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Ill '
il!,' 2 THE SUN FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1591.
i I.onrllnc, the Upper Floor tVllb, lTenvy
; I Prlntlnit rrrn and Lithographing
Nlono Not Conternyt'atrd In the A re hi.
( 1 tec!' Plane Hnpeflnt -cedent Brndy Nnye
' I the IlloMcrwM t'miMd by an Expto.
'jjl alnn, hut the Architects llar With
i lllm-'lhe IMitrlct A.ltrner Htinnnoaa
!j Vltnese Coroner Halilr' lnry Vlelta
J tun ICulae More Itodlee Identified,
o Coroner Hanley has done well to secure a
tj jr.ry of expertBto dotermlno thr cause of tbo
' collapse of the Taylor liulluingln Fork place.
ij No one notan expert could ervar pick to pluces
i the mass ot contradictory lostlmony that will
,$ bs clvon and docld what cauBod the bnlldlcg
f tofr.il and who Is responsible for the foarlul
!i loss nf llfo. This testimony Is being gathered
a br acting District Attorney Gunning S. Bod-
Li ford. On tboono sldo Uutre aro Superintend-
ijj cnt of Buildings Brady, tho tenants ol the
'I building, end other Interested pou'sons, who
ig eny an explosion cause! tho nil; nmi
(3 on iho othur thoro nro men of oqual
jj lnlelllgetico aud knowledge-wlio Bnvtho bulld-
5 Inc collat-eod becauso It was. orvorrouded.
jjj Theio Is n thltd lot who nay that the building
311, j wits a death trap tinder any eircitinstmiees.
ill '2 nr.i! that It was rrlmlnal to put up Mteli n
Ij j ) Uui:. This last lot la composed chiolly of
KIJ 'i i Ann who liaTo hnuntod the ruina for tho
III ft nuriMe of forming "sdnntlQo opinions."
Mil j They arn headed ty an nrchltoet 'who made
Ml m himself conspicuous nt the ruina n .low days
II 1 sto by his " scientific assertions."
J Actlne District Attornoy Bedford hits Invited
III i all who well witnesses ol ihecollnpue tosond
11 ' thelrtinmos to him. He has also Invited others
II i tonirutostitnonr. Tiitalsntstpstof witnossos
I! ! far:
I itttdnlph h'tumtn. Jetm Me) en 1lnry Orotdlcb, Mr.
I 1 Robert II. Mark . .Miillelr, LouSe Poerleman. Pom-
(j Inlck Uerky, John welliett, (ieorge Fleher. Uebter
Kl j Uitii, Jokn Slijefer, William Pilrek f. C. bhelll, fred-
Iff t trie, ti Hoffmen r.uroiin and Prank Ileagney, Jamea
II , Imiu Herbert Gl more. hr. Hotj. liaao A Bbearu. am'.
Il' . I J. l. Weill.
ij Mr. Bedford lia? also soon lit to summon and
ij ' xamlne. npparoiitly a euiert", tome of tho
S ctentrflchaunl"i3"ho dldu't see tho col
iJJ lapse, and whojuiluo only from what ther have
Jj, s ireri Flneethn i! v.ter. Ho or hit rorreonta
j' a ; vo was closoti'U with ono of thcao men. an
Ig $ aichltcct,fornii nour or two vostoidar. l'er
m' 8 hnps when tho. .?tinc District Attorney finishes
HB: '8 with these wltn'--,' ho will send for tho archi
ll S tectswhobullttl.ohulldlnc.nndwhoknownhat
a) jj n was built of. what It wa built for. and how
IB, n,U' h "clsht It could reasonably support
jlj jf As has been tntod In Trtr. Bun. tho nrchl
j, H toctsnroT). m d J. Jnrdlneot 1.2G2 Itroadwuy.
m 3 Jlr. J. Jardlne told toaSt'.v leporlcr jojter
m !J day:
In 1 Tho buildlncwns noyT doslcnod for heavy
IE prossox. and anr no with common ssnsn
M wouldn't hno put prossps In it."
JM IS Jay H. Vun Norden.oneof tho firm of D. ,t 3.
M IB .Tuidini, showed TnrSfK man the plans of the
IB JE I ulldlni; jrestarday and exiilalnod nil about Its
1 1' IH toiiHtructlon. It was a flye-story brick with
1 1 jl .iT foot front on Tnrk placo and 33 feet dentil
C g 1,1, Oreennlch streot and was i'iT feet hUh. Tho
H U, lioat wall wan 20 Inchos thick, tho rear w.illW
S B ,'nclios. Tho most lnterestlnc part of tho plans
m H it, thai relutlnK to the supports of the floor.
Ill, W Throuch tho ceutro of ouch Door was a girder
B fS 'j by 11 Inches. This was held up
H 'II t r nine Iron pillars. Tho pillars ran
H P through the centra of tho bulldlns on
H , 'ij ouch Iloor. They were sixteen feot anart. On
H 'jj ' the first floor each waa 3 Inches in diameter.
II k on tho second S Inches, on the third 7 inches.
jpj ,iU the fourth 6 inches, and on the fifth S Inches,
U Tin- ross beams wore each 3 by 14 Inches and
Jl wire sixteen Inches apart. They were 15 foot
,1 r, .inches lone. They rested on the front and
K rear walls and on the clrder. through the cen-
jfl tro of the bulIdlDC. The ends were buried ia
W tho walls four Inches. Thin ia all according to
iff law. and in some specifications is moro than
ff than the law requires.
HI ' .My Impression, said Mr. an Norden when
fl he bad flnlshod the explanation of the plan".
)H "is that the building waB terribly overloaded
t nndvforth'it reason collapsed. Itwnsputtip
IP) ;oi n licht otflce bulldlns. and It was not con-
H tMiuplated that it would be used as a inachino
I ahop or a prlntinc or ltthocraphlne establish-
'I n'ntr"
1 To prove this assertion Mr, Van Norden took
Tuirn his safe 1410 oHrlnaiveTTnlt forthe build-
jj inc. Ji was tirauteJ in 18i2 nnd was i-lcnod
J " W. A. Ado.a. bupirluteDdent of IlulldinEs."
1 c It specified that the uses to which the buildins
i l whnto le pnt were "offices and lofts."
i -.V hen a -iiuN reporter nakod Superintendent
( of Jtnlidlncs Er.idv on Wertnesdny the oltlclnl
M nicanlnKot 'lofta'lie said: "Moraee or ma-
1 ehlnesor anythlnc: prlntlnc presses or Iltbo-
1 ul 'Iho reporter repoaifd this to Mr. an Nor
u den, who took frum the rate n little book con
ft 'tHiuine extrni-ts from tho buildine lnw anil
ID oihor tliines rolatlnctu luiildincs, and showed
L -Kytlint t(iat, mai'hlne shops, prlntinc ofllces,
l irf iiiufiinnrleB. and places whero heavy ma
in I vhlnoiv is UBod do not come under thohoad of
III "lolls." .
ffl I . "How much welfcnt were floors In tbnt build-
3I ' lnc Intention to Bitpport?" asked thoreporter.
.1 Mr. Van .N'onleu turned toatablo in thobook,
H ' mi 1 ooiuted out'iuO pounds to the suuare
'fo'd "
I - "The floors were perfectly safe wlih that
1 w."-:lit. ' ho huU. '1suih'0?o some ot them
fj I.m) ti-1, -ar four times that welcht. I bel!ivo
H tho bu l,tin' w.isdnncorously overloaded. The
welcht U sustained. I"'), was a constantly
lin ivaur, jiirrmi.- one. That luiulo It wdrse. I
would 'oiiJeituri that 2ju pounds of niovini:
H mnehi 'iv would Lh equul to 400 pounds ol
J! 'till w - it l t.ard,twi wee U aeo 1 tint the
I jl tiuildh , waovoev.llita. -A man In thoeui-
I . l'loy ul Ji ,'- ti. DiiiKUil. thojrnn men. wn In
H 'it. Ho satd he raw tons nnd tons of Ittho-
BraphinK stone pllod ut in the centre of Hie
'floi'r. U nut would be just the place 10 Kite the
13 wullbthe creiittst htrnln. The bulldliiif was a
n flronc rtiuctuie fur its klcd. 1 the wrlclit in
U ;iiii hinrs l,nl ln.en kont (julot, I entureto
B nil Iteouid l.aie bn l:ept.iheri untfl tliedar
of jiiilciiirnt, and tho buildlnK would havo
1 Mood, iiverwcrahted a It was."
j Jlti.Minir Superintendent Ilradr llted the
' I rains in 1 .1-1: l,vi irstorday. He said Ids io-
J iipitniit i- cniisK of tho Occident wa roady to
I be schiitltciltit theXireC'otnmlPsloners wnon-
I eVi-i lli'T Knrr tit In call for It. He mfuf-od to
I niak,-' it rsi' lie. It will say. as announced In
I 'I it B rt s yi slerdr.y mornlni;, that tliocollapsa
I was eaiifcd bv an explosion. This announce-
I icont waa verllloil by a notice whloh oun of te
I huporlntondent's men stuck up on Ihodnorof
I iheond of thn bulliltnc ibat did pot fall down,
U , In tb.lu.jKiili'e. nbich Is tlcuod by Mr. Ilrady.
'he OJllcially do;lnros that anexplolnn auef
'trr wreck, '1 ho notieo is braded: "In thomat.
JJ I ter o( the ungate buildlntc. KM. 711, 73 74, 711.
1 it and 78 l'lirkjiLieeond 347 Oreenwlih atreot."
IJ TJ10 uMct. in part, Is as follows.
I -)nu irJpevt nolle that ibo buldnffinuatt
I an the (rout ot !'.: lottnn tb uilitait corner ot Prk
1' 1 j jilsoo ul Cteeiiwich !ret ne been rtported
F 1 tomeM nrjasffl ami danferoue Id the roiloning r.
I j ei'tcli. In wt rhailn comeqoence of an eipluiion and
j 1 tlieco'laiee of the boiMtnjr reulltnir In a Pre eohieof
; I the reinalnlui saru ot eald Uiltdluc art una( and
IV danferoua.
J ITIk notice orders that the east wall of the
' Iff bulldlas No. 7ii be torn di.wn. tocetber with all
II the stairways, a part at the north wall, and all
Ij of tho south wall iwhlch remained atandlnsl f
1 j thecollapsod buildlnK. and that the daiiiAeod
I ' Birder-und all the floor and loof bams be re-
S moted. This amcunts to an oritn to tear
1 t down all of tfio bulldlna left atandinic.
1 A part ot the eildence that Mr. Ilrady will
' 1 t present to bik up hlsexpliirloii thturr will be
I ' rumples Iioru the thirteen arrets obrnzino
J nnd naphtha thn' wie found unextl-dad In
i thecellnr uudertha placewheiol'. W, Tilpue'i
1 diuu eture bad been,
I Another man who Is Interested in the ex-
I plosion theory, and who visited the wreck yes-
i terday. i .Mr. Unbierof tho firm of Utbler.t
I 1 MnnKr. He Intimated that the weicbt on tho
1 t ui'iu'i "nr of tB'e buildlnK was mora than
J aiiv mm ins set auspeoted.
n "Thiyo was not I.OOd pounds to the sinare
I font, "he said, "and any building that can't
9 etiml that oucht to be torn down."
'1 Mr, Llebler said his business nnd maohlnery
were msuted for ICu.OOO, and that be had lost
J The work of c'earlnc the street proBressed
i rapidly yesterday 'Ihe moiimaln of d.-hrH
;i hhrank perceptibly when attacked by the army
of workmeij. Jly to-nlcht the street will pi ob-
iiblybo clear ucalc. Ihe lire Hues nre still
I ' kept up, and crcat crowas jostle and shore
1 nsalu't the ropes, nntwiihstandine the search
I I, for bodioii Is oter. lesterdiiy'a crowd wcro
J I cnmpoBed pilnclpally ot womeu.
J Coroner Hnnly met the men he had stun.
I motiod for nirors at tho Church mreot poiico
a station at SoMiwh. ererday nlteinonu. Act-
fnK HlstriU Attorney liedlonl and Assistant
tJHtrfct Attorney Townseud were pieben',
m ! These jurors tool: the oath In the sguad loom;
; John I" Leo. architect. Poller tiulldmc
letrlclr ljuony foreman rit'Uiie preee rooui.
, William f. liliinrd cteiuiet. Hi Tearl ir.
5 , Joievh l.air.e. clij:cu dervrauv, .'cm.ruili.tiiriet. '
aSBSla .--.-1..
TlmMliy !tai, printer. IS Eat rnrty reTtnth itreet.
latrick Hall. rel late 7J But Mutli street.
Tlitolorel. limine, printer. M Lafsveite plate
JarneiW, Meitarron luperintendemof tba Hoe Tree
Wornr. .Al hen I'roadway. ...
Charlei II rleuoi, drucsUt Itooitcn and Meotter
Ali.ert n. t.e-tout ctiemlit. MDWeet Kiftletb ureet
laanitaftN 1 rnw hullder, 5 Meet yirtftlilrd itiael
Whiter Iiletfon. arrliltect. UIMe llotiee.
This Is what Coroner Hanlr had to say to
the jniyt
"Sou havo been summoned upon this In
quest to Imiulro Into the uiu'ouf denth of
sixty-one hnman belnea who lot their Hies
dttrlnBthfs terrlbU disaster, nnd to Investl
sate and inuulre Into the rattsx ai.d elreum
stances which brought nbont this ealatnitr.
which has brouitht doath and desolation iutu
the midst of soroany fnmlllos in this city and
the vlclaity.
" It is due to all residents In this eommunl
ty, hlen or low, rleli nr p"or, that this invest!
cation shall sift to the bottom all tho clrcuru
stanees eonnoctod with It, and fix the respon
sibility whore It toloucs. Yoa nre a Jury of
representntlie men, and I tmst that nu will
niv your nndifldednttontlontn the testimony,
nnd ask any uuesilonn which you doom perti
nent to enlighten j 011 upon any point upon ,
Which you wish to be cloar.
"J ho Ultrlct Attornoy is also represented
upon this Investlentlnn to cive his services In '
the examination ot witnesses, nnd at tho con- I
elusion (if this innulrr I nm suro that your
verdict will bo one that will Ihrowsomnllcht 1
npnn this inntterand Biro snlistactloa to tho
community nt lures. I
" I may haio something moro to ear to yon 1
nt the enpelnslon of this rnquost. but lor tho 1
tirosont 1 do not wl'h to delay this proceodinc
with any further remnrks for 0110 sliiRta In
stant, and 1 shall now nsk the jury to aniom
pnny me to the sceno ot the disaster at Tnrk
place," I
Thn jury then formed In lino and with
Messrs, llnnly. licdfurd. and Toinond at thn
head, marched to Far place, folloned by a bis
eiovrd. Ihe jury examined tho rHlns trior
ruchl". culnB llirough Hint portion of tho
bulnllhi; still stBndlnis. and wero then excused
until 1 uosriny mornlctc at lu.ao o'clock, when
the inquest will te besun In 1'nrt 1. ot tho
lionerul be-slons.
MintK nonir.aUDKNTJFirn.
Seven bodios were cUimed nt the Morcue
ynsterdny. luiiUItu; fift-to Identified In all.
Mnu bodies are unidentified. Hvnol them
nro sn nmnclod and burned as to be beyond
recnenlt.on. liescrUitious ot the reninlnlnu
Initi. us ttiriilsiii-d br tho olDctala at tho
M' rcuo. nt" clien lolow.
(if the lime list of rennrtod mlsslnc repnrtors
of ThkHI'n lerlllert tho namos of tweutt slv
1 ei suns supposed to have been In the bulldluc
at the time ot Its destruction nnd not heard
from since, llnny of the names nnd nddroises
clion. doubtless loi Ihe pui'tmso nf ciilllllm
access to tint Morstie nd Its scene nt horror,
were found to have no existence. Srnno or tho
persons actually nilsslnu when reported hno
returnod satrlv to tli'dr homos, littiers may
return The nulhorltlos declare ofllclally Hint
theio are 1.0 nioio bodlea In the ruins, and the
doctors an) that thn heitt ot thnfirowas not
sulliclent to consumo a human body entirely
KdllowltiK nre ihe nnmeaot thos Identllled
yesterday and a enrnfully compiled list of
th'ii-c perrons reported ini-alnc nnd proved br
the iniesticatloi'. of hrs reporters completed
ImIo Inst iiicht, to ho still absent from their
homos. Tliero way bo others mlsslnc. hut
t elrnnm"- up' unknown at tho nddressei
Blien br thoso who reported their nbsencj:
VF.sTrhDvi's inr.KTincATioNs.
niiMr, Williiv. u (irand street. Mei'tlfltd by hla
Hinintnrtft Cnjiatri. 34 Wallabom street. Wllltame.
burgh. Identified by I'blllp Baumgarten of aame ad
dre. Iionv RirntHn, 417 Weitera Bonlerard. Idenlir.ed by
bit brother.
KinciiNVR, fltBHAT, 018 Eait lsoth etreet. Identified
by hi mother
Mcl'nrrsoi. WtLtuw. 23 Oomlntck street Identified
by W. (l retlengtll of Buffalo
rTTrHoi. Ji-i v 179 HldrUf e street. Identified by
Charlre Chrcetenien
Wiii.tii: Tmouas. 13s Yartrk street. Identified by
h'e wife.
AstenrTT. Jons, sot Fast lloution etreet
Ct'Het, SiitRHis, 417 Trmh'street llrooklrn.
Pour, Fkki, 411 Weil Htty third etreet
DixATkRiTrn. Abraiiak, 141 Delancey etreet
FaEl'nfMtRiiii. Jnn, 7S Willtame avenue, Breoklyc
IteuHKM'iit, TiimnnnK, 33S lart Mnth etreet
ktARr. notiihT II . 3'JS Lafarelti aTenue. ltrooklyn.
MacI)osali. l t,.. lnnt'liee'eretreat Vrooklyn.
Uillkk, Loi 2tlUttmara etreet, Wlllltmibnrgb.
Tauu Ltpia, Co Clierrr etreet
Btatic!!. IVtLiiAu It, 10-1 MJjtewood avenne, Neerark.
Man. at out 2-'i years, Sfeetslnchee 10 pounds, near
ly all teeth mlMliur tialr burned Irom head and face,
black rlhued ci.nn troueer wnlte cotton undercloihee.
v ntte eoeki. nockete empty
Han. about it care A fee? 'J tnchee. tno Doun'le.
sandy brown ranueiache nnd iistr. rd. hlie and blue
striped ehirt urav eiriped trouiere wnlte cotton under
clolhet brown cotton eocke low cut elaellc calterr.
Msn. about JS year, ir pound no h.ilr. htnde rnUe
Inu. black corkerrew Ironeere white linen eblrt tarned.
down collar, wlitl cotton onderclothee. no Buck, goud
teeth, parr of hlack eaitn necktie, pockete ernpt.
Man atom .to leare. .- fret Ainchee 160 p.iunda hair
burned off. handa inhelnc brown and ajray etrlped
'trouaera. part of black enrkecrew eack coat t'tue nnd
white errlped cotton rhlrt turned down collar, wbtta
aorton eocKa.
At 9 o'clock last nlcht two sisters of Wllllnm
Harry, whoso body was IdutitltleU by his wife
at i o'clock, cams to tho Morcuo. They wero
accompanied by ov-As-emblvman Michael
llrennan of the 1-If lb district. The body ld-n-tilled
by Harry's wife was In box 2:1 O. Tbo
Unrrv sisters examined It closely, and said It
wasn't that ot their brother.
Tho nrcanizntlon of tho Itellef Committee
appointed by Mayor Grant on Wednesday was
effected at a nicotine held In tho Mayor's
office at noon yesterday. The Mayor eallod
the meeiliiE to order, and told what work Ihe
ommllteo was expected to perform, Kvan
Thomas was clecte l Chairman, and Itobert M.
Donaldson, tho Treasurer of the Lltbocraph
ers' llolldf lund. was made t-ocietary und
Treasurer. Ifo will be on duty In the Movr'a
oinco from lu o'clock until IJ each day. What
clerical help Is noeded will be furnished by
tho Mayor. , ...
Mr. Honaldson reported that there were
more than thirty families of litlmcraphers In
pressinc nvd of help. It wns tboucht that
ihere wero as many more outside or this trade,
andChnlrmanTtomns appointed William J
Havis. William I,. Drown, the Rev. Ur. Uooreo
II. Hopworth. nnd Joseph 1. c, Clnrko as a
sub-comnuttoe toascoitnin just who wem in
need of help.
Mayor's So're'arySpeor reported that $1041
had already bun paid Into tho fundi in ilow
of th" fnctthat immeillato relief mlirht be nee
esary in fomo cafes, tho Trensuier Mas au
thnrl7ed to contribute money in such cases in
amounts not oxc(edinc$")0 to anv one mmilv.
upon the ordei of tho Chnirman. The Commit
tee will meet analu at nn n to-morrow.
lit the mousy icceived by tho committee
tri21iV2J w-ns tnrneil oior to Treasurer JJou
aldson. The subscriptions received yosierday
John T. lockman f.v II U'ertheha A gon. ....tin
Charles A. ol Ictte . P'lee.tio in
tererelte ptone . 10 t'hkrlee A .-fhiern Ce. lu
lltu Mary tnekwood. s hoiton and eir York
Henry r, Bhoadee .... S cm Sole Co. . .. A
V Herane A ronB, . loo It B. Siimpenn k Bon.... In
JiJicPh . ritnn.. .. ... 2 llane Iteee e MinB 10
eorie lloadli .. .. to rherlee U Fn.dick.. ,. in
Ii. Uillie .lamre ..on - hicbard Vnunjr io
II ti. I.aphnm A Co . .. 10 M. I . i larendon A Ron . . f
Jrn b I. mi kley . . in J. it. Mine .tin lu
Milford. t ary A tonklln IQ Kaserweaiher A ldew. io
II Uallrrtlei Ill Bni10Teesot F, A. Itilnr
Itlille. Teple x i:ilera . . In lerAi'u .11
j! a M.oodr 5 F. A Rlngier Co Ci
Henry i,ude 'SiJefiere'iH t'lub r.n
,rii;r X'tninj fvi J iipnian Lith Co no
r P lovTty '-0 J I retimlentlial ft
WarflD a Srotrn ZU) Knlin Loeh A o . , S.Vi
Minion W. brookljn . liJohnll lAnodbury A
lluylere 'o Jatnee A. Iteara Sen. Inn
Frank T Fitiirera'.d no II. rnlllein a
john l McLean, for deom fchrtt 10)
empintee of h. V. Oerman Amer.can Jn
uieaeon N't s Co .... SS euranceCo inn
w k Blown .. . 1") Myers n Iiaae II
Members ot the 1'rcdiico Kxoh.iDge have sub
scrltiod HUi.'O.
The fit's tia received these contributions:
Kinployeee of the Jsa kempetor Frluilna; Cora-
T.W.I anIJ. It 2 (a,
AiioiirniotiB , a Ml
Miee I, Hree Jer"ov l ll ", . gi
Mr. Pchlrnier, Jerrey Citjr 2 ft
Ilespoiipiblo poisons can borrow from any
pollen i.'aptHln ballot boxes lu which to receive
contributions to tho fund.
This letter was leceired yesterday:
J"' en. 7im'i J tinmt. Vi-br.
H..AS sir I em rtire."et br gentlemen connected
with Mount lln 1 etnrlery. eltnaie t at Mourn Hone.
Weelrhmereoonlr. "n the line nr Ihe New York eud
MirliiernRal way, are mi es from tli. northern boon I
d.rrof 'he rltr ot Mrwloik to make proflfer ul a
burial l' ol. Ires nt choree, or eimclmt lieri.r ll.r.
Iiient of the iial'lenltned dead who IhbI their Urea at the
celamil) 111 Tart ulaca lait Kalunlar.
Thai alto cjreB tlier eniiinineM to put up an ai
proprrate and aulleUe uonumrnt ibereon Youre
Ira r, iliuacr I. Mustaccb, I'orutitroller
T.P. rtiiranjif 175 Monroe 'treat found In
tho dump on Wasliinirton street yesterday a
buticb ol kei. wb leu had evidently holonred
tn W, A, MacUonald. 0110 of the victims n the
dlsnater 4m ne them was a rejtlsl.'red key
elicok of the Marvin 8nfn Company, No. 3.b3s.
The keys are now at the office of the company.
Sfifi llroadwny.
By authority received from the Dock Board
the debris from l'nrk place Is belnc nsed to flit
In the ettenston of the water front at the font
of Vejer street, where the old West Washing
ton Market stood,
Tbo police of the East Slxty-seventh street
station a-rested Harry .J. Hiscock yeiUrdsy
fer BWlndllne the pi pple of that nelahborhooef.
Hiscock, it Is alleced, has been sollfltlucfunds
for the ostensible purpose .f reljevinc the
families ol the victims ot the Park place disss,
He represented that .ha was employed by a
morniuc newspaper, It Is said that be had
collected 113 when the police arrested him.
Top Ihe HufTrrera by (lie Park Place Dleuairr
Manager Sanger has arrnnoed for a per
foruiance at the Uroadtray Theatre next Bun.
day eveulni; for tho benefit of tho sufferers by
the Park place, accident. Araopc the volun
teers are the principal members ot the De Wolf
Hopir and "Tar and Tartar" opera com-
snles. Iiicharrt Mansfield, Rose ( ogblan,
alia FOx. flora Walrn, and twenty others.
stns. cottws st:nrAT pn.4.vo opt
of jnrw An an.umcn msr.
He Mhook Iter or and raeaped. Parsned
Itana Wtalra hy the Tlnekr Womaa
Perhapa a Pnl of Captured JTInralar
Uoere-ne Had r.nterrd two Other
llmisra Xeiir Mrs. Cohen'a nesldence.
No one wntches the sunimer oxoJub from
tho city to the country with sientor Interest
than tho burclnrs. and sneak thletos who In
fest New York. Theso centrr have illscoiered
that upper New York Is a profitable field for
tholr nnnoylnn labors.
On tho north i-ldo ol Hnst 131st street, between
l.exlncton nnd Fourth uvonues. Is n row of
thne-stoiy and baromont houses with neat
little cardens In front and hlch Btoops cxtoiid
lnc to iho parlor ftior.
Throe of these houtes wero biokon Into nt 4
o'clock yraterdar mornlns. The first house
entered was tho tesdenc of I r. J. 11. Camp
bell at isl. Tho Doctor and his lamlly .iro In
the country, and the burctar rans.iekod tho
h.usetromeellnrto earro; wlthnut Intcrrup.
Hon. Ho entiirodthipniib the cellar. A bipnl
In ti crAt na lu the Iront of tho collar lots In
Bht i"d air It H heddown by nn Iron
I hul n. 'llio Purclai- (mind it an easy mattor
to break tliisehnln ami r'l? 'IjoBiatliiij.
The tliletoxamliieil overylhlnc In the house.
Ho tuoke In ! Io. Led rooms, and broke open
tiutik- and wiiiilrnbos. How much tie st 10
cannot bu told until some member ot the turn.
lly returns i.nd tnkos 1111 luventorr of what re-
Tlie'reldiMico of .Tacob Franks at 1 .IS wns
next U-lted. Here. a l.elore. Iho liuisinr
liioko throuch the telmr Bntllnc. but found
the door londnic from tho cellar tn the tipper
part of tho ImuRO boiled. J heie waa a trunk
lit the 0 llur ami Io drnccei it to the
oponincthroi ctmblcli he had enteroj to havo
Ii liandy tn us.i as a stop in c.isi- bo dlsturh-d
tho Ininiites of the hon-e. Ho broke open the
trunk, but lound nntlilne. ho cared to take.
Ho too' eonio, wine thoiiKli.tliat lie found on it
ediolf nndden.irted without nttemtitlnc to not
un-tnlr-. Mr. rni'iks's fnmily woro nt homo.
Mrs. .Matilda Cohen. 11 widow. Hi os at 111.
with her lJ.jenr-old dnucMcr l.llllnn and 11
Hrrinnt who lies been w.th tho lamlly lor
eloieuycais. The burclar visited lieriinuhc
next llefonmsti bme kupwn that ho ha I
only womon to deal nith In 'his house, lor ho
not only broko Into the collar ny hi" laiorlio
routo, but ho examined eiiirytlilnc on each
floor of tho house until bo r a hod the s'.ejp
luc npartmcutson 1I10 ililnl 1 opr.
Thn sortant Annie Is rt Unlit sleeper. Thn
huiclar had ransacked lior room ami secured
her p.iekotbook. nnd wns preparinc lodei art
uhon Annie awoke. The burglar htpopert tor
wnid to conceal Ids face, and Atinln jumped
out of bed and selred him. 'Iho tblof Lrasped
her by tho thioat and threatened to heko hoi-
II she made an outcry. Tl.en he thiew bor
vlole'tlt lroni him and fled iiown tno (-tnlr-wat.
'the woiuiin screamed as loudlvand as
lupldlv 11- sho could, while the dasliod down
stiilri alter the thief.
The cries aroused the household, and Lillian
Cohen ndded her streams 10 th servant ,s.
Mrs. Cohoj ran to ihe front window and
shouted " I'ollco." but no pol ceman came.
lty this time the entire nelcliboi hood was
aroused. Mrs 1 ranks did not know tho bnrc
lar had been In her lioue. I ul she helped Mr-.
Chen ' all for the police. The women com
plain that nlthoUKh seiernl men beard thorn
scroani for help nono volunteered to nslst
thoiu until convinced tbnt the burglar had
' In the mean time tho bnrclar had rolled half
waydowi. the purloi statra in his haste toes
c.tpo. but bad picked himself up at tho bot
tom, ai d. runnlnc down tho basement stiilrs.
had escaped by tho basement door, which ho
had tnkou the precaution to open. He lost tho
boitloof wine he hod stolon at .Mr. I rank a
It was afterward lound on tho south sidoottho
Policeman Collins was -on post In 121st
street. Mr-. Frnnks says heanpeaiod on tho
scone twenty minutes alter the birclnr had
made sood his escape He was on tho Pleas
ant nvenuo otitl of his post wnile tho burclar
w.is at work near Fourtu avenuo.
The Kendalls Shoot Two or the Inrvlaea
and Kill a Ontstdrr.
Gkoiwetowk. Ky., Auc. 27. For somo nocks
bad foellnc has existed between the Kendall
and Jim Is families, in this county. Lnst wook
tho Kendall wnlermolon patch wns robbed,
and It was reported that the Kendall- tboucht
tho Jarvisos robbed it. This angered tho Jnr
isrs. and wh n the Kendall liouo wns
Btoned It wascharired tho Jarilsoswero cet
iuc even, l'eace warrants were sworn out, nnd
the trial wns set for t' -day.
This mornlDK M. P. hendall nnd his four
eons-Geoice. " Popsy." Milton, Ji., nnd it. It.
cam to town annod with rifles, ehoicuns. nnd
pistols. The Jarvls tirothers .lohn. Uurrell,
and Hade also came, but tho best information
Is that only one ot them btouuhtacun. On
caching tonn John Jarvls vent Into the har
bor fli"l' ot Hen hni asr, colored, at the roar of
the Court House, and lelt a cun. About '.I
o'clock he returned nnd cot it. Just as Jnrvls
naclicd Iho uoor Milt Kendall. Jr.. wan had
fias-st-d, but was lookine back, turned nnd
eiellod hla Bun at Jarvls nnd fired, the ball
pnssltiB throuch Jarvl-'s lime-, killing him.
Uurrell Jarls went liurri. dly into a
bnrdware store and asked lor n snn. Just
then "Milt" Kendall, the fitibor. apnea e(i
at the door with a musket. Jarvls was in his
roar of the aims when Kendall tired. Thn ball
struck Mr. Montgomery, the owner ot ti o
store. Kendall Immediately threw dowu thn
cun. drew a p stm, nnd started for JnrvK wno
had spruns throuch a rear window Into n
small yard, beaching him. he fired, the ball I
passing through llurroll Jarvis's lungs, m0.
tally noundlnc him.
Montgomoiy lliod nlv a few moments. Ho
was in no nny tonnected with the trouble. He
whs a ptomliient and worthy cltl?on. Coroner
of the county, and leaves n In' no family. John
Jarvls lived nliout three hours. Alter lomo
delay tho Kendal's surrendered, wi.ro dis
armed, uud are now In jail.
jvst jr.L exouan 10 bk is jiosvitat.
Hnllen le Xot Too III to be Let On, hut He
Is Too III to he Locked Vp In u I etl,
Lawyer John D. Ha'len of 205 I'rondway,
who was arrested on Wednesday nlcht by De
tective English ot tbo Tonb-Court squad ill
proceedings Browing out of the ulloKod force ry
of aboud in the divorce suit of Wm Myers
ncalust Susan II. Myers, was not taken 10 com t
yesterday. After his arrest Hallnn hml mes
sengers scum ing around, lookine for a bonds
man. Ho was unable 10 cct one. though, nnd
when tlm iletectiv Intormi"! I. Im that bo must
be locked un he i-nld Im wits III and de
manded to bo taken 10 Ihe hosp't.il lie was
remoied to tho Chambers Street Hoplta'.
kisterday Detucuto KnclKli wo t to the
hospital and neked that Hiilieu be surrondor-il
to him. The doctoi In chnrxo roi lle.l that
Hnllen waa unablo to furnish ball, and snld
thvt It would not bo liubt to lo"k lit in up in his
present nenoim eondltloe. llnllon mm not
ton III 10 he allowed to co. the doctor said, but
he was too sick tn bo locked up In a coll.
Thedeteetlvo reported this injustice Dlvver,
and Ihe Justice snld tljat Hnllen would li.ivo to
be ptoduced In court this morning.
Mir.v r.n oii.mork has nkt.
Until of Them Hay that the Mnnnaer V.
aullrd Them They tVnnt Iliiruucee.
A few days nco Manager Edward O Oilinnie
of Nlblo's had a little trouble witb'.lohnC.
Hull, one of tho doorkeepers nt tbo Madison
Biiunre Gaiden, who disputed bisrichtto nd
mission without n ticket. Bull ullages that
Mr. flllmora assaultod blm, and he instructed
I.nwrers I.cvr. Ilonso k Friend Io brine an
action for t'l.OiX) damages. The lawyers sent
a clerk. M. H. Orrimaii to servo 11 summons
nn Mr. dilmore. Whun Grosman retumeii 10
theoillee on Mnir'ay mnrnlne In-told hK om- '
Plojers that he had been ns-milteil. I. e loi.nl I
Mr, wllmore' in iho rtlninc ronm of thn JiiutiH.
wick on Satuiday and sored th-sumnn ns.
?'hen, he sate. Mi, Oiemnio denied that ho wns
'.. G. tit! more, and mid that Iih was Pair ik
Hnrslleld Ollinoro. Grossman eltised tn re
colte thiisuitimona back, and allelic that (ill
more caught loin by the neck and 1 hok'ed lilni.
He wants doiiiages. too.
Noihlnrj could b learnnd nt the Drunswick
Hold le.tcrday of the ullesod aseuult.
ISfciorlace In Clerk MHaTlcton'a Accattnta.
Arthur W, Mlddleton or 1,130 Fourth avenue,
Brooklyn, was employed as a clerk In the office
of the Atchison, Topeka and Banta Fa Hall
road Company at 2C1 llroadway, for ten years.
Ha resigned In March Inst and became the
manager nf the Philadelphia branch of the
Massachusetts Mutual Lite Inaurssce Com
panr. Seiernl weeks aco another man was
appointed in Mlddleton place 111 the railroad
oftloehere. In going oTerthelatter'ssecou ts,
it Is alleged, hodiscovered aeboitageof tl.Juo.
Ho Informer! tho matiacer, nnd the ease was
flven to DeteetHaiMcLnuiey aed K'llrieuof
iiniector Ilyr ie's statr. Thov rot a wnirnnt
lor Mid Helen's nrnst from JiimIc Dlivnrnt
tne'Ii'inbs Police Conn iilnl fened it lilies
days JB . lieiiul'lilnn paper were made out
ami yesterday Mlddleton was bioucbt to this
eltr. Uewasbeld In 11.000 ball.
. The charge on which Mlddleton was arrested
Is the larceny of I7.V3. whleb beoollected from
Nicholas Mullerof 420 Broadway, Other com
plaints will b made out later.
cavt. ASor.Kirs airEa vr.
n Itenehea Knrope oa a Steamer lastead
t oa Ilia Irory Mermaid.
Londox. Auc. 27. The British steamer El
bnif, Oapt, Brown, ftom llalllmore, Aug. II.
nrrhedat Antwerp to-day. On board other
was Capt, Andrews ot tho dory Mermaid,
which sailed from Boston soma time ago on a
transatlantic taco with the dorr Sea Sorpont,
which was sailed by Capt. I.nwlor. The Sea
Borpent arrived nt Coverack, near l.l7.ard
Point. In tho Kncllsh Channel, on Auc. 6, and
some days afterward nn Incoming vessel re
ported that sho had spoken tho Mermaid a
long distance from the Kncllsh coast.
The fact tbnt Capt. Andrews Is on board tka
Elbruz Is taken to ludlcato that ho has Riven
up tho race or also Mint soma accident hap
poned to his boat, that made It necossary for
him to lent 0 her. '
A later despatch from Antwerp says that
Capt. Andrews became nxhausted tn mid
ocean, and. in conseuuonce. when tho oppor
tunity ofTored. abandoned the rnco.
Capt. Andrews was interviewed on his arrival
nt Antwerp. Ho said ho bod sood weathor
until tliirtr-llve dnye out from Boston, when a
storm com pol led him to reef sails nnd allow
his boat to go beforo the wind.
, Tho Mermaid udrnncod very slowly. On
Auc. IG atorrlblo wovo filled tho Mermaid with
revon lnchos of wntcr. Tho same day ho met
Iho steamer Btar. from Shields, and profited by
a lull toompty his boat of water and put every
thing In ordor.
On tho noxt day.the tempeot broko out with
renewed violence. A wavo capsized tbo boat,
ahd Capt. Andrews, who wns In tho cabin,
thought ho was lost. Ho prayed to God, "Tor
the sake of my family cive mn another chance,
and I ebnll stop this business!"
He managed to open tho hatch, nnd, swim
mine round the vossel. clltnbod upon the keel.
There ho clunc by a iopo for half an hour,
when the.iessol righted, but everything had
been lo-t.
He closed himself In the cabin. lighted the
lamp to warm his hands, and rotualned tho
wholo night dripping wet. lie passed two
days nnd nights In tho enmo way, and thou by
labormis work put things in pnssable ordei.
He saw a shark following mid hnrpooned it
In the eye. Tho storm continue.! nil the time,
tho wind blowing with .tuch force that when
ho opened the hatch tho little wind that ho
respired caused a sound llko n big whistle.
Tho lamp oil was now oxhnustod. Doing too
fa'lguod to keM watch, ho lav on tho bottom
ot tbo lout for four days. On Hatutdny. the
22d. tho water was exhausloi!.
On tho same day he r-nw a black point nf
smoko on the horizon, nnd two hours after
ward he found himself aboard tho stcamor
Cnpt. Andrews asked for ba InBt nnd water,
dc-lilncio continue the vnynce In the Mer
muid. but Capt. Brown stroncly dissuaded
him. insisting that he should remnlu on ths
Ell rur.
Cnpt. Prown cavo Cant Andrews the first
warm food ho had touched in two months
Cnpt. Andrews was thon so feeblo that be could
pot walk, nnd ho remained prostrate lor two
apt. Androws. who Is only 48. looks 55. IIo
declarosthnt he will never attempt the voyago
again. Ho is n olnni maker, and has n wlfo In
Boston and bovcral children and grandchildren.
2Yew Cnnew Ireseloplns: nt the Rnte of 4lx
teen n liny People Ought to Iloll the IV liter.
Nf.wahk. Auc. 27. Board of Health Physician
Titus continues In his i-ecretlie state ot mind
nnd po-itlvcli refuses to give any information
to reporters on tho subject of typhoid fever.
Yrstoidny tho reportots wont about tho city In
rearcb of Uphold fever statistics, and they cot
thorn. They learned that within the past
thirty-six hours over two dozen new cases of
typhoid fever have been rototred to Dr. Titus.
At St. Michael's Hospital the Sister in charge
Informed tbo reporter that there were tw entr
three typhoid cases under treatment there. AH
of them wore attributablo to Impure drinking
water. Most of them wero caused by drinking
well water, though not a few wore alck from
drinking tbo water supplio'l by the city, lhn
rusier said that they usually manageil tnsavo
the llfo of it lyiliold t'Utleut if tbo lever was
not romplicated wl.h pneumonia or o'.hor
'J ho physician In charge of the Germnn Hos
pital leiortOi tbnt ho had live tjphoul patient-,
loin moii'iiiid a woman. There are MX
1 aso-, in the Ci y Hospital and four in St. Unr
nabus llcsiutal.
ihor 11 dozen physicians were Interviewed,
and overyoneot them admitted that ho wns
treating onu or more t pin Id I atlciits. Dr. if.
G. DiefTenbnch has eight essoj in hand nt
iTO-rnt, Dr. Charles J. Duffy has (lio p.ttlents.
Dr. Albert I-ley has ninu patients sutlcrlnc
from drinking impuie wntor. Dr. II. Hnux lias
two ca-es. Dr. D. D. Mulcahey has three ty
phoid patients. Dr. A, I. Wendell has sovon.
Di. I'. Nngtr bns three, and so had Dr.
KchwarF, but ono of his patients died ester
day: Dr. il. V. Itodon has three casos. and Dr.
i T. P. lCdwards has the samo number.
'Iho illsoaso 1- not confined to any ono sec
tion 1 f the eity. but is spread all over il The
rich nnd tho poor nm atltlcied. though with
tbi-iiiiii Tt nee. Unit thero are many moro poor
people sick Iron: water drinking than rich peo
ple. On upi er Warren street and on South
Ornngj nieiiuo. where thero aro many tene
ments nnd so.eral wolls nnd pumps, tho num
bor of pooulo nlllivled vrlth tho feier iagieat-o-t.
On Wnnen t-treet theio is n well, uud
lorlyfoetdi taut is aco-epool. ro groat is the
fciirot tbo wnt r ibat many peoi In refuse to
use It. Thoro nre ecveral companies In elv
ark which mipp y sptlnc and mineral waters,
,ind theto havo taken udvnntoce of tho scare,
nnd mo elllng large iiuantlti'B of spring
water at the rain of Ml cents for five callous.
NotwitliHtandlnc the fact that in most of tho
forti-llvo hospital cube- the disease was attrib
uted to ilrlukli k woll water, Dr. Titus insists
that this is mi-taken ground, and Mint less
than oiie-fninih of tlm ease should bo blamed
to til" wells, wiile tho remaining cases nro
traeeublo io Passaic Water. He says ho i egrets
nothing which he has said against the nuue
duct W.lt'T.
Mnee Sundar moinlnc forty-six or forty-i-evon
cii'ch of trtilioht have been leported tn
Dr. Titus nt ihn lieid'h Hoard ntllee, in the City
Hall, one-third of which aie In the Sixth ward.
Dr. Thus did not give this information, hut
such is tno lact. lUht tho nnmo. It was also
Ion nedtliat In the past thirteen ilnv thero
hn'vu been sixteen dentil- from typhoid fever.
Mam weds are now boiug examined, and with
in n fow dnys a number of them will bu clcsed.
in ic wnoxa house.
It waa n Hollar Hore riven. Xot a Ten
dollar Horse Tilth Oildx.
William 11. Tilly suo 1 Charles I'- White In
Civil Jmtlcu Claiici'ri coin t icptcrdny for a
rum of iiiouoy which Tilly said hu had won on
n liuiro raco nt Giittei:hiitB. N. J., recently,
Tilly sins he lsalaw elerk and Btouocrapher
at 1.0U4 Pacilln street, liiooklyn, White Is a
broker or commission ncent in the hoi so rac
ing business at 123 Park row. this city.
Tilly said that on Aug. 10 ha went Into
White's placo and, after Inqulrlne what the
quotations for tho day wero on the Gutten
burg r.vo track, put do'vn a ten-dollar note
w ltd odds nf '2't to 1 on tho horse Itancocas to
win in the second rnco that da He also paid
tho coinmlssnn (cent ten eents. Ills stake
of JiU with the odd- he took would entitle hi in
to J15 If his horse won. llancocas, he said, did
win, and li ilntnuudrd the money nt WhUo's,
but it wn- leftiHcd him.
Ho admitted heiould nots-earnf his own
knowledge that llancocas won as ho whs not
nt th" tr.ick In this illTtciiliy ho wei t Inlo
the enemy's cnoiii and called his opponent
While, to the witness stand, hoping to provn
tlio fact by White hlni,'oVfi but Wldto sanl ho
was not on the race course that day. nny moro
than Tilly, and toiild not say, except from
lieatsiiy, whether llancocas won or not. Tilly
was thus nonplussed to prove legally that
Itancocas Won but finally tho fact was ad
White said In his defence tint It wns a ease
of "wronc horse" and misstated amount.
Tilly had not 1st nu nancocas atall. but on
another horse. Klinftsn: nnd be had paid, not
110. butll on Kbattnn even. 1,2,3. White was
borne out In Ills statement by his cashier,
(lenrg'i Knight, who said further that Tlllv.
when Informed there was nothing coming to
him, wanted to know If he could not he allowed
to transfer his bet to the horse Hlackburn,
which waB against business rules and not per
missible. Justice Clancy decided that Tilly bad not
proved his ckse. and dismissed his complaint.
" I bate had lh pleasure, any way, or crohiB
MiIb thing through," was the remark whisper
e l by Tlllv on Undine himself I eaten.
" ou'io just luckv. If 1 wasn't bnsv I'd
trail ion" whispered the victotlous White
over to him lu reply.
laapure Crotoa Water,
roaUmliated Cretan water te made abaolstaty enr
by tba raitasr Oern-rroof kilter. H.amlue 11 st I.8JU
Broadway, aeax WtU lt.-.ee.
rovit of ixsrncTort nrnxrs's jtTArF
SertTcanta Coaajrove nnd Pogarty Two or
Thetn-Flve Neraennta Traaaterred-Tho
Potleeaaan Who Wontda't Itny a New
Vallorm Itlamlssed Prom the Force.
There was a shake up In the detective office
yesterday. At thn roiuest ot Inspector Byrnes
tho following memlers of his staff wero re
duced to the ranks by the Police Board ami
remanded to patrol duty: Detective Sorgcants
William I'. Cosgrove, who is belter known as
Frank Cogrove. and Dennis J. Fogarty. and
Detective OfllcoH Jehu Lake and Joseph V.
Dotoctlvo Officers Chcrles Jacobus nnd
Frank N. Evnnhoe were promoted to be detec
tive sergennts and assigned to tba places ot
Coscrove and rogarly.
"Police reasons nnd for the good of the ser
ilea," was tho explanation glton by Inspoctor
Byrnes for the changos In his olTlce. The ru
innmllng of (oioo tn patrol duty caused
much surprlso in tho department. Ho Is one
of tho best-known dotcctlvoa in the force nnd
has for years boon one of Brrnes's trusted
lieutenants. Ho has been connects 1 with the
olTIco since tho dntci tlto squad was orcntilml
undor tho present syatom in 1880. Neglect of
duty Is tho roportcd reason for his degi ndutinn.
He boos to tho Tremont squad. At H o'clock
this ntornlnc lie will report lor duty. i'on t!.o
uuliorni. nnd co out un patrol. I'liunrty wns
sent to West lortv.. seventh street. I nko tti
(lunch nttoet. uuu Woolrldgo to Old slip.
Focartv hn been In thodoteetlve elllc- about
twjijenrs. It is siiltl ho wns reduced becnuso
ol Inefficiency. Woolndco and I.ako ranked
as patiolmon, but wete a-slgiiod to .peclnl
duty They did not fill tho places to ttio sails
taction of tho Inspector
Patrolmaji William A. Lynch of West 12.7th
street, who has mieateiiiv refttsod to huy a i
now tinl.orm. wns iIIsmiIbscU irom tlio forco
jn-terJay. Mourned tilllcer OeOrgo II. Shaw
of lllcii Prince was llnod leu dt pay for
being rour hours absent Irom roll cull. Patrol
nun P. .1. Miiti.thnn of Miilimi stieet u il
tl. . Hinilh of Kat Twenty-second street i
wero fined Iho dnys each for elnbb ng cltlrnns.
The chargo ot intovic itlon acninst Setgonut
fieorcii Dietitian oi Wost.Thlrti-seventli street
was dismissed. Ho iriisteprliunndtM lorfall.
Ing totelecritih tlm account of an nc ddont to
healiiuariors. and for failing to enter it lit
tlionioriilncretiir s. Sergean G, O'Brien wax
lotulmanded rorlnlllnc to enter in tho desk
blotter tho faot of his ubsoucu from tho stailou
On iho motion nf Commissioner Vonrhls
SirceanisNnthanlcl Hhlionf Tlfth stroet and
Jncob Welsluc of Old slip weto nrderod to
ehnuue p'nees. It was only n wcofc ngo thnt
Welslng w.is trniiRinrred Irom Ultli street,
whero he had d"ne duty lor venrs. to Old slip,
to ninko room for herconnt John ilullaghar
'J his wasdono on thn motion of Lommlso'ier
Martin (inllaclior. who Inul boon ut tho Pifih
street station lor a number of years, was sent
to Old sllti somo six or eight months ngo
Last week ho w.i- sont back to hlsoldpoBt.
Politics has something tn do with tho changes.
Sergennts Albert W. McDonald of Twenty
second stteot and James (Julgloy of I nlon
Market wuie alfoordoied tochango places.
1,'ulgloy Is the clinmpli n wrestler of th de
imriiuent. Ho was transferred at his own
Henry Hauschild, a patrolman attached tn
tho Llirnbcth Rtreet statlou, resigned. Patrol
man John D. Markey nf tho llroadway squad
was transferred to the Grand t ontrnl Depot
squad. Martin O'Connoil of Past Sixty-sev-entli
street wns sont to tho Broadway squad.
Boundsmon ChnrlesA l'nikln-on of Moreer
street. Oeorco F. Bach of I nst Sixty-seventh
street, rrederlck Piot of Fifth street, and
Kdwnid Hayes of Leonard street were de
tailed us acting Sergeants temporal lly.
A'EH'S OF TltR JtAIl.llOAD..
A Consolidation ot the Lehigh Valtere
New tlersey Terminal Llnee KfTected.
The consolidation of tho Lehigh Valley's
minor railroad linos In New Jorsey was com
pleted josterday. The toads in question are
tho Itosello nnd South Plalnfleld. Newark nnd
llosello. Jersey City. Nownrk and Wostorn.
Newark and Jersey City Terminal. Newark
Bailroad, Nowark nnd Passaic. Jorsoy City
Terminal, and the Edgewator Bailroad. Tho
now line Is known as the Lehigh Valley Ball
road Terminal Company, and tbo chief execu
tive offlcors of the Lehich Valley ltailrond ware
electod to corresponding ofllces in the Ter
minal Company.
Prosldent Miller. In tho annual report of the
Milwaukee and St Paul, giien out yesterday,
denies that the principal railroads In the West
nro overcapitalised, and assorts that these
roads cannot Le duplicntod for their present
capitalization. On tho rnte question he says:
" During the past yonreflorts to improve the
peneml situation cave rise to the Western
Traffic Assoelaiion. which has this feature
that especially distinguishes it frnm-otber a
Boclations, that t"e go online authority lasts
In tho Hoards of Directors of ths various com
panies. It Is not to be expected that It should
nt unco cuio nil the evils it has to deal with,
but it has eeitainly bcuu ot valuable aid to
railway lutorcsts."
Whether by aceldont ordeslcn. somo of the
roads in the Northwestern blind passenger
pool have been furnishing erroneous tcnte
ments of their bulness to tho Advisory Board.
The porcentaces aro inado up on tho basis of
ihese sintoments. unit tho result of such errors
might be a diversion ol considerable t rattle to
n lb e thnt is not entitled to It. Chnirman I'ln
loy bus notllled the Interested roajls that they
must Isstto revised statements n! percentages
lor the monihs of Juno and July.
A Baltimore despatch says: "The .VamiAir
f.irV Jtnonl nnnouuees that a largo interest
In Port Itojnl, S C. which has the deepest har
t'Or south nt tho Chesapeake Bay, has beeu
purchased by English cardtnllstH represented
In this country by the Jiitvis-Conklin Mori-
face nnd Trust Company ot Kan'ns City. Mr.
'at Cnlhoun nnd othors eonnoctod with tho
Iii'-hmond Terminal system will be associated
with the puicbasers, the intention being to
ilovelop foreign oxpoit business through
this port, nnd to divert henvy Wostern ship
ments via steamsbio lines from Port Boyal to
Europe. The American Association, limited;
tho Kncllsh company, whloh has built up Mld
dlesbotouch. Ky.. and which nwns nearly loo..
000 acres of coal lands, is preparing to develop
new business for that part of tbo South by
buildine up a coal-shipping business from
l'ort itoyal, a tho Norfolk and Western and
the Chesapeake nnd Ohio railroads have dona
at Norfolk und at Newport .vew.s."
Mr. Corbln said yesterday that there was no
truth It- the report that the Long Island Hall
mad would tetnote Its freight terminal from
Lone Island Cl'y to Hny Itldge: nor has tbo
company purchased an'y water iroDt rocently
at the latter place.
General Managers. T. Smith o' the Denver
and l'.lo (iiande bns resigned. It Is thourht
that he did so out of sympathy lor President
Moffat, who handed in his resignation Inst
week to tho Board of Diroetors. Other resljj.
nations are expected.
The Canadian t'enaua.
Toronto. Aug. 27. The fV7nu commenting
on tho census figures, says they nre disap
pointing. It shows that whllo the population
of the United States has doubled itself rvcry
thlrty yoars, the population of Cnnadu has not
doubled Itself lu forty yeais. It savs: "The
percentage of increase In the reputation of
Canada durinc the lnst ten years has been loss
than twelve. Some overcrowded Etirnpenn
countries have often done better, while tho
peicentage in the United States from IHWito
18S0 was24.HS. In tho United States the culii
by natural Incronsewas 14.40 percent., andtho
calu bv immigration 10.45 per cent., so that
our neighbors gained more by natural e-xpan-sion
alone than wo havo by natural oxpanslnit
nnd .Immigration both put together. The In
crease In the population In the Dominion dur.
Ing tho last ten rears has been tindt-r SOj.oou.
A rllrnm Wrrrklac TilK Benched,
jArseiONVir.LR, Fin., Aug. 27. The steam
wrecking tugHescue of Merrltt's Wrecking Co.
of Now York arrived hero at noon to-day for
coal. She was en route to assist the wrecked
steamer El Dorado. On Aug. 23 she struck a
Bale south of Jupiter, on the east coast of
Florida, and started a bad leak in her store.
After neavlna to for half a day she Bqnared off
for St. John's Bar. arriving there yesterday,
Capt, Lecato at once beached her and repaired
the leak as well as he could, and then came up
here, bha leaves for Kay Wait and tba El Do
i ado to-morrow.
Impaled oa a t'ourade'a Bayonet.
FuANKrotrr. Ky., Aug. 27,-Harden Davis of
Harrodsburg. a member of a militia company
on Its way to tho reglmontal enoampment,
lumped playfully Into the air for an apple und
Incomlngdown was Impaled on the bayonet
of a comrade, Thu bayonet went through his
head. He was a member ot the Buckner itlllo.J.
who wero waiting hero for ,1 train.
Il le very Important la tble age of tbbI material prog.
reu that a remedy be pleaelng to Ibeiaete and totlie
eys, eullr taken, acceptable io Ibe etomech end
kealthr la lu nature and eftecie rnraetelng theee
Qiaililea. Hrrtip of Flga ! tba on perfect laxallre ana
xuoet gentle diuretic known. -joe.
.jjffifo ALWAYS TaKcs
raoKlMG TbQftcco
P.ncke-l in patent canvas
pouches, which retain the natu
ral moisture of the tobacco and
insures a cool, sweet smoke to
the end. More solid comfort in
one package of "Mastiff" than
you can get out of a dozen
J. D. Pnco Tobacco Co., Itielimonii, Virginia.
Cnwiphcll nnd Hitntlnaton Hare an Eaay
Victory nt Newport.
Nr.nronT, Aug. 27. 0. 0. Campbell nnd B. P.
Hiintlnctnn, Jr.. nre the double champions of
the t tilted States at lawn tennis. To-day they
defeated Claronce Hcrbnrt and Valentino O,
Hull In threo straight sets. In 18110 Campbell
v on tho double championship wllh V. G. Hull.
Lnst year ho won tho slnglo championship,
but lo-t the doublos with Httntlngion at Staten
Island to Unhurt nnd Hall, To-day the tnblcs
were turned, nnd Campbell now holdsboth the
'Ingle and doub.e championship of the United
bttitos for tho first time.
Tho playing ot Campboll and Huntington
was Iho best double game ever played here.
Their toim form was especially good, and but
fow balls got past them. They both played
thu not as ofton as was ronsouably sate and
volleyed swiftly nnd acctiintoly. A noted fea
ture wits the vnilety of their im dos ot play and
tho nuiiibor of times thoy "lolibed." Campbell
wnscleiiily nt his best, lie woiked wllh great
confidence, but with a tilde too much eager
ness nt times. Huntington put up a remarka
bly troun' game. He volleyed well, covered hts
hull of the court coolly ami innilully, and
"lobbed" at Important times with accuracy
and exact length.
Thero was clearly something tho matter with
Hobart and Hnll. It was certainly not tholr
day. The fact wns apparent that their game
had no snap or Mm to it. Not that they ever
became rattlo'i, or lost their Erin, bnt tho en
thusiasm was lacking. Neither seemed to
have nis hoart in the work. Fiomtbe Hist two
sets Hall playod letter than his Parmer, but in
tho last bet Hobiirt was the sti oncer, whllo
Hall seemed not lu It, Every one who
knows Hall and Hobart believes they cau
play much better ball, and aro able to give tha
ch.'imi Ions a much closer rub. Yesterday's
dofeat evidently took some of the snap from
Holiarl. The lads cnuht not pull together, nnd
when ono was making phenomenal returns
tho othor was knocking tho ball Into the net
Hoban'scrent fault seems to ba that he Is so
wedded to thnt "Lawford" stroke ofhls as to
be aierseto "lobbing "or otherwise varying
hlBplsy. 'J he str ke Is unquestionably a good
one. if only used judiciously, and not on every
Last night and early this morning It rained
hard, and but tow persons thought tha match
would he plnyod. but the four men were anx
ious to finish the tournament, Tha court was
a little sort aud slow, and the heat was terri
bly oppressive. Summary:
Champlonehlp of the United States rar patra O. A.
Campbell and Honert P llunilnfton. Jr . challengers,
defeat i laranca Hobart and Valentin O, Hall, 3,
e 4. s . AnaiyHB or th inatcn:
Placed balla Campbell and llunttngton. 40 Uobart
and Hall. 30. Area won on opponeDta' btta out
or court Campbell and Huntington. 30 Hobart
and Halt .u. Acee won on opponnta' btta
into net Campbll and Huntington. B2; Hobart
and Hall. 2.' Areenonon opponents' ttonbl fault .
t ampbell and Hunllngtun. 2. Hobart and HaU. 3. Aces
wen nn eervlce tiimpbell and Huntington, 17: Hobart
anil It-ll, IS, Total points won Campbell and Hunt
ington 1 1 :i Hobart and Halt in.
Ittere B. B. Lamb. Time 1 hour 10 mlnatao.
The Prealdent or the Lonlalaaa Caeapnny
and Other Held for Violating; Postal Law.
Nkw OEi.EAjts. Aug. 27. Affidavits were filed
to-day against tha President and directors of
tho Louisiana Lottery Company and several
of the employees for violation of the Anti-Lottery
law in sending lottery circulars through
the malls. Tbo company lately bat been mail
ing to all points of the country a lare number
ofpamphlols containing the decision of the
Louisiana Supreme Court In favor ot the lot
tory amendment passed by the last Legisla
ture submitting the question ot extending tha
charter nf tba company to tho popular vote.
Thero was some doubt on the part of the Post
Office Depaitment ns to whethor this pam
phlet wns in violation of the law. Tho affi
davits nro baed on the discovery in these
pamphlets of circulars and envelopes tolling
how nersoiibdosiiing lotteiy tickets may se
cure them by menus of the express offices.
Tho circulars were discovered by Inspector
Maynard at Austin, Tex. The Information waa
furnished. It is said, by a clerk In the lottery
office, llfteen allldnvits were filed in all.
They aro against Paul Conrad, President of the
company: John Morris, owner of the Morris
Park race course In New York : Chapman
Hyams. Frank Howard. P. J. Herwlg. J. L. Her
wig. P. O. l'e.7ondl. J. P. Horner, and others.
Nearly nil are men of wealth, most nf them Do
ing millionaires. A maioritv ot them are now
unread travelling. Those who aro here sur
rendoied this morning and were released on
ball. The othors will be arrested when they
arrive here aud held to appear for ttlal in
Austin, Tex.
IToaora to the Drad-IIta Laat Worda Tha
Fnnernl will He Held nn Nnnday.
A Bi'N reporter stood within ten feet of him
at iho time ot tho ehootlncof Joseph O'Brien
on Wodnesdny afternoon at tho grounds of tho
Atlantic Hod nnd Gun Club on Coney Island,
Mr. O'Brien had just finished talking over
the intended excursion ot tho club to
Lodc Branch ou Sopt. 10 to par
ticipate In the Inter State League shoot.
His last words were addressed to Constable
Charles Morris. They were:
" Charley. I'll co back tn tho thirty-yard
mark with son. and that will give me practlco
fur the Long Btntich excursion."
Mr. O'llrlen was also it member of the Coney
Island Itod nnd tiun Club.
Lnst night n special meeting nf thnAtlantio
Hod nnd Gun Cluii was held nt Fire Headqttar
tots. Cnuey Island. Lx-A6omblyiiiart Charles
J. Kurth pre-ided at tho requeu of Hlchard
Dwyer. tho tiilfmnn, who was to much affect
ed ns tn bo unablo to fulfil his duty as Presi
dent. Mosus. h. P. Sutherland, Dr. J. A. Hill,
and lllchnrd Dwyer were appointed to arrange
for thn club's attendance at the funeral.
A committeo of live was appolatei to draw
up suitable resolutions.
Tho funeral will take place at 11 o'clock Sun
dav. The Interment will he at Cnlvary.
The inquest will bo held to-day at 1 o'clock.
Capt. Ilroann Herd tha Rev. Mr. Ooald'a
The Per. Theodore Gould of 218 Sullivan
stieet has joined hands with Justice Hpgan In
the attempt to reform Police Captain's Bro
can's iiiecinct'About Iwo weeks naotlio minis
ter i Iblted tho Captnin'HBratlon and complained
ofndlva nt 217 riiilliian street. Detectives were
sent to collect evidence. Mr. Gould, Henry
Jioshipld ot 212 r-ulllinn street, nnd hlnuuar
Chamberlain nlso collected evidence to use in
court when the )iollce should need It. Last
Wednesday night Detectives Dotun nnd I.eeson
visile l the hoii-a at 217 Milllian street and nr
rrH'ed four womon and two men. Justice Ho
irnii at Jolttftson Miuknt yesterday lommltted
the women for trial and discharged the men.
The Ualn Unkir In Chcjrcnne,
CnETRMKr, Aug. 37,-Melbournf, tba rain
ranker, who has been making n Mir In Canton,
0 with his raln-maklng machine, is herein
consqueuce of a hlgdea' with owners of wide
areas of arid lands In this State. His brother
is along with money to wager on the result of
tho success of the oxperlmbnt, whloh will be
gin ns soon as the weather settles. There has
t eon an unpiecedento.i amount ot rnln hero of
late, Melbourne has his tools in a trunk, ami
has secured n ahed within thn elty for a labor
ntnry. Iho pO'tiletero mo iuciedulotts, but
ato open to convli tlou.
I.uboraud Wugra.
The laborers on the new Federal building,
the t-.aQif bui ding, and the Polytechnlo lustt
tine, In Brooklyn, are on strike. The trouble Is
over wages and the alleged failure ol the con
tractors to employ Brooklyn men.
n?a, STek, B70 It ROOM E SJT.,
Spring and Summer
Victoria. Wncnnette,
Cnhrlnlrtn. Itepiii Wagona,
S im. wheeler. tiululn Kocknwava.
all Phiielnna, lis. Top t.'abrlelata
aadaulelte, IIo. a. tin.
Omnlhnieew. ItnaU Waaoa.
I n-l'n. Korkaevav. Top Pliaeloa.
J t'onpe Itocknwayat l.nitlr' I'haetoaa,
Hplder Phaetoaa. Ilneklinaril,
Vla-n.TI. Vlllane t'nrts,
I.nndaitn. ltliniihniil.
Fancv Trap. Ilerky Phaetaaa,
lloelnr' sviicen. r-nrreya.
Iloctorw ItroiiKhnm. t hlldrea'e Trap
1'uacy Biiekhoard. Haaoa Phnfionm,
Wages, rhaetone. Rnckbearda Itnekawar. Serrsva.
Fancy Trap Vlcmrlae, i.uii Je'ileitee. wageaettae,
nana. Doe a-l)n, Mliaie Carta sianinpe Olg. stenhop
I'aaatana Hepot Wagons. HoeiorB rnaetora. Kr. Tee
JadrloUta. HonabouU. Canopy Vletoria rnteiooa,
Vlint'T l': MKAn nr IIORSRs rnnitantlyon han,"
ceneiettngef beavr draught, hneliirei, fnmlir. and
l mug horeei; aleo leuneiBee enddle horiee igaliedl
nnd vl'eleh pnniee for children Ad lre I Isher a iilanl
uriii. Miher'a la'and, SuToik cnuutr. '. I.
STALLS TO LET or tiorni boarded, ana Weil
I. that
S. C. Pomeroy. ex-United Slate Penator from
Kansas, died nt the residence of Mts. J. c.
Whiten at Whltlnstllle. Muss., yesterday morn
Ing. ncod 7C. lr wns bnrn tn Southampton In
181G, und was oduoated nt Amherst. In 135
he was n member ot tho Massachusetts Lcgls
Intuie. and wns active in organizing tho New
England Emigrant Aid Company. In 1S51 he
conducted n coloiy to Kiiusns am) Bottled In
Lawrence. Thonce he removed to Alt bison,
where he boenmo Mayor. a'id took a prominent
part in the organization o iho Territorial
Government. During iho famine In 18C0-61 be
wns Pre sldont of tho llollel Committee. In lSStl
nnd 18C0 he was a dclegnto to tha National lie
publican Conventions. In 1801 nn I 1867 hi
wns elected as a llemibllcnn to the United
Stntcs Somite, wh ro ho neiiulrcd tho nick
name o! " Subsidy Pom ' by his nrdont sup.
port ol subsidy mensures. tin was a o.indid its
torn third term, but ehnrcosoi bribery were
preferred agilnst hint In the Kansas Leglsln.
turo, and he was not electe '. A committee
was aptiolnted to lnrestlgaie thu mat er. an I a
majority report held Unit tlio liargos were not
sustained. The matter afterward came bofora ,
thn lourts, where. Ilnnllv. a nolle prosequi was
entered, on tho ground tbnt thete wn not
proof enough tn si our" a conviction Mr.
i omeruy then made his hone in Wa-hingtou,
where ho was always deeply in crested lu
" practical" politics.
Dr. Lyman C. Draper, thirty-five years Sec
retary of the Wisconsin Stu n Histor
ical Society, died ot paialysls yester
day, at Madlon, aged 70. He wns b mi
in Hamburg, Erie county. N. Y In beptem
bor. 1815. and wns brought un on a
farm at Lcckport. In 1830 he went M Mobile,
aud soon afterward began to collect material
relating to Western history and geography,
aoon becoming nn authority on those sub acts.
In lf35he wiih a student In Granville, College,
Ohio, and In 18.1H began nn exiensLe
correspondence with Western pioneers,
collecting an Imtnonse amount of valuable in
formation. After editing a paper In Missis
sippi he obtained a place asolerkln the Post
Office at ilulTalo. and then went to Philadel
phia, where he pursued his historical studies
for ten years. In 1853 be removed to Hadlson
to become secretary of ths Stale Historical So.
olety, which now possesses a library of 120.000
volumes, oolleoted chiefly by his efforts. For
one year he filled the post of State Superintend,
eut of Instruction. He published sereral bis.
torioal volumes and pamphlets and received
the degree of LL. D. from the State University.
He was considered a great authority in hit
own special branch of knowledge.
Dr. Daniel Pardee, a distinguished physlotan
and Burgeon, died ot paralysis at his home at
Fulton. N. Y.. on Tuesday, aired 62. He was a
son of the late Dr. Stephen Pardee of Fulton,
and father nnd son were lone associated In
iirootlce. He was graduated in his pro
esBion at the Albany Medical College,
le served with tha Union armies as a but
fteon through most ot the war of the rebel
Ion. Ha afterward served the Government
as pension examiner for tha Oswego district.
He was a leading member of the Oswego
County Medical Boolety. Ha was conspicuous
in Free Masonry, bains A Companion of Lake
Ontario Chanter of Boyal Aroh Masons and A
Sir Knight of Lake Ontario Commandery at
Fulton. He leaves a wife And daughter.
Mr, John Carruthers of Maiden, Haas., diet
on W ednesday. Ha was born In Carlisle. Eng
land, and eame to this country In 1881. taklntT
up his resldenoe In Itoxbury. In 1867 he want
to Lynn, nnd was appointed to A plaoe In tha
Massachusetts Bureau of Labor. Ba waa Also
a member of tha City Council in 1873. In 1888
he waa appointed special ageat for tba De
partment of Labor In Washington. He was In
Europe for two and one-half yean on official
business, and returned laat May.
Judge Freeman Wood died at Dover. N. J., on
Wednesday In his 83d year. Ha was for years
proprietor of the Hookaway Polling Mills. Ha
waa President of tha first Henrr Clay Clnb In
tba country. Among other pacllo offices whloh
he held at one time and another waa that of
County Judge. Had he lived two weeka longer
he would have celebrated with hla wife their
sixtieth wedding Anniversary.
Miss Leonora Mltohsll. the American Actreea
who was found shot under mysterious ojreum
stances In a railroad carriage between Celoee
ter nnd Bedford, England, about two weeks
ago. died yestefday. She aald she had bean
shot by a man who stood on tba footboard of
the train. The police came to tha conoluilon
that the injuries were self-inflicted.
Mrs. Peter W. Magulre. who dtad suddenly at
Far Bockaway. L. I., yesterday, was widely
known. Before her marriage she was a school
principal In this oliy. During tha past dozen
years she had. with bar husband, presided over
the Mansion House and tba Oeean Hotel. Far
Bockaway. She leareB a husband and three
Mr. James E Whltcher. a prominent citizen
of Btonenam. Mass., died yesterday, aged 44
rears. He was a representative to the Lead,
latur- In 1m7 and 1888. and Chairman of the
Bepubllcan Town Committee at tha time ofhls
death. He was ibe first Prealdent of the Htone
ham Board ot Trade.
Dr. G. Walla Harbison of Baratoca died la
Darten. Ga.. Aug. 19. aged B7 years. He Is
survived by two brother, one ot whom Is
Prealdent of the Hartford, Conn.. Gaa Com
pany. Dr. Harbison wan a desoendant ot on
ot the first families In the Eastern States.
Samuel B. Baymond. brother nf tha lata
Henry J. Baymond of tha AVu York 'ftmn.
died in lioclie-ter last evening. He had been
engaged In tbo Insurance business for many
The Hon. Francis C. Hathorn of Gushing.
Me., died on Aug. 24. Ha was a prominent
Democratic politician, having represented his
town In tha Legislatures of 1H7H and 1883. He
had held many local places of trust,
David Maxwell, one of the most prominent
men and Democrats In Saratoga county, la
deal ol paialysls at his home in baratoca
Springs, aged 2 years.
Henry Benner. nnoo a prosperous saddle and
harness manufacturer, died yesterday at his
home In Newark. Ha was 77 years old.
David Babbitt, aged 77, a prominent Repub
lican of Newark, diod on Wednesday night of
typhoid foioi
it Coat ajaoo.aaa to ntok Thu ship.
Judge Benedict In the United States Court
baa rendered a decision In the ease of tha
steamship Iberia, which was sunk by the Cm
bria of ths Cutiard line ofT the Long Island
shore three years ago, holding the owners of
the Umbrla solely responsible fortbe collision.
I'abre A Co., the owner of the Iberia, ahd lbs
vnrions owners of g ods on the Iburla have re
covered judgment against the Cunard com
puny for $3oy,'Jii5.
Terrible Thunderstorm la Austria,
Viksna, Aug. 27, A terrible thunderstorm
swept over the Triese district yesterday, caus
ing reier.il fatalities. Lightning struck a
church at Tualls, on thn Italian frontier while
tho building was crowded with women, A
fearful scene of panic occurred, womon and
children shrieking nnd praying on their knees
nr olse rushlnc wildly lor the church doors.
Tho priest toassuied the terrified women and
Buccoudod In testorlng order. Subsequently
It wn found thnt three women who were sup'
Eosed to have fainted from frlcht had actually
een killed by tho lUbtntug which struck tha
Martinique Appeal for Aid.
Fabis, Aug. 27, The Governor of Martin
tqua, whloh wa recently visited by a fearfnl
hurricane, which resulted In tha loss of over
860 lives, has sent by telegraph an appeal ask
Ing help for the suffering people. The Gov.
ernor appeals for assistance on the ground
that lnige numbers of people are without
either food or shelter. In spite o( thu efforts
mate by tbo colonial Authorities tn suoe. r
them Wholo villages, he adds, have entirely
vanished nnd 'he ctops, from one end ot tlm
Island to tho other, hate been ulmost totally
(ludnluar II 'iicuncr Oi in I'na.
Lonpon, Aug. 27, Mr Oiadsti na has wrl''a
a letter denouncing gambling as a formidable
and growing national oyll. Mr. Gladstone adds
tbatbe Is ready to give his aid to any efto
aiming at tba extinction or mltlgatloA of
- - : - ---aamaaaaal

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