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48000 ransom PAW AD1USSJON FEES
Newark Tmprrae People R L AI
aid Let fleer Flow fr One nd y
Good Order Tlironzhoul Day
1 I Xt WII undoubtedly th bait and greatest
1 eMDBcrtut ever bld in this country greatest
In point of numbers and best la completeness
I Btr nB mfDts treodom from ccldont or
aenOlsDOfl and in bnilac perfect weather
thoUctmans rwtor
I Newark wns Rlen UI to lcmlll
nay and perhoiinl liberty a unrestrained
There la a stllf HunJnr Inw In N Jersey and
Tnro 8 stt
an cncrcotlc Low nod Order LOOBDC but In
tbt pailunco ot tim strcol tho league was not
In It 1IIIunco fiont doers of foloons In tho
I mod prominent Ihees In the city were
I wld opn and extra barkeeper wer en
I eaeod to sorTs tbe thllBly tbronM Beer
flowed more freely than It over did before on a
Newark Batbalb and yet theta WM little
drunkenness and no arrests of German
All day lone the main streets ot the city were
thronged and every train entering Newark
4apoMted from COO to 1000 strangers The
sidewalks ot Market street and BprlneQold
avenue wore uncomfortably crowded In tho
afternoon and almost every tae wa set In
the direction of the singing parka State De
teotlf llob rt Hnguerty held a watch for one
minute at the corner below Caledonian Park
and In that lime counted OO persons going
toward tho eaten The big yellow cars ol the
I BprlncfleHl avenue electric line carried an
average of 4000 people an hour They were
1 run at Intervals ol two mlnuto They weis
I I densely packed throughout the day nnd la 1
addition stage hack and carry > alls were run
to and fro between the stations and the park
J Uo to 0 oclock In tho eioalnit more then G
000 periods caisod Ihtough tho park catrs
r and 41000 of these paid 25 cents unch for nj
I mission Tho others wore the yellow ribbon
J of the BaoBKerbuiid or Vfoio entItled to free ad
i I mission for ether reaon Inside the gate
I durIng tho attcrnoon the thron < w i go treat
I about freely The
that people could not moo
auditorium and staco ot the munlo hall held
audiorum nno 80lo
I aearlr 10000 pereons yesterday afternoon and
there was loom for 200U more but the prize
t I singing aid not attract the throng as would a
central concert
Scattered through the grounds were the usual
featui ot a blc picnic the stands ot the candy
I butchers peanut men dealers In souvenir
badges albums fruit and knlcknacks Then
there wer > canirlnKlnB utands merrroo
Af round rifle uallerles and a wheel of fort
1 une H lalertes gambling came wlih
a iRrEe veiceniage In lavor of the
crooks who operated II It denleted tho pock
ets ot thousands of visitors There roro llfty
lIe uniformed pollcauien In anti around the
parks ann n polka station with a 1 patrol box
was f tabll < heil In one of the touts near the
entrance Cnut Glorl hud Ms headquarters
I there aud at i oclock he aU treio hud beon
I no arrests and Ito comlIalnlH Cf rocket pick
I I Ing or Inquiries about lost articles A ccoro of
beer bArs were In operation and flundiede of
kegs wore emptied oporlton tents occupied by
the sinitng societies
I Tlie bridge over tho avenue and Its steen g
I prosches nora densely packed with n lowly
Il lno Inc thri DK all tbe afternoon but It was not
i a nervous crowd and thor was nothing like a
J I panic fled there been one on this temporary
Iruc ore the tosult might have beeu tomporarr
It was I iinolhtlinorod end Wdllbeoaveid
I crowd or Mid and neatly clad men and women
I with the chinks lllel nt by children uf all nce
Id Fears bad been oxpieraed that tbe paiki > would
nut accommodate the poopK > oho would want
II tosKnt Buniiay afternoon there but Choicer
i went groundless Tliu old pear orabart of the
Hayes rstate cal It Lo entered or Iclt only by
means of lbs biMce Iteervod to relieve the
pressure In Caledonian 1aik and Its countlos
ten Ie and tables wore constantly occu
i pied br Kronrs of beer drlnkeru The
1 ole barn on the place wn used as
t a boo Htorebouse nnd the singers who wanted
a keg of beer boucbt tlckeis from n man who
had set UP his olllco In an old smoke house
and Ul felling aiders on tho barn at t2U per
N barrel I was a tic Prlee to pay for beer but
ip that taut old not prevent the supply from run
i ning short before night
I The only part of the park which was at
S all excliMie was that set alJo for the
Arinn Boclety of Newark I was reserved
t ron Arlnns and their guests and they
f a a jolly time there I must not be sup
posed that tho altcndanco at tbe park was
made up entirety of Hermans or German
b Americana Fully twenty per cent of the
I crowd was composed of people of all na
t tlonalUle besides nnd they took to the Ger
Pr man ways of enjoyment like duck to water
IF A el known vlsitiuir 1 member < if the
Baencorbund said yesterday thai tbi was the
beat tearhal err Held In this country He
said be bud attended nearly all of them and
I knew that he was rluht Ordinarily he and
i t the German districts of tho cities In which the
i tel wore held were wldelr scattered and the
t singers wore quartered In one iiluve rehearsed
In a second ami sun in a third Here tivery
thing was compact and there nns no wander
tt Inir from plice to nlac
The Urst felt cnniert last nlcht was a bril
J heat AUCCOSS Tlio grxnt htace with its runs
l SI l singers was a grad sIght Tho first aura
ncr un overture by L tbo orchestra was well
i reoeivud I waoJbe MasterblDcurol wel
burc Wagner Mrs Marl ItltterQoecke
ii followed In a solo part with the Jlnuen
elior and orcbestio send was greeted with
Joclferoiin nnoiHiisa Than came Miss Maud
o well und the nroUPHtrn In a brilliant violin
y cyuiert Her solo playing hild the vast uu
ulence spellbound The whole mass of sing
CN then ilelherol Ills Lleder which made
the rafters trecblo when the lull volume of nil
their voice was lifted lint ItlttorOoeeko
lted ItorCoeeke
follonol with nn nila Sjmann and Oellla
f and wee nntiiaud loudly The sixth num
t 4 ber < vas ballet musIc In the wnildlnc march
from FerramotK No 7 was the linldon
rosleln ol ornnr nuns by tho MDgaro lu
bass Then followed a song by JJrs Ma
KleinHulur and tho concert lormiuatod with
I the and feat oriheKtrn hymn of K Liichnor by luucsonchors
At tho meeting of tho Northeast Rnngerbund
lln NnlheoB
I II I Bninc r Hall In tlu 1 > tnorniuc It was decided
to huM the next festival In thIs city In ililL
constitution and some plight uhunae were made in the
i 1 ASIKKP AUOVO ran xnirspiveits
YonD Abe Prank ForcoUen and Halo
oulcd When 0 Hpritee Ntreet Oat Acre
I There are barrelfuls of hnlfbtirnod Sunday
newspapers In the basement of I Spruce street
The place U I occupied by Beams > t Jllllor who
supply the retail newnuaprr trade of Brook
lyn Whlu tlo pipers were being foMod and
dlstrlbutoil just t bore 1 oclock yostirdny
morulni 1 Vorojono lamp which hung horn
the celllntf exploded and set the place nflre
In the scramble to let awiy among those In
the biuomont Abriham Frank 1 13yearold
boy of HOboulli Kouith street Ilrooklyu who
h a asleep under oie of the benches was for
Rotten He was mfTocateil unl his deud body
I waS removed to the Oik tret police station
polce ilation
I ills fattier CnailoM Ilank ft tailor said yes
tray that 3OUng ALralmm tlor at tllunfr
with the family ounw ALrahnl I < i on I Fourth
Then fi Vy < Mt out to sit the fireworks and
fel i In wild tome newsboys who tmr u drd
nI m 10 accompany hem to Now York while
she got tielr paper Mr rank said th ro
h lt b Wi Iwo leattis In the house within a
week i ii The baby LhH l ot ono 01 the tenants
had died and no had the landlord hlm elf U
was the landiords I lead boJv Wing In tho ball
roy it Frank 8u IliaC find IrlKbtened
H fiAi ihom lOr sOvoral nIghts and made
aini afraid
lj Alrohllo come home
Fhe dillal3 to lroi > erlr Jon br tho fire WM
about UU
Ilelv for Youn AXronower
The department of astronomy of the Brook
lyn Instlti le baa just issued a little epbemerls
for the lust half of 1831 which Is I likely to prove
ct interest sail value to many amateur astron
omer A large amount of Infornntlon about
variable stare meteor showers the move
Inents if Jlltfr1 > elllts iind other movo
t i allllp8 otlor
tlal pieno 11t
aJur IOlln has boon collected trom a
variety of torccB recalculated for Eastern I
tallIIre unit anti Condensed Into mallspace
10 that the wOIIIt obslrvor who 111 pot Cite I
mellS or Ihe tints at his dlsfolil to Ii out I
fIca lOr himself ran itcut them all rosily
tct 11 I
to itli
11 1111 fho
Iris primary ohJeet the elhfm
rll whlh Is I IOlendolll1 le hollowed 11 WII
more ollrRe lolR or a similar kind II to
ncnral alual nlmlM the heavens
among tile members ot the Institute
lier Icnatliiae Lat Herman la Amtrlea
Tbo Church 01 St Edward the Martyr at
10Jth strset and Fifth lartrr
elrot 1lth avenue was crowded
yesterday when Fftthor Icnntlus preached
Ainorics what ho < aniniouea 10 bus his last sermon In
sandnl1 I Wore hits usual robe hood and
8ncI end hi H Aocrtary Father MIcbaelK
waaullreul lay P the fnmo garb atur Mlchaell Is I
took hlieiutjerd o i Was Ihl text Father lunntlus
S with his oecasIuii in sy tliiit liii woe well pleaded
lh rwaplloi I
iii Auuioiica
reaCh replnt Allllcl but Vuld Dot
leh agutli anti Ihs
C hureb of 1111lnd hIIIIIOlon t
I Hr 1lwlrl the M rier In hlch w
rrssobbis farowtl sermon bocuIlt WitS the
f11 Amerlcau ObUich lie hst reachc4 Ic
b is ws cIII bl Irlho in
I Father
SUe in the lot Itbe enIIUSIUI aoPsar
alnefln I Dr Iulpl as Ito tnGbldID the even
Do Ccsta nen
1L OUML COltll cll1o I WEOYlt
jnmznx BAFB rounrir
CelabrMIra k r C1vU eueel 4oo Jr roia
Mwl Baetha Msltk
Tonoa BATRV BuuardaBar Has iorS
Grover Cleveland Joe Jefferson and family
and Edwin Booth summoned their friends to
Buttermilk Oar yesterday to aid them In cele
brating the Fourth An invitation to the vii
lager was extended br Mr Jefferson to come
i up to Jeffrsonyiils on the east shore and en
I joy the sport Bevtral thousand persons tom
Boston Cape Cod and stations along the Old
Colon Itallroad came too I l Ibo greatest
dar this ordinarily aulet Cape Cod town has
ever experienced
Tha clambake was postponed on account of
bad weather and there was no oration A boat
rnco was salle I however In tbeavenlng lunch
wan ervod to Mr nnd Mrs Cleveland and a
par lr Pt J B TelftTionn > llls
Mr Booth was entertained br Mrs Charlei I I
Oren at her tllla above the Jea rion
The tragedian WA In mlierr and took little I
Interest In the festivities lie nearly fell from
Mr Jofrernons oarrlsga In aitempting to
alight UBalded and he walked very slowly
leaning hfayllr tyion i cans speak In only In I
monyrllables when addressed and ahqnnlnp
locletr Ha Is I Tn ab 4ntmind d and
broods a great deal
JluuN vrrzuaroz
niiirta iLmmff Kit air
tearfuL 1811 I Sin MM 7 84 1 HMO MM SM
itm witit ma DUo
14TUoot 7 411 I OorIIOIItI alai IUUaat410bS I
AnrlT 1ficiiBi aIr a
84 Atlases Hrooka LIvarpnoL
rrO lo
TT =
Es Rile Maria lllnwh Tlambarf
aiLailaicoina Hantilll let
S Vlillantla Dakar HI Thotaa
t rea < juirnr Ilrmoulh
la caraoaa Wandrlck Laruayra
8a Yemen Malacn Haiapa
fa irnqnnu FinninxKia JarkaonvUte
fa Ralclih Suits favannah
M Kanawha titan nawpori I Kawa
S a Ittvanloiia Walker hatrti ri sews
CathY I of Atlanta Onla Norfolk 1
Farnt > k Hnaji Hlatimond
BiAlxnhom Ja < r > Hatllmore
its faW a Hard Hntton
nark sferitm 1 tartn Hakla
Mark Amariaa ArmitroDir pnleXlatakts
5lerk Hamti N RMtway glnntti tlaana
tiark Juill II loreroil raiaraan estIi4
LEer lar Lintel ie nmrat I
iseirsu nap
Bs Ia BriUna from Ka York at Han
rm r > relic roaRinv paMT
Si Anradla frtn QnetnttAwn tar Now York
p a WiaeawlB from < jOMnil wn fM Maw Tot
cola stzAwsI tft
tall lodag
Bnaalfalll Q4I Twa yea
Ctty of kmniubam 9aa
nb soot M 1
Earalnola CUarlaitonSoil M l0p 11
Soil TDmormio
tTaval rreman iOOAX Tina A K
Orates Ban Comtnjo I no r 10L IOU P 5
Hhrnlant Antwerp Jane 14
Onaca MLondnn June Si
Murtt si Kill June ve
Alnna Kindlon Jnta II
kM r pramtii Jan 37
tamurl llr > na 7 Jnlr 2J
Beueoa Colon June U
Dut SVlltit July 7
aDdMIUlbrltr Jnne M
rDIaUIJIO June al I
Uvt Wtanetttav July 8 I
QnMnitown Jo r 2 I
Maxara Havana July 4
Obdam Rollanliio Junen
Kca4U ilambiur Jaaa97
Due f Avrofay Jail 0
Dfomirk LlTfrpool Jna S
uljmpla Dlbraltar rJua 35
Parilan MonarobLontne June 31
rays aoathsmptonJely i
Lut frvttn Join Itt I
rilr at Berlin I Oo pn lnwn Jnlr 2
Fiiarit Blamarck 1 SouthamptonJuly I 4
Clnfntroi Natiau July 0
Sohl dam Kotttrdum June31
t iulngvstishrtaIieaiaa JunelTj
ttLizr ID titt
lira Winslow Mootblnjc Syrup for children
Itctblnc softenS the lIam reduces mOamaulMa DIal
Uji pain cure wind cell 2 > Oellla DotUa
ptcin 1oftre
ACIKlVsTlkKriraiUlfli the taal teaiH PJfJr Ii i the
vend frrssrvlu lU utb KUrktMUlKt AMU
SBLlOldVit twaatyBve eaau tettU
HtATH soon eO1rAPrr
tJW r W 1
Offer 500 Shares of Their Treasury
Stock at 25 Per Share in Lots
to Suit Pnrchnsers
Tho Price will bo advanced to 6 > 30 Per
Share as soon ru this lot Is Sold If
the Company decide to Oflcr
any more Stock to
the Public
Tha manitarl Chtmleat Comr nr va > mcorperala4
Jon IBWV 1 Cupiial tliovn itlvMtl Into IWJ I
Shares ot duo Hun roll paid ana Qiiuxiiabla
aciory anil oIl lahoratorlei Jersey City X J Offleti
I ttr
CO anil WJ broadway haw vor >
business la tha manufacture and sate of drusi and
hncol i Tbs company are the note ptoprlnora and
anuiaclnrar ut i uieklna tin new ramailr mat
h pror il > uolianiarV4iioui ant 1 iniDrio iianlxl sue
cell In W InnumarAuU I dIeAI aim aitininta whtra
Quinine AntiDirlna oban htrcturora teen uied by
the medical pfolt < lou
U coats the coninratr only ona tenth tha price of
Quinlu Mndat > uuton t anilttli tn prIce of Antipy
All the physicians Who have nwd It prartlct that tba
antha in > Haul I uroiaMiun will naJiv prrsoriba MM uia
It trusty In prtferenia 10 an jot th nareiofora nail
ULcirialu drujta
Tue rroti from the manufacture of Qnlolna run up
la the mllliuiii
The royalty aoni putt to the dlaoovarer of Antlpr
glue < lulln ilia pmrilaaca ol Ibo Urlppa amount 10
ever a million doilari
In cmlntnt and etUbrattd ptayilclant hara pro
no hud our product to be auptrlur to any remedy
litrilofurauitd4 <
The ea britt4 Pr rhlch tt r write I I tat ulandtd
raiuiixirom ijiileiiiiia U I a jrat contaiilenoe
of luestluaoia value lu a iihyuclana ullloo
Hr JII CauStIc of Albanr wrllcit For dlpMherlv
tnniiliilm inra throat olio I liSts not found in aqual
La t evuittid there wr three phjulcian In mv cites
Suit lAW Ifli balntf U on illpiiinrla fuimoid Ibey law
II liumedlnta afftvt and Wilt guild for some
After prolonned ant lbOronll lucia 1 In numtrini dti
aam In prtvaia i pr rllon liy Lit r K billier and stun in I
dlltam ut the Ih ol and nose at the andarbllt
Clinic and In Y rlHit eicr at Hi Jnxpira lloaiitial
auteelailr In lbs lucy al dipbiuarla and coniump
Hon this I miiitnt authority wrlitai QUIUKINK
NIK oti > MB mllau KU4N At oinpr KVKKV
The Cnmpanr are about to mint B pamphlet rfmtaln
tnr lie r vuiti uotutned br orer 3iO phratcltna In nWo
vier nriclle nnd la the hoinitala Tina wnl bo sent to
each out ur lha IOTIKJO pltriolaiia In lbs Untied titattia
loctlber wRIt three full Hied botttiaot Chill product
Contr ctiha been cloud to adrartlia Qalokln tar
ana year tu every medical journal In the Uulted Sam
The otlmatad saul will yield oroflt of 340000 per
Time fluarti apply to the United Stats alone and on
the especlatlou of a imatl bu > lneu for cue fnt two
The whole olrlllied word otftra a ready and an amr
markrt fur Hie companyi product more eipiclally lbs
couiiliha which varleni Intra iireraent
The companv oath attention to the fact that uioon
at live nut ut every ftfls hundred top only 3 per vent of
me ttiysietulis in the united Stales sono use their i
product the net nrnnw per annum will be egual lo one
third the par value ot the oaulial itirk HHMIMI ot ib
atuck wJi placed la the treason aa worklm capital
To provide the nndu to manufacture on a large crate
and 10 Introouo and A Ore tlirlr product uncut
and onlr tn tile mrdRal rrofexion ami l the drug rode
of the United states the company ara now eellinira I I
portion At the treasury I kri f per 4115cc In lois lrt >
lull pnrxiiaiera at theIr offloea United Bank UnUdloc
ixiaodLU UruaaHar hew ht <
The Company has no indebtedness
of any kind
The stockholders will be richly rewarded la sub
tanllil diridanda at tIle coujpan will pay
on Hock rotting only t 25 per bare and accumulate a
handsome anruma beeidea
The Superintendent I estimates that the tnlaned fa
01f71Brl Iue
clllilri will turn out 20LJU griae liar annum at a net
pleat of 512 par groSs
AddlMnnal enlargementa be made at the demand
Among the lurre I unrkhnliteri are n > nre W Dunn
Tai I 1rettifnt ot the eompinr dr uxene Harvey Ken
e r I
of r uibrsi iVi UHnken Drexcl ouliulnz Ibiln I
dlnhla Mimuti M hillier Kt N Y Produce Ex
cluiiKe lot t > Lynch Iti iew York Utonte J till
yard Fli4 hew York CualuSce I DeUneld km Civil
EngIneer 2H sul lll I Newtork Ullllam II Scott Kti
JI KrulI 51 llllle tJUIMInc Saw ott and several
promlreiit > ew York gentlemen who will have leads la
the Hoard of tilreclore later on
Application wilt ba made to lilt the aharai on the
Now York block Kxcbange
The cnmpunye tock le I a safe Sound and profitable
Investment at Its buiiine le tree from vlululluitet
that a1 ct moat rnterprl uf a onmmerclal nrlnduft
trial nature tiood or bad ornrt the flee or tall of val I
uta builnru depression r cro > perllr will not alteot
blr 3ll
nTiEP 1 IH
the earning prwir ot THE BTAKOARO CHEMICAL
The business and pronto < increase year after year
Arpllcatloni for nock tbecka tc should be ad
dreised to
rKOROK W 1MIVM Preildent
iKiauilOJ Kroadwar > ew York
Kotlee U hereby given that the certificate of quit
abe Interest In Rtookt of the Chicago Ua Coiupanlej
to be Issued by the Fidelity luiurance Trust and Safe
Peiioiiit Company of rMtadelphla In lieu of and upon
surrender of the certlDcateaof the Chicago One Corn
pant will be railv far axobitcgo at the office of the
Central Tnot Conipniiy hi Unll it hew York en and
aftir Mondar July I IOI at which puce a represent
the of the tldilUr Inaurance Trust and Safe Deposit
Conipiny will bo prencnt to make the exchange nntlt
Air C 1101 I I After that tIme It prolublr lie fleece
arv fur lIe ho ere of Chicago Gat Company certifi
cate to apply lo the office of the fidelity Inruranca
Trim unit Pale Deioeli Company In Jhflatlelpbla for
A ruling hat been made by the New Vork Rloek Ex
change making the new ctrtlucatti of the ridelltr In
auranco Trust and Kale Deposit Company a cool
dallvery for the old ccrilflcAtre of the Chicago Uu
K c nrSEnUT
hEW YORK July I 1831
FOR Tit A rl I14EnS
Circular Letters of Credit
Avullublo lii oil llrl of tbe world
Issued bJ
Ii OlXT7I RQTlltnl thAN WISftS
1Z1 Ilrnadwuy New York
lima Lttteri of I r < lll lor me of Trarelten
Draw r rrlun IIIIU
cttnl11tttnt I
2000000 ir i
8 Cumulative Preferred Stock I
AT PAR 1 ij
tilt will open TUESDAY Jnlr 7 and cloSet
before TIlfnsDATJoIrO its rH x <
The company hat keen formed for the pnrpott I
acquiring and connIng on tb will known tobacco
holIness of ileitra r Lorlllard It Co which was Id f f Ji I
tilabtlshed In ITBO and hat been l a ontlanon atCj > Jf1
luccemtnl operation amce that data
Then U also Iaued 53ieetOO < of eomnra r
all of which It taken br the vendon ID t PrtPaTmI Ii
of their property and roodwill and thr agreeuo4t
part with flvailithinf U wuhln five rear II
The preferred stork now offered ll I hud fort 3 V
II non meltable and eerrlei DO ptrrmsl liabilIty tr J J
locktjoldert and will hace priority ever be tamf I
tooth itook la I respect to all assets ot the company U 1
cae of liquidation or dlnolvtlon j
Tile proceed al use prof rrred took wilibs
nael to ncqsiIrt rnl estate heretoforele 4
br the Urn nnd to pay oft disheS Hen etiitl
the new company will commence boiln au
with no InilFhtednrie or any klud sad wllll
t Irnet IDftOOOO 01 worklnK capltdU
1oymcnl will lie a lollow i
10 per cent on pirtlcatloB
AA per cent on itllotmtat
oft per cent on AuguSt O
80 Per cent on Aucuat M
Trcferenciln allotment will be given totrnploraH 4
and costumers of NeMr P 1 Lorltlard A r 0
IherUhtli renrreil to reject or teJuce any applt
call on and enbicrlber mutt agree to accept aaeh
reduced amount F
Chnrtrrrd accountants hove e mlnTlKaVs
book ofMeiara p rorlll rd < fCo lorm
year prior to Dec HI boo und report the
nnuat average profit as 52517043
without ilrtliicilna cunrceB for rent hereto
fore paid liy vendor for real entnte wlti
will nan lie acquired hy the company
Tbe real estate bultdlne nmehlnerr
sad niipllnnfieii bttvo been carefully x
nmlneil stud valued competent experts
1879700 and the merchandise upsa
account store nn lined nnd roaal
property to be tmniferreel to the nw
compnny are cunrnnleed by the vendors
to be In value not less than 950000 I
It Ii I Intended to continue the boUnces nnder the
present mtnaiteinfn and three of the prteent part
nert agree to remain In churiia for at cut flva years
aviun anh
Union Dime Savings Institution
Broudway nod St nnd tUb AT I
NEW YORK June IT 1881 J J fi
Interest at the canal rate namely fOUB per ant pf 1h
nnomop totlono and TllltKB ier cent on any ax
cera over tlOjo lass been voted for She present half
3 ear liy the Hoard of Trustee payable on nr after ull
IB or If not withdrawn bearing Intereit from July L f
Open Janda B 1111 7 Saturday till noon other dan
tilt a
0 onr deposIted On or before July lOdrawalattrett
from Jily I
SILAS B uCTCnEB President
CIIAULis E KIllAHUR Secretary
041 and 03 BO1VEBT
The TruStees have declared a dividend for tbe ill
month inlIne Jun JUlh IH I ti I a all deposit entitled
thereto under the bjlawe at the rate of four per cent
per annum on sum of f no and under and 011 the ax
cem of tAi and not axctedloir fclOvO at the rate ot
three per cent per annum payable on and after July
Zoth IdOl
CIIARLKS MinilLING rcreiary
East River Savings Institution
NEW YORK June 24 1831
three alit nix mouth I emltnjr June < ii > IHtii uion alt ao
CMiinil nllilfil I thereto mum nvr duMri I to llir I Ihoa
send dKfI l nl lle role nf 11IIIKK ANti ONK IIALr
tstdl JLi CEST ter Ainiiirn iMyul le all r July lilMjL
WIIIIAM III rLuctM frtildent
CI1AHIIK A WIII1 > lyiecrtliiry
The Truetsee at this Inllllnliori hnve drtUrtil Inter
sit on ail umi rematniiu uiiu iitMiit duriiik Hie I lures
or cit llionlht lidlnif June fi at Ii e rate of FOUR TKIt
cKS7 ner annum on 1 run ad nnlcr did TIIRE
IRK tfrvr per annunion the excess of tilu noIse
c 6ihi r30i IOalol lenn and after llir third tlnndar
InJulviirxu I Iiriioilii made on or before July IU will
craw loierei from July I
C U 1IBATON Freildeau
W II I BirjLTON Secretary
WIHT Mlin SAVINOS JUNK fnnnerlr nf IM nth
V av now atiitiMti av corner of tuitilnition place
71 n uiiil reuilancvl 1 Interryt of tltrr and one tialf
Um PT cent gust Hlfmrn In all mint from 91 10 ta u
SOul of ihren pr rent per annum on the cxreia of froG
tin to I iLl udS iiia I l ten itrrtireit I nni will be paid nn anti
attrr ti lonitAV lull u I lull i on III llin un libel thereto
liiridriile not dritnn will tear luiprrti seine ae drnoill
Disney Jet oulteul on or Imfuro tie 11lh July H til draw
ilerrit from Ille lit or July Iii cinder ci the iruiieai
IliiNlLHH VAN CUT freildint
JOHN HUDSON hccrtlarv I
i iltl1ao iiittl SJutrrrist
rpim BANK rillt tAVlNC1 C7 ULIIEUKIrt KT
A NlV VOIUC JULY U Irttl The lucid of Trintie
hive doclarrd the octal luttreit under the irovllooa
ot the lyiwa for the ale uintlii eiiJIiix lie JIb June
aa foiiowi
At the rate of ynilllM I rKltrrNT I tier annum on alt
iuiniof f > aud lltnard not exi eellniJlMi iiarabla
on and alter the third Moods llluu the Dutb day ot
this innth
The mIsread cArried at onca to the creditor depot
lion m princIpal on the lit luir where itanile ex
actly at a dot out
U HIII lie tillered on the passbooks it any time when
reuulre 1 111 and after lite vith met I
lb lhITrTltlMIILKlreildanU
ronEltTF HOLT Botreury
lirand Central Depot
hew uure Juiuuei 0 li9i I I
TilE BOAKn 01 11I1IrCTOIIN 01 tI tile UIIIIII h
Ilia dar declared a dlrldeiH of O I AM ii II r JLAK
f1Oi Nt rt
TKK lilt il r I nn lt mnlul stock paiible at tale
off cenn the lid Iy of AIIHIIII tuxi
1 1 lie ornor bnii I Will Ie ioing niiocock r I M 1 on
Tueidat Ihe Wh dar < > f Jint alI I all he reopened
tba moruliif of MouJa the aIoI iV if i Aontu
AiLVN CUc frojiurer
Trruurcrt otlce ilrmid reinral Iicluit >
to w rro Julie 2 IHIII
inn HOARD OK PIHFrriiTljs Ill Till I 11111
have trill day drulirod t > 111 Annual dlvtlrnd of tWO
AMIllMv I I i II I 1f1tlll I KM on lt 1 < tiipllAl inn Ic pay
able I at ihli oitioe on Nllllrdavlh lit duyofAugiLt >
coot iotli tinckholdcr nl I rerun J ata iiiim I k r I CI 1 oa
nectar ho 1111 ll Uhl at uhlrn lime the hauler
bo kn ci Il tit tin e I in Is t reopened on the I inornlu of
Monday th Jd Ua of Aiiinut iur
I Ii I W Ill IhTKIi Tremurer
MPiiTlllANfiNATION tl > IISI tb Ollti
i Juni 1 ie IfHI I tie his rd of turrets haieihle
dab dtriar A 5 nil Aiim a dhli I nl if three and ona
half I Ii I Icr i 1 chit 1 J i > ahii un and alter July I IMHI
Tl lr nI tfr buck Mill I to I riGurI > II frotn ililiifitl unlit
Jubyl lath c IUMA Ciiililar
TIII NvrioNAr cuunioi COMPANY C
July I 1591 l
The Plrrctort or ihli company hare tint Icy I iltcUred
the reirolnr ciunMtrlr dicIluuis of lMi IT ll CINT
MI IIIC preferred Aid l 0 i A bIl IISIMIAII i KIt
IINT on lbs ciiiinnn ilok ol this roupany parabla
Aun I Ibe Poole will i dci July IS ami reopen AUK X I
I M I HlTON Ireuurer
I onlS
CtBH irliuili mid jirutiiptly HAiig I I oa furuTlura
vtlthoul rciuu a
MJXISMIN 311 I an tIlt I or room 15
iooo rna ITH rorAi AHA IHIN
fMUaiaad INHKirr lLlKH far Mfabete la
fiNagle UoaqolliT Elite Care andjniert Bjiiermlut
JJIt I lJIW1iJJI W yshsO asJr 0
BOtrsnitEOn Trust July I at BrilctDon
Coon Mary daoghWr of Joiep and Mary Bowhe
axed 3 year
Funeral private
CUAMK On Saturday bit < William Merrill
Chat Jr only MB ot William Merrltt and Allc
Chaaa aged IX moalht
Funeral private
miLONOn Friday Jmly a John W Pities B the
beth year ot his Ma at his ale rnldince 1M Lest
it GiaanDolnl Itrooklyn B D
Balattvea and frtendt are reipectflllr Invliad to at
tend the funeral from hie UU raehtecaa thesis te
St Anthonys Church on Moodar July e at 114 M
Interment la Calvary Cemetery lauaadUtaly aftac
DOW8On Jnly i 1E01 Mloha l Downs Its Bib
av aged Sit tsar
Notice cf funeral hereafter
KNN IHOn Friday Jnly 3 at bar late reaMiio 171
Wait lUlh it Jane Al1Ie widow Of Uenry t Ennla
la the 10th year of her Ma
Belatlvea aud frIends ara reipeotfnlly Invlttd to at
tend the funeral from the Cherub of St Fraaela
XavIer 10th el where a requiem mau will be of
fered up for the repose of bar tool on Monday
mornlu cth Inn at oclock
OtKKIN Julr 4 1M1 Ann Harris beloved
wife of Bdward turtle and sister of Mary Zrtdiat
Cttherloa and Matthiw Hopkraa
Fuieral from her late resIdence tOO m a ra Mon
day Julia 1891 ai I P K
3CrNNKVOn Battrdir Joiy 4 at Brldfeport
Coo Water Kenner ion of Mr and Mra Kenney
of word a v aged I monlba V clara
Tuneral private
LAN COn Bandar July II 1K > I Henry 3 Beloved
too of John and the I ate Elliabeth Lane and XI
Funeral from ba late reildrnea 107 Monroe It at 3
P M aharp Tuesday July 7 IBUI
f1TNCII8iiddenly on July 4 Peter Iynah and SO
yean native ot Cooteblll county Cavan Ireland
Funeral Tneiday JUlY 7 at e t M from bla late real
danoa I1U 8d av lo the Church lit Vlneeat
Ferrer eilh at lilt Leiln lon ar these to CaJvuy
MOBE1IOISE Friday Jilt ft M Falrfleld
Conn Stephen Morcbouae agedTl years lOmoatha
and II dan
NotIce of tuners hereafter
MUNCON tTn luridly July tat Horoton Cons
liltaoorB llunton damhur of Drreii W and J
Mtrh Mnnton at Bridgeport Coaa aged 14 rear
sod S moalb
Frlcnda are Invited attend the funeral oa Monday
at IC > oclock from lark Street M E Church
Urtdxeport Coan
BIT nUo Saturday July < at M Wait 41th t
New York Mra Eleanor C Myer In her OtXb year
MeCIOUDHudJenly July I at Ills tat reitdinoa
JSA Welt Cth it Nathaniel McCload
Funeral at lu 0 clock Monday Kruno and member
of llrlcklayera Colon 37 cordially Invited
OBEIIIYAt Hath Beaoh on Sunday July I
WHile Ii only chll of J I ft and Nellie OBellly
aged Hluoulhi end 7 dare
Funeral from thu Willow placa Brooklyn all r U on
Tuesday 7lb tent TrUniU will pl leai accept Ibis
PKHYOO July 4 Howard W Perry aged 38
Funeral from hla late roldenee 11 Weal IIGlb IL on
Monday Jnly 6 al IU A M Belatlvei and frleodt
alto lbs employe of tIle Star and halineraTheatra
and members of nlied Coanoll lora A L of II
Aolura Visit otAmerlta and the Five Al are re
qaiiud to attend
Va nOD Council losa A K or UConpaoloni are r
quested to attead the Canal ef Howard W Ferry
from hit late raildene IS Weal Mlb at on Mon
day July 9 at 10 A M
WT STEWART Bicratary
pITTAt fUli lllontbellu4ion JalyS t IMI Alfred
D nit lOa of Charles J rim aged 23 Year 11
noa tin and a days
Interment WoodUwn Cemetery July 1 T teal Lea
nd Central DeDOt II139 X M
poiILONSuddcnly of atarifallir ra Saturday
July 4 Richard rolllon la the 7ith year of bis ass
Balatlrat and friendof the amity ue rtt4ttuJy
Inrlna to attend the funeral sunless at his late
residence 3t1 Jtit 3th it on Taeiday be 7lh foaL
at 4 oclock r M Interment Oreedwoed Wedoea
day morning
tiTAN FOKIEntered rest on Sunday July II
William It I second ion of Blianor and the lat WU
Ham Stanford aged ft9 years
Frltnda are Tiled te attend the raDar services at
his late rcildeac 1M Belmont av Jersey City on
Tueiday July 7 at 4 oclock f M Intarment at the
oavtaliBi of the family
Offlc aau sixth ave corner ElI eu Nsw yen
rOB jrair 2 TROAstraz HBSUIlIt
The Secretary ot the Treasury hM conlrtb
utsd two Important Item to the OnanclaJ news
of the week Hhaa cbanrrtd tho form of the
monthly Treasury statement so as to make It
I show large surplus Instead of the deficit
i which It otherwise might be presented and
With the advloe and consent of his colleagues
in the Cabinet and or the President ht has do
i elded not to nay off the LM per cent Govern
ment bond maturing Sept 1 but to extend
them at two per cent
Of the new form of Treasury statement I
I have to lay only tbat the adoption of It seems
to mete be an unnecessary and a useless com
plication of the public accounts The purpose
of the statement Is to enable the Dublin
I to judge of the nations relative dean
chit condition from month to month If
I the same form H I followed every month
this judgment U easy while so farM It da
parts front uniformity It confutes its
readers I know that for political par
poses It Is necessary sometimes 10 conceal
U not to distort facto but obscuration i
I not concealment and 1 i result which can be
reached br a little flitnrlnz Is not thoroby kept
outolslffht PerhapSeYrom my bookkeeping ex
perleace I ftfn a little quicker than most people
analyzing a balance shoot and certainly
shall be surprised U any one tnduoed to be
line that there is a dollar more or a dollar
less I In the Treasury because the figures are
arranged one war rather than another A
phantom surplus will not par real debts
I am not one ol those who think It correct to
lay that the Treasury te I bankrupt because It I
I has not cash enough In hand to pay at once al
Its debts due on demand II payment or them
should be demanded Were this so then there
never was a time cube the greenbacks wore
first Issued when the Treasury was solvent
The t3iO000000 of greenbacks now outstand
Inn are the remainder ot an amount once
much larger Until 1870 no pro hlon at nil
zlated for their redemption and since 1879
there never has wen much more than HUOOOO
000In onln available for tho purpone Yet the
arreenbacks br their terms being payable on
demand are n demand debt and It is only be
cause no holdor ot them wants them paid that
they are not presented for payment The same
Is true ot mmy other elements of tho
public debt Thor consist ol claims
which nobody deilros to enforce and which
may therefore for practical purposes ba
treated as not enforceable Buoh for exam
lo11 the undertaking to redeem tbu surren
dered national bank circulation aaainst which
the Government bas received tho neO S8nrr
money from tbo bunki and which by statute
Is no longer reckon as a liability Of this
surrendered aurroncy thoro la I 40000000 out
Standing and on aa average only 300000 ol
it comes In ouch month Tho five per cane re
I demption tuna f deposited by the national banks
for their live circulation Is a similar dobt only
nominally due on demand Except upoa the
rnra occasions when the mutilation or the de
facement of the notoj requires It no call Is
male upon tills fund Deposits In national
banks of course may with prourrtr ba
counted rti available cash On nil theso points
It Is mero finicalcriticism to find fault with the
Secretarys views
A Washington despatch accompanying the
now statement hints that boroatter the Secre
tary will not regard outstanding chocks and
arnfts as damsel liabilities I hopo that tbls
Is not true remember Tory well that when
I first open > d mv private account with tho
Bank of New york year ago Ur Cornelius
Herar the Fresidant said to me Now
young man I want to warn you that I will not
allow any overdrawing When you give out a
check deduct It from your deposits nnd when
you hATe drawn all the chocks that your de
posits arogood for dont draw any more It
you do and I Lint It out you and I wm quar
rel I have never forgottei his Injunction
from that time to this and whon I bear It
suggested that the Secretary of the United
Btatos Treasury has tho right to draw
checks against nn imaginary balance I do
not Ilka It When a man elves out a
check It eooma to mo that the money It
calls for belongs to tho holder or tho check
and not to the draper ol It aid I think that
the United States Government should take
the same view of the matter
One thins must be remembered tue sol
venal or Insolvency of the nation Is not to be
decided by the amount of cash It has In Its
vault The poet Addison when roproaghed
with bis taciturnity In society answered al
luding to his readiness with his pen I have
not sixpence In my pocket but I can draw
tor a thousand pounds fto our Govern
ment oven If It should be temporarily
in straits for ready money can always raise
what It needs by bonowfnc or by taxation
Our misfortune U I that owing to the want of
control over Congress by the Executive an ad
justment of national receipts to national ex
penditures such at obtains in most European
mates is not the rule hero Wo take our
financial precautions as an Irishman would
Bay after they are found to be uone < sarr
Instead of before It BO that while wo are taking
them we are liable to get Into trouble
Ot tho decision to uffer the holders of the
mnturing4t per cent bonds the privilege
extending them at 2 per cent I think there
can bo only an approving opinion Aa I 1
showed four weeks ago iiuil an tho fActo
plainly demonstrate now the TroMIU y will be
put to IU trumps to meet tho demands upon It
during July and August without impaliing
lie 100000000 cold reserve and If In
addition It undertook to pay the whole
of 131000000 pr 4Ji per cents on Sept 1
it could not avol I the Impairment I Imvo
none of the superstitious reverence for this
golden S100000OoO which many have unit I do
not BOO why a part or It might cot be uasi tem
porarily and then replaced later on Hut hu
man nature Is I human nature and its whims
must be respected by tho statesman A cutting
into the 100000000 gold fund would alarm so
many people that If itcan be nvuldod by tbD
simple expedient of paring two por cent Inter
est for n year or ao on 1510 JOOOO It ought to
be It Is a question in my mind whether the
measure will succeed but an nixty days more
will settle It I will not dIscuss tho pros and cons
of it As to the Idea
now that by furnishing a
basis for ndJIIiunnl bank circulation It will
considerably iqcroase that circulation a more
Inspection of the figures will show Its
falluoy There are less than 25000000 of the
bond available for the purpose altogether
To buy thorn tho banks must pay par for them
In cash and when they deposit thorn In the
Treasury they will got noles for only 90 per
cent of tholr face value besides paring In an
other 5 per clint to the Redemption IunJ
This will leave only 85 per cent ot the In
vestment to be used for loans upon which
Die tax ot 1 per cent per annum nn circulation
reduces the prollt to lose than 7 pen cent on
the 16 per cent of capital locked up I doubt
Terr much whether many bnnkR will bo anxious
to 10 Into the operation und even it enough
ol them should do It to utilize tho whole
S 25000000 of bonds the additional currency
furnished would be only 122000003
People are very prou any dissatisfied with
the extravagance ot the last Congress and
wIth IDS eiouarjubornini into ivnicll It Lna
brought Iho Treasury but the evil Is not en I
tirely unmixed as I remarked three yenta
ago of tne piling up of the surplus thon
equally complained of The surplus It IH true
was drawn from the circulation anti In that
respect was a disturbing element Bull Its
accumulation compelled economy on the part
ot the people as taxpayers and much of It
went to pay off and cancel tbe national debt
The rest of It has now been returned to the
publle and It has supplied most It not all of
the gold which Europe has taken from us
during the last t four months thereby relieving
her without distressing us iesldesthi unless
t am misinformed tbe West andtiouihwest
been so well supplied with currency aa the
result of ths recent liberal Treasury disburse
ments tbat the usual drain upon this centre
for money to more the crop will not be so se >
r as t otherwise would be This resource
to be sure will not avail a second tim The
nrplua Is gone and It will be c long time be
I kiYa nnthr 1 I
lt hat averted a ftreat calamity Had It
I not been for the hoarded nM which th Tress
nry opportunely poured out our money mar
ket would have to suffer for the benefit ot that
cn tho other Me of the Atlantic How both
nre In a comfortable condition I
As to the effect upon tho stock market abd
upon business generally of the Governments
new financial measures I know that my read
ors would like to be Informed and I would
like to Inform them If I could do It with any
thing like absolute confidence In the correct
ness of my judgment The nearest I can coma
to It Is to repeat tbat the probabilities are all
In favor of higher prices and ot greater ac
tivity We have bad olaht months of Inaction
nnd expectation and It Is not In human nature
to keep quiet much longer Let our crops only
meet the expectations entertained of them lot
tho currency question bo fettled one way or
anotherno matter which so long III It III set
tledand the machine nlll begin to move
Whatever any kind of property or security Is
really worth at this moment will In mr judg
ment be woith more next soring Only bo sure
tbat It Ia I really worth what rot are going to
pay for It before you bur It
New York Stock Esehaawfliilas and
Ramce Price of All Mecnrltle Dealt la
UurlBB she > VeU Ending July I 8 IItU
Open lilt ow Clot
atlas IcC nl III Mv
linootr t H 4t r 17 in lintf mix
m m m m
juuuii of uoi I idi om ut in in
autuuienn Set Si iwV 6 V 67X fI ji
auuuW Car UIUIUI2I Ia4 U4 I 124
auutoio foND OTUEB noses IN llOOOi
cpus abs i cm
= z
AllO trio til cit ton
44AUhleon 4 7514 7K > 7H I
MSAieuiMnln 44 i 41M 41V 47U
rJ Am U OItt fl3 e 4 MM It
42AILPaibIlI HM 11V slid lux
2 AIL A Tao lit 712 7IU 6ul s 6
4 Albany las en ea Ill I 121 111 1 121
4 AW im A Imp 6eOSU 11034 Welt 1 < VW
afi AO 8 W ad pL In uj 174 UK 1T4
malt A Ohio se IOJ liu lot 1111
ElhtorUlLitiC I w U4 nil M
UnurtIvuNc t f re an M so M
I Brooklyn KL 111111 IIIK HIM hiM
4U Cbs < U en w Vila wlji w Bi
i ch 11111 A iiiK IIIH hIM mi
CObs LOSe 1111110 HUM ItlH 1104
B Cite 4 U R 4 A Vd oil buti UM U4J U4M
s a B a I I cnv 50 III 4 1U4U liii I li < u
0UlkqOeK rIIIJIC itnx imu lusu
hbCQdsItebxal S4 Klji IM
UlUaQ7u lain I I tIC 1111 tie
htLBjde idly HS i < a en M
1 g b
4 O B 41 4a D dIV 88 4 5 =
I ChL A MU IL1I9 lii lID JIll
0 C o U I 1113 IU 111 119
so r oil Uunn ui TOV BO im 119w
teirL AID 7loalt ilt I 101134
S3 Can Bo lit ira 0044 1mM 103
acanSo3d uu > 4 in1 Dut ltO4
771 ht K Iac Itti 8u Ml Tw foil
I Veil rae jr tifU 1WK lew Ibnt 101114
1 fen rao 117110 nu 110 1114
CnlaoU2 I1JH 1001 ILU
2 Cut A a IIIIcollu iw 11534 10
a ChL A K ilL grit i i iw IM a tel
e Col Coal ut I uaU 1U4H lOJ3 10434
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I Cb M IA it N O 3ITIW ais tot an
I D1 A Hud exr 7a hUll iui i nih hOt3
t ni t U UC no ItO lUrId tO4d
8 lieu A KI 1111 1144 1l3 H 1114
IILelS Ucu 81 Bl HO BO
6 lien C A ii InIOU lUll IU Ito
I Del M 1 S M IJ SO 30 00 SO
Bltanth H H It AIL bi 1140 84 94 04
lKrleoniet IMS lat las I
IS Erie en El M 87M M 87Jf
11 I TaD M IM j 19 HH to
1 Put leon 1eII 114 114 114
7 Flint I 31 f II Si M 1 M 01 US
4 Flint I I1 I M Ill bcIt1 1IBU 11514 1IHU
It it Worth lit IH roft ee > 19 H
0 fullon CI Itt U2 HI Kl Ul
31 Ft w a IL u ut ct eau tw uau
BUU 111S A lit Wd UIH Ml SIX VJ
II Qreen Bajr In SI 3S 2I VJ
hi heck vaiss Ou4 tl 5544 si
4 UOtk vat ta 81 bl SI 81
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1IIT C deb 6e to 80 bO BC
ilronMtthl103 101 IU lOS
HlronMtat N7 H7 87 67
k ill Oent 4a liKil U5 05 0434 94K
2 ill Central 8 dlvIuiih IwV traM lOS
8 lot 1 U N Ut IU 3 IM hOod 110
MJeffeieonK U III IIOU 1U3W luAt IO3M
e ban lee con IMPf lOtlJi 11014 IOiOh
71 tildankTex 4 7534 70U 7et > i 7SU
4j kun Ji lox idi 09 > I5i H 88v any
VI Kings O Ill lei 10 luu aii V7i
1 ken C A Nor R It100 IUO lur liu
I KnoxtlUe 4 Ohio hstIDt 1115 IU3 HA
8 Kentieir eant lit 78 7BI 7H 78i4J
U Laclede Usa lit 74 74 74 74
a L A w ii en losi IOHU 10434 lue >
I L S tV It m Os 139 914 IN 119
17 fc it iwRt rVVllS ion 1054 1MK
X Lake shore lit r UK Ill 1172 1I7H
u Luke Kbora in o U1X I21H tEl 121
1 Lake Shore sd e Ill III hiS 1IX
4lonaMen lll > < iX 11114 11134
2 toil A N 1 a A lit101 nu mi iul
hI Loui L 20 113W 11434 112
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11 Lob V ot N T lit IirJV iuii lout liok
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ILoucItland 41 IBV eVK 8014 8XJl
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1 MorrliABuexcon i < 3 1S 133 lOS
2 Home 5 sioux 24103 HU IllS il3
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aiuoii 4 Ohio iimewliJ lu ill itO
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I MichCent 7e nil lit 111 liu
ivicbcenta 107 hOf4 10754 tIfl
3 Wo lao lit nit SC HO 80 to SO
I Mil d L S lit 117 117 117 lIt
S3 MIL A U H se Ac VJ 114 VJ t > UU
uSer fac lit c H < < M IIBH ll3li 1IUV
3 bir Lao d c hOOt l i lu n aunt lou
134 > or Tao en 7 > 1K 7Si 77H 751
41 Nor IM a Uon letluaM 104 loju leo
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4 C v 4 Sos utr it 9034 IMV aij 85H
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C7N > Central KnL tie10014 11MK I07 lofl i
JJN k Central let ol2oV 1XU 1213 13t
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V N n Cruiritl deb f > B104 < 4 J0I1 UvVi 106 M
auN T Caniraldeb 4a tw uu M oi
IS Caste a iIuat HI UTS 137CII UI
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24 N Y Cb A at I di KtU 5934 bO SIt
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1 OreronSu U Unoiu 7I4 7IU 7134 IHf
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UMiriKon nip w ut 05 it134 U4
I Oregon Imp lit ID 1 < 11 lel
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1 feo It A K III U JI03 101 lai 111th
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Total solo of raIlway bonds par value rsUIOWX
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Sits I MellhK A L K pf 7iJ 7 732 1ft
iolt tentral loJ 16 > j lu > i 104
ix dlrldtuu
Total ashes 823000 ihtrea
057 JJtgti Li tt C7fll
Xnlf Ino tit fit tnt
4CST4 Aster Hag Hef Co Kl PIU tll3 w
silo StIle 5K Co pf 84 Mil K < Kr
GtM 0 National teal tried I7U I7JI 1UV 17
iimWiittrnUn reef io KH lOS 134 l14
ItOihrjioiita yi 3 > t iJ 111
mofuiuniockT Co li 19 17 17
Mii Horn hllvnr 320 S3 i 0I 92
VMllianlx nf Arizona 44 47 It 47 f
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open J3fs isis ls
fata inn rr nr ttiu
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care ttfj fit rL tni
9o9000 D Ctfa 1U4 lOS 100J4 IUlf4
BtlKDAT July 5
The sum of the Treasury balances at the
close of business Friday was 183531934 lie
leg an Increase of ti7tS8579 no compared
with tbo figures of the previous Saturday
fialnnco of deposits In the Troaiurr to redeem
nation bank notes f 39708274 a decrease for
the week ot 502550
Statistics relating to silver bullion earS
tlflcatrs dealt In on tbe Stock Exchange are
as follows Silver bullion on band July 3
CG78870 ounces an Increase cf 333627 ounces
for the wool certlllcatos outstanding 5077
Tiio weekly bank statement shuwo
June 27 Jul JL niitttct
Loans ViHMi3iuoO 30384VMX Too 111141441
liepailtt 4U20MIOII 40I6HO M Inc JtSfJauo
circuiution K013341 aMwaoo inc 74000
Level tendera fti07iKiii a < i3n4 + > i luc tiditBC
specie t7B4S600 BOiai4K LIre 1610200
Revert ll4CflluO fIl6027llO flee jniso
ReicrvrVd Uiuwrooo niiio472i Inc i5730
Surplna lx41lUUl f I54US 07 Dec S3 meTjs
Tlie urplu spear wo vat JJdWOi and two yein
ate AUlvA
Crop Report
ToPEKA Kan July 5Tho Juno report of
the Secretary of tboStnto Hoard of Agriculture
gives the following summary of the crop con
dition all the percontocea baler arrived at by
comparing the present condition with full I
Corn 82 percent oats OS barley 93 rye
08 broom corn 80 liar Ji lame grassos 103
prairie Brasses 107 fiorgbuin fid cototoes
98 peaches 107
The report Bays the winter wheat crop la
nearly ImnestoJ The iterance was 347J13a
acres or nr increase of 02 per cent over last
yea The yield averages llftean bushels to
the ere nmkln n total yield of 6200000
bushel Bprlns wheat will make 2227175
bushels more giving a total wheat product for
the Stole of fi4307IHi5 bushel ° Damage to
crops exceptlue corn was very slight last
month Itntna damaged corn considerably
making cultivation Impossible The average
was reduced to 60 per cent
OMAHA July 5The lice printsreports from
every county In the State on the crop outlook
The showing Ii the most favorable oven made
br Xcbraftko The yield of small train will bo
unprecedented A tow counties report corn
hurt bytlie not weather the woods cnoklnc
the plants In a sninll Faction of Castor county
the crops were destroyed by hall but from
every other portion of the State the reports
arc most flattering The lures section which
was stricken with drought last year reports
abundant rains and the farmer are jubilant I
BT Loujr July 5 Tbofetalo ISonrd of Agri
culture furnishes the following weather crop
tiullHtln fopiho week cuJInuyestuiduy Tem
perature und sunshine not ninl Ilalnfall above
In northwest and ellcbtly below in southern
section normal elsewhere Except in the cx
romo northwest section nenrly all the wheat Is
in ibe Ebock Tho crop iue 1 ettlmnted above
what wai expected a few weeks ago The ont
inrvost has commenced and tbo ciop IH
Rood quality Torn Is biaint oultlvntcd ah fast
oelblo and whnie cleaned Iscronlnc rnrldly
Ieafbos and small fruits BIO abuudunt and In
tine condition
Ills UVGU4Z1JUL 1 ° 1
ICalone Pornlahed the Money for he Fan
and Ho tB < Unl lava Hint Awur
Boswell Malone a ISyearold crooors boy
hiving nUll Urtut 135lh street was sent by bin
employer ou tiaiurdav to collect Lllln Ho
vent to Mrs Downing at 203 Alexander ae
one and collected > 20 lie looked at the money
tend he looked at Cite sky anti then at a buy
who waspa iloB nrdsald 3ay Johnny Ivo
cot 20 Want to Imvo some fun 7
The boy Samuel ltoenthnl ot 5 Sberlff
street who U also 15 years old had never seen
Julono before but ho had no objection to
carousing with him Eo they went toa bar
gain clothing store and bought two cbran
salt exactly alike Then they went to lIon
Island and bad a bully tlruc eating nil they
could stand Toward evonloc Itosontbal be
ian to frel unwell and wanted to no home
Malone otlll had tl and was for making n
light of It They bad a wrangle and Itown
thai hiild
Anyljow ion stole Ito money
An ulilcer overheard the remark and nr
rpHloil both bora 1liuy were taken to the
Torkvllle 1ollco Court yentrrtny by cent
liicof Mr OorrvB society ill Ir rnttiur
were there and oiled a great dual Mr Malone
iffrred to pay the t 21 > and to tbaatUo Iloiwill
and the grocer withdrew the chare
Vatnlly Barned by a OUmt firecracker
NOBWALT Coon July 5 Several children
war playing In a front dooryard just outside of
he borough limits last night when n passing
man threw a larco lighted firecracker among
hem Jt exploited and till burning IrncuantH
fell on Thontal ConnordMvrnrfnroldilnucu
br Her clnthliiK look tile iinil IKS lor a
lutnnco eoulil reach her she was fatally
burned She died Inuroat agOny this moinlog
CoolS Visdurs This Unr
muni COOS > jRiiia aTWoUon calendar Mo 1
taos cAlla at II Cloo Dy Judge Truax
HoiMMirai Coo iho day caieadar
0 GaMMas ruuivOuutt Tia ifjoaratd until tell
fffimiMi Km S
A Vhaitsro Tale of Woe
Maurice Quinn ii I A resident of Anaonla
Conn nn J U here < n a visit On Huturday
night Maurice says be walked Into the saloon
ntlSj Inik row rind ordered n glass of beer
As ba did RO about twenty loungers rare up
and diti likewise When bo had finished bin
drink Oulnn rut n Dickie nn the bar nnd
ataitelto wilfe out J Ue lirtneudor icorge
B till or urnblied him I and ordtrt d him to rny
forth ret of ti I oililnk Qiilnii relived to do
BnwliereiipQiitlitibiMpiil r y lMellji ottrol
of lie t I bun ers nicked him up t i1llv iiml i
threw him into the tree A little later Oulnn
found tlmt ho had IOin nlned of 112 fill Urn
money lie rinil He had liartonder Duller
arrobted and nt the Tombs yesterday ilio prls
our was held for trial In 2suo bail
Kire Majvlna Ciirp on llnitd
The loiterer about the fountain In City nail
Park were startlrd late yeetordiiy afternoon by
cries of My siseri mv ilsterl p > licol jiolior I
A little girl was MrugKllug mid gaplni In the
water of the bruin uhlch wan nb ut thirty
Inchpidep It wild Ytllu KumhoU Ill nara
of ties ol rl8 Cbryftle ntirui who bud bou
playing rluoutld libel lounuln with LIT liro lier
Ja Yettii WAI Iranlnu Ian Over the lirthlu try
IDE to pull In n t stick by mrauN olHoo her stick
Which cbs held In her band In her eagerness
she laand too tar over John tiarnes who
stood nax br and who has bain irvlnn fur
eomethae past tbe fnreko alodxlivhousa

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