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r "IF YOU SEE IT IN j fff I J! cfflSfe I? , L S' II "IF YOU SEE IT INH l(
I IT'3 BO." Lf SSgKKlg & W IT'S SO." JJ j
gUFxb7;,. 7 " "" ' WYORKTUNDAYifLV 10, 1891. I'UlClTlWE CENTS.
rjiro.v " rr.4cr, nxr ro.vmtV
rnErAit.tTioss ron it ar. j
,,, Cntos.n tJrovro. nnil wllh It
r....lne. "r """ NelBbhnryr
K.ll.bnrj.". ' nilllr..l Move-fa"
iri of th silver Pluto Baak a' 1"
rjri.a.fedon to KIt FrlacoWho
,.. It. Mrs More than TotiU anil
Mei-tv-p World'. Fnlr Cnmllon
,, r.Bl- ' 0';fr' foP
,,, .aalno-Weclfllnp: of Minn -torne.-,
ell.-l'onier.ner, oM'ongragntlfmnllst.,
,Tirlv. '! " T" f" '''"""" '" rvW""M
!oM)OV. Julr 18.-Lord Sallabtfv made a
...ech on Wednesday night vvhlel has since
np ed the attention of poll.lelnis to the ox-
Sot " other top as. Thfw'J'
, naNr dull for Lord cnllsbtry. but tlio
TpTn m towhU th. ora.orfepeatedlv re-
iX' Proved that It had been car. ullv
owed It I' Probable, therefore, that 11.9
,hwn. meant to bo a " ff-'tr.- and gen-
Salon Is that It Indicates the poller ro-
hcTuponbythe Governtnmt In tho hope
,tdl-t ra.Hni! tia attantto, of tho .looters
on the home rule queatlSa at the general
Son. That ro lav Is eldently to bo m
I electoral and ndinlnla'ratlve ro orm. In-
"if. ToriT lmoP.lr ".J br .
Penbr'a omphalic docl.r.itlon that thU Par
tooat should run Jti MH "'' '"' n"'1
Nnathat tho ne aauloit w 11 ba , do
"o"l to tho It.'form bll. bv moans of which It
"ouMleuulle iK)--lb) " to rearrance tha
5totl .-.-. to i.H oa"ro " Tory
'ni UhtraLUnlonliwat. whioli. under the
Th. tehwa Is a I oloiw. and will raatilra por
!,0tP..rtrdls l.Vned l.nrd Work to oarr
UlhroiiKh.bi'tll-l'orylfnlors aro ponflilont
thiT. in. thloK cin be dono If the entire
V'ssloa b. do .0 It and It Lord Halting
irnatnl his rollovers Bivo it thalr active sup.
port. Tin- schoinf. ofcourso. will raet persist
.ntandileloimiioil resistance from the I.lb
rls. whorlsir fo ruht of any moribund
Government loirli a In anv Ileform bill, and it
Ubrimrcojn Iriiirobnblo that the noxt sos
lon will bo f the llell(st ehuraoter. The
I)Ii1jop iaeunopeotedlr bleBsad tho Iroo
Hucstlon bill, thoraby accoleratinK its pas
hko tbronelitbo House of Lords nml Inamluc
Sir. Glailstoim Is back again In LoweBtoft.
ad l fitt resnininK his normal health. A
l.itersl victai y in Wisbnachwill doubtless oom-
ii'it the r uro. r.ur thins is In favor of the
Torrcnndldate. but tho Liberals are working
bird and lie full of conlldonce. Mr. QlnU-
ttone is dansorously nonr the constituency.
but. haUne i r united his medical ad lsers that
hwlll notst nk in public until they clve him
rjrrahsioa. bo has bad to content himself with
writing a manifesto In the form of a cheery
letter to the Liberal candidate.
The Uoral Commission on Labor la showing
I mus of exhaustion and will soon take a long
I bolfilsr, Tho proceedlncs this week bar not
I ben particularly edifying, the CimmlsBioners
I nilvitnssosshowlnKtoomuohor a dlsposl-
I tin to wrangle. Tola, however, may be due
I utoebptweatber, which has also thinned the
I ittcnJsnca of the members uod has caused the
I Comnlsaioner to regret the Intense respecta-
I billtj of his environments which prevents him
I (no ilUing In his shirt sleeves, as Is his ens-
lnwliiiriittbisd?,kt the Dockors Union
I Ttadsrett of tho French Government in the
I fJiiatber on Thurtdar, although promptly re-
barto. yerterdar. has somewhat aeared
I IotoJh, but the wonted signs of peace have
I bw. inuHuallr abundant this week. Austria.
I lorlgMsnc, has decided to put her fleet ibto a
I oieditloa which will enable It to make a re
irMUIile appearance In the Mediterranean in
I iktiventof war. and the peace footing of the
I' Inseh firmy has been Increased by 10.000
I d But It Is in Itus"la that the peaco
I lilMieailons bare been most striking
H itl Biiu.er .its. The Vienna corresp-'nd-H
lit of tV Vnttrlard to-dar telegraphs
H tome sroci.r en. Lvery day. ho says,
I Mm fresh iuielllcence of what bo describes.
H lwr erroneously, asthewaillke prepexa
I Unib) Sussiii. Hoieral Cadre butinlloas, of
'teres ne Infantry carrlsoneil near tho'A'ti';
H trim rentier have Loon transformed intoj'as
I Einr reeinients liy th, simple process ,ot
iluublfni; theii number. Up tu 183B this step
H ' Inlem'od Mill to bo taken after the order
I hdtifin uivcn to mobilio. and as It is being
eail r carried on in nil the western districts.
H ii"tnrr writer in the retler I.towi considers
H HUl.:;inniiiLMir a mohllizntiou. Tho snmo
H rit r thus sniuiiiurl7.es the preparations
"Tito nw nrmv corns hare been formed.
H Tlenllobiitallous bne been orennl7od. New
H eaJry d.iisiu'i-, and C'ossick liniments of
H I5 le.ouil lo r. ono Finnish dragoon regl-
tciit.cntl nccrnl ossncl; Infantry battnlioDB
H Nlortrei.attilli ryfompanies bnvoboencro
H l. Tliolmtterles stationed near the west
H fo Ironilei tin.' o loan raisod to n war footing.
Im frontier KiianU have become regulars.
Jul nlioaly slated, tho reserve infantry
M'lifea Increased to war strength.
H "There lonm'ns hardly anything to be done
bf ituile'e the mobilisation except the trans-
ring or the tp ois Irom the lntorior to the
'''tennd lor that purpose a network of
1 "rt'eglini Hi es has been ronstructod. and
Ilo linos Ime liocn laid iilotig tho wholo
'' n Ironili r. Irom the north to I ho south."
H Ihewri'ej sajn emphnticnlly Unit tho ad
H 'ueof iiiikl.fr mobllb.at on, hitherto on
H jyJ by Aii'tiin. Inm dlsaPDunrod, if. indoed.
B tt robotry h imt actually buhlndhand, its
H ''"llatlnn requiring thiee woaks, whereas
H ""U'ltinm will bo reduced to a fortnight ns
M "lull the l.jvjs now in construction are
sfl iiT"1 m'"tf,r' wltfr also Imre thoir eyes
sH i '" """'orr movements, and are
B "winter i reparations, which. It Is said,
si i,!110''"1 young I'mpotor uuthorled bt-
H .""irln on his Norwegian trip on last
H ,ilIS,c'F'rl,'1,,t'd of Bulgaria nnsbceomo ox
iH ert '' ani' """'eiiitei.tly ho has boeti
H p7J., ,a"' 'l ''"rso o' iiiounialn climbing.
H lAiS Htl C"M tUiy nt Carlsb.id tho I'rlnre
B ili i"'J'"'0"5 'Kiantltios of tho water and
i4b ,x '"""8 ,,lli,y without roduclne his
-fl Ai ' ''''0'',, unaciiiialnted wl'h current
si nt U p '" '"H coriU'nd that a fat man ran
fl ju ' anjbitiouo. and they expect thnt Fur
fl lo7 1 ,' ""t f0 ,I"BU0 will "-eupy hla mind
1 iho k "'" ,0 e0l0' to tbo exclusion ot
A Ud i aiU ' out ' tl" "t'onalouof his torrltory
la,,,?? uis irritatinc to the mighty
-fl teilJinlern"'ot)l11 oncregntionnl Conftr-
,.l'7m' In London has not aliractoi
u.a. mUe attention, nltliouch the proceed
'i.ut i' X"""i e"cfnoly Interesting. Tho
'"Mr lwe n"t boon without spice, nud
slVtlili '' "l'nl0I bale nindo theroseUes
Hntun"m" ,n Unifl. notably at estordaj's
"(1, "" "' 1'Ov. Dr. Condor of Leeds
nsBckiirc!l"l,,r'"1 ' ll'oOnlnsnnd Lossosotthe
VtiitiM ",S"rl"oil Influence." In tho dls--flktrnt
' ,0ll')W0d Mr. Wnlkor of Mel
SB!l,,C,"secl a 'onslilernble sensation by
"BUilea n,mi'U '1"'rU8 ' denials nml pro
lV lriiii,,'i''i"ll'cro W1V ft marked tendency
lNii.,1 on "' l"1'1 ot ,ho Congregational
t .1 '"''cl': with the Lnltarlans,
JM Nta, .,no ent or exchanging pul-
S ,1. ""lenient seemed to ex-
reclal wrath of the Kcv.
pr. Noble of Chicago, who persisted In oross
exnnilnlng (he speakers until he obtained a
lobust iiogntlro reply to the question. "Shall
our c.hur h imlplts bo exchanged eccleelns
tlcally with Unltatlan ministers, and Bliall
Unitarian mlnl-tars bo invited to our confer
oncosand founcllsV" The American delegates
hnvo taken a very protnltiont pirt In tho pro
coedlngs ot the Conference, and their olo
nuanco. lenrntng, and good fellowship have
been oerfwher braised. Of tho eight dale
gales appointed to represent tho Conference at
the unrolling of tho .Totiu ltobluson memorial
tablet nt Leiden. Holland, on .Tuly 21. no
tower than lour nro Americans, lr., tlm Hoy.
A. Hull ot Connecticut, Dr. A. II. HosBOf Mich
igan, Mr. (I. H. Whltcomh ot Massachusetts,
and Mr, ('. If. Woods of Minnesota. To-morrow
ninny of the London Congregational ehurchea
will bo occupied by American mlnlntors.
Idltor V. T. Btcnd. who. it Is well known,
looks after the tnoial Interests of Englnnd. has
sent n circular letter to tho delosates limiting
them " to tnko pnrt tu a conforence devoted to
Iho consldoiat'on ot cettnln grno moral issues
vlilchhaleot late brought tho non-conformist
conscience romewhnt prominently belore
tho world, but which are not outbeoftlclnl pro
grammo of tho ('oncregational Council," This
nnel ronferonco will ho held on Monday aftor
noon under tbo Presidency of Dr. Parker. It
is uni'orstood that onn of Mr. B'enrt's griov
nnees Is the nuptiort given to Hlr Charles Dllke
In bis character as a politician by certain non
conformist hiinistors. St.nd regards that emi
nent bnronet ns n conviotod perjuror and
n lulterqr.uriflt to associate with decent men,
nnd he is doing his best tu prevent him from
cott'nc mto 1'arllanient.
Slatn has fciuvaty orderod n cunbont to pro
ceed to tho eustcoitsb oriho Gulr or 81am to as.
ceitalc ths tritlt'ol the; report that Trnnco hns
followed up her aggressive nuement on the
mainland by occupying several email islands.
The cuuboat'rt mission Is ono of inquiry onlv.
which Is n (food thing for tho vessel, for showlll
meet sovernl French wnr vessel", any one ot
which could pound her Into small sections nt
short notice Blum is displaying in this busi
ness nn unexneoted but not unnatural timidity
duo to the dlscovory. as a result of conlldontinl
Inquliles In Lurope. that not ono poworwill
clvo her material help against Frnnoe. The
Siamose (ioverntnont in fact hns roujon to fenr
thnt thoio has beeu some ominous talk in Lu
rope nf "pnitllion." nnd the only word or en
coumteraeut that has reached Bangkok has
cotio from Pel.ln.
The Trince of Naples will arrive in England
on next Wednesday ror n month's vlblt, and In
a quiet w.iy nn interesting programme Is being
arranged for his entertainment. He wilt be
the guest of the Italian Ambassador, but ho
will lslt the Queen at Osborne, see the re
gatta at Cowes under royal auspices, and at
tend a review of the troops at Aldershnt. Lord
Salisbury will give a garden party in his honor
at Hatlleld. and the Italian ooluny In London
will entertain him at a banquet. The young
Prince, however, will devote a considerable
portion of his tliro here to scientific and prac
tical pursuits. He will see. at his own reqnest.
many ot tho most Interesting factories In Eng
land, and will devote n half day to examining
the wonders in tho Woolwich arsenal. He is
an enthusiastic collector of coins, and Visits to
the South Ke' slngton and British museums
.re nmong his forthcoming engagements. Tho
Prince Is handsome and has prepossessing
manners. He speaks nnd writes English like
a native, nnd if court rumois may be credited
he la anxious for Introductions to the fajr
granddaughters ot tho royal house of England.
Parnell does not intend to go through the
ba'ikritt tcy court to evade the payment ot
Cnpt. O'Slits'a Jajr costs In the notorious dl
Torcu suit. JT is quite In accordance "with
Parnell's temper toglia O'Bbea all the trouble
and aanotanlbMwhlch a ferttlfr mind ean con
ceive, and it Is just In that spirit that the
former Jdol of Ireland .is .withholding from
O'Shea ! lie amount 'of hla Indebtedness until
the last polble moment.
Queen Victoria reviewed 10,000 of her troops
at Aldersbot on Thursday. Tbe soldiers were
not nartienlarly flnu specimens, and tbsy
hardly did their work as well as tbe volunteers
on Inst Saturday before tbe Emperor William,
but there was ono sight worth seeing. It was
an e'even-yenr-old dapple gray mare. This re
markable animal, whloh was on parade look
ing fit for anything, had its off thigh bono
br ken two years ago. It was put In slings for
six months, then had ea.y work, which was
gtaduelly Increased until now it Is perfectly
aintml Arwl Ktinnff.
The 1 ncllsh bank of the Itlver Plate In Lon
don closed lis doors this morning, All the
marke's opened weak In consequence and
closed 1 per cent, lower for English and Amer
ican railway shares. Consols declined '.'. but
Argeutinos and other foreign Government
bonds witj practically unchanged. Call
monoy continues nt nominal figures, but dis
counts for three-month bills ndvancod to 2V.
The English banc of the Itlver Plate was
established in 1BS1 and has a sub
Foribed capital ot l.5C0.0C0. of which
onu-balf is paid up. At the end ot
16TK) fts resene fund amounted to 42,
000, and it hud over 7.000.000 deposits.
Its loins anddiscountsnmounted to8,:!C0,000,
nnd 1, had o-i ban J 2.300.000 cash. The stock
of tho bank was divided nmong about 1.O0O
shareholders, und nmong the directors were
t he Hon. Sidney C'nrr Ulyn and the Right Hon.
Lord fieorco Hamilton, M. P. The bankers of
tbe English lauk of the Itiver Plate wore
Messrs. Glyn. Mills, Currle .t Co. or Lombard
street. Loudon. The lurk has paid a dividend
of 1(1 par cent, per annum for severally! ars and
was considered to bo the strongest bank doing
buslnei-s In the Arcontine nnd Uiuguayllc
publics. It had branches In Iluenos Ayres,
Montevideo, nml ltosarlo. with agencies at
i'nysandu and halto. Tho bank was ono of the
few banks that remained open duiine the re
cent crisis in liuonos Ayres It is not knonn
ot how tho suspension will affect other South
American banks in London.
.. ,.. .U l .-...4.. .l..Hln.l.&
llltj WFUKDCHU 111 tun KMUI1 ! uuiiiii. wo
InM few days has been duo to the difficulties of
Messrs. Edward dripper & Sous of the Win
chester Wlinrf, Iinnk-Ide, London, an old-es-tabllshed
tl rra. who nave been obliged to sus
pend payment.
John 11. Weber, tho Commissioner ot Emi
gration at Now York; Dr. Waller Kcmpster.
II. .1. Sc'iulteis, Joseph 1'nwderly. and Cnpt.
Judson N. Cross, tbe Commission appointed by
Congro-s to slt Europe for the purpose of
stmlj Inn the emigration question with a view
to th rosti li tlon of emigration und the amend
ment of then itiirnllrallon laws of the United
States, hove arrived In Loudon. Chairman
NNribei'Mil Tun Min reporter to-day that tho
Hist meeting of the Commission would te held
in London on Monday to map out plans. The
vnrlouB Kuroiean countries will be divided up
umong tho Commissioners for visitation, nnd
thoy will probably raoet next In one of tbe
Continental capitals.
Another American deputation arrived this
week tii bo mi ttie World's Fair project. This
iloputntlon Inilii'les the Hon. Benjamin But
tcnw.r li. .Mow s I'. Handy, Ferdinand W. Tei-k,
A. O. Hit lock, and John M. Butler, and It has
iiliondy had several iniorilews with Minister
LltUMiln, who Is innl.lnKe.irly arrangements to
put It on an o i.ui il t ntlng by an Introduction
to Loid Salisbury. The nvnl of the delega
tion is ti Miuicoof much Interest tu prospective
oxbibltois. particular y In Glasgow, Manches
ter, and J'olfnst, and these hav made numer
ous Inquiries. u tliey hav n hitherto been una
ble to obtain reliable ii.foimutiou about tbe
Every courtesy has been extended to the vis
itors. On Monday they will dine with Seere
tary nf legation McCormnck ; on Tuesday with
blr ltlcburd Wobstei. the Attotney-Geneial,
at the House of Common, and on Wednesday
with Sir Henry Wood of the Society of Art.
They Intend to romatn In London about ten
days, nnd will afterward proceed to Paris,
Home. Berlin, Vienna, St. Petersburg. Amster
dam, Btussels, and Stockholm.
Mrs. Potter Palmer, tho President of the La
dles' Commltteo of tho World's Fair, sailed
with Mr. Palmer on the Noimannla to-day.
Wilton Lncknye also salleJ on the Kormaunla,
the last lettormnncoof "The Idler" having
been given at the St. James's Theatre Inst
night. I.ackaye will return to England In five
weeks fer a short provincial tour in "Tho
Idler." nf lor whl h ho will nlar a leading pnrt
In n now production nt tho St. James's Thea
tre His success on tho London stno was In
stantaneous and complete, and the cr.tlcs
here iirediit for him a brilliant future.
Nat Goodwin sailed on tho Teutonio on Wed
nesdnyrns did also the ox-Commodore ot the
Now York Yneht Club, Thomas J. Montgomory,
nnd the ex-Unltod Statos Consul to Manches
ter, Joseph Hughes. Mrs. Gen. Logan sailed
on the Teutonio with Mr. and Mrs. John A,
Logan and the Intter's sister, Miss Andiews of
Youngstonn, O. Among the arrivals on tbe City
of New York this weak were Ptlnce George of
Greece nnd Jimmy Powers. The two became
gient friends during tbevoyare. Powers de
scribes tlm Prince as a most affa
ble and genial person, and expresses
his diseuat with tlie conduct ot the
Kodak fiends who pestered the roal young
man on board. Powors iy that Prince Goorge
could not wa'k tho deoks without having two
or throe Kodak vandals of both sexes rushing
up and snapping their cameras In h'a face, all
nt which ho bore with tho utmost good nature.
I'owors says that tbe olltnax was reached when
a man from the West slapped the Prince on the
shoulder and snid: "WaL Pilnee. your name
Is George, and so is mine. We ought to know
each other. Shake!" Princo George shook, as
Cornelius Vanderbllt left London yesterday
to join his family in Vienna.
Elsie De Wolf will sail for New York on the
Gneoogne on next Saturday to, make her pro
fessional dt'but In " Tbermldor." Miss Eliza
beth Marbury and Amelia Hives Chanter will
sail on the same steamer. Mrs. Chnnlnr will
pass the rest or tbe season at Newport, Edgar
Saltus has arrived In Paris, and so bas Augus
tin Daly. Mrs. Burnett has succumbed to
overwork nnd has lelt'-Londou for Yorkshire,
where sho is occupying " The Nook" at Filey,
and will remnln until her health improves.
Mrs. Stanley Matthews and Mrs. Thomas O,
Plntt are in London.
The wedding ot Miss Ethel Forbes-Lelth. the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Forbes-Letth of
New York and Pyvla Castle, to Cnpt. Charles
Koodln Burn of tho First Boral Dragoons, will
be an event of next Wednesday. The Duke
and tbe Ducbess of Connaught, the Princess
Louise, and Prince Francis of Tcok will be
present -at the ceremony and the wedding
brenkfast. The royalties mentioned have sont
handsome presents. The bridegroom Is ono ot
the handsomest nnd most popular men in
court cirolea and Is an aide-de-camp to the
Duke of Connaught,
Miss Forbes-Lt-lth will have four brides
maids, one nf whom will be Miss Amy Bond of
New York. Bhe will also be attended by four
lads in Highland costume. The presents, sov
eral hundred In number, were displayed yes
terday and to-day at 49 Cadogan square. Ihe
Duke and Duchess ot Connausht sent a superb
silver bowl. The Princess Louise sent an an
tique sugar sitter; Mr. and Mrs. Morris K.
Jesup a pearl necklace and a diamond pend
ant, Mrs. Arthur Pagen an antique fan. Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur M. Dodge a diamond und tur
quoise pendant'. Mr. aad Mrs. Bradley Martin
a hue silver pitcher. tfrSTJ. K'JuanTa dia
mond star. Mr. and Mrs. Plaroont Morata a
diamond ornament consisting ot a spray ot
feathers attached to a bow knot also of dia
monds Mis. Ronalds held tbe best of her afternoon
receptions on Sunday laat. American beauty
and talent oradomlnated. Tbe singers were
Mme. Nordlca. Clinton Elder, the tenor ot St.
Thomas's Church; W. Blspham. Miss Lucille
Saunders, and' Mme. Medora. Hanson Emer
son Percy Bhortls played the banjo, aad tbe
leading a'rilsts from the Italian Opera sang.
Mrs. Itonatds's guests Included the Duchess of
Newcastle, Lady Wimborn. Mrs. Griswold
Grar. Mrs. and Mlsa McClelland Greene, Mrs.
Charles Maule Ramsay. Lady Anglesey. Miss
Adele Grant. Lady Arthur Butler, Mr. J. C.
Ayez. Mrs. W. H. Emory, Mrs, Mackay, and
Mrs. Huncerford.
Tho polioe do not take any stock In tbe
theory thnt Gcorgo Parker, tho New York sport
ing man who was found dead In bis bed with
a bullet through bis heart on Thursday morn
ing, was murdered, but pronounce tho case to
be one of suicide. This theory is borne out by
the statement of Mr. Hamilton, his former
mistress, to whom he wrote on Mondav that if
shedld not return to blm from Paris he would
kill himself. She arrived on the evening of the
day on which his body was found. The IhiJUest
will be held on Mondoy.
Johsnn Slrausshns arranged with Rudolph
Arouson for the composition ot an operetta ot
the style of " The Merry War," destined for the
C'nsino, where Carl Teller's new operetta. "Der
Vogclhnndler," played with grant sucrosa
throughout Germany and Aurtila. Is to inau
curate 'he fall season. Miss Agnes' Hunting
ton bas entered into a contract with Arouson
for tho production In America of Planquette's
operetta, "Captain Therose," "Villi which, lu
October, sho will begin her American tour.
How It RrouBht About Immediate Conces
sions' to the Amcrliun PlK,
1'AittR. July 18. The decree rofclndlng tho
prohibition oi American pork, which takes Im
mediate effect, simply onacts that the duty on
American salt pork, hams, add bacon, which
paid 8,L francs boforo the prohibition, will now
be 20 f ranos per 100 kilos. In accordance with
tho now tariff, all the prohibitions will be
Tho Immediate application of tbe decree is
duo to the persistent pressure brought to bear
by United htates Minister Reld, especially
during tho last few woeks, when M. Illbot,
Minister of Foreign Affairs. who was hesitating
ovor the matter of rescinding the prohibitions,
finally agreed to do so. but wanted to postpone
it until tbe whole Tarilt bill was passed and
Mr. Held urged thnt If the Government post
poned the reseirdmcof the prohibitions until
the end oi autumn, it ought to passnspoclal
law without delay. M. Illbot consulted Ills
colleagues, and. Jlndln-' no opposition to the
matter, introduced tho project in ihe Chamber
o( Deputlts.
A Prominent and Wenltliy Young; Man Ar
rested lor the C'rlmo-The Police Reticent.
Tor the pust fovv days a great deal of
comment line been occasioned by the inys
tt'rious difappoaranco of a benutiful youDjr
plrl, tlw daughter of one of our wealthiest
mid most exclusive fnuillioa. Now conua
tho rumor that bIio hns been iiiunloipil,
Mut Btat tlln? of nil is tlio irrmrt that ouo
of our wealthiest youiiB rnen hits been ar
rested for the erlnio. liy icquest of power
ful nnd Inlluentinl friends of tho parties enn
icrned, tlio police absolutely rcfuso nny in
formational prevent, but the. Inner hlstoty
of this mysterious occurrence is fully nui
intent In "'Iho Shadow Detectlvp," by Old
Hleuth; Issued tu-tlay In "The Calumet he
ries." Ak your newsdealer to let you look
ot u copy. Adv.
T.teVr, "The Ineas Collnr," F, A W.
! Our trrt murk on your rnl r e unite dinotM Mr
Itci wriu, id .ui'.tioriij- at nu icy son auUa. Ait,
mi avow of nAtiTMoVTit (toiriEtm
A Young Woman Mnrdrrril Whiles Wnlk
Ins: With llrr Mother nnd Slslrr
Armed Men. IneliiitUit Unrtmnulli'M Pro.
rcors. Mrnr.htng; for tho Murderer.
nixovjen. N. II.. July 18.-Tho assassination
of a young woman by a roiocted suitor In the
presenco nf hor mother and slater, both of
whom wero also tnrgots for tho tnurdeicr's
bullets, lormed Inst night nt midnight one ot
the most sonsntlonnl tiagedios ever enacted In
this vicinltvC The murdoror was Frank Alrnv
nnd his victim was Miss Chilttle Warden,
daughter of Mr. A. A. Wardou. one ot Han
over's leading and most inUiio'utlnl citlcns,
Tho assassination oocurrcd under tho shadow
of the Dartmouth Coll ceo buildings, and al
though the shots nt tractod many to the spot, tho
murderer escaped. The hign clinraotor and
social position of the victim, togother with the
boldno-s nnd desperation ot Iho deed, has
helped to ralsi excitement (o tho highest pitch,
Business Is practically suspended, and large
numbers of armed men, among thorn nearly
nil of the Dartmouth professors who are
spending their vacations at horrieTnte scouiing
thecountry. Ono theory Is that suicide as
tbe second act In tbe tragedy, and that Alms's
body will be found within a tew hours not far
from whero his flnndUh work was done. An
other is thnt. having long premeditated tho
act. he planned such speedy and effective
means of oscano that ho Is already a long dis
tance away. Her father has offered a reward
or 800 ror Alms's arrest.
Mr. Wardou lives about a mile from the vil
lage. Ho has throo daughteie. ail of w horn are
bright and well educated. Last night Mrs.
Wardon.with her daughters Christie and Fnn
ny, the former about 25 yiarsot age and the
latter much youngor. and Miss Louiso GooJoll.
a young neighbor, spent the evening in the vil
lage. It was bright moonlUht, so thoy did not
start to walk homo until lu o'clock. About
midway between the centre of tbe Mines,
where tho Dartmouth College buildings arc.
end the Wardon residence, Is what Is called the
Vale of Temp, from tUe renowned vale of Greece.
Here tho road is lined by dense bushes and a
small brook runs beneath the roadway. As the
Warden party reached t bis spot a man jumped
from the bushes Into the road in front of them,
nnd. seizing Christie by the arm, cried: "I
want you." He was at once recognized ni
Frank Almy. a former emploiee upon Mr.
Warden's farm, whose attentions to Christie
had been very marked and which had been re
pulsed by her. The mother and Sister, realiz
ing thu nature ot the nttnek and what its re
sult might be. came to her defence. But
Almy drew a revolver from his pocket and
II red at them, but fired too hurriedly to take
effecttvo aim.
As Almy wasdrawlnj bis victim nearer to a
clump of willows she called to Fanny to eomo
and help her. In response to her sister's cry
tor help Fanny rushed fnrwnid, when Almy
said: "Fanny, I hate you nnd will klllyeu for
Interiering." at the snme time firing. The
bullet passed so near her tnco that she felt Its
nassige. Almy then dragged tho girl under
tne willows and mercilessly shot her through
tbe head and body. One or tho bullets passed
through bar head, tearing out the left eye. and
death most have been Instantaneous. Help
arrived la a few minutes, but the murderer
bad fled.
The affair has created tha greatest excite
ment, and tbe indignation is so groat that It
would fare ill with Almy should he make his
appearance In this W.vn. Miss Warden was a
pretty nnd estlratble young woman and was a
great favorite in the town. She was a gradu
ate of Ht.Johnsbury Academy and the State
Normal School and a popular teacher, and
was spending tbe summer with her family.
Almy arrived here abut a year ago, saying
that be came from the employ of the Brown
Lumber Company In Wentworth, and that Sa
vannah. Ga.. was bis home. He engaged as
a farm laborer with Mr. Warden. He was gen
tlemanly in appearance and deportment and
was well edueated. He soon began to pay
marked attention to Miss Christie, who dis
couraged bis advances nnd plainly told him
his suit could not bo considered. Her
parents, who were nf tho same mind, had been
inetlgatlng nt Wentworth. and found that
while Almy worked there he had been known
by another name. Mr. Warden discharged
him last April, since whan his whereabouts
have beon unknown. Telegrams giving de
scriptions ot the murderer were sent out within
an hour's time after tbe shooting occurred to
deputy sheriffs nil along the line of the rail
roads In this region, and to conductors ot all
trains at White River Junction. Wells River,
and Woodsvllle. That be could have escaped
by train sems almost impossible, nnd it Is
generally thought he Is hiding in or ranking
his way through the woeds.
Ella Palmer A.k. Chief McKane If He
Doc. n't Want a Private (Secretary.
Wl en the exclusion boat from Stamford
with 1.C00 of the omployoesor Yalo.l lowne
arrived at Coney Island yesterday. Detectives
Van Loon nnd Bo; lo or Chief McKane's staff
arrested Elln Palmer, a girl of 17. and her coin
pnnlan, William I'aslo. William Palmer, sup
erintendent ot tho St. John Whltasmithiuc
t'ompanyof Stnnifoid.hndtelemnphed that bis
daughter.who was married only two weeks a :o.
intended doping with Eagle. Ihe despatch
described the girl's dress nceurntolr, nnd tlio
detectives bid no trouble to plok her out ns
the pas-eucers left tbe stt amor.
The girl said she bad no Intention of elopfng.
but would not mind remaining ou Coney 1st
nnd irshe Iniind work. She asked Chlel Mo
Kane If he wanted i private oeretarr. Until
the excursion boat was Inlrly under way. she
said, she thought heo husPaud wns with hor.
Ho wns an Italian, not neailvas good a fellow
as Eagle, und she had only man led him out of
A policeman kont track of hoi- until the
steamer left at 5 o'clock last evening, nnd then
the Chief in person saw ber safely on board.
Ml. Kenny Fulls from a Cherry Tree and
her Lea I. Frarliired.
Klngsbrldge Is a t nrt of New York city, but
It has many of tbe character!, tics of a country
villngo, Duiim: the fi nit season tlinro is a
plenty or work for surgeons nud physlcinns
nmong tho boy, who add ThkSuk i holers
mKture to a diet of gr.'en fruit w.th
moio or less comloit to themtelves.
'ihe chony season has already given
the hospital surgeons considerable work, be
c nuso a ( lierry tree laden with line fruit is nt
once one of tho most attractlvo nod nioU
Uascberousot trees.
T Klcgshrldiio belongs the distinction of
furnishing the first fomale victim, mid the se
ductive treo which lured tho maiden
to her fate stands on Mis. Cuddlip'a
estatn In Van Courtland Park. Tbe vic
tim Is Ann Kenny, who Is active, prettr,
end 1'J years old. Yesterday while
she was up in tho hinnehes revelling In ep.
joyment of the ftult, ill limb on which she
stood broke and she fell to the ground, She
tried to tise. but could not, and when help
came her leilt leg was found to tie hrokou. bhe
was removed to the llurli m Ho'plinl.
. llndv from Ibr Hily.
The body of a man was found in tho water
on Bay llldgo yesterlay, Tlio man was, ap
parently about 3D earB oh', wns 5 feet 8 Inches
tall, mid had sandy hair and a smooth shaven
Me. The clothing coiulMod of blue serge
trousers and ve't. laced shoes, brown Books
white underclothing, standing collar, and a
blue scurf.
Tbui i.ton. c.mlllo, at lb. mIo."
-Wlni.r's Tl.
Trslni .Tirr half hoar by th. Lour telsnd IUI ro.4 In
SUnhstlsn H.sctt. oil' or Hunrt .Ttrr sfltmoon
ml rv.nlnr. rmr.i tulmii t lb OrltBUl ana Man
1 Usll.u BtMttUtil.il. -Jdi'.
' .L
Mr. Tartelt Now u Fiirlou. Manlnc In
llelteviio Ito-nllal.
Mrs. Ella Targott of 781 Amsterdam nvonue.
n woman or Inrge frame, Is In tha insane pa
vilion nt Bollovuc. Her outbreaks give her
keepers tho greatest trouble, und slm Is al
most constantly In a strnitjneket. bholslbo
wile of George Targott, nn ngent for several
flat houses, and was brought by him to the
hosiltal o i July 1G. j
When he biought her there ho said that he
bollovod his wife's Insanity bad been brought
on by a sitting at the dontlst'sat which she bud
had nineteen teeth drawn under laughing gas.
Mr. Tartett said jestordny to a Siik repoiter:
" For the past six months my wlfo has been
I went nnd nervous. She had boon in the conn-
try lor a time, and upon her to' urn complained
that sho had suffered dtoudtully Irom noural
slaof the face. She thought thnt sho would
be better it she had her tcolh pulled
and begged ma to give ber monoy for this pur
pose. I did bo and Bhe started out with her
aunt li week ago last Thursday, hho left the
bouso early In tho nflornoon. but did not return
ttutll about 9 o'clock at night. She seemed
utterly broken down when she reacbod the
bouse nnd wns in a lev or. Foi nn hour I could
not get a won) from her as to the experience
she had undorgono. The nunt told ine, however,
that my wile had losttwo quarts of blood, aud
finally my wife herself said thnt. although she
had taken gas. she could reel each tooth as It
was pullou. l'lie aunt declmad that she hud
first usked Ihe dentist if It would be perfectly
safe to ndmlnlstei tho nnisthetle nnd he bad
nn-werod her that It would. A physician who
had nttendod iny wile he ore was called lu. He
snhl thnt she ought not to have taken gas.
Sho grew sieadily worse, nnd tbe insanity
under which sh now Buffers hns rapidly de
veloped She has never been out oi her mind
before. We have beon married leve-i years."
The dentist who pulled Mrs Ta-gett's teeth
on July l is Dr. Edwin L. Oldls, whoso ornoe
is nt '. i ' 1 Eighth avenue. Di. Oldls said yester
ilnv that there had tioen nothing unusual about
Mr-1. Targ, tr- case so far hi his connection
with It was concerned.
'She seemed to bo an excellent patient, he
said, "and behaved with toolness before the
looth drawing begnu. Hie sat munching
candy whllo waiting. Ho examine patients
only forp sslblo vnlvular disease n! tho Ileal t.
nnd none of this was nppnient ith c-r. Uas
wns administered twice. Tho first time
sho was under its influence for a min
ute, and in throe-quiirtors ot this time
I extracted ninoteen teeth. Then, nt her
request. I gave her gas again whlb- I
picked out two or three loots that remained,
bhe did not loso mote than n pint of blood,
and a'.ter even thing was over she sat talking
about bur son, whowaa surgical case. She
seemed gratoful nml it llevcd.
"1 do not remombor that the lady who ac
companied her naked anything about the
safety or the gas. Talk of any Impurity of the
fras Is sheer nonsense, blight congestion of
be blood from the reception or tbe unusual
amount of oxygon Into tbe sjntem that re
sults from tbe inhalation of nitrous oxide Is
Dr. Oldls wns asked If in his opinion tbe
shock of having tenth drawn could hnvo pre
cipitated insanity In Mrs. Tnrcett's case,
"I wouldn't like to commit myself on thnt
Saint," he replied, "until 1 knew more ot the
Istory of the r are, nnd hnd nn opportunity to
consult authorities on It "
Dr. Stuart Douglas, under whose care Mrs.
Targett is at Bellevue, said yesterday that her
condition was extremely seitous. "She
screechet In horror at tho blood and bio di
visions pleturad by her tli-ordered mind," ho
said, "and writhes nnd twists with furious
strength In tho hands of those who seek to re
strain her. The suicidal mania is strongly de
veloped "
When asked if the shock from tooth pulling
might preciiltate insanity in a person wlih,
some leaning that way. Dr. Douglas said It
was po-slble He would hazard no opinion in
Mrs. Taigett's case, however, but said that he
knew of nothing for which the dentist was
George Hartaea Sentenced to Nix Month'
., Jmnrlaonatcnt rr Trc.an...
Whjtic Pminb, July 18. Among the prison
ers in tbe WeStohester coanty jail Is George
Harmes, off East Irtlngton, who wns arrested
last Wednesdny on a charge of tresspassing on
the estate or Jar Gould, the complaint being
made by Ierdlnnnd Mangold, the superintend
ent ot the estate. Harmes was taken before
Justice Ellas Mann at Tarrytown, who com
mitted him to the county jail for six months.
It Is alleged that Harmes visited Mr. Gould,
and, entcblng him alono on tho veranda, pro
ceeded to read blm n lecture on the foolish
manner In which he had invested his monoy,
nnd advised how lie should cxecuto bis last
will and testament.
Harmes. who. it is said, wns once in the
Pougbkeepsle asylum, resides only a short
distance from Sir. Gould's house. His sentence
is regarded as too serore. Harmes donles hav
ing held a conversation with Mr. Gould. He
says Squire Mann did not lead tbe complaint
to him, and ht was lmmodlntely committed tu
"I was on my way to take a bath In the
rlv er," said Hnrmes " nnd w as passing through
the Gould estate, as was my custom. I met
Mr. Gould on my way and merely passed the
tlmeofday to blm. Ihavo known Mr. Gould
fi r ten years and I hav o always held tbe beet
of feeling toward him. 1 have biotheis who
have been employed In Mr. Gould's green
house for yea a."
As soon ns the county Judges return they
will be asked to appoint a committee to exnni
ine inm tbe sanity of Hnrmes und.il necessary,
commit him to the asylum.
Bcvlval or Pinna for Line from Nov
Heotla lo Liverpool.
Montreal. July 18. Mr. Dakin, the acting
ngont for tho Terminal City Company (Limit
ed) is inthUelly. Ho states that the company
bas boen formed fordovoloplng tho old idea of
quick passage to Europe from a point on tho
coast ot Nova Scotia.
A site has boen chosen on the Strait of
Cnnso, nnd n large block of land secured,
which g'ves snlendld hnibor accommodations.
Tho Nova Scotia Govoitimeut hns granted the
company olght squat o miles of coal land in
Cape Breton, nnd ha subsidised the six miles
of inllwny nece-sary to connoct tha Terminal
City with 1 ort Mulgrnve. the tei minus of the
Intercolonial nn I Canadian Pnc lie railways.
The Fcdeial Government nas nl,.o promised u
subsidy for tlm i altvvni, nnd the mails will go
by this rou to if its promise l o tulltl ed.
The distance between Terminal Cltv nnd
Llveinool is Ii00 miles less than between Liv
erpool nnd Now Yo k, while between Ter
minal City and Mllford Ilavon the distance Is
!UU miles less than I etween Liverpool and
New York. Mr. Dakin states that tho rallwar
Hue Is building, ami that a steamer will make
a trial trip almost iminodlatol).
The Woman Who Slew Ham Po.t I. No
Looser Temporarily In.unr.
Ells Nelson, who shot Sam Post, the husbnn I
of another woman, bocauso ho had epreso,l
his Intention of letumleg to tho wl'e
ho hnd deserted, and who, by the aid
ot bar fluent tongue, yellow hair, nnd
londy tenia persuaded a jury in Gen
crnt Sessions to acquit her a month ago,
is now enjoying life nt t'ouey Island. She Is
tall nud fair, The companion ot ber Coney
Island sojourn, w'dcti promises to be brier,
is short and ilntk. The couple arrived at
Coney 1-land on June .10. nnd engaged a room
nt christian. Nebsnthnl's in West Brighton.
There they lion Itled Mrs. Nel entbnl by smok
ing cigarettes lo bed. Thev registered as Mis.
Gales and Mrs, Mitchell, Mrs. tvsl'On taking
Ihe name nf Mrs. Gates. At the end of a week
ihey were reiiu-sted to seek other quarter.,
aud went to trie Sea Bench Ho'el.
With the exceptions of n fondness for cigar
ettes nnd ror attending the raies. Mrs eheu
ihel found nothing to complain of. Chief .1, lm
V. McKane did not know Mrs Nelson In
Ills domain until vs erdar evening, an I thn
ha sent her nn invitation to call nn him this
morning nt Police Hendoiianers lie refused
to say Inst nightwhal bo Intended tosay loli.-r.
Toledo Merchant Try lo Urnce l'u the
Toledo, July 18. This evening a confer
ence ot business men wns held, at w bicb reso
lutions were adopted calling on the Mayor to
set a time lor starting tbe reet cars, nnd de
manding that he have a sufficient police force
on hand to prei ent any Interference by strikers.
Aat.rleaa Traveller Mociire the Bet
bj r-a'ronUlDf ibi Ms Yelk CtBtrsl-4s.
They Hay II Will Mil In Albany and Not
Itrlorr Btnt, IS.
8ome of the Domocrntlc politicians wno wero
In Snrntosnla'.t week ear that the call for a
meeting ot the Stuto Commltloo is ready and
w III bo out In a dnv or two. The meeting will
be hold early, possibly nssoon as Thursday. It
will bo bold In Fnratngn, aud the chief business
to be done Is tho calling ot tho Stuto Conven
I tlon.
The Onto for Iho Convention will be not ear
lier tbnn Sept. IS. as the purpose Is to seo w hat
tho Ropuhllcnns will do betote making up tho
Democratic State ticket,
Uhosclocilon of this date will prevent tlio
holding ot tho Convention In Saratoga. So it
will go to Albany, wheie the local Democrats
hnve boen ntwotkto secure It for several
mouths. Ilnrmann'a Blescknr Hall, which was
compls'od since tho last Stnte Contention wns
held, furnishes the sttongest argument tho Al
banians have in favor ot thoir town, but thero
are also good political reasons for having the
Convention there.
An Alliance Judge Who la Rnnnlnc Thlna;a
In a Hlsih. handed Wny.
Kansas Citv, July 18. A special from Topeka
snysthat G. W, McKay, the Alliance Judge In
tho Twenty-fourth district, has taken another
turn at the Supreme Court. He placed a wnr
innt in tha bauds tho Coroner of Harper coun
ty yesterday for tha arrest nt the Sheriff, who
had oboied tbe orders of the Supreme Court
Instead ot bis own. B. A. Burr, who bad twice
been arretted before, once while tbe Bunreme
Court had the case pending bofore It, was for
the third lime Arrested sesterday on an order
from McKiy. Tbe bench and the bar are
nwaiting with anxiety the next move of the
jurist who presides over the Twenty-fourth
district nnd laughs at tbe Supreme Court
Judges in Topeka.
This morning the attorneys for Burr sub
mitted to the Supreme Court tbe necessary
papers for McKny's arrest for contempt ot
court. Judge Valentine Is the only Judge now
in the city.
Wreck or a Train Switched at Fall Speed
Into a Mldlnc
Ltvebtooi,, July 18. A train pnsslng along
the line ot tbe Manchester bhtp Canal this
morntnc tell over the embankment, killing
elevon men who were working under tho bend
ing. In ndditlon to the men killed many otbor
workmen were injured.
The accident wns duo to the fact that the
pointsman, a boy 17 sears of nee. mistook tbe
points and turned the train, consisting of
twonty-two wagons loaded with ballast, into a
siding lending into a cutting. Tho train then
crashed into a slight buffer nt the end of the
cutting, and topp'ed over upon the men nt
work below. The bodies of tho men weie hor
ribly mutilated. Tbe boy pointsman ran
away when ho saw that tbe accident was due
to his mistake. He was captured later la the
day, and was charged with manslaughter.
Little Mary De Hyter Had Been In a
Trance for Almost a Dnr.
Pateiwos. July 18. For ten days past Mary,
a young daughter of John De Ry ter, has been
suffering from scarlet fever. Yesterday the
doctor gave the child up. and last evening she
apparently died. The body was removed to
tbe cellar and laid out on a board, undarwhioh
a Quantity of Ice. was-,placed. Undertaker'
Frommelt was called-'to-dar and began to
prepare the child for burial. He was placing;
the body in the coffin, when tha child cried out.
Examining the body, be quickly discovered
that the child was not dead, but had only been
in a trance. He hurried upstairs with tbe
child In his arms and gave her to her mother,
who was overcome with joy. A physiclsn was
hastily summoned, and to-night tbe child was
In a fair way to recover.
Ml. a Mevmryer Ml. sea Ml.. KanoTman and
Refuse, to Apologise,
There was a lively iow nt Gnntzborg's con
cert saloon in Uoboken about midnight on
Friday. The combatants were Miss Clara
Kauffmnn nnd Miss Freda Bevmeyer. singers.
While Mies Kauffmanwas singing Miss Sev
meyer. who was in n box, hissed her. When
Miss Katiffman came off the stage she de
manded an apology. The answer was a sneer,
tbe response to that aship on tbe cheek. Then
Miss Sevraeser lifteqnbrer glass and felled
hor adversary. When a policeman entered he
found the two women locked in each other's
arms on the floor of the box. each pulling tbe
other's hair.
Justice Hermonr took Miss KnufTman's com
plaint and Mlas r-evmejer wns locked up. She
did not secure ball until late scbterday afternoon.
Dropped Three Storlc. to the Pavement
and Picked Vp Coolntr.
ClliCAf.o, July 18. Two-year-old Elsie Diette
dropi ed from n third-story window whllo at
play this nfiornoon, and Alderman Hainos.
who was passing, rushed forward to pick up
her mangled body from the ftngstones. To his
amazement the child, seated on the Mnnshed
reinnins of a whidow icreou, was cooing and
'ihe little tot had carried with her the win
dow screen, whhh readied iho giouml first
and l.roke tbe force nt her fall. A nbyslcinn
vns called, nnd after examination pronounced
iho child to be wholly freo from Injury.
Found Dead In the Hold Inihr Morning.
The steamship Denmark of tlio National
line lies at Plor ."!. North Itiver, and is loading
with grain. In the forward ho) I are oil barrel-,
nnd the hatchway forward, through which
the barrels were being lowered on Friday Inst,
was not closed until latn in tho evening. Be
tween H and ji o'clock on Friday evening Cor
riellus Londrigan nf 7u llnpeho street. Urook
yn. a grain trimmer working on the grain ele
vator, harbor, which was loadingtheDemnnik
with gram liy the alter bntdi. loll. It is sup
posed, through the hafhway foi ward upon the
oil Inrre'siind wns killed John llynn. the
loiemnn of tbe gang in whhh Londrlcnn
worked, missed Irm at a little alter ' o'clock,
I ill sunpoM d be hud gon home. When the
sf.inier's men went In vtoik at 7 o'clock ye
teriiey morning tho found Lnndrignn's body
In the fornaul re Id. Loudrigan loaves a wile
nnd three children.
A Lodgr nf I'.Ihm IIIhIi tnda.
IenrKpinr. July IS. L ckpnrt Lodge, No. 11,
I'enevoHit nnd Protecllve Order oi Elks, of
thlsrltv hns decided lo disband and surrender
Its charter. Tho lodge was rrginled nn
MnrehUI. lMSri. A scandal connected with the
enlertnlnrci nt of soiuo female members ot a
visiting troupe hns rnn-id n Inr-'c dino in
nieinberslili. Wives reliiseil to let their hue
band' join, nnd the ha- liolor members arc not
BulllcleUt to keen life III the lodge.
A Little Hperti. Come. Thl. Way,
The steamship Umbrfn. which got In yester
day, brought $173,000 In specie, On the Snnle,
which sailed from Now Voile, $303,000 wi.s
jumsu aiiovt yoirv.
Otto Mover lielil lor t nnln itlin vl tli. Tnm'n
Cnuri T..lrr is , h.( tfol will, ,le I lev rlc ii-illl li.
fvc url l l-cuit ComiMii) ui vtciliti he ret cull) .i.
Tic. trieUeeiof 81 Mini loilM ml. for is.rrlptlen
for ttit m 1 ii-iLiH. n( tic. losiicw iluep l.l nui II .
So Slit. Iiciqilut, icnU ,uLieivI.J-c u. r.i.lpl or
Elrhl tfimlili led Hilt r"rl ) e.i.r Isr for f. trope,
c.rrjlntf l.rs- i..enBr citii reev .re I. hum
rem. for tl.vre. Alir.aU .net W uc n.ill, for I Ifef
pool S..I fc r Hr.ni.ii. Ire.itl. Mr c, ..irnw, i it.
t'.n tor KAtterd.in naft.lo for London, and su.tu.
fr H.uiburs
John Byrmi. traplor.dsiagrooro tn Willlsm K.Van
d.rtllt't tutie..t M.dl.on .venn. snd Fltivseeonl
pireeL u held In tl tvxi l-.il rt.i.rdsy In tlio Yorkrnl.
rnlk. Court rhsryod with pu.iiui. sold wnon n4
dl.niosd ring from Hsry Qolnl.n. honititcpi; lor Dr.
. krosooUVihut ruiy iiveuitiiuim.
f It
nia Political Associate. Annnnnee Hla AT.)
Derision to CI lie, Up the Krptihtleaa V V
Chnlriniinchlp A Cull for a Meeting of tji
the Executive Committee on .Inly gt. ji lj)
Putt APi't.t nt. July lS.-Scnator Quay haa V
decided to retire ft om thoChalrmnnablpottba l ,fj
National Kopubllcnn Committee. Whon ha u'.fj
wns In Philadelphia this weak, en route from c I
Atlnntlc City to tits homo in Beaver, he told a J,;
friend in tho Continental Hotel that he soon ! '
would retlro from the Chairmanship of tba I) '
commltteo. Ho said thnt his health was not '
very good, nnd thnt ho did not foel like taking- li !
upon himself tho work of another Pretldentisl n
cnnmnlgn. He added Hint bo would remain a 1 1
member of the commltteo, but proposed to tjta
rotiio Irom tho head of the organization be (
nuso ot Its hnrd work. Alt the local lletmblt- II
can loadots horo admltteJ to-day that they ill
had knowledge ot bouatoi Quay's Intention to if
resign. El
Naval OITlcer Towers snld that after the cam- II
palcn of 1888 Senator Quay was almost pro. D
tta'cd fiom tho strain upon htm. "Senator ft
Quay said ut the close of that campaign," said il
Mr, Powers, "that he would not hold the Chair- D
mntiship in another Pre-ldentlal campaign un- mm
dor any consideration. For days and nlghta JU
after the election ha could not sleep. He left a9
the headqUHrters In New York with his brain H
throbbing and with a craving for rest L
which no ch.ingn of surroundings or eli- uM
ma to could satisfy. He then went to tba B
onshore, but he could not sleep and be bad -
vory little appetite. Ho then went to his home Hi
In Beaver, and nfter weeks of quiet and the ex- TH
elusion of nil political and business matters M
in the bracing nir ot tho town on the banks ot HI
tho Ohio ho bogan to reouporate. But be ha Wl
I cen moro or loss troubled with insomnia ever 1
since, and his friends have known for a Ions iff
time that he could not be induced bi any posa IS
sihlo consideration to bold the Chairmanship) jHj
in the coming Presidential campaign." EH
Tho fact was developed to-day that before. Oil
tho dopnrture of ex-Internal Revenue Collector HH
Martin on his Western trip bo bad a meetlntf jjH
with Henntor Quay and others, at which it waa XI
definitely stated br the Senator that be would
resign the Chairmanship not later than Sep- ttfl
tember. nnd thnt Gen. John S. Clurkiou of OM
Iowa would succed to the place. MJ
Col. Quay has Issued a call tor the meotiBgy H
of tbe Executive Committee ot tha Republics. HJ
National Committee for July 23. The report la BJ
that one ot the principal things to be dlscussrirj HJ
at the meeting of tho Fxecutlve Commlttea HJ
will be tha question of the date of tba next BJ
Republican National Convention. Senator! BJ
Quay nnd other leading members of tbe corn- BJ
mtttce nre snld tn be in favor ot holding thai BJ
Convention at an oarller date than u.uaL the) H
month of May being suuge-ted as tbe time. '
Tha Executive Commlttoo at the meetlnaT i
will authorise Chairman Quay to call a meet-
lng ot tho National Committee for a data not!
lator than Sept 7. It Is undorstood Col. Quay'aJ
resignation as Chairman will bo presented at'
the meeting of this committee. Quay is said r
to contemplato the Idea of handllcg another
Presidential campaign with horror. He Bald i f
to a friend whon ho was In Philadelphia last tl
week that to undergo the strain of the work or l
threo years ago. in bis opinion, would maka 11
him a victim ot paralysis. U
Gov. Hill's Vacation on Cons; I.taad. j 11
Southampton. L. L. July 18. Gov. Hill, whey I
arrived here last ovening. is the guest ot Sena-r , B
tot J.H. Robbs. and will remain at tho Sena i .. I
tor's country sent here until Mondav. ffl
After the Governor wits serenaded last even- '
lng by tho villago cornet band he made 4 brief " 9
speech. In which bo thanked the citizen of M
Southampton for their cordial greeting and 'M
for the demonstration made in his honor, 8
After dining with Gen. Barber he attended tha(
ball of tba Meadowbrook Hunt, where ba met ' M
all the leading cottagers and held a abort la H
formal reception.
Qos.lp or the Sea.bore Capital.
CArr: May Point, Julr 18. It Is said that M
United Statos Senator Hlscock of New YorlJ jjflj
will be here on Monday to cee the President om D
bur-lues rtdatinir to the filling ot a foreign) nf
mission that will siou be vacant. U
The Weather. M
Tho storm centre, which wai over Lnso Sopertor oft H
Friday, moved .oLihrsei to Lake Eiio yeitorday aad By
Joined a trousli of low preature lhat exteadod to Ala- HJ
bama. Willi a rain area covarloc all th Stau.atit of Up
Hi. lltutwlppl Th. eottr. d.prwuton was moving H
toward tli. Nnrlhea.t. Heavy raluimllln lUinols. T.n- IT
none., Keutnck), Uicbljcan, Alabama, Ai kaasaa, mad na
W liconiln. HV
on tbe coast there waa a dent for, north of sow I3j
Vork and a light f c to tbe south a. far a. Uaturaa,
made dancernna ty on iboro winda.
In all the Allantle htatrs II waa aoltry. with as tm-nc-ually
hUh percentaire or bumldicy. Weat of tba
Mlt.ift.lppl an area of high, rrotf are, with fair, coaler
weather, dominated. Tlie.e conditions aj fallowing
cto.e after tbo itorm. and c'oarlnc and cooler weathaf
may be looked for here tbta afiernoon
In thl. city yesterday tbe hlxtieat ofiletal temratmre
wa. TO", lowe.t. oC, aterai. homUIlr. aj p.r ceat.
maximum. 7. wind .ontbea.t; bbrhe.t velocity. 3S
mil., an hour, avorace, is ujl.ei, ralnUll. .IS of an
Inch up to SI' M.
Tbo tbermometar at rcrry'i pharmacy ta Tn. In
building re corded tbe temperature jenerd.r ai foUmni
lstii 1MU I MO isei.
SAM 7i '"'. a to p. if Tr 7S
CAM 71" Ml' SP. M 75 TU-
11A.M.... 71" T!i- HP. M 7V 7J
12 H 7U" 73 lUIJld TO TJ"
Areraie .71!
Averaiteon July in, lw .TavJ-
iioiai nrrcra pobecist tux H r. m. acwair.
ForSlane Hew Hampshire Vermont, Majgacanattst,
Itbode Island. Connecticut, and raster Sao rr, fr
tlitfnlMhmptit , tlntlomtty trmprtiturt ; ioaA temdi.
or eaktern I'cnn.rlrunla and N.w J.r y frvonent
aliowir. r.lr Sloiiitay, e'atlon.ry temporaure zrpt
alislilty cooler at Harrl b rit, south winds, becomliy
For Ibo Pl-tric' or ColnmbU, Pelaware. Xaryuurd.
and V Irctnia, fair, except .bower, on tbo coaat; stev
ttonsr) lemieratnre, except fl'irhtir cooler at Ly.ew
bur?, wind, u oonlnff northwest; fair Monday.
For S "I Slririnla, wisiern renntrlvanla, aad wrss
ernNevrSork fair Sunday and Monday, .iceyt -hetr.
er. on lb. lakes, stationary teuiptrsturo, nonhwset
r s, Wstt's. a prominent rroluc mo-ehant of I
ItlicMii. tonimlited .ulclde yettcraay luorntng by
drew nine
The born of Sarner tnbn.tnn near Frouehtown K. I
J wa. erui k li) JUtitnlnr ye.ierct-y am born-d with PJ
hIi P. Luulouta Ttir. nor.r. pon.bed. Los about U
r.unp liner at Wt Rreina Pa the srei oribooo- I
rMiii, iii.im .r ihe tbirl t ruaje Penn.ylraiila .National
cluanl' w. f rnial y opeueti yesterday mornlQff, Usa, ml
bebiii i. uitoininaii 1. nH
William Paulei. who fnugtit a prlxo Oeht at Crystal B
ra'le. Mcrh on W e'lnebdav nlitlit, was a-r.ted yMtsr M
tin) at r.litne and wt. ith bis two tiaokers. for mar fj
tier, on a te'er on from tti.t place,
I , twin it ItMii.ett uf Oetver la'l. Pa., commlltod I
.uiriicim I rid iv nuht b cull uir hi throat with a
roror lie ii. il ojt 'l Tear, old ait a v.teran of ihe V
laie wnr llea. irrllliiz a pension of SlSamomh. EJ
V rnlt,lrlt,ii by Most. Irrln-or Falisbarsrh So lira In
rounii, f tbrowliii Irrliur and hi. wife wba Uj
vrere in Hie vetclrle. o it upon the around. Mrs. Irrlnv I
Ir'irL upon her bead breakinx her neck. Irijorwet I
bud) liijiued on the face aud tieacl A
A fire In Mrnnunc N S veil. Mir mornlor ds- n
siroel the cipcr lliis. b'o k rarro ciweipnc hou.,
ear.fii tiarilwa-e ind urucv. u wuh t'us: tjfnc ana l
I arnrs. .to UreK'Strr trinllu- ',mee and tipera '
Hon-.-. (ic Intra ctr.itr i, er,' and trrnetrr. VVarre.a !
larilivire irrccrr ilneiiop daeihuir ana .torchon... I
ilebul mvt. wl.lrh vvtre of irKk oxr.pting IV arr.u's
tpire licet tnrr dwcllim: .ire a t tal wrerk, "
Ti o 1 xiciitiv. i oininlitie of tu I nliea Typotltst. ,
ot Acnefl a in led ns .,..1' li at riiicliiuali vcslertlav. !
1 on ineini.ero; le (niiiuiitee . prent Itcaa
miMillluoi. J agreed that Hie I lined T)l.olh.ln c.f '
Aimririi .nuciiii udvle ,1. err tine I cppo.iunn loanr
attempt t biiori.n ti ii(nir..ir tt r ft wa. also Ik.
ulianllnoii. eptiiifiii r.f ihe innnnlle. tl ut it wm. uu i
tieeer.iirv tnchinei e cute , if ihe annual rooeitnr. '
lite n-ni.,1 Pi il e ra. vt .1 IL brown tbe eailoron u
th.iiniel t.ir. .hip t liar e.tun sho tva. khlod In a I)
tlirl t -v it, atcrivl dtiutv intr.tia1. last Tu. day, was
clcoul on tridal it (v.n PitifO The Jurt retnrtceda :
erd'' m 'inir that I r1"" it m-t in. n.ath ty being 1
beit.nbvcj v, hrerdlrtve. and that t har.s. Wlsnn. A.
Sl.fora'M vs. wVi and Teter currll auls.rdia Ik 'I
kllltnz and ttal ttisr a .n ataaolied Srown. Tbo Jury j
alio obarrei four on v men wltb bemt coactrnod f.
tb.as.au t on ths sallnrs Ihs Jail In which tho taea i!
are ennSn.d I. fuardia by Iwtaty dipsty SMtUM V
armtd wimrtflts. - " i
- ' - - - . .ir -. vj-i' nr. J- f

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