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6 VI THE i kiiti > Ath ll I i r lH 1 t n t V I
Utbt Jtftttt
Louden Offlfier Tim BUI
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I inrenmmlcaUne ehooldb wlIruil to FJUKK
M WHITE OOStraad W 0
I A Badly AdvlMd President
Three Republicans and two Democrat
were appointed by President HABIUSON on
Wednesday 8 Justlcoa of tho now Court
of Private Land Claims Tho appointments
a said t b good That nay be or
i may DOt but tho merit of the Individuals
chosen by Gen HAJIIUBON Is not the most
Interesting question Involved
Ij The act ot Con cross creating tho Court of
Private Land Claims was approved by Gen
lUBnisofe o March 8 tIm day when ho
It nUo Bljjnod tho not establishing the now
Circuit Cur of Appeal Inthis ca as In
that appointments aro original appoint
I ments requiring the ndvloo and consent of
tho nat It la not merely a filling of va
I cancies occurring during tho recess of the
Senate In offices previously exUttng The
same principle of Constitutional limitation
I prncIPe Cnstut almitton
on tho power ot appointment a has been dis
I cussed and clearly established In tho caso of
I the nine new Justices of the Circuit Courts
of Appeal applies to the five new Justices
of tho Court of Private Land Claims
Gen BISON has gone ahead and ap
pointed these judicial officers without ask
ing the advice or waiting for the consent of
the Senate aid yet tho confirmatory action I
of tim Senate Ii lifexpressly required by the
languagoof the statute A Chief Justice
and four Associate Justices t b appointed
by the President by and with the advice and
consented tho Senate
I ake by what authority he has ap
pointed these Justices without tho advice
and consent of the Senate the President
would undoubtedly reply Under tho last
paragraph of Section 3 of Article 3 of tho
Constitution as interpreted by that emi I
nent Constitutional lawyer the Hon BEN
But the clause in question merely empow
I ers tho President to fill up all vacancies
that may happen during the recess of tho
I Senate granting commissions which shall
expire at the end of their next session and
higher constitutional authorities than tho
bench and off of It have hold with JOSEPH
STORY In his Commentaries on tho Consti
I tution that i the Senate are in session
when offices are created by law and nomi
nations are not made t them by the Presi
dent ho cannot appoint touch offices dur
ing a recess of the Senate because a va
cancy does not happen during the recess of
the Senate
The offices of thc five Justices of the Court
I of Private Land Claims expire with the
Court on tho last day of December 1895
I Trio statute makes tho Court a temporary
establishment That however does not af
II fect the principle of appointment or lessen
the Presidents responsibility For him t I
follow the example sot by Mr CLEVELAND
In tho case of the InterState Commerce
Commission Is a bold defiance of both too
t text and the spirit of the Constitution
One other point Is worth mentioning The
act creating the Private Land Claims Court
while providing that the power of the Court
shall erase and determine on Dec 81 18
prsrbs no date for the Courts organiza
tion If Gen HARRISON was disposed to
evade his plain duty t call the Senate to
gether and make these Important Judicial
appointment in this case in the proper
Constitutional way he might have waited
until December without disobeying tho law
The law creating the several Circuit Cur
of Appeal on the contrary flies a date for
the first meeting of those Courts That date
is Juno 16 n jt Tuesday
Will the announcement come thls morn I
Ing or on some morning between now and
Tuesday next that the President HARRISON
acting on tho advice of tho Hon BEN
JAMIN HARRISON has dared t go even
further than Mr CLEVELAND went in disregard
regard of Constitutional restrictions upon
Executive power and has made these nine
appointments to life omces without the ad
vice and consent of tho Senate I
Perhaps he regards the advice and con
sent of the Hon BENJAMIN HARRISON a
equivalent t tile advice and consent of the
United States Senate
Is Ire Too Much for Rusala
The ROTHSCHILDS and tho other great
Hebrew bankers who habitually cooperate
with them have long been recognized n
forming one of tho great powers of Europe
They may Indeed b reasonably regarded
a the mightiest of human agencies I su
preme control consists in holding a between
the natlous the scales of peace and war
They have just given an unmistakable proof
of their tremendous power by paralyzing
the arm of the Russian autocrat at the very
moment when m the judgment of all com
petent observers It had been raised t strike
To move the1 vnst armies of today Immense
sums of rtindy money have become Indis
pensable and those would havo been at tho
Cars disposal bad the ROTHSCHILDS said
the word But ho chose t affront them by
persecution pf their coreligionists and the
result I that Ills treasury Is empty his
armies pro crippled and his plans foiled
It Is hard to circumstances
hon Imagine clrumstancfs more
propitious titan the present year would have
afforded fur a decisive test of strength between
l tween Ruwlaand Franco upon the ono hand
and tho central power upon the other
Tho French military system has boon car
t rInd t a point of almost Ideal efficiency and
1 In the opinion of many professional authori
X I ties Franco Is now a match for Germany
singlehanded whether wo look at the num
ber and quality of her troops at the perfec
tion ol their equipment at the education of
their officers or at the facilities for swilt
mobilization I Is equally certain that
Russia has available for service on her west
ern frontier a far larger body of soldiers
than were forthcoming at the outbreak
too last war with Turkey and that they are
Incomparably better supplied with the ma
terials of war To these positive advantages
on the side of the RussoFrencli coali
tion must b added decided deterioration
tho cohesion of the
tion In oheelon triple
alliance and In the competence of Its
chief upholders BISMARCK no longer
moulds tho statecraft of the German em
pire whluh on the contrary t at tho mercy
of a youug mans headlong impulses blind
antipathies and arrogant caprice Bxa
KABOXB main coadjutor In Italy Signer
Cnispi has also fallen and so bitterly of
fended are most of his quondam supporters
that there seems to b but little prospect of
his Immediate return to power Undcrsuch
J conditions thoitsslstanco of King HUMBERTS
Government cannot bo expected to be as
prompt zealous nud effectual as it would
have been had BISMARCK and Cnisri remained
teamed I a position to execute their joint
designs In the AustroHungarian domin
ions since the change in Ministry at Dud
r Pelt ac JJO JOSEPH himself la probably
the only cordial advocate of a programme
which binds him t hold the stirrup of
the Gorman sovereign I is no secret
that the princes of his family Including
tho Archduke who will succeed him do
not relish such a reversal of tho ancient relations
lations of the lUrsnuRos t tho HOIIBNZOL
MHINS In ft word it Is extremely doubtu
whether had war broken out this summer
It would havo been possible t attain any
thing like the needed unity and energy of
movement on the part of tile forces belong
ing to the triple alliance If In line Franco
and Russia were over to tight with fair
chances of success against tho combination
of tho central powers they ought t ti 1
appearances t have seized tho present op
portunity They would have seized It for
Franco was ready and flusaia would have
been ready also could she havo procured
the money which sho has made urgent ef
forts to borrow from tho gloat financial
magnates of Paris and London
8 profound and widespread a the con
viction In Paris that the hour had come to
strike that It swayed oven financial circles
and tho Paris representatives of tho Roms
CHILDS and their associates were strongly
Inclined t furnish tho Czar with tho resources
sources needed for military operations
Matters havo oven gono so far that a few
weeks aero a species of Informal agreement
had boon spos is wo believe undis
puted that tho agreement would hnvo been
carried out and the now Russian loan been
floated had the Czar listened t the respect
ful but earnest entreaties of tho Horns
CHILDS that he would relax or suspend the
measures of merciless severity directed
against his Jewish subjects But like PnA
BAOII he hardened his heart and turned A
deaf ear to tho prayers of ISRAEL and In
return the powerful champions of the op
pressed race have cursed him have brought
his councils to confusion and tho plague of
bankruptcy upon his empire
In a word wo may predict with confidence
that there wU b no war this year In Europe
because ALEXANDER III of Russia has on
countered In tho houso of ROTHSCHILD a
spirit as high as his own a will as stubborn
and a power more resistless
Democratic Opinion Out of New York
There Is a persistent effort on the part of
some newspapers notably those of tho
Mugwump group t make It appear that I
while there Is some doubt whether Mr
GROVER CLEVELAND would b acceptable as
a candidate t tho Now York Democrats
tho Democracy outside of this State I prac
tically unanimous In demanding his nomi
This singular and entirely false
enUrly fal8 pretence
is maintained even In face of such incidents
us tho recent refusal of the Kentucky Demo
cratic Convention to pass a resolution favor
able t Mr CLEVELANDS aspirations and the
positively expressed sentiments of hundreds
of stanch Democratic journals In tho West
and South are equally ignored
We observe that this policy of concerted
misrepresentation f not without effect upon
the minds of some Democrats who either do
not regard or are supposed not t regard a
third experiment with Mr CLEVELAND as
desirable or expedient
In Tacoma tho other day a reporter of the
Daily News Interviewed the Hon WILLIAM
RALLS MORRISON of Illinois upon the politi
cal situation Mr Mon soN Is visiting tho
Pacific coast on InterState Commerce Com
mission business Concerning tho availa
bility of Mr CLEVELAND he remarked
I think the great mat of th party In the Wit and
central portloni of lb country ar thinking of Cur
UD as th eandldat but I do not know what may ri
ault from tb conditions In New York I New York
preeinta CLKTKLIVD U th endldal b will b nomi
nator I the New York delegation does not support
him be will not bo nominated aa to make him tho can
didate tho lace of oipoeltton In hli own State would
be t Inrlto defeat and tho Democrati aro not likely to
doiL Tho grist mate ot tho party expect Mr CLaYS
UXDI nomination and la I readr for I I New York con
tent I do not know onoain about New York polities
to prophesy what might happen there
Mr MORRISONS judgment a t the cer
tainty of defeat I Mr CLEVELAND should b
nominated without the support of New York
Is as sound a his conclusion that outside of
New York Democratic opinion Is overwhelm
unfounded ingly for Mr CLEVELAND Is Illadvised and
Tho truth I the old double game Is being
adroitly played In Mr CLEVELANDS inter
ests I bar a not remote resemblance to
the expedient known kiting sometimes
employed In financial operations of doubtful
morality New York Democrats ore assured
sured by the CLEVELAND promoters that
the Democracy of the West and South are
determined t have Mr CLEVELAND despite
his views on the sliver question and that I
New York stands In the way It will b borne
down and crushed flat by the weight
of an irresistible movement Tho West
ern and Southern Democrats are In
their turn Informed that Mr CLEVELAND Is
the candidate of the Democrats of tho East
without whoso support no Democrat can b
elected and that political duty and party
loyalty require the West and South t blink
the silver Issue and waive until after election
day such objections to Mr CLEVELAND a
may bo suggested by their positive convic
tions on diver Tills Ingenious process of
Intimidating the East with tho West and
South and playing the West and South
against the alleged Eastern strength of Mr
CLEVELAND seems to b the main feature
of the present programme of his promoters
I works beautifully until it Is Interrupted
by sold facts So far as concerns the pity
of alleged Western and Southern unanimity
upon Now York opinion wo have been I
favored recently with a remarkable series ot
reports from distinguished Democrats who I
cannot b accused of previous unfriendliness
to Mr CLEVELAND whoso disinterested
CLEErANP dlslntercstd de
votion t the partyswosl Is above suspicion
and who enjoy exceptional opportunities for
nterpretlng correctly the sentiment of the
West and South
Senator COLQUITT of Georgia passed
through Washington the other day and a
reporter asked him for the results of his ob
servation of the present feeling of the South
toward Mr CLEVELAND He replied
I find a growing feeling agalnil the idrUalllltr
renorolnatlng Mr Cttrttna and I do not bo lev tho
bull will advocate hit candidacy when it Connl
tloD Ii I hid
Mr JOHN DOYLE the Chairman of the
Central Democratic Committee of the Dis
trict of Columbia and an Intelligent and
impartial student of the political drift In
Maryland Virginia and throughout the
South la not unfriendly t Mr CLEVELAND
while advocating the nomination of Mr
3OBMAN On the question or fat Mr
BOILK said last Saturday
CurxiMDls astfoag man and baa many friend
hero ana Uewher But ho U weaken whir Ih Dim
coraL aro numerloatly sironyist and strongeit where
bo Democrat are numerically weakeit Ho will how
orer If b should b nominated recelroibo party ap
pars 01 DIstrict Democrat u woulJ HILL Aeaarr
IOKRIIOV GmratLL or any other rood Democrat
Senator BARDOUnof Virginia was reported
last Saturday by the Alexandria Uattttc aa
tersely replying t the question whether the
democrats of Virginia favored the renomlna
ton of Mr CLEVELAND that his informa
tion to the effect
ton was t contrary e et
An impartial correspondent of tho Wash
into Star a journal always friendly t Mr
CLEVELAND tclecrnDhed from Ralelnb
CD turDhet fm Jehh
about a week ago that loading Democrats of
the strongest sort
North Carolina who wore etrongost 8r
of CLEVELAND men up t within a few
months and would not admit tho possl
bllltyof the nomination of another candi
date now express grave doubts of tho
wisdom of such a nomination Ho adds that
the growth of tho nnttCLEVELAKD sent
mont which has now reached North Car
lies has boon observable much longer In
South Carolina Georgia and Alabama
Senator Puoil of Alabama confirmed this
view of tho situation 8 far as his own State
concerned In an Interview at Washington
on May 18 Ho Is thus reported
lleiarittieiulimint t the offeet that exFreil
dent CLUTIUHD the fatorlti of the sooth for tho nut
Iretldeney la I entirely Incorrect and It I made by per
eons personally Inttreted InMr CtariLuoi Ic
lion lie ari Mr CUTIUKDI renomlnatlon la I not
fatered br tbofarraen of bit Staloor of any other Stale
and that ai the New York deletatlon to tbo nominating
Convention wllloppoio blm be does not bullY Me
name will be brought betoro that Contention
ExSenator RBAOAN of Texas said in an
Interview published on May 37
r CittitiitD U I nominated t enppote ho will get tbo
electoral rote ot Toiae and Arkanaaa bat this aro the
only two StaUe wilt of the Illiiliilppl that ho can
carry II the eillern fallMlatu do nol know AU luto
iHeivlUfnt II out when flU mo t IAI txftrimtnl The
rank and Sis of the people In the West do nol want
Governor TILLMAN of South Carolina who
carried his State last fall by 44000 majority
a tho regular Democratic nominee said on
May 2 that n great danger t tho Democ
that the nominating Convention
racy was nomlnatnl Cnvonton
In 1802 might name Mr CLEVELAND as It
standard bearer for tho next campaign
Senator VOORHEES of Indiana who In
Judgment Is a disinterested and In loy
alty a sincere a any Democrat alive
and whoso Influence In the next National
Convention will be a potent as that of any
leader who comes out of the West sold In
Ter Haute on May 31
I cannot no how wo can achieve inceoie with duo
via CLKTHunn Hli candidacy la a sonic of weaineae
for It would cnmpol the Treat organIzatIon to repudiate
its own views to meet thoee of a candidate This woild
be a mletaka I am ready to admit that Mr CLIHLUD
has a Iron following In some quarter I ba the
term of Idolatry When I sea 1 thus preaetd I say t
IIt I wonder what such peoplo would do I CLara
LAND wero to die
Do yon think Ctmtixn will bo the nominee San
atop I
M1O I do not Furthermore bl la not entitled to the
gratitude of the Southern people becan In the hour of
their direst peril uo wai more than derelict
This Is some of tho testimony that has
been recorded within about a fortnight a t
the sentiment of tho West and South Moro
of the same SIt is appearing almost every
day The drift against Mr CLEVELAND in
tho sections on which his promoters chiefly
depend In their efforts t force this candi
date upon the reluctant Democrats of New
York Is unmistakable It signifies very
much moro than tho frt revulsion caused
by his silver letter t the Cooper Union
meeting for there has been plenty of time
for consideration and appraisal I does
not by any means proceed exclusively from
antagonism to Mr CLEVELANDS silver views
the antlCLEVELAND sentiment goes deeper
than the silver Issue This fact Is recognized
by s devoted a CLEVELAND worshipper a
tho Baltimore Sun which In Its Washington
correspondence calls attention t the apparently
simultaneously concerted utter
parently slmultneou8 concertd uttr
ances against Mr CLEVELAND of certain
prominent Democratic Senators I Is not
believed adds the Sun that there has
been any formal consultation among these
Senators but tho opposition t the ronoml II
natlon of Mr CLEVELAND which they have
Indicated Is very significant Then the II
Baltimore Sun goes on t say I
rorbape their rcaaoii sri nnaelflib but from bt
Yr caueo they may aries l they are quit enfflelent to
prompt them to be nnwllllnr again accept Mr Cura
LOCO onlcaa I bo satisfactorily denominated that bo U
the only arallablo man Mr Ct > Tit Da views on all
war aro made the ostensible caute forth dlllrt blob
la I expressed bnt doubts may be entertained aa to the
sincerity of this II la orldont that I Mr CUTIUKD I
nominated next year It will not bo becauae the Demo
cratic ring politicians want blm but almply became
they cannot help tbemielTta
To any but a CLEVELAND Democrat of tho
class described by Senator VOOBBEES It Is
unnecessary t affirm that the Democratic
and others who have recorded
Senators othcr recored a
above their honest and unprejudiced obser
vation of Democratic sentiment in the West
nnd South are a far as possible from being
ring politicians A observers of facts
or party counsellors these Senators of the
United States occupy about a Independent
a position a can b Imagined CLEVELAND
or another man their own political fortunes
are secure I IB this circumstance that gives
unusual weight t their testimony on tho
question of fact
So much for the pretence manufactured
for use In Now York New Jersey and Con
necticut namely that outside of these States
ho Democracy I substantially a unit for
Mr CLEVELAND in 1892 The other part of
the double game tho pretence that a New
Yorks favorite eon the West and South
should accept Mr CLEVELAND will take
care of Itself Westerners and Southerners
who are gulled by It will receive prompt at
tention from the Fool Killer
Women Who Dont Want t Vote
For several years past it seems efforts
have been made organize I general move
ment among women t oppose woman
suffrage on the ground that women ought
not t b charged with the duty of political
government and that they are satisfied
with the government as at present con
ducted and administered by men
Thes feminine opponents of woman suf
fraro cal themselves tho Women Reraon
ntrants They have gono to work so quietly
and have been so careful to avoid publicity
that tholr strength and their purpose are
felt and understood only by the women ar
myod on tho other side of the question
They have started out on their
campaign thus unobtrusively because
they would sacrifice the first princi
ple of their cause I they entered into
mbllo controversy the main ground of
their opposition t woman suffrage b
InA that such disputation Iii becomes
women and withdraws them from their
proper field of influence Womanly
methods says Mrs CAROLINE F Con
BIN of Chicago in a letter explain
ng the purposes of tbe movement are
different from the methods of men and
therefore tho remonstrants make no attempt
tempt t imitate the masculine policy of
heir woman suffrage enemies Yet In their
quiet way they say that they have been do
ng good and successful work at Washington
ngton in Maine Massachusetts South
Dakota and other States
Tho character their warfare is Indicated
by a petition t the Legislature of Illinois
dated on the first of this month and signed
a Women Romonstranta of the State of Illi
nois This document expresses alarm at
the Introduction certain measures favored
by tho woman suffragistswomen whom they
denounce as the propagators of false and
unnatural Ideas and brazen creatures who
havo even tho effrontery to claim that tlioy
speaking In our behalf und uttering tho
counsels of our secret hearts which we thu
said mothers sisters daughters wives have
neither too Intelligence nor tho courage t
urge for ourselves This Indignity pro
ceeds the petition have borne for
c te petton we brne many
I years in Bloc not deeming It the part of
modest and dignified matrons t engage in
unseemly strife but at last persistency In
to outrage compels them to speak out
S far from being dissatisfied with tho
government of men say tho remonstrants
they havo no real or just cause of public
grievance In the State of Illinois tho
rights of women In regard t such Interests
a those of property and tho guardianship
of children are already equal to those o
men Men havo done bettor for women
than womon could have done for themselves
This is true beyond a question Tho legis i
lation of Illinois andof tho States generally I
by which tho rights of women are s fully
protected was enacted because of mans
watchfulness over their Interests and not
under the pressure of any womens rights
movement It expressed tho desire of men
to guard tho Interests of their wh s
and daughters themselves Incapable
of understanding what their Interests
are While tho womens rights agitators
were dealing In generalities tho men legis
lators addressed themselves to the task of
providing particular and practicable safe
guards forwomon of which only the sagacity
and foresight of mon could see tho value
and importance From frt to last all tho
legislation of real and substantial advantage
to women has been of masculine suggestion
only and It would havo been framed If there
had been no womens rights agitators
The remonstrants also denounce tho agi
tators for urging our young women to
turn their backs upon the homo and its
pursuits and to become wago earners In
public fields of labor In order that they
may become Independent of marriage and
lead lives which seem t us full of
peril both physical and moral The
sounder ground for this opposition Is
that in such fields of labor women must
always compete with men and be beaten In
the competition That Is they must work
for less and honce tho introduction of
their labor tends t lower the earning capacity
pacity ot masculine labor Tho quality of
womens labor though Inferior may b
good enough t drive out great num
bers of men from some employments
with the consequence that tho ability
of men t support women Is dimin
ished by s much That of course
Is unfavorable t marriage the true condi
tion for I woman and the state t which
she looks forward with most hopefulness
Women do not want t make themselves In
dependent of marriage whether they are
wage earners or not They want t b mar
ried and their complaint is that men are
not so generally of that disposition
These remonstrants accordingly have a
strong argument on their side in the actual
situation of society and In tho sentiment of
the great mass of women They can gain a
hundred feminine allies while the woman
suffragists are getting one They represent
womanhood In general and tho others no
other women than themselves Hence they
are the most dangerous organized enemies
tho suffragists have ever encountered
Tho opposition t womens voting does
not come from men So far a men are con
cerned women can havo tho ballot whenever
they ask for It The opposition Is feminine
and resistless since It I almost unanimous
Accordingly the Illinois Legislature has
again rejected tho woman suffrage meas
ure which comes up at every session and IB
always defeated
A Private Pawnshop for Farmers
According t a Topeka despatch the Exec
utive Committee of the Farmers Alliance of
Kansas Is discussing a plan for a private
The plan is to establish In each county a
bank and storehouse or elevator The stock
Is t b taken by subscription and each
county subtreasury Is t b managed by
te officers of the local Alliance The farm
ers may deposit their grain or other
products In tho storehouse and receive in
checks of the bank 80 per cent of the value
of the deposit minus the charge for insur
ance The deposit can b kept until the I
owner I ready to sell Meanwhile his check I
For advances is t circulate a money Tho
amount of the produce deposited is limited
to the amount of the bank stock subscribed
Such arc the outlines of the plan We
dont suppose It will h adopted Tlio
plan of borrowing money of tho Govern
ment at one or two per cent is much
more attractive t tho Kansas Alliance man
than 1 plan which calls for private subscrip
tions Yet there seems no reason why tho
Kansas farmers shouldnt try t Interest
private capital In I private subtreasury
If the scheme b feasible we wish the
I I te
farmer joy I It Is successful there will
b no excuse for calling for Government
help I it Isnt additional reason will exist
against the establishment of Government
agricultural SubTreasuries I is not the
business of the Government to set up a
pawnshop any way
Mrs MART E LEASE tie thrilling stir
ring startling orator of the Kansas Alliance
whoso speeches are admired from the upper
watarA of the Die Blue Hirer totho lower
waters of the Verdlcrls and who raised u com
motion a few weeks ago at the Convention of
the Womans National Council In Washington
bas i sent to a California paper a letter In which
the refers to her political labors The moat
Important and Interesting sentence of the
letter which was mailed from La Croose KaD
is I In these words
I am constantly Ibo rostrum monldloa public
opinion for M
The next most Important sentence Is that In
which she announces that the cause Is gain
lag every day I Is evident from Mrs
jEABEa letter that eTon the ravages of the
hessian fly and the chinch bug In Kansas
cannot Induce her to leave the platform upon
which she Is moulding the Farmers Alliance
I Twentyfour young ladles wore graduated
at Vassar College on Wednesday i and we read
with pleasure the fact that out of that whole
number only Ova were found gifted with suoh
ignorance and bad taste that Ihey recorded
themselves under their baby names as ANNII
NELL DEBBIE and so on
At the Packer Institute In Brooklyn on the
same day thirty young indies ware graduated
and only one of them wax no lost to dignity an
to cpell her name childishly and aha Instead
of ELLEN or ELEANOR preferred to appear as
NELE Wo are sorry lor her
I Is hard to get hold of the Inside facts
about the new secret political party recently
invented In Minnesota Its inventor Mr
Burr of St Paul will not tall anything moro
about it than that It Is Incorporated and la 1
lowerf and is growing and it based on big
daw and f to put up a Presidential candi
date In 1852 and I bound t win when all the
other partial Including the People party
the Prohibition party and the Baltimore
CnowNothlng party have fallen to pieces
Perhaps it Ie not necessary to know any moro
about tbe new secret party than Mr HUFF has
ready revealed to the St Paul news
mpeifl but ono ol these oevspauera
ha i been BO lucky as to find out thut cort I flutes
utes of membership ran ba procured that
party secrets are to bo carefully preserved
that dues must be promptly paid that Mum is
the word of inviolable secrecy and that cash
subscription a needed With such Invlo
orating regulations as these and with a broad
and Jolly Dlatform built of many solid nUnk
visible onlr t certified member wnatraoro
ean bo required br the now Minnesota Mere
political party under Iho banner of the 8u
promo Association J C
Since 1883 tho leading Democratic organp
the Northwest the 8 Paul DaUv Globe hal
nevertheless scarcely flagged expressing tfo
adhesive admiration for the Stuffed Prophet
that the country wa assured wui burnlnrt
generally throughout that region a t tbalima
of disaster The corresponding Clevalaodlte
readiness at the mention of any other candi
date suggested for th National Djmooratlo
ticket to raise a club of abuse not onlr against
the nominee but against the nominator wa
likewise nearly A conspicuous thf Otpd faIn
In the rablder G a organ located lower down
the Mississippi the Si Lout Knullti Knowl i
edge of that fact adds interest to a reading o f
two criticism upon two of the most emlnop1
Democrat ln tba United States fdund ma
single Issue of the Globe The first conoarced
Senator Goniu
GonuAl t
Senator OotxiN has all the qualities it omenal
nineea and aiallablllty which wooia make him aalroi
candidate tf h wee nominated tha J > am ltl tr
would portia e toe the support of some of toe pplltlca
entlmentatls s who hare affiliated with It of ri est
Tiara lint h would unite his own party In I one nerolo
trurtle fur victory aa ttw men could Senator Oo in
la good Presidential timber I
The deliverance In the adjoining column
upon tbe nOD DAVID 1 lint Is lomowhat
more elaborated >
No man In public life ha been eubjectedii more an
Jolt crlllclim than Dun D Iliu the OoTemor at Now
York 11 Is i really a atateamanof eommandlni ability
of apollo character and of to
pot ametlne Mreouel foree
His whole career Droroa that these thlnn are true 1 Ko
1 weak mal no mere political trlckiler noj corrupt 6r
1 Tenat politician could hare done what b ba done 10
la only I middle life and h had no fortune er favor
I able circumstances to aid I buD And yet he ba ibffn
twice olected Oorernor of the Empire state ana tfae
now been choaento 1 In the seat of Miacrand 8i >
JRO lie Is a brilliant orator a sound lawyer and bis
Slat papers thow a wealth of learning and a clearnef
of thought and expression worthy of lb great men
whole mantle h wears
IUTIDB lliLta treat eScncehaa been blsnnswsrr
Ing derotlon to the interests Whin
IDI 4nolon Inl of the DmocicyWbo
ho flret ran for Ooreruor the oppoelng candldat waa
ono 1st Diruiroar Ur Ill cam to Iitooktyn w1
spoke at the Academy ot liualo to a bU crowd of
honest ilmple people standing before them bo an
nounced hi cllm to popular support In these words
lam a Democrat No pen could dewrlbe tbeenihn
slain which greeted this declaration of principle I
Through the flint I am a Democrat beeana tnoralln
Ing cry and la every contest In which l b ba sine ra bn
laud this legend lies been emblatoned on his banner
and brought him rlctory Ilia Democracy and his via 1
torlea ban not made Mm frlenda with Xngwumps er
Bepnbllcane but be I a great man of the greaimt
of blUm
A great and resplendent rainbow really ap
pears to begin upannlng the land of tbe glo
rious but unfortunate Northwtata rainbow of
purl glowing and hopeful Democracy
A Montana potato raiser has sent here a
barrel of Montana Dotatoa just to give New
Yorker an Idea of the kind of potatoes raised
in Montana Truly these Montana potatoes
are Interesting to potato aten In the first
place they are vary big many of them weigh
ing two pounds and come of them more In
the second place they are said to be > more sao
culent than tie potatoes raised In other part
of tbe world thirdly they are said to be very
nourishing fourthly they are of an agreeable
taste ana finally they can be cooked in a
variety of
waya a
The Montanlans brae of their bin potatoes
a they do of some of the other products ot
the exuberant soil of Montana and it U not
surprising that the Montana potato raisers
look forward oontldently to the time when tfiey
will stand first and foremost In the American
potato market Wall send along your Mon
tana potatoes I thoy really possess all the
Montanlan merits that are ascribed to thorn by the
The welltodo Europeans who were taken
captive by Turkish brigands haTe ben released
leased and the brigand are a good deal the
richer I I not surprising that the German
Government was quick t consent to paying
this ransom out of Government funds It la
well remembered that twantyona year ago
the Greek Government declined to permltthe
heavy ransom demanded by brigands for the
release of Lord MUKCASTEB and hlsvarty to
b paid An attempt was made Instead to cap
ture tbe bandits and the result wss that four
prisoners la I their hands were put to death
This would probably have ben the fato of the
recant captives had the demands of tie out
laws not been complied wlb U now remains
to b seen I Turkey can capture the outlaws
The chance favor the probability that the
bandits will live exercise their talents again
Such incidents will not tend to brine the new
road between Constantinople and western 1
Europe to high popularity
A step toward the worlds Improvement
was made yesterday when ono ot the giltedged
twinscrewed Atlantic hotels crosse the afore
said ocean at an higher average of knots pqr
hour than had ever been achieved before The
1 White Star Majestic made the noble voyage of
2850 miles In 142 hours or at the rat of
20035 knots hour which
per performance
slightly exceeds the Inman City of Farlss
hitherto unequalled transoceanic average of
20021 though that ship Is left to be credited
still with the fastest passage of 139i hours
and the highest record for a day of 015 mllas
All this is splendid but when will the 21
knot bat appear As a result of tbe extraor
dinary progress in boiler making made In the
few last years under th lead of the most suc
cessful student the ar MrTnoBNETcnopr of
England that tremendous sled is beginning
to be reeled oft by torpedo boats llkawlsn by
pleasure craft Bo when will the greater ships
catch up with them
Mr ISRAEL J MONTAGUE the frt colored
man summoned aa a juror In the General Ses
sions was yesterday challenged peremptorily
on the ground that baring never her
a criminal CIO tried be lacked tho neces
sary experience A challenge on inch a
ground reminds one of the advice
Iround arlce an
cient probably a the Sagas not to
go Into the water till one knows how to swim
I f a colored man Is no fit to act as juror
until he has bad experience In a jury there
will never be n colored juryman In New York
until lay of the February Oreok Kalends or u certain thirtieth
Comptroller LAor Is not to appear before
the local Investigating committee on tbe
affairs ot the Keystone Bank of Philadelphia
because it is said the authorities believe
that only Congress should be
onl Conlsa permitted
ted to Investigate Federal official and
o have access to the omolal record
of this Government The reason It hardly
conclusive to the believers In a plr damoo
racy for a democratic government requires
absolute publicity There may b special
emergencies In which tbe successful action of
the axocutlvo demands temporary secrecy but
such are exceptional cases nnd the ffineral
rule mint be absolute openness and free
dom of access to all parties in J interest
to the public records The present casa may
be exceptional but the withdrawal of a material
rial witness 1 court of law cannot ba JUt
fled bJ a principle of such Indefinite and poe
Ibly dangerous application
A Tmmmr Political ColieldcBn
Tr neik44ibesyfl5L r a
Why tail that the Jones f sally are 1 terribly oppoaM
to Governor lllllt Then are Jones if II flripeptlo
fttv fort Ttmu the rood and the Soy Sam Jones of
Georgia and the wicked Republlnan Long Jones of
Chicago bear nothing of ibe St Louis ipeolmen alf
theta unutterably and unalterably oppoiedto New
orks Governor In the abalract this laallrery
tturwue we dont euppoie It makes sny dISerenc
Fieie lie Trri Pl
I monumental truth In i JournalUm U sscelncuy stated
br Tsa Ion wben I MJII Ko adrantag cub gained
rem the publication of false news al the
Muuawaadhal p reeal Fane talxzxaratMnUmiBtUi yaw aasaciaw
1 I
Tie ton the Omaha flsset ETH
1 tha ratymtnt or Custom DUe
JTCAfUiiNOTON June llThe return of the
JAIBNOTN the Bwatara from the Asiatic
station to tbo Mare IMnnd Navy Yard ha
caused a revival of the charge that the
officers and crews of our warships hadltu
< ally bring from foreign countries dutiable
merchandise without paying the revenue
chnrsenon I According to the accounts In
the San Francisco newpap rs a Tieaiury
agent baa discovered that the Omaha proceeded
to Mare Island without being Inspected by
Ctntbm Hotvo oflfccrs and on looking further
Into the matter has found lu ho I officers IUlr
tars silk gowns and ornament worth thou
sands of dollar which were brought from
China without paying duty
As this story runs the fault would primarily
appear to be that of the cdsloms authorrtlrs
for allowing the Omaha to enter without In 1
spection It was their btieluessto oxs mine her
for dutiable good nnd the officers of the ves
t l wkre bound to put no obstacle tholr WAV
and to pay any tint es that wore hawiulhy and
properly assessed Hut no ono pret ads that
itWas I Incumbent tn them to stay t away from
the navy yard simply because the Inspecting
officer bad not x isitod her or to take means ta
i call the attention of the Treasury Dcnaitment
to such neglect Indeed 1 la said that the
first Ameilcau port entered by the Omaha a
tor her return wai Ban Diego and this mty
account for the ulld ed failure to promt thy In
sped bar at Han Franolrox
a Stilt the explanation attributed to the Navy
Departmtmt Ie I not quite reassuring It
Is that the derailment has not yet learned
that any lonsldorabte quantity of Roods wan
amucfcled In and further that while the oIl sand
and crews of essels usually bring homo more
o lees merchandise mostly for friend at
home the matter la a trifling one as tie
entire In such rarely
entre amount of duty cases rlrly
reaches 1000 and II always puld on demand
It Is of course not to b presumed 1 that Ibo I
officer are engaged In nrauccllng goods for
general traJe Lut that the terpons for whom
the foreign goods are brought in are their
families or friends hence alto In the nature
Of the cao their Importations are not very
great In value Still the question Is not as to
theamount of the alleged smuggling but ns to
Whether it Is Carried on at all
Now It Is very clear that the officers of vestal
recently returntnafrom foreign countrieaoucbt
to have shown unusual circumspection In this
matter alter the debate upon It In tho Fifty
Ort Congress When the bill for transferring
the revenue marina to the nary came up ono
of the grounds on which Senator Sherman op
pCseil and succetafully obstructed It was that
navy officers were so much given to furtively
bringing home from foreign countries dutiable
merchandise that they ought not to be In
trusted with the enforcement of the revenue
laws When It Is I remembered that Mr Slier
nan bal himself been Se rotary of the Tlels
ury and accordingly should speak with more
than ordinary autiiorlty on tlio sulijeet there
I something very striking in his remarks
It reputation le I not atway at fault tlK naval 1 odlcere
are generally Kuppoaea to be the Ura > t mnuirrficre tn
our country In proportion to their number and the
Idea nl pntilnir a uarnl once tn cuard ur raSh itahit 1
srnutgling la at least miier aeimngo ono 11 an old
lilt I iuppo Shier a scarcely a nav i vtanel that
cornea Into our ports nut trnat baa 5001 that under mo
strict rulings ot the Treasury wntilit be aubtet to duty
Mr OrayI I should like to ak the rnatnr from tibia
I that wholesale 9inuitgllnt which ne eftrma I iMnk la I
eataffed tu i < y naval oniucr li I a part of the high runo
tlou from wnluh we are lolnr to call them when wo
irnnafer them to reronue duly r
Sir rhermitnl l think they will stick to their hlch
function o uingfflliir more thou they will to their new
duty or guaroinjr akainetainnkirtinff A I eve 11 marine
officer cannot vnter a war veMel 1 of the United Malta
and Suspect I aa n would a cnmm rclal veatl and ih
remit la I that many thlnn are brought In here without
I paring duty
The same views worn held hJ Senator Cock
roil ant others and warn also urle1 I Mr
Edward Uaik formerly vhlut of the revenue
marine who opposed ibo transfer La5t year
there was I ruse In which about ISuOO fine
cigars were smuggled liy tile niHBieratarnifi
of the Oalenn who then deserted and mate
tars wav back to Cuba I
The exact facts In the case of the Omaha
will perhaps b disclosed by the report of the I
Treasury Int But It is clear enough that
after such a discussion as the one In the lon
atl navy oftlrers would do well to take extra
pins ta aold tle chance ot hostile criticism
on this Poor even lit the rick of offending
friends who expect keepsakes perhaps the
execution of little commissions as the losult of
their cruises to foreign lands I
A Skelter for Beapeetable Girl
I Is a cheering phase in the existence of a
good work when visible proof of lie value Is
shown by the need of more room to carry It on
Such I point has been reached In the Shelter
for Respectable Girls at 148 West Fouitetmtu
The Increasing numbers woo applied for
shelter could not al be accommodated in one
house so the adjoining one was taken to meet
ibis want a communication made between
the houses On tbe 3d day of June both were
thrown open and today fewer will have to
wonder Adrift In this dangerous city ot ours
amid Its many temptation
Any lespeotaole girl Is reeivcd at the Shel
ter no matter of what creed she may be and
well cared for until the bisters find good situa
tions The charge Is 3 per Ioa Blua
quite tree t those having authlntr
VilhthlsenlnrK6l Held of labor comes tho
need of a larger supply of money all It Is
earnestly hoped that porno of those In been
ibyment of their own comfortable homes may
reel our necessity and gle us ho it large or
small rornotblnir to aid In carrying on what
he good Bishop of New York our visitor calls
that wisest work of prevention CIIS
Donation will he thankfully received by
teenth Sister Catharine street Treasurer 118 West Four
Between Boston und Cambric
rrom Me ChrlMan Unite
Tbe young man aald I am e doll t book I
dont think I appreciate scenery I liar I Jai been
reading a Interfilingrorelcalled Lit MMrablee
did you nr read It I It la thought
re4 I 1 a great deal of
101 nerer heard ot 1tutd the young woman
liars you ever read Ulllonl Par a J lie Lour lam
very food 01 poetry and that le I what I tall poetry
Why II le ai Intereatlng at a anVil Then there la En
enon are you acquainted with his writings t Kmcraun
I a Iru poet h cays In onof his plicen The stars
are like forget menote Now that he I what I call true
poetry Old you nr read anything of Goethe t 111 I
a an writer though he U I a little too clrcumacrloed for
ay last
The yuuag woman waa not acquainted with Goethe
ml rerarleJ that Uolme was her
lara 1 for author
Ol yell Dr Oliver Wendale Ilolmea Well be li I
conildtred quit a writer but the young woman bad
never beard of him 8h knew only Mary Jan Holmes
Conncetlrnt Share orBurnnm Etnte
from At nrittiporl stnntara
Under the collateral Inheritance law of Connecticut
5 per cent of all tne personal taut over luo > gue
into the treasury ot the State The personal eitalo of
the late I1 T harnum liirentorlea 5l25u and A per
eat of that sum leu the f IGUO limit amount to
U < V2ftU3 which the Blal will rot ae tIe ahare of the
urn total
The exlnilr > property holding ot Ibe late Ur Bar
Bum at Denver Cot were deeded by him to Mra
Buchtelle hll dauihler previous lo his death Tlier
valueti fully SiixMtxw
Tbte Judge Beraeey for mly receiving
BTtntcry U 7001
Wot m Good Exnmyle
from ilit Troy Pies
Solongai ate of tue ITeMrtcnt of the United
tatea by courtIT couilderf the flril lady In Ilielind
ubacqbea hirielr es carrie It la not anoniiblng that
the unmarried daughter of a mtmt > er of the Cabinet
should be caltd lIMit We quite ajrre wlih Tui
sca however that tb perversion of soda noble name
aa Carotin and Harriet li to be denrtcated
1 A Tremeadou Innovation
mm IAOVu Tor rrloniK
Boilaeie women typewriters taltitlris caeblira and
a forth wlu begin wearing Irounreou the flrilof scat
C maIL Astaeto
hwu Furs
cnkopt In hIS wtfsWilt tte no asit Im ruined
His WifeIs I en bad as that
v5 ail ta gene but honor and there lul much ef
hat left
A ComBae e anent Dm Ode
from It < irtiflM ftoniara
No more Hidingdown llfa ricer
Humor drilling eut to eea
tin KVutJKS S thee kind teacher
Wtliie tea taketi tile SXUnd
C Jo more Sad ills parting words wi niter
ho rns Let us acer falihrul be
lie niece MTnor memories fondly cherished
Willie has taken htia degree
f more Craveth e wield with nra eadevorN
lie more Strive to do the boat we cant
Vf met bw She wend thai we arila It1
j Willie DevU Bliauaa
ccti WAOSTAFf XJf zoMzasioj
Mr ITbweli Deeldca to Comtrat Rtaaf Irwltk
the Vlearrcaldcnejr of the Bride
The fight for the control ot the Brooklyn
Bridge Is I practically at an end Col Alfrij
Vkagstnffls la undisputed poriesslon ot the
rresldency and the entire staff aeknowledmi
Ms authority Mr howell having been noU
lied by his lawyers that there was no snbslsn
tInt ground for a contest baa decided lo a >
eept the situation and wllloontenthlms lfnit
the YicePr sldenoy
It la old that a caucus ot the Brooklyn trus <
toes will be held this afternoon and a definite
policy decided upon It will be their main ob
ject to secure aa much of patronage as PCS
MM and to prevent any radical changes In i the
management Any attempt on the dOn of the
Sew York men to displace Superintendent
Mat tin or any of the other principal employees
will bo stubbornly resisted Col Wngtitt
however has H ready given assurance that on
K ch ehnuges are lontompliited and that all
competent tnd faithful employion from ton to
bottom lira In no danger of Irislne their pluce
Fronds of Mr Howell cay that hewonMb
the fleet man to oppose o proposition to attaoa
0 salary to the allies of Mce1resldoot
Co Wngatotr spent several hours at the
bridge offloo ye torlay and transacted eonsla
enable business lie U tacitly fnmlllsrlrlna
Mmself with the compllcotorl offalrs of tha
rldcf 1 find when the next meetlnit of the trim
tees comes around will have mastered most nf
the dninllo Matters ot the bridge move si
smoothly an It no change bad occurred la the
Brother Death Strangely Colctd t
TOM Ce munbarrt Stenr
One of the mnst remarkable coincidences
thnt hnH everl > oen the province of o nt > rar > uper
to ironed comes irom the Inner end of tha
count Hetry Trumbattorof Koss to < vn > hlp
a low miles wet of Mblukphlnny a farmer o
years old relred at n earlv hour am m Hiinilty
nKlit In bis usttnl uooM henltli soil In All out
wotd appcnnniOH never felt ha tr In his lire
i lie next morning his trie was horrid by
the rUkCivoryol IllS ilead iMMly In l > ud lie ha1
pa seil quietly away In tho night without a
struggle ilio funeral will bo on Wedno iUy
at lu oclock wire Interment at Urunson Cera
On iho anmo night his brrttior William living
In Htmloek tonnsblii about ten tithes swat
rvttroil hale and hearty He 101 showed no
drniptoms nt nines Nothing In his demeanor
guru the slightest wainlng of impendingil
ultitlon daughter not seelni her fatiar
ronm down as usual called lint received uo
nn wer Khe wont tin stair wnen she was
horror btilckpn t9 find him abed on the he > t
The burial will be today at 2 oa not Inter >
ment nt uuhlcnhurg He nrns ti km I lather
anti pondolul neighbor and well thoughi of hy
tliote Who knew him beatS catm to I Ibo iwi >
brother almost nt the nmno inomen Tile
occurrence tins created not it little exillniiirit
In the nolghborho as the ma > t woe well
kn > t > n Inthocommunlty Nomirlfol vtol ate
I rotild ha found on thelrtiolasHi d urn ee iml
hcllel Is that death wns rllleto iiitlilrnl caiifies
Uoih mon were married and cab Kavji a wile
and family
Nature Frank Is Opnrzla
From Ae itanffi Confttu ttn
BIXLWY June 5Mr f J J Clark llvfnc hut o
few mile from Daxley i ins 11 inonsirnshv t
tue ahae of a nhoe It has two per ertly
formed heads attached to i ne body ned
neik When chewing Its fool It uses h tli
mouths with perfect accuracy and Is o natural
sbnop except tile twin heads
MnNTtcRLt0 June 8Mr Will Tbomnson
near Vlnfnnl ban a hens egg tnt IH Mm
what of n curiosity UtMlilen belni hit uisuini
Hhnpp It has from the mal i > ml n eroAta
about one Inch In length and the flrp of n omi
pencl1 which Is folded back toward lit larger
end resembling tho arm and han I ruse Infant
UANiioviiin June A largo horned snake
was killed by Lewis Cnndler n frv bars mi
It lueiisitrdd 5 tot and 3 incline In lengtii Thla
makes the second horned snake killed here
within a week 1 ho bite of this pnake Is fa aU
Footprint of a Giant Steed Dud Rider
Trim tlit Atlanta Oanttltullan
CPWTOBP Go Juno 7 There Is a flat rock
near he old Echoic mill that cover un acre of
ground One ot the strange patnre of the
rock IH the track of some huge bfiistot hum den
iilso the tracks nf tbe rider of this queer snip
luvmn monster It seems that the rider and
tile > t ed mode a tour across tne rmk lest lag
their trucks Impressed In the solid granite
Al out inlddlewayof tbo stony surface can
bo Keen a rbnoe whore the Birth of the riders
suddle broke and he dismounted to fix ft leav >
I UK hi tracks n plain as If mole In a sand bed
The hand of time hate not erased them but
they are there now showing the form ot the
animals feet and iho precise Impression nt
the gIants foot Impressed therein with tose
and nil UK perfect and distinct as a schoolboys
bareloot track of today
5 5
1Vo en Sighs with KevolTer
rrom Me Denver Rtjmlllean
LEIDVILLC Cot June CTwo women Ellen
Cloncartan and one whose name could not be
learned both residents ot Stray nose 3ulcfl
near the eastern limits of the city while en
gSKed In o wordy war this afternoon suddenly
resolved to settle the dispute In the manner
usually resorted to In that locality ti at Is
with suns hey were In deadly enrnest and
did not cease tiring until each bud vmptlej
th chambers of her revolver
To the condition nt extreme nprvott agita
tion the women were In when they dW trelr
shooting nay probably be attrlbued the fact I
that they did so little damage cltherof the
participants iu the affray reuulvrd a scratch
lie Stood UP
Pww tSr JUtaxta OmtUlulnn
HILTON Go June 6At a protracted meet
ing the other day the minister t < memmchel l s
citadel sermon to the young mincomment nir
at gome length on the character i tieorgn
AVrshlnuton und reouesteit any ono present
who thought himself WnHlilnciono xoil to
stand up Ore > ynnng man aiosc The rector
asked him upon what did h taueo MN eloPe
Sir citm the young man I am ralliuad
agent at Hilton station
A Friend Offer a Propeelu for The Him
To ins Eptioa or Tna Bun Mr Hicloned plenie find
my check liii wording on ytur carl nf ro ire In the
matter of expiration of eubicrlp ln dos not eeem II I
Ins qutle ai follcltooily xjtreal cc meet tninre
emanating from your iirtlee and It des hal cay ail that
mil In truthfully atntad about roe i v I therefore lake
the it cUT uf offering the encloied fur your future UM
Tui SON li the mast Interfiling li crnctlTp compre
hcnilT newao per In the world Ilinet fearless in
dependent Time Sea cohorts all the see rpcla It In he
moat vivId and altractT language and print II In a
clear artistic form lolltlc llr Tin Slug devoted I W
tbs promotion of Democratic IdeAs and pollor tn tn
aruire of BOTernmmt socIetY and induatrr Bd
with equal attention by persons of all sllsdee ofepln
Ion and radiating Carts Ibnnihta and fanol on aU
with promptneaa accuracy and Impartiality Inn Ken
Juitlflea itt lofty title by the ceaseless brnlanry ant
benlgnancy of lie effect < > n humanIty If a
Uiom Fun f O June a
Foreign Note of Keml Intereit V
Kaliernilhilm baa undrtakn to rct aetatu a
Wagner out of till own purl
The Ioch u of ViCes baby will be known when ibe U
christened ae Lady Alexandra Dud
The rmperor of Ruiilai new team yacht rlat
haze l > or 3040 tone and 19 knot ipeeo
liermanra production of diver In POO I was 770000
poun < li about u per cent of the world product
lIsting In Vienna baa eiperlennrd a greet expansion
In neither war only 20 day racing but this year
there are 70
The fancy ball given last month In rails by the Prln
rtn de Lon caused an expenditure In that community
of three million franra
The casualty record for the English football naaon
lust over shows totlTe cases ot death directly attrib
utable to Injurlei received In match
Eat bentley and the London Gaiety company bar
been playing rauit np to Dame In Berlin lo fair
house and very severe critical condemnation
The Oruiael waiters bar formed a yndlcautor
dress their grlcrancea A leading complaint li that
they hare tn pay ai much a from one lo mix franc is
the proprietor for the prllllefe of serving
In the fist fuur months oleratloo of Germanys Old
Age and Invalid Inaurane act 111447 appllcatloc far
pensions were niadu 6n4M war granted a519 fC
fused and the reel are under consideration
The barge is I riling Into favor as a yacht In Eul
yormerooneraof fiyiri among them WrBil she
owner ot the Yarana bare purcbaxd bsygsl Is which
they put th mot elaborate Biting They aIl vowiy
but comfortably
Heidelberg will erect shortly a monument to lk ° u
author of the Trnmpeterof Bikklngen and the
famous unlreriltr song Alt Heidelberg di fetter l A
Bobidil museum wlU be founded alao in a vlSi ci the
big library building
following upon the Oik ot rorllandt agitatIOn is
favor of onlng wy with tha bearing or ebiti rim
from carriage horses the Queen ha dlreeud tun 5
her lrof the lion to take off me bearing e °
from the bone that draw the royal carriage1
Belgian railway oOlclali ftr three years f tvN
gallon report Ibat under ordinary clrcnmiianM the
of irack
averat railway train In patting oter one tulle
wears frognltiwoad onflflb pouoJ This siahifil
world to
delrurllon of track amounts for the
about lata < JO pund dally
tU lbS Sill
lullttn bar become 10 quiet In Totter >
tan following the Mohammedan law has bun mallei
to arrange for the ceremony of circumcising his Ibrea
youngest eon KIT thousand poor children according
U the baSil underwent tbe ooerll n the Urn dr w
different parts of the city lUnmisattona aIOtTtbu5
of weetmeta and featltlUee alttad4 M T
vatcb la all cost UWWO

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