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t t < 1 t t 9 Jf 1tif w rf 1 r < 4 t t jt < W 1 fjlli r t
I I I J > I J t
OTter The law 8frl TOt mnit m a eertlfl
r j ale of death elitned Ibr all the witness with
F Jha County Olerk of tho county in which they
1 Vrere convicted within ten days after the Ibel no
I tntlon
I It rtoes not aav that I snail toll before ten
tel bror tOI
I days Itd tha Warden I do not feel that I
I Jim justified In doing more for you than mak
h IngUie snnounootnrnl
c3 Tnis BUN rcnorteis had expected exactly
I thlsstato of affairs and had mitdo arrange
t tntnta to get a comnlete story of tho affairs
from nthor persons than the Warden
ptron I Wnren
Uhottly alter the Wardens Interview with
c the reporters he l I the prison with his family
Ue wan goIng to Nertbuwh with them hesnld
and would return ome time bofoio midnight
gt Just before the Wardon went off Mr Joseph
PaIn the Miporintendeht 01 the local electlo
lighting romtiimy called at the prison and
said be wanted It understood that none uf the
machinery be pnglog to bin compnny tould be
f used In the killing of tho men ills companys
nglne snd dynamo are In the same building
es the Btatns The Wardan assured him that
It would nit bo needed
The condemned men epnt the last day before
the fatal week and porunps their last day on
srtb muoh M thor bno Dent nil of their
days of Into that Is they awoko at n comfort
able hour ate heartily smoked clgnrn and cUa
rettes at pleasure rad n little anl tbs
4 few religious books they have In
t their cells talked tbel tho chap
lain and tho friends who vIMtod them
And amorally conducted themselves Ian
s Inl and Indifferently In fact there was
ptblng In tbe demeanor or the dolugs of any
Of the condemned to Indloato they felt
they were upon the very ovo ol death and yet
I they all know what the day meant to them for
their religious Instructor have been patiently
t criming the eon rage of each of them die I
n I anteing no QlralO discouraging their hopes
ofjtnother legal rusuup I
Thtlr keepers have also kept them Informed
M the fatul week apprcaohed and principal
Keeper Connauchton when ho lsiied tbe I
sells nt about 1 cock this morning also wai I
caroful to Inform them uf tie Import of
the day The calm Indifferent bmirlng
i of the men WAS a snrprlso to the I
prison offlclals ardon Drown aid it I
1 wa natural that I men who had been
confined so long ht expectation of il 1 < nth and I
Who ba been rescued from thn death chp jr
b fbonld how at length aronaln sort of Indif
ference at the dona appronah of the fatsl hour
II that the almost disdainful Indifference of
e these men surprised him Tbe tell foot
of the Ilrprlod that thi > so ron are
e degraded and their llvos before their
enroot iore so full of hiirdshlp that their
4 prison life during those Iaot i months
and team while the doth Inv has boon before
the courts must hove Lenu a really rlennant
experience for them by compatlnon holttary
00000 mont of the sort wn read about In < len
I Umei was very different from the olitarr con
finement which the new oleolrlcal death law
4 Imooros upon condemn murderers This
tz means no bread and water dungeon existence
1k where the poor amaolatod pilsoiier grows
t a with longing for the sound of
hJiSian voice Modern solitary eon
Sent of the electrio death law variety
an existence Identified with ease nnd plenty
o men of the montal end moral calibre nnd
j previous manner of life of these mmdereis
ia As one ot those who have seen the prison
l ers ole their cells expressed it It was
Er bo Dxpected eXlre8ed would at
want show symptoms of regret at Ibo near
approach of the day when they must leave
t their prpnent happy and laiy life During
thalr solltaiy Ronflnement ihoy have for the
flret time In their lives bad whatever thor
t Wanted to eat as much as they wanted all the
tobacco they aiavod and nothing todormteat
Itep and emote They could oall for any
rarer book to rend and have it whether
I I was religious Instruction or merely
ntertalnlnc and their Irlend could vlult
thorn at certain times wile their religious
Instructors could call twljo n dny If thor chose
t Tboy woro allowed to exerclsa iu tb vnrrlder
dally and they found some cooipunlonshlt In
4 the keepers who by long association bad
learned to know tbom well end hnio some
t kind of feeling for tbpm The condemned
4 men have thrived upon this comfortable man
ner of life anti nil of them ore In cnpltal hoalth
and in better condition the prison leople
think than ever before In their lives
To be sure they are not allowed to talk to
1 i each other and their conversation with their
I j keepers amounts to very little otlll it Is com
I I ponlonehlp and tho keepers far from using
1 1 the authority vested In them to mnko life In
t J prl op burdensome to the convicts are dis
> J posed t treat them wltn eterv consideration
and show them human eyrnpathy
4 The same keepers have been In charge ot
these men eve since they tmro been connned
I the prison Hoopers hirsch end Uumbecker
are the day watch while Iarlridge end
Baler sire the night watch Father
1 Oreeden tho Catholic priest wl the par
ish has been aaaiduous II his atten
lions to tbe condemned and his aslstant
ather Lyn b has also been a frequent visitor I
I listers of Mercy have alko visited them from
Iml to time and bave done much to cheer
1 hem up and make their prison lot comfort
Die Bister Dominica of Mew York bal been a I
te weekly visitor at the prison and her
t bright cheery face and gentle ways lan
lade her a great favorite Hfai Is
w one of tbe Sisters Ir Mercy whose home Is at
Madlfon avenue and Eightylint 1 street SOs
i first visited Wood the negro who klllmt the
4i Italian on the amiednrt when he was confined
I tn the Toms I He had nnvor known n religion
at that time and readily yielded to dmtor Do
Lt rnlulcag plondlrK Ho became a convert
wk The Sister followed Wood to fine King and has
ome here regularly since where she minis
i ters not only to hIs comfort but to thnt of the
n other ns wall Though Bmller Is a Protest
ant a convert to that faith he Is also pleased
at the vMts of the gentle iMer 1 Hbe
avoids Juglro tho Jup studiously as
t also do the prIA < t4 The Jnpanoso Is
peculiar men whoso habits herr made
film repitgnan to those around him
Father Creeden knowing him to be alan
pagan and friendless once ntproaoned him
1 with a frltnII but Jnclr > repuIed hint
with yuob a grlmntO and In so hostile and In
sulting a manner that the priest line not since
attempted to address him Both ho nnd
Father Lynch have bOII to th Jan every
time they have ilslted tbe prison but he <
Beathens attitude has always been such that
they perielred It was useless to attempt fur
ther coartesloi
tor four convicts In addition tn having
4 lent in better beds lived cleaner more comfortable
fortable lives 1 1 done less bard work and met
With kinder treatment and human
klndtr toatment more arm
psty since they nave been Imprisoned than iirob
ablyover bofota In theIr lives bare also had
food which In nuautlty and variety has cer
tainly nrpssscd their previous fortune The
condemned men nro not lestrloied tn prison
diet They have as good food ns can be got
i and moreover liars toe privilege ot ordering
their mor40rorj I at Tars for orderof
They have boen told that thor shall have
whatever they wnnt and whenevnr they mao
choice their orders nro filled It It Is possi
ble It Is a matter of fact that their
tuenle are excccdlndr plain but that
je their fault bey I Room to hnve no crav
t inff for any food except I ton Imlo meats
4 and vegetables blonnm Hinller and Wool
4 generally order bcctstfiil fried I tatnas eggs
> nnd coffee fn IreaKfnot sometimes tlmy nsk
for chops but thoy 1 > ldoiri 1 to beyond thin lint
j Fur dinner buy nsk for rcant beef or mutton I
lnnr fby
t sometimes lamb oHonrr hum and eecs with
anew TetaUle
y Jl1Alro low a crorft fondness for fish and
i baconuurt s rloiiciilU forolher iclnds of meat
Un gels fresh fish caught in tho liver smoked
1i salmon uid hrrinae nnd shone great fond
pess for sardines which ho often orders for
breakfast Dinner Ii hOIVc 11Dllnoon There
r nn rrgulni supnor TOe men uvu tbe
remnnnthof their rlontllnl dlnnur fo out be
t role going lo tied 1 bay want extra nienls
honeter thor hove only t tow to ThuWnr
den says be would give thorn ni mauls A day
t hoy nsLijd for them
I Today the four innn cot up about 8 neloclc
fc ant ate a bonny brealifnnt Then they fell to
9 cmoklnu and reading They all smoke Tbuy
i k Ilk ppe best but ins Jar lo61 kreat Innd
J coiia forulgurettea When lrlnlll > aUonuaugh l
ton whole bUo the captain of tits death watch
passed thrnuith the Ionnjmued prison soon af
ter breakfastthvy all noddndrilcnsanilv to him
and told hint that they fully appreciated the
fact that this was their Ic 1 > r day bofou tbe bo
alnnlng of tile foAl vitk They snntnnd cheer
tul Kven file Kiurilr lap who Is rather
lumplHh and ItirtUpofcil tncomDiinloitnnlnnnd
sympathy appeared good liiinored Juulro In
a very Une specimen of nIly tonI manhood one
ot the finest Mr Cunnaughttm are tti tOo
prl on tOdar llo wolcha i0 pounds arid bn
a llgnre nnd nmncular development tike nn
t ox He Is Hourly six lift tall end muf tea tine
L leatrlcul death nrpirntua to lIe 0niticlny le
o bunrd up 1 i tiiovr months ueo but it
bne boen shoved oil
During tho moriilnu the men eat rinlutlv In
their cclld rondlnc nail riiioklni cnlmlr iln
eum was riiidlng Thomai A I i Kointilti o Iinitu
lion of Christ nud hu reamed to ba deeply nh
norroil Ho had Heveinl ritual lallffluun hoolcs
In the cell Blocttiu In only i2 retIre 1111 still
L has dvvoloped ooiit < lderal > ly more IntellUenco
in rrliion than It trito thought bo Ito
9 when Im wae taken Ihr I He wn > born In the
j bouO nhloii 14 I lorrr MoAulieyH Water erect
ll rnlssloii Hv and nil hut llo nyse spoIlt among
I Oherrr Hill niwouIiitloDK llehnn hiker nuront
t faeo > to Father Lynch und him luid him much
t vi lits tnt life
l f Wood ont the morning In rordlng the llvos
Of several of the uiilnti lio J < linn been In very
serious mood for matter wonltH and is fully
Ii prepnred tn ddi Father Lynch vltltoil tho
1 men bom 1 i oclock In the aflnrnnnn Ills tnlk
with Hlivum ho soil < l nfternrurd sea one of the
most srtlsfiictorv hi lid I on > r bail
i That Is good rending Mil Father Lynch
refnrrlnu to the Iniltutlon of lrlI over
n J Which r < ln iini wns MIl porIng
Well I have become entirely serious now
laid Moon
n rlloeum ba said this several timed of Into
He nei to rend n good mnnv novels but ho
i gave Ihoiii up Ilr religious boo 1 hevornl weeks
l IIVt Author Lynch rnyt Klocnm IK I rutlrvly I
I relirrril to h s death mid will ex roc t
f it ilnlly finm now on > lion Ibo prlant
C 1II1y tn him iiHdJuy 10 lad I re old
l no Irtluintliiii fmrn lIne Wnrdeii as to the
prointla hour rt 1 thn oxenillon Jin might ho
I ralloil to ilonih nt nilltilulil fomll ho brow
I Killed not know the heir 0 hIs ex
I cullon until Frluoliial leN I colnl too
enter his cull fomo fine fOOD and biun him
rrerwra for death Ho talked with Fnlber
l Lynchc anti broTdly about wil coming
I I executionand said he did not fear It Tel
be beMtatod and finally ell
heIledand 1 It mint eome I only hope I
I will not be BO dreadful I death as the last one
He roterte I to Kemmlers awful death drug
I Ka at Auburn last August father Lynch as
cured him hot much bad boon learned by toe
elttf trlclun elnce then and It wan probable
that Isle delllh would be short and palmens
I Altorelher tho orient was muoh gratified with
his talk with Hlocum wbo dM not tao kindly
to religious teachings when he that cam
Wood WAS also In a very satisfactory rOo
llglnna and moral frame of mind lie has al
ways hoo believer in Christ nnd salvation
slnca he yielded to the arguments and plead
ings of luSter Domencla In tine Tombs Ho
smiled gravely yesterday ai be told the priest
that ha did pot fear death and that he would
to boldly to the death chair aid called
I have no doubt sM Father Lynch to a
Burr reporter that both of these men will go
as bravely and calmly to the death chair as
Eemmler did
Tba priests did not expect return to the
prison tonight when seen late by a reporter
but lucy said IbM meant nothing as there was
a telephone In their house anti they might be
called UP from the prison any time
during the night If they are not
called upon before morning 10 attend
tbe condemned to their death then
expect to visit tuG prison after reakfllat to
administer tbe holy sacrament to curb of the
prisoners generally as were prepared to receive
It This is a part of the regular Monday
duties nt the priest Theme are usually
about twentyfit or thirty prisoner ready to
take tho sacrament Thn priests evidently do
not think that the exeoutlon will take place In
tbe early morning for they expect to admin
ister tho sacrament ns tisnut to Blooum
end Wood but this menus nothing t for
Warden Brown hsi not even told 1rlnolpal
Keeper ConnauBhton ho the executions
will take place The priests may administer
the sacrament to Slooura and Wool in the
morning In th regular ordar and Immediately
afterward follow them to the death chair
Their plans and tho Warden plans do not
necessarily At a late hour conflict the town wss anlet but awake
Thor is a sort of suppressed excitement In
the very air The approach of the midnight
hour when the fatal week begins the press
ure of the large bodY of newspaper 10
porters In the hotels and INta the
ranlJ passage of backs between prison rail
road station and hotels and the known
pretence of a Iolal cOrps of expert telegra
pher In tb o telegraph office at the station
are the things which are exciting the town
The streets are dark and the hnusos are
black and deserted < l Iho inhabitants In the
streets Crowds walk up and down the steer
thoroughfares watching every stranger ana
every passing eblelo and nYIOR nothing
anti other trowds wonder down the roads
leading to the prison and look at Its ominous
inadowr shap outlined blaoUy sgalnst
the broad waters ot the Hudson as
if even now the drad law was
working its will upon the persons ot
the four defenceens men Every Incoming
train starts fresh rumors of the iirrlval of the
wltnestet Of the l vial tragedy which everyone
feed stir will be enacted In the gray of tbe
morning behind the thick walls ol King Slag
PrTbeUileT b a W Edgerton Is ehaplaln of the
Prison Uo hna been Qmilers spiritual ad
visor throughout l1Ie term of hip Imprison
ment Yesterday Mternonn Mr Edgerlou said
that Bmller was prepared to die
He IP Quiet and calm said the ehnploln
ery calw singularly calm I think now
front what know of him and from bin actions
and bin corersatlon that be will walk to tbo
chair bravely
BmUr hils nxer talked with Mr Edgerton
about tho orima furwbioh be is about to pay
the lam penalty ami be hn said very llttla
about bin trIal nr any of tbe Incidents con
nected with his Imprisonment or tho efforts of
his lawyers his his hermIt lie has Always
been a ready cheerful talker when the
subject of the conversation was not him
solf or his act and Its consequences
Bmller has spent a groat deal of his time In
reading theological and reliulou books He
told Mr Edgtrtoa that be nos a Protestant
but he has given no evidence or preference for
any particular denomination or doctrine The
books which have moat interested him were
volumes of sermon
He has devoured Spnrgeon and Beecher and
Talmnge Bunyans 1ligrlm Progress was a
favorite with him The Bible be haa read with
soemlun greet devotion and Interest
Tho only chungoin amller which Mr Edger
tou has noticed as the days woro on toward
the time when bu knew bo must die was that
be grow los interested In outxldo thing and
turned more and more to his Bible lor the
last two or three days he has read nothing else
His talk with Mr Edeonc > this time has
all been dlrfeollyon the point of his preparation
for the future Bmller has repeatedly ex
pressed mselt ts being ready snd confident
I He Is well and strong and his mind
Is I clear His references to his crime
have lIen very few and they have not
Included expressions of penitence The ex
pression of regret which he baa made have
been rather of regret on account ot his wife
and little boy than at hit own end
Mrs Bmller saw him fore short time vector
day She had the boy with her Mr Edgerton
was not present at the time and In his ralk
with bmller slues his wifes visit tbe eon
dtLmned man hit not mentioned ir
The efforts of tbo lawyers to procure stays
have been so sueco < sful at other times nod In
some canes the success bns come nt tin late an
hour before tho iftual tlmo for the sauterne
bad begun that it has been more dltticcltto
prepare the men lor their end this time than
it was before
There has lingered to the last with Bmller
the hope that there might yet be something
done to effect another reprieve for him To
day however be has meowed lorlgned and ha
penile his time lu preparation for tho end
Mr IJdcerton visited him this afternoon
When be left him Srailor expressed himself
sativfloi1 i and ponfldeut for the future
Mr Kditrrton has made some efforts to talk
with Juglro but the Rtubbom Jap has not
been In a frame of mind to reiolve kindly the
spiritual minnista shone of the chaplain It does
not matter much that be has not cared for the I
coiittolatlon of the Church for be knows no
very little of our language that it is Impossible
to talk wltb him In any connected or extended I
fashion about anything the simplest sen
tence of Kngllnh seem to be beyond his com
prehension oDd It Is utterly out of bit ooivar
to reply to them in English If ho did under
stand them Bn Juglro has been largely with
out the rillolous nttcntl nll from which the
other condemned men bare been henerttod
One section f the ntiitut which provides
for the Infliction of the dotth penal v by
electricity nays that unless the friends
or relatives of tbu condemned men call
for their bodies thoy shall bo burled
In tha prison cemetery in a set
ftclsnt nmount of quicklime to destroy the
body The cemetery whero tbo bodice of these
men will be burled in cane friend or rointlves
do not ak for them Is rm tbo bluff overlook
lug tbe prison about iOO yards north of II
As this Is I the first elocution nt Fine Sing
prison no murcterais hove bern burled lucre
lint the bleak little cemetery does not lack lor I
head bounds ani < l took plain dates show that
twenty men from tIne prison have been burled 1
there this rear
It was reported Into tonight that T > r Balrh
ot the State Board of Kunltli Vile oxf cted to
arrive thlit evening nub tbor wltnestnn on a
special train which tn I ecbrdulcd to arrive at
1to ocioct
Dr Carlos F McDonald is known to have
gone to rouchkreysle tliU nfmrnoon and the
report was that be wall to be on the special
The crowd Increaaad around tbe prison
an the nlcht virj on Tine armed uuarJ
wan centred In front of tho prison
and It showed Itself determined In its
elTortt to keep back Iho crowd A
reporter for a New York oven us uewpuurer
who tried lo put up n telegraph Instrument
onflptlia lime kiln trestle near the rrison
was stopped l by one ol I tbeee guards
wbo leillrd to tutu reroitcrs uxplaimtlon I
thut hf hud permIssion to the effect that he
Ito tnardl was nn old eoldlur urn knew how
to hoot i 1rlnclpnl Keeper 1 onuauchtun hud
to te callpil upon before 1110 guard would per
mit instrument 10 be placed
About fifty newspaper reporters together
With twice tutu many townsfolk wuro iu front
of the mriiu ourirce sbiiut 100oclock when
a small rnnn with a hard bead sad u white
beard entered on the arm of a young man
Tinny had nuproai had tba prison loot Mr
onnaUkEbton greeted thorn heartily It I was
roorle1 that this was the Stat wItness to ur
rive fling Mng people protsotsaldbo woe Ii
Irunltor In town
While the armed guard wits perslntent In Its
efforts to Uepi III erf 19ron t coinpletolr the
proporty belonging to I the rllou I > no attempt
nas made to keep newspaper men from enter
lug the prlton br tho main entrance und
stoaUjiiiMo tha fceopori ulthln
UuriiiK VanliMi Kiowns nbsorce at roimli
keeualo Principal K upper Conuiuihton
bin met the visiting newspaper men
Him tnmlor them with every courtesy
It wan reported that the Varden will
return 10DIIbt upon the rpeclnl trnln with ihe
Invited uutbtN mavilnc It euniPtvboie up the
rlter IhlH laport an noil nM tine loportof the
fomlnc of Iho trtln Iconic not Ito confirmed
Jiliftro lu I usitsily very iiiiiot but as was II
lustnitodin fits murder ot vhluli III wins non
sided Ie is I CHI nbli > ot violent outbreaks In
wlilih ho KuaiiiM lo lonu his iriiion When he
killed hl vii thin ai rn iiunrrel which It was
nuprofd had heou settled lie rplll Ktonltlilly
up tome line kitchen of the Jnpiinere lnrlllul
lions Into therooiiiwheinseveral oilier sailors
pat anti suddenly htunnc upon him front ho
him nnd furlounlr stubbed him with butcher
knife reckless nil cnnsoiuenocn Tho ninr
ilcrous temper dlftplnj in tnii asmtult weB
dfermnnl illustrated br mi Incident which oc
I IOU II 01 at lUng King I prlnon a few mouths ago
but which nan kept uulet
Jiixlru staN ltalIlIslled wltb the fond which
had bon oUnreil him and he mnde known hU
alsapprovnl In the way which ° 0ms cOarse
tensile 1 of him lie found n long hpllniur In
his cell which lIlIoO Ned In convert loto n
rather formidable wllr club through the slilll
which Ills sailor life hnd tmiclu his cunnlnn
linger He tore a part of III 111111 nit uthi into
long nirrow st ice with which bf tlithtly I
wouna thn Kiilluter until he h ul a Hub which
tt ns cnral le of roasldoMhli execution
At the next anpffininco of Ibo Ueopornt his
cell iloor Juiflio gave Vent lo uteri which was
both a defiance and n rhsllmige at the same
time showIng his teeth In a wicked sctwl and I
holding his club ID sight I a iloe tbe orating
I 1
of the door An extra keeper or two soon M
rived As the cell I door was unlocked Jualro
stepped beak and swinging his club over his I
shoulder waited for the attack The 1m
keeper woo entered the cell wai struck doe c
by the powerful sailor hut before he oul
raise hlsolub fnr another blow a second keeper
sprang upon him wrested the club out of his
hands and began rigorously to operate upon
the Jsp wltb bill own weapon until be was
thoroughly cowed
He caused no further trouble afterward ex
copt for a short time wben a muatcol mania
seemed lo have eot possession of him and he
spent pearly his nth time In droning the
raJDlui measures of some Japanese melody
This monotonous noise became at length nn
endurable to the keepers and an effort was
made to put a stop to It Juglro paid no at
tention to the entreaties mmande and
threats of his Jailor until the keeper who had
glventlm the beating appeared at hula cell
door and fiercely shaking the IrOn ratlnll
commanded him to stop his nulfe The Jap
It Is said teemed terrorstricken at this I and
threw himself npnn his bed and hid his fare
He did not resume bis singing again Some
Qf the keeper nt lIme Sing regard Joglrons
demented and not wholly responsible for his
ins roon cnntca
ThirTiEs A flmtler was at one time a Salvation
Army captain Ho was a printer by trade and
had developed arare faculty for getting mar
ried At the time the crime was committed
there were throe women living to whom he
bad been married and none of them hud been
divorced The Inn one to go through
the ceremony with him Maaalft IJrat
lIey was his victim I Ho bad been
Rev with her nt 2M Seventh avenue but nn
account of his brutality sbo bad determined
to leave him Ba came hom Partly drunk
on the night of April 8 1389 and when
sno refused to prowls to remain with him
be shot her to death lie was originally con
demned to die In the week beginning Aug 14
1BPU but the appeals taken had saved his life
thus far
James J Bloonm lived at 7 Cherry street and
bad been ft baNball player and a common
laborer He bad long been a wile
hinter but commonly pounded his wife
with bin fists and kicked her On the
night of Dec 311B89 he cam home and took
an axe which had been used by hU wife to
break up boards for reel and beat
tbn womans brains out with it Ha was
convicted In March 1R90 before Judge Mar
tine and was originally sentenced to die during
the week beginning May S of that rear
Joseph Wood was one ol tho negroe em
ployed In building the new itineduet
One pay day in May It 69 no got
Into one of tbo tlgbs common among
the gangs of laborers employed there His
opponent was an Italian Carlo Rum also an
aqueduct laborer Refit woe killed Wood has
always asserted that he took Hums life in self
His oaa was wen to the Supreme Court of
the united States on this novel plea that Wood
was not tried by his peers because no negroes
were on tine jury Toe appeal served only to
prolong tbe prisoners llle N
Tbo loot of Ibo lour W 18 a ceramoa specimen
neither better nor worse of tb crows ot
the ships that DOW sail out of the
port of Now tork It U such men
us he who now do the work ones
done bt th smartest youths of the Atlantic
coat of America HU name Is Bhlbuva
Juglro and be I a native of Japan Hi
wa living In one of the James street
sailor homes while awaiting the pleas
ure of the boarding house boss In tbe
matter of putting him on board of n
ship on which he had already signed
arUcleR tn retain to Japan II got
Stides a dispute with a countryman
Mura Cabl ahout a berth In the forecastle ot
the shIll Juglro got a carving knife and
stnbbe I Cannl tn death In the course of tine
fight that followed His ease wa taken
to the Unlld States tluprome Court
by lIoller M Sherman the plea 1Ilnle that I
JulCfro bad had nn IrQnl dolone beoause his 1
attorney John n llalnzelman had not been
admitted to practice st the New Sort bar I
Lawtr Hate > Fana4 Judge Iacomb and
Nettle Wardea Browa
Cot Ilatre met Lawyer Charles J Peshall of
Jersey City at 11 oclock yesterday morning
according to appointment and consulted with
him about the ease of the negro murderer
Mr Tesholl told a BUN reporter last night
that no effort had been mode to find Supremo
Court Jnstlc Bradley in Newark aa it wee
not necessary CoL Halra reported the
result of his search for Judge Lacombe
on Saturday When Mr Peaball received
a telegram from tbe Colonol after mid
night on Saturday saying Do your best I
have failed he was convinced that the Colonel
had not found Judge Lacombe Be was mis
taken however Col Halre did find the Judge
at a boat house near WtSt Athens N V Uo
presented his papers applying for a writ I
of habeas corpus but the Judgo
showed a reluctance Air receive t1tgemud On i
looking them over he said he could not accent
them because the rotary who bad taken thn
affidavits bad not attached a seal CoL Halro
met that objection by stating that he would
make tho afildivlts anew and the Judge him i
eelt could ofHx the jurat
This the Judge declined to do Cot Hairs
then hired a team of bones and went scour
ing over the country In search ot a notary wbo
hAd a seal He found onnlata In tbo afternoon
and got to Judge Lacombes house at 6 clock
The Judge was still reluctant and raised
several objections bat finally accepted the pa
pers and said he would communicate with Col
Hnlre by email
That saves Wood Mr PMhsIl told n RUN
reporter It makes no difference whether
Jndce Lacomb grants the application or not
It has been decided by the Bumemo Court that
the mere filing of the papers U all that la
necessary to stay execution
5 I do not know whether JudcoLacnmba has
notified Warden Brown or not I talked to the
Warden tht aternoou oer the telephone and
at tbat time be hnd not heard from Judge
Lar < nmbe Mr flairs went to Sing Dine to
night to notify Warden Brown
A Shoplifter Steal Kegs or Deer
PiTTSBUBon July Allegheny ba i a woman
who III a beet IboplUter For some tlmo kegs
of boer have been missed from Eberbart A
Gibers brewery on Troy Hill road The thefts
were always made In Ibo day time The em
ployees were ordered to keep a close watch
but In spite of tbelr vigilance tbe disappear
ance of the kegs continued Tho only person
who attracted suspicion was n goodnatured
U rmsn woman who was occasionally seen
near the great rows of kegs piled up ready for
shipment She was nor seen to take any
thing Constant observance however dis
closed the fact that one dRY her flgtiro would
be rotund and tine next emaciated Rue wee
lollonnd and searched and uiidcrherclnghAm
apron WKH found one of the milling kegs held
In place br lenthor ntror Her method wnno
Ingenious thnt tine browel did not prosecute
Item disc promled to steal no wore
Uarkedale Losing In MUalielppl
JACKSON Miss July 5TIII unezpocted do
Feat of Major DarksJnlo yesterday In Claiborn
and Jelloraoo countloi is vory disatipolntlng
to his frIends here He was expected to have
a walkover The result shows an overwhelm
ion defeat The farmers stayed by oliifnali
otiod Democracy and repudiated the doctrlno
of thus Alllonco
1e two counties combluol hnve four ictes
In the eiilntur ilhliiHonoountr formerly
trong for Itarkxdnlv butt not Icon t heard from
bur it Is believed it 1 ban joined Ulaiborn and
Died at the Bar Track
Cntc oo July 8 Cbsrlta T Dlarkwoll was
apparently In perfect health when ho left his
who In the grand rtaml nt Washlrgton Park
yesterday anti started for tho bookmakers
quarters Uo c n rled the names of n cnmblnn
lou which fall wIlts wished him to play Mr
illftokwell stood In line wntcblng tint block
bnitid Htiddenly the poonle around him tnw
him place his hands over hh heart nnd plunge
forwnnl without a cry When they lifted him
vi I > he was lean The body was carried out
into I ho nlr toil a doctor wu called Ho said
Jilaokvull had died of heart dUoiino
Paymaster Arms flailed nt Annapolis
ANNAVOLIU July IiTltll romaine of Pay
master Frank 11 Arms U 8 N who was
drowned during the Samoan hurricane two
years ago were brought to AunnpolU and
hitched toduv in the Nnval Ccmeiory Hlx
oHlcors from the Navnl Academy noted as pall
bearers aud the cndete mnrlnea and sailor
attendoil the funeinl In a body Iuymaster
Arms was attached to the Vuudalio
Where Yecterduya Fire Were
A KI Will conrarai lard of William II Crane
3V1 Water itrret deunsge Ul tJU7 roof of till Iati
pane no dAIIIU i IJvi I I re Winc ot Ueorxe Sand
411 I Cast mUthitr dame fia I Sit inbollar
of r Cunniutb liquor stole damtfa tnt ij
VttTott Strut Iaptlai Church damage IIO 300 rem
shot of Uorrli Merman 21 tet urect danai illnnti
C4J llonuantlr > < t aad Thlfl cystic dimay IrUttiiKi
It m
i ol r fq 1 h If
Jtil John lotilail lIquor inane yHi EIghtS assails
dOUI8II < < iJui plilGMiillal I UO inii7 > i < > rn < t
tree dainacv Ul ht lc Ai util paper on the tiattmaat
t m
dun lit ia ilrcinwlrh I I trftL no dainact
a4 taitmrnt ef u tprnre sirens occupKd
I I lie Urulinrr turUIi She roinpimy and
liana A Millar domeS 54 MOl i tvl 1 awn
Ini In ironl of I Ml nillatt Street dsmzxe Itivti IUIIL
m mn
pliAW iruitlcMTnf I 711 tonitihitI unit i iuatafit IlilX
i liarln II uiIliotke < i > iU and Lllud emery IJ Vatlon
firfft tlainaca diStil
I M tin I I A Charles Francs rroctrr Hire I 417 ttt
Nlnili street ilauittaa fAiI U14 i aouui in front p1
jW I Third airauua ilantiit sill 110 > rocmi ol rrink
iloilaailer M Kvrtolk surest damaia eiUhti I IntO
coca > St J nawaldl tJMII Third ci su damaralU
n t4 a oini in trees of t nT EretbrVsrs aj Cii ttb
atnullaJIIA f
tlttU f MlllUrr RIlat ns mmt Hula
OMupBtloniThr Jimftror asa UI Wit
ttesd nie > rt t rinace or Worship
Lonpow July Emperor William arose
early at Windsor today and took a hart rldo
rotnrnlnK to breakfast with the Queen and the
royal family Immediately afterward he start
ed tn a carriage for the Victoria Barracle ao
eomronled by the Prince of Wales the Duke
of GonnauBbt and the Duke of Clarence The
Emperor waa in the undress uniform of the
Corps Garde bedeoked with Prussian orders
and wore a plumed helmet The Frlnoo of
Wales was In tho uniform ol a Colonel of the
Life Guards It being a eoml tate oecaslon
only the military attaches ot the German Em
bassy and tbe Inellsli eansrrlts attendant
upon the Emperor followed the royalties The
carriages of tho royal party were preceded by
mounted police and outriders
On arriving at the Barrack square the Em
peror found the Life Guards drawn HP In line
with the Boots Guards the I rear lie shook
hands with the commanding officers and then
inspected the troop posting up and down the
lines and minutely scrutinizing the equip
ments ot the soldier This business over the
troops escorted the royalties to Trinity
Church The Emperor entering occupied the
royal pew in the central lite the other royal l
ties atid a number of members of the Km
perors and Wneeas households filling the
pews In tba rear and the troops and guards
oooupylng the galleries
Tine inturiiv or the cnureh presented a bell
lIant spectacle of IlnralOed yet brmolilopa
oOlorelb wblorebod cbofrln front or the
altar and the yoWl or Utternlf uniforms the
eentre with the lIollbn background 01 olllIlIn
attire The Guards banns JlIed Jfrndls
aohnl march whIle the royalties wore enter
ing The succeeding hymns were sung to the
bands nceoniDBHtmont
After the olnalug of Onward Christian Sol
dier the sermon was dellterrd by the Queens
chaplain Arthur Robins who referred to the
ldrnylne lives of Christian record men
tfonlnc Urn Grant Count von Moltus tan
Gordon and Father Darnlcn Tho service over
the congregation stood while the royalties left
the Jmperor and royal varty driving back to
the castle While the Emperor was at Trinity
the Queen the Kinpress and 1rlmosa Beatrice
drove to too private chapel at Frogsmnre at
tended by the ladies the household Th
JJIshoo of Itlpon officiated
At lunohoon which wan served In the ban
quetlug ball in the castle the sermon Em
peror and impress met the bride and bride
groom of tomorrow Pu Inca Arikert of Anbalt
and Trinofss Louise of hchlesnlgHolsteln
The great table l was laid with the massive gold
Plate which the CJuotn parmltsto bo displayed
only on special occusions
Alter luncheon Queen and the Imperial
party proceeded to the eat terrace ot the
castle to listen to the Guards band Some
15000 people had assembled there among
whom the Frlnoe of Wales and the Duto of
Con auetit moved the Kmiieror looking On
beside the Queen at the window of the terrace
In the afternoon the Emperor and Empress
and the Ill nee and Princess of Wales drove to
Cumberland Loduo to visit 1rlncoand Princess
Christian returning In time for the family
dinner party The day concluded with a
I sacred concert In St Georges Hall Mme
Albnnl and the principal sololstsjrooelved the
personal congratulations of the Emperor and
It Is reported that tbe Wimbledon review
has been iearraco1 the Emperor emitted
at yesterdays reception accoptlng the pro
gramme without further cavil
Not Suited to Mr LeslIe Carter Voice
LONDON July iMr Charles Wyndbam is
very much irritated at tho confirmation of the
report that Mrs Leslie Carter la to take the
leading part In the now opera Miss Helyett
onus production in America Wyndhftm re
tained a large interest In the American rlcbts
Of the work arid lie declares that ha will either
go to America lilmnelf < n send an scent to Now
York with instructions to lalce legal steps to
prevent Mrs Carters ssnumptlon of the rOe
His argnmont Is that tbe ladys voice in not
suited to the part I > end that his contract with
the purchasers of the American rights roaulros
them to give It a cast that will bring ont nil Its
good points as they were brouaht out at the
Oar Athletes In Parts
Pun July 5Tbo State Athletic Boo to
day received the mombors of the Manhattan
Athletic Club of Nw YOrK on tbolr ground at
Bole tleVlncennes In the evening hue ath
letic KOIotlea of Fiance gave them a dinner at
tin club liiiUKQ on the island lu tine lako In tbs
Ibis do lioilocnc Th rt < was much speech
making and tile Americans returned Wart
thanks for their cordial treatment Tho prizes
won by tbe Manhattan representatives yester
day are worth tO A special prize will bo
presented to Uneokberner The party will re
turn to London oa Tuesday
Hueceie of tbe Postal Coare
BERLIN July 5Dr von Stephan Minister
of Posts and Telegraphs sent a telegram to
Emperor William announcing the success of
the Io lnl COD III MO The Emperor telegraphed
his thanks from Windsor 1101ll1n l < 1 rejolea
at the further enlargement of the crest war
aolmnortunt for the development of commer
cial midcourse with the establishment and
success of which your name is so closely con
Mr Bpurgeons Serious Illness
LONDON July 51Ir Spurgeon has experi
enced sudden Increase of kidnoy congestion
accompanied by nausea drowsiness and pros
Mr Bourgeons nbynlolan says that the pa
tient Is I In n mont dangerous condition and
tbat the utmost care Is required Tbe deacon
of the Tabernnrlo arranged for constant
prayer meetings In the Tabernacle today
Aeklns Hero for De Lar
rims July SThe Oauloii the Fioaro and
other parlors are pleading for the abandon
ment of flue prosecution of Jf de Lenscps on
the awnnda that be accomplished his schema
of piercIng the lothmua ol bust with n canal
that be wear the cross of the Legion of Honor
IInfl that lie In an Academician and a grund
Prangals generally
President Cnrnot VIe be Workmen
TAnin July rresldent Carnot visited the
workmen dwellings at Uollovlllo today
There wile no pollc rsrort The lrc ldent
waft heartily greeted ly I the potiulace Alter
ward be < lltril > iit < ii nrlzus at the technical
reboot InndJro Hng the puplU bespoke of
the value ol an art education
Note or Foreign IIapp nlna
Six hundred nndents have entered tho Bonn
TJnlverslv for the summer teim the largest
number record
Urn lluBoll harrison and Mrs MoKee mayo
made a long excursion on tlio Solnn In Mr
James Gordon Jtouuoua yacht
The Government of Persia bllR prohibited
the exportation of earn ii oat thnt country
Tine crops III the southern provinces had been
destroyed by locusts
While Kwlss Fold IT were practicing tho
ronntruotlon of a pontoon bridge across tbu
Anr Ih er near Koleiire enterday fist structure
cnp lzod anil eighteen ware drowned
Prince Arlbert of Anhalt who Is to be
married to Jrlnorat LotiUe of KbleswjgHol
stein toduy has received Irons Queen victoria
tbo grand cross If the Order ot the Bath
Brigands attacked the railway station at
3hlllvanl Birdlnlo They were kept at bay dur
ins 1111 hours liming anti the I nmplnveett < > then
led Titus brtcaniiti blocked tbo Hue ransacked
the depot stud disappeared
Mr and Mrs Iotter Palmer have been en
101laillel11n i title liT > Minister Ouvot and wife
Ahoy have nil had an nndlonrn with Minister
Boone nepompanlid hy Mrs John A Louan
11 lloche Intlmuted Ills wliUoKnens to appoint
anoltlclul AVomaue Cuinmlsslou for Ibo Chi
cago Fair
Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales are
untrngthnsM whnlmvtf sent leltrrs of condo
lance to Mr Gladstone upon trio Ins of his son
The IJeiil March In Haul was pliiyed In the
liawarden Church yesterday iiud tho tectnr
rofprred ferlliic terms to tho bereavement
their Illutrlonn fellow mention bad mlTored
Maul of tbo congregation lerltl tract
Kalian ye Hnlteee In Brooklyn
lively mass meeting Italians was held at
65 Union street Brooklyn last evening to
recommend Francis L Corrao for appointment
as a member of the Board of Education They
protected agaliut tbe candidacy ol Lawyer
tot nJo Ulio who they say Is a native ob
llelln and I snot an Italian
Corrnnls it Sloijian and after the killing nf
his Ilolllan New Orleans ho took nn
active part In orcnnlzlnglndlunatl meetings
In Brooklyn The h eapr nt the meeting
Ihrllf > criticised other De JIlHoopiilor ot
an Italian chinch who nrnti to Mayor Chapln
feelnrlng tbat Corrto was not a representative
U411XS fJIOai TUB TUJflnn
Ttlt rark TAtatre In Kb Paol 1 was tnratd jeiitrday
Lrt S3o0o The Uieair WM Ulllv4U4 W0 Ue
tit Tars flail
8UtTU ° it < k 8 A It A
1II1m t JOaell n I A P 0 B
Edward Aitirnsoi
in alt It Snow If B
Stir Jmie Susan I Sent
President 6f tins Sniltie tr r sad Steel lastliati
ttlfrwwtt 55
Ills rniMR MOTXK or TUB DF ass WflLD
5 v lrdsil JI 5
Samuel Wibber if 5 0 B
im TAMOOI or rostBK memuzrdait 1
BBBDED BBfOKH OUR ruentu ham I lirlltOIt
hot Lewis JI JllIlPI A X 05
Iti emttnts are dielltilly rtsdtMe Kew York
Bnolall rmt
Iraxlae epniftgsiseilbniYseritarpsri anti Hal
f m ml trrr
tar to roil grai tnitrtu tbat all the artldlti a r itnn
ichnlsm or enilotrrUr subject Iriitt In a dftcHp
HT popaUt asS oltnilne mere br well 1 knewn end
mbit ftlitn and ait L or ntailr ail illustrated In Ibat
anuue drlioau style wblon we are aeilatonied la in
ibis Ot5s of ieagsziiusKicidcai l Enilnur Jo
t ba the niD tUtlr ntrltot triatliit lu ablxta
In inch a moan titan tIns average TiCS cn nadir
Hind and ba lnurnl in Udoclal t BeoooaliL
We bay DOUr un a better edited maiaitne than
this or eec wnieh iniwtri more practical QaMtlom
Boston Uirald
All sews utandi erbymatl zsoenUa nnmteri 1300
a year sample eOf Daek nnmbtt tree
mmt 1UdJtnt art
M eU ar e > HROOUB ST
Spring and Summer 1
C Carriage
Tletorl WIU
IabrltpI CepI WauSS
Tivowlieetere orbits Koekaway
MiNim Pheetsea Eu ljnrlel
Ludeiiettes flop ISO
Ola Road Wags
nPnee Roekawy lop rheto
Coupe Ito 1 I > iill Ibe
Hpliier rheto I < iickha rd >
VKnTK Vlllxcr Carla I
1edens ItanMhnnta1
fi rrew nerby lkaeiSi
ll cn lJ
lortora SYingons tiurreys
loecom flroighiiiss ttldrene TrPi
Caey Uuskboards azCs Ihaetos
Watau ihstsn Suokbearila aockavara Bvrri
raner Trips Vletortaa iawvauuttee WsgSliIi
Carts Doi a De Vinua CartS siani 9a < 3lirasia > k
faaatona rxpol Watont Oo Ura fhaetaia Is
Caarlolaia Haaabouta Caaasy lelarla mattaaa
to Milk Wagon HO Grocer SB
good ao iamidrr Wagous a Blmsl
Truck a Fumltnr Trucks MS heavy aaI
IlKht rxnreM IViiKoni 1OO light IHUTry
Wiuion for country ue belt Hoods low
set price Call and see ns Raete Wag
and Carriage Company 1511SS Sontk St
ar New Work
Th tlradlar Purr r < for neat are alltU Ibi Onest ws
ever produreil ny a hive them In entnndJra 55
urlnjii and clUe bins i Illnh back deep siN an4
plenty of room The ionT f nder or ma < i naniauaei
on eutuur1 and and iprtnffN Prevent oont let with tat
whole tta fancy we panel sad trtlfl our work HUB
baltic than tUa arenas
Oir tine ef rhaetoni Hotkboardi Surreys lllllntea
and ranoprluu rhaatnna Wa Anettca Dapet Wajno
Road earn and Pleainrt Trap of alt kind RiOIIIal
VAin < AND CAKKUol < u le and HI WoetiesiT
tttwttn Broome and spring Ifs NawYutk
7 lOt 4s 183 FULTON 81V
Vf STAIRS ITanl Branch
l1 i Ill an4 IM Cut 123th st
Jl11 i I
< 21AGet
4 Get Wisdom
When you get that you will
get Pearline A million wise
women have got jt already
With i t they have clean clothes
that are not worn out with rub
bing or injured by chemicals
and everything in the house is i
spotless Withoutit they have
harder work and worse results
But theyll never be without it u
of imitations which are holing
rfArCirF K Jled fom door to doo 1
OC Wdl C
Vim quality Rood dome re
la icli thorn pRaffiaKi aesper0 ILsatits metbeA
is winulactured only by aa4
14 Atis ns
A ctxaorxAN PALL
Tb key Kdwnrll Ransforil of Ckrtstc
Church XUUabetk Arrested
ELIZIBETU July fiThe her Edward Pans
ford the assIstant minister of Christ Episco
pal Church wee arrested here this afternoon
oa two charges Ho was bold a prisoner at
Police Headquarters until this evening when
ex1roseeutor Wilson arrived from Europe
On hearing of the affair went to the
Iolico Court and bailed Bensford out The
latter is an editorial wilier on Mr Wilsons
paper the Cerilratyrw Jersey Herald and was
formerly its editor but was deposed from this
plnco several months ago The charges were
made to Prosecutor Marsh by the parents of
Isaac Ople aged 14 and Walter Williams aged
15 It is i believed the minister Is suffering
from softening ot the brain and is on the verge
of insanity If be Is not demented He bus
Acted strangely for months Mr Opts says
llaosford called at their house and made a
confession but implored them to forgive him
as he was not responsible for his acts his
brain being affected so that at times be did
not know what ho was doing
He was completely broken down by his ar
rest ami looked a picture ot despitlr In Police
Headquarters The vestry of Christ Church
appointed a committee to Investigate tha
matter Tho result of the committees labor
wait that at a meeting last evening of the
vestrymen he was dismissed from Christ
Church The Rev H 11 Oberly the rector
said today that the fallen clergyman no
longer recognized as a iinrmber of nIne church
The rector said he had no doubt that his late I
assistant WON oiazy and that In loot he bad
displayed symptoms of insanity several times
lately while helping In the services nt the
church He likewise when In the nulpit bad
talkoa strangely and In a rambling manner
Itoctor Onsrly noticed Ibis aueerlactlons but
did not know what to attribute them to Now
be Is eatlstled that Mr Itausfoids mind was
weakening Mr Wilson his employer alto
says the clergyman a < tod queeily ot late and
that lie i5nd to oomrlnlu muoh of a dull pain
In blue head and of a tired feeling From a
conversation be mel I with the accused man
tonight ho U convinced that Itansford Is
demented and should be placed in private
finnRford has been very aggressive in his
editorial writings Ho threw hliabetb oclety
Into a ferment duierul months ago by fiercely
attacking the wearers of luwn cked dresses
at a fashionable concert of the Ellabeth Glee
Club He watt furious denounced by tbe soci
ety people some of whom threatened to thrush
him One of them attempted to thrash the
edltorlnclilef of the paper In the nflloe and
an exciting scrimmage resulted in the society
man getting thrown out
Mr ilansiords wife and family are deeply
dlMrease I When he was released he told Sir
Wilson that he had never confessed to tha
charges mudo against him by Opla and
Those two little worn members of the gang of
juvenile burglars recently arrested and i > un
lahed at llzab tunnd Mr llansford at the
tlmwdlslpfuod muchzettlln their tohulf Ha
tried to eot their punishment remitted s
and wanted the Judge to Intrust the Udi toOk
care saying hi would lok closely after their
moral welfare In the future Judo Mccormick
ilerllnwl to grant Ills request but dealt very
leniently with the boys Itansford is 55 years
old a native of England and a graduate Ox
ford He has travelled through many coun
tries Ho come to Elizabeth about five years
ego from Canada
A Horsjla In Indiana
ISDrASAF0LTS July 5The charge that Mrs
John Dorsoy had boon guilty of wholesale pol
sotiing and that her mother Mrs Taylor her
sister Mrs Wright four husbands and two
stepchildren are numbered among tncr victims
found corroborative evidence today in the re
port ot Chemist Lalz to Coroner flanker Mrs
Taylor died early In May and her daughter
Mrs Wright about one week Inter the sym
toms o the two elue l the same The neich
horhood becoming very much cxited and
chnrglnc tn t Mrs Uorwy was the author of
their deaths Mrs Wrights body was ex
humed and an analysis showed that sine bad
dlcil nf copper poIsoning The remains if
Mrs Taylor were then exhumod and Chemist
Latz yeHteiday reported that be bad found a
lunge quantity ol axtonle iu it
nor Alliance ladependenco la oulalana
NEW OBLKAMB July 5After three days de
liberation with closed doors the twentysix
Farmers Alliance delegates of Calcaslen par
ish have resolved to put a full Farmers Alll
anco turbot In the field in opposition to the
regular Democratic for the next election and
tn support the third puny movement Tints la
the fourth parish In Louisiana in which the
Alliance bust odeclared Allot diem are strong
whlto parilies On the other hand Sir Ad
ams head of the Farmer Alllnnco of the
hide has coma out as a cnndUlatn for Gov
ernor to be nomlnatea by tine reuulnr Demo
crntlo Convention A majoiltv of the Alliance
pooilo are probably opposed to acting indu
Went Crazy When Hbe Jilted Htm
DETROIT limb July 5Adam Stuart was
born In lOud He amazed property worth
30IKK Four years ago his silo died Last
spring bo nw Miss Emily Knnter 22 yram
old a pretty brunette and was at ones struck
jy her charms He secured an Introduction
and clncn thou has peverod her smlly Hi pro
M > Eed to her early In Juno hut f shi > nruruod
linolTer ThnoKl men oferoa todocd her nil
knit property unit told her he oould not live
long Hbe niftiseil tbl i ofTor alo nituert went
lome and tried to hang himself He wee cut
down and tried atrain onThmtilir A council
ilocioisrtecldeil f him holplotsly Insane and
10 was sent to the asylum
American Association Helicdule Committee
PniLADEtniiv July 5The Couedulo Com
mittee of the American Jnsobnll Association
consisting of Mwinrp fannie ol Haiti more Yon
der Abe of Hu Louis and Wagner of Phila
delphia held an Informal meeting hero
odiiy It WItS decided to allow the icbeilule
to remain nn flt pri ont In case u rlmngelu
deemed nilvis ljlo inter on another mooning of
bo commlttea will be called
Jo2 TJXfiS ABOUT xoirrr
Eeyeutrtinree exrlu utroti yesterday <
Ullllan lloilmoud M I of Ireland U I st lbs UoUl
Vwn hamlrtd and ilxtita pilionw wire utUgatt at
ht louitu rulii tvurt ytittrday
Ihcllev trunk M clinlenDln and hti wife wino wn
IItat uaurl > Ui UncuT returned Iron theIr bridal tour
reMrlay en lIne iieauikl lp Kiruria
Tony Lute a car cltintf In lha employ of the New
fork anil llarlrm Railroad was run over aid Vllitil ur
an castes ytarilar aUirmoon on his track ai rounds
avenue sad tori ntth Street
latr LTncli M year old an Iron worker llf Inv with
his cretin Vranela MoNlooll at llixilhlrd avtnut KI
train afuartu ifory window early rcitarilay inornlnr
and wa killed Ha Mad tntorfd 10 inufii from nsa
ralgla that 111 mind was unba1aie at Umta sitS he
may hare thrown nlmitlf do u tbs shaH
Frank J Maeklne an American DUtriot iirfffr
boy wai arrtatad ytiurday eh rird with tiralnc A
we diamond pin tram llootri Itaiirar an arnil if 7
rVciiTwaniy anhlli etuet Tin hey pavrnad II ito
When II Was recovrn < l Mr Rxinr r > fu > td to mdts a
enuipialni At Jodtrcin Unrktl Juitloi llo an Olrecul
thai Mr Kattray be utpwnaad li > appear ibis aftar
vine rlnatlnf ItfiplUI and Sec HJ lln > pllal nt Hu
Johna fetid will pytn lur tli r ctpllon > ii alitni
ibabloaudWati l ehlldrtm < n tsinday Jut > l uathiir
llunplial will leave nrsmn tba fool or Cast Twenty lilh
and Fifth atra a > s and ot < o A XI raiptctlrtlr
neiaunisrte hag from lha Uaalih txparimiat ail
oimaia aiapsaainics vlierilni Ipeililt iii PU
titlan S
rAnon Aim WAGES
C I V Boycotts Atkletle QlrlsA TeeS
maker Lockout Tbrcnteaed
At the Central Labor Unions regular m t
ing yesterday the NonIntercourse Committee
was Instructed to proceed against Joness
Wood and SeIzers format Hirer Park The
Arbitration Committee reported that 1roprle
tor Bulzcr of the latter place hnd denounced
the Walters Union and declared that their
walking delegates were blackmailers who in
one week loafed about with patched trousers
and In the next with fifteen hundred dollar
It was resolved to accept the Invitation of
the Lady Ootbatn Association of Women Shirt
Operatives to attend their plonlo at Klting
vllle Btaten Island next Sunday The womon
of the association have been in training for
several weuks and will domonstiate their atb
letlo prowess by swimming hontlna baseball
and football contests with male Knight ol
Labor The proceeds of the picnic will be de
voted to ll ah tins tho prison contract shirt
mnklng system
Eccentric Association of Engineers No I re
ported boi colts upon tbe New York Steam
Company the India Wharf Brewing Company
and John Eckels The boycotts wee endorsed
A loycott against Boss Painters Welter Scott
A Co was withdrawn The Gilders abd Pic
ture Frame Workers Union wis Instructed to
order Hsirlko at the shoes of HlnclnlrV Sons
barenlh avenue between Twentyeighth am
Twentynlntu street to old the ornamental
plasterers who are out there
The etaretary uf the Troy Central Lnbor
CounclMniormed the union that steps have
been taken to prevent the btato prison author
ities from employing convicts on laundry
Delegate James H n Hamilton of the Aurora
Association of Walters was expelled for report
ing that the proprietor of Shermans rortaur
an In Third avenue had not pnld his waiters
Delegates irons organIzations representing
thousands of east side clothing workers ap
peared before the Central Labor Federation nt
Its meeting yesterday and asked for aid In
their strugco against employeis who main
tain the sweating system They averred that
Iletident Factory Insiaotor George McKay
had neglected his duty and that many sweat
shops In tenement houses bad not been visited
in years The delegates believed that the
number of Inspector were too email The Fed
eration answered tne appeal by resolving to
vublltli a liii nf shops not Inspected
Representatives of the vestrnakers an
nounced that their employers contemplated
a lockout this week which will throw lUOO
men out The delegates declared that the
vestrnakers would preserve their organization
at any cost
The DursemakPT reported a strike at Mann
helmerLttUfertys WJt Broadway end gave
a 15 per cent reduction in wuges and alleged
Intuiting behavior of a foreman as Its cause
At the request of District Assembly 47 K ot
L of Cleveland all elonkmnkers and tailors
woro enjoined against going to that city us SO
percent of the craft there are on strike It
was announced that the clonkmakers will
meet at Everett Hall on Saturday at 0 P M
to go into polttict aid also that a conference
to organize women laborers will be held on
July fa hugh Von and August Waldholmor
wore appointed to replace two members ot the
Joint hxecutlve Committee who had not prop
erly done their tint
Typographical Union No 6 resolved nt their
meeting yesterday that book and job printers
could no longer work itt two different places
durlnc the day and thus pievent an eiinnl dis
tribution of what work there was to be hod It
was also resolved that no work should be done
in establishments which employed nonunion
machinists to look after their new typesetting
madmen The nine hours per day labor plan
which was recommended at the recent Boston
conference of tho International Union will be
dlscumeil at tbo next meeting It has already
been iidoptiil by the Concord Cooperative
Printing Compauy at Elm and Canal streets
Fanle at the Fnneral of Twelve Vlcttme of
the Bavcnna Disaster
Ooiwwci N Y July 5Fully 2500 persons
assembled at the Erie depot early this morn
Ing to witness the arrival ot tho remains of tim
victims of the llnvenna wreak The bodies
wore brought on Train 12 at 115 AM Long
baforo the train was due Pine street was
blockaded in both directions and it was noxt
lo impossible to rnovo on Erie avenue As the
lima drew near cries heartbroken friends
and relatives were beard Several In their
sorrow could only sob and moan lor a long
time alter the train came in
Harvard Academy weB timed Into a morgue
Tnliteen boxes coiitnlnlnK seventeen charred
bodies were taken theie The ncademy wns In
mourning and uuxious relatives were hurried
to and Ito trying to got a peep at each box na
It wn carried In
The trtelve bodies were burled here this af
ternoon The funeral took place hot Harvard
The building was visited by some 5001 per
sons and the streets In the neighborhood of
the academy ware urowded Ahem the sobbing
01 the relative of the dead fbi raising of a win
dow wins heard Komeiiody shouted that the
hoot was giving way and a panic followed
Windows were smashed and eoplo i mmueit
through them Then name con yndcd Fuel
end the excitement increased Tin fire nc
partment was soon at the seen but im ser
vices were not needed it was orne tlmo ho
lore Millet was restored LiicKily nobody vna
Ininred and the building was clonnx of nil
save the relatives of the dead Dean Colgnn
ol the Catholic church conducted the oerUiai
and remarks were m de by the Itev John b
Bacon of tine Presbyterlnn church
During tine funeral every bell In the oily was
tolled About n hundred carriage were in the
procession hesldfs crowd of thousand An
enormous grave had been prepared for toe
bodies in the Cnthollo enmetery
One more body him been locognlzed It Is
hat of Fred huh ttlx more bojjcs will bo
burled tomorrow
The Day After the Fourth
Henry Plotter and John Srhlemoyer both
clerks of 227 East Twentyfirst street were
cleaning a revolver yesterday which they had
used the day before They forgot to unload It
Bchlemeyer bell 1 the butt while Pfelfer tried to
pull out the rod upon which the cylinder re
rolves The pistol was discharged and the
Millet struck Pfelfer in the left breast just
abovo the heart He was sent to Kelluvne
ills wound Is not dangerous cbleineyor was
arrested Ale Says It was an uccldnnt
Thlrteonvearold Wllliiim Grafter of f21
East 101st street tiasoed thiougn the dangers
of the Fourth of July In saiety and concluded
to got oil a few racks of llrucrackers be bod
left over It lund been MX intention to ret
them ofl one at a time but thn first one he Ig
nited mixed Its Hunting ruiuuluu with this
others ublcli my In Ulmamn lap His face
and hands were badly buiuod and Le pea sent
to Harlem host lint
In tsHfli Alnrkot Iolico court yesterday the
twentyfive buys item fleet 45 nub for dis
chnrelna revolvers in the sircats on too
nayonneu New Cbiireh Dedicated
As an ntixlllnry to Ht Marys Star of the Sea
BC Church atJIergon Point of which the Her
Father Thoa M Killeon U I rector ft now church
edifice has been erected In Won Thirtieth
strcer near Avenue C Bnyonno Yesterday
afternoon the new church which will be known
ae tit TbomoH II U Church was dedicated in
the vree5nce of several tluousand spCctatore by
ltlilniil Wlgger nsuiruied by mniany cliurgytnen
fIne serniun will dtllvumei by the tier Luther
Edwutrul itmnvdy of iit Paul a iii this city Ir
noIse to the sort fcen there was a PHI rule by all
of the Catholki und Irish eoaletleii Havnuna
and severni irniu Irrnoy City Newiirk and
Lllzabeth There woro ahunt lWO men In
line Justice Patrick W Connelly was grand
The now edifice Is a large twostory wooden
structure with a iileailugexteilor nod a i seat
ing capacity of nhout Mu ou Ouch floor It it
to be used nf n chapel and parochial Fchool
alter the brick amid stone church for the new
parish of bt Tliomns In built
Visitors at Vrolilbtlon Park
A large number of prop went to Prohibition
Park at Port Illchmond Staten IMand yester
day where the National School of Methods for
Reforms was Inaugurated on Saturday Tbe
vlltoiH lunnocUd everythingand the after
noon llntonod to nil rdinoHM liy his Mnry T
Lnihron rrenident of thus MlchlUin blare
Womens Chiltliiii IVmternnvn I Union In
thuvvoning 1iul Miniuel I Dlukli Chairman I of
the Nntlonnl ominlttflH of line Piohihliion
party HUld thlui il I i tha bIg nuthitozjtt Jinny
nf Ibtf visitors to tio purk took Imiih with
them mill thlsbosutl i > of It in excursion stYle tin
ilei i the t Iree I with I v i Icli I I lie idiiro Is ulititi I
fully cupplleil Tlo men who hart tIne park In
hand EHy It ligolni H become a fnorlto holi
day resurt of people woo iout curs lo drink
hi or ami other things likuly to make a uiuu
feel uoor
Had Ilia HhlpMtilto Locked Up for Theft
John Flier and Ellas Montes Arabian pod
illume wcro second cabin pa > sonuers on the
steamship Caracas that arri oil yesterday
from Venezuela They have drifted around
tint roild together rwlllnu viire nnd were
roommates till tOo slttuuifibli > While the
LiirtruH wait cornlui UP Iho bay luntlcn
oiiuiplalned to tine horsier lhat Utar hud
robhod him of I2t0 In gild l < l
liar wits nrrefttcd after the MeaniKhlp sr
rled at Itoherlt Stores Brooklyn anil taken
to the Inner Itillnn itroff iioliLM station Ho
wntui searched anti over IM In American Eng
lish ant French gold wits hound lucked away
lu 1 bolt underbid clothing Pitar denied that
he hod robbed tilfl fellow pMSCBgori but ho
holly cud the Baby Hpr Samclmlk Aft
a Dreary Walt Just lu Time
A hardy looking If not a prosperous throng
ot immigrants landed at the Serge Office yes
terday There were 337C In all and less than
half ol them patronized Money Broker Skolly
Who changed only 13000 The steamship
Ilbartlu brought the laracst contingent 1015
more than half of whom were Russian Jews
Molly Knmclmlk a handsome young Bohe
mian with a baby 18 months old landed at tha v
Dare Office tinge weeks ago from the Menm
ship Wlelind She said that she and her hus
band had become separated in Hamburg just
before the vessel saIled and that she expected
him dally As day after day went on without
any tidings of Bamelmlk the Barge Office ofll
cluM began to doubt Mollys story and finally m
derived tlmt they would send her bark today 1t
Molly slipped out uf the detention pen yes
terday while tin i tiHsoncersof the stunmshlo
hut tta w iris being landed and going ut > stairs
gazed wistfully through the slan into the en
closure where tlm InnnlurimU warn swarming
from the landing bnrceK Who held her baby
up to help her Jim the man she had so ftc
fiuently nnd vainly Innkod for before This
time she saw him She gave n scream of JOT
that echoed through the granlto building aaa
tho haby crowed louder than It ever had In
1m life
llollr tried to force her way through the
crowd of Immigrants and past the registry
clerks to rinmelmlk but the crowd and the
regulation wore against her and one had to
wait until Somelmlk had been duly catechized
and passed Then thira Wait a ioiinn < n mixed
with hinge and etplnnhe klfbon such as has
boon Huldoin Been In ibis ISaim oilier The lit
tle family will go to South Carolina today
John Itiuckin ndecrcplt sexuccnnrlaa from
too county Iouth landed from steamship
Ktrurla yesterday with neither I aggng nor
mono lie mId thai his wife who in Jiving in
Harrisons X J nod ban loU In Amurlca for
the last llftoen your bad Rent him the money
to fOY > bin pasnge hero Ht < wrotebor loiter
oboist a month ego snvlng that he expected to
die soon nod that he desired to see her once
more before crossing the border Srmcouldnt
leave her work In HurrlpODs and sent for him
If oho does tint corn nod claim him bo will
not ImvHthn chnnceof dying In thl country
Twenty nOHtnlatitx from Germany passed
through time liarco omco on their way to tha
convent attached to the Church ot the Holy
Assumption Thny arrived on Saturday oa
the steamship Columbia
A Pent of HUE IB Connecticut
Norwicn July iLA post of rose bugs has
overrun Eastern Connecticut and In many
districts IB working groat havoo with some of
the crops At Plalnlleld north of this city
farmers think the small fruit crop will be a
total failure on account ot depredations of the
binge They awurm on grape vines and cur
cm tjiihcinncl Inn low hours utterly wipe out
both follnue and fruit They travel across
country In swarms like line In Wlndhnrn
thn hutfl brt v > mined the grape vines K W
Peniody of tlmt town bad a vineyard nf a
quarter nf nn nrro which looked fine before
tine winced peer cuino and which the former
evpectid would yield over a ton of fine fruit
The vinnvnrd now look at If It bad been swept
by n conllncrntlnn Alter clearing out the
rnpos tied currents In a neighborhood the
bugs go fur the vegetables
Drunk Konsh on Rnta With Ilia Beer
John hocks derrick rigger S3 years old
who boarded with Mrs Mary Filling at Seven
tleth street and Eighth uveuuo mixed Hough
on liars ins a can o hoer early yetenday morn
log and drank tint mixture Hn died before
the Hmiiuiance arrived hockss wife died
year nin aud since then bo had been moody
and sIlent

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