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I ff "IF YOU SEE IT IN j "f fl fJ MlM 15 F L II MF YOU SEE IT IN B (
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I hilled Tititovau xr.w jersey as
I IIr nbut Made l.net Evening In the
I Oarrn lloiieo In Hoonton Tli Plnv
I uuti Her Version of Robert Rnv Hum.
lltnn'a Huln-Mer Hlj-Ie nf Arllnc.
DnosTns. Sort 1. Tlmt curious woman who
calls herself Mrs. Hobert Hay Hamilton, but
whom tho court decided to bo .Mrs. Joshua
Mfttin, lias once more shufllod the cards and
has niado n new deal in the ontortalnlng It
uncertain came of ndYontute which sho began
bo many yenrs ago.
In this smnll Now Jprsey town she mado her
di!but as nn settees lo-nlght In a piny embrac
ing and centring abnut tho Incidents of her
life with Robert Itny Ilnmllton. Months ago It
was known that somo ono bnd written n play
for hor which wns to le rallad "Tho Hnb
bortons," and It was. nlso known that
llnbbertnn was selected because It would sug
gest to tho public tho tact that the play would
don! with the ltobort Itny Ilnmllton opl-sodo.
When the fnmous suit wns troucbt to such nn
ignominious cloe. and when Mrs. Mnnn found
horpelt known by hor truo pnmo, nnd fully ex
posed In the fraudulent child affair, eho took
her-olf out of eight.
she has been spending the months of retire
ment In restoring hor shattered neivos nnd In
developing that histrionic tulont which every
adventures Is confident she pnsscssos. That
cho .studied assiduously and with somo Intel
ligence waB shown by her perlormauco to
night. ' Chniley Gardiner, who ba9 managed several
sensational entorprl-os. wns selected ns mana
ger lor this. Duiiug tho last tno monthH re
hearsals have been frociuent, nlmost ns fre
quent as tho changos In the actor-. Anions
the first mores Unrdlncr ninde wan to chnnKO
the title of the play. Ho decided that "The
Habbertons" wns not as attrnctive as It mleht
be. aud substituted "Alia Ml-tako." rely tut
upon tho publishing of tho name, Mrs. ltobort
Hay Hnuillton. in bin black type just under
the title, to put people in mind of what wa3
"all a mistake."
Tlioro has not been any creat amount ot
money back of the enterprise, and when Mrs.
Hamilton's gowns wero pnld for there wns
little Isltto pay cut in eettlns a BHlaxy of play
ers nbuut here, tio for tho past wcok various
sma I Now Jersey towns havo beon! billed
meaeroly. but conspicuously, with posters
leading like this:
la h.r beautiful, realistic, ami pretty romantlo drama,
TUUl'OLirAN 1'LAYbllS.
Boonton was decided upon as tho place for
the ilribut. Tho why of It Is best explained by
an interview which tok place la the lioonton
Opera House to-day. 'ihe Uoonton Uperu
House, like Boonton itself, is small and
bard to set lulo. Ttie oinau wim keeps
thi millinery shop under It acts as
leosee. permanent stage munaeor, ana jau
iiross. The ball with the cullory will seut -lUU
persons If the paeklnp is dono skilfully. Tho
staee is ery bleu from the floor, aud must
comically small for a terrible truKody with
load hissing "aslUHS."
When the reporter for The Sun reached hero
be at once went to the Opera Uouso and ad
dressed himself to ono of the company, a fat
man. muoti soiled, and boarinc mark of per
sonal contact with dusty things. When ho
heard that a New York newspaper had learned
of the intended debut, he foil to trembling,
with a curious mixture of reality aud btaya
"Well, well." said he, "this Is awful. Don't
let her know. For Goij'.s sake, don't. We
sneaked away from New lork yoMerdoy morn
Inc and came down here because we thought
no one would And us out. Why. the woman
hasn't had any experience, we aro doingtheo
ilttlo towns to giveherachanoo to work off
stage fright."
'then he began to apologize and deprecate
the place, ttie people, and the opera houso. Al
though the company had then been in town
but thirty bours.every one had learned nil about
their uffalrs. The ownor nnd jaultross told
how tbey hadn't monoy enough to payfortna
programmes, and how she had to get them out
and wait until after the performance for her
money. Another man baa hoard how they had
f:ot tholr printing done in other towns ahead
n thesamn way. Hut the stout, good-naturoa
Actor explained all ttiK
" You don't ceo muoh paper out, eh ?"
No, not fo very much. But the conntry
papers are booming her. We can rely on
Mrs. Mann needs booming, for somehow
or other the smalt New Jersey towns do not
seem to know much about her. Tho man in
the hotel olnee said:
" W bo is this here star I see posted around ?
I never hcerd of no Hamilton actress before"
Mrh. Mnnn came into tho hotel parlor with a
manner that liad a good deal of roekloss do
flaiii'e In It. Her form, which wns clad In a
, close lilting gray cowu. was full and
round aud very nttruetho. Her fnco,
too, was attractive, but In another
way. Her OS'fc brown hair was combed
back in a bocomlug wave from n high
forehead. Her sharp noso, her ttilti. strnlght
lips, and tho closenoss of her eys give her Inr
from homely face a certain luiraness, ns though
he had Used through a good deal that wai
desperate. A scar between her eyes height
ened this unpleasant, yet nttnictlve. look.
The interview Is not worth lepeating. as
sh would not talk of nor own affairs excoptto
say that her real debut would be mado in l'ltts
ton, l'A, Hept. 4. and that she would open at
tho Chestnut btroet Theatre, I'hilndelphla,
Bent, 'A), to play a week, hho keeps to her room
at the hotel aud has hor meals sout up, tihe
also has a maid.
Aliout '250 people camo nut to see her In the
evening, and It may bo said In tho beginning
that Hoonton wns well lontont with the per
formance. It was fully up to the ltoonton
averaue. To one familiar with the ruin of
ltobort Ilav Hamilton and tho way in which
his name was dragged through tho nilro, the
play wan dmiilv nn additional horror.
Tho plot ot tho may follows the Incldonts
known t tho public hut It follows them in a
distorted way. hv.i Mnnn is made out lo bo n
heroinn and a martyr. Itobmt itny Hamilton
ns a weak hut iioftle-hcarted man or the world,
without uny roal knowlodgoor the world. Both
. are vlctlnih of thewllosoi n character who Is
KUnposed to b Josii Mann nnd of anotlior
charnctoi, n cast-oft mistress of the heio, who
necr appeared or exlst-d In tho renl tragedy.
Tho mot is mlxel, nnd eon tno violent
struggles of the niiihor of ih" o'ay 'o roaton
spotlexa heroine rail. Ilobortliny Hamilton is
masiumradeil undor the nainu of lloland l.iv
Ingstotiit. Josh Mnnn Is culled iMtn Vnnteck.
J.va Jioun Is called Nadlne, a frlendien or
phan, surrounded by low and vicious persons,
fturso Donnelly may be strainodly discovered
In a Mrs. l'reston, who in a drunkou house
keeper for the I.hlncKtotio.
To strip theehnrnetersot their names In tho
play, liobert liny Hamilton Is rondo to meet
and love I.a Mann, thereby enraging his
tiosom friend, Josh Mann, and his cntt-ruT
mlstre'-s. who has no eoiinterr art Jn real life.
The wicked Josh or Vnnteck, ns you plcace.
hires a man to porsonnte a prl.-M. and thus
whsn lloheit Hay and Kin think they nto mar
Jlod. they, are no:. Kva llmli out tho truth
through the drunkon housekeeper, thinks
liobert Hay has deceived hor, nnd prepares to
Mr. hhe Is prevented, nnd n second nnd genu
ine marriage takes place, Thev go to tho sea
shore, followed by the machinations o the
namo villains. The drunken housekeeoper
conies In with a knife and tries to stab Iiva:
Jjohert liny Interferes and accidentally blabs
the drunken hoiiokeoner. Crowd rushes In.
r.ca t.ikes.tl.e blame and ltobort llles whlcli is
h new nnd much relsd version of the story or
the cilme for nhtcb l'a did time in tho Tron
ton penitentiary
ihe last net ilues not pretend to follow the
acts, unless It Is In tended as n sort of propboov.
tor in It Kva n about to inary Johh, beeituse
sho thinks llobei t Hay Is dead, aud would nh
I'er to marry his bosom friend. But itoboit
Hay nnmos buck just in the nick o' time, h'"1
Mdaln .lOhli Biieaks away exposed while tho
oa-t-olT inlstiess takes poison uud dltn.
l-tn Mann cerliilnly makes un well. Her
rtage presence Hikes ten yeara from her Ilia
nnd mucli of the hardness rom her face, hlio
lias also been trulned well. Consliluriug the
faot that he never ucdod before on thu stago,
lisr poses nnd hor etagit walk ateijulte good.
Her form shows to advantage, nnd her bare
m arms are round and white nnd tapering.
J Hut when It comes to reudlng ttie lines. Kva
Vnimlsnot thereat nil. If ver a play do-
1 rnanded tragedy of the sky. piercing son, this
M piny ro.iiiies ft, l'n Mann oxprei-ed tin-
mepdoiiH piihslon in her iPHtmes. wIiIIh hor
tolio had about as Utile excitement in it lis a
I H." : rln water. Tho coutnibt nashlulllr
1 . llien, ,ll?r" wnR '' blub back of a plush
lofa. It oScrod no reiiliB pltuo for hor elbow i
-W-fT "iiimiijiin i mi mil i-Mi-iiiimi i
i n n cesluro of fnenOiurlod-ln-hnnd crlef. and
Mjsi Mnnn bit her lips with wrnlh boonusn tho
elliow sllppod and scrntied mloun the back.
V lion she suld; " Oh that lloland wero hern In
sulrlt," she waved hor nrins nnd bodv irnti
ticnlly. but mnlntnlnod an oven tone set aslilo
In good society for ohscrxntlons about tho
weather. When sho enst up her eyos uud tried
tob!uh. It was n cau'o lorn far front pollto
titter evon In tho Boonton Upcrn House.
But tho-hatno of It was slckonlng lo thoso
who know the story. U would he hard to re
call a similar attempt lo mnko capital out of
disgracoand to repay the honoratdn, though
misdirected, kindnoss of a g.'iitloman iy
dragging nls prhato chnractor intothopub
llcltvof the stngo.
The compnnv la nhout nf tho birn-ptormlng
nvsrugo with ono ur two exceptions, who mo
a trlllo at ovo it,
Mrs. Mann's gowns would not create non
pfttlon on aoltr staco. Of them it Issufllcletit
to say that -he wnro a ton gown nt n dinner
whero tho mon did all In their power to con
vitico the nudlonoe that It wrw a full dress af
fair. But In her costume in tho lat act she won
gri'nt npplaiie, lir neck nnd nrins allowing to
fine ndvnntngo. Tho lady who played the oast
olT mistri'-R. "bold, but never wanton." did
vary creditably, acting fnr buttor than tho star.
ii:..i:sbi:i:'t cosrivr 1'vzxlk
Knmr nT the s,rtiiliir Ititrmtiieed fnr lis
feotllttmi lv tin. I.eEtatuliire,
Ntnvii.i.r. Bcpt. 1,- Tho fight on tho con
lct loise kjetom was begun In carnct In tho
lionornl Assembly to-day. The miners' com
mittees nro hoio mid tho labor organiza
tions nto will runresoi.tcd. Tho leasees aro on
the mound ntid nil mo haul at work. Tho
coiurulttto npiolntod by tho Co ill C'reok ami
l'rioevlllo minors hno boon ro nforced by
committees representing the minors of Trnty
( tty, Olhor Springs, nltowo'l. Jolllco, and
Nowcomb. Theso cominlitees mot at tho
houdiiuuttersofthetentral I.nborUnlon to-day
and dl-cufsod the sl'untlon. Theyexpres pd
much Indlgnntlon at nnd made nflldnvits de
nying tho stntomont which Is being eirculntcd
that tho men cmploedln tho various mines
nro mostly lorcignois. and thnt but fow of
them are eltlens of the Slnto. They nro cli
culntltig literature favoring tho nbrogatlon of
the convict lenso steni, and nr arriinuing to
hold public niootings to piotostagnlubt the
competition of convict labor.
Immediately utter the henato and Houso wore
called to order to-day the Introduction of bills
relating to the lease systom and prison man
agement was begun, and for some tlmu there
was n rush. Mr. Early Introduced a resolution
Instructing thn Attorney-Oeneral of thu Htato
to take npproprlalo judicial proceedings lo
hnvo forfeited the existing contract between
the htato and tho lessees of tho con
vict labor. If in bis ontuion any cnuso
of forfeiture ovists either in the matter of
law or fact Mr. folk offeied n bill to ompowor
nnd Instruct the Governor to call out the Btato
militia If necessary to suppress the rebellion
against tho Mate laws at presont existing in
Andernon and other counties, nnd to u-e tho
militia until tho robolllon is suppressed ami
tho Biipremncy of tho laws fully recognized.
This bill Is Intended to meet any emorgency
that may nii-o nt any ef tho mines iu the oven:
that tno action of tno LcgUUtuie is not talU
faetory to tho miner-. ,
Mr. Alexander introduced nnd the Benato
ndoptod n ro-olntlon commending Oov. Bu
chanan for bis promptness lu supproesluc tho
rcont riot nt Brlceville.
Mr. Slaughter followed with n bill looking to
tho erection of n now Mnta prison.
When tho Uouso mot Mr. 1 nomas of Ilnmll
ton Introduced a resolution providing for tho
ndpolutment of n committee consisting of one
member from encb. Congress district, ono
moral or each Irum tho Judiciary, l'enlten
tlary. Bond. W ays and Means, nnd l.nlior com
mittees to Invchtlgnte all mutters connected
with tho management of the btato prison nnd
the loa-e sstem. tho committee to sit during
the present session and bo empowered
to send lor persons nnd nnpers. and
that if tho work cunuot bo completed duriiR
the twenty dais, that tho lloveinnrbereiiuost
cd to call nnoth'r otrn session of tho 1 ogi-ln-ture
in order to hoar tlio leooit ot this com
mittee. A motion to table me resolution v. ns
promptly made, nnd Mr. Thomas b-camoev-clled
and mado a remnrk for which ho was
callod lo order. Ho then addressed himself to
tho resolution, action on which wns indefinite
ly postponed.
-Mr. Hawkins enmo next with a resolution
which protldes that a committee, of thioe lien
resentatlves and two .senators idinllreiiuost tho
jessoes to surrender tholr leases at oi co. but
if the lessees refuse to lo tills, they shall be
ordered to work convicts In certain mit.es to
be named aud in no others.
And It 11 a it Come From Monnt Slant Hos
pital Without u Permit.
There was a eurlous thing done at Mount
Sinai Hospital yesterday morning which came
to light only when three persons weto arrostod
in a Grand street car in tlio afternoon, trying
to smuggle n dead baby out of town without a
Mrs. Lizzie Goldlne lives In Nowark. About
five months ago sho had a baby. Tho Laby
was sickly, and a friend of hers, Annlo Lcvlno
of 81 Mercer stroet. New l'ork, persuaded hor
to brine tho bnbytothls city for treatment.
Sho brought It yesterday, and nrranged to
board with A. Blumenfold, nt 123 Forsyth
street, wbllo Sho waited for hor laby to get
well. Tbon she nnd Mrs. Levlne went to
Mount Mnnl Hospital with the child. Tno baby
wns nllo when they got there, but it dlod
within ten minutes.
At-slstunt-buperintendent Mlnzesbelmer un
derstood that tho mother's uiuuo was
Blumcufeld, nnd ho says eho was anx
ious to take the body back to r.'o
I oisyth strout. bhe said tho baby had
bean treated br doctors near homo nnd that
they would grant a certificate, lie callod a cab
for her and let her take tho body away. Mrs
Golding wasn't much better olT when sho got
to Forsyth street, for sho wanted to get to New
ark with her dead baby. Hho spent the next
fow hours crying over It. nnd nt li o'clock
hiied a ynuug fellow named Aaron liordon
to carry thu Oundlod-iiii corpse, and Rtnrtel
for Newark In company with him nnd her
friend l.evino. Their actions on a Grand street
car excited tho ourloslty of James Comboy,
an Inspector of tho road, un 1 ho got Police
man Lawrence i'lnnuery of the Brondnnr
Kiuad to investigate. Jrlnnnerr found tho
dead baby in n hundle that Gordon carried,
nnd locked up the throo persons In the l'rtnco
street police station. Tho baby wus sent to
tho Morgue.
Tho pnsonors will I o tnkon to oourt to-day.
Coroner Levy said josiordny that tho ho-nltal
nutborltles hud no r.glit to lot the hodyloavo
tho hospital without n Coroner s i ornilt.
ucai.tu or the lr.tTnuaiiEn.
The Stole It on lit AsUeil to Keep Our
Health llonrJ Icifornif it.
The Board of Health yo'tordny ndoptod a
resolution risking the Slnto Board of Health to
leport to it tho nnmo nnd residence of all
perrons now ill with a communicable dlsnnso
nnd thosowho may heionflor become 111 o(
such dlsensos who ro-ldo In tho Croton wntor
shed. Tho Stnte ilnaul Is n'so re iiiested to
no'.liythe local Board nt oneo of all doulhs
occurring in tlio Croton wateri-hod, stntingtlio
iiamo of thedlse.ibo aud thu Into rusiJonceof
such persons,
Ur ilryanl said that the object wns to ascer
tain the condition of the inhabitiiiils In that
boetion of i ho country In roaaid to health.
The pro'oncoor nitrite in tho city s wntor
last week shows that thero has beon practi
cally uu improvement within tho pakt two
Wi oks. The trace was slight, to he sure. Wa
ter containing nitrites In the proportion of two
parts in n million might woll no looked upon
with suspicion, but in our Croton water tlio
Mtinntlty foiibd has boon considerably less
than ono pnit in a million.
a vur.M'iiEii iv r.Fi'iar.
He Closed Vn Maluo Hotel and Hecume
LTniiulur In tlio Toim,
Bavooii, Sept, 1, The Ilttlo town of Lincoln,
Fenobscot county, Is In a great stale of mind
over tho closing of its only hotol, which ro
suited Ipdu tl o piosocutluu of Its proprietor,
hamiiel II, Clay, for Ihiuor soiling, Tho pioso
ctitlon wns brought about by the Iter, Mr.
Fatten, pastor of tho Congregational church In
Lincoln, and lliat clergyman is ju-t now Ihe
most unpopular man In town, Tno other
evening, whiln leturnlng. lu company with the
Mothodlst minister, irom a praver meeting,
Mr, Fatten wns pelted with htalo eggs, nnd
later his house was bombarded with the bnuie
sort of ammunition. On Thursday and Fri
day tho principal i-treot of tho town wns
adorned with ttio parson's elllgy. MiBpendcd
trom n telegraph pole, and It wnssoino tlnio
before l ho !-elect men must orodcour.igo ouough
to put un end lo the exhibition.
I. ii. H. Iu
Wnlr fer Cu'l particular. . ....
V, 1. i.j, lock inn l,8?7, N- York clty.-ilv.
He Illdn't Know the President's trite
AVunteil the Jtevenur Ctittei Tlioimht It
lvna Only Itnssell Mrs, Harrison Here,
Many Ilopubllcans visited the Custom Houso
yesterday to foo Collector Fnsott. Thoy were
about evenly divided belweon town nnd coun
try. It may sound odd thnt'ihey congratulated
tho Collector on tho stand ho had tanon con-
i cerntng Itussoll Harrison's roauost for a lonn
of tho revonuo cutter Giant. One of tho lte-
publlcans, who is n rcnownod lcuder, said that
tho Collector was certainly making his mark.
" Ho linsn't boon hoto threo woeks," ro-
I mnrkod this man. " and ho hns ordered Mrs.
Astnr'a dresses sold, selrod Mr. Vnndorbllt's
yacht, nnd snubbed litissaU Harrison."
oun .ur. Jinrrison uia notcnu ni. iuo wuu
torn Houso, hut just bororo noon ho wns seen
standing ou tho corner of William nnd Wnll
stiouts. A number of Custom Houso pooplo
looked out ot the windows aud wondeted
whother ho was coming In to make another
onslaught on Collector Fassott. But. turning
on his heel, young Mr. Harrison walked up
Wnll street In thu dlrooilon of Trinity Church.
Later In tho day tho Collector rocelvod this
telegram fiom Secretary Foster:
" 1 notice by this morning's papers that Mrs.
Harrison, wife ot tho l'resldont. Is on her way
I to Now York to meot her dnughtor on tho Mn-
jestic. Undor tho olrcutnstancos, you will
1 kindly put the revenue cutter Grnnt nt Mrs.
j Harrison's disposal, to bo used nt hor dls
i cretlon."
Tho Colloctor said that be was glad to
, extend overy courtesy to Mrs. Harrison.
He did not wish to talk much about the
I rumpus which Bussoll llnrrifou created In
his olllco the alternoon bafoic. lie did say,
i though, that ho bolloved toting Mr. Harrison
i did not fully undmi-tiind ihe situation and
, the dltliculty of trnn-forrlng ladles from a Pig
Moamshlp io u smaller crnli. ihe Collector
mldod that tho Socintnry'H InBtructloiiB bi no
I nivalis were that joung Mrs. Harrison pn 1
Mrn. McKoe were to Le tnkon off ironi tho Mu
I icstlo to the Grant. Neither would tho bug
gago of tho In lies be transferred. Tho Cap
tain of the Grant will also oo cautious not to
get too uenr tho Majestic.
Tho l're-ldent's wife enme from Cspe May
yesterday morning on the special ear Iolewlld
on tho 7 o'clock evprosH. Mrs. Uiiumlck. her
daughtor. and .Mr. Goorgo Itovdortho Fenn-i-yluinia
ltnllrond and his wife accompanied
her. Carriages were lu waiting, Mrs. 11 air.
eon nnd .Mrs. nimmtek got in tlio first, ami Mr.
mid Mrs. Boyd in the second. Ihey iroxsitl
tho Dosbiti-scH Street Foiry. nnd wore dilvcn
at onco to the Gllsey House,
itussell Uarrbou was lu triumphant mood
last night.
"Aiovou going to tnke Mrs. Harrison nnd
Mrs McKoe off tho Majestic" n reporter
asked him.
"ldo not soewhat Is to provent us, Frovl
denco pi-rmittlre " Slid young Mr. Harrison,
and ho showed this despatch:
7V htnttll II' rrlimf
I lisvs Jtiit reoflveil adspalch .'rom lecratary Fostfr
aiklne mc tu Jtre, t that the i.rant bn plareu at the .'It
poii or our intithsr ana lany. llae iranrmate 1 a
cniy ef tuat ilinpati n to i'uit sjixtjrr cniuiiian-ler nt
tlieiliaot w Itli rrtuet tlial he lake ueceiar trp to
coaiDty with tliat illrecMon. llaro also refuelled riur
v ej or to inue pr-iper Jirecttons
J. S, Kaftt, Collector.
Bussell said that Secretary Tracy of the navy
had originally placed tho Despatch at thn dis
posal ot Mis. Ilinrlson. but ns thnt e-sel wns
m the dry do k undergoing repairs, she could
pot tie utilised.
"My mother," said Buseoll. "Issomonhat
ndvnneed In yeais. nnd Is a sufferer from
i seasickness. We know that taking her
i down to tho Majestic In n email cul
I ter llko the Chandler would be fraught
with ineniivanience. it not danger, and we de
cided to get tho Grant. Itlflposaitds thnt tho
yards of tho Grant may Interfere with tho
transfer of my wife and Mrs McKce to ihe eut
ter. Lut if thoro Is no oa In the bay nnd the
ynuls do not inteifero, wo may tuko tho ladies
oil at Vujiantluo."
IVisniNr.Tov. Popt. 1. Secretary Foster to
day telegraphed tlio Col'ector of Customs nt
New lork to place tlio retoutio steamer Grnnt
nt the disposal of Mis. Harrison In no she
deslrod to uso It for the pun ooof meeting tho
steamship Mnjostle. on whlcli her daughter.
Mis. iMcIiee. and Mrs. liuesoll Harrison aie
passongers, and e.pdltlng their Iniullukr In
New loik. -Tr. ltuusoll Hnrri'iin. tho
President's son, ni.pllnd to tho Col
lector yosteidny for pormlfslon to use
tho Grant for this purpose nnd tlu
Collector icfu-od to grnnt It, unless so In
structed t'V thn Secretary of the Treasury. Ho
rofenedMr. Hnrrison s reiiuest to th !eere
tary, and the latter deellnnd to grnnt it. This
nftoinoon Secretary Foster explained his ac
tion of yesterday by saying that ho thought
young Mr. Ilatrl.son wanted the revenue ves
sel merely for his own convenience, ami that It
was not until he rend the newspapers this
morning thnt ho knew thnt the vessel vas
wuntod for tlio transporta.iun of Mrs. Harrison
and her family.
Over Twenty People Killed nnd Wounded
In nn Indiana VI reck,
Evanrvillf, Sent 1. Two men klllod. three
fatally injured, and sixtoon people seriously
hurt tells tho story of n disastrous wreck on
tho Toll City branch of tho Louisville. F.vnns
vllle nud St. Louis Ballroad near Tell City at
9:40 yoeterdny morning. A mixed passenger
nud freight train from Lincoln jumrod tho
track nnd, after riding tho tie-, for nearly 100
foot, rollod over and down the high embank
mont. Tho wreck caught fire nlmost Immedi
ately, and for a tlnio cvory passenger in tho
train wns thrcntonod with cremntlou. Addod
to tho horror of tho burning wiock, escaping
stenm from tho locomnthe poured in upon tho
wounded nnd Impn-oned pnssengors. The
shrieks of the Iniured mid the moans of tho
dying were heartrending, and those who os
enpod injury set to work immediately to do
vlsosome moans of rescuing the Imprisoned
MilTereis. Tho confusion nhout tho wreck was
tQgieut nnd the blinding and scalding stonm
so nenrly Imponetrnblo that it wns mostdllll
cult for tho lescuoia tnnccompllsb anything
Tlio dead are: F.mmn t-cnu. IU jears old;
Itobmt Gran I jeais old: Mr', t-arah (rau,
and Mis. liarbaru Slomnynr, Tho Injured are:
Mdpey lleo, iMitu Kelso, William .Newman,
Mrs. William Clia-o and child, Manuel Dnrhlii.
lleniv Bodlno. Mlclmil l.lboi thorn, Mrs. Wil
liam Newman. Maggie Hudson, and (J, V. Bott.
All tlio Iniured are in Tell City. Noarly all
the tinssuncorti were from local points on the
jriro iio.vex as detectives.
J.ost Their Mm keil Itllts llu.lly Kaough,
Itllt It Isn't IVrlutil Thej'vr fliit the Thief,
It has beon notlcod lately by tho members of
Christ's Chin ch at Twentieth street and Fourth
nveniiothat the donations, which uod to roll
in so plentifully, have boon falling oh". The
assistant janitor of tlio church, James Berthol
of 13U West Fiftieth Hroot, was suspected, and
Miss Uoromus and Mrs. KUeford sot ubout
catching him. Thoy mnrkod soma Pills and
sent them in as donations. The bills never
leached their destination. The lwo women
called on Inspector Byrnes nnd demanded that
ndetoctho lie sent to nrrest tho janitor. De
tective Wade war. assigned to the job. Miss
Doremu", with a triumphant gloam In her eye,
pointed out Iterthol to the detecilie and Ber
thol wns tnken In. A search was made, hut no
money except somo chnngo was found on him.
Nevertheless Miss Doromus was sine that
her cletnrnofs had sneurod tlio thief, and she
told Justice O'ilellly so mot emphatically
ut the'Joinbs Court yesterday morning. Tho
Justice, at tho lo'iuost of tlio detective, re
inniidod tlm prisoner until to-day. Uorlhol
sticks to It that he Is innocent of the chaige.
A. Queer Hlory Ahout Ilia CuualalnB u
ICowbout lnohaerveil.
Angolo Copunro, 7 yonra old, of (!ri Mntt
etroet, wont yesterday to Boynton Beach on
tho Sunday school picnic of Calvary Church,
1S5 Worth stroet. Ho did not como back.
Blasco Digolo, 8 years old, who lives at tho
same bouse, told his mother whon he got back
that ho and Angola had hired a rowhoat apiece
aud that the seven-jear-old had capsized his
boat and beon drowned.
The boy Dlgelo told a straightforward story
lo ttio Sergeant lu charge at the KlizabMli
street station, but I' seams hardly possible
that a child uhl havo lost his life in tho man
ner dri-cribed without thn knon ledge of Ulllear
Craig or eonie of tho adult pnsencrs. The
poll co bollevo that tho buy Is lost in tho clt.
Paul Smith's Flailon la is houra via New York Cen
tral, TtiruuijlKiecprri. bee time taWcjilu
Exclttnc Cbnse After Tnro DferailoM
Une or Them Cnuttht nnd Hunged,
HiooiNsviLt.E, Sept. 1. Tho Corder bank
robbery nnd tho subsequent capture and
lynching of one of tho guilty mon has caused
much ovcltoment to-dny,
Hundreds wont to foo tho bodvot tho do
porndo of yostoiday ns It dangled from tho
llmbof n tall locust In a small groso noar town.
Immediately nfter tho robbery yosterdny,
tho citizens of the town started in pursuit.
Tho robbers had nbout a half mllo tho start,
but they wore soldom lost sight of. For them
this wns n race w Ith death.
F.voryfowiuonientBthofloolngrobbcrswouM ,
look bnck, nnd ngaln tho panting horos would
be forced to renewed spood. Tho rnco wns
kept up for nine miles.
Tho hills and thlckotaof tho river wore al
ready In sight, but tho horsos wero growing
wouker and It wns evident that nt last ono
could go no more. The robbers parted. Ono
wns compelled to descit his bursa aud tnko to
a cornllold.
Tho pursuing cltlrons followed. They were
on his trail. Tho field was surrounded. He
wns chnsed hither and thlthor until tho hands
of eltlyensof Cordor wore laid unou lilm, and
ho wns n captive.
He was nt onco taken to town nnd nlnccd In
tho ca'aboosc. Thioo hundred and soventy
dollars of tho stolon money was found on bis
Now excitement find reached Its hlghost
pitch, Tho pons of the captuto unreal like
wlldllro. Small groui sot dotermlncd-looklng !
mon began In gather here and there. Hoputy '
Shorlft Jackson was on hand, nud ho taw tho I
impending danger. I
Tho liour was Into, and nrrnneoments wero .
rjulekly mado to tnke il o pri-oiiertn lllgglns- '
ville. Ho was tnken from the calaboose and
placed In nunrrliuM-
ln a moment tho carrlago wassnrroundnd
by an angrv crowd. Guns worn levelled at tho
olllcois and ihe robber was joiked from iho
ofllcers' hands nnd speedily drugged out ot
the buggy. I
Ho crouched nnd begged for moioy. but for
him there was no mercy. Ho was taken to
thu small giovo west ot town, and
In loss than llfteon minutes he hung
suspended by a small cotton rono fiom tho
limb ot u tree noar Iho Chicago nnd Alton Boil. I
read. I
Thero was a fenrful strugclo and then nil '
was quiet Thero he hung until cut down by '
the otllcers at a late limn to-dny. i
The young man who was ljuchod gave his '
name as Murrcll. He sold ho came from Ten
essee. He had been teen in Corder i-oveml
days previous to the robbory.
He admitted that they had n skllT In the Mis- '
souii llivcrncni Ioor i'l which thoy had ex
pected to make their escape. He conlessed ,
thnt he hail tnkon imtt In several robberies. ,
Tho see .ml de-perudo Is vt at largo nnd It
Is possible that ho ha crossed tlio rlvor. and If I
so bo will probnbly escape Tho cltUons uro
still scurching for him.
Secretary Trnejr Ilrnte Sevei'nl Rumors
nn to Their Slrnltird ICelutlnnu,
Washington. Sept. l.-Secrotary Tracy was
in bis ofllce to-dny, but left town this evening
with Assistant Soeretary Solely. Thoy expect
to return on Thursday. To Tin: Sux reporter i
Secretary Tro.-y snid that tho reports os to n I
controversy lotncen Admiral Gherardi and
Commodore Walker were eaggeratod nnd In
correct. The Socretary ploat'od a press of I
business ns nn oxcuso for not searching th )
correspondence on ldo in the department to i
tifcortnln just whnt had pas-,ed between the i
two, but ho stated uneiiuivoca'ly that there I
was no controversy affecting in any way tho I
t cfllciency of tho navy or of such a chnractor as I
demanded :ho attention of tho department.
As to the reports o! alleged porsonal dis
courtesy of Commodore Walker to Admiinl
Gherardi at Fort-au-1'i luce theSecrotnry wns i
convinced, he i,ald, that thoy wero utitruo. So
fnr as tho churges Hg.iliibt Admiral Walker,
based on Ids conduct nt Bar Hnrlo', nro "n- I
I eerned, the Soeietiirs avows tliom to bnuntrue, i
beeause he was at th Malno rcaort while the '
I white BiiU.idron w is there. I
Secrelaiy 1 racy say- It is truo that Commo
dore Winker ha a sopaia'o and unattnehod I
comman I that makes him entirely In lepeu-
I dent of Admiral Gherardi. his siipeiior mllcer.
The Commod.iio la not obliged to observe the
I navy regulations lourernlug lelatlons lo n.
i-up-rlor ollleer. except so lar as tho oidlncry
courtesies are eoneernod, ai In t-aso of vessels
of Admiinl Wall er's S'lundrou milling to an
chor at a port whoio the Admiral's Hag floats
That Admiral Gherardi pus complained that
the-o personal civilities havo not been ex
tended to hi in by Lommodore Walker Secie
tarv Trney denies.
Thero is on lllo at the Navy Department somo
correspondence from Admiral Gerhnr.ll and
Corainodoio W'nlker touching tlio proier ob
servance of tho department regulations, hut If
this coirespondeuco contains ctrirges against
(omniodoro Walker, tho department ofllcluls
cannot be persuaded to ncknowla Ige It. As
sistant Secretin y Solely, at all times rather un
commuiileatlM', dlsinls-esthe subject Inn gen
eral denial that thero Is nn thing on lllo of tho
nature of the complaint or -tatcment or
gr.nvnnces, and Socretary Tracy rather
endorse Mr. nolo) 'a denial. Admiral
OhorardI reports from time to time the
movements of his Hoot, nnd soveral of
theso inrtial reports are already on lite. If,
tlierefore.be hns made anv chnigea against
Couimodoio Wnlkor. thoy have already been
received at tho department, Secietnry Tracy
says he has load these reports as they camo
In, nnd, as he says thnt they eontain no com
plaint ngnlnst Commodore Walker demanding
the attention of tho department ai d that the
Commodore Is all right. It soems ns 1! Admiral
Gliernnfl. If I o really has a grievance, finds no
Bjmpathy here.
TO iroXDEK HE ir.l.S 1TAIIM.
nnd on Four HnltN of Ctnthea and wan
I.ucclna u Heavy Kit or Ilnrulura' Toole,
Detoctlvo McCormlek of tho Union Market
pollco station saw a shoit. thick-set man,
satchel In band, walking up Columbia street
yostordny with iiorsplrntlon pouring from his
faeo In great drops. Itvasn't vory warm, so
the suspicious detective stopped him.
" You feoin a triflo warm to-dny," ho said.
" Yes." wiib tho reply, " my satchel's hoary,"
' lint havo you got in It V"
"Oh. nothing."
"What makes It bo heavy ?" nskod tho dotcc
tlvo, nnd Iho short man stinted up tho tt'eet
as fast as his fat legs would cniry lilm.' Mc
Cniniiel: collnind hlin niter a chase of a fow
blocks, and took him to the station house.
Thero thn satchel wes found to eontain a
complain set of burglars' tools, Thou the
Sergeant nskod the prisoner to tnlvo olf Ids
oat. He did. and then other articles, until ho
hud removed three suits of clothis belonging
to John Mohr id 111 Gooick street. wIp so
bouse had been lobbed n fow hours before.
I'nderiieath theso ho had a suit of his own.
Ho nppeareil at i:sex Market Court In tho nf
tornoon, minus Mr. Mohr's clothes, looking
aulto thin nnd comfortable. Justice Murray
held Mm lor examination.
The New Ym-k I.nillea' Tailor Wnee HI
Vomiic Wlfn for lllvorce.
In a suit brrught by Frnost A. II, Bedfern,
mannger ot the branch In this lty of John
llodfern Jr Sotm, ladles' tailors ot London,
ngnlnst Cnthniino M. 1 P. M. llodfern for an
iibsoluio divorce, Judgo Blsclmii of tlio ( ourt
ot Common Fleas yestoiday ordorod senlceot
tlio summons liy publication, 'ihe complaint
gays the patties wore married on Oct. 1, IBS'.),
nt tho ltcglrtrar's oflh e, Maryobon Tho co
respondents named ure Cant, iliiams, step
brother ol tho defendant, and a Mr. Ilea and a
Mr. Herbert. Mrs. be tfern is accused of un
due intimacy with those men at Loudon aud
Biusbuls between Nov, 1, Dish, ana June 1,
1S.U1, Mrs. iioifern was If ears of ago at the
marriage, nud the couple lived togothor only
two months.
1 ho aeifon I brought to removo any compli
cations from the real estate transactions of
Mr. llodfern, who Is naturah.ed m this coun
try aud holds real estate. He It abroad now,
Fust Time on the t'nnndluu l'nclflc. , '
, ViNNircn, Sept. L Tho Canadian I'aelflo
mall train, with tho mall of tho Lmpress ot
India, passed hero yesterday. It Is trying to
catch a steamer that leaves New York for Kng
iaml on Wednesday, nnd if it succeeds tho
mall will teach Luglnnd twonty.one days from
Japan an unprecedented record. On tliolevel
prairies west of this city a speed of toveuty
miles an hour was reached at times,
LOSS OF TfB STEAStEll Dvsatuitiir
She Cnpslsee In Terrl.lc Onle-rigllt of
Her 1,'rew o llowii Tnenty tllhern
Toss Inn I.tlrhnnt for Two ltnrs llrtoro
T.'iry Are Kescllrd-Tnken to Hull lux.
ItAi.trAX, Sept 1. Tho Bteamor Dunmuiry,
l.GSU tons, of Belfast, lott Now York ou Aug,
20, bound to Antwerp with grain, and
on tho morning ot the 29th she sank
in lntltuilo4i)'45'north,longltudo fill' U' west,
nbout fcUd miles nniirly due oust of Now York.
Sho had a crow of twetity-olght, coinmnndod
by Cant. MoMorrnn. Light of iho crew are
Cunt, McMorrnn, ono of tho fiurvlvorn. told
Till-: Hun reporter that aftir leaving New York
on Wedtiiisdny last fine weather was experi
enced till Saturday morning at 4 o'clock when
the wind sprang up from tho enst southeast,
nnd by 4:10 A. M. It bad Inoronso.l to a
hurricane, nnd Iho ship wns thrown on her
boam cud". Tlio engines were slowod and tho
Bteamor brought to tho wind on her tort bow',
but It was Impossible to right her list to port.
Tronioiulous sons wero shlipod. Tho caigo
had shifted, and tho elToits of nil Iho hands
wore unavailing to got ti starboard. Sho wns
taking In wntor fast, and the tremendous sen
provonlod tho usa of tho pumps.
'the hurricane luMod slightly Tor nn hour,
but ntli o'clock It camo on ngaln fiom tho
southwest, nnd the ship boenmo totally un
imiungo.ible owing to tho ticmcudous heavy
Tho port side of tho deck wns In water and
tho list was constantly Increasing. The Cap
tain saw tho stoamor could only remain afloat
lor a fow minutes, nnd nil hands wero callod
ft oin below.
Life bolts wero r-erred lo evory mnn. Tho
port boats weio washod awny. One lifeboat ,
and tho life raft wero barely In the wntor
when tho ttcntnor capslod, hoot up. and ro
mninod in tlmt position .orn few moments.
'J ho Ihlrd mute uud second engineer wero In
the lileboui, and one or two clung to the lllo
rntt, but the former was full of water, nnd tlio
rnlt was tossed to the top of tho steamer. Tho
test of the men elibgiug to pieces of wrecK
r.,'o weie iiiriyltig on n hopeless s'rugglo
lor Hie. The third mate nnd sec
ond engineer In tho lifeboat picked
up thn Lnptnin. badly hurt, tho third
engineer s mi-unconscious, and seven of tlio
eiuw, 'i'l e raft was cloiirot the wio k by this
time, and the clown iccupaiitB of tho
llfel oat Wero tuiiiHferred In It, io
elinro with tho nine iilro.uiy thoio the pro
carious safety which itnllordod. Light of tlio
i1 tow had gono down or wore lost to tlsb:
among tho billow f.
It was now i oon Tho wenthor had fottu
nntoly begun to modeiute, and tho lllehoat
was after much difficulty lulled out aud tho
twenty men mbar'.od within it,
A pound of biscuit iipiecowas all tho pto
vlsions lhey had. Tho Itloboa' lay to till 2 A. .
M. Sunday, but nothing could lo Fcen of
the nilsslug. Tlun thoy cot on sail und
Bteoted by the north star to the noithwcst. An ,
hour later tho welcome sight of n steamer's
lights to tho southward was made out, but pull
as tliov would lhey faded away.
At 7 o'clock another stenmer's smoko
was eoen. but i.galn the chnso for It
was Iruitlnss. unco more the courso
was tnken to tlio north and continued a 1
day. the wind Inoron-od to u gale, I
and by o'clock Monday morning It was such
ft galo that tho llfobo.it could not be stooiod
wit i an oar. nnd she wns brought to.
'Ihe ihlid steamer's lights vera seen, but
again they wore lost. Tlio wind went down
t-omewliat und It came on to rain, and the voy
agers got n godsend In the way ot threo gal
lons of water.
At T'lKilockA. M. nnother steamor was
seen, and they pulled for hor, hulled her. were
seen and 'liken on lioaid. Il was tlio oil-tank
Ktenrni-r Fans and Kurst. tupt. Ivi ch, bouud
from Now rk for Itotterdam.
This was .'.'id milo.s from Halifax. Thn
men were kindly ntti ndml to and iho
Meainrr bonded for this port, where i
they woio put ofT In a hint nt the
mouth of the harbor and pulled up to tho city.
Tile nnmos ot ih'i lost nio:
.tolin McKlhbon, first mate, Belfast: George
Graj. Ilrt en inoer Dumbn-ion: Jamos npen-
or l"iiiili origin 'er. Lime-tolt; J. Koine, ar
pi'nter. swnneii: Fred .'klllei ntile seaman,
Hamliiiig: C. Itukor. I Iverio I: It Hie... Ilro
inau, I'll mouth: Anton llemor. hoy. Hamburg.
IlOllttED THE EXfJtl.Sft COMl'AXY.
IlrWer Jncoli. Adrlta Ills Gnllt-Tlilage
tVorlh S3..'(IO Nlolen.
William n. Jacobs of 411 West rorty-elshth
stroet was a prl-oner at JelToison Market yes
terday, chaiged by iho American Lxpross
Companv, by whom be was employed as a
driver, with stealing the company's monoy.
Ho Is nlso nceused of having stolon packages
intrusted to lilm for dollvery.
Tlueo months ago the companv benn to r.1
ceivo complaints fiom big business houses
thnt tholr goods were being stolen from tho
company's depot nt Mnd'son nvi nuo and Forty
eighth street. Tho goids taken eonsistod
chiolly of jewel boxes nud silks Detectivo
hoigo.int Vallely discovered that Jacobs left
his work two or throo days every week. Ho
traced him to the Sheopshend track and lound
thnt he was playing the races, Jacobs earned
only )i,0 a mouth, so tho detective watched him
moio closely uud discovered that packages oc
casionally disnppenred from his wagon, lie
also noticed that Jacobs ono day collected fen.
nnd. Instead of tinning it In nt night tot'nshlor
Shermaiin. kept it nud lost it nt the races next
day. allolv then arretted lilm
Whon Jacobs was brought before Justice
Kelly yesteidny ho admitted his guilt, but le
fiiHodtosay how much ho had stolon, hoods
worth f'.',5ijil have boon taken, nnd iho ovvueis
havo demanded that the company make good
tholr losses. Jacobs wus committed for trial.
Prrneher Crnblree Had Trouble with
Meeting; lllsliit hera nnd Went I'reiiiired.
Loi'isvn.T.r, Sept. 1. Tho llev. J. M. Crab
tree, pastor of the Alton Church In Mnrsball
county, swore out n warra'nt h.st Satnrdny for
Hugh Coker, charging him with disturbing
meeting. Joe Greer nnd his son attendod tho
trial The elder Gieer hod been told thnt tho
preacher also Intended to swear out a warrant
lot tlio arrest oi his son.
(In charging Mr. Crnbtr'e with It a seufllo
onsued, during which Mr. ( rabtiea wns
knocked down, choked, and otheiwl-e badly
handled, i hat same night, however, ho up
pencil In thn pulpit, armed with a revolver,
nnd opened thn services as usual, ThaCneors
woio on Iho outside, and began In bombard
tlio chun h, home of the mi-slles pushing
through the window and hitting the cleigv
mnn. Ho thereupon dinw his revolver nud
llred twice nt Iho Greers but missed ihem.
Tho congregation Hod pnnlo stricken Horn
tho church und with ihem wont the pastor.
Too wan ants wero sworn out lor Mr. Grab
treo's nirosi, but whon tho constable went ti
orvo them thn preacher could not bo found.
Greer is a tough chnractor. He hits figured in
many dec pernio lights and sorved ono ttrm In
the penltontiaiy,
He Knock n Door Ilium nnd I'luili Two
Toiina CHrle Hmnklnic the llrnff,
Cuicvfio, Sept, 1. rather Alyword, a Catho
lic priest, made n raid Inst night on a Chinosn
opium don. Fussing along Halstond strcot,
not far from his church, he saw two voting
girls oi.ter apaitnionta kept In a I hliiumiiu
pained Wha (bung. The priest, BUpeotlng
something wror g, wont to tho plnce, and, nd
inLsrtioii being refused, promptly knocked tho
door down, took a revolver out ot the bauds of
Wall Chung, the proprietor, nud found thei.iils
iu n li'tlii bnck room t-moklug opium. They
conlesbod to being fre'iuentors of thu den nnd
luipllcatod ninny of their companions. The
priest reported ttie case to the police and a
warrant was Issued for Wall Chung, who, in
the meantime, hud e'euped.
Political filals In Guatemala.
Citt oi" Mf.xkxi, Sent. L Letters from
Guatomnla say that the election excltoment
there Is intense nud it is feared no election
can take place. In euch case Fresldent Bar
rillas will hold over, and he muy try to declare
hlmelt dictator, which will not only cause
complications In Uuutomulu, but In all Central
Hhelter Island nnd llnmiifon Kiprm,
'llinSptrlal llxiirttt train for Shelter Inland and His
Hampton. Itavluir lircnllrn at .'.!.aiid Lonir Jalansl
( lu .i 1. M., and the carrtMxiitdlnjr iratu reiornuw,
leaving Mil llarlur at lllh and iltttnporl t7 BUI', II,
Ivrtu b run on lluira'lar itpL .1
And thereafter ua Irllajt and FaturOari only until
further aotlce.-nn.
A IJold Thlerlnc Miheme In 'Which n Club
IVna Uacd In i I'nrlor.
rnii.APEi.Piiu, Sept. 1, Jowellor 8, It,
Wenvor of 1,123 Chestnut street, this city,
received n lot tor this morning signed
by Frnnl: Thompson, 3,01i Cabot Btreot,
n-klng thnt (-atnidos ot jowolry be
pout to tho houso In ordor Hint his
mother might iiutko selections, Mr. Wenvor
sent H.ilesmnn Frederick W, Shuler to tho
houso this ufternoon wltliniiunntltyof j'owelry.
Ho iviib conducted lulo tho parlor, nnd niter
the articles wore dlsplnved on u table, Thomp
sun, who ha 1 iidmlttod him, excused himself
fur a moment. On ills return he callod Mr.
Schiller's intention to the window, and wium
his bead was turned ihomtsun struck him a
violent blow with a club on which thoro was a
lingo lump ol I nd.
Schulor was knocked down nnd dazed by tlio
blow, nud Thoiiipeiin at oneo proecodod to
lnston his hands with a snawl htrap.
l-chulor wsn nlrald to tnnke nuy rnslstnnce
at the time for tear be would bo munioied i
oulitght nnd feigned lmconsclousnens. Alter
he had tlnd the I rosirnte man. Thnmp-on too
ecodod to pockot tho tovvelry. bchtiler iheii
lonped lo his lent, and, shouting " .Murder "
attempted to osoHpo through tho vestlbulo I
door, Hr found thn dnnr had been locked and '
tho key taken out. nnd he wns again attacked i
by Thompson with Hie club, lie warded olT
the blows as well ns ho could, nnd continue I
I to call for help, nil tho time endeavoring lo
kick down Iho dooi,
'1 lie man's cries wore finally tnken up by !
somebovs on the uroet, and Thompson, lie- i
coming frightened, dropped his club and made
bin escape through tho rear of iho house.
seliulor finally succeeded lu Inrelng his wny
tlnough the front door, and reached the street
in lino to see his assailant running down tbo
W lion f-ehiiler took an nccount of stock ho
found Thompson had succeeded In sotting
possoFslon of somo studs, a diamond ring, two
gold watch cases, und threo fancy watches,
valued in all ill Cll'i.
Aftorseciirlim tho balance of his property,
Schuv lor wont in the station house nnd report
ed tlie case, and after having his cuts and
brul-os dressed a1 a drug store went to the
central station uud reported tu Chlot ot Dj
! tectlves Wood.
His Injuries consist of n number of cnahns
on the bend nnd briil"cs on thn aims and bands
recnlvod In warding rift the blows. Wbllo lis
wounds are very pnlnlul, thoy ure not thought
fb lie ol nerrlous character.
Tho man i immpson l known by Chief Wood.
it thu description given by Mr. bcbulor is cor
rect. He Is a rnllroader, having been omnlovod
upon tho New Vork branch of the I'cnnsylvn
nla ltnllrond. as well us on tho main line. At
ono lime he hold tho place of jardmastor lu
Ho is well known among tho railroad men of
Jersoy ( Ity to Pittsburgh, and bo Issiioiosed
to havo jumped aboard n passing freight train
and thus made his cheapo.
The Rnlnmnker OiierntrM Thronah n. nolo
In ii Jtuof and f'tiryenne HnflHhonrrH.
Ciievkkne, Wy.. Sci t. L If Frank Alberson
did not produce rain l.oro this afternoon It
must bo conceded that he hns privnto nnd ac
curnlo advices from the rnln-mnklng regions.
Ho operated with his socrct process, nnd thoro
wore two showers, nmountlng to nonily halt
an Inch of precipitation.
Evory condition fnvorol a continuation of
tbo fair wenthor of tbo past four days, nil tho
Instruments of the local signal ofllco declared
that rain was hundreds of miles away,
and no ono complained of aching
corns. Cnpt. llavenscrolt, tho wouther
bureau agent hoio, went out on tho
roof repentcdly. watched his barometer
closely, found tho tool for registering humbly
Innctivo, and declared on his repulntion and
without prejudice that it it rained to-day ho
wns no prophet
At 'X:'Ml'. M. this wuj tho exact condition,
with tho streets crowded. In fllteen minutes,
und with nil the wonther indicntors lying, rnln
set In. Clouds gathered ovor the shop of iho
doctor, lightning Hashed, and tho thunder
Bounded hollow liko a counter elt.
In ivvontv minutes thognu.ro showed eloven
htiiulrodtlis of no inch ot precipitation. The
clouds then Hunted away, and it Boomed as
though the weather had settle I for tho rest of
tho day: but In two hours AlbertBou started
his mill again, and tho sharpest shower ot the
season c.nne up, milking tho total fall very
near tho promised hall inch,
dipt, itnvonscrott. a student, who has beon
five years lu Iho hervlce. Is firmly of the opin
ion that the precipitation was duo almost
wholly to artificial causes Kvery appoarunce
and indication was against the visitation.
'I ho heavy rain was local. Cheyenne being
tho storm centre of a ninety-mile circumfer
ence. .Melbourne and his backers nro simply
elated. The wizard and bis brother will bet
anv thing nnd go anew here. Tlio experiments
will be continued. If conclusions are reached.
Melbourne will beengnKOd to furnish showers
for largo mens in this state.
Ho keeps Ills secret well. He works In a barn
nnd loafs veiy little. Thsre Is n hole in the
roof for his use. but Its utility has not been as
certained. Opinions are divided as to whether
ho uses chemical gas, s or oloctrlcity. The
two storms came from diflerout directions.
More Texm Itnln Experiments Coming;.
Midland. Tor.. Sept. 1. John T. Ellis, who
has cbnrgo ot tho Government rainfall expedi
tion during the temporary absence ot Gen.
Dyronforlh In Washington. Is making prep
arations fur a test ot tho raln-maklnc tboories
in LI i'nso.
Tho expedition will go to F.1 Faso as
the guests of tho city, and the munici
pality will bear a large part of the
expenses, Tho smnll appropriation undor
which the men have been working is not
Btilllclent for nil Ihe experiments which
they would like to nuiko. but tho citizens
of Texas nro sufllclcntly Interested to fur
nish the uecessary funds, A dologntlon
from tho laigo ranch ownors of soutborn
nnd southwestern Tosas hns just had a
conference with Mr, Kills regarding experi
ments which thoy wish to have mado on tbo
gieat King r inch of nearly ono million acres,
noar Corpus Chrlstl.
Mr. Fills. In behalf of Gen. Dyrenforth, hns
ngieed to go to thnt part of thoStato after the
experiments aro made nt i'l Faso. Fromlncnt
Government ollloln's from Mexico have signi
fied tholr intoiitlon of being present nt the F.l
Faso demonstration nnd hundreds of people
from vurlous parts of Hie State will bo present.
A rrelcot Trnln Unit Hit Mr, MeOoiiEb
Down nt Morrla Duck,
Fatrlek Mcdouch would have something to
talk about for thu test of his days It he had
pot huppencd to lose his memory while taking
n rldo on Monday night. Ho Is SO years ol J and
lives in Bahway. but has been working for tho
l'otter Drodglug Company nt Morris Dock,
On Monday night Follcemnn Corbloy
saw Mca ough coming down the track of tlio
Northern Ballroad, A freight train pased,
going north. An Instant before it reached Mc
Gough, Corbloy inn McGoukIi stumble and
pitch headlong lu front of the train, while a
lantern he had bocn carrying Hew twenty foot
into the air.
Tho train went on. Corbloy found the Inn
torn. McGough bad disappeared. Word to
bend ofT tho train was telegraphed along tho
line ol the road. W ord osino hack that the en
gineer of Hie I rnln know nothing about him.
At 7 o'clock vcpionluy morning McGough
w.uidored Into Tain town vvith a cut In his
i-caln and a bruise ou bis leg, llu went to the
inllioud station nud said he would like to
know how he got there uud how ho wns to got
back to .Morns Dock, He said that ho had
awaked fiom u stoop which bad not seemed to
do him much good, aud had found himself ly.
lug along the i uilrniid track noith of tho village.
When he leuruod that ha wns In Tarrytown ho
wiih more iiivslllleil than ever. Ho arrived In
New York nt II o'clock csierday morning and
was sent to Harlem Hospital fur repairs. The
surgeons found that bis Injuries were trilling.
He sins ho i annut evou recollect being struct:
by thu train, and remeuibms nothing of his
ride, which wns probably taken on tho pilot of
the freight locomotive.
Mr. Hrott Riilllcaund I.ruvea for Newport.
Kiiie. Sept. 1. W, I- Scott rallied somewhat
Inst night, and at n conference of his phy
sicians this morning it wns doclded to attempt
his removal to Nowport without dolny. l'rasl
dunt Newcli's private car was made roadi, and
nt 5 ."lit o'clock this nltornoon it was attached
to tho Lake Shore llmltod, Besides Mr. Heott,
It contained tho members of h s family, Dr.
iFeppoi, Dr. UrandoB, anJ tho nuteou and sor
The State Department Thinks the Tele ;'
rraph tVlrea Don't IVnrk-The Chlllaa .i
Mlnleter Here rlnld to Huvn RealKneel
KnToja From the ilunln Criticise Mr.
IVhnrton-Itnlinilcedn C.ildes He Will '
Hturt lor F.iiropa na Soon na 1'oselble, 1
WARiuxovroN. Sept. 1. Not n word of new
has been received nt tho Stnto Department j
from Minister Kgan respecting tho state of v
nITnlis In Chill save the brief cahlogrnm sent
Inst wook tolling of nn unimportant skirmish. i"
Tlio ofllclnl of the dopnrtmout aro nt a loss to v
explain this reticence on tho pnitof the Mln jt
ii.tor ovcept ou tho theory that telcgrnphlo
communication 1 otwoen Yulpnralso. th
cable terminus, and Santiago, the capital,
whero Mlnlstor Kgan resides. Is nut yet fully ,'
restored, '
Tlio Congress envoys nro greatly elated over '
the success of their partv, nnd nro Incllnod to '
lonr down pretty Imrd upou the State Depart- '
incut fot Its refusal to recogntro thorn lu any
way alnco they havo been lu Washington, lu- J
deed Hie statement Ims been given out that th
envois purposely placo t themselves belore
1 Ai ting Seer-duty Wharton, lu order to compel i'
lilm to declare blm-,eh. nud tiiut they war
I treated Willi nur-cd dlseouitosy, 'llils statu-
mont Is eniphutlonllv denied In Mr. Ulmrion, J
who -ays Unit he luii never, to Ills knwledge fl
set oios upon iho repie.suntativcs of IhoCon-
gross pai ty.
Mr. vMmrton dlploiivi'lenllrdfcllnos to Btato ,
his reasons lor declining to reoogni tho ';
Chilian delegatus, but a high ulllelal of thn do- r(J
pArtmuut evidently uvplulus the situation cor- w.
lectly when bo save that tho dupnrtmont 'S
could propeily do nothing but rcfui-o tore V;
celve the envois. Thoy mo to tho depart" j)
metit, he hajs, not ns private eltlOtis. but as ?;
repii'soiitatlves of a set of mon In revolutloa '
iiL'.ilnst it Uovernmeul long uillcially rccog- 'ft
nlod by tlio Cniled States un I othorcnuutrld.
Henco iluiy wero not iecoguiud. Acting Sec i
rctnry Whnrton bus consulted tno precedorita, if,
und un doubt feels that he has ample authority '.
for adopting thu course ho did. "
The goneial oi liilon h"ru is that while tho J
depailiuoiit will lake uu steps nt present lend n
lug to tlio recall ot Mmistir Fgan. lie will ;,
retire from hisdliilomntic tiost. iiilsstepmny i
or may not be tnnde necessary bv the insult of '
uu inquiry Into Ills rolatl ns tu tho bnlnincodu
Governmerit and his failure to tirotierly post '
thn department regniding tho lecont victory
o' tlie I'ungiess party, tint Isupt lu come ahout v
bimply fiom thn fact uf his UupopuiurliV with "A
the pr-S'int Junta. A
An intimation from a party In tower thnt
Minister Is not acceptable is gouoialiy sulU- '
dent to t ring about his recall.
The Proeent Jlinlsier from Chill. Sefinr Lob- A
ennn it Is snid, N already preiuirlng lo leava
the louu'ry. having, It ia uiidor.stoo I, prompt- i
lytendeieJ his resignation, ou tho overthrovf ,?
of President lla'mip e a J
Muih gossip Is iinliiigod in concomlng tho
disappointment whlcli secretary lilimie mut ip.
feel nt tlie loss nls Muiili American io IprocItT W
plans will sniTer bv reason f the antagonist 2
which Iho new Government will have owmtl
him. So far us can lie learned. Iiowcver, noth- 't
lug lias been received at tlie Mate Dnpnrunent "
It in the Sucrotaiy bearing upon .ho Chilian ;A
situation. t
Kiki.. soot. 1, Tho new Chilian war shin J
Frestdenlo I'into, which has I ecn at this port t
for somo days past coaling nnd desirous of
taking on board arms, ammunition nnd guns 5
from two steamers chaitcrod bt tho ArniBtrouK V
Comp.mv, wlilcli are nlso hero, put to soa ti ,i
day, destination unknown. It was reported s
yes',0' day. nnd the report Is still current, that '
the Fiesldonle Flnto will take her supplies,
iirniB. Ac, on board at some point oil the coast ;
and outside the three-mile limit. J
l'Ai.is. Sept. 1.-A retired l.ngllsh officer lit ;
recoivod a telegram fiom Balmaeeda announo- J
lng that ho will start for Fdropo ut the first op -
portunlty. (t
Poor Aaed Member ot nn Aienoatle Hecletjr
Try to KlltThemHeUes, nnd Three Succeed. !
BntDFoiin. Fa., Sent, L A suicidal mania
has takon posseeslon of tho ncod members of .,
a local Agnostic Circle hore, which was found
ed by tho late Dr. Stuart, who himself led tho
way n month ngo by taking his life. ''
It was Dr. Stuatt s theor that when 5 man '
was ot no use. olthor to himself or any ono
elso, he were Potior dead. A Tew days after '
tbo suicide of the Doctor, Frank Davison, na ,
neuuaintance, look poison with tho earns i
end in view, but after heroic treatment i
with a stomach pump was brought back: ,
to life, and on Saturday Charles Cannon, an- r
other member of tlio same school, suddenly ',
decldod. at lis years of age, that life was hoi- '
low, and tliorefore swallowed an ounce of rat
poison. His funoral occurred to-day. J
This morning Kilns He isloy. ngnd fif,, also
member of tno circle, die 1 lu terrible agony
from the ofteets of a doso of " Bough on Bate, '
which was Belf-admiutstored. He had pondered
upon the life aud do.ilh theories of Dr. Stuart r
until he decided to end his life in harmony ' J
with his liiond'a theories and practice. '
The tVenther. I
The weathar Improved jeilenlay. Although the "
temparature waab hlfrher, there waa leu hamldltjr.
Last nlirht the atari shone hrtifhtly for the Ural time la
ten ilai-a. The highest ofllcial temperature waa 7:rB
lowest oo. average tiumhlity 7s per cent. The wlad
channel from north to south, average velocity, six 4
mites an hour.
The lileli pressure area eorereojthe country east of the
Mlssissipnl with fair weather, exesptfora faw Uabt
ahowers orer the lake regloo and In ibe northern Nesr
Cnslaud States. The temperature was below the nor
mal lu all States.
The low pressure haa moved more to the north, and '
wee central Testsrdar orer northern Minnesota, with j
llicbt alio era Pi Montana, the Pakotas, and Mln-
nesota The warm wave attemllnir Its movement waa
ureatly modlt'ea yesterday by the cooler weather over t
the Iski-i, and Is now hardly perceptible. All condi- '
tlons apprar to he favorable for fair and pleasant '
weather In tilts reiclon, wltb a material reduction of I
humidity. J.
The thermometer at Perry's pharmacy In the Boat ,
bulldlucrocorileil the temperature yssterday as rollowsi
sfio. Ihiii, JHUO 180 t,
SA. H 17" W- 3 SO P. H 74 7
UA.M Ml l.l II P. VI 7t 72'
II A il 01 ll' III' M uu m-
12 M btl 70- USIld UJ !
Averata OH' '
Average i,n ept. I, lew UiJ4
It Is ireiierally warmer east of the vusihslppl, the
maximum rla In temperature ranff mc In to IV
In tt,e upper Mlissdppl Valler and in tin interior
of the Middle and .South Atlantic Mates. Tlisre haa
been a f eneral decllue lu pressure over ttie eastern half
of the ronttnent. although the easterly movement ot
the arev of huh pressure on the Atlautlo coast la ap- ,
parentl retirded. (leiieratly fair weather has pre- ;
vailed, except on Ibe northeastern and eastern Unit ,
coast and la the exireme Northwest, where showers J?
continue. The cool wave which extends over the noper
Mlirourl Valley v, Ii move slowly eastward, attended by
showers to day, and will he felt orer the rentral valleya t
to-uiglit and 1 burs lay. Warmer, t-enerally Jaur weather j
will prevail In Ihe Middle aud bouih Atlantis States ,i
to-day and Thursday, i1
lor Maln New Hampshire, Vermont. Matsacbniatbm,
and hhode is'and. fair In ttie Interior, lhtbt ahowers om
the roast, etUhtly wuruiar: variable winds. y.
For the Plsirlct of Columbia. Connsodcut, uir '''
Krio Port, Aeiu Jtrtty, tottern Tcnmilvanla, Vtlawm, i
iciriitirm, on I I'lrglnla, warmer; loullmlu wind. S
for Weat Mrslnla, western NewTork, western Ptna- 'V
tylvanta. auj Obto. warmer; falri southwesterly '
winds ij
j-ocil roBECisi ros TWKsrr,roca docrj tux 8 y, ra. .,
yor southeastern New York (Including1 ton Islaudk '!
also for northern New Jersey, fairs illjhtly warmer) 2
aouthsrly wlndi. Fair Thursday. For wsstern Coa-
necilcnt. fatr; sllirhtly warmtri Tarlable wlnda. Fatr
TburUay. E, u, pCaii, Looal Foreeaat Cifflelal, A
SB .- J
Jud McAdarn hat (ranted an absolute divorce to -'
Emma illnter from Umfle A, Umier, -j
.lri.,u..yb.Tb,.:nKo:V"UJ,'',r,0"1 '"'". ,i
Policeman John I'oiter. who hot and killed Michael f
nuikii. a lluuaariau saloon ker,r at ai F.ait Becona
Blrest, was release ; from the tiwi,, est.raay in IsiiXo
ball given by e&Alderwan uwen UcUulnuess. ,uuu
iLwf! J.''.1'.'-K!. "' w,l,rn train not ens of the
kn.WiA-ik.'.i,L.7 -Tl' '" ITU. that collided Sn
f , ,Jih ', ".niore and onio excuralon train ai
Lndi. Uhlo the d.rle people y that the lmllarltr
of namss annoy them a Kuod deal. imiieniy
Mmon Bierne ba tiled a claim In the Comptmller'1
ofliieiorH7.uno,iuoli he Bars Is die blrafiVr profes
sional services In the mslurs of lb MaVor Aa ajl
tlie .NaiioiiBi llroadway anlr. tha Tradesruen'l Sav
tionatliaiik ana ttie Tenth .National niiik
am,,or'l,l.,.i,ii?int,,,.h,llU,!B of "' -HnrI "
iSTVfi' v VK . I" b'"in Viv. Stland a III rp,- a
.iJ -.i., "f ' f,ur exblbllion will l, reoelv.d If
, .i1, , lV.'J '." taclusiva. The anuual esivu ef e
j , Bchuvlt el the Acaaeuiy wul btstu vu uct, o.
J 3

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