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1 ' THE SUN, MONDAY, JULY 2(1, 1891. "" ' ' 7 ill III
. .r nnmr.tiT the it.tnn escaped
'" Ttit: nussiAX iiovsds.
. mni rPort Out of tho Country
All for Hale-rut Into thji I'hnln One
, rrrylnl-to sntpe Mit-vrntlon.
1 . o'Hclrnp, Assistant Buperlntendont of
i mllon. took the tosllmony ya-tartUr of
ooroof tl Russian. Holirewa who havo
Ln JetalneJ nt tlio llarco 01Tlc pending nn
.t!eilon Into tlio clrcum-itnncefi of tholr
log he' Thwonlna nfildnvlts nro slml
SinthMriiaturu to tho ttvotv y-oiR.it ,uken
I .-sturJiy
I Tkj aflldnvlt of Mentlol Kocnlkr. who cama
ibeStatoof Ooorcla from OIobcow. b1iow
",i,nn well as any the efforts mado by the
t.-tConirnltl-o on tho othor s!do toloolc
ttor their Hebrew t rthron and to cot thorn
.hl, country. ItocalskyU 20 roars old. a na-
' j pinoeborB. whom hi1 mother still llio,
pi slljavlt stnto-i thit he la ft enmontor.
ct'Ot-eiUt Wen, wlicra for nlno years he
"rtej inn ntnirentlco In lonrnlnc his trade.
r?.l-t lil position throuKh what ho enlls
r'reial Interference" which Is tho ituBsltin
,ol p..iUnK of Jew uniting. When ho
!, ulsclinrnoil lie I ad mnnnce I to scrapo to
'.h,r 6,)tonhto.nbout$2).besdis support
hU mother. Honaaordorod to lotno pica
I oneo. but manacod to btny thero about
L, momhs. in that tlmo ho roma nod
ilal u In tho hou08 ' his friends, all of
.B.litf .aju.Midoiod thcmelcs llablo to
wrislimcnt to Slboila lor belrlntidlnu Mm.
The authorities of lllisn h aid tht ItosalsKy
,u score ted at tl o houfe of ono of his IrlondB.
ud male a xlk-ornusf enroll lot him. It Imp
MtA that the hmiso iidmlnlnc tho one In
Srt 1 obh W-v w.ih .on. e.ile.l was also oceu
I: i ii v ' ii ii leml of his '1 ho tu o houses ito
&cte.l by iico m'ealed passaceway botwron
Mftlla-. - the hunt lor ltoBalsky
,. to hot ho went Into tho collar
f tliouKi tho Social Pin.sr.e.iai- Into
?, n xl hou o l but hou-o wis not
.Irehol and -loiMl-ky e-oiit-oil. Sl.or y
"r tint h,. "t mil or Mm itn. iiin.le 1 Is y
ti.to liitiiiob re. w hero hi' Hed ,,1"1i'
',' ito iiiiiMdel In oiitnlniti- oinploy
J St at I) nneow. but lost It nt-rilo through
-iSltil Intoit.T.'iie.-. "e asiilso ordered
ifSno lilnncb-ic it once. J U mother cot
,, thor e .0111:11 money t mnkp 04 roubles.
. t il 1 it h "-"I " - his savluKS
&in jil.. ll" thou determlLei to come to
J?iitii''t v ohject In view, he started for tho
uicoast He Lot as tar as ynutl on the
f?r.rii froulli'i .ilnro he found that be
Sou,! "i'ln MS- tho r.ovemment onielals
l 1 mnl . or "4s. to dt an International
i o 1W Who w '- "' 0' 'he .luestloti.
II Lebadnevoi lad IU0 roubles atone time
in his 11 e ll irade up his mind to pt across
Se fro "tier with i.t a passport. He tried it
.nVw"cJl,iirid and thiown Into prison.
i, it littlo 11 onuj liu bud lolt was confiscated.
AfWtbWLW' Hoc dU was sent, with thir
teen otifrt m 'ain ea e to Neustadt,
'iftiro i was Bl.lrpM .t his olothinc and
throiin into. 1 cell wii'eh.ha nys. v as hardly
U eiioii It I'lm 10 llo down In.
lie wi- kri'i m th Tin n ml-erablo coarse
boil inhMillleo"' .nnntltlee. fpr about two
tasks wbrli lm w is leleased and told to cloar
tutrf Niiisiad .1- m-t as ho could bo. Itocnl
t.v t.ivt in hi- -iti.il.iv it that he loarned after
tkri-ieasu tb.it li" pilson olllclals had Pom
Inbnl M let hiin u . He koi money at Neu
ciJt from tho lli'lief 1 oinmlttoo of some o
dir ino n.uneof which ho does not know, to
(itoJU'iiiol. There annthir committee tonic
ri'sef him nndcHio him monoyto cotoOlas
1 wand a tu-kak'o ticket to America.
lci:al-kr 13 n'i lino lltiont-looklne, nble
boiiMioung fellow ulto lonkh.'islf he ought
pbecumoient to take onroot hlnibulf easily
umbere II he had halt a chanee.
ud. Olli'ine ic i-lvoil vesterday a letter
liom I'll Ii.1 f ohen. e Uior of tho American He
iwr .Ijf, 'i lie I ttcr "nys that the Jiuron
Erh land i deiKned to look alter these
woploitho have cm horf. and thnt they will
ill tw taken care of ndsi nttotl o Wost. where
i:r will Le pro tied with tho means of oarnlhK
1 Mi c on I irnisorln 'linilnrways. Mr. Cohen
Hiiinhl lo'ler that Huron lllisch was op
eA to a iar,;f emlcratlnn of Jews to this
Hcairy.a.rtill I not ileum it In any way nd
tfiblf. and that ho had HURUOsted Cnnndn.
tlsArcentlno llepublic. and Australia as tho
cosilatorab oto Ids M'hoines forthtcolonla
t.cool iheeiatnated ltusslun IfoDrons.
Ibe'e ar forti more of tbeso people de
bited at the Itaicu tiillce. whoso uflldavita
bitenotbesn takon. tion. O'lieirue will cot
tteirtestlmo.iv to-dar and It will all bo br-
iirdeil to As-lstunt Sec rotary -Nottleton of the
Tnuury tor bis UecUlun.
Mter Jubilee of St. Stephen's In Brooklyn.
St Etepben's Human Catholic Church, at
Eicks tail Carroll atreela. Drooklyn, cele
l:i'.ej its silier jubilee yesterday mornlne.
the exercises, which uero lod by Bishop
Lojchliu. wero atteudod by Catholics from all
CTer the cltr. Solciin lilch ma-8 was cele
Uvtl bT I'tslmii John J. Conroyof Curium.
'rbtb' l.ov. 1 nomas Ward of tho Church of
lu'hirle- llorroiueo us assistant Ihedoa
Mioioror woro tho Hon. Jonopb McNamee
I bt Tle-iii-as Chiireh uud tlio Rev. l. J.
'mira of tho Chnreh of Our Lady of
Sercr. 'Jhu din on w&t the liev. I.. J.
ai-abe 0 the Chuun of tho Malta
ton, tbo i-ub-deacoii tho Itov. 'Walter
Poteiscf St..iolin'- Church. The ltev. SI. T.
filihf, rasp.r of m. Siephen s was the master
tferemunlcN. an I tho Jii Wnlti-r Elliott of
tsiltiilitt I ather was the preacher.
.'.note othor pru-ts wno took part In tho
riicesro tl e .. fathers Donahue, E. J.
la'y l. I. M e dn. William Hamilton. Joseph
IMiiiKioii olm I ii.eiald, bylvestor Malone.
Li Job n Mai. n
notiliin'a l'.oi 1 round at Bay ltldee.
'Ihebodrofn man found nt Hay RIdee on
hnrdiywas identillod yesterday as that of
HreJ llunttn of Hobokon. who. with James
'tersoarndW Ibniu Iischer. was drowned
uvular. Jul) 1. Iluntons body was dla--rurei
levon 1 p-c unltioi. but his identity
"-ralablfjied lya bunch of kes and tho
'"line, lholinil) win iemued to tbn home
1 l.nDto 1 a 1 limits The other bodies were
Tpniit,e Ciuehtii-TliU i:eupeil Conrlct.
UwarJ Mu r iv, 20 5 ears old. was sent to
tebaaki. II II pon.tentlary from Jersey City
.rmontlis.i;oiosoreslx months for petit
Jf 'Jl;. ''isatiinlav nftornoon he walked
i "'OP''-'"! Kioumls nnd wont to bis
Be at I nn. 1 I mil or-t streets, Jersey
e.;i.ht''".' -H"1 n" '"P'u ed hlai there that
r.fi,niL',H""' ''"'' lw"' '"ie outinnueweuit
iMtlej. 1 m aro 1 toloiive the eily.
Price ought to bo one of tho
east considerations when buy
nS smoking tobueco. If you
?nnt tho best and are willing
0 pay a few cents extra, buy
"e Jlastifl' Plug Cut; there
's more solid comfort in ono
Package than you can get out
J a dozen others. Packed in
cava8 pouches.
'' r" Tobsoc Ce BIchmOBl, Va,
yattiiM, gtwtlru, &c.
' cn'ii"i2L'n'n'1"'- watchei, nn Jswslry delly-
l sTriT .?- 1 l'irani
H'Omi l "MI'AST. S"l Broawy.
' Uritim.V!"r'' 'tiDiniimin j.n.irr on II
' -"-IUM.I. WaIUU ni..'tuBruailwy.
Hlmbuiiiw, can, jRr. "
?W'II "''ArTl I. Hiir.nl mt. r
t,fcrVli .;, J.", ' MS 11IIIA.N to. I Harol.y
i""4wftii i,n!u,,"i'" . !""!' nil paratoli
Jiioo iJrJ.!1,"1 '"", I ' k tor M .-,. niili-i on up.
ix-.wi, i'.".1- "' W'.'it tuck. i loi.it
SL'"' U Vilii.V,', ,"" ff "I flu fellt. Din
Hj'""! rmim- Hi. eiroin.ii. tin inihiMt.
fcjj ?ttiu.
"uir-aktidUAMiauii, S.Y, bifaioij
IFantfit "cmn'w.
i.sseo 3r3n.oj3k.x-cv-iau-5r.
Near Btd Ht., Opposite Ikotet Imperial.
Itnte at the following offlces will e tka
nme aa llionn rhnrsed t the main oflleei
w. 11. ronniiAM, iv.t.tii avm con. iitu st.i set
ITII A.. ft B. ITtl ST.
Mh.M UfAIUMH! CO.. Mo tilt AM) ST
r, Ai'T. i.a.'.ian a . ntT. 7-.TH ani:uth Ta.
J. H VeOl.TN.V. t.OKiaTH AV.
10V hT.
K IIANZ. 1 Mil 3D AV.
r W M'llll.l.lMI, 171 FAITRHTH RT.
on Court Ht.
FORI) AV., aili Dh KALII AV, 1,4111 11UOADWAV, 113
j' onnsnnittiE A co, s w con. aksicle
I. rUNMMlll All. t:-i NOSTRAND AV
I.O.Ntl IS I. A Nil ClTTl
JOHN W DAVItliN, !V BURDEN AV lTtlpllon C41L
10 tlreentiolnt)
Al'ltlDIIT. ira.rt girl, iinitrrtttnillni liiiltlm and
rrocheltnir. 10 fflre le.non. In iim and in h.n II
an.l 111 all kinil.of itrni wonteil Ac uerman pre
rerrail. 1'aHMIAM'S, luWeit lltri.t.
4 RTi:oo Intel Isenl. imart Klrl tn ito or learn the
J -taroplni; in an enibroldarv tore Herman pre
lerred. KARMI AM'.-, IBWait lllll.l.
AdKNTH wanted lailla.orjretttleinen. for newproceia
of ptaotr.ai lara profit AdJreaa
Mr ntxiiiN. I'M e.t a id ft, from 2 to s.
ANV ONE deiTrln to team teleffraphyoritanoirraphF
and trpen rillnit tnav hear of an nntiiual opportu
nlir tiy adilreininv M-Kl'.r, b.ix Ii, .04 uinar.
BUAID-s. fllrl" about 17 10 learn nn braid machine.:
Iialil white learning al.o girl aecuatomed to work
Ins on ipinntnr machine. 14 Ml est IBUi nt.
BA8TKIIS UN M STS, aond band. :id cent. asleVe.
111 Weit Hith .L, corner Hroadtvar, top boor.
DlllThSMAKt.lt wanti tint cla.i walt"tlnTjhr
Mrajl DARMSTADT JOl I'.a-t J4tll L
1" .lANCV FEATIIERi.-llrlclit. tldr learn'ra not under
' !" eara, waited, paid while learning Applr only
nlth parent. L 11ENHV A Co , laa Broadway.
FASCT FP.ATITeks -Experienced pa.tera. ptqnat
makera w.ntedi al.o email band.: apply all week.
KAUFMAN A I.OU KM hl.. !' Hroadway.
FANCl FFATMhKS-M.nteil. good band, on fancy
reatharst al.o piquet maki-n and learner.
ZlKKI.li t JOSFI'IIV, .'iM Broalwar.
al.0 sllkera on let plciueta, itorkhome.
J7-t M.rc.r.t.
FANCY FEATIIFRS Eipetlenced Uanda iteamara,
and .mall band, wanted.
ALHir.D L. BIMON A CO . C3B Broadway.
FAMCT FEaTHERR. Experienced hand, and r
apectable learner, wanted rait with paranta
T. hlMiiK. Ii Bond tt, upitalra
FEATHERR Paatera and .rnafl hand, wanted on
fancy feather. Apply to D. SFhllu, ejo Broad
way; FANCV FEATHKRR Oood hand wanted: atnole.rn
era. COIIKFELD COU1-ANV. sj and 85 ureenett.
Fa'SCV FEATMER-rir.t-ctaf. hand, on fancy
feather, wanted. t.TEI.N A HhlLBRUN. ttl B'way.
IANCV FEATHERR Onnd band, wanted, .teady
' work. II. UOKIIHMER A CO . S3U Broaawar.
GIRLS experienced and lately landed wanted for
prlraial.miilea hotels Ao. clt and country, food
wagea, at CARPENTERS. 10811,11 ar.
GIRLR. Wanted, experienced tiook aewera and
folder. 1A1 blm at. near Canal at.
OPERATOItRon chlltren-. wear, hlghe.t price, p.ldi
Heady work. TlilsTLli MIO (,u. liil He.t .-Id ..
OPERATORS Wanted, experienced operators lu and
outdoor .130 W eat 24th at, rear.
0TRICII FFATIlTTllS Learner, wanted: ateadr
work: paid hlle learulug I'D lit ar., ring White.
OSTRICH FEATHfRS. Flr.t tla.a pompon hand,
wanted Slr.lS A llhlLHRU.N, 'v.1 l roadway.
OTfitTcH FKATHERKOnod .ewera wanted
R LINUI1HM M7 Broadway.
PAPER ROXMAKERfi-niueand raale worker.: a'ao
midline band. -I'llOMiK St AMJFACTURINli
'0u A.NV, J5j West 27th at , near 8th av.
PAflER OR NUMBEIttit nexperlenced girl want
ed: piece work or by the week. JJand 3; Ve.ey tt,
top floor.
SMART OIRfj-.a.cuttara on ribbed underwear- expe
rienced girl, preferred AHINDDO.N hMTTlf.0
MILLS. M7 West 601b at. third floor.
UMBRELLAS Wanted. Su experienced girl, to make
umbrella, throughout
XI. UA MEL'S SON. "2 Broadway.
W' ANTI.n A .uperior Tor the (.erman Mopllal
Training School for Nurai-i; applicant, mu.t be
fanil lar with thi Herman language and brlngcreden
ttal. a. to goo t character and previous experience, and
should appll by letter to Dr. II O KLOI, ii Eaat -'-d
WA.NTI'D Toung lady nnder.ianulng h.lr carting
and competent toaet a. .al-.iadr Applv ratur
day morning hlANDARD FAKllIOK COifPANT. 1
Weat Hth st.
WANT! D Woman that understand, the manufac
tur'ng or white shirts or ilrt w.l.i.- steam power;
sectiun work. IlKltltMAN A MlllNKEit. ' Broadway.
WANTED Fancy feather and pliiiet makers" also
pasters steadt work for experienced hands
Ilr.RMAS' A GUy.BUllJ, till and H. Broadway.
WAN'Tr.D Flrst-c ass hands on pompon, and tassalst
al.o table worker, on fine upholstery fringes
(,' H falNREKO A CO., 33 West 23d It
WXSTE?l--f.lrl to learn halrcurllng and act as
ale.lady. RTAHDARD PAblllON CO .J 14th at.
WANTED-A girl who Is perfect In dressmaking, alto
learner. .'ll East SI st t
KlVMILLI.NERHANDTRIMMF.nR on ladle.' plush.
eJl relret and fancy hat. and bonnets- old hand.
wl 1 plea call at oni e llhlMAN.N A L1C1ITUN. 1-15
and 217 Oreene .t: take elevator
inn 1-XPEItIKNCED hand, on children's wo ten
J.UU JackeU and shoes; best prices: stesdy work.
FRaSK. 4ltl East lilh st
lorawtic civnnta Wantta.
CIIAMBP.KMAIDR. cooks, waitresses, lanndresses.
cooks who ash and Iron, hoii.eworkere.
Mr. L. bEELV, U8 West 2d st . no branch offlca.
HOUPEWOhK -Young girl, from 14 to lfiyssrsold.
to hslp lu light housework. ZIMMERMAN, 217
East 12th st
HOUSEWORK Experienced colored girl for generat
housework. Call ISA E..t 47th st; rlug otanley's
nol'RFWORK. Olrl for general nouseworki small
family; wages 1.4 2l3hat .-3d .
HOTH. WAITRFSRFh and cleaners wanted at DAN
EU'Bofllce. lWett Joth st.
NURSE A young girl to mind children Call Satur
day and Sunday. 4-'o East .mill it . 2d flat
STUO.NO OEKMANOIRL for homework-good w.ges.
nil at iiu East 40th St.
WANTI D-A plain "cooi" to assist with washing,
auiall boarding boos., at I ar Kockaway. I. I.
.Mr. oMYfll, IS I hast 2Ulh st
Iirl NTED Twoglrlt to make beds and help in dining
TT room, tome prepared 10 work. JM East llinst
W-NTBD-A competentlrl for general housswork.
ISI Wastsad at.
'ItymiPIaits-- fflccftnnic... lit.
BLACKhMITH a IIKLPEII wanted: carriage and
wagon wur.. S.'U I7lh at . Brooklyn.
CARRIAOP. PAlNTETt Mu.t be first class; steady
work to a good man
J. Ii. VAN NOSTRAND. Flushing. I.
CAltatAllV. TUIMMI.lt wnnted nn light work.
ROLAND A I O, 711 ana 71 1 1st ar , 40thst
iTndY MAKER wanted, loiritist. Uoboken, N. J.
b. .1, l.l.NDSKV. 211 Marshall su Paterson, N, J.
NAtLI.lt-First clast on seal and other fine work.
A. JAEt'KEL, II 1-ost H)lhtt
PURSE-FRAMETtS wanted on stuffed and rhsted
Irames highest prices paid first class workuisn,
'le"Jrs7A.iNllliIMI.R.A f.AUFP.UTV. fi' a Broadway.
WANTFH-A fir-tclata mould miksr to work on
mi old. for .llrer nlaial ware illl. MIDDLE
loWN PLifl. CO., Middleloan Conn.
irANTI'.l)-Husnender maker, man who ha. bad ex
TT perleiee In suspender factory. Address Box Hli,
ciiicluuU i
iyANTED-A blacksmllh balptr,"at Sis" West 37ibsL
""t'antra cttlniw 3itsrrlliuwou.
A" Hi: VOU SEEKING EMPLOMhNT I do you with to
change t potitloat of ever) class quickly procured
through this medium, new or lers every mall. 3t men
placed faturday. New York Bureau Osteite o fries, 750
liroadwar. oorner Bth st
ANY ONE desiring to become a telegraph operator
may hear or an opportunity hr addressing EX.
Vh RT TELEUR A FIIEB. box II, a JO West i 1st tt
EMPLOYMENT of all kinds procured for ID, and
help furnished free to employers.
METROPOLITAN Aill.NCY. 710 Broadway.
CCIKDII 1RCUTQ A,)'t Can vaster, looking for a per
ULrlCnnu AUtls I O uianrnt money. making business,
no comnetltlon. .hould a-cur. the sale of th. Patent
Adlu.table Hnoe Ait ire. 1 wlih slump
' i'O.NhOl.lliAli:DMIOIio. Falem. Ma.s.
C-TLl-bMEN on sslnry or coinmisainn to haudle the
SJ I new Patsnt Chemical Ink I. rasing PencIL The
greatest selling novelty ever produced hra.es Ink
thorouvhlv 111 two seconds; no abrasion of i.prr. 2ou
to Vs 1 per rent profit One agent's sale, amounted to
fo."i lu six dsvs nnoibert3J In two hour. s want
one cutrgelfu general agent for each Htuie aud Terri
tory. 1 or ternia and full particular, address
' ' TIIL MOMIOL UlAM'lf 'Pll. CO.
I a Cros.e M is
W' ANTED-Hs"rrults for the 0. R. Marine tWinT nto
married anle podled men, between the agt. of ji
and HS, marines are generally stationed In large cities,
and when at sea have a line npportunil) to see all perls
of the world
Ari'ij at Bicrultjpjr ttatlon, 2 Chambers ik
Wanted tt!W ffligrtUauouff..
Stoam power operator, on in
fants' cloaks; also finishers.
32 Howard St.
ANTED-An sctlr man. salary to begin 7 to B-0
monthly, to represent In hi own Mate ontsids
large cities a responsible New York bouse' reference.
MA.NLI AITUUER. lock box I.WA New lork.
WAMTEDTtatlroail men familiar wlih braking,
awlirhlng. drilling and general yarl work. Ad
dress, stating ago, axptrlence, and references,
B. L IK box !. Run office,
WANTED-Coachmen gardeners, farm hands, mar
ried couple. Ac. Apply to
J. W. CARPENTER A CO.. t)2B Oth T.
WANTED A flrst-clau headwatter and fifteen wait
ers for -'ran.ton s West Point Hotel. Apply at
WANTED Men on cattle steamers to London and
Liverpool! work for free passage. r4 flreanwich st
WANTED-A young man to work In a livery stable
Call at 31 North Moore st
cSttuaTlons -Wnntrif efcmnlw.
ARhspr.t-TAni.E WOMAN wishes wa.hlng and
lroamg at home, or ont by the day Call or address
Mrs. KII.-.KU 211 rieaeamav.
A LADY wishes a sltiiailon a. Janltreta. Addre.s
Mrs. HENCE. 01 Essex at, city
DRERSMAKER. late Tilth Jennlng. A Ca. wishes a
few more customer, at home, suits (H upl psrlect
CI and first cl.ee work.
M. I!, FALLON, I 043 3d av , near O.'d st
GNTS" AND FAMILY Wa'SuINU. 7'.e perdoreu
Mr. JOHNSON, I2S West .loth .t
GERMAN 01RL for cook prliate or"iioteli city or
country ItxiWest 2-Mh st.
HntJHKW oltK-lly good. strongwllllng North Uer
mant good cook, nasher and Ironer. or general
housework; best reference, city ononniry. private or
buslneashouso. IliM ast i.'thtt.. between Jdand4tliavs.
nOUSKwTiUK By a swede: goo I cook washer, and
Ironer: willing obliging and trustworthy, city or
coiintr' .refereuoet. Call 2". cth av.
WANTED-lTy vounr ladrpo.ltlon a. Kpewrlier;
callgraph or Ilamroomi operator: rapid ami care
ful. IIIOMI'MIN, 1W West lethst
Situations! HVuntcrt WxiX&.
ARERPECTABLE COfPI.E wl.h a lanltora po.ltlon
over two or more iltt.: the man wiiiinir savl bindyt
reterence. Call or address Mr. KliLI,2il lVoeant av,
AVtOil MAN. is desires goo I position, good nt
penmaushlp and figures, fuinishbestor referenrss,
J, P. c 40.' I ast fd st.. city
A REI.IAItl.l'. tober mart want, position a. carter or
-V In bUIU'SH room. llhNNEI r, 705 6th av.
BUTCHER wants situation In .tore or slaughter
houae; steady worker, tailor address
RIIKA, jwij-ast7th.tj
BOY, lrtyeir. of age.weuld like toTearn the plumbing
trade, ha. had experience. Addret. il. A t , l.ulu
Park ar.. New lork city.
IltFE TO EMPLOYl-RS-Mala help, all kinds" cnreT
' rully selai-ted and furnished! city or country. New
York Bureau Uarette ofllce. 7 Broadway.
PRFn-hTan First class rr-ismiMi on book or Joh
workde.lrc. steady employment, city or country.
Addres. IlLLIAHl.!, box Jin, -un ofllce.
PAPERIIANOER will psper rooms: gilt paper S1
painting, decorating Aa, atl branches. Address
PAPElllJANOfcll, lSJUtliav.
PAtNTINO, paper hanctng decorating: allbranehrs
dona reasonably. Addre.s PAINTER. l'.2 oth. av
SITUATION WANTI.I) hyVroung man of twenty-ne.
forth, summer or permanent In bank counting
room, or mercantile business good bank reference Ad.
dress T. P.. box 117, Sun up-town office. 1,'jt'iBroadwu.
AToUNtl BOY, 14 yesr. ot ago Just from school, resid
X lug with parents, deaires position in an nrl'c
' JLl.ILS HEYMA.NN. I.UU Avenue A.
YOUNO MAN withe, .iluatlon tn bindery n. cutter
or .awyer and smasher. J. II.. 01 Roosevelt eu
Sflrrt om&
Eant Side.
4 Til AV, 102. 32 year.' established mechanics' board
ing house for quiet, respectable working ladle, and
genu, J3 mi to W weekly.
inriT BT. a f EAST; between University place and
xJ Broadwa). -Single and double room; .uperlor
board and attendance, summer rices.
1" 1 TH RT. 4 EAST. Hall and double nicely fur
X nislied rooms: excellent board and attendance,
table board; transients.
U 7li8T, 214 EAST. Nicslr fnrnl.hed rooms, with
bosrd, gentses and up, early breakfast
QrTll bT.. IVi EAST. Hall and double room.; newly
I furnished; good board; also parlor, doctor ur
QAIII ST., loo. corner 4th av. uetlrahle large alrv
di rooms with or without board, toutherners ac
commodated. 4sli st, 2U EAST. Handsome rooms, with llrst-c ...
O koard; transient, accorraaodaledt tern. very
jCITlfsT.. ill EAST Nicely furnlehrd cool rooms;
U good table; home comforts, table boarders takau.
terms veryre.sonebla.
X ffLTH RT . loo R AT H.ad.ome large room, on first
jO aDd second flocrs witu board, at summer prices.
"enrrj rt . :to3 y AST. Well furnlshel col reams;
OO good table, aomecomforts; table boarder, lakeu;
term, moderate.
IVtnt Hide.
WARHINOTON' SQUARE. 45 ROUTn. facing park
U tail and double rooms, with or without board,
summer prices.
117 AVER-BY PLACE. I24.-Clean room". .Ingle and
TT doub.e, good board; gentlemen, ilrlilly re. pect
alibi 9 Til rT , 20 M EST Second front back oarlor and ex
tension, double, single: tirat-class board, refined
American, central; reference.
OODRtT" 4 WI ST. Nicely furnished rooms, with
excellent board, transients accommodated during
summer, terms moderate.
OOD HT. 340 WEST. Pleasant double, second atory
. -6 front room, single room; with eicet'aiit board,
terms fio upward.
OO" ST.. SOS WEST. First class homelike accom-
modatlou; excellent table; upward, also table
f)Ob RT, 1'IH tl EST Hall and double rooms, also
front parlor: with superior board and attendance.
OKTll ST. 24"i WIST hlngle and double rooms a'l
. I convenience., with excellent board aud attend
qnce; table buard. transient.;
O CTH ST. 2K EST. Large nlcelj furnished rooms;
O all conveniences, with or without board.
OATH ST..2.17 Hr- Meely furnished cool rooms;
Jm3 good board. $.,, lablo la ird. $J upward.
.1 -."RT ST."l.-"wnsT Hanlsomely furnished rooms,
ul with or without board, city visitor, accommo
dated, exoellent .ervice.
ITH RT. 27 WFsT. Pleasant room, .uperlor tab's:
Of permanent or transient, also table board: reier
ence. exchanged
-jTH RT, 17ii WFRT Iland.omely furnished large
fVO and .mall room., superior board, geniemau
aul family.
xQTHNT, ,n7 east, near Lexington av. Desirable
flO large and smalt room.; al.o good labia hoard.
50I)"bt, I3o IVFST Lirge front room on .econd
floor, handsomely furnished, with or without
lOQTll RT 202 WB-.T Handsomsly furnlshsd
A O room.: large cloaeta, miming water; desirable
home; board optional.
(urutehrfl 3Ioomis S Apartments o ft
FOU MIClfAI.ua "ill-LIABLE." BOX lot. bt'.N
UPTOWMirFIl'l, l,.i.llllOADrtAl.
El ERE HOUSE, corner Broadway and Hou.ton t
( omfortable rooms from Sue. per day upward;
reduction per week.
1:uhi fide.
BROADWAY. 1.539 Furnished room, suitable) for
two youugm.n; folding bed, new; ruunlng water,
CLINTON PLACE. 47. nsar.'.th av -Large and .mall
rooms, alio large front parlor, suitable physician;
all conveniences.
NICELY I-UIInTsHFD r'oojis, gentlemen or mar
ritil couple, board optional: $1 in J weekly; light
housekseplng. 3.' I Wllli.av. 1140th st ).
TilllTuADBViiiRTII. 4ih av, 7 corner 10th t.
Itoom. gentlemen, bo.-, nightly, weekly, '.! up;
strictly respectable.
1 bTsT, 14 EAST Cool, ciesn rooms for respsctabls
men. l and 5I.1S weekly.
2D A V 70, near Sth st Mngle and double nicely fur
nished room.' also desirable parlor, every come.
uleuce .. . -
.ID bT.ni EAST, near 1st av.-Nlcely furnished rooms,
suitable for couplet or gentlemen,
DRT. l K AST.-Siiuars front hall room, nicely
furnished, tl.
4" TH A V 7-. near loth st-Mngle and double nicely
furul-lied rooms, light houiekecplugor gentlemen;
fi upward
4TIIAVrio7. near 12th St. New Ii furnlthed roouu;
every coiiteiileiice; lery airy, summer prices
5T1I oT 311 EAST near 2d av Nkelyfurnlihedh.il
room, fi weekly; bath. gn.
t'TIIST.tll EAST. Munle and double roouu. nlcelv
r rurnlsh.d; alio baik parlor, man and wlfsur eu
tlemen. 9TII RT.32 EASTTnear Broadw.y.-Mcely furnished
front and small room, gentismen or married
couple, refsr.nc.s. FLATTAU.
9 Til 8T.S4 EAbT, near sth av, Ptngle and double
rooms; newly renovated, well furnished, bstb, gas.
inTU BT., 54 EART. nsar Broadway, Large, hand
lJ some front parlor, married couple or gtutlcmtni
a so other rooms
inTII STT77nesr 4th av Nlcsly furnlshsd single
Xf and double rooms, atl conv.nlenos.; ai.So up
ward. s OT" hT. " EART. Plugls an 1 douh a nicely fur
1 niibed rooms, eitr louveu.ence, married
coup e orgsiillemeu, altoar or.
lOTH STTts EART. Hall and douliTe rooms, nlcsly
furnlthed. allconieiileucee. term, modrrate
lOTH RT. 3 IS EAT. near id av. I ool. nicely
IO furnlthed room; fat, bath, riais huuts, rent
lOTIlTiT., 21 EAST. Nueh furnlthed larte rooms,
At closeis, hot and cold water, nolh Ac refercnies;
iiulet hou.e, summer prices,
Os'sTIl'!.. 101 corner 4th av l.arte front roots,
A,l very airy, on flight, tultabls one or tnogenll
men, cheap.
OQTII RT. 141 EART.-Nlcely fnrntthed double roams;
iv married couplet or geuilrmca, all -.oniealtacte.
ctDtrall.cail.D; tuiamer nloit. , v . ,i
yfiirnishr . ffoomg ft partmtntm So gCct
40-- ST. 347 PAST-Nlceiy furnlthed ptrlor to rsnt:
' Ba bath, Ao t lerma very reatonaule.
(IfttHH, 32 BAST.-Lamti welt-furnlahsd room to
-- 1st, terms tl per week; prlvale family,
SV7THRT. HOEART-Nlcelytnrnlshedroomontesond
it I or third floor! breakfsttltdeslredi pilrale family.
OITII ST.. 241 1.AS1 near L nation L.rgs and
O- .mall room. all convenience.! gentlemen or
light housekeeping.
Q.4TII sr.nlf EABT.-lle.ntlfnl. large room In fine,
O- private house; terms (4 fortwoi owntri rater
CITII AT., 410 EAST. Furnlthed room for 2t us. of
OU pariori bathroom i homo comfortti nearstattoni
reference required.
l"l"rT" "T.. 6'H LART. Large furnished room; run
XOfjs nlng wateri closets: suitable for one ur two;
also hall room.;
tVeat Mite.
GENTLRMEN or ladles vl.ltlngrltv desiring trsnslsnt
ute or roomt aodres. t AREKU , box l.i, son up
town ofllce, I.20.1 Broadway.
Ll MMITON AV, .'.7 . near msf tt-Largs alcnva
bedroom, bathi floor suitable for two: Improve
tiientsi reference
rpiiE MARl.hoiioi oil Aldl". :.7rst lothst.-lland-X
somely furnlshel apartments; famlllss orgentla.
meiii restaurant lu house
WrARHINOTiiN PI.AI'I, ItrT heTween oth av and
T T tl est 4th .t Tw o lure f in nlshed ronm. ror house
keeping, ft and $ loo, al.o large and small ballroom,
folding Led, gas,
WASHINGTON PLACn.lt4-A largaChandiomely
furnished room, two fouling bed.! also .ingle
room, gas and b.th, f, gentlemen.
4TII ST.. ul li EST, facing Washington eauare. Front
room., furnished, for nousekeeidug or gentlemen;
rint j-oo up.
4 Til T, 2d E--T lurril.hed room.; every conven
ience for housekeeping or gentlemen, fi upward.
9TII IV. .'4 near 24th st Largs square room!
light housekeeping or gentlemen, J,
1ril.r.Vil Wl ST -Nlcelyfurnisiisd, large front
eji rooms; light housskecplng; ample clissts; gas,
bain. Ac ; reasonq'ile
QO1 RT, 477. 47l.4Sl WEST.-Fnmlshed rooms,
-- every convenience; light housekeeping or gentle
men! fl Soup, hoard If drslred.
2(D RT, 2V) WI-8T.-ll.ll.nd double room., mar
ried niuple. or gentlemen: every convenience
f -' up board If dislred.
OOD ST. 4'JI WI ST. Detlrable lfty room.; every
a- . convenience, married couple ur gentlemen boar
It desired.
0"D NT. 2T wrsT.-N'ewly furnished rooms: all
j -"v conveniences, summer rates; ooulherners accom-
Imo lated.
()') HT.r401 WI.RtT cloteto ttatlon -Large front
ejs iinuble riom; all commences; light housekeep
I lug or gentlemen.
rtOH ST , 24.' ll est --Ingfe sniTdouble rooms, every
.-.es i ouvenience. newly aud haudsomely furnished;
transient or perm.nent
0'in ST.,21.'. llE-.r.-IInll ancrdVutii e room.; parlor
. eja Hnor, en suits or slnglj , all couvonlences, doctor
ur private.
O'JD "-T, .llEsF-Nrcelv furnVhM-front room
Je running water, board optional, terms moderate.
2 4TH st.. il I VI P-.T -Flngle and doiib'ernewlyfur
-I uislieil, rooms all conveniences, large closets;
parlor, suitable lor do. tor.
O 4TII .T. 201 ll fST'-llall and double rooms, nicely
M-d- ritrni-lied all rnnveniencest light housekeeping
or gentlemen, $.iundfs
O..TH ST., 411 Wl sT -LnrglTnlcelv furnished squari
-dtrooin. Itil.t hnus.Leepingor gentlemen, f 1 so.
O ITII --T.. -01 ll f ST.-Detlrahle elugle and douhls
- rooms; all conveniences, summer prices
2XTII st, -ito ll 1-sT-llandsomeir furmsh.d large
f and hall rooms, rummer price, if permanent;
r ter li-es exchanged
2 ."ITII hT, 24S ll! vt Hall an 1 double rooms, every
. convenience! a so front aud back parlor, very
r u-onable
OriTII ST.. '.'21 WFRT. Ilandsomeiylfurnithed rooms
J for gentlemen, central location, f J, 5ri.s ?d, and
f4 wee.iy.
OfiTH ST. 270 IITST -Small and double rooms, neveiy
A.SJF rurnl.hed. ever convenience, term, moderate
Ol-!THST."2. MlTsT -slngla'and double nicely for
J nlshed room., tight housekeet log, ladle, or genu;
JI.M lip
OTTII ST. TS WEST -Nlcelv furnTshed donblo
-. f room., light housekeeping or gentlemen; f.L
sj 4TI1 RT.2.'.l WhST-llandsomelv furnished large
O siinare roim adjoining bath, ample closets; also
smalt room, teruis moderate
1JTII -T.'l is ll EST.-ltooms .unable for two o"r
OIL1 more gentlemen from 2 upward.
vnt ST.. 101 Ml 8T.-I legantly fiirnishal large
--Vriom. coiivinlenl locallou. supero b throom;
running water and gas,gentlemeu, 4 to fS weekly.
OltATi Rjiell,
AC)0 ST, 2i". Wl 'T. 2d flnor.-I.aree, elegantly fur
-tw nlshed parlor nnd other rooms; all conveniences.
" .TTIl ST. Sit ll 1--.T. Nlcelv furolslied room: folding
rlsjr bed. running wa.er. bath, private fumil treosou
syTH ST. 12it WFT. Furnished above room, also
II hack par,or and extension, suitable for doctor or
ffoTII ST, .127 WEST Cool, handsomely furnished
eJO rooms, lorze and small: ne.ir Central Park en
trance. Broadway and elevated npp'tntinent. and at
teudance flr.t class summer price, reterence
I O'JD st. 23 1 WEST. Nicely furnished rooms run
- e nlng watir si conveniences; srlva'.e houss;
liesr L ttatlon, reasonable.
f ttrniiShrd Ooomjs (To tt rooMijtt.
IJIM-AITM: KT. a HrisbU -large hilEoniely
ti rniBhetl rtfomfbrtuo fffut'emeu. Hi timl room,
J, near i-ridve
(flats; and japattmenw a 3.tt
A-flii: DIIIMKIltO. nnrtliwrwt corner
lOlld nt. unit Amateriliim llOtb) T.
7 tinil 8 rnnm nnrtmeatsi titeisiu heiiti
pno-irniier elevnlnrl tsull tiuM, A.-, Itenta
8U. 0. Hint '',.
APARTMENTS of five rooms and bath- nil Improve
meun and most excellent service; rents f Al to f.'S
per month IMand IM llesi KOdst
DESIRABL1' FLATs TO LET in the Ninth ward, SOK--i
Jane st, ei Urge rooms all light all improve
ments: rents from (.4 to to a month, must bo seen to
1 e appreciated Apply to owner on premises,
1,ME ROOM.. HATH: all Improvement.-new paper.
1 dtcornti'iii-, and awnings, special Inducements;
rents, f m lo f .'d month to .msll families oOTill. I loth.
I.1LATS AND APiRTMI'Nls unfurnished and fur
X1 nlshed, in a'l J arts I the clly
IULmjM BltUHIhltS, r-io Broadway, cor. 12th at
TO Ll T SHI to fin. four extra large, light rooms
and bath, rum enieut to ItHth st ' L" station aud
near entrance to Central Park. lolst St.. 73 ll est
imil AV.,.'2I AND SID STS Desirable flats, four
LJ nod five rooms, lighted throughout b electricity;
bath and every Improvement, rent fie upward; seen
any time. Apply to Janitor, Qui lust Sid t
11TirpT"r27irANH 27i WEST. Elegant flat five
I and si rooms, with Improvement.; reduced rente.
nTII NT.r.l-'4 nTak hTH AV.. are .even elegant
light rooms; bsthroum; private ball; every Im
provement; fi7. fJi.
1 QUI ST..-2 17 WEST. Elegant Hate, with all lm
i. O provemeuta, hot and cold water.
1 OTiT-bT.. 2i7-ii ll EST, between 7th and 8th ava
Xs7 hlegint apartments, three, four snd five large
rooms ranges, at Improvements, lire proof stairs;
rents, f to and fio
."CTH ST., 32S EAST To rent, four rooms.
Kt.Tll RT.. .IJ-i V, 1ST between Rh and t th av.
-teeond floor, Ave lari.e. h.nd.ome room., newly
Tainted, rents:.'. Apply In grocery next door.
8 4TII RT.73 WET.-splendld opportunity for den
k tl.t toreutotllce. establish. J a )ear; all conveni
ences. CalL
0!TH ST.. 70 PAST. Elegant stram.heated fists ot
Oil ssven rooms and bath, f J5 and Ho, with owner.
nmil ST, 15 WEST New flats adjoining Central
)J Park; beautiful locality; light rooms, rent til
to ia
11 C1TII .-.r :s.T ll I T. I ree to Remember: 0 rooms.
Is' dining room, bath, decorated; fit) to f-'i;
aw mug.
10-.TII KT.24S LAST -Cheap rrnt .tore; also flats
u ol three and four rooms all light.
(SIO TIIKI i: BOOMS anl tatbroom: owner snp
niej. plies lot water steam heat, all improve
Inents small families .1 14 East 77th St.
c latis ana Apartment.!, 't'antrrt.
ADULT FAMILY require first Moor, with yard. 4 or 5
rooms, rent fi a. .. BO ah, box 117, bun up
town otllce, l,20Ti Broadwai,
cfuvniohrrt Jftoujifj, tiijgti.
o STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE fully furnlshsd: will
e sell aud let house cheap good for mechanics'
loardlughouss. 2o tlest'.oihst
lu'rlliiifl Houses Co Cri.
AT III'.II lilllliiiE Twelve room house! three) acres
laud, stable, reut f 7 .
I h. ATW ITER, 31 .Nassau tt.
Dl si:tABI.i:Ht'-l s unfurnished and furnlthsi.
In all arts of tl ecu).
IUI, mHI iiiioilil.i.H, r'.'U Broadwaf, ror 12thst
QUI.I.N ANN'K toTTAi'iE-Nlne rooms, all improve'
meiitt, High Bridge. rente'iO
T. s A fil'All It. M N'stsau su
"o t for gusiufe-i- rgnrpojUcn.
JTelliIANT, light half floor or small ofttcsj to 1st
for clsau business, reut low to right party.
HEBREW bTANUAIll). 7 hast I4lh St
C 'LINTON PLACE. t" nesr Broadway.-Front port of
2d Iloor. 2 rooms sultsbn for buslncu or dwelllpg,
Des'lltABLE rTOUrR loTti. and onioes to 1st In all
partsof the city. . . t
FiiLmjM liliiiTili.Its R.'i I'ro.dwar. cornsr 15thst
ejll At'7 COItNI'.lt I'iiiiII M.et ire and dwelling:
e splendid oC4t!"it lor confei tlonerr and Ice cream
iloou. clgur tioro dry an 1 fanci goods, boots and
thoss, or druggist, cheap reut tall and exsmlue,
Jov alc.
)011N10WN HOTEL lease nd fixtures for silt;
doing ool business T -- ATW ATr.lt. .1 Nassau st
yusmts Ciiaurw.
SEVEN YEARS' LEASE for tale cheapA small
hotel all furnished. 21 rooms restsurant attaehsdt
one of the best locations adjoining Kockaway Beach
Railroad nation, tailifaclory res.girghcu for tilling
Apply W DATA VB u(Cittts(s. t
.rat (Estate !or rfnt.
--t ir-r-higssJ"MssjO e--atiatais-tiTitTjnrii iii-i LJ JWffJ-l s-usaaTn.sT r.eJ-p"af I
'i Vx I mxvAp.
m HeYRxv-TKvwWoutllttW.
For rata MTJHT NOT FOROET to call at
the office ofF. II. KATII, 11 John at., N,
Y Tnr n roup, free tickets, and full partlc
ulara of hla
property, that wst advertised ao promt
ncntly In jrraterday'a " Hnn" also et one
of Mr. Knth'a Art Album entitled ,
Tor V w.nt to know mor. about the placet,
and also learn all about the plots that are
from one-eighth to one-half an acre In
le, at prices ranging from 75 upward.
ITao. do llketTlse. Address
E.H. RATH, 1 1 John St., New York.
The central city of lbs Empire Etats; the geyser
city of the world; the pl.ee for Inrestorst a place or
homes, lorpartlcnlarssddrets
dsnees; state what you want
P. B. LEbPlNABME. Spring Valley. N. T.
OR INVEsTMANT Bargain. In r.al e.tats two
houses, nearly new; Improvement., good location;
ro minute, to Uly Hall; yearly rent iu.', price $.tissj
Address J., box 102, nun ofllce.
11 t ttllding. much fruit: toek : all tool., crops; ..critics.
fur e.l.tMj, easy terms PERItk, l,tioj Lstington ar.
O SU Clio" N.V. nh'ca'm'OA ST.-T.ood hou.e and
lot UTtltM; desirable location: bargain. -V"J;
liberal terma. K. MAR1I.N, 348 Broadway, N. Y.
WHV PAT RFNT' ."iio buy. a hoe;ucatbi
balance en.) paj metts
lAlLtilt a Hhhlt", 120 Buffalo ar , Brooklyn
Qf Onf B Al'Rl R ot the finest timberedland In th
9JJfJJJ world for sue consisting ot cherry, wal
nut, poplar. Ac., sltualed In eatt Tennettee lorpsr
tlcular. addre.. O tl liAlHHK. HodgetiTllls. hy.
Ual estate Vantctl Counttij.
ri ARM near .NewYurt; (rood dry lan-l at orntar rll
J; road nation, mail futl description aDd lowct
prlc. 1'ott oillce box . 7-4, Nt w I or.
Heal t.tnlc -or atc :ofllaiiX
AT ROCKV1LLE TFNTRE. L. I. Property leased at
overt) per cent, for ante cheap, agnod chance for
Investment E. I". bhABURV, fuj .'d ar.
FLUS1IINO Whlte.tonear. 1"i minutes' walk from
elation: ts acres; large double two. tort hou.e;
plent) of fruit, bargain E MAK1I.N, UH Broadway,
S.l.l l l ISTBII. Hu.hlng. N. V.
J.iLPRIIINi;. N i osey cottage and ground 17x100,
In perfect orUr, $'in Inquire F. MARTIN, not
Ilroadwa). N. V.LItMAbTBI(lushln
Oi'l-AN PARKWAY A few lot. lett'on lbs Fergu.on
farm between the incomparable ocean Parkway
and the Electric Railroad and oppoelle Hiram lloets,
lot. from $ji- apiece up. payable in monthly In. tall
menta, title, insured. Jl.RK. loll N SON. Jr, t Liberty
et . New lork aud inland llll Montague .t, Brooklyn.
VACANT LOTS on BroadwayFluhlngrV,!xl7
bargain I'. MAIiTl.s. Jtrt Broadway, N'. V.; li.
XIAbThlt, Main at. Hushing.
tatat jslate for alt groohtp.
spLENBin PKoPEKrr.
Michael J. Bergen farm. A few choice lots nesr fa
mous llnnt estate, I'roiiklyn. sjth, )th, .Vet and !.d
sts., between Rlh and lull ava, at prlrate sale Prices
tl si and upward: en-.Y terms Apply to JhKE JOHN
mjn. JR. m Liberty st. New York, and monad mi
Montague st. Brooklyn
IJcni estate ox 5nTt gtru? gfrgT
TfcltMa A large, commodloui dweillnir liou-,
with tabta, at New Krunswlck, N J lulta.-l- for a
(Irit e am board. iiie houae uhtiti li Kreatlr needl In
New Itrunawlck or for a llrm clans hotel-, li located on
the principal ttret m the ill, near depot, opera
home 1'oit Ufllce, nnd I'ourt House termi very ea-.
.t i per cenu caatu balance on bond and mortcae. Ad
drcai UKU r. T(tWI,K.
.Now HrunHicW. N. J.
DON'T BUT nUIMUNO LOTfllllTyou oee o irt
fjint are covered vrith henrlnr fruit tree' J-"-- to
MU) ifl tnoDtbly, l&ceniR cotumuiatlnn money loaned
to build. h.Mini, .'so Uroacway, room -':.
WESTHEI.D. N..I A tew exMDllona! building lo's,
7 to$I0 per front fno'
C i. .'CARS .LI. A CO, -A Kent.
Srtftcor .Sale 35crcy CltaT
i.tOR RALE Jeraey City Heights A nice two.iorr
and basement frame house, ten rooms bath and
range, on improved atreet and In good neighborhood,
will be sold for half Its value Apply to
EM ILK bThi.Elt. Ul Franklin st. Jersey city.
"it'wlrhwftr (Co. i'wp'rtB "t alc.
COSBY 5 ROOM OTTAOE. new. corner lot T.ijioo in
village of Mount Kltcn, llettchetler conntr. New
lork. price 7l,li: monthly pavmentt Partlculart
and photograph see Mr. MoottE. of 7th tt. New lork.
MOUNT VEI'.NON-For tale cheap and on sssy
terms, 7 room house, nlcelr planned sn 1 well built;
six minutes' from New Haven depot; also t boles build
ing plot on lull: must ssll th s week. JAUVts 1H
K1.NU10N, 117 booth oth av.. Mount Vernon
WESTCHESTER COU.NTV. for home seekers and In
vestors Houses and lots, plots and acrrage prop
erty for rale by n A. MATTHl.lV.-t. rnckabue. N. V.
tral i&tate ior ,Salr Country.
AOBNTLI- MAN' rctl lance: S ocres, plenty of frnlt;
SUuillt. from city, price low
T. 8. ATIVATER, 3 ) Nassau tt
-Krai estate for gnU Ctt,u
FOR SALE To clots up ths affairs of a copartnsr
ship, seven lot. of land on the south sid ot E. tihth
st. lUoto.To feet west of 1st av, the whole making a
plot 171 feet by lis) In mire of III CTUK M. HirClI
l.NHH, Receiver, l.li.Nssiaust, New lork.
Ifirt "- ''TH AV.-Corner. excavated, alto avo
M.JJ nue water front! tale or exthuuge Inuulre
Jj.JIM.l, 1,777 i'roadwa).
-inn1'-'81'' '' MON'TIII.V. hnis cottage, ha'f
ljyj lm, lullamplace cable rosd. IniiIi it; ref
erence rtijulred.
Gil A finri 4M Br-Four-tory comer; 2 old
p JLJJJ nouns, Pino and MadeuLane. In
iuir. JERSEY, 1,777 Rrojdway.
iaMofortrjc., rflan, r,
Largest assortmsnt of Upright Ortnd. and Bqoars
Plsnos at modsrste prices, cssh. Installments, and ex
changed; also plauos lo rent Beversl bargains l-i ssc-ond-haad
pianos, dtflersut makers at low prices.
liosibav, cor. luthst, New York.
A FEW OOOP BAltilMNS in" ssciinJ hsml uprlnlit
and squsr pianos tak.n in sxebsngs: these punos
ars In sxcsll.nt order and will he sold at low prlc.
HbClir.lt PiA.NO ItAREItoolIn,
llli.'th ar curlier Itdli.t
Cs-LPflANT-uprlghtplann. IUI. M moiilhljri tlelif
J way, bargain open evenings
l.a.NKR. .Hi and Ml rulton at , Brookljn.
t',l ONNI.lt, 4 Kusjt 48d HI.
Upright atid tijuars plsnos for ssle and rent on eaty
terms of payment; sscond hand, t-'Aj, 9Tj, Hu i up srd.
NI'IV pianos to rsnt. fJ monthly: sielnwarpl.no,
flag IIIM-..NEB. l and aoj Fulton st. Brooklyn.
STBRLINO ORIIANB, w Ith book and ttooL f3 raouthly
till paid. WlaaNhH.ieuandain tultontt. Brooklyn.
AKR THE BEbT Easy tsrnu. flsnt and eirhsngt
67 and tt I'nUtrsliy plsos and Lost 12th tl
DR I, J IIOIT. Prntltt has removed to his new sn
Urged dental es.abhshment 4i rnlioti t. near
jay st, opposils ilorluu dr goeds store. Brooklyn..
tsts, fi up. Parlors, 74 Varlck st, cor. Oaualsl.
rwonnl Jlotirw.
WANIF.n Address of person able lo ab.orb caiaract
from eyes. Ad Ires. i,Ju bouih I rout it, lam
don, ,N J.
LIBERAL RKIYARO given for package left la Mav.
Isvatsd OCDtslDlug bills and ohsck book hsloaglosr
V --.s1. ?s.iJVt's.X.4iray.l
The Scenic Line to the West,
Resbrotscs nml CortliimUijtrccti, nsfol
lowa: On mi! after 1VI.V It), 1801.
OiOO A, M.-Pnllman I et.bule Sleeping snd Tarlor
cars Arrives Cleveland .3 A. vi , i oiumbtts ,mt
A.M. Itiillsiinpnllt, lull) A M, Chlcaro N t"i P.M.
acd st Louis 7 it' p. M next day. tounects, al.o, for
loledo. except Saturday.
IOiOO A. M. Composed exclusively of Pullman Ves
tibule Drawing and Maieroom Heepmg, inning
Rmoklng atid iibs'tvation Cars tre.eniiiu fltiaucial
reports, stenogrip'ier. and lteviiriters batlirooins
forboh.exrs ladles mad baihir shop, llbrnrv and
all ihu i nnrenlenres of liomi or ntllco I Ulited by
stationary aud inuvah'e elertrlo light.. Arrive, i In
clnnatlo lu A M . Indlaiiupulls 11:10 A, M , and Chi
cago nitJ A. M, next day.
OtOO I. M.-Pnllman Vestibule Sleeping Cars frsra
New Vork, and lilning Crs Iri m New lurk to nu
Louis and i Iniimihtt I'A.reiiirir coach New lork
to t olumbiis. Arrives Cincinnati 11 u- A. M. and
bt Louis H ui P v;t i ext da).
Tin: co i. I'm it ian i:xpiti:ss.
4tOO p. .ai.-Piillmnn Vestihuln Meeo'ng, Dining.
Mnollng nnd Pennsv ivanla Itallroad letllbule Pa.
tenser conches frum New v ork lo Chicago Arrives
111 Chicago ful i p.: M next day
Tin: wisTiiitN i.xpitr.hs.
AiSO P, M. -Pullman lesllbjte sleeping Car New
York to Pitt.burgn. M Lontit. t hlrago, t'lnrtnnatL
Cleveland, and Memphis IHnlng car. New lork to
Philadelphia nnd I'litsburch in lilcnmoud and Cm
cago Arrives al t'oltnnbiis lit, p. M. Cincinnati
b.jii P. M , Chicago li hi p, M. next day, and t 1 oui.
7 tvi A, M , second morning t onnect. for Clereland
and Toledo dally excel t r-uturdi),
PA'II'I' i:xpicih.
BiOOP. M.-I'ullman linnet Sleeping Car New York
to Chicago New lork to Item pine via the Shenandoah
Xallev: arrive, week d i. nt t olumiui. 7 1". P. M.
( leveland lP ll next day, nn I dally at Chlca.-o
7 isi A il second morning lonnectstor loled
dally, and for Cleveland and Columbus except Satur
day. Sins 1. M.-siienandoah Valley Express with
through Buffet HIeeper to New Orleans
BAI.l'IMUIti:, -tVA-illlNUTON', AND
'Washington limits 1 rxpresx" of Pnttsnxn Parlor
Cnr. (with IMnmg tar to Baltimore), ilaitr, except
hundav. Hi In A. .11, arrive llnslilngtr n i .n p. M ,
and 't niigres.lonal I Imlted ' dally with Dining Car
at 3 'jo P. VI , arrive llahlngton s J5 P. l.; regular
xprrrs, II 1H H. Ml aud II A. V, ! Ill, 4 I '. 5 and
ii P. M . and IJni night For Baltimore only P M.
Kunday m 15 and n du A. M , 4 on, b, aud tl P. U. and
l-"l. night.
For Atlantic city, lMI'.H. week days, with Through
Buffet Parlor l ar.
For tape liny, I uo P. II. week day., with Through
Buffet Parlor Car.
roK piin-Anr.i.piiiA.
Express i i 30, 7 ."O.Stoo, H 31.9r.jii fin oi Chicago Lim
ited, with Dining Car. and lo 10 Washington Limited,
with Dining Car), and II OX) A. !.. U..n In.-' In.
I 3 i a rial J'lo, 4110, 4-l'i, mi it on. iflKU) and
ti ot) P M , and lllil . night Accommodation, lino
A. M . 4 40 and 7 1' M. huiidays. Express ulls .H
ii-ii tl" 'O 1. nolle. li. and ni.oo. M. ..ii,s siltti
4 nil f: -o. ..io. s on, and ntiO p. M , and ll 15 night.
Accommodation, 7 isi P M
Fnr time ttslile-i of tr ilns tnlocat points on the T'enn
srlvanla Railroad system apply nt the followingtli ket
offices' -1 1', s4tl and 044 Ilroadwa), 1 A. tor House,
and foot of De.broe.rs ind t ortlsudl st, 4 Court st.
S'O hulton st and BrooUlvu Annex station, foot of
1 niton St. Ilrookl)!), 75 Hudson .t, llobokeu, station,
Jersey Cliy
1 he New York Transfer Company will call for and
check baggage from hotels aud residences through to
uenerat Manager. General Pass'r Agent
Of from eltrht to twenty Toar tlari duration, and In
clutllim Tlii to the leaithi- r.Borti if .Ni-w Fiijrland.
t'ttTDi-a, nnd the Mid ill -tatei dunujf tbu luuntbt of
July and .
In a1-1Uoii to aboe parties will leave New Vork
July -7 aud hept. 7 tor tlio
Yellowstone National Park,
Returning via Putcet Hound uud tbo Ctsnisdlun
PtatllU Ifiillvviit.
Newt l:ourslon to C'alllorBla Sept 7 and
Oct 15
Cir-Fend for dr.rrlptlve circular, deslgnaUnt ths
particular tour desired
Trains leav West 4-M t- at ?:.: A M. (11 minntfi
ear.l-r frntu fool .laj it) tor Ml .tlktowu Hloomiti--burith.
Tort Jer.K MunucdlM el iurjtU, Ubtrty. I iv
lak'Stim Manor. HatiLO..-. Carbon dale, hirnntcu. al
ton. hethl. sllne, irwlch. htmtnn I'tlca, Itome.
Oneida fiswetio Detroit, Uiica and poltiU vrL
UtlAA M, Monylnrl. ( atupbell hall !.ae Mo
hnnk and MuineuhBlta U nlklH a', er at it Inn Middle
toii, l.iooimiik'burw'b. l.Ucuil e, J-a IsiurU, llbrle
MUe IHtrlj. Muie lake
tltlr. M, Camprn lull. I. n Veil Mniioi k ind Mln
newaika, Wa kill allev itattons, Mlddiftun Itloom
ingburfrli 1 llniiMllr. t-atliburttj. HurityMlIe, Liberty,
White lake, Cockiand
t7iMl'. . .Mid lletnwn, Kallnburph. Liberty. Liv
Incoton Manor. Kockland. Wat ion. MJne. irwlt)i.
tin eld a, Oswetfo Koclieoier, Maeara i-aIIb Detroit,
Chlcaijo and West rtillmnn eepers, rtiliulnf? clialr
car free to fcUBj eii-lnn riri'la.
11-151. M.. haturdas ou1, MlMIetown. nioornlnt;
btirirli I llenvllle, 1-alliburt.ii. 1 ib.rty, Uhlte Lakf,
t l-ally. all otlir trilns dailr except Ftindny,
I'lilimati drawlntr rntim peat and alot-pinn-car brthi
obtai'ifd at M't Hroadway .New nrl, . J. t. Andorion,
0. 1 a., I LYchanife place, New orl.
"Sbk" BALTO. & OHIO R. R.
!.Wr5?jy F" Kiire Ti -ilna vln
WisWijsiuA IMIII.inRI.l'ltIA to
w&QMftz siAiD'BwoatD':,
HHMfflffl wAi'iiiErvu'M'o.v
t5jnuP And All I'oluta Wear,
rm.i..u.i. i tnsnum'K os all thaws,
lave New lork foot of Lltiert) tt. as follows!
lor illlCAi.u. i isi p. M . IJil. A vi
log I'INCINNATI. ST. l.llLIn, 0 A M.flf.M.
A. M. IHnlne t'arj. i-O) r. 31 P vt Dlslag Car), - W
P. M Uii. a. U til trains run dull).
I tr NOIIPOLR, via Bar Hue I is) P il. week dsvs
Tlrket oRlces. 17.' .Ml. 41'i and 1.14H Kroadway Nets
York, audiiHHrnadwar. Itrooklvn STATION POOTOK
LIRKKTV ST. ll'entral 11 Ron J)
New York Tranerer rotnpan) wl I rati far and check
sffsjs from hotel or residence to deatineiios.
New York and Boston All Rail.
Leave llj-nnvof Dun
ntio a. M .ftprlugPe.diilidlVorcester. 3:Ji P. v.
lotUA SI, New fondoiiniid Proviienc 4i.ni P. M
IliUA il , t-prlugl a d and Worcester, '. t'i P M.
P.'-kiV, llar.ro.it and n I nnd N I'. li UP ll,
lost i M , New 1.011 ion anl Providence T.iop. vi.
JUMP. M, vlllltin-vntlcalid N I nn I N. E. ti in P M.
4 ot) P. M., springiield and vvorn s er. in i p, ll,
5 iiP, M , "New l.oi don and Providence. II ml M.
11 CHIP l , -prlnillel land IVorcetter. i. 11 A. M.
12 14) P. n.siewi on Ion and Provideucs. 7 OU A. il.
eitilti. dally. incu11n.r -.iln lavs
Keturn .ervlie .una hour, a d by .into routes.
lliisiA M. It lillo llouutalut, lahj tll'i s.'ir.V,
3'tsiP, M Newiort. Bior. M.
through parlor or tieet Ing rars by each train.
V. T III.Mrnri. Al, lieu 1 Pass. Agent
Capiuturr.ohi. otitfS.
M.IV lill'.lv July ll 1H I
The limited partnership of KI.MKlh .1 11.11 COCK
having terniiliato 1 liv tl o neatli of Mr heme), and
the llrm or II II. IH.LLIM Kit .1 III having expired bv
limitation tie iitplrr'nriie 1 will totitlnuo tho bu.iue.t
of the late tlruis under the tirm of
Hill Mall It A lUllt'Oi'k.
Thetprclal tartnert liuvo each contrlnuted ;ioo,000
N. I' Howell of the late llrm of II II. Ho'listsr A Co.
and Mephi n Peaho li have nn Interest from this date
Uhl'linl. i. IUI IN, III.NKV II Hiil I.I-.1 hit,
bAMl'H. 1). IIIPCHUK, HI.NltV ). Hllltnt'i;
fiecl it I'urtners Itereral Partners.
The ortice of ilia Itiirlincton rednr ttaplds aud North
ern Enliwa) L'otup.ny remove 1 to ahove address
II. II. HOl.I.l.NTI.It, treasurer.
Hookkcertti- nrltltm. arltlmelic c orr I ofideiiri
fptlllii, .-l-i, cr .phi. tyt-tjw rltin i rhuio m-tr i b 11
U , MTeniiiis', ail fiiuimr l'-in a llu-nin--- t-uilf.T, iij
Itnwtry. corner Oiri-i. up tu.wi, ytl Ul HtU t.t
curucr KroiUway,
B.NJO IN lIirCTTOS lirnu.ennl Mini liflfd mi'tbo l"
tak,tilaiic)nttu'ht ctrtuUr. J Im.a.n, -T-i-Ulav,
will reopen for Lheieaion on Tueidar, FepLI, beuJIor
new Uluetrated tirinpectut,
ti r, j'Ai KAiti), J'rcildent, 101 Bait 33, it.
-SrltooH nnd"C0Utocjfe
Hay and Evening rchool preparatory to tins nets and
Cllleushlli will opLii eept. 14. eel d for rata i.u.
UI.o i.l.NTO.N, Pre.Uint Uo I ot. ..id sttl
OPEN ALL HI'MMEll, tie Miintnn li li"gr.i hk- in
til, tile f-!t liroalvvcy, Hay lessons u nn ntl.h
evening, flu ilrcjlire.
t-iKT(. UA I.I, t OI.I.M; i; ft atho.l ,
foiith Dran.'e Nevr.lcrs .
I Ollllded lei'il ail collegiutti ilri.rrr. i' H.felied .Vol
prcpjrairiry dtpsrliueiu lor oiiuir num
11 vi , 'UiixiUl L. I'reildent
WANTBD-Eeoond hand engine, tUty to ttvtuty
itorts power Address
. ti Wlt UX- -U.IUlll-I Us I
??i0,,??! --. ' f 3 ill
N ysbk CJ- Hill
Hudson River Railroad. . tljnj'J
All trains arrive at and depart' from ' i flji ii I S K
Fourlh At. onrt 43rl HI., New Tork. !. Ril'tjl
Centre of Hotel and ttttldencs Section. ;, t't$jtjR
Trisln-s lenvei nt. rollnvrsii , kIIIIrk
SPllll.lL. h l,lil8
OtlO A. M. For Alliany I'tlca. Clayton tsicepl Boss. ft 3 vit la1n
Hail. Mracute, ltochetter liatavla, due at Hanoi 'I ' I H l'l 3 !
H.ut.i rtm.i, la k r, n pnitm: and hon. I'!j iti lil'S
tOiSO A. M, Magner drawing room cars through, j." t!! llin
Due.s.r.togs'J 11 P. .. laldwe'l (Lake Oeorie), 4 ud ' ill II
P. M, Mimreslti IIP. ll. ' M K
Nl;lV Itllllv ANll CIIICAdO LIMITS!), ,. Ij
lOiOSI A. .M Composed rxcltislrely of Wofntjr 1 wl!
lesll mln imtliit, Mtioking and 1 Ibrary. Dining. Prt i I (111
sate f onipnritnenta. sndhtandardMceptngand l)ras : ) .'ft i
Itig ltoont t ars Hue thicsgotiilA a M.neitday. II iht
iiniAHii day i:xi'iti:sH. yJlllR
10in A. 1I,-P.ulv, excel tf-undsy. Csnnecuwltk j! Kllli
all Inuortnnt New lork Htate lines diverging. Hatar m iMIIII
day trnln does not run vrctt of Cleveland and Detroit, ia.lt tl u
li30I. 1I.-H inner letllbule Drawing Room Sleep. ' Ikllllll
lng ll n ll u, Mnollug end Library, Dining, and Caff ' I 111 111
lars line t lm urn V.I lo Mia. M. Indianapolis 11-4 ' I El H
A. M., n l.oui. 7:l'i P. l next day. Noextratars. . I I l
1 tlio I1. M. llogner lesilbn'e hlreplng. nuffss, , ' ' 5
(mokitii nnd I Ibrarr nnd Dining t'ars, Uu. ChlcsgS) llllf
li uup. ll neit day No entra rare. I , ,
140 I'. M.-llrst trip Friday, July 3, sscond trt il AE
t-atiirdav, July 11, thereafter r-aiurdivs onlydurtnsT E I. a HI
July and August Due --ariiogau luP, M. ul
MiHO P. M, llagner Drawing Itoom Cars. Iras) ill KI
Albany 7 l' Troy 7.1.. -antnga ei40 P. M. Runs B VI
thtough lo La!.o tiiorge Snturdaja HB
4tS 1. M. llugner Vis lbule llutlet HravingRoom. N
Meeting, and liming ears Due L'elrolt u il A. . jj
Cbliugu 4IJ.IP, M, I ' ID
I'AT Ivr.STnt.N r.X.sRESM. I Tl
OtOO is, M. llagner Vestthu'e Drvwlng Koom, Slees t l KH
, lug and Dining Curs Due llullalo 11111 A M.Niagara, 1 H IH
lnll.7tU v. M 1 leveland lntl 4 VI., Detroit lilt) iH Bl
P. M , I hlrago 11 II I P. !., Ft Louis 7 41 A, M 'H
adiicomiacu a vii .mii.nti:i:ai. ex. I m IB
i-iti:r4. y
ItOO I'. M. llagner Hceplng Cars to Platuburgh, H HH
duo.'Ml'A M, to ilur tu.tuu, due s.ui A. M , and m I fi 'nl HHi
Montreal, due 7tli A it 1 R H HHJ
IIUKI'tl.l.. Xl.ltillt.l PALLS, THOU- I B ill KM
iiai'k M'i:t mi,. j n in
Ti.tO I. .11. It n.ner Hee.ilng far. New lork ts) I I tl Ml
llulTalo. Hue 7 11 A VI , Mausra Palls 8 Wl AM, , l
I'lavton .'. '" I ll . Alexandria liny 7 tsj a. at ., Paul 1 J ll
Smith s. and lupper I ake -t.itlon I ill 11 IB
H-.IIO P. !. IVajner Vestibule bleeping t'ars. Dus I H
llucliiiiatl 7 ) P. .11, Indian. io 1. lu J) P. M- bt I
Louis 7lU) A. il
ino P. M Sleeping car pattengers for Hochsttor H IH
only carried 011 thla train ipj IN
t'l.ll'll.t) MOIIT EXPRESS. ' 111
Oil." P. M llagner b.ccplng Car. New lorktoCapa H IH
Mucent. itiitlalo Detroit nnd Clilrago. B
FIMlkll.L lNl.ll lit Utlll) Pl)t ll II Kl l.rslB. RI1INB- 'D III
tl.Ir Y (KIM.hfO.N), AND HUHsll.N. tf.'JH, tlO .10. ', MM
sn tl A. 11 . ti :", -I :''''. 0 -' P. il-1 alsu lor Pough- I U sfiM
kieisle, so li) A ?.. I "- .':! f,. H :M OKI. 7 :U0. 7: 1'l. E 'HH
srsi .itll P M . lor t.arrlsnn'. IWest Point) 17 .11 I fl K
is il. U...1, 111 t) A M , t.' 10, 13! 10 3 W. tl .15 B li I 111
ALBANY AND Tit(IY-)7"M. 0 In, 11)00, tlO 30 A. M, j :H III
l. hi. ti.i) in , 4 vi. h ii 7 mi s uu, tins, til 5 It Mr Mini
HI., ulsofur lrov. 7 )P. M. I iM
SAItAltiHl-t.! "I IU IU ilOriO, til 30 A. l 13:00. I i Rl III
7 uu til !P M I n IB
I'TH A AND MI!ACt'il.-t?.10. n In, 10 00, tlOiSX i IM
111 .V) A M 1 Jl), 4 VI 0 IS 7 30. 8 OO, D.13, til ' I III
RllClli.STl.UANDllUKFAI.O-n:10 in 00 110:30.111130 ! fl III
A M . 1 ll I.Ml 7 'll 8 IM, 1) II, 1 1 1.51) P. M.I I Bj Bl
also for U.-iUie-ster. m-0 P. M !
Kl UtlltA I M I.s-'i 114 H.'1O, tlOCO A. M. 4 50. 8r00, I IM
7. m. ii I . II 1:1 1 P. II III
A M. 7 in ll ', i P V '
CAPI. UNi'hNr t'LAl ion. alto for Adirondack Moon I 'Bill
tains. 7 li I' M. Oi,DI,N-,il'i:il and Obll'EOO i I M 111
Ml', '11 vi P M.: a'solor t'lol ton. t' in A. II. 7 '10 I ,( 11
P vt tor owei.ii. Him ui.ui tm in a II.. hiiiP IL i
AUIlt ItN I.1..NI I A, AND! ANA.Nl)Atl,l'A-U M. 10 00, iHIB
10 .11 I. M 7..IU s li,!i I , 11 5M" M, Q IH
piT'l-rii:i.ll. LCNIIX.MIIl I'll ATIAMS, I H l
a:is i in: iti:i(i.'-iiiiiii: iiillh, '
VIA HAltl.l:il 1II1I-.10N. I 911
Two trains with through Draw lug Koom t'ars. I i '91 I
10 tu A Jl.. due I Ittsticl.l I .10 North Aiiam.JiSOP. X I , I
I.I.jIIP. II uue Plttn eld 8 In North Adam. OtlO P. K. 9 IB I I
NOItrol.lv AMI Till'. LITCHFIELD I 'll I I
HILL'S. 1 jj II
ft TO P. M . through cirs due .Norroll, Conn, 7.33 P. M ,B I I
For tickets uud .) act in Meeplug Cars apply at Grand h I I
Central -M-itti u or at 41 1 75 nsj liroadwav. l,l',4 ith Set I I
av, u Pir. place r,i llesi lth tt, and I inih st eta ! ! ,BJ flfl
Hon, New Vork, Ml lliish'ngtoii st. 7vi I ulton at., and it Bj flBl
-imi.eillord av , 1.. I), iirookiyn, too Hudson st . Jsr- II IIB BBB1
lev Clt.. ) BJ IBBI
llestintt I xpres. call, for and check, baggage from I 1 H WM
hotels mid rcalde nee. through to destination. I iH UBJ
t Diilv t-xcept -uudiy oiher tra us run da'ty. I iM BB1
ALove trains evcopt those leaving at f 10. .) ) A. If. , f 'II B
I 4i. 1' 1 . i. '. .! ..0, .l:, 4 M, 4 o, and 11.50 P. , ' 1 ' IBi
stop atl lh t .lotion. I fi ! IBsl
JOHN 11 Kill 1. 1 CCOIIIti: II. DANIELS. IH 1 H
General Manager. llcncrul Pass Agent. u ,a BJ
IWll LINES. . ill I
H IHrect route to rusiale, Tatf-rs-Jti Tucto ew- H
ttB Iurh. Ml iillet'iAii. rort.Icrxis m utirfiio, Whits H
1.1-ke liiiiirnlale ?ernion Kiutrtiunitun Klmira, PflH
Coriittiif Untkine (iit-n l-ath. llHtiiiriomiiport, Avon U WM
hprl nit. IiorlM rii r, intlllie ruitalu Ni-ntrtra I-alia, H ffl
Toronto t h tin iu iu.i lake rie.ej.inl CliKionall, he. 1 tm IH
l.uul- L li m,'(i nml nil oli.l- et. .nlld traim be- U !-
tween Ncn- ork hikI liiirttrio. No chmme of rur. H IfaVJ
( Iiulte vl r-'-itett I-i ImutAU-iua Lane rir M..u-r talli IffH
An enth tiitin- pinor.nnA of mountains, forest and t m wM
itireaiiia. Throuali truiii- lenre New . ork. loot or Chum ( H
hern hl, as folluwH nii-l tUe mlnuiei earlier, nuletl m H
Pihei-n to fth'-Mi. from WeBt -3 1 L J ?
9nA M i-nllj ln Nutirara rl,n and Chau- IH
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In ir car to hicaco. fcleeitra to ililtaco. Cleveland, ' H E
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i A. M . till' M. 4:.i I' M. O I1. M, 7 1'. II Ha Or- H
iluyti-M A M.-'l' M III' M. H
S-.TI KllA. I'J-i IAI ?n kATt'KhAS OM.V-UiV) P .Saffl
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1 J'.) for lUvt'oorn. 1 T I'. M , for I'rrt Jer.i. ,
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J. -lui, U17 and H.7 JtfonlwHj. i liainters and Wen Hl
ltd nt. tcrri Nw lork .Ml and hm fulton at, HH
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ark and llul-itt H Hot nkru, nnd Jere,"it Utlna. M
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from fioi-1 nnd r hi Unr llir-iul. in dfniinarloi. H M
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Mew York, J-lilladrlplili.. BJ
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All train, vesti u,rd from end to rnd and lighted hy taai IH M
iihe'iliatl- I illullig car sTVlre, H Bsl
mi i aii i .11 ni. i, i.oi in Bf
leave N-vv ur K Iroin foot ot I Iteuy st. N. R. 1BJ B
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P. II, l.n.in tilt 1 H H
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1 '.ih .t l.'l I a.t l.'.ih .l N- lork 4 v ourt tt, how BBBB
1 ult.iii st Mro idi av Iirookiyn New V rk Trunsfsr BBBJ
t uini tnr svlil rati tor aud check baggage from hotel or VfflBJ
residence toiletttnulloii. '-iHsiBl
sthorlstlllns lettibj'ed Pullmsn coach.s, m H
PA. II 1 ufnlo I'lcIiTel 1 t rtns nd ficweirn r-s, I jl H
pr-s '( 1' i-isoii, tor tlaiu i,.ip roui'sbi rg. ll ll i
hi-ralitou II ngl in in (iH.go Itlijn a Vfat.ny, Ll. it 11 BJ
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Nm''' lurllaiil, Mrici.r, tut u and Irternve I 9
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lllisloit In e.l.rie, D.ttvlle tud .Norihur-terlaaiL M ' i
and .it I r iln v. h train, fir Hie ll est. -"a-"ts i I
. .') v VI l liirfh irntou vlail via lluomon y B BJ
IP v j i ,giiaiiitin and I'ltiilra Liir.s. for Vfat.t I H ll
flap Mro dslo rr hcrauton. iiw.h'o M.r.riv himira. i$ Jl IBJ
ton rci. 3i m ramus trim trains tor Piittton. Kings. '3 H
tmi snl vviikrto.rre " W BJ
4 in I', M-rcr.nloo. Wlikstharrs, snd Plyn-oatk li
Lair.'. i Ifl
7 io P It (sllv)-Buftsle Ltroltea Kiprtss. vit Pal Tt UM
srtes for Etro josl'ur hcrsnion. mnthsmton osrsr. I 4B
llav.rl) Lluilra, Lomlng, Hath Harlaud, L'.stflUs. p fl
VL Vorrlt arriving .t ruitaio 7 iii A. M. W, M
P P. II td.tlvi.-rufl.lii Klchr.ll r-prlnts, and ?t 111' U sB
sstgoipr.st for hire jdsturg Hcrsntou lilngliainiia. Bni BJ
rnnl.nd Mr.ius. I u ion ilresns. Ozforl Nersrief III I !
I-h.rlii.rne, lletervill. ( uris. -tr snd sil point, on IB l'i 1 1 tB
Ilurlaloi.lvi.'on t'onueclawlth trains tor Ihs VTol j j '111
I Leei ,-,- f.HIOn TALLni RAILROAD. J 'l llsj
r'".i-Jt7 -leave foot of CorHindt or Da ', I'ifl
I M,Ky'TTN''roIse. at 7, Him, , and Ilia) A U., I, ' l'H
ft y -'lllt, 4 . 151.-1). aiiI73IP. M ' j '89
1 ft 7h. pleikrcsqus routs htlsr.sn Hest jl J
' I Vork anl l.as'n i lie hlehem. Alias J fl'H
"' tusrn. lottsM ie, il v ir It Onunk.H tikes. HiH
larre, Pltut'vn tt ru tou I .c itmiesa, iVav.riy j H
Wat In. i l.o. I Itnlra. Kocliestvr. Uu3aio Magjts I -111
'Alls. Toronto, Detroit, " ijlH
Tlek.u snd sloping ctr berths can .ecur.tl attka J illl
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