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nuit nRR'B mtcbino sxaox.t
tiiiKD TiiJt riTxaavnaaa.
raleago nB' ThlliidelfcU and lsoeton
0Ttrnkelrad ClaYeUnd-Tlse Brooklyne
iashcd Bow by the Ctaelaaatle He
snlteof the Amerleam Aaeoclettlea Qimu
Olber Oensen-Nawa n Notes.
Th atmosphere at Pittsburgh mint hT
bean Tftr heavy- with amoke yasterday. At
MTntefomothlnc utrYeiitad the.New Yorka
leeluK ih lal1' Bnd ,,10r ',11 before ,ll men of
ihittown Tta latter have doubtless become
a nd t the moke-laden air that It does not
Interfere with their vision. Ther apparently
had do dlRlcultr In keeping track of Barr'a
,ntt. and Intercepted them with creat fre
nusney nnd vleor. It would h7o taken eorae
bunt stfet. work on '.lie part of the Now Yorks
infcave won yaMerdav'a irnroe. and the Pitts
fcureh pitchers are not at present Rltlnir, base
Mtaawny with ceierous prolusion.
To dd to 'ho iintileaeantuess of the dar. the
rbtliM5olP'lln moektr bound to the Chlcacos.
nJ "hi Cleo'atid felllnahain lefore the
Boitor.s. 'i hero Is reason for the belief that
ttClevclnijdawor'tinneiVfd by the fnct of
tlnc compelled to piny acnlnnt n man wh
, entit to tecolvo a t2!i,000 ealarr. The
Iirooklrns continue to limp unillr aloiijr. with
iiwraysof liapplnosa tollcht their pathway.
"tsbiir.-M. : ?,, .; ,
lincimatl. l'i; lirookljn. 3.
lliuton. VI. Cleveland. 2.
Oilciieo. U: I'hlladelphla. 1.
ivy nr.'o:;n
-.,. in. l I tr n.fm'i: Van. iMt. Itr et.
.Zr,;.. s n -"' Brooklyn.. ..sh m .480
liiiii ... .4 'leeiand... 4T . 67 .442
a.Vorl ...SV 41 lo.i l'nteiurgh.,.41 H2 .sua
fli idetohla M -' .MMClluiniialt. .41 Bl .S94
riTini;r.nii. 7; suw yoek, 1.
PiTTni'niiii. Auc. 27. If anybody thinks
ihilthoritt'l'urch alitcKer ai not puitinjr
iiia tsr"t- lit tump ot ball just now, tie or
he lss.nl!) inMikon. dust ittihlii rtnua ot tbe
yesr'a arciunent tlisio art- uo Me on the l'ltts
luruli .iwti'iMtl " and nut one ot the l.:i30
soectriiors nlio wiu at Kxpotltlmi l'aik to-day
wt'ttii'ire co'ivluceit i I Hits fitol than MvBira,
fiaVnn.l .Miitrm. Mr. JJav. who is hero wltli
hlfplaiartliN tt in faM. utter tha Kama: "it
Indian.' tlico l'lt'sburjilina do not play this
llnil oi u'liine scnin-t lilcaiso. II tlie I'ltts
tnKlier would 'inlV serve all of us alike, we
i wouldn't urumlilo " ....
Iliitine ritt-turali team linya always been
nuviTtilil tor kmionl iu tha imnnunt aspira
tion ot o'bci poo:ilo into tli- i-liape ot n cockaj
Hat ttiOfRi "S it then Intentinn Is to Keen up
llitlrie "tit tlil yenr liai-nui-o thaynre h-yoiul
alldiiuttpUic nn extraordinary caiun. To
tl.iT'oontmt for morn tliau Imlf ul It was a
orcevthatumenllnlr. it vas .ipiiaient that
tii Ultn's titre not imnortlt.e tliat amount of
siiiecr Inio thlr work that lias formerly
ctwnctwe I thi-m. Tliey illrt not liy any
inrnu iJisinr tnnl buoyancy and ronfldence
tnnt ueJ to I e t-een In th ' lireat" team. The
tint l hat to-dny they cnvBindleatlm a that
ilier knew they were Koine to be defeatad.
Ttet.re.il obs.ucle in their iuy wasthut silver
bsreil ii .c man hint;. Ha did tl'o plti-htna
foi tbe home players, and the vlsitorn could
no more I ml his me.iou o than a monkey ran
log ' Ann'.e Ilooney." ! hat was tho tentui
that Manager Mutrla complalnoit of. He Bald.
"lliebois will have to do Borne mors hlttlne
II wear- to win."
lioli liarr was In the box for'tho rlsllors, nnd
ubile lie dl'l not pitch a brilliant came he did
rrtiiltcliavcrybad "tie. Many of the hits were
mnuVo'i h's rltchlnK. lint some of them were
bunts and intende i for snerlllco him liarr
tbntr-d i.Tt-nt uei re at Muee. anil particularly
In the I'lc'.tli iunlnc when he had tlire- men on
1..-05 almost rlurlne the autlre InnlDE. lint
ho p tciieil In a w.ir turn cavo one the Idea that
be inn t not race the l'ltf-burcher-i too often.
til ti ali'C.il iltueiB l.ally and Miller played
In ll.st-cliiss style. Doth men mnile catches of
tli met brilliant kind Waid also made a
ery good lini rcsslnn. l.ally hid on his bat
ting c othes, nnd v. as cheered. Of cutir.se
hfiily received another present, nnd this time
it trnsullttje bat.
Ttif home playeia baaan run cattlnir In the
first innlni:. llierbauar led off with a lively
s nglo to rentre. and tihuzart's tout Mr. which
wai CHUght by lleckley. allowed Ilauerto reach
seeorid. Mlllor followed with another fine sin
gle to centre, and Itierbauer scored. Ueckley's
sacrllUe sent Miller to Becontl. and Lally'slsin
gle smt Millar to third.
Waid made a single to right and Miller
(cored. Lally going to third. Uardmade un
etf'irt to Bioal second, and while he was doing
ki l.ally attempted to score, but wa thrown
out at tha plate by Itlcbardson. In the sixth
Inning, after Millar was out. Heckley made a
MngiM. and sored on LnllyV three-baugor to
W: Held. In the second half Tiernan led off
with a single to centre, and O'liourka followed
itua liner to right. Lally tried to catch the
till but failed, and the ball bounded away.
This allowed Tiernan to reach third, and l.ally
nado a wild throw, which enabled Tlernaa to
iccre and O'ltourko to rcah third.
in the eighth inning Bhugart lad off. and
tbrrs were nine men at bnt. htiugm mada a
Ingle. Miller got his base on balls. Beckley
reached first on a bnd throw by burr, which
cored Shugart. Lally was hit by a pitched
ball, filling tha bases, and Ward's little single
scored Miller, l.'ellly struck out. and Cork
bill's single scored BeeKley and Lally. Tha
rimivncii. kbw tosk.
R.lLPai.K K.1I.P A.A.K
liirhaner.sdb.l 14 2 0 tlon e f I 4 1 u
fcr.nrirt. ..,, I 1 3 4 0 Klctrdxm '.Mb 0 1 0 a o
Millar, c 2 2 6 1 li lleman. r. t...l 2 I 0 n
Stct.tr. IK b .1 2 7 I I O'Kourta. I. (.0 2 3 0 0
Uiiy. r f l aini Whiaiisr lit b o 012 n u
rd 1 f -...ll 3 n ii fl tll.ncock. a. ." 0 u 3 0
Fully, .id b ..unit ii Uu. 3d b...o 0220
inrktilll. c.r...u l 4 ti o Hacklty. c r..o o s o o
Klni p o o l u i) Brr, p u u 0 2 1
IaU! 7 13 27 "i 2 Totatl T 7 37 141
Mtltmrih 2 0 0 0 0 10 4 0-7
Iitln. unouoi uo orl
Parnd runi-l'lttsborc'i. 4 Two tuiie lilt O Ronrka.
Tbratbii hit Lally. eijicrltlce lil.i huf art. KtcK
17 (A itrllly, klnc. Double ptay beckler lunnlited.
rirttbaia ou arror rittiourcu. Kirn baia on tiaiii
Hiutiurch. is New York. 7. Mruck out 1'liuburcb, 1.
St'Torn..!. raited ball Miller, lilt by plicbeu ball
-Latiy Stolen bate War'L I-atc on batra-l'ltta-onh.
7; ew York, ti. Tlma Two hours. 1'inptre
cin-cinxati. 10: nn.ooxr.TN, 3.
Oncissati. Aug. 27. Although Smith wa
tfa bright particular stnr in the " "verthiow of
Jirooklyn.Klr and.Jack O'lirien did not have
Slnorrlos In the spectacle by any mennc.
If an hour before the game was called the
Mln was pouring down, but the sun came out
later, ami m wet grounds before about &uu
JPtctatorA Capt. Ward was upset one more,
t took the KbarpeRt kind of work to keep
grooklyn from the plate In the first Inning.
Tba lteds tool: the Il'ld for a change. Ward
got a base ou balls. He stole bis way to third.
and whan Ely hit to llhlnes be dodged up and
down the line until tho recruit from Duluth ar
med at the Img he hud just letu He bad lil
fun for naught, for rjinlth inada a neat pick up
nfilurns'H hi', und got Ills niiiu.
The lieds opened un like terrors. After Ter
ry bad knocked down .Mcl'hee's scorcher La
tham put out another one In the same direc
tion, but thn Adonis didn't make connection
that trln. Ilalligan got hi ba ou nails. The
Ciadlatni swung his glnss-hcrnned but, and
he cracked the ball past iJarbv U'llrlen tor two
ba and Latbam scored, llollldnr contrib
uted to tha excitement with a beauty to right,
and two mora runt 'nme trundlluu o'er tha
rubber, Three gemlets made iitilto a respect
able foundation on which to deposit a dream
pf victory, lief ore thero wai any further scor
iae Jack (J'llrlen had covered himself all over
with glory by a greatstopof Mcl'lieo'n ground
er, hnuth put Waid out br a phenomenal run
ping stoji buck of second, mid Ittiuins leaped
;?.;'', f'.e air and cum down with Jack
0 Urlen'H di Ive.
9 .Alter all these pretty plays the lleds made
fl ttireo mora run-. Latham gt u naso on balU
and stole second, irainlng third while Ward
wag giving a good Imitation of juggling Hal
liLKtHi. The latter also stole second, and,
as U llrloii dropped the throw, Latham
streaked It horoewnid. lilymado a magulll
feat one-handed ntop ot ltellly's drivo. but
ffalllgnn landed safely at home. Smith's bit
let tbo gladiator raulster. Trouble seemed
eoming ung in larga invoices for Tarry
In the llfih. whei. Urowuing, IIolll
oy. and lteilly spanked out auccaxslie
staglta and eained a run. A bnsa tn buuth
nited the bags, with nobody out, but not
another sign of it tun did Ihov t'ot. Harrington
reed 'the bug'' at hums and the next two
sent un easy flleB. Detween the second nnd
third strikes on "Darby" O'Brien in tho sixth
nolnas sandwiched a couple ot wild pitches,
tad tbey were good for two runs. J'.ly led off
"i'n a hit and liurns got a bnso r,n
fojilis, 1 atham siiuoezed Fouie'b grounder
it- touched third, forcing J.ly. Then
ihinaa executed hts trick, and as the
f"nd pitched ball bounded Into tha pavilion.
?'llIun.uer skipped home. Dally made the
round, In.the next Inning on bis double and
fMes br Tarry and Ward. The reda aliot
nelr last bolt In the eighth, and they mad
tbrea runs. , MePhea hit safe, and he travelled
!!.,r """r.,.1Pm? on Latham's bit, which was
t,;'"""''1 "lly by Oriffln. Alter Latbam had
geea run out on Halllgan'a tap. the gladiator
?S'PKS.JJnwl,u hit, a lloer Into deep, left.
i.tr.Jj ch .!'. mde three bags. When Ward
Jn,.ilocl .,h,! ''iig'n" grounder. Urowuing
scorj at ruii ' tn gnm' 'x'b
ntiMii. I ooau.
ilrri... ... Mmir. n la r 0 l.a.
Uii.ms.it u ' 1 1 Ward, a ti 0 14 2
lulu!",'.1' i 'i '' ' "J ''Urlrn.-db.o o 3 4 I
"""an r. f ..3 1 u ii li h'r. id b . u . I a o
Pew!'.1!:" '." " " " ,"1"" r ' ' 0 -' u "
mi f, i"'u " lu " u "."'Hrlan.l tn o o n o
B,Jm.;, !' ' ' ' i.fllin c , ..I I S o I
flatl,, c ? 7 'i O.N.llay. e .n 2 2 1 o
. p. .. u i i a ii Terry, o o I 3 o
.,T"1' "" is S7 fa 7 Tcula ! "b ii is 1
Stei" o a o I o o i ..io
"siya t-0 ooooajoo-a
" roas-Ouiclaaatl reaklya, 1, Twa-baa
htta-rtrewnlat, Dally. Thraa-baaa klaa Ttaltlaaa.
BrjwnlBC. Biolan bMea-UlhinVTlwllMnrowSat
oros. 12: ctatrLiKn, 2. '
B?'L."2lKi1,2iVt' ' '"'"'''"S "',h soma of blatermar
Sf.5 JB.",,n.,r - ,' "ht wail and cuvad no-f2cJ.-ri.52.,J?B
'"! f Tnn ,n " "'am nd Wave
land tour when tha rain ten. Tba ecora:
cLxtcitmi. (ostok
. . . a. ie.ee it. a.ls.r.0. a. a.
Barkatt r t..u I 8 I) o tnac. aa....-a 3 l I I
(liilda. id b....l 2 0 3 0 Movay, r" t.. "o inn
Mckean, a. a... I 3 oiwa.l.t. ...1 1 1 n 0 0
ITla.c.f....,.ii I 2 n I Hath. 3d b. -i 13 2 1
Tebeau.3db, .0 2 2 3 u Rrodle, c f.....t 2 I 2
.'"' ts;b...u o s l I Tucter. Utb,.l I II 0 0
MeAleer. t. r...u nun guinn 2d b ..2 1 2 it n
7lmmer e u 0 2 n n Kelly, e I I ft u I
lleatln, p .... o I ii 3 0 Clarkaon, p... .2 I I B I
fola'a. 3 7 24 103 Totals 12 U S4 14 1
riaveland n n n o 0 3 0 (i 3
Boeton 2 I 0 o u 8 u 3-12
Earned, runs-noaton. 2. Twobaia hlta-tlatla. lone,
nrodla. ketly. Three-beta hlt-Ularkaon. Ilome tun
lxin Lettonbaaea-nieteland, Mi Hoaton. 7. Kirn ok
not -By Iiaatm. 2- by Rlarkaon, 4 Baaea on balia-liy
naatln, si by oiarkiim, I. Pontile playa-Brodie and
Kelirs I'hllda Mnna, andlebeau. htcrlnee lilta ue
kean, Morev. Lowe, Naaii. Clarkton. Molen baaet
HtoTy(Jv Lnweni lirodie. Kelly, lilt by pllcher
Tucker, lime. Wild plteli lleatln llme-lill. I'm
plre llursu Attendanee 1,47.
cniciRO,M rHil.inrtrnu, I.
nstcion Auc. 27. Ilnlrhlaon pitched a rnarnlflcfnt
came today, except in Hie elirhth Innlnc nben tha
guakera tna le tnalr one eolliary atnile and aoored their
only run. which wai roreed in by litre baaea on balla.
Attendance, 1.401. Tbaieorai
caicico. rntupiimtA.
n.lirn i r. a. I a r.o.i.n.
Bran. e. f. I I 3 n 0 Hamilton, Lf..u o I o o
Wlimot. I. r....s 4 8 0 1 Thompion. r to 0 2 0 0
Pahlen. 3d U...I 2 13 n rieinenta. o ... 0 8 li li
An-on. llb....n in n n Meyers. Alb....ii 0 8 0 0
Car-o.l. r. ( ....n 1 2 O 0 Mayor. 3.1 b ...0 o u I I
t'oouey. a.. .1 10 3 1 Hriwn. let b... 014 II l
l-fatter. vd b...u I 3 I 0 Donochtie. e. f.t 1300
Hut. lilneon. p.O I o a o.uieaion, a. a.,.0 n 2 I 0
Klttrldiie c o ii A n (Errr, P o 0 0 4 1
Toiala. ! r3 37 iu Tolata T Vt3 2
Rhlcacn 1 10 0 3 0 2 0 O-fl
Philadelphia. o 0 i 0 u 0 u 1 n-l
Parned runa-Chleaco. 8 Baaa on balls By llatehln
son ft; by Keper. -J. Mruck nut-By lliitchlneon. 4: by
hpr 2. acrinee blta-Oahlen. rafter U Anion Uu
Carrolt. llutehlnion Molen baaea Dahlen. rarroll,
I'ooney. I.eft on haaea RhRaco V; I'hlladalphta, u
Umplra-Iimalle. Tlme-liU, Attendance, l.etw.
The AMarleaaat Aaanelettlon,
The American Association games yesterday
resulted as follows:
Boston. 8: Milwaukee. 2.
Louisville. .1 : Athletics, 9.
Baltimore. 11 ; Columbus,
St, Louis. 10; Washington. 8.
mi nKconi.
nviK wim. eef. vr rt. riiita. iroei. Xait. rw ft
Feafn 78 8J .704 rolnratii So : ,4A3
t-L Louie en en .tin Milwaukee. .44 Oi .420
faitlmure...M 1 Miu l.oulaTlne....S 71 .3tn
Athletic. ...08 til .fiio Waahlncioa .34 ml ,b4Q
aottoH. S; atiLwacRKK, 2.
noa-o-, Auc. 37, Toay'a pame between the Brewers
and the beaniaters waa alow and unlntersitlnf. rne
score: .
Lle.ro. a. k. a. la.ro. t. n.
Brown, cf I o I 0 u 1'urke, r. f ...... I I 1 o 0
Puny r. r......3 o 3 n 0 Feitlt '.'db ,...o 0 I I u
Ferrell. id b ,1110 1 I'snaean. a. a .0 I a 3 1
Mrouth'ra latb.1 2 8 u ntialrrimr.la.iru o I u 0
Murphy, r. ....1 14 0 li Earls, r t 0 0 1 I o
Itlch'rda'n. L f.O I 2 0 Ii Shock. 3dh...,l I I u 0
llaldock. p ..1 0 1 1 0 Carney, lat b,,n 0 6 I u
Strieker, la b..i o o 2 ii lirim c. o o a 1 3
Radford, a e.. .u list Milan, p. n 1042
Toiala H a 21 II 3 Totals ...... 7 7 iT 14 1
Poaton 0 10 0 8 2 2-A
Milwaukee 1 O 0 0 1 0 0-2
Earned rnn Milwaukee Two-beae hlta-Rronthera. a
Sacrifice hue Brown, earrel). Haddock. Carney, i,rim
Sio'en baaea -Brown. Farrell. PutTy. Strieker (. Burke.
ranaTan. i-lrat base on baiia Hy kllien K Pint oaae
on errors Hoaton. ): Milwaukee I. Paaaed balla
nrlm. v. Mruck out By Haddock, 1, by Kllien I.
DonMapltr t aria and iirlni. Umpire-Karma. Time
-I SO Attendance-I.IO-l
lociitillk. 3; ATnLanc 2.
Pin anal rma. Auc. 27 The Athtetlca ware defeated
by InlaTtlle tn day before MO i people throuch Ina
bility to hit Meektn when nt an were on baaea Bner
man. the Unlreraliy ot I'rmiatlTanla nnd Cape May
pitcher, made hla u but with the Athletics, lie waa
wonderfully rrnii and steady and pitched very eSeo
tlrely. The aeore:
K.la.pe,l.. S-l ro. a.k.
Wood. I. f t 2 0 0 1 Taylor lit D....O 1 a o I
McTarnany.e to 0 10 0 Wearer, r. r....l o 2 u
Lnrkln 1st b 0 012 I 2 Keuhna 3db.,l 1110
Sanaera r. f.. o 0 3 ll o Jemilnca. a. a.. I 12 2 1)
llaliman, 2d ho I I 4 li I'antil l t 0 lion
Corcoran, a s .0 13 4 1 Wolf. r. f. 0 u 7 I o
Mnlvey. 3d b 0 u 1 2 n shinnies. 2d UO I 1 3 li
Croea.c 2 2 0 0 Ryan o O 0 9 0 U
Bowman, p ..,1 114 o Meeklu, p. o 1 1 2 n
Tetale. 2 7 24 13 3 Totala 3 8270 1
Athletic 0 o l (i (i 0 n l o 2
Lnuiarllle o I o'O 2 0 u .-3
Earned rune Loulinlla, 2. Tbree-baae hit Wood.
Mo en baaee-Wood. hand-ra. 6hmnlok. Meekln. Flrat
baae on balla Sander lilt by pitched ball-lnnlnca,
Croea. Struck out-MoTamany 13). Sanders llaliman,
Nulrey (-). Batman, Bran, Shlnnlck. Paaaed ball
Croae Wild pitch Meekln. Time 1:30. Umpire
aii.TiaTOB 11; roLcwara 3.
BatTieoax. Auc. 37. The Baltlmores batted Oaatrtcht
hard at opportune tlmee to day. and won the canto
from (.olumbua with case. Attendance, 1.007. Tha
ajLTianss. I coLtrasua
a.la.pn. a.p.l a.la.p.o. a..
Weloh. c f 2 1 B I 0 Crooks 3db...o 0 12 0
ranilaltr'n.lt.2 2 1 0 o OKoorke. Sdb.0 n 3 s 1
Warden, lat U.2 2 s 1 llDuOee. c. t....o 0 1 o n
Johnaon. r. f.. 1 2 o o 0!Snee,1. r. t ...." 0 2 u 0
Meilraw, a. a ..3 1 4 1 O Twltchell. 1 t..l 0 2 0 1
irconneU.--'db.'i l 3 I Donohue. 0....I 2 2 2 1
OllbertSd b..,l 3 3 2 ti Wheeloea-. e. e. O 2 13 1
Kohtnaon. e.,.,0 13 1 n Lenana lat b..i 4 IS o I
Madden, p 1 10 3 o oaairlcht. p..,,o 0 0 4 0
Totala iT 14 27 14 2 Totala "5 "a 27 M "is
Baltimore I 1 1 0 o 1 s I l-ll
Coiumbua o o o o o o 0 0 22
Earned rune Baltimore. 1: Colombua, I. Twa-baeo
hlta Hubert. Vtalch, Ponohne stolen baaes Balti
more. 3 Donble p'aye Otlbert. Robinson, and Weruen;
Madden, o-connell. and Werden: o'Rourke and 1
bane Flnt baae on balla Baltimore. 2; Coiumbua a.
lilt by pitched ball Mcuraw, PuOee. Struck out
ByOaairlghl, S. Time l:.vi. I mplra I'ercuaon.
waaHinTOf. 8; n. Lot'te, 10.
WieatncTox. Anc. 37. Waahlnctoa and St. Lnutaboth
atucced the ball hard to-day in the nrit four Innlnre.
IJarkneia atopped the game. Attendance, 2.3AX Score:
ft. Loma. waanlKC-rop.
a la. pa. a. a. a la. r.o i. a
ItoT. e. f o l 1 o ii Murphr. I f....l 3 n 0 0
Fuller. 2d b ...0 .13 2 1 McOulre. c ..2 I 4 I o
Mci'artr rf.,,0 0 u o o Kntcllffe, r f ,,l 2 o u l
O'Neill, l.f I 2 3 0 o Cnrtle. c I ....n o 2 1 0
I.ynna Hd b ...2 2 111 Mci'aulav. IU.0 o a l 1
I'nmUkey. 1 b..o o 5 1 n Dowd. 2dU....l 13 2 0
Iloyle.ee 3 2 2 2 0 Hatfield, a. a.,.,1 n 1 a u
Parlinc. c 3 2 4 I 2 Airord. 3d b.,.,1 113 1
Mclllll. p 1 0 0 5 0 BltOijorK, P. .1 10 4 0
Itutaccr. D.....0 ooio
" ' " Totala 8 B10MS 8
Totala 1012 IHI3 4
una out wbea came was eslled.
Ft. Louie O 4 4 0 0 2-10
Waahlncton o 1 2 s 0 o- 8
Rons earned St Louie, 8: Waahlncton 3. Two base
Mta-Bsrie. Darling. Fuller. Elieljorc. Tnree baae hit
Fuller. Lett on baaaa St. Lou I a. II; Vl aaldngtou, 4.
Double play-llatneld Dowd. and McCaulay. Hit by
ball-UcUiilra. Mccarty (-) Boyle struck out Mur
ply. SnicllTe. Cnrtla u). liar. Klteljnrc. Parlinc. Baaea
(in balla-MoCarlr. McCaufer. HcOill (J). Hoyle, Hat
field. Kutacar (2). Darllnr. stolen baaea-MciluIre (A
McLartt, Dowd O). o'Nell. Hoi la. raaied oall-Dar-line
Wildptteliea-Mciilll. ll Rotacer, I, TlmeM6.
Umpire Paris.
Jaaatern Aaaoalntloa.
IT tesaao.
Ibsaoa. 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 I 0-3
Troy o o o o o u I o o-i
Base hits-Lebanon. 3: Troy, a, Errors-Lebanon, 3.
rilcbers Fltrgeralu and Htalb.
At Albany Bain.
Otbcr Garnaa.
av staiaa.
Elmlra 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Jamestown 0 0 I i) 1 o 2 2 ,,-tl
At Llrlnciton Rackaway Hunt Club, 19; Btaten
Ialand Reaerrsi, 4.
T satsroi.
Bristol ooooooo o T
Uerham 4 0 0 0 0 u 0 u-4
Haarbaall Calatea To.dr.
SATioat triccx.
rittshnnh va New York, at IMttaburcb.
Clnciunatl va. Bruokl)n. atcinciuiiaii.
Cleveland ra Boaton at Cleeelaiid.
Chicago ra. Philadelphia, at Chlcaifo.
eiifKii a iaim iarlo-1
Waahlnctoa va. Mllttaulae at Haahlngton
Atbletlo ra. Colunibue, at I'lnladeiphli.
Baltimore ra, St. l.oula, at Baliimora.
Boaton ra. Loularllis. at Boaiuu.
Lebsaoa va Troy, at Lebanon.
A Fonr-elnb Ksrtern Aaaoclatlou Schedule
Owlncto the disbanding of the Syracnas snd Roch
ester clubs, tba four remaining cluba declJed thai, as
Buffalo had the champlonahlp won, a aerlei of twenty
four gamea should be plated between the Albany, Troy.
Lebanon, and lludalu cluba rho acliedule as arrauced
wsa aa fol oira
Bunalo-Ai Troy, Fept 13. H. !.', 10: at Albany, is,
in x 21; Ai labaimn. Aui .11, Kepi. I, .,2
Troy At Ulldaio, riept 2J. 24, 2 s 2U at Albany, Auc.
tO BepL :;!. T. AI Lebanon, kept. It. HI. II. 12
Albnny-At Buffalo. Sept. V, I". II. 1 J. at lroy. Sept
I, 4. II 7, at l.e'mnoii. hopi. H. 3, lu, 17.
Lebanon At Bunaio. Kept , 7. x, at Troy, kept IS
lli, 21, 2J, at Albany, bepu 2J, 24, 2, ia
TlreaktaK Illus Rocka at BuSTibIo,
Burriio, Auc. 37. Tha Ibrsa days' tootnament of the
InterB a'e Manufacturers' and Dealers' Aieeclatlon.
which waa oouoludad here today has been one ot the
largest and most saccetsful meetlnss ever bsld In this
section Tba weather has bssn more than favorable,
End coodsooressanerally hare been the result The
anuKappluciyitem adopted br the aieoelatlon meets
with favor, as me amateur la fully protected Aiihli
mectlncsls amateura haie been adranced to tba ex-
rerl elaaa. andihey will hereafter lue to "troi ' in
he f ree-for-all rleaa foe beet areracsa lu to dai ' con
leiiaoera mada In the aiprrt claae by r- ii.Miileruf
tiprlna-deld. B. J , with t0 i-'i per cent . If. Apcar of Ksw
ork city takincaaeond al'h sh per cent fu the ama
teurdaaa T II lollerl of tValartown.fi V. look Ural
with anareraa-aut ij l-lu per rent. A, I'ore of iie.ui.
ti. V. getting second place aith a record or all.,.
The next inretlng of the aaaocfa.lo i la achcdultd for
Xnoaallie Tciin., oep-.. li, p', and 17,
j:.ilern 1'atchta In Ifiaral l.uck,
Cios Ue, Auc. 27,-Tbe Keitern Yaebt Club fleet
owlncto alack of wind, was compelled to anchor In
Owl's Head Bay laat nl.-ht This morning, the weather
being rainy and mlaly. the yacbte put In nera. where It
baa been decided to remain until the weather olear.
The neat place roads by iba BeslwUl probably be Bag
ilarbot wbsis It wul disbaal
tub awxMiuya ciiA&tnuysnir.
Well-fODKht Coateata an the Bnasm of tha
The annual swimming championship races
ot the Amateur Athlctlo Union were decided
ofTKyack on the Hudson yesterday afternoon,
and. contrary to general precedouts the men
" tipped" to win were the victors, Johnson ot
Monhnttans taking the sprint whlln the mils
rncowentto Wliltlomoro, the St. Louis swim
mer. Both men were fortunnto. Inasmuch
as tba noxt dangerous man In each
event did not start. Bull of the Ca
thedrals, who was second In the
103 ynrds last roar, wns expoctod to surprlso
Johnson and tho Mnnlmttnnlto by his Im
rroxod form, but misled train connections.
Knoblouch, the New York A. C. representative,
who showed up so welt at tho Bensonhurst
swimming mess last fall, had dons wonder
fully well under Gus Sundstrom's tuition, and
was booked to succeed MofTcrt ns champion
distance swimmer. I'nfortunatoly. the Now
Yorks had scheduled a dinner for their vic
torious "chippie" ctew last night, anil Knob
louch. who U ono of thei olglit heroes, could
not permit any championship race to luterforo
with such a glorious ovent.
The racos wer sot for 3 o'clock, but It was
3:45 when tho first hsatot tho 100-yard bi rlnt
wat called. This hod five starters. Thotnot
Onrey. Cathedral L. and A. S.: 11. tlrumhao.li,
K. A. C: W. 11. Delnney, I'hlladelphla A. B.I.. ,:
William MorrK I'lijlndelphlit Typngraplilcal
A. A.. Hntl W, C. Johnson. Manhattan A. C.
Tho tide at this tlmo was nt full Hood, with the
BWlmiucis. There was a strong wind blowing,
nnd tho waves- were ib-eldedly chonpr. John
son was ilrt oft : he i-oon took a decided k-ntl
with bin oncrgotlo 'irudgnon. or over-hand
strnko. and half way turned on his back and
ProiiKllo.l lilmielt In that position, precisely as
Hnnlon used to stop rowing In his palmy days
and cooly bathe his face. Cnroy, using tho
Knnllsh racing otrnko took tho lead on sufler
anto. the champion simply holding socond
plftco, ns llrst throe men wera allowed In tha
llnal heat. Carey won by three yardt lu 1
mlnuto 14 1-3 seconds. Delaney secur
ing third place, only four contestanta
responded in the second heat. II. 0.
CatTal. Nyack Outing Club: It. L. I'nckard. A.
A. ti: II. llnihawny.Jr.. riilladelphla A. H. C:
E. t'rowthers, A. C.S. N I'hlladelphla. Hatha
war Is thn Tounc Wuaker who wns recently ia
ported as having swam the distance in 1
mlnuto si seconds In llio Schuylkill Iliver at
still water and there wns Mime curiosity .to see
him. Ho used tun Mimo stroko as Jobnsnu,
tho Tiuilgoon, nnd wont rapidly ahead. 'Ihe
only enmpauv ha had washNfallowtown'mnn.
Crowthers. the two going awnv from the other
pair. Crowlev has a beautilul concoptlon or tho
Kngllsh racing strnko. hi a inr-llke leg
work being paitlculnrly flne. Hathaway par-
I mltted L'rowthera to win In the slow time of I
minute lt seconds, l'aclcnrd being a bnd third.
After Itfteen minutes' rest tha llnal pent took
place. The six men. .lohnion, Pneknrtl,
Lrowtheii. Carey. llnney. nnd Hatbnway
Plungod irom the platform as one body when
the plBtol's repor mng out. Johnson at once
drew abend, lending at 'Ji inrds by it yard.
Hathaway second, nntl Carey third. At half the
dIstHnco the champion whs tinea ynrds to the
good, Hntlmway h yard better thnn Carey. 1 he
rest were ontclns'teil. Nenrlng tho three
ounrtor pole Hnthnwny's arms began to work
vlgorouly with bis long oerhanil stroke, nnd
he pulled upon Johnson perceptibly. The lat
ter was watching Carer, and apparently tak
ing things easy. Tho Mnnbnttan men
went wild with apprehension, and
"Come on, Johnon. you'o got to
cime hard ami quick I" " Watch the fellow on
tha outside, Burt!" "He's beatlug you. John
son!" and n doyen other cries rnng out. lu
tho last quarter the contest became deiddcdly
iuteresttog. Hathaway seemed to gain at
every stroke, and Johnson, seeing Ills danger,
bad on a full heml of steam Fifteen yards
from li'inie tho 1'hlladelphiau was almost even
with Johnson, but at this point he wavered
and fell back slightly. Tbo overhand stroke
he nnd Johnon nere using is very rapid, but
also ey exhuuMlug. 1'or two yeirs be
fore he won tbo championship Johnson
had alwnys led in tho race for sovanty
live yards nnd thin collapsed. Ibis was
what happened Hathaway. As Johnson
forged aheud the attention of the spectntors
was drawn to young Carey, who wa coming
along at lull spoerl with his te.iutlful I.nglish
racing stroke. The loyal hear so! the M. A. C.
shnuters were ag.iln seized with panic, but the
dlstanoe was too short for Carey to win. John
son crossing the line two nnd one-half yards
In advance. Hathaway being a yard behlud
(.'atey. Timu. 1 minute ID :i-5 seconds.
Johnson sails for England on Wednesday
on tho City of New York to take part in the
l()0-yard swimming championship of England,
which Is to be held at the St. Ueorge Baths.
London, on Oct. 10.
Eleven contestants tumbled Into Capt.
Davidson's steam launch Princess, and with
the reporter-were taken a mile down stream
to the starting point ot the distance race. T. V.
Crippen's naphtha launch Daisy had the offi
cials ou board. The strarters were W. Kellar,
cathedral L. nnd A. S.: 1). Bell. 1'a-ticio A. C;
B. Tompkinson. A. A. C. : E. Crowthers. A. c.
8. N.. I'hlladelphla; It. Costollo. Philadelphia
A. H. ('.: William Mullen. Yonkers A. C. ;
(). Hyslop, Toiontn, Can.: J. It. Whlttomore,
rastlme A. C. St. Louts. Mo.: O. Bleuinn. S. A.
C.: II. U. Canal. Nyn k Outing Club, and J. It.
Iiarcke. Spauldlng Literary onion. The con
testants rubbed themselves thoroughly with
various grades of ill-smelling oil, and then
tumbled overboard to lino up for n tie.id-wnter
start. It had bei-n announced that Alex Mef
fart. the dis'iualilled champion, would start
with the competitors and try for tho record.
An attempt for a record In -uch a tidal stream
would be absurd, and Mr. MctTert with great
tudgment refused to swim. Whlttemnrn and
lyslop. tbo Canadian ox-chnmp!ons, left the
others behind soon at er the sturt, aud for hnlf
a mile made as pretty n race as on- could wish
lor. The St. l.ouls man Uses the English rac
ing stroke wiib a long, Mondy. xweeping reaoh.
although extremely slow, making Put twenty
four Htrukes to the minute, llyslop. u-lnc
the same stioke. was moro onergctio
and spasmodic. Ills average being about
thirty st okes. I'or n thlid of a mlln the
men alternated In the lend, and tbon Whltte
more drew a length ahead. Hyelop held on to
the half, but here ho showed signs ot distress
nnd commenced to drop to the rear quite ia:
ldly. WMtlomoro kept up his ei-on work to
the end. winning by '.mi yards. The Comidlan
was only 15 aids nbond of Bell, who had
swam n most erratic, race. At the start he
made for the middle of the liver, evidently
.enrolling for n stronger tide. At times lie
wns hid from sight by a score of rowPonts
launches, nnd cntboats fo'lnwlng the con
testants, railing to find his tide. It" ie
turned to the course in the Inst quarter
and set In pui'ult of II slop, fully 100 yards in
front of him. He made n most pluokv uolilll
flgbt. hut had dallied too long. Crowthers was
fourth. Harcko Ilfth. Mullen sixth, nnd liiomnn
seventh. When the screeching wbi-lle an
nounced that Whitteuioroliad ciosBad the line,
the course for a quarter tnilo back was lull of
bohblng bends. Eight of the contestants lind
no bullae's in a championship race The time
wns 24 minutes 11 y-i seconds, but, as said,
tells nothing.
IliaNebull Not-e,
R X. n The lloBtone won four euceeislre cames
from (lie .New Vnrka at ihe Poo groumta at iheopeniiic
or theacaaoij, Leinnline ipril.2
The llarkenaiirk Oiiilng Olu'i hare Pet S 12. and 20
open, and iiould itLii to nil them with loine Oral c!aa
chiha. Addreaa llackeblack Outing vlub, i,ackefiaaLk,
K .1.
William C are wl o pitched for a LewlMon. Me . rtuh.
rereutly illabMnds,!. iiaa returned to hie home ii long
talanit i ity. C are lormeri) pllrhed for the Maral n
Long Ulaed City, and n cireu a warm elcowe on l, la
The s .liurban It. B club harm? Saturday Aug :u
open, thay wiiild he tca.ril In llll the eame with mil'
ma- cla,aiutiir nine Addria si-ymniir A, DanU
serretin ture of Miburb.in Ciub, I7,tu street and
V audrrbilt alelilie
AlrrV Itrnwn li.ia tnken conlllerAtile patra toae'ect a
team or HliioU'li rnlli, who he llilnka will ci I iji I a
alirulenli the illinium i aeroaa Ilia bit lirWa-e Dih
i-oliaaill tiav llisir lire! rri.l te,l nL'ulnat Hiea,l
Mrrel 1 lub lu morrow atternoon at I'roapeot 1'a-k.
One or the thlin:a that Ihe League would lime allpil
latril for in rao Hie ronfereat o had continue I to n rt ra
lah waa ihe re'tnriition or a liny tenia udiuiaiiuu fre .iy
the Boatoa American Aaaorlaltnn Club. ItieAaanla
lion ilemandeil a'moal everllon In aUht probably on
I ha tiaaiaof aaking tor e tery thing and taking n hat they
could gel.
Lewi headed tatroniof the rame in this city sre of
the opinion ttist t'ie Hoaton League l lub made a very
unulae nioie in pntllni; Mike nelly Into their rlne team.
Hla pnint-d out that the Uotou f.eHctie leuma of l-ss
and Ih-'i felt the hlik'tdlug efiei te or hla preaen.-e, and It
la aliened thai the present eplendll tram of aobar,
earneai p'ayera mil surely deteriorate aa nreaultot hts
preeriae In it
Tin- si. 1 1 u s Club will play the New York Reaerrsi
at Mouiror r.irk Ueehawken on Mimla). Manager
Murpiiy hat made arrangements with tl'e veat elmre
leirv Comialiy to haie eklr.i boa'a ruiinlag. The
elv Vera Braervea Hill be reuipoaed of the following
plaiera Crane lb. O Jtourke, e , llurdoca, 2b, here
liedy, c f j e'sou, a a., liei-annoii. :u., ualllgan, p. or
, f i Mcfle p orl. f.l Doineaolike, r, f,
Hoarov. Aug. 27 The Beaton Ball Club (Alsoclatloal
hold a meeting Ihla morultig and took aiepa to head otf
am rurther defections rrem their ranks. The deaertion
of Kelly hurle them deaplte their loud aaeerllens to the
contrary. At t'ie meeting to day ihe players were
aak'il to algu contracts for the eeaaoi of 'rt Putty,
Klchardion. Brown, Mrlcker, Bedford, Murpby.
O'Brien, and Fltrgarald algned Brouthera and Joyce
were preaent but ihey refused to sign unlit after the
eason closed. Farreli and Bummon were not pres
em, and ihelr Intentions ars not known.
There Is little question that the De'rolt A. C. and Mew
Jersey A '',. taama will again battle for ihe Amateur
Atbletlo Union cliamplunehlp, Ihe Bergen Pointers
hare on the local arrlea with ridiculous ease, and will
now hat e their tiardeat leak of tba aaaaon the defeat of
the Columbia A. C Irani of Washington. 'Ihe Capital
citr hat a are playing a strong vnuie and are uulte Hal Ie
tn surpriae the Jeyaei nien iloweter the odds are tn
favor ot tha laller winning the series The
Detroit and Clciel.md a c, teami haie won
Ihe seriea In their r'ip-rttro ciitre and are
now struga-liiig with each oilier for Ihe Western chain
j plot ship The aeries la ars gBiiiea. atol Detroit haa up to
late tMptured two mil of t ireo a'nl ISere la Itrt'e doubt
the Won ermea ill manage in win another I'roridlog
Ihe Jera-)a are Ihe lontra aula lor the a loual chum
pioualilp two games will he plated la hew ork tun
In Detroit ante nfth rime. If itrcesaari, nn neutral
ground Ihe Priroiia will rreaent i rarilcallr tha eame
team that on the II i a a year ago, and the Jerseys are
not materially changed.
Hpeclal Notice.
Monitor Park. Weebawken tuniay, Aug. 80,4 P.H.
Bt- Lonls Browns uNaw Tork intra. 43d It Ferty.
Admlasleu, ii (tat, as.
irAsmcAi-a rrus nr Nox-FAroniTzx
Mr. McLewee's Ban duaa Casttnrael tha
Jersey, ra-ltla Plekaleker la Heeoaat Plaea
The Pattrlmoar Colt, at f t, VTIbi
(he Carteret for Traalner Lenta Bteart
-81. Fiorina waa Favorite, hot lie Cat
It. as Vsnal-CorreetlflB Not alei-eelf.
The meeting of the Monmouth Parle Baolng
Association waa brought to a close at Morris
Park yesterday afternoon with a large attend
ance and racing that wns aonsatlonat tn some
of Us phases. The rich Jersey and Cartartt
Handicaps, for three nnd two-yoar-olds re
spectively, were won by P. 0. McLewee's Ban
Juan and Louis Stunrt'a colt by Falsetto, dam
There were Boven starters for the Jersoy
Handicap. Plcknlcker being the warmest kind
ot a favorllo becauso ot his fast mile on Satur
day last. Tho Morris pair. HusbcII nnd Tarrl
Her, were equal second favurttoa with San
Junn, while Snllte McClelland had a strong
following. KllJeor aud Nutbrown were prac
tically friendless. H.illlo McClelland was"
first away, and Anderson lot her set
the pace at a rnttllng clln In the run
up the backstretch. Nutbrown, Klldeer,
Plcknlcker, nnd San Juan within striking
distance, Bounding the Jlatteihorn, Nutbrown
showed In front tor a moment, only to glvrt
way again to riallle. When the snatch was
reached MoC.olland's dainty filly was still in
the van n qunrter of a mllo irom horns, but It
was only on sufToranco, as Plcknlcker and
San Juan were waiting on each other. Oppo
site tho betting ring, Murphy not caring to
wait longer on a colt with Plcknick
er'a great turn of speed, set snil.
Barnes was right niter htm. though , und for a
moment It was doubtful which would win.
Then fan Juan's advantage in the weights
told, and the broiher to Alta drew away, wln
nlia with n little urging by a length. Plck
nlcker beat Terrlfler two lengtba tor second
.snn Juan had tho best of the handicap as
Btated In Tut: Bun yesterday morning. Mr.
McLewee wou oulte heavily over the lace.
Halllo Mt-Cli-llnnd ran in bnntlages and pulled
uputrllle lame forward. llusBell uult Ilk- a
cur. and Klldeer f,und tbe pace loo hot for ber
In the homestretch. Mi thrown was outclassed.
Tbe Cartaret handicap eras expected to
give the talent a line on ths Futurity, and the
race wns vei y closely watched by the knowing
ones. St. tlorlnn was the favorite In the bet
ting in spite ot his Impost ot fin pounds.
Alony.o being the moat fancied of t'ie
others. although Lnmollghtor. Cande
labra. Shellb.trk, and Mr. rt It here's pair
had mengro support irom the stable follow
ers. .Nobody wanted the Patrimony colt at 30
and 40 to 1 with Pickering tn the saddle, for
months Louis Stuart has boon railed at for
riding the young englishman, but Louis said
tbnt ha owned the colt, paid the money In tho
stakes, and wns entitled to ride anybody ha
Pleased. He had bis revenge yesterday.
The start was a pcrrect one. St, Horlan as
usual moving away at a tremendous pace nt
the mil of the ling. He speedily had a lsngtn
advantage over his field and Llttletleld.hugging
the outer rail where thn track was specially
Piepared, let him run at top speed trusting to
obtulii such a load that the others would be un
able lo overcome it at tbe finish. Lampiighte-,
AloD7o. ihe Mlml colt. Lavish, and the Putrl
mony colt were loading the ruck, and all were
running ut top speed in pursuit of the big
chestnut when they enmo to the dip a
qunrter of a mile from home. Llttletleld was
Bitting motionless on at. Florlau, but
tho colt's hackers knew from experience that
tbeli money was not secure until the one-eyed
giant had passed tho winning post, and they
wera mute, although whips were flying In
the wake ot bt. i-'lortan. who still had at least a
two-iengttiB' lend of his field. Suddenly, nnd
without the slightest warning. Hi. llorlan
swerved sllgbtlt toward tbe rail and his
pace slackened uerceptlbly. On swept the oth
ers, running to the goal as straight as arrows,
and all eyes nere directed to tbe battle on the
opposite side ot the course A hundred yards
from tbe llnlah the Patrimony colt shot out of
the ruck and looked a. winner. Iltty yards
lurther and Lamplighter, seeming to drop
from the clouds, sprang forward with a mar
vellous burst of speed nnd challenged
tbe leader. Little Pickering, realizing that
victory was almost within his grasp,
clenched bis teeth, halt olosed his eyes, and
ode tbe Patrimony colt forthe laat few strides
with the energi oi ademnn. The colt respond
ed gamely, and although Lamplighter was
gaining at every bound tbe unnamed son of
falsetto won by a head. Alonzo. who was con
ceding five pounds to the winner nnd six
pounds to Lamplighter, was third, only a
length and n half awuy.
Louis Stuart was congratulated by every
body. Ills colt was in rare form last spring
nnd many trainers thought him the best of the
yenr, but ho went wrong at Nheepshead Bay
and had to be turned out. Mr. Bin art never
had time to set him cherry ripe ainca then, but
jonterdav's race makes amends lor all tba
others, as it is worth about f l.'i.OOO. Patron,
lor that is tbe colt's name. Mr. Stuartchrlsten
lng him after the race, will now hitvo a rest for
a fen weeks. Tbe popular trainer bad a warm
shake hands with Pickering. The lad was
inluhty proud, and ho had reason to be, ns he
rode fiom start to finish aud lost no giound.
The policy pursuod with St. I'lorian of hugging
the outer rail proves beyond all doubt that It is
tbe longest war home, Llttletleld raid that the
favorite stopped ns soon ns he heard the
choersof th" crowd and warned to jump tho
fence. Lamplighter proved that be is a good
game colt, nnd he will be one of the contendere
In ihe 1 uturity to-morrow. Alonzo rnn up to
his iorm. and he, too. will be In It to-morrow.
Much cannot he said about the others.
Miellhork was a groat disappointment, as Mntt
JDinesoxpected him to run as good as third.
Mr. I'ierie Lorillard, who owns Mroeco, sat
with it party oflrlendson the clubhouse bal
cony nfter tbe races. .... .. ,,.,
"rtell, tho game waa soft to-day.' said the
millionaire, laughingly. He had won hand'
somely on tho Patrimony colt, Bermuda, and
others, and had a sung commission tn Mroeco
nt 0. 7. and ii to 1, and was in a happy frame of
Free handicap eweenatakea of ."0 each, with (1 000
added, of w-hlcti -Oi to eecond and tl'Ju to thlrui three
quarter, of n mile
?. loieach g. ft. John, seal by Botheration dam
by Mitirs. mis 11 ambley . ... 1
c. II heriiglian ab t Helen Hoar. s. Ul (llrvanl)... 1
I- I.. Lorillard a ch. c. sleipuer, 4. lie (MWgleyj 8
Correi lion alao ran.
Time. IllflV
Betting Against Correi tion, 13 to 10; Sielpner, 3 to
It st .lohn. h to I lleien Hose, ltol. alutatla paid
iota's IN to, Sj7.'A
The Carteret Handicap, a sweepstakes fortwo year
o'ds or lino each half forfeit, with SAouo added, of
which si.o o to .ecoad and SVjO io third, three qoar,
L'htuart'a b. c by Kalsetto-Patrlmony, 113 (Picker
ing) ,.,. 1
S. s Brown's li c. LampUcnier 1 it (Anderson) 2
Inihall Keene'sb c Alono I Is (H) woodl ., . a
Mlml i olt. Arra, Candelabra, Cadence colt. King Cad
inu. i-rhuylkiu Lavish. Mr Caieahy, Henrelte Shell
bark, and He Igale a'en ran
Tune I 14.
Belting Agalnat Ft. llorlan 3 to I: Alonro.l to li Can.
delibra and I.aiiiPllgliter each lOtol: 511ml coll Ca
dniiecolt and king Cadmus each IJ to ii srhuvlklll,
I. to), bhetn ark. 2ito I Lav.ah 'J3 to I; I'aiilmony
rolt aolol. Ile.lgaie Mi ml. MirCatesbr. itu to I,
lleurelte, MOlo I, Mutuals paid Slil.l . J1'3. Sftiu.
The Jersey Mandl-ap, a aweepatakea for three
year.olda, of S.Oieach half forfeit, Willi aV'i.u.i addail.
or which fi.ii" lu ,1.0111 and attontn third; one mile
aud a iinarier , ....
I, c ucl.cwre'a eh c. tan Juan, by Norfolk-Balll
nrtte, ll'lil. Murpbri I
I. Sluart , Co 'a b e BleknlcVer 121 (Barnes) 2
j a A a ll Morrleeb e. rerrirler. flu Claylon ,i
Knaarll, Halllo Mul'lsiland, Klldeer, aud Mllbrown
'" r"u -,
Time. -.' na.
Bet'lng Against Hrknliker. H to S- Busisll, 3'; to I;
Fan Juan .'0, to I: same llrcirllami. ii lo I : Terlner. IV
tn i, Midrer. '- to 1 1 .Nutbrown, J ie I. slutuald paid
t.'I.HO, II0S0,IS,,
Trie Undlrap awaepatalaa of .ii each, with f 1,000
added, of which f.MU to second and lluu to third; one
V). I''. Burch's b. k. rralber, by Vlrgll-Lady Ollae.
H3(Bryaiiil . ,. . . , 1
Haneocaa Stable a cb. h. Pagan. , Ida (Lambley) 2
W. (I Pali a b r. l.prle 3. DJ(I Lambley)
Oils, Ambulance an I Anna also ran.
rime I ill 'a
Beillng-Ilre tn 4 ou Ambulance. 4 Is 1 agatnst
Pagan, .V to I Cella K In I Prathar IS to I Little. 2u to I
Anna Muiuala paid coin f iu.ii. 1 1 a)
Free handicap sneepatakes of $ ti cacti, with fl.hoo
adaed of which oii io second and (I'sjio third, mile
and a quarter
p. MrUell.mds h. r. Bermuda, 3, by Persan-Palr
Lady. Il.i lAnderson) 1
P.. V snedeker'ab. o Blot. H ti(Pnggetl) -.'
L. Biuart A Co s ch h. Stockton, aged, ul (Barnes) , J
Ktncseiu also ran
Time. 2iii7
Betting Against Bermuda, 7 to St Stockton, la to 3;
Klnctem. 3H tol, Blot e,'a to 1. Mutuals paid fliss,
7.iA eUia
wespetakas for three year-olds and upward of s:n
each, with tl.ouo added, of wiiloh I3O0 to lecond and
BI00 to third i selling allowaneaei seren furlongs.
Banoooas stable's b. o. Blrocso, a, by Bnprror
Brsess, 10,1 (Lambley) i
Olendale Stable's b. m Pearl Set 4. B3 (A. Corlnglon), 3
liao. Forties's blk. h. Boquefort 4, 101 (Bergen) a
I lAdrenturer. Jim Clsrs, Silver rrincs, Lesanto, and
Punster, Jr., also ran
Time. 1 :K.
Bsttlng-Agalnst rear! Set 13 to in; Eilrer Prince. IS
too; Kirocce 5 toll Adventurer 7 to I; Bnqarfort a
ton Lepanto in lo Is Punater. Jr . i lo lj Jim Clare,
to to I, AlulualapaldraMUlU, 0S0
air, Hearst's Hfeam Yacht.
It Is expected that W, B. Hearst's now Her
reslioff steam yacht will nirhe at Buy Ridge
to-monow. Although she has not Intiial at
tained tbo speed of 2b miles an hour called for
In tbo contract, Mr. Hearst has accepted hrr,
and will try and arranse to have hrr taken to
Ban Franclson this fall. Tha yacht has a coal
capacity for 24 hours' runnlna; at 35 milts an
boar. Hr grois tonnage tt 68.36, Several
, alterations will be made before the facet boa
' another trial lor ipt4
i ;
ROYAL is the only Baking
Powder Absolutely Pure.
I.oe Aaaielee Captoree the Cn-Favorltee
tVIa All but One Hate.
Babatooa, Aug. 37. The Inst raees of the
meeting- were run to-dny In a driving rain
atnrm on a track deep with mud. Horses won
on their merits, and backers of favorites mado
monoy, four of the Ave races going to first
choice horses, which Is unusual on tho final
day ot long meetings.
Tho event of first IiiiD-rlnnco was the race ot
two miles for the Saratoga Cup, for which Los
Angeles was sent to the post a strong odds-on
favorite. Yallern, second choice, nnd India
Bubber, the outsider, made up tbe field. India
Bubber set the pace, with Los Angelos socond.
until a ml'e and three-nunrters hail been left
behind, when Isaac Lewis gavo the mare her
head, and (llenelg s famous daughter captured
the rup as she i leased by n length and a half.
Imlln llubber beat Vallrra ten lengths lor sec
ond plane.
Mi joined in the opening splash ot five fur
longs, .nmpost. first choice at odds on. held
back to the last hnlf furlong, and then, coming
With a rush, wou hy a longth Irom Bengal, Tho
luoen losing second place by ilnoo lengths.
Jla'iel Glenn was the general selection to:- the
second race. Belle ot Orangs and tho favorlto
bad the field trailing from tho iiuanor. Mabel
Olenn drew away nt tbe finish, and won by it
length and a half from Hello ot Orango. iSnntn
Anna came In third, live lengths away. Tho
tree handicap at n mile nnd three-sixteenths
was won handily bv Pessara. tbe favorite, by
four lengths from Carroll, Bedfellow third, a
doren lengths back. Tbe lust rnce was cap
tured by l'ost Odds, a 7 to 1 shot, by three
lengths. Hnlvlni. the favorite, beating Apollo a
neck for second place. Mummarles:
Pone B.TOT, for rra'den two-year-olds: Bra furlongs.
J. It noaa ib e, ainpot hy 1'oat Guard .amore, lilts
(Thompson) .. . 1
Walcoti A Campbell a b a Bengal. lmTaral) ?
J. f. Peppers ch. f Ihe (Jueen. no (Hooker) u
Bio uraude Falae p.. an. Judge Tnucey a'so ran
Time. lfi".
Betting Ten to P on lampoat i to I against Bengal,
10 to 1 Ihefvueen.
Free handicap sweepstakes of 113 each, with $700
adoadl one mile.
A Thompson ab m Mabel Ulenn, 4, by Hindoo Cat
Thurn'a tnei(slmins) 1
J. P. Dawee'a b t. iieile of Orange, a, lot, (Morton) 1
Hants Anita stable's b f Santa Anna, a, ioj (Mao
Bally) a
Castaway It. and W oodbena also ran.
Time. IKS
Betting Agaluit Ma'al Ulenn 7 to 8; Belle of Orange.
8 to It santa Anna. 3 to I.
The Saratoga Cup, for three year olds and upward,
atsioo each, with II 4 i and a enp rained at VtJ
added: taiai lo second and BAMI to third: twomllea
santa Anita Stable's rh m Los Angelea, ikhyolrn-
elg-I a Polka. IJI (I. Letrla) 1
(HonretterSlatde'ecli a India Bobber. 3, in: (Slratnal. 2
Scoggan Brothers' ch r. altera .i. 107 (K. Wllllamai . 3
Time. 4.-OIIH
Betting Three to 1 on Los Angetet 2 to I agalna: In
dia liubber. J to I Vallera.
Free ban Heap iweepstalea of SJO each, with Wio
addei. of which e-vj to seroad; one mile and three
sixteenths. Malcott A Campbell's b c Pessara. 3, hy Plrarro Sis
ter Mnnlra. li.t (Taral) 1
J i olton'a b b. Carroll. . n3(Slmms) 2
J. P llawea'ab h. lladfdlow.S liu(llorton) 3
1 andora a'so ran
Time. 207i.
Betting Ten to 0 nn Teasara, 3 to 1 against Carroll, 4
to 1 Bedfe'low.
Torse soo. for three lear olds and upward' selling
allnwuncea. seven furlongs.
Tenneasee Sleblee rh g roat Odda 3. by John Led
ford-Marv p. u7iJ rerklnai 1
I. s Slreech.h Salvint a. 1 1 (Slmme) 2
Keyatotio dtable'a ch r. Apollo :i lot (Hooker) .1
Daleaman, hltiy, Ceawood. Bullilnch and draduate
also ran.
Time 1:11.
Betting-Seven to 1 ggalmt Post Odds, S to 3 on Fat
rlnl, I J to against Apollo.
Probable Starter for the Futurity To
morrow. Tbe Coney Island Jockey Club ofDclnls an
nounce tbe following as probable starters In
the $75,000 Futurity Ktnkes to-morrow, and the
Tiders engaged to pilot them to victory or de-
It'irttf. jvicleyr. BVIffnlt.
Ills Highness McLaughlin I'M
Merry Monarch. Bergen UV
Pagonet. Hiinma ins
Yorkvllla Belle Uurphy. 112
Haahford soyer. lis
Tammany Miner i:c
Kir Matthew. , Barnes I3
Lamplighter Atidrron 1)3
Kalnlacolt Pogeett lia
Lester Clayton lis
Hewinn Wllllaina IIS
Mara Llttletleld II".
Lsrah 'laylor lei
Ann a (jueen Ua.. 1 13
Ua vt e r Coalnctrn Hi
ia r flay A. Coilngun Ins
Veatlliule.. I.ambley IT,
Cas.iarJay lis
fllvar Fox t Ion
Charade IIS
Anna B IIV
Trlngle in
Cokawaln 101
ntriea for Oiitfenbiira: To-tlar.
This Is the progiamme for Gut'enbure to
day. Flrit Bace Pnrae aVUU: sailing: three Quarters of a
mile saiiabury. ll . Jay t)u ci !i. il-a Belt Ito.
la-lat B.I07, l.lttle Fred. I01. Pahltnann na) Mr.
Lnughiln, lUt.Gold step, lui, Cbeener, lui, Little Mln
n'e I'll.
Second Kace-Ptirae ?W two year olda; selling: Hie
eighths ot a tulle Markhaui. Hi-. Wlgwarn. ina: Adal
giait iolh 104. Hullti lu I Marlnloah. Iiu I llllan M.
ml. Bel.e p, mi, Biatnar'k. on, lemlacamingne, :s;
Vueen tl nr. li"
'ihirii itace Purse il.rao. handiran; one ml' Ken
wtod nn. Longtord ill, loi-im 1 '7; i I m i. I'".'',
hhaitan. Pit, Lenanlo lei lorn Uonohue, t ; liotinlo
Ulna-, Ml
Fourth Pace 1'orse ftivvi, sellinr six and one half
furlongs guren of Trumps is ,uxle 17: 1-urrle, iu;
Batla-on '"i l.lttn can si; sW ur, s7.
tilth Uace-I'ursi foiM, selling one and a quarrer
mllea. The loriini lo1!. Mtiihe ley. P.sj l.tttie Jim.
pa), Bruaael e, lol Macauley, lui. Ih-odosiua, H7, Bon
tile hlng. '17, Anomaly id
Slajth Hare I'urae -s'aai aalling seien elglithl or a
ml e LHIueri, 127. The Portor u7:oydH i.'a; i.xtra,
m llyperltu Ul lerneood i.l . uullibler lis, nan.
deriseuL lis; Seiituiuia Ms; Romance, lis; w, B. li..
Il,i,llileaway 114, Tourist 111; AUtral, 111; Uau
dine. 111
TTInnrrs ut C'blenKO.
Ctiririo, Aug. 27, aarlle'd Park. Trark deeptn mud.
f-lrat Baee-SIx and a half fur'onga s'an Baha won;
Drill second, one liline, Ihlrii. Time. 1 J41?.
HeconU Itace Ml'e ill 1 a-lxteenth. iaborn v. on. Anna
Barr. aacond, sutinyhruok third Time, 2 on.
Third Itace une ml e iiunnai won, Alpiionse, sec
ond. Mary Sue, third Tuna l:,ai.
Fourth Fare lbres.ipiarters of n mile. Lakehreere
won. Toi.i Llllotarcond nay S third lime. I K
lirth Itace -lour em! i lie half Iiirlonue Bolivar
Burkuer won rnnaiiin- vililekey seciitid, Angeree
third lime, I ul
sixth Brti'e Four and a half furlongs Deceit wpn,
Sllseent second, Crulksliatik hirl lime, I t'i2i4,
Ciiri-ai.ii. Aug 27 -Beaults at Hawthorne i'arkt
First Bare Hue half ml e I ugarita won, 1 reedora
eecond. Moutclatr third lime, oiVi
second llai e Three ouarlera or a mile. Rival won,
i'rlnre lunry seeoiui, rret Tar.il third. Time :J2.
ihlrd itace Mile an-l a -lteo ith I'o e,naa won,
Brook wood ,econ I. 1 th-l third lime I -i
1'onrlh Hare- ill an.1 u aivtaeolh lllmlnl won,
Caruaaeiond Little s j ,t ra third rime, 2 's.
I Iflh Bare-srven fioloMgi l ntiaer won, Ollford
second, III acalhlrU. Time l 't
M'lnnri-a la Xeu ,lei-sar.
GiocrrariK Aug 27 Follonii g are the resjlis of to
dar'e raeeai
lirst Race Three fourths of a mile. Arizona won.
Courtioraecond Mulligan third. 1 line, I :ji.
Second Bate rle Inrl"iii.e hddie M. won, lludd
Errln sei-ond. Hoy third lime. I oV
Third Bace Seren furlong., t'ucerialiily won, Toung
Orace second octagon third Tune, i .SVLf,
rnurth Bate -sit aud a half fur onge. Whltcnoio
won. evay seconl. saraarllan thlril. litne I Jti.
Flflh Race-l'ne an1 an eighth mltaa Colden Beel
won. Tappahauuock second, Badiant third. Time,
2 -nisi;
sltth Bace Four and a half furlongs Jack Murray
won, (inaway sccoud, Muonaione third. Time, u;iU'a.
t'enlnil l'nrk rliniilonliti Tronla,
The el.'luli seml-inniial tennis touruiment for tha
rlumploiiaiiip of Cen ral Pa k will begin on tho
"loner' Park courts lo in'Trow afternoon at 2 P
1 Thla year a fall tmirontnetil w III he the largeat eter
held In the I'ark Ihe dranpigs which eruiade on
Tuoedai evening ah iw ihe loilonuig nMtchet la ttie
prehnnnarr and ilrst round"
single rirai itouud-r. J. Wood agalnat W M. Height.
C Craiu agatnat J J. i Imrlri, r B. atclean agalnat
II. Mcl'llnlock. T. B Tnrnllnnn agalnei W, T Miller.
Jr.. J (', Burrell against K P llachrr. V J, Meltrer
against '. S. heeler, tl Burr against J. J Sullivan, o. M.
Bostwlck against U. N .Morau. c. A Trlao against I.
Stetens ii. W. D Crlttenton agalnat . I A. Branua,
W, I. Bogert agalnat C Pitt J. M. Saunders against J.
P, Paret K. Donnelly against A, B. Bipley, A. K I'roue
merer against C F. Height T. Is HcCflnrock against h,
U F.rerett Dr J. II. Bryan agalnat Dr, W. ll. Bates.
Doubles. Preliminary Bound W. A. Jones and C. A.
Trlao aralnst Dr. W. II Bates and J. Hamburger. J I.
Paret and O M. Boatwlek a.alnat F W. Fulls and 11, ll.
Lloyd. J. J sotllran and F. Donnelly agalnat f F.
Height and Ir. T I Towneend. A. L Cronemeyer
and W. L. Bogert agalnat T P. Tomlinsoit and partner.
First Bound J. J. cbauln and W. T Miller. Jr. azalnat
p sterena and Pr. J II. Brvan. h P Flacher and W. L
A Brauns against J. C. Burrell and It D. KadcllUe.
Atlantic Kod und Oun Club rslioot.
The Att.in leg ad n great ahnoi at Coney Ma.nl Wo,
neat a , fnsuti ni-iu'ers shot f r tbo ivioctuhiiiedaii.
the I ngeinn i ha ire end ll e lloiidni ba Igs liienien
male straight stores of eetvn lor the Bogeinait ha-l.e,
andltnaa won hy I'ncte Jim Voorhera Hllhacleati
score of fourteen all toM. Six men killed six earh and
ehotorr. it. J smher and killed eerenteen luallanl
won It The ihlrd prise was wou by u. J, Kletn, sad Iba
fourth by Dr. Hjlt
Beaeleknaseprerented end alterlalad by tbe ae ot
tbe cenulne Irowa'i Omier. rreOirluk irswn, ralla-
e- aalabUa latt-aKa. ,.
Nlrjchtlngale IVIn the O-snt Raee-t.lttle
Albert llreiaka Ifnvi'n,
IlArtTTonr). Aug 27. VA (ieors. the clever
TennoBste rolnsman, piloted throo horses to
the front nt Charter Oak Park thli afternoon,
bis great success being In tho J 10.000 stnko,
whon ho won the ninth and deciding heat with
Nightingale, n six-year-old mnro from VII
lago Tarm. The race w.i In a peculiar'
condition last ovonlnc nt tho end ot eight
beats, Miss Alice being dlstancod nftor get
ting the first, and Abblo V. bolng ruled
out on account of tho doad hent be
tweon Nightingale and Little Albort. The
Callfornlnn pulled up lame yestorday.
nnd was done for, so that Nightingale
had matters her own way. The oldest
horsemen. Including Hnrrls Holcomb. who
has boon forty years on tho turf, sav It was tho
grontoit raco evor trotted. Tho Buffalo mare's
gnmonoss and tho skilful dilvlnc of Qecrs
landed the big prlzo for the Hamlin stablo.
making tho second time ono ot Mambrlno
King's get has won It Tho eighth bent In 2:21
Is the fastest nt that stago on record. Llttlo
Albert's breakdown Is In both forelegs, the
suspeusory ligaments giving away, so that It Is
doubtful it ho cap start again this season.
Charter wak stake. Slili 00. 2.20 claae.
Nlgiuliik-ele. by Mambrlno Mng ....... .
Mleere) 4 3 3 0 3 12 1 1
Little Albert (Andrews! 7 2 2 0 I B I a 2
Abide V (Turner) a I I 4 S 2 3 2 ro
Bellman (Dodge) .1 7 4 3 4 ro.
Prodigal ,lcDowell tl ft r A 5 ro.
.Miea Alice r Meeker. 1 4 dla.
lranc F (llarnhn) 2 U dli
ilme-JI7t. 21I8U.2 in, 2:IW 2.I.-X, 1'21M. s.'21'i
2-2.'. 2 21',.
The 2:2." class, another hold-over from Wail
nesrlav. was ended In a single beat by Fred S.
Wilkes, a speedy four-vear-old stallion, who
made tbe trip in 2:r.l.'a. a now mark lor him.
Tom Carpenter was the only one near tho man
horse at tho finish.
2-2'i class: puree J,ono.
Fred R UUkes. by Hector Wilkes (Oeerir a I 1 1
Lightning (Na) 1 s 6 4
BamonaiColdeni 2 7 2 3
Daphne (Juan) 4 2 U
Tom Carpenter (Mielllngtaw) U 4 4 2
captain Lyons (llreen) I
Michael d'llara (Beluhart) 7 n 7 7
ciav forest i Hetcber) a o dr
Clayton (lleinlng) a B dr
Tlme-Jtirii(. 2:jui. 2 2.'i,, SHIM.
Beforn tho regular card could lie taken tin
the clouds dl-chnrced a smart shower, which
stopped proceeding!, for about two hours.
Then tho 2:17 trotters came out on tbo muddy
course and bnttlod for live boats. Diamond
was tbe tip till be showed ho would not do in
tho soft footing, nnd Walter K. sold favorlto
nftor he got two heats. Finally the veteran
J. B. Blcbnrdsnn got his right foot foremost
and outlasted the paity.
2:17 class, purse J:ooi.
J. B. mchardaon. oy O forge Wilkes
(Lane) I n I a 1 l
Waller E (Stewartl 1 2 4 1 2 II
Diamond lllreaatrr) 4 12 3 4 2
Jean aljean (llowen) 2 4 :i 4 Ilro.
rime J'J(i J J4' 2.22K 2:Jlh. 2i.'oL 2 2I''
Tliolnsinanco Stake for 2:20 pacors brought
out a field of seven, uone nt whom could gr
very Inst In the mud. I'tank Hortch brought
even monoy before the B'nrt. but Oeers laid
Iiim up for two heats. Lady Sheridan sncuroil
oth. but grew tired, uhllo irank Hortch
beatThlstlo homo three times in succession.
The bla"k stallion from Pnikvlilo Farm mndo
n batter showing limn lie did Inst week at
Kpriuglleld. but was not nt home In tbe tioach
orous footing.
Insurance stake. $1,000; 2:C0 pace.
Irank llortch. by Locomotive (Users). 7 Sill
Lady sherldan (swam 1 1 n 3
Ihletle turl-colll S 2 2 2 2
Chesterfeld iBIley) I B (I ft
Burpaaa (Irwlnl 4 4 11 4 4
Blanche iLewla) 3 7 7 7 0
fcaladinioreen) :l 4 rdia
Time JUIM. 2l!. 2:22l. J 2J';, 2.24.
It wns so late tvbon the 2:17 trotters finished
that the 2:21 claBs was postponed until noon
to-morrow, to give tlmo enough to catoli un
with the card of tho last day tbe free-for-all
pace, freo-for-all trot. 2:27 class, and a spnclal
lor the three Almonttrnttnrs abreast. Mr Ham
lin thinks thoy can go in 2:12 11 the track la
The Teorllng; Paces st Mile In S7 S-4 at
rouonKF.ErsiF. Aug. 27. Thore was a fair
nttendnnceon tbo third day of tho meeting of
the New York State Breeders' Association.
Two features ot the day are worthy of special
notice. The Jewett stock farm yearling pac
ing colt Hollo was sent to beat hia record of
2:50. and be mndo the mils in 2:3i? Thla
benta Iho world's yearling pacing record of
2:118, which has stood for six years. Hollo Is
by Jerome Y. ldy, out of Mambrlno Patchon
mnie, Thcolt was trained by Frank C. McVey.
The other fenture occurred in tbe trot
by three-yenr-ohi for tho NeNon House
htnke. Belmont Prince, tbo winner, making
tho second iiml deciding beat In 2:17'a amid
great excitement. Men crowded around horse
and owner mid cheered lustily. Tho fire or
Belmont l'rinco Is Woxford, dam by Jefferson
1 rmce. Mr. Iloslcgton. the owner nnd driver.
ft-elH proud over bis Bullion's achievement.
.Selso.i House Stakes. WO for foa'a or IRKs.
Ceo A Iloslugtoa'a br. a. lielmont 1'riuce (lloilnr-
ton) ,,1 1
Cornelius Whllbeck a br. c. ('bet (tWiltbeck) 2 2
Chaa nackininab f sunahlne (Jnnre) 3 die
LlOorado farm ebr r. i.olaten (snyJer) 4 dla
Tlme-J iiJj.. ;"I7M. sjuarter, o j4, half. I i)"K,
laat mile.
Immediately nfter tho race Mr. Iloalngton
wns olTered $jr,000 lor Belmont Prince.
Iinclasa, purer Sal
r.ldorado Farm's h in Addle I.ee(snyder) 1 1 1
J II Clark's li. m loulae B tsonthardl 2 2 3
lludaon Hirer Fariuach.ro efle D. (Ilernnc-
1011) 3 3 2
J. II. Uhltoiarairsk m. Arno (Flam dla.
Illue- ..2 2'.1tVj.
2 20 claae: Plaa Hotel ftakeis 3ix) j.r
Hudson itiver I aim s b m. I eiume Sole (Her-
rlngton) I 2 11
Tr. J. . Da) aba. Sunrise 1'atchen iI)ay)...,J 12 2
THne-'Jt-J,. 2:J0. 2tl2ie; 2:Jx
F.ldnrado Farm'a stake, siuo, for foals of IsSS, by
llrea whose get have not beaten 2:Miat three years old
p-irae f ui
I.hiorJdo Farm's b. m. Water Bell (Snyder) 3 1 I
Henry c. Jenett A Co 'sbr. r Uaeadloidrtuga) .1 2 2
H C. VVoodnut a b s St Jonathan (vtoodnuu... .2 3 3
rime '.' 41. J 4.'i. 2'4i.
There will be four races to-morrow.
Trotting In Central Scrr Tork.
Srsactar, Aug. 27. The harnaas races at Klrkwood
Park te day were close aud elclling. Owing to dark
neas the 2 2d aud 2'J0 daises were not finished. The
eiimmarPs- ..
UJTciaaa tr' ttlng, purse HX.
Lodv I.eister B 2 111
Douaian ,,, 1 I 7 a e
ll.rar W 2 4 4 6 S
IlcantMII.es II S 3 4 3
I .ho Pelt'aao 3 M 8 2 4
Jsaalerlr 4 3 2 7 2
Maulrliebe i U i 0 dr.
Llkle IjOoiI 7 7 6 dr.
llllie-2 3PJ. 2 Jnl. J-Js'i. JtSOJi 2 31!,'.
Jty.c'.jaa. trotting ; puree MOt,
Harry cardinal 3 4 4 3 1 I
(rdnc 113 2 2 2
IsveUndS 2 3 2 4 BrO
Maggie r 4 2 I 1 4 die.
Iltne-i -Ji'4, -J -J I', 2 j.".', 2:.H'f,' 2 DO. 2 'j;'4.
2.mtli-a, pai lug; purse iUO.
Boll Ingeraoll 1 I
Minnie r J 4
Bon I 3
J.ochlmar 4 2
Irank 3 u
Abbott U
I ash toy dla
Tim J:il't a SIX.
Nellie IV. In Straight Heats,
I.tiiscioM, Aug. '-'". Thla wai the blggeat day of the
Lexington rarea I ully 2'.',un'i perrons were on the
grounds to see the Jilli clnaa. in which the noted Nellie
V.. V 1 1 4 ' j, waa a Ug favorite Her performance or lo.
day fully Jueilflel all esilmaiea of her, aaehe won in
tiralglitheata, iwonf thetu being under 2 t'Jo, and the
other belter than 'Jt'.'i. ornla, .Naomi. Fellna, Klectric.
and i.itiou nciit lulu the 2t u list, Co'ilnuood reduclug
bla record to -'!, suuiuiirUst
Aaaociutlon slake, for four year otda, ralue, Sl.ono.
Coluiiweef hv .Mambrlno surue Kuisetlj.,.,1 I l
Pat My Buy (Curler) 2 3 2
strila ueiiuoniiBreerieldi 4 2 ,i
Courier (Kedoi 3 4 dla
Time ii"it 2i'.'2:.'J.
2tlSclasi: purse l, on
fellle IV , hy Bolla-liold Pust (Robrylion) I I 1
Angelina (hehi) t 2 a
nermuda(Forman) , a 3 3
Beady Boy lEsainei , 4 4 dr
lune-2:IH, 2;li), -JiTi..
Oranla, by Indian Hill 2 17
(luyon. by I'rlncepe , 2 3u
klecirlo, by loeotloueer Jt'jsu
Fellna. by Sir Mailer 2 2)J
haoml, by Indian Hill , J.JUii
The Champion Ouromen lllnr.
Tbe dlulng room (f the hew Vrr' Alhlelic Club pre
scnted a scene of gayely las; night Ihe occasion being
a complimentary batin,uet to the champion eight oared
crew of the club width carried o.I ihe honors in the
recent uvioiial regsttn at vteahiiigtou Lx President
Cox occurle 1 the i ha r ,tnd Ihe nifair, whi e purely In
formal Ma iMrcineli lleaaurdhe an J a tlellghtf jl
Irinule In the i ror, a-of t'ie irlulopl, ant oarauien. At
ihe eaai nl or the, room sat the chauipiou irew,
11.11 iraulurl h" J P. Craa ford. 2. T L Jooke,
8, A. MacCorliiidale, 4. C. B Knohladcb. 3: fa. J.
(irannlnl. l; Arthur I- Urke. 7. seth B. Hunt, stroke,
D. ilrabam Smjth. coxewaln, and O, de L, Corllaudt
aud at. Morgan. Jr. lubatltutes.
Alter tbe discussion of en attractlre menu, tbe re
maiuntrcf the iTsnloi was spent lo Jelly good fellow
. iWja,
rnn mrr-TRAR-or.D stark rcxirsRi 'i
. . i
Driven by Dnble Happy Meillnm'a TJtinBliter A'
Trnts Three Ilenta In ll. ll 8.4, '
and 8tt, and Dtfeata Allerton and Mats, 'v
anrrt H.-Itoy TllUea triaa the flreat ;1
raelnc Knfei and Conalanllne the FtMK -!i
yeail.otd Htabe All low at There. O,
iNpr.rrsnrixcF. Aug. 27,-Thore was a hug :s
crowd nt the kilo track to-day. All Iowa
enmo out to see Allerton bent Nnnoy Hanks. J
and saw htm tall after a splendid race, la V
which all trotting race rocords wera beaten br
both the first and second homes.
About 1H.O00 people lined the strstohes and V
crowded the stands, A stand eroded on the ?,
ndjnccnt Insane hospital grounds fell during
tho big rnce and two men were badly hurt. All
the Kcniucklans nnd talent who backod Nancy f
Banks for thieo days cot tbe money --J
nt currant odds ot $100 on Nanoy ;'j
Hanks. $r,0 on Allerton, nnd 110 ,
on Margnrot . Betting wns hcovy all through $
tiiodav. tavorltes having the host of it, Tha J
trnok was Inst, and tho air cool and pleasant.
For Hid big raco Allerton to K tho pole, with 'J
Margaiot S. on hU side. In the ilrst bent t
Nancy liatiksshowod In iront nt tho quarter a
alter AlIiTtoti had gono jinny in the lead, led
by nearly two longtlis ut tho bond of tho lone
huincsi retell, ilou'n which Allerton closed up. 1
but hroke ni Hid tllstunto. nnd llnished a A
length bn.-k. Mnrcarel S. was twelve lengthe a
hahinil Aileron. I lino, 2:12. ft
lu Hi- sennnrj heat the betting was: Nancy, ft
50: field. $10. Nancy was oir first aud led all '3
tho way around, stnlllm: oiT Allerton's brush In ,jf
the stri'teh. ultei- which ho broke, and Nanoy ?,
won tbe heat by four lonutbs In 2:1'J.V, Mar- i
gnrot N wns el.iit lougtliB behind Allerlun. c
I here wns n i bettliu: for tbo tb'rd heat. ';
Nnney ln, l,y two lengths to the big turn,
wh"io allerton vlnsetl on her. and was only v
ball n loi.gtti t tho bad In the strotcb, down .';;
which .Niinov Hanks onitjotteil him and won -S
bythrre lengths ,n 2:12, Margaret S. twelve j?-
lengths behind Allerton T,
'i he race summary follows: n
Hve ear-old stake troitlng, ralue $.1009 i
Col Hart lloaweu'a h in. Saucy Hallka by A
llappv VedlurnNaney I.eeiHud lloblo) I It J-
C ". Willi up- br. h Alierton. by Jay Bird $
CuaalelMk a Wild una) 3 11 -S
M sa lalniri b. m Margaret S, by D.feotor JS,
Mai nay lUrorg- Starr. - 3 3 I ';';
Hrat Heai-oJ'i .12 ,u' ai4, mile J:12 .
Second Heat !."(. ll.'lj. 3 t. Mt. mllo 2:I2H.
Third ilrat-iigi-j. .is, aa' a-tj, mile 2.12. 4?
Not only wiro Nnney's three hcntB tho boat S
rnce trotting hints on record, but Allorton's ,!
tlme.2:12'a, 2 l. 'I . and 2: 1:1. bent It. Ii
Tho llve-vear-old reiord Jay Lye Pee'a y
2:10'a n dress-purado murk, however, wns not '-'j
beMen. &
1 The other contosts wero highly llnter- V
estlne. TI10 noe-for-nll puoo was u (.
grand rnio on averogr speed. Roy s
Wilkes nt fliO and Dallas at 112S were favor-
ites but Ho) stoppe'lolT wlih the rnce In straight J
bouts, nnd Fore-t Wilkes won tho postponed Jj
2:2 1 pacing raro.'gelting his lioslltoot foremoBt S
and winning In straight boats, 'a Ilia morntnir d
Constantino.? In the field against Margaret
M invorlte. won Iho third, fourth, and llttl) '-.
honts nt tho $5.ii00 four-year-old stake.
The day's summaries follow: S;
2:J.irlasa, pacing, puree $1 h'ei .
Forrat liken, by Bourbon Wilkes (M. T. !.V
Nr ry) S Bill A
Rtorm (II. P. hlrk) 1 14 3 1 i1-
le'tora (Vlci oy 0 2 2 2 4
Otto W (C McDonald) 3 1 K I) S
Wilkes I. (A ll llillchlnl) 7 7 A 4 3
Maxey I.VI Ma'ouejl ." U 3 ft 11 s
Blue Boh (I, I- Hiininn) 4 4 7 7 T ,v
Seesaw (I. Dlekereour 0 o dr. vA'
Sedle m. ll. Barker) :i 5 dr. iv
Sol Miller (W. I.eland) PI dla. -
lluie--' 17, 2. Pit,, 2.11,1., :1. 2;m)L
Free for alt pacing puree spinal h
Ry Wllkea. br. h. by Adrian Wllkea (M. E. Me- K
nenry Ill J?
Cu, gr. g.,hy shlloh Hi. Currr) 2 0 1 ff
Dallas ch. it, by Almont Bov (C F. Prldrnontl .3 3 8 S'
Bildd llnble. I, g. hy Indianapolis (C. I". Budd My
Poble . ,5 4 -it
1st Lee, blk. h . In-l.lmo (I. P. .lohnrnu) U 0 C.
Timo-2 li 2 li$ a IIV. 5
Fonr year old elnke. trotting; taluejft.ooa . ?
Conatantlne (I., llonsrman) 3 Silt J
Margaret VI IA. T Miller) I 12 4 4 S
Lady llalls(S L. Cnlon) 2 2 5 2 2 fe
Blle Archer (S Mci oy) a ft 4 3 a
Swannoik (J. .Selaoni 11 H 3 5 S ?
larnhnr (C w wu.iamsi s 4 dr. A
Muireeor Hllkea M. t, MclKnry) u ft rtr. i'-i
Jrailord (C. Daila 4 7 dr. V
Vatican o; llareal 7 a dr. I
Time-2 .ilV. 2.IH. 2:liit', 2-2iHft ..JIJL 7
I "We have the nerve to say
and the ability to provo that
wo can undersell hy 30 or 40 S
per cent. ON OUR PINE ''
Dealers who pay ?40,000 or '
SoO.OOO per year in rent, and f
others wlio give two or three &
years' credit. Get onr esti
mate and see if wo aro not
right. Ono price only. ;
"MASOK'S," I j
Mnnnfucturcrs of nnd .TobberaW A
In Furniture, Folding lteds, I ?
Jicddlnpr, Carpctings, Cc. I i
I Suits Reduced ' I
8r. 8. 8. 8IO. 813. ;
:V2 and 2 I'latbuth av.. Brooklya. '
OK " 'f.
Bicycles and Accessories. .
iiavi.no liorniiT uroki.t attii ,
iOeranli-rxxiDt Stools,
mm .i.imi i j-.ii), v : aiii: or.
'KltlN; HA all'. A'P RIIIK'L'- H
I.OUMI.T I,V fait.KH. U
i'Ai,i.AMiHi,i,i:i"riir.rRr,TooLATg ,
viKi.No-f. jtitvuuH, a
Miri'DllltH, II.MOMl,aU 1
BICYCfLE COMPANY cur mtaiu),
F,r.,r,,fP.M,,UKAT Mri":ET- I
: - - 1
)tnwti:iis has vokmsT 1
Sand "rnia toe do ainli- or blood worrot, 2'e. "
do lite Pobaona for freah water tf. l&c deg.isbsaV .
der crab, at Iowel market 1 rites.
y lew pricss (or fins goods astaalsh srerybedyt
J.F.slAMIBM. 1 '
e sMcovifcrtmajyuiiaeUja t i
' ' (

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