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4 THE SUN, TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 189). . :
" :---
il! 11 l'slUY, AI lit'ST 4, 1S31.
i ! iniiiip i r tf Mr its.
I 4 ti Wen Mrse I.
II All eotninntii-a l"i ho 1 In ajlr-iie'to IR1K
I M Wlllll.. (.nisiraiid, i
ij ' AJvntiMmmli J"' Iin: Wl'KKtv St'v,
! Ij tcwurci fo-morro e morniii'j, must I: lnwdtd in
I Jl lii cttnina IfJorcGn'ilof!;.
Tho Kentucky I'lcctlon.
ili 'JhoS-.ntn enuiivilgn tit Kintucl.y which
1 1 ended yostcrduy lias been conducted I'' tho
llon.JoiiN Yiiu.so Ui.ov.n and his licuti'ii-
Ij nuts wtlli oM-faBhlotioil ineigv
1 1 'Ilio conditions tlili j-n.ir h.ivo din'orrd
1 1 imm those of nuv prev loir, ront"t. la or-
j I (Unary canvasses tl.n Mil'' (iras-j nomocracy
1 1 lias llttli) troiibl" In walking uverthe Hepilb-
Menu party. This car tins so-'allod l'co-
! p.o'- iwirly. being tho l'tumor-.' Alliance In
' ! Its political iiin'iirostntlt.n, lus been thu
1 jl clil-f enemy In tho Held. Tho mam of-
j? Joit In Loon to iimiciil tho dis-
1 jl nlTcctlnti ol Dcmoc ratio firmer-: unit to
j! this ciul a, most lgmuus.ini! loiiiprehensivo
j campaign of eollil aigumeiit, I'la-lnr bon-
! II tlree, and convi.i lug barbecues litu. been
I J prwM'Cuteil for tanny ucc'iti. lw Munition
Jl baa boon complicated finthor for the Dom-
i ocrats by onie divergence, of Donioeiatic
I opinion concrithitr tho proposed nevvCon-
K lllutlon. nml by soveial vory unfortunate
fl factional t! cp'ites ovei lrral andldatos.
I On the other hand, two thing- have count-
I 1 heavily for t'uo stiaight Kentucky Dem-
octal: Thsy ri'liiscil u.. tho biait tucury
j the dead weight of lho fat Incubus thimigh
it thisuiduouscamralgtr, and in dcillng with
' tho discontent f tho f.gricultuiist-s they
. luve been .tided by the cltciimstince that
i I tho Kentucky wheat Holds n;o y.ciding this
I year from lUteou to thirty-live biwhob to
'1 tho act", wlillo corn a d t! collier (tops
I lucuils to bo nbti'idsnt. Whete oven tho
I Kentucky bogs are looking fcrvvard to a
J teason of ptcsporisy a:,U plenty, funncrs
I who aro t.ot fool :iro disposed to take u
I comnioii-sA:s9 view of politic.!).
I Tho icluini ftom the Sl.itc. theio'ore, will
j bo studied Willi interest all over the coun-
try. Governor nt'CKNlJU was elected in 1837
I by 16.737 plurality. Ills predecessor, Pltoc-
8 TonKxoTT, had44.4aipli:ialltyln lssJ, and
43,011 was tho majority of Luke ISLicKitntv
1 In 1879. Cr.uvEi,vNr'8 plurality for l,nsI-
dent In 1S83 was loss than lvj.00u.
1 White Rule in MKstsslppl.
R cturns from about one-half of tho MIte-
1 1 lppl counties show that tho new Constltu-
ij tionof that State will fullll the main object
of Its adoption, tho diminution of the coloied
1 voto and tho malutenancoof n uliito liiu-
I Jorlty. To pecure that object the Constltu-
I Uonal Convention determined upon two pro
J xlaiona B3 pt-ercquUltos tootlii(;. the pre-
payment of n poll tax within u ccitaln
i period befoto an election, and tho satisfyinj,'
jl of an educational qiiallllcatfon. It seems
, Ij that oven without the latter punlslon tho
fl Dew Constitution Insures, wlilto Biipiemacy.
11 Loss than one-foutth of tho coloied ot-
II era havo paid Ihelr poll taxes. In the
n countios where tho coloied population
jj fa largest not more thun a llfth, and
II In some of them not more than a tenth,
I cf tho colored voteis havo registered.
5 Thus in Yazoo but 73 lm i roglsterid out or
I S.OOO entitled to register; in Lowndes only
I S ii out of about 5,000. 1'iom tho piesent
Statoof tho registration It beems that the
D yrhlte majority this year Is likely to be
j I 10,000 or 20.000 greater than tho entile nura-
H ber of colored votes roglsteied. A small
R percentage of tho white oters will also be
disfranchised, but the unwillingness or in-
I ability of the negroes to pay tho poll tux
I 11111 lcavo the whites with a majority greater
i than any ono can havo anticipated.
I For the present, then, and probably for
Jl many years to come, tho negio vote will no
j longer bo a bugaboo In Mississippi, but the
II ' means whioh havo secured the lesult are
I. not auoh us could bo justified in any other
n than n caso of extreme necessity. Ilio
II m Dcmocralic party is naturally and rlght-
J " fully opposed to the Imposition of a poll tax.
j As tho party of equal lights and equal but
I ,) i jl den", It cannot logically favor tho piopo
I jK i eition to deprlvo a ro.iii of tho pslvilcgo
I j f voting Lecauso he is loo poor to
I buy It. An educational qualification to
the advantage of tho educated over tho tin
I ducatrd citizen tanr.ot bo successfully de
ll fer.de J frcm the Democratic point of iicv.
I The llissisalppl Democrats. -.is not blit.d to
f I thcobjeet!o:icwh!c!iex'stngalnsttheiestilc-
II tlondof tho new CoDBlltutl n; and nothing
hB but the fear of c.ilorcd Fupiemccy could
IB havo induced them to consent to t.uch ic-
I ctrlcri'jns. V,'o l)elle e, however, that before
HI many years publicoplnion in Mississippi w ill
B nsUforamcre truly Democratic Constltu-
III Hon. Only as n:i expedient and not .is a
UII ncfes.nry r.nd ibllnltlvo fact can tho new
H Constilutiou be defended.
BU Thn l.alcat Attack On Trlul by .lury.
ij Mr. Cxai:li;s A. Thatcher ccnlrlljiitcs to
tho .Vorf America. Iicvliw nil article on
U hat he cilia the failuro of tho jury syotom.
B Or. account of Ihe Importnnca of tho sub-
U Jectnndtho prcmlnonco of tho publication
U In which this attact appcurj. it seems worth
U "While to eoi roct wma of Its errors.
i HI In tho llrat place, tho man who undertakes
: HI to write aboat tho failuro of the Jury system
' HI ttoinpti to discuss tomothlng which Is
r. III fton-eslcleut, fori! h.isiiot failed.
HI "Chance star.iN at tho threshold of the
i HI Juty system," saya Mr. Thmcurk. and
HI "Ucoianco follows In tho footsteps of
Ulll 'chance, alcco tho tnr.ii who has formed
HI I tiplnlons upon tl.o top'cs o: the day !; liable
HI U clsallciiBi;." Tito fao that fijiity Is ilinwn
HI by lot Irom the enllro bo-Iy of pci sour, ouali-
III llod to serve a3 'juio: i l j nil .ijltd aigu-
HI Dient ara!imt tho cyilcru. Tho iwnn for
HI adopting and rtttaltiitw; thn method, In-
UII Viilvir.gasltdocs tho oleir.ent ot chance, is
y that It ordinarily indues tho selc-tion of a
lIU Jury whoso meniLrs nr) Imp-irtlal and un-
HI prejudiced ns brtwcoa tho It'lgints, and
II I vho. at iillcvonts, v.-:i! p.'i.iu'ori tho fifts
Jl l I fairly acording to tho ho A : t i".r ability.
' II HI 'lb rttrsu;me:il i!m "111') ::inn who ha'
HI fori;ioSopluloiuu:.o:i tliot' p.iiof tin duy
I Isllalilo lo challenge-," probably rie.uu tlu.t
I tho formation of an opinion in :cspeelto the
I ruorltsof thecafoon tt.al d!r ij i.allll'M n pto-
W po.sod Juror from 6itt!ng In tint particuinr
H ongc. Innootherr-ono v thu statement
,' III tivi'r been corraji; nml U It. not conect In
III- Ujatfi'iivi hero lit Now York, so far ut Hi-.'.
' III' y L'ri"''!!"l tilnh ai co' c. re I. It t'i!s
. lIU h'atciiSiinl '. h idl lent rris .n f in,";c!ii I-
lll' !'ig a piopo-ed Jmor from tho Jny bo.
IH tl at ho has prcvloiiftiy formea or exprcs-ed
nn opinion, provided ho bwears that
I he ran render an Impartial cidlct tiotwlth-
- IH etandlng euch opinion, and tho presMIng
H tfudga takes the faamoviowof that iioint.
I H 'J he very common nESumntion and as( rtlon
pH In New Y,o:!s Jo-.rtials that out hn- kos in-
PH Ulllglllt Cttl!isfr0!!l 6Clu- nn j 1 ei be-
Hi caiioa they ha o fonr.cd opit'lor.', can only
H be the tftaiutof ttnfnmillarlty wltli the Mat-
H tiles ot tho State. The law alms only to
H XlhxjuallfytjUclj pjrns 05 cautiot disrostad
! H
the'r opinions after having oneo forme 1
them; and bin ely 110 ono will contend that
these citlreiiB ehould sit as Juiot9.
Mr. TaATLiini: concedes that In tho In
fancy of tho jury y8tcm, when It lals wero
very bi lef, and the longestdhl nut last muro
than fida. "men of averag Intelllgotico
loiihl gta--patidictaln thn material imlntsln
the evidence at least until they had reached
11. e i'iry loom." Now, when tilnls run Into
month, lie think'', that leforo tho case Is
half e impleteil neatly all that has gone be-foil-
la elthoi a pcifo.1 blank to tho majority
of tho jury or has bcomo m confused thnt
it is Impossible for tlnin to uniael II. Itul
thn .v.oingo duration ot jury trials even
now Is mii'di lc53 than a day,
m.il It Is not fair to condemn tho
nysteni because of tho exceptional cnes
wltli'h last 11 montli or mom. l'.ven In theso
ihodeslteot thoplalntliTs counsel to mnko
tit" facts clear to the juiy will usually In
h'lro a fair comprehension of the case ns the
trial pt oucetW, audit tlio presiding Judge Is
iii.llilcd for his duties ho will Btato tho
questions of fact .jo plainly In his charge,
together with tho law applicable to tho vari
ous lews which may Le taken of the facts,
n3 to lead the jury to nn Intelligent erdlet
without in any manner ttespasflng upon
tlHr province.
Ni'lwenio told that " one novcr ses a
incmLei of a jut y make a note ot any ot the
points In evidence." 'lhis inustl-o lecnu60
one has ut tended vciy few Jury trials Indeed.
Nothing Is morn common than to seo Jury
men making notes; and sometimes when
sulllcleut paper is not at hand they wrlto
them in pencil oil tliclr cuffs.
In his objections to tho lcquircraent ot
unanimity, Mr. Tii.vrciint ovotlooks the
conli oiling argunient In its favor. This Is,
that in many doubtful oases It Insures ade
quate dUeiis-loii of all the facts on both
tides befoto ast cement can Le reached.
That tho pjoplJ of this country will ever
abolish til.il by Jury and substitute therefor
a permanent tilbunalof three or 11 vo Judges
as tilcrj of questions of fact, as rccom
mo'idcd by this writer in tho AuifA Jintriroii
Jtf, i',p, we luvo not tho hllghtct fear. To
t he pi operadmlnlstratlnn of the jury system
it 1. ecjcnti:i! t'.mttlie trlnlJudgessliouldbu
i ompe'.ent. and that tho peiformanco of
Jury duty by the most Intelligent citizens
should bosigorously enforced. With theso
condition, however, tho jury system Is
better lltted to tho wants of a fiee people
than any otl.ci method which has yet been
devised, for it enables tho wholo body of
citizens lo pirtlelpite in the administration
of Justice; and there Is every prospect that
it will be as permanent as tho fieedom of our
Tvyenty-flve Years of the Grand Army.
The twenty-fifth national encampment ot
the tiiand Aimy of tho Uepublic begins to
day at Detioit. Tho occasion attracts that
incicnsed dcgieo of nttention and retro
spect which is apt to to called out by a
tweutv-llfth nnnlversaiy. Strictly Epeak
ing, tho silver celebration of this society
oecinred nearly four months ago, when tho
Grand Army posts throughout the country
held spot lid services In honor of Its founda
tion on April 0, 1S0C. SHU, those vveto scal
teicd observances, wheieas tens of thou
sands ot veterans will gather at Detioit
and review wllh rongiatulatlons and prldo
the extrnoulinnry histoiy of their oiganka
tlon. Gen. Auir.lt also, who has himself
been a Commander-lu-Clilef, will take care
that the honor done to the city ( f his tesl
donco In sfleitltig It us the place of the
present encampment, Is tepald by an en
thusiastic welcome.
It 1 doubtful whether tho two stall ofll
c.rofnn Illinois volunteer togiment. Sur
geon li. T. iiTErurssoN- and Chaplain AV. J.
llt'TLKDun, w lio llrst talked ovet the piojct
of this organization, fore-aw what it would
bo to-day. The Chaplain struck out tho
otiglnal Idea whllo they weie engaged In
Sherman's Mcildlan campaign; but Dr.
Stu'iiessok is regaided as tho real founder
of the older, since lie made tho idea
practicable, dicw up tho jltual, and started
the organization. He had lesumed the
ptnetico ot medicine In Springfield, his
native town, but Pest 1 was founded nt De
catur, because tho necessary printing of the
secret papcts could there bo done by certain
toldieis who had set veil in the war, and
were ready to join. Dr. Stephenson signed
this charter as Coniniamler of tho Depart
ment of Illinois, und the namo Grand Army
of the Itcpublio was nt tho head of tho
document. Twclvo members wcro named
In it, and on tho Cth of Aptil, 1691, five
of them wero rtill living, including M. 1
J'.ccan, tho llrst Commander. A post was
next formed In Spiingllold, and early In
Tune, 1SC0, tho cider was extended to Wis
consin. Tho first depaitment convention
was held on tho 12th ot July at fc'ptingllcUl,
ni.d Gen. Fat.mi'.k was elected a3 Com
mander. Tho next notab'.o event was tho
organization of n depaitment in Iowa; and
In November the firt national encampment
was held ut Indianapolis. Dy that time tho
organization was bpr..tding very fast. Tho
I'ast had the national encampment of 1V'3
nt Philadelphia, when Gen. John A. Logan
was tlected as Conunandct-ln-Clilof. Ho
added strengt.i to tho organization, and tho
establishment of Memorial Day, to Lo an
nually celebrated on May SO, lea to the
adoption of that duy ns a national holiday.
Winn tl.o list annual meeting wax held In
I'o'tou it was fhoivn that thcio had b-on a
ctcudy ga'n in tr.cir.b'tnlilp, tmd that nl
though n itunitcr of ,1 (rnti.ry had elapsed
since its tjur.il.'.t.on, it was glowing vigoi
ou ly. 'Hie nuniLi 1 of posts in tho iar ic
I iii-ii'd Kpiiis had iiiirojji'd f 10m 0,711 to 7,17s.
anil although no lever than .i,47ii members
had died dining tho e.-i, theio had been .1
net lift caso ot niemLcis in gfod f-taudlng
frm .--' isi l 1 I!7,;hi. Hid total ir.emb.t
shlp, liuM ding ti'i'.pe.'idcii mem! ei j nud
tlll i"lt. "ll tl,ll!.fi'l, w.m rjui. J 1 n
t'letef..c .Went ti i.t if theg.iln inniPiii
Leishii) tills von- si.uiti I luiitliiuu ut tln
fc.tnio ratio, Hi" total to L. mpoi ted at De
tioit will niiiy.u 1 lrilf a million. Tho total
amount eNpemii;.'. by tho Grand Ai my lor
puipo-"S of relief ftom July 1, 1S70, fnra
neiludi 1 nineteen yen-, was l.i-t humuiei
jep.jilwd 10 le 1.0:11 ly Sr.'.UuO.co, r.mt tit tho
livel.ig'i fate of i.'cieas) tie- n-rgirgii"
rejo'ti'd r.t J'.'tti ,t m-iy o: 1 eeil S.' Si mm
Ali'il t t'iO(.ia:id Siniy, ,md 'Mutlijof
mention, is t.. Wot e.r- Ke'iei I'ntps, whlih
w:i'j hi it oi.iiiizi'd 1 l'iit icairt ago, a!
though Mmil.il Lndlei liad I cen ro:ino:leil
Wltlldlflelt-I.t 0t. Il.i) ill fit of IhO'u post
corps, It !i 1 . 1 " n Mt.d, was li.ftiied In 109 In
Pottliitid, v.iiim) Kit vi:i;'i later Woiuoi.'s
Stit'oP."ltiit 1 "' 1 . c-t.ibli5hid In Mi- a
i'lii:e" I'.i.ig I'm ci'hl .')., r Its f
Uti'ii' t'i' N.itiLtial lti'i cfifips hub doLo
much, 111 utib.ig tho o; ei.iug of 11 homo
at Miuiifon, ()., lor m my uutto, th" vndows
of poldieie, find ntiii'ii-, A tit.rd Is estab
lished for tho Womon'i Jlcliof ( orpi, fn for
the Grand At my, but tho membership Is not
limited to tboao directly lonnected with tho
Tim honoi and ndvanlag of lv Intchoson
ns' nitiintider-ir.f hiof of ih" Giiir.d Armv
aio fully appfeciattd Ihe ro.l of Com
mauders lniludo5, taking them tnordei.K.
A. HcRi.nuT, John A. Looan. AunnosE U.
Vvuxnivi:, CiiABiiCj VTCKS Joh-n JL Huh- .
rAsn-.JimsC. Koiiissos, Wilt.iau I:ahx-
iiavv, Ix)Uis Wauneh, GLoitauS.MEimiLr.,
IM-ii Vav Dr.tt Yoor.r. It. 11. Hfath. J. 8.
KotlNTJ', S. H. llfllDETT, LUCJf S rAinCHItt),
John P. P.nv, Wii.i.uvi AiiKr.it, Kussemj
A. Ai.or.it, and Wiir.r.t.ocK r. Vnvr.Y. Gen.
llriti.nrT, Gen. Prr.NstDi:. Gen. J.)r.vr.NS,
Gen. lUltTttiNir, and Gen. I!oiiin,ov each
had two yt'iu-. of feivlc". and lieu. I.ooan
had three; hit' slti'O 173 IliPiulclinslocu
iti'i tetm.
Dettoli no,v Imlds the national encamp
ment rorllie lli'l Line. The other plaies
taken In oulcrlnvebeeii Indianapolis, Phila
delphia, t lnclnn.it!, Wit-lilngton, Iloston,
Cleveliitul. New Haven, HarrNb'iig, Chicago.
Philaik'lpliiang.iln, Piovldonie. Spiingllcld,
.Mass ; Albany, Dayton, Indianapolis again,
llnltlmoto, Denver, Mliiucapoll', Portland,
San l'raiiilsc". St. Loul-. Columbus, Mil
waukee, nud ltoston fot a wcouil time. It Is
said that 'lopeka will make n strong bid for
nct year's encniiipincnt. while, of roursc,
'I hn Grand Ai my Is .1 wonderful organiza
tion, In Us constant growth, widespread In
fluence, and tho enthusiasm of Its members.
Laws Against Sunday Labor.
There Is a law In Tennostoo which pio
hlblts cettain forms of labor on Sunday,
under penalty ot lino or Imprisonment. A
year ago a citizen of Tennessee named II.
M. Kino, who belongs to the sect known ns
the Seventh Dty Adventbts. was tried and
convicted under this law for having
ploughed a field on his farm in Obion county
on Sunday. Tho conviction was afllrmcd by
tho Supiemo Court of tho State, and the
caso was then taken by means of habeas
corpus proceedings Into tho United States
District Court for tho Western District of
Tennessee, on tho ground that Mr. Kivowas
held In custody by the ShciliTiti violation of
tho l'cdeial Constitution. The caso was
argued before District Judge Hamjionu of
Memphis, who has just rendered n decision
ndverso to tho application, which denial,
according to the telegraphic report, Is based
chletly on tho ground that no question Is
involved vvhtch Is cognizable by the 1'oderal
This conclusion Is In accordanco with tho
weight of authority, and consistent with
what may bo called the Democratic viow of
tho Constitution of the United States, or tho
Interpretation ot that Instrument which
leaves tho largest liberty In their domestlo
concerns to tho several States of the Union.
If tho Sunday law of Tennessee does not
v lolatc auy provision of the Stato Constitu
tion as Interpreted by tho State Supremo
Com t, the Federal tribunals will not pio
nounce It Invalid, and cannot Interfere with
a conviction under it unless It Is clearly
made to appear that some command or
prohibition contained In tho Federal Consti
tution has been disregarded.
As a rule, tho State Constitutions prohibit
the enactment of any law respecting an es
tablishment of religion. It has repeatedly
been held, however, that statutes providing
for the punishment of blasphemy and other
fotms of piofanity do not fall within this
constitutional prohibition. Theso statutes
nio justilled on the ground that profane and
blasphemous language Is offensive to tho
general public sense of decency and pro
priety, and that its utt?ranoo tends to dls
tuib the public peace and ordei. The pun-l-hment
of blasphemy and piofanity cannot
be tegauled a-, in auy sen-en denial of tho
fullest religious libctty, Ina-muoh as no re
ligion command-, or appiovos the use of
bln-plieinoti-. 'if ) rofano wotds ut.der any
It has been admitted, however, by some of
tho ablest Judges and law miteis, that tho
argument In biipport of statutes against
Sunday laboi Is by no mean- -o cogent ; and
Chief Justice Cooi.r.Y has well said: 'The
Jew who is foiced to le-pect the llrst day
of the wo"; when his coiseleneo lequlrosof
him tho ob-oivaueo of the seventh also,
may plausibly urg" that the law discrimi
nates against his leligion, and by forcing
him to keep a second Sabbath iu each week,
unjustly, though by Indirection, punishes
him for his belief."
Nevertheless, tho Sunday laws against
lal or have generally been sustained by the
courts in this countty, eltliei on the same
ground as the statutes against blasphemy
that is to say, out ot respect to tlie wishes
of the vast mnjoilty or as sanitary regula
tions founded upon the common experience
that men generally need ono day of rest iu
tho week.
In this Stato it Is not evety form of labor
that is prohibited on Sunday, but only ser
vile labor; and contracts for servile labor
have been upheld by the courts where tho
work began on Satuiday and extended over
into Sunday, lliero can bo littlo doubt,
however, that under the Now York statute
ploughing would bo deemed 'eivilc labor.
The Coming Massachusetts Republican.
There aro hardened and pessimistic
observets who pictond that politics lias
ceased to be a joy to thorn, and would fain
lio down and confess that they sco and
know It all. They are mistaken and they
aro bilious, and they do not know tho dear
old Suite ot Massachusetts. Whoever
studies tho politics, and especially tho Ile
publican politics, o( Massachusetts has an
unfailing a nil a perennial soutco of joy.
Hut thn student must understand tho
formula tu:d tho conditions which pievnil.
He mu-it appreciate tho fact tint in the Jiay
Stato the npubllcans nro wicked only to bo
gcod. Thcio Jin will llnd tlio most absoib.
ing Intctcst in the oflicos combined with tho
prcten-e tt at H Is wvo-ig to see!: ofllcj, and
seo tho hol.eit ap ftlosof op II t,ei vice re
form breaking their necks iu their wild zeal
to tumble up to tho trough whllo thero Is
loom. There ho will too ancient relies of thn
pahiwoic ago llko Gronr.r. rr.ismn limn
emitting hymns in Junior of tho dlstast.i
for ofile" ai'il hi aying like tl.o iinrcgauled
wild .1 -.- r thi'dcseit If ui'li" g. c- to the
other f" low.
I'vi'ii now. when Uii.i.v J!t's-u.r., the most
popular and engaging young man that over
allowed a Mugwump liaining to lutcifcte
with his chaife fur gtoattios-, Is Governor
tf tlfStite, tlie lP'publl'iiis am seated to
death an J afraid lo put n nnn agjinst him.
'1 hoy J.tm'v Hint Hie d i.v for figurehead. and
ci.iL.idi!" hn pi'-1.!, and that it is niw
dot.btful If Mas.achusc'ij hnsnot so far fot
gotten Its old lia'litloi.s tistowtiir.aninn fur
a Govetnor. and tltov know that Governor
ItussEi.ii la a particularly good specimen of
.1 man In tplto ot thedctenont influenco of
Harvard College on hi political Intellectuals ;
nnd yoteveiybody whom the want to bo tho
Lew Jlppiihllmii caiidiihil" 'oemnnn-duus to
ilrcilr.u tl " bono ; a. il ev : '" ly they don t
want Julias fo.' t!.n in mutation.
Nor is tills all tlie trouble. Hi sr.v Tutor
Louor, tho 01.0 man In a da!"d crowd who
has kept his hoad, and hit . a ho.-.d w ot t It keep
ing, lias so much ruspn-c, promleo, nnd am
bition that tiio llipublleaa politicians aie
afialdof him. lb) started out In political
llfo with Slugw'i up o') m in- Ho ha3 soon
tl" error of his mu nnd becotno tho
tnost stalwatt ll'iubUan lit tho St.Ve
Tito tflmpoilJ-.Ts an I h'uf-iva moil no
afraid o( htm. 1 lio Mugwumps tegard him
as thounpeakablo sin. Tho other Kepubli
cu politicians havo uucloasaDt dreams la
which thoy boo him Governor or Senalcr,and,
In either event, boss of politics. He is a
masterful person, nnd his talents nro so well
recognized, his ambition Is so well known,
nnd his habit of reaching out for what ho
wants so chronic that th" somowhnt effcto
oligarch j headed by tho Massachusetts Sen
utots and tho Hon. Aiasron W. Hr.vnti, Col
lector at tho port of Boston, has hysterics at
the thought ot him. Seldom does a matt
whoso original bent wns literary, and who
has tho felicity of having had a gianilfather
who was mighty among tho New England
Federalists and tho Hattlord secessionists,
make such a row among tho timid moderns.
Lopot. has determined to bo n Scmtor In
Congress from Massachusetts. Wo supposo
that he will be, if he contlnuos tn Insist upon
It. Ho has an excess of talent for a Massa
chusetts Senator of tho days since Charles
Simned; but on tho other hand ho hn
a knowledge nud a genius In practical
polities which havo not been poesscd by
any Ma'sachusotts man since Hent.y Wil
hon. He 1, iierhaps, a little too emphatic.
He scores his enemies loo much. Ho makes
tho mistake of not burrowing In secret, as
Apin Tiuyeu used to. Hut ho has tho
brains, ho has tho strength, and ho
has tho money too; and If It Is given to any
Ilcpitbllcnn politician of Massachusetts to
get whoro ho wants to Iu thoneitfew year1,
It Is given ta this cross-country ilder from
Nnhant. He Isv igoroits, and tho Massachu
setts Republicans nro too used to feeble and
futile ancients not to relish nud admlro Hits
bold nnd bluff yourg athlete, w hoso courago
doesn't prevent him from being ono of tho
ehrowdest nnd subtlest of political tnan
agors. Ho takes I1I3 party straight, and his
party tsgratolul to a man who doi'sn'l antici
pate defeat by mumbling excuses nnd apolo
gies. Fiunlly, ho has tho talent for public
lite; and ho has conquered tho piejudlces
which Mitiounded his ontrancolnto it. Ho
Is able to read and vvrito without offending
his constituents; and they and the men of
tho Republican party ot Massachusetts ad
mire hlin, and will help him In his career.
Ho is occasionally defeated, as he was
defeated on thu Reapportionment bill;
but it helps and will pay him ultimately to
represent tho extreme and radical wing of
his party. Ho etnuds for what It wants -to
do. and If ho falls, ho falls with his party,
and his personal prcstigo is not imptiied.
Just at present a sweet story comes from
Massachusetts that ho has been spurned
nnd sat upon because tiirco Republican Con
gressmen, Rockwell, Coocisvvkll, ntid
WAi.KEtt, hav e refused to sen 0 on tho Com
mittee on Resolutions nt tho next Repub
lican Convention, of which it is exact
ed that Mr. Loner, vvld bo the Pi evi
dent and linchpin. It is said tint these
gentlemen do not lovo Mr. Loihie. Vciy
probably; but what of it? Fitvvi Rock
w kll Is a dead duck. Joe Walker, w ho
knows something about thn boot and shoo
business and thinks something about tho
sliver question, Is in his .shirt sleeves watt
ing to be nominated for Governor.
None of the Republican Congressmen of
Massachusetts, except Mr. Lodoe, dotes
upon Mr. Lodoe. Ho is too conspicuous.
But not all the Republican Congressmen
and ex-Congressmen from Massachusetts
can pievent Mr. Lodge fiom exeteising tho
Inlluencc to wliich his talents entitle him.
Lnvy and jealousy cannot hurt him much
or long. Ho is about tho only Republican in
Ma-sachu-etts with a distinct lltncss for
large politics; and if ho doesn't succeed, it
will bo because Hilly Rissell nnd tho
other young I )emoera ts have conquered Mu
sachtiictts and not nieieh surprld liei.
Mr. BrvjvMiN Gvstov, the author of tho
new scheme ot colored emigration to Liberia,
has the nleasuro ot Indulging la tho bona thnt
Congress will make an appropriation in suii
lurt ot that scheme tor tLo welfare of colored
people. He liad better glvo up any further in
dulgence la that v ain hope.
The enshrining of the telicsnf St QrirTfs
la the Catholic Church rl Our Lady of Grace,
in IloboLon, Is a singular onJ notable event,
Forty rears ago the?e rollcs were dl-lnterre I
lu what is known as tho Cometety of fat. I'ro
teMatus, in the Catacombs of Home, and
were given by tho Pore to an American priest
and deposited inaiasket, uitbin the altar of
fat. Mary'c. llotokon. Thoncetliey were trans
lated oa Sunday last to tho new church in the
presence of over a bundled clew men,
fifteen bundled choristers, and llftean
thousand devout woisklppers In this
age and this load such a ceiemony Is
strange and Imprc-sive. comrneiaoiatlnB
as it does a maityr of whom nn'.hing
Is known save that bo il'o.I f r tho faith in
days of persecution, of which theto romaln no
othor record, under en Hmroior. but which
Hmporor we know cot. in tho 6llv or nco of Homo.
1 ho only date that temalns l-i that of the a'0
of fat (JutETt's. which is re-ordod as live jears
and two month". Yet even tlds gives no in
formation to the curious and tho rious. for In
early Christian times tl.o aso was recl.oncd
olten from the day of baptism nnd not from
the day of birth. Alsslutelr nothing i known,
thon. of tho s.ilntwho Is so honoied, nnd jet
fifteen hundred ) ears or taoro after tho deith
of this Roman boy, for ho is runnosed to have
been but a child when ho died, his niouldorinc
remains nnd a vi il of his blood are homo with
roiorcnco from ono church to another In a
city in a continent of which tho world he lived
in know not and I ut vaguoly propheilod.
There Is no doubl Hint tho farmers of tho
Fnltnd States, and ot ah tho K'utes, hr.vo
heard tl.e news that tloro Is likely to be an un
usually l.irco oviort of corn!sthls car, and
thattheyarn pi utly sure or getting .1 good pneo
for all tho grain riopstli.it the) hv.o t.iltod.
At Ocean Grove, on Sunday la t, the Rv.
Dr Anois preached a Bornnii In whl'h ho
spoke of the smoking habit, and took occasion
to romsrk that "tho immoderate Ub of to
bacco, soy fifteen clears a day. rhould be
avoided." This remark of tho Hi v. Dr. Ahams
Is reasonable and judicious. The ntnn win
smokes (llteon cUars a day, or one-half that
number, evon th&ush they Le not of tin lam
est sl.e, Binol.is ton many.
Not long ago tlfio was a light between a
gang of Italians nt.d a gang of Havs In tho
coolrcglor.sot I'ODii-ylaDla;nU now vre hoar
ot a fight botwecn Holu'mljru. and Hungarians
In Ohio, It is a bad thing for immigrants of
these racon or of othor fares, in keep up old
race prejudice alter eomlni: to in- country.
1; is pleasant to I cp ! I t'lofitmeis I.u
Testing their grain, or t' o cotton lals ts id !,.
Ingthu bol's, or tho tdiephonls toidiiig ilio r
(locks, or tho fishermen hauling In tleli well
lllled netft; and p!oiianl also it i-. at t.'i!- scn
sonof the )uar, to behold tho women nnd chll
dreaof the Nutmea Stato gilheriag tho line
ciopot rlpohucklolerrlosin tho rocky fields
whore they crow. Wearing Eiiiiboaaifts nnd
cnirjlii;: baskets, they are out by funrifio,
cheerful, smart, and ;:ea!o;i', knotrlng tint the
liucklebertlti will bo turned lutod. Ilatr.whfeh
are coed things to have about the house, 03
pe:ia!ly lu tho winter time.
A. IVrll.rainnl Ilrpulutlan.
Vcm tttt liTjin rountv Pmoera;
II U a'i'cii to follow l!. xacarli of the New YorV
-Tirrittntu ditly recloliof mull tran'plrlnnn Ihli
nil'.!, Ihrr re i.nlrotufnl lo an Uit Orertr, Tri
11 i.'l rtIuutlcufor f iu n-k' 011 n nn well tittl.tUli6t
n.' po tliormicli j Iron'iilu- ( oir ,'cfiey cJllion
ttt e iu'J(. ot 11r.1v f rf a) r.J ic
Queer Slalc of '1 liln lu Alakkn,
ntnU'FMa J'a'lsn
All tr mr.rrlii coufitct inoac tb tttctitfi, anil
omi at Hit torla onci. titrt I'tat t) hjBltltcrlnr, i
'1E?1lvyyp'-ewll -rtfnTj. - gj.Cv.iifcpw.T---.
sexatoi: nExnitiacs's sveccsson.
Proapeeta or a HmHIa Hclrrn the III
cook and Iteldcn FhcIIoii.
Bvmcusn Ang3. Tho Havel, of tho North
German Lloyd steamship line, duo lu New
York on Woduo-day. will brine as a pnssongor
Senator Francis Hendricks. )! Is badly
t ceded here at his homo n Syracuse, and tho
moment ho slops from tho gang plank ot tho
vessel will probably bo so lutormed. Although
he has been absont In Huropo only six weeks
orthi'ieabouts. things havo gone wrong In his
district through the failuro ot Assemblyman
Hufus T. Pock of Cortland county to make a
r'sroctablo showing In tho canvass tor tho
Sonata Mr. Fed: was told by Senator Hen
dricks that ho was to be tin residuary legatee i
to all tho honors nnd emoluments of tho Sen
atorshlp. Senator Hendricks having hlmsolf
decided to retire from l-ulslatlre life to wait
for political lightning to strike him from mote
exnlted skle. Tho h'onator would llko to
run for Governor "ome year when the outlook
Is favorable nnd among his frlonds heio wns
known to be quietly entertaining tho notion
that 1691 wns an nuptclous voar. Whilo ho
has beon keeping out of entangling alllancos
obioad. tho compllcathns at home, notably
the 1 rbaidt eploU. bavo mnde tho guberna
tprlal pmsioctsuninvltln..-. At thaiinieilino
thoshowlni: mn. lo bv Assemt liman Howard
Jl. White of this cits, as a eandl.bito for tho
Sonittiridilt'. has bin so astonishingly stromr
that senator Hatidtlcks friunifs will demand
that ho go Into the canvass Llnifolf vvhp n ho
come- homo. They havo been on tho anxious
seat for tno weeks and havo not been ablo to
conceal their anx.ety lost the llauo be do
laiod adai.
S. far A's-tnblvman White, though clrrolr
allied to Cotigrosmau liolden. has not hml tho
ablo assl-tanco ot Hint statesman, bu' on his
own ro-ourcos has built foticos In both Onon
dngi and Cortland eountles which will bo bard
to throw dnn ii. It Is not doubted that Cou
gressmau F.oldeti l.ill oventually tal.o hh. c mt
off for.vir White, especially it faenator Hen
dricks decides to try for n tonnmination. the
eiitnliy botwren theso two mn being Irre-
trfsslblo. Tl e Hiseork and Henvlrlcks i eoplo
ivo been most wnfully dlsiniiolulcd In the
cauvass ot Assemblyman Feck, who can
not coino to thy Cmivoiilto'i with his
own county behind him. 'Jin toitlaud
&rwspai era arj oininouUy s'lont reganl
ing hlui, thoucli h)iotoforo iUsfo.1 as
Hlscock nnd lluiiilink-'s organs On tho
other hand the nowsuapcr-, ot Oounilaga
county, save only tho .-yraeuso .ixirnol which
ritmilns neutral inJ mo mel.ly. have nro
noiineiid lor Mr. White I mi! within
n Wiek the Hlscock-Headricks peoplo have
lie'levfd that there v. is to lo no
Ilcht between Concie-'nitn HelJon and
Senator Jl -eoc lliis je.ir. a supput
tionila'iticfriirj the hi pouitment la-t wmtor
of .Maitln A. I.tinnp. n.oi o grcssniaii's a'.tm
ney, to bo failed siati s liitei-St ito loninn rco
fommlsslnaer throuch thoiecommendiitfonof
Senator His'o. k. .Now tho -oiitliiiont 1- that
i ongiossmnn Beldon is not imlng to allow
hlm-elt to b- lnlt out en elthorthelocnl orlerr-l-latlve
tickets in retum for ai.y-uch fnvi r.
Henco the ltiterof reltln So ator Hendricks -nrilval.
be bo.nL-. in tl.ooi Inlon o' tti" Hl-cook
faction. t'ie mil) foennii .ib o to meet Cou
grooman Lei 'en in a iv.liilcal battle.
Er.tni'xa urn rim. si:nricn i..trr.
ITanamaUer 1'romolri u rierk ITHbnnt
au Jlxamhiallun.
WisniNOtov. Aug r..-Tho several hundred
clerks in tho Post nfllce Departmout aro voiy
much acltated over tho contrcvotsy kn .wn as
"The case of Ha, or Ho Hat." Ilio unoiYonil
Ing Major Is a wounded soldier of gigantic
build led face, flereo blaek moustache and
long logs, w ho came to America from Swlt.-ei-land.
and. alter srvlng with credit In tho civil
war. became a e'erk la tho olllco of the Kiist
A-sistnnt l'ostinr.sti r General. Step by step
the gallant Major dlinl ed the ladder until ho
reached tho pinnacle of a thiid-class cleik.
with a salary of tt i'OJ. llilswas intlncood
old duvs when tho il-i artment ottiilals eoi.
due oil tholr oillces on thoiron ro-i on-lbillty.
accordin-: to theii b i )uilgiiniit ami tho
metlls of the eierk. anil without dictation
from the Chlnoo ( oniinissloiii'i
Ouo futul itay tho salary or Major Pa Hat
wns reduced to II.20I) for annum. Thatvvai
several jenrs ago. and every day sin. e that
time the gallant o'licor and his iriends havo
iu rked earlv and late to have tho si'ary e-ftori-d
to tho Jl.rni mark. I'nder tha Civil
service I'tvv ihis Imnnit.uit move could not le
niado. but Postip-ister-deiicrnl Wr.namnker,
wh ulvvatn i'.iiils.i wny f i.'tt round such a
littlo barncad" nn tho ivll Seriicu Piw. tiis
Trrange.t to restoro tl.e Major :o bis full rank.
The re ?on Hint the clerks take o much inter
est iu the ca-e Is b.-cause thev suiiposwl that
under tho new resulatlons mado by Mr. Wana
luukorall froinotioDMin the departi'icnt were
to bo base I ui on e.iml'iatinn8.
Imringiho past week the Lamlaicr Hoard
has boon nt work oramlning "lerks lot promo
ti' n but Major Deltatz. It was known was not
n m one ihe nutnbe'-. 'J tern vva. thTo'ore.
much .-urprlse maulfosted when it was learned
that i promotion Is to bo made outsuleof tho
Lxanilniiigll ar.l. He. I owover. yields onrueli
to the civil service Bpitlt now abroad In tho ile
tiartmeut to ro.iulr that ihe Maior shall be
llr-t ovamln'd It Is pinillcted thct vv hen I Ivll
S'ervico Commissioner lb n-uvelt learns of tho
littlo pieoeotoilliia! iiicgllm: he will writo an
other open lettortoMr. Wauamakcr and thus
bilng ou another row.
"m'.s cot. .sm:i.inn ivoir.v.
oL HUH Ilnrn't lli-llcvr Tliln Story
Aliout Tot. 2liiiii1f.
Membcis of tho P.enl Estate L'xcbango and
tho crowds that lino Liberty street wero
greatly lnteiestod in a story cot afloat that
Col. Joel 11. Hrhardt. Chalraian of tho trut(OS
of tho ical ostato syr.dlcato whoso prrr-orty is
atClnuncoy. on tho New York nnd Northern
RiilroAd In tho nolt'hbcrl.ond ot Ynnkors was
to bo deposit Anions tho nutnlers of tin
syndlea'o ao Mce-l'iesldent .Morton, CI.
l.llli.it 1 . Shi'p.ir.l, II. 1). Armour, and other
im-ralers or thy I r.iu'i loiyiio Hub. (oi,
lieorte Ph-s is also a tr'is'ee. Ho 'aid ho
hain't heard of anv movement to deiioe I d.
Col.lihai.lt. Cnl. Illii-sisc.iiinsel tor lbi-en-terfirls.
. Ho believe! I.e Fpoko with authoiity
"Vi'u Iitr.i lu Tlie I'lrvrullon.
1 ho Plnklrg Pur.d Commissioners yesteiday
directod tho Coniptnllai to examlno into and
repott upon the a '.Usability of insuring tho
city's market property, a her also asked tho
( rpoiiitlon Counsel to consider tho iiuostlnu
of Ifklmdiga suit for ilat.ic.'s nga.nst the
Washington Murkot stan 1 htlder in whtso
stall a lire starte I raccntlv.
Tfic .! .Vfii.lor or tlie T riKj. second.
jam t ic .Vf. y, rl Tmt
Ttrx'tut. 'h'j ;-s'nuhnoitly nltti tin pocaj
In. of tin ci I r.ir 1t.lU'lo.i dn.i tlio Utrpj Ilfici. thn
Couilitculo nwy nut lluiun i-'iomo out slorlocslr,
i iili evt y ircn'iorf u Kr.'ect 0y to follow, Tt ,
rr.'nort ai.I bAi'ti'lon wero rfirM.y fTinel and i
lirtl l i inliiuticn Into tttlr r'ncritfil o-; i
Tirmty- on J im.iui Tr'ujnn tl e n;t .-.r, 1 ilio Tca'h
Ikpallon on ;'i imrili furvle i.r i nil. TheUr! I of ih
rrcunetit ri-Mllel In a rtif' iiioii i otin e im'lrr ' f
ti e 1 er'orimiico ot ll c coin nml. 1 ut in r3fci.i ot t!.
ihiil'isr al I lio ' nimanfin; cfl er.
.V'a'or 1 tan, a Part clt. -I'towcri t Ij - Imtrrrtor en
tl Kiccafloii, meirctillo iae ftM if ih iwrnli
ecot 4 In lli imi tiirliEof till sear, ant hart neter
tofote I al couunjnl of i lolj rf iroofg of greater
illineatloin ttau imt of a compaii), Tl !j nai ),u
inalien citort, accor 'ln;ly, In tie lianCIInj or a lat.
t-nion. ami tl.e minntr in ul.ltli l would aripilt li ra
tctfof tl rc-nonilll 'II'" '' il-a; oncici f lsi'Ioh wa
conie-itiently an ot leri i f I itei liuerot not atoi c lo
tl o oticcr- a"nl nm ' f II rfc'mrnl Init lo ti re.-jlar
o cu;ant nf Ihe ciiii llci verdict Mar.a'ti.'oilier fa
ni.-ati t lo tl e licensor in ll e rra)or.ty of lie Tweotr
teconilct '.Irui-ioL hint. Jlaji.r liarlleit dicori..-ja
a clear, rliuflns volco of ilbrjnt quallij and a
icraii of power and rontroland vc niniaod. coupled wllh
a tactlial InoK-ledco of tho dulick rnd lequlrenenta
dcii.anlet of a tiattaliot rommaridant. which r.tou
sneil ii f ii iilt del'eiiied Iili frlendi. Ili, drill i-a
ilin-iil nnprelnni.io one, c erIn-:.-i l Ic iro;o
in 1 cat tUt-i 1 10 test to Hie li mom tt e ability of He
it ri i ir ail lie cpiiici n senllnient tlirou;,nut li
lecinoi. ' i " cu k inlon wa ti t'ie ulert lit it toe
Ti eiti.ierei ', f.,- ilio frt time lii it Iciif term rf
er. I'liiwl In lot i amp. I ten". Col l.'lns and
.vu o: l.arilctt a "ytrfcet lie'd. Hid tnij encntil
lie otcro lactlnif to Die oocifleta ircceit of tte rr.'t
u.v'ut at a mil tary cr-asiratlcn.
Urn, Grant'x Pun.
I rn llil (ViMI''jin I'iri'.
run. firtni. to far at I cut recall, n tlie oi.ty l'reI
dent wi o dared to rule t pjii Pi a tnciiacc . n-hrr
hlate fauer. lis tirato II t ajricu't.ro wat th
trjuul tier's ot ojr ii' o ii ;i-o !:.!) '
Itcportlnc a IVrildlnr; ttltlt Discretion,
fmv tl.t M'jJiii'eSlAr.
fly rutin cf a recent deatl. of a r'Utlre of one cf II, e
piriler, ttt ctmti of too in sir wedded are withheld.
Hail m I.rt T.m fin,
..!.Tarrr an-llola it rojr hand' t
IH ..
Jhi fit I Von can l".u
,s i I tn
lbs waj-ioi-i Win rot'
llic.t. (fenuie in hare (n! tiro di. aia le
Hauion , f iwren 01, and you caVI Ual Sri UOfU
I 'Saltktr- ,i ttiftt, ... . .
HAnD'iroitKisn pickpockets.
ltcnity tn no Anjflilnc In Hnlertatn an r.r.
cnralonlt ttho bat a IVit(ch.
Thn O'Connell Guards, nn organization ot
tho h'ourth nud Seventh vvatds, gnre their nil-
nun evctirslon toSyivan Hoaeh drove. Staten
I Island, oaSutidav. 'lliere was n stoamboat
nnd two bnrses, and thev vvoro loaded to th j
bilru with passengers. About midway bo'wocn
i Staten Lland and this city on tho wny Homo
I two tough-looK'ng younc men started acorn-
i motion b7 iiuarrallng In lqud tones. Ono oc-
euod tno other ol sloaling $7 from his rocket.
Tho othor thtentoncd to thnw his accuser
overboard. 'Ihcro was trcmenilous a(Clte-
nient among tho ocursIonlls and thoy gath-
crol around lu largo numbers. Die young
mon didn't come to blows, but gradually
calmod down, and finally walkoil away arm in
arm. 1 to crowd was disuu-ted.
Huddoulr a inni shouted. "My watch ts
gone'" and grabbed tho man neit to him.
The lattcrwas ptotesthig that hoknewnoth
Ing about the man's property when bomo ono
pointed to hh waistciat nud cried: " Why
man, jour own watch s gone" 'lho man
loofted down a'ld faw that his chain vms
liiinKlnglonso. At this every ouo felt In his
pockets. Plto other men bosido the two men
tioin d discovered thnt their watches had been
purlolLoJ. ... . .
Atui.tig tlio'o on tho othor barce wns Daniel
Sullivan, a kenpor In tho Infnnts's Homo on
Hanilull's Island, nnd two Iriends. A uuiirrel
pro' o near thoip it crowd g.ithored. anu u mo
ment lator bulllvnii felt a hand rubbing
against bis watch pocket. Ha solrod tho
hiibd and (omul that It bdongod to nn iniio-cunt-looking
young man who nnd been stand
ing boslde blm. Instead ot having tho thief
arrested Ktilllv an peeled nlThlsc of. rolleiltip
his tKovcD. nnd gato the yonuu man a thrash
ing. Alter It wns nil over tho pukpockit
slunk to nnothor part of tho b.-.rgo.
About fifteen mlnuto-i later thoro wns a
splash In tho water on.l t ho cry of "Man ovor
bonr.t!"wns raNed. Thon there was another
splash, and a form Mow through tho ulr and
Inndod In tlie water. The soond swimmer
mnde his way easily to whoro tho llr-t was
struggling ard held blm up until ropes were
iltrowti over and bo'h ivore hauled oo board.
Then It was discovered that tho rescuer was
tho pi. kpockot stdllvan hadwhlppoda short
tl i o before. He vreut lo a secluded part of
tho barge, took off his jumper, bunt: It up. nnd
put mi nn obi wnistcoat which n syinpathl."lnz
excursionist h..ilclven him. Ho then strolled
back nud nilved with the exour-ionists nciiln.
Shortly atterward Sullivan missed his watch
Rial undo n boo lino for tho loungtnnn who
had attempted totakolt boloto. lie seized
the plckpoi'ket bv tint vrnlstcoat. which pnrted
at tho pediu The pickpocket ran 'but Sullivan
loiind his watch in th" part of tho waistcoat
which remained in hN hamt.
Ho thou looked up tho thlnf ngnln. and this
time hi Id to him mill! tho boats drew up at
the foot of Oak stri'ot, whon ho called Police
man Cunningham, lesterdar mornlne tho
prisoner was nrralgnod at tho'Iombs l'o'lco
Court, lis covo his namo ns James r. Me
f'loskev nnd sold ho livod at 48 Water street.
lio was held In 11,'iUU bail lor trial.
r.irj'j.v.'s o.v . ricxic.
Inmittea of llir Kluc" County AlmvliotiPe
('el un Uutlns.
One hundred old women clad In bluo jean
fricks. bluo plaid aprons, whlto calico sun
bonnets, nnd carpet slippers, and ono hundred
old tnen In Kentucky joans, coarso cloth caps,
and heavy shoes weroobjectsof greatcurloslty
at C uey Inland yetordav. They wero In
mates of the Kmcs County Almshouse at Flat
bu'h. and they wero eujoying tho seventh
annual excursion given the paupers by Asa
W. Paikor, a wealth! Ilrooklyn lawyor. Thero
a-o l.lio Inmates In tho almshouse, and as it
would be i vcrv difficult mattter to manage all
ut ttie-u. the ocuriou is limited tn '2"U.
Miss K. A. 'Jhompsou. a kindly faced
miss.onnrr who is omnloyod by the Brook
lyn t ity Mission to nitond to the spiritual
wants "f the canters : the Hev. W Hoy
ilrlct. Matron .Mc'Jimy. nml Cart. Meeker
wen-In churgo of lho evcurslonls'B Among
the latter was a womati who had not been
away irom tho almshouse grounds fortwonty
one years: n mulatto woman who Is said to be
1U4. ears old and anither woman, the widow
ofn J'ostou s,a Captiilu. The husband of tho
bitter was lost on tho llrst vovaue he made
nitor their marriage. She did not oven know
tho name of his ship. She was stricken blind
shortly alter his loss, and for ten years has
bePti a paui or in tho h lugs CountrAlmBbnuie.
tl.o regulation bill of taro at the almshouse
Is: lor breakfast, lry hrrad and tea: for din
ner, soup, and birsupier. dry bread And tei.
A tilndmner was served to the excursionists,
consisting of ch iwder. corn t eel and cabbage,
ice cream, biscuit, nnd ton nnd coriea. Thero
was in nhiin.l ince. nnd yesterday's excursion
will bo a topic of conversation for many days
to come among the paupers.
Xtm or tlie Dorr Kur .Irron the At
Inntlc Ocean.
The orean rfco 1 etween the Yankee dorlos
Seabotront and Mermaid will soon be over.
They left Cohasset ou Juno 24 for London.
Cnpr. I.awler had charge of the Sea Serpent
aud Capt. W. A. Andrews hold the tiller of the
Mermaid. According to a despatch from Lon
don aud tho report ot tho German steamship
Halls, which artived at this port from Ham
burg yo'tordar. the Sa Serpent is likely to
win by at least l.COd miles. The steamship
Hamara, which arrived nt London on Sunday,
passed lho Sea So pent 5.1 miles west of the
Scllly Islands, widen ate 30 mllos southwest
of J.a-d's l.nd, J.tigland. The Damara did
net report tho date, but it pn.bably was on
.lull 81. Tho Halls passed the Mermaid four
days befnro. on Ju'v 'il. about in mldoeean. or
l.aoi mile from Cohasset. uipt. Hulson of
the H.ifls saisiap. vndiens w.isiheerful mid
cotilldeut of completing his voyage. The
weather wis iloar. and the Mermaid was
making about three miles an houragalasia
liijit enatcuv wiud. It bo sailed 'I'M miles
nioio blween July 27 and July 31 he would
have been still morn than a thousand miles
a-tern. 'lho Son Serpent has mndo remnrka
bl) time for a Kiuall boat, hhe may comploto
tho vo ago to London within fori) -live duis.
TIte rMititrny T.lHt Conttenitrd a Good Deal
Ilrfore Atloptloit,
The preparations forve'terday's meeting of
the Hoard of Hlecti.'cal Control Included tho
pre-ontiiti nofa llt-t of streets In which tho
Kiiisoa ( omrany wanted conduits laid. It was
a big ll-t. nnd involied the tearing up of such
a lot c! streets that Mayor Grant was appalled,
lie raid that it would bo bettor to tako first
such s.rcets as are to bo repaved this year.
Tho 1 illson Ciimpnny also had a list of subsld
tary subways somoof which Involvod the tear
irciprf a iliBtaneeof half a block. The Major
snld thnt this would have lo bo changed, as in
m tno ht.-e is the icsult would be threo toar
Iiiks up of t1 " streets. Ho locommended the
1 fin-on i eop'o t" havo act nfoicnco with Com
ini lonm liilroy and t" make out a now list.
V.'l en the Hoard fit Ulictrlcal onirol met
tl.o list, is levlftod In confori'iieo. whs pre
rcntrd ard puMid, tho work to bo compleled
bv sopt 1 "i
somo small pieces ot high tension subwaja
v. ero c'so ordered built.
G. A. It. Mru Crl IVliut They IVanf.
Tho Sinking Fund Commissioners rocelved
r.n nprllc ttion yesterday from Hans Powell
Post, No ' ,S. G. A. P.. for tho use of tho Hast
ern I'lsiorsar)'so!d icoms in I'sox Market
ns a pot lieid iuarter. Comptroller Myers
sal I that Imllaratullcatlonswero in from St.
Jul n's (.in' I nn 1 tlie I'roiostant llilsiop.il
ila-ion, Tlo i" l has noma In tho mnrkot
buiidlu,' now. lint thev ar inconvonlontly
small. Chiimbetlnin l inln mnlo n Pourih of
July sreiehi' r the v-denum while Comntrollor
Mji-rsMld llmt tho hospital work of tho 'mild
cave It tho mil. Tho voter ins won. and tho
Sinking I ui'il i oinmn-sluii i"forred tho olliur
nppli. . tloo to il. Coinptroller lu llnu rc
loiuruolatlonsf : lho ai pilcairn,
si.indy Hunk's .c I.lslif !ip,
TLo ld ted 1 ghtshlp off FandyHookhas
been roi laeed by a br.ind.nowonc. Tho new
one Is fainted a I right fed. has its number. 4S,
painted In wlntn on each bow. and "Sandy
Hook' Inscribed lu big wbito leltois on uiihor
iii.atter .-h has two schooner-rigged nmsts.
topped wPh ml.enci'l ci.ge WMk. dav tuutl.s
I ii n'od I lack, 1 a. h m it has iilantn ii vis.
ibloe.'xon kip ts irvuv, 'J'fi" I'gnt nn lho f tc.
iniftiuiH w r. d ii t hnii. mini. to li.o rviil-.
lu gg) wi nlii i . 't an vvh.Hlo vt,, f.T,.i
v.'aii.'.iig to i..vlg'it ii. Thero t. '1 tm it Must
Ihifu to ui i.h !o g iJii'D nn rti n a ' nnn
kifu. d, Hiun fp Uior lliroi-.mcf ud blast, lol
l.iV7cd by a Sili-iieo ot half a mln ito.
Ml s. tslflrtim'n Itemulnt At live,
Tho body ol Mrs, blccura, wife of (ion, I'lllot
T. Slocura of Hotrolt and daugllerof tholato
liniirorn Woo I of Ilrool yn, nrrlird nt Hobo
i ken jes'onlay on lho or h iniinnn LloiJ
vanish p I i 1 v-l i .'iriis'or o- o-al Hon
;i J.i. kii.o nn ' l'.ilio ' i'Ii p t ii f v"-br.-i'l.
i lo fhnrg. ot tin boly. It ns nit
aboard the prlvat" ear i t Prcudent I.dyanl
o lho Mkhli:nn l rntinl and taueu tol'otrolt
lor burial. Mrs Hloeum died at the irsideuca
of ber bister, whom sno wn visiting, la Urcs.
don, on July C ,. ,
jitTir keepers roncrn xo EF.stay,
The Hoys IV ho Iald Money at tlif. Tiea
Hatha IV I ft Their C'aae.
W lion Commissioner of Pul lio Works Oilroy
read the story la Tim St'N on Sunday of tto
extortion practised by the keepers of tLo frea '
bath at Tilth street, who, ns a dozen burs of '
the Sixteenth ward sild, had mnde thu I on
pay nt tho rate of five cents for three boys t0
go Into the bath, ho notified John Onto, th,
foremni of tho free baths, to have tho keetsri
and somo of tho bois before hlui yestrly
motnlng. At 10 o'clock Kcepors Owon lx
and Jacob Sehaefllor, four of tho bi ys ni o
signed tho letter, and Hdward V, Btubcn ok
tho 11-voar-old lad who drew up thehiyv
complaint, wero at tho Commissioner's ofll e.
L'dwnrd Grahn of 8i5 East Tlilrd street. Iia.
ry Noll of 12 1 iist nvenuo. Thomas and Jchufl.
Mch'con of lO'l Hast Third street. He four
boys, testified thnt thoy hud naMmoneyt
Albert Ilnuschnnnn. a man. whom Kov ani
Schneiller. contrary to the rules allowed ij
exorcise authority tn tho lath. 'lho Imys mf
thev had netor glvon money to the keepara
theiuenlvos, but they slid that the kaatVri
bid seon them pay an admission feo to Hau-ch.
maun. i
losald hn didn't know Hnuschraaan. bit
he nnd Schaofller finally admitted that Haines,
nuinu and other men helped clean the bath
and assign tho boys tothoir rooms, lo leruat
men not officially connected with a troobriPi
to hnroanvthlng to do with Its mnnnge neat la
ngitint tho rules. ,s the keopers adm tbd
that they bad ncglectod their duty In this min.
iier.ComnilHslonei Gllroy told them they wou'l
Into to teslcn or bo dischargod. Pox una
dtbciT McDormott. the policeman det!rl
nt tho bath, who was prosent on Sntunlay ar.
ternoon when a St'N reporter bw money nM
to Keeper For. cannot be punished, it cai,g
for not prt-'entlni- the extortion. Instx ctor
Hvrnen saldventerlny that a policeman's duty
at h bath is to maintain ordor."
" I bellev a, tlniugh." said tho Inspector. " thtt
a pollcoman who has seen money taken from
tioys should bo the first man to offer himself
a a witness against the oxtortloners.
Poll-omnu McDerraott has told rrt
Schultyo. Ills superior, that he nnrerssw an
one pay to get Into tho 1 ifth street ba'.h.
Sod No 14 In the Cantral Park grain garden bat
tnadft t tait growth of any of the (Ivteen rarle.lei
tet out last -prior it Is n dole and nne raneiy af
Khode ltltnd bent craja. A bit nt-e!ncbeiiiotrc hat
lareloped Into sometblni like a aquara yard of tt'ck
Tolrety turf.
The peach crop this teatott 1 reported to be tit
beit that has been known for yearm, although reporti
from Maryland uy that tht ratal yellowi hare mti,
their appearance -tmonr th Kent coanty orchards
and the crop wulli-nahcrt about luOOiObaaleithr
the diteaie
H takes Jntt tltfeea tmalf-paffa for tre Stm Th.
society lo tell all It hit ! ftajr U Itr ctnb book for isil.
The ctnbnntnbera only aotlt lCOibeuibera, and loet B
hardtla not recorded at harinc retlxned from iu
Vice Presidency. The bcanty of the boektet la cent tl '
erablymarrrd by two enormous titer tnltla'a on lit I
A law rrcfntly cade by Ihe authorities of Montreal
rmulrea that after Anc. IS the aanltary, facto-y, tece.
Tneiit. amoke and meat Intpcctora ahall tie rrq irrd
to wear a unlforin. conflstlnz cf a blue b'ocae wck
black button, bine walitcoak and blue troosent Tte
eutt wl,l bo booud wltti mohair, and a red (jrtek crfi ,
iiiuit be worn on each lapel or tho coat.
Tho Mercer I'ocnty shootlru and Flahlnr nob ot i
Cincinnati are the posteasorsof a larco tract of land,
that until recently waa considered of very btUe eaiie.
several daya axoollwaa dlscorered on tho landoTn
pled by the clnb. and a well waa drilled which wit
yield abont 100 barrelt adar. Tbo clnb wl'l form a
stock company wltb a capital of fao,Of)0
The Canadian Government has reeelred In'orrct
Hon that, owloft to the treat promla of tho erect in
Manitoba and the Northwest, tha Canadian raetfe
Ratlw ay Company haa ordered fifty new locoaottiet
and 1..M-0 box cars to irananort tho aeaion'a harreetto
the s-aboard. It 1 estimated that It will require tea
trains dal r for seran months to more tbo crop.
An attorney of SU Joseph, alo . haa about complete I
arrantemanta for the purehaaa of tha dweUtnr in
which the notorious Jetae Jamea eama to hta and. It la
the intention of tho purebaaer to place taehonraon
oblbltlon at the Cblcaio World'! Kalr Wax Brant ef
Jeite Jaroei and the ford brothan will be placed la
t'ie house In the poslUon they oceopled when tha kill
tnr of Jetse James took place
Blozraphera of Oen B. K. Keller, who Oled tha
other day at Oakland. Md leem to here ferrottcn ttltf.
be waa mado fetlow prisoner wltb Oen. Crook on the)
nifrnt when afcN'elll'a Confederate Kanxerm, nmbertns
only score or ao, made tt air bold daab into Cambers
land and carried off the two 'Jenora-'e beneatb the!
Dotes or 10.0UO Union soldiers. Crook tried u marry a
a'ster of Jim Paly, one of his captors, and Keller died
in Pair's Tlllaie.
American elms In Central Park: liare, as -yet sta.
raped the ravages of the elm beetle. The Inaeet baa,
bowerer. destroyed the follare of many iwrnat. elms
not only In tbo parks bat In snbnrean irronnda a I
about the city, lortnnately the beetle does sot dose
ranch harm as Ihe appearance of trees after ftarar.
ares mlfflit Indicate. The foliage la destroyed aa U by
a assrlng-nlna. bot Ihe lire ot the tree U not neces
sarily endangered.
t'nlest their attention Is especially directed toll
fen people notice the tiny letters rtamped oa tba
larger silver coins of our enrrtney at a coiot lust be
low the junction ot the arrowa and olive branch held Ea
the eagle a claws The letters are "K" M0,"and c.
C and stand respectively for San Francisco, ew
Orleans, or Carson City, where the pieces were east
in the I'nited etates branch rolnta. Coina made In ih
mirtat Philadelphia bear no special mark, and are In
dicated to Its absence.
Some things csn be done as wet! as others. On t'ie
east side of Hxth avenue, near BteTvoth a'reet, a corr
tractor is showing how ess ly a house can be erects 1
without the necessity of dumping his building msls
rla'sotitre sidewalk or iu the stieet. The avenue n
being retaid with new granite paving stones, which ce
copy the sidewalk and the builder has therefore best
compelled to pile tip his brlekl and other materls's to
tre centre of th lot on which the foundstioms are go
Injur, and this does not teem to interfere with his
plans or his work.
Throe Ictot plants set out three yeara ago in 11
STtali lake near the northwestern corner of Central rsrk
have tncreassd lo hundreds and spread over an area of
many square yards, eroreg of great pink blossoms aral
now tossing tlie'r heads in air and thouaaoda of large
enp llko leaves rile above the surface of the walesl
Within a year or two the lake itself will be Invisible
tcneath lis mass of thick green leaves. The eight notsl
Is one of the finest In Ihe I ark Curiously enoogh. thJ
attempt to domesticate the lotos In the lower lake hsi
teen almost a failure Die Americaa lotoa fleorlsbea
final) In the 111) pond Jus: east ot thso-callsd eon
servstory lake.
lommander Charles vicflrsgor t. R. N who is jiit
dea 1, was ting ilar among naval officers In that he pit
essed an ample fortune, yielding an Income ftr ts
yond his pa. No officer was eter mere nervomlr
anxious for the welfare of hit ship lie watched all
that occurred on board with tbe utmost care, seldom
tvent ashore, an' when cruising he passed the who
rtlglit on the bridge w he ne vert here aeemad the si gHti:
clanger of mis'ian. It was after an all night perform
anro of tsts sort that lie was permitted to steep fsrls
ondhis usual hour, but tie misttke was neisr r-
yeated, for the ofl.cer of the dick was roundly rti't
for permlltirg eight bells to bo struck without li"l
tlret obtained through tl.e orderly the Captain '"
toniel "Hake It so"
G'r4me, the Irench artist, has many npl tlo Ill's
town, and tbey tell good stories of tlistr mait-r. Ktrt
Is one ot tbo best! A titled man about town, afsr
watting much time In the Latin quarter fne mss
aged by hook or crook to become enrolled ss a i ril "i
the great matter Day after day the neb'emso -tm.
took Ms place Lsfore the model, and sksir'.rd at if
he could linaily Groroe panted before the I e" f -!
one day and satdt Vou toins bar In tl - n rttg
what do yiu do In thi afternoon" "lib m)ii'--b'eman,
"I ride In the Bo a sse a fee of inr f ' '
an I then dress for dinner "Vou do rts-l
mattar. "bon't yon lliinc yon .1 teller -'o ' t ini
things In the morning alto!1 The iet w a r
pupil lis I the noWeinsus place In front ot t: e i -
Amaiicorr)lngtolaigai.erbj5is ,i !. ""'
a bty wlii a bag an I a long puieiiosr I . "
lligthr-ujll the fern h"iie at lbs fo't ' '-'
s'.r'et toraieti a irsm wl en tl.e l) '" "f " "
ant liberate 1 isci.fei.fi. v cr its tiai 1 1 "" '''
l joekf I In wet seaniel At Ihe ttw h '
moist loitom of nn of h-ltriwri. i ' f'1
Iroppel oat and ! jsiosii) moro i - ' ' "
fltll fros ? ever il d cra'i- lns htel e- , c ' '"
t.liig o't and tthl'oiiien'iujlieiland f" " """'
th muii ore under Mtbredih t Ihe bo. : "''
tl.ov.cd a to-irther too mui h retpect to it '""
f st rr.-ne.l it tlr jlucert ifrratenini') "' "'
1 i n Is nine too neir then'. Tl e lit list If tre '.!!
t , h-r l ii" nn in 1 1 ll e lai k i f symia " -I
nai itit llonir! th rai roadcemm '"'" ''
i i s
w S I'ena'emg f j-rtoieo: its sr ' '
re ir , . an tni.re tain i lalu il sir rron-r ',
rafsif larlf.U'Cv'orsf'r lu r h-at rottr '
tid'.'r Is a pirtly man le iiori. j b'4 c, " f
Unl s vlrgtiintheairef a re'ireli i! ccro! I ' ""''
Thertiugliirria-Je t Ike wlilts ndl iu rsr-1''
rlullreii oreisa.. ) git en lo blue with a ll.tl'1"
bn I The effect is .d I mil lot nnp ea.li c '''!
wien ng tti nallen r.f fo-ty tiinirri lr" '" 'J
,'-il e s'.le 'ffenva-s iijii-t.' srr
' e - I v " ' , i
! I ' - " " , ,.e
...I -. ' ' ' S'l
lis ill I , ' s " ' ' n ,
tti-t vi o e lo t t v I e i r - ' s ' -
crl'ar ai i' ne fc vi-i t sf i m di I " ,
i "saufcrlanl Mtrt'a tts.rthi5tit Jltratu j

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