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fi r P 4 i I 1cf pH UdLJ 1 U YQiJ1iF j 3iiid l til
Irrl fy f > n 4 t fU I 1D I I J t t 1 1 If tfIJ > t j I fr T
KO REAK nrrimoir viwovo rroninms
von imsn iiostis JIVLK
I AddreK of Ur Tknm Addt Emcitt
V Preltfent or the National federation fr
I America CharglnK Upon Parnell Re
ponillilllty lor the Tenant HuffertRK
Dr Thomas Addis Xmmct Preildont of tho
National 1 Federation of AmerIca the new Irish
homo rulo organization which was formed on
May 21 Issued an addnst last night to the
frlendn In America of homo rule for Ireland
Pome of the Itknown IrUhAmorlcans In
the United Htstes belong to tho federation
Among tho Kw York representatives besides
Dr Emmet are Eugene Kelly Col William U
I Urown School Commissioner Miles M OBrien
exMayor Grace Judge Morgan J OBrien
Judge Joseph F James 8 ColemanJohn
P Crlmmlns 1ntrlck Oleason Hugh King
Major John Byrne Dr William I Wnllaco
I and Themes F Mcebnn Fvery SUite In the
Union Is represented Tho federation Isnn
I nutlrarncll body In organizing It Dr Iox
I the Iarlnmontnr representative ot the Mc
Carthy wing of tho Irish party now In this
country cooperated with the American Irish
men The address says
From all In sympathy with tbssufferings of
tbo Irish people duo to centuries of mlsgov
ornmort nnd all who ndvocatn homo rule a
tho only remedy to better their condition we
ask cooperation and assistance to bring about
a consummation Tho time has passed for In
action and he who now hesitates to take part
in what God grant may prOTO a final effort Is
I either blindly Ignorant and Indifferent to pass
ing events secretly sympathlras with those
1 in opDoplOon Deer has beau the disappoint
I ment suffered by onogeneration after nnolhor
Each In turn has assod away with hope de
toned to join the majority yot with prayers
ever rained ou high that tbo sunburst of light
and happiness might yot in the poor futuro
dawn on their boloved land
How often have they been botrnred In
k I our generation tho Irish peoplo hare Buffered
and almost lost tHeir cause when success
j soemod within easy grasp For months past
through the
eery effort has been imrabvod Ihroulh
nets ot one man most trusted of all who sinned
and fell by hIs own baud He thus betrayed
the welfare of his country so blindly Intrusted
to his guidance and dragged tbe chaste name
of Ireland Into the gutter with his own sullied
i reputation The necessity for assisting tho
I starving and evicted tenants of Ireland was
deeply appreciated in this country and n noble
effort was made tn effect tbo ouniose Mr
Parnell wits fully pledged to carry out this
Object but ho has betrayed his trust by his
duplicity his oinlrocation and bIn utter ds
lugcnuousnass His tontlnuims fielllsh sub
ordination of the wcllnro of tbo Irish PCnsantrr
I to his own personal ends In the maier of
I home rule U i no 101s con pluous
I Mr rnrnell stands today letpon ible for
t the present Bufferings of the evicted tenant of
Irolatiitao far us thov might bale boon mltl
I Rated by tIm use of Ibo lurl lund In tho ap
t plication of which he ban refused to act with
the other custodian This fund consists of
over f200001 t the greater portion ot ulilch was
raised In this country Thin bo now holds a4
he does his political position by false pre
tences and to forward his OWl personal ends
I Tho poopli of thIs country arc too sharpwitted
not to fully appreciate bin purpose And lLo
fact that ho die not dart curry out his own
proposition when the opportunity vas given
him to moot Ills constituents at the polls has
bown to the American mind how fully he him
self realizes his desperate fortune ° Hols yet
claimed as a loader by a small portion ot the
Irish people W < > raise no issue with them nor
doubt their honesty but wo Impugn their judg
t ment They will soon penetrate the glamour
I associated with tho past service of an over
rated leader
Thoa who have worked and hoped for
borne rulo In Ireland are not divIded Into two
parties there exists but one party and a
I action Mr 1nrnell was the llrst to advocate
L that tbe majority should rule and the first to i
disregard the tact The opinion held by the
large majority of thinking men In this coun
I try If I expressed would Co to tho affect that
11 r Parnell Is now politically dead and can
noor Ir be resuscitated to hold 1 t position of
Vhn the cause was betrayed and thoro
erone nt nrt somo difference of opinion ns to
the culpability of the act Irish Ammlcans were
unwilling to Interfere and wished tie differ
ence settled by the Irish people themselves
Wo at a distance were butter able to judgo of
the merits uf the case but our feeling of del
cacy has ben grossly l misrepresented by the
I minority Notwithstanding their representa
I tives have canvassed this country for months
past In quest of aid and support and to so
Ito JnRt purpose It Is absurdly claimed by them
that tho peoplo of America are In sympathy
1 with their loader Our sllenco and Inaction
3 can therefore < 10 good no longer but on the
contrary are freely used to thu detriment of
tbo cause wo aavocato Tho time has now as
suredly anlrod for us topronounceourdenun
elatIon on tbo one hand and on the other our
fullest mouthy with anl who represent tbo
I true Interests of Ireland
Tb future guldsuce of Irish affars In the
bringing about of bolo rule must ho trusted
only to the majority those elected to repre
sent Ireland lathJirlil8Q Parliament The
members of the National party nre not par
tisans of Mr McCarthy florid any other leader
j for with thor the Interest of the country Is
greater than that of any man Were Ireland a
I unit her proportion of rupresentatlon In Iar
liament too small to gaIn homo rulo un
aided mm this can alone 10 i < obtaIned by assist
ance from nan or the othorof tho two great
parties lu England A large portion or the
English peoplo luis at length recognized tho
iustlco of the Irish claims lor selfeoeminent
Under the guidance of All Olajatone lbs
Liberal party standscledgod to the support of
homo rule for Ireland and no tine man has
cause to doubt bis intent honesty of nnnioro
Parliament may be dissolved 1 this year hut
certainly next your by limitation nnd the
present party In office must appeal to tho pen
plo A desperate struggle will bo made hy the
plo ry party with the aid of manor Influence
oDd every other means to gain a now lenso of
power which I successful would neutralize
every effort of tho past tvvelvo jnnrs to advance
the cause of homo rulo Tho friends of Ire
land cannot stand by Inactive and expect the
Liberal party of Tnglaml to boar tho 118
nor mote than their lust proportion of the
burden Money Is needed and needed julck
Jy and nt m > time has nn appeal been pre
sented to the American people tar the support
or a cause morn In accord with their apprecia
tion and love of polfgovornmenr
Few realize how much the Iilsh race aided
during tho revolution In gaining the sneclal
form govetniuent which wo now pile so
highly ttvornl of those who signed tho Dec
liir tion 01 Independence wero of f Irish birth
and others wore of Irish parxntagr Many of
Washington most trusted ofllcera were Irish
men and the sons of Erin In the colonies were
almost a man found In tho American ranks
Of thos who were members of the Continental
Congress and who formulnted tho unique sys
tem of Federal and Htnte Government under
which we have so prospered a large propor
tion especially In the Northern states wero
natives of Ireland
< natves can then justly nsk for the people of
Ireland that they obtain the right of lfgov
eminent In the direct innnneemont of her do
mestic nffnlro which experience has ahownus
to bo most conducive to advancing the pro
rorlty of munklnd And when the Crotch Ibo
Welsh sold the nnulloh people themselves
realIze tlienecussity for such 0 boon we trust
it may bo ernntod them I
The National Federation of America Is I
similar In organisation to the one existing In I
Ireland and is for the samo purpose xi In ad
dition to tho officers I will Plrroa 0 contra
Ioard of Trtisuos for the nutposa of con
trolling and transmitting tile funds to the
properly constituted authorities of tho Na
tional party In Ireland The funds will con
cist of donations ami yearly subscriptions
made by Individuals and by to members of
mao local branches of thn federation and
Dilated organlrntlons which will 11 organ
ized throughout the country and will he cn
Ucted and forwarded to Air Eugene Kelly of
New York the Treasurer of tbo organization
The Hoard of Trustees will at nn early day
issue In a printed form the constitution and
an account in dotall of tho organIzation
t Catholic Ikllloa ana gao Jndlan Bureau
WASHINGTON Juno 10 During the last two
years tho relations existing between Indian
Commissioner Morgan and the Catholic Bu
reau of Indian Missions have been somewhat
trained This difficulty had tta origin in the
Catholic opposition to Mr Morgan policy of
substituting Government school for denomi
national school on Indian reservations Bin09
that time there bls been no personal commu
nication between tbe Commissioner and Father
litoDhnn the head of the Cntuollu Bureau Un
der those circumstances dm dtsbumoment of
his large and paid hy the Govern
mont through the Catholic Bureau for
j currying on tun CatholIc mission schools boa
born attended with difficulty and At times with
atcndcd wil dlnoulr
herlous embarrassment rinding that their
wort wan retarded hy the continuance of this
< ondltlon of atTain tho Itev Father Cbapelle
I 1 U who is l In charge the bureau during the
absonconf Father Ktspban In Kuropo had a
conference today with Mr Morgan at which
an amicable understanding waa reached Mr
Morgan however plainly stated that while the
rroMint number of contract schools would be
continued during tbe next year a directed by
irecant legislation no nw schools would be
IBXlIQ ran XNlOn1Bn
Theodore Rooievell Hear Complatat
Aclnt the Local Civil Hervlea Board
The lon Theodore Itooievelt was In a
delightfully candid mood yesterday morning
when he appeared In the little Chinese mill In i
the Custom House He was there a the I
august rpreiontatle ot the Chinese Com
mission In Washington tooonfront tho commit
toe of the Twentyfirst district Republicans
who charged tbot tho local Civil flervlee Board
has discriminated against Republican candi
dates for office Tho resolutions of the
Twentyfirst district also Intimate that cor
ruption baa followed in the footsteps of the
present local Board All of the local examiners
were there to sustain Mr Roosevelt In what
ever ho had to say All the Twentyfirst
district Investigators wero also on hnndheadod
by Chairman D Morgan lllldreth
Commissioner Itoosovelt was the presiding
genius of the day Ho was positive In all his
statements and ho was convinced from tho
start that tho local Board was Immaculate nnd
that the Twentyfirst district people bad been
altogether too partisan In their Republican no
tions Mr Itoosevelt did most of the talking
and tot lefore tho cession ended John Proctor
Jerk and others rf the committee put In
cisive questions to him Mr Roosevelt In his
opening speech told how ho thanked the
Twentyfirst district Republicans for suggest
ing the Investigation of tho Civil Service Board
I bad made him n greater Republican ho s ld
Ho had com tod the Inquiry and ho was read
to oblige tbo committee with any and nil docu
ments Then Mr Hoosovolt told how he felt
about thoflo who In his estimation bad borne
folso wltnods against the local Board In his
estimation they wero contemptible slander
vr > beiause therhnd not aareil to come for
ward with siiocltlo evidence against the Board
Ho referral Illocllo lme nail again to those behind
the resolutions calling for Investigation as I
Blunderers and cowardly falsifiers
eltdorer nnt COWltl rollor
Pointing with ptldo townrd Chairman John
M tom lok Secretary Theodore llabcock
and Examiner howard T Walden bo told how
them three had furnished the tips which re
sulted In nn Investigation of the local Board In
Collector Mnuoues time Mr lloosevclt mao
this Investigation shortly niter the ndvtnt of
Harrison I hoe threo hn said were member
of thelo < allonrl In Collector Magones ad
ministration and those three had been iinlck
10 alto Information as to the ciookednesitof
Hie Hoard under Collector Maguno Mr Hoose
vail In continuing his praise of the three said
that Mr Comstock and Mr Babcock had as
mired him that tbey bad never voted anythlug
but the liepubllcan ticket Mr Walden bad
nlvnys JellulJcan I Democrat Mr lloosevelt
declared that those three furnished In
formation of wrongdoing on the part
of the old Hoard of which they were mm
her which they claimed they were powerless
Mr Roosevolt frankly admitted
to 1 Prevent 1 r vary
mitted that after the investigation resulting
Irom the tp < furnished to hint and Mr Lyman
nail Coy Thompson liy Mr Comstock Mr
llnbcock and Mr Walden nothing bad been
found which could reflect on the other exam
iners in the Magone Board several dismis
sals of Inferior clerks had taken place as a re
sult of that Investigation but nothing bal
been shown to prove that I the colleagues of
these three men in the Magone Board were
guilty of wrongdoing
Tho comments heard after Mr Roosevelt
Bpech lrel to the effect that nobody was sur
prised that Mr Comstock undMr Dabcook bad
furnished tho lilmsy Information against their
colleagues In the Mngone Board but many
were very sorry to hear that Mr Walden baa
followed in their footsteps und beeomn an In
former All three It I was said bad but one
Idea and that was to save their places under
the Harrison Administration
Mr loo velt wanted It understand that he
would protect all witnesses who cam for
ward to give evidence to substantiate thn
charges oii the TwentyBrut district Ho gave
his personal guarantee that they would bo pro
tected and Unit they would not lose their
places provldea their evidence was straight
But If their evidence was wrong and could not
be substantiated be would do all in his power
to have them removed from the service and
afterward prosecuted by the United States
District Attorney
The examination of W ° Spencer for dam
nee examiner last July was taken up The
Iwentynrst District Committee on the
reri esntatinns of Mr Bpencer have Insisted
that apt William K Pierce tried to throw out
Spencers papers and that he did finally suc
ceed In having that examination cancelled 1
was shown that Mr Spencer was a little late In
getting In hN paper and the tussle oor this
question resulted In an admission that Capt
Pierce was right nnd Mr bpencer was right
and that the whole difficulty had come from a
personal misunderstanding
this The morning commlltee adjourned until 1 oclock
BIr Collln Oalnt that I lIe Been Al
tered mo cc to Debnr Her from Inheriting
William C Hurd died In February 1890 leav
ing an estate variously estimated at from
UOOOOO to half a million He was a specu
lator with an office with the Iron Car Trust
Company and was unmarried Whem he died
his brother SamuelE Hurd who had promised
to act as one of his executors took charge of
his effects and caused his big office safe to bo I
broken open A will was found with other pa I
pers In the safe It was admitted to probate I
in May of last roar
Mrs Floronco M Collins a niece of th testa
tor through her counsel exJudge Arnoux ap
plied In February to have the probate revoked
on the ground that tho will had been tampered
with an erasure made on tIm residuary clause
and an Interlineation put in that destroyed the
sense of tho sentence at the same time that
they debarred her from Inheriting Argument
on tho application was sot down for yesterday
nnd tho hearing of the case lusted all day and
Is not vet concluded
rue will Is written on a printed blank such
as Is fold hy nil law stationers nod is lilted In
with the handwriting of William C Hurd
Alter dlspolng of twothlrdti of the estate in
various legacies and In pensioning three
trilliesses who hud been good to him during
his life the testator leaves onehalf of his
residuary estate to be expended on 0 burial
plot and monument and to pay funeral ex
lenses > Then comB tho sentence that his
caused the slit The other hal of my resid
uary estate to my brothers Hamuol E fluid
alit Israel Hum for life Ihroeriuariers to
Samuel and oueiiuartor to Israel and on their
death to
Hero is where the erasure comes In It Is I at
tho end of I line end the llrst word on the fol
lowing line IH children Over the erasure
the marks of which are plainly to be seen has
ben written Samuel K Mr Collins sate
thnt the woid erased woo there and that the
FRtituiice originally road anti was Intended to
rend and on their death to their children
As It stands now I reads and on their death
tn buitnol K children Their Is no note at
the foot of Ibo will as Is customary whete
erasures liMo eel made In legal documents
Exports for tile applicant testified that the In
terlineation wait In I handwriting different
frnm that of the rest of the will Exports for
the other side would not admit thai but nil
agreed that the dale of writing and color of the
ink tas diffuieul and that the word erased
wns their
Mrs Collins Is tb < i only child of Israel Hurd
Her counsel iiiiostloned tho dun execution ol
the will and claimed that as tin erasure had
altered the disposition of part of the residuary
estate tho Uurrogilo wns hound to respect and
probate It according to the testimony of wit
nesses att to what word hud boon erased The
piesumptou Mr Arnoux salI was that tiny
erauro was made after the execution of the
will and tho executors had produced no evi
dance to rebut that presumption
I the Hurrognto should refuse her applica
tion and hold that the will no probated must
stand an attempt will bo made to > et It aside
on Ibo injustice of the clause ordering that
half of tbo roBldnary estate bl devoted to fu
neral expenses I tbo Surrogate probnta the
will ns It wits otiginally wrlttin according to
the witnesses nn administrator will be ap
pointed and 1 partition unit ommcnced The
same oourso will be pursued I tho will I as a
whole Is rejected I
He State Hut Not From Iacle Sum I
Policeman Hart of lImo Prince street station
on Tuesday night saw n man take n package
protruding from the opening in a lamp post
letter box nt Washington and Cbnrlton streets
and run awayvThe policeman pursued and
caught tho man and yesterday took him before
United States Commissioner Shields on a
charge of violating I Federal law The pris
oner said his name was John Hnsey and that
bell a longshoreman The package was ad
dressed to H I llammersly Philadelphia
and It contained apparent a metal plate
Commissioner Shields declined to hold Hosey
on the ground that the pmknge was not In the
custody of the United hints the courts having
decided that letters or pm lolO lot Inside of
tbo mull box aro not In the koiiplng of the DOT
erument Then Pollcnuian Hart took the pris
oner to the Jefferson Market Police Court and
Justice Ryan remanded Hosoy for examina
tion on a charge of larceny
Cake Htrlker Guilty or Riot
UKIONTOWX 18 June 10Tho jury In the
case against John MoHloy Mike Dlsmon and
twentyeight other strikers for conspiracy and
riot at the Frlolc Company Lelsenrlng No 21
works found McSloy and Dlimon guilty and
acquitted the rest The jury went out at 3
oclopk ye > terdar afternoon and gave their
verdict at the opining ot court this morning
nOBBnr mnicKrit WAS mmr TO no
An Iran Worker Ilrenk a Hater Hacking
file Throat amid XTrUtPhoiecrMpker
nick Jump Down nn Air ShaftHe
DononKh wile flaunted by a Hplrlt
Twentvsoven years HBO Robert Strieker a
Swiss lad of 18 cams to this country to make
hIs fortune Ills father Mat 1 small manu
facturer In 8t Gallon where Robert had
learned to bo a furniture draughtsman He
devoted himself this country to architectural
dtnwlng and twenty year no he got I place
In the Building Department of the Board of
Xdttoatlon For fifteen years he was the chief
Orauchtsmnn there I Ho had a salary of 2100
a rear and he saved and Invested enough In
houses and Inndsln Mnrrlsanla and East New
York to make him north 110000
Yesterday he killed himself The news ot
his Bulnlde was no surprise to those who knew
him at tho Boards offices In Grand street He
hnd worked for tho past five years under
bunorlntendcnt 0 1 DebevoUe lie WB
crazy Mr lobvolM said when he heard
the news 1or rears ho lmaglnedllmt ho was
worked too hard and that nvi > ry one was try
ing to Imposo upon him On April 2 ho wrote
to Mr Doroo Chairman of the Building Com
mlttoe that I his alary was not raised Im
mediately he would lee Ho did leave and
went to New Orleans and the West lie cot
back three weeks ago Then he wrote to me
saying he had teen ill ont crazy and that his
trip had done him no Rood He also wrote to
me afterward asking mo to help htm Jn estab
lishing a business he thought of starting
Strieker lived for fifteen years at 230 East
Thirteenth street Yesterday be got up as
usual and went out for his breakfast Nelly
TctsLe a maid saw him return He was
talking to himself That was an old habit
of hil A little while afterward Nellie went up
stairs and found Mr Htrlcker lying on bil
link on the floor of his room bleeding from n
hole In hit temple He bad stood In front of a
mirror and shot himself In the mouth and the
bullet bud com ont at the temple Dr Halrer
whl was called to attend him saw that lilt
rleht hand was thrust across his breast lain
hiS buttoned oat Drawing It out he found
the pistol still tightly clutched In the del
ijian s band
lan ro mi was filled with trunks hook in
struments and ornaments Among the papers
weie a lot of curious Utters from ono A rrlcKe
Greenville New Jersey a bank book on the
Mechanics and Trader flank with ft balance
lo I of tiM and what may Do meant lor I will
This reads
A R Strieker rare of Barer A Nordltnrer No cot
Uroailwar 81 Ualltn Swltitrland Mr Ueyr No 4U
Broadway I am nnt mid lo t5 > happy Mr loss to
mother ForgIve I me loll j bleu I fiobtrt ItitMttrrfor
all roncernMl lu liitr Uatnild the IIIIHU freer
tabouulniiallen To llot rt all I may movable property
and liKirnmtnli book > Jto To Tr Kahin ink Mum
bank heels Inferno also vi l i To rrlind Kled > r two
book su chided 1110 to A Zuettlf sac Sir MuhUmann
or touie other present
He was a member of the Tochnlcber Vereln
and the Swiss Club and wan unmarrUd Per
haps ho was in sympathy with his corrcflpon
dont Frlcke whose letters all told him he
bated the Jews the Jesuits and women
Charles Miller lived with his wife and four
children at CG7 Eat 151th street lie had been
employed for ten years a u stove mounter In
the Jordan L Mot Iron Works Mot Haven
YaMerday morning his wife found bIO lying
on the floor with blood running from a cash In
bis throat and BBsbo ran toward him she paw
that he nss also bleeding from an ugly gash in
the left wrist Mllar died before the ambu
lance surgeon reached tho house He had
Inflicted the wounds with a razor which had
broken Ho had complained for two months
of a pnln in his head
Until three weeks ago Augustus F Hicks of
180 1 hli il avenue tried to make a living In a
Photograph gallery which his mother had fitted
up for him He might have succeeded better
had ho drunk lest As It wnshls mother closed
lit the gallery Thin gave him more time but
less money drinking He managed how
ever to drink himself Into a fit of Insanity At
S oclock yesterday morning Hickss mother i
ron down stairs to tbo street pursued by ber
con who carried 1 lighted lamp In his hand
He threw the lamp down In the vestibule and
dashed buck up stairs anti Hung himself down
tho air shaft landing In thecellar three stories
below He got an ugly wound overtho eye ana
his leg was fractured Ho was taken to the
Iresbytrrlan Hospital lie is injured inter
nally and Is likely to die
Late on Tuesday night Lawrence Me
Donagh a prosperous young butcher who
lived ut 245 East Twentyninth street put a
bullet through his brain and died He 0
stiffening irnm a depression ot spirits that fol
lowed the death of bis brother Edward who
died three weeks ago of the grip After lid
wards death Lawrence constantly paw his
wraith He seemed to have got rid of this
illusion on Sunday after a visit Io his brothers
grave hut it returned again on Tuesday Tbat
night when he got back home fiom a visit be
took a seat In the parlor and shot himself
Mary Ann Hklnner the maid In the employ of
Mrs Arthur M Dodge at 72 tost Thirtyfourth
troot who jumped out of a fourthfloor win
dow at 10t oclock on Tuesday night died in
Dellovuf yesterday morning Nothing wan
learned from bar but I Is hardly possible that
she could have fallen No mason for the act
has come to light
brltopbr 8 Little of Potlsvllle Pn com
mitted iilclde nt tho American House at
Mnuch Chunk on Tuesday night hy shooting
himself Mr Itttle was born ut Cowder Hal
Cecil county Md 1825 and after graduating
Cocl IrHluatn
at Princeton College camn to Iottnvlllo and
took the chair of chemistry and natural phi
losophy In the academy where ho served I
number of years He then became editor of the
Mum Journal and while encaged on the paper
studied law and was admitted to practice i nt
the Hchuylkl county bar In 1HJ7 After his ad
mission be gave much attention to real estate
business and In 1HH2 became the general agent
of the New York Lint Insurance Company and
continued as such uutll July of luit year when
bo accepted the district agency of the Equita
ble Life Insurance Company New York
A Socalled Photographer Agent and fits
On May 10 man and woman went to Mrs
Imbert at 266 West Twentyfifth street and
hired afutnlshed room They said they were
Mr nnd Mrs William Murphy On Ibo even
ing of May 5 the woman lilt the house and
strolled down Urcadwny to tho Hoffman House
In front of which she met Mr C It Hobbs who
was n guest there Mr Hobbs accompanied
her to her room and remained there for sev
eral hours
In telling the story to the police he said
Now tnnt I think of It the woman coughed
once nnd went to the blinds and shook them
He 111 < l not think of this < however until the
next tIny 1 hon bo found that he was unti tJUU
out tny Immediately went back to the house
but Mr and Mrs Murphy were out and
they havent returned > et
About the same time Capt Grant of the SIx
tounth precinct received seeral coraulnlnts
Irom poool living In flat houses who lIeu
missed articles of Joining and jewelry They
Mild that two men vll uent arnurid as agents
for HiooHyn photographers woie probably
the thieves as Ibo articles dlenppeiited just
niter their visit Ye tenlay Deieitlvo Carey
nrrosted two tnen who vero soliciting orders
for tihulogrnohs nt Tlilrtyfltnenth street and
llrmli avenue hint gave their names na
John Smith iif i r liifl Cbmut > strset and t llllnra
Murphy ol Jin 1nretth street Mnlth hud a
ronior timid both bad a lot of pawn tickets In
their pockets Iawn
Mr Imbert Identified Murphy as her recent
lodger At Jefferson Market Justice holly re
mnndud tbo prisoners until today
The Alleged SmuKZtlnc U y Naval Oflleer
WASHINGTON June 10bo Navy Depart
ment has not been Informed that any quantity
of dutiable goods were smuggled Into this
country by the officers of tho United States
ships Omaha and hwatara as reported
from Ban Francisco Tho same story of smug
gling th < y say In put afloat every time a
naval vessel returns to the United States from
a foreign station and U I always found to ho
baseless UentrHlly there vessels do have
aboard sumo goods curiosities mainly picked
UI by the officer and crew for friends at home
but the entire amount of duty In such cases
rarely reaches 1000 When the < ssel > reach
port It Is the duty of the customs officers to
examine them for dutiable goods oOcera the
case of other vessels and It Is the Invariable
priictlce of the naval officers to afford every
tco ofcorl alord evr
facility for such examination and to par
promptly any duties that may be aisMiod
Appointment bJ the President
WASIUNTTTOX Juno 10Tho President this
afternoon made tho following appointments
Ieunard VV CAlby of iiraks to bo Mlttant I At
tnrofj is Uiueral la > pruyiaU tif act approved March 4J
111 n Re4 ot lows tobeCliUf Juitlce of tin Court
ot That I find I ll luimna
tlllbur Y > htoiKoti oiorilo llenrrC Blue of Kaniaa
The > C roller at Itorth Iurallna and n in 1 Uurrar
o Tnt i < to be AuucUte Junket ot lli < Court uf
Irlrale LsnI l ilalme our
> mtliiril I RrnI or Mlfionrl tab Inliel tutu 1
Attcrney for tic Court of 1rlvmt I iuti rialma
At the Hend
The Puke of Marlborouffh place the New York ten
tral at the head or lb real iraneporialton companlei
01 America It liaaearoeil Ibe ilile I AmIne real
eel hallroad rldeen throoih paiienter tralne leave i
hew lablA fork dallj for Ida Nerlh cud West We lIlies
The Nerves
Find tho help they so much
need and in that truo tonic
From orgnnlzatloq In 1840 t
Jan I 1891 baa paid t pol
icy holdere14d83300060
And now holds for tel pro
tection 687477074
A total of 20468300324
o 246830324
While it has received from
them only 16425894877
It line earned for ita policy
holders a gain over premium
payments after paying all
expenses anti taxes of 4032414917
or 2455 per coot
PHILIP 8 MILLER General Agent
for I w York city ad vicinIty sad Sew Jenny
1 Wal8t Now York City j
Both tho method and results when
Syrup of Fig tken itisplcnsant
and refreshing t the tat and acts
Sntlyyotpromptly on tho Kidneys
Liver and Bowels cleanses tho sys
colds head
tem effectually dispels
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation Syrup of Figs is tho
only remedy of Its kind ever pro
duced pleasing t tho taste and ac
coptahlo t tho stomach prompt in
Its action and truly beneficial in its
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have mode it tho most
ni mno
popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c
and 81lttle by all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who
may not havo it on hand will procure
cur it promptly for any ono who
wishes t try it Do not accept any
mOltl farltl ate
Spring and Slimmer
Vietrla Tra aetl
ibrlolel 1le > al STage
Twitwheele Vestal SeIIIIWSJ
Mail rh aetaa Es Tp ClrI
EekaaaaUttca fleeaDes
LIt Stoad Wages
hraaa Kockawar kR1 f
Coupe Itaekatrara Jadlee 1 rhaes
Spider rkaateaa I JKSSS m Km
VIaYI Vlllaara Crt
Jl ekaaatia ttaaabonti
Faaey Trapa narkr Paaatama
Ia > tra Tvaaraaa tinmy
Il etr > BrOS5ha m UhlUrrna Trap
Fiui 01 Hnckkeanla Haxaa rkartoaa
wuajseten esetbardc linkaways Serry
ea7 Yrept Victoria ladCelttsi I Ws5mm
pert De aDee vimiaecsrti Blnu Gn l
rkiMlant Dein Wsj ene Dcter fnlmis ms rOJ
Cabrielela Rnnabonu Cse57 floterle ltiats
Has itsi anlnO with 2 heed ot nlt class homes en
SlimIng or inset pairs Drlu ant Ironic urr
ipesdyl one en moan ltoad Vagon wit I pole in
m by derty price I oO C terretn eoo <
The 4le horss un b ne 1 DIIKELS RIIINO
ACADEMY tat I oeftjlh I road coaoYandVrettin
horses onr at TATIhRSALLS or New Vent Lld1 1 rn
Lv endOAtti Cl
Inquire ri E MoCLBAVT at both place
Our tine of Depot Wagon Mttlni four and its ptr
eras slat Wnien tt > Mit Pae5efl5rtcpfta Inlet ta
meshed l for qasitty style sod piles ACIN > I Auol
Ag h
rBt ERJ AW h
OR BALK A lumber ot tint itaond hand TlolorlM
FOR cbrmt tit aim 1 flUe stand and ens light coupe
tckawayl llnr cl order llhNKV KILLix a tuJ
Jlroadway and Mth IL
SIRINKLtNd TRUOK8 pvlldw pattnt hand or plain new tBl
Solid Silver
Silversmiths manufacture and
carry in stock the largest as
sortment of Solid Silverware r
be found in the country includ
ing specimens of art work of
the most elaborate and costly
design as well as articles of
plainer and more simple forms
suitable for household use
Broadway and 19th St
I J the u of the NATURAL CA
are two kinds the NATURAL
and the IMITATION With regard
ii 1 gard to the latter SIR HKNKT
THOMPSON the celebrated E
AS P glish physician says It i essential
sential to employ the Natural
Mineral waters since what
Meal wat I w
called Artificial
are ced Artifcal
Waters however ad
I I Wat a
Illl mlrably prepared
are simply products
I I destitute 0 f there
i l tnarkable qu f I 1 i t y
h1 distinguishes
the remedies they
I a designed to imi
r I tate The Natural
teo Nat
Si lImimsy Teomnnog
5 Carlsbad Waters arc
superior for I promoting the action of the liver than mercury po
phyllin pills and all other vaunted substitutes for mercury I firmly b I
lice that in the majority of cases the use of the Carlsbad Waters con I
be more successfully pursued at home than by going abroad jThe
patient who stays at Carlsbad three weeks generally consunfes too large
a quantity of water in a given space of time The quantity in itself
is probably not too much for his needs but it is more efficacious to
devote two or three months to the task than to swallow the whole
within the oricf tcrm named It i the apprehension of this fact which
ha made me so warm an advocate for the systematic home use of I
the Natural Carlsbad Waters
The Natural Cal b Water should be used at this time of the year
for all diseases of the Liver Kidney and Bladder Jaundice Diabetes
etc for Dispepsia Cataarh of the Stomach Rheumatism and Gout <
To increase the laxative action of the water dissolve one teaspoon
ful of the genuine imported Carlsbad Sprudel Salt in the first tumblerful
of the water taken early in the morning
Beware of imitations The Genuine Carlsbad Mineral Water and I
Sprudel Salt must have the signature of Eisner Mendelson Co New
York Sole Agents for the United States on the neck of every bottle ti
j I
The nOT Dr Samuel Adler emeritus rabbi
of tbo Temple Kmanual died yesterday at his
house 132 East Seventieth street Dr Adler
was born In Worms on Doo 3 1809 His father
was rabbi of Worms In early youth he ro
cclvoil a thorough training In Hebrew Anti Tal
mudlca lllerature and was educated In the
universities of Bonn and Olesen On return
log from Iho university ho was appointed
rironoiier In his native city In 1843 he was
clouted rabbi of Atzoy where he remained un
til 187 when he ncoaiitod I call to the Temple
Emanuel In this city In 1874 ho resigned
from llu > active duties of hli position and be
came emeritus rabbi Dr Adler labored lo
Introduce tho vernacular language Into the
ritual of the synagogue to expunge those
arnolole ovunlo
prayers which still breathed the spirit of the
mlddlo aces tn secure the equal participation
or women In tin public worship and to remove
lime civil dNalnlltlpfl of the Jew In 1B43 Dr
Adler married Henrietta Frankfurter He
leaves two sons and one daughter Dr I
Adler irof Felix Adler and lira Julius
Father Tohn Ilauptmann of the Church of
the Annunciation in WllllnmsMtrgh died sud
ilonly yesterday morning In Hurleyville sul
urea Bounty this State where he went last
Saturday to recuperate Ho win lS I years old
and wan born lu Uermanv Ho formed the
Annunciation cnnsh and during his nm > tnratn
liiillttlic nni > edifice lu llavomeyer t i North
Hftli streets alto the imtoehlal I residence and
u convent Two tears ago be caused a I20l u
marble monument be placed over the ernvniof
his hounekeotior In StJnhnsCeraotory The fig
nio of the priest In intently robes and the Hg
tile of iho woman worn hewn out In stone but
Bishop louchlln ordered n part of the mqjui
mont removail It may now be replaced Tfio
body nlll reach Drooklyn this morning His
death was hastened by the grip
Amns I Crano of Sufllold Conn died on
Tuesday fined tiK Mr Crane was born In Huf
field but when quite young his parents re
moved to Washington Jounl He returned to
Hultlold when 45 years old and has alnce lived
thero Mr Crane wan once a Iteproientatlve I
from the town of Washington to tho Mnsm
cliiuetta Lecllature and also represented the
town of Butlleld In tho Connecticut Legisla 1
ture for the I session of 18r > 7 Mr Crane was
always proud of the fact that hn belonecd to
the MasicliiiRctts volunteer militia and was
oticol thu co > nt > any that did escort duty to
Oon Lniuvetto from the Now York titate line
tolUtsllelil In Iu24 Ino
Di Gorvls Prince nl Bainbridge Ch nsngo
county died vonctdd morning Dr 1rlnoa
was born In Hprmelleld Otsego county un
Auc 24 1816 and for nianv jenr wan a suc
cessful physician In Now York city afterward
retiring and engaging In the manufacture of
drugs and medical supplies In that city Ho
removed to llalnbrldge twontyflvo years ago
and bad done much toward advancing tile In
terests oIl i tint vlllnco He loaves a wife and
ono child Mrs Ida Irlnco Uanfortb tho wife
of State Treasurer Danforth
John I Lewis who tor many years was In
the employ ol the Brooklyn Health Depart
meat died on Tuesday after a long Illness at
hi Catherines HosDltal In Wllllamsburcb
Ills wife died about j a year ago Ho served
wlo nlo
with the Fourteenth Regiment during the civil
War and was u member of Abel binlth Fast
In the days of the Volunteer Fir Department
he was a member of Protection Hos Company
in 7 local He was politics before his health failed influential
ExAlderman Roger Marshall warden of the
Essex county jail I In Newark since February
1HUO died yesterday morning of the result of
long standing dyspepsia Mr Marshall wa
bom In Tyrono Ireland flftt years ago and
came to America In IHTiH in 1H72 be became
foreman or Kerry A Napiers bat factor In
Newark In ISbU he was elected Alderman
from the Sixth ward and was relectodln
1838 Ho loaves a widow and ono son
Fred D Currle of New York city fell Into the
SL John Itlver on Tuesday night at Jackson
ville lb la and was drowned lilt body was
recovered nnL went thoru before the yclow
fever epidemic nnd wns a nurse at that time
doinggood work He became Intemperate
aflrrward and lost all he hud Curl was
about at 0 years old arid so far as known his
only relatives 01 sister und daughter living
In New York city
Jethro Thomas I builder who had lived In
the Ninth ward of Now York for many ears
died at his houtn 181 West Eightyseventh
street on Tuesday of paralysis aged GH years
He wits born In New York city was a volun
teer llrerann and a charter member of Metro
politan Lodge of Free Masons Ifs was also 1
member of bt hukos Episcopal Church
Jacob Tesmnnger a retired farmer died nt I
the residence of his son In nome N Y on
Kimtlav need SO He was a native of Alsace
Gorman nnd came to this country about
fortyfive years ago and for over thirty yours
cultivated I farm In the town of Vernon N Y
where he amassed a competency He leaves n
son and daughter
Duke Faber I wellknown advance agent
and marnccr died on Tuesday night at the
Allmnn House Fourth uvenuoi and Tenth
street of pneumonia Ho was unmarried anti
was about flO years 01 nge His last engage
nlO Inlnla
ment wns with the Two Old Cronies com
Cord Moyor a member of the firm of Dick
Meyer sugar refiners and the father of ex
heeretary Cord Meyer Jr of the State Demo
cratic Committee died at his borne In Urmd
avenue Matpoll yesterday morning He
loaves an estate valued a mOl than 1000000
Tho Her Father Cure the distinguished
Italian eccloMaatlc died In Itorne yesterday
Ho was born in 1HUO and was n most eloquent
pulpit orator of the Society of lesim Father
Curcl wan also well known as a brilliant writer
upon theological subjects
Capt Sidney J > Mnconfolter died at Johns
town N ro yesterday auod 55 At the break
ing out of Ibo wr ha went to the front nn ap
tain of Company D listh Now York Volun
teers and acquitted himself with honor
Henry F Gully of 74 Wyonn avenue Brook
lyn died on Sunt1a at St Marys llnnpltalot
the result of an accident on the previous day
He wi n builder lie was a war veteran and
a member of Lincoln Post Q A II
Mr Ann I wife of the Itev Jesse T Shafer
died yesterday at her residence on Washing
ton Heights hewburgh the was tho daughter
of Capt James J awford of Crawford Orange
county and was born there In 1835
Albert Hlnckloy 0 welltndo retired farmer
AIOrt Jnckle
and leading citizen of Trenton N Yo died on
Hnttirday aged HO He was long a Democratic
lender In local politic Ho loaves four children
Thomas F Gory Fresldent of the Floildn
Medical Apsnclutlon and for several yearn
Mayor of Ocala died yesterday nt congestion
of the lungs Ho was SO years old
Fetor Frnssn A hardware merchant nt New
York city died suddenly from heart failure at
the Ailelpbl Hotel at Saratoga yesterday
lie was Ct years old
Edward Kpelman the millionaire distiller
died at 1eorla yesianlny from the effects of In
juries received lu a fall from ladder at Fekln
a week ago
Tho Most Boy John Egan Roman Catholic
Ulsliopof Wnterford Ireland died yesterday of
influenza alter eight hours sickness
O n ItesslLue editor of the Uadv Transcript
of KuHQiiehnnna Id and a prominent pol
itician died on Tuesday evening
Mr Hollls P Hatch for many years n manu
faturor nt paper boxes In boston died In iv
emaIl on Tuesday C4 years of age
Dr J C McOregor exmomher of the Indi
ana Legislature died at Brazil aged 70 years
PatIence M Harris agrd 05 is i dead at bar
homo in the town of Moreau Saratoga county
Minister Porter Warn Not Been Ilrcalled
WASHINGTON Juno 10It Is I denied posi
tively at the State Department that Mr Porter
our Minister to Italy has been recalled Some
time before the New Orleans eplnodo Minister
Porter obtained leave of absence from tha
department but delayed his departure from
Home on account of the negotiations resulting
from that affair Ho has now been constantly
on duty In Home for considerably moro than a
year which Is not usual In the Ministerial ser
Vice lie will not leave Europe but neverthe
less there Is reason to bellevo that his leave ot
absence from Home will be so Indefinite In Its
terms as to warrant him In delaying his return
to bin pout unless some step has been taken br
the Italian Government looking to the return
ot Us Minister to the United state Ho far as
our Government knows Baron lava was not
recalled but an Indefinite leave of absence was
granted him This Is precisely the stile of
affairs which existed between the United
Htntoxand Austria when no refrained for n
time from sending n Minister to Auttrlu to re
place Mr Iveily whom tho Austrian Govern
ment hud refused lo receive
Hhe Curried ConnlerfVIt Dollar
HKAPINO June 10This section of Pennsyl
vania has be on Hooded recently with wall
executed counterfeit dollars Lust night the
police arrested n woman about 24 years of age
viiui gavo her name as llentrlce Collins of New
ork On her WHS found a iloien counterfeit
dollars and about U3 In good money She IB
very reticent The police ore looking lot bar
male accomplices
The BrIdge Offlcrr Obey Him nad No Step
Taken to OnuS Him
James Howell had not abandoned big claim
to be President of the Bridge yesterday but
Col Alfred WagstalT was In possesiton ot the
office and was recognized as the nun In au
thority br Superintendent and Chief Engineer
Martin Secretary Beam Police Captain Ward
and ns far as could be learned by all the other
subordinates The olTfilrnof the bride moved
smoothly When Mr Howell reached Die
office about in oclock yesterday morning be
found Janitor Charles Kennedy who tras ap
pointed by Col Wnestaff on Tuesday seated In
the Presidents chair In front ot the desk Mr
Howell asked him If ho was there to take
charge ot the desk and he replied
Yes sir It I were In your employment Mr
Howell I would obey your orders but I am
bore at the present time by the direction ot
Col Wogstaff
Soon Col Wanlaff arrived and after met
ing Mr Howell pleasantly took his seat Intha
chair vacated for him by Mr Kennedy The situ
ation was not discussed and In a few minutes
Mr howell withdrew remarking that tio Hid
come business tn attend to In the courts Col
Wncstaff said afterward that ho had taken
the oath of ofllco as trustee before
lib camo to the mooting on Monday
afternoon As nn bridge checks would be
paid by the banks unless signed with his name
the validity of lila claims to the 1rosldenoy
could readily bo determined He thought that
every olllcer of the bridge recognized hIM a 3
President and as far m ho could so the
bridge was ax perfectly subordinated to autjior
iiynajt had been lu any duty In Its history He
milled at the ouggestlon that there was a sus
picion that Timmauy Hall Intended to carry
off the bridge mid use It as a private political
So far ns my power coos he said the
bridge will bo run In tho interest of both cities
anduf taxpayers There is going lo be no
raid Men who get drunk ure uncivil orln
cumpetent will be discharged but all good
men who do their duty will stay
In answer to a direct question by Col Wag
tuff both MincriiHeDdont Martin and teorq
tary Ileam recognized him ns President and
as Mr Martin virtually directs the iiolloo and
nil the other working force on the bridge there
was no further doubt that Col VagstalT was In
complem possession Col nR6tatT remained
at the ofllco until late In tbe viternoon trans
acting otllolal bushiest and him
self with the allalrs ot the bridge lie re
marked that there were a great many thing
to learn nnd that ho was going to study them
to the smallest details in this work he oz
lectud 10 receive valuable ahsUtance from
Vlce1resldont howell whose years of service
could not be forgotten or overlooked
Mr Howell lid not return to the office after
hlsdepnrture In the morning but be remained
mr several bourm In the vicinity of the City
Hull conlerrlng with personal and political
friends He bad a long and confidential talk
wlthaxIleglKter hugh MclHiiKhlln the man
ager of the Democratic forces in Kings county
but neither ot them would say anything as to
Its purpoit If Mr McLaughlin feels hurt over
the action of Mayor Grant and the New York
truitoan the fact has not been manifested by
any expressions of opinion on his part There
N no mistaking the fact bow ever that Mr
unwell himolt Is chagrined nt being dip
Dlncod from tho control of the bridge atthis
particular period In Its history when plans for
Its development under full headway lie
bud the utmost confidence that be would re
main President for nn Indefinite number of
veers Tho general talk around town did not
indicate that much sympathy was leu lor him
Jim Howell H Ud nn active and Influential
Democrat has been In public office nearly a
quarter of n century He has been Alderman
Uuporvlsornt Line Mayor for two terms und
brulco President ion MX years and It seems to
me this should satisfy the ambition of any or
ulnarv man 1 don t think that the removal nf
Mr Howell will roult in any etrnlned relations
between the Kings county Democracy and
Tammany Hall
The llruoktvn Citizen however which is sup
posed to bo lbs organ of the recular Demo
cratlo organization had this to say yesterday
In a doubletraded editorial
The Tammany organization has on more
than ono occasion In the not remote past
been tinder obligations to lbs Democracy ot
Kings county and tho probabilities are that no
orr severe tax will ba laid upon anybodys
pattonoo befoio n similar state of things re
ruts It Is very much easier for a not of politi
cians tn prove that they are unworthy or the
oinlldonco wnlcb prevail among gentlemen
than to gain the friendship or a holy so well
able to take cats of Itself under all circum
stance as the organised Democracy of this
city The Presidency ot the bridge cannot be
much misused by Mayor Grants nominee
without incurring consequences that will eo a
great deal further in the direction of redress
than the bridge Presidency or the New York
Mayors ofllce
Mr llercen of counsel for the bridge said
The report that we have been noting lor Mr
Unwell In thin matter Is not true Wo are
counsel for the trustees and not for Mr Howell
It Is I our business tn see that the affair Is
justly settled and not to take sides with either
CoaTcstic to Stealing HIOOOO and It la
Thought the Amount May Reach 9OOOOO
Eighteen months ago William n Forest be
came bookkeeper in the office of the Churchman
in Lafayette place which Is I owned by M H
Mallory V Co On Tuesday he pleaded guilty to
forgery before Judge Cowing and yesterday
ho was taken to the Elmira Heformatory for
est Is a young married man His salary the
Churchman office was 14 a week
It Is thought that the young man stole more
than 31000 from the firm Mr Mallory ad
mitted to n SUN reporter Instnlcht that 10000
had been taken Forest had been stealing for
nearly eighteen montbj His plan was to raise
checks Even week lie made out a chock for
the amount of the Cnn finnans pay roll which
is about 700 After the check wit signed by
n member of the firm It was returned to Forest
Then the young man not In his lino work
Once he raised the cheek 1000 Another time
a check lor 200 was changed to HJOO
The appropriation of these large sums of
course hail anerecton the profltoof tbe paper
The firm was surprised that the gains were not
larger than the llguies of the bookkeeper
showed Forests peculations were discovered
through tii papers advertising agent He
found thai MA books and those of Forest didnt
doc Forest tried to ward off suspicion but
Mr Mallory at lenath accused him
tbe bookkeepers vouchers Mr Mallory was
nnt long In finding out had been destroyed
After this discovery Forest admitted that he
had taken a few hundred dollars In court
bo confessed that the amount was 10000
Mr Mallory ban expert accountants at work
on the matter now The destruction of the
vouchers will greatly hinder them Irom get
ting lit thMaots quickly Mr Mallory believes
hunt the firm toss Will amount to 30000
Forest made more money last year than his
Excited Dlllr Harder Hnmmoiied it Police >
man but He Wouldnt Arrest the Gull
Patrick Marron was looking into the en
closure whom the sea lions frolic In Central
Pail yesterday when ho saw an English spar
row disappearing down tho throat ot n gull Ho
tried to make the gull disgorge by rolling but
the gull kept on absorbing the sparrow Then
Patrick called the attention of Billy Snyder
keeper ot the big Asiatic elephant Tip tn the
unhappy condition of be sparrow Hilly
shouted PoliceI and Policeman Jim Pitch
of the eravcoited force whoso members me
supposed to have an affinity for narrows
en me up Policeman Fltcti didnt get excited
He gravely declared that there were an park
regulations prohibiting a gull from swallnw
lag n sparrow and that he therefore could not
Interfere He thought there was a law recom
mending the extermination ol English spar
rows and maybe the uull was nf IrishAmeri
can ancestry and wanted lo reduce the feath
ered Britons
When the policeman bad finished the legs nf
the Biinrroiv kicked feebly soc vanished lonv
Inc the gull with a piotuberance In his neck
Partner Sargent StoT oftbn Pleatg aad
Ideatlflratlon of the Body
John S Sargent the ranch partner ot Robert
flay Hamilton who has come here from his
ranch at Marymere Wy to prove to Gen
Bchuyler Hamilton that his son Is really dead
told the story yesterday of Mr Hamilton
death and the finding of his body In Snake
River Hamilton Irft the ranch be said on
Aug 22 Four or live days before he bad told
Mrs Sargent that ho was going out to bunt
antelope and Mrs Sargent had told him he
must take a guide Hamilton replied that
guides were a nuisance and that he was well
able to take care of himself
Ha rode away on Mrs Sargents pony
Baby and ho left a note Informing me of time
fact at South Landing on the lake said Mr
Bargent That was the day following and
the note contained probably the last woids he
ever wrote I was away from the ranch for
several days I returned on Aug 27 and
found that nothing had been beard from Hay
Mrs Sargent wan greatly worried I didnt
fear anything I thought It likely that
he bud met Carroll hunting party
and joined It or that he might have
done any nt a dozen things that would
delay him However I sent an agent over to
Jacksons Hole to get men for a searching
party Jacksons Hole Is > settlement of trap
iierii and the men there know every foot of
the country I offered 15 a day for every man
who would meet me at South Landing that
night tn join In the hunt Quite a crowd re
sponded and I sent them off In different direc
tions The first man who went up the Snake River
did not do his duty Ho returned and re
ported that the body was not there On Aug
50 two of the searchers found Hamilton
horse and his dog Jocko They were near a
gap In the timber several miles below the lake
The horse was hurt and half starved The
nannchos ot an antelope und a heavy saddle
were across his back and u 85foot lariat was
tied around them tenderfoot fashion I
sent these men to camp at the place where the
horse and dog war found and to search lu all
directions from that centre The second day
they lound the body It v as across the river
from the outfit and was lying six inches below
the snrlaaeof the water held fast by sedge
wood In which the heavy Californian spurs
Hamilton wore had become tangled
There was no doubt that Hamilton was
drowned He bad come to the gao In the tim
ber by the river over which be had to cross I
think and had started to cross with his horse
He found time water too deep and left his horse
and started to swim ashore He was a splendid
swimmer but the big spurs were too much for
him and when they caught In the sedeewood
ho was gone There Is no question at all
that the body found was that ot Hamilton
I recognized It myself and the things that were
found on it were proof conclusive He had
probably been in the water week when found
His watch had stopped at 930 We burled
him at sunrise on Sept 4 at my ranch I did
not make the news of his death known until he
bad been burled because I was to busy
Mr Sargent did not see Gen Bchuyler Ham
ilton yeserday He wrote to him asking for
an appointment but lastnlght lu had received
no reply He called on Gilbert M rjpelr who
Is I one of the executors of the dead man will
and the guardian of Baby Heatrlce lIe went
nut walking last night with Mr Spelr He said
ho expected Ore Hamilton to call on him to
Jay If he did not he would go to Stolen
Island himself and see the General
A PrMtleo Joke JPla > r4 OB a Tnt If a
Who AdvertIsed for a Wife
PnrsBUEan June 9 Charles M Staler a
young man ot Tarentum one of Pittsburghs
suburbs advertised for a wife and now ha
wishes he hadnt His advertisement which
was placed In a Chicago matrimonial journal
was signed 0 M B and Intimated a desire to
correspond with a yonng woman ot wealth and
good social standing Tb advertiser claimed
to be able to supply these requisites on his
part The address given was Tanintum
which attracted time attention ot porn Boring
dale boy for between these two town a tail
ing prevail similar to the hostility between
Minneapolis and fit PauL The Bprlngdal
boys produced a fictitious Cora who answered
the advertisement
Correspondence resulted In an appointment
and C M a was to come to Bprincdala to meat
his Cora The Tarentum boy said be would
come and as a mean ot Identification he said
lie would wear white trousers and vest carry
a light overcoat on his right arm curry sn
umbrella In his left hand and alight from the
rear platform of the last ear of the 9 oclock
The Bprlnffdalo conspirators Mcqred a
smoothfaced young man named Charles
Zlmerly to personate the mythical Core pay
Ins him tS for limo job
The 9 oclock train arrived and the Taren
turn young man was on the rear platform
dressed as designated He was met by Cots
and the two started for a walk Presently a
crowd of fully 200 people gathered and famil
iarly Inquired after Cora health Btalav re
alizing that a practical joke bad been played
on him rushed back to the station and took
the next train home The telegraph operator
bad arm the news to Tarentum In the mean
time however and when the lovesick young
man arrived the town bad turned out en masse
to Inquire about his conquest of Cora staler
ho found It convenient to leave town for a
short vacation

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