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A j
I j I
t TOXK rI 4 MxrtucK ox AC
COUNT or izAvr
a t i I COUN nn
I a Pretty Contest I Phllifdatphta tax 1Vkle >
the Brooklyn Cntaj Oat 8eed Bot
C1Tlaad Mke at Mpcrrl BanKttllBK
Ahent th Boatom ClnbBKasnlt of
Other Games New sad Nte
But three Katlonal Luau jratno wne
elaTed y Bt rday The scoru weret
rhllao > lphl 4 Brooklyn 8
I Ole9l a U rituburhB
Chicago 111 I Clnolritantt 7
At Mow YorkBain I I
me necona
mIl fTr > ttitt Per n l nut Trvm ton Ivr ct
I > cwyerk9i r m Philadelphia urIn
ChlcageMn II e > > Prook1ynM VII 47i
jtoitou 21 23 Z37 Piitiuiirgti30 11 iia
CllTllAIll2 ft DII eluIL2 81 J70
1LtDI Juno 2Cutan the pitch
fir whom the Fhlladolnhlas eccurenl from tho
fr Idi of Connecticut mae bin appearance as
A 4k Leaguer yasterday afternoon nnd thanks
I VB admirable work harry Wrights young
loin were enabled t maintain tholr winning
I purt Although the score was close Ibo llola
1 I dean md tlis battlntc about equal tho
t anll lacked excitement owing probably to
the want of Interest displayed by tho npecta
l r and the tact that there wns llttlo or no op
xirtuolty for the fielders to do anything bo
bond the ojdlnary Wards men bod bovcral
ihances to win but tho necessary hit was
jevor forthcoming
L It was at thoso Interesting stages that CBS
KLan showed uu the strongest and but once
tiurlne the B amo did ho giro tb least show of
Becoming rattled and that waa In the sovonth
When he sent Daly to first on bal when the
t > aee > wee full Trry also pitched a good
all but the Phitadoiphias were fortunate In
Baking their bits when they did the mont
Cd The lleldlne of both tams was good
1g rod neither sloe I bad anything particular
ly difficult to do
r Both clubs bad men on baBes In the first In
xlng but neither wax able to Bore Ollrlnn
oetran the second Inning with a double to left
101 moved up to third on Ilnknvya out
Clements to Brown > OUtl hanged out a dou
riln to rlcht on which OKrlnn scored but
Foutz hlmseft retired at thlrdTfiompson to
Myers to blndleIn trying to take an extra
case on bis bit livers began the Plilladel
rhlos half by striking out Bhlndle reached
nrst on ball but was forced at tecond brown
Brown Allen hit safely fore a base and
Catalan made b mol old by lining
Cut a single to right on which Brown
cored Hamilton follow with a Bin
filo to loft and Allen Wth in
4tbcmpon val thrown Out by Collins No
nore runs were made until tbe fourth when
Brooklyn tied the teere Daly was thrown nut
Joro Aleu who a1o bd a chan to rqtire
V flrien but made n wid thrnw Instond which
zut Olrlen on seconu 1lokn wtlch
Jut thus Olrlen then stle third nlt Plok i
eoy took second at Ibo same time lout was
thrown out by Allen wo made A good stop
End OBrien name In Klnslow tiled to Allen
7 The Fblliidelphfas again went to tbo front In
the sixth when i laments ranched frt on a Lit
to lofl went to eooond on Myerss sacriMce to
third on Milndle nut and home on a wild
tCh Brooklyn tied tbe score and made Its
JSRt run in the seventh Klnslew and Terry
led off with baie hits and aftur Collins had
cone out on n ground hit to Brown Waid was
bit by a pitched ball filling the bas 1 Griffin
was retired on a sliort fly to left ras
as couldnt get em over and Only
reached firm on bal forcing In Kln low
OBrien bit to Shlmiln and was thrown nut at
flr t Tho Philadelphia won the CAme In the
iebth which Thompson began with a single
to centre elubanty > struck out and then
Clements made a hit tn left whlob OBrien
fumbled Thomrwin going to third Myers
filed to Daly Thompson counted BhlndU
followed will I scratch hit but was left with
Thompson Ir HTU flying to OBrien Attend
suice 682 The score
Li tDAJ I LiiflAP
y CouhIsdbo 2 I 4 IItinilltrniitO I 2 3 I 0 I
want su n U 4 4 4 Tbmpoo rt1 I 0 I 0
c GrIrnn C t 0 0 I 0 0 ieIehiityctu I 2 0 0
r 0 0 0 IlooC 1 2210 I
S a1 I lb I i g A Tr iJ Jg o 3 I
ilbI I t 0 0 thIndl I iti bO I 1 4 o
ttailbO I I C I rownIlb1 1100
0 1011 e I 2 4 I UIAtl I a 1 I I 6 2
srryp 0 I 0 I Olaan 0 I 0 2 U
TClal 3 H 4 i I Total 4 i 27 i a
JroOI 0 I 0 I n r I 0 04
Illa I ipba 0 2 0 U 0 I 0 I 4
earned run Hrooklyn 1 Philadelphia 2 Tirobai
lmutjrIn f llrown Barrlnoe hTI Colllni I
ward Irifflii Pln < ney Koutu My 1 ere W I Bhlndlr Allen
Stolen buouos Plukney M OBrien Doubt
blay 11 lUmliton 1 an1 Myera Kirt on rrnrBro < ialyn
rlrel i > aae on ball > 4ly caiitin Jl rio oi trlc
or pltohed blt Plnknr Waril i Struolc outHI raa
afan I by Tarjy 4 Left on iiaiei Ilronklrn 9 Phil
lellbla 7 VTId pltrhfiCuelan I Terrr I rim
1011 I Umpire Hunt
cnicico Hi rixmviTf 7
CRtcino June 20 Chlcaffo won the fourth itraUht
from She tWn7C today The worker > icPbi
eJmilh Uoony and Ptetler was brtllHnr Tn lOots
n Itroir n inraiK
JIsnot I a I u ii Ijinera M to o tl I 1
llmot Lt 0 I 0 o I 0 I tlcrbee Id b3 a 2 s 0
Burna 11 I I l 0 o Moilijay L t3 a a l 0
2ihIn Id D1 I 1 a 0 Mart r f 1 I n 0 0
Anton lit brJ 2 I 1 I Kelllr a to I 3 I u I
CarrlIrfZt i B I 01 I Keeun Ml bo I lu I 2
COO a I I t I iilUnllli aa o I a 4 u
fefler d bJ H 1 4 7 0 Harringtonoo n 7 I 2
IlK IUIblol i PU I 2 o II Utiusi p 0 0 U 2 0
K ittredga C I o j s 0 I 4
Var Total 7 I 27 II 3
Totatl U I flltt 2
Chlc 20 0 4 3 O O 1 0 1 B1
qtaotlinatl 1 OJOOOUU47
Eaniul runiCMono I Cincinnati I Two bate
Bile iiottlday Conoe Kxuan Three base hli rttt
1 II
rr llrm runi lloiii1 I T Itran uttllr raenrcft
hmiurr nfton m Kblntt liran Coontr Stolen
pajeiCarrnll HUtriitff Hurtit rouble plAi I Hbiiiea
Krcnan niitl llajriiitfljn Kltlredx DahleHi aud Wef
far lfir Connvy nnd Antoo rtrvt bate on balia
BT 111 Ion 4 by litihif V lilt br nirrLed bait
Kelllr U Hant Firnck outBy llutcblnmn I Ii br
S i
Itblnrn ti LtI on Daiollilcieo d Olnclnnatl
Wl l d pttrh Miin0 KirKt bate on arron ciilcavd It
ClnrliiDalt a Tlml bunra ± LcipU lynclj At
t ndauc 2COO
nvrrijiM U rixriocECi I t
rirvil4sn tune lyl Tim local team pounded tha
tall over Ihe tiitl knocking Klin nut ot tbe box in tie
eithlmilnr l > nny > brilliant plane I Mlllera work
at ihirtf ottil > the Imltnx of barn Pinny and Virtue
wrr core the ealureiiuf tliefasie Atttiiilanca lTou I The
wlJvtv I plrriBrvru
011 I i
MIn I 2 O I 4 0 lled b I 0 3 o U
lul I I I a U U tlieruer II b1 2 U 0 I
c btldi lr b2 I a a I lirownhtig r 12 2 2 1 0
Jobson r t 1 I U U lCarroL I f I t 0 I
inVie C S I I I I I DlelD1 bJI I 7 4 0
Ir itbi H U 0 b ibiack I I 4 0 0
fwune 2 I 2 I I sIsuiunc 0 0 I u
4 C101 iIb2 4 a t A I 0 I U
o ouo 0 U I 0lni 1 0 g I I
la U U 0 0
Total 14213112 L I
I Totals I 52412 1 3
In 1 I I 2 3 5 0 I 0 14
IIbb 0 0 I 0 I 0 0 2 1
Er1 oreCiiaid I rlnbrgh 1 Two be
Ioubnol VIrtue 1klJ tipurney Tlrt
IVnn lol rDoCro rurnr on boo
t IelIiil e PIbur 1 dlrurl outpt bun I
by Kluc X 1la out n titleOft tuung 3 r Knit J
off Maul 1 Double itlaylllcrbiuir and Heckler
to1 baiei Darla Child Jobnion loyi Browning
ark fittta oallirimmer Mack lilt br Pltcher
Jolen Cacrtnc hiti irtne Krowulng IlierbaBit
u Tlmeli5 Umpln > llatttn I trlg
Thai American AolUo
Tie results In tbe American Anoclatlon
yesterday were Ii follows
floaton 6 Baltimore 1
tltOB AtbUtlcs 4 Washington 2
St Luis 13 Cincinnati i
via BECOlia
teOL Won II Itrn Chili Wen tat fir n
a 21 B 64 Columbui30 ll h
ItD1 t 94 631 4tljlellc2 M 4X1
aJl 24 2w8lfoutviIire I 41 514
oial1 II I ya > ouuuml IC I 8 KM
bates CA AX B BiLTiKoaa I
Bo ro Jan Itwa a conteet twtwieailtfthin
fa ixMtay agao between the Boston and Ualtlmoria
lad Charily Bufflnton bad lb bit ot II 1almo eor i
501305 imiaoit
uIaroaI L I w
rowt ° I 81 I Weltth0 I 00
RWfrj i Q 1 v Uaitrin Llo o a o gop
iBy r L P > 1 0 0 Kay a i7o a I l I
rh tiJ 0 I a 0 Wirdin MIBO Via u 0
iatacay I t t I 0 0 Johaaon rIO 0 1 C 0
SKroV 0 I o e Wla 210 1 0 0
urb Y 0 I U OtILrt3A i bo I 0 a 3
utkr 2l I I 2 C Boblnionc0 0 I I o
w aat I 0 I Towuiadoo I I 00
fi64np0 o I 00
tot i s a UuBnfUajB p0 0000
Total T 7z7ul
tcoe 000503100e
Juaaor 000001000L
Bamed r DaDoto I Twcbai hit TOWBMBO
feacrlOee hltaBrown yricker Blolen bajiRadford
rtm hiss en balli I OC Vunlnton 2 off Madden a
llnthaM on ertonHoilo 3 baltlraore hub
pltahed ballBroatlier itruck ottily Bufflnton I
I Madden L Umpire Kerlro Tltcett4O t
Wiinmcrox JDD 20rrguion daolilon In thi
IghUi Inning declaring 1ebo eat in third whtnlt
dtlr b
InDlnl f 1
Seal hf unlverlal cplnltn that he wai life malirlally
jbjpd ih Athletlci 10 win todaji gam Theicorei
WIUC rlno
ilar a L
oDby if0 Ir1 A 0 WooS aILQ41
l dd VZ y y g g rod r r t1 I I g g
ithuRbO 010 0 0Jrkliii1bI I I 0 S
I obefO1 0 I 0 MtiIIian 0 21 I 0
ally 1 I U ttlIlmsO240
lllll iY I S g I gLI f1g U = 0 g
hmlso0 I I I 1 0 COo b4bt 2 I s 0
1 Toni 54 10 I 4 2 I IIJDe 0 a 3 a
frd B o 0 0 II WJIID 0 0 1 0
Totali 0 2612 Totlll 4 02717 3
Vuhlndon 0I0000fli0 3
Jwiy VVVVV6 o o l o o 8 6
i Ea0id nciWathlBeton h Athletic 3 Twobu
Alia Iibman OrnM 1 Threi e hit llatniid
Vtvlta haKLAlvoid lobe C DaIly livuVla viy I
rarity tlatneM and IHn Tint bu A tall
Waahlpirtn II Athletl I lilt by pitched ballMull
tan BtrBek ootBr caney II b Jbtl 7 Im
lii Ct DtreTIrXuao5
IT u > na ISi emeuniAVi A A 4
Bt Ix > m lO JrtThe Browni woe ajutiandled
ram from the Olaclnnatli laday by phtnomeBai bat
OIIlal phaomaa
ting Attendane J6 Thcri
n lottu curcimAti
Hey exf sVo 0 ry r f o o r8 t I
Slier 2d bl 0 I a 0 Andrew L I fo 0 < 0 0
McCarthy a I a a e i Kelly SbaO 0 0 4 o
OLIn I t B I I 0 Caaavan a i 1 I 2 I I
Lt on Mba a 2 a 2 Rntlaion Id b o I n a 0
ComUkly ba 4 I I u I 0 JohnStOn o tO I 3 o 1
10JI0 e l I B I UCrseTistbl 1000
iirittrrl S t 0 0 Vaughn a 8 11 11 4 2 1
fiat p o 0 I u I Main p o I n l I
Hurl o 0 u a 00
Totals tOlOSTIt i
retaiL4 eiriT 1
I L T nlB e B I I 0 9 lOBI
Cincinnati o loot I 1004
rarnefl rnhlSt Lonli 7t Cincinnati ilo Twoba
hit MeOirthr Thr bASe hit earner home ton
lop Dom ikey CanavAn Stolen bate Tarniy l > ou
b > piny > McCarthy rnller and Cnmlikiyt tynn
roller I and Comlrkey First hue en balll I Off Keel B
otiHalna it f nn Kent 1t I Hit by pitched bailLron
Dorl Xtobtrion strnok outli y Atal9 Wiuplicn
tlaltn TUnei Stl Umpire DaTU
Minor Le aa7na
At tnruLo
Koftala 020000003
hew llarca 00003500B
line hllinnftalA 1 e Ke tlaren 12 I PrrorpBuf
file 4 Bsw llavtn a 1ltcbtnOxodal and Homer
AT nun
nOcI ter o 0 s l 4 0 0 0 010
fruTldenc 0 1 0 I o o U 0 oa
IIA hltiBncliiiter lit I I Prottrtence 4 Krrori I
Hoohecer 5 Providence a Illchen BeaUTilt and
IT iraicoitt
Byraenw o o I 20000 I4
Irny o u 3 2 o o B o la
tin hlu Ryricuie 7 Troy II ErroriSjractita
191 Hoy U Pitcher Link and Shea
AT Atiiitr
Alhanv 2 1 0 0 0 I I 0 OS
Lbanon 0 0 I U 0 0 I 0 n1
Hate bite Albany S Lebanon 0 Krror Albany
111 Lebanon tlbl ptcbriCiey and Thus aid
lflItIIwtlTlM 54005
AtKvaniTllleBTaniTLl 111 Oraud RSpIdIL
l tW J r
At Port WiiynsYort Wasn7i Forla8
At Terre lime Terre Haul 5 Dayton B I
wmiitx utiooa
gNAt Pena Omaha and Lincoln Rale
At Kaniii City Kaciaa Clip 01 MlnniapoUi l >
Other Guaaen
At raoincv PAn Baoeitvu
XnnOlylPeOope6 I o 0 I I 0 0 0 e
IIDlJOoll8I 1 2 a 7 7 4 2 as
D of r i aoooosoa II
rUUDIIo 0 0 1 0 0 0 I 0 I
A Pew Thonamad Creek Satw tb Now
York and Boston Knocked Out
Between two and three thousand person
tat In the Blonds at the Polo grounds yester
day afternoon all prepared for an interesting
name between New York and Boston They
Ailed to witness a basoball contest but tbelr
disappointment carried with It some compen
sation for they saw one of the finest rain
storms tbat eyer soaked a ball ground Tar
ions wbo loft the lower part of the city for the
ball grounds cot aboard trains In the bright
eat sort of weather When they arrived In the
vicinity of 153th fitreot thay were surprised to
find that a heavy shower had fallen there about
a oclock the effect of which was exceedingly
After lbs shower the Inn came out the ball
field was drying nicely and everytblnct looked
lromtAIDt lor a game The Bostons In their
gray suits had practiced and the bell had runs
for the New Yorks to oome forth They were
in the midst of their practice when a huge
black cloud came wobbling over the hilt buck
of ibo grand stand It barltated whi > n Just
over the diamond as though considering the
question as to tbo IIOt > desirable spot In which
to deposit a taw tons of water During these
few moments of Indecision the players bad
tAKf heart and the two teams took the field
Hardly had they done BO when something
dropped It was the water which that cloud
had been carrying round Jt bad lugged the
fluid over parched vegetable gardens and
ovor farms hose owners were praying for
rains and then dumped It all on the Polo
grounds where rain was not wanted
The water descended In i tubfuls aud the
plovers had a froeforall foot race In getting
to tho clubhouse Tbo watrr skated acrost tbe
OeM In sheets ami rnhe < i Into the grand
stands driving the spectators up into tee top
tiers Tnoy could not get tiny further owing
to tbe rain and there wm no bull game coat
tract their attention Thns It happened that
they were completely at lbs mercy of the eand
wlcb Inner ale and poanutllendB There wa
no escape and their agony was terrible
However at the end of a quarter of an
hour the flood abated a trifle and
the cranks rushed for the front seats and In >
dnicad In the hope of seelDlta gamef Hardly
hAd they changed tbelr poMtlon when tbe
downpour recommenced and with renewed
vigor When It flnallycrased tbe sun came
out warm Ibo grounds could hnve been used
for a boat race Tbe game wa oil aud every
body cnmo out and got rain check
Tli pa when the critnk came down town and
found that not a drop of rain had fallen they
expressed themselves in the choice term
usually employed In addressing the umpire
Two Clubs Cannot Live In Boalen
Tho Boston team II I in good condition saId
Manager Sales yesterday to a SUN reporter
00 W have no cripples but have recently suf
fered from a series of costly errors Every time
a misplay has been made It hat happened that
two or three runs have been scored by our op
ponents When wq got away from our unlucky
etriUk the team will be beard from
W tint is the situation in Boston asked the
Well It not very cood nt present Tbe
reason ot course Is I the divided Interett
Boston while ono of the greatest ball
towns tn the countiy will not support
two expensive teams and no other city
will flo so Tbe events of 1830 proved that
conclusively I With ono team which would
attach to Itsolf nil Ibo local pride Boston will
again bouomo tho banncrdrarr city Tn the
country llio splendid way In which the New
Vork Brooklyn and Chicano team are draw
tog shows plainly bat tbs divided Interest
argument U I a sound one Boston and Cincin
nati are the surrorer from this evil Neither
side IB I doing well while one dub In each of
those cltios would lie successful In the highest
Bu ebi ll Not
The nJdwou will play lbe colored Oorhaui at
klduewood to morrow
Knile and Clarknon will b lb opposing pitch irt In
todaya gam at tn Polo groundi
riunjK liar 2iMlke Kllroy of lbs Philadelphia
Millonal LIIIIU Club baa bn lInod Ie Bitch ror sir
The V V C A of Vookeri wish to arrant gimet
with oher briBchci or with any club Addrm YIoI
U A Yonktr
The CutMB Giants will leave I itt city for a big trip
eirlylnJuly All club llhIUIO book > mould
aadrtu J K Bright IOU Prince Uriel
The Allertou and Hldgevood club who ar on va
term for tint place In lb Mmtprofmlonal League
play tlunlior Irk tomorrow
Tli Uekniack Outing Club hav July 4 1111 open
two Ilk tci hear from corn nrlctly rtriicfaaa
f ff i
clao Add reel J 1 Van lluiklrk llackuiack M J
The New York A C baseball 1 club bate July u 22
K and Aug Itf pCib which thy would Uk > II Ito nil
wills DUJ ot town clubs Addrs Amos 5rwIe Jr lilt
1111 111IlIlIb crt
Tb implorei the Commercial l Union Aainranc
ct m 1 lI fg
Ca halo formed abaiebali laiD and do hriby chit
lint all nine computed of young men employed br
till varlooi Iniuraooe compaalM in lbs city ddriia
W Vaulloeieobuxt7 city
To tni Boiroa or TUB Bfti Slr Kotlelag jroir arU
fle in lo da > a Uue reterrUg to myieif I wuuu like to
lay that I never approacntd W W Wallace In regard
to UIIUK the Hldgewood grounda Ibis year On the coo
iran be cam lo in at my DIscS of builoeei and satin
me rlpI I ould plu my team on hU ground on Dun
day April A aurt play mere ibl IIIOD Then OJD BO
UBderitaadlnir that he shoutS Ch cBatrol of th earn
at an r lima and hla aaiirtlnn that pooh wa undenfooa
tl I fain It sins rerr Improbable that I wonld agre
aiamomiBIt notice to elv Mr Hallaccntrolof 1 a
team thai 1 ban been managug for the pan flu
year aud alao a team he hu fyi had any latereit In
merer c n Mr Wallace wlebed n u play raHe to
thi Lenoe Or allowing the Allcrtoui lo play at AWn e
wood nn KiBday Juni 3H and this be would throw
tbm down by sot appearing on their grounJi the fol
lowing Bttnday Julys as Its did not laundto ttay la
lbs Leagu but l play whativer club rn sw Dtca TB
air Hldnwood Baaaball duO in eiUteuoe u In th
ftemlProfeailcBAl LoT aid Ii I naaagd by Tests
irslr B r mo 1001 flSuwlck lro
eTndajc Ttajhe and laapcctor IiLaiiakUn to
Kawuif circle In Brooklyn are Interailed la a proba
bl 0 beth with the oars between Joittfl Jams o
Tlgne captain of Ibo Varuna Club anil PoUce laipecUr j
Btrkk MoLaughUn who II also a member of lho
Taraaaa Each pilll aitrongoar hot the ountloa aa
to which U Ih 1 bitter nan liii niver been uoMid al
tiiough iireral aBoru haY boD maO to Wing them
VMterday while Justice Tube was VUltlng Polio
Ileaduuirten tile inattir wa trough up again aad u
vii tlBally arranieil that they ibouid row a raci of a
mIle and a ball oo July 2 > for a lull of clolh It no
hitch oocBrilt will be one of th aquallo evauta of Ibe
naion in Brooklyn watir Inipiclor MoLaughlki wld
prbbl1 kyo IIS call Ia lb billing
Baseball Polo Ground TOH
D40 L agB cbamploohlp sin Boston va Pew
rI lfal
York Oatue 4 P tl AdulMlou ip Ticket and
rwenrtd leau at Bpaldln 241 Hrcadway Ezpre
aPft Oil t i L 1avss BieWr IIradl K Pius
will puuch for thiw yorkg
Baseball lat Kldacwood Tomorrow
nidgtwoodi va Carbon colored 4 r 14 25o t bOYS
IBC 1 7 Only BU miBBteafrom V V Tli Brooklyn i4d
Long Iilaad grottndt temorrtw Championship
Ltaga Ham flaihloiiva Moro Dont mill It I
Recreation grnnBdl Long bland City tomorrow
Cuban UIulI T1 llAllOlL Championship lap
Brooklyn Furniture Co
iIifl 2tI 7 nrirv ro4n s ef04f
n s
I ci
j n
n 05
For tim FtinillInB of Cmintry or City
HOUSOB Finis llooniu Ac tlio sortmcnt
of 1nrlor Cliiinibcr nnd Dining Itoom
furniture Folding Hoot Uookcafiifl aWl
fonnloreis Utsks Hnll HUnds Rockers
Tailor Tables I LounROS Couclics io
StiluR Hida JJoddliiR ic CnrnotlnKS
Jllcloths Sliittlnpf fto exhibited by UB
Is lncoiimirnblo in extAnt variety and
style whllo prices nro fully 23 to CO per
ent under nny otbor roapoiislblo housA
In llio trndi Any onohoreo concern
can mnko name nssortlon but our rtavlco
Is to got our OHtlmato and BOO If wo are
Hot rIght It will pay buyers from Now
York Sliitn IViitrnvlvniila Oouucttlout
and the South to cull on UB ns wo pack
arid nay fnIglit You save monoy and
mvo Htyll h Gomle which you cant get
In tho homo market
lTCB to eVery purchaser a Ma > aV
or Doa Halt
Suits Marked Down v
4pot1tnntt 3ood
In order to reduce Stock
157 Broadway New York
WE HAVE lour 1000 LEN
At or OUR 1800 J1EECK
P rice VSOO SC50 AKP 3 GO
HAiETv ni jy iier
t1 i1dtt iUhtr
Band worm lOa dot whit or blood worma ySo
dci live Dubious for Utah water Ue 33c dea 1lIi
aura to aoi
OMJ 1 W 4ffc
ft low prlcn for line good utonliheTerynody
Special Oil for thIs month on spIll baibnyew
BUIou tllU Tato rodi are 1 not IliMd In iililngBO
t I 8 IoIUSTrAo 3
Tho Doable Enl In the nndaon flyer
L T A rott > 1 fSeptembr
The hudson Illvor Lawn Tennis Association
hu been eipeolally unfortunate In Its fourth
annual ahsmplonshlo tournament Alter
being postponed several times It was decided
to begin it on Thursday despite the mea
sre entry list which contleled ol nine in
the gentleraons singles and two In tho ladles
ilngles The other events having no entries
It was finally deemed advisable to postpone
them until next September when It la I bored
that tbe handsome prizes which tho associa
tion offers and Ibo FarandNear Clubs fine
earth courts will attract many competitors
The gentlemens singles wero continued yes
terday afternoon and narrowed down to a
final contest between K 1 L Hall and V II
EltlnR This will bo clayed this morning and
the winner will moot V 0 Itall ln the After
noon for Ibo aeaoolatlons chulleiito cup
a iho two iixdlos I rntored in tbo mnnlcs IIlog
O Frazer and Mis A Lurkio will play In the
llcrnoon also and the winner will moot Miss
M K cablll sinan Ivoi from Ihiladelrhla In
time The record fur HIPPO two cup stands
as follows 1off Hall I twlco and G K hanile <
> afti for the rentlomaus troiitiy nnrt lIes E
C Iloonvolt twice and lisa JJL l Cahlll once
fur the ladlo CliP
In flue first round of yesterdays matches
none or the ontiatu proved close C E baud
Who won the Hoboken tournament on Thurs
day t leitaihVr tbat ho W9 sick and would
default to his adversary This Is to be espe
cially rocruttod UB he defeated KL hall at
Hoboken and would probably hate met him
In the heal match nt HartliiRB unit lie played
In liii second round ltlrnr easily defeated
Colby but Hull bud a muvli more illilloult task
In bcntluK Arthur liiinyon This mutch wn
the fenturo of the aftornonn Itunyon hit bard
and accurately repeatedly nne lnit Hall on the
aide lines In tho first set Itunyon slatted out
Rt a Croat pac and soon hal l a lead of two
gaines lore Tho third and fourth KBIIVB wont
10 Hall and the fifth to Kuiooa but that was
his last lor Hall took tha not four aol sot In
oulok succession In the sp < > und It Bunion
played the prettiest 1011I1 that wassoen In the
rnnUli Again and again lie diovo Hall dom
the net and then pieaod him or Braasbed
M roes tbe court As a conoiumice he took
fle games lu 8ucc03lon hail then took the
BlxthaaU Jtunjon secured lbs covcnibandpet
At ibis point It was apparent that Itunyon
was In very poor physical condition for be
was thoroughlY tired out while Han was ap
parently as fresh at when bo staited In the
third set Uall secured a load of IIvp aamoB 10
one when Bunion made a final denpernto
bra and secured two games but then Hall
took tho necessary sixth same nml the sot was
look to Hun you aud wltb It practically Ibo
match for be was too tired to inlay a strong
game Tbe fourth and last net proved an easy
one for Hall for after logins two games In the
first three be secured nye stralebt and tho set
and matob
This contest waa chartioterlrod throughout
by bard hitting and clever Uclmt and while
he never Atoodjn any great danger losing
the match Hall had an opponent in Ilviuyon
who would hove made him play blsbest to beat
him If be bad had tbo necessary endurance A
summary ot the matches follows
yint RoundIt I Hall beat William ranrlng 01
8I ii 0Ot w C Colby beat u k Kaaaa by default
record tloandI L lull beat A f RuByon ea
lJf Oa oJi I V IL Citing beat W C Clby t 02
Ml Rebel Cablll the Champion
CnsTunr hut Fa June 211Tb great match for
Hia champlonlhlp of lb country In louis etglea U
finished and XUi Mabal E Cahlll Ii I the flnt player In
the land Mlai II C TooMTilt Ii I a very clou second
and If lbs conieit were to bo played over again to
morrow the mult might be different Tbi back court
lob of both tidies wr very iris Xlee Cahlll placed
txtierln the first > rood and fourth lit than did her
opponent 14Mh third let JIU itoo > Tell plaoed an
the Ide line with murh the greater arcnracy Her
line aDou In thlt third let t ware very Pretty and her
r and pluck In winning nve atraKbt ainea after
41 was icored agaioil Her u on exliloiuoa leldom
JIIH rahlll pat rather the mot pare on the ball I od
In Ihe four ISIS taken all together she pawal her Open
nent City timei to the other 5 twenty nx Until ladlra
pld nyc tennH but lllu CahlU pisTil a little the
bHt today
Champloniblp MatchMki Mabel K Cahill chat
len 1 er beat Nlii t C Hooierit bolder tl4 eu
41U ISUInn
Sloan nnlLao
recen Round Mini Iraca W Kooievett and C E
Lee beat Mile 1ertta L lowniend and Hi flemak
01 04
01TIIlrd Round Mln GraCe W Ranevell and a T Lee
ben Miss L D Voorbtn ana Nr Cowparlhwalt
vua nxcua
ca ytnal os Roundit a Wrlghl bat J 3 Clark 4e
H Will Meet Him After ISa Shalt Uae
Returned from AuStralia
BAN FnANcisco Juno 20 Early this morning
John 1 Bnlllvan met Paddy Ryan In the lat
ters saloon Ityan lukexl I Hulllvan to meet him
strain in the rlnir Hulllvan consented and the
men Agreed to moot In a fixround Hunt alter
Uulllvnu shall hive returned from Australia
Ills said that Ityan will be backed for 1000a
The Dltlnor Will Try Ills Luck One
Mora In too KinK
JakeKllraln baa been matched 10 light Billy Woods
of PutTer or SJOOO a sib The tight will take place at
Denver on July 21 Kllraln hu almoit entirely recov
ered from Ih 0ecU ot 114 frUMful rnnUhmcnt here
t n Ir
celled IB hit recent egbt with Marln I SOIl mn begin
tialnlng A t once
Biltr VVooda although not a prominent heavy weight
hu don 10311 very good work and Ii a moat promli
tog ouo0teI bow nrr I moll ImnortoBt battle s u with
11 iuniy ha ilbaca t giant whom be knocked out in
hort order al > ew iris I nt hail iprtiig rrlor to that
h had met and defeated a nnmber of local hary
welglita tine defeating I Conly WiioUe made i tour of
the country aa rUulmmoniiiparrlng Cartoon
Good Weakflahlao In Jamaica Bar
Th foHowlBt ICOMI made during the put week at
Idlewlld In Jamaica Hay afford anflera tome Idea
where to Qnd good eportt Menra hsMon and liendir
on 39 weakest Bamiea and Henderion 33 wiakUih
litnrdhiii frankard and Mosatuhion n weak
r colllIt
flihih8lroinoniHK I weatOiht Jloulion U waknih
Krerett u weakOaht UoKenna H wraKflih nicks I U
weaknah 8 atrlpid ball and Cornwall s wiakuib
Shrimp bait iiemi to b I till ben lure Porn or the
rt t l
weaklfih wuiLed three ponnda All were good lined
and it Its tin of this rrort they wire around la I
int WUlnnm fldrmH bnnr 005nn 1s
wealuiIii may taih tur iTufi wbi on miii jot f
10ID i 1st tbSp ParhaIi nnol be cosud 10 bits
llkdoIc Ibu crubuem 1 to po aowc try
your lurk and ahoull Ion 1101 b o er1 try waVi
tnt the coon or taking a IhropounI oven Cn lIght
tackle will repay itt anglars i moot lratinon I hfo
made for their calnra lUhwiiJ 1 raaehel yb l
Itookawar Beach traIn ioUrOsdltianneituUOn CbDC
by acm Illutb 10 Cr4L All kind ot halt and boal8
can be round tbrs
TaicbtlDE Oolp
The Nwbnrgh Cano and Boating Auoclatloa will
hat a regalia at II M today on the llndioa hlrir
The annual regatta of the Oceanic Yacht Club will
like tiara today from ill dab bono on the Cotamual
paw iluir o heir York Day
Th Ofth annual open rentta of the Kill von Koll
Yacht Club of fort Richmond 8 I will take place
July CBtrlii 1 Mh eloll1 11 Hu 411 on the day
of ttierice
The Ixingliland Found aquadroa of th Corinthian
Navy wUl bate his aecand annual regatta today oK
New Rochelle I Th Pew Icocbelle 1 Yacht Clob has
tendered lie Kavy lbs uie of its club l hones on Echo
llland lbs atari l III be 5 lob 1 1 1 Jooo
The third annual rezatta of the Tonkin Corinthian
Yacht Club wld take place today she Ire to hi mad i
Kuear noon ai poeilbl Th court will be a trlangu
Is r en IB ront of lbs dab toniC Thriratta la 1 open
to members of the Kw York Yaohl Kaolng AMOcUUon
On July 7 its day ot lbs New Rnchlle Yacht Clobe
uaa recalls tIle UIDOr 9ft Bii IY West
Twoilylhlt4 strait at 7 30 A U list I North HIvr at
8 A M and hiudlon POrk dock k rIMt U at lU2 l
t it rlckela tOr t Iaamt are Sb eleb aid can be
rt t
obtathad from members of lbs Bgalts Uomoilt I Ian
ma Corinthian Moiqnlto Fleeti third rentta ot the
euon will beheld today off Larchmont harbor Tie
dart will bs mad at noon the Doau interd are C 0
MunroeiCOOl a IVWitmon Kauelea O a LllUll
OliauT riercai pot Oiwald HandmoBa Tea and
Alice W I Alley Ada II A Khermani halite J M
winiami Loot Helle Bryan Alleys CmlMr end UW
BnckBalli Coyoia
BneebaUl Oataea To4ay
New York va Xoiton at lbs Polo gniada
Philadelphia n Brooklyn r fhtladilphl
Chicago va rfttiDurgh at Chicago
CtaolaiaU va Clvraad al Clerelaad
Eoitoo TI Balilmora at Beaton
LouiiTllI va nnclnmtL at LoolivlUe
Bt LoDI Yo Colomiina at 8t Louie
Washington va Atbletlci Waablngtoa
uirnax inocutiox
Albany va Lebanon at Albany I
Itoohnler vi PtOyiJiQCO at Hncheiter
Buflalova l Maw linen at Hullalo
Syraaua va Troy at Syraeuu
etaUa Iilaaa C vi Eciliwood f 0 at IViit New
CtKnl A U n Ktlten Ulend A C at Bar ldgs
HanhatUa t C va Cathedral A c at Haahattan
Mw Jersey a va Tonkcr A Co at Bergen Point
onua cmki
Rah way vi Acmei of Kew York at Itahway
Queen Athlettca va Jamaica AthleticS al Quina
AthliUo groBaaa
lIaU Bardiell AI Waidva Star Athletics at Pert
parlana T Petrleit at Llnton Park
IUi y Ji llrker vi lit 111 Urothera 1 at Faitern Park
uorray hills TI AiiriaAthlilri at Lob llnd Clip
Uutttelil A II 1 To Wilt End A i at Weitdild
Meant Vernon A A va ow York A 0M at Mount
Xavler va fit Oeorg A G at Xavleri grounda
1rI jIxAa
n i
Creicent League TI North Old A a al Jlalonild
blab A a vs llorrulawn at orrlitown
hIck Dlamonili va Volnnteera aloud loIs grtrandi
Newark Atblellc va Claiaunda al Newark
bttiu Island V S C IJ1 va Bedford Y tl 0 X at 8L
llacktauck Outlog Club va CilawarH al Iltckln
llarlem A X va Newton A at Newton
areiapolni Athlitlci T I TabcrnaoUa at Urta lat i
Ttttt OLD GKLDlltO TOO tfCOa fOR
The who Oat Into lk > Doa tVion flat
a TIM Crcttln Ont rarln Ur rail
will VTlnnU namdllrBrlBBtei Gftme
Haiec Allchart Bermuda Folrr Lad
Admiral the Other VFInaer > Th Riley
XonKtrt 1IlehTJo KInA Alt
CaBrB la Bid Acaleu
There were fuliy 6000 tenons at Sbeeps
basil DA y7 Btcrdoy afternoon when ttiu bugle
called the horses to tho poll In the opening
dash at a mile The beat was almost uubcar
able In the city and as the breeze blew from
the back of tho grand stand It was as hot as
Tophot at tho race track until tho orb of dar
had almost disappeared In tho West Still tho
talent wore out In force and dUoardlnp coats
and waistcoats gave tho bookmakers au nrcu
moot for the tnoner >
Tho most exciting rooo of the day was the
selling event at heats of coven furlong It had
but four entries but It WAS for blood and re
quired three boats to decide It the winner be
ing Lynn a flveyenrold gelding owned by T I
W BUroTe Father 1111 Dafya thrceyenrold
colt Atlantic was n strong favorite for the rare
and won tho tint heat in a gallop Bt Luke
bolus distanced With ono heat won thu talent
fell over each other to got their money on tho
threeyearold 3 to 1 on being the urovalllni
odds Oltltltuora wore chary about baking a
throoyoar old In a heat raeo and their Judit
moot was justified when Linn ran Atlantie
to A standstill and won the second heat hands
down hon LInn was the jirohtbttlte favor
ite and It was Rmnslngto watch the antics of
those who wanted to badge They vrcro com
pelled to take whatever odd the bookmakers
cared to lay and the man who secured 10 to 1
on was considered lucky Atlantic could not
raise a gallop In the final heat and Lynn won
bands down
The opening event was productive of some
very shorn betting CasluBDrizle and Chen
cake being very strongly supported The
race at tbo end was between DrlrJe and
Chesapeake the former running gamely under
punishment and winning by a neck Uusslus
managed teat Lltile lunch for third money
Cnsslus Is but a iliadow of lbs Caislua 01 a
ear 8110 Mlnoh showed note peed
Tremont 1 > J Dnyer A Hon big Tremont
colt Will a decided favorite for tbe race n > r tbe
twoyenrolda over the Futurity course but
llnmllton redan grand race on M F Uwyertt
Alnliaft and won br a cant half Itnth
Mount Veriion carried a lot of mon hand
bowed some epoed for half a mile
1ortcbester was favorite for the handicap
for thieoyearolds despite the fact that he
was carrying 124 pounds Bermuda and Lnur
tatnn weio fanclad Rome too but the other
were at very long odd Hamilton kept Fort
Chester in the ruck under stout pull until
turning for home Then instead of going
through on the rail whore there was an
abundance room or pulling outflde and
going around his horses he attempted to
crowd through between Kicbal and Lizzie
who wore running head and head The result
was a bad fall rortecetter rolling ovor
Hamilton Neither horse nor rider vnN
fered injury but 130000 or ItOOJO
vrnt down at Ibo same time When
Fortchcster who was the surest of r winners
fell Anderson came up on Ihe outside with
Bermudrt and won by a short bead from
lilounL who in turn beat Lizzie a head Ham
ilton complained of Clayton s rldlnvr but after
bearing Uayton Lambluy and Anderson the
stewards took no notion and the hones wore
placed as they llnisbed
JfRlry wa an odds on favorite In most of the
books for Ibo Bwcopstakra for threeyearolds
at seven furlongs Little Ward waited with
her until the hood of the stretch and ben cut
ting loose it was no race at all Kitty T and
BlroeiO had a debt for place honors the Oily I
getting It In the last few mrtdes The faint
hearted Trinity ran prominently for five fur
longs Warpaths performance with 122 pounds
Ul was very fair
Tbo condoning race over the grass course
had three or four good thing but those wbo
plated Admiral cashed tbelr tickets after the
race Tnrol waited rUh the little colt until
tile last quarter and then drawing out was tile
only one In It at the end 8L John was second
and Vengeur third Watteraon was a good
horse torn mile
The prospect of a matoh between Blley and
Longstreet in the near future IB I remote Mr
M F Dwyer says that LODgstreet has been let
up la bU work and that h is could not be screwed
up for a hard race Inside of ten days Mr
Dwyer is wlllinc though to run Kingston
allU DSt lllley but he doosnt care to make the
distance more than a mile and a quarter Mr
Green B Morris who bus the horse and repre
sents id Gorilgan wants a mile and a Half
Mr Dwyer will run Kingston against I i
fllley a mile and a quarter any day
now end Lonastreet against Riley
any dlhtance In ten days or so
and thoro flue matter rest It is understood
that tlio Brighton Beach management will
make Messrs Dwyer and Corrlgnn a liberal
offer to have tbo match If ouch Is arranged de
cided at their course
The Hoard of Control decided yesterday that
Elne Altas sudden change of form was due
to the colt track at Sheet snoad Bay His rncos
nt buffalo wore run over a hard and fast track
The have also ranted Jockey Bernen per
mission to ride David Gideons horses in per
flake engagements durln the balance of tile
Coney Icland Jockey Club meeting
Fred LlttleneldB friends will welcome his
roturn to the saddle today
Little Mlnch was first away Drizzle and
Chesapeake In close attendance In tbe oven
Int Quarter Drizzle passed Little Mlnch and
with Chesapeake and Casalus in close com
pany showed the war up tbe backstretch and
around the upper turn Tben Chesapeake
challenged Drizzle nnd both were ridden
every Inch of the way home Drizzle winning
by a neck Cmslus had all be could do to beat
old Mlnch for third money
A aweetitakei of S 25 each for thraeyearotdi and BP
mtkJD r
ward with limo added of WblM to iicond f 100
to third out of the Hake one roll
buYIIU hhta I > a no VsatiItnUu
lie S ilitif i
X J Joj ner eJlh cba > apeaka 4 Itt Hamilton 2
Walcott S I amibeilin h raialui 5 llziTaral I I il
Lltte Mlncb India Robbtr slid Klifttoek alto ran
Time 141 24
ttlniTwo to 1 ius nil PrUile I II to S Caaelo > 8M
nb 11 11 tU
to 1 Cboapeaka II to 1 India Kuuber ioto I LliU
Mlnch 1tl1 4UI01 Kluntock lluiutli paja ljBU A7u
Disappointment Flocallllr Fremont and
Iteceis were In the van at the Mart but Mount
Vernon went through very fact and showed
the wny to the sal at the woods where Fre
mont Count and Ilooen were tbe moat orom
bent of the others In the ran home Fremont
drew away followed br Ainbaft There was
a fighting llulali and Alnhnlt wOQ br three
Quarters of length The UahtweliihUd Count
was third
Port 1100 for tworearolda f2Wl toaecoDdua
Iiooio chlnH a lUni ilowaio i ninrltr court
M r Owjera Co Atribktt br Tantllator Foacb
lot Hamilton 71
P J Dwyar Afontbr c FremHI 113 flail 2
W 0 UaiTab o Coast 03 c J L mbier > a
r dI l
Mount leran Mcaiillr I Doadoller i Pedeitrlan Ka
cell Alcoma and Oliappulntmeot sloe noM
lime hulL
OattlDtA > lnat l rrtnont 0 to 8 Alnhift Slot II
Wr 10 tt
Mount I iron H to I Ibis 7 to Ii OlaappolDtnent
12 to Ii I Count IStol I fedeatrlaa rlralillr Alioma
t2 to 4U I UonUollef HO 10 I Mutoalt paid > aA
Thonoirranh and Lizzie were first sway with
Rlchal m oloae company and Bermuda and
Portcheeter tralllnx the flnttbreequartera of
a mile wa covered Around the upper turn
Bermuda took iccond place to lilchal who
showed In the van nt the biad of the stretch
Hamilton kept Fortcbeeter under a stout pull
and ormotlte the furlong pole attempted to
come through between Ttlobnl and Xlule
niobal swerved across Fortchrater1 track or
WBB pulled aero i 67 Hamilton and tbe favor
ite went down In a heap throwing llamlltoo
and rolling over him Bermuda then chal
longed Itlcbal and Llzule I and In awnlpplnit
finIsh they Dad the winning line bead
apart In the order named Hamilton made a
claim of foul against Clarion bill It wasnt al 1
InorA rl
A banilleap iweipilakei for Hireartarolde at 9t3
eath wllhfl2W I i3el or whl h Jioto eeona < IOo 10
third out of the 1tHi mile aiih a fnrlo r
B Xrtlellanaa b o berauda B br BaraaaFalr
JlurrHie Lady H Brotherbe ADdtnta Kloh Ll i l iIii i t
W c lulr b r Little lot LambleT a
Looreitao rhoaojirapD Beeioo aol forlobeiter ail
Tiro 11611
Betllai AnlBil fortcheitir 6 to B LaerHian Si
to I Kermnda 4 to II Utrlt 10 tel l Ueaton Isle n
Klchal so 10 Ii KHonograpli 40 to L Uutnali paid
tu 175 fl4lX ent
Nubian was tbe first to show but he was at
once paiscd by Ulroroo and Trinity who with
Fftlry In close company moao the running
until swinging forborne wnnre Ward moved
liilry out The California fllly always had
more speed than her opponent and won very
cleverly by IWO lengths Kitty T showed a
lot of speed In the stretch onl beat Blrooco a
bead for Beooud money
A iweepetakM for threeyearold at F20 each with
f t ° added ot which cjw 10 Mcosd and liW to
third l le en fnrloiiga
IlV ardUW t laity by rUIralrl 1toIe
ill lVrili
c1 D oyVbVfWli TlO i ciytonV t
Itancocai htablei b o Xlrocco 110 I Taor 9
Uarpatb VaxabonJ Trinity soil Nubian also ran
Time I 23524
Bittlncriv to4 onairy 8U lo 1 anlut Trinity
f to Hlroeco I oTI la II Wilt T tore I Trwllf
LYtfiif r 40 lo I hlIibi5 l Mutual paid 11043
eot flUD
me nrrn BACE I
Atlantic cot awar In the ran at the start In
the first heat and won very handily by two I
lengths Lynn was teoood too tder of Dock
larintt up the bent SL Luke VM Just outside
the distance 1 flnsr
tbrn thenocood heat Atlanlla and Lynn ran
head and head to the upper turn where Lynn
to tile consternation of the talent left the
throorcftroM wonhandA down
Lynn had thlnen his own way In Ihe con
eluding heat beating Atlantic illty yards
A selling > reer takeiof r > ach wltn fliio added
otwhlrhiiOl to second Ulinr allowances bests of
Ir b II Lynn to br LlapBI
nor i14 W 3ildrly s i I
Wu DalraUf Atlntla H 7HJ Larabler I 1 2
Atntnl 8l Weaoh h I Heck UW MenderS a dr
B Lm cit B tt Lnia aged II J Tnial 4ls
oM i g CI
Ttmeitis I 4 S lPl i 13 lo sa
IlIttlnn1 heat even money Atanilo II tn I
tatnit Kt Luke 84 to I Inn T to I Beck l cond
kato tn 2 on Atlantic 2 to 1 ai lnit Lrnn lu to I
r Clrci Third heel iMo I on L > nn 12 to i aaainst Al
lanD a ilutnautala6uiuu I flU ilirr7U < llj
TFntterson and KlnRtnakrr wore first t away
but St John flmt to Ibe front and nhnwed the
way to the upper turn when Mlnitrnl came
tlirouoli anti jolnoJ IlIrnl Ipnlnrx nor was u
brief luck anti then Admiral drew out and I
won Lnntl down bytlircoiiuiirlORofalenittii
bt John boat i oncoiir two lengths for second
A Menweight handicap etrri > t < itaka ot rii each
whit i i Mailiied nt 5 nich SJUO m eecoud ail Huu to
hurl t me 0 tulle on turf
Keystone Siatilea Ii I o Admiral 4 ty Et lUcia
ilanflllec II I ill Tar I I
RAlnul lovea ch g Kt tolin mttd 111 1 tIMIn i 2
W II Uarrtltis Ir i h Vemeur > ll I I 4 tTioit lion a
kern Watttrton and Kinxtuker lila run
limp iii
tttUnJlTwo In I aiilnit AVattfrion 2 14 to I Ad
Sins ui ititi I hilnirosker iu 10 I Kern N tn I Venteur
lo Iw I 81 John uuiuan paid lb70 ill nl
SlllmlHltD 711 1S lTXnlCTirR ClllD
One of the flesh Prnarnmnics or the Mett
Intc fur Toiluy
A throng almost equal to the Suburbia Day
crowd should sa to Sliconshonil liny today na
I there nto thro alnico events down for derision
and thorn Is bound to be some very lively sport
as a numbor of hlatioiasi borpes are oncacod
In the Juno Btivkcs tlmt clinking food colt
Konnd will carry 128 pounds nUll nttempt to
win Victory 125 pounds and All plant and
YcstltiUlo at 131 pounds each nro also it oil I
weluhtfd aud Komads tnik will not 10 I so
gient as would appenr itt first blush Harrison I
rIdes Nomad 1 to porfocllon but tho Snappvr Is I
unler tho b inn and lanfia Mninliv will ftrnhililv
be put UP today Komad isa loafer am re
quires the strongest kind of rldluc atid uulotn
he guts It his chaiires of vlctor I will
bo mntarlally lettAcnod Victory at 125 rounds
doesnt look eunklently lomiaum to play
as he la Dot within five pounds of
Air llonos colt on pat porformnnceH lie
Is a very consistent colt thouuli leaving his I
bad race at tho bill wlnti Mooro mile him
out of con lcrlolloll and will bo somowhpro
noar the float at the end Alrplaut ulwitys
data lila bobt and II ono of the moot consistent
youuBBlors In training cKIIiil nlways
shown enough speed In his races for half n
milt to beat lit Ilorlnii but do doe not last
tbo route although hi > ran two pli < ndld tacos
at Morris lark lit Wilcox and Cbatado are
fair performora but outclo cd Tbo snrae
may be said ot orllue nnd Arnica bt 1lorlaa
II eligible to start and Is In condition 10 run
but be li being iav d for th Oront rUDI
Hlake on Monday Tile ircat Trial should be
one of thll beet races ull the yar
Potomac will nialro his appearance In the
Spindrift Btakes at a mile ADd a ijuartor this
rnco belni In the hue or work for tho Koaliza
lion Stakes on Vodnoi1ay iof If the chest
nut colte preparation IE not too hurried b will
bo very hard to beat In tho estimation of tho
shrewdest trainers at tho trick Today hu
will carry Vll pounds and try to gIve that
Binnrt cult Uno Oiande ten rumls i Dud II bent
tK lohn Cavatincu Aluornon and airy I are
the othor starters but 1otnmac and Uo
Qrande will prolinbly bave tho ariuiiont at
the end Jotomacs taco in tho Cup on huts
day wax very crutltylns to Air Dwyer and the
colts odmhofB
In tho Knlckorljookor tlnmllcap n mile nnd
three lurlonc Judge Morrow Jen Tiny nnd
Uiinimet will coma together with Udefo fpaua
Lewis Castaway II nnd lien Klncsbury
thrown In for good measure Tea Tray Id
poundsbetterltban he showed Inthe Suburban
or In biB subsequent rao on thu craps and
unless he iulks today the horse that beats
him will cot the monoy Tlio Judo na novor
Jotter thin nt present though and thu ruco U
certain to be exciting
The opening race Is a selling affair nnd may
be won by Knui blor with Kemphind Remind
Thin IHth race should lie for blood ns Fit
jamcs Diablo anti Hectare are nil in rare con
dition Beclnn maw win with Fltzames nee
end Eon will not bo stol I1ed by 124 imunds
and the Brass race should be bin Lowlander
mar run second
This is the programme In detail
First Race Purw SI I XO of whIch CJDO to aecond
and tioo te third for throerear oIls and upward
lellInk tllowaueai liVen furious
Cymuosor J 110 Ketaplind ira
Rambler 110 Siraiaiem lr
lit llelrauth IIX Centura 103
Connren 112 Trent IOJ
Torchlight Ill Voiinrib 101
Mryl uu Slmrock 11J
Second Facn The June stakes a iweeintakei for two
tear oldi with SIMl added ot wMch Bini I to lecond
the third to receive fISh out ot the itokri three
uuartcn of a mile
liomal < l 124 Chand 118
tlctnry l3Arlin m 118
Alrplant Hi rUnr 113
Vetibui 121 Arnica 115
Or Wllcox lib
Third Race Spindrift Slake a iwctpitakei for
three ear olds with 1150 added the erroud 10 re
celve ssou and the third fi < out of the itakca one
mil and a Quarter
Potomac I2 Algernon 107
Uno Grand 112 Kmry 107
Fourth Race KnlcktrhncVer Handicap a handicap
awr < pn keiorvirach with tlstn added for three
year old and upward one mil and lures turluugi
Judge Borfow125 Pen Mngibury 03
iii Ddette us
flanqui Ill Iiaao Lawn m
Cutaway H 10J
Fifth ItaceA handicap iwteptukfl of f25 eseb with
Ft TJAi added for three yaor ode and upward cue
mil and a turbot
fltrtamee IHIReolare loo
Diablo IISISL John 10
8Uih RiceA i oeeCltStIft for llueoyeir oldt and
npnard of Sit each with ilfi xljrd penaltils and
ailOMaucefi 005 mil aiuailiteenthi
POD 12 India Rubber 10D
Wilfred in natlyhoo loa
Kmgetock I IH Trinity ro
aian 118 1owlander tni
Ix > nxDanco UPHold 8i
BtrKieawaf iIiLoug Leaf ui
lia de ii m
ALI TIIE Fironrrcs JJ2t2R1V
Iftai Busy Fall and ffHon1r Injure
Brltton Her Rider
Common Jan 20Not atarorlt won at Waihlnnoa
Park today itlll a malorlty of the tacos fell to will
hacked choice Th rtarlert In the flret race Hi tot
loata for twoyearoldt numbered twelve frank
Kinney wsa tbe farorlte at S to I but ba Onlibed third
th Mldlomlan gelding Kenyon 6 to I In the betting
wlnnlnt with a little left br a lenirih from the 4 to 1
shot Dan Kurt Time 110 IIlu Diuey who won a
good race on the flrit day bert also ran In this rice
and fell between the dye furlont post and hair a
nil round throwing her Jockey Brlllon aialaal
lIe inc Brlllon WM picked up unoon > cion The
EeTe fafallrVuVt whit bbs condItion ii dngerou
1 ii not ttallr hurt
BU tarled tn the trend rare one mil for three
rear oils Shipmate and iialcowan were qual favor
jl tel at a In I lint both were beaten the I to I ehol
Viola wlnnlnu his rcnd pa e at title inellne after a
drlTlov nnlih by hair a Unrih from lUlgowaii tli H to
I rliance llojan flnlibinx third beaten two length
Time I 42h >
1 he field In the mile
and a iKteemh handicap was re
duc4 me dam larlrs Jly allow I ruled a u to a
favorite but he railed tn net a place the A to 1 chant
Jne Hlookburn wlnnluif by twn lengths from the atroni
Up Aluha who was in length before olockner Sims
irtM The mirl half of the epilt milnir purse bin
furlongs had nine elarlera hymuailKllne Last was thus
poet favorlt at 1 to l but he nniibeii unplaced th nit
ralllBg to the 5 to l cheat Ira K Urtdewhoiwon under
a drive by a leoiib from lid llopp < rwboUat AnnIe
Rae a bead for > cond place Time I MM
The rolls and aerenty yard daih was retarded at a
cure tblni for tie favorllev Chylora but abs finisheS
bait the winner turuini op In that eun > ui > iu colt
faithful who was 4 to t fa lbs bettlnc the soIl win
nlni Hth a little roiulnx tin by alenrth from Toni
Bonn tender bunt third Time I 453g
The lait part of tin spill nine turbot Mtllnr race
wound op the dare sport Nine went to the pint Chap
man waeth favorite but he could not do liii trick the
otn I not Bob I KT rIdden br llunn wlnnlnc a good
rut race by lone snub while the favorite beat Barb
IwolengthiroriecoDdplaco Tim IW
The Comtmc Meeting at tha Beach
The Brlibton Beach Racing Anoclatlon announce
that lu dm sonnet tneetlcx will begin on Jair 2 The
opening programme Ii for four days July 3 4 4 soil e
Bereoraceiar down for the lint day Ui aim num
ber for the i cond tliiht for July 4 sod aeren for July
a The track iii been widened twenty reel la the
bommrttcu and a new lulling ring erected It le I JX
fet long and 110 1 feet wide Anew flreandabalf for
IOBK tralgbiaway ink will be flBlahed In Hue for
tIle onnlng day and Improyeraente hays been mad
which will enable IOOJJ vttltora loses every part of
the races
Winner at Gloocnsttr
OtoDcmiB Jon 2a Todays aviate rwulUd u
First ncyi furlong Lila WKB Vane second
A O II third Time I liftL
Kecoud htsceSva fnrlonn Mohican woe Bob
oniat second foxhlll third Tim naili
Third htaniMiue and a furlong MontpeUtr won
Quesbonsecosd Glenaale third Tlme3t V
fourth llaceKour and abalf turbots Menthol won
Mr Craft tecond Uraoethot third Tim iulL i
hflh HaceHlr and ahalf fslonis iblrabMi won
Saute Uarc second ago third rime IXtil
Iaeroae Oamei This Aflomocm
1111511 Ilaad A 0 finale toast vs Ccltogs ci tis
Culy of Bar York at Cutrsl Pork 41 M
B J 4 4 vi Manbattaii A a at Jersey City
Bowler Pnulscn TVIu a Gold M l
At the Individual bowling loarnameat heldal sot
Mra Harlem Blv r Park on Thunday A raulMa lbs
ridel Club crack bowler won the gold medal offered
55 arciprlM The lenpln Tiead pin ram wai rolled
and with twelve palli faalitn hr vgaia va l8ln
IIIB4 Alice fllstetceefler ruidAle nt r
Block VlB Boils 310cc >
IIAIITTOBI June 20Alcanlarrv took want
up several notches nl Ohnrtar Oak Park this
afternoon n < hladnimhtors lauded both events
at the cl se of the mcotlna here The 230
olftB with four In proved nc easy thins for
Lightning ft fonrvearolu who entered the
280 lIst at Providenet two weeks ago with a
mat k of a29W Tuo spoody young trotter lost
the first heat today by a break ntthehat
Olico she had a comfortable load wlillu
Amondor by Meander ono of aoldsmllha
airIng lmproed the chnnio to cct in tile
list by n mile In 225 > f Uahmlmrocttloil
to business uttor that though tlio belting was
2tol ncnlnst her till Bho mode the sdcond
u heat lu l24f with Amontlor two lonctlis
away A thunder shower fell loforn tlio nio
wan user but 1 luhtnlna Boomed in her ole
niont und landed tho money In two uioio
2 0 Cisshnri TOO i
lUhtn n irAlcAtirarN J 1 J 1
Aliterilel rtr < rrj > I j f us
MITi itOltKMrt Cll 1 2
Dauber Unwell 3 a 4 4
iitute3iAl4 2I44 iiiMl6 23
Plo 210 class was oancedod to Ills Allen
Ibo handsome mart from Brookhn who maile
her first uppaiinino Ibis I mason with till
tntllli Inhind her PoolWITO M5t lot JIIB8
Alls 30 for Cliolnoa 1 Jit for Miiud anti fit
iorDnviil L Jliiitd got nwnv hilt nt llio IOlo
In duo Ural with Alice lapi oil on her nod tue
laiorlt wa criiluully forulnc punt on I
tile linmiBtiolili wliBii ho lot liorBtrlilo
and Alntiil got it first In 2111 J his
was n hunt liont nn the Alcantara mini
BO Onldsmltli Inl I I I hr lit t in I tho ml I wlillo
Cbubca II boat Mnnd frrm tho turn ln204
All till lime this oiMs WCrO tlntio mind four to
one on this Alice whoilld tint hail her backers
AHslio cnllierol In tho third anti fiiunb lienta
In n joe The faok wns Irnny ilry hofor > the
fifth and ioldsuittb lot tbe nmro stop along
Hhe went lo till half In 1OU and
limn without iiny anparont enort rut iS
homo the iiprleotlon of iinlt and clint
nut her 11 roil npi > npiits fill mIle was
In 217 making iho lost half bailor thuna
2li alit Ft oil OolInmltb was Mir riBril
though bo IntoDiIOl to dl > < tntipo the Hold as he
thus CHttuicil tbe entIre purno with tbo gatna
iitfii I mum ThlH u radii meta llfia Alhos fit tiler
rucord of 219 < andjtauipsherus ono of tbo
cnnnnc fenfatlonR
ailftpiiiKt lirO wo i
> ll Alice > > v Aloiutura cloldomith2 3 I b I
Maud tlwli l a a2dli
Chelsea rack 4 I 43011
David I iiayttei Cdii
Tlmeulti tuif 221 22014 2t73
From hero thebnrseseo to Philadelohia for
the two moetlnro there beginning at Belmont
Turk next week where the summer camiialan
Trottlutt nt SrracnueJlinlh of n Winner
Bm rr > r June 25This was th last dar if the
iprlnc race at the Klrkwond Driving Park and like
Ih rrerejlng dAys the altendanoe was larva Tha
meeting woe one of the ingot auccexful ever held In
thu cIty The lat evans on to days programme warn
the race for lbs Kirk wood Cap valued at sootob
trotted for by horses owned In Onondaga county at lest
thirty 621 prior to Otis closing nlrla and toba
driven by the owner who mutt hi a rMldiut of this
county tummaryt
2ri close pacing
tick the seiii
Tom ll 2 flta
fine Level T 3 3 a 3
Sorry Mullln 3 4 n 0 o
Bob inrerMil 3 8 s o U
UonentJnhn 4 1444
ilme22134 2i2534 22034 221
ytO clan trotting
Isaac > ewton 1 1 1
lnnilrr 2 2 a
Farmer Boy a a 4
tMeuooJ 4 4 3
Tlme23334 23414 2iJ24
Per lh Klrkwood Cup
Baldwiu I 1
Alroy 2 3
Tlme23e 36P4
Orp S a pacing mare owned by T M Thompson ot
Oiwrgo died In heratall nt the hlrkwool Park Mahlo
enrly tnli mornIng Mr Ihnrnpion laid mil afternoun
that the mare hail bran III inly half un hour hMre ah
lied Ills nplnlnn na to the taut of her death we thai
a laitrle dliturbatio was followed by boat which In
creased tmtll an Internal rupture coined iypS loner
ail her rernr5 of 9t I Vye teroar In a dead heat
with Ati nf iiUiinonJa bh wai 10 year old and
valued at WOOi Hhe waiby JQeraoa Frlnca out ofa
mare by Ethan Allan
Connecticut Euetern Trotting Clrcnll
DisKixr June 2O Baittro Connectlcnti circuit
rote cioied to day with the largMt attendance and
bnt trotting of tho week EummarUit
zbi Class
Dreamland i 2 2 I
S 1 I 2 2
Ilootlarid Bald e o
0 4 it 44r
Parr 5 5 6 U itt
i z
Bin 9 5
ta hi 4 2
Yle 8 4
Tlm2344 29134214034
A Good Day Sport Despite Adverse Cir
The annual athletto game and eitlval of the Adlphl
Literary Union of fliaf Motel waa held at Uarlem
Hirer lark yeltarday afternoon and while the man
gement was anything but nritclaii and the storm put
S eu tile festIvities at the alert the sport
eemeJ to be enjoyed by the bandrtdtof silent specie
ton who Mtlculatloni at trying momenta wire
something Hardier
A number ot prominent alhletei had entered for the
coin event and the percenlag of itarter woo very
larx C UJerlbcrg and J D Reid met daring the
day and the honor went to the Jentyman Neither
could overcome the handicap In their eventa and
come torelnerln thecoaiolailoa taos at th Inlerme
dial dlitanc of ill furlong In this Iljertberi ran
the Manhattan man on trl fiat Consolation rare in
athletic hav not been aeen for yearn and tbi revival
ktrenieu to tat vry welL
The greatit blunder ot the day occurred In the
lOlls hnndlcap walk In the first lection of which th
bell for the Ian aj was rung two lap too loon th
tluin of the inhe being btjtf The rater ordrd
another rue and fortunately lie winner cam In as
piucetl In mlii short race
An tnil > iant nature of the day was the meddling
With handIcapper Carter i allolmecta on the part ol
one ot lie offlclal It U a Gao worthy of InvMllga
The summary of the sTint follown
Ki > iit > yarJ lUnulcap Uunflrit hiM won by Ini
y Kino P A Idcratch time 8 IS leuondi SirenS
heat a cod heat betwiin O Pnlvermliler P A CX
Jfeeti and K I J irodr < J A u M feu In B
second and 1ulreruiilier won tie run off Third beat
lull by It Kidskton Jr M A C C H feet time C4
lecoiiua Fourth bat Wet by L P MUiicua p A C
I 7 teem1 time H ucnnda Fifth heat woo by JL IV
Darn M A r > leel time H seconds
tecond Irlali Flrit hint won by Pine In 8 15 sac
oadi Inlvermlller lecond Second heat won by llarrli
In ft seconds Mtnloui aecond llnal heat won by liar
rli Itltin lecond and Mlnwm third Time H leeoada
Aecatvirard llandlcao Run Deaf MntwWon by
William Uo > d F A A iicratchl MIUam loimlr Mew
Viirkrltr is l feet recond and K 4 V Xelnken M A a
icraiotif third Tim 033 second
rourhundred and fortyyard KoMo Ilaciflrt dial
won by r 1 iirrlck mar A n 1 lluntler A L aeO
cad time 1 mlunt 125 econia ieciud nat won br
P IMuiraj fetuyveaant A Ci H J Deoe p A a sac
oniliiinie I I rnliiBtej UAiecanda FInAl heat won br
liuuglna Uerrlck itcoad and Ueroe third tlmeM li I
lfoll Handicap Run Won by w y cheesy
Warn A 0 Ha yardiv u Battling AcornAUi
yard Fecund anif B 11 ertberg K J A U ucratcbx
third lime 2minuet
onemile Handicap RunWon by F J Vngellua
Wan A f Itit l u rardiii P D Crawford Acorn A 5
I l yards sirenS and J Flanauan Mar A U 1i2
yardo ililrd itra 1 S minute 47 24 leconrta
Uucinlle llandifap Itua Deaf Uutei Won by I J
LoriercQ H A a foyardi L foldwedel Mrardti
lecond andL > ontuyard third Tlmo Gmiaut
47 2i lecoOua
iii mlii lisndleap WalkWon by 7 A Tltorp F A
C 45 scondsl ii Liebgold 1 A 0 tscralcbh second
ml C tlerdosrh Acorn A U 10 sacoudat third Titus
7 mnnts 22 eeoud
Ioiisoiatloi liSts Thraqoaflrs of a MiIeWo by
P lIirtbr 4 4 A i b how Acorn A C second
flu lItClI5 ot the lay wet Rfre George hut
rail it A A Jiii1tes T ii 1 hans X A 0 Thomas
F iox V A A and A 1111am herr Ii J A C Thmar
It SmelL p4 A 1 and t Ii Rose r o Clrk ol
lbs Cnuyei John F lhirlan A 1 11 Judge of Wait
t ± Starlet dam Sis Announcer
A New Yacht DrulKned by Arthur Payne
Building In Entlmnd
The news has been bronchi to this city of a
new yacht building at the yard of Camper
Nicholson nt Gosnort Portsmouth harbor
England from n design by Arthur Payne aa
English yacht doslcnor of considerable note
Whether the yacht IB a 00tonner tnat Is s
oraSOfooter IB not clear but Hl Is
quite certain that she is at least TO feet on the
water line and the gentleman who rave Tn2
SUN the flaws of the boAt yesterday was Inclined
to believe that rbo Is about 85 feet long
You can ear said Tnr HUNS Intormant
that a bit boat In well under way now and
from her size soil the fact that rncllth papers
have nublUbed nothIng about her U looks as
though she were cowing over here alter mugs
bbe Is tn be a wooden boat and Is designed for
racing 1 heard her length pill at 85 feet on
the water line although it is just possible tbat
she IB at0lonner what 1 do not undersund
< s why unless she IB to race on this Hide we
have not beard moro about her 1orhapa with
tbo Volunteer out of tho way English yaentH
men are going to try uj with a 7Ufooter but
we shall know moro about it when the iwrtlou
lars concerning ihii new boat are known
Arthur Jayne the denlcuor of the mysterU
ous crpft Is a son ot the senior member ot
the firm of Payne lu Co yacht builders at
Southampton lie became quite well known
in 1882 when ho sent a model of the Outoa
cutter to tbe Fisbeiies Exhibition bald In Lon
don the modol being Quito abend of yachting
Ideas then prevailing tilnco then ho has de
signed a number of suoeastul racing yachts
among them being several Jrriters the Babe
of last year and the Ilumwlna Bird of tbo year
before coming out wlin a One string of Tip
tories Air TaynoH 20 rater Cbtqnlta which
came out list year beat everything In her
Clu s In heavy weather and his 20rater Dee
Inter nn 1HH9 pmduotlon was equally success
ful her first year 1ayno k Co of Southampton
are excellent workmen and blgbcrfcrd
Young Payne learned about yachting In his
fathers yard
Cricket Today
l 8001 CHinrionuir atmi
Manhattan va New York at Vroipeot Park
Htaten island vi Fort Hamilton at IJrlniatoa B t
KIng Cotnty Vt harlem at I retpvcl fark
Berkeley va Bedford at Portia llelght
OTHia 0555
Pattraon TI Brooklyn at Fateraon X J
Fort Hamilton Second va Mew Janer Second at Far
UsmIltenyork Second va Uanbattan Second Central
Iirooklya Second vs Palenon Second at rroiptet
Coimopolltan Second va Kings County Second M
Ollftou N J

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