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h OV Illltilt 1OLITtCS
An Impremlnn In 1itrllnment that It Will
i Remit In liii Kentorntlon to Iender
s hlpAhont to Vllt thn Vnlteri Sir
I LONDON Jnnn 20Mr anti Mrs Pnrnell en
I tertained tomo friends jestordny ovonlnc nt
WnlsloRham tarracn and received today
everal intimates Mr Parncll has sent ret
ings to a number of adherents In tho IIouxo ot
Commons expressing otennur that tho pro
tonged period of suspense is i over nnd thank
Ing thorn for their steadfast friendship during
bit trouble Ho writes under nn apparent
conviction that his marriage will
mnrrlnle 1 rapidly en
able him to be reinstated as Irish
tender In Parliament A strong Impres
1 sion In the sumo direction pro alls In
the House ot Commons In aplto of tho
knowledge of tho fact thnt tho Cath
olic clergy will not accept tho innr
rlace ns condoning his offence English
Liberals nro ready to hal him as a
mon doing his bost to atone for his fault Par
nellltes tonight did tin roiiulr to sound tho
opinion of members on tho marrlneo From
nor Be congratulations poured upon thor
unsolicited on tLclr chiefs rehabilitation
Friend In the House of Commons hao so
t Brighton an Invitation to Mr larn I J
make nn early appearance In tho a of I
Commons when his rontro Is
to bo
z greeted with oheer Ibl
It the fouling In Parltair
tlmont of tbo IAIIIIAt MIeet the ten
mnrttago win bocomo
Irnrtolo 1
a big 1olllcAI vnt No Immediate restorn
eot Immcdlno rostorl
tlon ot oonnll
in > betwoen Pnmell nnd the
IF Liberal llBxrs Is possible nor is I piobablj i
that th
ta tho tCtol fond will end without lone op
potIJu from borne or tile xow irroeoniiabo
erxnitoHi but tbo marrlaco has doprhed his
s of onu of their mom potent oaponK of al
tank Ills moral position assured polttlca
restoration It Is gonemlly belleteJ booouuH n
tatter ot tIm
The plans of Mr and Mrs Pnrnell Indicate
that after I i eriod 01 KoelUHlnn U fe I theIr In
r tentlon to enlaree their eodal life I Mr 1nrnc
talks of leaving lirlghton uud taking I tare I
w hotiho In London If she wins the will suit
ptsr the Kltham property lu which I and
her brothers arc Interested I ho will be rl < tz l
fbd able to entertain Those knowlll her
bent say she alms to form a political and
nrttHtlo salon to create whlih she hue capncltle
cuunl to her ambition I has long been known
S hal > sho baa been u valuable political ally 01
Mr Painell With wnmu bhe ban dlreusset
nery turn of nffalts more Iniimiloly than nn >
mcruborof his party I can be vdlcleil will
PIlcINJ wlb
vertnlnty that under her open guidance Mr
Pnrnell will Immediately modify his lactlce
In the tight with the McCarthyltes reconcilla
tlon will bo tlio watchword Jho 1 llrst contet
OlriOwvill bo rouiiht on the Pnrnelllte side
with irealor attention to torsunal amen
ties A letter Irom Mr 1 IJn > er Gray In
dloates this change Ho renews his aiinal
for u reconciliation and urges bat the Carlow
contest bo Ipucht on toI1 sides in such 11 WRY
as > ylll not bo used hereafter ns nn areuiiioni
against tho cnnavlty ot Irishmen lo adjust
their own ilomosiio and I national alTalrs
It II l believed 1 that Mr alfalrs attend
tho bP lon of the lioii e on Mondaynnd atend
inn Chluf hocramrr Ilalfout fis to how it Is
tiioposed ti advance the mon < y needed I the
bulldli of cottfS In Irutd pending the tlO
local on of thu funds lr1do1 fur lu iho Lnn
Iurohnio act On > lovoiable reply
as Is l likely he v 11 Inl for Carlow In thy
tStlulflt with I
ollnu wih re < ie8 of having wruni a
ment orlul cOu310n from a reluctant Govern
Mr iarncll In nn Interview nt Brighton
111 lay about his marring with iirs OSUca
isaiil that he found I Impossible tu procure
1 m on face Icons for any country church
nnd In order to preent delay be thought
I best to hao the cemnony performed
qlt the Ileglstry Ulllce at Bteynfug near
Brighton lie added that the church cero
mony would peioletirnled In London si soon
us hu and Mrs 1urntll wore ale lo put Inn
fortnlKbts residence there This would proba
bly b after the election at Cnrl < > w lora succes
sor In Parliament 10 the late oQorman Nation
Mr Parnoll also said leftrriugtn the religious
ceremony which Is to take plitcn In Lomlon
That even In tills QuitO ho would do his best to
prevent oinslder front belnir present
Asked If he Intended to take im active port
in the < nrlol election Mr 1arnell replied Iart
I 1 hal certainly to Car ow In Inrt I
ntnrt tomori ow night If I run possiclv manage
Otto BO I am contldont that we shall man110
This election is the only election since the
Obhin divoro prooeedlnes wblcn Mr Iarnell
has had a chance of winning Ho will take
Mr Iarnell with Lira to Carton I possible
Mr Parnell Intends In tho futnro to rletoto
speolal attention to tho Irsh industrial que I
sfolal Itecenliy 1 Italfours he Irish lint Iauc ghon bill gcnoial llelng t support that
I Is a well oncclved measure nnd that It will
i WIl
be well carried out llo bell vs tnat the
measure will greatly benefit boh thu Irish
tenants and thx Irloh landowners
Mr Iarnell call today that he Intended If
possible to visit the United htae during the
oomlng autumn using of ttio opinion that Ibo
sentiment of thy Irish and IrishAmericans on
the oilier fide 1 of the Atlantic was In bis liuor
He will try to attend tlm Irish Isatlonal Con
Vention to be held at llnltlmore
When Mr 1nrnell was inked whntho thoneht
would be the political oiect of his murrmso
With Mrs UHhen herald that lie bad not given
that question n thought ant that he did not
intend tu think of what the effect or his mar
riage would bo Ho oul 1 his wife he sa d
were peilectly hnpnv for hlmxelf lie wa
banner than over boloro In the entIre courts
or his life cutro
The M Jamefi Gazelle congratulates Inrnoll
on I right proper ending of fbu sltunllon
Although 1 surrounded it with mystery and
silence the llatrttr believes tho marriage was
Urcitly aleulnted for political fleet
The Globe snys Mr Ohhea caused the
rapture of n political motion I Is not 1m
txisbibie that Mrs PnrnolKl Deal the rupture
J commends the mtitrlwe on all account
Mr McOarlhy haM runitlially witlidrawn
front the leadership of his puny He siHTers
toni an Internal coinpalnt u blih deolopod
yfnr ago hut which wns alter alms subdued
The trouble reappeared roes tlv through ntt
aUk of Influenra Mr Mccarthy tiled to re
cruit at Itournemouib and his phyfclnns
warning him to ouM oNcltementno Intima
ted to bis party tint ho would bo unable to
continue ns Ulialrman He conoeniad how
eer nominally to retain the chitirmanf hip
until the leadership I ttled 011 the liberation
of Messrs Dillon aud OMJrleu
II Yield Again to the Advice of rilend
III Soclul llelatlon Vucbaniced
Lojfnox June 2GSir William OordonCum
mlnss defence In the baccarat case wherein
he proposed to explain how ho was suspected
has been suppressed by tbo advice of lends
The cordial reception accorded to Sir William
and tils wife by the Elgin county families Is a
further reason why he should maintain silence
He finds bin social relations tbo same n eer
I If there IK any change I Is on tlio sldo of syni
paihello cordiality Thin appearance ot Kir
William ns a candidate for Parliament lu Iho
next election In being arranged or A quiet
canvam proceeds in Inlr of nominating him
for Hsln county lu the Con Spt1 I 11 interest
In tbn moan time he employs his leisure In I
rUnt snorting and military remlnlicences
H e knows the Inside IiUturrof political I Iud
mllltnry eents in South Africa and Egypt
and Brie iiiennn to write freely thereon
American and hngllsh publlsheia are mnklnit
offers for the hook though boma lime must
elapse beforn It U rendy Lmo
Mr Williams clmrfi agaInst Chief Jusllce
Coleridge gio < HpartIallly did not refer nlona
to Incident In ttio trial jtuhlod what trans I
pired l In court something occurred which In I
While nrlhtocrutlc circles art willing to show
them lleS nlilous of Mr Mlllams fault
them ISI popnlnr reaction In favor of thus Prince
of nlei1 A bourllii rmvptlon outer urevtid
the Prince than on hue occllo nf tluee pulllu
functIons tlib xetk lh < > ntlciiltuinl show at
onololl tnw
Pone a frr lift opening of the lark at Inter
ham ond this rovluitiiuu 01 tlio llmmir at Al
dershot llotlierbnin nnteil ns < xtronu Until
cafdemociatlo town acclaimed him will en
thusiasm obviously horn of reaction agnlnit
the tiliuto lakhnd on him lu coonnctiou with
the baccarat sctmdal connectou wih
Awulllnic the VrclIrt l > Iriuluiuudnn
IxNDOv Juno 20 KnglMi publUhort ace
anxiously nvrnltlni President HarrUenH pipe
Jamntiou on thoCopirlght law Smeinl
Imllol mil
iIno and numerous books will not 10 pub
lished until July 2 Tho legal rr > lnlonx of tho
present Attr > riiiiyU uuinl anil olluitorOen
eral anti tho opinions of lily siino oitlclaltln
the Gladstone Admlnlstniilou Inue leon tcnt
to Wanhlngton too in tlio effect hunt brllt I
L cans rnny KHciiio copvrluht hem h nlmtillntie
OUt publication I Is l bullr < vo < l fiat I this will
etifllco tu Inducu the PronUlaui to zia cited lo
S tho net iI I i
DIIHI Alt t niuti IniliiKtrlf nl t I lilruirii
Los Jnx JunnS 8iJu yclenen and Art Do
t partmuut recently pent an uMlninto to tho
Government that tOOOOO would be required to
provide for a creditable display of llrltlsh arts
and Industries at the Chicago Exhibition The
Foreign Otllco surprliod nt the amount ch
in nod another eaculatlou from Hlr H T
Wood who ufiored Oi Ltutif of thalounrilot
tht Society of Arl to nnilnrlnkc this inaniK
ment of thy Hrltlsh CUIU Ion lor l juuO
The Government will enteriuln the offer and
will b red to add a further provision for a
peclnl Commission rz j f
rUB earpsnons riirr TO EOLND
Elajopat rrep ra lnn for thn lerlII
nasaL er the German toeI l ts
LONDON June 20Th arrnnRsments for the
reception nnd entertainment of ths German
Empotor and Empress lire now nearly com
Ptoled Attended by len ton Unlink Geo
von Witch Daron Lticsnus Count Kulcn
berg IJaroa on Mnrobnll and OouBrtstt
UrockdorfT they will ArrJre In tl Thitncs on
board lie Imperial ynoht Hofcenrollern on
Bajurday July 4 and will b DIt b members
of the royal family they will a one be es
corted to Windsor whom several
Wncsor bor sovrll apartment
have boa prepared for them In the castle The
Qnoou has deputed MajorOens SIr John
MncNetll and Sir Henry Eirnjt hnd Col the
lon W Cnrrlnclon to ultfnd them during
UPld durlnt
their stny In England On the following Mon
day the Queen the Kaiser nnd EaleerIn the
Prlnc and Prlucesa ot Wales 1rlnco and
Princess Christian end ctlmr members of the
royal family anti thin puke and Duchess of
bnl will tnt tb9 tultirriage 01 Irliice Arl
bert lrllce
arlt RII I rllcel hlorrlle 60hleahrHol
Chapel n which 1111 In tJkol tlo ole lnK there at will Ift bo leorgos n din
nor Prtv In Ineiif I
J 13r ce
attend Jn itttiVU > > Julv 8 the < ronl visitors will
C I V Unlstlans garden party at
Cumberi I 6
I lIIIRtlnt Iarl
iiim V e fld Lodse thence proceeding to Lon
the Command performance at the
J rnl Italian Oner Mr 111 tie Intends this
ffi bn a unity spectacle surpassing anything
before ell at Coent Garden The central
boxes iii the grand tlnrnlll bo thrown Into one
the saloon converted Into an antechamber
and the ttntrcrjxes and corridors lined wltu
Yeomen nt lbs Uunrd anti lned Carte
hlanclu has been ulton to numerous West
End florist nod the wholi house will be a
ma of flowers with whole to enhance
tho effect The subscription Hit nil be cut
prnded and the best boxes will cot twenty
KulnaiH stalls six guineas and other eats In
proportion Leloo drotuu will be tie nanny In
boxes and stnlN Harris nropoOs should the
y upen and the Prince of Wales approve to In
rst tbe prom am me with na > mbollcal charac
ter appropriate to the event Thins the 01 en
It K Item will mnst likely be tho llrst act of
lohcncrln which Includes a welcome to the
German Klnc on a visit to foreign shores
while tho eoneltidlnRkeleotlonwill probably he
wlio last net of Die MeUtoislnuor typifying
the crowning and elnrlllrntlon ot dorman art
Tickets dospilo the bleb prlciB at o already at
a premium
Un Thursday thn nth their Imreilnl Males
ties will hoar tho Golden Legend nt thin Al
bert Hall as already annmttictiil The lUtli
will bo Unvoted to tho vlilt tu the GuildbehI
The QUeen will not accompany Inrcnests on
this occasion bet r dp lre being that tho reeep
ion slmll be nutltelv lu honor or their Im
perial Majesties Thin Prinro and Princess of
Wile wl 1 however prnbablv be precnt
Saturday morning the lltli 1 a oreat military
dl pliy ullhor at Aldurnhot or wltlr Is
projected at which b > sldt < M regular troops a
large fotCA nf volunteers will bo assembled
In the afiernonn their Majesties will visit the
Crjslnl inlnco and lm > pecl the Volunteer Fire
Ilrlcade nf tho United hlncdom There will bo
given eiibso luontly n concert by contingent
of the Hnndl 1eotlval Choir and conclude
the festlxltles n specially prepared exhibition
of the palacollrovtorls
Muny Port Hall to nave Ileen Taken by
the OoTCrnment hquaUron
LONBOV Juno 20An ofllcial despatch from
Santiago Chi says
The revolt niaLos no progress The Gov
ernment squadron takes pososelon of ports
without opposition in the provinces occupied
by rebels whose vessels and forces concon
trato at Inulatio Tho Lcmornlda has occu
pied the guano islands of the lobo group
destroyed material and lenfela and seized
tho employees The Government administered
this property entirely for the benefit of
holders ol the Peruvian debt whose interests
are thus tacrlflood by the violence of the
rebels An extreme scarcity of provisions In
toraplalnedofatTniapacn The rebel army is
discontented food being bad and pay in ar
rears The Presidential elections proceed
quietly In nineteen outof the twentytwo prov
inces Tbo Gonrnment works In harmony
with Centres The paople and the army sup
port fur Civil President Claudio Vicuna sup
The Lsnd Bill In tbe house of Lord
LONDOV June 26 Debate on the Irish Land
bill was resumed In thn House ot Lords today
Lord Derby surnorteJ the bill as a laudable
effort to solve I part of the land problem
England he said had no right to be proud of
thw iast In Ir land but bad no reason to de
spair for the future
Lord FallKlmn hell that the bill generally
bi Isnerlly
was biitlsiuetory People talked vnszuely nbnut
the abolition of landlords nnd Interference
with the liberty of contract Really there were
no fnoh objeotn In Ibo bill The Government
dpxlrod tn multiply the number of owners of
land and would be sorry If the bill tended to
Uocreao tho number The landlords would
ho glad tn see the abolition of dual ownership
The Increase of laudo < ners would add to sta
bility and soclnl order In Ireland The
House Inl Commons hud acted generously In
Aotlng a huge sum to assist purchasers
Kolblnu instilled th prediction that the Irish
people would repudlnto the adVAnCes The
measure would Create a lass that would
conduce to the permanent prosperity of the
country and revue commerce
The bill panned I second reading without a
division ami the committee stage win fixed
Bt8tO WI fxe
fur Thursday not
jnnBtauuM Cattle DU
LONDON June 20Yr John Long Liberal
member for Dundee In the Haute of Com
mons today asked the President the Board
of Agriculture Mr Henry Chaplin I In view
of tho objections of shipowners and other to
tbo Cattlesblp bill Mr Chaplin would not
postpone pushing Ibo measure already Intro
duced and on the other hand Introduce an
amended inonsur next session limiting the
powers which iho bill conferred upon lie
old of Agriculture ulon
Mr Chaplin denied that the Cattlo hlp Mil
cato flaw powtis to the lionrd of Agriculture
extent the nKfat to Imiulie Into the causes nt
tho less of cattle n tea The bill be Slid
aimed to meet mine objections ot the snIp
owning interest to the existing powois of the
Hi ard llo did not intend to prrss the mea 1
ure this tension but would inther use the
Boards existing powers and ls < ue regulations
to prevent utorlnl upon tbn part 01 cattle in
transit across the Anemic ocean
The Kins Letter Billed Out
LONDON June 20Jn Ibo Berkeley peerage
case In the house of Lords today a ionic I
wrancll was bad by the lawyers as to the pro
priety of putting In evidence a letter I written
by Kind George on July 101812 bearing upon
the marrIage of tbn fifth Karl Derkelor Ipon
servant Nary Cole tho question on which the
right to the entates and title Is now being con
eited The nuttiest of precoMants were raked
tip ami cited and much legal lore and judicial
vlFdom woic dIsplayed J ho result was that
thn paper was ruled out ns not portlnout erl I
den o and the bearing was ndjourneil
Ionl Jtollmlillil nod lie Quid KUIpment
LoNDoN June 20Lord Kothschlld Informed
an Associated Press correspondent today that
nono of the gold which the cable reports to be
engaged tomorrows steamers Is for their
account He said
As rlr ISII know ths ehlnmn or gold bRa
ended I have no Idea for nhohe account this
new lot I ordertd I do not believe that the
drain will continue
Hlr George lladen Potrell Comlnc
LONUOX June 208Ir George Baden Powell
tbe newly appointed ntent of Great Britain In
regard to the lielulug ben nucAtlon has loft
nndon forlherpool nnd sails on the steamer
Trillin for ow york lit doullneil stplmer any
10 oellell toIY
I hlng lioro on tho fnbjiMtor f hl Is 10801 lull
Kilaied ho would 1 not allow tho New Vorkoia
to liutortiuw hll 110 rorloll
Hululila or a Sea CnptJln
Losnov Juno 26Capt Nioss of the Nor
wegian ship Arizona from Prntncolo which
arrived at Liverpool Juno in line committed
ulcidft by ho nine himself with a roroiver lu
tho cabin of his vessel wih I 11
Llgtiiisli uc KM COO Hhtcp
LIIHECK June 20 Heavy storms have pre i
nllod In this clnlly today Much damage
was don by lightning In one Instance light
IncstiucL emit alarga drove of sheep 1111t
jug tbu oLuiiboid and 000 of the 100k aheellll
Irluee Atcmuiler ejerlonily III
VIKSVA June 20 Prlnco Alexander of Bat
len urn twullnc Prlneu of Bulga > la who
eftiiocl I Kin l I t Mllm In I tlie ItulcnrlnnSnrviari
< IIIRrlnntltllu
wur thu bioniacb iii iCS I U l lUucoionslv ill fruui an ulcer lu
Fined for Ilefualuic to Work with Non
Union Men
LONDON June 20 Twentynine men of the
steamer Magellan at Liverpool have been lined
live shilling and costs each for refusing to BO
o ten with nonunion mon IO
o le loro the Ilrpoieil Uovrrnmenl
BUENOS ArmiEs June OrooPI bate been
tent lo Catainarca with orders to restore the
dIPOle provincial overnment
Jprof Slenertnic Sentptnm to Commemo
rate Taihlncton Allot Completed
Benux June 20 Amono tho sculptures
which attract particular attention at the Ber
lin International Att Exhibition li I colosial
bronze group I America awakenIng her sons
tt gut for liberty Columbia tented In the
centre places her hnndi upon the heads of l
farmer and a hunter The Inter already alert
nnd to the horizon
grasps his rifle seems scan
for the approaching foot the husbnndman Is
slowly awakening Tho group Is full of life
and action Seen by Itself It appears colossal
and Acton rt I I only a part of the Ktont Washing
ton monument which will be erected next soar
In rnlrmount Pork Philadelphia Ton years
ago the Pennsylvania branch or the order of
jh nclnnntl gave Prof Itudolf filemoilim cf
lirlln an order UIVE this woik Lver since he
aR been 1 thus task and now the work is near
ii 1 eompiotaO
The mrKeilfe model of Iho monument may
be seen at Prof Sloinerlngs tudlo Tuuirten
steps of HwoJIsh Brnnjie repreneiitinii the
thirteen orlDnal Hlntes lead to the bn e nf the
OrllonAI ttaOR
monument At the top of tho stops llgures of
elks buffaloeg wild brash and other > nnlmuM I
of tho United mates are pint oil In n reclining
tbl Unld Itllee
position Fountains representing the four
principal American rivers spring from the four
corners or the bane Into uiluhty granite
oomer Figures of Indians and burners
sin mount Filurci fountains From this base
pedestal about thirty feet high
rises a thlrtr blJb
bearing on both sides in bal relief
plates represeatlna scenes Irom thH
liovolUtlon rODEO 1 n ront f is n group representing
victorious America crnsplng In one hand tie
trjlen arid In the other I horn or nlenty
whIle Continental Holdlers on either lido
up laurel wreath hohlers roar IH l occupied by
America awakening her sonsns described
Amerlcl all towers a bronze eatiostrlau
hlatue of Washington 17 feet high YttBiulEP
ton In cocked hut and nrmv cloak sits lu the
cuddle with n hi and eommandl aIr his
tltl Irm
ayes glancing ftralght ahead as into n glorious
future The whole nroonisn very fIne effect
Piof BlBmorlnir will 1 receive llJsuuo for his
part ot the wor The castings nro made at
the foundries of Glsdenbock and Lauchheiu
mer Tney are nearly all completed borne
parts as also the statue of Washington have
already been shipped to America and Pipf
tlemtrlDI Is now completing iho few models
et necessary for castitig
prof blemerlng CIStll of the bestknown
sculptors in Germany He does not care to
say much abiiut his work but the ten years of
tireless energy and kill which bo has put Into
ft are well lewnrdod I l 111 thu satisfactIon he
feels as his task nears completion
Jack the Ripper Send Wurnlne Another
LONDON June 20Tho vigilance committee
been reawakened lo nctlv
In Whllochnpol has rOlvnkeDed tcU
Ity by an undoubted warning mom Jack the
Kipper Patrols and vlfillontsweie rohed to
night and Scotland Nard sent nn extraordi
nary contingent to watch the Whllechopol dis
trict A letter Identical In stylo and writing
ttIthm previous mtssltes from Jack the Itlppor
hiss plvlou msslel the Chairman of the
hI Ifen 1r
gllantK In which Jack announces that ho
Is I about to perform another operation aud
thai if tho Chairman or vlgllants attempt to
track I him he will knife them to the heart It
Jo l the duty of tho police he sass lo catch him
Hi nddt that hl bnB been nearly caught twice
but that bo will never bo taken alive
Mr SpurKfonn illness
Loxno Juno 2CTbe Pov Charles Spur
coon whoso llluoss Is causing his friends some
alarm passed a rustless night and this morn
Inn seemed to bo in a worse condition than bo
was yesterday at the sumo time I
The deacons of SpureoonB Tabernacle Is
cued the following notice tonight
The best medical advice has been procured
and acted upon and although there I cause
for anxiety the hope is I fervently cherished
that tho Ute an iirerious may ho spared and
that the Lord will bless the moan employed
for his speedy restoration to health The offi
cers ot the church have arranged for an all
day prayer meeting on Mommy when they
feel assured that Christians of all denomina
tions will unite In cutpliatiofl forour beloved
pastor The officers desire to express their
gratitude lor tbe widespread sympathy felt for
the church and on behalf of r Hpurgeqn
and tbe larally they ask that prayer bo made
to God without cennluB until the cause for
anxiety Is removed
The Baker Strike la Part
PAnts June 26ln spite of the bakers dem
onstration yesterday and the prospects of a
scarcity of meat vegetables and fruit as well
said tbat the maorlty ot
a of bread it Is now maorlr
the bakers have not struck Today the
bakeries and registry offices are guarded by
polce and the military authorities nave mad
arrangements to supply the master bakers
with all the bread they may require
As there are prospects of further and more
serious trouble lS the result of too strike the
troops forming the garrison of ParIs are con
fined to barracks and all demonstrations or
attemnts to create a disturbance of the peace
are vigorously repressed
Mr Gladstone Health
LONDON June 26Lord Aberdeen In whose
bouse Mr Gladstone stayed during his recent
lllneastbinks there Is no cause for alarm that
tbe distinguished pa lent Is merely nuffoilng
from the effects 01 influenza heat Ix I ueces
Bury but It will not prevent him from writing
a magazine article while at the seashore
SpaIn Klicn the New Treaty
MADRID Juno 20Tho commercial treaty
with America was signed today It will be
on published Sept 1 on Aug 1 and will 10 Into operation
Note ofForelitn IInppenln r
Mrs Whltelw field D 0 Mills Col John
Hay Itobart McCormick and Miss Medlll will
leave Liverpool for New york on the Majestic
on Wednesday next
The Bishop of Grenoble who has hitherto
beau an irreconcilable baa addressed I letter
to tbu clergy 01 his diocese accepting the ro
publlo a the best form or government in
The Brighton and South Const Railroads
passenger steamer Normandy plying between
Ileppo7l < ° ranci and Newuaren England ran on
the rooks off Beachy lad In u ton yesterday
She came oil at high water little damaged
The court martial which has been siin at
Chatham trying the marines who were re
cently guilty ot insubordination has sentenced
tbe three leAders to eon weeks hard labor
and a number of otbem to two weeks hard
With t papal brief consecrating the Congo
State to the t Itgln the lope has sent a loiter
to King LuopoM expressing In Ibo warmiet
urine his uTectlon and his admiration for
King Leopolds efforts to spread Christianity In
I A deputation of the nurses of Great Britain
visited Buckingham Pulace yesterday amid pre
sented to tlm Princes Louise nf Hilileswlg I
Holtiteiu a diamond crescent and R cot of Jon
nynonH works In view of hor approaching
nmrrlaco In he llylenf of the flirt volume
the laureate baa written dedicatory lines
The last Crown Council In Berlin the Emperor
peror presiding discussed tho destitution pre
vailing In Lust Prusselu gevernl Ministers
will visit the province to immlre luto tbe
causes With the tl < e of bread other prod
slons especially potato nra rising and the
advance has led tu numerous potato riots
This petition of SmithBarry the Tlpnerary
landowner to be recognUcd a having the solo
right to conduct fairs markets Ac In Tip
pernry has been granted b Iho court This
Is i atlnnl blow to the metonslonn of the now
Tlpperary plan of cnmpulun manager who
I sought estates to ruin Barry by depopulating his
I A WpunUli Officer In Bellevue I
Dr Douclns Hellnvue thinks that Manuel
Illcon Is Buffering from Incipient paresis or
melancholia or possibly both Illcon was 1
transferred to Bellevue from tbo French Hos
pital on Thursday night Ho arrived hero
1ltll nllht Jo hro from
Havana two weeks ago on the steamship Clu
dad Condal Ho seemed ilnznd durng the
trip and after he landed all bo would say
nbout hImself was tbat ho was a Paymaster In
tbe huatlilu Ha spent
Illalnh aunT IPunt a week In hue
Hotel Lpnfhol In West Fourteenth itieet
Wbeu askeul about his tiouble he would say
I urn tiled joit know nil about me SI At
I Ile
Bellevua when asked I he wits an oftlcer lu
the Spanish army ho sail It doesnt matter
to anybody lam tired I was mnter
terduy ihnt when bo walked or moed his
arms anti lags eeomcLI 1 to bn partly paralyzed
Tlie bpanlli Consul bns rart to the Cap
tbluuonerut of Cuba Inrjulilng bout Clp
The Mayor or Ilronklrn tn Ilaic u Flue
A new lilt In In I knoun n < the Mnvoio Oat
Is tIt designed In Bruukltn Ihe Mayors
Irhate secretary D W Phillips bald yester
day The nag itself will probably bo white
but will differ In shape from the city lair We
are In doubt ro far as lo the design wo will
place or the white ground I may be thus city
eoHt of arms or the seal of the Mayors olllco
iacelt s will prubnbly arrange that when wo agaIn
llywnhe mount CVJ li A Dube railed
the onidiil imlnler to the city and hImself
He said tbe Mayor had not been nt conoulta
tlon about tho design yet
SUB CAfatiT iitu ar THE AISSI nur
John JealIsa Family Chloroformed and His
lone nabbed br the Manse MIIM Only flu
Jour llefo reTwo Other lou Visited
Mr and MrA Perry Ilnllock live nt 1 Jowet
avenue near Cllllon place Jersey City About
2 > oclock Thursday nioinlnc they aroused
the neighborhood by poking their heads out ot
the front window and yelling PoliceI Mre
unhook screamed while Mr Ilnllock fired oft
n ruvoher and shouted with nil the strength of
blh lusty lungs In n moment or two all the
dons In tbe eUhborhood nearly everybody
there keeps I watchdog wore barking In
chorus Tlio inimodlnto neighbors wor
awakened nnd they tellod PoliceI I
Beeral policemen hoard tbo rumpus anti
hastened to thin spot They found an excited
group of man In dHinhlllo trylnir to dIscover
what I was nil about Mrs 1 aleck explaIned
that she was sleeping In n ball bedroom when
she O awakened bY n ray of light strikIng
her arcs Her door had been opened and tho
light camo from Iho Inmp In the hull
blue earn 1 man In tho hall and thinking It t
was her nephew Fred Hnlleck who is l n horse
car conductor nnd Iell home into every night
she called out his name HecolvInK no answer
sbo Mopped out Into tho hal and discovered
tbat tho man was a stranger i
Without thinkIng of danger sbo grabbed tho I
man and screamed for hor husband who was
still sleeping The burglar dashed the plucky
woman to one slue and ran down the stairs
and out of the front door Mr llnlleck was
awakened by his wifes screams and reached
the front window In time to see the burglar
disappearing around tho corner lie fired off
hIs revolver and shouted police Jrs unhook
fainted after the excitement had subsided
John Nvalls a letter cuirler who Uses In
Clifton place awoko about 7 otlonK Thursday
winning wIth a terrllio headoene lIe said le
felt anil his liend were buistlnir lie called
his wife and Iwo cli Id run hut they seemed to
be In a stupor lieu ho flniilly succeeded In
nrouBine them they also complained of leI rlbla
headache There Ins II Mrouir odor of uhturo
form In the rOOIH
Hieu the lamlly bad come to their genets
they looked about them Dud found ample eU
deuce that bur clnrs IRe been In the houpo
Bureau drawers had been broken open cloth
luir ccntteied about uud the rooms had been
completely ransacked They Carl ted nnay 5 10
In cash n childs savings bunk contululnu J17
some cloihltG and some jewolry
Mr La in 11 whu liven on thoHoornbove says
she hoard fioino noise In ftonliss apartments
about oclock but thouuht nothing of It sup
10lhlll i
DiSlni that sumo member of tlm family sup I
moving ntout Nealis was nil night last nlcbt
hut his wife and children were still suflerlnc 1
from tho effects of the chlniotorm
Peter Taxlorof Cl Jowett ruemin had just
gone to bed nbout 2 i oUnck Thursdny night
when bo heard n nolso on his rout sloop
boil ho hoard tlio window carefully raised
lie awaked his wife and they tutu ollnd Io
llcel as hard its they could lll At I Ibo came
Inituntthey made n rumh for tbo shadowy form
of u nmu who Wilt cautloiilycllmlilnK llirouuii
tho window Tbo
wildow tmrclnr retreated reclpl i >
lately and on relchlnu tUb slewllk wnsjolned
by another man They both ran duwn the
btrvet alt disappeared In the darkness
I An attempt was madn tbo sam mornIng
entor the residence of John Miller un incur
nnco agent nt 1 escott placo but the balking
of a watchful Itewfoumlland dog scarce the
biirclnrs iiwny Thr > police hollovo that nil the
burlllrel wore committed by the same man
Mrs Parker Tblnk Her 10yenroM
Spouse linn Been Ahdiicletl
BALTIMORE Juno 26Mrs MinnIe Parker
niJo Birch wnnts 10000 damages each from
Mrs LL Parker I rixukLhlenand Benjamin
ewoomor for alienating her husbands adoc
Ions and abducting him Mrs Parker Is
about 30 yenl6 old and her husband Malcom
Parker Is not jctlO They met here tbrco
months ago Parker became smitten anti
proposed marriage They wont to Washing
ton where the knot was tied When they ro
turret Parkers mother refused to recounlze
his wfe nor would sho contribute anything to
their support They went to Philadelphia
wbero tho brido secured employment
olPloymonl at Straw
bridge V Clothiers and the money she earned
kept the wolf from the door and about a week
ago tho horhubaud suggested that lie should
go to llallimoro und demand SlODO of the
5500 that wan couilni to him u hen he at
tamed his majority Jhs ilfe thought It wits
Ils Iboullt I IS
aeood plan and oxen draw enough from the
More to nay hU faro but when sue returned
to the house found that two men hud been
there in her absence and taken away her bus
From I description given she Is snro they
wore Frank hhlon the Imys uncle H wenlthy
coal operator and l F Newcomer I wealhy
dlin who ban n bin china house hero 6ulr
Irs Parker Is Quito attractive nnd does not
look older than 24 Mr Khlen denies having I
anything to do with the bots dlsappearnncu I
He Bass tlio lad left Philadelphia of his own
accord Mr Ehlon claims that Malcolm Is not
ro t onslblo for his actions hIs mind being Im
palreil constant clgnrettn smoklngand the
use 01 lliiior Tho woman bo charges was
murrlaco aware of his prospects And inveigled him Into
Fire Prisous JDrowned
CINCINNATI Juno 20An upturned sUIT a
mAnshAt two womens bats and a handker
chief wore found floating In the Ohio last night
atltherslde ton miles below Cincinnati A
party composed of Thomas Thurmnn
aged 54
of tbo Banner leaf tobacco house Cincinnati
Joseph Zen 22 bookkeeper for tho seine firm
Miss Edith Ztns his sister Miss Catherine
Cox of RiversIde and Miss Kate Itlddlo of Bur
lington Kyn cousin of Mr and Miss Zens had
gone out In the skiff a short time before They
were rowing down stream when the towboat
Frank Ullmuro came up The skiff was struck
end overturned by one of the barges In tow of
the steamer and the five occupants were
drowned It Is said the barge carried no light
Miss Zens nbandnome young woman and
was employed by the Hon Illcbaid Smith ant
the Ouinmerfial alp of this city as stenog
rapher and typewriter
A Divorce Suit to WhIch Senator VeUd r
Is a Cn rei > ouclent
BUFFALO June 25 Justice Dnnlels today
ranted nn order in the suit of Robert C Cu ai
ming net Louise Cummlnc for divorce direct
Inc that certain Issues of fact be tried nt the
next Circuit Court in Erie Chief among these
are whether the defendant was guilty of adult
err n divers times and nlacos with Smto Hnna
tor Commodoro 1 eddor nud othor core
Fpondents and whether the plaintiff was also
guilty of hit same oiltnf at vurloun IleA and
places with women of Illrepute Cinnmlni Is
avouiiK Inwioi of roilonla who since hn ad
mission to tho bar has been acting as clerk to
the Commissioner appointed by Joy Hill to ro
vise tho statutes
I Tohn II Alley IUI
BOHTOV June 20Tllo lon John I Alley of
Linn has rondo nn nsslgnmont for tho benefit
of his creditors to William A Knowlton of the
law lira of Crandall A Knowltou This Is an
Individual assignment and places all his pri
vate assets In the hands of Mr Knowlton who
Is also n coasslgnue for Ibo creditors of Alter
llrothfrsV Place Tho liabilities of Jobn D
lblllos Jln
Alley are fSUOuuOtotOOlUiooiwhMila partially
or wholly secuiod owed to the firm of Alley
iJrolherst Plnco and u entaIl Indubtednes
mnelile of that amount Tho assets < if every
description aro turned over to tho lslllro i
Fell Into n Vat of nolllnc Water
AusTEiiDAtr N Y June 20 Tllrlch Kunr
while at work In ntlyoroom of fianfi nlV Sons
cnrpot mill this afternoon fell headlong Into a
vat of b illnu water Mien KunsV plollilnc
tells being removed nftor he wat nM u d fiom
the hat Illecon 01 oilIoil llob cuinonway with
the Cftimciiln Ho millets thx most intentn
agony nnil liU Inmrioii uro nf Midi n frluhtfnl
1 rrhhtll
nature that ho will die htinn Is
Iltur wi IUIO M yours old
and hns a family
Woollen Mil Hliutllne llonn
BOSTOX June 20 Bnturdoy eyenluK next
tbo Norfolk Woollen Mill nt East Dedbam will
shut down for an Indefinite period The
Merchants Woollen Mill nt thus snino plnco Is
running onlr n xmall portion of Its machinery
and the report Is that It nso IH to abut down
I lut
soon Jlnth mllU mo owned bv thus semi coin
pnny Tlio only roaion assigned mo hint
market there Is no iuuuey lu the business arid a dull
harvard ComIng Freshman class
BOSTON Juno 20 There are 840 young men
now working nt examination for entrance to
Harvard In CnmhrlOco tho number men
that urn InUng Ibo Unas K2JS I ho unrulier
hal ig I Ild iirullrnlimriHiiliiStll I At piae 0 her
limn Cumlirideo there urn S27 men taking
lithe tboilnals or preliminaries or both laklnl
t a gala ot 116 over lost rear Thil I
a = =
I IFeel
Played Out
How often Oil eat similar txrt nilont an heart
from Ural or worked women ant l weary amloua
men wl tie not know where to Moil relief For thai
Intense wtartneM to common and 10 illiconraclru w
earneilty reromtnand heat a araparlltii It II not a
llmulMit but a true Innlu irrajuallr tmllllru up all
the weak rriani In sash a way M to be of laiilnf
benefit A fair trial will confine you at 1U merit
N 13it lure to t st
fold br tl droKliti Sli I clx forS rrepared by Ct
HOOD 1 CO Apothecaries Lowell Mail
100 Doses One Dollar
iras Djspefsa Regulaei the Syusin
dollied at t tie hprlnKi not of i the > Iak Colcrnlo
litchargeil only HlIU In oungu
TUBIB SKIDMOHE giati 151 Yrnkitn it h WV Z
078 o7d Inc nitOOUB HT
Spring and Summer
Carriage i
or THB nrsr CfAsq
Tletorla msgosettes
Cabriolets Ilepnt WKKOII
T onheeler I nrlnln Koekittrar
Mall Phaeton Js Top HbrlaletiT
Iaa4nnlelle Josif5o
Omnibuses llutid Vi > Roa
Olsse Itoekairay Ion rhnrto
foiine Rockaway nillrV rhnelo
Hrtlder rnaeton llnckbnurd
VliaVI Vlllane furl
lanrfai Itnnulioiit
Fancy Trap Ilerhy Phnelo
iloelar1 MOas Knrrey
liocinro Rroueham ChllUrena Trap
Fancy JBiiekboard Haxan lhnetn
Wagc rhaten HticLbtr ftekswav Bnrrn
Fancy Traps M orlM nUnlim ionMn
Cunt Poi 515 VItiate fkrli Suantap niri 5tsutbsp i
ISasteni liepol UM O Potters rhitoov ha Tp
Calrioita Runabout Canopy Vienna liiattna >
The Itrndlty Surreys far Ifni an a little thus ntt we
ever prolncf1 We Its r llnin In nut tindjrs sum
trrlngi unit ltd txri ItlKli iaeU l ilrep HM ant
cliniy of room The mat ftntttt nr mol naps u4
on cutuuiUri sad end irrlni prevent ront 11 with in
wipe He fautcy we palm and trim our work muoU
Ixltirthln the average
nitAiirFv t ro 14 winnuN HT
SO Milk Wagon no Orocer lit Dry
Hood SO Innnitry AViiRonn a Hlncla
Truck 2 Fitrnltnrti Trucks ll ft heavy and
IlKht Express TTnjtoni leO light Delivery
IVntsonn for country iioei bent goods low
ct prIce Call and see ie Itnclne IVacon
and Carriage Company 1A11O3 Won Hi Slh
uv New York
Liar A1IUItl > 8SJ II Illlti II M I MIKAC7UKhll IK
LlSllkl icu
Omit line r > r riuMnn llncklioarili Carrots nunilon
unit onnpylup riiMinim nuonrtliii Depot S yetis
Head Crt > sal < l Ileaiure Trait nf nil kltiiin RAUINb
WAIIN ASP CAItlllAOK UH ll anil Ml WoMKr si
L twren llrnome anil MrlnzMi < iv Vnrk
The Pasteur GermProof Filter
Dont deceived ana drink erring and lioltt < l wstnr
hinting hem purelhr rartlr ar LIe a lasImt
0rm Froof Fitter and drink water that lifnt i frea
all orranlc mailer stui 1 dlieaio genus If rio fl tQ < ib
oumrr for pure striate a IHiieur Filter auth IQJ > a
Liii fan water A to
Sold by B W PO31KKOV I
1830 JirodtYih7
But Inwyer Howe Denies that It wn Ar >
rnnBtd for lis < KVect on the Jury
In the trlnl of Pblllp Derringer for killing
his wife Catherine yesterday the witness to
Mrs Derringers Intotnporance was Mrs Annlo
Derringer the defendants mother She tel
tilled that she had nine children
Was this 1 good boy In I asked Lawyer Howe
putting his bejewelled hand upon tho curly
bend of the brawny defendant
Tho best of all my boys responded Mn
Derringer bursting Into tars
Mrs Llzzlo Klloher a sister of the defendant
next told what she knew of Mrs Derringers
Intemnerftto habIts As sho was about < o quit
tho stand Lawyer Moss hurried to the < en >
closuro for wlmesres alit led Lna Derringer
the defendant little girl to the bar Icrrotor
Is this your brothers child madam 1
a kpd Mr Moss tragically
Mie Is replied the wltno
Dennlqor clasped his child In his arms and
father 111 child wept Judge Mnrllnodlreotft
n court officer to take the child back Irreotpc
enclosuro for witnesses
lour Honor cxplnlnnd Lnwerllowo npol
ognilcnlly this child was bioucht forward
only for the purpose of Idenilllcntlon 1 give <
jour Honor the nnsurnnce that I would not
rond ofnd to tin anitlilna like would Its
possible afoot on this jury
lerrlnlor then look the otand Ills wife ho
textllled wins addicted to drink On the nllht
of April H when he reached home sho was
Intoxicated and no supper was rendy He
told his child to goto her grandmothers for
supper Ills wife objected and nishod at him
with her hnndo raloil He slnnpod her twice
but did not knook hor down Then she start
ed to prepare sunpor but fell aenlnst tho door
jnmh In the kitchen striking her 1101 I Ho
wont out to get some supper retuinln nt
about 11 oclock Ills wile was In beth When
ho awoke In the morning she wnsdend
The dolenco rented lleputy Coroner Con
way who illPorod with leputy Coroner
lrl l
Jenkins nn to thu cause of f Mrs Deirlngors
death was In the court room but ho was not
culled IIT the defence
The trial was not ended
Peopleiirr OnlnE to Fight ills Mission and
HeM Kaeer lor the Fray
The neighbors of the llev Stephen Morrltt
the undertaker who conducts a mission at 208
Eighth avenue are up In arms again Last
fall thoy succeeded In lmInctlie pines closed
nt night Now tboy soy It is filled from oclock
In tho morning until 1 oclock at night with
degraded men of the lowest order who sine
shout stamp their feet clap their hands and
make n great hullabaloo nil tho time A pe
tition to tho Board of Health has been
tton DOlrd lealtb pre
Tho mission occupies nil the ground floor of
203 Eighth avenue The windows In tho rear
nre always open and noise and odors none
trnlo every house on the block At night
when thn mission Is closed Its inmates ate lot
loose and they swarm over the neighborhood
stopping persons and begging from thorn
UudorlaKur Marrllt W > IH In great humor
when n HUN reporter called on him Yes
he Mild wo do make n great deal of nnle
Thats what I mlislonH for I we didnt have
this place there would be a freeandeasy
there We like n timing or this kind I lots the
touuhs and tramps know wbero we are and
rlngs l > em around Horn Mr Merrltt chuckled
lor a long while and then continued I lo
you know this Is tho beRt thing that can hap
lion in us I makes us known nnd good
Christian people can see how wo are working
and sympathize with UK I ilont care what
tlio neighbors say or think Let ih > > ni light ns
chuckled much im again thoy want tO Thou Mr Morrltt
The petition asks the Hoard of Health to
make the mlfulon workers conduct their ser
vIcex In a inlet orderly manner and to keep
the mission open only from M A M to lu P il
The Cabinet until the Silver QuestIon
WARHINOTOV June 2GA regular meeting
the Cabinet was held today beginning at
1130 AM The nbEoutcos were Secretaries
Jllnlna and Proctor and AttornoiGeneral
Miller The principal topic of discussion was
the continued coinage of sliver after July 1
and the Secretary of the Treasury presented
data on that subject After the Cabinet meet
inc Secretary Foster made the following state
ment In regard to the silver question
Attor a full and careful consideration of time
law totaling tn the coinage ot silver Secretary
Foster finds that the act of March 3 1691 ro
om re 9 that the Secretary of the Treasury
shall as soon ns practicable coin tho trade
dollar bars Into silver dollars He also finds
that JllJiduo bus been appropriated for the
reenlnaKpnf the subsidiary sliver coin Into
such denominations as will best serve to give
it circulation Them IH constant demand for
fiiiiell coins principally dimes which
the mints have not been able to
supply The tocretnry of the Treas
ury has decided that his first duty
Is to obey the direction of Congress Congress
has ordered the coinage of tbo trade dollar
bars Into standard silver dollars The coinage
of the trade dollar bare In this manner will
transform what cost I60S7705 Into 5HR28I
slnndnid dollnta ibm Secretary llnds that It
will requite perhaps lour months to perform
the work of coining trade dollar bars into
standard dollars and retaining the subsidiary
liter Tbnieforp i the Question of the rontln
uod coinage of silver dollars at heretofore Is
not a practical one at present
Carriage for the ISlncli Mortar
WASHINGTON Juno 26The Ordnance De
partment of the Army has nt lust succeeded In
ranking n contract for the construction In this
country of the Eastern and Anderson spring
eturn carriages for the 12Inch Cecilloading
Iflodmoitara Intended for harbor defence
This carriage Is of hue Itiifislnn type hue re
coil being taken tin by disked steel pprlncs
and hydraulic cylinders and has given Balls
lactinit during the tests nt Handy Hoot The
Inllders Iron Works of Providence It I has
ecured th American rights of the patentees
anti lint entoied Into contract with the War
Vpaitment to t furnIsh eluht carriages nt
11500 with a cnmlltlnn that If the onler Is In
creased within a year to twentyllui carriages
handdltlonil sucnteeu nro to be furnished
19iu73U each
Commissioner Mitchell Designation
WASHINOTON June 2iC K Mitchell the
Commissioner of Patents expects to lento the
city some time during llio coming week on his
annual vacation It Is iiuderHtouil that Mr
llteholls resignation Is lo lake effect on tho
ppoliitrnf of hilt suece sor nnd It Is believed
tiatjMr Mitchells earnest desire to retire at
nearly lay nlll influence thin President to
take UP the iifBtlon of his successOr lund dla
pose of It uttmriuc Mr Mltchill
i nb t > nco Ex 1
oprescnlMtvii Hlmouds of Ccnimciliiil T A
limning of hlcago ami lie I pinnent nrlrtant
oininl I lunor I Mr rrntlilighrun I nto aid to
ho cntidldatcs tot ihoComiuisiilunorshlp
The Owner or tI I Vlllnluoiii Weuuna
Jullnno Ilaflano the Italian who was convicted
Icted recently In Brooklyn of carrying n big
revolver wllh a lone koenblcdcd dagger at
ached has boon Minlenced to eighteen
month1 imprisonment lulbopenitentiary by
Judge Moore
IW HAS iWO main ZZtGfl
teed to Dun On Three Loll > bet it Ball
ronil Accident Jtll Only Two In Goon Order
The tbrccleuBcd man walked into the out
door relief department of Hellenic hospital
yesterday and astonIshed n crowd of medtci
mon Ho didnt come there to exhibit hltneol
but for relief from ibeuinntltm Geomo Lip
pert Is his name and ns bo generally carries
one ot his lees curled no under a lonRtnllo
coat Dr C F Orormlllor to whom ho pro
rented himself smile I lner < duloitplT when
Ilppert said that hut intln rnnRod throughout
nil three legs rrctty soon thrnmgh all the
ilrelore wore around huim and they wnuldn
lot him KO until bo promised to return next
Wednowlny to hn photoemphed
The Rent eninn who boaMs or who did boast
once of so superor facilities for ioomotioui
has been in New Yotk only a eluort tttne on
hula trip he save nut prevtoticly resided in
Cincinnati lie wet born in llaxaniun thirty
eight rears ago ann hn avers that In his youth
and early mnnhood be could putstiip nil com
petitors In feats of podestrliinlsra Tho lira
leg that heprefonts for consideration Is on the
left tsldo This Is the east remarkable boiiit
Imply the normal log ot any healthy 150
pound man
On the right side however he hnn ncommo
dntlons for twobal andROCket Joints ThU
opportunlly Is Improved by two legs ot onun
length The lea to the extreme rlgnt was un
fortunately Injured about two ream ago In n
ratlroad acucittent and Llppcrt has since boon
obliged tu carry It bent nt the kne Ordl
flariiy this lee Is tucked out of Mcht In the
trousering that contains the thud of the
series which Is just Inside Llprert uses this
last log and the on on the left side for walk
ing His Inner night leg has onle two toes
but In reoonirjomo lie outer right leg has six
The shin bone of tho twotoed leg IH missing
but Llppert walks without any perceptible limp
limit the BherlfT linn Her Now Awnlllng
Action by the Court
YINCENNES Ind Juno 20 Several months
ago Patrick Ryan secretly married Emma Cat
lender daughter ot dipt Callender of this
town and took her to his home two or three
blocks from the Calleudor homestead The
young woman It Is said has been an Invalid
for many years Her father strongly objected
to thin marriage took legal steps to show that
the girl had been taken away against her will
secui od possession of her poaou and took her
back to his own home
Yesterday Mrs flynn wait III In bed nt the
homo of her father A welldrnssed mnn on
to rod the house nnd asked for something to
eat While lilts Callonder was talking with
lie stranger 13mm appeared The stranger
caught Mrs Cnllendtr by tlio throat with one
hand and placed the other over her mouth to
prevent her from calling for help While Mm
Calleudor was thus held llynn rushed Into tho
house and seizing his wife In his arms rushed
out and carried hei to his borne
dipt Cnllendnr went in lljans house and nt
the gain was met bv Michael Ivnn n brother
of Patrick who reoher In hand forbade his
onturlng dipt Callendor then cot n writ ot
habeas eornns Armed with this HherlfT Mo
Powell drove out to ItynnV house anil took the
much disputed wife and daughter to his own
residence where sho will be del anod anti cared
for until the habeas corpus enso can be hoard
before Judge Shaw
Othernlia Victor Oruhm Mat flo to the
Reformatory for Stealing
Victor Gruhm wan convicted in the Special
Sessions last week of Brand larceny In the sec
ond degree In stealing 200 worth of jewelry
from the house of Mrs Bettlo lime at 282 East
112th street Gruhm was arraigned yesterday
for sentence Ills counsel moved for a new
trial claiming that Gruhm was Innocent and
supported hU motion with several ntlldnvllx
tending to show that the real thief was Joseph
Lesser whoio whnroaoouts are unknown
Abraham Klrlner of 1G Knst First street
rondo affidavit that ho first learned of Griinms
arrest from Lessor who said ha had stolen the
jewels because ho haul hnd to rnle money to
bemarrledtn Lesser Gruhins counsel said
nod stolen the jewelry and dlupoeod of the
greater part of It to pay his wedding expenses
Judce Cowing said that be was convinced
that Oruhm was properly convlctel but that
If Gruhms counsel would produce Lesser and
satisfy him of Loners guilt be would n > om
mend that Got Hill pnrdon Gruhm Then
Judge Coning committed Gruhm lo the El
mlra Reformatory
Court Ionth to Illltirb Orderly Proced
ure In the National Guard
Judge Beach of the Supreme Court ban de
nied a motion b > Edward McChrystal to enjoin
tho Examining Board of tbo first Brigade N
G S N Y from anilnlnsTbonm P Ketr
as candidate for a captaincy lu the Sixtyninth
Regiment McCrystnl and Kerr were rival can
didates and although the latter received n ma
jority of tho votes bn did not pas the examln
ntlon The txnmlnlnc Itourd proposed tole
hirn another examination Judge lieacb says
I deem It unwise for the Court to restrain a
military Hoard If the Hoard acts contrary to
law but In matters generally within Its inns
diction the Illegal notion will presumably
reversed by higher military authority Tha
court will not intervene upon motions of n pri
vate person In no wise directly Interested
Hepeallna n Valuable Frnnebtie
CnicAOo June 2GThe City Council after
an excited discussion repealed an ordinance
last night which It bad been discovered was
surreptitiously rushed through the Council
two weeks ago granting the Chicago and
Northern Pacltlo Hallway fifty miles right of
way within the city llmlle and conferring other
privileges the money value of which Is said
to lo enormous Commissioner of Public
Works J rank Aldrich who had been charged
with the responsibility for the peculiar trans
action made a personal explanation to tho
Council denying the accusation It Is said
that the railroad company had accepted the
ordinance before its repeal and that the repeal
is tberelore null
The First Union School In the Country
LOCKPOW June 26Time class of 91 of the
Luekport Union School the lait to graduate
from that historical Institution held Its com
mencement exercises here tonight JIm
oldest and first union school In this country is
now abandoned for a new structure The
union tcliool system originated hero In 1N47
the late Hon Bnllljnn Caxorno being father of
the Legislative bill which created the system
and the first school was erected here Tho
first school tax levied to ray for tho institution
lz 13000 almost caused a riot In this city
Thus union school ftynlem since has become
almost universal all over tho country
AV il Florence Cull on the Collector
Billy Florence the actor was around the
Custom House yesterday with two grievances
First ho bewailed that he was CO years old
Nobody believed that Ills second trouble was
hat an Interesting nuw pnper writer hind not
fled Collector Krbardt butt the 25potiiH sal
loon he received from Florence ihai been hit
by the pnddlewheel of a river propeller and
stunned and that Florence had rowed out and
titter chloroformIna the fish grit It Into his
boat He shipped it to tuoColIectoi and ex
plained about the salmon
Not An Elopement
Trtoy June 20Garnott 1J Dalllmcro thin
colored civil engineer of this city who married
Hiss Mary E Latio a white girl ot Good
OronndL I June 18
denied that there was
any elopement as wrorlea In n New York
lamer Mr Uultlmoro nsher it hunt both fnm
Iltes tore aware of the engagement which wits
ol niH ° years standing Ths marlines was
mint owing to the recent death of Mr Ilaltl
innJSVi lwrllaltlmnM hut n ° li > tanton
abner of the li1JIl1Iml1foeraent Commission
bf thlo city and Is highly esteemed
To Change the Deportment Hlutement
WASIIIXQTON Juno 20The President has
approved the suggestion of the Secretary of
tho Tieasury that the public debt statement
and the other statements Isiuod br the Troos
tart Ilcrnrtraent to how the state of the pub
In llnancfH le luuol < ielle < l after thn t lorra of
stmhtegueuuts issued during the aim nlMruliouof
becielary Hhernmii and which IIIIXP Under
gone bore or louts changes with each succeed
irmg administration The clmngvs will be niada
Iii the statements issued on and after the 1st
Prohibition la New Hjrapihlre
PiAtBTow N H Juno 20The town offi
duds win have been raiding road houses la
till Molnlv on Tueolay foUed aiiUHntlty of
liquors 1 in ihf 1 only I lio I at IlaUtow Iho
It I I ti II let tr huuul cit eiccoV Ii ouse I otvu rig t hue
towmu without huotel accommodation ion the
rfe public and an iodignatio
fce meeting
of cliironia ha been calied to oroeet
raids the actIon the of the Ofllciist An a result sgalnet Of lie
pollee force hiss reblgneui and the
town is without protecton
I l peimacetl Whale O1T Charleston
Tjiasteamship Santiago which arrived res
tenulsy from Nassau reports that she paseuL is
dOQ hnrge wi1 school off of Ibttridstongu enormous xiiutihlVr tuti
Blmoon Ilollon who Inouiod thin GarfIeld
clock died at bin homo in Middli > bury > t on
Wednesday Ho wn < born In Notthlleld Mass
on July 13 1S22 and went Into business In
Jllddlebury In 1850 Ho had mechanical
genius of n rare order Ho won nn exiert
watchmaker and moat of his Indentions were
In this line He was the or ulna tor of the
escapement He Invented the metallic ther
mometer and the motnllla baroneUr nnd
mndo a RcltrcKlstorlnc thonnomeer which
runs by clockwork anti goes eight days on a
stretch He built tbn llrst netting nmclnnn
with the shuttle carried on n carrlnao nn I It Is
now preserved in this tht > ld n Miifpiim In
Jllddlebury In 1891 ho nm < lo tha celebrated
Garfield clock wblh WHB ointhltpd nt Huu
nellw MuBOUin In Nw iork Every time It
ntruclc thin hour the rlock reproduced In a
ronllntln way all the prlmlpal srcneK la the
Garfled trnaody from tho shooting of thu
President to tho final nppenrnnco > if GIII > MU
upon the gallows Another Invention In the
line in an upright clock thin lleurits ruIn on
from bottom to lop The hard runs from I
oclock nt the bottom tn 12 nt the top then
drops to tlm bottom and begins over again
Another curiosity is a wutch which with tho
exception of n few portions the works wu
fashioned entirely out of ivory
Alexander McEwen formerly of the London
Stock Exchange was burlo < l in Voodluwn
Cemetery Veduendny mornlnc the Rev Mr
I3rlncLcrhoff otllclHtlnu The little funeral
party was headed by Jenkins Vnnbchnlck the
banker Air MoKweu a dozen years ago bad
n fortune of 5OUU0 < > He was one of the
heaviest speculators in American securities on
the London Stock Exchange and wits well
known In Wall street Ho encountered In the
last half dozen years serious reverses the lust
of which swept away his foitnnc FbI was a
loss of tnuOO or 35 < Um l In Houston and
Texas Central Ho arrived at the Itrnvoort
house from London two weeks aeo and died
there from prostration on Tu < f < dy He was
no years old anti leaves nine lilldien In Epa
land Mr Van Hchalck foil nthoBOf the New
York Block Lxchanuo In the absence of rela
tives had the body burled In Woodlawn
Blrann P Van Winkle who was stricken with
apoplexy in Now York yesterday tIled last
nlcht soon nfter bo WOK taken lo bis home In
Inteison He was the owner of some nf the
most valuable property In the centra of that
city Hlsnrandtatber and grandmother were
the vie 11 nii of the celebrated Van Wlnklo
murder at the Gofllo nearly half century ago
The murderer Totmron was the fIrst mur
derer banned In Passaic county
The Ilnv Wm Moran the oldest and one of
the bestknown Catholic prIests In Mamtrhn
selts died at Vnrf In that State esrarday
aired HI Father Moran cnmn to hew Brunt
wick from Ireland nnd was first appointed
curate nt fit Johnn Altrrwnrd bo wax rent to
Maine and next had chrrcenr the church at
iandwlob tn 1804 he wan appointed rector ft
St WllllamH Church at Ware Ho resigned on
account of Ill health In 1837
David M Holltnesworth dM at Now Orleans
on Thursdny otter a lone Illness He was A
native of Macon Gn rind was 13 years old
lie was a votoran of tbe Molcnn war In which
be served as Knriteant of mnpnnv A MiMIc l
slpoi Rifles First Regiment of Volnntrers
commanded by Jefferson Dnvis lie also par
ticipated In the war between the btAes He
rose to the rank of Colonel
Euocne F Dewey ta years old and a mom
her of the Stock Exchange sInce March 29
1B83 died yesterdav afternoon nt Ms home in
rance He Inherited n fortune At one time
tie wa n member of the Hnn Irunclsco MIMnK
Exchange Ito was ntto tot roorly nf the New
York bnnklnc firms ot K L Uppenhelm A Co
and Calmt Co
Eticenn Dn BoIse died yesterdaY at his home
on the Clove road W eel New Brighton lie
TBS a son nf the Into Cnrnnllux Hoarlleld Tin
lolse and a snnlnlaw nf Krnitns Ilrookn
having married Miss Atino J Ilronks the
oldest daughter He was ffi yours old and he
leaves ft widow and two children
Mrs Minnie Itotbficblld or 114 East Fifty
FpTcnth street died In Long Branch nnThnr <
day night Mrs HotliscliUd bath baen Identl
led with many Hebrew benevolent fnolntlfii
Uie was 59 ynnrHoldnnd was tir > wife of Syrian
lothschlld u clonk manufacturer
Miss Emma fiHnlstpnd died on Thursday
night nt her homo In Nnwbnrirh ncetl 25 years
She eraduntod from the t as nr school nf rnuula
In 18i4 tout had since lund pupils In Now York
and Brooklyn
Max P Ionoi1lu1s 11 yearn old dloil at his
rpslilonco 8GS West 111st trod yn tenlnv
Ifs uas n tntlnnor Ho will be burled to
morrow in Brooklyn
Judlte llonttv MoDolland dod at Columbus
lad yostordny aged 8U
TI lloradn Open Totlus
The public will have an opportunity today
of seelnc what the now amusement icsort on
bo brink nf the Palisades opposite West
orlysocond street is like El 1 Dorado will tie
brown open this afternoon and evening In
ho afternoon an openalrconccrtwlll be given
by > Jules Levy the cornctlst a band of sixty
pieces led by Nahan 1ranko and n chorus of
eighty voices from the Metropolitan Opera
house Lively music will bo discoursed while
Isllors enjoy tho views and shady promen
ades and smoke drink and oat In the Moorish
nftlonnd In the restaurants In the evening
InloMy Klrnlfvs historical riproKentatlnna
called Klnu Hfloinon ninth tho Destruction
of Jnrusalem will bo Blvon In the Ilnmtm nm
ihlthcalro He anus Ills tho mot nucnlfl
rntspeclnclo ecor seen haionbnuts and will
mplny no loss than lVio men nnd women In
bo ballets will lo TOO gIrls attlnd In costly
ostumoi AfhT thin spectacle there will he P
display of llroworks more music and lots of 1
other things
The most direct way tn reach time cronm it I
by either Ito Jay street or the Wont Pony
ccond street ferry They can also is t rcnchfl
via the llarclny IlirUlophrr and Votrteitb I
Street IOTOS to Honokcn tliencj by IIOIHO call
a short distance tn the colt anco
Hud Yellow Jack Auonrd
Herman Krnnr n dnnLnyonplne man on tIe
steamship Humboldt which arrived yestcr
day from Ilraglllan and Vot t Indian portt
ulied on Juno J of ullmv liner while tlm ce5
Was on lien wiy from Uln tn Santa Lucia n >
liimbnidtloft Hanla Luclnon June ii i > with a
loan bill of litinltli atmi I tlio was dotn ncd
Oiuly n few hours in Wnaniultio ia I o

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