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I I ii l WL
Yi o U 1IrJ
r f I I r
J other hospital to Bsllevne or while they art
oPtl being tal1 room from toe ambulance Into tbe ar fl
Olllng to mind an lnslnnoebe described t
M one ot the most pitiful and Inhuman Inol
r dent ot hl I recollection i wa standing at
1h8 en iron ce ot thi rxiceptlon room one day
last rear when o I eelt Hospital nmbu
100elyl 10101a
Jut drove up It contained awounn very
low wltn eonsumpilon Our attendants saw
she was dying and they lifted I bor out er
r gently Parcnjy had we laid her on a stretcher
when she died The ambulance snrgeun had
not waited an Instant attor unloading hac
Tehlele andalready he was rrllnl loloadtol 01 We
o aled to him that the patient WI dead He
rlnnedvwaved his hand and kept on de
llftbMd thst hnliBdgoi the case as ba Oi lled
It unlpadM in time to count on tbe Bellevua
mortnlltr reoortl Instead of on that ot his own
Olpll Many and many a case of Inhuman
rorAr would freer the blood of any man
with a parti > ie of sympathy In him 1 have seen
St the buds of thorn ambulance surgeons
i Ithas happened several times that nmbu
lanoes from ota hospitals bringing
natlanlo NCerlng with scarlet ever typhoid
fever and other contagions diseases have
be en driven to the ltllevue entrance have
depoaited their patlefits on the sidewalk aud
driven oft without waiting to see anybody
dren of Ibout alnl or
bal any renort of the ease And I very re
nuently nappeni that < ane are brought and
loft wtihont ny history of thn case oouno of
treatment wbion ha been pursued Ac
The motive for ciich outrages Kotnllo
bole outrlles Notllo
Retber to keep dpwn the death rate of tho other
bospltala I Is I the trun patient who ore al
l as tho ones to b treated thus outrageously
Tbe semlpublle bosnltnls nave outraaooUSlr
tranrldeaot their dUI s to tbe vor They
reserve tbe right to reject or get rid of any
MO they plea The only tree cases IB or
I want are those of great medical or surgical In
terest Let the moans ot nny ordlnnn patient
beoiime exhausted and be in 1 pace off to
Beilevne no matter what his condition Tho
officers mot mater hospitals are absolutely
pltllea and hoiirUesa this matter They
ear nothing whalovorot the effect oc removal
on patients The wont offenders t lloonovolt
Chambers Mtreet and New York The lrosb
tcrUn cornea next The mOlt ornol of l 1 bo
lieye is the Ilooserolt management
Warden allon who recently went from
Beilevne terday to tbe charge of the Tombs ell joe
1 must cay aa a oltlren and In the Interest
ot humanity that gross outrages are fre I
quently commlttea In sending ilrluc men and
women through the streets from tbo other hoe
Vital to Bellevun I I not a physician and
you must talk to medical men about the lnt
e foa of this practice but I know as a man
that It Is heartlosit and inhuman
Dnrlng Warden Fallens term at Bellevue he
constantly protested against the course of the
other hospitals In sending to Bollevue patients
In extremis or in a condition which was seri
ously damaged by removal I did little good
Thn doctor at the lioosoveltCcatnbors Htieet
Hew York and Presbyterian take such
free cases as Interested them a long as
they worn Interesting and no more E
tremo and arbitrary rules to prevent
tbe dumping ot patients nt the hospital
Without any record of theIr cases wore nec
essary The Warden was even compelled to
Instruct tbe attendants to use tnrto to prevent
the ambulances from other bosiltals from
leaving the grounds without furnishing some
history th coses tborhad brought liven
now patients 1n frequently left without any
reoord of their sloknens us in the case of Mrs
Freeman and much precious time is thus lost
besides adding to the danger inolved
The members of the Hellovuo Hospital staff
peak In tbe strongest terms or condemnation
of t this practice of the other hospital I con
nually happens that death Is I Listened per
hap caused by these Inhuman transfers said
a house surgeon at the hospital yesterday
The dumping of patients here from other
hospitals without any record of their lllnesa
and treatment is the most parlous feature of
nc evil to my mind bo continued with great
arnestness M That Is a practice which should
be lorbldden by law for thoro scorns to bn no
other way t step it Protests do no good
lInt while nearly all the llellovue physicians
are willing to speak emphatically in general
terms condemning tho present practices they
arc not willing to criticise In specido cases
Therein lies the secret of tho existence of so
treat a offence agt loot humanity for so long 0
time It would b e unprofessional to criti
else the course of a brother practitioner That
Is what has kept the damning ala from the
public ear That Is what bait scaled tbo months
of men whoso hearts have often burned with
indignation over outrages which would bo
enough to start en a riot 1 witnessed bJ plain unprofessional I
xnere js jose one worn inai propeny oe
eeribes some ot the Infamous things that are
told ot the treatment of dying men and
t Women bJ these institutions Murder Is the
I only name that fits the enre I It be not mur
der t wilfully shorten human life by violent
Or unnatural moans then what name shall be
riven to the crime The cruelly the Inhu
manity of the thing are almost incredible and
bard t understand Seven dying men and
women taken from their beds on the day of
c tnelr death and driven through tbe streets of
the city And that the record of only three
Weeks I would Rom that tbe exposure of
such a practice would be enough to put a
01 to I to siy nothing of bringing share
retribution upon those wbo are renponMble for
It A gentleman who has long boon prominent
yesterday in the management of Beilevne Hospital said
l Protests again and again and again to the
hospitals which have been guilty of this awful
L Business have been frultlojs I doubt I even
f an ordinary newspaper exposure will have any
effect upon tho autocratic corporations which
Control these hospitals Their charters pro
vide that i roturn for exemption from taxa
tion and a liberal allowance Irom the Hoard of
Apportionment they slmll render such free
r service to the publle as thulr facilities anti con
venience permit Thnir public duties are very
loosely denned and they cannot ho compelled
to take any case which they rbootse to refuse
Only the Grand Jury Dodo thoroughly aroused
publlo sentiment can breuk through their cal
lous Indifference
Here is a partial explanation of the henrt
t lessness of the thing which Is unfortunately
a true one Home LoL tbo young ilnolors who
pan sue nospiiiiis nave not outgrown me pui
less Indifference to siiflerlng which early
afleotu a certain claasof medical Undents Uha
older a physician grows the more sympathetic
1 be usually become Tho unnatural callous
ness of the young students sometimes has not
worn off when they me getting their hospital I
practice and this Is ono of the manifestations
of It In no other way can 110 OUII for some
of the cruel things I haeieun In this matter
of the transfer of dying patient
Inasmuch a protects from Dellevna have no
effect in checking such gross inhumanity
will be Interesting to call puullo attention to
I the names 01 the officers the principal In
I l stitutions which nro arraigned by the hello
reoord vue staff and by the eloQuent Bellevue death
Roosevelt Hospital West Fiftyninth rtreet
t j near Ninth aviuua Pienldent John At Knox
teeretary W Iriing Clark Treasurer Morrltt
Trlmblei Superintend James J lntbrop
New York Hospital West Fifteenth utreet
Including Chamber Street under tho same
management President James lt Brown
beoretarv Henry W Crane Treasurer Cor
nelius N Bliss Superintendent Ueoree PLod
Lod tarn
Presbyterian Hospital East Seventieth
Street IresUont John t Kennedy treas
urer Ilobert L J Uelkuap Secretary Walter
Ednarda Superintendent Thomas UnIL
Bt Vincents Hospital in Wet Eleventh
A street Is In charge of the Sisters of Charity
I be German Hi spllal is ofllcerod by Theo
dore Klllan President J Zcllor Secretary
1 Bud Tbeoilote Movlns Treasuier
l shoulduf cour oho understood that many
transfers from these hospitals to HolloviU are
right nnd proper The other bo plats are
often filled with patients though It Is doubtful
I any of them are over ns badly crowded as
Believue I I the expulsion ofdrlng patients
which may well excite tho llunnllou of men
and women blessoJ with huiuau hearts and
Tbo ease of Mrs Freeman 1 U lo bo judicially
r investIgated Coronur Schulte Judicialy
charge of I was out of town yesterday hut
r be left word that ho should make a thorough
inQuiry In the matter Ho will probably Leiiln
it today
Another cae came to tho knowledge of the
Coroners yesterday In which llellevue Hospital
was ohosen OH the dumping ground for lueiua
ble br ambulance surJIonRof oilier hospitals
Abraham iarhy 41 011 old 11Iolriph line
man of 416 West 1wtntroiftb Rtrlut went 10
vIsit George P Fox Lit t1h5 Seit Tblrlyscold len
street oil Saturday bet and In leaving the
house fell I down it hatchway anti lecelvftd a
fracture of tile < kiill Ho wandered to U9 West
Thirtyeighth Street 1 A itoonovelt Hos
pital nmbulanox look him all the way across
t Utal city to liellevuo llnspltnl UK died on
Monday anti lr Wi I btone of Hello MI o who
did not know anyitiltig 01 tho titans hltorr
acked Iei > uty Coroner Wesiun to learn the
C nalso of death Deruiy Coroner Weston said
yesterday that DarbT shonH lmo been taken
tn Itooseyelt lloilul Pr Wimtnn added that
If Unrnys had boon a good surgical case be
wonld have been taken 10 llcosotelt llcsiiltnl
I know what Cm talking about added Dr
Weston J was supposed that Darby would
tile any war and ho woe dumped at Beilerue
Were tbe Flub Htrnck by Lightning
TUOUFSONVJLIK Conn Jun 21 Directly
utter I teavr thunder storm last neok quite t
commotion was noted by those who happened
to b looking on tbe Connecticut Blver Tbe
next day a number of ilead fish were seen
floating In thentlll wrvterof the shallow coves
and from here to Ilolroke Muss the saute
sight can ho reen TIiou nndx nf IHHH htur
peon pickerel Blind hirlliemN perth unit
lamprey eels may bu fouid along fcuur j
tiIf C Olliey III
Mr U C Gluey ot New York Is danger
onsly ill at her summer homo In Good Ground
L L Yesterday Dr E 0 Hackley and J W
Wright ol New York city and Or Merlins were
In atlnndnnre Mrs Qllsoy woe taken III with
grip lost spring and she not fully recovered
lrlp i lb touts old tibo ls I < > neof Inl heirs of
tbe Qiloey estate which owns much property
I t 01 VV citr inolndlng the mich ty lOUe
tl thoNU1AAYonuooAto
TkB Jstrn Democrat Masse a Ticket ad
OeBonnc the McKinley Law
OTTUUWA Juno 21 Fifteen hundred en
thusiastic Democrats assembled In State Con
vention here today Should tbe Democrats
carrr the State and redect Gov Boles the
claim of Iowa as a pivotal State In the national
campaign next year will bo too well estab
lished to b disputed
Mayor Burgess delivered tho address ol wel
come and Waltor n Butler Congressman pt
the Fourth district was chosen temporary
Cbarman In his speech he laid i
The Democratic party Is more than ever
determined to overthrow Ibo Iniquitous Me
Klnloy bill toheors and to establish In IU
stead a law bated upou the principle that all
taxation of whatever nature shall bt for rev
enue atone Applause Ibe foe coinage
plank In tbe platform of 1800 struck the key
note to the financial situation and It will
strike It stilL Cheers1
At recoP Committee Besolutlons went
to work and soon blocked out the platform
Col Charles A Clark ol Cedar Baptds placed
In nomination Gov Horace Boles for a second
tsrm A huge banner suddenly dropped Into
sight displaying the familiar I features of Got I
Dol Tbe effect was Instantaneous upon tbe
audience One mighty cheer arose and as I
Col Clark turned to the portrait and said
Democrats salute your chief the enthu
deem was almost without bounds Marc
Flcko of Davenport seconded the pom
nation of Gov Boles and In alludlp
to tho Iowa leader us ono who wait des
1010 U 010
lined to a Place on the national ticket
again aroused the deafening entbuslasin 01
Convention tienatorJlt Shields of Du
bunue also seconded the nomination There
will be a Presidential election In 1812 said he
In coatuslol and II IH there to sar that hq
who has carried bis ollnwers to too verge qr
the promised land may not then verrs fo
lowers ti the ery heart of II You know what
I moan Prolonged applause
mOln 11ro1011ed
homebody moved that Grir Boles be dt
clared tho nominee by acclamation
Let everybody arlso said the Chairman
Simultaneously 160J cheering unterrlflei
Dem < crnts aiose to tbelr fee und even It
Indies In the boxes caught the enthusiasm lod
stood up waving fans and handkerchiefs Tie
band struck upAuld Land Brno and the
nnnouncement that Bales was the unanimous
choice of the Convention was never bean
amid tho cheers I
The ticket was completed with Samuel L
Bestow of Charltan for LloutenuntGovcrnor I
1 G Klnne of 1oma county for Supreme
Judge J B Knoehler Kuperlntindcnt of Pub
Comtnlsloner llo Instruction and leter A Day for Itallroa
The platform as adopted endorses tbe ad
mlnlstratlou iii Joy Boles demands the re
peal of the prohibitory liquor law and the
passage of a carefully uuarded license ta law
demands such changes In the laws AS will In
sure under stringent rendition full and equal
taxation of every species property favor
tho Australian system for voting denounce
all trusts pools and combines declares in
al truss just liberal and equitable pension
laws Hero is the tariff plunk
Wo denounce tho Moluuley bill the motive
of its authors and defenders and the tbeory
under which ills I submitted for nnc approval of
the American pooplo We demand oiiual op
portunttles for every section of our country
and for every citizen and wo Insist that ever
oppressive fonturo of the tariff b eliminated
to the end that our merchant marine may be
restored to thn sea and the markets of the
world opened to tho producing classes The
sugar bounty In not tariff It Is spoliation of
Treasury for sneolat elass s and Interests
which are no more entitled to bo aided br the
Government than the farmers of lowu In rais
ing bOla or corn or the pioneer settlers of the
frontier in their hardships and sufferings a
tho vanguard of civilization
The platform atco denounces the wasteful
and lavish appropriations of tho lit Con
geese favors the election of United States
Senators by I direct vote of the people and demands
mands the free colnaae of silver and that it be
private made lull legal tender for all debts public and
RtpreBCBtBtlvcB of the Chilian CoBitltn
tlonalUt Here
Pedro Montt Antonio Tnros and Jose M 8t II
Cruz representatives of the constitution
Insurgent party of Chill arrived yesterday
on the steamship City of Para from Valparaiso
Pedro Montt Is the bead of the party and the
others are his Rocreurlcs They are at the
Filth Avenue Hotel Their mission here Is to
try to In Juce the United States Government to
recogulze the constitutional party and Its
Government as the real Government of Chi
Mr Montt said that before he made a public
statement be wished to read what had been
printed here He knit he was the representa
tive of the legal Government of Chill which
now bad Its headquarters at Iqulnur Of the
war bo said that President Balmaoedas
army bad won one good victory In
battle while the Constitutional party bad
won six The Constitutional Government was
perfectly organized bo said with Its Congress
and at present It was bnlng managed by a
Cbamler of Deputies pleated by the ople
Beaardlug the report that resident Balna
cede had decided or found he could raise 12
000 Ooo by direct taxation to carry on the war
he said that I Balmaceda does such a thing It
would be I good thing for ihn Constitutional
pan for the people when they were taxed
would sooner Ire of the Balmacoda reign
Requtt Park
Miss Emllle Park the oldest daughter of Mr
Charles Park of tbo firm of Park A Tllford
was married last evening to Mr L Frederic
Reqno a son of Mr E Leo lequ In the Bye
Presbyterian Church by the her Dr John
Busbnoll who was assisted by the Bay Arch
deacon Klrkby Mr I Buesell Itooua attend
bis brother best The ushers
ed ns man wire
Dr Fairfax Bush Mr Charles Lamont Mr
Joseph Campbell Mr William Matthews Mr
Frederick Ives and Mr Joseph Park a brotber
of the bride Each man wore his present from
thn bridegroom 1 lleurdclls ecarfpln of
monnstonn and pearls
Miss Addle larK In a gown of white chiffon
was the maid of honor Miss Helen Wood
Man tiles Carroll Smcy ills Addle Smith
ttd Miss Marie Park a rlster of tho bride were
the brldemahls They were In dresses tot
rose pink chiffon Saul carrion each a bouquet
of pink roses They received from the bride
gold hat pins Miss Park the bride wore i
white satin and point lace Her white tulle I
veil was held up with a ti nolovers knot of dia
monds a present from the bridegroom Bbe
carried a bouquet of orehlds and white rosn
The reception wits hold at the home of the
brides rather llldga View on North Street
Among the guests ware 11 aud Mrs John D
Bockefellar Miss Jjnraa Hpokefellar Mra
Charles Livingston Mr und Mrs ToboKrvlng
MrI 1 Lsngdon Jarring and Mr and Mra
Hamilton J lra
Kratnon Parish
The bllllaid room In the beautiful country
home ol Henry Parish at Irvlugton near Tarry
town was tbo scene yesterdAY noon of a beau
tiful weddIng ceremony His daughter Miss
Julia W Parish was married to Mr Albert P
Kmmen of Newport Miss Killth Parish
n Mis lth at
tended her I fitter as bridesmaid The two lit
tle nieces of the brldo the duughtersof Mrs
Cleveland Dodge were the molds of honor
Lute In the afternoon Mr and Mis hrnranns
ODloiod u brougham and were driven to tho
Million They will pass llienntumer at New
port where tie young bridegroom owns a
handsome place brl iroom
James F McLaugbllu of the Now York Low
Journal was married to MurgarutA Ilunkett
br tho Rev Father OFarroll at lt Tbeiesai
Church yobturday morning The bride wore a
mauvecolored travelling dress Thn brides
maid was Miss Mary A McLaughlin the
MoLaulhll tie
uniouiV sister Joseph Plunkott was best man
Many friends of the > couple
frloDls ounc were pres
ent unions them everul city offlolaln The
wedding tour will Include Niagara Falls
Montreal and the Thousand Islands Fals
Wrl bthraull
NUCUUA FALLS June 24Llout William
Mason WrIght of ho I Second Infantry UI A
lately stationed at Ton Leaveawnrlh Kansas
was married this afternpon to MalJorht nay
Jerauld jounnest laughter of the late Dexter
It Jnraulil The brine was accompanied by
her brotberlnluw the lion Peter A Iorter
Among lbs guests were the grooms Immediate
family of Newark N J and I M Toucoy of
the New iork Central RaIlroad anti wife
Collier Jonm
PETpmnuro June 21Tim non Cnl a
F Collier Mnjorof Iotor hur HIM Mips Mnry
Kpprs Jones daughter of the Inte Judge 1111
Jones wero married lodayat tbe residence
of the bride by the Bev J W Bnsebro pastor
of Table Street l byterlan Church The
bride Is very pretty and only ID years old
while the groom la as Mr and Mr Collier
bit for Old Point Comfort Colier
Fits New York and Northern Railway
hay based a summer line 11b5 now ID ffttt loh
10 1 aldlilon to be rttnlar tint table dm iira traai
ii Lake ilabepso gpteui ful train OB Uondar and
JiV ° ftYJJ 0 colsU wlllj mrtu ualai ea Ue J
eru I
ityatu t9a4Sd mnjiif 1
Nothing Like it
For giving strength and
Making puro blood
Strictly Temperanoe Drink
lay of your Grocer or Pianist
Iot nrlnnts U
nI 074 ate I1ROOUE 8T
Spring and Summer r
Victoria Wucaiirtte
Vtbrlolet Ifepot V CI
TwoIvelere tirlotn iTeekaway
Mall Ibasteas Bsrr < sfcrt i J
JandasIettes Iol 0
lMnlBH9 i ICoi4 Wwii
raneM ely Top PIlltntOK
cane hoaitways dtee fkixtOB
rtpiJer PlmetOB nnrkha rt >
VUiiVIB Vlllmc e Cart
jngn ICnnnbotil
nnry TrfiBB llerbr bID
iSneturs WBKOHB Nurrvyn
loctorx llronchnmt ChlMrvn Trmpe
Cl ItnekboBrtl HHXOU Pketes
Wmssjhstn lluckbiardl > Rackawar ADrn
Uncr Trap Victoria Ib 1auluiw
sets n aDOs Ilae Cant Ciniu Gin SliCkly
riiatua PipeS Waisas O clrl rsslou nL h
CatrUltta Runabout Casey y Victoria Iutat n
HVSINEMM WAftONsutaNulW uulanooRto
bU oU tll BT
Boulevard Killing Academy
Now at AMRURT PARk tar b sammy see
with trained mddK harass ace experIenced l rtillnf
r fU
tnuitn Applr > t Miller Toward PARK
HlAurrH xummirflrlil ay easy Nato it The
phone cal 01 Long Branch and Will End ivppiied
Gorham Plate
We have just received from
our factory a limited riumber
of Gorham Plated Tea Sets i
Repousse for which W0 Kiave
had so many calls The pat
terns recently received are fe
in number and were made
specially for this department
Tbs Pasteur GsraProaf Filler
Donl elvil t u < drtak tprtsc Md b1 ww
UiloklDf tttoi parsthey rmnlrsn tM a JS1P r
Crm rroot niur and drat wafer Ibis lain O
JlortVulomillMlBd dl a iTHM I yea r 1
enuuirr for UI Irlot s futir tttttt slUt JO < 0
feste pun yao IOA
Mnyor rant Nail the Report ihnt H
and Mr Croker Am Oat aa4 Rnola
Clone Are Adopted OeeUrlnsc Flatly that
There Ce no Lack or llnnnony
The merubfr of th mzunY Hall Com
mlttee of Twontrfour begun t to troll Into the
Wigwam at BiSO yesterday afternoon the
hour nt which special meetinghad been i
called by Chairman Ullror They arrivedso
slowly however that It was alter4 oclock
when the committee was called lo order
Proxies represented the executive members
Mitchell John Bcanneil
In the ca e of Peler Mlobel
and 71 P Hagan wbo are out of town and
could not set around In time to attend the
meeting which was called on rather short
notice Big Chief Croker was also absent but
he Is not I district representative and no
proxy was necessary In his place He Is
spending a few days at Great Barrlngton
Mass the guest of Farmer William L Brown
The meeting was a calm and peaceful one
Chairman Qllrors sometimes peremptory
gavel being wielded with a gentleness that
made Its rapping take on purring tones Are
some little talk about the Tarnmanv Fourth of
July celebration which It Is Intended to make
notablo even in the history of Tammany
Fourths Mr Qllroy took the floor and alluded
to thn stories that are being Industriously cir
culated that there are dissensions among the
leaders Tammany Ho said
Of course all of you members of this committee
mutes know that there Is no foundation lot
them and that they are Intended to create
trouble where none exists But there are
quarters In which I uncontrsdlcteJ these
Idle tales might cause a wrong Impression
There are no clique or factions In Tammany
hail We are united and harmonious In onr
Democracy Efforts to create any different
are Inspired by the enemies ol
impression and for the Information of friend
and racr I the committee concurs I think It
would fbe well to make a declaration on this
Ve then road tbe following letters
lo New YOBK June 24 1801
Mr DBAR MR Otuiov I see you have
MI DIUI ll8 Jol
called a mf etlng of the Committee of Twenty
four for this afternoon and as Mr proker
will not be present at this meeting I take
the opportunity of reuuestlng you to call
the attention of tho committee to the false
and malicious statement that have been
made In regard to a possible disagreement he
tween tic Croker and myself You and tbo
members ot the committee know too well how
untrue such fctiitements are and J Is Imps
flble that a quarrel between Mr Croker and
rurral Our personal and pout
myself should occur perlonal ald pnl
loa friendship has been of too long standing
and of too great warmth to allow malicioUs
newspaper rumors to create any feeling b
tween us blncrely yoursiluan
ourrJuon 3 GItANi >
Police Commissioner Martin said that he bad
a resolution to offer In connection with the
subject of the letter but before presenting It
AubJrt lete
be wished to deny that there was any truth In I
tbo rumor < that he was endeaxorlng to build
up strength In the organisation to enable him
Ilrenh oranlEDton
to supplant Mr Croker as Io8d r In simple
suppllnt Crkor 8
direct language be declared that there wos no
one In the whoe Tammany organiratlon who
was a more loyal follower and earnest sup
porter or Mr Oioker than bo was Mr Mar
tIns resolutions were
Rrtr That the statements recently pub
lished by the press to the effect that discord
and want of harmony exist In the Tammany
Hall organization utterly destitute of truth
Hal originate with those who are hostile to
tne Interests ol the Democratic party
Jftiolved That as representatives of tbo
several Assembly districts we declare that the
most complete harmony and unity of purpose
barmooJ PUrl91B
prevail In the ranks of the Tammany Hal
organization and we take this opportunity to
express our entire confidence in the Hop
Jtlcbard Croker who haw so ably leu tillS or
ganization to repeated victories and to record
our hope Hut he may be long spared to con
tinue the brilliant services wblch hae been so
beneficial to the Democratic party In the past
In seconding too resolutions W Bpnrka
Cockran repeated the assurances for himself
that Commissioner Martin bad made ou his
Mntn mao
own ncoonatwlth the Mine esrnejtness bat
with less simple language He used many big
lanoul uaN <
words consistent with his reputation for poly
syllable eloquence i I itii t
The Mayors letter and Ihl spoken words
of Messrs Oilror Martin and Ooekran cleared
the slate No other member of the committed
having been mentioned as an aspirant for the
leadership no other member felt called upon
to disclaim tho ambition Il any I mora par
ticular manner than would bo Indicated by bis
toular An soon as this was apparent Secretary
John 0 Sheehan called the roll of districts
Each representative rose la his place and
voted In favor of tem
Her People May Import Food bat Not
MaiUtoD or WAr From Panama
PANAMA June IGThe Central American
StatesColombia Ecuador and Peru hare all
refrained from recognizing the Chilian Insur
gents a belligerents
From Panama provisions have been shipped
for the Chilian ports under instructions from
the Foreign Minister to Impede as far as pos
sible In the absence of custom house all ship
ments for Chill of arms munitions or contrA
band of war of any class With reppect to pro
visions which sic matters of general neces
sity no delay should be placed on their shin
belt latest news from Inulaue lau that no
Improvement Is observable la business and
things generally are very dull No business Is
done for money and only notes ratable to
Dearer are in circulation hut all then have
suffered serIous depreciation with the excep
tion of those issued by the representatives ot
Ur North which are received everywhere
Coin has almost entirely disappeared from cir
culation and only the new fractional coinage
called onanobax are now to be met with
SANTIAGO DE ChiLi June 24The division of
the Chilian army commanded Qen Ktenban
the IJalmacedlst commander which has
already twice crossed the snowcove led i And s
and which has been several times dispersed by
the Argentine authorities bat rejoined the
main Arlonloo President Baliuacedas aim
alter recrosMng the Uordlllera at a height of
2500 feet abovo the level of the sea and with
snow twentytwo feet deep on the mountains
Divorced IB Tit City
Judge Lawrence In the Supremo Court on
Tuesday annulled the marriage ot Achilles
lose and Ualharlna hose Dr Hose U I a
physician of this city and a writer on medical
topics He married Mrs Hose on June 01837
In 1888 bo discovered that his wife lad been
married before An investigation revealed the
fact that her first husband was alive when she
married Dr Hose
Mrs floes maiden name was Kate Degnan
On Aug J 1882 she married William A Me
Call ol Newark Two ream ago Dr Itose be
gan tbe action which has resulted In tbe
annullment of his marriage Mra lo o mado
no defence When papers In the suit wore
served ou her two years ago she said that
when clue married McCall he was already mar
ried to another womxn and consequently she
MID at llbeity to larry Ur hose
Judirmente PI abKolule dlvorl were grantod
llrlar In tbehO case l Dy 1 udle Lawrence
tO Arthur 1 lilce from Mary A Illce to Mal
Frank from Heamon Frank to I lntbn lioth
fol Iou lloili by Judge iMoAdam to Uotl
hddr from William 0 Eddy to Charted
Perry from Dellii I Perry and to Ernestine
Gardner from Philip Gardner tne C
Judge Lawrence nan granted I limited di
vorce tn Mary I McCaffrey from John McCaffrey
and net to Cecelia V 3 Doruey Irom Thomas I1 Dor
Ioaiea bJ tbe Huilioa Street Fir
The lots by the fire which wrscked the three
upper floors of the sixstory building at Hud
Bon and Iteade streets on Tuesday night was
much larger thin at first reported The fire
started on the fourth floor which together
Pith the two floors above Is occupied by
John Cramer a shoe manufacturer He
estimates bit loss at tiOOOU to I50UOO partly
Covered by Insurance Ills stork he says will
bt almost a total loss lie ouuld iwt account
for the origin of the lire cuul
On the third floor were the workshop and
offices of tie Matchleim Lighting Company
Their loin II eitlmateJ at 12800 to tscou
The Govotbody Envelope Company also nu
workshop on this floor and tbelr stock and
machinery will be a total loss Runered ber 00
upauts of Of I funding who suffered lei tn
heir Block by watt are the Thurber Wyland
i Co hutlir and dices e department llllixi I
JrHtiA IHIIIPI r siuti i I it jiuvls 11300
Ct HcliliMU I ConjHtjHLi I Milk I out u8tuy tlioi
The bulhllng It IM I said owned by llioltlilne
lander 3j7 70 08tat The awalo to It U from f ICOUO
The Fire Marshal Is making an Investigation
to learn I possible the cause or the Ir taaUoo
Smugglers In the Navy I
Btx FnAxcisco June aiNnval officers at
Mere l > lnml ore considerably exercised over
the lelzitre of curios on the steamerOmaha ai
they fear official nvestlgatloo It has been I
IDyutratOU b8 ben
suited that Lieut Beusilnger shall psy 1127
uuonblfl 1rQbQQLCU9e3eflitsl U
Sirs Grate Husk a Lively Bpeeeh a4
ColleetB mi for Mr Most
Of the bal dozen speakers who Jade ooDer
Union Hall Inridwllh anarcfhlsUe sentiments
Jut night the most Interesting was Frau Jo
bnnnGrel The meeting bad bean called
by Herr Hosts friends to protest against his
Imprlsonmebt Capt McCullagh tho elder
had nearly JOp men lotbo bal and In the cor
ridofe elrJr special men who understood kler
man and wore to watch for speakers who
evinced any desire to follow Herr Most In
deed to look at tho packed ball you would
have Imagined that a policeman was sand
wiched In between every two Anarchists
Ir Grits is u mlidlooking young woman
and wears glasses She ba 11 habit of begin
ning In n low voice sliding through 01 osoendop
and landing In a fortissimo that fills the hall
With Its pitoh stone
Your manhood has been taken from you
shut screamed You are ell slaves laves I
hut lot society bewarot arr t Is ringing Its own
death knell l Up men and bo < doing You
hare onu your lives to lose EverybodY who
goes to prison now can be proud of I 1 Is
they that do not uo who ought lo b ashamed
of uotjO rr Most Is I now In a dreary
dungeon gnashing bin teeth and thinking of
thlsmeetlng liel thinkingo > oot his help
less wife who Is nick nt borne Hnr only sup
port her has been taken from her Who will help
herA young man came forward and laid a U
note at bur loot tho picked It up waived Itz
and cried Ah hero IA 1 I beginning and
everybody cheered A little boy came UP and
held out I 60cent piece until his arm grew
tired but Mis hole bad resumed her speeoh
and was too much occupied to notice him
August Delrtbnr who presided mhde a sneeoh
and rend I letter mm I Herr Most It was
doted Time Tombs and ended Three
cheers for the social revolution
Joseph UaronHess sat on the platform An
orchestra was there too antI played anarob
lotlo music Other speeches were made and
resolutions weie passed A collection of 57
was taken UP for the Free Speech Fund
Tbelr Money ttefaBded at the Door
LoNnos June UA performance ot Ben
Joosona Mask of Flowers was given at the
Inner Temple today by a company organized
by tbe leading lesfcUumtiiniles l of Londob as
eljtod by a amber ot arlrtocratlo amateurs
The proceeds wore to go to the Seaside Hos
pital but owing to an oversight on the part of
tbe managers I seemed for 0 time n I there
would be no performance The price of tickets
was a guinea apiece Suddenly a number of
officer lepresentlng the County Council
forcoil their way to the doors and demanded
that the aflalr proceed no lurthorni special
permit hud been obtained from the Council as
Is necessary In the case of a performance for
money A body of police was outside the Tem
ple with Instruction to stop the performance
tinlo s the specIal license was obtained A
happy Ideaflnalloeourred to some of tbe logal
lights present The Treasurer returned
their guineas to such guests a had already
gained admission and men were stationed at
the doors to return their money to other ticket
holders aa they entered When tbe audience
had been seated and the attention of the
County Councils officers bad been called to fits
fact that no admission fee bad boon charged
an appeal was made tQ all present to end their
guineas to the hospitaller the benefit of which
the performance hurt been gotten up The
officer thereupon retired amid tho cheers of
the audience and the play went 00
The Irish Campaign Fond
DUBLIN Juno 24Tbo JValionat Prut today
publishes a statement ns to tho receipts and
expenditures ot the campaign fund Tho
statement is signed by Mr James F Xavier
OBrlou Member of Parliament for South
Mayo and is as follows
Amount coltcud 334333
Legal asptniti ie tOO
Iaid ttitnta 38la
HouilB W < 05
BulMlniii Aet New Tipperary147700
Total 03355
Ralanc fiK50
Mr OBrien further declares that th report
that the sum of 19OOU was missing Irom the
lund I Is not true
Mr McCarthy Will Retire c
DUBLIN June 24The retirement ot Mr
Justin McCarthy M P from the leadersblpof
tne Irish party Isexpected as soon at Mr John
Dillon Is released from jail Ur McCarthy it
Is generally admitted baa proved to be a com
plete failure as leader ot the Irish Parliamen
tary party Ills friends assert that he In uu
able to elvo much attention to his duties and
that he hat always recognized tho fact that the
position be accepted as leader of the Irish
party was only a temporary one With Mr
Dillon aa leader it Is asserted a few more Par
nellltes would desert their leader anti join the
ranks of tho great majority of the party
PBrnrll sad Mrs OShen
LON June 24lt Is currently reported
that Mr Parnell has obtained a special license
to marry Mrs OShea but I la added that the
Irish leader Is experiencing tlllllculty In ob
taining tho services of a clergyman who Is
willing to overlook the fact that Airs Obheu
is a divorced woman
After tho fldiournlna of the House of Com
mons this evening It was reported In the lob
tiles that Mr Parnoll was married to MIl
privacy OHhea on last Thursday In the strictest
A Verdict In Favor or Campbell
Coax Juno 21In the action for libel
brought by Mr Henry Campbell M P and
secretary to Mr Parnell against tbo owners
of the Cork eraA the jury today awarded
Mr Campbell M250 Mr Campbell com
plained of i statement made by the llrrnld to
tbe effect that while other members of Parlia
ment wro attending to their duties be Mr
Camphol was hiring houses for immoral pur
poses for Mr Paraell
Francis Joseph nt Flame
FIUMK June 24 Emperor Francis Joseph
took luncheon on board the English flagship
Victoria today In n toast to Queen Victoria
he expressed the sincerest veneration for and
attachment to the Jiieeu which wan due b
said to her admirable life He also expressed
his admiration for the perfection of tbe Eng
lish nan The Emperor left Hume this even
ing amid thu firing of salutes by the British
Xmpcror William In the Lot r ItuMne
BESIIN June 24 Emperor William while
presldldg at Ministerial Council today an
nounced that he had devised a scheme for n
lottery br which he hoped to obtain H010
Ooo marks tn be used In tho work of combating
slavery lu Africa
Tbe Bordeaux HtrlkerB Win
BORDEAUX June 24Tile strike of tho horse
ear companys employees has teen settled and
has resulted In a victory for the etrlkoru who
ruturu to work todar
Notes ofForclKU Happealog
Yesterdays Official Gazettt In London eon i
tftlned an order In council prohibiting the
tlllol al
eLIciting of stale by Hrltlsj aubjucts lu
llehrlug lea until May 1 1892
Mr Gladstones health has become visibly I
feebler slnca hut attack lulluenrn lilt pby
lei an Sir Andrew Clarke uses him wako
a sea trip and to have an unbroken rent
The English admirers of M do Loineps aro
organizing to present him with a testimonial 1
of their continued esteem imd nf their sym
pathy with him In his present tribulations
Prince Maximilian of Uenburcr z tbe 24year
old son of Irlnto Ferdinand bead of the hoUse
of Iseuburg has been declared by the Munich
courts to be a spendthrift and unlit to ho
trusted with the management untt own
Sir John IHilnstnno project for an Immense
cotton printing syndlcatu hAs fallen through
Thn scheme Included some of the heaviest
operators in Cheshire Litncastershlre and
baotland The Hootch weie unable to agree
with the other members of the proposed Ilroe
dicatu so the combination hud to be given IP up
Squire Dlsmuke Kills Ur Hulllan
MunKBBrRBoro Tenn Juno 21If W
Mulllns who under Provident Clerelanils nd >
nilulstmtlon was stullnnoil nt the Hullo
Agency Dakota was killed yesterday by
Squire Z T DlsmuljeB I feeling bad ex
isted between the two men for two rears
Meeting Dl > mnk < < s a short distance from the
town Mr MulllnH attacked him with a largo
wih IIed
walking caD and finally began to Mono him
when UlsmukeHdrew it revolver and fired four
Ird olr
shots Two bullets took effect causing Mul
line death In I law minutes Dlsmuko boa
given blmtelf uj
Sir Camp Obtuse Diverse
Nrw HATEIT June 24 Judge Prentice In the
Superior Court this morning granted Sarah A
Camp a divorce from Edwin A Camp of Water
bury on the ground of desertion By the do
oreo 17855 HlTmony la allowed the plaintiff It
nnnnuniieil f here that Mrs Camp will Imme
dlulfly nftltuie pioceedlngs against Mrs
1 tU IlOceollnro aall181
Iiurit rearnnil who was coreuiondent lu
l the dlYOr oaul1 for alienation of the affections
ofherhuaband bile WU ptaoo dtmagps at
i j j jk u ut jiJ
Latest fBfbrrantlon of latereit Prom Alt
An Albany despatch says A now railroad
scheme U said to have boon put In operation
b the Now Jersey Central managers which
will prove highly tnteiestlng to landowners
along tbo West shoro of tbe Hudron south of
the Poughkoepsle brides and to other roads
now occupying a portion of told territory
The plan ns thus far marked out Is to Incor
porate a company be known as tbA New
Jersey hxlenslon hallway Compaur and Its
rputo Is to be Irom Newnrlc to the Poughkeop
ale briige blurting from Newark surveyors
of the Jersey Central have urleor
I course to Lodl Junction thence to
HIllBdalo near thence to
Tappan In Itockland county and thence
to the IoughVeepsle bridge The scheme has
been kept ulot and only leaked out todlr
from a railroad Dn who dentures that the
trOIActor bil already boul t up or scoured
Option on land along the proposed rout Thmo
object of tbl ew Jroposod Tlo
i lew nwj vacuum people In
t i
making this extension Is to got nn outlo for
theircoallrado through low lork Into Ptew
England via thePoughkoepsle bridge and also
to secure a portion of the hastern and Mouth
era passenger tinfllo The Delaware and Hud
son managers and those Interested In the
Storm King bridge project are very much ex
ercised oter this Jersey enterprise
A Louisville despatch says General Manager
George L Evans General Oonorl1ranaior
Joseph R Odlonnn and General Freight Agent
L I Parsons of the Loulsxille KvanMTllle and
Bt Louis Ballroad bye resigned vlnhTI effect
Julyl I Is understood resignations of other
officials will follow
A Chicago despatches pays tbo Board of But
lags of the Junk Line and Central TrnlHo
Associations Is mill putting forward the most
strenuous efforts to make elTootlvo the mol
against the Chicago and Alton Railroad A
circular has been rent to the general mans
gent of the Eastern and W cstorn rond signed
by J F ooddard a it Blanchnrd L P Farm
or and F p Donald Among the questions It
arkB are the following
Is your company paying passenger com
missions at any loitit within or beyond the
territory of tlm joint committee t It so will
you kindly Indicate where
Has your company Issued orders to Its
agents not torecoivecommlsslotuupon tickets
sold br you over the route of raIlway com
panics which desire or seek to continue to par
such commissions
Havo you directed your agents to discon
tinue the acceptance of commissions moneys
or rewards for the sale of tickets
Do you continue to sell tickets over the
route the Chicago and Alton Ballroad Com
If you have not already discontinued the
sale or acceptance of tickets sold via or br the
Chicago and Alton Uallrood will you not kindly
advice us that you will discontinue such Inter
change of business t
tinny managers who have received this dr
eular regard It as the last de peratnoffort of
the Board of holing to mastloato the Incon
venient mouthful It lias bitten off
A Chicago despatch says another break In
eastbound lake and rail rates was begun yes
terdaybytbe Ogdensburg Transit Company
or Central Normont line D B Llnsted the
agent of that line says that from the day he
advanced raise lu accordance with the agree
meat of the Tiunk Line Association ho has
pot been able to got a car load of freight from
the Northwest Houthwest or Milwaukee On
even rates this line always gets Us share of the
trafllc be sold and It Is utcoid day when we
gatheR But for two weeks It ban beau so cold
with UB that wo have been frozen out When
tho other lines are willing to make an honest
advance tim Central Vermont will be with
them but wo want no more such frosty deals
in hot weather as wo have bad this time
While no open reductions have na yet been
announced flour and ember sixthclass freight
la going forward to New York at 15 cOtta a cut
of 5 cent ProvisIons are also reduced Now
tlmt the Central Vermont has made an open
reduction from Ti to 2U cents on Mew England
traftlc the other lines will doubtless Issn
their tariffs Intno mean time railroad men
jute encouraged to hone that aiestoratlonnt
westbound rates may be effected soon Ad
vices from New York today say that the
LacKawanna has consented temporarily to
withdraw Its 1120 scale of rates to bt Paul by
way of Green Hay pending mite consideration
of the mutter by the differential committee
A Chicago despatch saya It Is expected that
Chairman Fiuloy will give his decision today
on tbo question of whether the passenger isle
may be reduced horn 1250 to flu between
Chicago and Kansas City and from 750 to
Id 4 from Chicago to Bt Louis The Chicago and
Alton which nuked for the reduction fully be
hocus that the ruling will be in Its favor but
vvheiher it is or not that road will most cer
taluly reduce the rates tn the basis proposed
pleading justification in tho evidences of Irreg
ular competition laid before Chairman yes
Tim Pullman Palace Car Comnanr and the
Chicago Milwaukee and tit Paul have had a
dispute over a contract for the purchase by
the railroad of fortjllvo Pullman cars and the
result Is an action of trover for 700000 dam
ages brought by the Pullman Company in the
United btates Circuit Court in Chicago Thu
contract of purchase was made In 1882 and
the cars were In the possession of the railroad
on kept 30 last It U now charged that the
railroad wrongly holds the earn tbe contract
having boon disregarded A few months ago
the M llwaukee and Bt Paul discontinued using
the Pullman service amid now has Its own
slteMnucar service
IliialoesB Trouble
Judge Blscboff of the Court of Common Pleas
has grunted an order to show cause why a re
ceiver should not be appointed for the Metro
politan Watch Company of SO East Fourteenth
street In the suit ot limo Holland Trust Com
pany trustee for the mortgage bonds of sloP
CJO The company did business on the club
system was incorporated on Kept 41880 with
n capital stock of 1200000 nod Issued bonds to
the amount of 100000 pledging the ascot as
security The embarrassment resulted from
the failure In Philadelphia 01 the Keystone
Watch Company and Atkinson Brothers the
chief sauries of supplies for the New Vork
John C Coleman has Pled his bond an ro
color for the AngloAmerican Novelty Com
pany at Fourteenth street and Union situate
for a voluntary dissolution of the corporation
The Sheriff yesterday sold out the stock and
fixture of the Frey Bros Company cigar
manufacturers at 1401 Avenue A and of
llelfl A KoHeiiholm cigar manufacturers and
leaf tolimto denier nt UJJ tecond avenue
Tho former tam toalUed 3500
A Hot Fire In n ofton IVnrcbouHe
A fire broke out la the middle of twentyfive
bales of cotton that had jubt been lowered from
tbo huh to the first lloor of J Gllmorett Cos
storage warehouse at y Washington street
at noon yesterday It spread quickly to every
floor There were 2500 bales of cotton stored
In the building Three alarms wore sent out
and ole > on engines aud the fire tugs New
Yorkor anti Xooher Mills responded They
worked fr two hoitis and poured enough
Water Into the building to Host an ocean steam
ship The damage to thus cotton mokt of which
wIts owned by A 0 Moore will not exceed
IlflOjO The building was not damaged more
than tCOO The lire was very hot suid stub
born and half n dozen limes In the two hours
It burned firemen at work nn the upper floors
wore partially oteriumu br neat and smoke
arid had lo be helped down the ladders
Reducing Cable Bate
In addition lo the reduction of from ono to
tbroo cents per word on messages beyond
London made by the telegraphic authorities
of the different countries of Europe and the
far East and already announced by all the
Atlantic cable companion the Western Union
Telegraph Coiiiiianynnwnnuounce thin follow
ing rediKttoue In the wnnl rates to West In
dlim nnil couth American places namely
Antigua 0 cents Ounclaloupo y 4 cents lo
ruliilca 37 ceiitui Barlildoo Irenaon Mar
AWvi18 Lucia Ht Vincent Trinidad and
British Guiana 47 cents The rate to all Gov
eminent stations In Cuba has been changed to
4 cent per word beyond Havana in place of 20
rents to 40 cents per message on a tcnwoid
FOUR jvnnna ift THK CASE OP 14I
The PrUoner Appear to Have ReCttred
from the Fright bathed Him is Piti
able OIJ > et When Ma Was First Ar
raided In Court by inspetQ5uh51e5
George Frank otherwise called AmeW Ben
All and known as Frenchr No 1 was put
on trial yesterday for the murder of Carrie
Brown otherwise known fas 8ijakespeutre
In tin East Biter Hotel on the nhlot April
24 Within the bar close to the prosecutors
Assistant Blstilct Attorneys Wellmon and
Blmms sat Inspector Byrnes flanked br Cap
talus MeLaughlln and OConnor and DetectIve
Sergeants Funk and Crowley
George Frank the prlsonor did not appear
to be the cowed friendloea foreigner half dead
with Maht wbo wn brought down to the
General Sessions building to be committed to
await the notion of the Grand Jiirr three days
after Us arrest He appeared to have got over
all of his fright and ho sauntered up the aisle
to the bar with head criot and ft calm con
fident exnresilon on his thin yellow face
After Clerk Penney bad culled the roll of the
regular and extra panel of talesmen In attend
ance Lawyer Levy renewed his application of
Monday for an ndjourument on account of the
absence of Lawyer House whose continued ill
health bo said made It Impossible for the do
leneo to proceed Becorder Hinyln said that
be saw no reason adjournment and ordered
the trial to proceed
William It Neubercer jeweller was ibe first
talesman examined Ibe told Mr Wellmail
that he baa coniclontlon scruples that would
prevent him from rendering 11 verdict of guilty
lap canital Case
And yet exclaimed Mr Wellman ron
served In the trial of Ella Nelson charged
with murder In tho first degree In ihoeitlng
bamuel L M Post and you were one of the
jurors who voted to acquit Mr Nelson In ibis
court on Friday evening last
Yea sir replied Neubergor bntr
And you swore In that case sold Mr Well
man Indignantly that you could find a
verdict In a capital ease and bad no con
scientious scruples against finding one
Mr Nuuberger endeavored to explain but
Mr Wellman pressed his challenge as to Mr
Noubergers competency to serve and Be
cordorHmyth sustained the challenge
Herman Cantor the next tulonnan called
was asked whether be would he affected In the
consideration ot Franks case by the criticisms
of the prss upon the alleged travesty or jus
tice In the acquittal ot Ella Nelson for the
shooting Samuel L H Tost and Mr Cantor
raid that he had read such criticisms and Mr
Friend asked
Old you also read what purported to bo an
Interview with the learned lit cord er severely
criticising the verJlot of the jury 1
The learned Recorder Interposed Itecord
er Smyth I desire to say now for the Infor
mation of all concerned In this trlul and ot the
public did nothing of tho kind
Mr Cantor was challenged by tbe defence
and no juror or those examined who sorted ID
either the trial of James E Ulnnaugh who
was convicted of killing Edward Moran two
weeks ago after the jury had deliberated but
for ten minutes or In the trial of Fernando
Laicrano who was convicted of killing Carlo
Morro last week witHin three hours though
both trial took over a week each was accept
able to the defence Joseph Cartels clerk for
Loew k bchoeniold Importers or embroideries
at 86 Franklin street finally was made fore
man of tbe jury Other successful candidates
for the jury box were James Bblnman builder
Ferdinand Bezel fire Insurance broker ot 51
Pine street and Benjamin II Waterman ox
porter of tobacco of lid West street Then
the trial was adjourned until today
Dr J W Alsop the Democratla candidate
for LlentenantGovernnr at the last election
and plaintiff In the quo warranto suit against
LleutGov Merwln died yesterday of heart
disease He bad been a sufieter from heart
trouble for a long time and it wan on this ac
count that be did not take a more active part
In the political contest After being sworn In
on the first day ot the meeting of the tenate
be never appeared at tho capital and said that
he should not attempt to preside over the Son
ate until the controversy was settled Be
centlrhe moved to his shore resort at Fen
wick whore he died Immediately preceding
death Dr Alsoo was feeling remarkably well
and wa In good spirits Ho was born In New
York In 183 but went to Connecticut when a
small boy He graduated from the Yule bci
entItle School Columbia Fcleuttltc iiehool and
from the Medical Behool of the City of New
York In 1661 He practlioil medicine very lit
tle and managed a large manufacturing busi
ness lie was State Bonati six terms before
running for the ofttce of LtcntenantGovernor
and n member of the State Board of Trustees
for the tate Hospitals The death of his wile
two years ago depressed him very much
The Rev Dr G Taimase a brother of the
hey T Do WItS Talmage of Brooklyn died
ytAtordayathla borne in Somerville of apo
plexv Ho was well until an hour beroro
his death Ho bad been living a retired lifo
beie for several yearn He had served sev
eral Dutch Bofornied churches in New
oik hew Jersey and Long Isand
Ho was President of the General mod
ot the churjh In 1874 and was a fre
quent contributor to religions papers For
five years be was Corresponding Secretary of
the Board of Domestic Missions of the lie
formed Church Bo was one nf four brothers
who entered the ministry Onty two are now
living the Brooklyn divine and the Her Dr
John v Talmage formerly of China but now
ot Bound Brook
The funeral ot Lewis Jones who died on
Monday took place yesterday from his homo
29J West hveatytlrst street The interment
will be In Forest Hill Cemetery Scranton Mr
Jones was born in Exeter Pa on Aug 28
1E07 He wo Judge of the court at Scranton
and retired from active law practice in 1B7
when be came to New York to live Mr Jones
married a daughter of Mr William Gibson of
this city She died about n year ago The
surviving children are W Glosen J000a and
Meredith L Jonas both lawters In New York
Truman B Booby who died last week at
Scranton was born In Harperstleld Delaware
county N Y In 1828 and for many rears was
a leading general merchant nf that town He
then removed to Afion Chenango county
where he also carried on mercantile business
He leaves several children
A private letter brings news of the death of
Lillian Conway Camblar In Newcastloon
Trne Eng June 12 aged 31 years bite was
one of the Conway sisters daughters of the
lain KB Conway Who managed the old Uroolc
lyn Theatre Ono of her sisters wan Mrs Oh
mond Tearle
T Carroll Jenkins a wellknown business
man of Ha tlm or died at ibo home of his
father Joseph W Jenkins near Mr Washing
ton Md on Tuesday night He was 21 rears
old a member the firm of U J Fnjey Co
and also a member of the Elk Itldge Hunting
IloMIn Mervllle superintendent of the Penn
srhanla division Delaware and Hudson anal
Comianydleij renterJay at his summer rottaee
at Jnlrvlew Pa Ills connection with the lleln
ware and Hudson Canal Company dated train
January iPISO
Thomas Gregory Wlldman retired journal
lit died In Danbury yesterday of consumption
lie was a graduate of Irmlty Collreo ami was
at one time prominent HO a Western pews
paper correspondent lie wan SS ears old
lllcbard HoldrjilBe a welUknown builder of
Norwich N Y died
on Monday of imrahhlH
ngolt 03 his served through the war in time
irth lleglment Heavy Artillery Now 1orU
Tots lie leaves a widow
George A Donnlsfnn died nt Gnstien last
pjght Front B rights dlseane lie was Bup r
lnjr cr New Windsor lot lour years nnd was
elected Sheriff ot Orange county In ItllH He
wile 64 ears of age
Mrs Jane Duff the oldest Inhabitant nf
Lawrence county Io died on Hundity night
agpci Ut She wits horn t in Beaver county In
1712 nd rosided all her long life witbiti thllty
miles or New Cqstie
Capt George W Hnle n retire sea Captain
of Jjewburyport and an ofllcerof the Marino
Hoclo y ilied suddenly yesterday nt the ago of
07 Ho leaves two daughters and one son
brim Newell Beach one of the bosMnown
hotel keepers of Otsego county died nt hour
nevus on Hundayagil 01 He leaves a wife
and tiro married daughters
The Bev J G Crate died yesterday at El
mer NJ of Pirsysie aeeliil I 1 Ho had beg
n member of the New JT uyMutbodUtEnUco
pal Conference since 1B5S
llobert Price ii loading mntnber of the
Ancient Order of Hlbernlann dioil ut Ho S
lumbin street Brooklyn on TuesUay In his
59th year
Alexander Fleming an old resident of Alle
gheny countyJa lb dead at 1110 aue of 70 Ito
lived near llcKeoeport
J If French for forirthrea 1 years proprietor
of time hotel lit time top 4 Mount lioliolo tiled
on Tueumiiuu ego I rP
rnpt TIIII mj F 1r otnr HBO I 81 tis ruititat
farmer hi lritiio iujrgs county Va died cc
terday ox paralysis
Out of the Wiadow
Mrs u Elaine Brown a whiow 70 years > of age
of 2207 Fifth avenue while sitting In a rocking
chnirst lbs first flcor window on Tueadar
ropkod out of tro wlndn utni fell to the yard
hue didyesterdy from her injuries
Fanny Lyy 4s s old of 171 East Ninety
first street Tell from the second floor window
W1saansaasQtZMax while leaning Out to k
Mr Kowland Bnd IIIB NelpchborB Botft
Like Irvine Near iii Undertaker
The suit brought by Mrs Thomas f Bow
land of 329 Madison avenue for an Injunction
restraIning Dr Charles W Miller the owuer
and tIm Taylor Company undertakers the
occupants of the adjoining house at the corner
of Fortythird street from carrying ona busi
ness that is offensive to the neighbors cam
up before Judge McAdum In tbo Superior Court
Benjamin O Clark said be was 71 rears old
and bad lived at 826 Madison avenue just
across from Dr Millers hou efor B gnat
many years Ho hind bought the place relying
on the restrictions to keep tho neighborhood
select He would not have bought ill be had
thought there ever would be an undertaker on
the DOCK He never saw anything morn offen
sive bait bourses but be conamereiJieurBia
> ery Qltouslve
btephen It Leshor ot SSO MadIson avenue
said that he thought he was time proprietor of
the house In which lie lived but Borsetiines
his wife bald she wa and lie always screwd
with her lie was bi years old ana had lived
more than twenty years on tue block ite bad
hominid the nelgliboriiiHd of tn lmderiBr
elton ery unpleiuuut People rang his door
bell five or six times a day to know when Vie
luueral wnsKolngto take place and It made
his wife uncomlortable
Iatilok J Aennedy whose wife ovuB834
Madison avenue knuw that she bought seven
months ago relying on the restrictions The
undertaking establishment was offensive to
bis sight and smell ana iuiunons to the prop
KB HalloR a real estate dealer la answer
to a hypotuetlcal question oalu that an esivb
Ishmeut like the Taylor Coiui < anyB would b
decided lujury to proveity
W A Malluban wile keeps a leatanrant ad
joining the rear of Dr Millers prumiae bad
beard disagreeable noIse had seen deal
bodies and uldnt like it He tiiougbt his btui <
ness was Injured
Thouias Itowland the husband oi the plain
till bad lived in the house Inurteen years amid
never Knew until the Taylor uoinO4uy came
that there were any strange odor about
When sitting in tbe parlor liuueard mysterious
noises like driving nails in oomn die di
not know that the noises were mode by driv
ing nails in coffins but the convlciluB that tiier
wore made him creepy and nervous and had
ruined his wlfoB hoBlti It the injunction
were not granted bo would have to woes or
hire aa extra servant to answer the door fur
people looking for corpse
MarrArtls a domeeilolti UreRowlands em
ploy until April said that the door bell was
constantly rung by people who wanted to
know when tbe funeral was golui to be ID
March one woman made a uliturbanoo insIst
ingupon seeing th dead body o bar Drotbtr
blue refused to Pelleve luSt the body was not
In ho i house and bad to bo put out forcibly
Tbu cue IB still on
Company D Will Olebrale Its Kith Iink
AnBlverBBrjr TlJln frcnlnc
BTATE CAIJP rcuxjiKiu June 24Th Sev
enth are inter a record and bound to get
It They are doing the greatest work thai
they over did the post Ulcers said today and
when the Seventh does its best illsneedless
to ear that tt Is good work That was what
Col Loiter ot the regulars thought this morn
ing when Col Appleton invited him to review
the battalion that turned 1 out for drill It was
a review that will not bu forgotten In a genera
tion First they passed In quick time and then
lo Cappau rondcrlng of Tlddln de Wink bid
die du Wink Tlddle de Wink the Barber they
ouvortod around In double rime without malt
lug a break
rturgoon Ktlmson watched them through the
drill but bin professional serviced were nut
needed Thu men worked again as they did
yesterday in tho coolest and most comfortable
dreSs iliat ban over been used In the eateRs
tlilii loose blouse and while trousers
Tonight there In to be a prestfutatlon to
Georgp tt McGowan Jr News of the junior
01 rival In JSaw York has just been reolved
here and his fathers comrades are going to
give him a QUO Time CUP goes eveulf the
junior urns out to bo a girl
Company D will celebrate Its olghtyflflb an
niversary tomorrow night
Motley ViterB Two Words and ollmir
Coatjscl for Ilobert OToole one of the four
young men arrested for ansnultloc David Mol
toy waived examination yesterday at the
Tombs Police Court sand Justice Tointor bold
Ufoolo In tlOtlt ball for trial
Young juolloy liouuins to tie regainIng his lost
fatuities Yesterday morning as ao entered
the dining room he glanced at the clock and
eiclalmeil loo1 llo was unable lo get
any further Ills sister took apiece ol pnoer
and wrolVTelTmevrhat you want1 After
reading what she bad written tie young man
screwed up bit face and alter a mighty effort
said Later That was nil Lo said during
tho dan
An Addition to the Hotel Iprl
MeRlin Mood White architects flied
plans In the Building Bureau yosbrday for
the construction ot an addition to the Hotel
Imperial at Broadway and TblrtjMtoeond
street The contemplated addltloa will occupy
the lot at 4U VoKtThlrtysecoad street it
will be 21 feet bv 68 feet 9X Inehec and nine
lories high > 1 ha trout will br of man < la and
tiTru ottn 1 lie etllniit Ml csst IS ill 5 0 l
Hubert und OgvionOoclft lime oui in I

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