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f < iftt fl fP > t ftI S
ile XT SO m t tb ITS SO Uu
ItllfOniTT Of
4Xfl rArtSOK JINOnr
OYB Jv rue couvrr COXSHTIEB
The Wleka Oe Bonn AH Around In Trl
auphMr PaUer on Defeat Com oa
nonce ContraCt tabor
the Cutom
Beheme Which H Supported WhU I
viII O loud b2 the Collector
DcnftothoanBUlshed err of Cowlo tho nO
nnbllcan County Committee has pronounced
for publcan the Wicked One the Expelled Ono
surprise than this came nt tho
But a greater
committees meeting In the Grand Opera Uouso
ballilast night With overwhelming unanimity
it declared against adopting a contract labor
retom nt tho publlo stores In tbo Custom
House The welcome of Glbb and of Btephen
Souso B French had been In a measure anticipated
J laborers
and expected The action on the
ontrsct was not expected I was on
ineeted WA by Leader Charles A Toubody
of the Eleventh district a personal
friend of Collector Erhardt and Col
George Bliss He took the committee off Its
aeorlG feet members were astounded at flrst
br fet Is hardihood In Introducing resolutions
opposing a sohom favored by Chairman Jacob
H Patterson of the Executive Committee Ber
nard Blglln John Simpson leader Charles H
Hurray Dlaln others who were iupoosed to bo
supreme In the management ot the commit
to had plenty of
tees affairs But Mr Peabody
friends presint and with a great shout his
resolutions against a contract system were
Bnally adopted
Uncle George D Deans of the Ninth pre
sided and clofco at band was hIs political
director United States Marshal John Wesley
Jacobus Tho wicked Qlbbs was on hand for
the first time since he was turned out last year
He was as chipper a you please Doouty Collector
Collector Gunner
< lector Shea nnd Deputy Colecor Gunne
II all the other well known ones were there It
was In tact the biggest mooting ot the com
mittee In months
Leader Murray read the report recommend
ing the recognition of the French faction In the
He formally moved Its adoption
Fifth J fCrmol ls AoDtlon
M I second the motion says Patterson and
one broad grin gaped across the committee
All bands recognized that Patterson after a
years flghtlnghad been compelled to eat crow
I Toe Fronch delegates from the Fifth were for I
mally admitted amid vociferous cheers
J W Hawes read the report of the special
committees work on the Thirteenth district I
Neither tbe GlbbH side nor the Cowle side the
report said wanted an allday primary It yra
lald a
to be a short primary nnd the committee had
used every precaution to hare falrdenl Tho
report tecommended the seating of the Gibbs
I move that the committees report bo ac
cepted and the delegates received says Piit
rcoled lar
terson und great cicero went up In blob
Patterson did nr > t Join Gibbs bad been In the
rear of tbe hall up to this time He nnw came
tme CIUlO
forward and stood with his followers In tim
trout rank near the rostrum and with a huge
clear cocked between his lips stilled aud
bowed on all sides
A plotelt from the Cowle faction was read
by Ueoretary Bellamy Cowles Protestants
exonerated the Executive Committees special
committee of participation In the frauds
wulchC avers werepractised at the prl
mary Further on tho Cowle protest declares
mar Democrats were allowed to TOO the
Gibbs ticket while the Cowie Republicans
were crowded out Besides Ibis 7 a large num
ber of Improper persona were Injected Into the
room through the side doois and window of
rooms adjoining the room in which the pri
mary IdJoonlol held and were shoved Into
the fhie and improperly allowed to vote
telme lay that protest on the table says
Lte Murray We hat devoted enough
time In tbe last year to tbe Thirteenth district
The Executive Committee has aent three investigating
vestigating committees Into that district Alt
tbe investigations have been conducted Im
partially ft Is time that a bait was railed on
the protests of tbe defeated faction It is time
that the defeated tactlou succumbed to the
malorl member of the committee to examine
the Thirteenths primary this last time says
Donald McLean I don t propose to be damned
with tbe faint praise contained in this Cowle
protest Everything was as squ are as could be
at that primary The statements In this pro
test are absolutely false Our committee had
the keys of all SIde doors In the Urttud Opera
Home The doors were opened only to admit
Commodore vedder United Ktats Marshal
Jacobus and one ol their friends Toward tbe
close of the primary they were thrown open to
let out men wbo had voted But they were
guarded by police oillcers arid by Cowl men
It In I absolutely untrue that Gibbs voters were
admltteJ by those doors I do not Hand bore
L tbe champion of the winners but I believe
justice should be done
JUIloe many Democrats voted tho Cowlo ticket
as tho Gibbs ticket from all that I could
tarn said Committeeman Havre and then
the Cowl protest wai shelved nod the Glbbs
pen were let In Gibbs woe not on the ticket
II The Literary Committee then submitted res
olutions declaring that the Ohio state Conven
tion In placing at the head of Its tickt Ibo
ton orator nnd tatetman > Major Ullllam
McKlnloy Jr gave to its constituent more
f odnsttuAnto
than a platform Iye man whose character and
career embody the prlnulidei And aim of the
party and tim best hopes of the country
When this had been adopted and the com
mittee wee about to adjourn Leader IVabody
of the Lleventh appeared suddenly In front ot
ttia rostrum and waved a paper This paper
latlh It ii rnrrnU rapartsd that the Secretary
o tlh Treasury his In enlRParD a chance ID be
pthos of grforsIflg tie ssrcs DOW rendered by it
JUt4 mn1e4 In Ih Cnom 101 IS tot cUr
lbrr ud 0 bIltth tr Iii DrUI
nriura a jinnr wliloh l I Iht e lit icrrlct may bt fat
rorratii by contract und Iht said laborers no longer rt
la I nta la tHe Mrvlce of the ilortramenti and
IserI t UeUcleTtlhat tie proposed t would
t not he conductvt to the but Inltrttiiol tbt ptitlte
lenin and wild be very injurious thl 1 organlza
lion 1 and llio Iltuuhtlcnn I party therefore
Kiar i ITgr lit republican County t Committee
doe mol earneiiiy pnteit a < alnit the Introdutilan of
any cmitraci labor eyltm into Iht public irrice and
w rupee tiully reijueit tht Hecrttary of iht Treaeury
to give ion and ierloui conilderauon lo the direct and
indirci tfftctt that I sprIng from Ibt coattmplatta
Mr Peabody read Ihs document In his pecul
inrstacato t stile All were Unt Patterson
strlo Al
eat In his seat appareotly led Al llr Pea
body closed and moved the t adoption 01 bl
roaolutlons ho looked at Patterson and sid
If you want from 100 to 200 Ilepublican
laborer removed and the work given to 1 con
tractor you do a great wrong to the Ilepublican
party 01 Ibis city
plrty rly
Good boy Peabody was roared forth by a
bundled throat
Good for you shouted another contingent
anti then n great cheer rolled out
1atterson chewed his cigar and Leader
Murray who noted as his spokesman last
iilclit went over and had a whispered consultation
tation with blm
taton move that these resolutions be referred
to Ibo Executive Committee Mr Murray
iald after his conference There are senti
ment In tnoto resolutions which the Execu
live Committee think unfair
XaniiMhcml shouted Peabody
I dont propose to iiamo them replied
I want Immediate aottor on tho o rssolii
Iou I declared alon 1 am a member
of tho Txecutivo Committee This subject has
beendUcunsDil by tbo committee and nothing
has come of the discussion Jl is referred
to IbM committee nothing will bo dono I will
sleep clmmtlco this Is practically our last
meeting before the fall campaign 1 we do
l meotba
lot act now hetretary hosier under a mis
taken oil ha npi contract rohrn lon of the sltuutKn may tliru
More cheoru went til Uncle Denno was dead
onp1 to pelting tbo resoltuloni hjlore tho
I eouiinltteo Ho said lie wasnt much on par
llamontnrx law and tin unnted time I to think
1 move t enjjouin shouted Leader blmp
son cf hit Sixth
Oueitlonl ijucitlonl roared back Pea
boilyH trlonds
No lets Hljonrncilod I Patterson man
Nol No shoutHl 1 others and then a
whlrhvlnddf hinoa whistled through the bal
in larson dlntipr clique > riiial of the evublvo tuutlcs of the lat
Icini onteitali a motion of Bernard IJIg
llns to Iny the r > ulectl < nililH reRolullons on the
tnbUt ncrt nt t Penbodja earliest prntevt
r question All iigiit Manny B0d Peabody nut the
Qllllon 10 I doren dclecotesled by PnttemonBold
aye Then n mighty roar of noes went UP
Murray wanted n roll call on 1001 reetlutiona >
arid Poabody Absented The rafnliitloD wore
ailpnted with ouch interjected cries nat
o o contrast Inhor system for UK
No ctilraci robbers
QO ua law IrCbbw
On < the Jnal vote tbo only man who voted no
was Intterson
Citla i < ni llh i resolutions will be sent to Bra
Han lM and < oll > clnr Krhantl lbe con
tract bus lieen iilnrnictl liy ciiilnnnt Ueimli i
Ucauu and tus at Hint Lulleved 1 tho LolliC
tor to be a good thing to try A trial wouldnt
do any harm lie tboulbt On Investigation
though hn learned of the disfavor It met from
New lorkltenurillcnnrand lslavor then Ito has
ylcornusly opposed It 1 is believed that Mr
Peabftdy roprofltnted tim Collector at tho
meeting last night Patterson nnd Mr lllglln
and others have favored the contract 1 ins
paid that they were dot prepared for the Po
bodr resolutions and WOtO taken by surprise
lie Think the Ilemoernt Cnn Elect Any
II neatand Capahle Man In 1H08I
BUPTALO Juno lBThe Enquirer tonight
publishes a special from a staff correspondent
who Interviewed Senator John O Carl lie on 1
train between Lexington and Louisville The
correspondent asked his opinion as to who
would bo prominent before tha National Dem
ocratic Convention to which be replied
0 No ono can predict now who will be the
Democratic nominee for the Presidency In
1892 A great deal will depend upon the action
of New York Her delegation will of course
bo very potent In the Convention and I It
come instructed for a New York man the
delegates from other Btntes will either take
him or go outside of tim State for 1
candidate There are many who think
that tbo party ban gone to Now York
for Its candidate often enough but the vote of
that State has always been necessary to elect
the nominee and may continue to be necessary
hereafter aDd consequently the preferences
of her delegates will have great weight with
the Convention In my opinion unless the
situation changes veiy greatly we can elect
any honest and capable Democrat who is
nominated In 1892 and It in not worth while to
waste time In the Attempt to predict who he
will be
I do not think that tho third party will have
much Influence upon he result of the elections
ot 1892 even If it should dotermlno to nomi
nate 1 candidate of its own I will certainly
not carry any Democratic State nor seriously
embarass us in any Democratic State 1 it
carries any State or effects tho result
In any State It will be in the
Republican Northwest and the very most I
could accomplish would bo to throw the elec
tion of President Into Ibo House of llenre
sentatlvea In that event a Democrat would
certainly be chosen I we have control of the
dolvgntlons In that body from a largo majority
of the States
In the event of Clevelands nomination
would his present letter in opposition to the
free colnago of nllver mllltato against him so
far as to anger the partY t
In regard to tbe effect of Mr Clevelands
letter In opposition to tbe free coinage of sil
ver 1 suppoio It Is no secret that I excited
considerable feeling against him In Borne parts
of tie country and very considerably
Increased bin popularity In somo other
parts Whether in the end I will proia
advantageous or disadvantageous is I 1
question which no one ccii decide now I
would in mv opinion be exceedingly bad pol
icy to permit the silver question to become the
paramount one In the campaign of 18J2 It Is
a question upon which there are honest dif
ferences of opinion In the party while there
are other question of eaual or greater Importance
tance upon which we nni tborougly united
and I think we ban bettor concentrate our
strength instead of dividing it
There Is some talk that Harrison will not
have much following In hIs own State In the
next tolowlul the Kliepublloan delega
tion will go for Gresham and Blalne hit do
you think about that t t
I think I almost certain that Harrison will
be renomlnated That seems to be Bub8tan
tlally a foregone conclusion Mr blame could
probably defeat him in the Convection not
withstanding tba Immense patronage of the
Administration but as lone an he remains in
the Cabinet ns I member of Mr llarrl on >
official family he cannot be 1 candidate und
UP to tbe present time be ha shown no dispo
sition to resign
Rebuked by JustIce Acker for I7lac Pr
fune I mgamge In Court
The Bev Father Joseph ODwyer formerly
assistant pastor of St Peters Itoraan Cathollo
Church In NoW Brighton appeared yesterday
afternoon before Justice Acker at the Tillage
Sal In New Brighton to answer the complaint
of assault made by the Rev Father Early pas
tor of St Peters
Father ODwyer was not accompanied by
counsel and narrowly escaped being rent to
jail for contempt Father Early did not ap
pear but was represented by Lawyer John J
Tbe latter told tbo Court that Father Early
did not care to press the complaint and that
counsel had made an effort to settle tbe trouble
With Father OUw cr out ot court
wlh this Father ODwyer jumped IIV said that
his name bad been made noiorltus aud that
be was there for Justice and demanded it
CounsellorKennynddresslng Father ODwyer
slld Father you have my sympathy In this I
trouble nnd
Father ODwyer dont want your sym
pathy Kenny j you can go towith your
symiaJT j e Court here Interrupted and said sharply
to tho excited priest Father ODwyor you
will have to be more careful with the language
you use hem or Ill commit you for contempt
Father ODwyor then became I little calmer
nod apologized to the Court He said he was
r lllv to go on with the easy and asked 1
Father larly and Father OKeefe the latter as
sistant pastor of bt Peters could not be sum
roontd to court
Lawyer Kenny said that Father Early re
named away because bo hoped thecaio would
I a settled After somu further discussion the
sotled Afer
oclock case was adjourned until this tnornlug a 1
And S aw IUile Steam Add 816 to Her
8800 Pile
Nearly a year ago Henry Harbnrger began to
miss money from his desk In his residence 40
West Twentyeighth street
Suspecting nephew wbo was In hl em
ploy Mr Harburger discharged him Tho
thefts continued until they aggregated over
800 On Wednesday last Mr Horburgor told
Pol loo Copt Cross
J Yesterday 225 In marked bills wore put In
the desk At 730 oclock last evening Mr
Horbucer loft the house
HlbuJsr he returned with Cnpt Cross They
found le un < of th 2W was missing Llzlo
foam a servant wa accused of hating taken
it but she protested her Innocence I
II Mr Harbinger searched her and found the
Inrblller Then Detectives Tay I
mlsslng marked bills vu Dotlctvos lY
lor and Smith who had been secreted wheio
they had Smltr view of tho desk Issued from
their biding place and told Lizzie they hal
seep hortake tbe money I
The girl broko down and acknowledged her
guilt Between the mattresses of her bed was
found 240 and a hank book showing deposit
of 410 male since Jan I lu t and ni llfio
made prior to that date here was also found
ft handsome gold watch and various articles of
cold jewelry Lizzies wages were 12 a mouth
A New York Insurance Comptmy 8isut Out
A from homE Busted There
AJWPOMB June 18Tho American Casualty
Insurance nnd Security Company of Baltimore
city was unable yesterday to secure a license
to do business In New York
The Maryland Company therefore entered a
protest with the Insurance Commissioner ot
protet Maryland against granting a license to tho
Fidelity and Casualty Company of New York
1011Y the New York company Applied for a
it could get none fherelpon the Nw
license I ouh tot man
Yorl petitionoti tue court fOI
I on Company Iettonotlhe
oompntY 01 license and
dumus tO compel to issuance n IcenKe
riruier was janead granting
ft pro forml 1Ier IIsed IrlnUol
nnndainhi5 Appeal was Aken
roTlnro AmleaTs oi the order and
TIl ourl 01 Allllenl8 relnr ol otlr
Commissioner In his
the Insurance
sustains lehlRUI to iun ttie license the around that
tim statute is une of reciprocity and retaliation
riHenator McDonald a Little Doter
iHniANAroMs Ind June JBThcre wns a
ImSANAILI8 In exHenator McDonald
slight Improvement MoDonad
condition today and Ills physicians nay tonight
condiion If the favorable symptoms eonilnuo
night thlt layorlble
toinorrowlhoio will bo somo reason to hopo
for his rotovoly
I Typhoid Fever rrom Country Well
It Is I avoided by ordering a few ca ° es of Carl I
I H Hehulirit rnrlionloBefar C and Vichy
l I ilfty fjuarto only siZ doIliir4do I
Neither Hl Family Nor he floater DaTe
Been AbU to Trap Slim Into Uctrarl
That lie Can Speak or Hear The For
Mn Voder Arrest Admit ho Aituult
David Molloy the ion of David Dudley
Fields cunOdentlal olork who collected rents
for Mr Field on Monday and turned up In Poll
stroot on Wednesday morning with 1 story ol
assault and robbery nnd an apparent loss of
speech and hearing was in the Tombs Police
Court again lostorday Patrick Dlnoen John
Leonard Patrick Morrow and Robert OToolo
who are charged with being his assailants and
Maggie Williams who Bays she saw the as
sault wore roarralgnod
After having the caso remanded on Wednes
day the detectives arrested Dolts OConnor ol
23 Bowery and Mocglo Rollly of 11 Poll street
as witnesses against the other prisoners so
that yesterday morning when the young men
were n ked what they had to say thor could do
nothing but confess OToolo was anxious to
turn States evidence but Detective Price was
unwilling to let him do so as he considers that
the evidence lie already hot is enough to send
all the accused to prison
OToolo was tho drat man called upon to
make a statement IIo I said to be a member
of tho Down Town Athlotla Club nnd tbe
champion 105pound boxer of this city Ha
said that at about BH oclock on Monday
night he saw young Molloy nOt Maggie Wil
liams In the hallway of 19 Poll street Thor
were ROBtlculatlng and writing on the wall to
each other A lot of Chinamen wore around
OToolo said and finally Molloy or l the
witness called him tim dummy turned to
thor and began to mako motions to them
with his finger
Just thou snld OToole Boston Leonard
camo along He wroto something on Ibo wall
to tho dummy nnd tbe fellow was about to
reply when Dlncou and Morrow walked up
Dlnocn lilt the dummy In the face with his
fist for no reason a nil and when tho fellow
ran away he chased him and called for us to
follow Wo nil ran after Molloy who turned
into Doror street We caught him finally but
hn cried just like n deaf and dumb man so we I
let him co nnd went homo In different ways
Half nn hour afterward I met a woman In
Dnyer street with the dummyB satchel I
told her It belonged to a fellow wo had ba < t
tronblo with and that I she would give It to
me I would throw it on the shod ot IH Dover
tree She gave it up and I throw It thoru
whore It wits afterward found by the officer
John Leonard who is batter known by tho
nickname ol Boston told a story similar to
OXooloft Leonard ii a truckman and liven
at 9i > Washington street Ha is 1 stocky
young man with a low brow and a square jaw I
Patrick Dlnoen Is I a printer The other pris
oners seem to have nicked him out as a scape
goat Ue said that Molloy was drunk and fell I
= IPx
HKHIDBI aim UIOITOW icniuieu innc nu rut
bery had occurred Ho acknonlodged that
there had been a fight and Raid that the
dummy was licked for being too fresh
Maggie Williams and Delia OConnor cor
roborated tho story of the satchel Maggie
Itellly testified tbat OToolo met her at a gro
cery on Monday utgnt handed her I sliver
watch and told her to mind It until ho asked
hor for It Young Molloy Identified the watch
as his in court
JuMlco Talntor set the examination for next
Monday nttornoon The prisoners were locked
up In default of 1000 ball each <
Ynunc Molloy apparently was still unable to
flpoak or bear His story has been regarded
by many as 1 device to conceal the loss of
money which he had collecttd but f the
young man Isaotlnghelsptayingthepart with
remarkable skill Despite numerous efforts
which have been marie to catob him olT his
guard be remains as he appeared to be when
h A accosted Policeman Devlin in Pell street on
Wednesday morning His father stepmother
and sister aro convinced that tie r has been
bereft of the power of speech and hearing
To a reporter Mils Molloy said There can
be no doubt that David is really deaf and
dumb All his life my brother hl been In the
bablt of talking le his sleep Last night my
stepmother and I winched him all nlcht but
be did not utter a word 1m ran to his bed
suddenly and punched him Ho woke up but
did not speak WA lot him get asleep again
and then beran to make all manner of noises
We shouted and banged pieces of wood to
gether but the poor toy never even a much
as turned his bead
I was learned that young Molloys most in
tlmato friend at 1ort Hamilton where the
Molloys line Is a loaf mute nnmA Daniel Mc
Bride A reporter naked Dr M D Field who
with Dr Turner of 10 State Street has rharea
of the boys case whether Uil > circumstance
could have anything to do with tho youngmans
Middenanilcuon JJrJield replied oungman
If the young tuna Is 1 insane It would bo the
most natural thine in tie world for him to Imi
tate some dear friend We hear of maniacs
wanting to jump from tho bridge because
Bomibodyelse performed the feat and hun
dreds of other such cases
But the young man writes his answers to
questions Intelligibly and hat a Not clear
memory lho only thins that I ever hoard of
that could roduco him to bis present condition
would bo a sovote fright But a fright of suffi
cient form to render him deafnnil dumb would
also undoubtedly unbalance his mind
Soveral residents of Fort Hamilton raid that
David Molloy had alwa > s been n honest and
Molo ha
temperate louug man He I a member of the
Fort Hamilton Athletic Club
One young man a member of the same club
and a friend of Molloys said that Molloy Is
addlctod to the use of opium and that he not
only smokes but chews tba ilrtig Ho said
that Molloy was no stranger to Poll street A
friend of mine fluid the young man who
also knows Dove Molloy say that between 9
and 10 oclock on Monday night be saw Molloy
in n saloon In Brooklyn and that he seemed
to be all right Yet the Williams girl says and
hop atntAm nt nnq npAn cnrrnnnrntAn that
Molloy wile deaf and dumb when he accosted
her at 5 oclock on Monday afternoon
Dr Turner said bo had discovered no signs
of opium about young Molloy on Wednesday
when ho examined him I asked him t ho
had been smoking opium when he como here
hecausonr the neighborhood In which fie wag
lecauBo Ho replied tbat ho bpd not and I then
examined him Ills ayes bowed no signs of
it and evorthlng about him was found I do
not bellevo be has been in the habit of smok
ing the drug
No One Know Who the Dead Man Is or
Slow He Came to Fall
The young man who fell or was thrown from
the track of the olovatod road at Pearl and Pine
streets on Wednesday night died of a fractured
skull In the Chambers Street Hospital at 7
oclock yesterday morning
Who he Is andlhow he camo to fall nobody
knows Ha Is a man apparently 24 or 26 years
of ago and looks liken laboring man This
Is 010 description of the body as I is recorded
on iha books of tho hospital
Height 5feet7 weight IdO pounds hair
dark brown moustache light brown i tooth
marks body In India ink
good rye gray markl on Iluia
J D on right arm
He won I dark gray nut a gray derby hit
n red striped calico rlilrt nnd irhlte flannel un
dorflhlrt Pollpemnn Glynn who wa patrol
llnxPaarl street says thatlEdward Sheridan
a painter told him llmt a man fell from the
middle of tnlt elevated structure Into the street
No train passed Iho spot at the time The
man was unconscious when picked up and
theft without recovering consciousness
The station hands on the mad hnd not seen
anyone walking along tho tracks and none of
thu employees Is missing
heat Him With Hrr Umbrella
KErronr Juno 18Mrs Peter B Hasfett of
New York and Luclnn Whiting a welltodo
produce merchant met ou the steamboat
wharf this morning as they wore about to
board the steamer Minnie Cornell
Other peroous bad their attention attracted
by hearing lire ufnett address Mr Whiting
In loud tone Mrs Hastott who was much
excited llnnlly W Wliltng with lien
umbrella striking him several blows with hfr
Imlrel ltrlllnl
He dodged her nnd finally cot out of her way
Mrs llBssettJecureil I dlvorcf from her Itt
husband named Ilayuiond When nn ofllcer
went t 5 serve papers on him In the divorce
proceedings he attempted to shoot blmoolf
Fub eiu ntly she married Peter I Hassett of
Washington Market Nosy York
Killed oa the Cooer Iiland Point Head
Isadora Herbert 25 years old for several
rear employed n a waiter In Porrya Glass
Palllon on the Bowery at Coney Island was
run over and killed yesterday afternoon br a
oTr Inl cone Island Point branch of the
Coiner road lie lived at 2S1 West tnelte nth
I stroet chlldrou this city Ue lotuoa u rife nod lUreD
icrr rnoTiuTS ma INNOcVCr
And Want ITItneine Who Cnn Free Him
from he Charge or Pocket ricking
Marcus Lon tells a straight story of his ar
rest for pocket picking at tho Brewers Asso
elation picnic last Sunday I his story Is true
he ban bon abused which is sad considering
the facts that ha is poor and young and has
nothing but his reputation to help him get
along In tho world and support his mother Ho
has written a letter to Tint SUN asking it to
help him find tho witnesses to tho truth ot hU
Marcus save that he was standing with a
crowd on the pier when a woman dropped an
umbrella Ho mado I dive to recover It for
hor Several others did tbosame thing and I
scone of great confusion followed During
this several men who had been awaiting a dis
turbance tn do a little pocket picking pushed
and jostled and added to the tangle and
lifted any watches or pookotbooks within
reach In the confusion young Levy
te ouoI
claims that he was pushed ovor
board Certain I Is that when ho
was rescued the police arrested him A man
standing near by with his watch dangling
from his pocket pointed out young Lovy as the
man who had tried to snatch I There was no
time for explanations and Levy was taken
ashore and locked UP All the witnesses dls
parsed wit hout his being able to got any of their
name Ill mothersneceeded in getting bond
for him on TuexJnr Now Marous Levy wants
to find the woman who dropped the umbrella
jie says Ihe knows of Ida Inpoosnca and can
M In him I she will only coma forward Ha
lives at HI Bands utroct Brooklyn
Mr Fecelrr Itcfuipii to Give I Up Unfit
Gerald PAY the 84O Due Her
Charles Gerald who managed the Gerald
dramatic company which wont to pieces 1 few
monthi ago was arrested yesterday at his
homo In East 123d street this city and taken
to WHIIanisburgu where he wns arraigned be
fore Justice Goottlng on achargo of neglecting
to provide for tho support of his 17montlioli
child Ills wife Ida Palmer was In court with
him and cried as tho charge was bt > ng red
to him The complainant was Mrs Mlnnlo
Fegeler of 210 Richardson street Into whose
care tho child wns given when the company
A taken on tho road Bho wni to got 110 a
month for its support W ben tho warrant wan
nnplled for last Saturday Hue Sail Homld owed
her for four months board and thht ho had
tried kidnap the child
Gerald said that ho owed only Sit for the
childs board when he and his wife returned to
New York atle their company had stranded
They wintcd tbo child and hn bad pro ml sot
to ray the tlO he ovred but Mrs Fuceler re
fused to give up the baby
Miss Palmer corroborated what her husband
had paid and egan i > to sob She said hit dearly
loved her child nnd wanted I nnd it was cruel
to keen It from hor Mho added that ns soon as
she got money alto would pay oory penny she
Tne case was adjourned for ono week nnd In
the meantime It Is thought some agreement
may be reached by which Miss Palmer may
Jet back hor baby
I Had Reached Headquarter JBcfbre Mr
Klogibury Go There to Slake Complaint
Benjamin Elngsbury I Western mine owner
camo to this city from Montana on business a
week ago and put up at the Hoffman House
On Tuesday ho wont to Sheepshoad Bay Ho
took a train on the Prospect Park and Coney
Island Railroad coming home and at Bay Ridge
transferred himself to the Now York boat Just
as he stepped on Ibo boat ho noticed that his
watch chain was dangling from his waistcoat
He put his hand In his pocket and found that
his 12uO > stop watch was missing
Mr Klngsbury wont Immediately to Police
Headquarters and reported his loss to Inspector
Wbeu be bad finished
tor Byrnes ollbe1 describing
his lost property the Innpectoropenodndrnwor
in his desk and taking out the missing watch
gave It to him Inspector Byrnei has made a
habit of having tbo lorries watched After big
outoftown events All crooks found on the
trains or boats are taken Into custody and
searched as suspicious characters Detncthei
Lyman and McUlnnlo were watching the houlb
Ferry on Tuesday night when they recognised
in the thronk ot racegoers nn old crook In the
person ot George Mack ot 62 Oliver Street
porou arrested him and nt Huadannrtern
searched him In an inside pocket they found
Mr Kings buryB watch At the Tombs Police
rourt yetorriay morning Justice Talntor hold
Mack in 1000 ball for trial
Court Offlcer Dyer hna n Ran over ho i
Root to Cutch a Wayward Young Girl
Mrs Bridget Qulnless who lives at 301 East
109th street got a warrant in the Harlem Po
lice Court yesterday for the nrfest ot hor
daughter Lucy who Is a goodlooking girl 18
years old Mrs Qulnlens said the girl had
spent two years in the House ot tho Good
Shepherd and had gone back to her wayward
habits Policeman Dvryerof tbo Court squad
called at the house to execute tbe warrant
Miss Qulnlofa asked pei mission to change
her drssj for a bettor one and Dwyer seated
hlmselt I the kitchen to await her return
The family live on the second floor The girl
changed her dross and then jumped out ot the
front room window She landed In a barrel
half filled with potatoes and clambered out
wltb a cut In her arm and a gash In her obln
Btlng a woman Lucy could not refrain from
screaming just once as she jumped Dwyer
beard the cry and reached the street In tlmo
to see the girl disappear In the hallway of an
adjoining tenement ihn fiiejttve was much
morn active than the grnrnalred court onic > r
and bad gained on him when ba reached the
tiha ran across tho roofs of several houses
and disappeared through I scuttle Site was
caught at last and taken to court where Jus
Good tice plvvorernt Shepherd her back to the House of the
inn BODY lOU D OFF vuni MOn IS
Identified as but or Jllllui JLncUeNo
Cause for Hulelde Known
William Strahlor who lives at CD2 East 144th
street called at the MorrUanla Dolce station
on Wednesday night and reported that his
fatherinlaw Julius Luoko a silk weaver
CO years old who lives at C90 East 145th street
was missing Tbe police gave him a descrip
tion of the man who was found floating In the
ton oil Port Morris with I lillft wound In
Ills hell Btruhler said there was no doubt that
the body wits that of Lucke and yesterday he
Identified the body at the Morgue
ItenUOod there IT as no cause for suicide but
that the beat ot the rnst two days had Boomed
to effect lucko Htrnhlnr bad noon luck on
Tuesday evening At OJO East 14Dth street
lat night tenants of the house denied that
LuoUo had mar lIved there Mrs Slrahier
caith that the family do not suspect foul rfay
Detectlvo Look wood Is investigating the case
He Maid Him Thumped the Piano
Mrs Margaret Bankley of 1C4 West Fifteenth
street was complainant In Jefferson Market
yesterday against Charles Brown who lives on
the top floor of the snmo house She said hat
Drown cast reflections upon her ability as a
piano player When he met hor oil the stairs
ate > f rlaror called tier a piano fiend and
old her ho honod site bad got through with
bier i uliitio thumping Mr Drown mid the
llsconlant rnckot tale by tint young women
who visit the house and iittumut to play the
ilnno pratentej him from sleeping Justice
UcMuhon each other told alone thorn both logo home and lot
Nlnrtv Tear Old und HomclcM
John Furlong homeless hungry and 00
years od wss cringing In a doorway at the
corner of Columbia and Stanton streets at 6
oclock yesterday morning le told I police
man that ho thought lie wee starving to death
lie was tnkin to Holltvuo Hospital where Dr
1 B Mon found the man too lelk to make
any statement except that he has n son living
In Wen Tenth street Ho hail < l lain on tie
pavement nil night and the sudden change In
he weather hud nearly prostrated him
Lightning Tore Her Hhoea and Blocking
AMJAWOE 0 Juno IB During a severe
thunder storm at Belolt this afternoon a light
ping bolt came down the chimney Into the
lichen of tbD homo of Mrs Emanuel McKon
Ie Hbo WAS sitting be lde a table and the
current stripped off nor shoes and stockings
but did not kill her At first I was thought
she was dying but touliiht Ibo Is recovering I
Building Tree and Crop Destroyed and
DometllQ Animal Killed at Hanrthornn
Damage In Other New < l > mey Town
The torm of wind hal and lightning
which came out of the northwest on Wednes
day afternoon did great damage In Xow Jersey
It struck Hawthorne a Tillage I few miles
north of Paterson about 4 oclock nnd during
the hour It lasted tIm placo was In almost total
darkness A moro disastrous storm norr
visited tho neighborhood Whole fields ot
wheat and rye wore mowed down gardens
were laid waste nnd scores of beautiful trees
were levelled l The sixacre pooch orchard oi
Richard Warren of Ibo York Street Flax Spin
ning Company of Now York was almost da
The house owned and occupied by Arthur
Borne ono of the finest dwellings In the town
was unroofed A barn In tho rear ot the house
was split In two by tho wind Henry Outwators
barn was also blown down and a cow was
killed in the ruins Several other domestic
animals wero killed by lightning John Schus I
ter a grape grower has hardly a vestige of his
valuable fruit garden left
The gardens of Richard Randall a lawyer of
Paterson nnd Adam Vreolands farm lands
were wrecked by tho storm A number of
tracks of tho Snsiiueuanna Itallrond wore
washed out Tho path of the storm can be i
plainly soon I Is about a quarter of a milo i
About 3 oclock there was a brilliant flash
of lightning at Union Hill followed by a ter
rific thunder clnp A few moments Inter tie
wblstlo In Daniel Bermess large brewory
began to blow vigorously ns a notice
to tbe lira Department that the building
wan on lire The lightning had AtruoK
a stool milling machine and a wooden chute
breaking the steel all up Into little bits anti
setting Urn to the hll The flames spread to
tho malt room and for a time theio was danger
that tbe bulldlnc would be destroyed The
ilrcmon hal I great dlfllculty In reaching the I
place owing to the torrents of rain which bad
mall the dirt roads almost Impalpable
After their arrival however tbnr speedily
extinguished ihn flames John boeck one of
the lltemen fell through I hatchway nnd 8
Ilemen fel trVb
seriously injured The building occupied Ibo
block bounded by the Boulevard Hudson Me
nu Fultun nnd Columbia streets When the
lightning struck It elery employee in the
building felt the shock
Thomas Jackson the engineer who was In
tim engine room was knocked down lie
remained unconscious for ft fnw minutes and
it was thought he B killed J but aftor the ex
citement snbsHed he recovered consciousness
and was taken home
Lightning also struck the tower of St Au
I gustines Catholic Church In Gardner street
knocking off n piece of the cornice I The shock
knooln 01
1 a felt by this pupils In the public school In
Neiv York avenue bal a blok from the church
and caused great alarm The teachers nuc
cetdeilln keeping th Ire under control
won rinuipai urioi niiiun HU iiiTepiiKnuuu
and found that the building had not boon
There was almost a panic among the 500 girls
and women employed In SImons silk mill
The building was not struck but the lightning
Played In and out among the rplndles and
machinery with amona tbe building is
filled Ono girl Miss Henry received 1
shock which knocke her down All the other
girls began to scream and made 1 wild rush for
the doors Bore ot them were knocked down
In the pxcttament A connie of men picked
Miss Henry upland carried herout of the build
ing I She soon recovered and was able to re
turn to work yesterday
The lightning struck Molrdlercks Rack
Cellar Brewery In North Bergen and set it on
Collr The employees felt the shock but they
quickly recovered and extinguished the flames
before any serious damage was done
A bolt of lightning struck the chimney of
George V Dnnzrrs house In Ahgellaue street
A est Hoboken and demolished I The light
nine took a zigzag course down tho slanting
roof leaving its mal as I went Mr Dtnzers
family felt the shock
Seehnwkon snfT rea considerable damagn
from the ruin which washed nwrty portions of
tile road on the hIilhte One main sower which
drains a part of West Hoboken and has Us out
let In Weehawkon was unable to withstand the
It hurst nearly nppnslle Nelnabern Hotel
on the Boulevard flooded the hotel and
made deep ruts In the road All the nuar
rle in North Hudson from which Belgian
paving blocks are taken art flooded and It
will bo revcral days before operations cnn ba
resumed oportons
reslm ll Mal Bnrhnms Is In I critical condition
at her fathers house at 7U1 Bergen avenue
Jersey City from the effects of I bolt of light
ning She wna sitting neAr a window wvch
inn the storm when the lightning finished tn
the window throwing hor to tbe floor Her
right Hide and right arm were burned and
At Hnckensack the belfry of the Holy Trio
Ity Cathollo Church was struck by lightning
and badly damaged The house Brick Man
ufacturer Schmidt was also struck
At Hnsbronck Heights trees were blown
down nnd the Deformed Church the rosl
dance of Mrs E M Ansnn and the Western
Union ofllco wro struck by lightning and the
occupants shocked almost Into Insensibility
At Carlsladt the wife and two children of
Martin Burgher had n narrow enonpa from
death They were In the barn loading a mar
ket wagon for the city when lightning struck
the barn
The hay caught fire and the barn WAS soon
In ashes The farm hand hurried to the house
and Informed Mr Burgher of the fire He
resound his wife and children who bad been
stunned fay thn shook and were In a holpUxs
condiion Mr Burgher himself was badly
bor The horses and cattle were saved by neigh
large barn belonging to William Moro 01
Florence n tow miles from Bordentoirn wns
struck by lightning and burned The remains
of nn unknown man were found In the ruins
The damage don by the storm cannot be eA
I tlmnted but it will reach up into the thousands
Complaint AgaInst n Onn Work
Fifty people met In the salesroom of the
London Noodlo Company 641 East HCtliBtreot
lust night In response to a call for n mass
meeting to protest against tbe manner In
which tho Standard Oas Company conducts
its burlness of manufacturing gas at the foot
of East 115th street
A petition has been forwarded Ii GOT Hill
and the State Board of Health The petition
asks that the company be obliged to suspend
the business of making and storing gs In the
present works nna asserts that the business
19 a public nulsnnod which should bo nhated
and removed The petition bears some COO
Shot at Illnmcir In the Ilamlilr
Park Policeman Jamos F McDonald while
on duty In tho Ramble in Central Park at 42
oclock yesterday afternoon laW a man draw
a revolver aim I at his own bead and dis
charge It
His aim was bad however for be did not lilt
hImself Hn was about to aim a econd tlmo
when the policeman knocked the lovohur
front his band and arrested him
The person raid that ho was Charles Meyer
of 81 Bowery and tbat ho was tired of life lie
was locked up
Thought to He a Bond Jlroker
I was reported last night that Blgmuml
Darner who wns arrested yesterday morning
jylUetectlva Jacobs ofllnspoctor Byrncsn staff
las been interested with Edward H Homer In
the sale of Austrian premium bonds
Homer and others wero accused of running
mall banking houses which received pay
ments ou installments and failed before the
nyment was completed They were recently
discharged In a police court
Missing John JTJiielicr
The Coney Island police were asked yester
day to search for John Buchor 18 years old
who disappeared from Bath Bench Now
Utrecht on Saturday la t
ilu Is of medium bright and daik complex
ion nnd Is psralrred on ihe left side Ho hud
coniiilurahl money about Mm at the time ot
his dlsappearanco
Large Coke Hhlpment
SCOTXlALT Fa June 18 There was morn
activity In the coke region last week than there
has been for several months Thin production
und shipments wi rj Die hoariest of Vie year
There were over 1JlUOO ton of toko aunt
from the district auatoraco of nehru 2U107
tone per day
IS Time a Day
Ton hart a efcanet to save Ntir York In a pltnillJ
hrooth train for Ut MvtIU aoa West b7 tbs Asw Sort
tiatrat Jan
A flag of Flour Ieft In n Cornfleld JOrlnR
Death lo n Neighbor
HAOEHBTOWN Md Juno 18 While Daniel
Slimer was going through his cornfield yes
ttrdny ho found a sack of flour n package of
coffee and nbottloot whiskey Thinking they
had been lost by some ono IIP picked thorn up
and mite the flour to his neighbor Mr John
It was mode Into bread and directly after
eating It the whole family was taken ill and
one boy 10 years ot ago died in a short time
It is Impossible to toll whether the others will
recover The parents ana three other children
are in a critical condition Some of the rem
nants of the bread wont to n hog and that
died after eating It
It Is thought that the poison was Intended
for Mr Bhlfilers family and It Is believed to
hare been loft In the field by tho same parson
who killed ono ot Mr Bbtdlera horses by poi
son some time ago end jubt about a year ago
burned his barn
It Lay In the Hdort In Newark fop Half a
flay ITnnotlerri
A diamond scarf pin worth 1323 lay on the
sidewalk In front ot 75 Park street Newark
from 1 oclock on Wednesday morning until
the afternoon of the same day Charles Alber
Son owns the pin It Is a large and handsome
cluster with twocarat stone in the centra
He wrapped It In tissue paper on leaving his
place ot buslno4 on Tuoday night and thrust
it down in hht hip pocket He missed It on
Wednesday morning and mado a thorough
search for It in his house and a casual searon
nlnng the strevt hen ho went to dinner on
Wednesday he Wee walking nlong Park street
with Police Captain Corhott who In one nt his
neighbors 1 boy woro talking about the pin
when rapt Corbett noticed a wad ot tissue
paper between the Mdnwnlk and the curb Ho
picked It tip and disclosed thn missing pin It
IM belIeved that Mr Alberson pulled the pin out
with his keys as he wns approaching bis house
Ho Is wearing the pin now and receiving con
gratulations from his friends
lint STe fled nittrn Little Writer VII
lotMEhny and a Policeman Shot Him
Wesley Wllloughby aged C years of 071 East
101st stroet was badly bitten last night by a
dog belonging to llobort II Poarsall a carpen
ter living at CG7 In the same street The dog
wn a mongrel bloodhound of brindle color and
was chained In the yard In the rear of Pear
sails house
Wesley was playing with rearmils Bon John
and the children got too near the dog kennel
The dog sprang out and knocked both down
With Wowey underneath
lolm was nblo to eat out of the way nnd
Wesley was trying to follow him when the dog
seized him by the left thigh Ho bit the chil
I uk 0I
fcfojr otiv4 juwv > nba < < huo IIVOM LI IJIJ >
Policeman Hlgglns gavn tho dogahaslnof
water Ha drank It greedily anu Mr WIN
loughty Is satiefled that tho dog wart not mad
Then higgins killed the dog Dr Ooodall at
tended the injured boy and thinks there will
be no bad effects from tho wounds
Broken Glass Fall on Slim from the Sky
light orXaTyer Bluntou House
The fourth floor ot the livestory brownstone
house at 39 West Thirtysixth stroot occupied
by Henry Stanton and his family caught fire
at n oclock last evening from a defective flue
The flames had attacked a ventilator shaft
They ran up it with rapidity and burst out at
the roof Several firemen reached the root
and were battering In the skylight as Cart
Edward T Croker of 1 Engine was on his way
upstairs with the nozzle of t a hose
The broken glass cut him about the bead
His injuries were dressed by n doctor In pri
vate practice Capr Croker is a nephew ot the
Tommany chieftain
The lire had got headway before the firemen
arrived and iiltogether a damage ol some
3500 was done
Today He Starts for he Penitentiary If
Notblnc Prevent
District Attorney KIcoll received yesterday
tbo romtttltur from the Court of Appeals
officially notifying him that tbo convic
tion of John Most for unlawful assembly
bad been affirmed Mr Nlcoll directed Ball
Clerk linger to notify Mrs Ida Hoffman of C3
Seventh street a prominent Anarchist who M
Mostn surety In 5000 to produce Most In the
General Sessions today before Judge Cowing
to be committed to the penitentiary for a
years imprisonment
Abe Hummel it is expected will ask for a
stay pending appeal to the United States 8u
promo Court
Sympathizers with Most propose to hold a
meeting on Wednesday next at Coooor Union
Nevertheless Chapman Man Ha Got to
fclop YelllnE In Chitthiirn Street
For several years John Chapman of 124 Park
row has called attention to the excellence of
his wont by paying a man to stand on the side
walk and shout Photographs true to life up
stairs four for a quarter Maurlco B New
come who does business In the same building
objected to the nolst and in Hucrcmo Court
Chambers yesterday Juitlno Beach granted a
nenuannnt Ininnetlon rtsptrnlnlnir it t hati
man protested that his man did not make as
much noise as tho elevated trains
Rndjrard Kipling Here
The Roy F W Macdonald whose brother
ho wellknown writer on financial topics died
in this city last week arrived yesterday on
the steamship City of Paris Ho was accom
panied by Ills nephew lludyard Kipling author
thor of Soldiers Throe The Light that
failed and other famous stories Mr Kipling
trill make but a short stay His health much
letter than a recent cablo despatch repre
sented It to bo but la by no moans robust
A Boy Shot Sly Trump
Mr CAHMFI Pa Juno 18WhIle John Sal
ada aged 10 yearn was on his way homo to
day with cherries which ho had secured at a
neighboring farm two trumps demanded the
fruit Upon being refused ono of them drew
a revolver and shot the boy In the bead Thoy
took to the woods Tho boy will die
Excitement Hud for Illm
Dr C H lllcbardion of 427 Lexington ave
nue brought a man Into fire trend Central
lollce station vaily last evenIng who ho said
ought to bo sent to a hospital because any lit
tie excitement might unsettle his mind The
nun said lie WSH leorrn W UlilMs 53 years
oil He lived with his sister Mrs Know of 2113 >
iast Kixtiothi sheet On Sunday ho went to
Astoria and Homebody Insulted him Ho in
canted the Insult and was beaten Sergeant
Joyce had hint sent to liullo > uo
Ficretarj Iroclor tao gone to Vermont for a we sk or
tea ilaya
Tht New York Hilierr rommlnilon planted 10000
younloutteri In l > uutf lilaml hound yumeriluy
Iliarlei Tullleioa u taihy furmer of Wlneltt
Conn was Kurel lu deati b > a violet > bull un lilt term
yttltrday niurnini
Joy lull hat appointed Frank T KryuoMi of Iluffalo
BuuerliiKn < leiit Vonitruclloii of tie Oeilcru Home
of 5stus fur Wuuicn
The Irtildeut hae upronlnl IIIUm II Pranks to bt
collector nt inirriial trifle rcr til I nit distrIct of
reinitylvaiiU rico UaiM Unrlln resigned
Tb Iresldeut lies tie ahphtrehht ton a pinion
in It ass at ldwarj 514 I ge et
wirier end sniuivel I be isnech on tic 211ii tist
lcrrtrt footer ion Veqiaiginii y5steriay turning
or a weds viuu in tile tons lii 0 Aeshtot
hrrtary tgsuldiig will sum as 5vvrniar durIng lii
Ititilia Hurt Maynart iii caulilate for Attorney
0 rierah on lie iaoiacieeIis Uiecrtto Stat ilekel
hail year was ysilardly uiOiulflaiei ly tv lteeil to
lie supsrlnt Bench In CII Ii Vera y oceasloed by
iii jroguoitu of Judge lurker to ii i4upreis 3ueb
Mchol tieutuieCr tIe aphatit ci iareliui N V
was yiierdey tunI Jilt ut ti atduciuu if Iwo
hut girl Iii Ii 1rCl trial is waa euictel at rape
and ot00i ii tome yrr Titi conyletln was
rverl end Oh C sscul trial lie was ewquilis lie
wsslfoncbargsd wilhuJutlioti With us atets fe
= = Jrr
A BToniur ixTKnriKir irmr TOE DIP
IIe > Fiona Ont of the IJoora In n Ilnce ttnd
from the Next Boom luMlril Not nn Order
to Hhoot Then hut the Hootlilns Musts
ofitFltlteSutplclont that He Is Mad
Accordltg to a letter received yesterday by
a gentleman In this city from a friend In Port
nuPrinco the Intelligent residents of that
distracted town believe that 1rcnldent Ilyppot
lito is or believed that bo was Insane His a
disposition to ms ncro his enemies U not re
garded as an indication of madness It was
his queer conduct on May 30 when all the
members of the diplomatic corps at Pott
nuPrlnce called on him to protest again
the violation of the Mexican Consulate
as an asylum ot refuge by Hyppolltos savage
soldiers Four men len Boull M Rosslor
Loner Cauvtn formerly llyppolltos Minister
of Justice and hlsbrotber went dragged from
the Mexican Consulate and shot to death In
the Champ de Mats Mr Twoedy the acting
British Consul talked very sharply to Hyppo
llte Ho demanded to know why the treaty
which tnndo tho Moxlcnn Consulate a refuse
I bad loan I violated anti asked what aoaurancO
the Consuls representing the other Govern
nionts had that thoir sacred onioos would b
free from the Invasion ot assassins
IlypDollte became very angry lie shook his
hand at Mr Tweedy glared at the other Con
suls including Frederick Douglass who tba
latter says became ashen with fright and
strode to the door
15 this the way bo exclaimed to talk to
the President of this groat country
With that ho hurried out slumming the door
behind him The Consuls looked at one
another In consternation Presently from an e
adjoining room came tho soothing notes ot >
flute Hypuollto had resorted to mualo to
calm his nerves The Consuls listened fora
moment nnd then one ot them said think
wo bad better go The wore just about go
ingwhen Mr Lechnud the Minister Foreign
Analra entered and bogged them to stay He >
apologized for the abrupt departure of Hyppo
lite saying that the President had bad much
trouble and that It had unsettled him tit I
Leehaud said he would gn and bring back the
President whose flute nnn still ringing
The utile stopped arid In a few minutes Hyp
polite looking suave and apologetic entered
the room with Mr Leehaud lie bowed low
and raid
I bg of you not to gn gon lemon I mere
ly want out to give au order to the command
ant Now this speech did not have the effect that
Hyppollie expected This was according to i
the lettur writer especially noticeable in the
canes of Fred Douglas and his secretary who
looked horribly frightened thinking that the
order was for the elocution ot everybody in
the room But Uvpnullto soon undeceived
Mr Douglass lIe begga I the pardon ot ad
the Consuls for his brusqueness
The French Consul bowed as politely as 1
Hyppollte and said that the Presidents apol
ogy wan acceptable to the Fronch republic
Th German Consul who is said to nava a
standing order todo In emergency exactly
inoopposir oi want inerreuou uonauiuooa
Bald that the apology of Urppullte was entirely
satisfactory to him as a personas a mere pri
vate gentleman but that as tile representative
ot the Gorman empire and the German Em
peror ho couldnt think of accepting the apol
ogy lie protested against tim ru > io behavior
of the 1resldent and would report the insult
to the Emperor ot Germany
Hyppollte got as palo as his complexion
would permit and going over to the German
Consul patted him soothingly on the bock
asking him to nlease overlook the occurrence
I Rsuro you said hlyppohite you have
misunderstood me lass it over this time and
It shall never occur again The residences of
the legations shall bo respected No one who t
flees to them shall he touched I obtained the 1
right for my soldiers to enter the Mexican u
Consulate from President Dlnz I telegraphed
the situation to him and be answered giving
me the power to take the four men from the j
The letter says that Hyppollte had been sub
bet to violent fits ot insanity before ho became >
prominent in Haytlan politics and that ue was J >
ina straitjacket four five N
put once or yean
ago Flrmln his former Minister of Forelga
Affair resigned because of the errntlo actions
of his chief It is said that the black Presl
dent has frequent fits of crying which are cue <
ceoded by explosions of homicidal rngo His
assassination the letterwriter says Is looked <
forward to aa a certainty Notwlth
standing the wholesale slaughter In
the streets of Portau1rlnoo only a very i
few of the leaders of the insnrroctloa A
were killed Gene BullyGuorrlor and Dad fro 4 Ii
two of the most capable of tho revolutionists k
were not killed os fIrst reported They es i
caoed to the woods and may be board from
leading a foren into PortauPrince The lot
tor cays thnUHroDollte Is no longer President j
of tho people but of only those whoue pros fi
parity depends upon his reign lor bo is H
practically a king now The people of i
tile north are noxious tn got rid of
him Abe writer ot this letter evidently
doen not admire Minister Douglass
He says the white population accuse Mr
Douglass of siding with the Haytlan Govern
ment In overr instance where American citi
zens who have war claims against It have
urged the payment of the claims of being co >
absorbed In the contemplation of the export
mentof block men governing themselves that
he has forgotten his duties as the representa f
tive of his country of seeking to Impress the L
Haytlans with his crcalnons bv publishing In
Portautrlnco a French translation of his v
book Forty Years n Slave and of having 2
said that It be had not been Ignored In the ne
gotiations for the possession ot Mole Kt Nice >
las our Uovornmeut would have acquired It i
The Weather I
The cold wart llnzcroJ yeilerdny over the lake rt
irloni and tut UMdlt Atlantic and Nt < r England States
At4P M ttitlhtrmomitor rendered Qrin thIs city t j
the coldett day ever known In liii city In June The j V
range of temperature between tht mailmam ot
Wifltr I 0 nsnn at vtpdn n fl I
Buh cnaugei art rare In Hit humid Bait In thtNorto
west they art frequent but the atmosphere U dryer
and tht effect la use perceptible
The size of tht cold wave reached only a little loath
WaihliiKloni Xottolf Va wai iht irarmit plaetln
tht country
Tie norm ctntrt In the West was central over Iowa
and llllnoli hIgh winds prevailed over the lakes
minding with those of a second storm eli the Virginia
coast and creating or continuing litch nortbeait wlnas
from hatters to Iortland The rain area covered tie
lake regions and tin Middle Atlantic and Ktw FDglaad I
falatei hoary rain falllnzln norlhorn New York
U was becoming wirrotr In tht Norlbweit Blatta and
a gradual Incrtaie of heat may be expected f title on >
lion after today Humidity averaged D7 per cent In
tht city yeittrday with a drIzzle tn thtitrettaanAa
dines tog over the bay and com
The thermometer at Ferrrt pharmacy la Tap Son
building recorded tbt temperature jreiterdiy aifollowii
Isle jail lbthi gil
a A M U1 as iiior > r ii 6ev
OA ii 70 SI or I H M ti
MAM 74 A9OPM 110 b7S
1JU HU BU 13 Mid If U
ATrrage i
Anrne on June 18 IMKi
ICKAI nrrici rontctn TILL B r S ramir
For Malm Mew Ilainpitilre XlaiiaobmitU Bhod t
Island Connecticut eastern toe Iork tailim rmn
fytranld lYew Jersey anA lyttauart fipAl Aoifen ate
Hoary immature on the coo < uarraer In LAS inferior j
tsMerty wnlt
Yot tht IMitrlct ot ColnroMa Maryland cut VIrrlnJa
light ibowcrnitailonary temperature taittrly wlnte
Far tIed Mrdnla western New York western Pine
ylvanla and Oblo light iboweri alallooary Umpire
tire easterly wluda
joiiixait Aiioirr xowx
hunts rraory HmltK United st ttt Mlaliter at M
tter burc arrived on ito City of Iarla
Jotm It Mniihtirf ton of Dock Commliilontr Mat
they > liniltrto ln > MMinatlni ycilnday ai clerk is
II lit Trcaiurtr of Hit herd and It was aooplid
Tie runil Jury for tilt July terra at the Patted 4
Stale Clioiilt Court wit seer In ytittrday before
Judge llenedlct JIm MLouilU ot Ackr Mtrrall k
Kluil r roil of Hilton and Ueadt Toil of FbUa4tU <
pills will bt I Hit tirits nfl Junt 3 of Laraytitt roil
hn dir hauuoty > l Uiptw wU prwldt at a baa I
gunt In Hit tfulut
tint Anna UoM inn who was run over by a wagon otf
lit hiw York Traii < f < r I iiinpauvoii 1m 24 IHim while
erneiuf iludxin sir et rocurfrrrt a verdict bt iuuo
Ic Hit Itouri uf UKIUOIOII flea titerilav
Ju4ineniiuf alxoliiit ilhorct wet treated In thtlt
rise MUriUy iiy Julie l wrenof Jolin II CI Ban
a rman rem Harlmra Hunutrmatu br Judxt Troaz
rank Irixlrlrk Irom Taullnt rldrlok and by JudYt
MoAdtra Kill Birlutl from heal Bwlti l
Icon < t Otto who hai t nUrliiklnztn Tllr lumotl
from Its East rMrtrtttand tlrtl duel on We dntidir
tight au < 1 wan pulled nut lit broke away from hb
tuutn and IrttJ tn Jumji Into Hie river swain At the
rorkrltlt Court ycitttUajr le wa icni 10 the Island for
Ilirrt hold
tie cisterns offlcrn made Iwo colonies on the Sail
yesterday trout Carl hide palrnr dumunl CUrlers
and a ilamond flour rise were isketi hey at wtrlh
CIXI trinii loiter pawrnvtr whntt flints U not If
known > twelve palrt of laths ella noeklnia twlit
ladhse slut unicrysits and twelve patriot VOTMWW
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