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I I 4 D Iflli SUiN L < ftDAY JUNK I 12 IH =
2Uiocro r jiBotr flY ABir ront
1 wixxrxo j Axo CHICAGO zosno
Todal the Two Lending Clone VCIII Buttle
DM the Polo Grormde and There U Likely
t to he Home Lively Ilneebntl Brooklyn
Made It Four glralijht from Cleveland
flow the Other Onnien Keentted
Ketr YOlks victory and Chicagos defeat i
put the two clubs on eon terms for Orst place
In the Kallonal League rACe The scores yes
terdey were
r Ziw York 0 rituburch2
T Brooklyn 8 Cleveland
t 13oion li Chicago
I Cincinnati 2 rhllmloluhla 1
Dl JxCnu
desk U c lnl IrI Won Zest nr n
pewyork5 II oio flnokITn2U zI1n
Oie 1 < o S IC < 11 Oavelina 1 U 4
Ion 1 21 r pill rillhur hlK 2 4VI
rDUadaiphiatsi 1J 4R4 lCincll > ntL ID 1 l 3 4111
KKW ottx 0 I nrrsnunoii 2
The rittsbuhtht took their customary dote
of defeat testonlay They wero not In the
leant tmflad up over their victory Wednes
day and deported thomsclvos nlth becoming
S Uthplnos modesty Yostsrdityn Ram wn
low drawn out nnd Wenilsoinn but the 1821
detoteil cranks who were prrsrnt rcnmtnod
till Ibe last man was out The came possessed
orae notable fenturt1 Buck Ewing CAueht
and the only snltt throw ho made nearly
Wrenched bis lama arm off lie causlit the
man at taeontl however Another fcatuie
was the betting ol the New Yorks which
tuacensltateJ two conirJcto Illtsburch bnt
Uries Baldwin and Alack clvlnc iilnce n tho
nd ot the third Innlnc to King and Fields A
triple pmy wn accorapiisnod by tbo bore
tMpi and iovrors umpired The nhovo clr
ourosiaiicos rescued the game from nbscluto
S ditoeig
Tho Now Yorfc failed to make their usual
runs In tho flnit Innlnu Hotrorer thor made
amends In he second end piled up the runs In
a way tbatdlBcouriwed their opponents Unld
win WAS unable to lot the bat over the pinto
alt Gore wont ti flMt on balls llassett W it
cratch ulnclo Clurko hit to Iockloy who
threw to Borcer putting out Iltmott Gore
trot to third on tho ploy Clarke stole second
and Shtrrott went to first on bal Tho bases
were lull when Tlornan struck out Then
Kwlnu camo to the plalo nnd he too
WM sent to Drst on balls fore
Inn Goro home Tho tasoi were sllll
full and when AYblstlor oUo went to first on
balls Clarke camo homo Bhnrrotr who had
moved un to third showed he could sprint by
etuDe to the plow on n short imood ball
Connor concluded that some hitting wa in
order 40 be smashed out n nleo double to con
tie nn which Ewlnic nnd > hlstler came home
The lestlYltle wero closed by Ultourko uoina
out at first There were hIve runs IDoul It
looked like a rev York victory
Oars opened tie third with a olenn finale
and was tielpect tn third by ancrtllces by Ilns
Itt nod Clark Tnen Bhnrroit matte n queer
twob8n Me hit down the left 111 line 1 he
ball rolled fllDuly and was luot Rettlna Into
foul ground wizen Miller Impatiently gave It i
K ptihJi ana tent It twenty leot from the
line ll low r decided thut the bail WHH
on fair ground when Miller touched
It Gore had scored and bbnrtott was safe on
econd where he was left In the tilth Inning
Oore again started with n slnele Uaisett loi
lowed suit Ituth Advanced a buso ClarkoH
norlllro ana scored on Mbarrotts slashlnit
twobaiteer to right Bharrott save an exhibi
tion of brine running that called forth loud nn
rlauno Carroll made n poor throw to second
and tibarrolt dashed for third The ball rolled
away from Jierger and Miller and Bbarnitt
tore for the elate like 1 lire engine Uo slid
about lnrm fifteen feet beat the ball and ruined his
The New York scored their last run In tim
ninth Inning Oltonrkes twobaiieor a passed
ball and a missed third strike helped ulm to
tbe Iats
UP to the seventh Inning when fihsrrott re
tired owing to a lame arm the visitors had
made three bits and one run A base on balls
to tereer and Baldwins hard twobate drive
to right war the causes
Knsle took hold where Bharrott left off and
tine few minutes the outlook was decidedly
blue He sent Maul Miller and Berger to first
on balls Toen Bellly hit a bard ono to centra
that Ooro caught Maul scoring on the sacri
fe Merger got rattled and running down
forced MIMer oft second Ooro threw to la I
melt and Miller WM rnn down between second
and thirdClarke touching htm out Bergors
< out
S contused mental put continued and he os
aaied to run back to frt Clarke threw to
Connor aDd Berger was out completing a
Twu completDK
I singular triple play The score
S aolnr
YIraD r tJIPio 0 t CaT1 r tO 0 PiG Jai
w itwieL 0 7 I Ockly iIibO 0 12 1 0
I g B
Whistler e si 0 0 2 2 BrawniasL4O gIg 0 g
Coanor ng A 8 A 1 0 1 0 0
t1 Rour I iO U 2 0 0 fic o 0 g 0 1 8 I
Oorot B 1 2 0 1 2 0 0
S JI5 OMII 11 11 I I C f Mie Sd bO I 0 2 U
CIrlb1 0 C 1 O51Irldbi U 2 I 2
harl 2 0 I U InlLIr a 0 I 8 3 ii
Bul p2 0 0 I U 8ahlwlD I 0 3 I
Klul I 0 I 0
Yt 10 12 n 4
TOtal 2 8271 3
yorl 0 I I n 3 0 0 0 110
0 I oooioou
Rimed ruuXw rk 3 lInt bn on error
kw York 2 rlttiburnh i Left on baseaNw York
7t ritliburgh 7 tin bi on balle Hy HturroitH
I Ituile 4 Baldwin I Klur I utruck out Hy Miarmtr
Ii Rusts lialdwln Ih I Kmr 4 Two liltiCon
I nor lore Kharrott L > tlAllwln Facrlflr hluUii
S tier llariett Clarke 41 Beckler Miller Reilly Btnien
t rtl 11
baitiTleritin Clarke lioubi playi w hlniler Ua
I aett and Connor Jrlple play Gore Clarke Haunt
and Connor Wildpltclinlnir leaned ballillaca It
nd I uniplre 1OKeri Time 2lu bII1
Bnoorcivv A CLKVKLIND 3
The Clovolantls went away from Brooklyn
yesterday without a In ale game or Ibo four
played with the lrookl > ns on tbo credit side ot
their lodcor White the three previous cames
worestruealed forwlih the utmost rerslstency
on Ibo part or moth barns tho lirooklyns man
nine to > win each h l y only ono info jesicrJnys
game was very ononldoJ i ho Ularclanils
liiTfnnOleroeltlon towenlioa In nil ihs
ECififlit at JU > t tin wrons tlmo especially Is
this fa of tIne pltcliei s
Doing Indies day tine grand stand was
thronued wllli thin air sex They laughed n
tbo rOll h lircnkH of the visitors on tbo bases
and ADpluiylra their favorites whenever thoy
did anything not onllnnrv The game was ox
orxllnuly well played up to the fourth Inning
mitt hlttlily exciting In Ibo frt hall of the
eighth Inulnu when tbo visitors could havo
taken tho load but for bntl bae running
In that inning women WHO thrown out at tho
home iilme Urililn ntnln rust I a uliltizezi him
half liy n coil catch ami lirllllant return of tine
bli I to Wurd mnllnp 1 iloublo play Collins
S huulinlliio running call and HO did Daly
1vln iiover goon i into I gizmo without olootrl
tying the crowd with phenominni cntclips
nrd was the flrttt innn to get his Imsp ITo
till tins IHI tit rlulii I Inn I for tlirm Ins Uavh
11 la8es
lalht i I till inn II i in I ho lonlcl not tircnt
Wind Iroiii urcrlnp Tl n rcoro vftn lied In tlio
ftocond inn I nut In ilifWloi t i R walpL nzzfoiy
lint wns fnrcrtl nt > pcf > nd rn JoliiiHnnti lilt to
ColliiiH rlin tlirowliin nut to Vanl Moltu
sun alJI feet il on Dalys poor throw rind
11001 IOU
eeori on pOll ks 0111 10 loll
OBrien onanoil tbD Brooklyn half nf tliu
Innlne by knwklnir u slow uromxlnr to Jioimv
which he lent to hlizat JlnlctuVH Blnirln ml
Yancod him Jotlilid and be rcnroil on I outrs
arriflcp Mchemi 10 Virtue July began lie I
Brooklyn hal of the filth mining Iy l hlttlni for
this bases Jr logier coil 1alr cioeil
WAn Mil to humor Who thrfw wllilly to
Chlltls tn cut rift Olfl land tlnl proHfife
JVriystolo tiifi I I iiinl I I lioyle S iii nil 110 mimi
throw ho rtapurd lioito Mi nn Inch in I span
In tbo cluhlli timber coil li > AKer s nulml
IIoKran hit safely In inntro ami iiuliertrjid
to reach Ibo vlnto bm o Irllllii threw lilin out
On IaIVs info ill JloAlnor scored LMUU
bit a slow cromidcr In S ird which lio I ell to
lint Jloheun srniud and II trial to but
Pouts threw till hill Iu Dimly In tlnm to catch
him The bonin u ml mu yore lilt iTIt tim r Imid i lu
their halt ana inadti four run Vine K 11t
S llltllKR I 1 I HUM IV
uiIe r p KIlrn p
PleAter U U rnllIn Cub ui
4 U I
izeKien L L I I II I liuurd p p 4
2iitSim I 2 I I rlnll r uu I z I
IJIIIdL 4 b1 J I 0 hum r L 1 I I 4 U ii
Jnlon r tl I I 0 ii ilI4rftmi 1 I r 1 h I I
Inl let 1 b1 11 12 I I ilskmiy8iI liui I I I
Doyle I 4 2 2 lIklr 1 t I Ii III I 1 I
N J g
JioeyJ4bil 2 a i
Oralo p ii II I lt fmJ I I I 3 II
Tlaail024 11 I 1 uItj7 I a
S CnInd ii I non n I > ol
Urokin 1 i ii I a u I 4 1
S 1zirnel runUrntinlJ IrooUvn fll t ino
OB rrflrlltIDL II i l Left on uju nvri i iiul 4t
Miouklrn 4 Ctriiic oullur drubrr 4 IU > r on i > i
S iiftUruUr linn Terry I l 1lir > bm hln n nl
5 Hlv Two base hItheal li Mcruu hltdrlmn 1
Imknir > ouu hlolen bizsi crib Koutu Terry
MiKud riilldi Ji Jolmion 111 Hit by nllclier
OVrlen i tour PiMiJ billDull I LmijirJcOu la Tim
koiro II cnirico a
T ri crro 0
BoiTnx June II Hotton build Anton ml till Chi
cn colts the iilut 1 sort or e dark xiy btiley
iiti lied well fur ifotton lk WIM iiibfttltulnl for llin
lICIt when I the genie tri pete Die frftlurci nf mile
Verne irr S couple ff hal hAul ilAr Hi I wlihli
S 34og wee tin mural hour Movers IIIK Imbue tnnl
riiiii WhiCh alpo U hiiinui ci i S pislo in tin run
jiluirurli by lirollu wjilch rcilril Hi ccl hlcito
Llillr anil tow 0111 11Cc v > I > HMK 1 lie littnamxl
rliyer mil e ull every llni h I rm M Ilio I 1 ecU
Ell tecerU U iwt iluflt a double uuJ a how ruu j
Ryan born run cant with two mm on baits The
I oirnv t ciueicd
Ipn I slspoLr
f ° flt52 1 I hIitrfltt 2 I lOt
Pmoejif 2 I I U IIIInnt C V0 4 i o I
luIifljfb 2 mlpehlntJbO U I U I
U I 4 IAmuoiulIbI I
ht l
r i a t 2 4 2 Ii I ierrnim I ii 4 I U
Tucker tat 1 bI 1 III I I ii 14cm C I C 2 I
lquwoig 1 U Y m3 5 I g 10
ln1 0 I H 0 l1suommurI I I I U u 7 a
Lt u h U 11010
IIIr pt t u 3 U IIUld oa 21u I 3
Told ii2 j 3 Totals i 2 i U i
lolon 1 I U I us 2 3 2 11
Clco I U U I u U 0 1 1 U
limed roniHoHon Bi Chicago 9 Horn rune
Ixiw nran Two iuo Mln siovey Lowe Maley
Ainon Three baie hitluey iticrlilre hillTucker
llennelt Haley j > ke Molen tiaiei Long Low
vtliinoi Ruma First bile on balliHy truer bi by
number ti by ltiuy 1 tnt bsie nn errorbRoiton
1S fhuigo I laned biliKlttrldt wild pitch
utimiiert DtrnrL ontHy Dialer I mur lumber II i by
Ltiiir I Iiouble nlari tovey and Rennettt Ihl
ulim and mater IArlo and Tucker LmplrM
hearst TlmejAJ Atten < laniA7 i
rmiixiTt Si 1 I rnnintirnit I
rninmtiiiiu Jun ll I I4lnennitI mad I four
tralght from the riilliUlphlai Hill afternoon
rclitilr pitched to the frit Hire Illticlliliatlani two uf
whom wire senIle tint on balK ami tlm otter made n
two tnsC hit Hrhnltx was then retired illeaion tak
Ing his hll Ihie vliltori hide 10 rum In untO In
ning on Lathm bet nn tell o Xletluea double I an
01 and a mliplay by livers The rhiullpbm mite
their only run on Heletiintyt ba > on tallinnl Mils
III oJ i
ills i triple I Attendnnce I zuni lliercoret
rinut triiii I citcimiti
la rot I I a In D p
hfamlilan I I t1 U 4 I 0 Iathara8db 1 u o u I
lamllnn I b1 I ii I IMnth4 I h1 8 I 8 I
itilnOls04b0 2 1 C ImlammlilayLfl I I 300
t id4r i8 I I U I hart r t 0 1 0 0 0
11r 2Nu o G z I 1lr 1111 111 I I
110n 01 I 3 I 01t111tPr7 C t U I I I I
or 0 a I llh 0 I I U
Allii a I n I 2 C lIlarriuitloa oU I 4 I I
hul I U 0 I um 0 IUla 0 I U 0 1
Uleol p l I 2 I
j 01 2100712 0
TOtals I 4 218 4
riiiiadiphix o 0 0 0 0 0 n 0 II
Clncinuatl 9 0 o 0 0 0 0 U 2
Twa bass MlShlndl Mrthee Clementa Thri
t > i = hltiHlilndlr 1 Mclhe I herr Ptolen baeeillara
Ilion leer UouMe playi imlth Reilly llarrlngtun
Ailrn Veyer Uelehamy Flrit bail on alliKy
KclnilU J byilloaion 11 by litmus V ttrnck out
Hy too J by Khlpev I TiiulltX tuiplre
The AmericaS Anaoelatloa
Yesterdays results In the American Associa
tion wore ns follows
Baltimore 9 Athletic 2
Cincinnati I Columbus 3
Boston 10 WashIngton S
TUT rvconD
ThPil Jrmtntifern fmnbs iron tatt rtr r
Itoctofi52 1 033 Columbni2J m 491
I1 I 1oumeam ti iou Aluilsuleu XT 419
Baltltaor OT 1 1 63 LulI 3 II 4J
CIlelall 111r2 21 J ttaimnnoniu 3J AOI
Ritnvnnr Juni II I ITt nililmorei today won from
the Athletlci by timely betmng l In the lcmid Inninit
Two ilnilii ind two Uoubli ulJ I the work In tbc ilxih I i
Innlttr with two men ou the baiep Van llaliren mad
a humus run making the lime a certainty lbs icort
UUlnn oULUlr
sIruPn 0L muIse 0 a
101cho r t a r t U InodIlflot I
Van tialtn1s2 2 2 S I Mulvey3d 11 I S 3 I
IT r floulArklnrfUm200
Wtdn II t I 1 7 i u U laUmn 2d b1 n a I U
JohOon I to I 2 2 U I llu lit b 0 I I I 0
Inca 2u1 b I I I I U Cororu e s0 I 9 I U
Gilbert 10 h 2 1 U 2 0 iorkluilt 0 ru I I U U
luMon 01 0 7 I I Cro 0 0 2 4 I I
blcIaltufl p2 n 0 S U Whlal po I I 2 U
Totals0 j 17 ui 2 Totals2 i 24 i ii
o 0 0 3 0 09
U U 0 U U 2 0 U 02
lane runtBatilmor 4 Two b hltiWli
HcMihou Nooil Horn run Van llalirin Doub
plareVan > Imltren ttle and nenlen an Ilnltren
anilWerden Mulrey and Mulilffan Fint ba on ball
Baltimore Cu I Athletic i Hrit on erruriliiltimore
It Athletic i Left oil biiei Baltimore I Athletic a
lilt by ultche l bull Ullberl 2 flruck outby Me
M th r St by Weyhlur S lr p I Mejhluu I Tim
lja Umpireterxiuon 11
nvctioiTi i a ft rot CKHCJ 3
riHrmiiTi Julia t 1The cam todir rae eirltlnt
and Beery won It by drlrlnir two rune In In tile ninth by
a pretty double till to the right foul lue OntrliU
core llobed > I the last three Innlugi Attinilauc Iluu The
or ItImucliulnAym
tImucliulnAym COLI11A
Kli rrx aP K la ro i K
Fery r f i a o u I I Wheelock I SO u 2 a n
Anareni1 I fi ii 1300 Croon 2i 4 11 2 I I 1
kelly o 1 1420 XcTamnyc M I 2 li I
Cnn sc 1 a I I l O Connor r fu u o 0 2
RobInson Id b u 1 a t U Donahu I 1 2 o
iolumustonctU I a ii iDuCestf0 I I 400
Curney litbu ou I I I Ktiehne 3d bii u I a I
Whitney 2Jb2 a I 3 Ii Lehane Utb11 j a 2 o
Vwytrp I 2O4Oltstolbp0 00UO
Uaitrlghtpu U u I 0
Totali 3122D14 3I
I TotalsS UU71U I I
Cincinnati o 0 0 l o I i o 2 1
Columbui u u 0 U o 0 I u o3
Rune earnedClnclnnatl 0 Columbn I Two base
liltl Andretva SeerjJotinlton Ihreebaieblt Caua
van Double playsmrunk anil tVheelock Canavan ant
Carney hiofen bassleily Whitney Maiei on billi
on Uwyer 2 Mruck outfly liwyer 3t by lailou 3
by Uaitrtght 2 bacrince hill Oonohue DuOeo It lid
pitch Uaitrlght TlmIM Umpire ilattheia
00 A a 10 w4iuloTOr 6
WIIero June IBI blod casbutuglon
gttcbem all over tile ll moday amid jilisi up rune in
every isnIng I but tIe last winning baudi dowu Aliztu
andIItU maccore
WailimunTomu oaol
itLcpap ImIpoa
Morphy r 1 U U 0 I I BrW e t 3 U U 0 0
orrhJ 1 12 0 2 I I Joyce lid Ia I 0 3 2
hitnee cr I 1 2 I ololr 8 I U U
Bch I to U I 0 2 loh I b2 2 14 I 0 1
bmcmnary1tbI 1 1 1 1 YerrehiLrci 3 4 0 2
tl uWi 5 0 1 3 1 1 blurpyiy cAIf2 2 t g 0
Lbmn U I 0 3 2 haddock pu I 2 I I
AIrl 3d bU I 1 lIB ltlckr 2i bo I 3 I I
Larseyp1 U U 4 Iltailfords2 I 2 50
4usrleepU u 0 4 0
curl pU
Totsis 1910221 7
Yotah I 21 12
0 0 0 0 I I 0 0a
10101 I I I 3 I 1 U 19
Earned run Waehlnglon I Boston 4 Twobai hit
Iiunr Ttireebaio htti Karrell Wi Murphy tlloitoni
Vurpru Waihlngton Molen baietJoyc U uar
Jl Karrell Strieker llstrield Double piayi lueiind
McQniry Madford Stricter and Ilrouthera Flnt bass
on ball A aililngton A Boiton l htruok uut by
CaThy 4 bv gnarles 4i t > y Haddock 3 Iaiied bails
Murphy I Farrell 2i Lohman L WliuI pliclie Had
10ck 2 Quanta I TlmeJ a tmplriltcrini
Minor XcaKuej
it Kiw nivzx
New Haven o 0 I n 3 o 0 I os
Buffalo u I U 0 1 o 0 o u
hIde lilli New lan 4 Buffalo u FrroriNw
Ilaven 4 Buffalo 2 fltcher llornrr and German I
A rnoviDrrca
rroTldence o 0 I 0 n u 0 0 ol
Mocneiter 2 0 O 1 4 U 0 0 SIO
hale hlti Providence B Rocheiter 11 Errori
rrovilenc4 Kochetter a ritcheri Stralb and MO
C ullo ugh nl
AT L111uoy
Lebanon 0 3800 16
Hyracui u u o l a o3
Byraouie rifuied to pipy German host his Oral tarn
this fceaion rr bn pitched lu 14 came hi
At DsnrerDinTor Rt Omha 10
AtMlnneipolliUlnneapolli 12 Alllwank 7
At Kanin riiy Kiniu city 4t Un coin u
At Sioux City Mont i lu ty liz 51 haul L
Ionwru tuun
At Fort Waynrort Wsyns 7 Kmniyill S
At iirmid lspldsorand Jtaplda 3 w ltla
Other Game
lt ninorin
Atnhirii o naonotooo 1 4
Dartmouth0 oooauoiuo 03
n rrotioixeit
University rnniylrnl n I 0 n I 0 0 0 ol
Brown Iulmiity o u u u o u U u uu
Game Tody
lonU tanGy
Kew Tork TI riilrniro a the Polo around
Hroollyn vs clnrlnnatl at ftetern Park
Ihliajtlphia TI Clilpml ut Ililladeliihl
boiton M 1lttiburKh at 11hldIIbla
NU asooruamoe
Wiihlnttnn Ta Ilonton at Wakhlnrton
louisvIlle I vi St loiili nIt loiutsn lnfion
Clnclniiall ra Columbui at Cincinnati
rrOTl4inee n Hochriter xt Provldno
KewllareiiTi Uunnln at Eew Ual
Tnny ta Albany nt Troy
Lebanon TI byracui oi Lebanon
oriiin OAMPK
FICIU Wanhatlan A C yi fJiti U d IL A ai llanhattan
Fleb nnd 1 Flabloe
Mr A I Aihman Prrildentof the WawayandaClab
on tlio tlreat outli Hay returned to the city yeiterday
luornln after a wecki vacation Iher Speaking nf
the > ri > i < ecli for bluennhlnir b > said A tw of th
iiieinbirilrollrd outide the Inlet during the week and
Caught few line ruuneri ulihuugh they were I all
they are scarce as yet Captlhurber the oracle or tile
bu > derlarvil thai mould this warm wtaiher conlluua
wrl wah
humming In tlie I bay should begin next week cOlluul
lr la apiualh atlvn I wIth silver sl4en I end Ottlr small
mUll i In wIirb iii blue feed sail his mrnopecms for e
wrest sqasiml ore very erucoiraguuiuf Wll lberls lii
hue caught iii nrl hInh 01 Ih saaoii hact rm
vuis I four pufiuer ant musO nokd platIItetiIliI rh
Inn at IJI emit bniss Vie slipper of the tIred south
liny momiira hat njn wild itrawuerrli are rIp It U
mn unralllllv don that hliillhpA In fl 1 In i Nnn
Ii I tlilH 1 theory among cAme of them thai they win i not gu
nut alter bluetlih until all doubt on the berry question
Is I at lt
A carp weighing 0 pound was raughl In Cooper
I r
r dU11 gh Cope
Creek ot Collln woodTiiy henry Miller I
A valnabl violetcolored pearl Ilus artist ever seen
ami pronounced br Ieahhers a very haudiomigrm
wiifimul 1 In ailamby Mri H I CoUi of Heivlilere on
Tuiitlay It welihed one pinnywelght and foiirgnlni
The ontrh nf hud for the eaion h > the Delawari May
and river Oihirraea alone averaied U each day I i
To ImIT Enmios or lao SaxcIa fb lake th lIberty
lo inform you thnt lb iabinel A C bsy TeorganIze3
and wIll be knoll In time tumor a 1no 1111 Athieil
hub Iii honor of yuuiir brIght I paper Our hieedquartes
Wlbb fl I
will I at r fiIgWam of the Eighth bard flmocrilo
Aoclun hiewsfl Elwrnlh and 2lneIsflhl
strqma on nurlb asuuoe brooklyn Ir Is I lb inlemitlou
sir tue lrclo leara A tray U ayO iC
cut 1 f 1hW lu hold this closing sla on Ie
and by nu Al I is I hoped that Tui Sos A n wIll b u
Imi snI Irll In tine IIIlu woJU A your POI I Is I mu
Cite newIiupr orh1 A UIH II
llioebull Note
day finals and Buckley will be lbs flaw York battery to
of ciirle them yesterday ho l n lelMarrlllcInc young man lie mad four
all a luiir oao turn up Tom Oltourk will play
wnli the llueliliui I ORourk1
Cor e Miillh will I get a good nnd off when be ippeari
at Ililcrn 1urk linda With lo the Cincinnati apper
K JiTFiiuKi June 11 Ihe JJt dt Mary College
nrierri toilay defeated the freilimen cf rnuiylvanla
College by Htn4 r
The cam between the Fordham and Wilya cot
legn will not plol I yeitentiy the latter team being
compelled to pniti OilS the cam on account of lu being
elimination day 1m bWI
noiKri liin M Charley Blley the third bait
mal wlm lumpeil hi ronirjcl wlih lhi > Columbu Club
HiidU I row 111mb ailhi 1 the riuibiiniU Club wee a K
Celled from the order ut Mki lait night llub
iiitirnit June II The American Auoclatlon
agciiti now lu the city have mcceeded In gtllng lluke
piirhrr nml Hliugnrl short itop nr > this Mlnneiuuii
team and Calrlier iirtniofth MIlwaukee iim toiign
with tin Hlilinore Auoolatlon leam The Vteitern
magnaiei will mak a determined legal tight cEsium
thus move
lviMMiir inn mIpmrohi < sub nay ry dUhand
Ing early In Hie wrek nrrexlialed I the reorvanlatlon
r 1b
nf tile Sortlmoern league Khlcliirai rnvied ter
minrnlly at i 11114 iv It mu 1111 lie I < ompimrii f mx
rlute unit I a new chdu > aiiopteil Tie male for tlm
pennant lugli iliewlo lay mch chum LavlliL toiled
tliiui The I cccii Iaoll oil 5 o1ii t asia iu
TtiS prim oldret or A 1 nch vialt In Xew nrll
Is I In moor a 1lIcler and h muas huie 00 nn lhiikey
lalipil cii bllh latter care
lie I e Inllnl saiisulil Is remalmi mum u w Yurk John 11
Disy ystrday r iii Inn Yheh in agree lii a
r ln IlIIIII Iir Wf
trenofer bunt lb smIling owlnlsr ilcilmued af Clew I of
lIne slrlkict IncIdent or 114udy sfmrnuon Ills at
furls or te Nw rt lhuili to diapuas ui IllIcit han
cud conilderabl rurprlie
It I reldoin Ihat two team id for the lead meet
and battle for auprerokry Ace orkrr liovrvr are
10 be treated lo u tiaielull leapt nt lhat curt f > dMy
when be rilouutble Amnn and 1 tile 1rRIIII1 > i > ung
mn Wi 1I1PlOr a 1 Ih c 1 uci n dollil Iluulesytir 10
b1 lb Im that lIarly eryIolr but Auon has
m out to win hi peulnani Till 1 Cirugyip fly tile
r UII t tr g
leaders wIll tie a lielabls one mu no rft wbo mel
all 101111 In mhe Iand gems wIll mkea nr to
rcII the scsne Th game wilt lejin at 4 oclorlt all
fain tUt tim on the conllier will rams with mraaI fury
IIHtlMO June 111 BIlrnoro part or the amr
rain Asauciamlomu strsrs liseif I 55 not at all alarmed it
the noah of ol Ii I dIem Aaeoylation I I Is appeal r lii
courms tQprevsltt Ito iluiuu of lie player by II
Americin sohslluuu I lensur tiernle 1I lhus ihe r
es1ern Aoolilloa liCe I Iotu emtI 1 Ii Cubit meying for a
prolcllon 0 hleh tile 1 WI4l1orl1 0 rentiut JIve
nail Ibid lii 1 A merloan Csacistlo ie cam nuutlre
prntss if crafiluir I Hr eu nier roc the 1 f3olot
lIe 11111111011 AotIIOO sari Ibl he wI1l evea sigui 1
lint member or the 1 teacu wine msy wIsh to leave thai
auvcinuloii cud corn with l rmmt1 lie want flue
mn Tilt 1eDo took six men sway toni the Amr
If cii AorlII The glum wu IOTOh amid lb
Jeaus u 11011111
Princeton IB Viile I Ilerldlnp Champion
ship Gum
Manhattan Field IVitli it and Bin ar Fatnrday June
IS lame ritUal I at II 1 I U hoCus on sal l at A u
yoilillnc A llrollier ill Droadiray and Bqullaot
IlulldlUK KO Ilronilnay Ailr
llunelmll Polo Ground Today
Grand Lixu championship rim Chlcaro n
New York l mr4r M 1 Aituilulon fine Ezpre traIn
on bib cv L leaves I Miciort at Hil4 11 Tickets ou
sale I at 8 aldltia 2tl BroadwTAa
UIUlln Tlrld Today 4 P U
Weil Iolnt adele dlrit appearinre vi Manhitlan
AC 1 too Laulei I free toground grand siauullQv
Ilpiaettiill riiNirrn Pork 4 P M ToUay
Pri > okliiiclnclnnatL l AdmUilonMc Kino County
I awl lirookl u L rvadi dlrcctxur
aa S
fi IWA80NS
4 5 nr
< I
Largo quantities of Bedsteads from 2400 per dozen up all
colors and sizes Mattresses from 100 per dozen up Springs
from 900 per dozen np Extension Tables plain 00 cents per >
foot Matting 500 per roll 40 yards Upholstered Cots 100
and the largest variety of Stoop Garden and Piazza Chairs nnd
Rockers from 50 cents up in the market We have Chamber Suits
8 for 10000 all sizes and hundreds of other styles up to 20000
each Chiffonnieros Hookers Tables Hall Stands 0 without num
ber altogether exhibiting tho largest and best selected stock in the
market and fully 40 per cent under in price of dealers paying 40000
or 50000 per year in rent Get our estimate and see if wo are not
right Get Catalogue
Myrtle Av and Bridge St Brooklyn N Ya
All the bargains you can get at
Fulton st or Broadway highpriced
clothiers you can put In your eye
Snits They Sell for 1000
Sells for 700
Same style same roods Come
and look at them
Bridge St corner Nassau St
Jip rionmu 411
merican Wood Powder
American ocity and pen
etration better pattern
and less recoil than any
other powder in the world
Sole Agent for N Y
Henry C Squires
178 Broadway
tishiI1 Cnthlf
and worms loc doa l whit or blood worn 20
dzt lIve liobiou for rtib wattrtuu 31o tfozi DJ
dIem tic doL
My low rrlcn ror In good astonIsh everybody
bpcial drive fortlili ooolli OD ipllt bamboo Ay or
b1mt orate ont lt M
till foilS 81111 Tlii rod are not Oiled in catalogue
i u UAlthTUUlC
M Court it near City llVli Brooklyn N Y
BRO 011W
The InlerHlnte Team League Hltoot
This five dabs In the Intr Flat I Turn Trip Rhooler
1gus hnt very eone and lIolllnll rice on Ilti
around ot the Coney blind Rod ant Uon cub it
Woodlawn firk tong hand yesterday It wa close
nonfhtotml In a tlebtwetn tue two Jinty club
the Cinlrit Inn riub et Lour Itrtnch and the Newark
Oun Club ur Niwitk Ths Central statist oB with a
rood Iot tflldrpp4 olt la the middle the sport
and 11 tile 2twrker cent np with thira with a rush
at lbe flnlih The Casey Island Club weald hT had a
yreal how to win eat for Hyde The day previous at i
the cluk hoot he killed thirteen straight and yilnlay
III could only kill nn out nf tin
ThiC the for the trepliy will HI eliot off en Ih lilt day
of Ihe if tin 1 nf sloes In October and emit other ties
that my occur will be iliit eft at alms esm turns
All tmitiiotrK with their frlimli ocr enterUlned
lr I the i ney KlnuU Hub at dInner at lbs hotel ou the
ground afterward
Hi ii ore ft the shoot U ai follow
IWIHK cell ciBa itUKtic HOP Ann au etc
3 do fC it 1s K ti
c M 1 Ihs4den2S ii l Jd tffntbrrndt e 114
I i Mil M n I C 1 rann2 0 I
mu L IrlitIn2e 8 i L ll > aiiy its u 4
W II ilnlli I 24 7 Ii i J li I Vaorheeive a
u Hhlneliirdt 24 11 l OIU I Merer M 7 II
II A In211 10 ulI BIlrII 7 0
I Inllin mi u j i li I 1Ir21 7 II
IInlntrII II f i1 Hard ttx T a
T W Unimiiyii J ii I f Carlo ITS R a
J llelrturat yx lu o I O K Uortl so lu I o
Total SO K Toiall 73 23
IOCNTUI uvi rivi UIIUL en ymca
rule K Ji IC lJ Ij
r flilier M to I uCnbbirliy inin U
n I 1IlorII 7 II Ur KloCOOl8 iu U
I T liarenporl 11 n I A I uubbilty 7 D
2 HIM felt 24 7 ij II I 0011111 II I
J li Inn Klper 155 H g Ijit a IIn t
II W MiittituchevH I H 2 tYC Price IS n I
K XUilHoti M 7 U I Hair Jr M B I
W Invent 24 H 2 A labor2 9 2
Ur Milu ID 7 e R W PrIce M 18 0
c Y iniirtao lu o J allll1II u I
Tola II1I Toiall KU 14
soApy iitAtp MOD ace ovi etna
IVi I Ail il rU Ird II
1 louver34 m u r rehl imnM 8 2
1 lId t1 II 6T W paender x S I
J m A huplr 91 8 2 U UthliperlM 10 ii
I Itlbltttrr M II 2 cW orthrI4r2tI au II
u Mat 9J M 2U llousess 3 9 l
Total M 10
ntfcriellnih Uoedwln EcorirXlalor PenIs
Mnrkimerrnt Creedmoor
rirrtvonc Jnn 10 deUchtnint of the Twenty
lecotid RegIment U S KY compoiidof Compinln
A C r < l end II under command of LieutCot King
practlnd her today Tine oure I
Company AapL W K 1riec 311 JrgIat 13
foniton wi I Corporal 1 II Mulligan an rpyalei D V
Alley jj K c ronklln I SO K J Churchill 311 lr
Kini iJil t lummlrmil
l i > niianr Itant IV P Conrow Mi Corporal R
Ronron ail I rrlraieux Anilirion Mit TW Faurni 411
K h Hake 1 lit II II Roedel all Meat U C Murray
SKi Privet II II Hunt an J I Koptt 3X
of i PJ
fotniiiny rLieut W 8 Hnnelt sii = e rlnl t A
Turney m Corporal l I M I Knowlei < 4t rrUatnO II
burns so J K Hurl S3 r o fmplnn ant Llnt u
Lowenblin wi Herceanc > I l K Burnton noi Corporal
M Unciireror 311 A A Kmieil 301 PrIvate 11 U
Mayer I ail R B bustle s1 u Uannenmttller 1
Company Cl lCepm jii liemareit HA Liiutji W Day
Ion ui 11 IILUI H t IIII IIJ sergean IIR87 k
t IInecI1 Iroral U Esatty lilt I Dyer 03
Irlnsteel t ClhounO 1 ralchon1I M SpI
ma UN C J Vsilars liT m1 VeIls 11I U tlerar41
11I1 m 110 111 I t tIch 81
Vinmny II Capt W J lluiier 30 Eerrlint > t 3
Howard 3 Sergeant K lihirwood 11 terreintJ II
U Nelnhan iu ritennt J F Mnllli 31 Cerporal U
L ilrntta Si Irlratei II Pollock 3U f Nlchter 84 1
c Ii Walton U7i E H Weilon aj U 4 O Wood 13 T
faltfE IIr
Cart SliWE Riley J L l
Garrison AgaInst dcwlek
Jnit before the commencement ot the Inter 81all
trip ihnotlui league l contest at Woodlawn Park Long
liland yesterday E U larrlion of be Fountain Oun
Club and W Sedtwlck ot the Larchrnont Gun Club shot
a hblh fifty lire bird earn llurllniham I rules Ike
run lo be ImnulcapiaJ OarrlMn I mad a great raeord
ru r himself II nnIT mInced one tlril hli tenth out of
the titty that he mot at IiedgWICk kited fortyfonr
hontinit from Ih auyard mark Uarrlion ihot at 29
Target Record Broken
ST LorIs June IAt the National Bctioitienfei ot
the Fharpihooteri AHOdatlon at Crete Ctrur Lake
reiterdir Bernard Walter 1 Rue Zimmerman of
hew York broke the record for man target mooting hy
coring ua and U7 poluii respectIvely out uf a punibl
luu the rerord being uu point
Gmakell Krllaqnlehre the Eaiclleh Amateur
nillliird Cbnmplaoiblp
IIr A P OnkelL the national amateur bllllardlit
Erg end has resigned the emblem that he recently won
from W D Courtuey and the trophy rei erte to tie lat
Ir once more Courtney ha laid that lie I will defend
the emblem aralnit all challenger A month having
elapsed since the laitoonteil ibe first gentleman wh
challenge will have to lay Mr Courtney without lucy
Ing to play oil with any one else 1 Mr ilHitteli doe not
gIve amy reaion for r < litiilnff the till hut in hula letter
nfmignatlon mentions that lie preuiure ills ddnic 10
will not duar him Iroui challenging at a future dote
Death onIon Ooanberlr
nan Dontherty wall known Iliht weight dld at
hit horn 221 Kilt Fifth Street yeierday afternoon
1 Illiilemlee 1 will be learned with regret by iportlng men
In thli city He Wcs known ai one l Irr civerer
lnhtweUM 1oier a < tat bark ai th time of old ml
Clark oo llouetou ulreet Ills mat appearance pub
lie waaat btgtv llrodlea with Tom oreeu two week
The roll In IDA tournament of the Union Croquet
Club at Central Park yesterday were ai tolow n L
Larendol defeated L Auilln Johnson Ur J A Bmlth de
featel rirdy K L I arendol defeated L Anitln John
ion Dr U t lltick defeated Mr uckrr Ur J AMU I
defeated o rurdy John II Uella iltteated Ii l Zucr
I L laTodnl defeated Mr llalgnt I W Um do
fated Mr Hewlett Ur J A Smith defeated Uzucker
K L Latendolilefeaied Mr Hewlett Dr J A Biultn
deCided Lit U t Buck U ucker ilefMted J Auilln
Odde oDd End ofgport
This Wama and rmerald Gun chubs team match
WhIch wai arranged for Friday next haa I been coot
poneil by mutual reuiint UntIl the Wauiefan monthly
hoot In bettetnier
The Lelblnger and Davenport match has been ar
raniied They will ihoot at lieiter Park Long Island I
at luuiue bird earl ol llurilogham rules 2n nr 9u yard i
rice thiS ifin to be handicapped for 4uum The atnouui
may bu tncreaiid to Clcou
The Wllllamibnrgi AthletIc Auoclatlon I will have
tW J o
J hal
their thun itunual xenrilm on Monday June I2
to Idlcwiiit I I ilrore where the metrbtri will give an ax
h rr trlo lIR
I hltilllnn I of bainhali atriletlo games to The special
attraction will be a swImmIng match open to all lor a
haudicme medaw
Late In hay an Internitlonil turn feillral was held
In Stockholm Two urman offlcar lghteen hngilin
ottlreri and several Daulth military men were preiect
The ieitlvil I Was npeneii by tile Hwcdlih Crown ITInca
h p frID
and on tie frit dar Kngiltti DanIsh and Sweaiih gycn
nattloiocletlelgave exhlbliloul The sienna day wag
notable for the exarcltea of tue Women Turn Hoeletr
hkiildmuii from iiothenburg and the Women Urn
naitlo Aiioclatlon of lleiilugiera Thte feillral lasted
lIe dare and wai concluded with prize competition
To Tit KuitOK or Tnn 8ns sir If AllY DroOl is I
Oitsut a eheienge on behalf of Barney tlagee the ling
huh Inrluelbi 1 bar failed to Pee It uubUjbeO and
therefore wee very much iurprlid to lee In THE Suit
that a delegation of iportlng men were dtiippolnted at
nit flAt showluig upt the liict Uatnii omct the othir
day tu inalo > i match I hereby Inform StoOls and
Mugralliat I will beat the Jlmlnmil Ariel omce on
Tuenlay afltrnoon June 10 between 4 and S oclock
ccomi nied kl hy my backer prepared to put np a at
Ioait > and make a match I 51 ageea own aiyle London
prize rung rule barn knucklei for IIAJ a tide
dOW TTIK Tiarsn IX1lfZiT
Ctmtral Park Tninti Kenr
Lawn Unnli la Central lark l beomlnj jail I at pre
emit J nr tine be game was Brtt lnlranced a
lark sport ha II math lattrtit beta taken la I the
lonniamnt Tho handicap cMlmBa unrlti ban
almost bUD IIODlplIt butt Iwo matches rirailolDi lo
b rlajr l and the handicap ladlti cutlet kit bHa
begun Inthi Iomrtb following matcbtiba l a
Clan n half AtfMn nut Roendxr I i Bratmi
blat a Ucnkton by < anlt ThIs nuuhti all the elan
laiirelau Maleb1 Hnt non dW L X Branni
wInner of class B halt fIftieS beat Co r llalihl twin
tier of OlaitA ieral hX3 02 IIII 3 0 1 Phillips
wInner cltuK 1hirty beat A C Harrli wlnnr ft
laiK liaif forty UC fti 03 4u us wcoiin
KuitndJ u fhllntx Iwlnnir of clan K thIrty 0s51
J J HulilTin wlnnr f clasS D halt thirty 02 4il
u u4 ThIs luyea W I A Strauss to play J 111ult
1111 Otis tortn ailowint tIe Utter hut nft to > n1
this wInner to plT In lbs final ratlch aralnit J U
1 Olllllif
lit itt ladle slnIs three match ban been fln
libtd riutlnir at foltowtt rrellmlnarr Rooi > U > liii
K 1 at Iliac lInr von lr nc by default
kilos buscH von rraa heel Silas line Unnbnr ol
tis the tormrr chewed this latter 15 In I this malchx
FIrst MonnJMlM Ida Llon bat Ml llln von
irae5 by l dttanlt
A mritlnc or cntrt Park tennis players wa tild
on hday arirno cit the ttllnwlnc romralttr
Ucltd 10 conduct the annual sprint onainpionthlp
IRratchi tonrnmntt 1 F I lln Oidrmaiu u hk
KoMwlrk o f llaliht and B u hrirctt It wai alta
decided to ofTr a chauiploniklp trophy which tnntt be
won thre times not neetwarlif In 9accetilon tn be >
coin tinS properly or tile tioiiltr and he nmlnlUt
ware empowered to receIve ttibrcrlpllou for thl par
poi cools pureliax I a tnltalil trophy A number at
inbicriptlont hay atnady been received and the rum
roll hop ihr trill amount to noncl to enable them
purohnra a shiver cup
A folIos ha already ten vntlii containing detail
of ttit nrlnr ahimtloniblp tonrnamant Hotn Miitl
men sIngles anub donNa will be plaTed and the win
Otis ro ich will receive I prltn The wInner In Due
tlnile will play T I Townsend lbs present Champion
a ho li I dtbarred from coropilltlon lor the nw trophy
Satches will begIn on Monday June lb but ebsent
rompllore wIliflot be dlld untIl the f tlIllln
taiturday at 3 I 31 till contests Ar nren 10 Central
lark players only all of whom or invited to enter
rLIW 4It
i rL
Enireiice feel llftt cemuma for sinolpo St a team for
doubles EntrIes Close on atunur Jnno n I with any
or ins cominltlio or either of tile roundiuitn at the
O B Campbell Defeated
Thorpe Pmi Jun 1tTbI weather contland One
hr tItle morning and tue tournament reulo4
promptly at lu3n oclock The inrprli of the morn
Ing and 001 which wa hardly expected was the de
teat of u s Campbell b7 A T I rUlit Thl match
wa looked upon a a foregone conclusion and when
th hoot let was called fS In Campbell favor It
created no surprise Wright br trlillant work
made It mime all I and finally tool be eel
U7 Ih Mcoml set was as close as flue
tint and Campbell ran tint and again to lbs nit only
tn be driven to the base line WrUrui lobbing was at
times wonderful Ove ball In intention strIking within
afw inches of the line Seven all was called and
finally after Horn desperate Marine this ntaud match
went 10 Wrlht
Wrlh woo undoubtedly playing the gems of his life
ana earned mile tint victory over Campbell I but It I U only
lair to itate In justice to the champion that be tiowa
little juOutment In lacing for the frot time a new racket
with a mnch mailer ntr than Ih ordinary one In
general tim
In the afternoon Campbell played In ranch batter
form thin lu the mornIng and 1iated 5 u Hall con
cedIng him a handicap Menra Campbell and Mall de
futeu Menrii I Ohaie ant Miller In an excltlnr match
In th final nouJli Miller I played In nnniuilly tood
style anil r wt well i barked J1l1o l Tomorrow the
han Heap and final line so will be played Appcndtd
ate the icorei
dId TI
Third RonndF t Hall beat M K Wrltht 84 61
80 A K richt beat U a I auipuell U7 07
Tint RondB T Chile and n Miller beat W R
Wrlilit and fl L Hall 0i 04 < > 8 Campbell and V
U Mall beat nr U lluihtnor I JdI W r Hamilton by
I loal l Ron < tiO R Campbell and V O nail beat 8 T
Chan cud U illller I J lii 02 lbet
O 1 Campball owloc ODe half IS and giving oohalf
15 bat V u 1I11d i 401 73 H A Thouiaon guy
Ingonehait1l heat A R Cnnklinr 03 04 I B L
Ift II1 1lf i3
Hal givIng 15 beat II WaitS U2 ii1
Tennti at Phlladetpblia
rnttieitLrnii Jan ItTh scores In the tennis
tonrnimint Manhelm yesterday were
Single Preliminary RoundS Woodward beat CI
Bunllnc s003 041 F W Smith beat T L llarrl
ion by default W II Trotter Jr beat R Brooks 3a
64 04 C T Ice beat H Fielding 0102 W L
Landretb beat C T rowpirthwalt O7 6J J H
Clark beat F M Sawtelle 01 llfl C Tel Jr bet
0 Remak 1128 02 O II I Nawhall a bye
lint lIolJnI tmlih beat Woojuard 048 2 Iss
beat Trotter III I II I Tel beat Itewhall 11 04
Second HoundClark best Tote 04 113 lee but
firolih IU 02
Hnl RoundLe beat Clark 6302 3n Rt
Contoailon Unities Preliminary Ronnd 8awtell
tat rovrpertliwRiie 64 13 Kemak heat Hunting I
lI a 14 Brooks beat Fielding by default fUwball a
btaflra DonndBrookibeat Nlwhall 0 61 Eawtell
beat Kenmk 7 N 1t
Final KoundBawtell Brooke O2 4e 01
Doublet I Preliminary Honnd M 11 Smith tIw
Snilt beat U H Lan and II Woodward U u O4Ji
byes M II Landreth and II P I Barlow J a Clark and
11 HeWlni u iteinak and C T Cowperthwalt
Flrit Kvnnd Hinith and Smith beat Landreth and
Barlow 11 IIa Clark and haltIng teal Jietnak
and owptrthwalt 64 1il i tih
tlnalliiiundKmlth I t Smith TO Clark and Meld
log 014 lita 8 ttunnnl hedi
foniolatlon liouhlei 1rellmlniry Ronnd Remak
and rotriHirtnwall beat nodward and Lane os UJ
Lindreth and Uarlnw A byo
final Round Hemak and Cowperlhwaltbeat Lan
troth and llartotr lll 87 61
TIe tournament nil lironght In a ronclnilon todty
N U ninth the present champion defeated C to Lo
In the all coniere e > rlea Ih niny was of a lilzh I orur
o c3 jron1 fdrlbrI r
Both men dliplayd a wonderful ability to cnver round
and ihotrv rare Judgment coolneM and head work
and both placed with remarkabla accurncv Tha con
teic wee principally one of endurance and 1ee being
the nJ llJ teciiin fatlitaiil waa the loner The tcore
Was tiC 30 Ii I 11 7S
Ihe final round In doubtS was postponed Indefinitely
become of a death In the family 01 cue of the you
Srnnuattnn Tennl Aaaoclatloa Matches
To morrow afternoon at 2 P 3100 the conru of the
LaDO Tennis Club 1224 attest and St Nlchola ire
ue the leoond of th annual Inter club matches of
the Manhattan TennIs Anoclatloa wll 1 late place
The eonuitlng club will be the Ariel T 0 and the
Firth Arenu T C and they will be reprinnlid In the
fire event by lbs following piayen
r Cri rI
Ueutleineni Mnglei II ft Raymond Arhel > vs H
V Babcock Itlttli Arenuel
uentlimeni lloobleiW I lI Knper and A B Ilnll
Ariel vi r r Collins and W Cunningham Fifth
Ladlei SlngliiUlu A Trimmer Ariel vs Mln K
C Millet firth Avenue
Ladies DonbleJlln 1 namny and Idles A IL
Taqnei Ariel va Miss H K Command > 1IIIt Free
boo IIUb Avtnue
llsed Doublet Uln A Trimmer and J W Whit
Ariel va Uln 8 E Colllnl alL A R Bunnil FlflU
Tba Harvard Annex Tanner
CJMIIIIDO Jan IIn flrit tennli tournament
vr held at the Harvard Annex took place during the
pall week and Melted a great deal of nthuilaim
unong the young ladle of that lilt of knowledge
Th ecoreol
Preliminary Ronnd Uln M Carratt heat Mlia r Car
Tell O i u2 lia Fherman beat Ills Clark 0
UII > Mlu roliom bal ltn Verxa a4 un
Flrnt Hound Mln Latlirop beat Mln Barbour 112
Bli Mini M Cnn beat liltl lIb IIIl oIJ bliss
Sherman bet Mlii foliom 71 IIU hiss WhlttUny
Mil Mlii Chandler CJ lll
ueuui flnaM Ulii U Carrctl boat Mill Lathrop 04
1u 02 tllit Whlttleiey beat Mlu barman U4
G irualiUU Whlttlney belt itlu II Carrett 84 I
The Htaten laland Tournament
The tntrei In tIle H I A C open tournament which
begins toJay art MngllR L Riinld E W Oould
Jr W Brown Charles Uoldiborouth 0 C Devlin II
TxaTltt J H 1 Faber and Br K Bnrter BI A Ci I J
Walker PV Johnson and O Jewell H I C C and II
B ri 1 J r llobirt and a C Mlllitt N Y T Ct J P
ore and T I Townsend Central 1arkt H I flmllb
X J A C IiuobliK W Uould Jr and JI L lied
field Ur Darher and J E Faber W Crown and pin
ner II teiTltt and D UiTlln W I A 11 r Johnion
and J nalker H I dot I A b tlladwln l and II U
letta Princeton ColreI I fj P hobart and partner N
Y T IX Mixed donblei ito be played on ton arIll
ValthirandB W Uould jr ills oorhe and It U
lledllld Jill a K Day and 0 f L emltn
The OraaBe Tournament
Th second days play In the Orange Lawn Tennis
Club tnurniment at Montroi yttrday wa attinded
by a small crowd The belt play of the day wa th
fined donblei which wa a pretty conteit and a
nn by bliss HatCh Cahlll and W V Johnson The play
exulted tliuil
lUrntierutui SInglei Hicrad ronnd R Btephena fit
neor e ben W A Learned urange titI 412
Illlxed lionhlra Final roumudItIso Mabl Cahlll and
W V Jolinion beat lira Fellow Morcan and II
ltrUII 7 U4
Ueuliemeni Doublet noond round It U Perkins
and Ilareuc J llobari belt i Kallou and 11 II Spier
of Moniclalr r 0n u4 iiS
Play will IC Continued today
Tonrnanrnt at Dartmouth
lUnorrr June IIIn till third round of till Dart
month tennl tournament the follonlnr wi lbs win
FliKleiJ H Brnwn 01 ft Manchester N II beat
J u inborn Jr nf Lawrence Man 410 IIJ 11 ui
N f XV luiid HI II of Bellait Me bell Dan Colby 01 of
lirimoiit N II 1111 010 u < 11
DouKiriK W Pond l HI and II l n Thoriton i > 4 of
Great Yells I N II beat K ar hanord M4 and Dan
clbY ill 12 oli I it T lunnlion at of Mllford N
II I and F IL Harnard nf franklin H II beat S J
vndiworth v < at Maine ant llwlght flail vi ot
lr ttlI
Doter > J II ol I 01
ITherlliiK Gossip
TIne Ilirrard Unlvenlty Cycling Anoclatloa bn a
Irong team of racen
W l > Ink of tIle Huilneu iltui Uyctlnc League baa
rIdden lr mIles this lesson
TIue FIIK County Wheelmen of Orange hare cboien
crImson and blue aa their club colon
Willie Wlndle may try to lower the records at the Co
nmbla Cyclrn meet In Hartford on July 4
YI Powell and O u Wood have been appointed br
PresIdent J K liunn of the L A W at meuibiri of the
Old Improvement Committee
The tsstflrince yclrellO arreod followIng
emsi run for thIs onIIt llIn tO I to Ioeuaisl Jo hu
to tlte tirenges luna 124 10 1Iroon June I lu Cell
yllIs JUII 17 10 Arr Iark silO c14II
pnd Century Wheelmen toe largest cyclIng ylni J In
klta4ipbta I wIll bold theIr Initial race joteetlug cii
Saturday Joule I l at the TlogaAtiutetig tnuii track
The raeeo will be oold by some or lb Callt 1111f
I Ia fits ecualffO that a III meeting Is luoked fur ft
The Bporfnr Klna KIlled ta beHtte of
NeW Tereer >
Fnm Hit Silrlt oJ lee l rtmt Just IX
In this paper will bo round the announce
meat or the lIonmollth Park rtnolne Asfoclnv
tlou now rt oorporailon organized under the
laws of tbo State of New York In which aotloa
of its procrnmmo for 1891 ii 1 gIven While ru
mor nnd supposition on the subject bare boon
rIfe months no little interest attaches to
the definite announcement of the course to bo
adopted The announcement Is in fact the
death knelt ot racing la the State ot Mew
Under the new anantremont provision b
made for thirty dnrn racIng under th au >
nplcts ot the Monmouth Park llaclnit Aa oeln
tlon twelve of which wilt bo hold at Morris
Park and eighteen at Jerome Park In addi
tion the Now York Jockcr Club will give six
dara racing during the month ot August at
Jerome Park BO completing a total ot thirty
six days racing undor the auspices ot the two
corporations from July i to Auc 37 Inclusive
In tim entire announcement the most im
portant and Meuincnnt fact Is that the Mon
month Park llaclnit Association has leased
Jerome Park for a term of five rears It Is In
this that one can lead with certaInty that rac
ing In the State ot New Jersey is doomed Br
it is transferred to the State ot New York this
important Interest the removal or which
Insane a lost of millions of dollars t > New Jer
pey nud an equal benefit to the Hints ol Now
York Not onlr does it Imply that the Bates
or Monmouth lark will be closoil br the In
tardlctiou ol racing In Jlontnoutn county
but thiit racIng must coafa all over the
blab Under this nrrnnKciuent It Is merely a
quesilou ot tUne as to how soon the race
course at Lllrabatb Linden luttouburfc
ClIfton nod lloucesttr will bo utterly allan
doned huch irantlnman nn Maftam Wither
Cansntt Bcott clmon lletinoit and Gnlwnr
hare spent 100UKK in ronstruollnKthellnest
race course In the United mutes with the ap
purtenances only excelled by the gorgeouS
equipment of Murrls rack Now these gentle
men are driven from the btnle nnd denied the
lirlvlla of racing twefitrllro days out ot 80S
when such rotion sink holes as tiuttenburff
are permitted without nn attempt at molests
tion to parody racing for 118 days In the year
That racing man will with one accord urn
pathtze with Mr JJ b Wither in his otifoi cod
nliandonmont of bin moenineeiit race course
the Pride of his heart find the culmination of a
lifes work devoted tn the amelioration of the
American turf we need scarcely say What It
means to him one can ncnrcely goose A man
nf a weaker mould would give no and bo con
tent to leave to others Ili000nibay With narrow
minded prejudice anti political dishonesty
Itot BO wIth the titan who bus dons for
the American turf what no man has
over accomplish for the hurt of any
oth country With unabated vigor be has
trnppod with the question nnd with tba aid
of true and reliable irlends has succeeded in
maktncnn arrangement which Is vastly more
prulsTaotory than could hate been hoped for
Joromo 1ark Is not Monmouth 1nrk nor over
can be but Jerome Park Is to be reconstructed
and safety secured by cutting down the hill
so wakIng a milo and a quarter track without
the revenue curves
The remaining part nf the arrangement con
cerns the New york Jockey Clubs fall meet
ini Ibis will last eleven days from Oct 1 to
Oct 16 at Morris Jtirk nnd Jerome Park with
six races oah clay and not less than fltOO
added to cah race
Charier Tnhnnon Need Not Fey
Charley Johnion the well known sporting nan and
backer of John L Bulllmnln mot of his fight wan
the defendant In scull tried yesterday before Justice
Cullen and a Jury In the Supreme Court In Brooklyn
Lawyer Anjrew J Caidwehi and Wm II Waiblngton
of XaihTlll Tenn Were the plalntllfa and the amount
Involved li3Ui The suit was an echo of the Sullivan
Kllraln battle In Jnly 1 wa On reaching NiihTllla Bui
llran wag arriited and Jolmion ho hal accompanltd
htm trout the scene of the n nu shared hIs Imprison
ment Lawyers Uaid well cal W aihlnitton were employed
by Johnion to defend them and the lutxie cur
pus proceeding wutch were Immediately begun
resulted In their prompt releme and the big
fellow and hit backer returned their Journey to New
tort Lawyer Anthony linrrett who appeared for
ohnion yesterday asked each taieiman It lie had any
prejudice cUltist prize flirlnen or sporting men who
tacked them and with outs exception all declared they
haul not
lbs plaintiffs altered that Johnson agreed to nay
them f 1051 for their services dtlnr thenxAnin caih
and prnrnl < lng to forward a check for the other CVM
n hen Iher reached New York Johnson denied that be
lied agreed to pay more than UO and several Crook
ITD lawyers Including exJudxeTroy Jere ernterg
and lIen ratlin tnufleJ thai that was very ample
rompeniatlon forth per rei rendered br the plain
tills The jury after a brief deliberation found for the
New York A Ce Dig Games
There are 2SS entrIes for the sprIng gi m of the New
Vork Athletic Club at Trarera liland tomorrow
and otne grant sport li promised The quality of the
cootfite ran b pretty well estImated by a glance at the
hat of those who will compel In the lOOrard dash
O It Swain of Princeton Tommy Lee W II Goiter It
t Fisher Jr 1 F Lee O K Ilawe who defeated
Khtrrlll and Victor Mapi will urugtle for supremacy
The Uyard run i lil bring out W U liohm W U
and Downei 1 II Devereanx and tI I L Tallin
TIC 120yard hnrlle race wIll be a hummer Battling
for nrit notion will he round II L I vMniama K K
Comes Ueorge Bchwenler Herbert Mapca and LU
Lewis A o H N
Th two mil bIcycle race ordinary will bring out A
siring of chanpioun including W I and < M murphy
A A Zimmerman W Van Hagouer IU tmlla and A
U Itlch
The i2yarh l dash will bring to the scratch flownea
Vottir J r and T Lee P M Helliy and U K SwaIn
lu the lixijrard run will ij aeen Voibnrgh of
roinmbla McCarthy New Vork city Wright Vale
IJohm and Liownea
11 II llailcr A A Jordan and Rider of Yale will
couleil In the pole vault Lambrecht llllcKell and
list will compete In in sIxteen pound shot event ant
Ion Barnes Uerrlck and iliclicysan will Its cccli In the
bIght jomp
In audition to the above fcratoh orenti there are on
the programme a mile walk and a mile run both han
dicap with about twentylive ntriilu each
Nice Tales One Lambert jolla
GUI Lambert th Canadian heavy weight who went
to England a year ago arrIved In New York by the
Etrurla Monday While abroad Lambirt had two
lights that were onlihed lie was beaten by Hater the
Irish champion antI defeated Teddy ONell ot Liver
poolln hie second match with that fighter Uo now
ayi he would Ilk to make clutch with Jim Daly of
Lamb rt layifthat JemJMace backl him against
ONtll almoit ai loon as readied LIverpool and bor
rowed 111x1 from Squire AblnKlou tu do it Unfortu
nately Jim did not put the money to the uie he hid ob
tamed It lur but dropped U on the race track In order
to square hiroielf lIeu pledged his belts and medal
and trim railed another hundred but when It cam to
tliiicraicn tb wily gypsy appreiteotlc that Itt man
might get licked and that all tile evIdences ot Ills
brownie stood chance of pa nnif out of hug hand
avtlBted the police to break the bout up
tin Lamberts return from Ireland lie mal another
lunch wltn UNtIl and tbi wai carried out with the
Lanadlan the vIctor Concerning lull event Lambirt
has a word to lay about the honor anl fair play of
hnidlih aeoonde Whenever tbe Canadian would fol
low his opponent to 1110 corner ONella andlere I pro
tandlng to throw vinegar on hue shoulder and baotof
their men by meaniof syringes were moat rareful to
iijulrt tile blinding hold Into the Canadian i eyes
Bond Raclac at the L A 17 Meet
The Leagn of American Wheelmen refuse to recog
airs road taunt of any deicrlpllon Tbl rut which
li itrlctly adhered to li I caused by the no of the publlu
highway by th whelmen for their card which Ilk I
Tlolatlouof the Ian a ThIs fact conplid with the re
cent action of the New Jersey dIvIsion of the League la
jjiulnjt rciolutloni protesting against the continuance
of the practice would naturally lead one to Infer that
tue organization would not tolerate the court at League
in announcing ino aiiracugni or me national met
Inir of lbs L A W to Lo held at Detroit the following
appear tn tlue proBrinimet
rriecond day July 17 wornlnc 23mll road Tao
from foullao to lietrolt with an ixrnrlon train that
will be a uiuTiiif fraud Hand with the racer nearby
alway In Until the rallrod running for mile beild
the road tIlls will give the icunlonuu achauccio
see the oily and the hutch
In the face of the attuiude lbs I A W taboo toward
toad racliugthui auitununcuoint soustudo very omroecs In
fact It a road rao is 1 pnnltnU to It run oil at tbena
tloul milling of the League American Uheaiinen
wbleli is I tts molt Importani gathering ot the blcrrilitL
the prohIbitory rude may ai well be releflided at one
T A Vi Itaclnn Matter
Chairman Rndll ot the Racing Board of the League
ot American Whielrain continue to reinstate mi
parted blcycllil The laleit rcloitatimenti Inclnd a
batch of Denver profenlonali They oonilit ot A tl
Rrown F M Coleman Auitln Banka Herbert Shaw
K it Iynehon U II laliody L liloik f L Shepard
and J u tullon
Throuih tin fallnr of C o Kllpatrlek the onelen
bicycle racer to respond to the yluarge male against
hlui for vlolattnn or tIle amateur rules he Is 1 ileolared to
lust horfetteul hia amateur natui Till oirrlet with II
ipulilnti from Ibe League of American Vi beelinen
tii lrmiu llindall hai appointed tlire new lueinliira
to lie tir llainuiblr dl > liion Kaclnir Board TU
Memo > A WcJJMter 14 Mom and o A rice
Tonmnment ofEnglleb nilllord Blur
Th tnnnalAH Tonrnamint In London has brought
todtbirlh leading billiard itari In England and has
been snarksd by sum xcllenl play The champion
ihlpouplilKldby I W J hail who defeated Mitchell
The first cams was between W HltclKll and C law
on Mitchell won by 2100 to lIsa I W J Ieshi and J
liowland crossed cues In till next gam and JVail won
by 1741 point Mil lill tackled Uavion Ieaii
gar a uiigniilceul emiblilou of spot harird play
ocmplilna1 break of rj > 4iu7 ipoti 1 141 uiaiDotii
JO Ill 5p0il iiltlmattly wInning by 2110 points llw
sos h got Dowiant a sort of revsngei aflrward < 17 walklsg away
wIth beefing him 11711 polote In a acore of
Lfat it is telieved that Feall wIll easIly retain ills on
eltion as Allin champion
iledreord WbeImssui
This Bedford wheilmm gave apleailnfenlcrtalnBint
al tluslr chub ronnu m Utcokljn en Widnidy ulitit
ConsistIng of rieitillon banjo playing itxchi ic
after whIch refrthminll were carved TIue next reiru
ar mining will Ito held to nIght at Which miiof
lunlorlasce will hi coneldereg Tb neotruo wui be on
to Staten bland
The Great nilllard Expert Tied In nTmenf
Knot Inet Zynnung
r In tbo Lutheran Church ot Bt John In Frank
lin avenue MorrlBanln lost evenIng Jake
Schaefer the Wizard and Miss Lillian Cam
moray were married by the Boy E L Boden
The bridesmaids wore MrsPVoltzBehfle
forB sister who bud traolled from Leaven
worth Knn to witness the marriage and
Mrs P BIoAullffe the bridoa sister The
brides father John P Cnmmorer naye his
daughter away and Jakea nephew Master
Peter Volta ww witness to the surrender
Tim bride a handsome brunette with clear
olive complexion was tastefully dressed in
pearl Cray crepo de chine trimmed with mons
reline de sole with a corsaee ot Jacqueminot
roses She wore the grooms gift a handsome
diamond cross
Mrs Voltz woro a costume ot ralebine
Chinese silk handsomely trimmed with rink
rosss Mrs McAullfTe looked charming In ft
dress ot old rose and black lace set off with
yellow roses The maid of honor Miss Lillian
Oartwrlaht looked a bride all orer lii a costume
of pore whIte silk trimmed with white roses
Schaefer has known biawile f ftfteenyear6
since SIlO WftS ft stately miss of 10 and while
there bas been for yours a warm retard be
tween them it was only four mouths ago that
they became betrothed
After the ceremony the party drove to Papa
Cammerers hotel where an eleennt repast was
enjoyed and amid the popping of champagne
corks the health ot the happy couple was
The little Gorman expert is 1 a shrewd busi
ness man anti despite his bapmneas the foot
that a goodpaying ngagemont was BWatUnir
him and Lou Mhow at the Scbnorejr Chtbtdid
nut escape him At the conclusion ot the jol
lity he crabbed his hat and cue bag and was
oft leaving his bride ot a few hours anxiously
awaiting ret cm
Among the guests were Mr and Mrs TVm
TJrbacb Mr and Mrs Mlohuel Geary Mr and
Mrs Btirbor Miss Lillian Cartwrlaht Mr and
Mrs lames Wallace Mr and Mrs Henry Zelt
nor Henry Zeltner Jr J H Uounor Commis
sioner Louis J Holnti Mr and MrR Louis
Bhaw Mr and Mrs J it Braiuford iiliaa Louisa
ODrlon Mr and Mrs Peter Tracer John Mc
Aullfro and Uiss MeAullffe
Among the weddIng presents was an elegant
motbcrofpenrl carving sot from ilaurloe
Daly and Barry Hubert
St rter See > Allege that Reeordbrenker
Carey Went Of With the ntol
Ho claim nu been mad to the Btoord Commute ot
to Amateur Atblttlo Union for Luther Cartyi 0 <
eoshldl for a itioyord rob said to lucy been mil at
Princeton oa Rtnr4y nn 0 Itis more thin probe
bl that there will b a hitch If the record li clalnid
for Sam Bee the ClarIs who offlelattd a timekeeper
on the occailon says the runnir ° Wenl off with the
dee who U really a ooniolintloni fellow U nth act
tir protitwd aialnit such a atari u loon at the trial
wa over but DO attention wa paid to bIg protiutlou
II repld tha dory lo Secretary SnUITan and ai the
utter happens to b Chairman of this Record Commit
tee It he I more than lIkely that He ebjntlon may re
cell some consIderatIon
In trial for sprint record II ii the eailait thIng la
the world to alioot a man off Ills mark When th
PrInceton Demon tilled at the Brkeley Oral last tall
In lila attempt to treat new record a Sum reporter
bid stationed himself at the starting point lo MI chit
everything went on smoothly ana remauiid there ds
spite Carey and Starter eIk1 oojicuon thai It mat
the formir nervous No shooting off the mark was
don tbat dar ana no record wr broken Bdon
not lay that 4sgy bat the iilitoL bit that be went oS
alranltanioDily with It U Ir It hat been rranndto
atari ImmedIately attar the Initroeilonit Beady Mil
It Is I a simple matter to notice It a roanar O > TI Luster
the tluh of this pIstol le naad See MyeaUhkp
panel Even it Casey had only get a start of a feel or
two It wopld bar madea dlffirenc ot at hetsl two
yards In the tIming A John Oweng reord tin of
B 4a lecond wa beaten just on twintletb of a Mould
the importance of fair Martin ii maaUut
Jnekuon tlll Challenge KllnUn
A special lo the relic acaettt from Ban Vrantlae lay i
P lrJa k inba decided not to me Australia n
will remain her and ebaUenn Jake Kllratn to flibt m
the Granite Athletle Chub or In the California Athlttlo
Clooforat3ooopnr no matter whether be defeats
Blayin or nol Jaekun U sager to give ths Baltimore
pnlllit a thraihlnir to satisfy hi wrath M zprlon
Kllrato taad about colored pnrllUU at the tIme he
fouiht oor uodfny hsps Should nlthr the Call
fornia Club nor the Uranlte Club In the East offer a
pur for Kllraln and Jackson Jack lialllnan of this
city who backed Jf oklon In all Ml eonuita will match
Jackson lo Of ht Kliraln for any amount from B2auo to
Jeorge Dixon will train ror bltlht with Abs WlllJ
t Joliir ThrmU Ilooie on the San Iaadrq
roan llizOn In spit of the nren be met with b
Van Daly In Omaha who ootfoniht and punished hl4
verely Ii Try popular here Sportlnjr mn will how
ever back the Australian who Is laid In ipli of hit
recent pirformanc tn the Califorola 6lub to be a OreS
0155 feather weight

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