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i lollb Prlce > Nmishtr Condnet
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beian Oilr rrowd the Prince Onmbled With
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Florence Garner this Week
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1e 5000 London Bus Men Threaten to 00
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nillThe Montr Markets
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Jne6romieshnvo not been In I
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tlnc ION this week and hnd r arllamenlarr
IrocMdmss beoB as lively ns Donnybrook
pr c they would hnvo recohed leant notice In
Falrlboy <
competition with the great show nt tho royal
courts 01 justice Only tbo roomy paces of the
sufficed to report Parliament and
71111 h ve rerort rlrlimeot
7m baccarat case nt Jull length The other
10 their renders n column
newipar ers have Ilven render
11Ia House of Commons doings and ton of
nt tbe
I 1L lou80 I Is not often thatt o Prince of
aln Is on view dally for five hours In tho
Wal tar I Int only onee previously has he
deigned to no luto tbe wltness box The ocea
i tbtretore was almost unique nnd the
IloI wlp jrs bnva mode the most of It Even
cteicrluthe reporter has been put to
tbt ducrltho rporer
work but as a rule his lucubrations have been
KM readable than the verbatim r ort of tho
It mu < t bo conceded however thnt tho
Prince ot Wales has not striven unduly to give
point to the picturesque chronicler In tho
witness box He very carefully confined himself
111nC1 of questions nnd tho
self to elmplo answering Quoltona Ad
onlr tanclblo peculiarity was his foreign
cMnt which Is nlIIYs moro noticeable whoa
when acent fee isnorvousor angry Except when glv
Ins hi evidence tbo Prinee has occupied a snat
11 the bench to thu left ot Lord Chief Justice
Coleridge and his dcmuro demeanor has been
much commented upon The court has ben
daily CM ccd and brlehtnnod by crowd of pretty
women but Albert Edwards flne fulleres
have rar ly teen cast In their direction Bit I
ting br the side of tho Lord Chief Justice with I
ilovracsrt oree nnd grave visage he has for
hour at a slretch remained motionless the
only dun ol lire bolnc a occasional raising of
tbs rlcht hand to Btroko the short brown
bard The uninformed stranger would never
hate guesott < 1 that the ntald portly baldlsu
eldetly gentleman was the Prince with whose
gallantries rumor has associated some of tho
greatest names In England and who as the
ridenco In this case has shown is accustomed
to carry the implements of gambllngabont with
him as a part of his personal baggage
Polite society ta loudly denouncing the Bo
lidiorGeneral Sir Edward Clarko for bis
tactless stupldltj incompelllng one of the
witnesses to sny that the baccarat counters
uted at Ti anby Crolt were the prh ate proper
trot the Prince ot Wales I had been agreed
among the counsel engaged in the caso that
the Prince was t b let down asllchtly as pos
sible and tlie nsreomenthad bon so faithfully
kf pt that up to the moment thnt tbe Solicitor
Central made bis false step people were under
the Impression that the heir to the
ciowu hud with what Is known a
his customary Krnelousnesft joined In a
littlejtame of baccarat elmplr to oblige
his boteas and to put her moats at their ease
In Ibo rremnce of royalty bat Sir Edward
Clarke evidently irritated b his ill success in
erpj exnmlnlng witnesses for tho defence
ten tji 1lnisy veil aside And now the world
te tat the tam bhnt was actually started
anon tho Princes Initiative and that ho even
supplied some of the Instruments wit full
knowledge that tbe master of the house in
which ha was nn honor eus t objected to
names ot cl ancu being played beneath his
roof Tbo facts were well known in aristo
cratic nclciy but to th world at lareethty
painful revelation
tamo nt a revlation
Tbe Princo of Waless personal friends can
not find words strong enough to express their
difKjst and obtain consolation only in tho
offenders Sir Edward
refection tbit all tbo ofender
Clarke tho chief criminal Blr Charles Russell
who dareil to tnr that no English gentleman
houlJ cure a button for fllty princes where
bit honor is I concerned silly young Stanley
Villson who was so Ignorant of the ways of the
worM aDd so iccardlossof the royal convon
lnt as to kick UP 1 row because ho saw a
llUlefoul play Lyceit Green who Ik the pig
tultd YorLsble man that he I refused to
ilKndlttuo evidence of liisown ores Berk
frLtrctt the youthful Guardsman who to
Ottilellow officer from ruin and the Prince
from dlicomfort would not admit the possi
bility of his having made a mistake host V11
aDlh whole of bis family friends and con
nections nnd all the learned counsel con
cerned In the cnse are of plebeian blood in tbo
Ierhsps this will also account for the peou
Uir Crolt Knob
social manners at Iranbr Crolt
ar the entire house party the Prince earls
General and plebeians men and women
drote over to tbo Doncoater raees do
Toured heavy luncheons drank strong
Ion and bottled beer nnd baked
hones all the afternoon and returned
to Tranby Crott In tbo evening more or less
Marions fir word Clarke more than onco
Kceested that some of the men wera drunk ut
a early stage ot the days proceedings in
which case It I not difficult to under
stand what must have been their
oadltlon when after more aluttonr and
wio bibbing at dinner which lanted over two
lours ther adjourned to another room forthat
Uttle prlrato came of baccarat which 1ms
lee been dracgvd into such cruel publicity
E1 there every encouragomont was glvou 1 to
tOe blbulously Inclined for bottles and do
waters were within reach of every band and
upcllne and smoking welt on unchecked ee 1
w the presence ot ladlas The Prince of Wales
uabeen credited with the refined tastes ol an
English gentleman but neltuor bo nor bis
ompanlons seem to bar taken pains to dls
Way their gentlemanly analitles at Tranby
Colt Possibly the Prince Imagined thoy
would be thrown away upon his lowborn host
Id hostess
Mr Wilson is a man who commencing life
I very humble circumstances his foucht and
conquered fortune br courageous endeavor
anJ Incessant Industry Ills wife belonged to
ue lower middle class and was the4augbler
or I provincial Postmaster when he married
her iollie society hal often wondered how
tbl Prince of Wales came to abed bis royal
uulgenre upon such common people And it
I manelllngstill I current rumor max bo
lrled t Mr Wilsons private banUnir account
count mlcbt supily information which would
lolvo Ibo mystery Less than 1 month
lea It wal reported that the Price o Wales
a oror bead and ears In debt aud that his
oral mother with unexpected generosity
hw extricated him from his troubles Both
latements wore semlofflclally contradicted
W the Illconcealed astonishment of peoplo
Dually coniidoied well Informed In such
lIcatennittHri I fortunate for the Princo
I hi ulliiiis aro uueinburrassod because In
lace 01 tlioso bncciuat disclosures it will be
1Jcull1 not impossible for any Government
1 ask the House ot Commons to Increase his
clal allowance a scheme with which Lord
WJsbnry has been credited
hTho nonconformist coniaelnoe which
It out1 a powerful factor 1 BrttUu
politics Is Already finding voice At the con
foranco ot Welsh Calvlnistlo Mothodlsts which
closed on Thursday this resolution WM passed
unanimously nnd solemnly enter on the
That this mooting loams with regret from
the proceedings In tho High Curt of Justice
that the Prlnoo of Wales took part in a Jam
ot baccarat a Tranby Cot on Bopt 8 last
and gave bis countenance to Rambling In
ono ot Iti Insidious and ruinous forms
by the force ot his example thus en
couraging this vice nmong the people
Wo Would also roepocttully submit to hUlloynl
IIIohncES thnt br oouduct luc as this bo
offends tho religious souse of the people he
drags down the royal house from the high
position in which It has for a lengthened
porlod stood nnd lords to lesson that loving
and Uototed affection to the throne whlon as a
religious body hns ever been nherlshed by us
and we still desire to chorlsh
This resolution vras passed before Sir Ed
ward Clarko hnd elicited the truth as to tho
ownership of the baccarat counters otherwise
the adjective would hmo been much stronger
Other protests are being prepared but most
ot them will bo prudently withhold until not
week when the jury will have PIssed judg
ment on Sir William GordonGumming and
his peculiar play I ia open to argument
whether tho Welsh Methodists have not been
guilty of contempt ot court In formulating
publicly nn opinion In connection with tho
case while In progress
Meanwhile nubile opinion is again being
called to the ovlls of Rambling The London
City Mision which labors chiefly nmong the
very poor of this metropolis sorrowfully ro
portfl today Gambling apoears to hae
greatly increased ot late years In all classes of
Bocirtty It seems to pervade exorr neighbor
hood and the missionaries tosttty to Us oxls I
tonco to nn alnrminc extent among men
women and children They hnvo warnod both
olu and young ngnlnt tlm consoqunncoa of
this vIce mm not nltogother without success
l the missionaries wore to pay a visit some
afternoon to fashionable Bond street ther
would find a woman who professes to toll for
tunes installed In sumptuous rooms which are
crowded dally by men aud women whose
nnmos mny be found In the Court Directory
llnny of tho men doubtless visit the places bo
cnuso tho sibyl Is young and handsome
displays a beautiful pair of bars arms and
casts horoscopes while holding tho inquirers
wrists and uazlnc Into his fioul with a pair of
eyes described as gazolle like But tho
who throng this impudent
women thronl ceorann
icra luxurious lodgings KO there with super
stitious Intent and the impostor bids fair to
have realized a competency before ehe is I laid
by the bees
At Oxford a man hns junt been heavily fined
for tempting undergraduates to bot and the
magisterial investigation proved that gam
bling prevail In the university to a rcandnl
ous oxtent Ministers of all religions denom
inations who ns recorded in Tnu Sux etartud
crusado few months acnlnst gambling
a crusde a ago nlalnst lomblnt
nre appalled by tho accumulating evidence of
tho widespread existence ot the evil nnd tho
variety of Us forms Ther fenr and with rod
reason thnt tho publicity given to tho baccarat
BCnndal will add to tholr difficulties for peoplo
who hao read verbatim reports of tho evi
dence will by thu too b able to plar tho
wicked game and they have also learned
thanks to Mr Stanley Wilson and hlslneenlons
young friends how to Improvise an orthodox
bnccnrat table out of the most unpromising
and homely materials
Kir William GordouCummlna by the way
has authorized a denial which was yesterday
published iu almost ovory newspaper In
Europe of The statement that he is engaged to
Miss Florence Gamer ot New York Neverthe
lops I was only yesterday afternoon tat an
application was made to the Archbishop of
arplcaton mao
Canterbury for a special license for a mural
between Florence Josephine Garner spin
ster and SIr William GordoaCumming
Hurt LloutonantColonel Scot Guards
bachelor of age I I probable that the wed
ding will take place on Monday or Tuesday
It is understood that the marriage ot Mr
Parnell nnd rp OSbea will take place some
tlmo this month and rumor are in circulation
for which there is probably not the least foun
dation that he will signalize the InterrstioK
from public life Politics
occasion by retiring frlm publo Ifo Poltcl
degenerating Into personal
In Ireland are derooeratnt rersonal
squabbles of tho most Ignoble character and
moderate menunbllnded by partisan passions
aro yearning for tbe release of Mr Dillon nnd
Mr Olrlon who It is hoped will lift the na
tional cansu out of the rut into which it has
allowed fall T
been alowed to
Kepeatedeffortshave bon made this week to
obtain a statement respecting the real inten
tions of tbe Government in regard t the free
education scheme but without success and to
judge from the frequent meetings of Ministers
thoy aro unable to make up tholr own mlnJson
the subject Soruo of them Including Mr Smith
tho leader ot tho House of Commons profess
to bellete they can pass tbe Education bill and
ret terminate the cession by the end of July
but that Is nbaurd and as tbe Tories talk of
deserting by wholesale if called upon to remain
ut Westminster after next month it may bo
reasonably assumed tbnt tbe Government will
nt tho most introduce tbe bU nnd then
bang I up until November a couru
lone aco foreshadowed here Borne members
of tbe Government cursed tho hour when Jo
soph Chamberlain induce theoi IJ precious
arguments take the troublosomo business
In bund l ery election fouglit since then hns
demonstiated that as an electoral bribe free
education Is absolutely valueless nnd tlinro Is
cood roiisou to bellovo that It has actually
alienated pome Tory totes Tho tricksters
hat themselves been duped and their race
Is rancorous Indeed against tho Jesuitical
radical renecado who pushed them off tho
puth of poll al probity Mr Chumberjaln
himself Is I much perturbed at his mlsfoa
snnce He really bilietod that floe education
with in
would be a thluc to conjure especially
the rural constituencies nod his unexpected
miscalculation ban distinctly lessened bis In
iluonce Chamberlain attributes tbe failure In
part to tbe unwise rotlcouce observed by tho
Government respecting the details of the
scheme and to tho delay in convincing the
country of the intention of carrying It out br
submitting tbe bU to Parliament Both
mistakes are to ba tardily rectified on Mon
day when Mr GoFcbeo will introduce the bill
In the House of Commons
Mr Glsdatone who has been restored to his
usual health loft Hnwarden today for Lon
don and will be In his place ready to blesi or
curse the meusuie UH Its merits or faults mar
The unexpected announcement by Mr Bal
fotir nt n meeting of Tory women that ho
proposed to auspeud llie operation nf the Coercion
Iropoaed Iut oflielandls
ercion laws over the greater part IuJand
everywhere considered another proof ol the
near approach of tba general election It has
been followed by suspicious activity a tbe
electoral headnuurtern of tbe Tory and Liberal
Unionist parties and tbrro would be justifica
tion for the confident prediction a to tbe data
oftheuppoal to the country but for the sound
drubbings administered to the Government at
tbe recent contested elections To the out
eldo obneior such convincing proof has of late
been glion of tlio Liberal rally that It would
be folly allloil to mn InofH for th Goernment
to tllssMvo Parliament 0110 moment before the
dny upon which ll muitt loziilly die Jut the
Influential fiiend oC thu proseut administra
tion constant urge Immediate nctlou on the
ground that the parly will fare worse the
longer the struggle Is delayed
A great meeting ot omnibus men Is to h held
durlDR the email hours of tomorrow wornlnit
to decide whether or not they shall strike
work The malcontents are chiefly in the
ftervleo of the London General Omnibus Com
pany which own 873 passenger vehicles and
10000 horses and gives employment to 0000
mon Ostensibly the strike is for twelve hours
a day but In reality I has bsen caused by th
decision of tbe company to Introduce the ticket
system Heretofore there has been no check on
faros raid to the conductors who In
conspiracy with tbo drivers and with
the connivance of the company itself have
supplemented low wnttes br pllterlnc to tho
extent It Is estimated of ten shillings per
omnibus per day The company was aatlslled
so long ns eaeh vehicle earned what was con
sidered a fair average amount and tbe men
were content with Ionic hours because tho
longer they worked tho more money they
earned The change la the management of
the company has been quickly followed br a
decision to enforce a less demoralizing system
ot working The conductors receipts are to be
checked by compelling thorn to give 1 ticket
for every fare received but In return tho
wages have been Increased all round nnd tbo
company promises gradually to reduce tl e
hours of labor which at present average four
teen cor day Henceforth drivers are to re
ceive seen shillings per day conductors five
hillings and stablektepers four shillings
rates which are far bond any paid
for other unskilled labor in this hemi
sphere The Increase will COlt tllU
yearly but tho company hopes to recoup
itself hy the diminution In the pilfering which
will follow the introduction ot the ticket sys
tem The prospects are not bright for tho
men Tho tnrtns offered by the company will
attract plenty o scabs who can drive a pair of
horses and more than enough lon qualified
conductors and stablemen It police
to act as conduotorl Itablemen I polco
protection bo Riven to theso men as tho Com
missioner ha promised tho strike will fnll
The strikers aro not In n position to carry on
the struggle louc They nre Imperfectly or
ganized thoy bare scarcely any funds nnd
their leader Is 0 briefless barrister devoid ot
organizingability windbag and little bator than 1
The strike of the Eat End fort tallots
against the sweating system has collapsed
owing to the mismanagement ot a few Soolal
l ts who exploited it for their own ends aud
Ilk of money aDd organisation The move
ment was In truth farcical from Ilio com
mencement and foredoomed tho failure
The strike and lockout In tbo London build
Ing trade continue wit little immediate
prospect of settlement
Several demonstrations against a months
shutdown in the tin plates trade wore held in
south Wales today and n great mass meeting
for the came purpose will take place
in tho Swansea Valley on next Satur
day but the manufacturers have sent
out tho necessary notices to the men
and there is no reason to suppose their decision
will b reversed or modified The agents of an
alleged American syndicate are suid to have
engaged n number of tho most skilful and
trustworthy work men to goto Chicago to as
sist In the establishment of tin pato works in
tbat city and tbe Welsh nowspapors in men
tioning tho fact appeal to the employers by I
timely concessions to avoid the wholesale ex
patriation ot their best mon Welsh stool mas
ters following the example of tbe makers in
the north ot England and Scotland have Ion
notice to reduce wases owing to tbe threat
ened withdrawal of steel bar making which
ther say is the onlr profitable business left to
them and which will bo stopped at least 1
month nnd probably longer owing to the action
tion of the tin plate maker
Tbe Cltr of Paris broueK a numbVr of well
known people to Liverpool on Wednesday
and most of tom spent the best part of their
frat night in London driving abut town in
cabs looking for hotel accommodations The
dramatic world was well represented on tbe
passenger lst Among these r Frank W
Saucer Anson Pond A H Candy manager ot
Frank Wilsons company Louis Baker Kalpti
Delmore Mnrcus Mayer Charles N Schroeder
Agnes Huntlngton Helen Banciott Kettle
Lyford and Kay Douglasa Among others
F Oebll
were Ellery O Anderson Tlioman hl
tree Ferdinand Gottschalk Johu W llackay
Jr T H Kelly James Whltcomb lUley Court
ney Thorpe and Edgar L Wakeman Other
nc arrivals in London Aro Lawrence Hut
ton and A P Burbank whom Mr Bill Nre tho
Western philosopher In n letter to n friend In
troduces ns My associate in holding up tho
American since otherwise 1 cood pure man
and full of entertainment for man and beat
An Incldtnt ot tho arrival of John W
Mackay Jr in London Is Interesting His
mother who was anxiously expecting news of
bis arrival on Wednesday went to the Queens
Etato ball leaving word that any telegram announcing
nouncing his safety or otherwise should be
sent on to her Young Mackay telegraphed
from Liverpool and the despatch wan nt onco
lent to Buckingham Palaco arriving just ns
tbe festivities were at their height The Lord
Chamberlain imagining naturally enough
that tbe telegram contained some news of Ital
Importance took I Into his own august hands
nnd searched frantically for Mrs Mnckay to
Trliom ha delivered It with much ceremony bo
fore the assembled multitude
Mra Alice Shaw the American whistler has
returned from her four months trip in Hussla
alter a highly successful tour She will give
one coucert In London and then go for nn extended
tended tour on the Continent In tho fnll she
returns to llucsla for four months by way ot
Constantinople where sho will appear before
tho Sultan
Clmrlea Frohman sailed for New York on the
today after accomplishing
Fnritt lllsmarck aler I
much business in Europo Aside from his con I
tract with Sardou ho has engaged A
DI lon tlie author of Mr Wilkinsons I
Widows anil The Candidate to write
n comedy for John Drew conjointly with
Dr Bill Ho has
tho author of Di hRI
nUo f couved BiFson new play written for the
Vaudeville in Paris Mies Plowsday and Miss
JohnstoneBennett who aro to take the leading
which Freeman
ing femnle parts In Jane
will produce nt tbe Madison Square Theatre
in August and who have been studying their
parts nt the original performance at the
Comedy Theatre here also tailed on the
Ftlrst Bismarck
Our Ministers to Russia and the Netherlands
respectively Charles Emory Smith and R C
themselves In
Tnayer ha > e been enjoying themlelve
London this week They were both at the I
state concert at Buckingham Pnlnce as were
also Minister Lincoln end Mrs and MUs Lin I
coln Mr nnd Mrs Henry White Mr And Mrs
llobert McCormick Major Post military at
tochti to tie Ideation and Commnnder o Emory u
naval attache cant nnu wre utio u uom
United Btatca military attach nt Vienna
Lieut Ishnm and Miss Frances Isbam
Mr and Mrs Ilealnald de Koven and Mrs
aud Miss Letter the last six of Chicago On
Thursday Mlnistois Smith and Thayer were at
Minister Lincolns dinner and so were Col
John Hay and a lot of the British aristocracy
and nobility aud tonlcht both dined at the
btar and Garter Itlcbmond at the dinner
hen to W E Llttlejobn ot Philadelphia
W A IJuckler of Baltimore a B A ot Trlnltr
in class
College Cambridge stands second I
of 17 In the law tripos ot Cambridge
As usual on Saturday business hal been dull
on the Htoek Exchange There is no further
deelinn In tbo quotutlons for mon > Consol
continue to show firmness and tue premiums
on the JnJIon luuu I maintained
Tho changes In Americana were Insignifi
cant but the feature iu American securities
I was the firmness of Wabash debentures
l Itedooed i te are ma < 1 a at Uotel Uarnwromh for
nmerpMiane Aneilota ali llnjoptao vUuuann I
JE tr MTfc Incav Cola E 4 I
I Our trade Dark on Jour cola or cuffi denatet pet
olfl alig iiDsriorlur or ill all ouUX 4 I
nis 10x0 srnvaaTE nxnrn AT toils
TTneossclon All nnyanrt for Ilonrs 3Rx
Al DaS ane f F
peed to Din nt Anr Moment His Be
marknble Vitality A KkeUli of tho Ca
reer orCmtdnN Greatest htntedmnn
OTTAWA Juno rSlr John Macdonald died
at 1016 oclock tonight Ho had boon hover
ing on the brink of denth nil dny Tho lower
part of his los bad been perfectly numb slrco
yesterday nnd todny be wnn unconscious
7or sornn hours it was expected thnt ovorr
minute would bo bis last
Sir John Alexander Mncdonald O 0 I 1
C It 1 O 1 U 1 Premier of tho Govern
ment ot the Dominion l ol Cntmdn wnn boru In
Glasgow bcotland on Juno 1 181Ti When III
oil bis emigrated
wnsoboutC cnri 01 parents emllrnled
toCnnuda nnd settled nt Kingston Ontnuo
After 11 abort residence thor tho fimily moved
toPlUou n town further west Icmvlnc John
Alexnnder then In bin teen nt Kingston
nttend the Itoynl Grammar Sotionl There he
received his education lln was OUIgont ut liin
uUulleH and wa admitted to the bar
ntthentce of 31 He imniftrtliitoly opened nil
oflku In Kingston nud followed his t > rofesnlon
with mieioss for nbout Iho Mnrs before bo bo
snutoturn his nttuntlon to nollllis Il wu <
retained in all tlie Important cass bionxht
Into tlipcuurw In thnt pnrtoftho countiy
Shortly nttcr tho Canadian rebellion tie suc
cessfully dofenilo I n bard ff nbjut bOO lebels
who had nttucked the Kingston unrrlson 1C
was wullo prnutlNing in Kingston that
wa won the distinction or balng tho
crentit constitutional lawyer In labniln
n distinction which was his to tho In t
In 1841 h > IHst entnrul politics and In Ml
wns elected niomberof Iarllaim tit I or many
years he represented Kingston as n Conserva
tive Ho wvs appointed nmomtxrof the Ix
ecutlvo Council ami ItecelverUonornl in May
1817 and at tho end nt thcsnrno yeiirhe hold
thl 181 olllco of Commissioner of Crown arids
lor the next ten nr llfteen years ho was ro
turnerl to Parliament
In July 1K < > Mr Mardonald wns appointed
Minister ot Mllltin for tlm second time which
oillee ho held together with thnt of Attorno
I Guneinl 01 Upper Can ad until tluicnutiuUra
ton of tho Canadian provinces the Dominion
Mr Mncdonald was chiefly Instrumental In
bringing about conu > Jointi n of the provinces
ot Jiritlsh North America Ho was chairman
of the Colonial Conference in London Eng
land In IHixoT when the lrllt h Noitli Amcr
inn act was paued by tbo Lnulish House ot
Commons on July 1 IMiiT
Mr Macdunnlil wascnlled upon to form the
first Government for the new Dominion all
wns sworn In by tlm Eng iflh Privy oiincll nnd
appointed AttornoyGcneinl and Minister of
Justice of Canada an oftlcs which ht con
tinued to hold until he nnd bis Ministry 10
slgnndon the Cnnndlun Pacific Itallwnr scandal
iu November 1H7I It I wns charged tbat
SSOOUOO hnd boon advanced to Mr Alacdonnld
SqoOW Huge Alan < and oChiango banker
named HmTih to be used In seearlnir
the releotlon of his tmrty on tho un
derstanding that the Government would
Brant a monopoly to tho Canadian Pa
cific Hallway Tills ncroemnnt it was
stated Mr Mncdonald hud failed to carry out
although the tlOtluuo had leon u Minced to
Mncdonald Mm This Government scnndnl led to tbe downfall ot tbe
In 1811 Mr Mncdonnlil wns one of her llnies
tys joint high Coniinlcsioneri < nud plenipoten
tiaries to act In connection with tlie Commis
sioners niipolnted by tho Piesldent ot tbe
D nltcd States tor t be settU ment of the Alabama
clulms reaultlnc In the tienty of v Hslilngtuo Iu
Mnt 1871 In October 1H7H on the fnll of the
leform Government Mr Macdonald was in
trusted with the task of forming n new ad
ministration taking upon himself the position
of Minister of tll Interior I and Premier of tba
Dominion Tlie latter olllco be continued to
hold uptohl dnth Hn was Instrumental In
Kettlnctho Canadian Inclllo liallwny rrojeot
pushed through granting It larso sums ot
mone out of the public funds eons to Insure
Itn cotnp etlonln 1KS >
fl 1M > 5 Mi Macdonald iccoived tlie hon
orary dosre3 of D C L from tho University nf
Oxford nuil In 1H 1 Ij ho wae madoa K 0 l In
1872 be wns mniio H knluht or thn Grnnd Cross
01 the Uurul Order nf Isibel tbo CatLioli of
Npnln Ono of his latest honors was that of
G c K This Ufa deacemlx to his son
Sir John Muod nalils lecWatlvo record is
long nnd mostly creditable Among tlm
most Important measures for which ho
bore the responsibility were tho Improve
ment of be criminal laws of Canada
the consolidation of tho statutes thn ex
tension ot the municipal nvstern mllttaiy
organization tne ostntillthment of direct mall
communication with Luiono tho inspection
of reformatories iirleouH ponltentlario nnd
nsvlums the lenrcunbutloa < the < hll ser
vice on 1 i > rmnnout bniU tlio conduction
ol tho Intelcolouiil and tbo Canadian Vicilln
railways the enlargement of the cnualn tbo
extension ot thftfiaimliiHa the ratllkiitlon of
consolidation tlio Washington ol tho tieiiy Dominion tho extension < nd
He lias often heeu called Canadas greatest
mlltlciau ami I he doubtless montod tbe nami
He was bold ambitious und nudiclous In his
polio Ho wis I bnrn wire puller nnd was
unmatched as an electlonotring ngcnt Ha
VMIH not iVcrfleiiHMilouti nn to tlio method be
adopted DO lung IM thev led l to victory Ills
rarfpr wns dominated br I u iloslro to give
Canada nn Independent policy nnd to promote
tto lmi > nrinl inteieslH of dront unrt Grflater
rltnln Pn long ns tho pursuit of theM object
did not jeopanllo Ills i linncc of miectps for
his main oujoet VVIH to nlvMiyrf rnnmin in oince
Mr Jolm was ready in public tpdooti Ho
I cotillal wldn of
lial nn onen clnUol maunnr I wltn rmgp <
InformiitloD and nn amazing memory for
tnces o one ever nrnused him of economy
In hi private or publlp 111 l
Iteceatty It Is sold l John came under ro
llslous Influent es to which he ha I boon n
Btmneor homn Ottawa levhnllMs euictil
with him a cbanca ot heart He had always
observed IU In his private relations thobtrletoil t
iliern does not exist In Hunailft n man he
iinld while defending hlmnilf In 1arllament In
1H71 who haii glvou mom of his time moie
of his heart moio ol his liPiilth or more
of his Intellect nnd powers mich NH tlmy maybe
Ils Intelpct nnl this Dominion of Canaan
be for tba lod 01 Domllion Cntlru
Sir John llvfd at J nrnsjliru In Ottawa
where his short bent form and Disraelilike
face were well known to every one
Dcntb of the Iter Dr Jlrrrj
Asnurr PAUK Juno GWhpl the business
session ot tbo General Synod of tbe lleformed
Church in America opened this moraine the
Rev Dr Corwln who wnn ol ctrl Wpdnnndnv
to succeed the Rev Dr Jnmos lloiueyn Brrry
ns President of tho Mnod iiniiniinveUvvltli
tluod wih
emotion tno sudilen iloiith of tbo latter < Kveo
lutlont of regret were MISSO I
Dr Rorry died last nluhtof heart failure
mused by n full tluoe vvocks ngont hihome
He wn Cl vear old und he Innvvs n
wlennil fonrchllrltfln He pronchod t ihn nn
fOlr 10
nual mtmon chlrln thn ynocl ou Tuesday
evening lnon imrtlplpnted Iu ihu buslnrss of I
Thuruduy He us born in
Hackcnsack thnt body up to lUrHdl Jl 111
CbMCnofTlme on Ion = Ilnud nnllronrt
Tha aumme cha1ul of tulu onl Lonl
rc Wr I ruo 10 8a nar
bor 04 IhlalploD ou IUrda d nIOOO Jln13
D lteWID r flru e Ino
10 wllh Ih raUrod e r M
Jua II lallo hn rd 1 mor
comlodluu 101
tno upr rrolo urlponm ruo tlr 111 Ille
lOor maUnl Olo IUI < lou tour ulomtlc air paar blol
Yfi J1 f QT rrr f
vlca m b 101 Irull hnlrvI
0111 nlr
TI I I loc
hu DI wIIIC pm or M
11 ULr Iw r cuuplln ni ILA COl
t I or fnrtlT 0110111101 l 0 time Ublrt which inar be
hail klien iMieil nt Hi oltowinit oif c < ur ih com
hAl Ixjur ln n < t City loot Fan Tnlrir fourth >
Inoi IJ nf i bamUeri I > t IIW n IOJ IrIr anil IIt I i
Hroailway inVrooklrn at U tbu h n kraultlln a
and EMI Hen Toik nilom lac
Sttr nnaband Snrn I Trn on Incident of
Her Elopement with HI Conaln
Mr Maria Daniels Is a goodlooking woman
whom rou would hardly take to be S3 years
old though thnt is what she says her lels
Her homo nt present is with her mother Ilrs
FrancO Kchwenck nt 103 lAt Third street
Bho has 0 husband Frederick Daniels n nntty
1 oung man who resides nt 333 West Fortyfirst
street and Is employed at Dockers plnno fac
tory In West Thirtyfifth street Daniels and
MmlaSchwenck wore mnrrlca In 1882 in Ger i
many nnd came to this country abut fro
jearsaco Tney havo no children Those nnd I
other Interesting facts oamo out In a trial in
Civil Justice Jorolomans court yesterday
Daniels sued his wife nnd Frederick Becker
to recover 210 worth of household goods nnd
money which he nllegod thor had stolen from
him on Nov 15 last Lawyer August P Wag
ener for the husband said to the Justice that
tbo theft oomplnlneil of wus hut nn Incident ot
nn elopement Decker is a cousin of Daniels
and boarded with tho latter nnd his pretty
wife On the dato named the wlfo loft her
homo nnil the nnmel dtHui > iienr d nnd
llecKor hnd gone n day or two ahead Ho could I
not be found tosoive him with n summons so
bo wnn not In court lJut the vlfo was thoro to
answer nnyijuestlonsthat might bo n kerl her
When mi tho evening of Nov li DunloiH
renilutl his home his room wore almost
omiity ninl he round this loiter in Gorman
stuck up against t ba u nil
NEW rom Kov 151800
An it IB Impossible for 10 to lire with yon
I I will now address my last writing to you I
will be hnppy wuen 1 have vou no longer bn
fore me Ijeeaue you caunol support n wife
anyhow nnd hivo actoil menucrtban a boarder
would Henoclortn you can otay with > our
sister for w thout tho knowledge of my moth
er or nnv other poison 1 have gone Into 1
plneo iis hou okeener where I am treated err
well Iho J15 you promised mo this month
you cnn Jlvo tl yourMstir ot Perhaps she will
b satlsllud with It I am not satlstlwl
That wns tho third time Daniels said thnt
his wlf > had left him trl this tlmo she had
tnlen nm furniture und t > U of hU money and
ho hnd not eon her 10 speak to her since
This littler also written In German was not
Admitted In evidence bocauno its authorship
wn not proved nnd tho wlfo sworo that nlie
hiu novor received It Tho husband snld he
hnd fount it one day thrust nuder his door
JJrtovju MIIUYoU must Imvo heard
that 1 left my iilnce in the snloon Tho follow
ing dny 1 got another rnttncemont f waited
for you cngerly the whole day louc but you
probanly lost my prettont nddro lie so good
1110 como nn Hnturdny or Suiulny IN
will wait for you und wo will no to n bal for n
whllo tocothor Inl thnuiand limps 1 greet
you My nddreos iBii First nvonue on the
coiner lourtncero lovnr
oDOn HniL
Mrn Daniels sntd sho knew no person of the
nnm 01 loll In roply to an inquiry hy Law
yer nwnnr whether tint was not a namo by
which Docker went bhe sad sho did not kno v
AH to thu furniture fill swore that almost
everything she took was her our having been
either brought oer by hr Irom Germany or
received an 11ent from r ople hero whom
slio knew She denied that Becker helped nor
to move or that she had on him lately or
knew wheie ho WR or that she had taken flJ
or any money nt all of her husbands All she
had when Abl lolt was 17 hor own
Judge Jorolomannsorua his decision
Sir rnlr Fond Another TVomnn LhlOI
Mlth Him In tVllllum buran
Mr Henrietta Lutz of 470 East Seventy
fourth street applied to Justice Goettlnc In the
Leo avenue Police Court In Brooklyn yestedny
for a warrant for tho arrest of her uusband
GOo Lutz who Is living nt 138 Ton Eyck street
Wlllinmsburgb Bho said thnt In February she
caused her husbands arrest frr threatening to
leave hir but withdrew the charge when he
prom bod to do better and take heron 1 trip to
Germany They went to Germany nhe to
Hamburg he to FrankfortontheMain She
learned in Hamburg tbat hor husb nd was
married to another woman In Frankfort and
wnt there to investigate
Bho lounil that lie hnd cnne to Austria
with a woman und Bho returned to ber parents
in llamburc Last month she received a letter
diitml Uiooklyn ami signed by ber husband
nsklnubor to letnru to America bhe did re
turn nnd at tho Ten Kyck street house found
n woman who sutd Bhe wns Mr Lutz nnd
that she bad murrlod Lutz In Kiankfon
Justice Goatling nunmoned Mr Lutz to ox
plain matters tomorrow
A Mother of 14 Chtlilrrn Sa y tltr ITa
band Look for Men Vnder tile Bed
The suit of Margaret T Ilelllr for a separa
tion from Philip J Itellly on the ground ot
cruelty VTUS called 10 the attention of Judge
Van Wyck In tbe City Cour Drookhn io tor
day on a motion for 50 a weak alimony and
an allownnco oU50 counsel feo Judge Van
Wick slid he would try tho cnso soon and
deter the aupstiou ofallmonv until then
< Mr llellly is I a wealthy mnniitai luierof awn
ingn and his wife H lrh his income Is tlllOftO 0
year Tho imrtle < tiavo been married twenty
BT years and have hnd fmirleon eiilldr ii
Mrs Itellly say her husband comes homo nt
unseemly hour nnd fearehes tno house for
men On one occasion she alleges hn broke
into her room at J oclock In tho morning nnd
his eldest lon held a rev olver while ho searched
under the bed and In closets for n man Mrs
Noilly left hr husband i nd now lives with her
daughter The defendant owns race horses
JFtve Hiibwar Mnlinle Coyer iTump Vp
nnd JPrure If
The Department of Public Works Is repaying
Chaiuberc stroat botwcoa Greenwich and Wost
etreetn The old lavomont has been torn tip
arid therefore there Is little trnfllo on the
etreet Yonterdnr rooming two men in the
iraploy of the hubwnv Company isitod tills
point to Bee I tho wire wore all right One of
them said tbnt thera wns RIH in tie subway
tho other maintained IR cnmo fr > m tho
newnr To test Ibo nunsilim tho llrst mnn
lirlit d n iilo < ot imnnrnrd put It Into Uio
sutinny inanholeit the comer of uashmgton
ami Chambeia HI roots
Jlo WIIH right m Ills opinion Thoro was n
putt of Hume and in mien osxion HIM cover of
ovoty manholn alone Clinml oi street to West
Btreit was lifted out of jilacu Thorn wore flvo
of thrm Iu the aftpriuHU lon vruro nt work
endeavoring to find tho luul lu tho uiis muln
Accimttd by Ilia Ditiialiter
Charles Heumann 33 years old nf Mnttn
won N J was nrroBtod e terdny In Matta
wnn by Detectives Von Gorlchten nndTrnlnor
of the District Attorney oftlco on n charge
of auMiiiltluK Ms I3veitrod iliinchter Lib
while ho lived In Willott street iu thin cits
Tue 80clotr for the Prevention of Cruelty to
Children bait the rare thn complaint being
made by tho elrl henelf tlirnnch relative 1
thin city with whom hht Iu IlviiiL Iteumnnn
Is a plnno puilanei imd I nldower with two
ilaucbtoirt nuil two sons Hn donloa tlio
ibnrge nnd aurs that his wifes relatives have
ciinsiilr d iiBHlnst him H vvns taken before
Chief Clerk hpurks In the Dltricc tone 1
otllce und was cent to he Tombs without ball
Mude Innnne by Dcilroylna nlrIUr
DBAVEII FALIS Pa June G Walter Sanders
13 years old nud son of a former llvlcc about
four mlB east of bore has become Insane
On Tuesday lio wan cent luto the orchard to
dentjoy tho catci pillars nnd their nests Infest
ing the trees He ui > cd paper kerosene oil
unit matches The boy rapor tno work for
Hovrral lioiiie nnd Hie cuteiplllars would fre
quently fall til on him In the course nf tbe
ntternoon ho UOI tnlienwllb violent nnusoa
11 wlh
und atnlulit his patents wore aroused by tils
moans They found him loaning wildly erring
that the worms wereoatlna him ana be bex
aad them to tako them off A phslolan was
jiastlly summoned who by a hypodermic in
jeotion succeeded In imletlng the lad but
othei similar attack follovvad And the doctor
eays luiu h wi liar I hlo to be wnt to A Inuane asy
HIt Dully TrnlKi < o fltlenao
Comnienelnir Hmntar June 7 III New York Central
Clmllncn ually train tetr urk to 1liOIU aiivl
TniViA M ThetnleniioUiiilHJ due atUV nut
Ilomli II t U Tlie Pay Kxrrtii due tin nest alter
I in 1 I M I miihwtteru and Ctilc < o Jlmlt 4
Vv > KVi4lhriie U llsd da 400 1 M
0ituuMrxi 1 utWeiletn Eipriu dot BOO rIt
It U M HUbt Ezpreaa Jneaecondmofntoi
Kuperb QOlpmiul on all tbeie iratni and all Jear
I aranl CtauaTIllation tbe very r ot rldo Jito
Mr Bnrllne Ilm In it Ito for ElCTen
Hour Before h JDtcfi
Asnunr PXHK June C nicbnrd S Bartlne
tlio Asburr Park lawyer who had been sutler
ing since Tuesday from hydrophobia caused
br the bite ot neat last September died this
afternoon n his homa in Loch Arbour nt U 55
oclock Ho was unconscious for eleven hours
before his death
From tho tlmo tho symptoms ot hydrophobia
developed themselves Mi llnrtlno wns at
I tended almost constantly by his betrothed
I wife Mrs Dr Ella PrentUs Uphain ot Fourth
avenue Asbnry Par It
A few minutes before 4 oclock this morning
Mrs Ucham sought muchnocded rest upon a I
lounge In nn adjoining room Mr Dartlno nns I
then Rleonlng quietly and the Vnn Brunt
brothers the two life onvors wore on guard
near the bed
Mm Upham had fnllon Into n light dlnmbor
when fho was nn aliened by a torilble scream
from tho sick lRD Bhe ran Into the rom nnd
found the two guards holding Mr Bartlna I
Ho wns twisting and struggling In nn un I
usually severe sraim An tho two strong men
held him down on the bed Mrs Upham cavo
him two hypodermic injections of morphine i
In a few moments tho drugtook effect and
tho convulsions ceaed
Mr Bnrtlne looked ut > into the face ot Mrs
Upbam nnd recognizing her said
Ella I will try to keep quiet
Ho then fell luto a stupor which lasted up to
tho ttmo of his death He moaned however
at frequent Intervals during the day and there
wore constnnt spasmodic contractions of hU
Last night nlro when ho recovered from a
very sever spitsm Mrs Uphnm whom ho
recognized snld to him Now try and keep
Quiet you must bo oulet
Keep quiet keep nulut fnlcl tlio f Ick mnn
why Illa sou might us well tell Vesuvius to
keop iiulot Hut I will try huid
Tho ln t uoutlshnunt tnken by Mr
Bnrtlno wns glvnn him enny last oven
Ing by Mrs Uplmm It wns u llttlo
bmndy In mill lth gient olfort ho
inannKcd to nwnllowtwo tenspoonfnls ho then
fell into n sound sleep which lasted nearly nn
hour Ho nwoko In u torrldo spell and was
quieted with unreMlcp
Mr Bnrtino vng n member of the First Motli
odlst Church of Ahbui y IarK ot which tho llev
John Handlev is the pastor Mr llandlny
called to BOO Mr Dartino lain yesterday after
no n Hbortly after tho inttor had iiulotoil down
from nn attack Tho pick mau recounted him
and croeted him by name
ion muR uot come near me Balil Mr Dar
tlno because I am dangerous
Oh I nm not ofruld of you roplleJ the
Aboun 11 oclock this morning thero wns n
marked change Tbe fncn turne I nn nshon
color nnd tho eyes which were deeply sunken
looked as If thor woro covered with a Him
The patlont lay in i stupor and was MUlot
with the oxceptlon of alight moans and tlio
frequent twitching of mnseles Dr Kinmoutli
coincided n ltd Dr Chabert formerly of lel
lovue HoHoltnl In the opinion that death would
soon come
When DrJohnson returned to the house
between i and 3 o clock this nfternoon tho
patient wns under tuo nrreot of the nnrcolcn
administered to ease bin pain and keep him
quiet Dr Johnson xntd ho vvai sinking fust
About a hall nn hour utter IJr Johnson
ptnrtod to call on anothet patient Mr JUurtine
plchtly turned on his bed Ho ua pad once t > r
twice his throat rattled nnd then with n
Mlchtly convulsive movement hU limbs
straightened o tlndoath
Although the members of thn family had
been expecting bin death their grief when t e
end finally came wns heartrending U IB four
daughters Kittle Mnr Kiln anil Loulsn brokn
completely down nnd erled blitnrlv for several
hours us did his twoslstars and Mrs Upham
The first intimation or tbe encasement e
iBtlnn lietween Mrs Upham nnd the dead mnn
wns mad known to the pnblln this evening
Tun couple wci e to have been married HOOD
Mrs Uphnm is n young woman bhn stndlel
meilfelne after tbe death of tier first husband
nnd has practised her profession forseteiul
Mr Ilartlno wan slrk four days it is n coin
cidence that hlHWle died thteeyeirsaen aft r
an Illness of four dya at llvo mlnute of y one
Hnturday morning Mr Bnrtlno died at five
No nrranenment have yet been made for the
fnntonl Tbn physlptans who attended Mr
Dnrtlnn denied tonlcht n publiahrd report
that InhUdulirium he had mewed and bpat
like a cat
Inoculated hy Dr Olhlcr nnd Out of Dan
CtrXow Mo Think
Tbo story of the sufferings of Lawyer ItMiard
B Bartlne of Asbury Park in consequence of
a cat bite makett especially interesting tho
fact that since last Tuesday week Dr Oibier
of tho Pasteur Institute in thin city hns been
treating two children from Mnrymnd for
dangerous cat bltei 1 he details of the n ouud
lugof the children nre given as folows iu tho
Havre do Grace Jtepublnam
A Mr Dtmnis with his wife nnd tvrj chil
dren lives on Albert Wilkinsons fnrm nenr
Onrlnnd At 530oclock rn the evening uf
May n cnc belonging to Mrs Dennis bit her
youngest child on the loir and then sprang
llercelv at tLo other fastening Its fnncs in
the child flosti so tightly that its jnwn had
to be pried apart before it loosened Us
hold The cnt wns not known to liavo
I ben bltton by nny rnbfd animal but it
hnd been pick for sovcrnl dnvn hoon after blt
inc the children Itvrn killed InMr Wilkinson
nnd an examination showed u wound upon UK
shoulder ne If made by the tenth of omn othi r
nnlmal Di II Whitelord of Daillngton via
euiled to > oo tbn chlldron whoso names nre
° H leLtliel Uounln ngod H yuum and Jnmes
Mitchell Dennis iced u 5earn Ho took eront
interest In their utses and fearing hidio
phobn he and Mr Qeorgn It Stfinhenson
raised over 100 in tbo neighborhood to i iy
the expense of tnklng tho children to Now Yorlc
for troatment Inet week tbe wounds made by
tho cat bad honied so nicely thnt foniecom ern
inc them were nllavod nnil It wna determined 10
return the money to thedopoix This wool
honover Inflammation Ret in and tho symp
toms boeniio KO alnrminc that prompt mea
iiroHwuiedeoineilnoieNnaiynnd r UillelcnI
took th > i children 10 low iir for treatment
at Dr Pnul dlllnr Inctni loto al In < titut
hnti r Mit oul proncht tin chlldron ir >
tlili city tin placed them with iitamlh llvinit In
Fdurtoonth dlreet Jlioy vl H li Glliler f ory
< lav H ha < given llioni nl out twonty inocu
lations alroulv nnd snyn ho ill clvo about tnn
morn If their proent lav tulilo Hymptoms
continue h thinks they will I lull be able to r
ti rn homo with oveir nssutnii < > > of Ritfoty
Whnn the children llr t cnriu to him Dr
ilblersalilbe considered the cave a serious
on tun there wns navr no lenson touppio
htind uny Uunuorous roiieerjnonces
Mr TVIIIIr A Oreen Hud Only Oft Week
nnd WIIB About ta Jct Mnrrlvd
Trousers worth 100 bad boon stolon within
a month from tbe stole of tbe Brooklyn
Tnnsers Company at 223 Myrtle avenue
Brooklyn nnd Aaron Ilalneit ono of tho mem
bers of tbe llrm reported tho uiator to tho
polce DeteUlvu Prlco took Wilinm A Green
a clerk beloro Jiisilco Wnlsb yesterday on n
chnrca of stuullng tho garmonts IndreenH
pockets worn found ten pnvn tickets ropre
Eeniifg fume of tlie stolon property Tbo Ind
nl o hn I ii lot of Invt tlons iunouncliig tlm
Mr VlllloA Gieuwnit to ut married to
Mies LvUlit Dullard nt tilt resMomc of tlm
bridesIrurents lib uvcily uvunuu on Juno
if nt b t U
lie plea lud not guilty Iu court but lie altr
wind nail TliU mnn llalnts VV R only ti
Ingmof nwunk and I a intlnc lvO fcr
board 1 mlcit hai > tukn uomo clothing but
would baviletutned It iiltet my marinLV 1
had to Uo BomolliluK to salsa uudu fui tho
H rtozai Toivn Collretor n Jlcrunlter
BinATOdi June C A defalcation of 3582
has been found in tbo aicouuts of Miihanl
Hoire Collector of the tovvnof Harntogit with
the Treasurer nf tho county He has turned
over to County Treasurer Modberry all the
funds In bis possession und lus made assign
ment of his property to Ills donilsmon who
have letllued Jnduo C t Lubitr to nut for
Tlm troubt seems to ham grown put of
Hnwesi on union oineiMiunii lie nivlni mixed
I he pii ullu nnmtiys with hl owu nnil iiitud them
In Ms private buslnniH under tho Impression
as he says tbat thero would be no call for
money before September and that by tin t
time be could be prepared toproduce the
funds Howes bondsmen are substantial mou
and U la thought tbe county will not Buffer
The Mayor of rhltndelphlit A kn the IPr
Ident Co ItfRln nn Inveitlaatlon Into < h
TrcnsurTit Action In the Notorious
FiillnreTliB Comptroller of the Car
rener Itecelrc n BnrprlalnB Ken eil
nr Letter From tho Dnnk Ksitmlner
s Juno 6 President Harrison
hns boon requested formally br tho Mayor ot
FuIUdrlpbla to cause an Investigation to b
mndo of tbe fncts relttlna to tho closing of the
Keystone National Bunk of Philadelphia and
hns i romlsod to consult with Becrntary Foster
Many citizens of Phlladolphlaund of tbocotm
try liav o n belief that PostmasterGeneral Wan
nnmalcor was a heav y borrower from President
Mnrsh nftor tho Insolvency ot the bank had
booomo known and tho delay In closlae the
bnnlc was owing to Mr Wnnamnkcrs desire
to cover up his tracks through Influence with
the Harrison Administration Ho has refused
to mnko any stutomont ot his relationship to
tho nnuk beyond expressing to a newspaper
reporter the hope that Treasurer Bardsler
would tell nil ho knows
An Intimate friend of Mr Wanamaker bow
oot lias miulo n statement In his behalf to th
effect tbat Mr Wannmaker has not borrowed
tlQUOOO ot tho Keystone Bank in five
yearn and that his rotations with Bank
rcamlnor Drow aro not nnd never hav
been ot n nature to warrant tbo exam
Inur in violating his duty to terve Mr
Waimmakorp interests tbe Investigation
will probably reveal that there wns pom
rimonllty which oeuitrod after the bank went
into tho bunds of tne nuent of the Tiensurr
Comptroller of tho Currency Laces In the
two or threo statements that ho basclvento
the public seems 10 liavo cleared himself of
tbo cliurco ot liavlni dolnvod tlie closing of
tbo lunk ono day beyond the date when U
should linvo been ulosod under the law
homo one In Philadelphia has spread the re
tort that ulnuupowei In nshlngton cans 1
tliBilolay In thouloslncot thu bnnit nnd Inti
mating thnt tho Administration bad n hand In
tho nlTalr In Minport of this charge th
statement Is made that after Jan tl and
up to Jnn 124 when thu official re
port v as mulo tbe examiner hnd Informally
communicated to Comptroller Lucoy the I act
of thu banks Insolvency and k it him posted
from dny todavns to tlm lesultof the exam
ination of the books and tho lluanclal condi
tion of the bin k but n commending delay in
cloilnc tbe doors iu order to protect certain
IntnriHto ont runy Indeed n letter roaoned
thu Ireusury Douartmont liom Exntnlunr
Di vruiiuhting to bn Hiipplled with copies ot
theso liiformui lominuulciitlons which tho
letter said ho bad nut taken tho precaution to
kteii copies of To THE iJtS correspondent
Comptroller Lnc y today mado tbo surprielnir
Ftatemont that no conimunicntlon from Mr
Drow torvvaiilnd prior to Jnn 21 wns on Ille in
the dopaitmnnt and that ho had no reollec
tion of ever liailni reculvod nuv Mr DrowS
ofllcial report of Jnn 4 was exhibited by the
ComiitiollT todai aud in it Mr JJrew makes
norpfcrenco vvhnteioi to any previous cora
inimicatlons on the subject ot the Koruton
Secretary Taster Raid at the time the Bprln
Garden Dunk tallud that ho hud no knowledge
whatever on the Kiinjoctof tho Phlladelpnla
bank lalluras hoyond what he rend In the
miwspsporH nnil thnt ho never bad heard Mr
Vanami els nnmu meutloiiud in connection
with tho bank
PmLAUEiriitA Juno C This in a copy of the
lottei forwarded to President Harrison ye
terday by Mn > or htunrt ot this city
riliLluiLriilA Junta 1P81
Ta tkf Frttttrfl
SIRI 1 IAT the honor In compllaoee wltb ft reeel >
tlnn of the Peleit Anil L minon Conuella nt the oltr of
J tulndvifhla p vcfd nc iiHir mcettnr tenterrtar aftr
lnon iore u nl ot btiinlr ofi lie cily ot Philadelphia IftAt
7ua came it tli mug i intr > titati < ni ID be made lino tne
moii ot ibe Int > U ft ie ireainry Uepirtment witii
rxard to ti > ctimlni the keviione Katioual H Dk at
PliilMiplphla an 1 ltd apnolntmrnt of th receiver for
lie Mid bank thnt tlie ompirotler nf the rnrrenor
be Intrntteii to upbear i efore tne t nmmitteeoftn
rounolla appointed to tnril uate tne e ld bank and
ttiat the receiver of f ltd hnn be directed to prrmlt the
pal I rnmmiti e i > rlttrxerM accountant to ezainla
ami Invpe i anv anit ill tit tbe books documents and
rr cnM nf tbe au ban
This rrqcen U ma ie In tbe knnwltdn that In thla
at In all ntlirr eaiLt ynur note desire la to a4 to the
fnl t exttnt of vonr puwera the ende ot luitlce and m
Hie ticHrC tint Intirmjillnn and aulitanc of Inoatlm
Hblo i alue to tl c > liy nnd 10 tliecliUnnent Ibiladelphla
muv thereby be obuincd I am reipecifullr
EDWIK n fctuikr Uaror
Ifer Ionrt or Ftrtnraa Vfnm Tjkkea from
thn Hubert nnd Minnie Fur Front JLiend
IQUIQUE Chill June G via Galveston An
interview with tho officers ot tho Itata today
ouflrms the neu i < that tho arms and ammuni
tion wete not embarked nt San Diego CnU
but were transferred from the American
icliooncr llobert nnd Minnie to tbe Itata many
miles from tho const
Whlln ndmlttlnc tho breaking of the port
Invvs thoy absolutely deny having infringed
upon lie laws of neutrality and urge that tber
simply put into buu Diego for provisions and
wore compelled to leave abruptly to keep an
appointment with the Robert and Minnie
which was wnltlncoutside
Alter the ti iinsfer ol thu arms the Itata took
a direct xouthoily couise nnd claims to have
Ftnnmod 12000 miles uirlvlng at Tojoptlla on
tbo mornltrot Juno II with machinery muoh
illaMcd The ollhers indignantly deny
the rumor that the enulna vveio purposely
damnfed American war shirm nro employing
all avallablo mei hanks to put hor In ordnr
him will proceed to him Dieto in charge ol tbt
Ainftrlcin innnofwnr riinrlotou
JboDrlllh ironclad Narspitft arrived from
Vnltiaril > today and loaves this evening for
Callao direct
Steam Vaelit Hits Ferryboat
As Ilioferntiont Colorado was crossing the
river from Wllllamrtburgh to her ullpatth
foot ot lioesevelt street about 9 oclock yester
day mornluc the steam yacht Stranger affer
answering the slcnal of tlie Colorndos pilot
Roomed to chanire hnrcouiseund rnnherbow
iprlt into the port tdo ot tbe ferryboat No
bodyvvns hurt
Tin Colorado wns nt n Unndetlll In obedl
rneo toBicual by vvlilstle until n moment b
furo thacnlllHlon Uieu tho pilot of tbe ferry
bont saw thnt Lontatt vvns Inevitable horancc
ahead thereby snvlnc a xorionH dipnster
An unknown schooner collided with th
feu t bolt llaarlaom of thu Aitorln itpd tvlnety
hucond itreet terry In Hell Unto yestnrdar
iiftTnoon A poitlon of tuo cuard rail and nna
i nil of the forrybontrt cabins vvns stove In Th
Bchoonor droppod duwu tbe stroain apparently
Oea Ilootli Biir from
Gen Bnlllngton Booth tbe bead ot the Bate
vntlon Army In America arrived from Eng
land on tho Etrurlit last night He has been
awny for about tn o months anil scent roost of
tlio tlmx In London Ho wnn m t ntthtdock
by n Inrge number of Salvation Army people
Including men und wnmen In the army cos
lumii Gen Booth went to bis home in Bar
onuu K J
The Weather
A eir rm developed In Slliiourl juterday moraine an <
Increriel rapllly la power Illih windi prevailed la
M > lr kA leva and Illinois Ibe itorm U moTloc
r > itii < > ith a l The rain area reached utarDortbM
licoriln noutli to Teii and tit to Ohio Deary
r lu fellln N br iii and MUeonrL Rain maybeto
rtoie I tudajr In the ulil i Valley the lak region o4
ttie Xlddte Atlantic and lower New Enilad fttatea
t ro < t wae reported yenerday mornlnc from kllchlcaja
nrthern > ew ln > land end Kinada In theeeuth At
Untie And l wrr tllolulppl statei tlie leraperaton WM
Etnrrally I or illzlitly abote lu Ticneuce It wa4
cloie to lli
In Ihli city the day wu fair hUheet official tttaperk
lare lit lowtit 5J arernio humidity 84 per ceat
ulnd ncrllieail avenge te oclly II mneianhoar
The thermonif ter at Ierrye pharmacr In T cr
hulldlnK recorded tbe temperature yesterday M
jlll VIL ull UK > llkhliT Til I H r M trHDAT
For > tiiln New llaiujinhtre Xennont MaMAClintelto
III oiin Ilanl and Co luoclluit air vrealhcn arui r
v riali i null
Iorthe Jililrlrt of Columbia auttrn fnw TviX tatt
ern 7eruuiltxiila tw Jrrtti ktitoarc Jfarjilantf an4
nrolnla llffM ilivwin warmer MJItrly wln < U
for Weil Virginia weitern fenmylranla weeurtj
Kevr York and Ublv Itwwui I tt U BUjr uMst lM

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