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'-. THESUN, THURSDAY, A'UGUST 27, I8i)l. ' 3L '
I & ovrvriTS tbe jrmr conic rMMrnits
H esjreaaat to Bhlo Money to TFeatent Banks
H ejd Cut )nrt IIel Alois tha Move-
V mMC Ootta-Whrn tho Kate tern Issiaka
y4 V the Montr He JDeraandeel Cot
saddest It. and Heat areenheveka to ths
tWeet-Mor Them SIC.OOO.OOO Oath.
ereSMa to nclp Taka Care or the Font-,
and-a-half A'er Cent, on Sept. 1,
Peoretarr fc8ter, tt was made apparent la
f !l ttraet yesterday, is developing rapidly at
a, aianulea. Certainly o number of bant Presi
dent! were wllllae to ooncede this when they
learned ot the Bearetarr'e efforts In the lnit
two months to Increase ths supply of cola la
tt Bub-Tresturr la Wall fittest, nnd in tho
Taavdrr vaults at Wasbiiirioa,
On June SO the" supply of cold nt ths Bocre
rr's command was tU7.G07.72X It Is now
tlitUOI.BtT. showloa a cats ot mora than 112,
COOvOOO In the two months. The Secretary has
been quietly Heparins for Kept. 1. when the
4W per eent bonds art to ho redeemed
or extended. The bnnks In New York
lire lost tee sold and tho; hare juBt awal
ttttd to the fact that the Secretary haq
shrewdly and auietly reduced their cold re
fcrves by ntore than 1 12.000.000. Tie had
rtmrnyedoijted shrewd measures whloh com
pelled tl back-i to clvo op their cold. Tha
torr earn out yesterday, and soma ot tho
hank residents were not pleased: hut it Was
learned that tha Secretary, having cot mots
than 111000,000 In cold from them. Is cow ap
parently satisfied and has adopted milder
The eipress companies cliarso seventy-llvo
tjnts a thousand dollars for shlpplnc ourrenoy
from the East to tha Wast The Woatern bank
ers, as Is well known, bare been lutoreoted for
a, month or more la mailing arrancements for
fblpments-of money from the East to tnovo tho
(re&toroDAoicralA. Secretary l'os tor. know
1M the situation, notified these Western bank
ers throot a Aeelttaat Treasurer lloberts that
tOe baited States Treasury Department would
hirie only fifteen cents a thousand dollars on
these thlpraents. The Western bankers "Wero
tlttled at this, and cladly accepted "tha
ttnerous offer of the Searetarr. Then thoy
taitructed their Eastern correspondents to
ship their money through the Bab-Treasury
at New York. The Eastern bankers complied
with tho Instructions, but when they olTorod
Mr. Roberts legal tender for Bhlpment that
fmlllisolficlal announced that the Bocretary
Insisted that the Eastern bankers In thU
mercency must deposit either cold certificate-
ejrtheeoln. Mr. noberts believed It to bo tho
practice In such cares. At any rate tho Secre
tary. It was declared, directed that It must bo
the practice on these shipments. There was
doreoouree f orthe Eastern bankers but to com
ply. They did not feel that thoy oould throw
tones In the pathway of their Western cus
tomers at such a momentous period. Bo they
honored the drafts of their Western clients and
deposited tha cold cola and certificates In tha
Bub-Traasury to meet the drafts. The West
ern bankers didn't care whether they received
sold or leeal tendor. All tbey wanted was
money. Mr. Roberts, it was learned, after tho
Eastern banks haidoposltod tho cold with him.
acting on the directions of tho Pecrotary at
S'ashtnatdn.'ellher retained tho cold la tho Sub
Treasury or focwardod It to Washlnston.'and in
lieu ot tt shipped local tender to tho Western
banks and bankers. In this way mora than
412,000.000 in cold has boon corralled by tho
Beers tary, and tho amount will so far toward
helping him o.ut with the 4tX por cent, re
demption and extension schema,
Bat tha New York bankers early In the week
sot their eyes own. nod they observed that
their cold reserves wore declining, wbllo the
sold reserve J erf Secretary Fosterwero gaining.
They Bat about ascertaining just how ttila
came about, and lnrostication brought out
the shrewd "plan of the Treasury Department
to keep tha sold nnd dolo out tho Green
backs to the) Westorn baukers. Ths Now
Yorkers were angry and several con
ferences wars held to determine ni
to Kha best moans of retaliating on
tb Secretary, The Secretary heard of the
temper ot the New Yorkers, and called n halt.
Be had hod eoroe fun out of the business, but
be didn't appear anxious to offend tho New
Yorkers farther. Many ot the New Yorkers
called at tha Snb-Treasuryyesterday, and this
time Mr. Boberts was just as smiling as ever.
The New Yorkers protested ozolnst tho ilan
e)i ketplog their cold nnd Blilpnlnc legal
tender In Its plaoe. Tboy had some vicoroua
(things to say to Mr. lloberts. and that gentlo
koan then aanounced tnut ho bad just received
Word from Washington that If the New York
bankers thought the practice of retaining nil
the koM too severe he (Mr. Boberts)
mictrt modify ft Bomewhat. Ho announced
to the bankers thut lioroaltor of tho
sold deposited'' with him by them for
Western clients one-half would be shipped
"West and th other hulf ot the shipment would
' constat ot greenbacks. This seemed to satisfy
the Mew Yorkers for tho moment and tiuellod
their desire for retaliatory measures against
the Seoretary.
Mr. Boberts denied that ho had received any
order from Beoret-ary Eostor to do as he had
With the cold deposited with him for Westorn
shipment. He said It was tho practice ot tho
Tre&scry Department In emergencies to do as
he bad dona. Tlia Now Yorkers said tbey
didn't like tha praottoo. but for all that tho
Ceeretnerfaaa cot U2.000.000 ot thoir cold.
naimao iievvisi.icaxs.
Tkey Appear to a Police Court to De
termine TV to lilt Whom.
Sarins: a stormy meeting of the Tenth Ward
Assentation in Brooklyn on Juno 1G. Chair
man Charles Brrmance Is said to have been
amulted byWlUlam WaUlron. Mr. ilermance
made a complaint against Wu'dron In tho But
ler Street Police Court. Yoatmlnr the ex
amination was held by Justlc Tlvfic.
The testimony clearly cbtabllstiinl the fact
that the ortaafced Tanth wurd llepublicuus
re not a happy family, and that the particular
unemeetlnc in cmestlon was lolently dis
turbed by faetlonal eerlmroaKes. Mr. Her
raanee admitted that tho ntaceerlnK blow In the
(ace, wbioh almost burled him from th liair.
was net Inflicted until after he bad addressed
Mr, Weldron as a loaftfr. The testimony wai
o conflletlng between the two statesinon thut
Justice Tlghe fuundjt necessary to ie.uerve his
deolslo until Bept 7.
A. ratmaeter Ckarsed ItS epettlnc
Qwjcs IViia, Aua. 20) Lewis Bursess,
Poetmaoterat Bacuu and for many yoars one
of the most prominent androspectod cltlrens
el that Vcnm. came to Glens Kalis on Tneidny
and sorreadered nlmsolf to a deputy United
Bletee marshal onacbarca of nnauthorlred
dpentsit ot letters addressed to othor people.
The examination was begun before United
States OotnmUeloner I). H, Totter. Tlio wit
penes wars al (ruin Hacua. Svporvlsor J. A.
palcpm swory that he kesw of ljurrfesi opcrn-
letter. of Utls Kotu una lira. Oils or
foot, both peniloDar. F. A. hnow tettltled
that ha ssw Burgess open one of Mrs. loot's
letter and eiatnlne the pensli n check la it.
Orlando Sunandlf. M. be.Uon, both pension-
Ss,twere the Burgees had opened their lee
rs, taken out toslr pension ohecks, and sent
em word that ibej ;ould get the cheeks by
settling tha ktore PllU they owed Dure ss.
pargese detenoe Is that hi newr opened nny
letters Without authocttr from those to whom
By were addressed. The huaring was ud
Journed to Sept ii.
Ntate rolltlc.
1 Ths Democrats of the First district, fit. Law-
1 rence county, yesterday elected J. B. Carpen-
1 ter, . M. Wells, and Martin O'Brien as dole-
I "testq tbePtatanonyention, They wore In.
I ,,SS.oU to " . Flower.
, The Democrats of the Flrtt district. Kara
7) tsocrantr, have chosen James JJouurey. Jr.,
J ?,.or"v4Wl.and William Drury as dele-
II We to the Btste Convention
U v... t P11101'!0 wro primaries In iew-
I C2,'Kur,B Whlcb hav thus far been held.
I ?'? ' been carri'cTby Warden Drown In tho
I !t,!;,?t ' Gov. Hill. It Is underatood that
1 jo delegates thub far clioeen. with imrliHpa
2S,e eioeptlon. aro acslnst Oporue V. Oroon.
1 "6o wf V ,0 , t-tM" i-enator. and In favor ot
I SS vmoSlitii1 Mo,u00' culru,na "' ,Uo ,
Kmlnaat Ku Freaeat from All Parts orthe
ITorld-Hecretarr Noble'a Addreaa.
WAsnrKQTo. Ang.2fl.-The first session uf
the fifth International Congress of Geologists
Was hold this afternoon in the law leature ,
room of the Columbian U&herslty. Of the COO
members of the Concrete, 206 have already
arrived In Washington. Among the members
present are many omlneut ceologlsts from all
parts of tho world, Including representatives
of nearly all of the great sclenllllo inslltn.
tlons ot Kuropo and America. Tho session to
day was mainly preliminary. Trot. I.e
Conto presided. Ofllcors wore elocted. and
thon the Hon. Gardinor Hubbard. Chairman
of the local committee, made an address wel
coming tho delegates to this country and to
this city. He paid that thoy would not find in
America tho old structures and the other Indl
cations of an ancient civilization, but they
pouid flna the greatott natural wondors, and
the oldest continent gave a welcome to the
roLreteatatlves of the Old World.
An the head ot the department which has
snder Its jurisdiction the oeoloclcnl suroy,
secretary hoblo made an addiess otwelcomo,
l?n aM
Th I a ilotrnniNit ht ben liberal-It roar va tatd
munincat-tn 1U aupimrt ul jTiK:etniit la ! let
ence ot iciotuiir. tht Depafinitnt or ilia Interior roi
;! wltlitn In ampla Jarudtoilon ilia liuraui of tUa
ueoiatfoM Hurtcy, oraii'lai ovar ty one or )ouf
niomtiera ttt Itartiail and aflclNit ij:rct(.r. To thai
auraan la nnunrtlal Ilia eianiioatlin cl the rock i,
raiuerait, ores, aud eolia of oor cuuatrr aurt laa rt a
airuoilnn or iba toporaiMeal mepe require far repre
ntltin the eaaraotir anil dutrlbuilon if time natural
resource anil lull are comprma 'llvUlotn, toarapiil
eat. (eolotical, iialtenioloelnaL uJ utliata ae
ceeeorr tbereta 1be aptiroprlutloDe fr Ua rap
1 ort are among, fia Ifircext bestowed on aor
or tax bureme ot tbe Uotermuent. for It
U reeognlaed that upon tbe uitallleeoca It elrei. leailbK
to ihaemolent ana econduilial Jeeipment of our in
tarriatWtiat reauuruee, our proiperliy ai a people large
ly dppend.
It Is irrattfylng tn Itnor' that ynur eclenc baa beea ao
generoniir reootulzet abj potrerlullr ii.coriMtby tba
other nation from vr Jtlcti n.eny o! you conta aa tepra
eeiiUtlvea Uut It l eeieelallv a ouse cf cougratu'a
Ui'li to toti. gentlemen, tbat you nate heeu atle to eo
eneceeitul y eitabiuu thU international association,
wlteri&y ou lniercaen,; th aculreui-nts and prod
acts your lateral uorercment ut!et ion tu attain
anu brine to the Rnprort of your ebeeial itudy and
efJort Uie olTtltiatlun of the e.
The or- ta full ot trie thought of tha Interdependence
or nail na Yuu are tn lue an of that movement.
t nnr niiirreuu a atrtltltw and nohle eapouentot IL
Tl l esraiur In tho very atmosphere ot science. Ills
envet (lnc the arts. Inilustr)'. ait.l cominerca XMr It
tdtnvr araiitt-iueti. with our groHth aim strengthen wlta
onr iiretuth until, at the Tartal straia of the dlf
lerrnt reitona of the gli.!. troilnca tha woll essential to
huiuitii etisttnae on each and comfort and advance
ment on all, the ll.Terenti.eplea or the earth roar ba aa
one familr. an 1 fraternlt) and lulalligeoce, aot rotattp
and forcv. te tie sources ot our prosperity. Nay yoox
may he pieaeant here, may unr lourtiem amid the
wonders of our lontinent supply yon with accumulated
facia and reutired strencth and may jour return, to
youraeveral huntes.wbeu return yuu auust. La lu safety
and la comfort
A number of addresses Wire made In re
tipniiKe. and the Coocress adjourned until to
morrow mornlnc.
Thy following ero the forelcn members of
tho congress who have already arrived:
Amtrla-lluuirar)' Pr. Carl Dlenerofthe fnlrerelty,
Menna. Iir. MniiTletraot the ltoyal UcograDhlcal o
clet. Menna.
i anada-FranV D Adams. Menm College. Montreal;
Thiimns Uactarlane, inland icercnue Department,
Chili Sartor rranclsco I. Pan noman. Santiago.
rrattce 1'ror. Hr. l.harles Uarrols ot tha Lnlversltr
at I. Hie; M. .M.ircel.ln lloule and ITot Aloert Oaudrr
of tha Mnseutu or Natural History. 1'arist M. Kmiu
Pa Margerie of the tranoh Geological Service, l'arla.
tieruianj l'rot Dr. Achilles Amlrsas or tha Lnlrer
alty of lleldelber Dr Alfred llergeat of Uuncheu,
l'rot. Dr. Uerrm.au Crsdner of tho I alverslty ox leip
alg. Dr Y. Freeh or the Lnlvenlty or Halle. Dr. tute
Jaelel of tha Unlverrltr at liernti. 1'rnf. Dr Kmanuat
Kayier ot the L'nlvereltf ot larburg. Dr. Alfred usann
of the rnlrereitr of Uehlelberg. Ilerr fella ritenlngvn
of Munchen. Herr Xiillus Itomberguf llerliu. Dr. August
llothpletzof the Utdrerelty of Muachen, Herr 1'IUcli
Knhle Munchen; l'rot Dr. O stelnmann of the tnl
verslty of Fre.burg Dr Arnold I'lricii or the, Univer
sity of Mreeabarg. Herr Adolpb Vledener. llergratli,
I.bemwa'de Usrlln; Hr te.U Wahuscharjeot the I nl
leralty uf herltn 1'rwT Dr. Johannea Walther of the
Uimersity of Jeua, Dr. Bruno Welatid of strasiburg,
Jr 1'aronMdncy Von wohfmann. Muuchen. Dr. K A.
Wultlng of tho University. Tubingen; frof. Dr. Von
Zltteloflhe L'nlTerilty. Munchen.
lreut liritaln Henry U. aOelL Ho'neta. Frotlaad;
Jam.-, c. Chrintle, i G 8. old rallicart. Scotland: M tea
lary loster. M (1 A. L. London. John V. tireirory,
,( h. Hrillih Museum. Loudon; Airred Darker r. .
N, ht. John a College tatnbrldite 11-rnard Jloh.on, P.
). s. emeu's Cuilega Mun.hettcr, l-tcut-Col. A. u.
Tabnteau. tiatb. hngiand
.Vexlco dose (1. Agul era, aob director of tbe Merl
can ileuioglcel Comnussioit. illy or Mexico. Ing Anlo
model Castillo, director of the Mexican lieotoalcal
cr.mmtstlon t'uy of Mexlcot i:reutel urdonea of tha
SnejiIcauiJeoloirlcal Commlealon. city of Mexico.
Koumsnla 1'rof. rJtetau Slhleano of tha I'nlrerstty
of Huaharest, lme Henrlelte blhleatio Uucharesti
Frot. uregolro etofaacscu of the Lnlyers'ty of Bncba
reet, Mme. UrU W Siefuneecu. liochareu
Rntela Nicolar llodanorf tit. Petersburg: Trof. A.
K. hrasaof of the Uimersltr ot CharVnoa: itoman
I.eTltegy. .St. rele-eh-irg; ItoT Aleals I arlow of the
Uulrereitr of Moscow. Xm farie ravow of Moecow;
1'rof I. Bcbmldt of the Kupslan (ieriaglcal Sioielr.
St. reieriburg. Prof. r. TehernacheH' of the Iiaeiiaa
tjaolorlcal seclelf, ht. reterahurg.
Sweden liaron i.'erard de Hear, (ieolneioal Survar at
Fweden. Btoclholm: Mis Olaf Hoist. Heologiral KnrTetr
ofSHadan. hlockholmt HJalmar Ijindhohm. Ueouri'
cal Burreror "waden. Mocktroim; rrot lljalmat bio
gren or tbe Cnlyarettr. tpsala
JM'ILzerlMiu-l'ror. Dr. C schmldl or tbe I'nlrcriltr
of liala.
nmx'T xEj.ru soox enough.
Henry Z.elhe or Newark In Jail for Xot
Hupportlnff Ilia Pamlly.
nenry Lelbe, who until a year aco was a
prosperous plumber In llosvllle, Kowark, was
yesterday taken to the isex county jail on a
writ Issued by the Court ot Chancery. Ills
wife is suing him for alimony, and he had an
nounced his Intention of leaving tha State. Ha
wai unable tocet tJOO bail, and will have to
remain In (all.
lu her bill Mrs. T.eibs aliases thatLnlbe has
In late years neclocted his business and family
to snob an extent that his business and soma
property whlcli be owned were sold to satisfy
ludements of creditors. Tor a year Lolbo has
treated herbbamefully, she says, and sho wax
often without food for hereelf and lire chil
dren. The couple were married In 1878. They
Lav two goat, aged 11 and 0 years, and throe
tlauk'hters, seed 2. 4, and 7 years. A week ago
l'rlday Lethe drovelto their houso at 103 llose
ville avenuo and, loadlDC n waeons every
iiartlcle ot furniture and clothlnc except what
lis wife oad enildron wore, tlrove otvav. He
took with him the two bos, and said he would
no longer support tha wlfo and two vouncrst
dauchters. hut would return for the eldest el rL
lira Lelbe went to her mother's home, and
nt once becau suit for alimony. Then Lei be
declared he would "fisher" by leaving tho
Fire XTnderivrltere to TJnlte la an Aasoela
tlon to Keep Up the Turin.
An Interesting; meetinu ot flro underwriters
was held yesterday at the Board of Fire Under
writers In the Mutual Life Insurance bulhllac.
fiamuel I'. Blacdon was Chairman, and the
purpose ot tha meetinu was to vote npontfae
report of tbe committee appointed Jane 20 to
prepare a scheme for tha formation ot a tariff
association to seouro uniformity ot rates In fire
Insurance. Tbooorumlttoe's report Buacest
Inc such a scheme was adopted, only two ot
the companlvii represented voting aaalngt It.
Chairman Biaxdoa thureupon appointed a
committee of live to Interoat all the fire inmir
a&v e compaojes In the pJan. The new aasqeia
tlon Is oallyd the JatlCf Association of New
York. All tho subscribers aitree to observe In
cood faith tho rules of tbe ua.oclatloii In letter
and eplilt, and tbey pliidKe their honor not to
cut rate. It whs the otlnJnn that the new as.
Hotlution will bo under full headway in a
month ur two.
The Georela T.ralalulure Will Not Acerpt
the 1!U fil'tun State Soldlera' Horue.
Atukta, Auc. 20, Tho nouso of Bepresent
atlves to-day refused, by a otaot 01 to 02, to
accept tor tho t'tate the Confederate Veterans
Homo, erected by popular subscription In tho
motciiieiit Inaugurated by the late Henry
Orndy, The principal opposition to the ao
oojitance oumo from the Farmers' Alllanca.
In the tituto Convention or unit older held
beta lait week, a rrftolutlon itcolnst tbe ao.
t'eptaiice of tho bouio was adupled and the
Alliance members of the House almost to a
mun oppospt itoceptance. 'there Is creat In
dienstluu on the part ot Confederate veterans,
wliu have tailed a mass meetlnc of citizens for
to-niMrr ,w iilaht. rMmllar indlcoailon Ij ei.
pressed In ail parts of tho Btate. The home
cost t.VJ.i w aud subscriptions to the fund
eume from all parti of Georgia.
On i:xplUou Under the I, alt p.
Cmci&o, Aur, 2C One man was fatally and
naveti others t-orluusty butned this morntnc
by an explosion ot tras In tho new city water
tunnel now constructing under Lake Jllohl
cou. Yesterday iiioriiliic a cane of wen work
ins about two and u half miles from the shore
end struct. aoln ot uulcKfand In which was
a trace of i:hs. 1 he nlr coitipreBsors were put
lo woik. t'lfutiiii; u proHstu nt twenty-four
pounds to the square Inch, '1 his was ample to
keep back IIih '! fir damp," but was opure
sle fur the v,-' rkmin. and wss last nlcht ie
tiiipeit to sIxtL-en pounds, 'litis nioriilntT the
eloctrl' HcbiH cot out of order nnd Maurlco
Call was sent in to rernlr thi-m. Ho carried a
torch with him nnd had hardly approached
tbe spot whom the cat had been Jouklnu when
a tremendous explosion occurred. Dull was
fatally burned and seven other men hurt.
Frnnai Ivnulu I'rolillittlonlats) In Convention
ilA8tisiu'r.n, Aug, M, The State Convention
of the I'rohlMtionlfits, held here to-day, nom
inated W. W, Hucue of Warren county for
AudltoMionerol ituti Oi.oriro l)ratou of Clips,
tor county tor Mate Treasurer. Tho platform
wa equally eere in Its ilonuurlatlona of the,
JUuuoofiUs and ltypuuiKuu pajlivs.
run BTonr rozo nr ' t-v kditoji
wuoaz a a cab a iias n am an im.
Ma Roya tha ateCornaed Police Are Pplf
Who Shadow Cltlaeas aarl Hoar False
Wltnaae Aaxalnat Them The Inneoent
auid Peneeietrie Are Their Chler A'lctlma.
One of tha men arrested on Sunday last at
Granada, Nicaragua, by or J or of President
Sacaia, and since condemned to exile, was
Ansslmo IL Iltvae, editor nnd owner of the
Viarto A'lcaraguHtte, the leading Liberal paper
of' Nicaragua. The last mall from Central
America brought to this city a oopy ot
his newspaper of Auc. C It contained
a lung editorial on Bacasa's "reformed
' police," affording a sample ot the kind of criti
cism ot the President, which doubtless holped
to determine the administration in the adop
tion ot Us present vigorous polloy In getting
rid of obnoxious and outspoken political op
ponents. A part of the article lo as follows:
" When at the beginning of bis provisional
administration. Dr. Bobtrto Bacnsa, the pres
ent President ot tbe republic, announced his
intention ot reforming ths police and elevating
It to the potltlon which It occupies in otvllized
nations, ie sincerely applauded tho project. Wo
are ot the opinion that the city pollco should
become a social necessity, giving to all the
citizens the security and confidence which are
necossnry In the freo exerolse ot their habitual
"With creat satisfaction wo observed that the
first set of tho reformed pollco corresponded
perfectly with our hopes. It was a pleasure to
see this body ot the guardians of thouublla
sofoty acting with perfeet recularity undor the
orders of Sefior Don Prodorlco Mora, who has
bten placed in charge of its organization. In
place of the brutality of the former bo
collud police oCUIals, who dally cave to
the pnbllo tha most ropulslvo speotacles
as they conducted drunken men to tho
lockup by tbe forco of repeated blows
from the butt ends of their muskets,
and who dlbturbed publio meetings br tha
moderate uae of their bayonets, we had the
polite intervention of trained ami nentleiuatilr
oflleeTs. who. with the greatest civility, called
the nttention of the eltiran to any Irrsgu arity
they obred.and wllbut any si;andal and
Vilth gentleness cleared the etieeUand dls
terscd satherlucs of person which might
cause disturbance without makreatlug them
ornhuelng them. . , .
" This losied only a ehort time. Botlor Mors,
retttrned to Costa BIca, his uatlvs country, aud
tbe management ot tbe city police, after the
retirement of Col. Sllvestre Ilerradora. who
understood Honor Mora's methods, wescon
fldo.i to political bossis. who prostituted the
institution to servo the Interests and passions
of party. As a result them were 1 pally substi
tuted tor the gentlemanly and well-disciplined
ofllcors. individuals of dubious character, and
oon of notoriously vicious aud criminal con-
"ln this way a bsneQcant institution has
been completely transformed lu its nature,
and to-day that which ought to serve as a pro
tectlon for the citizens Is a frightful menace,
and, worse of all. has become an inexhaustible
fountain of corrupt activity.
"Our reformed poliea has bsen converted
Into a nursery of Infamous Informers of
alleged polilleal crimes, and of tale bearers
whose object In life Is to give to thelrsuperlors
ana tbe persons who protect them false in
formation in regard te anything whlcn they
consider would be agreeable jo tbem. Tho
result is that all persons ot distinction who
live In or visit the capital are constantly fol
lowed by one or mora uples. Thoeo among tha
people whose opinions are notoriously ad
verse to tha present political methods they
trnmple undor foot and outrage on one pro
text or another, and. what is every way
most irritating, the most Innocent actions, tho
most involuntary omissions of certain pre
scribed regulations of tne pollco. give occa
sion for large and frequent exactions. If aa
individual, eveu a forelgaer, goes Into tho
street without carrying his billet of occupa
tion, tha police arrest him violently and tako
him ott to the look-nt and fine him heatlly.
even whan he oilers to show at his house trio
requisite billet. Out of an infinite number of
ea-.es we may cite the following, which bns
been tommulcated to us from Managua, as
onu of tbe most geandalous. by adlstingulshod
ceutlemanof that city:
Certoln Individuals arrived from the coart
DroTldod with sufficient money to buy corn
wbloh they required. Before reaching their
Inn they were accosted by the police, who de
manded their billets ot occupation. The men
answered that tbey had no need ot such a bil
let: they were masters or their on action,
and had come to the capital to purchase corn
to carry to their farms. Their reply failed of
effect; they were earrled qff to tho jail, from
wbloh tbey with difficulty gained their liberty
Oiler several hours of detention, and after be
ing forced to pay as a fine every last cent they
bad with them (except enough to get thorn
borne), thus befog unable to muko tho needed
" It is ierfectly clear, therefore, that the re
formed police has been oonvarted into a men
fice nud an insupportable l.iirilen to the houeit
oyaH and Industrious people ot Mauaguu,"
A Story of the Horroxve or a Womea with
a llaby and Brankea lluaband.
Jessie Wallace, the young wife ot Samuel(J
Wallace, Is now lrlna In a dingy room at S25
East Twenty-fourth etreot. suffering from a
number of severe injuries which she received
on Tuesday night from her husband, Bamuol
Wallace, a chip carpenter. On Tuesday even
ing he was drunk and took the baby out ot its
carriage and started no stairs with It. but tho
methar took It from htm. This mado Wallace
angry, and he knocked his wife down and
blr Irari her. Her screama for hern broucht v-
eral of the tenants to the scene, and Police
man Donovan of the tost Twenty-second
street station arrested the husband. A Belle,
vuo Hospital surgeon dressed Mrs. Wallace's
wounds. Two of her ribs are fractured and
the left side of her body was badly bruised.
Tbe brutal husband was orralgnpd In tbe
Yorkvllle Court yesterday and held by Justice
McMahon in Jl.BOi) ball for examination when
Mrs. Wallace will bo able to aptour.
' i
A Bald on a Delicatessen Store Brloce One
of Them to Grief.
Joseph Kelly, aged 10 years, helped two com
panions play an old game on Mrs. Lena Alex
ander, who keeps a delicatessen storo at 161
Hast 113th street Yesterday one of the three
lode entered the store and deliberately walked
out with a set of scales under his arm. Mrs.
Alexander chased him. but seelne another lad
loitering about she started back. . The second
tidal asked If she had recovered the scales, nnd
kept persistently lu front ef her, so thut she
was obliged to stop to answer hltn.
While this was going on Kelly ran away with
the vasn drawer. Ha was pursued by Police
man Moi otel.who caught him In the cellar of a
near-by tenement, alter a long seureh. The
till, which oontalned 17, was rooovered. Dur
ing the chase Kelly threw uway an umbrella
whlch.li is presumed, he had stolen, but this
wus not recovered, lie was held in t00 ball
by Justice Meade tor trial, lie says he lives at
27 West Xnenty-gerentb, street.
Bids for Tva-seclo lloat xVo, S).
WAsnrNoyros, Auc. 26. Bids were opened
at the Navy Department to-day for the con
struction, exclusive of armament and ot
torpodoos and their appondacei. ot a steel,
twin-screw sea-colna torpedo boo ot not
less than 120 tons displacement Tbe
vessel Is designated lor the purposes of the ad
vertiauinent inviting bids as torpedo boat No,
9. Tlio advertisement stipulated that in all its
parts, Inoladlnif shafting, tbe veBset shall be
constructed of material ot a domestic manu
facture. It also provided that tho con
tract for (ho conttrucXtun ot the TPjsel
Khali contain provisions to the effect
thut the contractor uunrantees that when
completed und tested for speed, tn smooth
woter. under conditions to be presoribed by
tbe navy Department, the speed devoloped by
the vessel upon such trial shall be not Joss
than an aversgo of twenty-four knots per
Ikiur. msluulned successfully for two conse
cutive hours. '1 here were Put two bids Huhmll
ted, and they were for department plans. They
wore;. The Cowles Lonlueenng Company of
Ilrooklyri, N. Y.. 117,uu: and the Iowa Iron
Works of Duouque. Iowa, tlia.500.
A C'lilueee Offender (Shot.
Odiut, CoL, Aug. SO. Lee Qunn, a Chinese,
attempted to assault tbe daughtorot Col, Bliaw
tlifs morning. Ha was at ones arrested aud
put In jail. Excitement ran high all day, and
early thl" evenlne.as the officers were attempt
log to take Ouan to a place ef safe keeping, he
was stiottwloe. He will die before morning.
The child's father Is supposed to have done the
Probubly Takeo for a X.arlt,
The canoe found adrift tn the Harlem lilvor
off 110th street on Monday morning by Mi
chael Fallon and Martin Gllmore belongs to
the surgeons in llarlam Jloxpltal. It was
ittilen from the boat hotue at tho foot of the
hoopita) crounds rn Buoduv. The rudder,
cushlous, nnd paddles wero la thu boat when
- 4 t -"- i mi t . a. - -. . ., t n .. -. i
Aa Inquiry to Dlacover What line Become
ofMri, Cllmaon'a nrrcet.
Colloctor racftott and his deputy nt the
Publio Btores. Mr. Purr, and also Deputy Col
lector Williams were up to their cars yester
day In an investigation ot alloged thefts ot
household effects at tho stores. The com
plaint of the allecod theft wos made by O. W.
Bhelden A Oo.. Custom House brokers at 13
llroadway. Theyinslst that a largo uunntlty
of household and porsonol effects owned by
Mrs. N. K, GImson and imported on tha
steamship Canada on July 22 are mlssluc.
The liito! cooils said to two been stolon
embracos 250 articles, Including fine under
wear, clovts. lingerie, nud other thlneo, nil
valued nt $151. The Importance of the case Is
not In the value of tho goods, but In tho fact
that goods can be stolen elthertn transit to the
Public- Btores or while within that building.
Secretary Poster, through onoofhU assistants.
Qlrooted that a complete lntetlgatlon bo
made. This assistant. Mr. Crotinse. lu u letter
to Collector Faeiett yestor.lav. said:
rho Department daslret a thorough and
Held Investigation of this matter to bo Insti
tuted at once, In otdrrioflx the responsibility
for tbls alleged robbery. It 1 dllllcult to un
derstand how to larL'O a theft, In number of
articles. If not In value, oould have boan per
petrated tn a public- building uuder charge ot
officer or the Unternment wTthoutcounlvanc.i
or collusion. Please return tho enclosures
with full reports from yourself and the up
rrajter In tho mnlter. It U eugeested that if
desirable you invite the ald'of the special agent
at your port In the Investigation above or
aerad. Messrs. Hheldon .t fo. (toto that If
their client was financially able she coultl pur
sue an Investigation by which tho 'culprit
could ba lucaied.' Tho Department dasfros
you to undertake the Investigation which Mrs.
Ulmsi.n Isuiuhle to muke and expects butno
practical re-ult,"
The Ciillrctordld not think the poods had
bot-u taken from th ntotus He believed they
bad beon taken whlln In iranolt to th Moi".
1 he f-t'ircs, he null. wur) wrll gtianled. Hn
added th it he wus uslu' ull moans to discover
the thief.
Deputy Collector Burr evplalned that not
even Appraiser Co iper could losve the build
ing In Lnlcht street with it pm'kngo unliss it
was checked. Mr Burr bllsved that thu
thletes wete outsldniF. Blmon ilns, tbe truck
ciaa. by his receipts shows that Mrs. fllmton's
goods were dolUerod at the Mores " in good
Two months ago Pecrotary I'oetor rescinded
nil pasps to the department tn the6toios. No
outsiders aro now pormltteu under nny cii
oumstuncus to n undor through the building.
Tint Millionaire Oolilaniltli and Mr. Stun,
aer Have Keucbed us Agreement.
The Complaint Commltteo of the Pioduea
Exchange mot yesterday to consider tha caso
ot J. 11. hmull. the freight broker who rofusod
to testify before the committee nnd also beforo
the Board ot Managers In tho complaint of
Charles P. Sumner .t Co. scln3t Mayor CJold
smith for alleged breach ot contract 'lha
claim against Mr. Goldsmith was for $25,000.
Bumnor ,t Co. chnrged that he chartered from
them through Mr. Hmull two cattle stoamhlps.
tho St llonans and the Bt Pancras. Mr. Gold
smith refused to recognize the charter
pnrtlos and was suspended from tho Ex
change. Mr. hmull. for refusing to glvo
testimony In the enso. was hauled up n week
auo before th-5 Complaint Comuilttotr. He thon
said he had acted nil along on tbe advice ot
counsel, and be wunted time to consult with
them as to his defence. Bince then bo has con
sulted with his lawyers, llutler. htlllman .t
Hubbard, and on their advice h ypsterduy ad
dressed Col. Edward Hlnckon. Chairman of tho
committee, enylng that he was now willing to
clvo his testimony. He put this in writing, and
beforo thi committee hu confirmed it by saying:
"I nm now willing to testify before the Com
plaint Committee at any time. I now reoog
nlro the authority o( the Board of Managers,
after consulting with ray counsel, to demand
my tchtlmonv In a case of this kind."
He thanked the committee for giving him
time to consult with his lawyers, and the com
rnltteo by resolution empowered President
Evan Thomas to withdraw the complaint
acaJnt Mr. Mnull.
It was learned later In the day that Mr. Bnra
ner ami Mr. tirddsmith had come to some set
tlement, it Is bellevad that If tha settlement
Is satisfactory all around Mr. Ooldnnlth will
be reetored to his privilrces a amember ot the
Xt xTnd Attracted n Crowd In the lioivrry
Whpn u Nrnradraler Curried It On.
The tame wolf which escaped from Its box
while on its way to Central Park last Monday
afternoon bag len found. It is now in the
possession of Thomas Whnlen of 207 West
Porty-flrat streot Whnlen is a driver of an
ovening paper delivery wagon, and was on hid
way up the Bowory shortly alter Trackman
Barry had left tho Globe Mutoum with his
three wolves.
WhenWhalon cot in tho vlclnlly of Fourth
street bis attention was attracted to a small
crowd. They seemed to be following some
thing, nnd Whalen whipped up his horse to
ascertain what the excitement wus about
"It's a wolf 1 itsawolfr'heheard sotnogmall
boys shout, and at that a few of the muro timid
followers hung back.
Whalen Jumped from his seat and went np to
the wolf, which appeared tu be cofusedatthe
noise around him.
" It's a tame wolf and 111 bet It's got ont of
one ol tho llonery museums," thought bali-n,
aud at that he picked it up and drove oil with
it. The crowd made no effort to atop him ami
the young man'a neighbors were very mucn
astonished when thoy saw him routing home
ut night with a real lire wolf. Whnlen called
at tho huperiutendent'.s olllco at Central Park
testcrday but Mr. Conklin was Out lis left
bis name and addiess and promised to return
Th!rleen-year.otd I.eo I.oivennfeln Is In.
the Ward's Xalund Aeylum Notv.
Leo Lowenstein lives with bis parents at
2.025 Third avenue. He Is 13 yoars old, and
for many years has smoked clgnrettos. His
father punished him often for Indulging In the
habit, but the boy kopt on smoking. Ho soon
began to look 111. and grow thin. From a con
dition of phynleal disorder, he s-emed to crow
mentally deranged. He talked in a iiueer way
to his parents. All this tlmo he smoked cigar
ettes. HIh condition continued to grow worse, nntll
it became evident to Mr. Lowenstein that Ills
son was rnentslly afiV'ted. He took Leo to the
Harlem Court where Justice Meade committed
him for examination eh to his snnlty. Monday
he was taken to Holloviie Hospital and placed
lu tbe Innne pavilion, wheie ha was examined
by I'r. Douglas, who said he was insni.o. Yos
terday ho wus sout to tbu asylum at Wurd's
The physicians think that altera faw months
of rest and cessation from cigarette smoklmr
the boy will be impioed and uiay eveutuully
A Moaacnsrr Kent tn t'ollaet Illaappenrs
With SOOO fusli.
John Hanrlban, 17 years old, who has been
employed as a messenger by the Postal Telegraph-Cable
Company of 47 Exchange place,
has disappeared with about (C00, On Monday
morning he was collod by Edward a Piatt of
the Nevada Bank of Ban Francisco, tl! Ex
change place, io make some collections about
the city. Sir. Piatt said he wanted a smart
boy, and whpn young Hanrlban appeared Mr.
Plait gave him Instructions. In some places
the boy received checks, but in one place about
tUOO In roshwas given him. The checks were
sent to Mr, Piatt but tiia boy and tho money
are missing. Mr. Piatt says Hint he will not
hold the Postal Tetegranh-Cnble C mpany re
sponsible for the loss If tho boy is not found
before the mont-y is spent, The bsy'o inn
plnycrs wero Inclined to believe that l.o had
met with foul pluy until the chocks npponred.
His number waaUil,
A New "Torlt Hoy Attempt to Wreck a
Pi.AistriKi.r, Conn., Aug. 20. Daniel Hayes,
aged 17, of West Forty-third strent. New Yortt
city, attempted to wreck ths evenlug Providence-bound
express by piling ties across thrt
truck, Tho escape ol the train without serious
Una at life was due to tho prompt action of
Engineer Joel Hunt of tl.ls town, who sue
rneded In stopping ihe train with lis heavy
load of human freight just as the pilot struck
thoobstiuctlons. 'Ilieborwas ono sent out
by some fresh uir (und, and lias returned to
New lork city, 'J'hoao fresh air chlldruti uro,
mnny of them, to say the lenst, very ungrntp.
fill to the hocietles that Fund them out hole for
the good ot their health.
First Voyage or the Pilate or California.
The new steamship Ktate of California of the
Allan btato lino completed her maiden trip
from Glasgow to this port yentortlay, Plie was
eleven days on tha oyngn. Kite Is 400 feet
long. -Itl fost beam and Ml 2-3 fiet deep, and
measures 4, 600 ton. Hhe is a (Irst-claaa pus.
senger boat with slngla propollor and ono i-et
of triple expansion riiclnes. Klin can aciom
inodate WJ calm uudtO'Jsteeioce pu&seai:erA
e e I e e f s a - -?
ntn xxsvBGttXTS ao sotrm to meet
They Come Together Near Valparaiso and
Aro ricatlac Desperately Moth Pilda
Claim to Mava the Better of the Tuaale.
WAsnrxoioM. Auc 80. A cablegram from
Valparaiso, dated tbe 24th Inst, lias to-day
been received In this city, of which tho follow
ing is a translation:
" The insurgents succeeded in landing 10.000
soldiers at the bay ot Uulnteros, north of Val
paraiso, where thoy started alone the shoro to
ward Valparaiso, undor the protection ot six
ot thoir men-of-war and eight armed trans
polls, besides all the boats ot thoir fleot, pro
vided with mitrailleuses, endoaxorlnc to sur
prise the city by a rear attack. A Government
torcoof fi.OOO men was Immediately dotachod
from Valparaiso and succeeded In delayingthe
crossing of tho Aconcagua Illver near its
mouth, while a eufllclont number of troops
were moving br rail to protect Valparaiso and
oppose tbe Insurgents br at least 13,000 men,
with a prospeat ot a further Increase ol forces
from other quarters,
" The Government forces succeeded In stop
ping tho Insurgents far forty hours, with a
loss to the enemy of about U.O0O of their
choUest men, notwithstanding the fire of the
Insurgent fleet besides tbat of the land forcv.
'J Ms oii-ratlnn enabled tbe Government tn
select the best positions for their l'JOOO
arriving troops, although thla advantage cost
the loss ot halt the number of the gallant di
vision ot C.PUO mfii which contested tbe muich
?t the rebels and thuir crossing the Aconcagua
" The rebel fitet has boen ken! at bay by the
fire of Port Andes, aud the Insurgent forces
are deprived of the expertrd protection of
their men-of-war. whlla the (iournment lorcoi
are constantly receiving tecuforcomouts from
ths interior."
Mr, l,m is. Auc.2R. A despatch from the city
of Mexico eats tolugruhhln Information has
been recolvtd thero ot tho battle botween ths
Congress troops and Linltuaceda's fori.es. 'J. he
latest (wlegtain front ulpuralso ssvs that the
light has been going on for seventy-two horns,
and from thu first, though the army of Balma
ceda is neatly double that ot tho Congre-s
foicps, the latter have I een tlctorious. Irom
Present Indications tbe fight may continue
setetu! days. The CongrHseionallsts ate ex
pootlnu iciilorcemeuts. The Insuigeut fleet
is still harborlni ahem Oulntero Bur.
llKititN, Aug. 'jr.. Tho Aolmnal Ocuettt
envs that an 1 uglish steamor which has ar
rived at Mel is believed to hate a cargo of
guns and war material on beard for the lial
macodnn war esaol Prosldent Pinto, which
arrived at Kiel estordny. Bhould this be the
emo it Is generally understood here that the
Goiman authorities at Kiel will Insist upon
the neutrality ot the Port of Kiel being strictly
observed by the Lnvluh steamship and the
Chilian war vosiol. In other words, the Ger
man authorities will prevent the English
steamship from trnnsferrinc her cargo, should
It consist ot war material, to the President
Pinto while those two esiels are in Uvrninu
waters. Germany, it Is understood, has deter
mined not lu any way to take the part of either
side In the stiuggls now going on in Chill be
tween the Congress party and tha forcos of
President Dalmuceda.
Paris. Aug. 26. Tha Chilian Legation hero
has received a telegram from Buenos Ayres,
dated yesterday evonluc, saying:
"A bnttlo was fought at Uulntero to-day. Ths
Congre-s forces sustained heavy losses, being
plncod between two flies. A decisive battle is
expected, Jlalmaceda's army occupies advan
tageous positions."
It was learned yesterday In a despntoh from
Washington that President Balmaceda has dis
missed Frederick A. BeeJau, Consul-General
lu hew York for Chill. It was announced that
Charles It. Flint bad been appointed in his
place. Mr. Beelan bad been Consul-General
in New York for twentr-elx years. Ha was
born In Chill. Of late there have been reports
to theelleut that he sympathized with the In
surgent Ho denies this. Just why Mr. Flint
?ras appointed as his successor is not known,
t was said at Mr. Flint's office that he did not
know whether tie would take the place ot not.
Colored readens Again Alleged to Be Flan
ntnc Emigration from the Sonth.
Mnmns. Auc 26. There fs a movement
among the negroes of the Mississippi Valley
toward on exodus to Oklahoma, An Oklahoma
colonisation society has sent ont Its agents to
the South and circulars have been scattered
broadcast urging tbe negroes to leave the
Booth and be ready to enter the Territory
when tho new lande are expected to be opened
for settlement on Bept 10. Colored leaders
representing largo bodies of negro farmers
and laborers have boen In this city this week
reeking Information as to rates, and tbey say
thoir people are determined to teak homes
One nun, en being askod the reasons for tbe
exodus, said tbe negroes were dissatisfied
more on account ot the partial administration
ot tbe law than anything else. He maintained
that tbe negroes do not have a fair show. It
accused of any wrongdoing by a white man
thoy are sent off to tho convict farm, and testi
mony as to their Innocence. Ilf offerod by wit
nesses of their own race, is not considered.
.Negroes ore lynched, be said, without trial br
jury. Tbey are defrauded and kept poor,
charged the highest rato for supplies, and not
permitted to rats; am thing but cotton. They
nra ignorant and cannot keep up with the
The negroes of this city will bold an rm
mense barboone and mass meeting to-morrow,
at which several leaders will speak In favor of
the proposed exodus, and an organization will
be formed to promote plana Tbe plantera
x lew the situation with alarm. It there is any
oxtenslvn emigration as early as September
thoy will Incur heavy losees foe the lack of
cotton pickery
While the Dealer Was Filling; Bosios
Orders the Thlcr Oct 81,700.
Balvatore Jello Is a prosperous Italian who
keeps a cheap eating house and fruit store at
G East Sixtieth etreot. in the row of low build
ings nonr the Park entrance. One day a man
came to his store and ordered a basket ot
grapes sent to a house on Madison avenue,
alvatora's boy started out with tbe crapee.
and in a few minutes the same man came baolc
in a hurry.
"bay, John," ho said. "I forgot something;
tbat man wants a small basket ot peaches,
too." Thon a second man came In and Balra
tora soon went out with the first man. 'i'bo
second customer went Into a email back room,
where the Italian kept hie money ami jewelry
In a trunk. Halvatoreand his boy soon discov
ered the trick and when they returned the
Italian found that bis trunk bad been broken
open and tl.iOu taken. Tbe jewelry was left
The police of the East Mxty-aersnth street
station were notified and on Tuesday night
Detective Welter arrested James Cannon,
who was Identified bv the Italian an tho man
who last entered his store. He Uvea nt 40U East
Beventy-elghtb street, and has served n live
yoars" term In Mug Hlng.
In the Yorkvlll" Court yesterday Balvntore
didn't irnm so eure that Cannon was tbe man
who robbed him, and his boy said he had never
uren him before. Ho Justice McMahon could
do nothing but discharge him.
A lO.ITear.Old Iloree Thief and TSnrcUr.
WEBhTEu. Mass., Auc. 26. Sheriff Chnrlos
Love of this city to-day arrested a horse thief
who stole a teuin from Andrew Dragon on Sun
day last Ths team was located In West Thomp
son and tbe thief proved to be Willie Richards,
10 tears of aca. lllchards has at three differ
ent times been charged with burglary. Tho
lust case was breaking Into tha ecboolbou-e
at Dudley Centre, fer which crime he Is still
nnder bond. The boy will probably serve tbe
rest of his minority in the btate itcform
Hvrelllna: nig- mr Ilnrlal Fond.
Last night a benoflt pertormar.ee took place
at the Academy of Maslo, tbe proceeds ot
whiob will be applied to the burial fund of
Typographical Union No, fl. The Newspaper
Dramatic League ployed "Tho fihaughrann "
ftuil "Our Boys.'' Harry, loresman, Michael
', Kulllvan, A.J. Macau ler. (leorge li llyntt
John T. Lanagan. J. 1). Weldrlck. F. it Lett
l. J. rresl. Thomas Hleld, James Qulnn. It. A.
doors. .James MoWllllams and the Mlssoii
; Jorton, Mcliowan. Lace. Wood, and llyan wero
among the performers.
No Intention er Gains Dry.
ABDurrt Pahe, Auc SO. Alphonso Bpauld
Inc, a Now Jorsey countryman, came here to
day to have a cood time. Before reaching
town be visited several tavorus. Boer and
applejack soon developod his spirits, and he
waaituou into custody and marclied to police
hvadquarters. vhen ho was t-earchad there
void found under the bosom of hie flannel
ahlrt eleven full bottles ot beer. Justice Holmes
Inllioted a fine of is and costs, and Chlet of
Police Bailer kopt the eleven bottles of beer.
New Haven, Aug. 20. -Dr. Herbert C. Tol.
man. who has been Instructor in i ale ami Is
now piofassornt M.idison, WU., and Miss Mnrv
B . ilnuclitor of Mis. J, F. Wells, wero married
lo.duyln tbe t ollcgo Htieet Church, tha Her,
Dr. McLane olllcfuilng. The brldo was attend
ed by her edster, Miss Fannie Welld. Wnolcot
. Ellsworth, lalg 'DO, was tha groom's boat
uuu. ,
No Ammonia
Baking Powder.
A niattngnlahe Company ratertatnad wltav
a rSllKtu Battle.
Bin llAnnon.Mp., Aug. 20. The grand naval
review to-day has occupied the attention ot
all. and tho Village has been doiorlad. The
weather was psrteot and the water smooth,
with hardly a ripple. All the members of the
Kebo Valley Club were Invited by Secretary
Tracy to view the manauvres from the De
spatch. It was 10:lo before tho fleet steamed
out ot the harbor. Among those on the De
spatch were Mrs. Blaine, Parka Godwin, CoL
Codmaa. Senator Ltsnoaard Stewart. Mrs.
Gnorce Pondleton Bowler, Mr. Fish. Mr. and
Mrs. Barney, Mr. Ouruee, Mr. I ana, den. Al
ger, and Bonator Cumeton Invitations were
id to sent out from tbe l.nterpriso. Chicago,
nnd Philadelphia, tho Enterprise having a
very large pat ty.
At lu:15 the Dospntch, with Secretary Tracy,
led the way out ot the harbor, followed by the
Philadelphia, Newark. Petrel, Vesuvlus,and En
terprise, In line through the channel Inside
the Ilnld Porcupine, and the Chicago, followed
by the Cushintr. Atlanta. Yorklown, and Bos
ton. ontMde. The flost pre-ented an Imposing
FPctacJe. It was followed by tbe steamer
Olivette with 000 npectatote. am) a number of
smaller steamers loaded. When outside Lgg
Hock each fiacshln fired a Secretary's saluts of
Hiuetesii guns, then, steaming out to aea. the
oat formed tn line. Then came on the vari
ous evolutions ot the ships, tbe Gushing and
Vosuvliib dropping targets for praotiee with
heavy guns. The manoeuvres closed with a
sham battle. Tbe Deapatoh returned and
dropped anchor at 1:40 P.M., followed soon af
terward by tbe others of the Meet.
"Shane" Campbell Saya " Tlllnkey" Mor
gan Wss Innocent.
Bostoh, Aug. 20. "Shane" Campbell the
notorious all-round crook, was arrested at
Bennington during the celebration for jump
ing his bail In a bank-snoolr log case. " Bhang"
utterly denies tho bank job and declares tbat
be has not beon In Boston for ten years before.
Campbell, lu conversation. Informed the offi
cers of a lot ot crooks ot other days who were
dead, or those alive, however, he manifested
dense Ignorance. One statement of bis causod
quite an Impression, "hhang" was said to
have been one ot "Blinker" Morgan's old
"pals," and Inspeotor Watts asked his opinion
on the. banging ot " Bllpkey" for tbe alleged
murder of Detective Hulllgan of Cleveland. O.
" I tell you," Bald " Bhang" earnestly, " that
was dead wrouc 'Blinkey'was aa Innocent
"How do you know?" asked Watts.
Well, never mind." was the reply. "Borne
day you'll find that I am telling you the truth.
Now mark my words."
artSTirmra atatiMO rais er.
Can ruaa.... &28 Hjn sett.... e0 Mooa riiei.II ST
inca watkr mis oar.
eaalyBeok. 1 e OevJilanS. 3 IS I Baa Gate... 4 OS
A rrrrad Wiosnttoir. Aug. IS.
fs Koordland. Nickels. Antwem
Fs Lahn. llellraere. Southampton,
He cur of New Tort Lewis, Liverpool
f s F.ntellv linroa. Ulbraltar.
(a hoilrla. llaxter. Glasgow.
s Wisconsin. Werrall. tjueenatown.
refuvler. Cadogan. Rio Janeiro.
f i r.amborongli KTas.r, Fort Maria.
f Areonna, sirlekland. rilley a letaao,
fs Atlantis. Wartlesa tit Kttta.
ptmetlin. Mohatchom, Cleofaeges,
Si Alvo, wpilatns, Kingston.
eesratoga, Lelghtoo, ilavana
f 1:1 Taso, Qutek. Near Orlaana
rherokea. Jtearea. Jacasonntle.
tlilp rraderlct Billings. Williams, rfayre.
JJaik I'aysoD Tocker. Oakes. Serine.
troi later arrhrals see Irsi rafe,
jtRntD trot.
SiTreva, from If eir Tork. at Fonthamrton.
6s Paula, from !w Tort at Hamburg.
EsOerjianlo. from New vort on Brosr Flead.
Si reunsylTama. rrom Sew lorg. at PsMTord,
tt Frauee, from Now 1 ork, os the Uiam.
PAllhr. mow roaatca euart.
fs MatesHc from II verpool for Kaw Tort
fis Havel, from rmiirbaiupton ror New York.
tt Briaetla, from Uarre for Near Vora.
ecrcotaa siumgira,
tad n-tav.
. - JraiUCtoia. TiurttltaO.
Clenfnegoa. Naaaas ... I no P. M. 3 ion r. K
Niagara. Havana. 0 10 A. M. ll:cOA.t
Noroiannia. elouihampton... wuiAM, I2 00M.
Orinoco. Uernttida look VC b-vo v v
Hbarlan, Qlaagow InrOOA.'M?
Sagtnaw.br. Domingo lwul'. K. l.oat.u.
sail re-rsorrow.
CTr"e. Oiartsston skm T at
City of JJIrmlaghain, 8vn-
Ota ... ..-..M Broo r. h.
DicoaraA eraiKsanre.
Pnerla,, . Havre ......Agg. II
itl'lam Amsterdam... Aug. 13
Bothnia. ......... ...... OueenstoTm..w..M.. Aag. 10
bcanilia ...Ilambarg ...,M..MMS...Ang. IS
vera Lisbon . . Aug. 11
Xsu Tttdav. Uuj. 23.
Britannia ........Qn.fnitown Asa 30
fltyof noma Movllle ..Aair 21
yerslaa Uouarcb Lomlon Aug M
werra soatbauipton.WMM....Aug. 20
Bu kalurdai, J.UQ. 2a
Abyssinia Olbraltar.. ....... .Aug. is
Alesla aibraltar. ..I.Aar is
Beriuiiea.. .....Ft. Croix...... Ang. n
wielaiio: Havre ...M Aug. la
Columbia., ....... Southampton. ,., Aug, 23
Itrurla.. ....... ....(joeennown .......Aog. It
Dut Suflat, Aug.ta.
Vsrtello.. Hen rr n
Alliance St. Thomas Aug. 5s
Pa'I .,"" fieulB ,.......AOg. IS
La Normanilte Uavre - - n. naj 23
lAit konlMv.Avv. SI.
Tnmnrt...MM....n.TJavaBa...n, M...Aag. IT
Clarinet -..fort Llmon.. Sug.7l
Arlrons....... Oneeoslown... ....... ...ang. 28
Mas.. . ..foothamrton... Ang. zs
Waeilane Hamburg .....Aug. is
BEnnArX-rnorjTT.-Cn Tuemay. Aog. JB. at
Geneva. H. Y., by the Iter. Tlenrr W. Kelson. Anna
Hatllion Pronty to Edward K. Heddall.
n,YNN-H(ll!NNITV,-On Wedneidar, Aer.
20. 1R9I, at 10 A. V.. at 6l reter't Church, New
Unrhton K I., Joia J. Nylin, counsellor at law, of
Neir York city, ta Mary Hale HcQtunlty ef Kew
Prlghton, 3 L
TtlOVI r-ON-HTJTrur.N.-At the reslaeuee of
the brl le's sitter, tin N. II. Alderman, near Colo
rado Springs, CoL, on Tuesday, Aug. 25. 1691, by
the Iter ,'amss I. ConncIL rrancls A. Thompson of
New York to I'.lla K t-utphen of Brooklyn, daugh
ter of the late William It Botplien of freehold, it. J,
ANnniSON.-OnTDeilay. Aug. 25. at Hew naves.
Conn , Mary Anderson, aged 20 years.
BOYI.IX-st her lata residence. 500 Welt 3f th at,
Margaret Ko)le, belored wife of Michael Boyle.
Funeral Thursday, Aug. 27.
lilt A III.i:T.-On Monday, Aug Ii, al Late BTaao-'
tine, John J. lirad'ey.
yoiiaralservleaiat pl ratrlck's Cathedral, on There
day, Aug 27, at 10 so a M, Itelatlvet and frlssde
are respecifnlly Invited te attend.
Members ol tha Homer Club are reipeetfully re
quested to attend the funeral services ot John J,
Pradley from the eaihedral, .lib ay, on Thursday,
iTth Inst , at to A. II , without further notice.
ORO. T. lidtiLIKOER, rrsildsnt.
CHAR HIIOKOOlip, eeeratary,
BIIANTIKMIIAH.-OnTaesdaymornrng.Aug 2
In New Turk city, Joseph J. SraattDlham of Rock
, foril. III.
Interment at Itoekford.
lir.ONH(I.N,-un Tuesday, Aug. at Fair navan,
Conn, Edward, ros of Richard W, aud Pora A.
Bronion cf front at , agsd la years and 7 mentha.
CAUIf.l.. tin fuel ley, An.:. 3 at Hartford, Conn.,
John Cabinet Si Houlli Froepeet it, aged Slyeara
CA-JlV.-Oii lueslay Aug i nt Prldgeport, t'ouu,.
William II. ( asey, je,l Til years.
Trleitds are Invito I 10 attend the fonerat from his
late rcillence, '.1.0 rcmlrnv.e st 011 Thurday fore
noon at e1, o'clock, and from St. Marys Church
at 10 o'clock.
CAltlS.-Uii Tuesday, Aug S3, at Hartford. Coan,
va, daughter of Jcha and Sella Carr, agsd e
Fuueral prlvare.
CO AN. -On Monday, Aug 24. al Central Park, I- I,
Mora ll wife ot lllchard V Coan of New Haven,
Conn, aged 7.1 ) ears
Interment at Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, Cona.
C'OI'I'. At Llberon, N, J., on the 23d Inn. Wllltara
Colt nt Brooklyn, In the 771b year of his age.
Relatives and frleu1s aro Invited to attend the fa
pueintTk'ti, which will to bell at the reslleuee et
A..,. , -
fleorte Tt. Frentlss. TT 11m ylaoe, Brooklyn, ,J
Thursday, Ang. 27, at 3 so F. II.
CONWATr-Tiiidtr merntar. Xnt. J ea hetMst I
btrltiday, Margarsl Adfir Ceok, relfst ef Them as ,
Funeral frern her late reslieaee. 4H Pnlea ea. teg aaj.
Ire,,rtinrsday. Ant. IT, at J tie F, M, rrtesaaaaV '
Cnaio.-r.llrabeth U., wife at Janse A.0nlcaa4
danghter of tha lata t. S. HUeock.
runaral larrlces Thuriday, Aug. 27, at her resides, .'
1 Tth it, f oath Breoklyn.
TJEBt.otN.-Seddaily, em Aug. It, narrMAWhav ,
levedwlreol w Illlam to. Deblels, aged M yean Sat '
Belatltes aat frlaida ala manhera et Hewer
Ledge, Ko. eo, I. a o. r., are reaps otfoTry rnvttede ,
attend her funeral from her late rtsldaica, aerthaast
corner lUSth it. and Anjiterdam , ealpansaay;
Ang 17. at 10 A K.
Ill: rottr,ST.-At Olsn Ceve, U t.eo TSMlay. t
An, is, Fanny K., wtf a et Wnilara n. Da fereat aat
dangliter of the late Samreel Nevlus tt raUaAataeVta.
Funsral larrteei will ba held aa Tharaday at Calvarr
Chnreh, Ksmratt, V. J, ea the arrival ot JtJO T. ht, ,
train from fool of Christopher and Barclay rat. It
ts reirtieetee tht no rlowere be sent ;
KDDT.-In NcTwalk, on the 2M ImU ra Jaaei a.
Kddy, srtfa ef Oeerge K Sdfy et MaeM,aM,
aged 15 yean.
VEI.TK.-Oa Tnssdar, Xvt. 3s, Florest Fatte. asaat '
rs rears. 1
funeral sarrteeialhta lit rsrITine. J3S IaeSIth
st, en Thnrrtar, Ang. rt, et 10 A. ht n h), 1 innaael ;
ad thai no flowen be teat.
nr.IIEBtl.riN.-Oa Monday. Ana. X. levtl trad
er Ick Flederletn, aged ST yaara
Funeral from hts daughter's reildtaaw, aMSWeaSMat '
at., Thnriday, Aug. 2 J, at 10 A M. Fleaea eamtl daa
rOKHENTRaV-On Aag. 39, lathsg A-wtta t "'
George Forrsatar ef this city.
Funeral (errleea at her late raiUenee. inTiilesaas
ar. en Friday at 13 M. xelatlvea sad rrtiaaSaay i
vlted to attend. Tntarmeal at WhlU FUlaa.
3OKi:il.-0n Tuaavtay, Aug. , at narlSard, tsas, I
Infant sen of Frederick and afary defar et e)eetiaAl j
ptaea, aged e mentha.
Fnneral private, '
eaoVJcilACX.-Arser a nngsrtnf ntaeea, Seaasy
Funeral Thursday momtng at a'ereet frogi hlg lata
residence, 110 Baal Slat at,
art rcipaeKoriy requeued to attend theraaesjalef
Mr. Henry Ooadahau fretahle lata reaiaaate, Its
Feat ei st 11, ob Thursday morotaral Se'alsek, WSUs- ;.
out terCiar ntnlea, By order of the FraahteaA i
HBa STBBK, isweaan.
niCIP.T.-ll Bridgeport, Oeaa- as BrodajA ABht
13. Mary Ulehay, wad 43 years. 1
Friends are In rind te attend the faaarat fmm haaT r
late residence. 44 State at, ea -in1iy fsiesatim
at erso e'eleoh. aad fna Sacred Heart CtMrak al
o'clock. -
noi.T.-Ia Korwaxa, on ths Bid last, Betty atwh
widow of Hobert Hotl, arad S yean aad I asaanav
Interment at Fhlladelphla, Fa,
HUTClllNSON.-lt reursburc Ta, ea Bnadajh i
Aug. 23, 1901, Samuel C. Uutchlnsen, aged 41 yaara,
only brother of James Hutablnson ef this cltg.
Funeral and Interment oa Thnnday a FeaanVan, Ta.
tAHABOr.-on Friday, Aug. 31, at hUlata rata.
dsnee, 21T Adatphl tt, Brooklya, BdWatd Xaaaagde,
aged 47 yaara.
Funeral private. Farts paptra sleaaw eery.
Z.ENAB AN.-Os Monday, Aug. 34, a Mew hTavaa,
Cona, Jamse Xjenahao. -
Friends ar Invited to attend th fascial frees hit
late residence, ltrKdgeweed avenue, ea ThatedaaF
forenoon at S:30 o'aiock, aad frora It, htary't Ohatrak
X.OBDEI.1V-Tn Bnffala OB An.2S, Almlse afeaJger,
widow of Henry a LobdeU and aether ef th Bana
Dr. Fraaela Lobdan. rector t TrkaJty Chareh, aaV ''
falo. la tha 87th vea of her ua. "
Fnnerai aervlsat st 81. Aadraw't Chareh, eth ar. aae) '
127th st, on Thursday, Aug. 27, at 10 a'eleek A at.
MAItTIN.T-Ang. 23. Jena C Martta, tea at tha late t
John aad Jane Martin, alto adopted aon ef kUrgaret
Osborne, aged 2a years. ,
rnneral tervtoet an the restdene et Mra. at AlUtd,
133 Wait side a., Jersey Oily, Thnnday evealaf,
Ang 27, ate o'clock. Frlaoaa ere oerdlaUy tavteed
to attend. Interment at Philadelphia. FhlUoalaaU ''
papers p'ease eepy.
BCOI.ITon.-0n Tuesday, Ass. 39, al Harefard, -.
Conrt, Maggie, danghter et Fnderltk aad Batata
Motlter, agsd a months.
Fnneral yrlvate.
M'CABTHTlDt 2a at bit Meadoaea, 44 BeraM
it, wmiaaa J., eldait sea tt Mr. Annie and tha late '
Fatrlek MeCarthy. ,
Funeral from Et, Beniard'a Chareh, tatnrday at 10 1
A.M. I
MtOt7I7NKSB. On Tueeday, Aat. tl, Mlehael
VeQamneaa. age 21 yean, attire of atetm, eottaly
Lalrrira, rraland.
Belativea and frlendt are Invited te attend hie fmsetel
from the reildanre et bis brothar, FotU MeOalaaeaa. 1ST
Cegraw at, Srooklro. Friday. Aag. JS at JF.M. latar-
mant al noly Cross Cemetery, Flatboth.
NILBEN.-Suddenly, eo Aug. 34, a M. at, AJhagt X, .
Nelsen. tn the sSth year ef ala at.
Relatives aad friend! are Invited to attend alt faaata,
from his late residence, Whltaatesj. U L, aa Taatre
day.Aug.27.H4r.lt BOWI.AND.-At Tonken. V. T, Att. M, ISat,
John Rowland, la bis 24 year.
Funeral aerrlcaa on Thursday. Any. 37, atfr. ht. at
his lata realdeaca. 3 Poplar il
SKII.ER.-In Brooklyn, Aat. 33, Catharine saner, la
tha 07th year ef her age.
Relatives aad friends are Invited to attend her famer
al from her late residence, 1,10 Broadway, ea
Thursday, Aag. 37, at half pan B A M.i theaaa ta
the Chureh ef Our Lady of Good Counsel where a
requiem mats will he eStrad fer the rtsoe at her
soul. To Holy Croat Cemetery fer tatersteat. taa
Franelteo pspirt pleaae eepy,
BKI.NNr.t,-On Tuesday. Aug. 2. at Bew aUvea.
Conrt, Mrs, Vary L. tTkiaaea.
Frlendt are Uvrted to attend tha fuaeral fron hay
lata realdeaee. 194 Ashmua at, oa Thenday Attar
noon, at 8 o'clock.
STUBQES.-On Monday, Ami. 34. al New Hares,
Conn , Careline K. Sturgea.
Funeral private.
O'ONEB.-Ei-Aldennao Fatrlek Toner.
Funeral from his late residence, 173 East Sadat. a
half patt I r. M. Thursday. Fan Frtsotwe aad Fhll
adelphla papers please copy.
THirPE.-BnddinIy. la New York elty, Ang, (,
Frederick Wright, tea ot Joseph EaaaUtaad Irtaa
beth Danoa Trlppe.
Salatlvat aad f rlsndt are invited ta ttlead the fusaral
: sarvleae al hU late rutdence. I2S Weet Tlat it,
Thursday at larnoen, th 27th, at 4 syeleek. meads
are kindly requested not to sead newer.
"WAI.sn.-Os Tuesday, Aug. 2a, 1M1. BeUte Waaah,
yougett child ef Fatrlek and Csthsrla Walah,
aged S monlht and IS days
Tha ralaHvea end frlendt ef the ferafly an ritrin
fully invited to attend the funeral from the rate
dene other parenta. Ue Weil Jtta tt, oa Thind
Ang. 37, Ifei, al t ilo p. M. IiUnaent la Calvary.
cCpfrifll fttsWttt.
brown'n ifOTjF.nor,i panacei.
ynrt interna! irDnF.ffEBNAX csb.
Curai Cramp. CollcTcoldi. and all palna 25a a bottta
Illustrated London News
uhtEBicAjf nmoif)
TPOJC efa-Xeafiaat fltO ! I
Contains, besides many other attraottra f
tures, at A7auefrtei(r JForfraif of th Ut 1
Price, only Ten Cent.
Or sent to any address upon rtettpt
ot price.
Hew York Office. I4I Wort. BnlUlm.

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