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W ' THE SUN, SATURDAY, AUGUST 22,. 1891, ; 7.
'or iuu mora at wviiv.
H Mega Wea Two Kml Wat Aboat
V M'-i.ila Calldrea villi Holy Water-
"' ", if Dead rrlt. Exhumed bw
n "" Mk.-Ilrv Custom lion Mn,
-a MtthodUt Krlscor-l Mlsalonary Boclsty
i wih avsou noil Twanllatb. atraet have ra-
iriliht following, letur from tha Rev. John
weilir th missionary In chartta ot tha
2,iiils tlln ln chlD whwtth recent
,i,.ka occurred!
w.! , jHHdS.WwiiO. China, May Id. 1891.
Forth P"1 wsek wa naT been ,Q ,ut
iJteetMCltomsnt en account ol rt serlort
Jwulnt llomn Cathollo Mission. It
lirtd little ot er a week aao aa-alnst two
JSitMBUin who wer (join- aboutthe slreot
u!n0' chlldrdti vrlth holy water. Thla
lilted the us?lclon of tb people, who eon
IrjftJI rMt number and began to abuse
Jjjt-o "" nd "" took tnam 'P ,ne Polloa
STuob Tfl officsr ln 'Dr became fright
IrtS t o ! a crowd an J sent tho women to
UiHilen Vanien. from whonee they wtro re
iiniKltotht Koruan Oatbo'ilo mission. Thla
Uoeiedliinllil not please the people, and th
loLao K"n1, cret society, ported placards
irftogtbsmtorlse ard destroy the Cathollo
nUtlcs- Tlie day followlnc waa quiet, but on
ftiidtr thousands of people proceeded to
the Catholic mission shouting threat a tney
-tTU attracted to the spot by the yells ot
mcrowd. When I got there they weie pull-
i doD the walls and smashlu ln tha gate.
Mthtlafew momenta they had filled tha
btirlor of the compound. Tha mob waa oorn
!L-l chiefly ot the lowest class, but had
u Ittiler men dressed In respectable
cloths. These latter went about with a
mill (! Erecting tha operation of
(hi elhr rioters, who cried that tha
crlMts bad murdered children and ont out
llultM" -4 hearts. The prlebta had fled.
ud lis mob began tn hunt tor graves. Find
ilgiom ot rrltats who had died months ago,
tin i broi opn the cofflna and scattered the
ifdiaVttX'dt the grounds. They then searched
venltJe-u ransacked Ibe buildings, throwing
fanltor. plcturen. nnd elilnaware from tha
wldo.nd tearing books Into niece. Tha
dVtrii Imld the building waa piled up and set
-As I left the place I heard a volley of
ntiikstry nreJ. and thought that this would
iMD'esd the trouble. I tias mistaken, for tha
dli'ntlanr mged furiously nil ulght.
-Rwatched until morning, ready to fly, but
we not attacked. At about HA. M. the Kng
liih Consul called us to assemble on one ot tha
hoik lor protection. The steamship Teh
Being rsmslned nrnr us all dar, readvto leave
at mommt's warning, if an attempt .were
mads to burn th liulk. Messrs. Molland and
hDapp. wlih Dr. Stuart, left for Shnnghai the
ant morning, taking with them thi'lr wives
nil ssieral ladles of the community. Mr.
Waller and nyjclf remained boblnd. and will
lt-r tin II our pnit Is abaolulely untenable.
"allthiough the riott the members of the
emttiini'ssialT beaded by their Commissioner,
mail a bold tunU nud kept tbe mob from
tiiimlnf anJ lOMIng the Custom House.
althouL'Rtu homes and effects of most ot
tntM tirare fellows wei a destroyed. For two
dan and night they nern under arms and had
toioodaatlr sally forth to drive awav the
lufflaasundput nut the lire kindled among
thowfnrelen residences that remiind (land
Hi. Tbtlsn doubt that the courageous
bfhiTlorof twntr armed men did much to
iitt our mii'ioii, for tbe present, at least.
TbrM Chlne-e men-nf-war passing at the
tin- icch'TS'l tor tba night and fired
a i bioadiiiee. Theie, with a heavy
ttntft at rnn. helped to dlsperaa tha people.
Hinhira were telegraphed for, and on the
thirl dar ot the riot u I renoh gunboat arrived.
An End sh one enme altar and now lira
areh red In tho harbor. Much excitement
mill rrn Alls nnd m.uWo placards ara being
potteJ about. Home ot them ear : ' The French
dft!aieconi: let uh drive the other out.'
Wru not ret nut ot dancer, but have reliable
Itrl-tlan men pnstr.it about, ready to reroit
tmjrea-r leel nrumong tba people or any
miner they manliest to assemble In largo
aimilir:1. John Walls?."
StDlDrcnr Part or Ilia Moaer Croat tha
rirnt Druaiita Out ol Hlabl.
Lo(ii J. Shormnn. head of the firm of Sher
man, Baminils Co. of Newark, Is missing.
ft firm riH'cntly opened a bis Installment
r'otbinc bouse nt llonver and Market streets,
i!ierLoulJ. Samuel withdrew from the firm
clBternberei Samuel, ills new partners were
bis lather, MoriU H. Sliormau, and Jacob J.
BamueK All were Now Voik business men.
Louis J. Sljerinun did the largest share ot
tha nork In i unductlng the business, and re
belled b:cfttio ho could uot have the largest
ib.tre nf tbo income. Ha draw $16,000 from
the Arm u( Sternberg & Hhcrmnn, and put
IUOuU Inio the Lew businns. A wbols build
lu.' wailltiod iii gorueoualy, and opened with
Irje i-oniurla nnd brilliant eld titclllumlnutiun.
Ibuis k,ih 30 years old and mairiod. Ills
vlfe w nt i.ncknwny Uonch nbeii she ra
eened a letter a week ago enclonlnc an order
tiiibuiirm tor f lot) nnd aprhnta communica
tion, tlnon -hodld not disc-loso when nhe hui
neiltuNeKark ai.tl drew the money. Louis
Mtemled lu husinePB on huiurday morning
ud lett at noon. Ills father was lu New Yoik,
mil when ho ru.urnod at night he found a let
tir Iron his sou. It inloruu'd him that Louis
las tirt und hat he thought that too much
jtti.olu-m'siwrU devolved upon hlm.und that
it nsi not nileiiiiHtniy oorotieni-ated. Then.
U). hn wa. not sutMled with tbe buslue-a
rilioila adnptail. They wero not in harmony
tltii bl tlwa HeTioto that lis had drawn
aoo the ilrm for SH mn. or perhaps tti.OOo, pns
Mt little ime. Ha hinted lo at domestlo
trouMM. larlr to the week tho firm began to
runt note winch l.oum had made, and it
Sv hl hither an Idea of how the money had
in ilrawn.
Thoolder Rlieimao thinks that his son has
mi e lo ICurone. but that ha will not be satU
U'HosiartbeieloDg Trie 111 m sent outno
we to tie rreriiinrH lasterday. assuring them
tt tlir. soufiicy ol tbe enterprise. A new firm
w i e,n i-reu cd, ami Uh member ar Jacob
f. faraii!s. Jlotltz H. HhermMii. Louis's father,
'W'o J-aniiieN. Meer Leiohtenroll. and JKd-irdN.-Dalisel.
la tkatlt' IIIr Uatr o Kny tha Park
l.ouagcra Movlaa.
Oray-balied William McQuIre of 110 Green
leh avenue Imnelnos he la a pollcoman. For
lit past week the old man has made a habit of
"wmlloe tua (niall hours of tha morning in
"I? Hall ami Patttry parks. There he makes
ihe llvesof tho homeless tramps and buma
nlsarabla by waking them up and ordering
mem to mote on. Early j eterday morning Mo
Bolr walked into the police station at Pior A
Kin ""nvlttte-looklng tramp in tow.
i.!i ,' u" to tbe desk he saluted tbo Sorgeaut
tkit.'rK1nt-, hero's another park sleeper.
itL lei"hg me pretty busy."
.Who art mii ," . ib ked tbe Sergeant,
ffl niir. do.i t you Know mof I'm a police
Wk'fhill'lr' Mr'" replied McQulre. throwing
a nu tout and sbowlug a aauare pleta of
?(wnt called Offleer Warran and had
floli uiien to th Tomha Court. Th6
aa(wasrel;aed. Justlcrt Ulvver asked .Mc
Nieen meant by mau.ueradiuK a a
u1,;,r' I,u n offlor." ald McGuire.
.Mo'Pri'lnlod you ?"
-fv. "jr. McOrau of Ilarclar street."
tirli",.f r " th round fronting on tho
Tu'i m..t,,a Ul"ery to Harlem "
!uio.JTt.V committed tbe man for exam
'"' to bis sanity.
M,tMIl Mlmloaarr fciotlety Nearly
I fci?,,1,,1tho,,l', Episcopal Missionary Society,
r. .. ' B,!1l'iuarlri t Fifth avenue and
l.VmK """"Ifet.expecta by tbe first of No-
-""'j0 wholly ont of debt. for4he second
I.Vi .Vi,uV1,,Bnc' Th Bev. Dra. McCab.
tlitr .. ?Wi,rJ' tb three seretarle of the
afU0JOOnSi'a Kriar that they ronildered
itin hi..f?"B,i.,0.uve oald for interest, and
WMnT.r,."".f thjlrefTurts are of aooount.
W I'ollrtinna HmltU la Jail. a
Jlmnu'0 Aag- 21,-PattIck J. Pmlth. a
a TOMfB e,jK8 0cemnni WRS ih(iKea n tha
mZ,l CQ""tr j" ,bta n'ternoon charge!
K"' muwerof John MoEllenborougb on
l'n vhtiKJ pi1,"! hB n,,..hl wiff.wb bad
II' th? t;."-Pa,,woa relat ve. were starting
1 waa .in lom?' .wUu McEIUnborough.
i " "rB fi;D,f .,rlf '? l2 10P t"am. Smith
Mh.lu ,i1.,,l,!l,lci:,ll,nborou1' toonaald.
" ", nia w , nurt ,n, n t a ,
!- knLirt",,,",l We,
, S1-41V u "" u vnuottdV tbe Ueek sUaal
Charter Whater.'. Father Taa Cslag
Wht Hlaa, but Ihe Lutf Oat Awar.
Jut how 16-year-old Charles Whalon earn
to get tho terrible mass of bruises which cover
his tight aids Is a matter which Justice Me
Miihon will endeavor to ascortnln in the York
Tllle Court this morning. Agent King of tha
Oerrr society Hunks that the bruises wtjra
caused by tho boy's own father, but Chr!y
asys he got tho most of thorn afow day ago
whll chasing a pnrncbtttc oer tho hills be
yond Kldorndo.
Charley Whnlen lltoa at 442 Enst Twentr
third street with his pnronu, His father,
Michael t Whnlin, I aktoperln thepenlfen
llnry. Ha has whipped Charley several tin?,
and tho lad was so frlghteno.l last Thursday
night nt the prospect of anothor beating that
b fled from the house In a nude condition and
Bought protection In the I'.nst Twontv-sccond
Btiaet police station, about three blocks awa.
i.d6i RP," ,,l,, not est home until noarly
o clock Thutsdny night When he was In bed
ha overheard his father say to hlswle: "firing
me the rope and strap, and III give that feP
0twJTor,J whipping that aver lor staying
iJlh?.,ter.r"1''d I? Jumped from bed, and ran
Into the street. After ha reached the station
house word was sent to the offlce of the Gerry
Jocl.?.t,rv 'nLhingcama with asultot clothes
for the boy. Tho hot "sfatbor entered shortly
nfter tb agent nrrivod. . Tho agent made a
ohargn against him. Whnlen vn nalod ont
later by ex. Alderman Murphy. Tho boy went
to the Gerrr ocloty onire with Agent King.
Charley told Agent King that be returned to
his horn Inst Woduonlftv woek niter an ab
sence of nlnnilaya. His father mdo him un
dress, and then tied hla'hnndannd feet with
ropa He wa then ordered to stand in a cor
ner with Ills lace to the wall, and ho r-nys bis
father whipped him for ten mluutes with a
leather strap.
Jlra. Whalen said yeterdny thnt her son waa
nlschaiged somedarsago from Putnam's pub
lishing bouse, and rjaluirnfralil tn ratnrn linma
he ran off to hldorado with xomo friends, anil
remained uway nlno days. The boy's father
was arraigned In tha Vorkvllle Court yesterday.
Whalen said that he had done no more than a
lather ought to do to a disobedient son. Ho
claimed that the. boy waa bruised when he re
turned from Kldnradn. tln hold in $3nO
ball for examination this morning. Kx-Alderman
Murphy gave bonds.
a lad wun nnianr novss a tiiief.
Slghtaaa.year.ate1 Fraak 11. Hralth Breaks
1'alth with Ilia Foater Father.
Frank B. Smith, 18 years old.ot 135 East Six
teenth street, was arrested Thursday night by
Detective Wade ot Inspector Byrnas'a staff, on
a charge of stealing MO worth of clothiog from
Albert Ammann, a raining engineer, of 18
Broadway, who boards in the same house. The
prisoner was arraigned in the Yorkvllle Court
yesterday morning. It camo out in court that
Frank A. Jayne adopted the lad when he waa
but a few years old, and took him to live with
htm in Tarrytown. The boy was well edu
cated. Six months ago he returned from a
trip to Europe. Mr. Jayno says that the lad
began to steal thlnca from him then. He
Sromlsed to reform, and two weeks ago
,r. Jayne brought bim to thin city, got
a good position for blm. and placed him in the
Mxti-enth stieot boarding house. Mr. Jayne
told Mrr. Marson, who conducts tho boarding
bouse, all about Smith's plllprlng habits, and
auid that he would be lespnnslblo lor northing
stolon by him. Wednesday morning Mr. Am
mann misled a suit of clothe, lie notllled
Inspector Byrnes. Detective Wnde arrested
Smith, and the lad confessed. He said he had
pawned tneclotheB.
. Mr. Jayne said yesterday that he hoped the
boy would he sent to the Elmlra lteformatory.
Justice McMohon held him In tl.ixio bail for
triuU -
Brooklra'a Ilralth Iaapeetora Find the
LaaaSrrmR Unuauiilly Well.
Bo far as known no case of leprosy litis been
discolored In Brooklyn by the nlneteon sani
tary inspectors who were instructed a few
days ago by Health Commissioner Griflln to
make a thorough search nmong tbo Chinese
residents. Dr. Jowett yesterday comoloted his
investigation in tbe Tweniy-tbird ward, and
renom-d that ho hnd examined the Inmates of
all the Chineso laundries in that ward and
found them in a roninrknldy healthy rendi
tion. He discovered nothing resembllngacase
of leprosy.
Dr, Mr Manui gave a similar renorr in refer
ence tn ihe Chineso colony lu the Twelfth ward.
Tborels no fntindniton tha health nfficlnls
say. for the report that Wing I ee, one ot tho
proprietors of n laundry ln Myrtle axenuo.
near Navy s'reet. was xurTortng from leprosy.
Dr. Bulwlnkle went to th laundry yesterday
morning and examined the man. and subse
quently reported to tha Health Commissioner
that Hih disease from which Wing Lee was
.uttering was not leprosy.
lie Feared a I.tcklnc More Thaa Going to
Boston, Aug. 21. Ten-year-old Harry W.
Wadman ol Marblcbead was a special dollvery
letter carrier, aud bad been working lor Uncle
Sam for about seten months. On Aug. 12 he
started out with two letters, one of which was
' addressed to a Miss Leo. He had placed the
receipt and tbe letteiain his blouse, but bo
fore reaching the Lee bouse bedlscmerdd that
he had lost tbe letters. Fearing a whipping
from bis mother, tin signed the names or tho
reoile tn whom the letters were addressed to
tbe blank ro.elpt nnd returned to tlm Post
Ofllne. ln the cournu of lima Inquiries were
made for tbe letters, and then tbe facts were
made known, and tho loungstftr was arrested,
nnd Is awaiting trial. He acknowledged the
forgery, but stuck to It that be lost the letters.
" Were you more afraid nt a licking than you
wot ot going to jail "asked tho District At
torney. " Yas, air." answered the lad.
"Do you know what a jail is?"
"No. sir," and the boy cried.
Actor Trnvere Let Go,
Charle TrnvTfl. the actor who assaulted
William A. Paul in Mlnt.ott'8 saloon on Thurs
day night, was discharged by Justice Hogan
at Jefferson Market yesterday. The Justlre
had received a letter from the hospital saying
that tbe injured man was out of danger, and a
note from bim withdrawing the charge. Trar
ers says he is a member ot Funny Davenport's
"Fedora" company.
Majority Vrrdlela la Jury TriuU.
Judge John A. McGrath of Jersey City is one
of tho delegates to th session of the Amerioan
liar Association wliloh will be held in Boston
next week. Ha said yesterday: "Tbe com
mittee appointed at the Inst session to report
ou jury trial will recommend majority
vnrrlic'B. I have ri" eivod u. printed copy of the
committee's report."
moke all articles used for the
toilet in Solid' 'Silver, and -in
many designs, from the plain
er to tho most elaborate
styles. Complete sets are
shown in exclusive patterns
of which there are no dupli
cates. GORHAM M'F'G CO.
Broadway and 19th Street.
COBTfctea ay a Chareh Court of Detii
Whleh lie Said III Boa Committed.
rABXKBBBo. W. Va.. Aug. 21. Tha Ear.
Giles K. Dawson, ax-pator of the Twentieth
Btreet M. E. Church. Bouth, of Huntington, who
has been under suspension for soma time, was
tried by a committee ot that church last night
at Huntington. The trial waa held with closed
door. There ware many charges brought
against the preacher, who is a one-armed man.
Ha is charged with having libelled a young
woman named Root of Belforo, O.. several
year ngo while a minister In a church near
thnt placej He is also charged with breaking
up a cburoh at Galltpolls, O.. and wltn misus
ing and appropriating fund belonging to that
church, and with other conduot unbecoming a
mlnlstor ot the Gospel. Letters from Indiana
charge him with all sorts ot actions not com
porting with a minister's conduct Ha is also
charged with having defrauded creditors gen
erally. Another charge Is that Dawson had
his own son arrested by Government officers
and jailed for opening letters, which he. Daw
son, alleged were addressed to him.
Notwithstanding the fact that Dawson made
a bard fight tha committee, brought In a
verdict of guilty. Dawson claims, thnt his is
a case of mistaken Identity, claiming that the
man who did commit all thsao outrages (for
lhey are not denied as facts) wa another man
of tbe same name-another G. K. Daweon.
who was a son nf tbe Itev. O. K.. and who was
convicted ot lorgery and Imprisoned several
years ago from this Stat. He gave notice of
an appeal to th Gaueral Conference ot tba
M. K. Church. South, which will meet In thl
olty on fcept. 16. Ha expressed a confidence
that on a, full and complete hearing tbe
General Conference will clear htm and rein
state bim in the ministry. The trial will
attract a great deal of attention, as Danaon't
case baa beoomo notorious.
Mr. NelUoa Say Me Fall Hie Board Bill
With a Bad Cheek.
A man who calls himself Count Roland OufTray
has been boarding at the housa ot Mrs. Nell
son, SO West Twenty-seventh atreet, f or two
years. Ho has two boob, tba younger 18 years
old, and tha three oocuplad apartmenta on the
second floor and a sumptuously furnished
drawing room on the first floor. Mrs. Nlcn
having bad trouble about money affair with
tba Couat. took tbe drawing r om away from
blm about six months ago. Then she pre
sented her bill of 1 160 for board. Tbe Count,
after considerable delay, gave his landlady a
check on the Union Square Bank for tbe
atnotinr. When Mrs. Nellson presented It at
the bank the eashler told her that Count
Ouftray did not have sn much money on de
posit, and ibat thay could not oasb the check.
Mrs. Nellson returned to tbe Count and re
monstrated, but tba Count refused to make
Snod the amount, tihe then applied Jo Justice
logan for n summon, and ln response to it
Count OufTray appeared In the Jefferson Mar
ket Court yesterday. He was well dressed and
had tb appearance of a man nf leisure. The
comulalnnut wn not present, and the Justice
held tbe Count for examination on Tuesday.
Mrs. Nllson said yesterday that the Count
owed her f-r two months' board in addition to
the $150. She also says she thinks be Is a real
nobleman, a he receives letter from Franca
addressed to Count ltolnnd OufTray.
Count OurTray was at one time Vice-President
of the United Purchasers' Discount Com
pany of 'J West Fourteenth street. At tbe office
ot tbe company they said be was known tn
them as Roland OutTrsy. Count de Verres. but
that he was no longer Vice-President. But ho
still owns stock in tbe company. He is also
said to be Interested in a paper factory ln West
Sixty-fourth street.
Thongfct It Foe to Wreck a Train.
Nebraska Citt. Neb.. Aug. 21. The would-be
wreckers ol the Burlington andMissouri pas
senger train at Grafton station, east of Bea
trice, have been nrresUd. They prove to be
two boy. They have oiled ties and stones on
the tracks thre tfmos tor the purpose ot
wrecking this train, but each time failed.
They conffl'sad the deed but could give no
reason sava that they had read of others doing
this kind of work and thought it would be fun.
Tbey are sons of well-to-do farmers, and both
are well educated.
HuIbk Manager Ollmore rbr 10,000).
John. 0. Bull, the ticket taker at Madison
Square Garden, who says h was assaulted by
Manager Edward G. Gilmor at Nlblo'a Garden
last Sunday night, has begun an action la the
Superior Court, through Levy. Friend A. House,
laying damages at 110.000. Bull allege that
when be refused to allow Mr. Qllmore and his
wife to enter the Garden without tickets, 011
mdre struck him on the head with a cane.
ItudiufH Chance.
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drtil U. i). I.BBUURr. Cambarlaad Cap, Tenu.
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VentfttA eftnwlf:.
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w, n. ronnA.ijTii av, coil iuu it.i m
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(0 aratapelnu.
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nti nni-claw wort.
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cox aaibbeaewlnimachinet.
UlilURNE A CO.. 88 While it,
IftAltAND RF.WERR and machine tewere wanted to
l7J make chlldren'a tine dres.e. and apronat Heady
work: call all week 8. ViULIUBRL'CE, u Llepenard
at., near Wen Broadway.
omwtlc itrvnnw 'anttil.
AFIRST-rr.ARR ronK.-rrfvate ramTlf; rood
i: aulet with waihlnir and Irrntna Apply,
betor I P. M.. Jffl Heat atith t, near Ritreralde.
A MtlRSErirl: Oertnan preferred; rlnf baaement
" a4J fcaattiothat
HOUSEWORK -Wanted.a atroair wllllnrdri In do
aentrat homework. I'all between 2 and 4 o'clock.
U Weat 2Jd at . ton ilau
HOUSEWORK A Oerman atlrl for seneral houae
work i one that can do plain cnotlnr, waahtnc and
Irnntnc. Call between a and lu o'clock, bra. LEVY, 754
Ninth ar., aecoi,d flat.
HOUBEWORRWanted. German I'reteatant jrirl to
do aenerat honaewora In American prtrate famltr.
N o. Ill Kait aothat.
HOUSEWORK tiood cook aad lanndreaa: warea
18: ellr reference required. 73 Eaat S8ih at..
firit floor, front.
NUR8K Oood Araerlran Oerman alrt wanted to take
care ota child. Addreta ISO Weat lZftthsu
NURSE OIRt.-, Oerman preferred; rlnc baaement
boll. 343 Eaat Suth at.
PLAIi COOK, to waah"and Iron: alao tirltodelUbt
houaework; Uerman preferred.
Mr. BRUWN. 303 Eaat ttlh at
WANTED A ronntrlrttn aaalm In homework ln a
email family: muataleep at home; waxttfs. Ap
ply at 171 Eaat 7 1 at at.
WANTED A alrl fcrreneral honaework In a amall
family: ad rial. 237 Eaat 7Pth at
WTNTEDNoraollglrl: Cermaa preferred. 348
Waulta Palw Prthanicu, dr.
CltACKEtt RAKERS WANTF.a-i.xperleacd men to
bake feiirr aooda at reel oien: none butaoberand
reliable rora need apply
U 1. ttuaS A FOV, New London, Conn.
HOURFRMITH Skilled "mechanic. Apply at noon
to dar at 7 Oreenwlch tt. cltjr.
ODKLI-ERK. An archltectaralRanre modeller, alao
lienataaance modellere.
JllllN EVANS A CO.. Boeton.
PAPER rUTTER wanted.
TIN AND RLATE ROOFERS 'wanted. 203 and 2U7
Eaat noth at
WANTED-A flrt data Job roler to ron a larre thoo
on tharea of profit . trade eatabllalied. and lire
man can obtain an unn.uat opening, ranat be temperate
man. Addreae with reference. K-. box 182, bnn omce.
WonlPrL'RNiNrT and scTiollsavvTno; steady
work for competent man.
C. A SMITH A CO.. Wcatlleld N.J.
WAOOS PATNTKRR wanted: onlr eteadr men need
applr. COLUMBIA WAOQ.N CI). 3J Weat I.Mh at
WANTED riratcuue handeon veUet and lewelrjr
caaee N. scHViARZ, Saa Broadway.
WANTED-Ten carpenters. 261 Weat 2Sth at. car.
penler thop.
Wantrd glalw IKiutellanfouiJ.
to chancer Poittione of every eleae quickly pro
cured through thla medium; new ord.ra every mall:
34 men placed baturdar. NEW YORK BUREAU
OAZETTE oyriCE. 7M Broadway, corner Blhet
AOENT8-T0 aell new advertlalng derlre tn wer
ehanta manufactorera. and at orfleee: blrpay,
eteady work. AKO I'. Ufa. CO.. Kaclne. Vfia.
AOKNTR f.t to 7 dolly i experience unneceaaaryi
eirliialre lerrltory.
IUTNAM A t O, i'f rfnmera. Wett Wlntted. Tonn.
AOSNTSwho know a good thing when theyeee It
Call at ti Broadway, room '"
ENKROhTIC MAN can mate 173 weekly: reaped
able, clean buaineaa; money rlaht down. Apply
before 10 any morning, room 30, 377 Fulton atreet
EMPLOTMF.NTofall klnde procured for men, and
help f urnlahed free to empiorera
MhTROfOLITAN AUESCY. 710 Broadway.
SALESMEN on ealary or commtaalon to handle the
new Patent chemical Ink Eraalna Pencil. The
greateet aelllng nnreity ever produced, fcraaea Ink
thoroughly tn two aeconda: no abraalnn of paper. 2i0
to M'l per cent prnflt. One acent'a aalea amounted to
SH'JO In aix daya another S-n In two henra. We want
one euergeilr general egent for each State and Terri
tory. or term, and full partlculare addreaa
La Creeee, Wla.
ANTED-RecrnlU for tho V. P. Marine Corpa: on:
married, able bodied men. between theageenf -it
and 33; marlnea are generally alatloned In large cltlea.
and when at aea have a tine opportunity toaee ail parta
of the world
Apply at Recrnltlng Mellon. 2 Chambere at
WANTED Five, artlve men tn work for a milk boat
neat. Addreta, by letter only, w l,u2U3dav ad
vortlMtacnt office.
YOUNO MEN are Invited to examine the work dona
bvlaat aeaaon acltRra now on exhibition at the
New York Trade rirhoo a let av . 87th and iSthits.on
Sunday afternoora and nn all week data; circuiarll
luetrated with JO plioto-engravlnga mailed free ou application.
iSituaiioiiu Vnnteij ifmnlfjj.
A"ltE8PECTARLE WOMAN to do'Vaihlni anVTroiv
Ing to lake home or go out by the dar : alao nouie
cicanlng: good city reference Addreaa 328 & atih at.
HOUSl-WORK.-Ry a good girl: moderatewagoe":
good launi'reaatatroDg. and anxloua for a ateady
home; city or country.
Mra IIALL'S. 272 tilt ay. near 17th at.
' '"tion.jyatfflalti:
AT01INU OENTLBMAN detlret poalllon 1n'ral7road
ottioe. Aa reardt character aud wlllingaeaa to work
while employed ran t urntth refrrencea to that effeat.
Addrraa r, o. box 2,43. ttw York city,
A YOUNO OENTLKMAN deairea poaltlon In a large
hnuae ae ueeful man; can rurnteh referrneea Ad
dreaa CUMIAPL care nf II, lltuderaon, Tomuklna ar
tort Waittwortb. Mtttn leland. N. Y,
E. LINKE, asjtlteraoa ei , Hobokcn. N. J.
BOT of IS, sot afraid to work, wlihia In learn a good
trade. ' K. 318 Ea.l27that
C0MP081T0R. Reliable and competent book and
newt compoaiior deairea tteady politico. Addreaa
SCALE, 27U w tat 23d at
GARDENER. A flrat claaa gardener, married n
children, nnderatanda greenhou.e tboronghty,
aito flowera, vegeiablea Ac. rirat cl.aa rererenoea,
rieaat addreaa rare or Mr a. A. u. ULEW, Webtter ar..
187th it Kordnam. X. T
PRINTER -lieneral utility mm, flrit data, arekl
change of poiltion. C L. M., lu tail 108th at
SITUATION WANTED by a ateady, anber man ai"parT
nor. or where he can makehlinielf uteful; li willing
aud obliging. Call or addreai ,
ALLEN, iw Elliabelb atjjhuolty
TRAVELLINU SALESMAN, thoroughly aequalnteil
witb nearly all of the United Hiatra. reliable and
goad worker, would like le repreiint mroe flrit elea
manufacturer nr Jnbbiri good references Addreaa
J. P. P.. bog lift, Sun up town oftioc, I 2ia Broadwai.
IIAtELLlNCi hALE8MAN. experienced and relia
ble, would like to repreaent aorae good company
abroad reference!. Addre.a TIIaVSLLcR, box IM),
Sua up-town office, l,2Bi Broadway.
WANTED-A iltuatlon aa gardener; alnglei aged 34
yearn American and European practlca In all
brancnei; flrit-claii referencte, F N. Lawrence, Feq,
preieai employer, can be teen. Addreta J, T. K-, Bay.
YOUNO VAN. a bulTler. who ha. travelled all ever the
United Slate Canada, and Mexico. It open for a
bullae! engagement: reterencei rnrnlabea. Addrete
HUSTLER, box U nun up -town office, 1.283 Broadway.
PATENTS for Inventors procared pramptly I lewTateaT
ttUEDEK A BillBSEN.eW Naaaau at, N.T. JuflH
jftUtt rVewrl.
East Slaa.
LRXIKOTON AT.. 4M, near 'Bib. at-Pleaeaat tart
upprratory room, with board i refereace.
LADT 'nnARDBRwTntidtwe; firtt-elaaa board;
rraeoatble. 220 Eait aotli t.
MADISON AV, 1 S7. Large donble room! en fourth
floor, rorgeatlimen, with board.
4TIIAV., lirilMTeara' etabllthedraerhanle' beard
Ing houae for qnlet. rtipectabl worklai ladleeand
geati; 3i to S3 weekly.
IftTll ST 31, between Rrnadway and Unlveratty
J place single and double roe me; luperior board;
terua moderate.
IflTII ST.. ins. nearSd ar. tlatl and double reomn
fv. exeeileai koara and attendance; 13 up; table
nTH ST.. 84 EAST, aear Broadwav. Slagle and
double roomai auparlor board and atteudaaoei
labia board.
I ATtl RT son, near 2d ar Newly fnrnlihed rnotna;
A tnpiator board; labia boatdert aecommadated.
i"TltBT 2o BART Nicely fnrnlihed moma in
P,tllr boara. private heme, 3 table board 3.M.
OTTIt 8T.2WEART -Nicely fnrnlihed rooma, tnpe--V
I rlor board, private houae. 3: table beard. S3 fm
44D. HT. 30 BAST.-llandaome room with first
t data boardr tranilaata accommodated! term
very reaaonable. .
RQTII ST.. 30.1 EAST.-Newlv rnnilahed roomai lu
UO parlor board; genu S3t alio table board.
Weat Blae.
WILLIS AT. 873. between 140th and I41et at
Nicely furnlihed roomi; light houekeeplng or
gentlemen! board If deilred.
7rn AV, 2,13a near 128th it-nandiome rooma all
coovenltncaa. excellent tablet terma low; table
UTFI ST., 223 Tf EST. tlandaomeiy fnrnlihed room!
on drat and third floori, with auparlor board;
referencee exchanged.
0 1 T ST.. 220 WEST.-Uall and doable room with
a or without board! alao large exten.loni uie parlor.
QQD RT.. 447WE8T M'cepleaaant donble and aln'
gle rooran excellent board: terma reaaoaablei
neer Latatloa.
OOn HT- s,i WERT. rieaaant halt and donble rooma
with or without board 1 tranilenta accommo
dated. OfJTII 8T . 34 WERT Large parlor, alto amall rooma,
V with or without board; permanent or tranilent
QeyTll nil an WEST. ttandiomely furntahed rooma,
l with board; hot and oold water, gaa and bath;
(VYTII ST.. 331 WBST.-Large and email rooma well
l furnlihed with board: gentlemen; S3 weekly.
1QQTII ST, 702 WRBT.-HandenmelT furnlihed
J. o rooma with good board: all convenience!; run
ning water, bath. Hi! referenfla.
tORTII HT.. 24 WEKT.-Large furnlihed parlor
Itlw floor, with or without board 1 near L etatloa
jSrlrrt oard troohlt)tu
niE LAFAYETTE AT., Brooklyn. IS mrauteefrom
vAt bridge; deilrahle board and rooma lor gentle
men only.
30artl Wantrtl.
YOUNO MAN wanle room, breakfait and supper In a
church going American family, between 20th and
3uth eie Addren A. J. I)., box 1 10, Sun op town office,
1,243 Broadway.
turnirShrtf axooms & ipartmrtttif avo jet
Eaat Wide.
CLINTON PLACE. 31. near Broadwar.-8lngta and
donble rooma, day or week; roamaablo prtcea.
THE WADSWORTB. 4TII AV. 7n7'eorner 10th at
Rooma, gintlemen, auo. nightly; weekly S2 np;
strictly rcipictable.
4TIIAv!7at. NEAR 26TII ST.-Bandioma parlera.
tollable for boelnaaa. club, or private; ether rooma.
9 TH RT. 43 EAST. Four elegant fornlehed reemi.
7 1o3 weetly: ladlea or gentlemen: Bear B'way.
1 fiT" "T-,M- nar 2d av. Front parlor, hot and
AV cold water. S3: married couple or gentle ca.
ICkTH ST. 144 EAST. Large rooma, newly and ale
Xo gently fnraUbed. 4 to a weekly; private houae.
O ATII RT, 2 EAST, near Mad lion equare DaelraMe
AVirnom; hot an cold water; breakfaat If deilred;
very reaaonable.
OfiTIIST, III EAKT.-nalL double, and connecting
t rooma, newly f uralihed : alao donble parlor,
oTaTTTsT.. 143 RAST.-Slagie and double, newly rur
57 nlabed rooma; allconvenlencea
QODRT.. 224 EART.-Nlcely fnrnUhed large and
O, email rooma; all improvementa; private nouae;
SI. 50 io aa.
Qitn RT. 241 EAST, near L nation. Larre and
Ot amall roorni; all convenience!; gentlemen or
light houaekeeptne.
QTTir8T7347-EANT. Beautiful large room, newly
Of furntehed, for one or two pcraona; private; owner;
eat Ble-
ALAROE rurBlahed front hall room, suitable for two
young men- 3 8th av.. 2d belL
BANK 8T.. 18.near Waverley place Newly furnlihed
ilngle and double rooma. In private family; bath;
C' LINTON rLACP, 121. near Latatlnn.-Nicely fur
nlahed dnnble rooma; all convealencea for light
houeekeeplog or genta
DOMINICKST., a 2d floor, front room and bedroom,
furnlihed for bouaekecplug; alao aingle rooma;
SI uri
HUDSON f-T. 48". near CTirlatopher at -Nicely fur
ntehed rooma. rnnolng water; light houeekeeplog
orgentiemen; board if deeired.
TERRY ST., SO. Large and email turnlahed rooma
THE MARLBOROUGH ARMS, 37 Welt 10th at -Hand-aornely
furnl.hed apartment!; families or genlle
men; reataurant ln houae.
WEs'T"WA8niNOTON FI.ACF. near 6th ar. and 4th
at Rooma far light houiekeeplng, (3 up; alao
uonnecttng rooma S6.
AVERLEY TLACE. 131 Nicely furnlihed rooma
for houiekeeplng; flrit floor; rent S3. 30.
4Tn 8T, 68 WEST. Waihlngtoa equare Fnrnlihed
rooma for houiekeeplng or gentlemen; rent 12,30
and St
OlfT ST.. 232 WEST. Large and imall nicely fur
A 1 ntahed roomi; married couolei or gentlemen;
SI 23 up.
QO BT-. 477 TO 4RI WEST. single and double rooma,
A& alt oonvenlenrei; light houiikcoplng or gentle
men; St 3o up; board tf deeired.
QQD ST., 233WE8T Newly furnlihed roomi; mm
A mer raten Benthernert accommodated
OODRT- S7 WERT.-Nlcely turnlahed. pleaiant
J& roomiuentlemen or oouplea.
IQTirsTTiia WEST. Pleaaent, cool room, tit floor.
JO front: every convenience; lady preferred; mod
erate pfloca,
iQD RT.. 330 WEST. Handaomely fnrnlihed cool
4 rooma private bath; board optional; aummor
terma 1 table board.
ACID RT.. 28 WBST.-Large and amall nicely far-A-tV
nlihed roomi; moderate terma
"A ITU RT, 27 WET Handeemolrfurnlahed roomi;
atF en eutteor aeparate; board for lady,
AKJH 8T, 73 WEBT-Deilrable aquara and ilngle
rej roorni .
(t BARROW RT. Large, neatly furnlihed roomi;
at1 reaaonable prloea,
umiulifil (oomi 0 5tt grooMjjtj.
K TmnEAPPLB IT. Ilalghta. near Bridge or ferrlfa,
Ut-J nicely f urnlahed room for gentleman; private
family; reference
gtoom nnd partmtnt.s Wanted.
A LADY wanta to rant a well lighted room for a
itudlo and art claia room; central location pre
ferred Addren
ARTIST, box 120, Sun np-lowu office. 1, 263 Broadway.
Subiic Qotittt.
POST OFFirE NOTtCF.-Forelgn matla ft r the week
ending Aug 24 will cloie (promptly In an caaeij at
8ATl'RDAr.-At3 30A.M. rorFrauce.SwllrerlanrI.Ital'.
bpaln. I'orttigal, and 'lurkey. per aiea uehlp La
liourgogne. via Havre; at J 3u a. U. for iireat
Brliain. Ireland. Belgium, Netherlauda. Aua rla, and
Norway (Bergen) per ateam.hlp t'mbria. via
Vueenetown iietteri for other parte or Europe muat
be directed "per Umbrla'). at eiT-i A, M. for Uer
many. Denmark. Sweden, Norway tt-'hriitiaala) and
Euaala. per iteamtblp Haale, via Bremen iletieri fur
other parta of Europe via Boothampmn muit be
directed "per Male"); at 3 A i. for Scotland
direct per neamihlp Clrcaaila. via Olaagow Oettera
matt be directed ' per Urcaaila"), at 3i3UAM.
for Netheriamla direct per iteamthlp Veeti
dam via Rotterdam ilettera muat be directed
"per teendaia"): at II A. M. for 1 am
peeh. Chlapaa. Tebaico. and Yucatan, per ileam
ebm city of Wanhlnaton ilettera for Cuba, lampico.
and Tuxpam direct and other ktexiean Statea via
Vera Crux mutt be directed "per Itynf Waahlng
ton'Jtat II A. M. (aupplementary 12 M 1 for ene
xuelaand Curaoua. alao bavanil a, la Cpraona. per
ateatnablp Venesuela (ietteri for other Colombian
Foria moat be directed 'per tenezueia' I at I P M.
or Inagua. 81. iare. Onnalvra, nana HaytL aud
Port de ralg. per ataamahlp Oeorge V,", Clydei all
P. M. tor Savaallla and banta Martha, per iteam
ihlp Yumurl-SUNDAV-AtS
P.M. for Coita Rl.ia. via Llmoo. ptr
iteamthlp llolauln from Naw Orleans
Malla for China and Japan, per ittamihlp Cltv of Rio
Janeiro tfrotn San Franciaeot elate here dally up
re Aug. .. at h i p. M. alalia for Auitralia. Nttr
Ztaland Hawaiian. Fill, and Samoan Itlanda. par
ateam.hlp Marlpeaa (from San Krancitcu), olote
here dally up to Sept. '12, at iJO p. M. (or nn
arrival at New York t iteamahlp Umbrla,
with Brltlah main for Auitralia) Xallt for the Sn.
clety lilanda per ihlp balllee (from San Francitcoi.
cloto here dally up 10 Auk '2, alBifi P. M Main
for Newfoundland, by rail to , Halifax, and
thence by itratner. cloie at title oftire dally
at Hiso P. M Malla (nr Mlquelon, by rail
to Bo.ton. an I thenoa by ateamer. einie at
thltnmce dally atmo p. M. alalia for Cuba by
rail to Tampa, ria., and thence 1 y ateamer nailing
atondayiuud Thiiradaiti. olote at thliorhce daily
mi -.''"" A M Maila for iirxlcn, overland, unle.a
tpeclally addreaaed for detpatch by ateamer, cloae
atthlinmcedatlratSA. M,
Tram Pacific malla ara fnrwarded to San Franrlteo
dally aud the eehedote of e'oeing la arranged on the
Breeumptlonof tdotr uninterrupted overland trenail 10
r-anKrancl.ro. Malla from the Eaat arriving on tune
at rlea Franelaonnn the day of aatllng of ateameraare
deipatchtd thence the tame day. Roglitered mall
rleeee at P. M. prevloue day,
Fa R SALE On account of death, a Orttclaae Oih and
yeter ator. Inoladlng korae and two waaona Call
er addreai FISH STOBB. toTioih ay.
GOOD SQUARE PIANO, HO. (07 Celuohu (th)
av.. aear 74th at ,
APARTMENTS ot 3 and 4 roams In new buildings! all
Improvement!! light andilryiSII toaili Aoriand
MH 311 and&la Wait iHlhat., aud 431 Welt 23th at
Janitora or J. KOBBIT A to. 23d t and Pth av.
Dl SIRABLR FLATS TO LET In the Ninth ward, 80
and Hi Jane at. six Urge roomi a.l iliht all Im
provement!: rent! from Fit to M) amontln mult be
aiea to be apiriclaled ; apply to owner on pfetni.ee.
ELEOANT FLATS Five roorni and bath! all Improve
menu; on Maduoa av.; rent! from f 17 up. 01 halt
113th it.
FLATR AND APARTMENTS, unfornlihed and fu
nlihed, in all parte ot the city.
FQLsuM BROTHER. t-gB Broadway, cor- 12th it
AT Rr.niH't'.U RF.NTH,
Eligant atiam hiated and decorated flat a. lately trior
euihlr renovated 1 nice entiancei iix roomi and bath!
alllmprovementu .'3 In ai monthly: good nelghior
hoed: 941 V. and 310 Wait f.'vth at, near hl Nlchoiaa
av. Janitor teen any time or -MB Ab'8, 2,403 r-lh av,
PLYMOUTH." SOS 307 rolumbui (Oih) av., near 74th
I at 7 roomi. bath! Mated; SJ7SU to fx
To LET A few choice flatt In tbe aelect apartment
home "The Delaware." 23V to 217 tVeil2l.t it In
quire ot Janitor on premleel I toS and 7 to 1 r or
J08. M. ADRIAN. 472 Otandt
TO LET Eait 88th it. 84. elegant 8room"nat: all
Improvement!: iteam heat: rent. S33 InSeOuer
month; free to Sept l.Apply to jinllor on premliei.
TO LFT Second floor. 7 rooma. tn private houie j lra
prcvemenlii SJQ. IU8 7lhit
6TII AV.. 34.-Eligant flati 1 7 rooma and bath! hot
and cold water.
1 OTlf sY7s31 EAST A large Untie flat to rent: 7
J.O ronmt and bath t all modern Improvement!; one
flight up. Owner en premliea.
nTH ST.. SH, near 8th av. Seven elegant large
light rooma, bathroom; private hall; every lm
provemenl; Hu. 3V.
QXTH ST. 418, near oth av, Reonnd floor. 4 elegant
at all light roomi; all Improvement!; perfect ora.r;
aQD ST. 231 WEST. Flafi tn pirfect order, deco
O rated: mlrrora, ourtalna awnlnga; rente $14 up
ward: lanllor.
JfJTIl RT., 831 WEST 4 and 8 rooma apaftmenut
UU all light: atatlnnirr tube: dumb waiter; rant. a;
hot and cold water; extra large roomi; reaaonable rent
.41 ST ST., 112 EA8T. near Park av. Apartmenti nf
41 3and4ronmn Improvement! finely decorated)
rent only S13.tiB.30-
I1STST. 114 EAST, one block from Grand Central
1 Depot Three and four roomi; Improvemenui
13 andjn.
ROD ST.. 23 WEST -Rockland: 207 Weat USVx St.
UO Wlnfletd; In good order; lanllor.
IQQn'fiT.. M EAST (at Mount Morrle Park-Rle-1
er,V gant alagle flata. 23 feet wide: end houie : eloant
heat; hardwoedeablnet trim! flrit-clata decoratlont;
ff 63 and an): owner on premliea
VORTII fcT. 248 EAST -Cheap rent: apartmenta ot
HAiO three and four rooma ail light wltn Improve-
ro e n ta.
Q 1l AND 812 EAST 2VT1I 8T.-T0 let unfurnlihed,
O Xvr 3 and 4 roomi: fine apartmenti: rent lis to S2I,
81 Q THREE Rooy and bathroom: ownir lunptlei
1 0 hot water: all improvementa, ileam heat; email
mlllea 134 Eaat 77th it.
,f law and Apartments! Vattted.
WANTED-ln the Seventh ward. New York city. In
private houae, apartmenta of 3 or 4 rooma for
newly married couple. Addreai, with partlculare, B.
U . box 317, Sub office.
a , , .
gJtt'ttHnfj ion$eg gq get.
DESIRABLE noURF.s. nnturnlahed and furnlihed.
In all parta of Ihe elty.
FQLSUM BROTHERS. 82 Broadway, cor. Kthat.
QQU ST.. 43 WEST Three itory high itnop brawn
Aifr atone home' 23 feet wide: rent reduced.
ALFBED B. MAKL1M1. M4 Cedar It
go get for gugitttgit gutpoittt.
OLUVnUS (8TII) AV. 307. 74th It Btore, 2 large
windows, baaement; iplendld buaineaa location;
will divide.
DESIRABLE STORES, lofta, and offlcil to let In all
parta ot tha elty,
Fui om BHuTHKRa 828 Broadway, corner 13th it
ADIRON AV, corner USih et Large etora,anltable
for druggbt or dry gooda er any bulneaa, 81 Eaat
113th it
TO LEASE, for aterm of yeara, the new elx (8) atorr
bulldlag. 48. 43, and 47 Eaat loihit. near Broad
way: elevator, itiamtheat and all the lateit improve
menta: will be yeady for occupancy Feb. 1, 1812. For
plaaa and particular, apply to
F0L80M BROTRERrt. Agent.
828 Broadway, corner 12th it
TO LET Two upper floors 64x83, la new factory,
corner Rt Marx'a and Underbill an.. Brooklrn: ele
vator; flripreof vault! built In on eaoh floor: abundant
riwer. Apply on premleel or te GEO. W. SUIESLbK,
Liberty ylaee. New 1 ork.
' g! at jJale or go get cgrooiate
FOR SALE OR TO LET-Enttre er parTSfhulldlns.
44 and 48 Ellery at. Brooklyn, for factory pur
poaea. CalL'JAS SAMPLE. 78 Myrtle av.. Brooklyn.
ef ot &t ot gq get gttvp leruea.
e N. J. the elegant new four etory hrlex building,
which will be completed about 6ept I, at 78-so Spring
field av , the belt builne.l location In the city: dlmen
alonaof building, soxho fet- ineclally adapted for de
partment etoree nr any rlrit-claai builneai requiring
R lenly of room. Inquire of WILLIAM IL F. FIEDLER,
o. 22 Clinton it. Newark. N. J.
TO RENT-In Eait Orange, turnlahed tiouee of twelve
rooma. with liable: rive mlnutea' walk from ela
tion. Inquire at mi Arlington av.
Steal tBistate or ale tSoumnj.
th following dealrable properties, within Ave mlnutei
of depot; all Improvemenu; ehaded atreeti; water;
electrio tight: flagged walki; good train aervlca. Plana
at company'a office :
A coeey. elegant new cottage; eight roomi and bath;
landsoxisu Price as, eso.
Alto, cottage completed thl! month; Bine roomi and
hath: land luoxl3o. 1'rtce eo.ouo.
Alao, cottage almoit flnlahed; eight room! and bath;
land louxluu. Price f 4,oo.
All a beautifully located corner building: alte lox
lut Price l.2uu, Moneye will be advanced to build a
(3.000 cottage,
Send for pamphlet to THE FAIRMOUNT LAND COM
PANY, 130 Broadway. New York.
FOR SALE Country aeata aud farm! on each aide of
tha Undaon River
FRANK PBRRIN. Flahkill on Iludeoa. N. Y.
ieal tSjstate or ale.
BARilAINS IN SMALL HOUSES; all Improvementa;
good location.
40R SALE Three beautiful building lota flam ehore -'
fronta. O. li. CLAKK. Woodmont. Conn.
O" RWE(I0. N. Y.. ont CAtTfiA ST.-o'ood'hooae and
lot 7xll)t); deilrable location! bargain. Si.m.1, lib
eral terma. l MAKTIN. 348 Broadway. N. Y.
room and cellar houie. with Improvementa on hiclt
ground, thirty mlnutea from City nalL Addreaa E,
box lii- bun iftlce.
THREE-STORY BRICK HOTPL. fnlly fnrnlahed. with
flrat cliaa bede and bedding, bar and reataurant
fliturei: In thriving village on Hnd. on Riven will eell
verv cheap; flrat-claea trgriilenl trade: poiaetlion at
once. P. B LKSPINASmE. hnrlng Valley, N. Y.
BA nn A IN 8 In Rockland cuunty f armi and reildenaet;
lata what you want
P. B. LhBPINASSE. Spring Valley. N. Y.
CtllOICE TBAOT TO rrTUP-llnute and itable on
' property. tK!acree7.8ol or 201 acrei S73 an acre;
M mile from depot ln eitabllthid. attractive village;
churcuei and tchool.
HE B AUM A BATE. 30 Reade It, New York.
Seal estate for jtaie (Sttii.
A gentleman taking nphli realdenee la I ondoa will
aeli. furnlihed or unfurnl.hed, or rent furnlebed or un
fnralahed lor a term at three or five yeara. hie magnlrl. :
rem realdenee. I34'eit7 d it; beautifully furalined;
eaty tirtni 10 reliable partlea.
B. V. IIAKNETT. 71 Uherty it. New or
A very eknler bnnar, luatof elx. 7 Witt
TOtk ei, S0aN100i anvil arrancrtaeat.
aeelnll -nllrd lor a a"lyalelan. Price
oi.ly Buo,O0O. Vfatebaai la houae, or ad.
dreaa CltABLEH KUEK At '., llwnere,
TS?4 at,, car. Commaum ay.
FOR SALE Ta eioae up the affaire nr a copartner
chip, aeveu Iota of land on ihe oniith aide ot K. ntrt
it. 111 in 273 feet wait et lei av, the hole making a
plot 17'. feet br lm In'iulre ot HECTOR M. I1IT01I
l.NUS. Receiver. 132 Nauau it. New York.
yejtteherteCo.ffiopertH j:or Shi.
A gem of a houae for It uuo.
All modera Improvement
At mniittiiy parmemaiif gio.
A year', oommuia Ion free.
"Aciiamenf a ll.etiine."
A let fir (lii f.'uu. or J'A
Apply at ELMSrORD Ht-Al. I STATE CO.,
, Office 7 Wail at . for parllculara
WESTCHESTER CIIUNTV. for homearetere and In
veaton llnuea and 101a nloie in 1 acreage prop
eny for aala by 8. A MATTHl-WH, luckaline, N '
for the startling announcement loon to be made ef t i
coming Auction Rales which will uk site tat Ut i
Auguit and aarly In Biptimberof
5.000 "AzsrT 1
United In Weilchntir, King, and Rlehateas; eB. -
tlea. Brooklyn, Byracuie, and New York title, aad la ft
NewJaraiy. v . . .'
Maptot the prepertlii are bow being prepare! M ' ,: i
will aoon be ready at tha Auctloaaer'a Offleee. Kar' if
Liberty it, New York, and 10 aad 101 Moata aaJ &
Brooklj. X
and ' y
Twodayeet Auction ;, (
on the premlaei at h
Tba I
Flnelt Family Seulde Retort i
In th vicinity ot New York aad Brooklya, t
Th , '4
Bandaemait Summer Section v
on the Atlantto Ceaat. , . i
Moderate Clan Homei ta a - - -n
Beetrlcted and Beautiful Locality, t
Sal Commencing at 2 e'elock ata day, 3
After tba j
Mnalnbr ' 1
Vint lovely Lawrence Reach, and yen will aea a -I
eplendld beach aurronnded by pretty vlilaa and free
from all the objectionable featurea tbat prevail ateeaaide V
pfsnlo reeorta Being one and onehalt mllee frem Law j
rente station. It la free from trampi and rowdlea Cob- S
nected by etagee to eaoh train and oarrlage aervlee. It -h
Invitee only the reapectable. home-loving claaa. The i
road to the beacn being through the broad avennaeat
Iwrence and Cedarhunr, bandioma vltla realdenoe. W)
luxurloui lawna and expenttve. well-kept driveway &
meet one noon every hand. Nowhere elae at tke aea- it
aide In thla vicinity can be fonnd auch vaat oppertunr- - a
tlee tor rational enjoyment at reaaonable outlay, sort '?.
and ami water bathing, beating and earrlage ridtngno- X
equalloa. Pleate addre.i for mape and terma ef aaie. k
14 Chambera at. New Tork. 1
tHb j
Of all tho BrlCht Looalltias tN j
America k wit Mont doubt thosE '
Known to the Economic peW 1
Who prefer ea.Se, comfort an D ' rj
Wwmnhlp to renting OL paying money taf U
Wver-irraedylaridlofCds. NO BETTeIX ;
Owelllnc: Plots sOld AB OHEAaP
diStriots. '
Bend for pamphlet llluatrating propertied wU a
bow boutei for tale or to root
tlOOand opward, at Dongan HIIU (OarretaooV R, t
two to are mlnutea from depot; new achool and foei ;
Commutation ttckeia S3 per month. Terma easy. Call ,' t
or addreai 1
17. A. CLEVELAND, f -
jbonoan nii.i.s. a. i. '.'; s
gCeat Cutate ot jfale ?og gjilwaV -
Tke aaoat acceeelble aabnrb or tka tw e
cltlea. i
coaaeeta rlth I
tha Brooklyn, Bath aad Teat aet R. at-,
aad will land you oa the property la '.
thirty aalnntea from tha Brlelgte.- -" 'f
ALL 25xl30 FEETT. :
with aaalne already laid, farnlaa raaalaa: '
watt r to each realdeaae. : ,
QUEEN ANNE houses,,.:;-
with all coarealeneea, it- ready.' "' " ' i
For aaie oa eeeatleaelly aae'w teraaa, " ''"
Aseate oa the areatleea. - J,,j;
Apply For aaatahtcta. maps, aad Fraa ""
yaasea to r
OEOROE A. A 1,1.1 N. flceretarr. ' J
8 Liberty at.. New Tarh.
ADE8IBABLE PLOT of aNut III ioU at Wave Creel. j
Fur Koctaway. Inquire of E. BENEVILLK, 1 !
haaiau at . hew York. , '
luopercentprontlnayear:deedabymVl Iota. (10. . ,'-
upi Mi rente weekly, J. S. LfcWIH, U. I. Improvement i
Co ,ia Fare How.
pi.CHIIIs'n. u I.-F2M) eaih tnuoo mortgage, will J
JU buy eight room cottage; ell Improvementa-eaay
ttrmtj monthly ptymeutii corner lot boxliii. aleotwe A
ciiolcelot., ft xIiki adjoining cottage; price S700.eaeF -a
leriae;(HBoathly. MAWDEB. I.7baetaadat 2
"iVLfRIIINO. H. Y.-Coiey cottage and ground. 37x10a.
a1 ln perfect urder. SAii Inquire E. UABTIN, 8a i
Broadway. N, Y.iD MASTEH, Flnahlng.
VACANT I.OTfcTon" Broadway " Fluahlag, znxl) a I
bargain. E. MARTIN. Broadway, H. Y. B.
MASThK, Main It.. KlullllngT -i-
tinilTEKTONE S'hltettone av- I.Vmlnatea' walk ,
VI from afatlon, s arret; large double Iwo-atory , 4
liouaei plenty of fruit; bargain. K. MARTIN. 3 1 Broad- &
way, M. Y,s li UAHn.lt, nutUlng. M. Y. , 1
' i ' .w ck f4
$ent Estate for .tT8;wMa. . ' - I
ilnUKli In Heuierd ttctlon. Brooklyn, together '" ' .1
with furniture If deilred. will be told at a bargain by .
a parly declining houiekeeplng; houae. vox xnai. ta M
flret ciaae order! location one of the beat en tbe Hut. 1
oonventeut to the Klnga County Eletaled road and tha m
Brooklya Bridge tor particulars addreai X.V, a "
bog uu ami oftica. m
Cheapritlotaln the SBili ward. Brooklyn, for B390 1
each Apply ti JOnN JE.nEINK A aON, l.4i Broad- .-
way, Manhattan Junction, Brooklyn,
ALI, THE ORA.NtlES-Diilrabie properties Iaoa J
aralded, bargalaii for aaie, rent anil exehaage.
b. D. i.uAUIT, ovu-aue brick Church Station. Ban
orange, h. J,
FOR BALK, at Orante-Houseof nlneraoata: built
far twolawlllei, Ont c'aii urder; price t.uu)
II. a, CAKBulf. Orange. W.J. '
LOTS s;.t and npward will toon be offend at iperlal i
private aaie on the very eatleit terma In our ntw
ami btauiltul aitdltlnn called t-uliey Terrace (now .
balnoiirvrtedana ploitedi. eituated right In the town
of.Nutley, h. J, near iranklln itatiou. rartlcular at '
our oilire 1
HEATHERBY A HAY 173 Broadway, room 10. -
Read To-morrow's Sunday Sun. BROOK- 1
one-half page of Illustrated Furniture Bar-,,
gains. l

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