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I ' jj. THE SUN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1KJ1. ' : a
H irw lltK porenoos nsazsa is
, U Ot'.VW.V MXB
I M ' ! h rindlt or
! To" or .
I tke Hs-0 Womsssv HU Up Her
' 8Ml M tier' ev Mle to
jeTeliee"-Jlertlo at tha Hotel.
iiioai. Ans- 21.-lVeMerit Harrison
lerMttnl nlcht on Mount McGregor, nnd
'Jaaesrlr bour tbls uiornlnc. nccoraiiouloa
JLvritit 6e:rotnry linlford. llursell Harrl.
ih Hon. John W. foster. Senator
fiJ Ariell. W. J- Afko'l- nnU a fow
irl went 10 Mr. licAUam's teho Lako.
SUTrallc wnr from tho mountain, on a
Kur xenwloiu Tnl lako abounds with
u7k bas. d tho I'rosldotit who la an ox
irt ftabermao, mado a noo.1 catch. Lunch
irri In flM croT0 oa ,h lul! hor8
2lthdlltliofreo and oasy informalities
at 1 pifll.
At .'clock the rroslJont nnd party oame by
' .jLieJ train to BnrntPita. A groat concourso
TL,.1 had ratnowd at tho station, and
Thinthoriosldant stoppod from tho car and
nJ thronch tho double Una of men and
:.- ...i.hlng all the Ions dlatanoe front
STplatform to Uroodwav. ha was creeled
ai ebetn and much clapoloc of hands.
E, President walled une-iverod andcraco
ndtrsolatadl the orowd with bow or couture of
mini. One woman hold tip her baby with
SJiroud declaration. " Here's a mate to Baby
MeKt.,"anil tt.e President soicracloiisly shook
Itth mother nnd child by the hand as to call
torthtearty applause.
Whin tho Pre9ldont reaohed Broadway ev
trrUii "" reaiiv for h' r3cDtl0Q. He was
itbyacommlitoo of citizens, composed of
.nitt President 1. B. Lohnas. tha Hon. A.
texts;, Iho Hon. John ft. Putnam, the Hon. II.
$, Clemeni. the Hon. John Foley, the Uou.
pota W. Crane, tho Hon. J. W. Hauehton. tho
Bon-Danry Ullto:i. tho Hod. James M. Mar
vis, the Hon. Edward Kearney, den. W. IS,
yntob. rrof. V. N. Jones, George B. Cluett,
Ii(tJohnA.Maniiln5. ... ,
TU Mooeisiou r escort, when It moved,
uutd of iv detail of police, Uorlna'tf Band
2 lrti.the lioaorary staff or the Haratoea
atlusV Corn. ' ho HaratOaTa Citizens' Corps.
Post vnlor.fl. A. it.. Veteran and Citizens'
HtiuMletn Hubs, tbe Lincoln Club, the active
ted honorary members of the Lincoln Club,
the JiSirtoalan Club, the Committee of Ar
rtn.metnJ villas oinelala in carriages,
V7prldsntllarrl.ion and party in carriage.
ill kIoik the line of march to the hotel a
fLaltltmW Csm wore flying, and nearly every
onwinJ lor anJ every hotel was richly
dKorei1 nl:h lestooncd bunting and Beet.
Yilttan. noiel piazzas, and tbe streets were
perttd with peopla. Tbe President noTer be
fore pel m ew of a throng that came from
omiarbiates and Territories as were retire
MDtl br loU mass of citizens and Saratoga
lemaereuest. It was an oration national in
IU tturnetT. ii'id ono which honored the Gov
iramput ao less tlinn him who Is Its President.
Attired nt the Grand Union Hotel, tho Presl
nt wui ireeteil wttb great clapnlna of banas
mil the kWjii of ten tbonsand iiandkerchlefa
by ibelatlie. who composod the larger part of
tnethron.-. He Alood upon tho piazza while
tin pnie-elon imcMd In rovlew before him.
uJDowoil mill Mnllsd and seemed very tra
elia&iho mlgiit nut nt suoh it mnnlfesta
tJuolifspe.t.ui homage and loyally. Then
U introdiii oit by Mllace President
Lola. auil m.iue u speech. He said:
Iifuun CnuiMi: rba (rtneie of ihn Mmbly
ktfUlmp"fih:iliat 1 enouiddo moMthaa iiink
jii'ar mrnlriri t wet ntn whth youbkvecx.
trilt4 ni toiUy. 1 iiTe jcrcat ptcaiure in belnr airaln
l,ra(w urtn srlufa ibis wurm renowntd hlili
u(-lti.ir ron. UirtTtt m Krtst aM.racMi n to
ilini on ilia jam of t, citizen f Saratoga ani or
ttimn who aro apondinE a MHm for ralrtihment
r rtenpardlon htra. tho txpraiilou or klnnntK
flka Uama upon mt from ll 'oar faioi.
I im lura tbo iplanatlon of all thia la that
Bi all Ameriean rttltana. lortra of tha
u) tb Unniiltnuoa. and In ttiui xaambllnryou
giriMi-rffiion tnrnur loyattv and patriotism It is
nHtam aira an Individual axpreitlnn It U tarter
, iMWttarthaa that, for mis .'ountryef ours u ills,
isptehed naiiKbt ao mora than in tha faot ibat lia
tm lira tbelrlova ana loyalty and tarTleo not to
larmiiiala, but to Initlintlana, We lora ibis country
tttMa It la a land of liberty, beeaua" lha wab and
not of lu . Inatiiollona ara deals nad to promota
uistcara Individual hta.'tr ani arenaral proeperlty.
VtleveU Deraus Ic not only doaa nat creaia. but bo
tsaeudoae not tolerate any distinction Leiwaen men
aawtbanihatof merlk I desire la thank those com
Met vtio wear tha honored badge at lha Urand Army
sfltsStpaallo for their assort and Ibeir welcome. I
iftar see this badta anywhere Ibat I do not recos-alsa
la wssrsr aa a friend arTlrnrB of a great
ttritttslerttieparpainlty of our Institutions-hatlnc
saaared bt march and rainp and battle tha almost
iBaluiaetnendnre. and given tha utmost that men
eaastva Uiayareaow aa cltlxena ot ibis repnbllo In
drlsllta eaiat taeir part to maintain order In Us corn.
masitua sniltovromoio in peace the honor ana pros
perity et the country thay saved. Thanking you nnca
mere furyoer friendliness and oordlal enthusiasm. 1
will sit yet eicsis mo from further speech.
After the address the President wai con
nacted to ihe great drawloR room of tbe hotel,
where a public reception was held, the women
TiUc with the men In the desire to feel the
clasp of the President's hand.
At 5:50. after sbnklnc hands with auroral
to'iniand l ersons. the President retired to his
rooms. He spent the Toning quietly in com
raarwlth J. v. Poster, rtlfniisslnfi certain
cistters nortainlnc tn reciprocity treaties.
Twelve o( tb twenty-three Presidents of the
lulled Hnito hare at anme time during their
incamhen'')' is,tel Saratoga Springs. The
P"! to com-wns Waahlnston. In 1783. when
I'hillpBe iiiUnr cut nrosd through the woods
tnthe then altoady famous High Hock spring,
and too "Fnthor of his Country." acoomnanlcd
lr Alexander IlamlUnn nnd ueorge Clinton,
vwted the epiing and drank of Iti waters
wwis on their way. on Horseback, from Crown
I'o'nt to o. hpnci"tBily.
Martin Vjn Huron eamn next, during bis
rresldential term, rjnrntngrt had then become
iiiit( i a summer roaortand Van Huron's visit
watflariigthe height of the season. He wat
ii nestot tho Unlti-d States Hotel and a smile
H.1,Jhherecein.d tliem from tho widow of Do
wittxilnton ctotted qnitu a social eensa'lon
at mo time. Hon. Ornnt was here soveral
tlmiM.lnrlns hl two trms of offlce.
-i .. t"'f 'rosldenta who made occasional
.'-""h't. wern John Trier. Millard Fillmore.
riV"'!n'i,c.' 'anios Unohannn. Snmuel J.
ftM!1 B; " i-'- Chester A. Arthur, and
UforerCloi eland.
ll T?llt bn rrnctoi'. and Another Venuonter
'Will Take Ilia Piuce la Ihe Cabinet.
Mwtwmke. Yr.. Aug. 21,-The President Is
onoatMoDtrclioronAiig. 2, and it Is cenor
allr uderHtoQ I t'mt on that dato Got, Pugo
will RnnuiiDce tho appolntraout of Benator
Wmnnds's uciosor. Tbore is no doubt that
this will bo Prrtoi-. xhe quostlon then arises
lol?(ro!.irr Proctor's successor In the Cab
inet. The cows comas from ouo clcso In tbe
ronliuen.ce 0f the President that this successor
wll be a Yerinontor If the rlfht Vermonter will
Pt. It ic stated that tbe office
l:ady loon tendered to the
Hon. Wh.olocU 0. Veazey of Jliitlnnd.
membiir ot tho Intor-Stato Commerco Com
Sa ii sani1 Ic'.rmor ConimainJer-lu-cblnf ot
etin.i " '" earey has not been In
tanMi'V n":i".oii account of tho uncortaiu
Brarf?. '' olBco ubich aocompanles au unei
n!m i.'1'.'t A i-11""' are being ini'li to Indue.
tn?i iP.-'f ,",rnW ",ls decision, and it expocteil
a" ea,'.7".'inceo,t- At nT rBH- " ' fctrded
niaoa i.ta. ""' .Voontcr will take Proctor's
llk.it .fti,"'?. Cabinet, and. If not Voayoy. It U
coaiLt f? ""..r's strongest opponent In tho
anaHL' ,tt Hatorabrp. nnd this sifts thu
fJJ.''J.dnwn to px-tlnr. Smith nuit Gov.
eanJT.-'i.J'10 faunas irt favor of l'ce. Veaxoy
Wefw cMtLi'rl?'0 '10 WaU" lt-,hftt ,,COn
'htln'a CemeCery fop Holla.
tM,ITrnuna"' Au" '-'""A C-Tor-old girl ot
nis cjty has opened In hor parents' back ynrd
mtory for dolis, Tho graveyard has one
hV?i4'.n'"r' "h"1 ot,ier clrls In tho nolch
ood fiv) been Invited to bury their
tin .. "'" Ui,ha D0W e""otery. The lit
Iromk 3 mucl1 (H,lufb'' n ascertaining
inuuei!1n.n,lnn,bat no protlslon had bean
triad iV' ""'""uro ot doad dolls, fo alio
f'OD:.?temMer'' In order to provide an
nuSfei. i'.r 1",', ".'i' "fv0 i!b0 H'Hb-ratelr
froa i iifr Uo11, r,l hor own bt dropping hor
nenL ",'p'fciiud.Biory window to the pave
' latsrai. f br,"'l;nB nead. bho had an
PUaUasd fu"fl lor tho dolir. and has
the h'ad Srr.i,la nlab 'fm " washstand s ut
a-lbIsma,0Lr,llFrtt,e' nn(? " bei1" Onlntell .
Conla Kilted While rsc.iplsg.
-tl',t Walj.a. Wnsli.. Aug. 2I.-A deeperate
'dav'TH'WM,u'ld: thereultentlary yester
GiL.. rooon hr eoavlcts to escnpe. W. M.
anH.n.Ln(1 Joho Morris, convlct-i. were killed
toataS . r convlct wounded. A train load of
soon, i n,r,ln'oto the brick yard. nnd as
'ardn 1LVr,I,red.evoralcouTlcts nelzed the
h enim.L'f'0, '"r ot'iiito the engine can.
"n oli7.ir..r.i,loweT.or're,or"d the engine
rclna .,h,'l ''',. train, which Irnstrated tho
alein; i?.0',,l.,B Prisoner'. The Warden
con?KtsUivli?lil.ttw',, to another cato by
lneVriti a fnwA2 th,'rds began sbnotlug.
P wird.-rf'J,n.llrc'ra, tn-.resoue of
'W nnn- ;!5!l n,,er two men, had been
ofejd. "other wounded order w.ia ro-
XAuom's enr fob political vvnixv.
The Main rotate of in. Clrenlar Actrla.
lac Aetulnat nepublfean Nomination.
PKTcnsnuno. Aug. ai.-Tbo following la a
synopsis of a circular lettor recently sent out
from Petersburg br Gon. Mahone to the Ha
publicans of Virginia, gfrlng reasons why the
Republican party should not run candidates
for Congress:
" So long aa we contcat office with our oppo
nents a large number of our own people and
ot the outside world will not believe but that
our eloctlona nro reasonably fair and free from
fraud. Bo long ns wo play at the game we
nto stopped from crying that the dlio
nro londod. to long ni wo contest
nny political or tiubllo office wllh the opposi
tion wo keep it organized nnd stop disaffec
tion in thn ranks thereof. Our inly bote of
ever getting rid of the proscnt Infamous Elec
tion law nnd Its foul udtnlnlslrntlon Is to lonve
tbo Dcmocrnlla party nn onon field, when the
musses will begin to look Into tho usurpntions
of tholr patty managers nud tako concoru of
thelrown Imperilled libortlcs and aooi or or
lator tiro ot tholr methods, when division will
icotltably follow, and a Leglslnturo will como
that will stand tor a (air election Inw. so im
cetednstoseauro an honost roglitrntlon, fair
play at tbe polls, nnd correct roturns ut the
result, Tho masios of pcopio nro honeBt, nnd
It U only when iensn and bottor nature nro
purrmed by the pernicious, hollow-haaned np
psiiIs to tho prejudices of casto nnd suction
thnt fair uonllnctn our flections Is subverted.
'Let us with becoming manhood and self
reaped refuse to contest any sent In the Legls
lnturo this fall, nnd thus deprive the Demo
rrmia mnungers ot their digrncetul pretext
for polluting elooilon nnd lougor ronscrlblng
liyfoul nud tinudulent methods tho honest
will ut tlo vo'otstothi'lrcontlnuanouln power,
nnd so lonto tho ma-sea nn opportunity to
think for themselves. Consldor whltner we
aro drifting, nnd giro them nn opportunity to
ntorco n put Identic n of elooilou ini'thods.
The theory that a contest on our account Is
necessary to hold the party tngothor is falla
cious. A content under the oxisting Election
law, nsltlsnnwndmlnlstoied, only servos to
enablu Uourbou mamigors to apply the polltl
cnl lash nnd proelU'la the masses from looktug
luto their record. No ttue Itepubllcau noed. n
futile contest tn preserve his ltepublh an prin
ciple of lldellty to pnrty. Such ltopubllcnna
cannot ho expected to go into nny contest
whete fair piny and honest results.
" Our judgment, therefore Is thnt we make
no nominations for tho Legislature thl fall or
for any olllce. but leare tho Held to be contested
by tbe Alliance candidates and its dependents,
eservtng our fire lobe riuletly, but resolutely
and unanimously, delivered against the Uomo
cratlo nominee wherever theia Is a chance so
to direct our political Intluem-o with effect.
Wo know that no ltepubllcan. Democrat, or In
dependent under tho existing law can secure
the return at nny election, no matter how
mnny rotes may have been honestly polled for
him. except by tbe toleration of the managers
of the I'ourbon ollgaichy. Then why waste
tlmo and honeat endeavor In any election
where the law governs t"
Tee olrcularls signed. The Stnte Committee,
by William Mahone, Chairman.
Wallace, Elliott sfe Co. Aeenaa Illm of
titrating StS.OOO.
Tho friends of Thomas 8. Flndlay were very
much surprised yesterday to learn that be had
been arrested on Thursday afternoon on an
order of arrest Issued by Judge Morgan J.
O'Brien at tbe Instance of the firm of Wallace.
Llllott fc Co., wholesale shoe dealers at 118
Dunne street, who char go him with the em
bezzlement of $22,000. Flndlny had been with
Wallace. Elliott .t Co. for a number ot years.
For the past ten years ho has been bookkeeper
and cashier. Latterly he has been confiden
tial cleric as well, and many ot his friends
thought be was either already a partner In the
tlrm or would soon become one.
Flndlay went away on July 15. He took
his family to the country, and then dis
appeared. Soon afterward members of the
firm diecovered the ehortato in hla ac
counts. Efforts were marlo to find him. and he
was at last located at St. Albans. Vt, John E.
Jaaobs, ono ot tbe members ot the firm, went
to St. Albans, where be met Fiudlay, and
persuaded blm to return to New York, osten
sibly for tbe purpose of explaining the system
of entries In the books by which be managed
to conceal his defalcations Flndlay worked
with Jacobs lor somo time In making the ex
planations. On Thursday Jacobs made tbe
ndldnvit on which the ur-lor of arrest was
tfsued. Tbe process is a civil suit by the firm
ngaiast HnrtlHy lor tho rtuovery ot thu
amount ot nls steallngsi
Jacobs says In his affidavit that the firm
cousins ot t.dwin i iillace. Henry Elliott. John
E. Jabobs nnd Clinton Elliott, who became a
partner on Jan. 1. lrtil. Tbe affidavit thou ie
cites ihe facts of Ftndlny's connection with
the firm nud of tbe mnnnor in which Jacobs
found him and Induced him to leturn tu this
city. " where," it says, "he la now engaged in
the work o exnlnluing tbo entries In the book
to oovor nnd conceal the wrongful abstraction
and tletontlon (if moneis."
Thealllilikvit then sns that since bin return
fr 'in f-t. Albans Flndlay ha repeatedly cou-le-red
to Jncobs thnt on various ooouslons
tbe llrst on Aug. 1. 18BS, and the last on July
Id. 1N!)1 he bad taken money In different
amounts wbloh would aggregate over liz.iHW.
lie named two siieelflo oecnalons. ibell-stou
July 16. lusx. when be took (lt nnd tbo other
outlet 23. 188W, when he took $100.
Flndlny was nrroted bv Deputy Sheriff Wll
llnin C. Malooe und locked up nt Ludlow street
jail in default of ball, which was llxod at
J 10.0 0. Attbeofllce of Wallace. Elliott ft. Co.
yesterday afternoon it was said that all tbe
members uf the firm were at their oountry
plnees. No nn.. In the office would say any
thing about Tindlay or his arrest Flndlay re
fused to see any one.
Flndlny is a man of remarkable appearance.
He Is over six feet tall, broad shouldered tn
proportion, and weighs raoro tbau 200 pounds.
His eyes are black, und bis hair and mous
tnche are Iron gray, lie came to this country
from fckotlutid. and has been associated with
Wallace. Elliott k. Co. ever since. He lived at
431 Grand avenue. Hrnoklyn. with his wlfo and
live children. His bouse was handsomely
furnished, and be moved in goo 1 society. He
was a member ot the Oxford Club aud wns
cim of tbe fouudeis ot tho swell Lincoln Club,
whlcn has a beautiful clubhouse on Putnam
uvenuo. His salary was said to bn about $4,000.
It Is said that for eomtlmo before he went
into tbo country with hla family Flndlay bad
teen acting nueerly, and doubta had been en.
tortalned as to his sanity, home time boforo
he left he went bom nn nlcht under the In
fluence uf Honor. He walked tin Fulton ttreot
and shot off his rovolver smashing the clues
store front of n man named Mulllns just above,
urnnd avenue.
She Til re it Illm Down and Hfepped on Illm
nnd rjmnahed h Gridiron on HI Head,
Mrs. Mary Murphy of 139 Elshlh street. Jer
sey City, was putting things to rJchls lu her
kitchen on Thursday night pieparatory U
going to bed when Patrick Honan, a burly
tramp of 4J yeais. pushed open the kitchen
dour nnd beenn to wink nt her. Mrs. Murphy
wns not n bit nlarmad. bhe Is a muscular
woman, and alio pildes licrsolf on licr ability
to tnl.e onreot hor-elf. Honan got nonrcnough
to throw his arms around her and then at
tempted to kits her, at tho enmo tlmn trrlnu
to throw hor on the floor. Mrs. Murphy throw
him on his back and jumped on him. Then
she bntterod blm over tho head with a grid
iron until ho t egged for nieicy.
Mr. Murphy rnme In (rum the oilier room
nnd. without waiting for nuy uxplnnntlou.
helped bis wife. .l ti-r disfiguring Honan ho
thnt his best friend would not recogule him,
Mr. and Mis. .Murphy escorted blm to the door
nnd tuined him over to horgennt Jelly, who
was about to go up stairs, bis atteutlon na Ing
been attruoied by Uonan's cries lor holp.
police .Justice O'Donnell committed tho
prisoner to the county jnil to awnlt trial,
alt f ougli bo thought that n brief season at the
hosiiltnt would be a benefit to tbe tallied
The Mtrlke at Crama'a Hhlpynid No
PniLAUELPnu, Aug. 21. Tno striko at
Cramp's shipyard of iho riveters, calkers, ship
pers, holders-on, and rivet beatora is not so
ci.tlenstvo asroported. It had been said that
j 000 men and boya had quit work, but ICO Is
all who hnvti stopped work, This Includes the
men who were compound tn nult, such ns heat
ers and blowers. Henry W. Cramp, t-eoretary
of ih company said tndny that thoy could
get all tbe men they wanted. Ot coun-o, being
tery busy, tbe strike would delay thoiu some,
but not of auy account.
Hfate I'olltlre.
The Koclie ster Democratic City Convention
elected tbe following delegates to the State
Convention: William if Traoy. the Hon.
(ieorgn Haines, nod J, Miller helly. Tbe Hon,
John F. Klnuey, Joseph Foe. nnd Morris H,
Lvmi art woio named ns alternnto delegates.
A No O IT ul Treason rfprlnga
Mates a delightful break In a Western trip It Is on
Ihesumuillol Ibe Allecheules, on Ihe main line of tha
Pennsylvania Mailroad. All tbraush I'ennsylvanla
Railroad tickets nuuut of a Itopojr at tho flnsure u(
tbe liolder.-jjr.
The Old Exempt at the Brakes Again la
the Rand Engine Contest-Result of the
Coataat Itetween Corapaalee Drltllng tn
Military Tattles I,leut..QoT. Joaea Was
There to Xerlew tha JUst Parnde,
IIcnKiMEn, Aug. 21. When the firemen came
down to broakfast this morning they looked
with aVorslon at the steaks and tbo cutlets and
the vend able, but they took to Ice water, cof-
feo, and milk with a brass-mounted thirst that
made tho drink slsswhsn swallowed. In the
gntden, just under the dining room window of
tbo Allman Houso, sat a big parrot that blinked
In at the joung fellows nt tho tables, chuck
ling the while and saying eottlr:
"Oh, mother, what a tlmo wo hadt Hey.
pop? Hal ha! ha! ha!"
The tun on the strootsof the nlcht before,
wlou brass bands and tln.horn brigades
parnded for hours, had left all hands somewhat
dragged, nnd not a few with their hair pulling.
However, tbe firemen soon pulled themselves
together again, tuned up their tin horns, nnd
once more mndo the town howl. Nor did they
bare to depend on tbelr own exertions only.
Iloclumnc as early as 7 o'clock trains from
along tho Central Ilallroad began arriving,
each with fiom tbreo to six extra cars at
tached, and every car loaded to the muzzle
There wore many mora firemen on the street
than during the day before, but the fnrmers
and other back country people did not turn
out In such force. That Is where Iho farmers
and others mlsBod It. ovon It It did look like
rain. It was worth getting wet to oeo tho bora
work tbe hand machine, the most Interesting
foaturo of thu day.
A heavy floor was laid noar the ilver with a
tub tor water at one ond and a stonmor handy
by to supply the tub. On this floor the ma
chines wero worked. Tho Exempts of Now York
took a hand tn. With their weight of years as
a handicap thoy woro not In It for a prize, but
as an exhibition ot old-tlmo fire work It was a
toclferous success. Tommy Trlpler clltnbod
nn the machine) aud the gray-hatred veterans
Dulled tuelr coats oft and stretched the hoso.
. " Now than, boys, watch me. and don t hol
ler," said Tommy. They watched nnd began
to work the brakes, while a lazy stream smug
gled from the nozzle. .. .
"A little fastor." said Tommy; "a little mite
faster." and they worked the brakes while the
stream began to lengthen.
"A little more, an' more yet: hit 'er down:
give It to 'er. give It to'er. Now-now-now:
jump 'er. Jump 'er: whoop, not holler!"
As the o'd boys warmed up to tbe work they
opened their mouths, and for one good min
ute yelled like devils after a fallen enlnt. It
was a great snow.
In the contest for the prizes the best exhi
bition of able-bodied mnnllness was made by
the Watcbenioket Engine Company of East
Prr.vldence.lt. I. When Hlaok Jack Molleu
straddled the machine, bared his partly bald
bend and told tne boys that they'd "Uot 'er
where they want 'er : set the water squlrtln'."
the spectators bowled In a way that wus In
teresting to e.e. The band-engine contest was
as follows:
Machines ot less than Much cylinder through 190 feat
of hose, more than I'-lnob cylinder, aao feel t Uoeo.
1'rlies s.vua first. Sicn to snrond. & to third, fcn
trlis -Mexico or Mexico, Waiebemoket ot East Provi
dence, h. I.. Mohawk i:iilsr, Ht. Johnsviiia. N. Y. York
villa it Voravllle Exempts ot haw Tors, Exempts ot
Urooktyn. Uerlconor ftatieburgh. Ilrockvllle or nrock
villa, unt Winners-First Waiehsmoket threw Imi
fet 0 laches: socoud. He.'lcon. I'.o faet ox inches;
bird, Uonawk Chler, 173 feet ofe Inches.
The Brockvilles threw 1S5 feet 8 Inches,
thtough '200 feet ot boo. They kicked be
cause they were compelled to throw orer aud
through '250 feet. Thoy then made but i:)7
feet b loehes. 'Ihe day was unfavorable, the
wind coming In squalls that were all against
the streams. ......
Tbe contest between companies drilling in
mllitvry tactics was ioterestlngnndoredltaDle.
Tho following is the list ot entries, tbe ier
centage received being placed with the names
ot toe winners:
Darkee Ilosa. Fori Edward. P31; Chapell lines.
Oneida, Sl.n: rasa Hook aud Ladder, l.ansinrhurali.
9oa: Knickerbocker Hose of Waterford. Hltohmok
Ilosa of i.'ortiand, Ward Ilosa ot Paponl. Kmorpnso
Hose of Caradrn Brockvllle Hook and ladder Torn
any of Brckviila. ubl l'riies-2:0 to Drer, S.'OU to
second, tioo io third.
After the contests and dinner the eompantes,
with bands of music, paraded the streets In
full dress uniform. Lleut.-Uov. Jones reviewed
the procession.
It Included 14 companies, averaging 46 men
to tbe company. 16 br.iss bands, nnd 8 drum
cores. In all more than b'.OiO men item In
line. The Volunteer Flremou's Association,
illchard Cullen. President, which rims to town
to-day after nn excursion 21U strong, to Mag
ma Falls, occupied the right of tho line. The
Thirteenth Heglment b.ind was wltn them.
The'JIger Hoe Association of Long Island
( Ity was a short dlstnnco down tbe line. Tbe
Exempts ot Now Vnrk were often cheered
a'ong the route, while tbe other New York as
sociations received much attention. Theortt
cersotenmpnuies, some hundreds in number,
received boutonnl tea. the work of Mrs. O. D.
Longshore, one of Herkimer's patrlotlo ladles,
while thu marshals and their aides got very
large hounueta
Tbe young ladles of Herkimer are in awblrl
ol excitement. They are a particularly hand
some lot of girls, nnd the proper thing for ad
miring firemen to do was to strip off badges
nnd ask tbe Indies to wnr them ns trophies.
Nothing brighter could be asked for, aud some
of tho most attractive of tbe lasses now boast
of dozens of tho trophies. When it is consid
ered t nat more than U.uuO men by count Were
In line In the parade, and that as many more
people crowded the walks. Tarda, andwiudows
along the route to sen Ir, while tbo town Itself
mimxars only 5.000 people, one can form some
Idea ot how the town has been w helmed by the
And when Unrd. holler! Egga were Served
Instead ofrJtenk there waa Trouble,
Harry Stein is an athletic young man em
ployed as barkeeper nt 23'J Bowery, noxt to
Beefsteak John's restaurant. Ho Is also a
prize Heritor, and if tho waiters in tho chop
houso had only known that fact on Wodnesday
night as well aa thoy know It now there
wouldn't be so many black eyes around that
part of tho Bowory. Stein stepped Into Beef
steak John's about 9 o'clock that night nnd
ordered a steak. The waiter. Harry Wilson,
brought him hnrd-bolled eges. titelu doosn't
like eegs. nnd he said to the waiter:
"I ordeied steak."
"You didn't." replied Wilson, "ou ordered
eggs, and thoro thoy aro: shut unnnd out 'em."
"Kleak Is what 1 ordered, and I'm going to
have It or nothing; take those eggs nwuy and
brine tno some." ald Stein ntttetly.
"Inu'll pay for those eggs, jutt tfte ramo.
Soo l" retorted VYlliuu ns ho rolled up his
sleove3. . ,
"Oh. no; I cuofs not." ropllcd the prlzo
lighter without moving from whore ho sat
J hen Wilson aimed n blow at Btolu's head.
Btoln sprang to bis foot and with one blow
knookod tho waiter under the next tablo.
Other waiters rushed up to hat o a haul In the
"scrap" nnd fell upon hteln vigorously, Tho
nrlza lighters hnuds began to move llkna
windmill, nud when thirty (.oconda, later he
walked calmly from thn restaurant there were
half adozou waiters In different stages of di
lapidation lying nn the Door orsorrn'nrnlly
looking for raw meat to put on blackened eyes
and bruised lares.
Policeman James Brady of thn Eldrldge
street snuton cotno In shortly afterward nnd
arrested Wilson. At Essex Market yesterday
Justice Ilynu lined him $3.
Sir". Nets Didn't Write the Poem.
rtrrbuunnu. Aug. 21. The Economltes cole
brntcd tbelr annual harvest homo fenst last
Sunday, Everything passed off as usual, ex
cept that Mr. llentlcl, iho leader, was absent
on account ot eovoro Illness. Mr, Buss, tho
second trustee conducted tbe sorvlces aud did
not foil on- out Mr. Henrlcl's custom of roadlng
from tho Scriptures. Ho read Instead n isllg.
ions poem, which, he explained, Mrs. Mary
Ned, the matron of tho Aped Poople s Home nt
j'nlr Onk. Had composed and dodlcated to his
(Mr, diss's) wlfo. The I'oUsMrifi publishes tbo
pre in to-day, nnd compliments the author very
highly. To ut least one of the listeners to tho
poem lat Sutulny tbe varies teemed familiar,
nnd on looking them up the nextday they wore
found, word fur v7ord. In a volume of poems,
"Morning and Evening Offerings," by J, Jl, Y.
K.irlbquuke rlbocka,
St. Louis, Aug. 21. Three shocks of onrth
quake were felt here last night. As for as can
bo learnod tbe disturbance was noticed only In
tbo western part of the city, Tbe shocks wero
procoded by thunder and lightning, but uo rain
fell. The mercury tell some IS' just before tbo
shocks, tbe llrst of which was ssrero enough to
rook houses and break crockery and windows.
This was followed by two mora shocks. The
time of the disturbance was8:4A o'clock.
Jcrskyvii.i.e. III.. Aug. 21. This place was
visited by an cnrttiQitake on last Tuesday,
which was senslblr !elt during tho electrical
etorm. but was sin posed to be tbe vibrations
ot tb henry thunder. This wns followed by
another shook at 7 o'clock last night. Houses
trembled and some persons were so frightened
thnt they jumped nut ot bod. The vibrations
were (rum eust to wo-d.
Brief Reviews or Important and Interest
Inst New Publications.
There are countless strange things that for
the moment sosm to threaten tho sanity ot tho
ransst person who chances to glnnco over a
tew pages only of this week's most voluminous
book. Tha title page also Is perplexing and
astounding. Ittsnslong at tho title pages
of religious pamphlets In tho day of King
James: "Oahspe. a now Bible tn the Words ot
Jehorlh nnd bis Angel Embassador'. A Sacred
History of tbe Dominions ot the Higher nnd
Lower Hcnvsns on the Enrth for tho pobt
24.000 Voars. Being from the Submersion of
the Continent ot Pan tn tho Pacific Ocean,
commonly callod the Flood or Deluge, to the
Kosinon Era. Also a Drlof History ot
the Preceding 55,00 Years, together with
aSynopBts of tho Cosmogony of the Universe,
the Creation ot Planets, tho Creation ot Man.
the Unsoou Worlds, the Lnbor nnd Glory of
(lodsand Goddesses In tbe Ethcronn lleavons;
with tho New Commandments of Jebovlh to
Man of tbo Praseut Dnr, wllh llnvolntlons from
the Second lteturrectton, formed In Words In
the thirty-third year of the Kosmon era. ISfll,
Anno Kosmon 13." (Oahspe Publishing Asco.
olntton. Boston nnd London.)
Such Is tho portontons title, and tho woik It.
self Is no loss singularly Incoherent nnd elabo.
rately unintelligible It contains thirty-six
books, with namesasuntllutnlnatlngos those of
tho prophets in the Old Testament, such ns
Oahstie, First Book of the First Lords. Book of
Ah 'Shon: of Jehovlb, God's Book of Ben, nnd no
forth. In some csoterlo sousothe first books
are claimed as historical, but nothing his
torical Is recognizable by the unenlightened
eyes of an unconrortcd historian. Sometimes
, names occur like Apollo. Thor, Osiris. Abrnrn.
Brahma. Zaruthustra. and Kara, "erroneously
called Confucius." that aro familiar Indeed,
but In connoctlon with such unheard-of eronts
that thoy mean no more than any other names
picked at random from a dictionary. Thoro Is
n glossary of strange words used In the book,
which la quite unnecessary whou either nil the
words nro Atrange or none nro wholly Intel
llglule. " Otton " Is defined ae " Orlan. a ruler
OTeretherenn worlds." but the definition flm
ply makes the name more Intonsely dnrk.
Later tn tho huge volumo are book3 of cos
mogony nnd propheor, books on the formation
of language nnd doctrinal books, but none ot
them convoy meaning to any saro ,n adopt,
perhaps, of some mysterious cult A Mnhatmn
might rend and understand. A slmplo man
who lightly draws bis breath can only wonder.
All scientific doctrines, according to the
profaoo, aro set asldo by Oahspe " as so much
wasted paper." And m scicnoo is nothing but
organized oommon sense, statements that
have no connection with scientific knowl
edge seem to be void ot common aense,
to bo plain, unadultoratod nonsense. But
how comes such unmeaning gibberish
to be written r This Is the enigma that
underlies nil the others In Oahspe. It
cannot bo Intentlonnl nonsense, Uko tho
rhymes of Lear or tbe stories of Carroll, for
they are humorous, while this Is as dry as a
to.t book on meobanlcs. and a joko In 900
pages is preposterous. It must then be serious,
but If so one Is confronted by a singular trl
lemma, Tbo author was mad like Blako,
whose visionary portraits aro not unlike some
of those In Oahspe: but would not a madman
hnro hadsomo gleams ot Incoherent wisdom
and beauty ? Tboio Is too much method in his
madness. Or was he a dull but erudite Mo
hammed or Joseph Smith or Blavatsky who
would pose as tne prophet of a new dispensa
tion? In the prefaco he dnos. indesd. asset t
tbat Oahspe propounds a new faith, a some
what pantheistic faith In Jehovlh. the "all per
son." who contains everything in himself na
drops of water In tbo ocean: it teaches also
peaooand altruism and vegetarianism and a
crude form of socialism, together with the abo
lition ot all tariffs and national legislation.
But these doctrines aro nowberestnted simply
and clearly, as they would surely be stated
by any serious Impostor, and not even
tho show of logio tbat distinguishes the
Wildest vngaries of Ignatius Donnelly
connects the doctrines with the jumble ot
monstrous dreamlike mythology tbat precedes
nnd pervades them. Perhaps the writer really
wrote, as ho say. " without thinking about It
at all ;" was. In fact, In nn hypnotlj condition,
and this is therefore a ca-e of truo automatic
writing. It may be remembered that Thomas
Lake Harris, tho spiritual director of Laurence
OUphant was similarly affected and lay in n
trance for forty-eight hours In tbe Tromont
Temple evolving archltypal Ideas In his
mind, which afterward weie published as
"Lyrics from tbe Morning Land." To
tbe author those verbal trances might
well have seeni.d like Inspiration, though
roally an Inspiration from bis subcon
scious self nnd not from on high. Aa Dr.
Moll, the most recent authority, remarks that
such hypnotlo subjects can write faUohoods
as well In the tranco as when thoy are awake,
and as their delusion might doubtless con
tinue for somo time niter tbe trance Is orer.
this may well be the correct explanation of
this singular, Incongruous, nnd unreadablo
book. Even tho nonsense of tbe book might
soom less original It ono could see In tbe au
thor's mind nt tho moment of Inspiration the.
remnants of a wide and futllo reading, In theT
Koran, the Talmud, tho Book of Mormon, the
Arcann tElestla, and tbo neo-Orlental writings
ot the modern mystics. But another mystery
remains less easily explicable, how camo such
a bonk to pass Into a seoond edition ?
" Tho Cruiao of a Land Ynoht," by Sylrostcr
Baxter. Illustrated by L. I. Brldgman (Au
thors' Mutual Publishing Company), Is tho
record ot the trip of n family party -from
Boston to the City of Mcxloo In a private car.
There are boys and girls In the patty, and
older folk, too, who take as mu;h naive dcllsht,
ns tbe young people In overrthlne novel aud
Interesting. They have no particular adven
tures, but the charm of now cities and of
tho erer-cbnnglng scsnory Is felt so genu
inely tbat tbe book Is mora readable tbnn
many a more prctontlous ono. In tho
talk, that has nn old-fashioned savor of tho
bandford and Morton period, there are fre
quent bits of usoful and amusing Information,
and the Illustrations aro excellent nnd deftly
Interwovon with the text. Tho land yacht It
self, tbe car Ariadne, Is noteworthy. Jt Is
whlto as, perhaps, all passenger oars should
lo. It hasadotiblnroof, secuilng free vontl
lation. Electric lights In the tollot rooms
Hash up on tho opening of the door and me
extinguished on tholr closing. The baths aro
mink In the floor of tho bath rooms. Prom
the faucets water runs in a continuous
strentn by Iho force ot compressed air.
which Is kept at thn proper pressuro by a
dynnmo, nnd tho samo dynamo not only sup
plies the elocttlo light, but also runs a revolv
ing fan blower tbat keops the air overy where
fresh and cool. May many another family as
charming enjoy as ploasant a trip In a land
yncht such as the Arlndnel A more profes
sional rolumo of travel, though over no leas
familiar ground, Is "Three Months' Tour In
Ireland," by Mme. de Bovet, translated nnd
conden'ed by Mrs. Arthur Wnltor, with
Illustrations (Chapman V Hull). In tho
process of translation or condensation
wbatoror ot Gallic wit or epigram was
in the original has ovnrorated, leaving a rec
ord almost as dry and colorless ns a Murray
handbook, Tho lino of travel Is tbat ot tbo
ordinary tourist, and tbo fcenery, thepubllo
buildings, tho manners and customs of tbo
peoplo nio noted with sufllolent fulness to
i-erve tbe casual traveller, but without any
r,pecial detail or novelty to nttiact tho reader
or tbe studont. Tbe political uud the agrarian
questions seem, Indeed, to have been Inten
tionally neglected, and tbe author had ob
viously no opportunity for seeing tbe horn
life ot either tbe landlords or their tenants.
To a remoier land and a lite wholly unfamil
iar we are transported by Mrs. Annie Martin In
"Home Life on an Ostrich Farm" (New York:
Appletonsl. With fluent simplicity and femi
nine animation she ohats delightfully ot tho
quiet dally happenings on her husband's farm
of 12,000 acres In tbe Karroo district of Cape
Colony, Bhe tells ot tbe scarlet heath, the blue
lobelias, the insidious prickly pear, and the !
black, saline, succulent pasture; of hrriunu- '
raernble pets, sedate, grotesque secretary
bird, the clever old dog Tcto, "melancholy
Jaaues." tbe bustard; "Bobby," the mleahter
ous crow, nnd Ihe cunning, funny little
moerkatBtof ths " packing-case-like houses"
' otthe Boers; of the hot wind days and tbednys
ot deluge, nnd tbe bracing winters: and in
every other sentence there reour, like the fig
ures ot a stage army, images of ths all-pervasive
ostrich. There Is tbe carefully tended In
cubator, sometimes redolent with the nnspeax
ahlo horror of a bad egg. Then one has a
gllmpso ot a pinkish bill and bright
eyes through a crack in the "temp
ting half-oponod parcel;" then one sees
tho cbioks. happily surviving, may be, tbe
(Vital fourth week, not unlike hedgehogs ou
two legs with long necks, and finally the full
grown birds ready for tho plucking, "a forest
of long necks, and a crowd of foolish, fright
ened face, catling beaks, and throats all
purred out with nlr." Ostriches tun away,
breaking through or tumbling over tbo wire
fences, and escnpe apparently Into tho depths
ot darkest Africa, Havngo ostriches, guard
ing each bis Imaginary domain, broom
ns ono npproncbo, nnd kick wllh evis
cerating claw unless wardod oft by a
stout branch ot thorny mimosa. At times
the air socms full of fluffy osttloh feath
ers, ns the farmhouse floor Is littered with
them, nnd nt times the savory stoam arises nt
ilch ostrich soup. Ouo may with due defer
once wonder whether the usual way ot sweep
ing a chimney Is to send a fowl down It, and
wliothnr the South African crow Is often so
Intelligent ns to "drop a stone from n stent
height with a most accurate aim " on an os
trich egg to get an oasy breakfast. But tho
most querulous reader will peruse every page
with keen enjoyment, and will feel grateful
admiration for the clovor. plucky, womanly
woman who calls herself " Aunle Martin," '
From South Africa to Bussla Is a far cry.
and It Is through blue spectacles. Instead of
tho rosy ones ot Mrs. Martin, that the writers,
who adopt tho pseudonym of E. B, Lanln,
scrutinize the social pathology ot tbe
land ot tho Whlto Tsnr In "Russian
Traits and Terrors" (Boston: Benjamin It,
Tucker). Tbls la a collection of the Incisive,
pessimistic, brutal articles, that for tho last
year bavo bean publishing In the FortnigMtu
Jthtrw. With the vltrlollo Intensity of a
Junius, the thesis Is expounded and estab
lished, apparently, by official documents and
quotations from locat newspapers, that the
liusslan people are to-day uncivilized and
grossly Ignorant with tbe untruthfulness,
the fatalism, tho sloth, tbe dishonesty, and
the Immorality of primitive barbarism. This
moral paralysis, wbloh all readers ot
Russian novels know so well, Is de
clared to be "ns national as the
language or tbe music." to be "pan
Russian." and at the same time "there Is no
consciousness of sin." Russian finance Is sim
ply the devious shlftlessness of a bankrupt,
nnd as for the evil and tho shame ot tbe Rus
sian censure, the Russian prisons, and ths
persecutions of tbe Jews, the pen ot man has
not described It, nor can the heart of civilized
man conceive It. One wonders whether Rus
sia la the exception that proves Burke's golden
maxim that oca cannot draw an Indictment
against a whole people. The very blackness
ot tbe picture and the cruelty ot the denuncia
tion show, perhaps, that It is the work ot Rus
sian hands, and, llko the satires of Juvenal,
Inspired br tbe Indignation of enthusiastic but
Impotent patriotism.
Before closing this list of books of travel and
studies of foielcn life it may be well to note
tbe lepubllcatlonin Putnam's "Knickerbocker
Nuggets" ot Klnglake'a "Eothen," tbe clas
sical volume of tbls kind In tho language, and
with Morler's "Hndjt Baba" and Hope's
"Anastaslus,"ons ot tbe three best presenta
tions of ihe havoc and riot of the East, ot that
East wbloh abides forever, severed from Eu
rope by the plague and the fear of tbe plague.
It Is a book beelde which all other rooords of
travel seem Inartistic.
Gllaaore'a Jubilee.
Gllmorfl's band attraets more than the usual
crowds at Manhattan Beach nowadays. It Is
the annual jubilee that began on Thursday
nnd continues to-day and to-morrow, at 3:30 P.
M. each day. Paln'a firework are advertised
to complete tho programmo to-night. To
morrow a cumber of the teat vocal artists, ths
Twenty-second Drum Corps, and the anvil
brigade will appear.
laiitcu lUiMc-riii sir.
San rises.... 6 IB Fun sets.... e7 Moot rises. 8 ft
men watsb rats osr.
Sandy Hook, e 32 1 uot. Island. I7 HeUOaie...ll 37
Arrlred FeirT, Atut. 31.
Se City of Chicago. Bedford, Liverpool.
Sa rulda. Rlnejk. Bremen.
Be Lydlan Monarch. M or ran. London.
Sa Jainatca. Holbrook faorro Cortes.
ts Paulino I'leroe Nassau.
Se El Monte, tjulck. Near orleaue.
he Richmond. Davis. Waat Point. Va.
Se Ourandoiia. Walker. -Newport News.
ea wintbrou omor, ut. Join. X. B.
Ship Harvest Queen. Blaydon Chtituonf.
Bulp Morns, Mennner. Canada
Park K. Ii. Li man. I'lnkham, I'ort Spain.
Ban Loyalist room. m. Vincent, w. L
Hark Mauna Los. Pouclaa. Havana.
Bark Jlermea, Tondat. Santa Ana.
It ur later arrlva's see First rare I
jai ivxn ntrr.
Sa Fnerst Dltmarck. from New York, at lumbers.
Ea Kusala, from New sork. at Uamburs.
Mli.ri ran ronittnv roars.
Fa Denmark, from Liverpool for Near York.
rs Britannic. Irom Queenstown. for naw York.
U Cliy of Home, from Uovlha for Jfew York.
etltomn sruatmra
tall To-dav.
,, . .. , MalUClDU. TriultMU.
Alaska. Lirarpool eixuA.M.
Clrcaasla, Olast-orr sou A.M. 7mia M
viiyof Wasblnicinn. Havana-lliOu a. U. Irtir M
Kaosat llty. kavannaii n OO r u
La ttouryoaDc. Havre S UO A. It. 7iOu A M
Ruila. Ilambure; VioriA-M.
I","'. B,,.m,u ; 4:80A.M. SiOUA.M.
Piutrla Liverpool 9 .via. M. 7 .mi a. M
Veeodam. Iiotierdam B:30 A. M. 7:3n a. M
Veoeiuela, Lau)ra llitrJA, U. 1-00 1. 11.
.'all iron day.
rhettahooctiee. Savannah loom
tronuoie, i.'liarlesiun Isjo 1", M.
isromvi, tmainirs,
Ijvt Tt-ilav.
Xorsre Chnstlaniand Aur. s
Ourtnanula Snuiharapton ......Auf. IS
greece Llverrool Aux. a
Taurlo Liverpool Aur. IS
India ulbraiiar auk. s
Imt .Simiiat, Am 33.
Trinidad St fret ....Aur. 17
Bunalo Hull ...Au. A
Orinoco lierinuln. Aus a)
uevta Havre Aug-. 13
La Ubampairne Havre aos. 11
aeroa Qoeenttuwn Aog m
Iwt Mmilau. Au), H.
Aacttorla ntaxow Aur. It
Aiier Eontliamoion Aui. lit
Ansa.... 1'ottl.lmon Aui is
Cuyof rra , Colon Aiiir. hi
I)llm Amsterdam A'ia-. 13
Milells iiluraitar Ana: lu
Helvetia , London Auk. u
Dut rwrrt ry A ui. ii.
Atvn Klnmtnn Aur in
Jieordland , Antnerp ,AUa. 10
Im nmnrn.'ai. Av$. 2S
City of New York Ousemtown ...Aur. 20
Latin fcouthampioa...,., Auc. lu
Maatdam Rotterdam. Aua n
Philadelphia Laa-uarrs Aur. ID
Saratoga. Havana Ana. 34
gtiginrgis got.rw.
Dr. I.ynn'n Prrfect Tooth Ponder whitens
the leetli and purines lha breath. J.ic.
an AT-K INO.-On TDurxler. Any. 20, at Its reii
dsnea of I Elliot Oodd, Fatiale, N. J. ty tha Rar,
II, T. niddamer, M. A, B. V.. Jeanla King of Slss
fow, Scotland, Is Thomas S dray of New York.
MAI.I-UUI.I.F.N-Al Bt, Basil sCbureh (Roman
Catholic), Toronto, Can, on Aug- IT. by the Rev,
I R.Tsefy. 0. S B, President of 81. Michael's Col
lect Charles Mali of Trooklyn tn )lrle. youngest
daughter ot tba lata James Mullen ot Toronto.
BAC'ON.-On Thursday, Aug. 20, 1M1. Ellen Brsdy,
beloved wife of Panlel Bacon, aged 83.
yuneral from her lata residence, 40s East 131b et, at
lH 1'. M. Saturday,
Bni'.NUKL.-On Wednesday, Aug. in EallBrendel.
enly son of Jos. and Uaiblte Brsndel, In bis 3Uth
Koneral from bit lata residence. Wbllssioaa, L. L,
Faturdar, Aug i2. at lOo'rlock A. M.
JIKOW.N.-At Fotboro, Hut, on the ISth Inst,
Llltabeih. wife ot tatuan o Brown, la lb 63d year
f her age
HHOWNINO.-On Thursday, Aug. 30, at Mew
Itaveu, Conn., William II, Browning, aged 6 years
yrleadt ara luvlisd to attend lbs fuusral from bis 'at
resldsnoa, Crewa tt, ea Baatsy afuraooa at
5:50 o'clock.
CARHINBTON.-OnTfcirsday. Alg. 10, at New
Haven, Conn, Slngteien Carrlnnon, ared 47 years.
Friends ara Invited to attend the f anersl from hi lata
resumes, m Temple si., en Saturday afternoon.
CONtV.. Y.-On Thnrtday, Aug 2U. Marl Conway,
ated el years
Funeral from her 1st residence. fOJ Grand et, Ban
Cay, Aur 23, al 3 r. It. rrlandt and relatives are
respectfully Invited to attend.
COJUBrj.-On lburtday, Any. U, Samuel II. Conba,
aged 70 years.
Funeral Saturday, Aur. 33, from ths residence of his
ton. Bdgar Combe. 443 Kettp St., Brooklyn. C D.
CVNNINOIIAM.-Ontha 3lal IntL, Eltta. wife of
n. Cunnlnuliam. need COyears lu months and 7 days.
The relatives and friends of ths family are respect
fully Intlled to attend Hi funeral from her lata
residence, 517 Watt 31st t. on Monday, thalsih
Inst, at I o'clock. Interment at Woodlawn
DA.VlDHON.-At Its Kelt "3d el., on Aog. ID, Doug
las Allen, last surviving son ef Andrew and Annie
Pavldeon. aged S years and 7 months
DDT WO I.O. -On Thursday, Aug. so, al Kew tlaven,
norm. Mary Dat Solo, daugnter of Pecquet and
Christina Dat Solo of 351 VI allace tt aged 6 months.
Funeral private.
DIX'KMO.V.-On Tuesday, Aug. IS. Alfred Dletroi,
In hie slel year
Funeral on Sunday, Aug 23, nt 3 P. M from bis 1st
residence, coiner leetli tt. and Sallroad ar, rtela
tires and friends, also membereot Mly Lodge, MJ,
1'. and A. M.t Stetnwehr Pott. 103. o. A. tt. and
htw York Association of i'.i-rrlioutre ot War ara
Invited lo attend
DOOI.KY.-On Ttiurtday, Aug. an, at Bridgeport.
Conn, Daniel sou ot James and Bridget Dooloy,
sged 37 years 1 month and 1.1 days.
Friends era Invited In attend the foaeral from tha
retldenoa of Hi parenle, n Kurd tL. on Saturday
forenoon tt AM o'olock, and from Si, Angntilaa's
Church at 8 o'clock.
DOOI.T.-On Thursday, Aug Ml at Kew Haven,
Conn., Klltabetn. yountatt daughter of Jeremiah
and Mary Dooly ot 387 Bast sL
funeral private.
rArri.lNO.-On Thursday, Aur. to. at Kaw Ha
ven. Cong, ttosarlo Fsppanlo, aged lie year.
Frlandaara Invited to attend Ike funeral (rem bis
lata residence, 13 Myrtle St., on Sunday aftaraooa
at S o'elook.
FKFN Y.-On Aug. 30, Mr. Catherine Fny, beloved
wife of J. B, Feeny. luibeetth year of her ate,
OAPFNF.Y.-oti Aoc.20. 1801, at her later eeldenea,
I.3AS Av. A, Katie, beloved wf of Hugh F. Uaffaay.
a native of Crosa Kay, county Cavan. Ireland.
Relatives and friends ara respectfully Invited te at
tend the funeral from xt. Monica's Church. Bast
79th st., on Saturday, Any. JJ, at 8i30 A. M.. tbrao
to Calvary. '
GI.lNNELf.r.-Oii Wedneeday. Ass. IN at Hew
Haven. Conn., Annie, daughter of 1. and Imliy
Clannelll ot 581 Grand r aged years.
Funeral private.
OOI.DING.-On Aug. 30, John Coldlag. Jr. la bis
S7lh year.
Funeral from bis Ut residence. st ndsa st, cm
Patnrday, 33d, at 2 P. M. Interment to Brooksld
Cemetery, Eoglewood, N.J.
JOIINSON.-Buddenly, en Wednesday, An. I,
1601, Thomaa Johnson, aged 40 years.
Tha relatives and f rteada of tha family ara rMct-
fully Invited to attend tha f nneral services fram hi
lata residence, SS9 eib st, on Friday evening at T
P. M. Interment on Saturday at 1 o'clock at
Flower Hill Cemetery.
aVYNCH.-On yrldar, Aug. 31. 1801. Llstl Lynoh.
wife ot Capt Jama Lynch. In lb 40th year at
her age.
Tliefrlendeaud relatives at tb family ara respect
fully Inrltid to attend tb fuusral from bar lata
realdenca, ml fill av, Brooklyn, ea Monday morn
ing. Aug. 24, at B.30 a'clock, to St. Anrattln'
Church, at Sib av. and Bergen st, wbra a eolatua
mass of requiem will be olered, and thene lo
Calvary Cemetery.
LYNCH. Iboroa Lynch, at his residence, 418 Willis
av. on Friday. Aug. 21. IS81.
Kotlc cf funeral hereafter.
MAN Y.-On Aug. IS, at Norwalk. Paulina Maay. la
fant daughter of C. W. and Harriet F. Maay, at4
6 months.
Funeral prlvata.
MILLER. At bta old home. Bedford. N. T., Jaaes
Millar ot 190 Wast ISOih sU. Naw York city, MMN
MOMP AS.-On Thursday. Asg. 90, at Centrerllla,
Conn. Adeterd Mompaa, aged 2u years.
Friends are Invited to altand tb funeral from hie
Ul residence, en Ealarday roranoan at a'elack,
and from St. Mary's Church at e so o'elook.
MONTASTJC-Oa Friday evening. Au. 31, 1881,
after a short Illness, at MonJttown. X. 1 WnHasa
Montague, sob ot Thomas aad tb Ut A. Loslaa
Mlnrord, agad 21 year and 14 eUys.
Notice of funeral bsraaftsr.
MOK AN. On Friday, Aug st, agad To. Daniel Moras.
at hU late residence, 91 Vernon av. Loaf Island
Friends snd relatives ara ratpecltsllylavltad to at
tend the funeral Sunday, ?3d Inst, at S P. M.
MeCOY.-At French Hospital, on Friday, Aug. at,
George MoCoy. In bta SO'.h year.
yriande and relatlvee ar respectfully lavlted t at
tend bU funeral aervleaa on Saturday. Ang. sa, at
French HospltaL at I P. at. Intarasat at Wood
lawn, Train. 3 :SS P.M.
MeBNTK.-Brldgt, baloved wife er Thomas Mo-Entee-Faneral
frem her late reeldene. is Waits at, an Aug.
23. at 10 A. M.; then te St. Anlbony'a Churen,
where a requiem mass will be offered up for tba re
pose ef bar souL Membart of tb Third Order ar
respectfully Invited to attend.
MsENTE.-l'in Oocxcil, LOSS, A. L. or B.
Coarssiossi Yon ara requested to attend tb
funeral ot our lata companion, Bridget MeEniee,
from et Anthony' Church, on Saturday, Ant. 23,
at to o'clock AM. T. A FEBBAM, Commander.
W. T. bTBWART. Secretary.
.onL.-Dn Thursday, Aug. 20, at Bridgeport,
CSnn , Lucretla II. wife of Oeorge T. Noble, agad
60 years 7 months and e days.
O'BRIEN.-On Aog 2 al bis Ut retldence, 78
Charlton at., James O'Brien.
KOWI.AND.-At Yonkars, N. Y., Wednesday morn
ing, Aug. IS. Eya Osterbeld Rowland, beloved wlf
o( John Rowland, Jr. and daughter of lb Ul
George Oetsrheld.
Funeral private.
8CIII.AUnTEK.-Oa Aug 20, Mary Loulta a,
oldest daughter ot Julius C, and Mary A. Ecblachter,
aged ISyaar
Funeral Saturday. Aug. 23. at 10 A M.. at Blaavelt
TllI. N. T,
BBANNO.V.-Os Wednesday. Aug. IS. at New
Haven. Conn.. Maud B-. daughter or William and
Oeorgla Shannon ot Ml Chapel tt, aged l month
ana e days.
Funsral prlvata
Sirr.-At White Plains. If. Y en Wedneedsy. Ang.
ID, Emma A, wife ef Frederick filpp. aged 33 years.
Funeral from Oraca Church 10 day at tiSO o'clock.
SMITH. At Kockvllle Cantro. L. L, en Wednesday.
Aug. 10. Ana Ellta Smith, widow cf Hawleil Smith,
la lb f Oth year of her aga.
Jlelatlves andfrlende erJ respectfully Invited to at
tend the funeral services at bar late residence to
day al 2 iSO o'clock P. M. CarrUget win be at Bock,
villa Centre ro meet tralne leaving Flatbnth av, 1 :30
P. M., Long Island City 1 :90 P. M.
BTINSON.-On Thursday, Aug. so. Col Daniel Ella
eon, lata ot the Ouarlsrraasler'e Department, D, B.
A. In tha SMh year of his aga.
Funeral eervlces al his lata residence, 122 Wait
Thirteenth el. Saturday, Ang. 20, Intl., at 3 o'olock
V. M. Pleats omit Bowers. Interment al Wood,
lawn Cemetery al convenience of tha family,
Til V LOCK. "it Thnrsdav. ng,30, at Bridgeport.
Conn. Mrs Amanda P.Trnloor. ated R'l years.
UNDF.BHII.L. - At L'iper Kew Rocbelle aa
Wedneeday, Aui. 10. INOl, Sarah Alralra, wife ot
l'eier J. U dcrhlll and daughter 01 J , , ana
M irla Sbaarwood, "H7 yeari.
Fineiat ssrrlcss nnRsturdsy, Aug. iz, at 3i P.M.,
lha residence of her fa 1 er. Cpjer New Rocbelle.
1THi:t:LEB.-i)i Wj) eidiy, vur. In, at FalrSeld,
Conn., r.ili Ciru nu VVt, cr ,, 68 yeais and
rt liiniillti'.
Friends are Invite Ho attend the funeral from her
lata residence, FslrOsld. Conn., on Saturday after
noon, st2:3'io'o'oek.
prrinl 2ottttt.
require Immediate attention. "Brtnw.vs VKmiirunK
COMirH"relha -HrihT WORM Mi.K.Soka ' to use
gve relief quietly. Fur 'ale by drums s al ao. a box.
WHN ILL WITH PAINH and eihauslloiC
PamKcrh UINIIF.K frjalo Is your surset relief.
I'AHKBIlg HAIft BALSAM ulue Ihe hslr growth.
iRtw JPuWwtiowi.
ciiAr.Mixa NovEi.tnii
gjfw gubl.cnt.onii. ' y
Fon I
Nino Illustrations (Inolucllnjr Frontlspleoe)
by Edwin A. Adjiey. Commont on th '
ploy by Andkew Lano. Tho fifth
paper of this superb series ot Illustrations
of Shnkcspcnro's comedies. ;'
By FnKDEnics Doylk. Tho history of I
sorao ot tho most Important sccrot socl- , 1
otles in China, to whoso InQuonoo tha ' t
recont outragos upon Christian mtsslosv 'i
arlcs in that country are attributed. "t
First Installment. Familiar letters never
before publlahod, written durlne the Urn ,
ot tho trrcatest Intimacy between the two ?
famous novelists. Edited, with notes and ;
comments, by Lacbknge Hoito". '
A NoveL Part IV. By Gboiwib dn Matj. '
bier. With fourteen lllustratlons from
drawings by the author. Mr. Du Ifaoit-
er's wonderful romanoo reaches a point of
absorblns interest this month. The meth- x
ods are dosorlbed by which the hero r
quired the strange habit of oesunlnc ,f,'
" true," and the story culminates In a tet ;,
riblo tragedy. '1
By Mr. De Bbownz. Paris correspondent of
tho London Tints. A remarkable paper, ;,
In which the writer forecasts the future t
politics ot Europe, and predicts a cata-
elysm whloh will chanjro Its ceccraphy '(
aooordlno; to the Issue of the combats f,
whloh will then be fought out i
By B-rrrninn WnxATrjar. With nine Ulna. ;;
tratlons from drawings by T. da Thulatnrp,
paintings by Trumbull, and photorapha, 5
An Interesting and comprehenslre bJstorr 'f
of one ot the most Influential Institutions v
in this country. lbs orrouilaattaii.--lts '
purposes and methods-Wnat It has ar &
compllshed for New York and for tbe coua- V"
try at largo. Hketohes of some of Its most '
active members. u
Chloajrcv Second Paper. By MoastioiarjR r
BoHirnjtB. With ten lUratrationa-Arohl- i
teeture of other public buildings la Chi- '
osgo. The Insuranoe Eichangev The
Phcanlx Bulldlng-DomesUo Arehltse-
ture Besldential Chicago, and tire pt
eullar oharaotoristtcs of some of Its dwell- j
lng houses. 1
A Novel Part LTL. By Wit.t.taw JJjUS ';
HowklIjS. In this Installment of Hr. ;.!
Bowells's remarkable story some highly
dramatic scenes are presented, and at the J
close the reader Is left impatient for the 'J
continuation of the narrative and the weU-
concealed denouement which cannot be k
long delayed, i
Second Paper. Poikob ahd VtaBCHWrT.
By Walteb Besant. With fifteen Ulue.
tratlons from drawings by Habbt Flonr
and II. D. NicnoLa DLsooverles of An. I
tlquaries. Medltoral London, a city ot 'J
palaces. Baynard's Castle. Crosby Plane. "j
The streets ot medleoval London. A ,
merohant prince Dick Whlttlngton . J
Other city worthies. Barons and tbelr
followers. Guilds and trades associations. P
By F. Hopkinbok Smith. With thirteen 11-
lustratloDS from paintings and drawings
by tho author. The story of experiences v
and adventures during a summer's so-
journ as an artist In the city of Oonstanti- i
noplo. ,j
A Story. By Elizabeth Stoddabd.
By IlAnitiET Pinckney Uube. A remlnls-
cence ot the war with tbe Semlnolee, glv- J,
1 ing an account ot tho murder of Dr. Perlne
I nnd the oscapeot his family In a boat now
published for the first time.
Full-page Illustration drawn by Geoboi do a
MAtmiEit. te
"Editor's Easy Chair," "Editor's Study," 3
and "Editor's Drawer," conducted by
Geoeoe William Cdbtib, William Dkak
Howells, and Chables Dudley Wabneb
respectively. LITEEARY NOTES, by
Price. 35 Cents a Copy.
Subscription, $1 a Year. ',
Jjtag fret to all tulscrlbert in On Vhiltd $
Plale$, Canada, and itnlco, IlookieUtri and
J'ottmatttrs tnuallu receive Sulicrlptlont, Suo. J
friDfiOris tmt direct to the publither thould be
accompanied by Viit Offlce Mnneu Order or
Draft. When nn time ie epeclfled eultcrlptioru .
mil btQln cllU the current number. v'

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