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T 5 t 1 jrr
lT k I J L I r
r >
4 i
rApr rntK AND ran KITE noAnr ros
Utul rery In Eltoi Tor the Wr But
tribe Lrae4 Me from FlilUdlphU
Who WooliJm HIrt 0 SadJ J > oat
r Co XISY 11 Not Cp VUI Monday
l here rere Btlrrlwc scsnJM on board the
brlaanUno ilt and on the plor to fhleh
Attain JUo te
Ibe fl a WU astonod yefttordny attbo toot ot Baltic t
a Jlrooiclyn Cant Richard Pike who
tic stroot Ct lcha Pko
te BOlontlHo partr rom ho ThlUdel
14 I to take tho solontOo ltrJrom Ihladol
cbla Awdtniyo Natural Sciences to Waal
Sound for tho pnrpow of transforming our I
ideas about Greenland and the polar region
to a sclantino extvctnuss ot knowlod had ez > I
trenail tho opinion on Wedncidar tat the
pru partr COUld not Ret off today at 3 1 M accordIng
Jrf unless alahty VOlT
Ing to lohedulo eomo mlhtr 10r
huitUpK was done Tbero a not s muoh
bDltU that ho party ho TTM to take would not
Un > dy to start today u thoro waa that the
bred not bo gotten In ship shape
I A dozon thing Wsro going on at once and
there was a constant stream ot visitors com
Ine and goIng who would have bean wllllnn to
help Capt IlVo la n rotund red faced Rood
attired skipperond he stood the attention
board lone ho
c coilous visitors on boar as lonl as
could auil then suecoated the appropriateness
of a view of tho barken tine from the pier All
tbs alternoon tbo pier was lined with paoplo
who wntchod OVOIF move ot the preparntlono
for the voraei of discovery On an adjacent
pier the amntour phototrraphor ostAbllsbed his
of the Kite
tripod > end secured pictures
Early I In tho morning tho liouso on deck In
which Capt 1ike ant the crew are to have
tEsir quhrterj and a small house on the
tom the steering rear were painted
Kbits and trimmed with blue The house on
ideekwas formerly tho forecastle and I was
rmrrnneo j In tho Intorlor In order that Cant
Pikeand tho ships officers might occupy It
with the crow the ofllcorg bovine given uo
their Inn I iiuarters below the tordeck for the
4xclailve use of the membersof the expedi I
tion Xo a laldllLborookln Into tho house
0 dECk I would ntpear that the five double
bjrthrooms might afford scant room for one
seaman ID each berth bat Capt Pike saya that
in seal fltbtnc trips a ingle berth is I often 0
curledby fourablo seamen Itoom enough °
repeated Call > t 1lko Theresoceans of
room for the ciow
A good ninny poole ho come here t look
oncontinued Cirtntp imagine the crew
CO prepared for Greenland exploration a well
V asihe eioursloplsts They are mistaken Tho
fact Is that only a few extra varments are
needed or tho cow The weather will not be
muob colder than late fall weather probably
wieD we arilro In Whale Sound and the prep
arations are moie for our seafaring life lean
4cr the cold Wo nro to leave the party at >
WnaIo Sound this fall and then return t our
teallnc from 11 Johns when the season begins
teit March
HWo1 stop at Sidney for coal and then at
Johns and next at Cape Farewell We may
be delayed there by io > a there are two
streams of Ice that flowing south from eat
Greenland and that from the west Greenland
cat and as the east Greenland Ice stream Is I
usually the stronger it pushes to thirwest and
uods to establish an embargo that will kept
eblcs from making Into Davis Straits I this
ahonld take place then we might b delayed
I three weeks or a month at Cape Farewell I
le the pay baTe worked their way north
ward and returned to Whale Sound I suppose
I tht Kite will Ibrnl them back to Mew York
oflSSi and they will it all JOb vell return I the fall
V All the seamen wear In port the thick win
jtsr clothing they wear on the voyage which is
that ordinarily used by seamen except that
tier remove one of their throe shirt In the
viofihtrn waters the deamen wear a white
Tainelshirt iiext to toe skin then a fancy
tottonsblrt or colored flannel and outside of these a
i A QUadof seamen were engaged all l day In
ewrrlne lumber on board for the construction I
te cnstrcton
ilLlewjeanra and Airs Pearys house Ihf
Von < t wnl I b constructed on both sides anJ
i CUJSoa 0f otone which I to be fond In
oauitttwelBt I Whale Sound Tue lumber on
ti poud the Bte whil b for the roof and for car
tltlona It Is choice matched lumber one Inch
In thickness and eight or nine Inches in width
The house will bo about twenty pet square
It Is such a house a the native Esaulmuix
lire in but there are no houses s far to the
Iirthward as the projected site of this one
fThe nearest house to lieut Fears will one
rCapa Xork about 4 ° to the south on the west
e t COt ol Greenland
Cant Pike gars a word of explanation as to
h de of the Kite and its fitness for th bust
s all before it Laraervesstls than the
Kite which Is l only 117 feetilone are not tl
able fo sailing In the Arctic seas Larger
Arto sea
f sbtrt ia < rnnntnK down to Greenland Lae
i tailors say in tho north stand I constant dan
ger when In the region of Ice floes of beiojr
trahcti between a floe and the solid lo
v tr dry and A vessel of the sire of sol Kit
I mayrunoloiierlDehore than a bug vessel and
by puttloe Into a bight in the land escape and
f riiihed Iu tho event of her getting fast
IHI Ice It Is loss l dlffloult in n vensel of the
flzo oi the Kite to blast the Ice ahead and force
sugo Into open water The Kite took
J aVud yesterday a quantity of dynamite for
V ub pur ose it Is In the form of Ajar powder
a Is I made Into cartridges similar to that
01 Bed In bla tlnK rocks A small cartrldpo will
looun a l quantity of ice nnd I is not
aeeuury to carry a largo supply
Jt101 tho stores for the expedition were
exoodlon er
put on board yesterday Tnore were packages
SLftow5h Mvfor the scientists the shoes
11e Kmf < Ini hew York and are the best that
I be had Each J member of the party will
tUTetoprs A big lot of ammunition and
Ho1 1 oases was stowed uway under the
csttL Each ffimor of the Party will have
fl JTttnsa Winchester rife a wl three
VDlXttl gun combining rllle and shotgun
I Winchester repeating shotgun
JfMO also bags in which the
IflJVfll sleep and Inch other articles
jr Nnnnai Use RI Arot0 travelleru take with
r ArtotaveUon tke
2ISiTho01ntl8t8 do not so much concern
11oB It would seem to hear their coa
UTWlOnwith what they will wear aa with
HlltrmenIS they will tko Glassware
With cbemlcas both In fluid and dry stale
hit to bl uost aroruy Pocked to prevent
rle either from the eutl B motion or
I the extreme cold
nut low of nldelphlaa selentlflo mon or
eelentOo Ir
mere trdl iir as theT have Intrusted oil the
1 K iiaratlons to Meut loan Dr Uenla
r1D H Ihap p0rr81lOUJ1Plt cretary ot tho
AeauerJ yJ11 nc8 oduo8loglst and Gavin
a 9f the Academy ot Science committee
tiUUD2toutthe expedition are har cmmitee
> Aholo jVln who Is to lea tbo west Green
IOU eIedltnn < Was vlsltlnl In Summit yter
1M wi Lo tn town title mornlol Much
l4ubt Wi epreliod Inst onlnl Whether tho
I dltIo V woul start today owing toOant
fiS pJlllllo expro8Blon Lieut Peary
418 > doosn B0 ° why I Bbon dnt start on
Sundsy any war hut ltie Philadelphia people
U S lays are
lrs very Strict In keetlng tiunday
snl kellnl
11 bcdoUhle whether they will tie willing to
iltittOnthi Monday delay that1sjrrttatftg to
n1hua610 Lieutenant
INto be Dying from he ReuuIt era Kick i
I V v t l < phlno8tlifonKor 80 years old lies in a
Mtlcal condition at Gouvornour Hospital
soafjoK cien prematuie birth to 1 child
7eltsrd her condition she alleges Is tho
rlnl 01 n kick administered several I
WSek sacob > Morris Denboskya real estate
ICont 01 173 East Brodwy Bni hat l boon
emvloed ad I domestic by Denbosky several
DOIUI with anl biO whea leaving on May 1 > bud a
tterdny SIc was lllken violently HI Upon
her COfltjljI l wn taon I
bh conlldlt nnd it certificate from Dr bono
crUlcS iiSUh tUI lIon that her condition was
c IICa nlhY WHS arrested l > the police of
Sited lIdioi ii Street aroltod He wos polco re
W on ball i f
bal furnished J George H Bellly
r i
A Farmer Arrested for Foracrr
ilOSO > Juno 8Abner A Hornbeck a
boo farmer of the town of Iloohester I
ttlScohntr waa arrested for for ery today
Il held 10 awnll the action of the Grand Jury
lots Alleto4 that he forged the name of Jacob
l IWS2ma erl0 fttBWnote He leeently
for econty
uniid lance amount His arrest has
Urn o Si1 urlrlo as be hurt heretofore
at 8iou 0Jur cood olaaClor Ball has been tired
For Van Colt and J11r i
SnZ ° iiriUlw ll ° inll < an County Committee
En last nlsht a resolution Commlteo
IUlon of iOstInastoy Cornelius Van COlt for
tO1Wlli0 QObrflnr olhl Lo hailed with delight by the
V me I 18e I also adopted A resolution roe
V 5 IJUdlnl oxJUdge lfDmer reoluton ro
uflheIU Cuur Mr hiOJZ3mor In
II 4 th 0 COullltee tuumor f thar
lhe Viincouvcr Fait Trip
OTEAJ Juno fine Dominion line
atalahlp v Domnion Ino
p Vancouver which is expected In
f epled
10 r lorrow Iplnc has med < ono of th
88 1lndlr IU lut rti BvIns left LIorpool
A 4 CZQAXKTXS aotosn
Odd Jaele to Ciaats o Ceee end Wkai
Tel Cost
A cigarette holder for U5 I It was ordered
from a jeweller j at Bevouleentb street and
Broadway It wn inade ot the pnrsst amber
Inlaid with gold The metM was woven Into
scrolllike Initials arid fnl were set some 1300
worth diamonds The whole thing was not
over four Ineh6e long and about onefourth of
an Inoh through
There Are other articles ot this description
costing from 78 or 80 upward the value b
bu determined by the quantity of gold and
urns used The doll vary between the
plain straight bolder to the most elaborate
patterns Among tbo latter there is A golden
I acorn of almost natural size held by n olaw of
the SAmo metal A RoM tuba connects this
with an amber mouthpiece Another holder
In tho shape ol an Osnco orange of about the
BUe of 1 marble the top hollowed out and tha
exterior ornamented with exquisite carving
Coming down the list In precious metals a
wouldbe purchaser will find that an olabor
ably carved holder of silver can b obtained
for SO or UG In this metal the prices are a
low a no for which a fairly pretty article can
be obtained Amber Is next to silver on the
1 t and next to silver Is i meerschaum Theo
two material are put In holders costing Irom
10 down to 1 costnl
1f order to accommodate tho demand for
hlghprlcod goods silversmiths nnd gold
smiths have constructed cigarette cases which
are an expensive as nnd sometimes more than
the rarest holders Tne firm which made tho
1450 holder nan latuly sold a case of average
flze which rivals in maenlfloenoe the onufT
boxes of lost century monarch It was of gold I
and Jut fits an upper vest pocket To Increase
the value a was lined with platinum
The purhas was a French nobleman He
had a crown of rubles on one side at the top
and his srntoh on blazed forth below In dia
monds and other ureclouF stones This work
of art depleted the noblemans pocketbook to
the amount of tMX
Heveral Jeweler hare in stock easel of solid
gold with linings nt platinum and embellished
on tbe exterior with the finest carving of Inter
lacing cioll work These are sold for 20
each There II 1 A match box of the same
design with the same valuable Interior and
exterior quoted n the modest sum of 100
In silver the affect and deilens are mostly
alvor Cases in general cost Irom 60 down
ward The snaneln Affected bJ The location of
the pocket In which It is to b carried There
IR a case made with a curve so a to nt snugly
I a hip pocket The designs are often IndIa
atl Ive ot the sports and pastimes o the owners
one yachtsmen having an anchor etched
in the top and a little silver ron colling away
from the shank In the form of the
word Cigarettes Some canes are of
oxidized Cltt and the effects are ven
happily worked In wblto metal Lovers cig
arettes may obtain cases better suited to mod
erat moans oblall highgrade leather goods
with silver ornaments anil trimmings Even
these however oost enough to keep n poor
family for a week or so and set wild with Jeal
onsy the man who ba to carry his cigarettes
in the pasteboard box In which they aro sold
Advleco from Several Countries I Which
Wt are Interested
News has been received from Mexico that a
large amount of German capital will soon be
applied to the development of the petroleum
deposits la the State of Tabasco Tho agents
of the AngloAustrian syndicate for loaning
money to the States is carrying on negotia
tions with several State Governments The
Austrian financier Baron Blelcbroeder has
offered to take up the loan of 4000000 needed
for tho construction ol railroads in the State of
Yucatan The capital of the now Dank of Za
atecas Is I only 600000
The troubles In the republic of Guatemala
have led to a revival of the project for estab
lishing two separate Governments there Hut
the Guatemalan Minister In Washington
Beflor Batres says that his country will main
tain its unity that It has entered upon a now
eraof progress and ardently desires thu friend
ly support of tho American Govenment
From the republic of Costa Illcn there In I news
of commercial prosperity and continued ac
tivity In rallioad building Tho Imports from
tho United States are now creator than those
from any other country though they wtro far
behind the Imports from England a few years
ago The Improvement of Port Limon is still In
In the lepubUo of Nicaragua thoro are pros
pscts that conoo growing will lo undertaken
on an extoniilvu Sfalo and that Illre amounts
of forf Itin lapltul will be Invested In Ibo Iiul l
ness Uiiere ale naw jirojucts for mining
Jea jlere several dlHtriclH of tho country
In > the republic of Venezuela seioial alien
lions of international reform have been tinder
debate by Ibo rienate ut Caracas And a uum
her of important measures hate been adopted
almost unanimously One of the lending
advocates ot reform Is exMinister Jebur who
desires to reduce tbe Presidential tioner and
to model the Government after that of tbu
United States AbereIs tenorS frpmHJnracas
that Secretary iJlulne will BupnortVynetuelu
lii 1 Us boundary dispute with tho DrltUti au
Is rllb
tb rltles of Jjritlsh iukna
From tbo Argentine Itepulllc there have
been reports of a revolt iu one of tlio provinces
Dices but the revolutionary spirit Is dormant
nol country at large ibo political outlook
has Improved under the assurance of tho elec
tion of Goo Mitre to tho Presidency Tho
financial decree recently Issued by Ironhlent
Pellegrini ha been ut mhantiiKo to tlm lisnks
and their depositors The immigration la I
borer from Eurojio IK > tlll goIng on under tho
stimulus of railroad corporations Thei has
been areat discontent amona the laboiers em
plered on tile Truns < Andln llHllrond who
complain thatthelr pay Is too lovvand that they
cannot rollect tlielr wilgas
In Brazil during WlliS illness of President
ll Inel
onuoii there have bun appr hrn > > lona of
danger to the new uovernment mil cue mom
hereof the MlnUtry maintain that there Is no
ground for appreiiensloQ that Ibo icpubtln Is I
firmly establlsbfd that the Constllutlon hA
been accepted that tbe Chambers Are trust
worthy that the army I faithful that lh aMt
majority of tbe people ar loyal and ihatlir case
of the death of President Fonsrca tile I successor
would t once assume the dutltn of the xeru
tice ames The soundness of the nnauclal
COlldUfM of Dral has been Indicated by the
recent action of European ilnanelfr and In
vestors acton Chamber of Commerce of lllo de
vltn Tie
JnnMrobai issued a reassuring report con
catalog many conservative suggestions and
dlaolraalna the ereaUin of new enterprises
The GoTrDmnt baA BIanted a concession to
ThlGOYO Ilante4
an EDKltah In favor of the laying of n
Enlll company II the Hrarlllitn city of I i
Pernambu and tho west coast of Africa
Akeoraed I tbePnttts as o rn of Their
Ia mot Bchooll
Among the plans of he late Charles Pratt
which his sudden death loiS Incomplete was
the purchase the Proebel Academy In TOf
this Park Erooklrn His l n Frederick D
and Charles M Pratt ban carried out their
fathers Intention In the matter of the pur
chase and will rot up n fine building on the
site of the rambling little onostory school
house where tho Interesting work of the found
ersand trustees of the academy has been ear
rled o for the past ten years The problem
of existence Is thus bpp1Iy solved foroneof
the most Intelligent educational projects ever
undertaken in this country
The Froebol Academy was organized by a
few mothers or children living in the neigh
borhood round about Tompkins square upon
tho kindergarten system the theory of which
hoi been followed always even In what may
be called the academic department Tbe ear
liest classes were held In the parlors ot one of
the ladles Interested in the movement and
later when the fathers too wore Interested
In the work scboolhonns was procured and I
tho little ouos were taught to see with their
crete use their hands Intelligently and think I
with their minds A society was tOrnied by
cue mothers whoso children weru In the school
anti frequent meetings for discussion they
kept constant natch upon tbo development of
their idea Tho school has never beer quite
selfsupporting but tin educational results
IiBvojumlllod the expense which the hustoos
have unselfishly met from year to year
At thn seventh annual tocoptlon of thi
foiiety which WHS hold In tho schoolhouse
Wednesday evening tho Mopsr Pratt were
present to meet the ladies gentlemen from
whose shoulders they are about to lift the mail
pt lenonslblllty and by whoso intelligent
labors thus fnr they are about to prnllt In tbe
carrying on of tho work Speeches were made
by Mm CN Cnatlwlok UtssEmmnllotchklss
0 Isl mt lolcbkls
and lr Alox liut bins oeltlnc orb what bad
been iiimrd at and what had been ancom
pll hed In fulfilment of the purpose with which
tht < wok had been undertaken Among other
thIngs MrA Ohadwick said that If they were
frue today abe b llevi < dta flag would bo un
furled above tho schoolhouse bearing the
motto PMI home work Tha system ol marks
and porfeniage as tests orjirogress among
thn pupllB nod the study of English grammar
nx commonly carried on In tho putllo schools
Mrs Chndwick oiroclally condemned while
Dr ilutcblns dwelt upon the Idea of the Ocr
I man > finiitii cp or family school as tllus
faml luo
trntlnc bettor than tho title of kindergarten
just how thor hail sought to nsilst and direct
the development of all the faculties of the
iijiidroii WhliHIt Ip apparent that the ladles of the
FrowbrI Society relinquish with regret the work
which his Illletl their hands and hearts for
o Ions the wllonlnl prospect of an enlarge
ment and extension of their work under tho
new management of the Messrs Pratt Is I ro
carded as onus for congratulation and It la
probable that the society nf the mothers of the
school will be continued unhampered by cares
us to ways and means and free to devote all
Its energies to the fuller working out of its
theories ot tho intelligent and symmetrical
education of the children of the school not
alone tilling the minds of the children but
getting something out of them as weu I
flue Went UpItke M Cat Md Xeelted
Foam Dcfbro Coming Dow
A letter from a gentleman on board the
Monowal which Is carrying Bernhardt to Aus
tralia dated at Honolulu tells how tbe aotres
had afforded constant entertainment and fre
quent excitement to her fellow passengers
She tried to shoot gulls from tbe stern of the
vessel but with such a poor aim and such
careless handling of her shotgun that her first
shot produced moo fright among the people I
around her than among the gulls Tho ship
had not been out three hours before she bad
explored I thoroughly from stem to stern
and down Into tho hold She penetrated every
nook And earner of the vessel and ono dark
night she announced her Intention of mount
ing to the crows nest I takes a man of good
nerve to do this even I quiet weather and on
this evening thoro was a heavy sea run
ning The Captain and officers urged her
not to attempt 1 but the laughed
at them and ran up to the foot
of the topmast with the lightness and nullity of
a cat The members of her company the other
passengers the sblrs officers and many of
thA crow bal ffntbered on deck and were
watching hnr breathlessly as she turned to
decend When halt way down she stopped
and clinging to the riggIng with one band and
gesticulating will me otner oeean reel a
poemtrotniotot lingo The wind blew her
skirts with tremendous foro against the rig
ging wih the ship was tossing In a heavy sea
but she held on and Went through the poem
Berubardt also assisted the Captain every
day In determining tho sblp latitude appear
Ing Rt his elbow promptly at noon sextant inland
Inl prnmlty
hand and pencil behind her ear tieveriil time
she made the calculation of the vessels loca
ana tion results herself correct and the Captain found her figures
Koch Flntr ASTklrm Nowadays than They
used to Be
A dinner in the now palace at Potsdam near
Berlin Is a muuh grander affair than It was
under the more reeent predecessors of Em
peror William IT Tho person honored with
an Invitation receive a great vellum card
of of the Em
carrying the united coats arms
peror and the E rr Tho wording of the
invitation is
At the supreme ommind of their Imtwrlil and
Royal l lUJeatlit tli heed Court mil hoes Manila
hu Ibo honor to Invtto to dlnntr on at 7
oclock 1 the new phlc aCrotmim
On the reverse Bide nro several directions a
t tho dress uf > the guests Military men BN
ordered to appear In undress uniform and
civilians In knee breeches and shoes dress
coats nod whlto cravats Guest who are to
arrive by train aro Informed that carriages
will moot them at the Wild park station A
small time table of trains returning to Berlin
after the dinner is also given
The eoreeansnoss of a groat dinner In the
new palace has Men described pretty fully by
German snobs who worship this splendor and
German radicals who find in It a reproach to
the worklogmcna Emperor The details of
dinners at which only the nearer acquaint
ances of the imperial and royal pair are pres
ent are however comparatively unknown
The number of guests at a great dinner Is usu
ally about sixty or sixtyfive Tho dinner con
sists of seine ton courses and is served in a few
minutes less than an hour There Is ono
servant for every two persons at the table
The dishes aru prepared In tho imperial and
royal kltalicus at coma distance from the
palace and aid transported tbeiioo on a little
under round rnllnnv with its terminus near
the dining room The pilnclpal dishes me
served od sllvnr pluttnrf iho otbois on china
of Ibo rovftl Berlin manntactnrc The crystal
wine glosseS havo blond gout bands and bear
the combined nionogi tuna of thl Emporor aol
KmpresB The duality of the wines at the Im
n riVl table I iho lent to be had In helmtr
aiiiIoieoitt ami Interior tr few In b imported
brands Gorman clmmpscno In drunk only
with the soup otherwise irenoh champagne
Ie TnVtublo is I decorated with huge masses of
1lle <
flowers mostly NAN which are the Empresss
InvuI iIt flower Before every ooier there Is a
mall hunch of roses tnaBlana Tho ionm Is
Hvhtod exclusivelY by wax candles in Bluer
cnndolnbrn At every place liters Ito a menu
and a musical tiroirramrao Boih aro on white
tOlum are orn tnenid with tho united coiits
> orlmonlbd
of arm of the Kmpoiorand fcmpress und bear
only Herman typo Not a single WW
woiJ Qermlb niipeum yp Ijto bill of tnre At the
140 Wil are nllPeluI thewords imperial Dinner The
musical progfamrae oontalnrt between twenty
nlO end thirty number mostly by the Mm
Weanor Dellbes
erorHfavorite cooirosers Delbo I
Mey rbcer Weber Hulllvan as well as a few
military pieces After dinner the enterlo ners
entertain 1lecrs conveisstlon but only a
chosen few participate In 1 The Court Mar i
tOI Plrtlcllne
ehnl ond Chamberlains usually learn In ad
vance who e society IH desliod bT tho Imperial
couplo during the evening end those persons
evn III
me escorted to the pot where Emperor
add KmtreSS awilt thetn
awai thOI
Ind Potsdam such n dinner as the one de
scribed U I usuallygiven in the Jasper Onllory
abdcoiTeels nerved I the shell salon The
music is playtd in the garden
I CIirIeSpksr Buckley la Town
Christopher A Buckley of Fan Francisco Is
at the Union Square Hotel He Is the
Democratic politician in control In that
city holding a position which combines
the strength of Blcbard Croker in
New York the Btrecllonato regard that at
taches to lluab UoLattKhllu in Brooklyn soil
tlch mixture tf JoLllrblu holds that Tom
Dlxon Im In Wablnitloo
Altbmigli totally blind he has a wonderful
recollection of persons whom ao liis net and
all enually aood judgment on mutters of cur
Man of the local rolltl lans know him well
and the call upon him nllllncludo Ulbt rep
reieotatha Veuuvritt of f how ivrk
Ea1 Favorite With Teeny far the Babnr
ban Dh e Will Not Oo to tko roslTho
QeR Bi Hor Leg Whit Worklnt for
TO Blc Kac med 1 New K oke
as Taoaik Bko Would Never Mace
Acaln n r Turf Career
I Is more than probable that the racing I
publlo has seen the last of H J B Batrglns
great mare FlrentU the conqueror of The
Bard Kingston Tenoy and every other high
class thoroughbred save her own stable com
panion BMvator and never mot him In a race
for blood nt a mile anr DTsr half or the result
would have been doubtful I
She was being prepared for her numerous
engagements this season Including the New
York Jockey Club Handicap Suburban Handi
cap Monmonth Cup Westoheatar Cap Coney
Island Cup and Champion Stakes at Morris
Park and her trainer Malt Byrne who ha
bad charge of her during her entire racing
career was more than pleased with the way
the Queen of the TUlf was taking her work
On Tnvrsday morning he worked her for the
Row York Jockey Club Handicap which
t t be decldsd at Morris Park
today She went splendidly but pulled
up A trifle lame forward Byrnes
trila forar was
worried but hoped that nothing serious had
occurred The leg became worse and Dr
Hall the veterinarian was called In Ho found
that the cannon bone and the tendons woro In
jured th mare having struck herself vcry
hard during her gallop He did cot v
Byrne much encouragement and yesterday
ho was loth to admit that FIronio had raced
for tho last time He would not give In but
trainers who have had lots of experience
fay that the mare will never see the post
again Her starting Inth e Suburban Handicap
for which she was equal favorite with Tenny
WI faorle wih
00 OQua
is now of course out of tho question and
money bet on her is lost Every endeavor will
be made to patch the mare up later in the
Season AI she oul win a giest deal or money
but with the best kind efucl And tbo chances
of success are so remote aa to bejlpiost be
ondhol1 will bo the middle of July or the
V first days of August before she could fiee the
hag I is altogether likely that Mr Haggln
will have her sent to his Hanobo del Paso stud
and bred to Salvator or Sir MoJred
Flrenzl is a bay mar 1S1 hands high by
Glenelg ont Florida foaled at the Klmendorf
Stud ot k I Iwl ort Kentucky te l184 Hho
was purchased by Mr Ilaggln as a yearling
and made her debnt at the Saratoga meeting
in a race for maiden twoyearolds in 1880
1red Lfttleueld riding her to victory She
won a number of notable races that year
beating the fast sprinter Burch seven
furlongs at Uravesend In 12SV Too
Glenelgs Improve with ago and tile filly
was pounds better n a threeyearold
man In 1880 She began by winning the
Ladles Stakes at J 1 srome ark and at Graven
end landed the Gazelle Stakes In fast time
During that year she won tbe Mermaid Mon
mouth Oaks Welt End Hotel Hunter and
Jerome Stakes defeating Hanover In the last
lamed event at even weights I distance
wa one mile and threequarters and the Oily
carried 12 pounds to Hanovers 1U3 a
In lt > 88 as a fouryearold the Queen for
she was at that period recognized a pound
better than any mare on the turf was proc
tically unbeatable when just right and on her
own kind of a track She won thirteen races
tb wn thireen
in all and vanquished every high class per
former ah met She evn I trim In tbe
early spring and after winning overnight
sweepstakes met with defeat In live succes
sive races Her first victory of note was thu
Monmouth Cup whore she laid low Elk
Wood tho Suburban winner of that year
ant Eurus winner the year previous
of the same race Then fallowed the
nut Handicap Exile and flowed the
beaten On Thursday Aw 3 sha mat The I
Bard recognized as the king ot the turf In tho
Freehold makes at one lltofheiurtfn The
Bard was a great favorite but the mare boat
mRr blt
Aim in record time This was The Bards last
rae us he pulled up very lame and would
never stand training again Kingston was the
next victim They met in the Champion
Stakes at a rallo and a half and the Illly
defeated the brown horse as summarily 11
she had disposed of The Hard In time a
a second slower tbau the record Exile
ttpd others were beaten in the Monmouth
andlcap n few days later The Average
Stroke Great Long Island Stake Manhattan
Handicap Battle makes and Flrenze Stakes I
1Ittia ItaJos
followed In all of whloh she was victorious In
188 the came daughter ol Glenelg came out as
trash OR a dollar without 1 Ph mien of any
kind Sho won twelve races that year Her
first victory wa in the Knickerbocker Handi
cap Eurus and Bella D among the beaten
She nod disposed of Bacoland in the Mon
montn Cup and next won the Naveslnk Handi
cap She bad a walkoer for the Free
hold Stakes nobody caring to meet her
and then went on and won the New York ler
dicap Umlnnm Handicap carrying 129 pounds
und running the mile and a furlong In 154 33
and wound up the year by again landing 85
Flrenze Btnkn te
Last season airaln found her practically in
vincible the ran fewer races but placed tho
record for 1 mil and a half to her credit win
ning the Coney Irland Cup one and a holt
miles in 333 defeating Oaflslue the hAl
up In h Suburban and Toa Tray Long
street was beaten in the Knicker
booker Handicap Her most remarkable
race In 18DO was with Tenny In the
Freehold Stakes the gravel In which she bad
burled The Hard hidden by Murphy she
heat Tenor a neck In time only a sheds slower I
than the record Tournament went down be I
fore her In tho Twin City Handicap 12H pounds
up run in 207 at uheepsuead Bay The Mow
York Handicap was nera without a struggle
Probably her lost race was run at Linden in
the fall when she beat Demutn i
During her racing career Flrenze started In
70 raos of which she won 45 and won up
ward 01 120000 for her owner Lastjtearat
the close of tbe racing season Mr Raggln
thought be would retire Flrenze a well as bal
vator but Matt Byrnes begged to let nor race
one more Tear as she was then as round as
tho day she was foaled A marvellous rater
and up to any weight I Flrenze was easily the
best mar the American turf can boast of
She was not at home In sticky going and lost
nearly all her races in thl mud Her disposi
tion is perfection and a child ca ride her
Farloan Con etllloa for TOM Le Vacant
PIe Disturb Great Joss
Chinatowns Mayor I not by any means the
boss of the affairs of the Chinese municipality
Ho is placed In office nimbly to carry out the
will of tbe people who make him their Zoon
Fa Goon So Cean Bung He Is I therefore not
the bead man of Chinatown but a figurehead
The recent departure of Tom Lee the real
power of the Chinese community for Hong
Kong has left Chinatown In a disturbed condi
tion There are more than half a dozen hoathon
ton roro
fighting for the position of leadership left
vacant by Tom Lee notwithstanding tho fact
that Tom duly appointed his pucoessor a
cousin of his to bold the fort while he visited
old friends at home Uls enpinleg who may
tie called for short The Chinese Tammany
lien are trying to oust this fellow and place
a li sder of their own choice at their bead
Thtiro are so many factions with candidates
for tbe place mat I lOOK now as ir notning
loss than a real war among the Chinese ol
Mutt street could determine the choice
The candidates a far as can be learned
arts Lve DJnn Independent Wah Hack 1
Mugwurpo Lo Ah Leah Fan Tan Proteo
UIWUmD bee Yo Sharkaln jara 10formerl
Ju Ju oug Blnl heap Highbinder KId IOI
Ye tho Chinese Tammanyite Aagoclailon
Kovoral other political parties had candidates
to offer All the candidates presented them
selves late on yesterday afternoon beforu their
toon a GOOD Ho Cents Hung to have their
Caths taken before the great Jots shrine in
become hoss Chinamen The pushing and
shouting worelu great atone time that the Chi
nesii Mayor was driven from his chair He
made n rush for his private odlce and there
be locked blmsU In t give the factions a
chance to tight it out among themselves
ChaqclO flhllt IAon
The Mugwumps tonlrtbn load at tho opening
of the Drat ballot which wasdeelarnd a foul for
some unknown reason A rcond ballot had
to be cast and the Bnarksfln Tariff Protno
ironists won by just two totes Then the
Mugwumps ktoked and said thor was cbAA
HUIWlmp other factions joined sides
and finally the Joss house was cleared by the
disgusted SerseantatArms who atone repre
sented Joss and declared that the noIse was
too great for the health of the paper god
It Is I said that the much coveted leadership
of Chinatown Is worth anywhere from 10 to
10000 a year He Is said to possess the Indisputable
luela JOalN
putable right ol a regular levy upon the fan
tan und other dens of Chinatown and the rea
son that only a few of the above planes are
open now is because of the fact that no head
man hat yet been decided upon Vonb
laternattonal HkocMnkcr Convention
BOSTON June 5The International hhoe
makers Convention this afternoon adopted
resolutions endorsing the label of the National
Clothing Operative Unon underline the
olghthditr inoiomtnt upI lowing Hi srlrc
tlon nf a tie IItI en It dish ba nut in foro In
cite hunts l lit the tXOI111Un Board ooiidnmn
Ing lbs ireent I jstem of t ollrRC of the Na I
tl nulHaili il igiirnud toppling 1 annual
uiecli ° its in 1111 tlatu
0 j i
ri ntj of FUhtrmB bat Few risk Jest
Now Owing lo Cold Weather
DecoratIon Day opened the btaek bass sea
son In this Elate New Jersey and Connecticut
and this year fishermen who leava town an
nually on black bass opening day were form
nato In having tt fall on Saturday Black
bass anglers have usually little chance for
spoil on a holiday or Sunday the difficulty
being that the trains do not run with a lew to
the oomfort or convenience of the anglers to
the waters near New York oilY where good
fishing mar be had At Greenwood Lake
where there Is uniformly the best black bass
fishing to bo found near town the morning
train arrives about noon and the angler
has missed the morning fishing which Is con
sidered the most desirable because the most
successful Trains to the lake wero crowded
last Sunday with anglers carrying rods troll
ing tackle liquid and other bait and fish
baskets and before noon tbe surface of the
lake was dotted with boats There aro eight
or ten hoists now on the lake and as many
boarding houses nnd all are open for the rush
of anglers from the metropolis and tho big
cities In New Jersey
Bomo very good catches of bass ate made
both as to size and number While the bass
are aetive and blto freely In cool watdr they
V will not rise to tbe lure decidedly cold water
a s trout do The lateness of the spring and
the recent cold rains have consequently pre
vented the opening of tho black Las season
with a boom There is I no question but that
black bass fishing grow more popular every
spring many angler preferring a tussle with
a two or three pound bass to ono with a brook
trout ot similar sire With regard to their
eameness it Is only necessary to remind the
angler that block bass havo It nit > anti tuck
which will eat Iho others fry tho iiulckust and
eo fnr as they hate bon observed tho bass are
ahead of tho trout This Is especially true ot
smallmouth base Ue takes the lure with
a rush and hli muscular roDlatunco Is I con
tinned until he Is tomplctely exlmiieted and
he will light longer and tiull hinder than a
trout of equal size there II nvuo chance
moreover hooking a big boss than a big
trout smallmouth bass niton running two pr
three pounds In weight nni sometime reach
Ing seven or eight pounds Largemouth or
Oawego laRs grow to a BI enter ito but they
are not good fighters while thrlr MOHI t I not so
toothsome us that of thosniallmmith variety
Both varieties of bans aro found in Urecn
wood Lain Lake liopatecne Lako llonkon
kotna Croton Lake Ityo Lnke and In smaller
lakes and ponds near hew York city rite
favorite tackle used In catching lack I bass
from a small boat Is tho ordinary light mate
rlal used in tramping alone trout brooks At
this time of the roar buss will not rise readily
to the artificial fly an they will lutT In Juno
when the waters are warm and the June nun
has batched out the larvn ol Insect When
bus do take files they ate Ices discriminating
than trout and will snap at gaudy creations
ot the tackle makers that a trout
will ttkn UD his nose at Some of
these vivid files are the scarlet
Ibis Hoborton Brandreth coachman orange
miller and silver doctor Piobably three are
used by the angler with the best success In river
fishIng When the bats are ont just before or
at tho beginning of a warm rain they maybe
found ready to seize with aUdlty anything
that resembles their food In fil luK from a
boat uso a sproat book 1 or 2 and either live
minnows or commonted earthworms form a
tempting bait when kept In motion for the
bye likes to seize his prey alive In trolling
a slightly sUffer rod than be split bamboo is
Ured owing to the constant strain an the
tackle A phantom or a bite minnow the
most taking lure with the trolling line
For river fishing good days sport with the
bass may be had on the head waters of the
Delaware ttte Harltan or the Walkill rivers
Pickerel abound in ureeawood Lake and they
are game to the bakbonu Two were caught
a week ago In tho lake that measured respect
Ivelv ll and t8 Incher
V Trout flhinu In tho Adirondack Is Improv
ing dally hut the continued cold weather an4
the long cold rain last week bat t dlappolnted
the e PO tallonl of several nartlea who bWB
cone iato the wilderness Files do not alt met
the fish and they boom to lie sulking In deep
holes and at the bottom ol the boles Further
south However many excellent catches hare
been made In streams neat Walton two or
three fishing parties havlne had Brunt luck
In Pennsylvania Stout stroams fisher
men are having fair luck although
tho trout do not inn large At the llloom
Ins Grove Park Associations preserve the
trout havo liuen exiedlnRly capricious this
spring Fish ommlsaloner Biackford had a
days llshlnu at tho association a few dare
ago and his rises wore stintS little fIngerlings
that bit throw them back Into the stteam On
the Lone Island preserved streams better for
tune has vlltoJ tlio nnclers Homo goad
oiucnrs nave neon inline toe largest capture
a trout welchliiB three pounds tao ounces
coming to the not of K W Mllbank of the
Union Club while fl htnir at the bouth Bide
Htiortsmons Club It Is the largest trout
cauaht in this vicinity this year so far ns re
ported On the ItnuKOloy Lukex th fishing
soaoon has fairly opened and good tingling is
reported Among the visitors to that region
are United ritates Senator Frye of Maine aud
Gen F D Sewhll
Two speckled trout were caught In fvke nets
in the Hudson litter nt Sing Ulna a few days
ago according to the imrn niiil Aream One
weighed eight ounce and the othnr twvlvo
otinced Ti ida IH tbn first time the writer
continues that trout bav beeu taken in the
lower Hudson as tar as I have heard Striped
bass have been taken much to the disgust of
the Sine bicg anglers It poems a nitv that BD
many people should deprived of their favor
Ito sport by ft tow net fishermen Over 1500
pounds were taken In one haul on the Hats off
the mouth of tho Croton hirer anti only
brought flvo cents n pound
Htilpod bass are mill token occaclonaMy In
the Hudson although thoftprluirrun baa prac
tically oennea iir Fiedenck MjerH and
Thomas Grant of this city lire credited In the
1100k and Line with a some of two hiia w > firh
leg about a pound each ten eels and numer
ous tomcodc Spnakine of eels Frank Bush
the varUty artist bought n striped tats outfit
a few days ago and sat down to fish on a pier
on the North Itlver front He caught un eel
and then be caught another Then ho caught
several others In fact he cnuuht nothing
but eels Bush announced to his friends that
ho liked to catch eels but huilldni like to lute
them oft the book they wore so slippery
Tbe most popular resort hereabouts for salt
water fishermen on Decoration Day was Ja
maica Bay All the club houses dotting the
shores on both east and went Bides floated the
club and tbe national colors and thn air was
puce with sounds of mirth The Now York anti
Itookaway Beach Railroad ran special trains
for fishermen All tie boats wore seized early
In the day fishermen botii on the trestle
and from Uanarsle The fishlnc tins recently
been getting gradually hotter nil otertbe bay
flukes and flounders being plentiful and some
good strings of weakfiuh were caught
Blackllsb have afforded the most sport In
the lower bay and in Jamaica Jay for a few
days Blackflblnc is reported very good be
low Fort Hamilton near oney Inland Point
where there are two old wrecks A > artv in
one boat last week caught at the lower wrock
over 2iH pounds of btaokfUh Mr htiliwell ot
Htlllwells fishing station opposite Ion Lafay
ette caught fortyneven pounds Atfommu
nlpaw and Bergen loinS hlncktlsh and bas
are caught Drumllslilni around Cd > bs Isl
and has been very good for a fortnight
The freakish strIped bas are running In
the Haokensaok litter i Van K m of Row
Itrtdue N J wrltos add are taking blood
worms for bait
A MethodIst Mlnltrr Forced to Iletlrc
HtNOVKB lIla June 5The Hov F G
Parish has withdrawn from the Ietbodlt
ministry In consequence of alleged attentions
to a young school teacher while his wife was
ill at a Chicago hospital The Itev Mr Piirlflh
nppeared before the elder and the Church
Board and declared that while ho might have
acted Indiscreetly lie wn guilty nf nothing
more serious tie desired to resign but some
ol the Church members objected anti then ho
asked for and receIved thu privilege ot with
drawing from the ministry
Mr Iarlsh IB about 20 rears old His friends
assert that ho Is a victim of persecution
ThU Striker Htruek with n Loaded Cane
Isaac Bchlute one of tho striking cloak mak
ers Who participated In the assault upon the
timekeeper of Blumentbal Bros cloak manu
facturers of 452 Broadway on March 3 and
struck with a loaded cane Policeman Caiey
who rescued the timekeeper pleaded guilty
yesterday the General Sessions of olranle
assault JudRe Cowing sentenced him to the
penitentiary for thirty days
Pest Offlco Clerks IMemle
The Association ot Post Office Superintend
ents and Clerks held a summer night festival
yesterday afternoon and evening Nearly 10
000 persons visited Sulzern Harlem liiver Park
In tbe course of the day and evening There
were games anti foot races and among the win
Here Iii the athletic contests were 11 O Lyons
E Thomas George Krause and John Htelb
line Postmaster Van CoSt prcsepted the
prize Bold medal to the winner and a direr
medal to the second man
A fire to Crouch Jlnliinn dry inods star l 010 mit
MHtiiliTnnrtiirrUar ttirroou rushed In it low
lirsjiniiln igik nilurx mt bullillux
TlicRtr tf II JUul accslt C call to It yscorl
pm aru of Itm fli riu HipiUl Church In Brooklyn
A couulvAf no tihuiuii It rMun t th pajturaui Af Ike
lupua Church LI rlntrlUrlwr it L Ulth lie tad
filled Let tin ymers
S A N I r v V 9 a
0 U D p
F 3 uitod toMako roMO e 8
t i i
> 1 Mi
ost r g h tost Ju wo
Howepapor f t OT
ta Prntec
nO S PARS I tioh
O e
1t FA V
V iov AND ROMA r n a
O 1 SPECIAL at Sf J r v V 31
Rt 4
t O 0 TO l CORRESPOJ 1 O If il 1
8th I
I EtR wnwrtu I i
OLlIS wOaKllfl I I
1O l e V
f A o
WOnla A 114aN ILuib lOJ I
1tti ii
o ES Mr Wm Arms0
l 1ft tlROA AMD A BAI A80fnQ Ch qql1
om I
a I 0t 1 aBNB1J01 TBJ Op lO tNh V
w 1 r l V
t TflI8 WZL
jr1cIZl WE
tIOL lo
i t1 1111 PURITAN PAGtn lo X V 1
B 1 JutoUUI Lrl r
1 10 V
< 1 TJl PBBX V
s O QtE8TIOl oJ
1 qVfrD NY CINKL1 A YU i
f OnY Ol ow Pa 4 kt
V k
0 rCt nA E BEEN OU llC1 l
LIQUOR HABlr > o t
p u i
01 VITh1ANMatter
4 0 t
of Matter 7l > t
8 Maer 0
p f I
Ce st to Women eO i I I J t
o V ° for the t >
18 paK C > j M i
tt t
p V a l V V
r SoTHE 1 V P
p V
e O
I t
J D I4T WflDj k V it
9 31 l 110 V
t1 f P l
reo I I
lal r s
I ir
V V V 1
r Ii
Tha Account of the Fight at TalparaUo
It leered lted
WASHINOTO June 5The account which
came from San Francisco yesterday of the
naval engagement In Valparaiso harbor mat
ing that the insurgent cruiser Maeallanes
sailed under the guns of the Government forts
and almost annihilated the Government tor
pedo bOats Is received with Incredulity at tho
Navy Department Such facts as are officially
known sem to discredit tho storv The en
casement is I reported to lmo taken rlace on
April m in jiresoneu of the foreign menof
war Admiral McCuiin was thero on that date
on board the Baltimore yet Iu a report to the
department on the next day ho failed to men
tion any such event In addition to this the
department officers say they have no doubt
that If au engagement with such pronounced
results had taken place the news would have
been promptly telegraphed to the United
Vtatcs Instead of taking the slower course ot
tbe mall steamers
Otm Barton Very Near to Death
Gen William B Barton the comic opera
manager was so low last night at his rooms in
the Gllsey House that his dtathwas looked
for at any hour His od partner Col Miles
and several friends ware In attendance at bis
bedside Gen Bartons break down follows
upon four successive attacks of pneumonia
He has been unconscious part of the tl motor
a week past
Where Teterdayi Fires Were
A M SuOO Cit Water street wooUiha dams e IM
f M153JB3 Prince Street Tiffany A Coi hop
damue trtnini Sitoi 416 Weft Mxienth street Ho
MolknACoi bottling factory damar OttO CMS
IIJBauk dried llliom llluera liable daraa SJvn
H4I itti i limit filch itrrti li J Vtuuiai It Co dry
goods tore damage UUOU
n II Outerbrldgt was tltctrd Btcretarr of the Pro
duct jJicliangt jettrJty
Joseph llolden watarreitert ytiterday on a requUI
lion from tbt Uovernor of Fenntylvaiila tor couuttr
Recorder Smith bat appointed Peter McDuIre Tarn
many Hail Democrat an oltlcer ot lilt General ketilona
to Ott I a vacancy
Judge MoAdam his granted aluolutt divorce loMar
Moie mm iitnnU Mcilee and to Carrie L sexton
from JulIus kern Heton
Helena P I Acker hat applied to Iht Knrrozatt for lit
tert or adnilnlitratlou on hiS estate of Choric U Aektr
Thtperioiiait liputaiSirouux
John T Crow nf the Tenth district and Mlehaa
roe toy ot the Klvhttenlh illiirtcl were appolnttd dog
catchtttby iiuyorurautyeturiiay
John II Edsarton lately bookkeeper for Jams M
BeriruS et itt pest tirttt rooted hIs empjoyr of
faOO and was tanttnced by Judge Cowing yetltrday
to State priceD tort year
Tbe tamer Ktattrfklll which left this city for Hud
eon Thuriilay nteht at7 orloct co tided with a schooner
near U lit rulnt about nilUniitlit I art of her phd was
stove In but no serious damage wes uouo
Twenty tent Immlgranlt most of whom are Itallant
wtrt prohibited from laadlnr yeeteritay one of tha
llallane sailS ha had spanS a t ear Iu prlon for tubbing
a ftUowclilzen wilts whom lie had an argument
Rebaitlan Metx Mveare old lumped from Pier ta
lint Hirer ytnerdiy arirnoun wilt siuiciial Intent
lit Was rescued by boyt who turuil him over lo me
police still lie wet taken to llniiveneur IIopttst > a prlt
oar tit teemed to be lufTerlntf Irom alcuhutum
John V Kuby who white agent for lha MtirnpolUtn
Lite Inturanre C inp > nr apprniiriaied nlnrer rents
which he received ci a j remlum loin liary Connolly
was ttntaiioeil yeetenlay m the Otucral bertlout iu clue
ptontbs tic the > enll > niltry
John ONell a eolillr In the regular armr wa found
nncoiitclnutln the haliwey it Hulark I Knvr on Unite
dtynigliL lit Was taken in Hit iiiamtare Street lli
pital where lit nit I an A M yiienl i Without lily
ink rtrovered coueciuutueii llti Kat au Irlthinan and
auytart ol age V
Judge Pnwlng yeiltnley fentinrtI Panlal Ctldwell
tndJnbn Murphy wnn aitulled ant rubbed harltt
Meyerot VI Lulinw Street nr cult lo State prIson tilt
II I years I eloilno llolllllere who stabbed soul
robbed Okaranio Vortkt a Japtucit tailor tn Jamie
Street got isytart
Tht demented Immigrant girl who attempted to jump
from the flattery sea well about two wtekt ago bat
bon littntinid aa Kmiicira Niiwtcek A loner hat
earn for her from her mother InKriwokll KohemU
how tba Tot neUer knovt where In eend Francetca
tht will lit Immediately returned on a tlttnubtn of lbs
North Utrman Uojil line
MayurtMtrihat Pnnlrl Fnglehard of the Hurean of
reoiimmended lo the Major ytiterday mat the
liceueaof Un raitiUr who kept an InltllUcnvt she
at I id Wn Trreuttllilnl pITch IC I evoked on eon
plalnlof man numea follaok who paUS > onTliart
sis7 man traploree Mr bandari and gotantinlaw
tot ContraSt to craegrt work for him wUbln thirty
iliyt In ylulailon at ibt Oraluaac new in force reultl
tsr loullUiuct omcti V
Cavalry Drill at We > t foist 6rl
Nawbuutoff Juno 5The interest AtWt ft
Point to the visitors t liyfltrOd I > the > I
cavalry drill In the riding hall this afternoon
To those who were fortunate enonp tVaaAln
aIde the buildinK the drill was lnt <
thrilling Tbo llmltou spase4ialgfl 4hl
tat or prevented very many learn seO4 ytto
exercises Tho last CDaTraD
rhnans for Impt ovlriK nml eulBrjfinctpv
hall and hotrro anotner yeartSesed500JI M
these Improvements rlllhnvol > ren tftatti
examinatinnsooctiptetl goodshceO5O
Tomorrow nilnht > utt py JrH
take place V
Dead by fl5aWifVN1dO L i V
AsnonY Pure June 6Frederlolc Angttstni
Wiseman a leading jeweller here ra 4WUU
dead in bed this morning Hi > 1iaa > t Mi
for several hour and his wife bad Jtrht br 4
tilde ultbout knowlngit lie wa 60n ar ° V
HU family eonslMeil or his iftVn tj
ilron Hown theoritnnl rortb Or W I
mandery Kntahts Templanol thbs visas
the NeasTrinS ohoe5hlb
PORT Mownoi Vn June Theeurm
Board met here toJnvito ptepave4tipMlec
a Inrthsr trial of she pneuusdle 3
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