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i > r 1
CIr < In > tlre Miller Md M Zt D by
IKrrurd iluitlcest Brewer Mnd Brown
Bad Mecretary Noble by V sle Goy Rnt
1 hy Wllllaroi and Wnrner Miller by
Bjr en e IIttr rd Henlor Alumna
SEW HAVEN Juno UTbo 191st commence
ment of Yale University wa observed today
it Center Church Degrees honorary nnd In
so were confotrnd upon over 400 men
The itejieeti In course wore dhlded ns follows
p A 1S7 M A U Bachelors of Philosophy
PS U KS 1 Ph D 23 Uneholorn of Dixlulty
44 M I Dlf 1 lliiLholors of Law SO Matters of
LAw1 Doctor 01 Civil Law 1 and Bachelor
no Arts 1 The latter deuroo uns conferred
upon MIi Josephlno M Lewis of thli city
Bko II0n IA tbo first lady to balB that dcgroo con
ftrreJ upon her In thnt department aud the
Mcontl In the university
NCOOt TlO prnoosson moved from tbo campus to
Centre Church at J3 > oclock The rxeiclsa
began with ptnyer by President Dwlgbt On
the plAtlorm sat nomber f tim faculty and
corporation Justices Diewer nnd Brown of tha
United States tiupromo Court Lieut C A 1
Tolton L A und Lieut Uov hjamuol J
After the delivery of the Latin nalutntory ora
tion bv William Tennoy Burlier of Bridge
port COB tho SDetkltig for tho Do Forest
prize wa 3 begun The phtlo opblcal oration
wu dellierod by William N Thatcher ot
raolilc Cot on The Cautosof tho Failure of
et the reformation In franco Those of H
W Orurner ol New Hnven Jo enh Bowdon
Jr of New Havnn anti Laluyotto Lenudluc
Mo 3l I1 l ot Delhi N 1 Wtn ooE ldorml too
iecbnlol I for delivery Tha vnlodio cry address
was dollverncl by Nathan UllcKman o Uhlppt
11 ChlI
vafallsMs Honorary degrees were con
ferred as follows
VITbo I Kt Rev Thom r Dnvlei S3 Bllhop or
Itietilftn the ti pl < Aine4 ptilkr or Gutow t > coc
fioi aid ha In i EIwor1 U unl l 74
LU IITII lion Jotiii > v nt l 01 ner trr olthi
Inirrtor IhIIn UinilJ 1 krtitr > o Juiic Cr th
0 11
nlieJ SII Mit < r > m Court tho Iloit lltary i I
Irwi 7i4 Jiiiliee lit tlii Ubhiod Stiai tiirrjn untI I
thi liOn Anthony IIUKlni iI LnlUcl Hut Muatur
from 111 l l r r flue hulL I Ilinry A Celt I 1 > rotor I
r M K ult MBooi rnncariL M IIMilt llutLlaill l U
Vtrkef JuJie OC MUlehU1itt 8upr in U nirL I
u AIiIifli J fmton NSW iiv n ll rraan II
Booth 41 ot lilcuxu th > ltnnt I Walker ti Con
rent N II the lluii t WAikcr tmrn a > w York
fl lliI li I lion ti l liui I Rlieiton i ionii I idwArl
IKmfnt fonnrrly ofDO w r clly Hnhtrt Lnlr
T fr3 Joimnon New York W I I I1 Inmtrnr
Iioion i f I nu > lionon M R T WiilUmi irt
1on JAm i 8 M tcl rormerly ot 9 WII1mrC
The John AddlsonPortor prizo was won by
HAV UurdfttSmith of tuo teulor class ncu
BOSTON Juno HThB weather for com
mtncirnent duy nt Harvard wns perfect Uov
ilaisall Lleutlov lime aol members ot
I the Governors stafTwero escorted from Has
ton by tae Mttinnai saucers reacning iiassa
ehuselts Hall at 10 oclock where President
Eliot was in walling to receive them Among
tbs other Incited guests was Chief Justleu
Fuller of the United States bupreme Court
The procession to sanders Theatre was bend
ed by I brsss bnnd Within the theatre was
getiered the brilliant audience wlnoh always
HseemblK to Ibo orations to applaud the graduates and listen
Toe ilegrei of Bachelor of Arts was con
ferred upon 236 merabois of Ibo academic de
partment 01 wbom 51 reeehed the degree
Cum LHiiile 42 the degree Masmi Onm Laude
nod 9 lbs degree Summit Cum Laud
the I Overseers conferred tho lolluwlnc hon
orary degrees
IWicmror LawiUpon > rlle Won Falltr John
Rttdol > li Tucker Mm i Ellen llamMu tlmrlt
rrukiin Pnnb > r MUliuui Watson Joailiria and TbO
don Lrman
Vuur ut Aril Abbott Iaran Itatch Albert
I KnMli Illltburr William JOUM Laud John Iav
I aBlUml Dernbltz Itranilell
Dwior of DlTlnitr brook Ilerford and Joseph Iltnry
Following the exercises in the theatre the
alumni dinner WHH held In Memorial Hall
Thu necrology list of Harvard College roo
cords the death of 133 graduates Uf this
number llJ occurred Mace lost I commenre
meat against 111 deaths in 188M Tho
lIon Georite Bancrolt seulnr alumnus dlej In
January last and the Itev redk Cutter nf
Brooklyn N Y the last surviving memiierot
Ihe class ot 181S1D Is nw senior alumnus
The senior alumnus Is iho oldest surviving
msinler of thu oldest surviving class but e Is
Bat the oldest lltinx graduate Thn oldest
living graduate Is tbe Ile l > William Withington
01 Yoiblngton of tho class of 1821
11 HAFTTOSD June UA slight gloom hung
cf rTrinity Colleea yestordnt rn nccouutot
I Akilllnf of McCnrty iyah > cymnnsitim In
I tructor last night Tbo nnnual meeting of
I tbe Alumni Association wns held at 11 oclock
I the Latin room Tbe Itpv Mr Huntington
i and the llov J J McCuolc won toflnUed
Junior fellows lor a term of three years It
was announced that Dr Charles D ricudder
l i was elected alumni trustee having re
I cilieda73 toteS out ot 422 vote A communl
Vatiou was leceivod Irom the Board o fellows
relative 10 the ostubllsbment of more scholar
I bIDS at th college Alter some dihcnsHlou n
icholnrnblii fund was established and a liberal
peciiinlni toward it mild lberal
A 1 P M tho loving oup the gift of His
Elcelobruth of Now lork in momoryot her
rpther the late David Elgelnbroth M D n
Itaduate of tba college In the tlaas of 1 ttan
rented to the Alumni Association Tbe cup
taJiand8omsiheronogold llued with tbre
lupd wlb tlre
tmsed handles On ono ldo of It is the shield
o the Pnrtheinn Literary Society ot which
Ir bfcelnbroth WUHU member Accompany
lie the cup is I photograph of the Doctor and
m oil cnzrnvlnuofthoold Wnohlncion College
niildlngs S ashiucton College was the old
rime for Trinity
IIDLUOW Conn Juno 2fho gradna
U n rxercffeft of WoIan University look
Wife this forenoon The decree of bachelor
StArt wan oouforrvl upon loureeu gradu
14 and Bachelor ot Science til on thirteen
To InlBuiI to study for tim ministry ten wilt
ftidy law and Ihomtdielne Ton will wl
Jro will tnko Iliimnllsm nnd eight
1 II up 111IAm Inr Illht enter
Ml naM ilio others hnvo choeou various
caing or are undocjded Tha followlhe
lio Grry degrees wire c < jnferrei
Stw ItA iirt W tUeueier Illtl 1 anil W V Leonard 0
Of7je PT T J Wrtll lh i ny n ors H Mo
Oi rfN eW York cud ill UI l Jomti Nudge utLaat
tTelh Mais
Mt u The lion AlcnoJ Eilftrlon of Hlonetola
tLA MsTowN 31ft5 TIM 24The grad
tsttti > exercises of tim clnss nf 1801 of rlr
rcFIS 11I
lIr i Colleio took placo thin forenoon In tho
CicfrPgnhIltaI Church Th vulodlctrlnn
1 i1 rredorlilc fnrlo Ferry or Hnrnioga
prge and iheoilutiitorluu Itobort hormim
I vnn cf MnilNnii WIt is lobort lormau
Ito following honorary donrois wore
lb folowiD bOlorat dOlros con
LLji The lon William T Ranell rt ambridge
IfiTfnitr ut MaiiacliukeiiO Juit o Jillu li > rr
ts Plruifrftll Nase aim the 10 Jlanhall Wilcox
4 lltiflliJ M5ii
ii 1Tue tier Cnaitnrnr CoOrlrti nt uliptonarr I
Iii i Cbt > rtir < iitiiii nan 1Ig 1 Her Joint A trenrh
buy 0 i ohlnj 1 J od Ie Jer I J llalii l R
l UOi ell f P llnncrnft Principal tt Aoilotcr
Ar > dniy snj loan llenilelliii U lmooii
M Afrur r K riarkc MliilaraHowu thr flv It t
g tiM nn Madura in ila I 111 ruf Henry U trim HM
nliiitniiimrn td 11IIJlo1 Him aeintosry me IlOY A T firrym 0 of hart
TlifDowey prize of 15 for excollencoon the
eoRintonccmant CrimaUt 1 of hancock singe was won by rn st L
Iheklunml dinner was held In Lnzell gym
IAlu i At 1lJO P U President Caller pre
Ide liiid ietlors of egret wore read roD pe
Dleldbt BVelaDj toy JtUBtell and DavId
Dill 5l 1elnnt lov 1lulbOI Dlvld
ILINIYSa N I June 2iTbe Alumni Av
S ° cletIt of Dartmouth ColleKu
jnclHllta Darlmoul hold lit nn
Uei l misting In the old cdapcl this afternoon
nJffc11 Ol Al Jllrlln presided Aternoon
rl bulnesf railed lur the report ol al te
JPfeo pi Ihu nlumnl which had been nn
Pplntedto confer with the Inhale concerning
Jlinnnl rcproscntatlun on the Board The re
tri 11 embniced the plan preMoulr
jet eod I by the tiusttes wus ncrepted by
Q i ass liitlon It
I ololllloo I provides tbtt theuradu
MHOI the < ollege llit I Tnnyer rcliool nnd I
y Qllfr risho lof nt least IJVH years standing
mey ioDlnuioahUtnblo nomou for cloitlon tn
Uh ollie the trustvnf > hlp next brcoming
iftnilr no Board of frnetcs fxtonilog
thIO t told Ir Ihp I < 0 > ernor 01 the btato
art 14 th < rre ldent of tho college lta
Ibl I I nay IU nonilnntu for the oectlon of bin
AtIieAAtr In ontli < > trusteeship It also provides
Dutnh neter any acancy shall occur In sUIi
H III iistiDe l I nr the succession thereto tho
rusiersiii tnko no action to liii the same un
lit ti epralon of threo months after notice
1 ° lw sicieliiry of the alumni of the oecur
jncflotsiKh vacancy unlewi a nomination
ttb ifrtlor abnll he laid
1J1 sooner presented to
truett ly the alumni
I liuuleiHiood that the trustees will pro
1le lit tithe m > nniles on the Bonrd I once
fid two note before ito < nxxt oommencement
Itt A 1111 I 1112 to ho l > filled 11 abo eirnvideil
After lie thove t acnncloH have been ilhiod one
ib tatjny hit occur ovury lear to bo tilled in
f Kka > o Bniier
thl bl 1011 officers were then elected for
1 A ulnr year VnrMrnl the Hon it A
Jlijrtln bl leaFru ldantii the lion Hcd
e I IMctiK i nnd A W Tennev AUl Hec
U t4rr VruC ll Emerson 68 Hl1tlUcal Hoc
fAtarTiloli M COItock 77 Truluror
Chie1o5 11Fol CO
AnnitT 5hw June 24rresldent Marrlll
WArd Gate of Am beret College wa rrl
fishy I lrttugutsd today The HOT BIchard
b 10Ilr 10
l tO D D LLD presided over Ichar tlo
L11 I 1
rQ see which topk piece In College lull and
dei Clleleln
et VoTed the adOres on Ibe part 01 the tru
toes wIcoming tht now 1 resident The re
tiring irsaldent oulus It Seelre thou for
rlont JUlus I cooijo inoa 10
mftl7 deliveredto his successor tbo keys
charter and aMI of the Institution nnd Dr
Hlorr then i dared Dr Ontes formally Inau
Rurlil President of the laitltutlpn 1resl
dress IletrtObtee I then Uteiednl l his lnauour ad
k01 Jnnl2The eventeenth commence
bent or the Troy Female Seminary took piece
this morping The school l was ektobllnhud In
JPulbr Mrs Emma Slilard The addtess to
inc grbiontu was delivered by John Peek
tubl3On5NLCTAfly Ireildeat of tbB Itennsolnor 1olrtechnlo Instl
SjinENtcTADv Juno 4Th ChnncellorR
ad4resi wwdeflveroil to the students Union
OIgo II lj morning In the State MreetM 1
Churhl 8enl1r Charles T Hnxion Hon
orary doKr V > i were conferred ns follows
J 0 1bfl n Rh or HI 1uL and An
Grew MArohball I iJevoIipirt to
IL HThe tine Char s 1 MXIOII ft Clrfld t4 Vs
III linn Ilimlltan UnirK Ml of AlbAnysllnri W
eU I
tuuch I Its nr ei niviiu i1 l T 8 booimu or
ur collate
Ill HiifunTrron M D I i < 0 LnlHI Plitti X vyi
r II Cnmtloct 7U l rnv N h V tnwtra naywara
I < 1 Cljdi 1tit T W WtlBhl I Union Cole lard
UTITA Jin 84Ai the trusteed mooting nt
Hamilton Colleen Ills atiornoon nolnl lt
imnhnm editor of the otlen le r irn olectCl
f ttotoo intiio third ballot Tho lln oleolll
PpWell offered nrpiolutlim Hint n commltlen
01 te fiom each the aliiinnl tho faculty and
lbs trustees b > appointed to Inxostlgatu nnd
revise the whoUi collfgo curriculum Ho
aids Wo hlv 0 no chair of hlxtoiy iilolrcy
or physics worthy of tho name nnd a revision
nf thn cntrlciilum II I mote nece hnry to iho
college then the eloc Ion 011 Prrsldont Tbo
day has been devoted to various class our
BtiAcURE Juno tTho dcgioe of LD was
conferred on tho Hon Wutner Jllller by Bvrn
CliNt University todny
M niiiAMnox Mima Juno
nIAm0 11 Jlne 2tTho com
mencement exercises it Kmlth
mlnrODcnt 1 nlh Collide were
held today Tho degroe of A 11 was cotiferi oil
upon levenlrwilne young wnnicn crndunloi
ounl WOIIn
tint of M I II upon one and six rcclvcd dl
Iloniiis from the art school Tho only hononiry
degree conferred was It A nn Hnrrl II
Cobb clAgi if1 tI of Korthamplon Fro dinner
wa served bribe voleueut the cosoottuo
HiictiMwtrK U < 11M 24The oloID Cot
logo Helical School todny RMduntfd tucnty
nlno studohlB Nineteen ctnilnntes woro
elooed runmtori of tha lowdoln College chan
ter nf Ihl Ultn Knppp n C Llnsiott was
plotted Ileidant Henry Ingnlls MeeTresl
dent ana F C itullusou Secretary and Uruas
Onovo 1e Jniio 21At the Maine Stnto
College > < f Agrlcultura nut Mechanic Arts to
tiny twontrthrao students woio itrnduntod ns I
Dnchelota of Art aud seven ns Biichwloia
HiUwscOTos VL Juno 24 Tbo graduating
cxorcUet of tho Cniverslty of Vermont oc
curred todn Degrees wero ronfetred in
twentrseveli grnduntii Honorary dogrcon
tero lon 10 1 as lollnwH I D 1 > the llov
AInzr > 1 Flnndori ht Albnns M Iud the
lov Win S hogan Norllillcld Vt LI U
1 10enn orlhlcll VI 1 l
Itohnrt U I Benedict nf KrookDn M Y Doctor
oftconio lrr l Ilointli LooinlB Ihirllnuton
Vt Tho corporatIon dlnunr wuis bob nt the
10rlorAloI 1 111
Vnn NCSA House with the largest atteudane
in the history or the coIlniA
lUsiov Pa Iiino 24The flftvclxth annual
rommoncomont of Intavolo College closed to
Colele to
graduates day Degrees were conferred upon eightyone
oORN n ALIKX ronrvsa oovr
IIr say lie I a Poor Man Now and Tel
Where He Dropped Somo or III Wealth
Fosyoic Juno 2Xho only Interesting fen
tuieoftha embarrassment the big leather
firm of Alley Brothers Place Is the explana
tion of the financial standing of tho Ion John
D Alloy the one time millionaire whoso
famous nulls at law with Chester A Know
have attracted attention all over tho country
The firm Itself will be able to pay 100 cants nn
a dollar with Interest The Hon John Ji
Alley was a special partner and his fortune
was variously estimated at from 5000
000 to 20000000 This however was
an exaggeration His fortune whatever It
was Is said to have shrunk largely thtouch
the speculations In ranch property in which
Mr Alley Is saiJ to have engaged In company
with Itobort O Iccersoll his counsel la the
KnowAlley suits Ste eDorsey and othoe
Mr Alley Is also reported to have lost heavily
In Western mines and it Is alleged thnt he
dropped a cool slOdooOn in One mine nlono
I these report are rue t I Is not very diJlkiiIt
to belioie the report that the firm
bus loaned him IMlOOuu which wan
at first thought Incredible by those who
accepted as the truth the statement that Sir
Alley wan a very wealthy man This dime
upon the flrmB refouices the prevailing and
prospective tightness of the mone > r
and the clese ncruilny which the banks are
gIving to snoe and leather paper am doing
much to mitigate tho surprise with which tile
announcement celvfd of the assignment wits 10
I It has been claimed by Mr Alleys Intlmno
friends that ho Is in no condition to conduct
hiihlnes or to talk utoiit it They my that
Mr Alley ban never recovered from iho ilInQa
from which he unoted whllo abroad and that
his mind Is not as clear al it inca was In an
Interxlew today the wellKnown flnitncer of
tormnr days cave 1 most interesting sketch of
hi big plunge In the financial whirlpool
Onceriild he I was 1 riCh man now I
am Ioor I lent I mnn In Illlnoi < > iniiuO > nnd
tonic as collateral county I onus In that State
My experience coinlmes tutu that it in Impos
sible for a Judge to becntliely Imimttlnl In
this country for when tho nipstlon of lliiMn
lldltv of these bonds camu booro the Sutieme
bench of that blato three or the Judges
Wfro to come up for reelection by iop
ular vot in A few data The eona
qiionci wa that knowing popular feeling Is
against rich men they tilled wron My and i
lost tho entire gitO IU Tiien that Snow 111
cnme un nnd ns If that were not enough lent
a map 1250UOuml took some lands I nnil noise
collateral 1 tried to settlement
ns colRtornl get n s nnd
tho cato was put In tho luindsof retorts liy
the I court J t na < i ruler < against m desire
rind thoo referees not only took nil thoo MO I
curltles nwuy but ciude mo pay 525tjQui > inddl
tlonal Vflll my boys paid nil these things
1 nldnt know until icccntly that they
bad done I and hno loon I unable
to find nut whether my HOOjo
was still in the concern or pot but now I Hnd
that It Is iud also that they bavn loinod run
olKJUOi 1 remember the time when the older
Ames Onkes nnd Oliver But down with ire
and cried because they lelt they must fail I
hail lent them f400in 1 saw their dllllcMiltv
and told them I would rxtond their limA two
years I went Into their crodits meeting
YOlrs 110111
Ihlt course WHS taken nnd you hmo the re
sult 1 reinembir too Ibo limo Ju 87 when
hoc Claflln a man I consldirone oflmy lm > t
filonds needud 4u00i and thought bn innt
him fall 1 went out and In two hours inUod It for
himDo you know continue Mr Alley that
I I wni lbs flrnt mAn who ever trusted old
Hutch Ho wim 1 rlcht l joiintr num nnd I
blleved In him Ho noter forgot I nl11 In I
fore hA loot with bin own inlifonunes lonnml
my bo s tlilliDiK because of I hn their fnlhor
ufilrt had iluno for him when ho was htruwlluc to
nE mssma srA TRY isztya DEED
ITllklow RSI lie Obtulnrd It tram Ills
Grandmother Del ore Her Deufb
HosDoor June 24A drlvo of nearly flftecn
miles through the llevolutlonary villn HB of
Ilurlerand Btono nidge today brought Tun
HUN correspondent to the home of Elmer Wilk
low In the little humlo of Krlpplebub The
place which bears that peculiar appellation is
merely a cluster of houses with a saloon u
store and 1 church The person whose name
has boon brought prominently before tho pub
connection with tho missing recoids
lie In eonnoctol wlb msln reeols
from the Secretary of States office n Albany
was found with I large straw hit on his hond
his coat olT nod it sprinkling pot In his niiid
nt work nn his farm putting Parl green on
hs potato vines to prevent their destruction
hy hum When questioned regarding the pub
lication In TIIK HUM of the stolen ret ords nnd
his connection with tbo tuuie he epr esed
utter astonishment
utoraatonl qnurio I hnd the Btiiton island l
deed said Mr Wllklow nnd I ulspoted of It
to W W Mncfnrlnnd It came a out In thin
way luolkoil nil uccount In aiiownpupecof
n liuBOjiurchiiBO of proreitjon bItten Itlnnd
by Mr Klnifnrluud nntl I OHBldored but tile
deed would be or moro valito to him than nuy
other poison It HUB of little money > nluo to
inn anti I thtioore wrote to him eiiclosliig
tie deed and nsklng him I lie desired In pur
chase it to rend me what bo doomed It was
worth I roe Ivid 1 rrply anti JO 1 I How
did I corns Into possession of r I Well
that Is easily oxplnlned I obtained It to
getherwlth tt number of other ancient docu
ments from inygrundmother before her death
about ten 1 ears ago I hAve manv similar nld
lapels and occasionally they come UHofni An
for being In tile Secretary of Btntes fllco nt
Allmuy I sever waa there In my life nnd
tharo have no knowledge of any paper recorded
th110 Wllklow showed THIS SUN repraranla
the a number of old documents among whh h
fx an Ksopus deed tilitl I Ing date ICHJ nnd the
slgnnture nf John Ward It conveys what m
now known ns llus > e > s Hill and which I fevr
years ngn wa bornldod briidcii ns A gold
mlnoof immense vahe A company wasor
Vaenizetl 10 WO i It nod several tholRalIlnl
lap were sunk tiywiulubn fortune hunters
Wllklowl Ie adi > sc udnntof an old Itovoluilon
ary tamlly and is about 45 years old Ho Is I
tometthsto alI iuarianand tnkqs gloat
delight tin Onkni icsearches I nnd wrltlugup
dvscrlptlvn articles of old buildIngS grate
yArds and the like Ifs rfcently wroe along
article nn the old DulCh Ileformed Chiircli nf
tho town01 Hoehenter this lounty He has
trn al correspondent for at out all toe news
pantra In i ibis toulon
n Hays That lie CAn Cut Short the Wort
Hprce In Two Hour Without Canlic a
Ncrvan Hhnck und Cnn Effect n Com
pine Cure TbreeWeeIINeurAtbla
Dr Lolo K Keolsy of Dwight Institute at
Dwight HI arrived In New York on Tuesday
and put UD at the Fifth Avenue Hotel no
Balled with Capt Deo Laroo Wilson ontho City
ot Paris on Wednesday Lherpool Dr Keo
Icy will mako a two months pleasure trip
through the United Kingdom and the Con
tinent Ho will visit all the principal cities ot
Europe and will return late In September
Dr Keoley Is tho mnn who han cause 1 a
revolution In tbo treatment of those afflicted
with druikeunesi and the opium habit Ho Is
equally well known for his proficiency In tbe
treatment of those seriously afflicted with
none exhaustion Ho is I n blcboned man
with while hair and moustache
lila mnnrs are the go of n man who never
had n nrous moment In his hro He puffnd
n clgnr during his talk with 1 SUN reporter Ho
said that Senators Congressmen authors ed
itors nclora and mechanics had beon treated
Biicccsbtnlly at the Dwight Institute
Many women also had boon treated and
thorn wore now irl pitlenU At thin Institute
lie has hell ihom In cttnrg of four competent
rlnolclans and 1 general manager
Tho Doctor In Bpcnklns of his treatment
called It thu double chloride ot gold treatment
Cnpr Wlloon sit bvshle him as he talked nnd
nodded his head in substantiation all that
v as slid
I will take any drunkuttd said tho Doctor
who for twenty years has been dolauched
nfl sodden Int I will make butt sober In an
hour I Mill cut short his worst spree In two
hour I Will take him from sodden Ine
briety to oroct sobriety without tier
oun fhock or distress At Ihe end
ot three days ha will be antipathetic to
iilcohnllcMlmulnnts of every ort Meantime
I wlU give him all the Honor ho ARks for with
thn confidant assurance that ho will give It up I
of his nun volition from 3U t011 hours after be
ing put under treatment He will drop It and
roor touch Itngntnfroradosiro whllo life Irst4
and If lo ocr goes I nck to his cups ho will
do it with deliberation iihd not l > ocnuso liquor
Is I necessity or a temptation I will do morn
era llnuor habllu In three weeks than cnn
bo done for him elsewhere on tho face of tho
clobc I will give him a cure n cure that will
como to him Hlo a Ion edict Ion Irom Ood
without aid oroffort on his part I will place
him back wluro ho was toToro he OTr drank
I drop of llnuur n I will out him back In fact I
to his early boyhood days
I deny tho belief In hereditary drunken
neon In fact I claim that heredity elves re
Mstanco I for Instance a certain number ot
strong hearty Indians who bad never touched
liquor received an equal chnnce with tbe same
number ot Englishmen whose parents had
drunk hoaxlly through the generations It
would ho lound nt the end of I certain period
tbnt tin Indians were BotS ulillo the
KnelUhmen would lime time
Jnlshmen wOlld IIIe a dry
Why For the reason that thin constant drinking
thMush thn generations gave that power < if >
rislstnnco In the poison of alcohol which the
Indians uiinccuttomo to the hihlt did not
hate 1 claim that the dilnk habit Is nn nc
nuliud or culthutoJ dlnoase nail although
there may bu an nlcoholio predisposition yet
there Is no heredity
vt nro living In 1 nenrnsthenln ago such
1 one nn bat not boon since me foummtlon of
the world Noiirastuenfa or nerve caucus
Un is prevalent In every vocmlim In life I
think It miinifetts itself In liability In I
somnia lack of energy and other kindred
tinuhloK I is I lhc lteshlos phnntom that
pursuet all < liisses of briln wr era unit over
takes them when that are seemlngtv safest
Muny people resort I cnIdo arid motin lain
rp rOlllol ant whnt they cnll los irnm Inbbr
Otun H take rofugo In Hiikldo nnd still othTt
re ort to whlskiV to brace thor up Tho rest
from labor and the wblhKey drinking are nntr
brldglngo features All who 101 them
jiurHiio what eludes their grasp when they
teach out for It Thou lollows the uso of nar
cotics or stimulants
This neurasthenia Is disease of the
1111 neurllthonla a nerve
tissue which has worn upon the patient until
the mind is in lull sympathy and alwnys Ilk I
nn old wound lent out n mar wh < n benlel I I
cnonot say that thu gold tivatmont will euro
nil eases or neiiniBthenln jot I know oC no
better tr ntmtiit In the world
Hionklng ol thin upturn habit the double
chlnrld of gold is tho ouly agent lint will cure
lint i hnblt I hate u dllluieut preparation with
acold basIs lor the CilO or Ills dlsia Aiy I I
cubs of tha opium habit are made
under my peisnnil care in Irom eight to i
twenty days anti so eisltv nnd gen ly
that tho imtlonts scarcely know they
lire under treatment They rettnn to
their homes enlirulv cured Thes
tlplr homel tlllrel curld pntlonts
while under treatment are never oil thoir feet
except lor natural rest They ont end sleep
nell while under troitmei t and when they
lente lire stronger aud benrtlei undo ns n ruin
weigh much more tbnn who they began tbn
trintmi nt I have hcun mOn nnd woman corn
to me who had daily for years taken Iron Blxty
t 100 grain hynodermlinlly nnd they have
been easily cored in thee weeks
jbUstatenient npnlles to omen nt well I
do not consider tnT mnn Incurntilo who has
fuifnred lor twenty < oars from tho opium or
liquor disease II ho have no brnln legion Any
mail can Itu > curd in three week ami any
woman inside of four eekn dipt Wilson
here who bns boii nt Dwight save that inv
curl Is u marvel tn all who know
of It and pirtiuulirly so to i physician
whoso patrons coml rae Oh l per rent
01 my buslnes find ns Cnpt Wilson
ba oitcn remarked one could scarcely feel
lust the age of miracles hal l pitsuecil away
could ho see tbn poor helpless nnd hopeless
wrecK of buminlty stito comn to DwIght and
who leant nt the end of three weeks re
newed nnd redeemed ready to take un the
burden of life while they bud laid It down
long ago and carry It to me rnd ID I sobriety
alO nI
Ur i > r > 6ley lIaR canIMailed nn Institute at
White Plain nnd In Philadelphia When he
returns he will ostablMi one In New Jersey
William A Gun Prcxum to ITndertnka
to Loritil tlio Ilelirew Vote
William A Cans ot tho Twentieth district
who vat nn unsucceBful contestant with
Iollco Justice Solon II l SmIth for control 01
the Ilopubllcau orgnnlznton there joined the j 1
Btocklcr puisonal party 1 few days ago A I I
disappointing lack of pub lo Interest was
olaced In this Imiorlnnt political event and
yesterday Mr Until returned to tim charge In
nn elTort to make himself conspicuous lie
wrote nleltur endorlng tha Htoukler move
tiiout as cnlitlnted In lie of eminent snrvlco In
terminating ho I supremacy of Tammany Hull
In I tho t mmiMnnl government To this Im
ndded that t the hotly of the t po pie should
have soot vrlen in Ibo ndmlmtritlon of Im
nflnlrs referring It Is I to bo rnosumed to tba I
nffnlrx nf municipal rovei nmont
omo Intiiest hns been I oxelied by the letter
not on nceoiint nf lily startling novelty In Its
lions but bedtime It IH being exploited nn iho
iitlerincii of it formnr Piosldent ol tho lieuiit
Ueritb This is nno of several Indications of nn
effort to lOin the Stockier personal party Into
hub founded ou ullgloiis piolereiices or hireltl
dl es As there are many Jlubiews on the
Tninmnnv General Committee and not a teN
who nro Republicans any atiomt to organize
them fnr combined political action by arty
ntllcptoeklii element will prove to bOi dim
cult tnsk L ven thn utile stups already taken
In that direction burn boon resented by Bomu
of our btBtknnren llubrow cltbeun and a ra
lOtiOn against tho movers In Mich I 1 plan is do
chervil by them lo be luovltablo
Capt lIngo and III Crew Itewnrded
The heroism ot Cnpt George von Huco and
tlicofTlcorsof the German steamship Sophia
in ri > culiig at tile peril of thor lives tbo crew
of Ibo Urltlsh bark Exile In a storm In mid
ocean on Juno 11 rmelvod substantial recog
nition at the Maritime Kxchnngn yesterday
Pres dent I Giirpey HnrrlcKlon Iutnnm nnd
other members of the Kxchanuo gathered in
the dlicctors room anti stiriotinded 1n Imsh I
lul skliu or nnd his olDcors Than Mr Putnam
made a complimentary speech that rondo tho
skipper mnrB 1 look morn Imhfnl I and handed him
2Si A part of a purse of 1167 ralsnd by the
rncmbois nf the Exchange Tlio frt and
siuoud officers tile boatswain the carpenter
and the cook cot the rent nf the money
Cutting Seliool rtlnutr In Brooklyn
TbeDoard of Estimate InJlrooklyn yesterday
continued the consideration ot the budget for
The IJoard ot Education asked for
189 10art Elucnton leec an
appropriation of I ISO out to be used In increas
ing the salaries of tIm teachers In ibe lower
grammar and primary grades but I was cut
nonn to IddlMI Thn lequent for I2UN to
esinbllh industrial classes In Iho schools wits
alei odi8nllo od
Thin proposal to Increase the nay of the
police iipialn from 2IOOto 2750 A voted
eeTentyUve down but tudniO additional was policeman promptly allowed for
I ret thU hoi V Iho dii fa cooking itoru asA I
ppUnot si 71 UolT r ltj phase seA ac4
Highest of all in Leavening PowcrLatest US Govt Report
POVI Bkbs <
Wen n bj WM tick we cave her Cantons
When she was a Child she cried for Cantons
When she became Mlu he clung t CutorUk
Whoa the bad Children Hi pT them CMtotU
i yfpP4i
i y
Both tho method and resulta vhcn
Syruppf Figs is taken j it is peasant
and refreshing t tho taste end nets
gently yctpromptly on the jCldnoys
Liver and Bowels cleans the sys
tem effectually dispels colds head
aches nnd fevers and cttrce habitual
constipation Syrup of ig i i tho I
only remedy of its kina ever produced
duced pleasing to thotasto and ac
ceptable t tho stomach prompt ia
its i action and truly beneficial m iti
effects prepared only from the most
healthy and agreeable substances its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the most I
popular remedy known 1
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50a
and 81 bottles oy all leading drug
gists Any reliable druggist who 1
may not have it on hand will pr r
cure it promptly for any one who r
wishes t try it Do not accept any i1i
substitute J
Tho assets of tho CONNECTICUT MU
in 1847 were 1073981
They hnvo Increased nnnli year l
elnco that time and on Jan 1
1801 wcro 58747707 a jf
mil luring these years tho com t
pany has paid to policy j
holders 11583539080 J
It has paid for tho past 20 years
an average dividend of8131 per cent
Its ratio of expensos of man
I DRniuput to fncouio for tho
past 45 years Is 851 per cnt I
Its surplus by New York standard Is over
six millions of dollars
for New York City Lour Island aDd New Jerky 1
No1 Wall St Now York 1
Wnl 1i
0 tlJ
I t1
li n
I < 1
liI I ii a COMPOUND 1f
A You SMIN6 TOIL i fjrfSt
= C TtrenLCjicue Cit Fsea
Hot Weather Necessities 1 1 b t i
Notice the large square package in the front rank Thai
where it belongsask any woman who has used it See what
does It saves work saves strength saves health time and
temper It saves wear and tear tooand thats money Del
cate summer clothes dont have to be rubbed and wrenched
when theyre washed with Pearline Everything is washed 0
easily and safely Pearline doesnt do any more in warm
weather than in cold but you seem to need it more then Its
a necessity But its a luxury as well Try it in the bath
and youll think so I
Peddlers Mid some unscrupulous grocers will tell yon this
VtfT 7 arp U I a good a or I the same as 1carline 1 ITS FE ut 4
YY C > L c PearlTneli never peddled and if your grocer sends TOO torn
aeod 01
I inflate of Pearline do the hrmmttMnartaui it taeL m JAMES IYjE INGYor
1 i
It ricnuurm mi Vet Point highland
Full Cornwnll ned Oiirrlo
Most of tho summer homo alone the Rhine
ot America iwo now occupied Tho hotels too
are faIrly well filled for with them June nod
Bcntoinbarnro the most pcp loua months
The cotiimpncemcnt exorcises nt Vest Point
attract to Crnntons minv early cnmeis
who make their plant to remain and on joy Iht <
comiilox charms of wooded hla the broad
flowinc river nn Inslcht Into camp life nod
balls and hops Situated on ono of the highest
colDtaof tile blur and overlooking the ilvor
surrounded hy forty acrotof wooded iiarkrlth
electric lights pui o spring water a fine orchoB
tro and uteri modoruconvcnlouco and luxury
this hotel has few rivals In its claims for the
favor of the summer tourist The Goinrn
mont hotel ut tin post also entertains to Its
lull capacity the Irlcmlnand rel tlvesol cadets
Thero Is considerable mlsnoprohonslon on the
part ot strangers ae to tho exact locution at
Crnnstcms The circulars locate It at vst
1olut when la reality It is about a mile or so
below nt Klehlacd Falls just above the little
depot II attic riots between the hotel und
tho Uurerument grounds so the West 1olnt
bOla ou Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
evenings and the dully 0JU I > II dress parade
as wll us tho morning drills are easily ne
cesslblf Ii a voek nhon Ibo lien re
cruits will have boon assigned to quar
ters tho regular drills vlll bi resumid
and still later when the furlough class re
turn nilJItlonul ennui tainment will follow
Tao two lasses ou hand are In camp nod
atlor a short time In thu barrncko tIm plebos
will follow suit Uf the 103 candidates for
West 1olut this ycaror rather 179 twenty
falling to report only 10 falloil to pass the
physical examination It Is 1 not llkoly thnt the
rigid mental examination will bo passed by i > u
hllO a Ir lolnl
vorUotteiirlncdown i the old Academy
building bun been begun pieparatory to erect
Inc In its plnce 1 tours ImposIng structure
whicti iiiBslbly will b t ready lor occuuancy ou
Oct 1 1892 Tbo olil clock 1 Lii transferred
to the library bulliiluc where workmen are
busy ulnclnic A lower lor it It Is i said time
aaorul members ot tuo board ot Visitors are
iuieiested In having u bill irumcd and passed
to allow the post band to be increased to lorty
alow <
men Senator Manderson Concresninn Bur
rawtf aud Major larson promise Ibe measuia
their aupnort Dunne the commencement ex
ercises the niemberH uf hue band worn highly
complimented lor tbelr flue irolesSiuUai work
und excellent discipline
Amune the guests at Cranstou aro I r
Hicks Lord Miss bthonck ti 1l liouubtalluic
and latnlly Mr and 18 0 1 horse Mr uud
Miss Lsmont Mr und llis iloller WI Over
man und family Alia h Brush and S 1
Uriuli Dr InmlY Mrr frchnener Mrs and Miss
Noble Mr and Miss Noruoxl Judge and Urn
Spencer W I Mtllorlod family Mr and
31rs J 1 Jussun Mia Uuntber all lutnlly
und K It Uiinlhor Mrs U e i 1lorce and
laniily T Meyers Mr and J Uoskiy
Butt all ot New loin Col nod Sirs Ulunt Mr
and Mrs M l Lewis Albany Mr snit Mro lilt
Barry nnd family Mnlmloliihia Mr H Lo
Grand Cannon uiti l his i ride passed a low dAs
at I Crunona last wuuk Cuttacers at
UlKhlauit lulls occnprlnu Picturcmuo home
ou the rher bank nro John IJlKelow exBecre
lacy of btato Alfred 1ell of the London Liv I
ernool aDd Giobu Insiiruncn Company J
loll A Mctlvalne
Ilttrpont Morcau Anthon cllvalol
Charles F Morsau Mrs t It Hoe Mm J t
Draper olid i Goodijiill
ortupately for those without the plethoric
rockei book necessary tar a prolonld tal at
Cranstons who ietwinli lobo in lois region
there 1110 two atlmlralile boarding boures
ouch within n iinarter inllo 01 tutu depot HlKn
land 111 anti tlarter Tho Hist U kept by
Mr Davlds an old hotel man and has nc
Coinmodntions for luu guests 1 Im tWenty
eight acres of bentitilul grounds and the house
is well nmiointtd In every rrspjct Uiookslio
I el rII
kept by Miss Stewart Is II favorite Louso tutu
riiiludelpblauK Hew ten acres of yank surround
Ir ierI
round the building Fine walk uiul drlvo
larxe airy rooms and a bountiful lAbiA have
already saiureii thirty Buiists antI by July 1
sixty reixoiiB will be on band
Chiimlti Unraxvull is lining fact with strnn
cetB ihu cnttucers almost wilhoitt xcop
lion nro already thoio aud islors at tlio
hnhtolr es me unusually numerous Tliero U I
but little gayety us yet the society folk con
tentlni triemselvcs ulth eninylnu the ox
nullte drives in the neighborhood and I ex
ctmnKtug cills Tho bench Inn 111 Pit ilia
ftiiLe rouillclne literature nnd mercantile
lbs nra represento by the landed proprietors
Ile this riborl lyman Abbott und Lillian
ituncoll Iho peacclullv within a abort Us
taueo of each oilier the latter renting
ono < f exhenator Deans cottages Mr
Dean Is In Ills own rpcclnus manion for the
BumnuT AUovo this Ilncu Is that of Jj L
Solomon and snottier occuplol by hl two
Bon itich on the i unit is the Bummer homo
ol T II lloblns or New Jersey Amelia Ham
the wilier owns nnd occupied n Leniitllul cot
lace wail un the mountain buries Ciliate iv
New Yorlc lawyer iiciipiOB what suite lormoily
the homo ut 0 I Wiis He bus purchusoil
tile property and has spent n small fortunu
nlroAiy In beautifying the grounds nod inn
vertlni tlio I nearby glen Into one of iho I most
roiuniitlo Una plcl > ir < > aUB ipois to be found
anywhere J tt Smith 1roBlJont nf tho Man
hattan Gas Company incas n Lumlsomn place
and Mr 1 Kenet another Tbo home of
Judge 1oweisis perched pretty well un un tho
MormKIng JJountHln not far from the now
clubhouse Tbo opening of this club house
In looked forward In AS 1 great KOCI il event
K A Mutbeson the nonllhy Chicago
olithy CblcIlo sugar
rerdlUtIM at hlsi ottngo Jour of the hlld
homeat resldencos tn ornwall aro occupied br
James titlllin n a Now IonIc cotton broker
MISI E 1 HUHinni Mrs II I bulmoa and
Mrs A Koudull all 01 Now Wk
Ocirnwiill rialniH to Im nblj 10 take care
ot nearly 7tutio peuplu Thor aril iiizuls of in
tollent boarding hOIs anti ititeis Situated In
i tbtiviry heart ur iigjiat Irul I ptodiiulng imd
fnrmlng I country tin hoionit of farm pioilucia I
nn > liivnhlv cpoiideil 1 oIl thee mfort cf guests
af II nt thin oulllllllllloIIRO I aliuobt tho t ii < ex
itt > I tIle Siorm Ktnu Mnuntulu und cominnnil
ing an ell hnntil c viou ol i ihor I ltkn mcailow
imd innnninin 2jguo iH cuu flml rmirtors
1 be itt 1101 it ol th ruotim in ibis hitisu have
nupntboutliioks irnni the middle section of
tun hotel tbeio is a umeied wny ronimctlUK
some llfiv yards Irom the IIOUM with tlio
pnulloii used in n music room mid for bnljs
A polished liurduood lloor renders it nn ad
mirable dnnelng plniO Wide plnzKaaMirround
Ibo tiulldlng A Berlin of rooy pllrlruia are In
tho main bulldlngand the winterdlningrooms
Mill bo turned Into summer parlor for ttio
gentlemen nltir lomorrow when the eighty
or moro giiustawiih be Irnnslerrel iho sits
cious Hiimnirr Ululngrooin A now botylitig
iillny A billiard parlor tennis ground an 01
rellont livery nnd modflrn conveniences the
hotel nn < among the attractions Inning to 1111
high allltudo tile Mouinnlii house almost
vxempt Irom extreme heat Iilring the hot
Way early last week 8 degrees was tite bljjU
eel register lit the mercury Kniovlne llle nt
this hool are Follx Kemsen and family F P
Millar and fumlly O I F lloduemnn and family
E Koogh James A Sly and family K U
omits and faml y llarrlron U Hunt and lam
ill AIHiauder li Shullund und lumlly all of
New York
An addition this year to Cornwall boarding
1Oiises IB JhU Mi > y llnck Iloii > oon btorni King
Mountain W H loolo proprietor I ho building
Im ben entirely and I
ing riiuoilillfd IK now
In excellent running order A magnificent I
low mar be iiijuy < il Iron a 1 huuo nut rock
which gIves I tho lioiibo its nmnr Tho liny View I
HOIIHD parched UliU but nbnyo tile niter has
also channOl hands John 1 VUlllams the new
antler Mill houso reminds < < uo or a story
book dwelling uliroln 1110 docnbd 1 linux
pooled staircases nfl Inmi rooms 1 lth plenty
of < in < toVH and deep clcnoln Jlie IlLenonn
gora further In that rclk Aunt mom
thin cow nnd fresh vegetablra from n gni
ilen near by nr roalltUis The grounds con
ulst ol I it acres onethird of which Is
under cultivation The house has nccommnda
tloiii r sixty guests Tho Miner in one of
tlio most popular boarding houses nt Corn
wall It IB I situated on a bluff 22U foot above
the river ned IH surrounded by spacious lawns
und tennis croundB Jt IH wll supplied with
nil modern conveniences and has accommoda
tions for huh With a record of twenty yenrs in
it favor the house will doubtless enjoy its
cn lomary projperlty
The Ui and Mew Is very highly spoken of It
launder rxrollout management lather IK
paitiiB the Kplscopui monk recently rondo
this house his licadiluarlerut Lnrce alryronms
and a Unit location contribute to its popularity
The Coruell situated on n l > lurT nt tim end of
Bay Mow avenue has a delightful location It
Is one of tho popular liouseu The Grand Cen
tral Hotel ban chanced bands William H
Wlsnell having taken possession It will
Im conducted nn flrstolas < principles
This house will meet the need of
those desiring to be near lbs vlllace
Fresh paint Inside and out and new furnish
lea add to iu ttttr ctlveno t Vms IJrook
Cottngo attactn Us old patrons year after year
nnd already moat of thin rooms urn oigngoi
The Linden Iurl Hoiiio ullh rooms for 150
will b inn this year ty Mrs Ilnmlngton nn ii
llrstclnci house The Talmxr Ilntiso with or
commodatlnnn for between 75 and 100 In one
of tile Lest known and immt popular houses
It U now men nnd niipllcnilons for rooms
i omn In fast Elm 1nrl Hotel Is In hint etuit
ditlon O V V Millo Is hut proprietor anti
tilt excellent bnrwlll be rouduited br A Tits
Inclosing title rmimj of Cornwall convon
lencos the excoDtloiml variety nf boats and
yachts must not be overlooked Tlier urn
undrpris of them Anything from a shell to a
fine aniline yacht may bu hired by the looru
of nnuatic sport
Half n mile from the river at an elnvatlon of
3ro feet Is the Highland louse Ilain and
apparently unpretentious it entovs nn on
viable popularity From 1 unit tn October there
IM seldom a vacancy there Pile monntnln air
anti no monultoes pure uprlog water un
proved plumbing no end of shaded lawns a
wldn plnrzu nUurdlng a promenade stun loot
long und rnlstno equal to nny are tho fentuios
which luohi to fill hits bntei season afli > season
A Inro contingent of young I > ooilohe1nto
male the batiirdny nlunt bans gay anti keep
thing moving generally Among the guests
anti James Whitoly n Now York broker and
Inmlly Mis K Coolldee and II K nnldge
Amssitlron and family Donald MeClnltiand
fandly Alexander Drown nnd family Mrs J
II Hall and family hnstburn Ucnlnmln nail
fnmllr Dr U T Jackson and lumllr all ol
New York
OnrrlHons Hotl on tho bank of the river
has great i > o lbllltlfs Excellent food at mod
eras prices lIfts xn commonded It to wayfnrera
that applications for permauotit a < commr > da
thom beconio mnro numer UNetery week The
twentyfive or thirty available bedrooms arc
in demand and thro times the number conlcl
lie utilized It is I thonubt that next feanoii the
propletor will build an addition tberl
doubling the cuoncltyxf his houso und trans
faimlnc It into a family hotel
NlSliS Sicily or A flEEING
Often Arreeit br rnllcrmmi Frost aid
Once Fined lor Looking nt Him
Policeman William T Frost of the Leonard
street station was charged before Com
mlrslouor Voorbls yesterday with apsnultlnz
Samuel Nash a drhor ot 172 West Broadway
on tho night of Juno 14 Nash said he bad
boon visiting some friends at Canal street and
Vest Broadway and wan just leaving the
house wnpn the policeman approached him
and with an oath clubbed him on the
head and then arrested him lie was
locked up all night In the Leonard
street station end on the following morning
was discharged nt the Tombp He sold that
this was the third or fourth time bo had been
arrested by tl > e same policeman for no cause
whutover und on one ecaslon ho had been
fined III for slniply looking nt the policeman
Ho snld to mo said Rush the last time tin
arre ted me Jhe next time I take you In It
will be on n stretener
Kdwnrd Word nn Inspector In the Street
Cleaning Department paid bo had never wit
nessed sucli an until ovokeui and brutal naliir
He continued I followed tlm policomnn with
Ills pilsoner to the station house but the > door
man relusod to admit mo loud a number of
other persons who wanted to place themselves
ou record ns wlticfsen
Iu his dolanco the policeman simply said
that hash wits drunk disorderly and abusive
ind that It required severe measures to get
him to ibo station house
Bernard McMabon ol the Thlrtyflfth pre
Jlnct was charged by Sergeant ebh with le
tusiug to obey orders The story as It come
out was that McMahon In returning lo the
station house after the parade on June 1 was
brnnn from his hors And made unconscious
He was removed In a train to the station house
whore ho recovered consciousness According
oforiTi reported sick Jhn Sergeant ordered
hum Into the flack room until A surgeon Tould
De sent for The surgeon didnt come promptly
and the Injured policeman asked the Sergeant
to hurry him ni I know my business
answered tim Sergeant And I know mine
ilo Mild the policeman According to lbs
ieigoant McMnbon bald I cnn teach you
police busliiesi
The Imured man was tent to his home and
was on the nick Hot loi several date Where
his dinobodlencf cnme In was not made clear
dipt Cnrtrluhi of the S2d street station
proerrod charges against two mounted police
men in hlscommaud Fr ukBiil > or and Michael
Loge The Captain Bald he bad found both
ofllcers In Iho back room nf n solo nntllJc >
clock ou Juno 17 ilaylg cards The accused
men said they haul beard that n man hail been
ititistruck and they had Bono into the place to
haves Ligate
GcoeheEnn In the Ilonpltal and Wynn In
Jull for Iteltlne Policemen Joatm
Joseph Tiiut alias Denny an exconvict
wan tried yesterday In the General Sessions
before > Judge Cowing upon nn indictment
charging him with tbo unusual offence of coun
selling directing anti procuring Thomas Gee
chegan to shoot twice at Policeman decree F
Jones of the Twentysecond street station on
Jan 2 The principal testimony for the people
was tlo sworn deposition nf Thomas Oeoglie
gall taken by agreement between counsel at
irlletuo Honpiial where Geogbegan lion seri
ously wounded by a bullet trout Policeman
Jones pistol t
leogbogan depo < cd tlmt ho was standing
rearm Kast highixenlh Btreft with Wynn
and yuna brother Intrlrk when Iolltemail
Jones anehlod Im rick Wynn for dinorderly
conduct und Marled for the Twentysecond
street itntlon with him Thereupon Joseph
Wynn took him dienehiganl Inn the hallway
of 427 and handing him uroiolver asked him
to shoot at 1ollcomiin JomH und so enable
hint 10 in < fite his hrotlier Inlrick nenghegiin
Ird twit 0 Itt lolcenian Ji1rs but Inotond of
llting go of Iatnck Wrnn tbj policemail
luckily ueld him nnd rntunucl Cito legiina
ire longlipgnii was seriously wounded In
bo back an bo turned tn run Then other
lOilcmon cnme unit Geogbegan and tlio two
tt yuan wore nricticu
> t yrmV dnieico wu a aoneral denlnl Tho
jury i rompily ronvicted htm and Judne Cow
mit mnndod him lo await senlenft He mar
he Mmtonoccl under the conviction to State
prison for ion soars
Threeyearold Able Zlmmernmnn Leave
Her Mother JBoliliul Incline
Atom Xlramermann a tiny Austrian Imrol
guahit throe rears old passed through ibo
Inrco Ofllce unattended esterelay in the way
to her father In Minneapolis A tag tied to her
treat told who she was and where ohio was
going It Aids bad been older she might have
naked very sad As It was she appeared tn
I enulto happy nnd seemed to hnvo nn doubt
hat thi trorin was mode esioially tn i eao
little girls like hero ll That was becanro
evpryliodr In the steerage of the steamship
Alierdld Ills or her level best to spoil her on
> > e voyage from Bremen Little Aloha i ann
with her mother from their rmtlvn town hv mil
linemen The mother became violently In
nno when about to go aboard the Allen and
was taken to nn n ylum by the authorities Ho
the M lalilehiii conipnny took vlmrtrn nf Abut
irousbt her to hula uiort and sent inriut bluer
iithor whom duo has not soon bincu she was a
very small baby
Firemen ICcwurdi und Piialiuroenti
Tbo Bonrd of Fire Commissioner met yes
orday and disciplined a number delinquent
reman as follows Engineer Mngulreof En
gine 7 fined three days pay for absence with
out lease Fireman Unlack of Engine 1 tea
iityp pay for intoxication and Ilieiliiyapair
for absence without leave fireman Hobbs of
inglne iU two days pay for absence without
Tbe names of Firemen McGrath and BcofleM
ol Lnelne 44 and Dnvln and Flnnall of Truck 0
were placed upon the roll of merit for bravery
In rescuing a number people from a bum
tog building at Hoventyfourtb street and
Third avenue nn tile morning of Inns H FIre
men Lebss 1ilot Froston aud Stoker Hulllvna
of Fnglno 4H Iflrebont iUvemeierl wre rt
rardid In like mnnner ion resculufc Herman
tatzlg from drowning on Juno 20
She Bur John Kennedy from Whom 8he <
Olilnliied ti Limited Divorce linn Fnllei
< i > Iny Her AlimonyMr Duly lsyn
She llcfuted to Tube thc Moner
Tlio erootnclo nt a tall woman dro ° sed In
block nnd brandishing a un umbrella emoting
on the lilcli steps In front of thin brownstone
houso occupied by Maurice Dalv tint billiard
player nt 00 Illcks street Brooklyn nt noon
jelordTy attracted a crowd
I want my liut > m live me back tny
husband Vonve tot him hidden from me In
there she cried
A brlKutlonklne little boy who had come to
the house with the woman wept silently at the
foot of ha stops
Vouro trying to slaivo mo and my two
children cried tin woman
Vwo policemen coma and compelled the
woman to I descend to the streol wlioro nits toll
tier story to the crowd It wits Mr John Ken
uetly nod she bad taken with her from thin
city to Mr Daly hotisu Policeman OConnor
of the Flfyf oreutli iticot police court In citi
zens clothing with a warrant for Mr Ken
nodys arrest Mr Kennedy was married to
Mr Kennedy fourteen years ago In tbo Me
mnrlnl 1resbrterlan Church by ho I lint Dr C
HItoblnson Miv Kennedy was Miss Dunsltoa
a dressmaker who earned 150 ndny when Mr
Kennedy married her and tho bad saved a lit
tIe money Mr Kennedy was n widower with
two daughters one tbo wife of MnurlcDa1y
At the tlmn lie mairlod Mien Dunsbca ho
was worth It Is nld 101000 accumulated In
cittle dentine Two children were born one
of whom was with lira Kennedy yesterday
Thom parent became eslrnnge I several oars
ago and Mr Kennedy left bis wile and sought
the society of his children by bis first wire
Tbrn Maurice Daly broucht unit against him
In Brooklyn asserting ttihtt lie had lent Ken
lied 34UUUU The haute nt IDS last Filly
lourlh street In which iboy lived In this city
was old on a Hhcrllls enlo in nntlsiy tha Juds >
meat ohtalneii Mr Kennedy however held
to her dower right In the real estate refusing
tojoln Kennedy iii giving It up
Lust fall Urn Kennedy sued her husband for
limited divorce before Justice Lawrence and
Mon the suit with IOU a weak for tim support
orherrolf anti her two children Iloili Mr
Kennedy and fnwrer Wolf herfcoUUBol ot Ml
Wnil street said yesterday that Kennedy bad
fnllel four months hugo In pay her any money
and hind disappeared Mrs Kennedy sought
for him etarywheie tint could not find him
bIte wa advised by Superintendent Blake of
the Outdoor 1oor Relief a few dam ngo to
whom she applied for relief to apply to Iollco
JuBllcu Murriiv in the Ynrkvllle Police
Court She did BO and Justice Murray granted
n warrant for Kennedys at rest ltlr > Ken
nedy yesterday went to the third floor of an
apartment house nt 87 Illcks street ostensibly
to hire a flnthut In reality to see what she
could ceo In the windows of Mi Jahys house
almost directly across the utrent She says
Bbc saw Mr Kennedy sitting In tho third floor
reading a newspaper Thereupon shin < le
pounded to the street ran to the steps and be
gan to talk loudly
Policeman OConnor meanwhile went to the
basement door and tried to persuade Mrs i
Daly to let him In Mrs Daly said her father
was not nt home lie bad not been at homo
for several weekn Ho was In the country
Meanwhile Maurice Duly was sent for and ho
went In a cab to the Adorns street police 8ta >
tlon to cot a warrant for Mrs Kennedys
arrest for using violent language Before Mr h
Daly got back with n warrant however Mrs
kennedy had pone away
Mrs Kennedy hits lived for some time In a e
house In HrtyflrHt street on the site ot which J
ibnBnard of Education Is to build n publlo
school She paid rent and recently no rent A t
few days ago she hail toleao Ibo building as
it was to be torn down She is now living with
Mrs Dnly said yesterday that Mn > Kennedy
ia8iunnderd her fathers money and time
her tongue drove him away Irom hor bIte
had put Him onto the house lire Unly said h
line and Benin Twenty dollars a week hal
bceiu paid to her after the separation ns longns f
the would take It but she now refused It de
manding n week or nothing r
Mr Daly had offered her a sum of money
enua to her dower right but she would not e
take It Mrs Daly said she would take her y
stepmothers children nt any time and mill
port and edncata them but Mrs Kennedy
would not consent
PossIbly One of Two Convict who are
lIKnlnc From Rhndullc Inland
Two men escaped from Unndalls Island on
Sunday They ore James Hnley who lives at
Tenth avenue anti Fortyfirst street and Ed
ward Mack of ion Perry street Each had been
committed forthrco months May 20 on a
charge nf disorderly conduct They had been
put to work on the Randalla Island farm
His believed her secreted themselves about
be bland until nightfall and then attempted
to escape by swimming and that one at lean
was drowned The discovery of the body of a
drowned man who hind removed his scant
clothing and tied It In a bundle about Ms necK
apparently with the purpose of keeping itas
arc ns possible whlln swimming leads to
his belief Joseph Coulters of 212 East
07th street came across tho body while tish
ncnt Iho mouth nf Little Hell Gate venfeuday
The clothing consisted of u pair of dark troun
erR a striped shirt and woollen stockings tied
ocetberwlth n pnlr of snspendorB nnd fee
ened to the throat nlth u bit or small rope
jltlloHell jatelsabouinsaancerouRaftreteli
of Crater as nan bo found about New York end
s not guarded closely It separates Kandalls
Snout ards Island
Throws front the Carriage He Tried to
Builder Michael Connors of FJftrfonrth
street and Ninth avonun Is erecting buildings
In Seventieth street near Tenth avenue Yea
erday afternoon he drove up to the buildings
jeblnd a snfrltod horse and entered the
houses He came out in time to Bee Ids outfit
disappear around the corner with a drunken
trarjcor handling tbn reins The horse ran
away and tossed tho thief out on the Western
IJonlevard lie proved to bo Michael Vuiqluy
of 238 Ve < t Sixtieth slroe He wan picked up
and taken to thn Munbaftnn ilonrltal to have
a scalp wound doctoiud and then locked up
Porter llevnoIiU Oct Fourteen Year
MosTnciu Quo June 24 Itoynolds n col
red Wncncr car porter has been sentenced
fourteen year Imprisonment for having
ntally stabbed a rnmimnlon named Myers
during a quarrel over a game of pool His
nnciV an octnroou from Urbana Ohio
rented n sensation In the packed court room
> y her mnnllestacIooB of crier
p i
uotrAiiD i joirsoxs SUICIDE
Dissipation Wee GrowIng upon Him Xap
Idly No Inquest
nrooEWooD Juno 24 Howard L Johnson
the suicide will be burled tomorrow th
Coroner having given his permission today
There wni no Inquestnsltho manner and caus
of death were apparent The neighbors beard
two shots It Is supposed the first was fatal
and that when Johnson fired the second death
was already upon him and his wild aim broke
ho looking glass on the bureau from which u
le hnd inken hi revolver
Immediately tutor the shooting Mrs John
son said that business troubles had caused
lor husband to kill himself Ho and his fam
ly which included hlsinotherlnlaw and his
iirotherlnlnwivs well as his wile moved to
nidgrwood in May from 1187 Lexington ave
nue where tliY had been living They kept
ip a comfortable establishment In Ridgowood
Mrs Johnson was well liked and was pitied a
ood deal because < if her husbands dissipated
inbltB Ills drinking was growing upon htm
raplllr and bad become a public scandal
It is now thought that his nllnlrs were la
Unorder Ho formerly had nn office at 16
Jrnttd stioet ns a broker but ho gave it up a
few months ago The 2nbrl > kle plnoe where
heJohnions lire was rented by them but
Mr Johunon always said that ha intended to
buy It before lone
She Intend to Outwit III by MarrIage 4
BALTIMORE Juno 24 Morris Iferllng bad
ils pretty nloco Molllo Honing arraigned be
oro Justice Hobbs today on the charge ot
being Incorrigible Molllo gave a different
reaeon for her uncles desire to have her lock
ed up She is In love with Itapbael Wolf a
young tinner who returns her Icnennd she
sats it Is to prevent her becoming the tinners
wife that the charge is brought against her
ilolllo declared that her uncle bad picked out
another MItor for her hand who had paid him
51 to help to secure the pretty Molile ns a a
wife Justice Hobbs postponed the hearing
for a week anti Mollie8 lover stralgbtwnv re
pHiied to the court Housii and secured a mar
riage license Molllo Unuw stoppIng with nor
prospective husbands reliitions and both dix cI
dare that the marriage will tnko place on Rat
irday fo that when the hearing takes visas
Mollie will be beyond her uuclos control
An Anarcblct llomh Explode
NEW BEDFORD Juno 21On Memorial Day
Anarchists In this city held n jollification at
the farm of n Bohemian named Jtastalla who
liven at the extreme north end of the city on
which occasion Jobnnn Most now serving Ren
tenon in Now York State was present When
t tu family of Jlnstalla begun tn clean house
Which had been occupied by tbo visitors na
elchtyonrold eon found In tlio match safe on
article which afterward luovcdtubo adrna
nilto bomb
It watt shown tn the fltteenyenrold sister br t
the liul lund i while she was oxnmlnlnB the 4
Bructurolt exploded tearing the flesh of lie >
gin a left hand C tuiillythnt It will Inneces
ary to nmputato the ends of all the four
fingers nnd the thumb Tio boy was knoolcrd f
sensAlodK anti needier daughter who wan jr
standing clone by bad tba flush of one Land
badly lacerated

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