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F II f j ti < O > i
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be 1 uu L I t Ib uu f
Sir William Vernon llnrconrt Lend tbe
Liberal loC for the TIme1IIee fled
Hunt Await the Kale U London
HtietAn American Mneaalne Ae
rnted or Illernry PIlferlncA Pen
IMoiitre of tbe Emnren Encenleln rarl >
Mr Tlennt Win Give Her Uto to
Then opUyClBnr tte fit n > Literary
ludle Die Ate Athletic
UumiThe Earoptuu Sloclt Mnrket
CK jrltK I Wli I Ir Tue Bae rrnhlg and rvMliMna Alt
Iu > 1 ix JuneaT Thero to Tlrlu Hr no foun
dation for Ibo EOnsntlonul rumor which havo
been In circulation horo respecting Mr Glad
toneK t health The rand Old Mans recovery
from Influenza has beenrotnowhat slower than
tail tcou hot ed by friends who owlna to his
man olluus vitality have unconsciously noqulr
II 1 the habit of regarding him as a man of fitly
Instead or an outogenarlan but his progress If
tuiily Is aura nnd Sir Andrew Clark his friend
and physician says today that a short rent
tail rhunen of air will complete the euro Last
erenlua Mr Gladstone went to Jowestolt a
LI all place on tho last const and has taken
uu his residence at Corton hail a the honored
guest ot Its owner Mr Column MP known
as the mustnr I rnllllunalre PaIr Gladstone
hai not out In much time at the IIouso ot
mmous lately nnd as John Morley has
been 111 Sir William Vernon Harcourt has
bud charge of the Liberal party In Parliament
Kir William Is a flexliy man and the spoil of
hot weather has caused him much physical
dldconitoit but his temporary leadership has
boon marked by conspicuous toot and ability
Tho test lisa lEriIunh urged him to support
tbe Tory routineer In opposing tho 1roo Edu
cation bill but ho preferred before commit
hag the Liberal party too deeply to Hud out
Low many Tory malcontents would have the
COUILO of their oonvioitons Tho division < n
tho second reading proved tho number to bo
ten so that there will bo tiochnnceof throwing
out the UU altogether Th probabilities still
are that the mra > iito will be withdrawn this
tessiou as sufficient amendments hare boon
heaped upon it to stifle a much healthier
TUB SUN reporter has ascertained that ser
Qua lear prevails in high quarters a to the re
ception which will bo nccorded to tho German
npeor anti the Prlnro of Wale when they
ride In state through tho streets to Guildhall
on July 10 Englishmen have no particular
love for tho Kaiser and them aro Germans In
London who yearn for a chanco to howl nthlm
without running tbo risk ot being cent to
prison for blah treason which would be tbe
i oil ot easing their leeltogs In Berlin This Is
tueirotlcally 1 free country and bowline Is 1 not
ustatumble offence This soothing fact Lai
tiiken obsession of the German Socialists and
French AnarchIsts who have found a safe usy
luai in England and Intelllcenco has reached
Scotland Yard which leaves no doubt
that hostile domonstratlons ore being
organized against the imperial visitor
Tbo London Republicans and Itadlcals bare
also resolved to utilize the occasion forgiving
expression to their views respecting the bac
carat scandal so that It Is considered Impossi
ble for the day to pass without Incidents
As far as Englishmen are concerned the thin
onstrationwill not take a forufmola sorinus
than nn occasional hiss alone tbe lino of lout
and Scotland Yard hal orders not to sit upon
the Radical Baely valve but some concern Is
felt and expressed a to the Intentions of Ibo
foreign extremists and the men believed to bo
really dangerous are to be specially watched
during tbe whole time that the Kaiser II 1 In the
metropolitan district The work has been in
trusted t the police and men who acquired
experience In the days of tbe dynamltards and
who are to all Intents and purposes political
police although the maintenance of such a
body II supposed to b quite foreign to tbo
English detective system These men are to
be re nlorced by a party of detectives Irom
Berlin and as an additional measure ot pre
caution the serticea of eomo French experts
have been secured
Tbe Kaiser has already offended thousands
ot honest folk In this country by selecting Sun
day on which to visit tho Naval Exhibition
The Mforklngmens Lords Day Rest Associa
tion one of the very numerous societies which
undertake to look after th morals of Jinclisli
men hal been particularly shocked at tHe
young Emperors Impiety I has caused
questions to bo asked In Parliament Many
thrnatnres havo been obtained to a formal pro
test to b sent to the Exhibition Council and
then Is talk of petitioning Queen Victoria to
exercise her grandmotherly influence In tbe
mater but the Imperial programme has not
been altered and t not likely to bo to iileaso I
neh common people as workingnien
Tbe members of the Lords Day Rest Asso
ciation aro evidently not aware that tbo Execu
tive Council ot the Naval Exhibition have
broken tbe Sabbath oven week since the show
was opened by giving select garden parties In
the grounds and In other profane ways enter
Ulblng thel friends Lord Salisbury Enl
lands Prime Minister will not only condone
thb sabbath breaking at the Exhibition but
will actually sbow his contempt lor the Sab
tatirlan by entertaining tho Emperor at Hat
field on the Mraoifteraoon The sanctity of the
Lords Day will be violated In a most coneplcu
oni manno and upon a gigantIc scale Hun
dreds ot invited guests will br con vexed 10 lat
field In special trains The Emperor will hold
reception In tho afternoon great garden
Irea lart0n
Mrty will follow and In tbo evening there
will bo a grand banquet at wiloh more royal
tiliwill be present than have ever gathered
togtther In nn English noblemans house In
modern times Prodigious dibits are being
made on all sides to give pleasure to Iho 1m
Mrlal visitors I but tbe display from which the
Kaiser wi derive the greatest amount on
jorment will undoubtedly bo bat which he
himself suggested namely the review of the
Wluntepr troops on Wimbledon Common on
Saturday afternoon preceding the Sabbath
breakup Englands voluntoer forco numbers
over 200000 whose vuluo as a military factor
has never yet been tested In actual warfare
A ample of 20000 will bo submitted to the
Kaisers critical inspection and his judgment
ii l looted forward to with immense Interest
not unmixed with apprehension
Tho opposition to Mr Cbupllnublll for rag
mating tho transatlantic cattle trndo out of
eilsionce has assumed such formidable proPortion
Portion that tim mon > uro is doomed for this
njsloa ut any rate Tho Tories representing
Iho agricultural constituencies of
rloulurl consttunnces arc courso
troneli In favor of tho bill nnd they are SUP
Ported IT a small section of the Liberal party
but no ubllltv and activity with which Iho
hil > WIf11 have placed the truenieaningnf Mr
Lnapllna scheme baforo the country Is rapidly
on lnelng this Liberal minority The feeling
that Iho hill in I nn Insidious attempt at proteo
loalu Irgilatlon Is greatly streiicthoncd lo
fAY by the publication In llio newspaper of I
eliot front Allan UroVCo who thus Ion
tAluae n ioworful indintincnt ot the Hoard of
What Is the urgency that requires such e
f Minnry powers to be vested In offlolals In
mslmrrled unconsIdered way at a period of
Iho kf > slon when nniiiy valuable nod necessary
wurij bmo had to bo withdrawn Hostile
Wnllty rf the cattle Increased Why tho
wfiiacd repoit of tIle Doimitmontal Com
nutte of these farmers friends show that It
bOb steadily decreased Noror wore the
statistics more favorable This very year
notwithstanding the long and revere wintry
weather the total loss of cattle from nil causes
upon steamers consigned to us and although
the cattle were mainly carried upon the deck
and bridge deck no animadverted on In the
report baa been less titan onefifth 01 1 for
cent a mortality that would not bo excessive
upon their own pasture Tho Canadian and
United Stale Governments are iust is4uing
now regulations that have the advantage
nol rlulatons adnntno over
any thai our Board ot Aqrlaalturo ran
formulate that they apply to all ships of all
nations and not merely hamper British ships
for tho benefit of foreign competitors Tho
careful Inspection upon the loading of cattle
by officials of those two government and the
surveyors of tho underwriters and the anxiety
of the shipowners to maintain a good reputa
tion for successful carrying are quite sufficient
protection for tho animal though they may
farmer not bo aufllclont protection for the Drltlsh
The fall Vail Gazette devotes I wrathy article
today to the Contnopotfian Maaazine and Mr
E J Lawler because an article entitled Tho
Dlamoad Field of South Africa In the July
number of the magazine Is stolen Illustrations
tons and all from the 2all MM llndatl ot 1
year ago From this circumstance In which
tho CastnopoHlan Is probably entirely Innocent
the POP Mall draws the conclusion that
tbo ethics of the American press like
those of American politics have long been
placed among the commodities with which
wo do not wish to exchange and which wo
would gladly see kept out of this country with
more than MoKlnlayan jealousy Indeed
says Iho Oaiettt with genuine Ilrltlih supe
riority It the Cosmopolitan were just an or
dinary Yankee newspaper wo should never
dream of taking It to task for even tho grossest
and most pretentious piece of pilfering
A monarchist journal la Paris presents this
rather touching picture of the Empress Eu
c nlo as she appeared during her recent visit
to France explaining that this Is the first long
visit the Empress has paid since Fianoe was at
her feet The writer says
She complain no longer and she neither
WOODS nor mourns For hours together she
remains without talking and traverses slowly
Land ns If there wore some Calvary at each na
tion at which she must halt the places dent to
her In her former capital Her smile has ronp
peered sad and monotonous though It Is Her
eras have regained their softness and their
melancholy beauty but the charm of tho radi
ant lace Is flown forever before the tears she
has ihod Her graceful elegant figure h
bowed down and her wileo has grown doeo
nnd low with many sobs
The Earl of Claucarty is just now Ina stats of
great exhaustion consequent upon tbe menial
exertion required In tbe examination of his
late fathers affair Had It not been for tbo
help rendered by his keenwitted wife
bl hil keenwlted wle mo I
Dele Milton it Is probable that the noble Earl I
would have collapsed completely Tbe Count
ess Is raoldly acquiring the airs of the grando
dame and Is anxious if the world will per
mit to banish the past I polite society
should flout her she Is equally prepared to doty
tbo world t have a good time with old rends
and to Install her father the Woolwich gunner
and her other relatives In her husbands an
cestral balls Meanwhile her interesting sis
ter Flo Illltnn has been promoted in tbo
music ball bulletins from sister to Lady
Dunlo to sister to tho Countess Clancarty
and her money valuo has risen fifty per cent
Tho quarrel between Charles Warner and
aDl I
Henry retiitt a to the terman0on which tbe
latter sold the actor ilgui in his new play I
Tho Sailors Knot has not been patched up
despIte the efforts ot friends and the present
I prospect Is that It will b fought in the law
courts to the bitter end Warnor claims all tho
I rights while Pnttitt says he sold them for the
Brltlrh colonies only The general impression
la that Warner will win
I Tho production of Solomons now Indian
opera has teen postponed from tonight until
next Tuesday owing chiefly to the slight illness
j ness or Rutland Barrincton who is cast for
tho chief male part
I Mrs Annie Bosant announces that she will
devote her life to Theosopby on the Hues laid
down by the late Mine lilavatsky In a letter
written this week declining to present herself
as a candidate at the coming School Board
election she says
The death of my honored friend and chief
Mmo Blaatsky throws on mo hoaty addi
tional work In connection with the Theo9Ophl
cal movement and believing a I d > that In
the progress of that movement lies the hope of
better religious moral and social order than
we have today elect to leave tbe more popu
lar work In other hands and devote myself
wholly to the lea understood and leg attrac
tive duly of pressing the claims of a spiritual
philosophy on a public largely dominated by
A literary event of some Importance thin
week Is tho celebration by yiinci of Its fiftieth
birthday and all the newspapers havo gone
Into reminiscences of Thackeray Tom Hood
Jorrold Mark Lemon Shlrloy Jliooks Tom
Taylor Richard Doyle John Leach Charles
Keene and tho rest of the clever men who
have given place to Burnnnd Tennlol Fur
I Pies Du Maurler and Sambourno The Tipea
draws attention to tho fact that It Is difficult
to believe that the artist who so rocantly pro
duced the famous cartoon Drooping the
lilotIn wbloh tbe young German Emperor
Is represented looking over the bulwarks ot
the Ship of Empire as Bismarck leaven the
vessels side had made his mark as a pictorial
satirist at tho time of the Crimean war
Mrs Frank Lonllo and her diamonds accord
Ing to all the newspapers formed a roost strik
ing fouttro of tho third annual Lltoiary
Jruica1 dinner at tho Criterion on Wednes
day Tie dinner was a great succesK in other
respects an well Mr Louise Chandler Miil
ton made an address end Mrs Leslie delivered
a poem and the English literary ladles reo
Boondod to toasts read articles and recited
poetry likewise Mrs Emily Crawford the
Paris correspondent of tho Jlnllu Vtm who
presided at the dinner suggested that the title
of Literary Ladles with itt reminiscences of
Mary Wortloy Montagu and tho preclfutet rid
tcutcj to abandoned and the title The
Scribblers be adopted 1118 Leslie disap
proved howoter and suggested Sorosls but I
no decision was arrived al
I may Interest the literary ladles of Amer
ica to know that cigarettes were passed with
the coHeo and that several ot the diners
smoked after tbe waiters had left the room
and the Intellectual part of the entertainment
John Rogers and Minnie Palmer signed a
contract this week whereby he IH I to act as her
manager for a term of months during which
BUO will pint In tbe English provinces Thu
contract further provides however that tho
two shall not live together Since the recon
ciliation throe o four weeks ago Minnie anti
John have invariably breakfasted dined and
attended places of amusement In the evening
together but they have always separated
nltorwnid when be would retire to his rooms
at he Victoria Hotel utter leaving her at the
Austin Gibbous of Patterson the light weight
who won the International match at Iho Poll
can Club n week ago Wednesday night sailed
for New York on the Arizona today On
Wednesday he made a match with Dill Reader
another English light weight 10 fight for the
12Upound championship of Lngland In Octo
ber at the IVIIran Club for 1 stuko ot 200 per
side and 200 mote offered by Ibo club Two
ounce cloves will ho used and tho fight will be
to u llnlsli Richard K Fox also offers chum
plonsliln belt to the winner
Villoa Luckai tonight signed a contract
with Unorgo Alexander of tho Bt Jamess
Theatre lor the coming season Lacknye will
make his London debut In The Idler on
next Baturdnytaklnc tbo part of the American
In which Jack Mason Into of tbe Boston
Museum has mode I great bit Mason will
sail for America on next Saturday
Mrs Rtissell Harrison and Mrs McKco are
Blghtsetlng In Brussels
Holt alias Kbaw the defaulter who wee ar
rested In Ctixhaven two week ago and has been
detained there will probably be released very
soon as there Is some flaw in the extradition
papers relating to his
rnlatnR hil case
Rain well nigh tulned everything at tho
amateur nttilotlo championship gamesnl Man
chester today and a steady downpour of
three hours converted the beautiful enclosure
into a regular swamp The outlook was so
bad that the Executive Committee hesitated
foe a long while whether to postpone tho meet
Ing or not and just as they were on bite point
of setting the games back until Monday the
rain stopped and the sun came out This
brought the peonlo from Cottonopolis In thou
sand nnd nt least COOO paid the high tariff of
CO cents and TSccnts during the afternoon The
sodden state of tbo track played havoc with
tho American contingent only four of them
showing uu prominently Three cord wins
right out while another had to divide honors
with an Irish athlete The star performances
of the day wore Luther Cars running In the
100yard race and Harry CurtUs sevenmile
walk Cary frightened D Dasau of the Ixmdon
Athletic Club In the third heat ot the uprlnt
which he won In 10 < seconds a Basan run
him out I Is almost certain that the American
would have done ton seconds as the wind bad
dropped and then the track had not
been cut up Car had a very easy
thing of It In tho final heat but ran through at
his best pace Despite th half gale that was
blowing against him Ibo watches recorded
10 46 seconds which the experts say Is quite
equal to y X seconds on a good day and track
He came In for an ovation when be broke tho
tape Mortimer Remington of the Manhattan
Athletic Club won the second heat of the sprint
In 1025 seconds but be did not start in tho
final beat
A B George H L Dadman and J R
Roddy ah of the Manhattan Club started In the
halfmile run but folio to get places W J
Holmes winning the event In 2 minutes sec
C A J Queokbsrner tbe American hammer
thrower won the prize for this event with 129
foot 10i Inches which fa within lV Inches of
W J M Barrys recorJ Had a little more
care been exercised In the measurement tbo
Amnrlcsn would base been declared some
Inches ahead of the record An old tapo
measure was used and by actual test I had
stretched three inches Barry was third to
Quockberner with 115 feot 8 Inches
These positions were reverted In tho shot
cutting contest which Barry won with 40 foet
8 inches Qneokbcrner got second prize with
37 feet 10 Inches
Both 1 L Dadman and Eugene Bare of tbo
Manhattan Club were entered In the hurdle
race but failed to start D D Bulger Dublin
University winning in 16 peoonds
A B Georges exertions were so severe In
the halfmie race that he would not etart in
the mile race which was won by J Kibble
white In 4 minutes 23 35 seconds
The pole jumo went to It Watson 11 feet 3
Inches Tom Bay was third at 10 feet 5 inches
The Ameiloans entered in tbe quartermllo
Mortimer Remington Eugene fiarro
race were Rmlnlon EUlene Rarr
1 UJJadman J s Itpddy and Luther Carey
but ant Remington and Roddy started and
the first named bad a plonlo He won the first
heat In 51 48 seconds and took the final In 51
seconds Ho played with his antagonists as a
cat does with a mouse
H L Hallock was so unfortunate n to knock
the bar down In the high jump when It stood
at 5 feet UK Inches He was then tied with
Arthur Watkinson for second place T Jen
nings of Cambridge Unherslty won the purse
at 5 feet 8i inches
W T Young sUrted In the fourmile race
but A 1 George was an absentee W H Mor
touwho ran In New York with the Salford
Harriers won In 20 minutes 53s seconds
The seven mile was a disastrous event for
the American ns K D Lange was disqualified
In the first mile nnd C L NIcoll could only got
third to Harry Curtis the English champion
His time was 64 minutes 15 second Nicolls
time wa 50 minutes 34 15 seconds
The broad jump was also nn unfortunate
one for the Manhattanlten as Malcolm Ford
could only tie D Duller of Dublin at 20 foet 4
The twomile steeplechase was won by E W
Parry ot the Spartan Harriers
The stock markets have been Inactive and
fat dealings were limited because every sale
caused an unduly heavy fall in prices and tho
geneial uneasiness was Increased by rumors
of Impending failures Tbe heaviness re
ported caused considerable depression in
American railroads here and some forced
sales to close an account aggravated matters
The chief declines were 1 In Louisville and
Nashville l in Denver preferred U In Atchi
lon and I quarter to a hal In others
An Explanation Evolved Out of u SUnrp
Hcurn In the flowery
A scuffle In which three men wero engaged
Attracted Detectives Hogan and Foy ot the
Mulberry street station to Houston street and
the Bowery at 5 > oclock last evening The
detectives brought something like order out of
the chaos of whirling legs and arms and found
out that the struggles were Francis Mulligan
a young Jorseyiiutn who has spent five roars
In Trenton prison Chief ot lollc herding of
New UiunHWlck and a keeper In the Trenton
prison The kueper showed signs of n bad
m Chief I Harding explained things lie Mid
that Mulligan while visiting a friend working
on tbt arm of Joili IlranJon about mile 1111
Now Brunswick had taken n laucy to the
farmms elgbttdollur watch lie took the
watch loti entrusted l It to Mr bimnnon of
lt5 Bowery and not S 25 and I little ticket
l5lowery Iot Iltt
Cblft tlnrdlng accompnnled by the prison
keeper who romn to MviitUy JIulllcnn arrived
In the city yesterday and wentpropiitiig > for
Mulligan They found him a tbe llowtry and
Houston street showed him n warran and
told him Ihat be was tbelr prisoner Ho at
tacked the keener viciously and was goitlng
tbe better of him when Ihedetectlvescame up
Mulligan Is also ibnrgud with assaulting I
roan In New Brunswick last January
MAllorXE o
They lao lad nn ElBhtbnur Day for Mix
Tear and Now They Weal littler WHBC
Mnrcotte A Cos furniture workers and up
holsterers Union square whose chief business
is fitting up and tot nlsblDu the better class ot
dwulllng houses granted of their own free I
will the olghtbour work day to their employees
In 18H5 tho reanlnr work day using tbn nslt
bus neon nlnce nine hours At that time or
shortly alter tbo finployeuD In the ninehour
shops demanded and scured an Increase of
wages while In Marcottes the actual earnings
waies of wile old bandit owing principally
Blackness of tradn became lower some of
them earning not more than SB or U a week
A day or two ego Ibo painter cabinet
makers and woodworkers In tbe bop asked
for tin mhanco of two cents an hour which
was leftiHrd by Mr Hchnler the foreman
Home of tho men oay that tie also Insulted the
committee who went to innkn the roijurst hut
this re denies A general strike was ordered
In nil the departments Including the uphol
sterer and nrnlshers Mnrcotte i Co have a
number of outside contracts and strikes will
ant wil
bo ordered In all the houses In which their
men are working
IVIirre la Find flood LIquor
Any iilnre where nril Srhiillra mliornl
water ur < < said Uom liquors nnd good L wa
ters alwuys go togethor 1r
E W Tim Iiien Collar F d W
Our trad mark on your cottars it cnffi Sissies Per
fici form LIeu uinrlorur ot u > Uiy lint fltt44e
SnruloBi nd Iiiike IcUrua Hptclnl
U nliinln > McmUr IUI 2U fan I Ntw York Ctntril
will reese > IU pondl iivlr of Hartley c trltl
Intel teseiny l ireii Cntral l Station aIA K i du
torpor vuSi laidwtll ILk tuna 4 u > r u
tfouinlound tnt will Imr parting 4o > H M eerie
itir lurk uiu 1 j niroucu Wgutr drwloi jocm
A 2
Fat IelU and Hi Lout Xxprt
Th New York Ctnlrali rut r nlnr train for the
loutbwMt vita through Wiener il duping oar learnt I
llrantl rental cation dally at fu 10 I tl ilut tilde
nail iSO H I M Indianapulu until I f M ctlt day kk
Louis 1 73U X M isSueS suorritgA tau 1
Tts meet triel three mews ar nrrwhtl seery
tenses aa5s ItiID Unr I II
lit ll bOlt n4alol eoIllh bsys sod labels ot
lb norlb hor Ih rUII ur 11 surf on Lb levity
isil terbs by the cal idlIng 10 lb Ural South
u11 Fconto lao I
bar cn low latest trqueht and fast trains by the I
Una bland KallroaiL Jn
A ncllKktrul Trip
To Yarnioulli K f Jaiamr Mr and 8L Jthn N n
and Lack In ilx lays lor Jl oj IncluUliu I ilattreom
berth inS superior mills BUarotn I say Cur < u
Past RITtr rtir Tarmay at b I 1 i 1 connrcclou
htw York UltniaHiH1 loirryiujr ti ro11I oonloloo
A TAlk In London With JI Partner stud
Other Men Who Know About I
CViwW 1101 l Ir Tun Sine JWnllii and rvkllMni
LONPON Juno 27The Now York news
paper which arrived thlu week containing ac
counts of Julio Morzbachers alleged defalca
tion to his partner In the South American
agency of the New York Life Insurance Com
pany have been eagerly rend by American bus
iness men hero and have caused 1 sensation
in Insurance circled Joaiuln Handier Merz
bncliers partner arrived from Barcelona
Tbuisday President Boernot the Now York
Life In also hero as is Morzbachor himself
Mr Doors and Mr Sanchez have been it a
mall hotel and It U I known to very taw that
they are lu London All nfforts this week to
Bee President leors in regard to the attacks
upon Merzbacher nnd tho New York Life have
proved unsuccessful until this evening when
Lo received Tne SUN correspondent
I have seen no other reporter bo said
since the Merzbaoher affair was made pub
lic and anything consequently that Is pub
lished as emanating from me Is false
Iresldent Beers tefnsed personally logo Into
the question of the alleged defalcation
Mr Sanchez ho Bald will be able to give
you all Information upon the subject Ho boa
conducted himself throughout this entire
affair like an honorable gentleman That
there Is any defalcation to the New York Life
however Is absolutely false and the stories
that have been published in New York news
papers to tho effect that thore in a defalcation
on the part of Smith our London manager or
Snmuol Dinkelsplel our London agent are
manufactured out ot whole cloth Our London
department ono of tho best conducted of our
Mr Kanohoz was very outspoken I asked
him What is at the bottom of this matter
The animus very apparent said Sanchez
to any one who Is familiar with tbe Internal
affairs of the Now York Life Insurance Com
pany Like every great man President Beers
has enemies and these enemies have taken
advantage of his absence to attempt to do him
an Injury It Is a conspiracy headed by a die
charged employee of the company
Who Is this discharged employee I asked
That I am not at liberty to say replied
Sanchez This Is an old affair that boa been
raked up to Injure Presldcn Jeers The de
falcation was to me persona ly 1 and not to tbe
company Perhaps momentarily there was a
defalcation to tho New York Life but
before the company knew ot It It
was mado good The facts of the mat
ter me thesti Merzbacher and I had
Ibo SuanlsliAmerlcan agency of the Now Xork
Life Ho remained In Now York and attended
to our Interests there kept the books and had
control of tho finances while I travelled abroad
and wa absont sometimes ns long as two
years When he made his heavy losses in
Wall street be used the money held by our firm
to cover his shortage but when tho time c Imo
for our settlement with the company 1 was
able to pay every dollar To do this I used
every available asset In my possession and ho
save mo IGUOOO ol his own
The talk about anticipating means this I
had n largo income from my policies that was
paid yearly In settling with tbo New York
Life I sold thorn my Interest In these policies
This IB a process that Is gone through with In
all life Insurance companies continually and
there wae nothing unusual mr using these
renewals as nn available assets BO the firm of
MorzbaCfcT t Sanchoz dwui act owe one
dollar to the New York Life 01 course It Is a
natural question why I my partner
took my money I did not prosecute
him and President Beers has been accused of
compounding a felony In not bringing hem
bachor to justice Tbe fact is that the officers
of the Now York Life did tbelr best to Induce
me to prosecute Merzbacher but I laid to
them I you wish to prosecute him you
must assume tho loss that I have made good
I had several reasons for adopting this
course In the first place I I bad prosecuted
him I should not have got the 00000 that he
uavo mo and In the next would have Injured
my bulnsss If there had been a public scandal
connected with our firm I did not wish to
Imperil my interests for revenge
Is there chance of his
any belnl prose
cuted now I asked
That I cannot say replied Sanchez I
was very Indignant about the letter he cabled
to Now York but I cannot afford to waste the
time necessary to push the matter It will all
depend upon circumstances Tbe fact re
mains that this entire matter Is only a per
sonal attack upon President Beers by his ene
Samuel l lilnkelsplel was first Informed that
there were rumors in New York that he owed
the New York Lie 200000 or 300000 by
George Kessler who arrived on the Teutonlo
on Thursday Kessler is the man who accord
Ing to tho Sew York Herald Induced Merz
bnrhor to Il Into speculations In Yall street
DlnkolBpfel first laughed at tbo story and then
became very Indignant That I be said to
the HUN reporter an absolute and malicious
falsehood In no soneo or particular is there
tHe slightest truth In it
Another statement In the ffealil that Presi
dent Beers and Mr Dlnkdsplel were endeavoring
oring to negotiate a loan to covor tbo alleged
Merbaohor defalcation only amused tbe two
firntnamed gentlemen It Is ridiculous
said both
I asked Mr Kessler If It was true that ho
had Initiated Mr Merzbacber In Wall street
I know Mr Mcrzbachnr and like him very
much said Kessler but I have had no more
to do with his speculations than you have
Fortytight Person Take Violently III at
a Church Fecllvnl
MALONE N Y Juno 27fhe Episcopal
Church Brusbton on Saturday evening
served ice cream at a lawn festival In that vil
lage Shortly after eating the Ice cream forty
eluht complained of feeling ill and
olRh persons complalneL Cr foelol I ad
were taken with vomiting nausea and severe
pains Dr Hawkins was called and on his ar
rival found so many sick that he summoned to
his aid Dr lust from Molra Dr Pearl from
Bangor and Dr Grant and Dr Cameron from
Jlulono Next morning all were pronounced
out of danger although some were very weak
All nio now well
Hume think that the poison waR In the flavor
ing extract Thu pliylclnn say however that
It was a product of decomposition In the milk
freezer In contact with the zlno ol the Ice cream
Bird Thurfllicrry Her Him in Her Room
und Her lluwbmid Chime Him
Tho supposed Jack tho Peeper who has been
frightening women and girls a Hook away
Beach by entering their rooms at night wee
captured early yesterday morning Mrs Thurs
berry was aroused from her sleep by bearing
dome one In her room Her cries alarmed her
husband and the Intruder sprang out of an
open window Mr Thur > brry sprang out of
the window after him and chased him down
arms the htieet and Into tiergcaut John Llaveys
aminethen arraigned In the station house the
prisoner saId Ills name was Edward Mooney
85 years old ot 215 Prince hired this city
Several women living op tile beach have Iden
tified him as the man who entered their rooms
Ho was held for examination rums
No Kvlilenee or Concplrncy to Present iry
th BlnieTha Illlnol Dynamite Act
Also Rnled Against by tho CourtOne
Other Charge Acntnit the ilefcndnnt
Which In to be Considered
CnicAuo Juno 27 Judge Collins hUll argu
ment today ot n motion to quash the Indict
I ments against George J Gibson exSooretary
of the Whiskey Trust accused attempting
to destroy the Shuleldt distillery last winter
At that time tho dlrilHonr was not under the
trusts control Mr Gibson and isle attorneys
have reason to be pretty well satisfied with the
results ot todays proceedings Although I Is
not yet settled It Is probable that no trial will
take nlace
The exSecretary accompanied by his coun
sel Meters John 1 llunnula and William
Burry were In the court room before Judge
Collins took his seat Agent Summervlllo bad
on bit knees a box of leather containing the
machine which it Is l alleged was given by Mr
Gibson to Government Uauger Dwar to place
under the tank in tbo Bhufeldt distillery and
to be touched off
States Attorney Longenecker In the course
of his argument bad Agent Bunimervtlles
mysterious parcel undone and the machine
was placed on the broad rail near the Judges
Nearly everybody In tho room pushed for
ward to get a look at tbe contrivance Mr
Gibson left his seat aDd was at eager a any of
the others to get a look at tbe little tin box
and KB contents consisting ot a loaded section
of a gun ban el tome onkum und a fuse
Then Mr Sumuiervllle pullod from an
inside pocket a long bottle containing a white
liquid It is churged that tbo defondat Intend
ed to give this to Dewar to pour on the oakum
in the eon and explode the machine
The liquid In the bottle was a compound of
phosphorus and bisulphide of carbon
Pour a little qf thnt on a plooe of paper
said Mr Longenecker to the revenue agent
Hove somo waor ready replied Mr Sum
mervllle as he began to uncork the bottle
The water was not brought In time the cork I
began to blaze and so did the piece of paper
on tbo rail II
Summervllles trembling band had splllod a
portion ot the liquid on Ibo onper Tbo
spectators scattered andJudce Collins moved
a ldo Summervlllo kept his bold on the bot
tle and rushed to the water cooler Hero he
extinguished tho fire
The burning paper soon became ashes and
after they bad Leon brushed away nrieumonts
were resumed
Attorney Burry moved to quash the four In
dictments against Mr Gibson One had been
drawn under the dynamite act and one tinder
the conspiracy law
The fourth was an omnibus Indictment cov
ering the othr throe Mr Burry gave a his
tory ot the case and then began an attacK on
the Indictment under the dynamite aot
This prohibits the manufacture having
haTlnl pos
session or bringing Into the State of dynamite
or other explosive compounds Then Mr
Burry tooK up the Indictment obarglug an at
tempt to burn shattur or destroy the Shu
feldt distillery
He said that to convict a person of an attempt
to commit a crime evil Intent and an frt act
mutt be proved VTEftWy
le quoted authorities lo thow that soliciting
a person to commit crlmu was not an
offence against tbe law No crime bad been
committed Dewar had not attempted to com
mit one he bal sImply told a tale against Gib
son and a detective story followed
Mr Burry was well started
Dur wil on an argument
against the conspiracy indictment when be
nan Interrupted IT 1 Mr Longrneckerwhonald
To Fat time I will etate that 1 have no evi
dence of a conspiracy und that Indictment
may be quashed
Mr Burry was much obliged The States
attorney then rose to addrs the eOllt but be
fore lie had gone far Judge Collins called
life attention to the fact that the Destitution
of tHe United States gav citizens the
right to bear arm As n musket without
gunpowder ot little use why shouldnt a I
man be permit t cl under certain restrictions
to have gunpowder lu his rntrICtOnb
Mr Lonveneckor raid he hud not studied
that feature of the case However the Stat
bud some good counts In tll indictments I
did not want t punish the defendant halnl
bad gunpowder In his posseslou but for having
procured I for tbe purpose or ommlttlnu a
crime As to the attempt to commit a crime
Mr Lonaeneckor argued that the
LnReneckor tba IbO overt act
oonslntod In the delivering of the machine
to Dewar
Al liouKh Dewar was acting honestly nnd re
ported everything 10 tbe Uo ernment had not
the defendant done alt that bn could
do to bring about the explosion 1 Wouldnt
he have been guilty I Dwar bad caused the
explosion or the machine
Mr liunnalli Bald tim court ought to put It
sell In tbe position of the LegUIaturn when It
passed be phenomenally stringent dynamite
phennmnal strlDlent
law Tbl rendition or the public mind at that
time should bl considered tlat
The law wan directed against explosive
generally employed by a certain elms
antagonistic to general society I the
Lgllatnre bad wanted to Include
gunpowder In the list of prohibited
explosives It would certainly have prohlhled
Tb article would naturally nave suggested <
itself Mr Bimnells alm argued against theH
attempt indictment following the same line
lme Ino
as that taken by his associate
Judge Collins said that while the ralo
ana handling of gunpowder may be re
strlcted In the State 1 ho did not think
that uniter the National Constitution
the Indictment natonal the Consttuton
act could hold I would be qU drnallo
one question remained wot the dcend
ant guilty of an attempt to commit a
crime i1 Had he done all he could
do to Induce an agent to commit It cou1
knowing at the time that the supposed I agent
was working against him The Court would
take the matter under advisement until Tues
day morning at lu oclock
HI Wire flask Account Attached end
Detective Hat After Him
John A Bradley who has for ten years been
at the head ol tbe maniifitcturlng department
of be firm of Weld Colburn A Wllckens Im
porters at 593 Broadway went away on his
vacation a week 110 Yesterday an attach
ment for o was icot out by the firm against
him and his wife Caroline and Deputy Sheriff
Holmburger served I on the Bowery Soa
mans Manhattan and Emigrant Industrial
Ravlncsbanksvthore It was thought MrsBrod
ley had money deposited
Mr Well the brad ot the firm paid last night
that the attachment bail been obtained to pro
tect tbe Him against lOb a discovery having
been made that vouchers had been turned In
for purchases amounting to 12000 which had
not been made
Mr mae came back from his vacation
last nIght II expressed grout surprlr nt the
pews and sa d that hU accounts were toll
straight He U an old employee of the house
tied and Ills her wile wan euiflored there when ho mar
Identified Once Mare
The body of tho woman who was drowned at
Croton Landing was Identified yesterday a
Tarrytown for the third time
This time she is pronounced to t Marie
Eugenic Josephine Arlgni a French seam
stress Bald U have been emplotd at one time
In Cyrus W Field house at Tarrjrtown tme
Thin Identification was suede by her sitor
also a seainatrl5 who lives at 135 Yust
Thirtyfilth stieet Now York
A Sudden Friendship Get Them Into Very
Myiterlonn Uincultle
A pretty blonde with diamonds sparkling In
her hair drove up In a cab to the lore rooms
ot the Long Island llallroad a the entrance to
the Thirtyfourth street ferry In this city last
evening A wellfitting black silk dress sot off
her figure to advantage
At the express office the met Louis A
Bunker Vernon avenue Long Island City a
son of the superintendent of the Tenth street
and Twentythird street Brooklyn and Now
York ferries
He was a stranaor to her but she bocame
quite friendly with him while she was arrang
ing to have some baggage sent to Bheecshead
Bay Finally young Bunker got Into the cab
with her and went to Long Island City for the
purpose of seeing her sate on tho train and at
tending to hot baggage
The young woman vas well supplied with
money and on the way over abe gave him a
SlOO bill which ho changed for hor in Tony
Millers Hotel In Hunters Point There how
ever tho young woman changed her mind and
drove back to New York with Bunker Some
thing apparently did not suit her and once
more she chanced ber mind and again started
for8heepsh DIY
Young Bunker remained In the cab all this
tlDo On tho second trip to Hunters Point
her pocketbook containing another 100 bill
wan transferred to Hunker for safe keeping
On arriving In Hunters Point > sho bcamo
very demonstrative and Pollcman Famry
nok tbe couple to thc boeond precinct station
There 17BJ5 of the young womans money
was handed over by Bunker who said she had
intrusted him with I for sate keeping The
young WOo also protested that she had
Blmplv allowed him to beep the money for her
She begged to be released el She was held how
ever on the accusation that she bad drank
too rauoh
When arraigned she said br name was Mrs
Tennnttta Ituseell that > > hl wan an actrcssnnd
that pbs bad been playing in the Madison
Square Theatre Her husband she Bald wns
at Sheepsbead Bay and she WAS on hor way to
join him Despite hor entreaties she was
looked up for the night
Young Bunker will bo bald until the ease
ran bo Investigated Bunker Is popular In
Long Island City I Is not thought ho eon
tomplated anything wrong when ho received
the money HB friends believe be acted en
tirely In good faith
Forgot Their Fourth of July Powder
Blnsinxlne In Their Scramble for Apple
Some boys In West Thirtysecond street
down by the river started out yesterday after
noon to celebrate the Fourth of July before It
was time to They got a lot ot coarse blasting
powder somewhere and stowed it away In a
soda water bottle A man with a uush cart full
of apples which he was peddling stopped at
the corner of Thirtysecond street and Eleventh
avenue When be left his cart for a minute to
look after a sale the boys gathered around to
look after some apples There was trouble
right away Some of the boys were smoking
olearettes and In the row about the push cart
it la supposed that somehow a cigarette spark
reached the blasting powder Anyway there
was an explosion and after the exploelon
there was no push cent full of apples and no
soda water bottle full of powder The apples
were scattered and the push cart bottle and
powder Were gone
All the boys in the neighborhood were cut
by fracmcntt or th bottle but only one of
them William Gallagher of 057 West Thirty
second street was severely injured He was
out In tue right big I ancLabdomen Peter
Hogan 9 years old or 620 West Thirtysecond
street Edward KL Johns 9 years old of 648
West ThlnyHMond street tThomaa McC rtliy
11 years old ohS57 West Thlrtyaocond Nrretj
and Elizabeth Morris t year old of tbe same
address wrraeacb out In tneleft leg Kan
nle Etolano 6 years old of 633 WesT Thlr
lycecrnd street was out in the forehead
The police did not find ont how many more
wire hurt They were all looked alter by a
Itoosavelt Hopltal surgeon Gallagher la In
the hospital but the rest went borne
Madden Xnd ofBnrtholomew Keens Pleas
ore Trip In Hln Own Yacht
Bartholomew Began the owner of a sloop
yacht whose home is at 70 Kssex street Jet
toy City started Friday with his wife and
three children on a pleasure trip through
Staten Island Bound They stayed overnight at
Elm Park and yesterday resumed their cruise
When off Mariners Harbor a sharp squall up
set the boat throwing all Itt occupants Into
the water CapU James Cox ot the steam
lighter Advance wont to the rescue nf the
struggling family He succeeded In saving all
of them but the baby Willie Ufgan one year
old The body was recovered later
Remarkable Hen on the lfndon
PouanKEErsiE June 27A heavy northwest
gale has prevailed along the rivertoday This
afternoon the sea was running so high that
north of Tarrytown the water broke tn the
bulkheads of the steamer Mary Powell for
ward from the wheel and flooded the main
deck nearly a foot deep causing a panic
among the passengers some of the ladles on
board fainting The steamer arrived hero
nearly two hours behind time
The Boor of Morris Pnrfc Grand Ntnnd an
George D Ferguson a tinsmith while at
work on the roof of the grand stand at Morris
Park at 6 oclock last evening utmot a pot ot
burning charcoal on the root setting It afire
The roof is maths of Georgia pine
Word was telephoned Co Wllllamibrldga
and Empire Engine Company soon arrived
and played a stream of water on the flames
which bad gained considerable ground The
firemen worked bard tor two hours and trot
the lire under control The loss Is about
1000 John A Morris presented the firemen
with 200
Huperlntendcnt Hnnvllle Body Cremated
Tnov June 57Th holy of Superintendent
Manill of tbn Pennsylvania division of the
Delaware and Hudson Itailroad was cremated
hole today
Judy Xawrtnoo hattnnnlltd ills marrlart ofKath
anus Walter anil Wiilliin Wetter
Tbe Lfhlirh Salter Itailroad will girt an elonrilon on
July 4 to Maucb Chunk HwitobOack and uiau Quote
liaTlncMir VurkamiloA M
Charts Walltr the Irish salesman debarred br Gtn
Olitlrue was sent en ills wuy lo bit hens lu liontirtJ
on the Uiy of item ytiitrday
Tb Howtry Ilauk bat publisheS its nntrltrly rtport
baring dais of Junt f SCout Ibttarnliift of tbtuauk
durlnx tlit put six niuntlu tb Ulrtctort lia > t jutt Ut
ctarod UtvtOud ufu percent
To accommodate the umintr trivet the New Ilavtn
Bteambvtt Conipny ha pactit tn extra tittmtr on
tb line Itavinv Sew tore fcuiHin from tier e L n
aiimnnlmt Tbt ether steaners less Ut 3 1 51 l aud
II e M ou wet dais at usuaL
mercy E riokrtll a broker on the Cnniolldtttd Stock
and rttrolenm Kiclnnji bat lien uailylnr with
National Curdase ttock tm tht loniftldt and yttitrday
when the ihtrct Uiopptd rein tie lorjiU Im wai coui
polled to < Buiptiid lit was tong of MU tntrtt
Judy Ueachof the Supreme Court lie irtuitd th
apiuloatton of lUt Colonial Ciub for tiavo to tivuul a
ieuiua miirUtut or f MHIOI on their new club liouit at
the llouitiard atit Hevrulr ttcvud iirtet Tht new
Louse willcuei 5MO51 anti tb urit luuriiraKt 5 for
Marcai 1 Fcliwtb are 10 pletitd with the way arced
wily l > cleaneil In the ntliliborlioud nt Aenr place ihut
they wrolt tu the Mayur yteirrdtri tte an slat l to
atjr that the pmtut methoil keep our lurViiundiuri
clean 10 lie perfect HfttUfactluu vt tiuritivtt aud our
M noon yesterday lampowned br an Italian aiuat
tsr tie the cerise dump near me foot ot Walt lrt
explo ted and let tire in Hit dirt eros inlprr lit lire
burueJ cut tie ralilii of the lltlttr and lien rxteudtd to
Tier U biutiy wbuli silo wti tilt It lit ilamititt toll
pier was aiiu tu Lie list Scua liar Woo a groat
lurrvln amoiiu tht irirtaKb sluattero when ibu Ore
rttcued ilit dock They nut out Just In time lu escapes
rnllremtn llerion nf the West lOOih tlrtel nation
found a woman who said her nauit was Annie euro In
a vaianl lot in ttliliDeldilh tireeintar lnUlli I avenue
at U clock ytiterilar tnoriilnir Hlie was olnd untv In a
black jtrier rlie wu vloltntlr Iniatir alit font pollct
betS had hard wogk lo get her lo Che polio umlon In
Iht llurltin lnurt ilit 1 wee co00iitteit to Hulltrue Ito
Illal far cixllcal ttimlnatlnii Mie li about 40 rein
i > IJ and mi Hit llfti la rortjrelfhlu street but she
caiiuoi tell wbcr
f I
having Accidentally Set Fire to Her Clothf
lag Mr Ilnzltttt Jumped from a Top4
lory Window and DledTrro Ilonr Xintet1
Mrs Elizabeth U Haslott the wit ot Bam
uel E Haslott a retired merchant ot 189
llemsen street Brooklyn died yatterdar of
Iho effects ot a shocking burning accident
Mr Haslott and his wife had no children and
with the exception of Maria Ooff and Bridget
Kaynolds their two servants they lived alono
In the fine fourstory brownftone house Id
Itomstn street a few doors from the Hamlltor
Club a
About 230 oclock Mr Ilaalott left the hons J
for a wnlk on the Heights and Boon alter hlrf
departure Mrs Hailett wont up stairs to thi
servants room on the top floor for the purpose
of overhauling the beds for vermin
In addition to the two servants named Ann
Dillon Who was occasionally employed to do
odd jobs In the house was In the basement at
the time but to nil Intents and purposes Mr
Havlott was as much Isolated as If she bad
been all alone in the house for In going up
stairs eh bad closed the basement door be
hind hor
Before leaving the basement she had filled
from a large tin can a throaounco bottle of
liquid disinfectant or insect killer a light
reddish stuff which smelled strongly kero iijVl
sene and carried It with her i5he was very I
lightly clad her only clothing in addition to
her underclothing consisting of a whit mas
bin morning wrnpncr 4
HUB had not told any of the oorvants to what
use the was going to put the disinfectant and
from the fact that aha closed the door leading
from the lower hallway behind her It Is la
for ed that alto wished to keep them in Ig
norance nt the act that her inaeotkllllng mis
sion was to their room
She bad been absent about a quarter of on
hour when tbo Reynolds girl who was washing
jilthen lu the pantry nt the extreme end of the
basement extension was startled oplerclni
soiram overhead As the scream was re
puatoil but not with the same fore as
the first she thought silo recognized the
voice of her mistress and rushing Into the
kitchen nnoexcludly Informed the other ser
vants that Rho feared something bad hap
pened to Mrs Haslett The alarming screams
bad also not only been heard by Jamrs Htelner
a coachman In the employ of Gen John 1
Woodward but a sight flashed on his eyes
which he will not forget for a long time
Gen Woodwards ttabl Is at 14 Harts alley
along lone extending in the rear of the Item
sea street houses between Clinton and Henry
streets and 14 Is l almost directly opposite the
Haalatt mansion While Htelner was at work
In frontof the stable ubontSooloekawoman
agonizing Bbrleks < whloh Beamed to come
Irom one ot the Itamsen street houses reached
hU ear ills eyes turned In the direction from
which the cries came and caught sight of a
white object onvelODsd In flames falling
through the air from the fourthstory wlndvir
ot the Haslett house to the thirdstory ex
Mr Steiner realized the situation In a mo
ment and acted with such promptness that he >
had run around the corner and uti Bemsen
street to lisa Haslett house s distance of
nearly two blocks and was pounding n th
basement door juntas the three excited ser
vants were on tuelr way upstairs to see what
was tba trouble with their mistress
On being admitted Mr steiner flew up stairs
past the servants In a manner which almost
frightened them ont ol their wits It was the
work of an Instant for him lo reach the roof of
thxtenHlonwher he found a woman burned
In such a shocking manner from head to
foot that even nor color was not to be distin
guished The clothingwltb the exception 01 >
remnant nf the oboes was completely burned
from the body and even the corsets which bad
fallen from the body ware smoking mbrs
The moans of the woman and heartrend
ing appeals for water showed that she was not
only allvjbut conscious Mr Htalnar tender I
TllcKaher ui > and carrying her through
tile fextnslon wlndo placed her on a bad and
hurried out the servants in search of physi
Dr A Callender and Dr H CL Biggs followed
each other across the way tn rapid succession
It required only one look at the woman to oom
vine them that the case was a hopeless one
I have never said Dr lUggs last night
Witnessed such a frightful case of burning
and I have bad some year experience at
lll vue Hospital There was not a particle of
the body from bead to foot from which tb M
skin had not been burned and the face wosab A
eolutaly unrecognizable J s
For a few moment attar thaarrival of Dr
Callander and myself the woman was con
scious and labor terrible agony of pain cried
for water She remained in a semionsolou
condition until morphine bad been mercifully
administered to relieve her sufferings W
bandaged the body completely from the besot 4
the feet to the head and when we bad com
pleted this operation Mr Haslett arrived On
his way home a policeman informed him that
accident bad occurred in one of the bouses
adjoining fats own and it was not till he reached
his home that he became aware ot the calam
ity which had befallen him
The scene when be entered the room and
looked at the masked Inure of his wife on the
bd was the most distressing I have ever
wltneced Dr Spolr soon joined ns
but ot course nothing could be don >
toward saving the womans life and
death resulted at about 5 oclock r
about two hours alter the accident Even It t
the burning had not bean half BO revere the
woman could not have survived the book
Her head was cut and bar body severely
bruised by the fall In the extension but no
bones ware broken
It devolved on Policeman Leahy of tbo
Adams street station to Investigate the acci
dent He found only flight traces of Ire In tire
llttlo rear hall bedroom on the fourth floor
The bureau and the bed on which Mrs
Haslett was at work with the insect exterm
mating nuut wnen rue lire was started were
only slightly singed and the bedelotblng
which had bean removed from the bed and
thrown over the chstris had not been touched
by the lire Policeman Leahy found an x
tlngulehed candle and a box of matches lying
on the floor and alongside of them the three
ounc bottle of liquid about threequarters
The surroundings Indicated that Mr Hat I
lotr while at work on the bed with the liquid 7
bad lighted the candle to get a more distinct
view nf the crevices lu the woodwork and thai r
the flames from the candle fanned by the brisk
breer Irom the open window came In contact
with bar clothing It In alxo probable ibacth tt
Inflammable nature ot the llauH may hay
had something to do with starting the tire
Sire IlKSlett becoming bewildered when she
became enveloped In flames jumped from the
window Instead of rushing down stairs Tb > j
can containing the ln ctkllllng liquid will
probably ba analysed beoro Coioner llooney
holds the Inquest which hat been fixed for to
day but will doubtless on adjourned I
Mr Haslctt an well as his wife belonged to
old Dmoklyn families They time been mar
ried fifteen years Mrs Haalett was 47 yearn
old and a daughter of the late Lr Sutherland
Thorn who was President ot the Hoard ot
Udueatlon for Boternl years
Mr Hasett Is n few yearn older than his
wife He retired from husluos several years
ago with a laruo fortune Ills brother Jr
Aubrey Haslelt and bin two maiden sister
hoe in thu old family mansion In Clinton and
Joralemon streets
The funeral will probably take place to
morrow I 4
The IVenther
The cool war rested this city early yesterday
morning cxtendlnx ai far south at Waihlntton The I
lemperatur < iT rrwhere In the middle Atlantic an < t
New Endind Mattt fell 13 to deuces It fell IB
In this region with a reduction of 13 per cent la
It wu warmer In the Southern Slates and avery
wher between the SOlo Valley and the lloeky Mount
abs depression In North Dakota li followloc East
wIld a warns ware the high pretiure that brouint su
the cool a ate
A norm developed off the coast of Vlr lala and
Caused hlsh north lo northwcit winOs ever the mtlete
Atlantic and the New Innland mUoiri The awing
for Ih day we t ii inllta
Clear weather prerailed In all pant of the country
except for heavy showers In Nebraska and Ttiat
The dsi was fair In Ihlt cllyi kljtbtet oBlclal temper
Hurt 70 lowest 67l are rait huinlilny 6U tot oent
Tbt ttifrinirael at Ierrvs pharmacy In Tint Sri
buttdtiig recorded the tempirature yesterday aifollowi p
iso IMII tact IH11I
3 A M Ill tol 3 ail1 I M iii 7i
II A M IIV 14t iil I M 70 74
II A Jl Ill 14 ii r I M r iti
12 M 74 to lllld I07 e ItVtf
ATerOge a7j
Avsragou June SO IMiO 7 < 4t
muiii nrrtc < ropiciir TIM 8 r H ICXDIV
For > Uln New llampihlrr Vermont Uaiiachuiitli
and tilted liland occasional light < l ihowerei itatloutry
leinptriiture northerly wlnde lair Mondi
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