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59f > i i
Hon John W Thifot Pike county whom he
I denominated us a Main honest nnd substan
tial funuet TI nomination was seconded by
I le Foliii of elk OIIIt line gentleman
a man U Tine phrsliiue and a very good
I ppoakerVWas not recognized Some one asked
1 for his nnniK aid wbcn be rOlled 1 Me
t James there vaa a real lauRbter but thl
> dlil nt dlsi oncert the uentlcinan who qlleU
I uugosted that thn time consumed In this way i
I fhnnlil not he l taxed against him
I Thin lelnK tuo end of tbe candidates tho I
counties were culled The voto was pretty
I rsen nntweou Grlinn And Harris hut boloro I
lould bo looted und announced there rl a
j I bieak lollimoil hv nciics of tho wildest
l ioiilurl > tnhhJg1on county led In the
II I Mntmilc b ehiangirii tlielrvoios to Lrll
clNlnu tbo idttwr th full vote of the county
Medina than whirled Into linn ntid changed
I bor vmo dltd < l omnni OrlfTm and other
I raudldatM to Harris Ikr 1 1 < the Con vent Ion got
I bijond the control of tho Chairman In every
1 part nl the hall loloRalPI weto standing on
> their lett aril yolllnc Mr Chairman In a I
4 I tuln oltort to get teiognltlon that their VOIDS
I I tnlthl changed For several mfntitcs the
1 Convention Wil very disorderly It wns Im
possible tn conduct business and the Hocr <
j I tarIe hot all run of the ballot as the changes
were too rapid and Indistinct to be recorded
I Finally order was partially restored and tho
I changes continued untU It wa < evident Gen
Harris was nominated George Coo of Hamil
ton then moved n suspension ot the rules and
Ibo nomination of Mr Harris by acclamation
This went through with n tush as tho dele
i gates were becoming Impatient ialle Went
no for Harris Upon being Introduced to the
Convention Gen Harris said
k OnnxxMEN or THR CONVBXTIOS I will not
detain yonmrre than a minute deatre to thank
I you for the honor you bavecouicrred upon mo
and through mo upon the Republicans of
southwestern Ohio It Is so very warm that I
I hall onlytiinnk you again for placing ruit
noon the ticket second t that statesman and
eoldler national aye I might say world
I wide raDQtatlon
I The next thing In onler wan the noml
ex rter
L ftatlono State Treasurer loP of Cuya
liora Campbell of JelTerson and Davis of
nckson wero announced candidates lolo
and CaniDliolI ran nearly neck and neck until
r before ihe result of the ballot wa announced
the ronnuea bf can changing In Copos favor
I Hamilton led with 76 votes troin Campbell to
Cope and soon the changes wnro so ntimuroua
tbat Cope on motion was iiomluattd by ac
cltmIlroo of Wood present Auditor of
the Htntr wns renomlnatid br accla
mation and so was M J XMlllima nf
layotto for buprotno Judge Klni of
rrlo Albery of Franklin Powell ot
Knox and lllchards of lllchland were named
lor AttorneyOeneral Itlclmrds won on
changes announced lelorn I the rosult ot the ballot won
Oroce ot Dayton Walters of Pickaway an1
llolltif Summit were tbo candidates her Member
11al1t thaBotirdof Public Workn Groce re
celvod s 4 votes and tb nomination on the
first ballot
Irt L CniTOtrwas Dom j n Bed ntter a break
In tho roll rail br acclamation for School
Cmml sJpncr
clmf tho Convention adjourned
tin with three cneora for tbo tlckot
Time ticket oompluin ic I as lolo and Is re
KardeaVuA a strong ono
ln CioTernorllllam McKlnley J r of Stark
county t
JluutenantGovornor A L Harris Preblo
Aulfltor pf Btatr KW Poo of Wood
Tieflsqi Str y J Copo of Cuvahoga
renco AttorneyGeneral K Richards ot Law
Jndre or Supremo Court Marshall J 1
HaniROf Tnyotlc
Member or Board of Public W orbs Charles
E Groo of PIcknnny
School Commlsbloncr Oscnr L Carson of
ot 1 Miami 001 and Dairy Commissioner D McNoal
in the jttuxutcii itn
In ore i rospo < > t todays procooalncs differed
I fromitxwo which nave characterized Ohio Re
publican State Conventions foTltht past Iwolt
> o rt tbD lullure to specially endorre the pub
lie career and services of John Hherman and
recommend his reflection to the United stales
bcnate H would bo un Injustice however to
tbe venerable Ohio Senator tn nuppone inU
omission was duo to a lack of Sherman mon in
tho Convention It was rather duo to
the jeroual request of the Senator
that his friend male no effort to
recuro the ndoptlon ol tho accusromed
resolntjon by t this Convention The ambition
ot exuov loraUor tn succeed Senator Slier
man fX In the United SatcH Hvnnto Is l well known
and it was In keoplne with the general ileslru
for harmony and unanimity that SonatorShrr
moan ioiueFtod tbat the coming Souatorlul
ronioKt 10101 I had thu subject of discussion
lint that no endoiseinent 10 i extended him
which did not Include thoun tiro Ohio iopubll
can ilitleratlen In Congress
senator Sherman advice to hIs frlondsbad
teercmodo knowu tn oory delegate iu tLo
Convention His word were these
The Republican party In Ohio baa never
eenubotlma when It was freer from conten
tion of any Kind or nature than at thl mo
ment I havwno evidence of any movement an
tagonistic to ml My nwn county nnd counties
throuaouitke Mate cenerulh Jmve whenoier
the U bJet has been brought un passed the
klndevt resolution uardlnc myoll and
my nubile tenlcos Through a desire not to
einljtrrii6 In anyway the Mate ticket It has
bcentliouEht best not tolndorM any ono ana
cuudiaato lortho Inlted 1 htatps enatorihlD
but to work first 10 secure control of the Lenin
iHturo nnd ulter that allow them to make their
choice of n cultatie man
l0ov lorakoi iu his speoch nominating
McKinley said
So Itupubllcan candidate has eve nl rod
defeat through time fault ot Wllllum
Mcivinley iThls Ihiim at coitaln
Ohio Jteptibllcnns wno oppesed For
akumnd wrought his defeat In iho last cnbrr
uatorinl rtortlon woe reieixed with the wildest
entliUElimu iheie is not one di op of cut
throat blood in his wins iCluors1 Ito Is
morally Incnpnblo of the treachery aol < l cow
BMlco of political assassination Api < luusel
He dniunt 1now what 1 iflltlcal razor Is and
has only a contemiii fur limo ineauliig bypo
critical f coundrel who would use one itro
loncbd applause arii l i heern
Maior McKlnovn Brocch nccoptlns the
nomination as candidate fur I Goternor was
verylone Here It l nmnp liof It
Terunl 1 IlClllt thnomination you have tendered
mo ftnstilo liotbnt the honor tint rtisponsl l
biiitylt IWl > lIo The election this year I of
1iiubUi l luiDnrtareiiot only lecatitB It I dolor
niincH tlerolitiral ilaracterof tin adinlnlii
tration of lime bn I fnr ti coming two years
but toeranou it iiiMhos the cholcor a Ji Kislo
tuie brII u duty It will to to elect a Inltid
fclattK sciintor tutu I lot thiot to district the
ttntofor HoprefcntatlMS Iu CongrtbA under
tlo > new census and wipe frnm tho statute
1 ooUiCthn cnmo aunlnst iiepubllcun unru0
veritotratod ur the pretont Uomocritlc leglK
lauiro Hupnllv 1 present u party in Ohio
without iidivlrion Iu ilsrunks without a bioak
Iu Klines
Titdatloim l which you have adopted meet I
mv api > roiil I nnnoiuiLes with clearness
nniliohmiio the Jut eartlmnl d < irines of
tint Rappblirnn iiarly wlilln It pr Claims tIe
t elUcoimlJoroil innlctloim nf Ohio iopub
lions touvbinc tile nowiriiuestlotis blch
ncwoontinnt u
Tun llepiililknri party of Ohio approved the
ndintntmnttor nt 1resitient Harrison and ox
lends t1 i lieiirycon iatulatlou I has boen
clean conservative utile nnd patriotic I rae
I HUM win In Us iQiucstlc policy and thor
oughly Amorlcuii In ita foreign I hat won
the lontldeni i ol tIe pole at nome It com
wnnd iiulxersal respft abroad
Thrf parly Is I In tavor of 1 regulated Immi
gration und of ill orul peuslons to our KOldlors
und Jal HIin I favor of cold aid silver
nlfo mimi or mmioy based upon coin all enua
anti nt Mil times mtuicbangiable eijual In fact
mind oounl In law
NiittrjcouUbnioil by a real danger which
IruaentUCM of nil oartlo should seek to
avert before It IH I too Ito The public credit
and sound finances mUht bo prisoned and
eery Bchome to destroy it must be met with
ICl0me latnllluenco and repelled by the
mighty force of public nnlnlon
Bettor risk defeat which Inn be only tem
porary than capitulate with tho demagogue IT
surrender 10 dishonesty Tbe platform en
dorses a protective tariff > > tiara pioteoted
American products nol American labor So
long as forolan products can be lonnd to tax
winch compel with our own In our market
we own propobo to tux thorn ratlor than tax our I
Tim AmrF
On time tatiff question MajorMchlnlcysaid In
part that tho Doruocnitfl insist that we cannot
make tin plate and when jon take them to the
finlory und huw them that wn ore making tin
plate they assort with Intense pleasure that
wo are onlv making a little that U I true
but how much should we he l making 1 That wo
are making on v U I the urprite for tho probe
tivo dIV AD tin Ins not > ot none into effect
and will uut iutll the flrstofulr
In thotoiith the great centre of free trade
they are olfering freedom from taxation for
ten nml twenty years to t thoi > e who will ring
their capital and Invest In productive outer
prlcs and this by nuthorlty of Halo law And
while all this Is going on the leaders of the
Ueraocintlc patty aro proposing to tear down
tlio prntCLtlvu tariff ami loundate this country
with foreiKD coujp tlBK products to displace
tlioe whlcMmaA cryinaiiUfactorlcs propose
10 ruarH and which tbu leoplo are taxing
tbeuiMh oa lo entabllah
Thin poMiarslllc inc taira nnd understand
this If 111111 sin not ulncilvflnl their vote will I
en wteiu their nutiorlnl interests lie The
will II sLeuth I Ihilr money to build up nail
jrle ihclr vt u la pull ilown
Itofoilnir 10 11m complaint among froo I
traders about Imreafl dutlot under the
new law 3Ii4or fcKlrley said thlrtrtbreo
und iv third per cent of them are fo I
the thln protrctloti ot tho American
liiimer twaiyelilit are upon wlno anti
spirits1 which will Uiniiy urlen I liii farm
1 l rI tl
irH KlTC mo in on tobacco nn acrlcnliural
product No like roeccnltlonof limo agricul
tural In4iiftinu4nb < touadln anT previous
tariff lecPjUitlon7T bile fecurlpg 10 the farmer
tbe home market IV Increased iTote > il n the
rtflrrocly clnure Is mtoodeJ to extend hU
foreign market and ui ou to ma more lavura
< >
ble than those acmrJrd 10 romcetlng aerlcnl
tnral countries It la 1 significant fact that
the articles which this farmer most f roquentlr
bur blr 1 kss tariff than undor tho law of
188 and the producte which ho soils bear a
higher duty than over before
Turning to State l issues Malor Mchlnler
charged the Unnicratlc ndmlhlstrntlon and
LngUliiturn with dlrllos the legally elected
Jtnpiihllcan lleulenantUoroinor of his seat
without loral oontirt with making nn iinlmt
anti pirtlsan rotieronolonal corrrmander nnd
with In Iunlelcl extravaeanco In State ex
When senator Rhermin was called to tha
I aUorm ho said In part
Tho recent liepubllcan Concress In connection
lho Jelublrln
nection with Pro litnt linrrlon has dealt
leolon wlh
with all healIng < doinoatlc iuestlons of tbe time
and with iho most important iiue tlon with
foreign natlin Iorr ono of these line eiih r
teen clued or Is in the way of settlement
Tie AiliDlnlsttatlO ol Mr I lecl nd settled
nothing but the subllmo eeotlsni of 11 Clfvo
land his opposition to the protection policy
his want or sympathy tle tIme union soldiers
and lil narrow notions of finance and Ibo cub
nnrow lolonl
llccrcdlt HoODilednothlucnnilncconiiillhed
nothing A Democratic Ifonco pissrd tle Mills
tariff bill but I wan rejected by thebonateiinil
by the people In the election of 1M31 It wa
neither n protoitlto tall nor n joronne tariff
but I monurel attalr made up of sbreJa and
patcbu furnished hero and there by Demo
cratic members tosult their local cunttltiiot
eratc This abortive measure was tIre only one
of any mark nf importance proposed by Jlr
Cleveland or pased by a 1emocratlo
House of Itcpresentatlvos In marked con
tract ultU lepreselnthos Republican Admln
1trntlon of Harrison and the recent
llepubllean Concro Mr Harrison wllli
thin slow thonehtlnl conservative tondenclo
ot his mind gave ciirofulcohPlliratlon to uteri
proposition that CItInG lotore nlm Dud iin
uuiinced hll opinion lu hJ mc 8an tooi
gloss rite lloiisn of Iicpra4i > iitattes pro
roeilnil to transact Ibo puilli buslnis mind
and co
tlo Senate In hearty concurrence CI
oioratlona I ted upon every import nut meusuto
pending before ronlrr l
The limit In Imporlnnco though not In rotnt
01 tune Was nn ititlro itvision of our roveniiu
laws Thus Mil was suloected to the mot
careful scrutiny li I oth I Houses und i > n i > il
as a inibllcan measure and iippioted nv tIes
lre 1 1 lllblclu I IH I Delluro vr Hut land thouuh
some 01 It1 poilloni have hot yet taken 01
Icct I IF IoI my judgment I wipe law and
will bear tho meat careful scrutiny I mny bo
tlRt wlltlr Its dolalls In tho late or dint this
pruolsx lino between enough protect and
more than I necessary Is Dot observed but
this error In detail does not weaken the essen
tial merits or this croat measure
tKI Thnru If another question In which tbo
rooilo are vitally Intertsted and that is the
currency iiiiodtlnn Tnoy wnut good money
rind plenty of It They want all thoir mousy I
ot eituul value FO tliat I dollar will lx thu
same whether it Is I made of gold or t > liter nr I
purer tVu have hail this kind ot money
Inco the resumption of t > cclo rajmouts
In January lell Nobody wants to co
bock totheiid condition of thicg when I
wee trod to the bondholders and paper to the
pensioners Mien tho outftaudlnir Uoivrii
ment brnils wore ISOOOOOOOi and baukn
could issue paper money upon the deposit o
bonds tho volume ot currency could ex
pand ui > on tIme Increase ef business I I
Luc that condition in parsing away
Tbe b > nds mire belnu paid mid tIre i
time Is coming and has come when
Ilo amount ol iwnds l Is i so reduced and
their aluo It so Increased that lank cannot
atlord to buy bonds UIMI which to issue I circu
lating miles 1i No must cintomplaln the tIme
when Ihf national banks will no Issue their
notes but Lecotne bank nr discount and do
poMt The banks urn evidently netlnc upon
this thuory fur the shave oluntnnly larceiy II
reduced their Lrmulatioti
How shah thN curroniy be replaced Cer
tainly no lllt y tbo notos ot Mntu bunkr Nn
notes should vlrciilata as money except such
us hat the auction nnthoi Ity nnd cuarunloo
of the tnltoil Slate The best form ol tlioe
la certificates LiiOil upon uold amid hllvor of
vnluu equal to tire nOd outstanding I
Nor should nay distinction bo tuado be I
tween cold find silver Both slionM
It received nt their market value in tho inai
keiaiif the world Their relative urine varies I
Irom day to day and then Is I no power strong 1 <
euoiiuh tofslabllsh ntlxod ratio of alue except
with tire concurrenca of Ibo chief commercial
nations of 11M world We coin both initIals a
a llxeil ratio but we maintain thorn at par
wtih each nther by limiting the amount of
the cheaper metal lo the sum needed for
subsMlarv rom mid receiving and redecmlnu
It Tho dpinnnd tor the free colnncr ot slyer
without limit is I a dfmntid that the peorleof
the t nlteil Mates shall pay for outer bullion
more than Its market price demand that is
not and ought not to to made by tho producer
of any commodity muto In I no justice or
equity in I I granted br the Inlted 1 Status
alone It will demonetize told nod derange all
the bulne transactions of our people
What we ought to do and what we now do
tinder the sliver law of the last Congress n
c nforvatlvo Kepul licnn measure Is 10 buy
Ibo entire nroductof outer mined In the United
States at Its market value and upon the se
curity of that silver depositol In the Treasury
Issue Treasury notes to the full amount of the I
cost of tbe bullion In this way we add annually
to our national currency circulating notes of
undoubted value equal to gold to nn amount
equal to or greater than this lncrea t of our
population mind Ibo increasing business for our
growing country
A speech prepared by Secretary of tbo Treas
ury Foster was read In nblcb herald
80 tar iA txIroftlrtent Cleveland Is I con
corned judging by tire experience the country
had w th him during his inoiimbemy of the
4lghr oflleo of 1resMonr we may fairly con
clu lrt that In the irlllclsrn he IRS lecently
made he purposely Intended assailing Ibo Itt >
iiubllciin party for making large approprla
tin for pensions
Secretary Foster Tended most of the Ito
publican appropriations
Toro are Romo of Ibo planks In the platform
as udoptod
Wo realflrra our doxotlon to the patriotic
doctrine ot protection and rpfocnlzo the Mr
Kinler bill as the last expression or that prin
ciple enacted In Republican prom i
ices and wi pledge ourselves to Its Ul1 orr I
alwass juicing In view Its Improvement as
chanced roudUlonlor prerlence may require I I
n W efavnrsuchIeKUIatJon by CtI en mind
In this Stale as wilt ID every practl > able mode
encourage protect and promote tho Interet I
of agriculture In Its department Protection
of lithur and the rights of laborers such as will
grant to toil Its full ant just towards in among
the first obligations Government
We demand protection for the wool Indus
try equal to that accorded to Ibo most favoro 1
manufacturer of wool uo that in due tluo
Amprlrnn wool growers will supply nil wool of
every kind required for consumption in the
l I tilted State I
Thorouubly believing that gold anti silver
should form the biils of all circulating me I
diums we endorse tire nmendod OolnHgpnct ot
tin lust ivpnbllcoi Coneres by which the
entire production of the liver mine of tire
United States added to the curroncj of the
Whlleinvltlngtoourphorestbe worthy poor I
and nippretseri l of other nations we demand i
I the euaitinnt if laws that will protect our
country and our people against the influx ot I
the xkious ana criminal classes of foielgn i
nnttons and tbo Importation of laborer under I
contract to eouuxun with our cltlcens ann I
earnestly approve tire rigid enforcement of ox
Inline l laws by the piosent nuloual Adminis
trntnn command the parlotlc services of our
dlstlninil ln dfellowcitbonSJenatorChrrman
ann his Itppubliian colleagues In the Filly
Ihrst Congress
The platform denonncod the administration
of joe Caniirleli al the most partisan In tbo
lilstorj of the Stale
A Tonnt Russian Immlcraot tn be ne
WASIIINOTOX June 17The steamer Colom
bia which arrived nt New York on tbo 10th
lust had among her passengers u young Rue
slan Alexander Gregorovich who parsed the
immIgrant inspeetorsani was allowed to land
He reached VSaxhlnEtoi I low days ago and
excited tunolclon bynttumntlng to fee the
Fresldont n unreasonable boun for the pur
pose of helping him run the Government
lie was subjected to a medical examination
and pronounced Insane The cairo wee re
ferred totho Trnnnury Deportment and As
alstaut Secretary Nettleton gave instructions
for iho return of the man to huxsta at limo ex
pense ot the bteamer that brought him over
One Year for Jury Bribing In New Orlean
NEW OIILEINH Juno 17 Today counsel for
McCryMal eonrlcled of attempting to bribe
McCablo who had been summoned as a tales
juror tn the Hennessey aRe mAle applicatIon
today for 1 now trial Judge Marr overruled
tho motion < tins sentenced McCrystal to one
year In the penitentiary tbe full term of Ira
Jpar onmrnt provIded bylaw
IronmpDI In tbo case of KlcCrvatal snd Cooney
for attempting to brlbo Oormley rent out at
9S > oclock last night At lloO today they
had failed to agree tire jury reporting that oa >
member bad refused to render a verdlctof any
kind They wero 10 Jed up again anJ
fTlll KeUt S Bednetlon of Wage
FAt KIVEB June 17The Wean Asso
ciation todar makes the following resolution publlo
VM rrd Thai stirs aMorUtton Uaf lb opinion that
thr a I no i clir at Ih Drttnt lor soy riloettin
la lbs triers 01 tire iif rftitTri ciii pall xfitrlorei
hu mvii thai r iliieiii > na r dtlrlmtatal lo tbo
uauiifaeturf ihmif ITCI
Secretary Howaid raid today that the Mule
Bplnncru to educe wazia Af > o > latlon will resist any attempt
Drunk n Flask ofWIilaker and lllcl
Maria Ores a sevenyearold German girl
whose parents arrived jo terdar In the steer
age of the steamship Haale died on Friday last
of alcoholism She nicked utin whisker flask
and ilrnnli molt ot l Its u > intent < i before any onx
lould at len loterlero u libber Her body was burltd
HepabUe Via JE oaerat Speaker
KheehnaHmttli ToanwaadaTFa Table a
10Ie811 I
able Co Hnnlnln the Charge Made IB Ila
Letter to Senator Van Border hat Com i
rue That They Were Bed oa the
I Fllm let or Iteariar Ewldte
AMUNT Juno 17 Todays session of the
Assembly Canal Exploration Committee wai
by far limo most Interesting of the entire In
vcstlcatlon up to date I wn devoted to the
proco n of sifting the char from tire wheat In
the specIfic charge of maladministration
I nnd pollllcnl chicanery made by Itepubllcana
1 against loading Domoemts ol the Mate It
I I was es F nllally SbeahanV day although ho
appeared neither mist witness nor a a sub
t I panaod attendant The nrst subject Intro
dared was that of tbo permit granted to the
Buffalo Dock and Connecting Iallroad Com
pany which Superintendent of Iubllo Works
Hnnnan granted under certain very stringent I
conditions to enable l said company to build a
lino ni < I road along tho division nail letneeii I
tho Imrbor nlBuEalo and the Ero Cnnnl which
I I wall now f on os as a brelk water I has lone I
been assorted In the columns of Hoimbllcan I
i i organs that Fpoikcr Sheohun uisel his In
ilnttiio with Superintendent llnnnaii hind tho
I Democratic administration to secure the per
i mil for thn company 01 winch his brother
I I John C Sheehan it New York r a director
At the mornlnir session of tho Investigating
i committee Edgar Van Eton Secretary of the
> railrond company was first called and from I
him was obtained 1 plain nlntement of the use
nol inde or the division wall and tho desire I
ot his company to build n road over I He did
not think much of thn charge that the State I
I ought In have received mm largo money com
pensation lor the permit aud demonstrated j
I 1 how ridiculous tho idea was lhat tho company
had declined to accept the conditions lmposiil I
hy Superintendent Hannan of building up the
nw Incomplete wall and keeping I In repair
I while all tho time tho permit might at the
option of t tho Superintendent of Iubllo Works
I beiovokod 1 would cost them to fullll the
conditions nearlrn quarter ot a million and
then thov would have nothing the could call
tbslr own Therefore the permit had been
deemed valueless and the chief cai Italtst of I
tho company C J lon of New York lad re
fused to put his monet Into tire scheme to run I
a road over the wall to connect with the Grand
Trunk rind Michigan Control railroads Ho I
also emphatically declared that Sneaker Shoe
alo omnhatcal docnred toaor I
ban had no Interest In the road nor had he
been in any way concerned In tho oflort to
secure the pormit I
The testimony of Mr Van Eton was sub
stantiated by that of Henry W Hot a promi I
nent Itepubllonn lawior of Buffalo and 1bllo
V Beard of Buffalo the Iro ldent ot tho Dock I
and Connecting ISallroad Company
Horace J Harvey a Republican mill owner I
Ihllo O Cook oxAssemblyman James IL I
Roberts and Albert U Hatch a real estato
scent nil nnt Buffalo tObtilloJ that In their I
oulnlun the State untilu Lo tho gainer the
iomrony wa permitted to build iu road suer
tbe wall conditions without being harassed with Intolerable I
ExCounty Treasurer Jobn user wno was
elected tu Erie ounty by the itopiibllcans alxo Ito I
tOitlu > J In t > X < noritloLi of Speaker oboe
tU mind the company of which hU brotbor
chancel to boa director anti when the com
mttteo took a recess at 1 P M there was not A
snred of evidence to convict any Democratic
itatv officer With any sort ot questionable
tinusactlon involving the Irnnt or Ibis p imlt
abe altcruooa so sion proved the most en
ihe IltenOOilOIIUI
lertalnlni lor Uvotce 1 Smith the Tona
wniKia lumber merchant was put on tho
Riand toteill regarding his letter to Senator
Van jorder wherein he charged that a permit
wu given to Matthew Bcnulan of Tonanando
tu erect buildings to 10 used as saloons on tdl
the State ditch crossings In orthlouuwanda
and that one building bad been erected and
that ti o whole thing was a steal involving
AttorneydeneriUTatxir Superintendent than
nnn ad Speaker Sheehan This Utter Wbich
heuator Van totter read during the discus
sion of the deadlock resolution and which was
greedily snapped up by Republican
orators and edltora as a specific and ilninnlnc
charge tom mot the keynote of Mr Smiths ex
amluutlou nltbouKh Counsellor McMahoa
troucbt out incidentally that this wit
ness was connected with the Michigan
Pipe Company or liay Cty tbo Water
Works louipany at Tonawandu a nat
ural gas company An olcetrla light and
latlivay coniuinr beHos denting In real
estate nnl lumber and mnkini a failure of his
nuoinpttn rim the politics ot Noith Tona
wandu as I Itepubll An Prohibitionist Mr
Smith pod a quIbbling evasive witness
ROn the attempt to Bet anything worthy the
name of n charuo out of his letter to beuator
Yn Gorder was a futile one
The ttltneo began br saying that he hail
known Matthew Bcaulan twenty roars and
hile not hi friend was friendly toward him
and in fact had nn animosity tuwar1 any man i
not eTon Speaker Sheehan who hind said that
he t Smith touulit notoriety and was I psalm
singing lijnucrite Mr Smiths brand charity
aim boundless philanthropy faIn y astonished
tire lomnilttio Ho has teen llKDiIn tbo tnis
leA of the vlllnce of Tonawacdu in water
runt suits and bad born at odds for
a lone time with Mr Scnnlan but
yet entertained the utmost friendliness
for nil His sense of propriety had been outraged
rod by tho fact that Mr hcanlan bad erectrd
H twoMory frame building over the Stub
ditch at Oliver street Tonawandh wlilch was
hint property and felt that the Democratic
ndmlnlbtrntlon of tho canals ought to bein
veitlvated by the UeDUblloan Senate More
over bo had figured it out that Tabor and
bheelian wrro the powrsbehlud tho throne
I tcnubo the firm of Tabor Sheehan Cu
neon and Coat worth were th attor
neys lor the Tunawandii trustees in
the waterrent suits acalnst him and
that In return for the voting of fees to them
lyricanlnn I iwlio according tu bmltb ruled oil I
the politics and rollUclans of the village with I
I band like unto that of Bass Tweed they had
used their influence to secure his permit I
Thrn too be bad mot I man on the street Just
prior to the date of his letter to Senator xna I
order and that man had told him that Mat I
tknnlan had scented a permit to bnlld a fin
loon over the State dttoti at ullver street I i
unit all other streets rroalnu tho
ditch In roroipo to sharp queries of
the counsel Mr Smith blandly swore tlia ho
bad forgotten toe mans name wnuli not rec
ognlo hut II be saw him and only know that
be was a white man On this evidence ho timid
written to xenator Van Oorder in order to
post him He had not Iniondod that his let
ter < < should be nnblUhed He Deter authorleil
their publication Ho had no charge to make
ncnlnst AttfrneyGeeral Tabor but thought
that Mal Sranlan bad too much powor over
the appointment of the emrloreexi n theranal
Afturmuch lonndai out questioning tbo wit
ness trlii ol an indignation ineetlne at which
over lilly citlzeni wee present but 01 wliom
ho could name lour only and of the sendlnir
ol I cominltteo to Albany to protest against
tho granting f a permit to Hcanlan to run a
saloon on Stole lands This committee con
sisted ot Benjamin Calkins and Franklin War
roii anti they reported that Speaker Sheehan
said that Matt wa his friend and he should
have the penult As a mutter of art this com
mittee never > aw Sieakor hbeeban George
lirownell saw the Speaker about It and nan told
by him that he know notblnu of the merits of
the case mind had nothing to do with It Asa
mater ot ncr onal trfcrene he would favor
his filiul Malt Hcanlan Ho tbrn Kara Mr
llrownell a letter of Introlnctlcn to Superin
tendent Iluunm that ho might co and protect
against the uraiit This Speaker Hhelhan In
formed ins SUN riparter was tbo truo rela
tion ol tho facts and that ho never saw either
nf the members of tho alleged committee Mr
Smiths Imrc of crmiplloltr on the part of
Speaker bheoban Is ilius disposed of
Deputy Mtperinteiiilont I Immbcrb of the
Buffalo division testllled In refutation of
fmDbBChaico that rtiipprlntenilent Hannan
tried to shift the reft > > sli > ilty of the grant
upon him Ho eMil that the imporlnlondent
toid klm ti ao aitead and tire his own mdi I
mint In lIe matter mind his notion would be
approved Thus p eco by plicc time wliolo
fabric of the charges mad < Its l Sinltb In Ms let
ter was picked apart and thin writer tlespie <
his constant OaIua l < and larse of memory at
all Irujortont I pouts wa forced to confess
that he had nothing but tbe flimsiest of hear
say evidence to support hli charge
The oars heornc wne cloedwltb the Intro
duction of the tosllmonr of Messrs lie Utah
and Thomtison two prominent Refub lean of
Tonawanda who trilined that the clniln
building was in nowardetrin ntal tn tho In
terests nf the State hit rather an Improve
menr To m > > rrow Matthew bcanlan himself
will be plncrt in the stand
rnllor George I Krwln of Pottadam wan
the onlv legislator of any promlnnnos lo come
bsfois tht iocrtlt > o today nnl In his nxnlnl
way a d he bad no Bitccesllons to offer
Mindful of his own junKetlnis omr atClal cr m
Dlittfps nt tin Stats tleulao he adilmd l 1 1110
committee 10 take a irlp alog tire canals mind
poc undone for tbemsolC3 what hit bvDii iluno or loft
rip Penn iylTnnikfl Famous Scenery
The aiM ictntrr of lb Alleirlitny Mnanulni M
Tttwed Ernie th traIn nt tht feniMr TtnU Ktirotd
nl r
smelly oh net lh pl Atnrtt of a Wiern i trip Tutu
r1 J vliKbi u ln of Iht tin I Hit rtonviriraiita
LlmifJ meaning iw Vcri at IU A 31 for Ct
nil aa4 ClmaloAda
Dirtntbtt wseitrer barb ihe time or whole pulse I
wilts loud u Sxmiaci 15 Iuyijnatss U jttelre
11w otlmlttigaasep rt
Your Blood
Will b purer and your
appotito bettor after taking
S Swifts Specific S
S A Tested For All Remedy S
Blood and Skin
s Diseases s
O t reliable cur for Contagious C
J Blood Poison Inherited Scro
S fula and Skin Cancer O
AI a tonic for delicate Women A
SAs and Children It has no equal S
S nlne purely vegetable Is harm O
Jets in Its effects O
SA treatise on Pined and Skin Dii O
cues mailed FREe on appllcaUuo DJ < M >
S Druggists 1 It O
O Drawer 3 Alat G
cO f
ats A avo nitouuE STAND
I Spring and turner
Victorian Y0Leette
IrlalI Ir Depot WKCOHII
Twanrheeler Liltlain Rovkutvara 1
HI nil IkiMitoB s Ton fabrloleta
ZatdnIettca Ilnue allo brlolr
Omnlhnor Itniil Wuiconi
ra eN Hoeaawajre I op rtinlnnll
Coupe Itockawny 1lp Ioa
I rlvltfer liaeloa nudhOII
I VIuitI Vllltme Carl
Idl Ittinxbontit
Fancy Trs5 Derby Phaeton
noetor tion Hitrrrjr
Doctor Urougliam Chlldrrnn Trap
1aaey nnckbonm nnn IhaMone
Wen iheio lcUurJa lteckswsys hrr
aer Trap Vtemorla LSIrmiuiu tUi4s
Clr DP VI Cal Ctnie 11f 5Iarr5t
I rhMUna lupot Wan Doctor fnHinv rx Tip
Caorlaltia nanaBout caIpy Vlcion Inatuna
e a
Oar line of Depot Wacom ttallni tear and st U Mr
1 fl r Oclnr
pen ass n atentttS anti PMInr 1 Leta ctnncl be t
ic l l rtr quality ityta andptlc RACINJi WAUOX
AKO 1IIl CO 7MI tooter I t
HAND iiKiivKnr WAOU > R AM ftrvLfa rtiir
Ab o pair nr Ilwmlilnonlun mare
yoiiaarHnniid aad kIt Registered and ae
rllmatvd Call at Od hone erect of Oraad
Bouleyaril conCh aide or l ad t
riastorARrc pttaaton nJ botcy for CatOr 1 cheap
A batt
i AlVin Set t1 nois em 2
POIt I RAIRllarM waron an4 hinien nlahU ret
rroctry or delivery 17 Jon > it between IllMiktr
ana Vetl < th a
01 Clusuir I aim 1 three horn inltabl for aay
ixiplntM 1 tbrt bnKflM Oof cart aol barncu at Ul
Eat I Ib n buPI stairs 10 letS
KLlNoTRtJrKFtat ot or plala rieT
lbandi allaUtiin had
ftrAUEiOMIiA > rV 151113 ROUTII STU AV N tA
n i i rii
Solid Silver
An experience of over fifty
years in the manufacture of
solid Silverwares combined
with the advantages of large
capital have enabled the Gor
ham Mfg Co t exercise the
taste and technical ski pos
sessed their artists in
by artist many
fields not heretofore known t
I the F Silversmiths r Sv art
Broadway Sc loth Sf
Woi i
1 cent a D foot
to change the appearance ofold
Furniture 6O completely that
your husband will think it is now
W1kLDO IT ausroelt J
The Weather Seem to Have Had Berne
thine to do VTIIh Thue Hnleldea
Beraplo Rerpn n Cuban who has been a large
retail dealer in clears and tobacco committed
suicide at hula slot nt 0 Wall street late yes
terday afternoon by shootlnchimself through
the held Berpas store is a little below the
level ot tho street The front pat Is dovoted
to rttall trade and In the roarwcro stored the
boxes ot goods for the wholesale business
At Cnu P 3 yesterday Charles Carney who
was sitting on a box In front of the store heard
the report ot a revolver The threo clerks In
side thought at frt that tho noise had been
caused by on electric light globe bunting
When they went to tho tear ot the store how
ever they found Mr Srrna sitting In a chair
with lilt head thrown back nod a stream of
blood running from his mouth lie was un
conscious Ho had placed the revolver In his
mouth and the bullet had tnkon an upward
Policeman Edwards ot tho Old slip station
tens summoned and do sent to Chambers
Street Hospital for an ambulance Dr lion
nett exttaoled the bullet and a few minutes
Inter Mr tvrn Ulod Tire body was trmoved
to the Old HJI tiatlou hotiao Tbo revolver
with whlcii hem II bad nliot himself was found
under a safe that stud bcfilud his chair I
wits it ivcallbia rinolvf
Serpiin ilrrk Iratisala Manry wont to
I Semi as IIOIIBP lllJ Icxlnuton avenue to In
form Ins wlo snit Oaucliter Mr Heniawns
prostintod and it i ihyslrlan was summoned
I MI8 Bnrpa lire only elillcl who IH about 1H
I iiiirs < hi soul for Coroner Levy who LMVC 1 I
Permit to IOIIlhu l > body taken ftom the pollco
Htatlon to tuG IIOIISM
blnton door to ihe tiorpa rsMenco lived J 3 1 I I
Eustaco with wlifa1 fatnliy the Horpas weru
I 1itiiiiHtc Mr Iiitrco tad last even nc
that them was no douit that Mr Scrim was I
ternrxirtirilr insane Irom being overliratod
Mr rUfctmO nml 1 Kcrpa w < > nt out In I brick
board Val n on Sunday last tu IMth street ou
the vcii t elite and users for nearly throe hours
I nvi osod to Ibo sun at 111 hottp t tlnu > of lny
Mr Borpa wore a llorliy ba with A low crown
mind rompUlneil Iha his hers I itthd itet urn
hut hcmc lit told ht wifn ho uric almost born
Minstrnck Since Illn he had complained of
detracted headacln with tmti rsli tiny and bo stonier at tunes I
Mr Hora irs beilee l by his friends to have
boon term pric rou In buln s < i lie bad a
touiCo Store at I i WllnO stroit was fart
owner In aclenr nvmufactiry in Key Wes
lId was sole nropneti rot tho buslnrrs at Pt 1
Wall sirrt HM owned thn tourstory and
bnsemont biownMoiu hOI e In which he
IhI He wns nhout 11 r ycniB old nnd had been
selling tobacco In Vail street for twenty yearn
Tbo cxcefho boat of Tueilar seems lo
land hay been Btilclite partly responsible for AN Illlntu JIow
He worked about railroads until two and a
haif joAri alto ruben lo was discharged irom
tho rlaio 01 lrnkeman on the eloxatid road
lierauso iris 1hl was getting pojr Ho was
thin 43 years old and mniarrol Ho lfed In
Harlem with his fitbor lie caught an odd job
hero rind there but his existence wa precari
ous Seven stooge ago ilowland 01 copIed tire
filler of a home with his niece Mr Jhn lldcr
Hliiiwof4i Leroy strict lie began a series of
dally tranCe tot work hut Could und nothing
seadr to do I
He strode his lat effort on Tuesday rnornlnr
Ho returned to Mrs nhlershuws unsuccessful I
and doM > onilent and walking strainlit to his
room sllpnod a revolver Into his pocket and
started to lrae the house
Where are you irolni inquired his niece
Im tired of walUIre around III hot weather
looking for work Itowland replied This
heat i too much Im eolne to end It all
He walked rapidly away before Mrs I Eldcr
hAW coulll Inteicnrt him The afternoon was
half over when Policeman HlBclngwbnce beat
Is I thin Humble at Central 1nrk heard the shot
cii a revolver and found Ilowland stretched on
his back with l > lix > d flowing from II lade In
tile left Md of his head Higgins summoned I
an ambulance and Itnwland wns taken to the
Iresbvterlan Hosoltal where ho died veater
dar at r A M
Mlcnael Lee nn need longshoreman who
I lived with his wile on the top hour or the rear
tenement nt 233 Mulberry street came homo
on Tuesday nlcht coinplalnlncot the intense
heat which seemed to have turned his head
One story says WAr he beat Mrs I loe with a
I stone This Ibo woman ann her neighbors
deny Ieo slept on a couch outside the room
whole bo had said him Hbonhl lint It cooler
The light ol dnrtireak was beginning to nil the
I room when the wire cot up and saw a basin
hld tlte coucn It was bait filled with blood
whl > h drlpt > ed from Ihe wound Mlcbaol had
I made in his left arm lIe had bled to death
A Heath Firth ATenno Saloon Keeper
Shoots Illnuelfoa WanbloBton Height
Policeman Schoono of the Washington
Heights station while crossinc a wooded Qod
in n line with 1G1 st street at I oclock yesterday
aftemoon found the body of a man A bIg re
volver of heavy calibre was clutched in hIs
left hand The bullet bad cone through the
brIn and had shattered the skull Tho bullet
had beeu aimed nt the left l temple the dead
man being evidently lefthandoO
In bill pockets wore a number of red tickets
each cod for a glass ot beer un one corner
of the checks wax the name John llanc and
on tba other end was the name Marie liovcerr
A card showed that ibufe person keep n xa
looi tumid boarding house at 22 3 South Fifth
Marie Roergers husband formerly the pro
prietor of tho pIne was killed hy an acclitent
about right months ago and Hang n hwiss
nbout37 yoaraold boucbt an Interest In me I
concern He bad been a member of the Swede
Kmbroidircis Lnioa He bad been four Mrs I
In America and hail separnte1 from H wife In
bwltzfrtnnd Mrs lloeiiser Boomed much
nflectol br his death hung bit the saloon
she said about oclock In 1 the morning after I
taking mo of the money In Ibo diuuer No
reason is known for his suicide
Shot Illmiciron III Mother Drawl I
LOCKFORT June 17 There was a nonsa
tional suicide at Ibo for win Cemetery in Ibo
town of Nowfaoe yesterday afternoon Tho
victim was James Warron nb ut 411 years of
arcs and a lifelong resident of this county
with the excontlcn of the past year during
which be lived with a sister at Albion Mich
Ho came to Lockport yesterday from the West
took lbs afternoon stage running to Olcolt
and whin the Corwln Cemetery about six
miles from Lokport was reached he got out
mind told the driver to ask William hlnnny
living n scort dlstanco beyond the cemetery to
come f r him In about on hour Mr Kltiney
received the nies as and nn going to the
cemetery found arren lying prone upon
hit mothers grave ssiih a bullet In his hoal
Ho had shot himself through the mouth
Warren was not dead and was taken to Mr
Klnnein house where he died at It oclock
last night Ho was conscious before death
and said Im sorry 1 made a bad job of It
His resort tn suicide Is attributed to despon
dency caused by protracted llme s from rheu
Andrew nausea Nulelde
Andrew Hanson a Norwegian tailor aged 40
years committed suicide yesterday by shoot
inc himself In the bead on the third floor of fiirj
Atlantic avenue llrooklyn whore he lived with
his wife and three children He had been ills
nlpatedof late and bad been hotting on the
The 1utnnra Vlialanx la Danbury
DANDUJIT Juno 17 Danbnry put on holiday
attire Jodny to observo limo visit of tho Put
nam Phaluux of hartford The Phalanx ar
rived iu Bethel by special train at noon 2UO
strong They were nccompunleil by Mayor
Dwight exMayor hoot ot Hartford and
otnerc A short parade was made there after I
which the party wan taken tn Putnam Camp
four miles below Bethel In carriages On l sr
rhal in camp luncheon was snrvoj followed
by the ceremonies of the day the raising of
the Star and Stripes on ten > Israel IulnamH
old camp ground of 100 rears ago and ctoeclies
by Senator llortrum and Major lllamhard An
Informal reception took place given br the
Old Put Club on the grounds opposite the
park Tho Phalanx arrived In Danbury at o
oclock and paraded They were escorted by
thin leading civic amid military organizations of
tlio city At 0 ocl ck a banquet writ sorted at
Cosmopolitan Park where plates were set for
30u Tbo Phalanx will remain In Danbury to
lie VTuated to Teach TOUDB Girl lo Hnrlm
POTTSTOWV Pa Juno 17While several
small gui Is were wading barefooted In the
Bchnylklll near Parkersford last night Frank
Blxbce aged 33 ot Iteiersford came along
unusald he would teach them bow to swim
He selE d two girls one under each arm and
waded out Into the water beyond his depth
Ono of the girls rscvped from bu clutches but
Bixbse anti Jennl > Knrr aged in sank and
both nero drowned U was thought I31xbe
was Intoxicated
Killed by Runaway Car
CUTTIN FonoE Va Jim 17A collision
occurred at Balcony rolls on tire Chesapeake
and Ohio Railroad this eveningand Engineer
Lane and Fireman Clf mcnis of this place were
U lad The collision tents caused by the train
upiuatlng The engineer started bis engine
back and met the cars coining down on a
curse It was too late to avoid a collision
A Crime that Coat Wome IlTeCar Plane
Throuai a Ilrlilcr
COON hlIPIPS la June 18A wreck on the
Chili ago Milwaukee mind St Paul road neat
this point last night was caused by some un
kmwn person plnctnu a tie upon the trestle
work jut before reaching the bridge over
Coon Itlver At the pnlnt where tIne forward
trucks of the engine loft the track tire trestle
work ic alronUonti fott blah A sudden shock
was experienced by the passengers when the
tie was struck after which the conchoi ran
about two car length left iho track and en
gine and mail car went throuith tim bridge n
dlstanco of fifty feet Into the tlvor The baggage
car smoking car chnlrcarand one Pullman fell
from the side of tire trestle a distance of forty
feet time Me buccai mud smoking earn
turned npsldo don In their descent while tire
vlmirvnr und forward ullmau landed on their
Mm s
Tine t > n Boncert who were not hurt scrambled
nut us bstlliiy could is bortn ire limo citizens
nt this place darned i of th acelilent they
basietiou bun spit with lanienm and for two
hours worked In a pouring rain rescuing those
who worn unaMo lo cot out Home or the Un
loitnnates worn tinned down bi broken tim
ben whloh It wa npres ary to chop awiry to
I locasii them t Ihu killed I are
KNprem Me senger Bert JKIorverd Denver
whose body him not yet been iccoveied
Henry Carton Perry In
Thi following wme Intnred
John McCMrthy Ininklrk N Y Internally
Injured mind will din It W Chambers brake
man bit hilt dislocated MIHitn Lark In
brakeman Irnlscd c I II Cornelius conduc
tor bruliieditnd aim broken Jhoiuas James
John lllaum i u Wat ou C F Mitchell
i Albrt liouso anti Prank bmitli trainmen
worn slightly Injuioil Nvllllani t Vnrib Do
e < rata la three ribs broken Mrx llllam
i nrtb Dccorih la atra cut Vllllam Lau
i i geneorfer atsonvlllo Cal Intornul injuries
Kxptess Mesenmr Alilroyd mlslng Charles
u liairett of Clnifnnntl O eltublly bruised II
C liluko Mount Carroll III bulsed Item
hard hochman Mt Vernon N contusion
forehead and chin inrene < Urable Oma
ha Nob contusion of bond rlcht Ice ant
siinu Injured Jnmos T alth Chlcajt side
I butt 0 It lackman Boone la side and
back bruised Ptr Uoirstner Montreal
Ccn left oliest bruised j Kust Boulder
Col slightly bruIser
The Steamiblp City of Columbia Run
Down the Olive la the hound
The little Nora Scotlan schooner Olive with
a cargo of piling from Jogglns collided off
batons neck Long Island with the steamship
City of Columbia of the Now York Steamshiu
Company nt SS oclock on TucsJay tilfiht ana
bad her stern shaved oft
The OlUo WB boating down the Sound to
this port The air was thick and heavy with
smoko from forest fires and the lights of the
schooner were burning dimly Carjt Allen
ot the City of Columbia and Sound Pilot
Bunker who bad charge of the wheel did
not notice the Olive until the little vessel was
almost under the steamships bows The
Olive then tried to tack across the big boats
course Tho enclnesof the steimshlp were
rvored but not soon enough Tire man at
the Olives wheel abandoned It and run for
ward whither the sklpnor and otaer members
of tire crew had ton Jhv steansbln hal n
cood beadwav and tier sharp bow stlcnd off
the inooners irhxng just fornard of the
wheel The schooner Immediately filled and
sank to tho wntwrs edge Her buoyant cargo
kent her from going any further
Too sctooner emote were taken aboard the
steamship and Cant Allen agreed to tow the
waterlogged oratt ilown tuClty Island The
crew got hack on the schooner and the City of
Columbia towed her for three hours Tire
schooner then careened owing to the lark of
idly means of steering her mind fell nn her b am
ends J he steamship signalled the tug Si > ruy
anti struck a bargain with her for towing the
schooner to port
The steamship then proceeded but had gone
less than twenty miles up the Hound when one
nf her Milves broke ann she turned back The
valve was fixed and sire sailed ot US oclock
yesterday mornlnir for Marthas vineyard
Yarmouth and Maine ports the had forty
pissencer on board She was not damaged
and they wore not much disturbed by tire
Jntlco Kelly Frown ITpoa Thimble
Police Justice Kelly who Is sitting In the
Morrisanla Court Is one of lire many who at
tended tire Suburban Handicap and failed to
pick Loantaka as a winner Naturally he did
not look with favor yesterday upon William T
McKinley and Jamoa Thomp < on who bad
added 110 to their store by a skilful manipu
lation of throo walnut shells on the Xew Haven
train homeward bound fr m Morris Park
traik on Monday lire men whose money
they baa woti Ddwaid Benson and Bernard
iieyer would make no complaint
they have got tbelr money buck and have
signed an ngi cement not to prosecute Clerk
Kennedy announced to Justice Kelly and
neither Benson nor Meyer denied Ibo state
ment Benson was JlnallT Induced tu swear
that the defendants had been guilty of disor
derly conduct nnd Justlie holly sent them lo
the Island for three months each
A ClaBnaOnel Dlpnte
There was trouble In the Speranza Club 123
of the United Brotherhood or ClannaOael at
tim time of the murder of Dr Cronln In Chi
cago and moor of the more influential mont
bars seceded and funned a new organization
They retained the name and their purpose to
promote the complete independence of Ireland
under republican form of government was
tire same The two most precious possessions
of tire older association a picture of llobert
Emravt nnd a bank book showing 5r > CS2 bal
ance in the Ktnbinml Salug Dank were car
ried away bv the speeders
James Itelllr as Treasurer of the old club Is
suing James n yman as Treasurer ol the new
club fortbe return of the property The null
was be un before In tlce Allen In Common
Pleas lesterday and Is till on Tho drfencu
will lie that the lies club is entitled to the
property and the name because the members
are prepared lo carry out the purposes for
which It was organized
Forced lolio riloune Name
A young man entered Mlchaells4 Rohmnns
mens furnishing cools Mora at H West
Twentythird htruet yesterday morning and
presented an order for flannel shtrts and silk
hose signed John Kloano bSJ Fifth avenue
Mr Robman sent a musengcr to Mr Slonnos
carpet store Mr Sloaoo was not there but
irIs private secretary renounced tire order to
bo forced and the young milan was nrrpttrd
on hits way to the station House he said ho was
Mr Bloano vale and that his name was Oscar
IVtervou of HU host Twentieth street In his
pockets were n lot of lorued orders all In tire
sumo handwriting out addroeed to different
Ilrm6 Iu the Jefferson Market Police Court
he admitted that he was a liar and said that ho
was a waiter and nurse Mr Hloano appeared
in court and said that he had never wiltton the
onler He saId that a number of similar forged
urders bad teem passed purporting to have
been signed by him The prUunerwas bold In
2tAiO ion trial
Factor Admits iBilnlled
John Erstin Adams was installed last nIght
as the pastor of the lloie fitreot Presbyterian
Church BrooKlyn Tire ceremonies of ordina
tion and installation wore conducted by the
Rev Dr J D Wells The charge to limo pastor
was made by the Rev Dr Welhara Adams
The Rev Dr Archibald McCullagb expo tor
ol the church delivered the charge to the COD
Eresatloo The sermon was delivered by the
11ev Dr W Henry Green At the conclusion
of the ierrlces a reception was siren to trio
now pastor
Mohan Fraako Turn Now
Victor 8 ileobter the dialer In violins of 23
Union square was arrested yesterday and
gave tlOOO ball ti answer the salt brought
icalost him by Nohnn FranLo for till 000 for
alleged malicious iroeoutlon Frank was ar
rested last year at this InKumo of Flechtor
who charged him with criminal libel Tbu In
dlctmeut was cismlised in April
A VFIilat limb Incorporated
The Whist Club of New York has boon Incor
porated Its managers aro K EMery Ander
son J Hobart Ilrrck Matthew Morgan J B
HoJton henry I1 Talmadgo John O Cream
LrrViftlolu < w ° Wo Jr arJtt Wood
ward Hayen
ins rnnoir SHIP X4R1TS
TToaiea Repreaeailaa the Old Thirteen
Stale Oather to Honor Their Memory
A celebration took place rfstordar at tho
tomb of the prison ship martyrs on the slope
of Fort Groeno In Urooklyn The day WflS the
HCth anniversary of the battle cut Bunker
Dill as well as the nnnhorsary of the removal
cl the bones of the martyr from tao Navy
Yard grounds to their present resting liars l on
Fort Oieono Time mumorlnl rortices were un
shin the direction of the Ormd Army of the
Republic iisolsted by tho Dunghlers of tho
Devolution the Sons of America the Society
of Old Lrcoklynitos und toieral hundred
school children
The tomb roe decked with plants in bloom
and with the natloin1 iolor Between 2000
mind J1UOO persons were present The Order of
the Dnnchters of the Revolution Wits lopro
tented by thirteen women all ile cewlantn of
persons who tuok purl In the lo olutlon antI
now loshleuta resieotlvelyoi ilia thirteen oilc
hal htatcs Time vMtlnc Daticbters of tire
lle > oliitlonaseomble l fceiorn tho services at
the Uso ol Ur N llle M Flint at lu4W san
deiblltttenuo mind sitter ltunlntt to an ad
dies try Mrs lIonS Adums hulling the win
der of lire order marched to Ibo martyrs
birth escorted ir tbu Uiiuid Army iotoran
nnd follow oil by tire members ot the JODg
Is and clrniitir
A Ho nl whip representing one of the old
prison ship hulks WHS canlwl hy one of the
women and win placed among tbo floral
decorations on ihe hunt Mr Julia Cruz iho
renrooutnthooiouth Carolina presented a
iinlnietto wienth tn the society of old Brook
Irnltes who turned out In strong force to
honor the memory ot lh ninrlTr The 54 0 or
MK school olilldnn who t anticipated were
escorted to Foil Uteime from hchool 0 In unit
lltld Street by a company of marines from Urn
Nary lard li special orders from Secretary
Tracy The Grand Aimy was represented by
delegation front nearly all the posts In Brook
lyn and ISo Sons of America were represented
br 10 Pumtelly Henry Hall and Wilson L
When the participating bodies had takon
their places on the root < > f the tomb and the
purr undine grounds n salute of thirteen CUDS
was fired by sailors liom ih cruiser Philadel
phia The iiualt struck tbo assemblage just
nt the limn for whleli the exercises were an
noun oil and caused come excitement for a
tew moments It did not atop the exercises
however alt hough It was responsible for the
absence of the Her Dr Chnrles U Hall who
was to have marie ono of the nddreses
KxloiiKressman Kollx Campbell who had
during bis long opurr B > lr > nal career worked
sohardaltbongh unsuccessfully lot a fitting
monument to tire martryh was the presiding
onicur Mr i ompbell In his address reoulled
the story of the prison ships In the old Wnllii
bout BasIn Atlilrcses were made also by ex
United States District Attorney A Si Tenney
and Congressmen David A Bonly and Thomas
i Magner
ReHOlullons woro adopted favoring this ap
propriation of lluoiioo for the erection ot q
fitting monument There was singing at In
tervals durlnc iho exercises by the school chil
dren and at the close the entire assemblage
joined In alnglnt the national anthem
A Bar Charted with OSOO Volt of Elec
AnjAsrt Juno 17In front of HOBouth Pearl
street last night ahoy named McDonald caught
hold of the lion hoisting bar of the awning and
tried to raise himself up to look Into the win
dow There Is an electric light In frontand the
iron frame of the awning became o nnected
with It In an Instant Hashes ol eleetrlcltyand
parks flow out of the b ijs feet with detona
tions like a pack of powder cracker Ho was
completely charged with the fluid and could
not let uo his bold A bystander caught hold
of him and pulled him away but in doing ao
received a shook himself and was knocked Into
the street Tbo boy was dazed and stunned
but was soon restoredand walked to his home
apparently unlniurod The voltage which
passed through him was about 2500
The nehrloc Sea CruIser
WASIIIXOTON Juno 17It is learned at the
Navy Department that the naval vessels which
were to be despatched yesterday to Bebrlng
Sea were detained over night to receive some
supplemental Instructions These changes re
late almost exclusively to tire treatment ot
poachers ater seizure The vessels were all
ordered yesterday afternoon to sail at once
and it Is supposed they have started before
now The ThreW will go to Sand Point to no
tify all the sealing vessels found nt that ten
dezvous to keep out ot Behrlnc Semi under
penalty nt seizure and prosecution The reve
nue steamer Corwin and tho other naval ves
sels will go direct to Behnnu Sea and assist
the resenue cutters Dear andItusn In the es
tablishment of an effective patrol of that
White Cap la Vfomtam Clothe
KomE8vriiE lad Juno 17The White
Caps have made their appearance In this city
again for tho first time in three years or more
On last Sunday night a small crowd of persons
who are members of that famous organization
donned women apparel and scent to the house
or w PWblttakertook him from his bed gave
him blow after blow wish sandbags made of
sawdust put In hose and draining him to the
riser threw him Into It tera ilm < s ho
eatno near drowning but was finally rescued
During their rooch usage of the man they told
him If be coctlnued to drink intoxicating
liquors to exces hj would bo the subject of
more severe treatment at their hands
Commissioner Charles G F Vahle Jr of
this city and Miss Florence K Build of Brook
lyn formerly ot Sag Harbor a daughter of toe
Into John O Budd wore married yesterday at
the residence of Mrs Dodd 80 Pulaskl street
Brooklyn by the Rev Edward P IngersolL
Mr T Nottingham Williams was best man
mind the maid of honors place was admirably
tilled by Miss Georgiana Budd The couple
wore united under H handsome floral chancel
and the parlor was decorated with palms moss
roses and flowers of every description TIm
Trinity Church Choir under the direction of
Dr W IS Gilbert sang the wedding march
from Lohengrin and also Father Wiiatoer
ot Early lilies The bride wars beautifully
dressed In a gown of white cn > r > e de inlne
draped with embroidered chiffon and silk
fringe In her baud she carried a bouquet of
lilies of the valley and her neck was encircled
with a handsome diamond nocclace the Kilt
of the bridegroom
OlllilB Chureb
At Calvary Church Twentyfirst street and
Fourth avenue yostenlny afternoon Miss
Mary Helen Church youngest daughter of
Major Richard Church a member at the Union
Club whose residence Is In the Goneiee Valley
was married to Mr Henry 12 Glum of Hor
nellsville The ccremanv was performed by
the llov Dr Henry J 1 Sattrrlec the rector of
the church Jute brldo wore a gown of white
fill made with mtdssim flouice of point lace
and a tulle veil Her sister Miss Angelica
Church was the maid of honor Mr W illism
A lillpln uf Phlladolt bin iho bridegrooms
brother wa best mon Mes is Arthur Turn
hull of ibis city William P Halnos M Illlam M
Thanr of Ililladelphla and IMward Y Ilowen
of lloinellsvllle were the ushers The rrcep
lion was held at tire house nf ih bride aunt
Mrs John Wairen 60 eat Twentieth sti eel
Van ReaKBeluer SlHcantcy
A quiet wedding took place at noon yester
day at the home of Mrs Horace W Cnrpentler
IKS Uast ThlrtyBovonth street Tire brldo was
Miss Macauley a daughter ot William Macau
ley who was years ago n wr tor on the V < c
< ry Urratl and the bridegroom wta Mr
lortlandt an Kenseluor Onlr relatives and
intimate friends nf this couple were freHeut at
tire ieremoii whieh was performs I br the
lev lIr John ANeslev Brown the rector of at
Tbnmaat Church Miss Lily A Godfrey a
tie e of lie bride was the maid of honor Mr
I Tallnmd Van itensselaer brother ol the
bridegroom was best man
A Ballet Wound la the Head of thIs Body
Fonad Or Oak Point
Charles McTlerney who lives at 139th street
and Locust avenue took his mother out for a
row on the Bound yesterday moraine Toy
left Port Morris about 630 oclock and were
opposite Oak Point when the body of a man
appeared almost beside the boat 1t floated
bolt upright Lone gray half reache almost
to tho shoulders and a full beard hid the
lower part of the features
Mrs McTlerney fainted at theeight and
Charles rowed hurriedly to the snore and land
ed his mother who by this time bad recovered
from the shock at the foot of East 13Mtb street
He tnen rowed out ntraln and towed the body
ashore at 136th street
A Closer examination showed that there was
n bullet wound in the right side of the mans
head just above the temple H could not
nave lived many minutes with sucb wound In
tbo bead and if aelMaltloted he must have
stood at the Haters edge It Is possible that
an autopsy mar riot revual a bullet but the po
lice unhesitatingly Ponoume the mark a bul
let wound Why the body floated upright U
not indicated anything found on or about it
The man wai apparently a German abont 60
years oldc5f feet tall and of light complexion
tie wo o a black alpaca coat black trousers
blue and winte check shirt and elastic gaiters
On the third finger 01 the right band was a
plain gold ring worn thin and cracked where
the gold was thinnest ills Handslooked as It
they bad been unused to work and th cloth
Ing was noticeably neat and clean The body
bad apparently been In tbd water but a abort
time No valuables were found and then
was nothing to Indicate the mans Identity
He TToat Swtadle the Henator Now
BALTjjfoBr June 17 William K Duvall the
young man who distinguished himself re
cently by naming a fictitious brood ot young
Duvalls after rarious United States Senators
thereby securing many christening and Christ
ma present pleaded entity In the Criminal
Court to three cases 01 false nreieaies and
was sentenced to three Tears in the peniten
tiary Duvslls scheme in these cases WHS to
call at residences and say that he list been
cent by ih head 01 the family for a pair of
shoes When failed upon to plead Uuiall
BMd I dmt know anytblne about thu case
but I will plead guilty anyway
Weyman Heateaeed to He K g0
BUFFALo June 17 Samuel E Werman the
Livingston county murderer convicted of kill
Ing Emory Thayor nt Avon In 18S3 was bronchi
Leforo the Oonenai Term of the KuiireraeOourt
In session here today and the date of his ax > >
ecutlon by hanging was fixed for Auc 0 lie
maitoiiulte a speech to the Court protecting
iris Innooence and said ho could prove an alibi
If time was given him lie Is probably ibe iaC
man who will be sentenced to death by hang
Incln the State or New York as he was tint
roiitpn < ed beforo tho new electrical execution
law took effect
Seentr lx autO CultlnK Her Third Bet f
ITouTznttc Pa June 17Mrs Gance of
Janrsllle Is 7G and IB cutting her third set of
teeth lor I several months her gums hare
pained her Aft r lancing the gums toe tooth
erotic through easily

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