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I "yoirLYin-yO. 362. NEW YORK, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1891. PRICE TWO CENTS. S
i ' -- - i l ' rBB!
ran duelling roixx almost nsAcn
rd is turee more states.
A Hitter " Legtala.
tare Artltle tn th Atlanta Con.
Illation JProvekea Straaai reraoaall.
It, aad Keeonater are Iittokca Por
ta Sonth Carolina Dr. Rtokca U Hot
jjecanae n Thlaka Saaatar Batlar
Ilaa Termed 40.000 Alllaae If aa Liar
Ia North Carolina, Proapeele of a Dnal
Ittlircaa Col. rolk and Editor Aaae.
Athvta. Aug. 27. Whsn the Loglslnturo
mot this morning Mr. Wright Introduced tho
following resolution:
n,n. The AiUnm coniniutlim (whoi edltorln.
chi.tlitne Speaker ot thte Houie) ot ttali morning, it
rteilnt wtth the 01th of th slum against tb majority
tn) rid, Therefore, that laid CWutltutlcn receive the
Mniait ynittre of this body.
Thja resolution was occasioned br tho com
ments ot tba Conttttution on tha action ot the
Iclda'ur yesterday In refusing to receive
tb Soldiers' Home anil tn cam for It. A hot de
bit was began at onco. In which the men who
votd acalnst accepting tha noma as a Stat
iDitltutlou waxed exceeding wroth. Mr. At
kinson said:
"I don't care a continental what tha Atlanta
ContuMien aara about me. I nm now in publlo
IK and am a target, and cat a not what ther
ay. Nor ara we to le swerved from onr duty
bj th bullies who hang around the Kimball
House. I m opposed to the rosolutlon ot Mr.
Wright and will die In mr seat before I will
lie that anr such resolution so out from this
Boas without enter-In- mr protest."
' Perhaps the moot a'ugry man In the body was
Hr. Datl of Borke county, who said:
"When I flret.read the C'omhfiiffon this
rnornlug I though" I could eat up a Consti
tution reporter every hundred yards."
Th MDiatlon of tb debate was reached
Vbii Hr. Everett ot Stewart arose and f aid :
"I tract to read what Col. Bill Smith ot
Gwlnttte says ot us and to give mr opinion of
him. I underetaad Bill Smith was a member
of the last Legislature, and that h Is a man of
torn latent, but at th same time a sore
neadtd. drunken demagogue. I am ona of the
Intty-four who Toted against the Home, and
when ha ears I am a traitor be la a Mar. a
tblaf. and a drunken scoundrel. Then there Is
Capt. George Forba. I learn he coes around
drunk for two weeks at a time. Does tha Con
ilitution go around hunting ud vagabonds and
tfrnskarda to quota atalnst members of tho
Sptaker Ilowell defended his paper la a
strong ten mlauMs' speech. The whole mat
ter was eubaequentlr tabled, trat Hr. Everett's
part was br no meaaa through. BereoelTed
an Intimation that Col. Smith, who la a prom
inent aud wealthy cttlr.en. and Col. George
Forbes, who command tho Atlantlo Artil
lery Company, expect a retraction, or that
mora will bs heard ot the matter. Both aro
veUrarrs ot the War.
An Immense throng Is at th artesian well
to-night, where It had ben called by the Con
federate Veterau's Association. One of the
leading oratora la Sam Small, who denounces
the action of the Alliance Legislature as part
of a bargain with the Kansas Alliance people,
Cbabxeston. B. G. Auk. 37. Dr. J. William
6tokea la President of the Farmers' Alliance of
ibis SUM ana editor or the Cotton Plant, the
Alliance organ. At tho recent debate 'on the
Sub-Treasury schema at Prosperity. Senator
Butler asserted that the scheme was Impracti
cable and dishonest, and among things said
inn there were men who would borrow money
at J, 10. JO, and 80 per cent, who cared noth
fnr abont the rate of interest charged, bacaus
thar net or Intended to pay It back.
Alter the meeting Dr. Btok attacked Sena
tor Bntler In the Cotton Plant, saying that Sen
ator But'er bad said that the farmers wanted
to borrow money at 2 per eeut., neter Intend,
lag to pay It back. Dr. Stokes said men who
would borrow money without Intending to pay
It bock were thieves and scoundrels, and Inti
mated that Butler had charged the 40.000 Alli
ance men in South Carolina with being thieves
and scoundrels and culling on them to ropel
Etnator Butler's "infamous charge." At the
next election Dr. Stokes, it is said, has his eyes
on Duller s seat lo the tenate, the latter's
term expiring In 1893.
Senator Butler has been absent from the
cist in attendance upon the Nrvvtl Committee
of the Senate, bnt ha haa returned home to
DHt hla accusers face to face. The Xnct and
lourtei- will publish an Interview with Senator
Bntler to-morrow in whloh b denies Dr.
Btokes's charge and denounces him as "de
void of principle and honorable qualities"
"AH the circumstances." says Senator Butler,
"convict him either ot self-stultification or,
what Is worse, wilful falsehood." la closing
bis interview Senator Bntler uses tbese words:
"If tbre la anything the people of this State
attt and deeplso it is a sneak and liar."
A mass meeting is to b held at Batesbnrg on
Bepl 9. which Senator Butler will attend to
Beet Stokes.
Wasiukoton, Aug. 27. A prominent North
Carolinian, who is well acqualntod with Asho,
th editor ot the Xtwt and Obtrrrtr, who has
been having a war In the newspapers with
President Polk of the Alliance, expressed the
ODlnlon to-day that tbaro would certainly bo n
dnel between Ash and Polk nnlosa Polk's
courage failed him. In the event of Polk's de
clining a duel, he said Ashe would either cow
hide him or they would have a fUt fight In tha
treat. He said thro was bound tobeaflsht,
tnd h belleted there would be bloodshod. Its
ts that Ashe Is a man ot great courage.
Illalnc la tha Rands or ITU Frlenda.
rUvaon, Aug. 27. The latest yerslon of Mr.
Blaine's attitude respecting the nomination
for President, is contained in this fragment of
a recent conversation between the Secretary
"J& and Postmaster Manley of Augusta:
JH "I was a candidate for the nomination once,
H and I was beaten. I ahall nover be a candidate
ualn before the Convention. Should my
friends nominate me I could not decline ; bnt I
H shall not In any way announce my candidacy
H teloreband, nor shall I authorize my friends
to speak for me."
Every politician and newspaper editor In
Halae, ot whatever party, regards Blaine's
H nomination as a foregone conclusion.
H A Holld mil Detegatloa fro am Nawbnrsch.
M .Newjomd, Aug. 27, At the Third ward
fcjZ Democratic primary to-day, the last one to bo
hsM, the ticket run by Warden Brown's friends
bi an easy victory, the vote being 71 to 17.
This gives Got. Jill! (be entire delegation from
this city, It being stated that the one delegate
in opposition has been won over. If such he
H the fact ex-Assemblrman Grg w Qrssne.
B bo has always run behind bis ticket when ud
H! lor Assemblr. does not got a delocate for Ken
H stor in this city.
H Thl. r.ttter.box Thief Apparently Inaaar,
m) ToUreman Beld ot th East 123th street sta.
'Eaj t'on surprised a man etealinc papers from the
1 op of a letter box at 120th street and Third
B avenue yesterday mgmtr.g. Tba prisoner is a
M Frenchman who says be Is Alberto Armando, 35
H T.arboM, and tbat'be arrived from Paris on
M "ednssaay. Justice Meade Bent Armando to
B tun United States Commissioner's offlee. Here
ItU.T.111 talked wildly, nnd the Commissioner
('ptblm hacktolfailem beraune be believed
saal !'i! . 'L',10 insane. Armando told Justice Meade
.i ble "" mlsht arrive from France nt
a tu5c"tm'!n' .moment with 180.000 frnuos for
H ilH ""Justice sent him to theComnils-
f,.'" 0' Charities and Correction for eiaml-
a'lon at to bis sanity,
ea"a"a"a"a"a"aWaaJamt.ryU -''1 J- 1 tt.ah..fTT la ' " m rtXL-UMM.
Ml Mary Plelea aad 3I. JTamea Haven,
port Were Tlnnnd to ho One.
Vti.KKimnnK. Aug. 27. -AU Plymouth is
talking abont an elocomont which took placo
from that town on Monday night. Thore are
two families In Plymouth wno ar known to
nil th residents th Davenports and th
Pletons. Th Davonnort fnmlly Is one of the
oldest and most respected In tho Wyoming
valley. Its mombershtp Is mad no of mer
chants, 'lawyers, nod doctors. James Daven
port is ouo of the youngest members of th
Until last Monday he was employed tn his
brother's book store. The Plcton family Is
just as well known nnd highly respected. Tho
head ot the family Is Jobn l'.lcton. mine Miner
Ititondent. Miss Mary Plcton Is onu of his
daughters, the Is only 17 years old. but vory
About six months ago yonng Davenport be
gnn to pay Miss Plcton marked nttoMton.
The young woman's parents did not ntrroe
ot the courtship, and Davenport wn forbidden
to come to tbo home. Ho persisted in his at
tentions, howoror, and tha girl recipro
cated them. One dny lrvst week she
startlod the wholo household by an
nouncing that nhn was coins to marry
"Jim" Davenport. She rocelted a shorn
reprimand and was sont to her room. Her
parents itid not think sho was much In car
neat nnd paid no further attention to tho mat
ter. On Monday evening she told her mother
that sho wn going to visit a frlaml across
the street and would be back early, 8b
didn't re.ttirn.
bhe met Davenport on the street andthay
hurried to tho liclatvaro. Lnckawanna nnd
Western Itnllroad station. Their lntontlon
was to take the train for Dlnghnmtnn. where
they could get mntried without a license. Ar
rivinc at tho depot ther found Hint their train
wa hour late. It w detained by a washout,
and would not reach Plymouth until 1 o'clock
In the mornlnr.
1 be lovers did not dare remain In Plymouth
until the train arrived, for !h clrl's parents
would ho after them. The rain came down In
torrents, t'oung DnvenpiTt wauted to get to
the next station. He knew that If lie went to
any ot tho town liveries It would furnish n
olue. Afler consulting with his sweetheart
tlir concluded tn walk to tho next station.
They set out in n blinding talnntormnnd
finally reached Kingston, six miles uway.
ere ther hoiirded the train, which arrived
aliout ten minutes after they did. nnd wautto
Blnchamton. where they wore married.
When MUs Plcton did not rotnrn to her
home by 0 o'clock, hor parents and the neigh
bor eet out to seek her, but no trace could bo
TK next dar n telegram wss received tell
ing both families ol the marriage. At first
there was great indignation, but this morning,
after the ooupla returned to Plymouth, tho
bride's father relented, nnd gave tho newly
married couple a Dn wedding dinner.
Wtanle Palmer Lotkirood Snoa for a Di
vorce. For a year and a halt up to a few weeks ago
Mr. and Mrs. Ten Eyck Lockwood lived to
gether with their little daughter In a flat at
317 Weat 120th street. Mr. Lockwood la now
llvlag at a hotel and Mrs. Lockwood's whero
abouts la unknown to her former neighbors.
Bbe has served papers In adlvorco suit upon
Mrs. Lockwood was a handsome society girl
in Detroit. She was Winnie Pnlmer. a daugh
ter of Qen Friend Palmer, nnd a niece of ex
Senator Thomas W. Palmer, ouce Minister to
Spain, and now Presidentof tho Chicago
World's Fair Commission.
In 18S3 she married LookwooJ, then a
wealthy lumberman of Detroit. They lived In
a comfortable homa on Ledrard street nntill
Lockwood's casblor defaultod. In 1894. and
ruined the btnlnra-i. when tboy moved to this
city. Lockwood becamo the agent here for a
Inroe lumber llrm:
Last January John Stephen Mlzner ot De
troit, a son of Col. Mlzner. U. S. A., nnd nn old
frlet.d ot Lockwood and h's wife, came to
board with them. He remained until Juno.
Late In Mar It bseam known, to the neigh
bors that trere had been auarrels In the house.
Soon after this Mr. Lockwood went away for
ten dar. lie said b wa going to visit his
metber. who wns sick In Maine.
The day after he departed Mrs. Loekwood
JnUied a neighbor into the house. Shesald
that she was coing away, and that eho whb
afraid ttnogo would tie said about her. so she
)vnnted iu explain that uh meant to Hue her
lusband for divorce, nnd had grounds
for a suit. Tho neighbor was skep
tical, nnd said so. but Mrs. Lockwood
said she bad seen and talked with
the person whom she Intended tn muko
co-respondent in tho ense. That same even
ing a van stopped at the door and took some
of trt furniture away. Mrs. Lockwood and
Mr. Mlzner want away tosetbor and sho has
no: returned since. ...,.,
On that day, or shortly after, Mrs. Lockwood
angnged a flat at 33B Central Park WeBtaround
the corner from Nlnoty-louith street, Mr.
Mlzner explained to tho janltress that ho
and Mrs. Lockwood had leen friends slnco
childhood, and that sne had discovered hor
husband In fault, and wanted n homo ot her
"own. Ther paid tbe agent of the flat flu
deposit. Tbo next dny men came and
laid down three carpets nnd brought In
some furniture. In the afternoon Mrs.
Lockwood and Mr. Mlrnor arrived
with Mr. Lockwood's little girl. Mrs. Lock
wood bent to a storo nnd bought a large as
sortment of housekeeping supplies. Including
lee, but three hours later presented all these
thine to the janltrpse. and left tho houso with
Minor and tbo child. ,.
Tho next day Mr. Mlzner came with somo
workmen nnd took away the enrpets. . He told
the janltross that Mrs. Lockwood's husband
had rilecorerod her whereabouts and that they
must move.
When Mr. Lockwood returned to th city ho
was met ar the Grand Central Station by a
man who served, a summons upon him In a
snlt for divorce. Mr. Mlzner wai there, too, and
greeted him cordially nnd accompanied him
home. They had along talk, nnd every day
afterward until Mr. IVocKwood lft the house,
two weeks ago, Mr. Mlzner culled and talked to
hltn. They were very friendly, nnd ilr. Mlznor
eemd to have great influence over htm. Mr.
Lockwood told people In the neighborhood
that bis wife's charges woie entirely unfounded.
An Improper Latter Ifit Wrote In Cipher
to Hla Wife' Nurae Olrl.
Tur.Ani. Cnl., Aug. 27,-The Bey. O. F. Wood,
pastor of theCongrogntional rhurcb, and hav
. lng a wife and children, has been deposed from
the pastorate because he Indulged in love let
ters to a nurse girl In his house, Mary Greg
son. She Is only 15 years old, but she Is fair to
look upon. Decently she received n cipher let
ter, with a key attached. She oouldn't trans
late it, so tho asked her mother's aid. It read
as follows:
"DkaiiMativ Would you Ilko to be hugged
and kissed? Of courao. thero la no linriu In it.
If you don't give It away. You must not do
that, I know somo ouo who would )Ubt as
soon hug you as not. If you ar willing, time
nnd place can be agreed upon later. If you
think favorably, you may Indicate it by drop
ping your handkerchief somo time whan 1 will
see It. Destroy this tinper at once. Do not tell
anyone. You may know what my namo Is.
Ihe clrl still thought snnio one was plavlng
a joke nn her. as she couldn't Identify tho
handwriting. A few days lator tho clorgrmnn
handed her a note, when she win amu.ed tp
ceo the same penmanship ns In thn cipher Ut
ter. She told a frlonrt and they prepnrnd n, de
cor Utter, which r tight the parson. Then tho
church bounced him whou he refused to an
swer the nbargos.
UEItnr.HT MAPES'S noar,
A Cnrlou rilory or the Dolnga of f.ong
Inland Iloctora-Now In Thl t Its-,
The body of Fierbert Mapes.wlio was drowned
In th surf off riro Island, wns yesterday re
moved to GO West rnjtleth htreeb this elty,
The body wns found off Wuter Uland. Dr. S,
8, Sammls is accused ot taking possession of
It. and. despite the protests of Dr. J. L. Thar
ber and others, tn bave carried the body to
Sayvllle and tried to induce Justice of th
peac J. C. O'Brien to hold an Inouost,
On the way to Hoy vll o Ur bammls pnisad
Coroner Moor, but eatd nothing of having the
body. At Water Island the tot oner learned pf
Dr. bammls' action audi-ailed In pursuit. II
took posepslon or tho body In bayllle. The
Inquest will be bold ou Saturday.
A ntc Nw"Bat."
Ton will floa la Sunday' irM a remarkable storr.
itlii(lhe.uppr..(l account ot lh. auubl. lulclJ. at
Prince Uu4oljU aa I Bsronui je 1 cutra.-iau.
, Ttar Ilroker Presented III BUI Before th
Wedding Ceremony, nt the 'Wedding, and
After the Wedding, and Ha Hay the
Bridegroom Knocked Him Ilown.
This Is the story told by a sehntchen. or mar
riage broker, who Is In pursuit ot his fo snd
ot vengeance:
For more than thirty years Maximilian Corn
feld suffered from bssbtulness. It Interfered
with his social advancement and brought htm
many griefs. It sent htm to sit moping In a
corner, whlleothorladsdanced'and had fun with
the protty Polish girls of Gallcla. It was only
among the girls that young Cornfeld wns
bashful, and when he Immigrated he becamo
known as a smart business man. Tho rluh
cnD manufactory at 105 South Fifth aventm
that he conducts with his brothers thrived,
and he was looked on with favorable eys by
many mothers with marriageable daugutors.
His brother succumbed to the attractions of
Miss Fadle Cohen nearly twelve months ago,
nnd trlod to por.'unde Maximilian to follow his
example. Thete wns room In th father's
home nt 2P5 l'.ast Llghtr-flrst street for anoth
er family, nnd the old man enttented his fa
vorite son to bring homo awlfo. In October
of lost year, when his mother was ill. and told
him that sho could not dlo happy until she saw
him a husband and a father, Maximilian swore
thnt ho would find a wife before Christmas.
Business took him lo BrooUlju. and at Dr.
Frisdlnndor's synagogue In Eoerum place he
fell In love. Tho girl was a brunette. v.Ith big
eyes, an oval faco, and glorious hair. Beforo
Max had mustered courage to ask the man
sitting beside him who she was the service
was over and the nynagoguo was empty.
On Nov. 16 last he vnTledxm Samuel Fred
man at 22 Attorney itrot and conllded to him
111, desire t marry. Ills bnaluoss train
ing made hlru moderate his anxloty to
be weddod for fear of , a rlae In the
rrlc oi wives, and ho told Mr. Friedman
that he was marrying only to oblige
hlamnther. Ilowanted a young, girl with an
oral face aud big. dark ores. If she had a for
tune, so much the better: but money was not
essential, so that tba ulrl was good and bad
clothes enough to lust her twolye monttiB.
For an article such as he described Mr. Loru
rld was willing to pay 132. rrladmnn's usual
price Is iJu. but his client's Indifference led
riiDi lo'mak the liberal discount.
Tro weeks altar the agreement was made
Friedman eeut for Cornfeld and told him to
get ready to get married. 11 had found rt
treasure, bhe was young only an. She had
un oral face, big eyex. glorious hair, and n
small fortune, ah lled tn Brooklyu. and was
a member ot Dr. Frledlauder'n synagogue lu
jloorum Mace. .... , ., . Vi
Cornleld rcaogulted the description, and bis
heart bat rapidly. When the eulinteben ex
plained that making the acquaintance of so
beautiful a young Woman wns expensive,
Corufeld gave him lit;, all the money he had In
bis pocket, and bogged him not to delay the
Introduction. .,
On Dec. 1 Cornfeld was told thnt the young
woman was MIsk itachilel halm, and thatlf he
would put on his vMtlng clothes irledman
would take him to Brooklyn to spend the
evening with her. Love had coaauered the
youn man's bashfulness. and In evening
clothes and n blue llk tie he met irledman nt
the place appointed. Be betrayed bis anxiety
for the lntroduetlen. and Friedman asked htm
tor tome security for the rest of his lee. In case
tbe wedding was eoUmnlzed. Laughing at
hla auspicious Cornfeld handed him a sbeot of'
paper on which ho bad wrlttten:
Dec 1. imhi I lure to lr Mr (.cnlckter slitten
dollars when I let uisrrleil te Mtu Kaiin
Gesslckter Is Jewish German slang far a
person who is oat of the way smurt. nnd Corn
feld always called Friedman "old Oestlck
ter." At the sight of .MUsKalm. who wns tbe
girl he had loved before he knew hsr. Corn
feld's baabfulncss cot tbe bettor ot him. and
it was nearlv midnight. Friedman says, beforo
he could lndnce Cornfeld to "return to the
house from which he had run. A few days
later the elder Cornfelds paid Mr. and Mrs.
Kalm a visit of congratulation, the business
details wr arranged satisfactorily, and tho
engagement was announced.
On receipt of nn Invitation to the wedding
the schatchen called on Cornfeld toredaembU
note. Cornfeld told blm to w.-irt until after tho
ceremony. 1IH uancCe might die. nnd he had
alrendy spont V for tho Introduction and.ns
much more In expenses. Tho wedding was
fjxed for April .2, nnd Botanic Hall In Kast
Broadway was thn place apuoluted. Friedman
was the llrBt of the guests to nrrhe. Cornfeld
and Miss Knlm drnre up together In acarrlSLe.
nnd when Friedman opened the door for them
he whispered: ...
" Don't forget rav sixteen dollars. You can
give it to me now. You'ro as good as married."
When tbe rabbi had pronounced tbe last
words of tne -onlce and friends were pressing
around to ofJorcongratulatlonsFrledman again
presented his account and nffrod to take $15
for a recolpt In lull Corntcld laegbedat him.
and Friedman appealed te the brldo. who told
blm that if Cornfeld was tool enough to par
she would recrot hating mnrrled him.
On Aug. 7 Friedman determined to try
one more to collect big fee. When be called
at 295 East EIchty-rtrstRtrcet Max Cornfeld
was In bed. Old Cornfeld, according to the
schatchen, ordered Friedman from the bouse,
and nben ho rotusod to go nssatdted him.
Young Cofnfeld. harlng the noise, ran In nnd
knocked his Creditor down. Mr. rrledman Is
71 years old and feeble. He wns considerably
hurt, his eyes were brained, and his clothos
were torn. He was unable to ebtsln redreeA at
tbe Yorkvllle Police Court, bocauso nn one
there could Interpret the language be wpoke.
On Mondny he retained Lawyer Mnurlr
Blumenthnl of 130 Nassau stroet. and yester
day silt whs commenced In tha City Court for
U.itoa for the assault, and In the Fifth Dtstriot
Civil Conrt for the llil. The latter case will
come up on hunt, 3. When the papers were
served on Mr. Cornfeld be said that when "Mr.
Gessickter " endorsed tbe not he would pay iu
The Engineer nnd flrrma of tho Allcsro
Ilurnrd, tbe 1'urmrr Mfrlou.ly.
Something blew up yesterday on Col. R.
Van Bensselaer Cruger's 76-foot steam
yacht the Allegro, and two of hor crew nreln
Bellevue Hospital suffering from burn nnd
scalds. One of them, tbe engineer, is seriously
hurt. In tbe aumraer Col. Crugor lives nt Bay
vllle.'abotrt twenty-eight miles from this city,
on the northern shore of Long Island. He
has boon In th habit of coming to this city
nnd returning on the Allegro, leaving Bovvllla
at 8 In tho morning, and going to a berth op
posite Bellevue Hospital. Tho Allegro I a
goer, nnd sho made the run In about ono hour
and twenty minutes. To do this sho was
driven under a fnrced draught and a head of
125 pounds of steam. The preisure of the air
from th forced dranght was an great in the
engine room and lire room thnt the batches
had to b. kept hooked fast, ami once or twice
tney were blown off nt that.
Tho Aliegto Utt Bayvllle yesterday at her
usual hour with Col. Cruger oil board, and
wns running under 150 pounds of steam, bhe
had arrived off Korlh Brothers Island, the
other side of Hell (Uto. when tho accident oc
curred, Thore were only two men in th en
gine room. Engineer James II. bhaw was Bit
ting opposite the lurnmo door and fireman
Jnmes T. Haines was on his way up the com
rntilonw.iy ladder to get n breath of fre-halr.
Thero was a dull roar, th furnaeo doors Hew
open, and out of them went a glowing blast of
live coals, lire, and steam that onveloped En
gineer bhaw and bumed the overalla oil Fire
man Hnln's legs.
Haines t timed in time to sen Hhaw grasping
for the ladder, and got! burned about tho faco
and arm. helping tbo euBlnoer in escape.
Hbnw was badly Injured. Besides his burns,
It In fearodlhe has Inhaled flames or live steam.
Just what burst neither ot them knons.
Whatever It was It disabled thn yacht, and she
was towud down to ber berth. Balnea was
able tn walk to the hospital, but Bhaw had to
have an ambulance. Beabury V Co. of Nyack
built the yacht, and will repair tbe bollar.
Pairlrk I)iiDV Body Fonitd.
Wallace Boss, tbe oarsman and trainer of
the Htatetf Island Atbletio Club, while out
fculllog esterday afternoon, found tbe body
of a man off West Brighton. The body was
removed to Case's morgue at.TompklnsvIlle,
where It was Identified sb that of Patrick
Duffy, a fireman of the steamboat Mohawk,
who accidentally fell overboard nn Tuesday
night last while going aboard the Mohan k at
Port llkbmond;
Great Hiinday "World Hrnantlon-Haddest
Tlumuuco of the lUlh Ontury,
Slmnltsnrnuly with the London Tlmrt, the Sander
llirM irlil rruit the true dorr ot ihodoublsiulcld. uf
rrlnce Jtulu:in ' Austria an 1 llsroneo Mario de Vet.
r.rs. r."l4 ir toe inolli.r of ttie.lispieia (Irli wilh
UsrI. e litters lu ti.r IrleuH llerutnle. i.tltoi rsthe'lo
d.tsile nt tier love tor tbe rrlnce. Drop your novel n J
(tad taeounasy iicrta. Order II with..! aeUy.-ads,
Some or the Pnaerngera Injnrad When the
Runaway Car Hit n Wagoa,
Drrrer John B. Carrow of tho Belt line lost
control ot his car. No. G9, at Tonlh avoouo and
T.hlrty-fonrth street nt 7 o'clock yesterday
morning. The brake became unmanageable,
and Carrow finding that his enr was chasing
his horses down grndu nt a threatening popo.
switched the tam off to on side nnd left tho
car to rco nlong with Conductor Andrew Kelly
In charge
Carrpw's car wsb crowded with passengers
on thn down trip. Most of them wrro colag to
their work, and thero were a number of women
on bonrd. Thero Is n strop down grado at
Thirty-fourth stroct, and when Carrow turned
tho brake handle here the brake did not ro
sponrt. When he saw that the ear threatened
to run dnttn his horses, ho nhqulod tn tb con
ductor to look out for tho car. and, leaning
over the dashbonrd, unhitched hi team,
swung them oil to one sldo, and jumped after
Polleomau Barrett of tho West Thlrty-sev-enth
street station hesrd the hout and saw a
loaded car without hors-s rolllngrapidly down
Tenth nvenuo. At Tlilrty-secrfnd street a
hoi so niid wagon drlvon bv CJinrlosKowhnrdt
of 743 Tenth avenue wan crossing tbe railroad
tracks. Barrett jelled at Newhardt nnd Oon
ductor Kelly slapped on tl0 brakes. It wns
too late. Tho car loaded with passengers
crnshod Into thn wagon, and Kowhnrdt was
thrown to thw ground. IU recelvnd a scalp
wnund. Several windows of the enr were
broken, nnd Nellie Totdn. 22 years old. of 521
West Forty-eighth street, a pnssonger. re
cchod bi-utses on (ho right nrm. l'.lbnbeth
Schalcher. 37 yonrs old. of 43') West 'Ihlrty
eeventli streot, who wns also a passenger on
thn car. was thrown off tho platform in trying
tnget oft. Her fiicu was cut.
Thn Injured were sent home, and after the
horses had been hltohcd to tho car it finished
its trip.
WAnsxroitTii accused op theft.
The Mineralized Rnbtier Company ITaa Its
Former Collector Arreated.
W. n. Wndsworth. manager of the Columbian
Bubber Company. 05 ltendo street, was arrest
ed yesterday by Detective Foloy of the Jeffer
son Market Court stiuad on a charge of de
frauding tho Mliicrall.ed ltubbcr Company of
18 ClilT fctreot. Wndsworth wns a colloctor for
the MInernll7ed Bubbor Company for more
than six years, nnd left the comtmny's employ
a month ago to bocomo manngor of tbe
Columbian Bubber Company. Ills former
employers had his accounts exnmlnod,
anil dlsoovnrnd. It I alleged, that Wadsworth
hail been In thn habit nf falsely crediting him
elf tlth large iiunntltle" of "goods returned.
President Dodge com plaint sni'H that on June
10 Wndworttii'"llrcted $15.19 cents trom Haz
ard, Hazard k 'o. fur goods sold nnd dollvered.
and thnt when ha came tn tbo ortice nt night
ho credited himself "by goods returned.
Mr. Dodge told JusMco Hrgnn yesterday that
ho had evltlenco to -how thnt the company bad
been robbod of n largo sum of money by Wads
worth. IIi could not say how much, as the
work of the aceouutants had not been con
cluded. Justice Hognn hold Wndsworth In 11,000 ball
for examination to-day.
rouxn i7.vo j.v the yard.
Mr. George Wllllnma of Corona Suppoaed
to nave Hhot Herself to I'cutb.
Iceman Bood ot Corona was aroused about
2 o'clock yeitorday morning by hearing two
.pistol shots In quick succession near George
Williams's cottage. When ncur the house
Hood heard low moans and thou found Mrs.
Williams lying on thn grass. Blood was flow
ing from two wounds below the loft breast'and
a rovolter of S calibre lay nt lior side.
Then the woman's husband came out In
search of her. He said sho loft bib room .sav
ing she was going to tho well for water. Ho
was etartleil by thn pistol reports that Hood
heard. They carried her back Into .the house,
whero Dr. O. M. Iirookway found that bmh
bullets had pnsed through hor body clore to
her heart, hach wound wns fatal. During
the day the womrm legnlned consclousnefs.
but nppoared to havo no' knowledco ol tho
shooting. She died at S o'clock Inst night.
Williams Is steward on board the yacht Cor
sair, lie bought a cottage In Ccmna about a
year and a half nco, and moed his wife nnd
two children there, . ,
On examining tho revolver with which tho
shooting was done It wna found thnt three
chambors had boon discharged.
Dr. Brockwar bellovos tin- woman was tem
porarily insane. Sho had bad mnlnria.
seat mrE axvsox jrirn a suotel.
Then roan Faulted Mrs. Conn TJeadlong
Dunn Ktolra Her Itijnrle Nerlona.
Patrick Co.tn. a hod carr'er. employed at the
Fifth Avenue Theatre, left his work yesterday
after some trouble with his boss.
He went to his home. 023 Wost Twenty
seventh Btroot nnd quarrelled with his wife.
When his 11-yenr-old son Edward como Into
the kitchen ho said that his father wn3 bentlnrr
' his mother over thn head with n scoop showl!""
Edward trlod to get bjtwoan his pnruntH and
put-li nis father nwsy. Thon the father applied
the shovel tn mothor nnd son alternately until
tho family came to the head of the stairs.
Edward told tho police that just rhen his
fathor raiFod Iho shovel ngnln nnd pushed Mis.
Conn headlong down the stairs. Thn father
ruRbed down tbo stairs saying, "how, I'll kill
"ili swor at ovorybody -Abo came to his
wlfo's r-cue until ho wns landed In tho Twen
tieth stroet police station.
Mrs. Conn wan plckod upunconsdons. She
had five deep cuts on her back and two on tho
head. Tb boy was cut over tho head and
tiohe. Mrs, Coan was taken- to tho ew York
Hospital. Dr. Adams eald last night that her
condition was serious.
Bnt Conatnblr Mlllnnln-i mi Shot and
Then Captured,
JohnMelllwalne.nl'ollevHle, N..T..eonstnble,
bad ono of bis ears pierced by a bullet early
yesterday morning aud narronly escaped
being killed. Thore hnve been many petty
robberies In Bellevlllo ot late, and when, about
1 o'clock. Mclllwnlne beard unusual sou-nils In
tbe rear of Joseph McKulty'e house In Mala
street, he went tn Investigate, Near an out
bouse ho stumbled and made a njdse which
aroused McNulty. who llrod a shot In th di
rection of the outhouse.
Mclllwalno. believing Ihe thieves were shoot
ing at him. dodged into tbe little building nnd
kopt quiet, but almost Immediately two moro
shots came his way. These wero fired by Pop
Mulligan, who tend tho Ballevllln bridge over
th l'assaio lllver. Mc.s'oltv and Mulligan
then marched upon th outhouse tn capture
th burglars, bprlngtng in suddenly, they
seized Molllwstne nnd dragged him out. when
he established his Identity, and then It wns
found th.it one ot the bullets hud gone through,
' the lobe of his car. The burglars escaped.
Th fluevta Cnnlil Make Hla Knot with
Three Propeller lllndea Gone.
The namburg-Amorlcan stenmshlp Suevla
arrived yesterday nith all aboard In good
health and spirits after their protracted voy
age from Hamburg. On the voyage the Sun-
via was engaged largely In dropping propeller
blades. Tho first was twisted off whan she
wns about 250 inllos out of Havre. Five days
later, while she was tussling with a modemto
gal, another blado went to tho bottom nf the
sea. Sho sot along at a ten-knot rato wilh the
remaining two blades until Aug. L0, when ouo
eftbern came off. .
For the rest of her voyage, a journey of
more than 1.201 miles to this port, she got
along at the rite of six knots nn hour with one
propeller blade. Fortunately the sea was
smooth, and there wereito bead, winds. She
will hnto a new propeller put in alter dis
charging her cargo
Took an O-rerdoae ofl.nndanom.
When Frank McOurdy retnrned from his
work last evening h found his mother, Mar
garet McCurdy, unconscious on the floor ot
their apartments at H5 Sanford street, Brook
lyn. On a table was an ompty bottlo marked,
laidnnom. poison, nn tho label ot J, Owens,
druggist, Myrtlo nvonue Hnd Kpencor street.
An iimbulnni'0 t ok Mr. McCurdy tn St,
Catberino'H Hospital, whero at midnight 1-.
t'lnylnnd said hIi wuuld die beforo morning.
She was n widow 'M ear old. Mio told tbo
druggist when she bought the poison thnt It
whs for tootpacne, nnd the neighbors belieto
that an ovctdoeo was taken unintentionally.
The Ulnea Itonae I.aka Dam Borate and a
Tor-rent of Witter HneJtea Down the
Valley -Other Dam Carried Away,
Stills Flooded, a ftlora Swept front Its
Fonndnllona, and Itoriti Drowned.
Tnor. Aug. 27. A heavy rsln began falling
last night, and, when the Inhabitants of Sand
Lako and vicinity bestirred themselves this
morning, they saw that the small mountain
streams that feed th ohnrn of lakes hnd been
converted Into raging torrents. Th disaster
which followed was bad enough, but for
tunately, the people were somewhat prepared.
Glass House Lot was almost emptied a few
days ago to nablo tho putting In of a now
Ludlow valve, consequently tho laks waB not
as high as usual when th waters be
gan pouring In to-day. But th rapidity
with whloh It wns filled and overflowed
th dam caused th greatest consternation,
and messongors were sont to warn the settle
ments below. Tbe sluice gates were oponcd,
but. nevertheless, tb water contlnuod to rise,
nnd toward afternoon it bad reached Buch a
height as to wsrrant tho gravest apprehen
sions. Whon tho news reachod tha city Tnis Sun
correspondent hastened to the scene ns rapidly
as the bad roads would permit, but It wns Im
possible to get rauoh beyond Averill Park. It
was loaroed there from eyewitnesses that the
ovorftotv,!ng water at Glass House Lake, about
two miles from Averill Park, first submerged
tbe Ezra Knowlton bouse, but all th tnmatss
escaped. Indeed, so far as Is known, ther is
no loss ot human lifo.
Tbe waters rushed on. submerging McChei
ney's Hotel, which was woll filled with sum
mer boarders, who conght safety In flight.
Tha lower part ot the house had to bo aban
doned by the employees. The barn was car
ried away and nil th horses were drowned.
Tho largo cattle barn at th Knowlson home
stead wns noxt UooJod, and the cattle cannot
be removed. Tbe water then rushed down th
stream toward Enter's Comers, carrying away
both bridges, and completely wrecking Hnnt
lev it Olmptoad's couutry store, which was
carried a mile from Its foundations. The flats
woro ovetfloodod to n depth ot five foet be-
twoon Slltor s Corners nnd Averill Park.
Next the two brldgos near Chris Crape's at
Sitter's wero carried away. Isolating that ham
let from Glass House and Avorlll Park, and
thero In no communication between the places.
Tho water then ruehed down tho small stream
which passes to the east of Averill Park vil
lage toward the Kane Knowlson mills. On
the wuy It carried off Mrs. Carmlehael's barn,
whoro Abtam Miller hnd some valuable horses
stabled. Tbese were, drowned. The dam at
Knue's gave war and the mill was submerged.
The dam at Knowlson', a substantial affair 100
foot wide and recently strengthoued, was re
garded as a probable barrier to the flood. AU
tho windows In tho mill were removed, nnd
the water did not ranch a grtat height there.
Tho people took hope that tbo worst was qvor,
but at 9:35 o'clock Knowlson's dam broke,
and the surging waters sped on and carried
out th dam at McConlhn's mill, a short dis
tance below. Now It Is feared,that the dam at
Smart's mill will follow. It the other dams
along the stream follow sorlous damage must
result In tha lower part ot this city, where tbe
people are In groat trepidation. Tho rain Is
still falllug heavily.
The flood ot waters from the Sand Lake
district has reached the south part of the city,
and tho Hudson Blver Railroad tracks are
undor water. The dam at Smart's remains
llrm. but the highway In many places between
Averill Park and Wrnnnt's Hill is impassable
onncco-untot tho water. It now seems prob
ablo that n cloud burst started the trouble.
Auust. Aug. 27. Tho heavy rnlns to-day
causo.l the Hudson to rlso and overflow the
tracks of the Hudson Blver Bnllroud at Castle
ton. Ktuyvesnnt, nnd Hudson. Trains are
stalled on either side of bad washouts at thoso
No trains will get through to-night, and the
passengers are trying to charter n tug
to get through. The Boston nnd Al
bany tracks are also wasbod our, and
this will prevent the Ceutrnl-lludon
trains from getting tn Albany tin tho Harlem
lliillrond, and Chatham. A late ropoft from
bttiVTenut snrs that the washout there ox
tonds 'over a quart, r of n mile, nnd that at
Custleton it is over thirty foet.
Strained stoclal Belatlons Amons Soma
Wall-known Aatroaomera.
Sav Fiuncihco. Ang. 27. Thorn Is trouble
among tbe Btar gnisrs on Mount Hamilton,
and tho ntronomlcnl forcn of Lick Observa
tory is nearly broken up over tho bruvuro
manners of Director Holdnn. The row didn't
reach the oar of tbo Itegenta of the State
Unlrersllv until Profs. Keeler and Hill re
signed. Thon thdy luvastlga'ed and found a
marry social war raging around the biggest
tbloxcore In the world. It all grew out ot
Iloldan's lack ot rttUtnss to his associates,
bald one who knows all the circumstances:
"Lloldenalts on every one ho meats. lie
treats visitors rudely, as mnny who hate been
to tlin ohsrratory will testify. Thn cavullnr
Wny In which ho treated Keelerand Hill caused
them to resign. A month or so ng tbe soclnl
relations between tho director and tne oilier
astronomers wore so stratnail that all com
munications between them wire In writing.
For Instance. Profs. Schnobele or Barunrd
wanting to ask Hotrten a Question, would
write aletter beginning:
" ' E.S.Jloldeu. director of Lick Observatory,
slr.'and Ilolden In reply would Bend n formal
note. No verbal communication whatever oo
curred. Prof. Barnard, tb cometreektr. has
for years been the peacemaker at the obaorvii
tory He has prevented an open, rupture time
and time again, but at last even bis patience
in. exhausted One etenlng Unriinnl. with
his usual enlhndm. was exblolnlng some
mutter to a pnrtr of visitors. He likes fa do
this, and hn bclloves that, the oh.orvatorr bo
Ing n publlo Institution. It should be access),
bio to the people. While he was talking to llio
visitors liolden entered and exclaimed brus
QUelr: "Comn.com. Barnard, these people muat
leave. We want tn use thee instruments for
our own investigations.'
" The people wero disgusted, and Holdnn.
locking tbe observatory, went to bed. The
constant annoyance wore out even tbo go-ni
tempered Barnard, and thon carao a perlnA.
When no one at the observatory would speak
toJIolilen and he spoke to no one. The He
genu hum now adjusted the dllllaulty. nnd
communication among tho learned astrono
mors li once more by word of mouth."
He Divorcer, a Woman and Marries Her to
Another Mnn In Five Minutes.
MAnvni.M, Ark., Aug. 27. A marriage In tha
Circuit Court to-day was quit a variation
from iho u'ual routine ot court work. The
contracting parties were T, W. Hooks and
Mrs, Mattle Blator. Thn enromony was per
formed by District Judge C. W. Smith, who.
had only lite minutes before granted a decree
ot dlvorco to the bride, and before tbe Ink upon
the records bad drled.tnaklnghexa free woman
blm was linked to utioflier. Tho court loom
was crowded nnd nngrntulntlon. wero many,
but none so genuine as that of Judge Kelso,
Iter attorney, who Imprinted au old-time kiss
upon tha rosy lips of tha bride.
I'roetrated by tb Heat.
An unknown man about 25 years old was
prostrated by tb beat yesterday noon at
Forty-llrst street and Ninth atenue. He had
light hair and sandy moustache, and was
drc-s'd in black clothing. Ho wus taksn to
Jloosovolt Hospital. , . ,
Bosu Kennedy, 17 years old, of 41n Wost
Thirty-fifth stroot. wns prostrated by tbe heat
Jnfionto(322 Wost Thlrti -fourth street. She
was taken to Itootetelt Hospital.
real Smttri'e stetlon In li tours via Ifew fork
Central. TtueugU elopers- ate tin t.6le.-u.
Broke Her Shaft OS" Ahenne X.tht A.-
Boat Seat Ashore for Ilelp.
Attaotic Ctrr. Aug. 27.-Th stenmshlp Old
Dominion ot the Old Dominion lln Is drifting
In a helpless condition aboat sixteen miles oft
Absecum Lighthouse.
Th vessel became disabled ot 0 :30 jbls morn
ing by the breaking ot a shaft Tho steamship
Is drifting northeast at th rato of about on
mils an hour. There are about forty person
on board.
Tbe first offlcor and four sailors from th
dssabled steamer enrae ashore hero In a boat
nt 3 o'clock this afternoon to telegraph to
the owners of the vessel In New York. Tho
Old Domlnlon.hns provisions on board to last
at loast twntr-(our hours.
Tb 013 Dominion was due In Ksw York last
night In th weather that nrevallod she was
in no .danger, though a shift of wind might
throw her oo tho JersyToaob, She will prob
ably bo towed In to-day.
Ha Tell now the ILeyaton BankWaa
Looted aad tha Examiner Deceived.
PrnLABELi-nu. Aug. 27. Ex-Assistant Cash
ier Charles Lawrence of th Keyston Bank
has written a statement of the methods which
wore used to deceive ex-Bank Examiner Drew.
lie Is now In the Eastern Penitentiary serv
ing out his term ot soren years for complicity
In wrecking tho bank. In tho letter he says,
undor data ot Abg.5:
" Ther was no regular method adopted. At
onetime som means woro resorted to; at
other times soma other plan suggested Itself.
First, as to tha Individual lodgers. Thes
cams within th scops of mr own!knowl
edff. Tb Individual ledgors were
alts ted at least twlae every rear.
about tho times you wero looked tor. This was
done by me slnco 1840. and tho methods pur
sued war various. Sometimes whole pages
Were abstracted. Mostly falsa balanc were
Ende by altering the pencil figures.
arg balances were decreased. Some
times false credits were postod to an
overdrawn account, so that your attention
would not be drawn to the ledger more ml
nutelr by an overdrawn account, whon you
might possibly see something else to xcJto
your suspicion, tiometlmes false cheoks wero
postod to nn account having a largo balance,
so as to reduce liabilities.
'"Ibis, you can readily see. required altera
tions nnd realterations to n very large extent
because, if a eheok had been falsely posted try
an account ana tueu mm puny urnw
on the account himself. Jn tha regular
rourso of business, you --will see that
It necessitated a rearrangement of his
account and a corresponding obange In soma
other nocount. This was done to tha extant ot
probably 500.000 more or loss: I cannot tell
hnynenrer tbnn that.
Now. 1 know there were, memoranda oar
rled as cash, which represented the amount
Mr. Lucas owed tbo cash drawer. This was
replaced at tho time of Tour examination by
real cash, which was temporarily borrowed.
" The bills discounted were swelled by the
introduction of tlotltloufl notes. Thesa wero
intended both to swell tho assots and to taka
tba place ot other bills diRoountod.
"A volume might be written upon this sub
Ject. With slncorn regrets forth part I took
In deceiving you. and with the assuranco
that It was with n desire to carry out tho
Instructions of my suierlor officers, feeling
thnt it wns my duty to do so, and finally hav
ing once been cahglit in thn meshes nnd And
lng It impossible to, extricate mysolf. U am re
spectfully yours. " Cuaules Lawiience,"
Ronnlnc n Mile In OB 4-5 rSeconde aad Tea
Mllea In T Minute 18 Heeond.
Psti.ADF.i.pniA. Aug. 27. A mlla In 894-5
seconds, or at the rate of over 00 miles an
hour. Is tha fastest run ever made by a rail
road train.
This unparalleled fat was accomplished to
day on tbe Bound Brook Ballroad, between
Neshamlny Falls and Langboms, by Engine
No. 20C. drawing two ordinary ooaobes and
President McLnod's private car "Beading."
whloh Is equal to two coaches in weight
Other milts wero reeled ofT with speed as as
tontshlng as this crack mile, nnd at tbe end ot
the " fly " the world's record was broken. Tha
fast mile wns scored In 39 4-Q seconds, the fast
est flvo miles In 3 minutes 2G 4-5 seconds, and
the fastest ton miles In 7 minutes 12 ceconds,
averaging 43 seconds per mile.
The occasion for this rac against time grW
out ot some gbod-naturod chaffing that
took placo nt Judge Greon's dinner to tha
rnrmers" Club on Tuosdny. Aug. 20, at tha
Judge's residence in Laston. Wm. M. Blngeny
was telling Mr. MLeod. thn President of tb
Heading Bond, that fnr thirteen years he had
been muklnu it a diversion to time fast rail
road trains, and that he had rarely travelled
Inetvr than 50 seconds.
Thn result of tho convocation was that
Prsldont Mcl.epd made preparations for to
day' speed trial nnd Invited Mr. Blnge'rly and
a number of friends to ride on the train, con
sisting of nn engine nnd three cars.
Tho engine was No. VOti. nf the Wootten pat
tern, burning nnthrnelte coal. It has b feet 8
Inch driving wheals, and is one of thoordl
nnrv pattern of (of-t engines in use on tho Phil
adelphia and Bonding iloilrond.
It wns built at ll-odlng. l'iu. and stands to
day ns a triumph of the -kill of American me
chanics. Tbo locomotive was handled by
Engineer John Hognn, and th llres wero
looked after by Oscar Foshfler.
The EldrtdgeBtreet Police Hrnpoeed Mary
Creed Wna Only llrauU.
Mrs. Mory Creed, 31 years old.whose home wns
at in lllrlugton meet, wns found In Cbrystla
street, nenr Illvlngton, at 4 o'clock yesteidny
morning in n stupor. Poltcoman James A.
Wells took her to the F.ldrldge street station
house, where It was snld fihe was drunk.
She was placed In iho sitting room. Shortly
after 8 o'clock an ambulance 'wa6 called for
bor. but she died bofore It arrived.
Belling tbe C'annnehet Xatnte, ,
PnovmKNCE, Ang. 27. Ex-Gov. Bprague nndv
wfe snd Col. Whoaton and wife wero .present
to-day at tho sale of 125 lots belonging to tho
Canonchet estute ot Mrs. Inez Hnrngue at
Narragunsett Pier, 'lha sale, which was
largely attended, brought $21,800. The salo
will be contluuijd Saturday.
Tbe snthrsdte coil scents Atcldeit yesterday not to
nuko,aji) cniiwo in the present rate.
Mary Blum, a ronnr married women. Ilrtnr at 03B
yir.t avenue, polaone I Ij.reeir en Wcdnredsy nlKht
with Insect ponder, anslslu Setlevue, and le likely to
William Fdwards. the colorM eUwsrd of the etitn
Eflle J. Blrnnione, who Is charfrrd with stabtdDt Opt.
A. b. Berlin in the TlahlthlKli. e held In tii.r. ball
by Comuiliiloner Hitchcock yelterdsy for the Grand
(iennenrrl Ilurn.tt. rrefferlrk tt. Tanrj.n. and
Gen. Alexander I', ketchum. all It.patilicaiie and Lntou
Leaguers, w.re sworn Id yemorday as t'ominlislonrre
to apt raise th value ot the bowling tlr.cn site for tho
new Custom lloune
ThroBEh th t-enero'ttr of Mr. Cameron of Rldre
wood. N. J., ami tr I'om.rr er th l.rle Hallway the
Rotary was .nstil.il r.terilav to .nd another tan I ur
poor chlmr.n for sitay In the country. The children
wrre lalau to Mr. Caincrmt s home.
Mnrer (loldimlth tho ei.eriilel cattle exporter ot
the Troilnre hztiianiro. ha. .Pruitd to .nbmlt to arbi
tration hie dldcr.ucra with ( harlce 1' huuui.r A t'o.,
the steam. htp own.r. whu iy that Mr Uotd.tnllh
chartered from them two cattle eteatn.hii
The Saturday Saratoga llintt.it m the ew Vork Can
rrai will niake the la.t trip of the .amt to ninrrow
from New fork and on Miitidsr Ir"m r..rai(ib'a tut
tbe Saratoga iprelai, which tea... r.w rk dutly, rx
cept hunday, tlM.o A. M., win rent It n. a. usual.
Collector Fasi.tt lis. sr.lcne.l ei'-cUl fr.ae try Agent
J t. Ciimmlnui (uyrrettmt tt.a a!l.r.l ihlev.i who
areeatd to hae .toteu H'0 ertn of uii.ry lirluiigttiir
tnMrs N, K. lilinp.on. t'o'lertnr Ka.t. it an I Appraiser
Coopenlo not bchete the tvoit were tlul.u at tue Pub
llo rtorce.
In ooiii.rnence or the reineM of the Hoard of Health
and tbe prevetdng warm w ther. lit he. i.en deter
uin.d that tlieilaiiy trt rf the rfnitiug lloipltul of
w. John biilM .hsirciiilinn. until r.pu rnd that
the .sca.ide HatpUal. hall r.meln .'pen until the tarn
time .Money ! needed to cerry out this programme.
Wallace V Andr.wt. Prr.Mrnt of the Standard das
Light I'iunl.aU). who. e workl At the tiot nf l.a.t llSlti
.trret have he.n the ran.e of much complaint amunjr
llarl.mr.ldint. called upon I rnlU.nl Hi eon of the
ll.aUli Uepertment jretirday snd neUsred that there
vetnoeau.e'nr complaint uuw, Tbe department mil
watch the norti.
The will of I'rrur. M Werr. n. f led for psnhite ye.ter
day, grv to Harvard I'nH eraltr nft ehsr.. uf tha
etock ot thetVtirr.il hharr Atphatt I'avliiK i.'omt'sny.
the crcce rd to te u.f I for the adrsnceinrut of client,
cat tcience In the American Acatemy ob Arts snd fc.
enc.erif tto.tori liKi .h.rceof the .aine .lock, to ho
m.d for the .sue pirpoic ul llf iy ibmee for the
erection of a library but dtua.
'- Banana
i vBanaaa
Th,MaJI Trala oia tha Waatern North 1-
(Jarollaa Xallroaa JLeapa rroa Stoa r'wannni
Bridge to tha Creek Below, a, Slataae.
rXltiht'rret.Nea(. Statesrvllte Na Os ;.H
Escaped from the Sleeper Font Play. 'fannnnnl
RAXttan. Aug: 25. Th regular mall train oa t'lH
theWostern North Carolina Ballroad. whlala iBH
Utt Salisbury at 1 o'clook this morning for 'iaaanfl
Ashvilh), ran off trestle whloh suannod Third waaannl
Creek, two miles wost of BtaUsvllla. Tb n !,H
gtno and train wro precipitated to tho bot -tH
torn, a distance ot eighty feet, Twenty-oat '
persons were kllltd outright. 'aaannl
There wre many panrngers on board eolnaT iaaaani
to the pleasure resorts ot tho mountains. A 'naiB
scorn or mora of firemen wera also return!. gH
to their homes from th meeting ot tho Stat ..H
Firemen's Association at Durham. . ,H
Th accident ooourrcd about 3 o'clook. and ?gal
tha darknass added to ths horror ot th sltua HgaH
tlon. Th first Intimation that StaUsvlU raw H
lelted ot tha accident waa from passDgr. ,aH
Who walksd from th scan to th town. t.H
The place was aroused at ono and hundred IH
went ont to the trestlo and did all they oould 'vkH
to assist th sufferer. About lghty-flv pas ''IH
(sogers were aboard the train. It Is not knows s.gH
how tha acoldent occurred. It is said br lorn HfH
that thero was a misplaced twitch. Btat Vlannni
Auditor Sandarlln and Col. Bonnohan Cam vtH
ron ot th Governor's etaft ara amonc th .f
wounded. A M,
These are the killed! '7 yH
WiLLiAir West, engineer. Salisbury. N.-O, ' iH
Wamikm FnT, fireman. Hickory, N, 0. r H
' II. K. Ltnbtxb, baggaga snaster. BtattsTQl. ,'MH
W. M. Houston, Greensboro. N. O, 'I'H
P. DAmNETT, Ash 8 Villa. N. O, aaani
SA,MUKt, GonifAN, Afihsvllla, siH
W. E. Wissiiow. Ashovllls. 4aH
CnAitLEa Bennett. Hendersonvlll. IT. G, tiaaaai
W. J. Fisnsn, Campobollo, S. 0. !H,
J. B. Austin, niokorr. H
T. BnoDIE, New York. v'aann!
Th Bov. J. M. BrgER. ClnrkesTille, Ten. .
Mrs, Fool. Wllllamston. N. a "sanni
Jcliub Tueteb, travelling salesman, ''eaani
" Doc" Wells. Dorter. .daaani
JonN Davis, Btatesvllla. if'aani
Mr. McConurcK, Alexandria, To, 4aH
Miss Moons, Helena, Ark. 4aaanl
Threo unknown woman. lgal
Among others who esoaped with injuria JaH
mora or Isbs serious are Dr. Sandoelln, Stats -('
Auditor; CoL E. D. Cameron ot tho Governor; taani
staff; Patrick E. Hansom, Northampton county, .iH
N. a: Otto Ransom, Norfolk; Worth Elliott, $M
Hickory; Georgo Bowlos, Atlanta; Cob O. W. !f
Iiawson, Louisville: Miss Law Pool ot WIN ''taaai
llamson, N. G.I Mrs. R. 0. Moore, Hel IjB
na. Ark.: A. S. Link nnd wife, Lexington, aH
Ky.tR. N. Estos, Jr.. Memphis. Tenn. : John H
Gaga. Ashevlllo; R E. Johnston, Newberry, S. -H
0.; Conductor Sraugb, Sleeping Car Conductor ijaani
H. 0, Cleeper. and Flagman Shoaf. r'aaai
The train was composed of a baggage and -fnani
mail car. sacond and first class carriages. Pull 'aH
man sleeper, and Superintendent Bridge's j'nH
private car Daisy. &H
The sleeper was from Goldsboro. and, an jJgH
usual, contained many passengers, some from vaaai
Northern points. Nono on the sleeper escaped. '?fl
The run to BtatesvllI was mad on time. laani
Just after leaving Statesvllle comes tha high H
stone bridge over Third Creek.. The brldga "$B
was not injured and trains ara running on -H
rohodula time. ''
Mrs. Pool wns drowned before aid could ( ,$M
reach her. Throe bodies oi women bave not ' vH
bean ldenttOed. Ope Is that ot an old woman. H
Another had a tloket In her pocket which "
reads: " Mrs. Goorge McCormlck and mother.
Elmwood. N. 0., to Alexander, N. G. ;;5B
Tbo third had on her finger a ring engraved M
"T. II. W. to M. R. R." It la thought that all tjH
the bodies hare not been taken out of tha) fW
diSbrls, which is piled up so high that It Is tm 41
possible to make a thorough examination. .'H
Tha Rev. Mr. Sykes was a graduate of thn ,?jfl
Southwestern Presbyterian, TJnlvereltr ot - ''jB
Clarkevllle, Tenn. H
II had Just bean assigned to missionary li'H
work in China, and was to have left for that . 'af-.!H
country on Sept. 23. Ho wns married. Vifl
Miss Ophelia Moore, who was killed, and her H
mother. Mrs. W. E. Moor, who was seriously ' H
Injured, are tnown to belong to high soelal cir H
cles In Helena, Ark., and are well known H
throughout the South. They were returning ' -H
from summering In ths Bluo Mountains, H
The 'Weather. v H
rreeitng weather and froite oocurred tn tne Nerth- H
well yeiterday. Winter laid hold of that etotlon of th - H
coantry, lowering tha temperature to to degrees below . M
freezing at Mlnoedoea. Manitoba, to the freealuc point tt
at St. Vincent, Mlun, to ' above at llltmarok, and to B
u" above at Fort Jtuford and Aistnnlholne. The cold 'aal
weather attends tho movement rf an area ot blga V
preiaurs ot comlderable magr.ltude, ctmrlng all tha . H
country west ot tha MlitliitppL and eit.ndlogto th ' '
Halt ot Mexico. Killing frdtte ocourred la North D. ,
kota. and, with a clondleaa iky, are likely to occur this ';
morning In tt leconiln, lows, northwest Mtisourl, and H
Kama.. The cool wave Is epreadlng south and cast. ' H
ward, cau.lug a drclfhln temperatoro down to the H
Gulf. H ehonld gt h.ro on KafuTday In a modified H
form, bnt with incident fall todlip.no the penUtent , B
ahnormsl humidity. H
Shower fell eeterlsytn all the Arjantlo Ststee and . B
In the late regions hut were heavy only at Albany,
where 1 SO Inchee fell. ) U
In title city the day wai cloudy wltb occasional light fl
showers and much eultrlne.a. The bomldlty averaged ' B
H7 per cent, reaching as blgh as US In the mornlna and fl
evening. The same condttlone should prevail to day. fl
Tho hlgheet official temperatur yeiterday waa H3,
lowest Tu't wind south; average velocity 12 miles
an hour. I
Th thermometer st Terry's phsrmacy In Tits- Sua I
building recorded the temperature ceterday as follows: I
lapo.- Itl. isao. lsnt. '
8 A. M Tl 73 8 SO P. M .W art ,
DA. M 7 7J' r. M 70 HI .
SAM TH ir HI'. M 70 7S rfl
13 M 77 Sf 12 Ild. .., 72 71 , ,
Average yesterdav ,7a '
Average on Aug. 7, IUOD 1SH
uicit roRsoi.v. & '
lyocsl fOT.oa.t for twenty tour hours, till S P. H. ' .1
yrldayt ror eoutheMtern New York (Including Long i
leland), generally fair wtather, with a light shower 5
two; e'lehtly warmer, villi cvntinued sultrineu; ''
southerly, ehlfting to eouthwetlerly wludi; dearths: y B
nlghtor Saturday uuornlniri fair, cooler fiatarday. Fog 'fl
western ronn.ctlcut, cloudy and etiowery; stationary ; ,1
temreraturei eoctherly wlndi, lor northern Xt'w ;
Jereey, generally fair, eouthweeterly winds; ellghtly , .
cooler. I'. B. Ptiif, Local yorecael Official. ''W
wAniG-o roatc.r vill S r. m. rain. v. '
yor tli District of Columbia, Maryland, aud Delay ,U
ware, grneralty fair I rlday, except poiiibly showera ' .r
In Ihe erenlt ft'Cno er and fair haturdsy, (
roresti.rit I'rntiiylran a mfrn Aew rert, and Km .(
Jnttv. s'u.iUv fair durlny tht middle of the day; laeal ,,4
ioum In thr nning; vindi rairinc tfifroler norlAucii I
erlv rrrHjf nicsr; rooter fin ilr .vuriirdfii. Tp
Tnr western Now York, western renneylvsnis, and 'jn
Wt Vlrg nia, cooler, northweatrily wind.! local rain j
early In tlie day, fair la tbe alternoou, cooler aud fair 3,
Fatnrday. ,
The area of high barometrl prmttre tlitt hai been ft
nterliug the North Atlantic nceati .luce Tueiday haa f.
p.nelaay. That over theA'eat.rn Mates Is central H
over Kaneis and Netrska nnd 1. attended by pleas- 'I
ant, clear, and cnol weather frmn the Mia.Uilnpl blver "
we.twarib A shallow, u,w priiitire area lias devel I
op.d during the day over the bw.r lakes and another M
north ot Montana. The depr... Ion that hse been threat-
enlng to develop In the ea.t tlulf elncj a Monday le etlll i4
south of Alabama Italn b.e fallen la the Allantla V
States, also from Lake Michigan to Lake Erie. Jlalna "
will spread over Lake Ontario, bsw York, and New &
England to-morrow, and po.ethly showers in rennsyl- a.
vatilaandNew Jere.r, Ttte weather will clear oYeg 'y
the upper lakes an 1 during Friday evening loth Alle-, b
ghtmlee, and prohatly to tho middle Atlantlo elate 4
during Ihs night The itorru central north nt Montana , ;
wHl not likely came rain, but Increase th tempers- ''
turs In the .ortnwcit. The Intlu-nre of the fclth ;
temperature ihoatd csuie cjear and generally cool
weather wet of the Allcglianles. Friday night sad
Saturday; aud perhaps Sunday, elcar and s'UiUiUy

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