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t I f t 1 J i V l r
J j THE SUN FltlQAY JUNE 1U1891 1 J
p3j1ONSZIU7t2 rim rrnca un
or fl r axirns c noE
0 i C Bvleted nimtelfof Making Chance
iMt HlBBUDniU orrentK onb
DcjMoeratle Contractor Denied
lKU aad DteGrta erAoer Doale
lkt hr lad Be B Required1 to Fur or
114 1 Jd A irAaintDiI to Wortyf 7am
rlll Tuaiu to Insure Getting Contract
aid Nnld They Und Sea No JClrtne of
I lSIIUa the Day or Tweed
Atom JUB 1PU required only hair the
aralacs L1Axr aYaslon of ibo canal Investigation
iMsfcte today to complete the dompnatra
Ziiitwra yealerdaY ol the utter worthle
Mwoftlitohiircos re ado by George fSmJtU
I 0 I TMwaiiila In I bts letter to Senator Va
t Stlllt April and of lili unreliability a a
w Out Qf Ms own mOuth the witness
0ktd htmitlf of bavlnc made charcoj
MtibIId officials h never know with
IgIs 1 bal of fort and without being
2k ti t brio forward any evidence or nnme ol i
7loa t substantial any portion ol hli II
MtW atony
oakexamined by counsel Smith first do
lii u4 then admitted bnincbnstd last I
Sbt that hi cover Intended coming bofora
eommltieo to make a sworn striioment I
FJft to Ibo maladministration of the tnB i
Department and that In ordor to Induce him
pent bl wleus ftasot 13450 bad I
ktsapaldblm In advance otter le bad bo
Barbed b hiS attoinoy that tho committee
Btdtl power to compel Ills attendance I woe
L 0abvrn from Mr Smiths own statements
M I i had alirnys ieea l actively hostile to
itthaW Bcanlan and hnd lout no opportunity
Wiejels him despite tho broad iibUanthrophy
Jtlth led him to call Bosnian his friend lie
AjlaJUd a mass of Idln tittletatilo about te
e of Bcanlnn and his Influence with
wjh Democratic Btnte ofllclals Ho wound an
IbfMlaoay with the statement that be hud
Intended to mak6 persoual or direct
ffcanrca but thought It not Rood policy for the
ptBoaratlo Administration to permit the oc
Joatc State lands by Boanlan other
HPAM7 0181nlo Ilnol SClnlan or any
son or corporation
In refutation of Mr Smiths testimony Mai
ns w ScanUn himself testlQocl under oath that
snperluiedont Uaunan through his deputy
H Chainlets of Buffalo had wanted him the
sjmlt t build the two ltO I airucture over
A State ditch at Oliver street Tonanrondo
tot that ho bad never spoken t Speaker
teMbtn about the permit nor asked
Un to MBttt him In securing It nor
itositad any aid from him He had nevorsnid
Uhsd a permit to occupy all tbo street cro s
bcsover the State ditch in Tonnwnnda for the
ofr of building WOODS In building the
ttrtet structure be bad not cuDtempmt
fr niz It himself or allowing It to b used us
11IDK In IsCt therw had bon verbal tin
tertUndrne between him nud ibo Cans
I Wpirtmint authorities that R n condition of
tnitwrmttbelnggrunted nollnuorwriB to bo
t til oa the premliws Us tind since let the
bone and ttlpnlateU that the tenant should
not 1 liquor therein Bo tar as lie had cur >
e rioael 1 knowledtto tio liquor waa sold there
Sir tcsnlon was bonoat enough to decline
tail be did not consider liBorue P timltbha
frMDO nor was be a friend ol MnltbV lie re
Itd IoanCe of other pooDle oll upylnl ttile
Ittdi In the same ivayiie did ODe or them a
jUpibllean bad a dock which he let to others
seit whlin was wholly on Btate lands
csaIani lofltlmooy coiled the commlttoea
8cfla Into the rat zcandal at Tona
iudabr means of ublib the llcpubllcan
Mutors bad hoped to smirch the reputation
cr ba hopd rll utalon
oiftemoeratleBtaie offioul The com nil tiro
C I y welted IODR enough to stick anotb r rln
U Smiths testimony by calling the United
Inca reporter to testify that Senator Van Oar
ier before giving him Smiths letter for publication
cation told htm taI be a authorized to do
t toavinelug plc 1 of evidence was that
tits by oxState Engineer Klnatban Bweer
wo bad an exeellent reputation for ski 11 neon
eidaeer end wbo i familiar with the dlvls
tMVail between the harbor Buffalo aDd
the le bte tin testified that tbo permit
l to the Buffalo lock and Connecting
d Company however obtained would
the conditions imposed by huperln
I let t ana have ImP very ndvan
twfoos to the State bad the company acocpt
a r and would li have mao an expensive
4na IIUtI U av
T stronrl part of the committees pro
noun was Cntr upon at the afternoon
Mioa ta to ascertain from the con
tractor along tbe line of the canals whether
1 they hail t etn required to contribute to the
campaign funds of the patty In power or t
give gratuities or enter Into combinations
C is themselves or With the officer of the
fualdeptrtmf and also wbether they bad
aide large nrotits oat of the work titer per
kfe for the Hlal
think A Harrett on Onelda county con
A OJeldl
rr Hsrt oountJ
tatter lali i > Brigaisa Waablnston nnunty
tontraeUir WiUlsmjFoller and James no bin
aeneontrarlord ol Jtooheijter Jeremiah Ad
ami a contractor from WhltohnU William
furl k an usweeo county contractor and J
wt Alden 1 Hooheeter bridge builder Serd
nJltd to tbe stand All testified uDder oath
UMtVUtr had beard of no canal ring nor seen
Er srtdf nco of its existence alncetbedaya of I
retd that they knew of no combination of
contractors alone the line of the canals or In
we State whereby State contracts were appor
tioned out by means of a previous nnderstand
US ft to who should bid and who should be tho
bjdfars noltber were any of them requested by
nelali bleb or low connected with tbe De >
Vsrtment ot Pnbllo Works to contribute to
ftrty catnpalcn funds to insure getting a con
tract or as a reward after they had obtained It
kororr aci contractor stated that bin
rroflts oa the work done for the State bad
OMB very moderate and that In certain case
Boaey WU lost by the contracts because of
JM itrlnseney of the conditions nndcrirbloh
undid the work and the requirements no to
wallty of work and material llll the specLlra
flwf to the letter of which the departiuent
cffldili had held them The Inspection of
UMlr work JuriUB projrress and offer com
PMtloa bad alwaya been of the most tborouch
uteri whether performed by Inaportors KD
1 olBted by the Bnporlntendent of Public Works
pr i7jh dhllon and oilier nllleora train
taitomelor the 8tat Engineer
Iryattitti Maine the Whitehall eontractor1
iNdited rolath to a certain C1onlrac he haul
I blah he lost money by fnlaillng it Adams
I ii ono rat and yet had for bondsmen cx
muman Henry 0 Bnrleuii County Tndea
boBM A Utile and otharri3nuo r7bltc
sill cli nr WhOm were lIe ybJlcan s fexCon
111011 1Iurlflah and Judo Lull were
lti4t IlDoI < l teitljlwl that AIms did an or I
Nllit lob for the State ani lost money on it
j5b ICOntrFflImlln declared without heal
latln bat the bet Supe intcndont of Puhlla
Word tb tit ate e er had was James bill
JBho t Democratic offlolal who preceded 1M
ward Ninpan and sncceedeJ tbe Renubllonn
Pllts < a JJutcher in that department Ho
Joew of no Irroguiaritlea or abusvaln the od
Maw ration of the canal department nor bad
bll spy knowledge of oorrtiitlon amonutbe
f1a who lot canal contracts ot supervised
JIOotfactolll who were xllmlnoddtoda
U lIllIcaDa and Democrats and nope
fthiCQUId u1tittbelr political faitbmd
Uld or stood Tn tbe way of their secnr
iCa5aI cnhtrocts Wbnn a contract Was
allNe4 them H IM because their bids were
15 lowr and when they did not receive an
KM wLrd v IS 1Ia because rpme one else bar under
pia IMB Not one bad even a suspicion that
Wwa unfairly ireateH or that partiality bad
ota shown 1
JWerriW the committee examine E4I
tnr IJr bill of the Mohawk lid mdrtl who
flJiW t6 coesipuof the LfeWatnre pub
waeoTa sorleaof articles obaritinc all riorU ol
iSfiy > cad mladnat1or upon the Demo
jrttl admlnrstratlon nf the canals In IlcrW
Mr Oflnty and the officials connected there
tsty Clerk Glecrioh Bccllnes to Ke
edt Them for Filing
N New York Cable Coiupunr tbronahlU
B bewtary Charles E Gllder l eve Offered yein
terdu II COrtlllcd lopr9tlsnlllPo4arJ6IoA
lttorporation for fit at the County Clark
Pet County Clerk Glecorlcu refused to ac
cept tIt Certified copy unfertile law ol 1890
ePlib calls for duplicate copies to be filed vlth
SSOrftftir of tiM IIn1 with the County
Hk Mr tlldVileev Insisted that thu cony
t Qlea o filed The Courtof Appeal he II l1r
M delded that the article were Incomplete
T lit Ireetors hal amended thorn and thor
er tue file with the Secretary ef Btate which
wa ii 1th law called for The difference be
tVe0 1 al rlrUUd cop and u dllDlc to cop
wu only locbulcoL
= oo to Psy for Kerulus a BltlBB OeK >
Eliza Denui or to south Fifth avenue wu
Wtten by a dog which vbA In the keeplnz of
Frederick fiurkl ol thu same address lIe J
tiennM who Is I young and pretty teitlfled In I I
the CGrumon leas r < it rday that Ibo was I
zir1 litn oti the Iffis I and that the Illness
be Onsqus on the Injurluu and shuck coat bur
r Dlae 1 Whore ehe wits enrnlnB 15 a meek
e cytip1e wol lhpt I lnrkl fllit no authorty
O i Sr wtdo 1110 Idld not > belong to him
iMT orb lil that it did not mutter wl hos
t tr jig 41 II Brtltwnaiij Burkre caro I
rtlDCO bPI fur i It Tbe plulnilu K caroa I
I11Oll uu
BatII d 2eprst Jarta to Bat
Money to riBht the iBiurccnt
UAtniiraTOrt June KOm Ial mall from
Chill rceotvod bore bring exciting news from
tbat republic The Uou e of Deputies baa
passed a bill authorizing the Frestdont to levy
a forced loan ol 120000000 to carry on the war
The measure has nil yet passed the Bond
however Under an order from the Executive
carriage aro permitted to delis on the
streets of Santiago otter mlQnla A decree
baa also been issued prohibiting groups of
more than three persons standing together IB
the streets sonatas or public places of r Santl
dan Persona guilty of An infrlngoment of
this decree will bo Ilnblo to a One of 125 to
1100 lly another decree all the theatres ot
Bantlngo are closed until further notice
Under the thorlty ot Congress all the
told and silver In the treasury of Chili oom
1l00001na what It known ax the metallic rrserr
WIII asid at auction on tho 15th of May ujis
coined silver WA sold In loth nt tsOOU antI up
ward and the bar silver In Iou of aUcOkUo
gnome and upward
Thrt following Is I thn text of the decree by
hlh the Bolivian > overuroent rrcosnlr tbo
t111 Chill rights ot tile Loncreaslonol party
OX Chili
Aiilccto Arre Constitutional President of
thoiremibllo if Bolivia oonsldrrlt that In
the civil war belnr curried on In I the nrtauhor
inc republic of Chill there buss ben orcaniud
And Constituted two Onveraments in reiireaen
tatloniiit the hlnli public powers with author
Fly with nrinod forces by land and sea and
Colleitlng and expending the revenues of the
htnte thnt lntlnns on the part of bolivia
with ho rr > iire rtitatlves of the Govern mont
IxtatilUhoil In Inuljue uro obligatory nec
essary as tim latter oocntlis novorna and ad
mlnlstratea Ihi i terrltm lea sf Antofrfgnta and
Anon and olhla hail free transit tooicporu
and Imports In tbe first umnej port
nnrj pariloliiation in the receipts of these
ond in oceorilrinoe with the ompart ot trace
that the civil war In Chili Ulna an
Inconti avertible tact the doctrine and vise
tloKofclvlllol tuitions have elnsocrnrbU the
nrlnolplo of the legltlmnte rlcht Governments
liosseis to 100 fnr the belligerency ot polltl
cot pllrtl < engncol in snltllnc their illftor
elites by fotco ot arms the dote I decree
that tho Government of Johla recngnlrea aa
borlltrrrent the cxoelenilsftlma junta ot Inv
ornlll1t Illtln In the munnin nnl In rcpiesrn
tallnn of the legltiatlve power of Chill in the
civil war It IsenrrrltiK on with the Govern
ment of till Ktoplontlisitno 1rraldent of tpe
reptilillo who nets in tho name nod TlrU
nntntou of till ATecutlve power tbr Minis
ter or rorcrcu Affnlrn Is charge 1 with the exe
cution and fullllmentojtills decree
Old Arqnalntunccn VTh Becnrded Xllm ci
ScaMs at the Time erich Death
The contest ot the will of Blind Dan Mnrphr
was continued in tbo Surmcntes Court Tester
day and the hearlncof testtmeny took up tb
whole dav The mental incompetence ot the
teMator and the illegitimacy Lie daughter
Annie C Dlvver to whom aeventcnthi of the
estate is bequeathed aro tho main points on
which the nephews William G Murphy and
Daniel fI Murphy are trying to have the will
But asldn
Mrs Mary Bice of 333 Drlics street Brook
lyn testified that she knew Mort and his
wife Eleanor for more than fort yean She
visited him about year before he died but
even after sLe toll him her name be did nol
recognize her She tnUed to him nearly nn
hourwitbont his answei tog Murnliriold heron I
aovrnl occasion that he Intended leaving aU
his property bin nephews illlprtnd Fannie
ho also told her that his second wife bad tolol
him that Annies fntber was n letter man than
ever be was Ho wan ant uolns to lea vr Annie
any mono I bevnue If he did her brother
Touncr blnnott would get ome of It and bo
bated Blnnott who forced him to visit his
mother Jllzubeth Blnnutl fur improror pur
Surrogate Bnnsom made Mrs Blc repeat
this portion of bar mtlnony three times an l
tben asked ber If abc was suio Mr ilurpby
Bald bo wns forced
Marr Aim Sbanahan ot Waterbury piece ol
the testNtor ant Hriilct MoNuinara who waa
Ms hU okAer r thought that the old man
i as crury for nt toast n year Ielor his death
The mere thought eo because bID memory was
i oor and the housekeeper because be tried to
bite her and would not keep himself clean
Mrs MfiSSamnms aancater Margaret WM a
servant in Murphys houne for eight wefk
Bbe thought he was Insane because be wished
to jump out of tIme window Jlurnby shontpd I
during the night for Ibo police and the Board
of Health lie to for Margaret that be bar be
nnrattaed all his property to his nephew
On crossexamination the witness thought
that Murphy wanted to jump out of the win
dow because she locked him In his room Sbe
did not believe he wished to kill himself
Murphys second cousin as wall as she could
calculate the relationship DanA Brosnan
and her daughter Nelll did not consider that
he was in his right senses when they last sa < r
him At a previous < Islt he asrid he would
have Annie nicely educated and civ bera
houSe but that her children jibe had any
must earn heir own living He was going to
leave some of his money to buy blankets and
bread for poor widows and their children
whose prayers would be more beneficial to bis
soul than any other peoples
iDr AS Guck know Murphy well Murphy
used to drop in to barn a chat He nJwWej
talked about politics or womec lie had no
ue for rat DIner he said ont day because
be belonged to Tammany Hall
There woe along arcumentasto whetherDr
Gnek ns Murpbyn physician could give ex
pert testimony as to bie mental condition and
the auestlons were ruled ont The further
boatIng was adjourned until Wednesday next
They Had Not Been m Saklae Term
Mine They VTr VlT rd
in April 1837 Mrs Catharine Beck sot A
divorce from her husband Herman Beck after
they bad lived together twenty year Blnce
that date they have been neighbors In Prince
street Newark Mrs Beck owned the hon
in which the lived and her husband lived next
door and owned nearly rue want DIOOK roey
did not steak to each other Mr Beck la i
teal estate dealer and baa an offlre In be
basmnt of his hftUMi On Wednesjlay the
neighbors were hw to se Mrx Beck HO
don tbe stiu Into nil office and they were
still more surotlsed yesterday when they saw
tier scrubbing the offleo floor When Beck
was asked about the matter be said they bad I
bad some trouble fire rears MO but It VM all
0UId 11011
BTb troybl was about Aaondlooklnajhouie
keeper whom Bck InstaUed while hID wife
was away on a trip to Europe and whom he t
lund to turn away when she came back His
wife said that he drenched her with water
whenever sbe expostulated witb him about
the houseltoener and that finally he nut new
locks on tb doors and prevented her from en
tfrlng the lions Mr Becks story at tbs
time was that she refused to rive back corn
troierty which he transferred to her It Ii all
right nvw however
AriKktlletwenrarCe > lleSlnFortlCarli
Mate John IJ Lowell the American steam
ship South Portland which arrived yeiterdsy
from Jamaican port brings the news ef a
MooIy duel that occurred on Friday last In
Fort Maria bei ween four coolies Mate LoweU
went ashore from the steamship on that day to
get the mails at Port Maria and Informed
by th Lieutenant of police that the four man
bad met on a sugar plantation on the outskirts
of the town mind hail Morally backed one MB
other tu p eoca with machetes Three died
within n few minute after the beginning ol
the combat 1h fourth man was so badly cut
that his death was Inevitable and he hastened
It by cutting his throat The clothIng of limo
coolllil was brenght Into the town and ox
bIbbed to the citizens Mate Lowell said be
saw jho cloiblpif and lhatol It was cot Into
shreds and soaked with blood Tb fight fa
supposed to hoe been about a woman
Tit Field Lei to Lawyer BUwnnt
Tbl contest over the Presidency of thi
Brooklyn Literary Union composed of colored
citizens has been settled Tbe llev W H
Dlckerson pastor of Ibo Bilonra Irebytrlan
Church vbo profi d to have ben legally
lectedhas withdrawn fpm Ibo ftllbl and T
McCsnt biewart she wo kuown colored law
brt been initallid us President 1 be hut
Wclrison still blIo1e that Mr twart is I a
usurper pnd be has roeignid from time organt I
UUD Thu II uteea or his church In ordll o
show their dlIQrrolltlon or tile lnannorlcz
bloh i be lIov Mr euoZlbaa bcnlraltd
will not In 1llur allow the LUrarl union to I
n o the churCh IGr 111I mreUnea n
A Home for W edr Cbtldraa
An effort is i maklntt to establish a Childrens
Home In Wostfleld X i J Mr W O Feckbara
has offered to give the free use of one of his
I cottisos for the homo for one year The house
la In a high nart of the town has amplo
ground and 11 I tell noapled In many ways
tr the lUPOl to wtfch III I proposed to pet
it 11 matter tlllll reen taken III by the pa
lorll of the torn tolllflU by lbs I1ay J IL 101
nllamt VIII emeiene o tbepOopl1I1 a
nion inertlng 10 be held next BupdiY 81u
Inc In the mean time atnysu rIPtloQ are
being banded ID Tn children for lbs home
willThe brought out ol the poorer port ot Hw
York city
1 SeemB that Oc COKMK jritleii and
IroPrlty Are akoa l Ttrln
A great many broken on the Btock frodnce
And Cotton J xcfaan ei took comfort yesterday
out of an Incident trhloh occurred la the cor
ridors of the 1roduoe Exchange late on
Wednesday evening Two members of bat ex
change got to fluent and punched each
other This was bailed as an indication of a
return to the oil times ot prosperity when
there was a scrap almost every day and plenty
of business
Harry L Daniels la a flour broker on the
Produce Exchange associated with Paul
Woith William O Hawk Is of the firm ot
PuuUl 1 Hawk also flour broker Their
oiliest I nt CT TJroad street They han supplied
the city with a Rood deal of flour for Dlack
wells Islait month or so ago their mill
broke down and the were unable to
carry out their contracts without assist
atlas TIme story is I that Hawk wont to
Daniels ami said he mutt bATs COO barrel ol
flour for nirtokweUa Island In a hurry This
wa early lit May Unnlels It in nalfl was glad
to art the btislaesa and sold Fanbol to how
the flour The story la that Daniels describe
be flour a lu transit from Milwaukee The
contract Woe algnntl on Mny 2l So part of the I
Hour arrived before June t and somo of It dl > l
I not orr r untn Juue It The bills of laillntf
according to Hawk chewed that the f1QIJr ba1
aqtbeen shlnpedfrom Milwaukee until Hari
Hawk hMU that tbe ountraet was mid lie
tosk the ease before tbe Arbitration Commit
toe of the Produce Exchange and the discus
flon over It ana ui < on Wodnoiday eoulng
It took three hours to bring out all the points
stud tbe burden of testimony was against Dan
tels lIe on the other baud Insisted that
ronutlnK the wltursaes was no war to get at
The tinth cad declared I that Hawk and bis
IfMirte were swtutrmir to n pack of lies
This node Hawk ball but he suppressed
himself befpie Ibo committee After tao nd
ionrnnynt tie and his friends assembled In the
corridor outkMe thji committee room When
Daniels appeared Hawk asked him to withdraw
thu statement nbmit the rack of lira Dnnlnls
wouMnt ilo It and then Hawk nailed Into him
and runohed hip right nail left Daniels lIst
bl is iclaii Situ found It rilllloult to dlr11
lilmelf Hawk all the time sent In his blows
Mr Tanbel lila partner and E D Neauntndt
saul Dan tjmltb finally jumped In and pulled
Jlnvrk oft Dentate was pretty well bntteied
an I it 1s po > slhle that bo nlll bring the caso
vofore the Comtlalnt Committee
MIt matte CARTERS ssruior
nba Left Lock of flair I a PnriB tint Ac
t qnlr d a Plnr In JLendou
Mrs Leslie Carter arrived on the City ot
Paris yesterday with her mother and David
Belaaco one of her manager Ebe went with
her mother to the Madison apartment bouso In
Madison sanareC Mr Delasoo went to hla
wifes home and had an interview with her
and daughter and then returned to the
Mrs Carter brought home with her a por
trait of herself by Emllo Ilnurdette The
French artists described her hair aa looking
like dead leaves with sunlight playing upon
them bite gave loch to half a dozen or
more she sum and then hurried back u Lou
dun tn protect What wa left
Mrs Carter was sullorlnc from prostration
brought on by overwork when sbe snle l so
abtuptry two rnorth < tihe has not elite
rvroveied she Bars wbll fn London abe
purchased the trnetlcan rights of tAils
and she also arranged with n > French autb r to
submit a new pity to her Ills not yet lefln
liLlr settled when Mm Carter will resume
acting Mr Uelasro said that he had been invited by
Atidran to writ i the libretto ot a new opera
the Frenchman u eompoitng He says thai bi
will begin work at once upon Mlsa Helyatt
nnAmetlcan version of tbe mufloal comedy
which baa passed its 360th Bight In Paris n
ear that be will also write a new play that
will enable Mrs Carter to employ bertalenti
an a singer a blf11o plll7er a guitar player and
n pianist Mr lielaaco fald Ip regard to the
rport of bU elopement with Mrs Carter
which sot Into circulation when be failed with
the actroca and her mother for London with
out regl > terine that It was necessary for him
to trati > l incognito He wished to reach Lon
don without bill arrival benc generally known
lor buslneia reasons Cable do patches from
America defeated bis plan but he wan able to
arrange business matron aUsfuclorily never
A Wom mm laid AttoeBpt to Cease 5 I
PicaS of a RuBBlBB Horve
A lire at 858 Greenwich street called Engine I
Company 80 and the bOlo tender from their
quarters at 253 Spring street roster Jay morn
Ing at 9 oclock Tbe hose tender was fifty
feet behind the engine and both were under
full headway when in front ot 270 Spring
street a woman with a shawl over her head
ran out Into the street and under the teat et
the bones ot the tender They trampled upon
her and the wheels of the tender passed over
her nook klllloR her Instantly Tbo driver
Assistant Foreman Andrew Gaffney had seen
her and shoutlne tried his utmost to atop the
horses but It was too late
S Calmer bad puceeeded In bringing the
bones partly around before they reached her
and Intended to pull np on the sidewalk He
overturned two push carts and a lamppost
Impeded further progress The tire waa in the
apartments ot J Prlfdman a picture dealer on
the first floor Tbe damage wits tlOU I
Gsltaer surrendered himself to the police I
At oInraCIi Market Court Justice McMahon
paroled him A number of witnesses to the
accident say that the fault was not Qaffneia
j hii woman body was taken to tho Morgue
and tba Coroners ames WM notified bbs was
unknown in neletlibornood and a few min
utes belore the accident bad been trying to
talk In Italian to Henry UosentbaL a shoe
maker at 868 Uptinct street He could not un
derstand her IPrlLi referred her to a barber
shop Bhe was 80 years old five feet two
aolis tall and bail the dark features of an
itli woman bite were a blue dress with
white spots red woollen stocking button
shoes and7 a raen plaid shawl Coroner
Hchnftzo will bold an Inquest
And Now 18jr itvol1 Mr Xeeee Want
ncr Marriage AiunIUd
lalla Keartb the 15yearold daughter of
Peter Hearth a terrier of 857 Bushwlck ave
nue Brooklyn was married to Alexander
Iteeso boemaker aged SO on April 22 The
couple became acquainted at a merrygo
round reaort In Wllllamsburch which Julia
and some of her sin companions were In tbe
bablt ofvIMtlne almost every nlgnt The mar
rluge took place without tbe knowledge of
Sullaaparnta and the girl told the ofllelatjng
minister that she was 17 years of age and that
html parent were anxious that aha should get
married She now wants to have her marriage
annulled and yesterday Ju tde Bartlett the
jupremo Court made an order appointing her
father her no Ian in a suit Instituted for
that purpose The girls parentS are both
deaf mutes and ore lit comfortable clroam
ioo o ter the Lou or tk > Te of a Leg
NJnnlOJlOB June HAt Goiben today
Charles E Gross obtained a ve dlot for 110001
against tbe Fennsylvanlx Poughkeepnle and
Boston Railroad Company Gross was an
engineer of the Central Mew England and
Wastern Ilallroad and on tho night of Nor 7
last while running an engine between May
brook and Campbell HI ruadD I he saw another
engine comln from the other direction
against tie rules 01 the toad The engines did
not come together but he thought they would
and Jumped Urn was badly Injured the right
leg being oaralrted an that he baa no use of It
anti no ease of fl81f in it The defendant
company ialnml that Gross should have sued
the Central Now England and Western Coin
A Ccjft BtT artlal far Cel Coip toe
WAsniNQTOW Jnne18 In accordance with
the findIngs of tho court of Inquiry in the case
of the lynerrine of Hunt by United States troops I
at Fort Wolla Walla Wash Becretary Proctor
this morninpruezed > a court martial to try
MChnrlesE Compton lourth Cavalry for
nldlpoII lit alilas to take proper steps to
irevrnt thlyuohlug Ib court will meet
July 1 1 next
corun aaIB XttUtl RI Mother
TBOT June la The examination ot Arthur
Conch Jr of Coboes obargtd with causlna
his mother death was held in the llecorders
Court this morning The prUoner pleaded
tullty and mode a statement He said that be
came borne Totoxleatea and auarrelled with
his mother mio Struck torn and he pushed
her om aad then kicked her
aloe lleUI In AId Avenue
Commissioner Ollroy gave orders yesterday
that additional street lamps be put up In
Amsterdam AnnUl beltve alODthand with
lraeta Ap unknown lOan sa run over by a
hors car tileru oa Eonay nrllJlt and P18TloU9 I
complaints nf noor lighting WItS empIIIISIteti
IIr tile coldollt
UK MAnniES jams asoaaiA so
The > Town IK I sttw Atttr > A WddIg
Trip to the OoUca fletteTh > CleBeritle
Dnuahter Ilclpc to Select nr Step
Mother SurprlM In WmeiltiKton
Kcexox > Jute IB Today occurred the
muohtalkedot wedding of MnjorQcn J U
Schofleld of the United Htates army to Miss
Georgia Kllbonrna of this city The event was
line of the greatest social Interest to the Keo
kuk people as well as to hundreds ot friends
of both raVtlf who had come to witness the
event The cltr had been gaily festooned with
flags and streamers nnd every preparation
madoto lerclvethe distinguIshed guests with
becomlnc honor
QKtr IICnnnltLD
Oen rTcbofleld and his party of friends ar
rived here at 815 A M on a special train from
Uurllncton having route from Chicago on the
regular Burlington exi rots The party oon
lilted of Majorden John M Echoold Gen
Bchoflelds sister Mrs Wise Mini Caroline
Wise Mr Edward Kilbourueand Mlsi Jennie
ber daughter and Colin and Wllllnm Err ot
Chicago CnpU C B Pctioflold the MajorGen
orals brother ot Washington D C Ment A
D Andrews his soninlaw and wife And
Llr > ut T N fuss The party were driven to
the Hotel Keokuk where they bad breakfast
Bt Johns Episcopal Church one of the
haidsomest church edifice in lowaxras beau
I tifully ndornei with fostoons qf oak leaves
studded with roses Over 2000 roses were
used In the decorations At 1130 tho doors
of the church were thrown open and the
ushers A W Ellbourne of Cleveland Ohio
David Bach Colin ODd William Fyfe of Chicago
Howard Elliott of BL Louis and J H Sturgis
of Keokuk began to seat the guests while the
following programme was rendered on the
organ fry Theodore Comstooic
Fwttiiila D nlaxr WImo
Cunt oa Nuptial DntiolM
March MiptUle Waobi
Faetoral licker
A few minutes before noon the bridal party
arrived at the church which was surrounded
by a great throne ol people A platoon of po
llen guarQed tbe canopvcovered entrance
while the ushers received tho bridal party
whlcb to the strains of the bridal march trom
Lohensrin walked to the altar In tlio fol
lowing order
Mr ushers Capt Schofleld Lieut Bllsa
Lieut Andrews Urn E A Kllbonrne Wells
Kllbonrno MajorUen UchofleUL till Georgia
The brMei was dressed In a heavy whit
corded silk demrtrain with Louis Ouinzo
basque and crystal trimmings Her hat was
trimmed In dncbesse lac Bbe wore white
cloves no flowers Qr ornaments t She carried
a pier ruorbook In bar band
MaJo1Jen BohoOeld was dressed In the uo
form oi tan rank lit H U tioilwaine penormeu
tbe wedding ceremony assisted by Blshpp
Bteveos Perry During the ceremony Wagners
prayer Of Elizabeth from TannhuOser waa
played As tbe bridal party left the Church
the organist played the Mendelsohn wedding
march The bridal party wore then driven to
the residence of rs Kiltourne where a re
ception was Kiien in which a lance number of
society people participated
At 245 P SI Cmnpany A of the Second Rod
mont Iowa National Guards and Curtis Camp
Sons of Veterans Ifecllrtod bJ band eacorlea
OeD lichonol In the hotel Kenkuk where a
lic reception was hold until 15 In the oven
inc den and Mrs Bchofleld together with
Llents Andrews and Bllxs depnrtod at 530 In
a special car for Omaha and Ban Francisco
Among the guest at the wedding were The
hey James brbofleld and two daughters of In
dependence Iowa tills Judith Fyi of Chicago
and Mr and Mm Hiram Barney New York
The bride and groom decided not to exhibit
the wedding presents to the public They
were numerous and costly It was not possi I
ble to obtain a list
Georgia Wells Kllbnurne the daughter of I
George Ereklne Kllbourne and Augusta Wells I
Kllbonrnfl wa born In Keokuk on NovU Ibti
and has lived nearly all of her 11I0 In her Rrllnd
fathers old hometftrad which abe to
day 1111 till wile of the commander the I
United States army She attended the schools I
in this city but her education was completed
IItt Mrs Heeds school for young ladles in New
York and abroad where she pursued her
studies for some time th first met Gen
Bobofleld when she was H years of ace and by
reason of her firm personal friendship for
ar Kchnfleld ehe wa sa frequent visitor at
me Bonoueia name wizen OIKS ocnonciu ivas
niarried some years neo to Llent Andrews
lilies Kllbourn was her maid of boqor One
is I a decided favorite In Waiblneton aerial
whore see Is well known and also Now York
where she has ofti n been tbe guest ot her sis
ter Mrs Hiram Barney
WABntxoTox June l1OeD Beboflelda
marrlace Rood deal nr a surprise oftlotnl
circles In Waihlnaton lint thero are not a
few people nrrrrtbolos who watched his
courtship with delightful Interest and curiosi
ty and who now say with smlilnu compla
eenoy I told you so There was nothing
partlculnrly romantic nboat too Generals
court lop but It wits a trifle out of the ordl
nary fur it wan directly uuder time eye ot bla
daughter lire Andrews
Indeed the majority the Itoldyou
ao people now deelaie that lira Andrews
planned the campaign to speak for her
father Mm Andrewa Is I the OenernlM only
riauahler and la I the wife of Lieut A err An
drews the army bite is one of the most charm
Inc women In army circles Tile General has
one con now atiecond Lieutenant In tbe army
He 11 l not howerer Ilka his dIstinguIshed
fntbrr a Graduate ot Vveit Point but IA 1 one of
the only two appointments from Ihi cit tI lIt
made by Fresldent Uei eland Voting Bijbe
fleld has never haul a soil place In Washing
ton but snrs his country at a frontier post
Ever sine the death nf Mrs tiohotleld which
oocnried in Washington about four years ago
Gen BcbolUld his daughter and soninlaw
bar made one family and bar mad their
tan on CODno1 cut avenue It Is the fashloa I
able quarter but the house Is one ol the most
tllln sire and appearance Mrs Andrews
Is ihe hostess but without doubt her father la I
the brail Lieut Andrews is I a tcoond Lieu
tenant and all know that thu pay of tbat grade
Is extremely small It is I true he Is on the
General stiff which makes his position Ibo
brst possible fdr a Second Lieutenant
It was to this modest home that Miss Ell
bourne came two seasons past to spend tho
winter as Mrs Andrew guest They were
the warmest friends und tinted their friend
ship back to KOhonl dayn There Is no reason
to suppose that In this luSt visit tbo thought
of matrimony entered the minds of the Gen
eral and his dnuahtera BUst But It Is I not so
certain that kls daughter was not eren then
plannmt her fnlhm utuie Bomo people
tailed her n Aery rash wrfninn and others
said the Is bllol1noe to ceo what the end will
bo she I tnaklnc It tho easiest thins In the
world for her bluer to marry again But
Mr Andrews was nrltber rash nor mind bbs
was tlevur Hbo brought about a flank move
ment and beaded ofttbe enemy
At that tune the nosslps had the General
offering his band and heart to the widow oi
len Klllpalrluk They said limo darktyed
South American widow would have accepted
hint but for her two young daughter The
dauBbtors net their I YOlns test down firmly
against their motbars second marriage and I
10 preveut It nMtnased to hurry her away from
Washington Nor waa the end here No sooner
were this possible stepmother and two possi
ble stvpslstew alyat aeTlslanee than Ibo
matcbmaklnK element began new designs o
the General Another widow was found and
dinner parties were so planned as to bring bar
and the General together as guest Probably
It looked to Air Andiews us to other people
that sooner or later the General would have to
h > e married to somebody As an only
dsngbur her happiness as well so bis was
Involved In a second marrIage Therefore
why 11 he not marry the 1foplIn Qr f her
cboksJf the ecrpetlment proved his choice
I also tiiinlt wa that her friend Miss HI
urno became hr IIJCIL anti very soon like
u j
one of the family She wished her friend to
see at muohot Washington society possible
They went out together but frequently the
General alone etoorted his daughters guest
In a kind fatherly manner His daughter and
her truest made lilt eyeninas ro attractive at
porno that I tile General was less Inclined to en
tot Into outside pta oren
lly this time the matchmakers were dlsconr
aced and bad ten him nnaa a widower not
likely to marry aealn Berne of them said he bad
cared too much for bite Kllpatrlck to marry
any one else I All this tba clever Mrs Andrews
accompllshfd filii Miss Klibournea first visit
wftinngaln ibis rear MII lIboumeeAmefOra
leon4 tsttit ceomeuitbe mot natural tltlnto
YeTyDotzy Aithseasonwsnton AIAndrellI
wltboutln tbeieastseeniing lodoan shifted
IIQ81fre of entertaining hilt father to Mist
Kllbourne Thus leneralis ery found of cards
and at daughters reuuet Ills Kllbourne
would sit up to lhtY with him KIbOUtne
drew retired to her loom or devoted br
eronlncs to the newest maaazlnn or novel In
a thousand way known only to a clever
woman Mrs Ahdrown rnanipod her IAth r
aDII Burst to the desired end At tbo same
lime with most innocent irankness the would
riror to bar fnend at luncheon and when
railing disarming all suspicions until gossips
were so pnzzlod they said thy dlcnc know
what to think Jf the General had anr loon of
marrying Miss Ellbourno of course his daugh
ter never suspeotod It
60 this friendly rourtshlp went nn with
cards aided aad encouraged t > y the Generals
daughter When the time came for Miss hill
bourne to return hamo to Iowa Mrs Andrews
had made hlr 111111 nor lr to her fatbora
happiness Time General was very much in lovp
so much BO that h n he started off on his
tour ot Inspection A lorlnight ahead of time
the War Department sot an Inkllne of tbe
cause To say they were surprIsed would
hardly express It Thnt the General should
marry was something had pot thought ef
Mot ihnt hn regarded na IIn old man Tnonirh
well tuned 00 be Is remnrkablf preserved
and look much younper than his year
Gen Bcbofloldlatwontyflie I yearn older than
his bride Ilut he Is I an attractive man whoso
sincerity and clexotJon would bo likely to win a
young woman
Ills Kllbnurnf is neither Vieantlnl nor friv
olous bite it l nttractlvo In her pleasing man
nura and amiable peiltlon In personnl ap
ICKrnnlIO ahu 11 blond small and slender
HO alender as to PURR for thin Bite Is 80 and
huts he > n eniwigh nf the world not to be Carrie
away tit Tnslilnctnn gaiety Natnrallr she
wilt receive much attention But ane is a woman
or inlet lutes nn1 probably bi card llallnlt
wilt eontinns how that she Is 111 fact one nth
Illmllr yon mu1i lie It did whoa she was like
ono 01 tbo IIIIIU
Burr myyjaa nxoaaAVUKD oox
Tho New York tVblut ClnVe 8ekaao for
Ridding Shelf of TiiUatlTB rtnBB ra
There la I an expression of peculiar satisfao
thou and content upon tho lac1 of the gentle
men who gather at the rooms of tho New York
Wnlit Club nowadays to have a Quiet rubber
There aro not BO many c aa there used to
be last winter and the loss of a game does not
entail the transfer of quite so ranch money
In those two thtnca lies Ibo cause of the ex
pression mentioned above
On March 23 the Now York Whist Club after
an existence of six years went Into liquida
tion consigned itself to receiver and coated
to exist When the club was originally organ
ized thero woro sue i gentlemen as J Perpont
Morciin Calvin S Due It Ellen Anderson
in tho list of members As this list swelled
there came Into the club a new element which
not only broke the rule of silence from which
tho came takes its nnme but also played for
stakes of startling nits The result was loud
complaints over losacs and curses hurled at
the bead of tho winners The quiet nation of
ibe duo memier blp eoelnc that the duD was
liable to become n gambling iimtltutlou re
solved to disband the club and then reorganize
it leaving out time heavy winners and also the
bo on Moron 23 the club went out of exist
once Soon afterward tho club efleots and the
lease ot the rooms at 18 West Thirtieth street
Wero put up at private salo and were bopcbt
In by the quiet whlatforwhlsts sake part of
tbo old clubs membership On May la new
Whist Club wan organized All the old mem
bers were included except fifteen who were
deemed unnecessary to the prosperity of a
uieI whlstplaylne orcanltatlnn Hr E
llery Anderson was elected Freeldent
iver since May 1 the new club has occupied
the old rooms baa ben served by ibe old
steward and has enjoyed countless robbers in
a peace the dub has not known for two years
before The new incorporatoro announced
early thl week are E Ellen Anderson J
Hobart Derrick Mathan Morgan J u Hous
ton Henry 1 Talmaage John O Creamer W
B Potts Vf a hIred Jt and Woodward
Brooklyn > WIk dt Little Girl SaveS
from a Term 01 Ipilioat
Thlrtoonyearold Luey Foote has the repu
tation of being the wickedest little girl In
Brooklyn She was left on orphan several i
years ago and for some time waa under the
care of Mrs Ayres a relative of 129 North Ox
ford street About a year ago Mrs Ayres lost
all control over the sir and had her placed In
Bt Michaels Homo at Mamaroneok One night
Lucy attempted to burn the institution hut
only succeeded In severely burning herself
She immediately sent back to her friends
In Brooklyn and taken to the City Hospital
Even before she had recovered from the effects
other barns she bocscae so objectionable at
the hospital that tho matron was very glad to
cetrld of her
Superintendent Wilkin of the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Children then took
the girl In band and baa bad her In several In
stitutions xesteidnr however when Lucy
was taken before Police Justice Walsh as a
vagrant Mr Wllktn was forced to admit that
the girl was wholly unmanaseable and that be
thought that nothing except a loner term of
imprisonment would cure her She was be
SAid tbe hardest COO that bad ever come
under his observation
While Mr WDLln was matins this atatn
mentLney herself stood In front of the bar
looking personification Innocence Jus
tine Walsh wan about to sign the papers for the
girls exile to UandallH Island when Mr Arm
strong the kindhearted missionary r cam
iurwnra aD1 imsaQu mai mo Bin miens nero
one more chance Justice Walsh granted her
reonoit and Mr Armstrong will send the
girl to a home In Massachusetts
nusr TOOK nia BRIDE AWAre
IniKBltr Come to a Brl4 icroom who wee
Arrested for Abdactlon
NOEWICH N Y Juno IB There Is a aad se
quel to the elopement and midnight marriage
of flora A Eccleiton only IS years old tbe
pretty daughter of Devlllo Eocloiton a well
todo farmer and Warren UoVlttle one of tbe
fathers farm hands The pair eloped to this
place and were married bare at midnight by
Judge Nash who was called out Of boa Next
day the angry father followed them her and
had the young bridegroom who is I hlmetr rIOt
ret 21 arrested for tuetnlt II child under
mllrrlUltllble due As dqvittbe 18 I poor and
wall unable to furnish ball he was locked up
In the county jail to await trial The Implaoa
ble father then reclaimed his daughter and
took her back home where abe has since re
mained In strict seclusion
Th unhappy bridegroom felt keenly the dis
appointment of bla hooea and tbe Ignominy of
his Imprisonment He grew moody despond
ent and restless The other day no became
violently Insane gesticulating wildly and
filling the jail with ftC frantlo cries He Im
agined that some one was murdering his
bride and be shrieked and rated In wild agony
over her fate The pbrslolana who were sum
monad to pass upon his mental condition de
clared tbat he wan Buffering with acute mania
and recommended that be be taken to the
Bfngnarnton mat HoaiJtal for the Insane for
treatment lie was taken there In irons a
mere wreck ot tbe hearty and geodlooklnjt
Mormon Ctrl Detntntd at tbo Barge
Two of the prettiest of Itt Mormon prose
lytes who landed at the Barge Office yesterday
from the Cuba line steamship Nevada were
debarred because they admitted that they bad
come here under promise to work oe servants
in the family of L fI Anderson of Epbralm
Utah Col Weber suspected that they would
bold relations other titan those of mere domes
tic but he could not hold them I on suspicion
only They lire Marl and Alma Janltn aged
respectively 17 and 18 and they are from Den
mark Like all the rest of the Immigrants who
came with them the were doubtless Instructed
to declare that they did not intend to practise
Solygatny but they obviously were not told to
dn that they had made an engagement
work for Anderson They are cheerfulfaced
sunnyhatred bln eyed girls and look cap
Die ot performing the hardest of housework
He Forgot If IB Wire KaUeu Name
riTTsnunan June IBMrs Wllbelmlna
Matobambercbrr living as a Jomestio at 501
Carson street this city WAS found dead In bed
this morning It it supposed that heart die
ease caused death At the Iniueat this morn
log the womans husband provoked the Cor
oners indignation by claiming thatll had for
gotten his wIfe a maiden name They were
married only six months ago lie said be only
made 112J a day ana could not afford to
bury her
ZP BJS SAD totomr MORE on 151
OrelBt Wonldni Slave Stirred the Ftp asS
The Ha on the Boiler to Warm Illmaeir
Oon tractor Cbrlitepher Henry l laying water
mains throush the Southern Boulevard Until
last Saturday be employed Aroenuno Maffla
to watch Able portable boiler and to see that
thieves did not run away with tools at night
On Saturday Maffla seems to here needed
some little excitement to vary the monotony
ot tho many sleepless nights he bad spent en
the lonely country road watching for thieves
who never came for ho invited Blacksmith
Frank Markentoul to step over his nay and
set shot Markentonl obligingly compiled and
Mama shot him in the neck Detective Brady
looked Maffla up and Contractor Henry had to
dud another watchman
lla lound Mieliael Orslnl who lived at 821
East lllth street Or lbl was a Coot watch
man but knew nothing stout boiler except
that they dispensedonniddfrabte heat even Ui
the open air This knowledge cost blip
blslllo yesterday The bolltrhad been rooted
MOO Jest south of Home street on tie byuihorn
Boulevard it Is a lonely mud npariely built
up and the wind whjallei keenly across it
alter midnight Wednoianv The engineer had
carefully banked limo Urea aud the bnlior was
pretty nearly as cold oa the surrounding at
mospheif Uralni was chilled thtouttb
ha ctlrred up the fire In the boiler and when
it began burning briskly be climbed on top nf
the boiler to warm himself Bteam generated
tupldly and at 630 oclock the boiler exploded
with a report which shook the neubnorlnK
homes Thus shell of the boiler remained In
tact but both ends and ibo She box blow out
The boiler Is about 20 eel lone The tori of
the explosion turned It otar endways The
weight attached to time safety yalta wm bnrlod
1100 hit no the Boulataril and a bony plank
used to brace up the boiler followed It but
neither did any damnce j
The nelghburs tlockoil Into the alreei and
onus nf thdra found Orslnl lying twenty leot
away fom the wrecked boiler His body wa
ft mqss or bruises lie was Injured internally
and hal been evcreTy Bbirdodby lbs eaoatilne
steam llKwaaientto the Harlem Hospital
Wbero he died at 11 oclock
A 8w r of 5 Cornea to Tow
PiiTratJRon June lbTbe attention ot the
people about lbs Central Depot hero wait at
tracted yesterday afternoon tea swarm of bees
which appeared to be settling on the bluff
south of tl o track They finally became
lodged on a rock and the end of a tie close to
the Panhandle tracks Qeorso Johnson a sta
tion usher knew all about bees in his younger
days and determined to get that swarm lie
procured a bushel basket and a large table
cloth and soon had the bnes captured Other
station employees were amazed to ace the fates
crawling over his hands without stinging him
There was nearly ubuxceiof them Johnson
took them tn h s borne in Wllklnsburg Where
they came from Is a roytorr There have
been no bees in Pittsburgh since the Janitor of
the old market kept a swarm in the attic
BaseSt for th Stranded Chinese Attorn
The Chinese Free Masons ot Molt street BTB
getting utxa benefit for the bankrupt Chinese
actor The first performance was clvon last
evening at 10 Bowery to a big crowd of ChIna
The acton bad replevlned their theatrical
BluurCBH juumerTmi sit
Snarne S8FtmMU stHaoaati 3ti
Cadynook B 291 Oovjitaad E 481 nUOat 7 38
A rrtTcel TacaiDtv Jutes IS
Ft sute et N vd Stale Movlll
51 Cay ot tails Wattle U > erpooL
hi Kpr WtlUnrod Kontbampton
C vordUnl Mckeji Antwero
M Qallli Ferguson jnitnilown
ci bpaaruaam Bouer Kotferdam
5I mine llailgnd Ulbara
HKtberlr Roblnion Si alt
a loath PortltnJ Faust Aanatto Day
SI recite Ah lleJim
facberok Bean Jacitonvltl
Earoiimctty Bennttt Portland
hi Old Dominion loneb Rlcomond
tiCltv ot Atlanta Dole Aorfolk
OfliT of ntchourr Bibber Fall Hint
Bark rrxlwa Andr in La Rubella
IFor later arrtrali us First ts5a t
jaiuniD our
Bi Obdam from hew York at Honiara
M Patio rronNew York oa Onnnett Head
Hi Krttannle from New ort at QaeenitowB
u Itabimla from new York at Hamburg
Ba Bib from isw york OH Scllly
sultan iso maCian nan
Be Brsowrbavsu e oBi Kotterdam fr Nw Tort
8 KaiMr Wlibelm IL from SaaibamptoB for New
Tor Ic
Fe PasTor from Uvrpool for Kew York
Oi TeatonU fmm Oaeenitown for New Tart
5a City of Cblufo trom Qaeeaitown for hw York
ecTioma iruxuin
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ZeUs aoss Itttitltan
Cherofc Charlestoni oo ru
tillabiif baraapab iTiu a oor x
Salt Tomorrow
AiIsainntonllO0tI 12 oo it
Ameurdam ltottrdm > 2 00 A M 4OOAK
AnotoerU < JU < m 1WOP M sxoeZ
Anraal Liverpool llisOA I M a OP p IL
Kennndi M rolXi0Ws3
City or S4T non MTinDib sour x
Cludad Candal itTOSLIOWA H aoati
Colon Colon 10UOAM iz31
la nenrroine Hairs HOOK 4rauAK
ityadslJoesniIown12iJ M asor M
flrtraballavaoailsxAL trap M
Rout Hamburg 4i ir H
Ela Bremen li30AII AlflO A H
tsezusla LagsayraliuOA U lOOMt
taroxita swaniliN
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BrTpUanHonareb London Jan S
Fofynetla Steltln Uay 29
Urmtnlo Qneenitown JJB 11
America London Juue T
CUT of llamaMoytU VVV > June IS
Wrra BontbainptoB Jnne it
AM Saturtati Juni X
AtristaVietorlaSouthaiptoslufle IS
Mineu llmbdr June e
HUM lUmbur June o
luu Gibraltar Jcne
Due Sunday Jun 2L
atria Qrasnuownlens 14
Aletk QueeuMwa Jnn U
Brelan H rre June 13
toiler inTr June u
Dtu Monday Tune22
WuhtatoaOhiraita 3 a
Ounc Urirp001 June 1J
Oily of WaahthgtoaItavaitaJun IS
rinnlaad Antwerp Jon 10
Cut rvtntav IbM 21
Tower Dill London Jun e
Pasta llavr Jan s IS
Alier Soitbtmpton JAi IS
FrlMlano Antwerp Jun IS
upIitt o1Lccg
Mci Wlsilowe Moothlnc Hrrnp for children
Itetbtnc torteni 115 worn redncei imtammaUoa at
lays pain curs wind colic Ui coot a ootUe
tlon UiMd 5 StandIng Cellars
fir ummsy T1KIKO niOU KOLLEK
Anchor Brand
SHIRTS ar the but A trial connncee
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S S 55 4
sTOWAttT tM4 uroadway ii r TeIDhaneaaIli7ib
tSsSze Jersey thy Cr5055 sad rumnujs waLebpna
tirtrtth and Iris 7lpboae Call J a gs ia
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wad fur BreeenHnK Ibe Seth SAl tAiUlKQ AMU
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Fipooiitorlte cur conetlp u n sat plU < 1aas B < < i j
BtaJarw MUU Cl8tbaysimgailiogjislo
Jan 171881 at buvlll Staten Island H Tby
the Rv Dr Tocnm Annie Vat daocbUr ot Henry
Jaad fboib A Betulne to Stephen DaIsy Crceber
en of Richmond BtaUn liland N r
COOKK BRIOQ8On Tbaridar June IS at 41S
Monroe it Brookljn by th Rv J Rllohle Smith
Parch Trowbrldt Brlrc dii bterf Sarah Irow
brld e and yrancli Brim to Frederick Hal Cook
aiflPFITlIIIIOUMOn Wdneidy June 17
at the reildnce ot lbs brldiiannt Mrt E J CriB
by the Her R H Itlcbardmn P D Ella Lonli
Bloota of ties York city to Pr Timothy Orlflth ot
Froitburt Md
GUTTZEITOUnLOn Wcdneidiy Jan IT la
Brooklyn by tb Ber Jacob W toot Marl Oubl
to F Fag Oalltelt No card
XVDIUWHWIFTAt Chrltt Cbnreb Kiir
rrnnewlck V J on Tueedir June IB by be ithI
Rev Bishop FCMkorotKb auliled by the Der E a
Jojce minim loodwla Lnllow to Joetphlne nigh
arts Swift diuthterof MeBee Swift
rARKERHKIOUTOn laSs Is issi at Bt
John Cbipll BUrmtord Coon by ks Rev Wit
lilni Tallock D D aiilited by tlie Rev Edward
RUi tAhiti Wirden dinzbter of WlllUm W Ekld
dy to Wlllard Tartar Jr of hew York
VAHmAKrrCKIn rnublnr N T on Wednei
diy erenlnc Jane 171 2502 at lbs reildenee of the
bides luxbir by her brother 15 lev losso Feck
aiiUlid by Ihe ltv J Cerptnter Erallb 6 T V
ary riiricn davtblir of ilio lit Iliac Peck to
Ckarlci Oner V uar ot this city
ANOEVINEit rialaflild M J on Tucidiy Iou
IS of heart dlieiie LewIs > Angina In tbe ola
ymr of bit su
Interment to tab plate at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Tarrrtown M T OB FrIday aftirnoon Joie la
BECUEH Jun 17 Chants K ficker yoonieit
son of tbe lt liarrint Becker
Foaeral iirvUit the iMldrnceof W J Blmonten
toot of > Vid lt n Astoria tent Itland Friday
motnlni at II oo ock Intirmtnt rrlvati
BIAKrAll ralrUt Illnen OKeaE Blke arid
Fnaeral from ike rteldeai of bli mother 110 East
Can it OB Friday at 10 oelook A H
BOND Oa Tbortday afternoon Jan IS 1801 HB
ale Day wlfl cf William Bond and dagibttr of Ibe
late Jauia I Oy ot Hnrwlch Ogaa
Velio ef tiiiral biriiftir
BOBBERTEnUred late rst iii 1 U a qWt4
4 rs1oeekPMImi1likh4n4weefib
CbsrlsDOa5rtMD jo
funtrai eeirteei I7IfM1154 111131
Itsthit bitwoasiraai stats has kiJE A
oclock P M IatrmnatWcid1siw r fJ f j
ANNIOANOB fP X siU f at bit nil >
Ant kit Bt 7M tt JoltS Branalna bf 1 v <
wtnoun < n Uterr i tfeniatut
funeral will take psertdsy 20th i5t MRlt past v <
IPlt ratrmnt la Calnry Otttcurr 4if
BVRRM Yttds1ess < 18 at nartfert Ceasw 4
Th Moa tJ aiMaa < Mary flufl of iOIAlbasyS
aged i month t
CAVANAOHOn louday Jut It at VHlUas
residene 1 88 Hint rnaMKWtWto 1
Tuairl l rrlday at2 ocloct I
00 NOn TTtaattdty 3 foe 7Ipbls4lst of
Shyer Cohn cml beloved mothro31dd1il
ruatrtl Friday morntoi hiU put b tromtsyiaLp
rsslhrooseEatS3la t
COLtOlUAs his h ems at tte 17Cm 4Iha
corner et 18th 51 at 3 AM Wda day Jn t
lIes WUlUm II Colnaao son it Ihti late WlUUat
Ikand narrl rpit > Colb6iiB i f > fi
hnrt l from Cimurchof Truitflontjtii 3Mkt1
near Ilk av iI443 IiuiS 19 It A1L 7bU
In vii onuioI3
deiphis papbrrn Oy
Tcurnnior Lbs ° 8 natti1t > tntat pG L W4i
r4astd to attta l Its taiitrtl cf WmU < letbiaJ
ruy K at Oawoh ot u ira ttf trMkuvTrt a
dayJuaeloatotiAM 4
DwAgD 0 A vtftk loiiL t S
COXOIIT > Ctiilit ph r < J0 Mltyt nd4n1gdS
t bin late tulsidJi1b UxtMUMt ar lit of
X lntlcotfunsrplbsrsaLtr i I
CORIIKTY TDda xMJja s fi nnatlnf
floipltal EU > abtlh ° C rpt otOoWla IrkUufl M u
herimtth yeai0 ° U j nul bsIttcj 9
coRl8HOBjim iTathVl rH iif r rlr i h
al Ilobekio X A rblllp Corlth la ib < iStb ftat
at lilt 5E4
RtUtlrci sitS friends are r pcetfaly invited to ae >
trnilttt fnatral on rnday monitor IUIO frost
tti Church of Onr Lady of One S
BAJQIl aHAt E t 115th tl Jut I7V4W1
Jamti Walters paUtltaib cd 18 1 yeera rj I
Fantrit itrvieti en llaiiurdat vtalnc at 8 oitook S
DAVIDSONu4denI7Juit Itt aOWNiti
it ot frlsMi dtuai C OrIsusLlDsyldsossgctm ii
to years SOB ot hi UU Cbatk M almiZZlZ V
Darldiea S <
Stlatlrei Mid frlradi ot the family are rHpMtnctf
lamed U aittod bit tinr > 1 from ITS Hatta aT4 j 4
Ruolay lees 21 at 3 oclock r M i i
DtlDIKYOa Wcdnudar lees IT LIDcIba
Conn Carh D Doubly aiil < B reen i
Interment it Durham Conn >
JEItJ It K Suddenly oa Jnn IB int at depict rtj >
denca 4IO Cut BUb it Aroi 0Lsary wits oi
Glens flioha i > < i
Funtral lerrUei on Friday at 0 A M ttb Cbnroh
of laty < or Good Counell EutfXKh tt ihatie Mv
Calvary CemeUff i t
FAIlKKrtBodd on Jan 19II her re
d BH si Weil Mitt itJtanar vldaw f Jfbsy S
Frretl fedBTyinr r f
Salerno piau ot riqulem to b iUbrte4 ai Obnt V
otEt Paul time Aioetli on FrIday at lOiJutleV
ilitlru and frlendi ar respectfully luvlnd M
attend vIidty omit flurry it
PARflISOn the IStbiuul FrarcsOdaubteyol S
Jajnei P ana Charlotte Farr
the rtlattv and frleiideof Ib family i rrtpetk i
fully Invited attend thefoneralal hirUtemV
dent 219 Welt 17th it OB Frllay atttraooB all <
e clock 5
rEIDMANNHermiti n on fans IB 1801 ion of i
tlilate IItrain UrdmIanaalMintaIsIdmaumhj
led 34 yiiri
Fnniril rrlta e
OARDNEnOnTnMdF Jon lit Toisayu
aIr i da7 at the residence ol bU otClDT Bit
at Procure
Member ot hew York and Droeklm hranfein Ae3
fim ted Society Emilneen andXarlnilsMdgs S
L 00 F ar iBTltidto attend tb funsl oa Frli
diy Jon 19 at 31 M at Calvary CsasWty
OEI IKB On Wdneiday Jon 17 la KeTorV
Lontea U tiler az d s jian and a rconth
Frtendeir tnilud to astute the fnaeral from 1C
lulllwi it on Friday atternoon at I o clock
COODEII OB Tuesday Jnn lt st New I1aTr
Coal Fatty GcodaU wldiwof Jcjeih uoodell
Frlendear Invited to attend lbs ftnenl from hey
11 mldeac 13 UotcbllM et oa Friday eturnooo S
at lo clock 5
HUKISON Tuuday Jon IB William Uar >
thou native otoouitr Artnatb IriUnd q >
Fnnlral from bll lati reildinc B44 Kaet ITtb it oa1
Friday Jan 1ft at 1 F M Bellttw iU Jrleuds >
BrereipetfaUyavUdt altiad ur S i
HA TIMOa Moaday Joule 15 VUllam J IT rf
Interment private J
BKOBBN WdnKy Juice IT Cleorne Auras
na lnr rft ann nf flinrr Annum nil flitS S 9
Blair Udd
Funiral rrlvat S
JACKSONOn Tatiday Jose IS M ltw adISI 7
Ckinp Margaret r wit ot rndiiick H Jtckoon4
a il 8a year 3 moathi and 8 daya S
Frl od > are inviteS to atttod the funeral from btit
lat ritdnc 168 Iltary at on Friday
1601 Charles U KalbfleUcb Mm et IbsiM Manic
KalbCtltcb >
Fnntral utTleti will be btld at his lat r siJuosj S
TT t49tb it on Frlaay laos 16 silO M
KKNNID Yln Nw V rt en tb lfll > lait flrya
Keantdy a > id 6S ytara S M iiiR iif
Frlenai are Inrltid to attend tis tpuiyat ffoqill
W thawk ait on Friday afwrnoonju 1 oelict
tM0n WsdnOa lay JUBI 17 BaUbBa V a
b < Ammon lnnirC4thy ar j > VH
runcril Friday June IB at 3 r M frm43 Ta t
athat litlatlTti and fd ndi mpMtCullr larJlsSj
MANEEOB Wednesday Juno 7 at ToutBTlllCj
Staten Island llarsaritta blwart wit of kllaa Ki
llanto T v i
MOItBIIK On the 16th loot JtbnMorrU ar diT
yitraand 11 noatbt
The relatives and friends ot Lbs family and tbmsma
b ri of Templar hodga No 30 y aimd A 31 Lv re
pictfally larltd t > attend Ib funerals 11 tjq
inline 129 nut aid it tbu rrtcayatternos i
at 2oelo k laltrmtBt at OrtenwooH
McCARTIV Wtdoitday Jnni 17 IS9 HOeS
atmi William Eldttd younger ion ot lUnryJ aad
licCartin 1r S <
FraiicMRMflCarttn >
Strrlcn wilt U held at the parents rtildn SM
S S i tsr
oats ar crootiyn on rna f dune it iwi iw
jLt Inttrmtnt prlvatiJ r ll i
MeORATII Hrldtiport ConnenWe < l iA ny
Jan 17 Nary oOtat tj ag44Pysr wLob
Friend ars Invited Watteitd tb faairalroi A
lAte reildence 13 Lumber IL on Frldiy forenoon af
Btto oclock and from su Aurnitluei CburcViii 8P
oclock S il Jifc it
ncttOn wdaidiy JnnIT at ff tUT l
Ceo Wllllem 1efk Mde7yt IA S
yrlende are Invited ittnd the fuotrel lfrmhja4
reildenc TVnainiton > Wit I1avsde6nO
Bitardiy alurnoen at S otjlotl f > > tOY
prCKOn Tueidij June 1 as Wooabrldfi Oeaij 4 4
Mr Jotmrcfca d7Uyre lf < v
Frlende ar Invited 10 attend the fuc ril from <
late roildenci tn Woodrtde Cohn onFriair atii V
noon at 2PJVclOCk l v 1
POTTRKSiiddelyoa JOB fllltaetoTrIIWr
widow ft otibirt Potter ibiP >
Funeral lervioi at her III nildencA Rlviraldv
Conn to day at lliSO A M Cariike wit rIeo
Ib train tearing the Grind 6ntrll Dep t IO1
via hew York sad New Hiren JUUro dffrtnd p S
will kindly omit dower i S
HO8EAI billets leildence St Welt 18th it 9rJ
S UF Bon in the f9th ysarofhissg E
BWKKNTOBTneeday the ICth Ineust biilte
a rce 136 WitJ4 el Gbirli Sweeny t i
ynntril services at lbs Church of Bt VUteBi de f fn > 7
2Sd it betwtin vtb sad fib arc iedsy aJUJ <
A M nli1ri and filial ar rtipettrdn laillel I
to attend Interment IB Calvary Ctmtittr1
VrAIKEBln Kew Tork on tbTth HUHulJ
Talkr re8SyirindenxonU <
Friend ire Invited tO attend the fsatral from IT > <
Klnfit on Krlilarorenoon ate ocl cknij ffiati J
gi AnthonyiCbureaatDauoeloek tatirniat4
TrAI3tfOBW4oMdy June 17 IMI at bliisiit
reilitcace 7S DaKalb IT Broiklys Joe ib TliV
Bnatliri ind frlendi ar Invltidloattial ttitfancrV
on mtorJny mernUir t 10 oclock frem Ih rilnrfOiv
of BI Ambroie corner DeXalb ap9 Tkom klai i 2
IMerrpenl la Calvary Cemetery J > S
nrARNEBla Brtd iB rt Cotta on WJn
JIB IT William Warner and lOyeir IL
yrlendi are tattled ti attest ibe fuBeVat > 4nti
liureifdeno Uolerado av oa litnrdly Jkeoigtrj
all oclock
WltLCOIOa Jnn In lOP itadlinr t
ral laflb heart Ana Klliibetb Wllleax > lte e
Albert TYIIIcol if ewUE1bSosI1ethIi14
and daughter or 0S late JuBiii K MialUemef ttuii
city i il JIO P
cons Willis ten ol W WlnkIro 1l7 1I44
it emintbi II i
Fsneral rrlvit J tr 4

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