stalcFis The plaintiff < sit limo witness then
r a fd him to mek an mlerviou with Mrs
Anhur Wilson In older to see what could I ba
done iMtness S couseiitud lo do this but bo
Inhl thnt tutu would not nsl Lord Coventrys
BdvlCf In hun inrtter Tho plnintUT thereupon
I BFkod ma why 1 would not < ou Lord Coventry
At the rnd of Iho Interview between Sir
William UordonCummlug nnd m > soil i foui l
that tbo door of bK room had been locked
When tlif plaintlu notleOil my surpriso at thus
fro < tdIOI he said in oxpliuiillon thai hndld
not wlkliihii surviintM to I hear our conveisa
tlon ami acaln askcd raotouoall I could This
1 ptomlfotl to ito
otA ruDlh thp Lloutonant continued
I r chc1 a 110from I t tno rlaliitilt I icininil
Jug mo of my promlo 10 I do all 1 could lor I him i
Alter rocelvlnz I lo tor from iho plaintiffs
al peg iliroatunlng loCal net Ion In the mutter
I iiiPtHlioplulntHTin Ilecadllly nod after Homo
lmlnll loll ortilil iou ho suit to I mo
Ir How U I It that you are nH I ac1irnd iblood
thlrityl against mor i
1 repilil 1rIitiruu has nothing to do with
It and ndded that I had rocnlvcd > i letter from
II bitlthorlalntliTHiluwyor laid Tho plaintiff then
That OOPS not matter The case will not bo
gonp on with 1i
The crossexamination of lIout JovMt by
I Bir iUI > ard clarkolid not result In dvoloplni
any jppnr4an points nml utteily failed to
t shake tlio I Iifmeimiitt i tosllmonv I i Thn in 1
j torest tn thlK last wittipsss oUUoiiPo centred
t in hiu di amatlc n m cltal ot the interview which
ho had with hlr William I lordonCuinraliig In I
hun lutIttS lioilrooin at thu pluliitltTB hOI > o
ihneciillrii tar ns thxeplsodoot the lookeil
door wan eonotlud lo tills i pnrllou I of tin I
evidence time Irlmo ot II ales the lonl Hiilot
JuHtlC thu jurymon the defendants and the
lawyers gave their closost utionllon iagorlv
llstenlnu to every word whlin 01111011 trout
the Lieutenants lips n it ronlia tod II < 1
utartllng luaiumr with tho I veriilon which ir 1
WIIII OordonCu mining had clvuu uf tho
lIout Lovolt ii l toviphlooklug falrholrnd
anc dfcllm build Ho did not wear the regu
lation frock eoui adopted by tho majority of
thn Koutlumen pru out but was content to ap
pear 111 an onlf nary lorll suit Tho Lieu
tenant cave bis evldoncn In 1 low voice and
vms evlcloutlr much dlflrossed amt niuioviid
at tho scandal In I which ho founil hlinsulf In
volved and which Indirectly rollectod in on tho
1 roKlraontof whoho honor and ruputallon ho
was au proud U urine the i ourm ol r bin teiti
mOOT the lUittenunt xald that ho hail nlwns
liked blr William jorti ohCt tu nil nu and from
I What be said In tho wltmsn box It was uatli
I ored that tho young guaidnmaii would not
have hOltllJ to bu mistaken In regard to
I the flaronnt actionn If ho hail felt that by so
doing ho could hnxosaud his friend from dis
I grace and his regiment from boiirini of I
I Again wn g them I decided HpmBUmi in court
I when during JIOIt llorkoluy lovottV cross
examination Sir lUwnrd Clarke naked nue
I lions In regard to tuft liquid tvlreslimentn
MnlOh woro partaken of diiriuq tha bai cnrnt
playing at Tinnbf Croft ana apparently
reached inch I dangerous ground that thu
Lori ChilI JiiBtlcn Ml himst coinpolleil III
Interrupt the crosspxamlnur by Imiulrlng
rather severely whether Iw duslroil to convey
to the iuryhe ImprpHxlori that tho hospitality
TranliCruftlti rJepteroberlnsr wa of tlie
nattiAof I disturbing hospitality so far QI
repirdod the camp
NIl Kawaru Clarke In reply admitted that
he fid n remark which ret tho audience whis
pering aud cominomtuB upon its real ilcnlfl
Mntycett Green was the next witness Mr
Ores r ID elcatrshaven young gentleman
Irora Yorkshire whnro bo holds tie dlstln
cuUhel and honorable position of n master
of hot holnI and Is considered n crack
roFi f ttStrt rl anl lie gave hit eyfihiuim e
iitiletlyainl p Will nn air I of truth t which auntie
on Iinufl > vf6ii upon pveryl ody pie cnt
This wllnnxH hiil lerr liu was married r Ix
yeaisAitH to tho daughter of hue rider Mr
Wilson the lather of > tr ArthurUtanlcy Wll
5 > n In substance Jir Ore > ni < testimony con
I tinued thl Inldnc or hl brotherinlaw us to I
limo oeciirreneis uhlcli took place Tranby
Uiof lit M tetnlipr IIt
J Thswirtioss Imd hardly commenced to glvo
the InlfRJnl 1111101 of his testimony when
1 time lprd CUIif Jjibtico gate Iho signal for ro
I CPSH itnd limrhcon a most welcome announce
ment to ran projlo in court As on tlie pre
vious citrus days of tim trial the frinon of
Wall i9noreti 1 7ort ColerldgP Lady Cot
rldae and sqveral of that IndTfl friends with
I ails presence A luncheon vrhilo other p oplo
foraged around tho neighborhood of the Now
Law Court for sandwiches and bitters and
others stilltho most lucky outside of tho
1rlnoos party taking the rainy woalhcrlnto
consideration again turnod their attention to
conlldorltonulaln Itlnton
tho lunch baskets and mysterious Ilk with
Which they had pi ovlitml themselves
Htlll another sensation was rcnorvod for the
fourth days sonsnlon tho roansmblnr of
the court after luncheon tho foreman if the
Jury banded thn Lord Chief Justice 1 threat
ening and abusive note which ho said he haul
jun receIved Mr Lycott Green who had just
reCnlored tho wltnpss box soil that he also
had received a similar note Tho Lori Chief
Justice read the letter handed to him by the
foreman of iho jury and assured him that It
would rocolvo dun attention Tho examination
of Sir Grorn was then continued
Mr Green gave a graphic description of the
events I which took place during the reconil
AVftntnaa itlnv nf imnivflrntt Its Hftld that
when hi saw tho plnlntlff put the extra
counters over tho line i when ho Hlr Wllllnin
saw n card favorably declared his Mr
Ureens first Impulso wa to expose the plain
till bit sin time 1rlnce of WulOA and the mules I
wore present he desisted and loll tho rOOD I
Some time later he font I noln to Mr Wilson
faying hate distinctly soon Sir ttllllam
nYlpll dbtuoty
OordonCuminlug elioatlne twice I cannot
lomaln in time room any longer Something
otiRbtto hodono to sop the game
H b ciiiontly said Mr llrepn he asked to bo
confronted with bin William OorJonCummlng I
If tho latter denied his guilt
I Iftpr driled 111
Mr Greet n l was cro soxamlned by Mr Gill
who noon managed to considerably liven imp
iho proiooillnus Mr Olll began by asking
PIooolols i t
time witness a number of ouestlon ns to his
duties on tile day of the races and witness 10
Piled In siibHtanco that they consisted In en
tertnltilnir a race party
Mr Cilll tlioretiiioii remarked that luncheon
wns going on all tho afternoon perhaps
To tills the ivltnovi nugrlly replied Do you
110 wlnet
hint that I wai ijrunk 1 a question which was
followed by loud laughter in court and by
No < from Mr Olll
Thn Lord chier Justice hero again IntPr
popod saving that hit did not understand iha
unIt of r tlio crossexamination I > conducted
by Mr Gilt >
I Thu latter promptly replied Porhapa the
jury understand that there Is much more In
this cio than N seen on the urfiue
Contlnulni thn witness who hail by thU
tlmo rccovoiod his coniposuro said that hn
hud certainly not told the 1rlncoof Wales that
tbo plnlntlirbad mndowlthilratrnlsof counter
when thn iud woro against him Mr Greon
also hepoal ls hn ilonlal that an auieenuiut
hail been entered into tn watch Sir William
HordonOmuiilng fiLl aduloti however Hut
alter having bron Informod that Blr Wllllnin
iordonCumming wan cheating 1 naturnl7
looked at his play on the second night
Later limo witness continued I taM horrified
fied at tIm IlilntllTs acts at the card table
Alter thin 1 dicndod watching him cDrl
Mr Iyrett Ureou wife of the last witness
nnd daughter of Mr Arthur Wilson Sr was
time uuxt wlinoss called to tho Mund Mn I
licett ireiui said that In HISS Si Wlllliirj Our I
donCummins dined at her house and tlieio
taught her to playbillcarat ilr Uroen ox
plained that nbc bad previously mot the plain
till I at thn houso ot her mother Mrs Arthur
WIKon and I that i she hail Intlmntoly I k flu st to 1
loUtloniif I Sir William joriloiiCiiminlng for
which i ustut inn slit still I bud a urnat regard
Mrs tiioon then described tho positions of Ibo
liaccarat ulayur timing tbn nAmeS ulayod nt
Tranby Clot In hoplnmlier last and said In
reply to I question on tho utoect put by Sir
I hut rlei j Kupsoll I that t slio heard I lii I rinco of
Wales several thRoes toll limo plalntlf to put his
takes whore they could bo SOI Ipon I one ot
them oicalotm Sir VIHlnm iordonCummtng
ropllod nccordlni to this witness
It In on tin paper In front of me
Ilr Oreoa milled that she noticed that the
Plaintiff on tlieiilubt In question was In luck
and nothlnc more The witness then gave an
nci ouut of tlieovents which too place during
thoocond night of the baccarat playing alter
Hho hail been Informul that sir William Onr
lonCumminghad loon I ton ebeatluir Mrs
Oreenn ipstlmrnv In thli respect agreed In
pvcricMmtlnl detail with that given bv tho
wliiiossen on bobnli of I tho dofcndnutti who had
pipvlously been oxamlnnil
lleplylnu to I intention on Ibo subject Mrs
Lycetttireon poliively declared that sho had
not mentioned the unpleasant baccarnt loci
I emit I i anybody but her hrsbnml until legal
action was brought agalnt horeir and the
titer dotoatiantu by Sir William OordouCnm
rulng I < GoronCum
The SolicitorGeneral Sir Edward Clarke
hail Just commenced his nexamlnatlon of
Mrs lyeeitOiean from uhlch nothing of any
matorlal interest hal icultoa when the court
Vf aadjoin nod until lomorrow
Mrs drooii is imuietlooking young lady of
fair complexion Sue an woiPil Hlr Charles
llnsell s ijuostionH In n llrm clear voice and
did not allow her tranzo position to make bur
Ifpr lonl iiervoiisnos A situ WMH the llrst
of tho ladles of Tranby roll to give testimony
Mrs Green was ojcposed to tho limo or nearly
overy opera glass and lorcn < ito in court tho
moment Ab look the stand but oven thin did
not shnUo her composuio to any appioclabe
aiissixa ARK coiKTEr CAuaar
tie Got Drunk soul Went to the Unit Game
Jill He Fixed ITIIIIumBl
Detective Sorgoanti Armstrong and Mulhol
land of Inspector Ilyrncss staff went to Iho
ball game on tho Polo ground 01 Wednesday
Thor were delightoi to find there ouo Abo
Conkiey an old aciiunlntanco ot theirs Conk
hey Ins drunk or ho probably wouldnt have
ben there The dotpctltes promptly arrested
him and took him to 1ollco Headquarters for
the night Yesterday they nrragnod aim be
fore Kocorrtcrfmyth In tho Goeinl Sessions
Crakloy was uiifhavoil Ills hnlr was tossed
and his clotbln wns crutnploil and dusty Al
together ho looked utterly unlike tho trim
welldressed sclfposossod man who was
trlod helene tho Ilocordur in June 1839 for
assUtirg to pick a pocket and who jumped Ida
bail pending a new trial llu was sullen and
Are you tbo famous Mr Abo Ooakloy of
whom wo havo all heart so much I asked
Recorder Smith I
I guess I am crowlod Coakley
WII Mr Coakloy lloeoidor Smyth wont
on blandly I ptoposo to take euro of you this
lime You havo forfeited your ball twice and
dont propose to lot you ro faIl It again I
Intend to bee that you aro within the control of
this court when your trial IB moved again I
commit you without hall ponding your trial
Coakloy turned from the bar whim n frown
upon his faco and uulionly foilowml the theta
tins to thu prisoners box Thence ho went to
limo TombH
Coakloy has been minim Blnco September
ISSi 1 In January or that year Israel Hers
knwltch of lifi Cannon street was robbed or a
fat prtokPtliook m a firand tieet fur Cookley
nnd Mbso > llliims tno u rested nml iu
dloieil i i
Wlllinns pleaded uullty Coukley did not
appoir and lloconlcr Knivth unlorod hl1iiil
loroltod Bill oral weeks later Coakleyi
counHl I prod llIlrt him and announced that t
hlo nonatipearanep Wile iliii > 01 mistake His
tral t lOllS het forluno 1 ± 1 mid ho guts o bail
At time II hal Ii apt oared tAut llprskowltcb
tint eomplnlnatit nail bruit hottlud with and
hunt ti > Chicago Hut thero wall nnothnr wit
tunes with ivliiiiiftiakley had not lotllnl This
vlthOH l ns UUinma lie told tIme hintuiy of
tlio pt > allng or Ihrskow teli s money on the
rant tireot car and cad that t oakloy put t ii
I Iii jut > lookUhe t mono nnd then left I iS i liiu ins
In I thn t lurch I lulling ineu t to provldo him with
Cnallcy ilfifonco wns nn alibi 110 kent a
road hoimu nt touey Island nud ho toiililod
tlmt ho WHM In I h I a mloon lieu iM nt thu I huur that
torah I O lIeh S mit robliid 1 lie jury lisagiunl
and oakloy ova roleucU under lniti bull
lilt bondsman being M 11 haul T N Uiirlco of M
Cherry street In Knptoiub 1B8U whon tho
hi lot VIL moved nimln Coiikltw vra missing
lanunrylast Wllllains was illpchargpd unoii
lilr own recognizance It may bo u hard nb to
eoiivki coakiny now If Willlnma lias beou I
settled with
I Grovcr flfvrlnnilH Trrnpv Home
OrovorCIo eland IMS rented the Joseph Jot
orson place Dcrsou county Now Jersey for
the slimmer and it Is I raid will buy It if lilsflrst
favorablolmproalonlH lasting Thu placo Is
In tho Kaddlo Hirer valluy at the northern
part of Pnramus Ilaltis mid Is near tim his
torlo 1ievont place nindo famous by visits
from Aaion Ilurr Thu JpITersnu manilin was
an old I tumbledown I utrouhmo use or the truut
Dutoli tvpo until tlio actor ruimuilei oil It I t Thu
riaildleKivoMallcyHfxinllos long and two miles
wide IB mentioned In the Lnlteil rUatex Ion
logical HIIIe i rlort n tliH I heidi lulot plncii I
past of the hooky iloiintnlns unit hun Now
Jersey Ptato Hoard ot Health report for IHiil I
Ilxos the death rate Iu the aibr at 10 In 1UOO I
AnotlirrTemprriinre Conaremm
A call has been issued for a second National
Temperance Congress to be hold tn Aug S
and 0 In National Park Port Rich
mond 8 I The first congress was held Inst I
year In tho Broadway Tabernacle The call
this viir I mlilr aioil to nil local State ami
National Tomnoraiuv hoclotlpK livguiiliefH in
lax or polltliHl and all ihiiiriitis unit Sunday
Hchools nUll ollmr nclatiouA wlileb halo Ibn I
niloon aud U i slgund by tho Hoy Chnl let I I
DMCIIIH Jl 1 K Innk I ien T JJ Wakemau i J 1 A I
Uocarduu Mary T Hurt and Alox r > liucun
A Doc llr < > ellrlum Trnncii I
DEIIIIV Conn Juno 40Id Tom a dog with I
n history died today of delirium tremens
Tom had a great weakness for brer nnd ban
been intoxicated for 1 long time rast lathe
past eight rears he has saved the lives of three
children from drowning In the llousatnnlo
Jtivor and In two cases wont in after the chil
I dren of Ills own accord
1 a i1 J1i
8UlxnITJXD ov ins STAND
lie Teitlfled to ssvt GrHSteit Nlntlrfonr
Permits to Itallrondi to Occupy Caaa
Lad for IVhlch lie Said the State
Received SO3 In Caih nnd About SlOOO
000 ID BenefltiOmitta to Other torpo
ration nnd Individual Nat Bo Emily
Kzplalned Kxpendlnc flair of the An
seal Appropriation In hits LAd Four
Month of III TermToe Proceeding
AIBANT June fTho anger displayed by the
Republicans and their organs lest Superin
tendent Edward Hannan GOT Hills appointee
now at this bond of the Department of 1ubllc
Work shall oscapo Investigation U altogether
unnecessary Tho committee will roach tho
subject ot canal contracts and expenditures
duo time At present In strict ucronlanio
with Ibo roqolutlon unden which tbo Investiga
tion Is l conducted tho cuimmtt o Is taking
testimony upon tho lines of tho necessity unil
propriety of the appropriations made for the
canal with Incidental evidence relative to tho
permits granted by tho last llcpubllcan Incum
bent of tho odleo Tho wltnof who occupied
the morning fosslon and a generous part of
tho afternoon nas oxSuperintendent 1ubllo
Works Hllas B Butcher of llrooklyn who was
nn appointee of Gov Cornell and whose ser
vices weie not required by Oov Cleveland
twentyflvo days after ho began his adminis
tration t
The morning examination of Mr Dutch or Woe
devoted to ascertaining what permits he bad
granted during his throe years administration
of the department 110 tosifled to having
granted each ot tho 01 permits accredited to
him Of these ho Now York West Shcro and I
Buffalo llallroad then In process of construc
tion received 23 nnd under the approval ot a
commission appointed by limo Buptome Court
the State received 1 each fur 21 ot them and
7tl for the 22d or a total of 92 In cash Ac
lording to tho report ot Silas Seymour alto
publican Stato Engineer In lS3n tho Stnto
received benefits amounting to about n million
dollars In lImo way ot retaining sllnd banks
built along the canal by the railroad company
nud In tho improvement of titus canal by widen
ing at Flint Hill Yankee Hill Big Nose and
lllolor Hill For tho remainder ot the permits
issued nl1ll privileges granted by Superintend
ent Butcher the State received time negative
good ot not according to the grantor sustain
ing any injury Among tho bcnollclarlcs under
till permits granted by Mr Butcher woro thcso
other railroads Mechanicsvllle and Fort Dd
mill Delaware Laokawnnna and Western
New York Lackawanna and Western Dtla
woio and Hudson Boston Hoosac Tunnel and
Western Itochostor and Pittsburgh Gcnosee
Valloy Canal Dallroad and Kochestor and
Southern Possibly the railroads have not
wanted so much since but they certainly have
not received half the numl oref permits to util
ize Btnto lands since the affairs of tbo common
wealth havo bean administered by Democrats
For all the privileges in tho way of running
ovor State lands building bridges across wa
terways Viiho railroads paid no tribute to the
itatM ulllo Republican woro in power but
since the advent of the Demociatlo adminis
trations there Is to be found accredited to the
Mato a payment of 2MK > from iho Ilttlo
lloctiestor and Honeoyo Valley Hallroad for
the prlvllegi of constructing a trace on State
lands of time Qeuesuo Valley cauul feeder
Dec 28187
Other urtnts mndo to corporations and In
dividuals ilnrlnc Dutcbors administration are
nlso Interesting Theaolva lroces Company
ot Ueildes received permission to lay water
pipes through the berate bank of the canal In
November 1882 time American Telegraph
Company put up poles along tho Crescent
aqueduct of the Erie Canal Itathuoue Hard fc
Co htovo manufacturers of Albany 10 takn
water from the canal and HUl holt MyerH of
Sehnnnctnrtv to take water from tho canal for
their knitting mill The witness thought none
of these privileges would interfere In any way
with the free and perfect use ot the cnnaK
On Jan 20 IBal Superintendent Butcher
revoked the permit granted to George 1 L
Monroe and D HJudsun to occupy and use tho
dry dock on the west side of lock 1 Oswego
Canal in the city ot Oswoko and grunted tho
came privilege lo A Mltoon limo witness I
said hun could not remember why the permit
was revoked but In reply to n seemingly
casual iiuery ot Counsellor McMahon said It I
WIIB undoubtedly u fact that the use ol thu ilry
dock In question by either party named would
not interfere with limo Interests ot the canal or
the State The reason which witness forgot
was that Mntioon IK nnd has been nltepubllian
since 18 > U and Monroe and Judon arc un
compromising Democrats Judson having born
Chairman 01 the Democratic County Commit
tee In 1MSJ I h and Monroe n Democratic mem
ber or the City Council hence It was that Ibo
Democrats were removed nnd the Kopubllcaa
InctHlloJ In the dry dock
Tho concluding features ot Mr Butchers
tlnmnv wereol special Importance In an
HHor tlminimn McMrhon he said be would
not rooke any ut the permits ho had issued I
bml ho till power nor did ho belioxe in true
theory pfomulgntvil by Senator Laugblln
that the water privileges granted could nail
should pay II revenue to lilt Htate ilo pro
MImed some rovemm could lip collected from
tnis source but III his iiulgmeut MO long us lilt
canal wits free the permits to use water from
it lor tho purposes of omniurco should alto
At tha suggestion of n member of the com
mittee Counsellor Flero next undertook to
score a point from hue Comptroller reports
Hhowim that for this year ending Oct 31 ins1
Superintendent Dutcher hud expended about
5111011 unit that In January IbW lie had re
011 Hint his ilepartmeni could ho run uu
Ioried andyetdurlng Ibo monthnof ucti
bor NovemberiDecoinberund Jaiumry preced
ing his rnmovul from ottleo Im had imtiuiuoil to
spendSJ40500 leaving JWiiiOoiily for his suc I
cessor SiipcrlntoiidentHhnnnliantnuseiiurinc
the remaining eight mom hAI thin eunal yea <
It Irs tboiiKht vrrr siiKgcstlvo that roinuch
Miould bo spent iduring what ate known us
campaign months Time wly Dill her was not
howevur to Im uaiight anil bliimliy informed
thu commlltoo that UK oxpuiixeK of eadi
year were greatest when time voluino
01 trill II c houan to fet In from tho I
West and to hurry through the < anuds heforo
tho closing Then the operating expenses of
the ennui almost doubled an it wasnocossmy
to man the imiis to i their full f ciipnottr HH I i
rredcceHor lit I v r1 Clark a DuitOratl had
begun he believed to put extra men on ns
early ni August hut be would not initiuti K
thu Ii nllhiiili t ho ought I Dctober was early
nnoiiKh Then too ho runiitii tiered that wen
ho look possesBlou ol I lilHOfllee In Isn lie 11I1t1 I
walUu n few iliiyx to allow his niodoco < oi tn t
pay up unpaid bills lir < had contracted stud
Ilosn lit iiccoupts and Id iuicce stun Mr
hbniinlia lId thus saint thing a o limit t hy
limiplui I hi paymonta nt thut t IlIno clojo I up
naturally ralrixl limo total il hIs last Iii m
months ospuiiilltura lie coniml leo tol
etnnly iifcontod lime rxplnuntlon ti hllo hue
ineinlo I wno lilt sitcaosiod the iiuories u snit n
Uril llIIllIo window nnd looked out upon tIme
llinlHoii I for Iii it her liispiratlon t
The llnnl act ot Mr Hotelier as a witness was
to indiiactly ovonerato thn prevent Siiporin
tonteut t of lit lii Ic Works Iilwnrd Ilaiinaii I u and
hpcnkcr Wllllnin K J Sboelinn from time charKert
ol ol hutton aud hum Iau ii in ismration in I itrant
Inu the I llullalo iioclt and connecting inllroad m I
Cnipuny Hio prlvlle < < laying a track over
tho WllttrII n liS lho vllon > Wall
at itt tlatu unlit botwoitn Iho t Macara 1lver I
anti thus canal Tho permit wan uranted on
Due ju lHim under iho most tilugem con
lit ions whlli toiiulreil t th1 t railroad company
In raise widen iind keen tho breakwater in
sunset rupairanil thus I SlOt tuil ito Fit itt ii th nx
lOlibON ol I repair and prouirvnllon that t fotno
tliiuK amount to several thousand dollar Mr
Dutcher wimasked Ir he lotnemborod the local
ity and lie said lie did He I I MIH tbon nsUcd
Would It iHiiidvirublo lor Ibo Iatu to per
mit an miltvlilual or a corporation tn use that
wall lor any other purpnxo upon the usunl
strlnsent renditions that they t build and h eel
It In it substantial stalo ot lepulr t Dont you
think It advisable for tho Mate totavo tho o
cpiisoof reoiilr iVc whnie It can V
I think ho replied under comlltlniiH nor
Biirroundiucrt similar to these decribil u
would bo mhluhle to allow nn Individual or I
eoiporailon to have andu ntlholroxpecso
rhcn tho same would not detrimental to the
tree aim purfcct IIU of the canal
This practically closed Mr Butcher oxaml
nation though be probably be recalled
Aesembrrnien Haley and Dempjey of Oneida
county and Judd and Ollletto of Niagara ware
called and all testified to the uniform value
and necessity all tho special appropriation
bills with which they bnd to do
Iho I last wlmA woo uov Hill etonosra
pint John DirmltiLhiim uho by presenting n
Ilbt I of canal iuimrolrmiut ion Illx I i which Oov
Hid ban lpll Hliue IhXi I riiluled tbohtiile
nmaiot onntot < lnughlln llnit t Ino lnomor
bmi vetouil low it nn > of such bills
Tim lint piruontcd by Mr Illriiilpbjin
which ho HWoro was correct onibrnced
four I appropriations In I8M ten In IbSil 1 lout
pn in 18H7 ilnoe In 1J8M twintrtniu In
189 > none In IBIHi and I thron In 18il Tile total
amounts that would hnvo been appropriated
but for tin BO vetoes worn ior I 1Mi I fljCoit
lor 1M8B tiiim I II > for 1H87 7a > oo for IKSH
l77ti tor 160 1HP4i9l74 I lot JMlii nnlhlugj
for IMll 34328 Aggregate tsmOl6T2
The committee then adjourned over to Mon
day next at 10 A M They will sit Monday and
I TUAd8J of next week and then adjourn over
to Tuesday June 10
l Ioia o
Nothing Like It
For giving flirangth and
Making puro blood
25th SLCorner 5lh Av and Corner Broadway
Capital 950000000
nlHUIiinn Blaul n nttrRS3N IIIII
rnrnnnicK uriCHtiiiKirr
o ttunlietdi > nifciurlD l Co
n T WcDOVlIli
Utnufnoiurrr or tli ctnt l annUncci HI I Ilrntdn ay
la IVm
IbU IIrol Clrr > 1DulaclurlfL l
4 I NOt I
Iru irrmanArat r nul l Citatt Tlllt tiuir Co
I H N10KES llii Hrnalwar
A M Nil Ifli U N > wprt U I
W VJTMI Rr ht IIKIIPrtiUlrnt
HUM Y 1 PlTKI > > pItAIIIl he 1tMiilint
ItS l Truro SiHoof Sew ork1
IEV1N TIIOM I OX i ililtr
l K S 1O VKIt Aumtalit i Mliltr
RIVM us vxcrpllonitl itilvuntiiitrii In pervtntmir
eiutumerR unit cur ccnirul locatlou will te found
I BlUHt 1envtllUllt
NpcIbI l tiunklncrnrllltlpRnirrred lo ladle
Hniliieui ami 1 family arcounu mllrlic
IItr ol errnii Icupit nrallnlile fur un or tranltra
In All Arur the wnrtd I and uthnto ROM on a mo ic
nor eIfy and town ir fcuriipc and nn th principal
lJjikIng hours uiTU A H 1 1033 1 M
alel nrrhtnt ftr
ins utA at a AND nnooHK BT
Spring and Summer
or TiE nrsT CLASS
Victorian VonU
CnhrlnlM Ilrpot Vlo
Twowheeler Cnilnln Mnrknirar
Mull IMineto r Top hrllel
JLMIldKllleUe Ilo Nn
Omnlhuipa Kunil AViiBoim
0PiiNHKookatritjr Top rhM toii
toime hoekitWIYa JIIea Phnelois
Hi ldirrimeCOB lickhoarde
r r rnt
VIonTlR Vtllncce art
Inndiiti KnnMhontii
KMHPV Trnp IMby rhaetont
Jlffctorv tVnconii Hurray
JncIos tlroiiBlium Children Trap
Jlnelni Ilnckbonril ton Phnvto
Wuaa Ihoon IIekbora RCka s
Yany TrrL Vtetort In1iuiti af0nttt
l n81 lla
Cotta Dos V IIRg CI1 i ainlen In
rIIOnL flipol YonL Do tors Ph tn t t
CabrIoLtI ltnabOUt Cao ICV FtiIto iL
so MIIK wAonNB 30 nnncrnl tn DRY oonns
vo iAiiKnrv vTAiiuNR n HINOIK TRIinKR oo rue
rouMTHV HSR HKST nuoivs LOWEST tittcEs
Lara ftnck v > w and seeont < hunil at low rrlc I alp
r frn oOm
bnllil fI nriltr I nd t paItf bait o city ref r cens
icarillnf quntttf or work
444CO Weit lllh it bar Mib tCth a r L stiti
Our line I nf Dtpot Wuonr oillnc sour and SI pr
Onom ncIor
son also UavonittetttaU PaiMnxtr wtotcaDDolt >
< c < llr I < far qnalltr > lyl i and puce HACISh WAUON
SPRINKLINO TRUCKSr t nt nr plain new orpj
ond aandt end tar OAtaloffae and prto Hit
H ri ol
tb h i WESTKIIIIELU Thomp u It
1 lal 4c ICO FULTON ST
U UP STAIRS Harlem Brntk
i IM Bait 131th it
Report or the EmpcrtnA ntrr < rence la the
Kejitone and City FlEnrc
PmLADEtrriiA June fTbe report of the
expert accountants who have bren Investigat
ing tho accounts of exCity Treasurer Bards
Icy wa transmitted to City Councils this after
boon by Jlayor fttiiarr The work of the I
accountants has embraced the accounts of
I oIls the city nnd thn Stae but the seport only
deals with the former as tho Investigation
Into tho condition of tho SIne funds has not
progressed far enough to le niado public
yet Tho report U I extremely volumin I
ous and clvo In detail Mr Bnnlsleys
accounts with tho various banko Although
r iho work of tho exports has been kept secret I
still rnough of It win maJo publlo at tho hear
ing ot Biifilslev last week to locshnclo the
rnpott made todll The report showsthat
on May Jl according to tho books ot the City
Treasurer omco thnro wan on hand 32317
C0950 belonging lo tho city Of thlB amount
tho books of tho City Treasurer show that
thoro was on deposit Iu tho Keystone Hank
This sum Is claimed br Receiver Yard ley
and litxuk Examiner Drew to be wrong and
that 1 tho banks books show tho actual dopoMt I
to have boon G33tilP With the exception
of this difference between tho books ot Ibo
City Treasurer and the Keystone Haul the ex
ports found tho funds In this City Treasury to
lepresent thu required balaucoto tho credit of
the city Continuing the report rays that an
analysis of tho Koyttono Bank balance
whether tho samo be mado from the balance
shown in the books of the bank or those of
the City Treasurer Indicates tho true balance
of the city In tho Keystone to bo 02303505
This balance It I shown In the report by figures
to bo the correct ono Barileley has been carry
Ing as cash In the City Treasury tl9C01310 of
worthless chocks drawn on the Keystone Bank
In snouts way not yet definitely known hn
raided this amount In cash and substituted for
the chocks Ho then wont to Bank Kvnmlner
lrow mind askod tliat tills amount be charged
to Ills account as City Treasurer In thu hey
htono think and civdltoil to his personal ac
count Tnls Jlr brew refumand to do
Tlio only other evidence of any criminal act 1
of llardiiley with the city money la it misap
propriation of iJ7C This money belonged
to contractoiH under bonds to the city mind
Iardaiuy withdraw it from bank on his per
sonal check and usod It to make up part of
thu Hunoo ho required to make good his bal
ance nt thn Keystone Whether llardsley can
be he d liable by the city lor this money is a
disputed question many claiming that the
city has no ested llcht In It Tho tenorS
states that for Iho years ot Ih83 iRIsh and Itm
Incluiuo Banlhley collected taxes for the
btato amounting to 42421187 lund that the
sumo was duly deposited as required
In conclusion tbo report says We fur
ther report tnat an tnvostiflutlon is now In
progress which will to veal the disposition
mado by John Uanlsloy of State funds by him
received tho particulars which will bo em
bodied In a report ut tho earliest possible mo
For some time the auditors of the City
Comptrollers oillco have Leon at ork prepar
ing a Miiteuiont of the taxes due the city by
delinquent property owner Tne statement
bas bon completed for tho years 18611 to 18SU
inclusive ami show that the city has been
carrying on Its books as assets claims amount
ing to hundreds of thousands of dollars most
01 which are absolutely worthless The report
states that for the years mentioned there aro
11384913 In taxes that ale uncollectable anti
jaylS6tif collectible Before 18G there was
to systematic bookkeeping In vogue and tho
proner returns wore not made to the Comp
The bet report of time Comptroller showed
3SKI10155 carried as assets under the head
of Outstanding taxes for 1868 and prior
ears Among the delinquent taxpayers Is l
exCity Treasurer linrdsloy Mr Bardsley was
u largiproperty owner and lie llgiirps as the
citys debtor to the amount of 1II7188 This
sum Is the accumulation of unpaid taxes since
1877 Burdsleys name Dover appeared among
tho list of delinquent taxpayers
JlAiimsnuiiii June 4uvld F Johnson John
G Johnson and Mayor Sulzberirer for Itlchnrd
Oelhils mid City Solicitor Warwick for tho
city of Philadelphia appeared today before
ho Supreme Court Iu support of Iho claim of f
Mr Oellers to the City Tieasurvshlpof Ililla
dolphin Attorneygeneral Ilensel Samtiol
llollingsworth and Funnun Shonhnrd blond
pd Iho ioiernorHlight to appoint W lied
wood Wright to the positio i Coiins1 orOel
leis and time city contended that City Councils
liMo tie > power to till vacancies In the ofllce ot
City Treasurer while tho AttornryGenernl
anti his associates held that this power is I
scd iu tho Governor Decision was re
The Children Get Out Hurely and a Police
man Shoot the 1 Animal
PiTTsnunon Juno 4A rand Newfoundland
doc entered the German public school on
itation street Kast Kud yesterday afternoon
Time dooms or time various rooms had been left
open on account of the warm weather Tho
dog stopped at a class room door and looked
about The scholars wcro rushod through a
sldo door by thus teacher The dog ran through
ho halls but was finally locked up In ono of
ho room noel the principal made an attempt
10 shoot him The principals aim was
not ory good and he hid to glvo it
IP Tho furious animal toro around
he room barking growling and foaming nt
I lie mouth Policeman Duncan was snt for
At llrst io l < was u little timid In opening the
tutor Tutu olllcir got bin revolver ready
oponod tlni door and just then the dug mado a
print towaicl him
Thu HoiiUi of u stint rang through time bimhid
hug Tlieiloc fell to this iloor The bullet had
inkon Ills imht fiont Jog Theollierunloied
hue run and nrl nnotlicr shot nt iln iiiilmal
which ngalii miide n xprlne at him This tlmn
thnotiliur i struck him i wllh Silo club Six but
lets weri llrpd into his body boloin ho win
killed The dog Mood u about 2 b feet high and
weighed nearly 10U 1 pounds During tho I Hunt
in the soho iirnom limo ocitemnt was Intense
Teachers i an thr nigh the bulhllrg burning
time i ui Us In their utiempts to oscaoe
Nnrclnsr T irnqlle IVnnscil
LOniatNAi OntJunH Nnrclnso Laronue
who on Oct 7 last murdered two little clrls
nnmid McGonlgle win bunged hero this morn
IIIL lie died without a word unit without the
fnlntost dliii of four lie mado no confession
At exactly live minutes from time time tho
hangman pinioned his arms ho was out ot the
At 8 oclock Ilnncmtm MnJclIfTo entered tho
cell carrying a strap with which to pinion limo
prisonors arms Iaroiiuo wns most Mitimls
fiUe and oven helped In the ndiiistnicntof the
strap Another signal from time Kherlff mid
the march to time willow bcsan The con
demned man kept Inn eyas nn HIM t ground but
bhowtd no Men 01 weakening The priest road
prnio in I a low tone UK HIP procvsHlmi incited
along On arrival at time gallows Laminm took
his place without u uunliinil without nny show
of nervutiHiichrf Noilinuwasloit As soon an
luro itiu u wasln portion tho u turbot begun I the i
Jonln i 1ruver In I innch and I Hangman I I Ibid
clirto placed tbn noio ovor the ndomnod
manH heiul and Ihou I ilrmv on thu black cap
At thu priest roaclud tin words Thy will
bo done JlndclifTo lot go the rope that hujil
lie I Ijlu weIght cnii It I loll I crklnir I Luioicos
body Into th air The ntrugulo was not lung
Laroqiin died lor iiHaultlng I anil inimleilng u
Mary and Elicit < McGoulgle at Cnnii orbiml
Hn lolloped lh > girls from ciool overtaking
ilipin in n lonely busli He nsfmultml them
nml thoked one of the girls so that sue uileml
HtoiiiK what he had done anti knowing what
would result If helot the other ono go home
he sought to cover his first crime by murder
Hug the other mm
Oetttnc the Corwln In Readiness
WisniNQTON June 4 Acting Secretary
SpnuldlnR today sent lolcnrapblo Instructions
to the eommim Jcr ot the rovunuo steamer Cot
nitm uit Sun FrancfHco to punu are tlmt vcscl
ion a trip to Dnltrlng hoa This U In anticipa
tion nt nn iiurouninnt by all limo countries in
terubteil for n closed season in time cenl lUh
cnn and tn cuanl against any poMlhlllty uf
delay in the dfpnnme n 1 tho Lorwln when Ibo
igruvtuunt iHcuiicliidod
tVlchlln Imllnm Reject nu Allotment PI mi
PAnts Tex June 1TAo Wichita Indians
with whom Commission Is now treating havu
Sodded that they will not accept the proposi
tion to tnkelliU acres each In allotment and
cell the balance of their land at hIlly cents per
The Chamber Commerce near the Rc >
port of Id Dpcelnl Commute and Re
volve lo Furor the Vndericronnd Kite
trla Railway as Well as the Proposed
Extension or the levntod fond
At n largo meeting of the solid merchants of
the Chamber of Commerce yesterday this re
port was submitted and adopted
To the riiambrrotOimnterte
At lImo last mooting of the Chamber the un
deislgnod were npiiointed a stieolal committee
to consider and report what measures are
necessary and practicable to improve our sys
tem of rapid tiauslt anti u o submit ho I follow
ing as n prollinlnnry report
Since timo nppolntmont of your coramlttoo
the llnpld Transit Coinmlsslonor have made
public tliolr conclusions upon this subject
which ns U well known lo tbo members of the
Chamber consist of n proposed underground
road with four tracks either upon ono level or
two levels nn may bo most practicable at suf
ficient depth below the streets to not Interfere
with sewers or tbo vaults and foundations of
buIldings the motive power to bo electricity
nail proamnably the tunnels will also bo
llirhtcd with electricity It should bo rrmom
herod howeter that this is comparatively an
untried mentis of transit thus Greathoad sys
tem In London not having a < t yot been pufn
rtontlrdoooi > to ivo assurances that It Is
adapted for lone distances and high speed
that the capital Is not rot assured to build
such a road and that thero are many people
horrofortlio better light and ventilation of
time elevated rondo with somewhat Blower
speed than is contemplated by the tunnel
The preservation of at least fifteen feet In
depth from the surface of the street and from
curb to ouib for sewer cos water end other
pipes including electric ducts and other
requirements pertaining to a constantly ad
vnnclnR civilization Is nlso so Impottant that
it must pot be lost sIght of or Imperilled In any
decree All citizens Intirrsted In tie welfaro
of our city however will hope for the success
of this plan TAo suburban districts need
quicker transit than the existing system of
elevated roads can give and by the time the
now roads are constructed even under the
most fuvotablo circumstances tho growth of
the city will hava developed sufficient traffic to
suppoit additional roads and any titt of a
lack of business may lie found as groundless
na wore the fears of the horse railroad com
panies at the time tho elevated roads wore con
Whllo welcoming tho advent of new and
faster systems of transit the people of this
city however should not forget the service
which the elevated roads have rendered and
are rendering to the public While perhaps
not fat enough to meet time wishes of those
who live at considerable distances in the
suburbs we haonnly to contrast the present
noivlcoot the elevated roads with the slow
badly lighted and ventilated horse cars of a
low years ago to feel at least some degree nf
satisfaction wltu our present rapid transit
We are Indebted to their competition for a
bettor class of bor > o curs and the warming nf
them iu winter which wan only undertaken
after the oetatod roads hal established u
higher standard of comfort
Vo are Indebted to them for a saving of
tIme over the old system which has been of
inestimable valun and which has permitted
the bulldlnu up of the upper part or the city at
n rate which would have been entirely Imprac
tlcublo without thoinwitb a consenuent In
creasi or population nuil a vast Increase of
taxable valueswhich otherwise would have
beuii forced to Long Island or New Jersey
Ve am Indobtod to them hot a safe and
efilclont ndinlnistrntlon wlilch handles a lar
ger volume of tinfllo in tile same space of
tune amid with fijtt or accidents than any other
bjstoni of inliroads In the world and which
has been BO tuiccesslul Hint elevated roads
me being constructed in many other cities
throughout the country
Whatever their sins and shortcomings we
at least must clvo then credit tot thee ac
complished fact and It must to remembered
that these Inuo been accompllBbod in the face
or bluer opposition In swat iiiarters which
did not scorn Incline I to glvo credit where
credit was duo but only to enter charges on
the loljlt 8 ite of the ledger
Tho attitude of a i ortlnn of the public in
regard tn time occupation of a nairow strip of
Jlnttury lark I n case In point It has been
represented that the park would bo ruined for
puipoRcs of rtCioatlou by this occupation It
has not ben so found durlui thu soeial
Tears that it has occupied the Inrk and tno
slight addition of eighteen feet additional
width asked by tho railroad company In ardor
Unit It might expedite it service could not
seriously injure any one while it would creatly
add to the accommodntlons demanded iuy l > the
ratiiUlv sncrouislng trutille with Itr > klynC ney
inland anti Mtaton Island and would occasion
far greater convenience to the public goner
ally tbun nay poRlblo Inconvenience which
inleht result to n v ery few
ino Klovntcd ilallrmirt Company has sub
mlttod to tbo Itapid Transit Commission a
plan for extending Its lines which will enable
It to largely increase Its existing facilities to
the treat benefit of the imbiic nnd while
commending tho construction or additional
lines as outllnod by tho Itapid Transit Com
mission your cominlttio also iciommond i that
the Improvements In the oovau l system ns
proposed bo pushed slmultaneouslr with the
lirovlo that the proposal line through Contrn
timid Canal Streets should be no Constructed
that It cunnot Interfere with or proent time
coiinootion between tim miamI Contral depot
nnd the llrooklyn bridge which has been pro
posed via Urn ets oat
Thero Is no good reason why nil tbo princi
pal errkK should not to connected wIth tho
elevatedpvstm by spurs so that pansengors
croblnu thofeirycould passdiroctly over tho
upper ilorks or time boats micros mIte Imunilary
Btieeis on a hrMue into tbo evated emit a and
in their du tlnatlun without < Umvn < titir to ttio
crowdud bticotn The Pennsylvania llnilnua
isnlriady bildclng West Rtroet at Cortlnndt
street to rnalilo IMTSOUS to cutely cross thuS
crowded tliorouirhfnro i and the ihouEanas of
people tiui uteri day aro now umeiligoul to walk
trom tlmCortlmdt Htreot terry to llio nations
of the eluvaiOt nulroMls would nppraclnto tbo
cioat C > utniencowhlclithlRwouli bo and this
niluht bn rtupllcMtoil at ci err piliicliml ferry
either by xhnttlo trains as la now practiced
l itUOn limo Thlrtylourtb street elation of the
Third itvopue lino and the Hunters Point
ferry nnd between the Fortysecond attest
f > tatfiin of time Tiiinl atenun line and the Grand
Contral Id ot ordtlionvisr
Thulliioalnnc noitsltpet as propoood In
tho I plan Sum bus ml toil to Ihu t llapld I Transit Com
mlKlou wmild I ihui h aicominodnte the entire
New ilormV irafllr in Imniriiio buslncfs Is
diim i heldiv Illtvnliitli I i t htioiil to i say nothing
ot the Croat uptiiivn tralllo mill iho u irHidents p
of Long Iplainl Now torxov and vlKJtorH toour
i lit aiu a much a hurt tit tlin pujllu to bo ui >
comniiiiliilol ns any other portion
1 AIdle I iiDiinltilPLHiHcloviitoil I I t t g 5 nmials to tlu tic
occupy our strcolt thny Hlmuld Imwnver be
willing I to pay a lulr i slniro of ih t publlii tutu r
ilens In taxation anti whon prhato i > n < porty
iii Itiliut oil thoy iliiuM hlo lui ohliue 1 In com
ponsnto time ownirB thereof but in innny oases
pronorty ha benMled Instead of being Injured
and Ihu disposition ahotvn by hoiuo property
mvmtis to compel tIme rallronds ID par exorbi
tant MI inn for Imaginary duuuuuugeiu Is greatly ID
Ito dopu tcuilid
in conclusion wo submit the following
mimi 1st I u
JifMiiffil That I the Chamber of Commnrra
hfiirlly favor iha conotrnctlnn of smote Kinds
UK recommended by tin llapll Transit Com
nrcfiloii nnd nt the Naino time recommends
as an amlllnrv fi > tfin hue extension of tin
elptalod loiul p In whole or In nartu proponed
In tlin I tuln Its suljiil I fd l to i tlo limpid J Transit
tcminl ii Ion br thii Jliinliattnn Company
Allot nhlih is KSI eetlully bubmltted as
a report of juoerrta
ft 1 I1 BS a 1 j Committee
NVv Yon Juno 1 isiil I
I rnnciirii lh foregoing report so fur an
otension of facilities to limo elevated roHiiv Is
comonid Ions h IIAIIIS
1 aUo concur aa per the noto of J1J Clallln
A Cornell Proe or Affnlnvt AlUlctlri
IruiCA June 4The students of Cornell
University are greatly aroused by a dxcolumn
article in the Ithaca Journal from Dr Durt U
Wilder Professor nf Physiology In Cornell Uni
versity The article Is severe against ntblft
Ics In general and Cornell athletics Iu particu
lar nail sats lhat they be forbidden by Iho
IulvBPHlty nnllior lies Ho urges Iho adoption
uf i he hiutin u tutu
ln nr belnro Opt lilROl tho Tamlliof
Cornoll I nlv r liynretoins p a icaolutlon i for
bidding liKitmlonts In takn part HH If rcpro
ffiitlni the iinUonlty In any rowing base
ball or football contort with ponoiiH other
than uicniljirH of this unlvumltv whether In
terra time or In vacation prior to July j 1B9
in Slldorhas placed nubaerlptloullHtmil
explanatory tiles at cnmunieiit placos on
limo campus and titles ton subicriptloos tn pay
up the athletic Indebtedness prior to the aunt
tion of the now system Jf himself lieada the
list for 5i This Is his llrst contribution to
Cornell athletics The faculty mar pass the
Paymaster Wnrrt In Kick but Declare
that lIe U Nat lo nUrae
Frederick U Ward ono of throe paymasters
of the Delaware and Hudson Cncat Company
wan Injured In a oilllslon between n locomo
live and the pay car about two weeks ago He
was taken to his homo In Albany suffering
from concussion ot the brain Ills assistant
took his place and found out after ho had
bon on duty a fow days that the accounts
wore apparently short about 19001 The as
sistant Immediately notlllod the company and
an expert accountant wont over Wards book
Tho result of the experts figurine confirmed
the suspicion of the paymasters assistant
Vfnrd was then several days ago seemingly
orflho road to recovery anil an officer of the
company was sent to his house for an explan
ation of the condition of his accounts Ward
was much agitated when ha learned that ho
was Huspoctoj Ho begged that tothlnu bo
done in time matter until ho was able to como
down to the ofllce and personally explain the
apparent shortage All that he could say than
was that there must be a mistake pomowhere
which ha could clear away if ho had a fair
An official of the company In this city said
yesterday bat t Ward WuiS very much liked by
this officials and that they regretted verrmtich
tbat suspicion had fallen upon him lie had
charge of this district around Albany and usu
ally disbursed about 2imOOU a month He
tins been n paymaster for twenty years and baa
keen iu the service of the company for twenty
flvi years
After no hoard the accusation against him
Ward Is said to have become delirious and to
have muttered constantly that the cliareee
agnlnst Him weio false and that it he could
only get to hue office he would prove that no was
Innocent The otllclal ot the company teen by
the reporter said that everybody iu the oillco
hoped that Ward would be able to show that
he uas not In fault
The railroad company In protected against
loss by the bond 01 the Fidelity mm Casualty
Company of this city The President of this
company Wlllam lilchnrdf said that the com
pany was notified of the ease a few days ago
and tent a man to Albany to Investigate The
man bad not up to yesterday afternoon dis
covered any shortage and Mr Itlchards was
inclined to beltovo that everything would turn
out all right
Ward is about 45 years old and has a wife
and family Ho bad the reputation of being
sober and OTtrcmolr careful man
ALBANY June 4The condition of Mr Ward
Is too serious to permit of his being seen
William C Van Alntyne a brotherinlaw said
today When Sir Ward was Injured at
Oneonta there was 4 > OOU aboard the pay car
The money was thrown about the car by the
shock and handled by other persons lll ac
counts wore not balanced until about 150000
or IWOOO bad been disbursed In his absence
It became necessary to have an acting pay
master put under bonds on account of Mr
Wards illness but this was not done until
after the wnolo system bad been paid for April
This very large amount ot money was dis
bursed during Mr Wards absence A defal
cation Is not alleged as I understand It IB
pimply a discrepancy which Is likely enough
due to the carelessness of clerks in other de
partments In making np pay rolls and causing
erroneous footings to be placed on the back of
the pay rolls Those errors may not be discov
ered for some time Mr Ward will unques
tionably clear himself
A Federal Court OlTen a JDeelelon Usder
the Allen Contract labor JLmr
Superintendent Webers attempts to enforce
the Allen Contract Labor law at this port have
mot with obstructions that cannot bo cleared
away until a decision In regard to the intent of
the law has been obtained from the Supreme
Court of the United States Already several
cases have arisen under the law that are to bo
brought into the Federal courts buCno trial ot
any of thorn has yet taken olnco hero Immi
grants who wero assumed to have violated the
law have been sent baok to Europe by order of
the superintendent but if they had been able
to bring their cases Into court his action might
have been reversed
The ground or doubt ns to the Intent ot the
law has been raised by a decision recently
given In Cincinnati A man named Laws was
brought before Judge Sage in the United
States District Court there on the charge of
Importing an alien laborer from Europe under
contract The Court took the ground that the
Contract In tno case did rot luitll the conditions
or the statute as the laborer could not be
legally hold to its fulfilment It held further
that there could bo no violation of the statute
unless the agreement under which the alien
laboiorcnme to this country was a complete
nnd enforceable contract Judge Bag there
fore decided the case In favor of Laws the
As there are few of the aliens coming here
from Kuropo as contract laborers who como
under a complete ami enforceable contract it
will bo beyond Superintendent Webera power
tokoeii t out such ot tuem as may bo able to
take theIr cases Into court
On this account it Is Important that come of
the eases awaiting trial under the law hero
should be brought Into a Federal court as
soon as possible and should be carried to the
Huproine Court torn final judgment as to the
intent of the law
Areliltecturul Design by Colombia Bin
The students In the Columbia College de
partment of architecture opened their annual
exhibit of work yesterday afternoon The
work Includes froohind drawings sketches
done by the students in tliolr summer work
the senior thesis drawings and the designs
Mipmltteil for tho two MuKirn fellowships ro
contly awarded lo Messrs Mtinoz and Welch
Time work of the sonlort Is especially good and
the thesis deMgns aro us tint HI editions of
arulmitoctmrai orh ii werlu imyor turned outby
nrnbers of tie detartmiont rise dotgns of
C ill Atmtteromi C I ilhiss If l ilorabostlo
A liaseumiund 1 It Itogermu 0 0 lutlens J
J II lttrnitt L Varren 1 C lhuumuui S M
Cututulweli 1 Ii Ciurtsty A Struutut aid F ii
it ieolou itru Particularly wonhy of notice
C 11 I I A Idrlcit aid ii If Hints t ol thu class of il
havo sonm crmlitablo watercolor sketchi ti
The ixhlbit of tbi < IrcBlimmi clans Is the
largest uor given The rita of the depart
ment will lonmln ojon lor visitorduring the
root of the week afternoon and ovonlng
lie sans rnguBfil tt Starry Elule Dunn
President MncLenn ot the Police Hoard re
ceived a loiter a day nr two tiwu which recalls
the tragical death of Paul liebroud and Klsle
Dannbelmcr who Killed themselveson April
20 in the Grand Union Hotel Thu writer Is
Klecmtind Gflunni oi a Maxfvldor street
Nuremberg Germany iTc n iys theglrls name
was KOMI not Jute minI tituS he wns engaged
to marry her when Hho came to this country a
year ago lie asks In have all her letters
pictures anil effect sent to him nnd oitero to
pay all the siocosuumim y expenses The letter alo
asks several iniestlons lhi < answers to which
ialiih lime Identity or the girl It will bo
laia before the Police Board totay
An trrcsl lit tlio Cnpmnkrra Pnrnile
DetectIve iergennt Trainer arrested Simon
Tlingnif n imp u capmaker while the cap
makers wn o parading on Wudtierdav ci snag
Tlpofcril was arraigned yostorJay In the ion
oral Jiossioim liefoio Judco Cowing upon an in
dictment charging him with assault In the t
Rpitiiiil iiouno Mho complainant was I unite
Ilordiimii a nonunion ennmaker 1ioedinaii
allpgiiH that i ii ii uiiia out lilswnyhomnfioin i t work
Monday ovnltig iinuvaln Album ulret Si berm
Tlnogrnf Jlnrrls iladhllnuskl and another
iinlou cnpniiiker u nsbaulluil him lladslbnvnkl I
hHd tilt while Tlpograf struck him In the face
with his flat and the thlid man beat him on the
uoamI with an iron bar Judgo lowing fixed
Ball at 11000 Houjamln Huidcl ot 13 VYooster
street gave It
An Expedition t Datermlao X zaet5y the
Spot Where It Took Place
The Ward line steamer Santiago which
Balled yesterday afternoon for the Bahama
Islands carried a novel expedition organized
by the Chicago Herald Walter Wellman the
Washington correspondent of the Herald
Charles Lederer the artist and a photogra
pher a mechanic and two servants constitute
the party It will go to Nassau Now Provi
dence and there charter a vessel for a cruls
of the islands thereabouts following as nearly
as possible the track which Christopher Co
lumbus sailed on his first voyage to America
Tho object of the expedition is to discover
the spot on which Columbus mode his first
landing on the shores ot the New World and
there to erect a monument in his b onor The
mystery as to the landing spot has never been
solved Tho only positive evidence available
is that lelt by Columbus himself in hta journal
which was copied In part by liii friend BUhon
Casa after Columbus death The original
manuscript has disappeared bat even If In
existence It would be doubtful it more llaht
would bo thrown on the suoject as Columbus
WHS so eager to tind tbo land ot gold that he
did not stop to explore end carefully describe
the Islands which ho visited Historians and
geographers have selected no fewer than fire
islands an the San Salvador ot Columbus
Many books and papers bare been written In
support ot the various theories but no one
has ever dons what the herald expedition was
organized to do take the journal Columbus
and all the other evidence which has been
accumulated by the researches ot historians
hydrographers and cartographers and apply
it by a careful exploration of the islands
The Herald expedition If successful In locat
ing the spot where Columbus fireS erected bis
cross and took possession of the land In the
ntme ot Ferdinand and Isabella will there
erect a handsome monument provided by the
Chicago Herald and deposit In the corner
stone many Interesting documents and conies
of the leading demur newspapers or the United
States The expedition has been carefully
organized Walter Wellman the commanding
officer Is a writer ot reputation and experi
Mobonk Negro Conference
MOHONK LAKE June 4The third session of
the Mobonk Negro Conference It Ii Hayes la
the chair was opened with reports from work
ers in the South President Dnnton of Claflln
University South Carolina argued in favor ol
industrial education and presented interest
Ing specimens of the work of his students
Miss E H Botume ot Port Iloyal S 0
poke on the home life of the colored people
The mothers she said need to be taught how
to take care of their children and the children
need discipline The colored people need to
be taught to make virtue respectable and to
make vice dlsrospectablo
President Uumstuadof Atlanta University
said It was n mistake to suppose that the high
er education of the colored people was being
overdone Not over live or at the most ten
PIT cent of the pupils were getting It It was
a mistake to forget that the higher education
of the few was contributing most efnoleutljr to
the elementary education of the many An
other mistake was the tendency to depreciate
the higher education In favor of Industrial
training Another mistake was to make too
much of the comical and grotesque side of
neero life and character
Morris K Jesup ot New York the treasurer
of the Slater fund empbaslred the Importance
industrial education The negro too be
said must be taught to save He depre
cated the sectarianism that exists in educa
tional work for the colored people
The Itev lyman Abbott O R Bald he felt
very sure that taking the South as a whole
prejudices woro disappearing and a sincere
and earnest dealt a for the best and largest ea
ucatlon of the colored pooole was coming
Captain of a 11fteavltiK Crew Drowned
ERIE June 4Capt William Clark superin
tendent of tIme lifesaving station of this port
was drowned In the surf about 3 oclock this
morning The propeller Badger State had
been driven o i the beach about a mile from
tho Flnfli Llcht and Capt Clarks crow went
to her assistance While endeatorlngtp pass
a line from the propeller to the tug brie the
lifeboat was capsized by n high wave ana
failed lo right itself The crew i lumbered on
the bottom hut another wave struck the Cap
tain nuil hurled him about thirty feet from the
boat The craw wore unable to tender him
any assltnnre The upturnpd boat was
dabeil ashore with the men Mill clinging to
her Tho Iladgpr Stale is I still on the bench
but It Is thought she is not iu a bad position
Heliele to hong OB the 18th
BrinoEFonT June 4Jacob Hchele who shot
and killed Constable Uruke In New Canaan ID
1KBH and who is to pay the death penalty on
Juno 18 was visited at the county jail In this
city this morning by the Key Beverly E War
ner his spiritual advisor and Sheriff Clarkton
and Informed of the refusal of the Board of
1ardons lo commute bis sentence to life Im
prisonment The decision wan received bore
on Monday hut was not imparted to him un
til this morning The condemned man uvn
eonptetei 1 oiercome by the news and wetS
bitterly The prisoner In i being closely watched
ilnr and nlcht to guard avanst any attempt to
take his own life whiou bu hat often threat
onud to do
< inus Slit Urlatnulrr In Im Aljrntly Poor
HutniRiiumi June 4Tiuo appeal of the
Delntnatera for n chance of venue fiom tue
court of Crawford county was argued before
the Supiemo Court today It iaa iluluifd
that HIM feeling WHP MI titter In Crawford
county imuuiht tIme Delamaters that they ecu a
nut havo a lair and Imtmrtlal trial ti I
Plinks their counsel said they had bjfn re
duced to auieet poverty and were as peer as
the poorest tioorg F Davenport horaas K
Iloddyand District Attorney host denied lbe0
allegations The Court reserved deciilon

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