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j j !U T I.oai; lalantl Rllro lamriir Itetf
it IjP Aolail Aecldmt.
Ill Ijjp Th Jlrooktun KaaU ptlntcd th tollowlnc
Ij j Wt yesterday mkhi Jlnc tbo I-ona Island Ilallroad
I! 1; II if Companr:
i yjjf " During 1S8D no less Ihrin 113 rorsonsweie
I; r I )i killed or roalmnd by thle. company. For Inlu-
: j 'If rles to persons tbo road wns eotiiMlled to par
I j j IS that year t39.n79.9S. Ottier Monti expenses'
Ij 1 (j l) took $29,800.25. The situation was not oleas
I j jlf But Employee. Trert urced to to niurs cnti-
I Kelt tloui. and as far as possible nvold Ibo accl
i I: ij It donts that ware becoming so costly. Atipnr
I: I Ij ly tntly tbo warning was chen with cood offset.
I j fj lit lor the year followlne, 18no. thore was a
VI 'J ft marked decrease In the number of killed and
I N p Wounded. More paseencers. It Is true, wera
B rfivjl wiped out ot existence, but fewer employees
B l nV er ln'ureJ' and onl' a third n'nny peoulo
V II TiV Ht run down uron tns tracks.
' I i IlFir " lint the satisfaction ol the railroad author!
H Ij Ik! ties was ot short duration. While the number
H If it of people killed and Injured wns reduced Irom
K If Hl'lc 43 and 70 to 20 and 17. the dnmnuos awarded to
K UtJlS these Tlctlms and their friends Increased from
l II fitl If 139,070.98 to t0".8faO.O7. Ltnal expenses sboned
I II HillF llcht Increase.
II J Ilj ill "May 28. 1891, there wns admitted to bul
1 I HI if BMB '" ,he Sta,a ''" Arnor'PBn Casualty In
I' ! ilrlf auranco and Security Company ot Baltimore.
I I Sli!.' IT This corporation. iicoorillUK to tho statement
B Milt If Of Insurance Comlssinner l'lerce. was 'to
If HeU transact the business ot niaklnc Insurance
I II H? upon steam boilers, and upon pines enelnes.
I If miM and machinery connected therewith or orer
I II ntr? 1" 'herebr. acalnat explosion ami accident
B ll Hr.H and aealnst lose or damaue to lite or property
H 15 HI If resultlns thorotroin. and to njako Inspectlnns
H II ullt of and Issue ceiiuicRttw of In-roctlnn
m II BliK upon such liolleis. plne, endues, and
BtsHl'lf runchJnerv ' The local aitentsof tlioecmitaiiv,
H If UitH lleecher. Echenok A l'enedtft. sccureil hunjl-
II lei aomeoflloesat llltl liromlwiiy. 'Jh'iymlii the
III If I natter ot Insurtns aiMlni.t accident bi'foro tlio
Hill Bill directors nt the Limit Inland itullio ul L'oin
HlllWI "Vany. acreeini; lor n certain Mim to assume all
HIlMH the luuUIonK of the ilalm diiimitinnit nt the
H II Win Jrllrojl..Il was atreod. lu rliurt. Unit she m
Hllln? uranc prnpln Mintt.d Fcittle clulnii fi!n-t
II Br tho Lone Island t'omtiHnr, it tiosnlii!. lontoi.!,
II them Wtirt neces'-nry. and flimili'. If bn.itPii,
II H pay thtv daniURos. 'J lie 111m dr which the
II rneunltJ.cuuio iiiycor.sentnd to do nil tliii W
II U iald toic nut lesc'tinn ti.n.i)0) 1101 iunr.
II "An ".. rri'ort'-r called till- moinlnc nt
II mi 192 llroadwar 10 -- I resldt-nt Austin 0:hln.
II n ' At first Ml. Coi bin lu.UMid to tuU; then hu
II If said:
II fi "Onr plans are not rot pei footed. I'.ron If
II nC they were, this niattornt liisiininco Is iiiithini;
11 p "that concerns thu public. It Is 11 pilntu busi-
I) m Hess atTiiirot the l.onKlslnud Italltoad.' And
Bll III this N all hn r.ouhl kiii.
II U "Atlttu Jiiomlwny Mr. Schcncx of lleooher.
Bll K 'Bnhenok.t Itenodlct a- Miry much disturbed
BlIIH when h Icitrnmi that tho Kiijir l.now of the
Bill It J-onz Hlnml lt11Uru.nl I'ump.iny's latest tcu-
111 MB tuie.
Bill IE " We have Inmued the I.on Island Com-
B1IEH nany.' he said, 'but I Know Hint Mr. Corbin
Bill HI would not like to limn the met published. ie
Btllltl have tie "ii reiiucitod to sny nothlnu iilmut It
Bill III nd so 1 must deJino to bo lutenleweil. 1
IIHil must say that 1 do not think It la just tbo kind
BJiME of news for n paper to print.'
B lIBBI "ilielni: prea-ed for a reason why it wns not a
BlIHIH proper sub,ect to Iny Letoro tho public Mr.
BIIIIBv Bchenck snbl:
Bll HP ft '"Well. 1 think such knowledge would have.
BIIHUl abad effect uion both rillronil employees and
BJIBHB the puhlie nt larce. It micht. fur instamo.
HllHIH make the railroad people n trifle less careful
B1IBHB than they aro now."
JIbBE " s'r' ochenck positively refused to say how
jIBHl much the I.onic leluud Company paid tor the
IIHbi Insurance."
I HUB I Tbt Trollni cr the Nrw Tork I.lfc Accuse
BIIHI I nim uTTrylnu; tu Injure the Company.
I IliVI I Fresldent W. II. Boors presided at a special
IiIBUI meetine ot the trustees ot the New York Life,
liltff. I Insurance Company sestcrdny. Soventeun of
IiPBB the twenty trustees woie present. These ros
lBHJ -elutlons were offered and udoptod:
lBK " Wherean, A lersistent. unjust, nnd tin
IiIBBB founded assault ha-s been and is now belne
IIHB made upon this company by the Sew i'urk
lBJS Tints;aai.
I InHB " UTierras, This Hoard Is now andlnt all times
lB has been desirous that till chnrces against tho
ItlHH management otthio company should bo fully
I jljjB Bind fairly investigated, nnd to that end has
Jeqnested tho Sui eriutendent of tho Insurance
enar,ment to uinKo im examination ot the
IIMil attalri of this cnmimny. which 1-- now belnc
IH ronduotei). and hus ei.used an action to bo
IJBI Instituted in tbo i.iiiuo ol the company against
lllBll the Aril' Iki'A umisIoi ibo libelous attack to
IIIBll made upon it by said niMri-piincrtaiiit.
IJBBI " Wl'Wea. Ttiooitore .11. Unnlu. tho cashier
IHBI ' 'his company. p.nJIni: said lnestii:ni:i n
lIBBI and action, lias nuLlishml ncoiuniiiuicatiou In
IIIBll the Act i'nrr 7'mies of Aiib. 2s designed to
IHBI K'vs support to said attack, to the injury ot
H this company and Kh policy bolilorsiilieretorc.
IIIIIHI "ficwii.!, lhat it Is the m-nso of thlsltoaid
lllllHI that the 1'reshleiit remove Thnodorn .il. liuutii
IUHHI from thu position o. cashier of thi company
lIBBI and from the employ of this company from
lin this date"
IIBB l'resiiient Heers sat down at once nnd die-
JIIH tated this letmr to .ur. Itnnta:
I llliH " We heiewith enclose ropy nt preamhlo nnd
IIIEIH resolution passed by the Hoard ot 'J rustooiiu
HIM n special meeting held this day. In ucconi
IliilH nco therewitb you are borohy notified that
HUM yourservl.es will be dispensed with on and
BH alter this date, nnd you nru loijuested to bal
lHH iince yourcnsli ami turn It oer to tho Becoml
lllKB.t Vlce-President and Mr. ,1, O. V..nto nt jour
IIBH I jeaxllest convenlonco. VouiHtrulr.
I nHff I " Wm- " l,l:f: K' fresldent."
I IiHHe Jr Mr. Bana would make nneommunt on tho
I III H I letter when be roi-oived It. Thn ollleers of the
lllllll 'company declined to discuss the mutter iih-
IllliHl ,terday further than to make public the result
llilHl o1 t'e foefC-
jIIIEm EX.cirr cluhk cooir.i accovxts.
Ill IKS He Hr New Kriiimn lik lc II I in 1U3
IlillU ""' ""t "r J,oc"'' ,vu u 'i.'J:'.
IHHBb Nr.w BnuNswicn, Sept. 1. An onmin.itlo
lUBBR of ex-City rierk II. U.C'ook'snccounts. made by
IBmB an expert appointed b) tho Common Council,
IBH shows a hhortage of iLV.'0.S7. 'J heloxi oil, e.-
IBBHW Alderman IlnKcerty. teitoita that they noto
I BBHJ kept ety cateiessly. boms papers eio mlss-
I uHJ inie, and a llceii'-e book stiip which had In en
I BJ called for had beon lost. Conk, lu hi- cloteine
IHD before the Aidormon Inst niti.t. made a bitter
I IBj attack on liacKoity, and thon went on to say
I 11 that he bud been chaiccd with largo sums in
I IHR llcene fees uhl h he lmd noier loiolied. nml
that.as a Linttoiol fact.tlifc Itvow-Ml li.m f 1'.':'.
HI Aldeiman MuMurtry nttho h'lnatieo omiult.
teo of Council s.ilil ho hud made nn OMiuilrn-
Hon on bis own ncceunt. an I hnd given edit
lor every license feo on which it wim i os-lbie
IH to make allowance, mid yet Cook's t-hirt.tgo
UBjl was $2.579 81.
Cook's accounts were e.nmlned In ISH'J ant
' were topor'e i conect. hut hotti Ahlurmau Mc
H Wuriry and expert lllitggerlr insert that be
I' HB1 was ah 'rtt42.i then, nnd that tlie dellc't his
BHb been growing year by war since. .'ieon wee'us
IHW sen Cook resigned and asl.ed to hni h.a ac-
counts examined. That led to ihe In est lu
ll ! Veatlgaliou. t-.xpert llnggorty is a Iiemoctnt,
) ( as Cook is. The luo.ority in Coui.cll :tie alio
BBBl Xicmocrats.
! ' ltiiMlne 'I'ruublrs.
I BH Jndsment for $1,431 wns yestordny entered
I galnt James II. Itoot. coal merchant, of 1
I ilroadway, lu fnv,.r of tbo Western ,'utlonul
I B Uan of New York,
B An attachment for $1,000 has been Issued
m against property in this city belonging to
I HHfe atenhnD 1'. M. TasVor ot l'bllndelrhia in latoi
I cHBH of the National 1'ark Bank. Mr. 'I aster was
Iormerlyamemterof thollrmot Monis Tna.
lerACo. Hn has not been in nctiVL business
.' jaM for some yearn past, but wns accustomed to
I I HHI loaning uud endorsing (or the American Ma
r BntT chine Company, which fulled In May lust.
m M)l An attachment for $11.11:14 has noon Issued
I ilBH against the property In this city of the Dem-
II SUll nrest Kasbion and Sowing M.u'liino i mimny
I? Mil of Wllllnrasport. I'a., lu faor of Jisoph J,
If 11(11 Little.
I mm Apace with the times.
I III Ahead of all competitors.
I It
81 Remington
I Standard
IVyckoff, Scamans if Benedict,
337 Broadway, Nxw Yojuc,
Wl 1
lCrom Knee to Foot u. Mass of Kunnlnu
Sores. Cured by Cutlcura Rem-
cdlfs. Totnl Cost 81.75.
1 hayo beon adllcted with a sore limb, which
tho doctors called eczema. My limb from the
knee to the foot was one mass of tunning
sores. The doctors bandsged It every day lor
n woofc, nnd erery time the bandage wns ie
tnoied a large scab would come olT, and tho
blond pour down. I got one bottle of Cy J I
C011A ItEbOliVnNT. one box CUTICU IA.
and one cake CUTKTItA , SOAP, sndthcy
cured me. 1 told a lady who was similarly
ftllllcted to use It. aud it cured heralsa I
grntuluily ncknowludge thatlt was CUT1CUI1A
that cured me. .. .. .
Mrs. KATE BEARD. Orange Volley. N. J.
Inherited Scrofula
Mr nose was of a most prononnoed crimson
hue, thn result of Inherited scrofula. I uf;
lereri untenable mortification dally, and tried
enough remedies to stock n drug storo without
ilorhlug tho slightest benetlt. I tried tho
CL'llCl HA P.EMIiDIER, and the most llatter
Ing results followed their us. I am all right
now, nnd I cannot (lnd encomiums enough to
bestow upon wlint I know to be the greatest
nnd grandest gifts given by science to man.
J'leaie accept the most sincere and giatetul
thauks of one who has suffered.. .,
8 KostGTth St.. Now ork. N. Y.
Cutlcurn Kcsolvent
I 'j-'lio ncwBleod and Skin Purifier and purest
mid tiest of Humor Remedies, internally no
cloanse the blond of all Impurities nnd poison
ous olenients. nnd thus remove the cause 1. nnd
CUTIObltA. the great bkln Cure, and CUT!
CU1IA hOAP. an exquisite bkln llenutlller. ex
ternsllyllo cloar the skin and scalp, nnd re
stote the hnlrj. speedily, permanently, and
economically cure eiery dlsen-o and humor of
tho skin, scalp, ami blood, with loss of hair,
whether Itching, burning, scaly, pimply, scrof
ulous, or hetodltary, when all other remedies
'""old everywhere. Trice: CtJTICt'ItA. 00c. :
SOAP. Me.: ltKHOl.NKNT, 1. Prepared by
POltA'I'lON. Boston. ,,.,
1 ("end for "How to Cure Bkln Diseases."
64 puces, 50 Illustrations. nnd 10(i testimonials.
piiiI'LI-H. blirkhtsu. f. routti, rtijipc and ol'y
"" jllacureJ by UUTICUBA SOAP.
p1s"and weakness
JHJJD& ot rtualas Ir.itantly rctleved by that sew.
Mf 1 ant, an1 Infslllb'. AntMots to fain,
49E lnitannisuoii. nl WtiLneii. lti t'ull
'fe enril Antl-rnln Plntiter. Til Out
q only lnilnntntoni tsla.Vllliiu; plmtr.
New Tork Stock I'.Kchange-Satee Hept. 1.
iAlirtuiA tot I lOTtnn. seLSs .... Tvi
2 Iur ir con 4.. ihi4
ci.osi.no pntfEs or ustrED states bonds.
KH Jilrit.t . Kit. Attel.
U. !l.4l..r 101 t'. S.Sl. lfclV...tl
u.mCii nit i'. f.e.iKia....iii --
r. H.'l'r 11"'! IITf'lt. l.Ss.lhliT....II4
U. b..C IIIH IISJ4U.M.IS08....1IB
r. ii.tn. iau.'....it
PAJI-rOAD AND OTIim PONDS lis 11.000s'.
s Aioniioa i!- 5 i)rson.8..t.. e...tooj
1 ... HP, .'lOrt. 8. L. Un. CB.. !'
s. i). 11 -ti
PO Atclilionin an a .. J
1 .... "-' t 7;!,'
J2 Mi'i 4 II
aj rH 7 Taw
"4 Sw ft 74
Jl '"IS 731J
0 M' 14 Ore. 8. L C. T. Il . 71
5J f'SV a 74
15 5ja 4Urcsonlmi .".... w
II Ml", '.'.
S3... SJ 7 7
H4 5t 0 ''Hl
i MH I'M.. P. K.'.'d... 7.',
IS .'"! 2 1'itta. W.HI 71",
IJ Atl.A fc. in 14', 1 7H
3D 14l I K
an 1 44. 1 1 nn .r, i K-.
ai 14!, n Bb. W. I'. T. St.. is
il l 111 M'.'
Ill I4I 14 .V
S All. A Pe. lit .... 74 10 Ml
I Alb A mi in.e,r. I'.o l.'Itock liiandua tcu
haio CO es. i 15 KtsJinr dL 4t.. 7.i.,
II).." W4 Ml HI
I pal 7 Bct. UlpL inc.. lll
IS ... 7 -I O'
j nm a ei't
IHur..i-.K IM11.W1 u i"'
luiiur.o. b. as. c. ;;; - io
T u no in nJt
14 Cli o en. 6s.. 101 ;s !,
t mi n 10 ni,
I. P'lH " J
III.... I0J 14 7l4
5Chn A O. 8. W. m.prJX 10 flJU
JLIi. (l. K. A A fll',i
lutin 70H 1 I3
3 t h. A U. It. A A. II !',
I'd en 73 I.'. el
1 C. H. A 0.4.I.dT.. HI 2H B(Sd. !Mjr. InC... 41
mean .-n.ut. lot!, n; 4114
17 1 hie a N faelnt. M b4 41H
HCIi A h.lll tnUM U7 10 41
15 I'nl. Mid. 41 K1 18 4.'
a 1.51, 4u
S IM M ii
7 Hrtl 18 4J
9 0".l4 21 4.I.V
SH 7 t 44
1 7H an 42.
70 ..... os :s a
J IH'S IUItai SapMno... S3
r. 1 en r o. im loj 4 :iv,
tsiici. M.AM., la... '-fH I" a-".
I-, .....II 15 332
314 3JI,
27Lrlecii 2d li'2) in :,
,'1 II).1, 5 si
2 , liUU 2J SJU
2). Ttnn.Ai ex 4ltloO. W. Ill 7t
HFilisonh. Ill lt . U7 M 77
RIUAl'.M ll .WIS 45 7BJJ
4 K. A f. M lit. I II. J Seloto V.A N.E.41 . 75(
.' .. .P 1 7.
lltuorililtt ..19. a si. p. a SMn pi ntltu1,
HiH "..I r. 11. lit.. 71 40 mil I", nf Cat. 111. 1121,
1 lloek Val HI Po. p. of rl cii..ll
.1 11. a T r. 1 it ni. ..mi s nL 1 . r gmi 11 sj
1 Irmi Mi. til. II...IU4 I Et l-.iotd I.'l'i
1 in n hi. -'! . ... ii"1, ft hi. i'. ut r. a r ,.ii4
f, IriinVI. ' 0O SBl.l'.lllC.A l'.W0.KI4'a
! Jin. A ui. Nor. liu.nr .')...., n5,
Miii,I..S.m 71 12 81. L. A. W. lit.. WS
ft Inoa Crni. lit.... S41, 7 o-'
.lllrrmi R It. llt.PW'j 4 il'iVi
it Kin. Par.roii. . ..leu 40 t )
I Kan I'ae n. a.ai.liia liM L A S. W. J.l... 2S't
1 Kfftk A Dm .' .. .'H 2 28),
7 Kail A T. it. li'i I" 2 1
10 77-, III 8. U. B. R. 1 21','
1 IH',1 20 23J
I'a Kli A I .Mi 4 1', 81 .'4
21 I I'll U4'.j;
:: 41,, 11 2i,
U .... 4.J', II hraltlc. I. . IL, 8j',
:' Knit, I'ent lit ... 7', ft Tex. I'nc. Hl.'.l.... ',l,
a k 5 Tej. Pac. 2U lac. . an;
.1 kiuiiii n. H. ui . nt to :'.i4
Jn 1 11 leCeilai lt.... 7a 2 :iit
2 I. h AW.li; tox't o.... :n
uiiiitsi, .iMr i,..u;-,i 2'" S.IH
a I.1111. A .s. M I. it. . I Tnl, A.A.AN.M.Iit. HJ
.il ui 3 Tmn. i .1. It.i.
11. M 1 I'll III Hi;1 lllr. dlT .... 87
1 I .-1.1. A le.lL 7i,l 1 TC..M UiK.l'.liv Vi
5 Till,, nt
ft .. 7l',, :i 8l;
2 V. 11,11. At, 41 . .VI I I .!.'.
a 54 ; k,
1 .'.ft I .1 8.'l.j
ft Mil A 1. c. !.. t-U 2 h;,
H ,Ncr. I'HC. C.l.'l ., HII4I ft ...ra
1.7 i-a : I 11I011 l'a. .ids. ..IMK
Jl elU1 I I'iiioii I'ae. li:.MSl.lO-H
J Hilf 11 L' P. II. A 15. III... 7S
:.Ki.rr A v o v itiv. 01 1 1 tjk;
7 Ni.rf. A ftl nl'.l 0 7J
3M A- !t r.. t.in,ii(l inabaiblll .,.11014
1 .s.v. ih a s;.i.4s pj'-,: 4 mil,
v n", -' -IH"'i
I I'-'H1 SuMaoaih 2.1 "'.
1 ii.lt, .vi '11-4
1 i'-Sil 'i. 7uH
a N. W. ex 4i r iu I 2 Mao Hen, .-, b ... 44
J N.Y..O. A " Il . ItllJ In 45
IM'.IUIVcn.il l'3' A . - 44Jt
I 04 ; I Win shore 4i lul
1 tiiiti.A ii.2i ,. lift 1 n 10:1;
I lr I'.A.N.lm imij '.'O v.. it Mwre . r ..UU,'J
2 11l.lu.-11. mil .... CI .'"U t'eni. lit .. v.,
tu :,!' WH Ce.iL Inc. ., 4n
ii,i.n.ae; rallirfty boodi 'par taluel, (30u,C4x
i.iii.r.oAP anp t'Trtr;.'! nHtnni.
ijoi Jltti. Urn- .fi.ii'n'.-,
Iri- tl- til XH. A1LCH.
lun Amir. Cot, oil ... '.ui, .. fj 2i i.1j an
IJ Muor l ! Ulllif. -I'S id', 4i, 4'!i 4
l.t'i Alllrri.au 1-1 ll", lis iih :io 120
0IC2H Auli. 1. A 8. (,.. iui,' 11;: 4ie; 4i i;
In Aitiiiitic A 1'acino. j' i-l i !!, i.u iA,
tin Kl.r... Ili-.'h.A f... 4')', 111', 10', 40U 41
1011.. II. I Itoek AI'.PI. W Mill 'Ul 8"
Uiollriiiiiwiik 10 IJ 13 II IJ ISU
Si.'iilan l-cutl.Cill.... MH 15 54i; 51V 55
.uui maJlan TatlOo . e.Vj , 8l, ti n,n
li.iu.i.r t..i.l'i 7, 7t, ilj
lUHCenlli.l I'llClllC. . 31 33 53 3JV 31
'.M.I I'lui. A Hlll.i 31I4 2l!( 21 211, 21V
iivn'. a o. iii pr., ... 6'ji, '.is i.-ii, Mil ji;;
.HUll. .illil Jl', bll 34M an 37
(4)ii In A I. III. 71'. -,i '.II, 7J 7J1,'
.5illl.t A I. III. Uf... Ii)l tl H KJH '''' i B'l.
Hl'ill llli UKTU uai ... .. ftl1, ft-il, lin, 'n , ill1,
iil.li'.i .n". ifc L... nil', 7ij 1W1J 7i 1, 70I
IWlllMI II2'4 11-', HI'l II.", IIJll
111) I'll 1.1,11 If .131 I.W 134 JT u,
10118 1 , II A V).... ..... I''1 Hi H-ili- IK.IJ U.,'
6ISv, (., l. A 81. I". .... 7j, 7I' 71' 71), 71,,
ln,4C .", A 81. I' !( H"(4 I1U 117), II- lu
24.7'i 1 l 1 . I'ac,... e.i K4S 81 841,' Hit,
U7Jr"lnr4diioai ;.su 31, 31V fft'J au
7ll( ul M V A Tol 27'J 27', 27! 2,'44 VS
.Ul'nl A II lull . I' II 11
II '1 (Vuiii.oai co..., on mi uu 1,7 tm:
ll'.'.'.IUI. AilLillDU ..U3',' 134 lJ"j till lai'I
IbVlll'fl.. I. A I4I1J I4J14 141 Ul III';
I ni Dili A a II .... 17 17 17 lb', 17
110 Urn. A II. 'I. Ol..- 471, 47 471, l,U 47l(
lulu lilillllmnAU. I... 47 47 4i,a 47 471,
110 1 , t v, a 1). . . a',i 1,(4 u i'i: ot!
l&llE. 1..V. All.lltpf. H 52 52 ri ti
2DIK.T..I'. AH. idi(. 15 15 I4M 14 15
p'JOl.iUlon (I K..,,,.,. DA M( 01 117 -U
200 Kllni J". M.. .... 21 -S aa juu a4
.(.UOlilii Hay Win, S' b), ti i-fi tu
II o'.t. orihern?:.. I7)4 KiJ 87H nuij Kg
401111. C.uiro PI IM 101 IKI lul
2ii)lauie.itrai I" 10 iu 1.). i'.u
liniowki eut lit J-hI J'l, :" tM, ;-,
tuj.L.kii. "nt.., 17 it i.,'.; ie;; mi;
14 Sl.jkJ 1'. A H. l. III 1,41. b.ll, 1.4 (I4W
1-2 1 HieMiorc ,, . 110 lll! 111! till 1IUI4
1O1 I 1, Ilk' lllllll ... H7I , '.),), Uil, l'7M IH',V
fC'iLjicleite lul 17', 11 ', 17', im. in;
i.O l..iii. a Anil. 7,lu 7-', "n, 77', 77Jl
7. U Unit M. A A C. , 27 :H 2ul, '.'TU :
liiftn lunumiHiiboa... l"4 loo pit lift luM4
im Ur land I'uiil 2lW W 1 14 2IK 31 22
uiDiiiieaiii euiral.. .'J1, 21 22'4 v.U .'l
uu Mieliimni I'eni '', bsm is); iml, euu
li Dili 1, ri A IV nt 111 u; pi, lllul, pii
IIWi Muioiiri iicino. -.:'( 71 ": 7ji. 7.iji
H.-D.U Mil At .... 17 I7'( U; ll'J 17
in 14 Mo K A T. ot,,., 25J, 25, at', 2t'I 3i
- 7mi MutJlle A llhlu 4U), 41 40)4 411', 407,
6ilMnrrllKl 144 144 141
IO.0N, J. Central ., 1U Uu UbX IIS liou
e; .s,T.i'Dirai 10.-.U loski ins loitji lofti?
liN. y. Cite AK. pf, lH 181, I0W 1 20
. lWMtl,Ci H ')( N WX 7M
cr mv jtew. j-CTeitso -.
gmu fnai fit. r)f. nit jlit'A
45nSatl.r;ordafapf..ti)i. tot lo.; loi'Vi l"i.
S745A. A heirEnir.. nsv 89 i shh .H
ffi5:fe0Mj:.,'pfc,i t- 5'? ji g
'..sSfi-v.'.rrfSS Jft i'Q
i)kkM ":.?.'::. vh m ' mi
ooNnrf. A rt.et .... 5I', 61', f.H', 5M .''M
I8H5 Kortbern I'acme.. aiift S'Vi ?H ?'u ij1
ln.V5 8..tihrni.e.or.. '.otf tj'j 7 M JJu
i.jKur.v.v.f' &h SJ t A
loil'nii. i'Al.Caro.l8;i issij Ijjjj Ij. Ii
lino r C i . A st. Ij-;. 1 Vt ,' '' ,
ano p r o A m I. ft., m siU iia - '-
410 I'Uts. A W Pf... . 4JM 4Jl, 41 il 41
ltiiOiili.liillTer.i ..... 5(A H n't W ,h
VtSftfcS. ".,". iih 1S !. ? &
44 si rani Jt llul Pf M H4 P4 P' OS
4ll..s:i'.A)m"ha!::.2ni 31 S 2!' V," W
i70M.p:.V.i?,c:::iii7g vi mjn is w
SOoo South Carolina . 8)4 " 8U 8',
sinisiiiithern I'ac. ... so sa aw, S514 so
"OUV. ,i, AO I II 9 B H III
4:00 T.nn. ceal A Iron. 81U JJi, Si SJ 34
I'.siiTiiairaetne. K JJ JJM '( '
84JI7 tweii Paeitie. .. JS 4i' 4 M 4it4
losoi'nioiirac.n.AO. 2"i mH Jt'.'i ? -V.'-
IHi I'. 8. Uxtirui., , oo 80 fH.. '.
ism w.8t 1,. "r.." 13K iM ", "' "2H
ircrv. n.. st. uap. nf. 2S', 2si a; i"i $
4707 Well.ril fll.Tel.. 84U 81 4 "W 84 B4W
BJ.',0WbeelliiA I-K. :i7 jsi, sii'J 3, ij
57l5W. A lE.rf 7? '"' '', 7'? '!
200 Wli. Central .... )' 2-.ti '.OH 20)4 MM
lelal tales ot ittcki were 4'n,S9 ibarei.
Vrtn- Hlt. ot- Cm-
rf ln. rtt. fit mo
lns Ainer. FerarBef. re... K'i fs;, 87 874,
101) Anier. Sunnier. Co pf. 01 u, H 01
1 ISO Milouat Mart Troat.... I7W I7J, 17 l;u
20011m. 8 8. A am... 54 m, ftl r.U
2.',onul.S.8. AAtl-pr ..... W 13 12 12
20 rensicoia A Allantle... aM 2)4 . M S
Ml Horn Mirer 3.40 .14') S 10 S.4(
fTooneorela raelno 3dcn.. no bj 00 in
O'.oo Pipe Mne etfi "4 m u4 Ht
ftA. JHKL. lid. AU'd.
Bci A Albany. .203 T'oii.loni'nR 4Hi 41WI
So! AMalni.. 174 Heil'Himi.eK. 14 14SJ
cent JJait U'H SO Men l.ini Land. 10' 20
tltelit'ir. .... 7S)J 74 Hoi A Mont.... 4-'J 4
.." VKcef. '"2 HllttBo .. bU HI
ei Cent. 41.. 711jJ 721,' Calumet A It. 20 1
Aai BellTel.. ISOS 181 iSanla I M 1 n. M '"
?l.lel ..... 4.-.V A..T.A8.K.4.. i.i 81
New EDI. Tot... to A..T A.I. Kelll 50', if,
1'UiLAix.i.pniA : osiso quotat:o:;.
Id.l. Al't I '"'I dHei.
rb AB n.m 4i 7ii;, 80 !.ah..hjAlUr.. W'i 5
ri.ll.All IllPf. O-'.'l 031, L. C. A . Cu .. J'l 401,
1'hli.A K. 2lpf . 41 IPenniilTanla.. 314 54
Pli:.Alt.lilit. 33 331.1
Atchlion 4lf, VorfolKAWeit.pt.... .'5S
1 anadlir. Pacldc 8i'Ji .Norlliern Pacine pf.. . 7J),
rle Coinn.on ..! "Mario A neat 1 11
Frle2d ron11.11 I'm I'enuiriranla 5?4
lllinoi.ieniril 10 1K1 i;e.!lnr !'!i
Kinm A leiai 18 1-1 I'aal. .. ;.',
Lake Hlio-e llll.L'nlen fictOo 41I4
l.ou A .NliTi:it MiHK aualti pf 2!i.
8, Cenlrai Iu?'4l
TtJf.iD.4T, Sipt. 1.
Ths reactionists wsrs boston ncaln to-day,
nnd thatr deloat was tbs cioro cruslttnc ts
onuse they (sit tltnt clrcutnstanoos worn de
cidedly In their Inyor. Thn London mailcet
eTldently becan to show the fTct of renUs-Inc
sales before our market opened, nnd that was
construed as fniornblo ton reaction heie. Lie
sidss, many of tbo bulls were desirous of
brinclnc nlout a recession In prices, nnd some
of them worked to brine It about. Commission
houses wera wllllntt to see somewhat lower
prices, as a moderate rotrocrado moroment
would permit them to execute a larco volume
of orders. London, nccordlnc to popular esti
mates, sold 25.000 or 30.000 shares of stock
In this market, and in consequonco ster
ling oxchanee wns somewhat firmer than
yestotday. At midday It was reported that the
Union X'acillo fumllnc scheme had been ob
structed by an iniunctlon. and that certain of
the creditors hnd therefore insisted upon hav
ing their money. These reports worn oiideut
ly circulated to break the price ot the stock.
But In spite of all these circumstances no im
portant reaction occurred. Openlnc prices
were from to 1 cent, lower than tho final
figures ot yesterday, in sympathy with the
London market, nnd durlnc the first hour a
further impression was made in a numbor of
cases, but lonir before noon it was clear that
tbero was no real pressure to sell stocks. On
the contrary, the desire to buy tbeni was un
mistakable. The heaviest sellinc appeared to be by room
traders and professional operators who still
believe that the market should fluctuate ac
cording to their preconcelvod notions; the
conspicuous builnc wa that of commission
houses. It Is worth noting, too. that as soon
as the r aotlonlsts bail sold all the stocks they
darod to tbe market became dull, whereas the
activity incren-ed In proportion to tbe advance.
Tbe loluma ol tradlne wai about IW ? cent,
smaller than yesterday, while the distribution
of transactions was about the snmo. No stock
nor croup of stockB has as yet shown any
8lKnsnf contostinc Biipreniacynith the Urnue
ers. tbouirii tbe destines Inalnree number of
other shares aro upon a scale that warrants
deBcritiiux the market lor them as animated
and substantial. I'lio socuritln-t ut tbo an
thracite coal iM'inpnnit'S ar boclnnine to re
coil e iu., re attention. The feature In that
section qt the market to-day wns an actlie
demand for tho luilous clashes of Iteadlne
pi eJei once issues
Amone the specialties, noteworthy net ad
vances were recorded hi thu ihoollue nnd
Lake l.rlestocks. Laclede Gas. Great Northern
preferred, nnd Colorado Coal ai.d Iron. Tho
roiiviil of intoro-t was most marked lu l.aclodo
lias, which has been dormant for nearly a
yeai. A little moro than a year .'ibd It sold at
yj. Since tbi'ti the company has eiiieuded
several hundred thousand dollar upon its
plunt without incurring any unfiindea debt lu
excels of Its ijulck and nailiitilo ussets. In
conse'iuonci) ul those sxpemlituies tho pro
duction nnd nut earnings of tbo cmupany hnio
sho'vn sternly incroaso-i for bexcrtil months
past. In July Ihn iiioroaso in production oter
the ratlin month of Inst jear wns :iu f cent.,
nnd In net enmities :w t cent.
J lie iinprnvoment lu prices duiine tho after
noon did not prevent a few stocks irom closlne
Inwor tli.inypsieidav. but in mot c.isos tho not
loss was ttilline. The only noteworthy de
clinos wero in I nion rncillc. L'uilsillle and
Nnslivtllo, nnd Clilcsen (las. A fiiithei'sninll
shipment or uold from Luropo to this countiy.
mnkim: tlio toinl rhlpnients Sl.tjOO.uuf). helped
to siimiiliito tho bulltih sentiment. Tho clos
lne was stnme and active.
final sales coupnniwiih those ot .Saturday
es I(ioim:
jii7.ni. St'.1. 1 ji(j3i ,w 1.
Alcli.. T. i S. :'. 41. 4l!i Norltilm.f'o.. I'Ji I5'(
Aintr fuui.lt. :i'l 21 .s..rf a Men. I, si ij'J
hue.. li. A I' . 41 n't Mirr. A 11 pi 5 i, r.i'
1 in. roiitliern h4' 54', .li.rihweileoio.ll.Jj IU1,
ranadlan I'as . ("j 85', Nor. rr. com 2.1- 27
C.,c.,, ,8l.l... " 7"i,'.Nor. I'ae. pf.... 'il 71H
I'.. 11. AU. - Wvl i.iV y.i'eoltAl.. lie. Iiii
r, A I. Ill . . 72', 721, V4. A.N.hlif. -I'M .K
C A h. II'. lit... W ', '.' N J Cent II.' Ill
('hn A (duo '-'l' Jlti I'liiatia emu ... o, alii
c. A (. Iiipt... BJJ, M.'.iOnnlm ul. w 14 111
c. A 1). '.a pi'... . S'i Dniarlo A Wen. 18;; I-;,
Clilcaeoilai . IP-' mi1, Drii 111111 27 27;,
nil., ).. AW , llltl IIP, 1'arlHc Mail .. .,o'i 3,,
Pel A llndsiii .I.U', 131 full. rrt. Car .Irs Ism;
pen A it '..it.. 48 47), Itnrk. Ji iil ... r:i'.' m,
PItllllnrAC.K 47'. 47 Irh A M'.. H'J 14),
Wli . -.'.I '.( Rich. A W. I" pf. fj (If,
ni .orit rrn pf l'T.'j in', iteamni: :,j' st;,
HtrkinvVui.... t, 2r'. -I 1 uul (Otn .. 7 It 7ll.
111 irnt. ii.iK 111. 1. ix.nir ii8 nn
KamaiA Te.. I?., IT 11 Paul A Man 107 1U7I4
hall A rrs. l;. -.'', 2l, lixa, I'acl lc . IS II!,
Lonii. A .Said '.81, ;T, 1. 1111. C. I. A II J:'i 3.1
liiteMirrc .Ili'U IP,'. 1.1011 t'acltc... 4j' 4.'76
I., r AW. !7)2 li.J, U l'U.Ali, 21,', -.(I
I..):.A . .f,. I.I', 1111, 'al, AC .oi'... 131, I'll-;
L.i(.leUe li 17V lot, rtau A I pr . .8, V',
Maliltattaii (.'ill 1..4I, In'.', .I'll L lll'.n 1'.. 84', 4
lmiurl I'a. ,. 7a', 7.1', n I en. A L. h 37 a-i,
lex. Cent. .. J'lll '.:i nlieal.Alj.IC.pt. 77.14 7b,',
."-at. 1 orJaie, 117)4 07
Government bonds easier. The 4is closed
!. cent, nnd the s , cent, lower Idil.
llallnay bonus strong and active. Tbo fea
tures were I'nlon l'aolflc. Deliver nnd Gulf
lsts, Ohio Hotttiiern generals, Atlantic and l'a
clllu lncoine, Toledo, M. Louis and Kiiuans
llty lsts, ISoutli Carolina inroiuos, lllrbiuoud
ntnl Toiiiilnnl 3, Oreeon linprnvument ')',
New link, Uliieiienniid hi, Louis 4s, Louisville,
ht, I.oul- m,il Texns lsts. Lnclede Gas lstr,
Detiolt. Mnol.lnuiv aud Maniuoltiilnnd mauls,
ColoiAdo Midlaml in. cbeini oal, mid (Jlil
coip-ol .'n, llmllneton, Cedar llnpi s nnd
t. T. us. Aniellcun t ottoti till fs, Atchl
.on. Lansas aud Texas, Iteadlne. Op eon
Hliort I.tno. Hi. Louis and bouiliwertoin,
'I exits l'ncille and nbish Issues The more
Important not nlvnncesvtoro In Atchl-uu 4k.
' t cent., to Ml ' : A merienn Cotton (ill, I, to
'.HI', : lliirlinton. Cedar Itanids and C. T. 5s, '-.
to'Ju; riio-.aial.o aii'l Onio consul 5s, 1',, to
102; Colorado nml Mldlau I Is, .1, to lib,;
Uotioll. Mtiikinnwand Jlaniuettoland eratns,
Si. tn S.'IH : Kansas nnd Texas iMs. S, tu 43U ;
Lacli do Otis lsts. 1. to 70: Louisville, Bt. Louis
and Texas lsts, IK, to7BHi New York. Cblca
uonnd ht, Louis 4s, K, to 02V, Oregon Im
provement Ss, to fiOK: Itlclimoud and Ter
inlii"! Ss. 1 to .1H)J; jleadli-u 1st preference
Incniiies. 'J', to fl:!),': vd preteronce Incotnei,
1 1, to la's. nml m preference inc niis,2,to3J4i
M, 1 nuU nml routliestoni I'-ts, i. to tit,
nml Sds. ',. to J'.i: Hmith Cf.tollnn Incomes, H,
to'JIU: and Toledo, bt. l.ou is. nnd Knnsasi'ity
Ibis. 1 'i t cent., to 80. Tho noteworthy decline
weie in Atlantic nnd I'lielllc Innitios, '4 V
tent, to H'l.Ohin riiiuthein couerals. i, to
Oi'tt Oreeon bhort Line b, )t, to loOi,. and
L'nlnn consols, 1. n7:),: Toxrs l'aoiilc vds.',,
to3'l: I'nlon 1'iclflc. Denver, and Gulf lts,
IS, to 72: Unbali '.'ito. ',. to VJ',, and deben
ture, Series 11 ', t cent., toll '.
HIor bullion certillcntcs fur 184.000 ounces
sold at 07 .uu',. Uar silver In London
45 1-ltid. V ounce.
Money on call 4 5H cent. Time money, 5 V
cem.forslxtT days and 5 H V cent.for six months
on prim Stock Exchane collatsral. Com-
Birclal pspsr dull.' l'rim sndoresd bills
recelTftble are aoted at 5U0BK cent., and
llrst-classslnKle-namenapernt G,'(W7.i Y cent.
Merlins exchaneo llrmer, oxcept lone bills.
Which are loner locauo nf dearer discount
In London. Toalod nsklne rales Sl.ti'J'iui
H.S'1 for lone bills nnd I4.S5 lor. domaud.
Actual istes are: Lone bills, f4.il Mvf4.8:
sleht drnfts, t.B4'K'H4.3r., nnd cable transfer-,
f 4,o.
The public debt statement Issued to-day
shows a decrease of t tie bonded debt durlne
Aueust of f l.O'.il.'JlO. Total vasb in tbo Treas
ury, 7GU.G02.:I4T.
The Chtcneo and Knstnrn Illinois Railroad
Conipntiy has declared Its regular ijuartcrly
dividend of l'i t cent, on Its preforrod stock,
payatilo Hit. 1.
Tho Loulsxlllo nnd Nashville Ilallroad re
ports ciosxanrnlnes for July of f l,Milli,7'.H, nn
Increnso of $:l21.0o'.i as compared with tho
same mon h of Inst year, and 1 et, tUSl.'iOl, an
Increase of fioU.326.
Transactions on Ihe New York Rtock Ex
chatieu Inst month Iticltulod S.'Mn.OTti shares of
stock, an Increase ul 1.7u:i,2lU shares as com
parod with tho s.ituo mouth ol Inst year.
$.14,103,111111, pur nlue. nt inllwav nnd btnto
bonds, nn Inereasoof 17.'.ion,40 1, and U.35I.U0H
nnnco' of silver loprosontod by cortillcatcs, a
decronso of 10.8'J(!,lJt)U ounce.
It Is leportcd from llostnn thnt the National
Cordace Company tins comp'oiod ncuntlntlons
for tho puribnse ol tho Day Cordnuo Company,
with factory In C-imbrldeo.
Ulehnrd V. Ilamett A Co. sold by auction at
the Heal L'stnte l.rhanuo to-day the followfne
securities ntnone others:
5 iliarei t'ntoti Siuare Sank 1'4
25 iharri Hank nf ew Aiuiterilam . .... 1 4 1
2.1 eliare Mntli NKtiiuiat Hank itn
8 1 eli.ireJ .National l.utrlien an, I Proreri' Hank . 182
2 eliarei iviiir.il Triut 1 ninpanv 1.71
I a'lare .New nrk 1 an In lltute ?I3
The atxckhoMois of the Westorn Natlonnl
Hank voted to-tlny to reduce tbe capital stock
liom t3.500,0l)0 to f2.1n').i)QU.
The colnacof the mints or the I'nltedBtatos
durlne Auirtiat consisted nt l,S4n.n00 sold,
fl.704.uOO allvar. nnd fl 14,400 subsidiary colu.
a total of f3.718,4t,0.
Treasury balnncos compare with those of
yestordity aslolluiis:
Jug. 31. t,,'. 1.
Oelit coin and liiilllnn ;isi,;"(i,o'i f 130,8.173x1
sliver com ana Ixiliinn li07l,353 11,047,721
Legal leniteri. IncljJtnc
.itiii.rjnutei 40i,roo I3.8iui.ai
Totali ."si.Sft.-llt.JOJ fl.'.757,'j;3
Deposits In national banks, fir,.. 115.01.1.
sealnst flti.KIT.Tnn jctcrday. In ndditlon to
the fcueeoine the Treasuty reports siler bul
lion tmrehnsed tnulorthe net of July II, lv.ni.
S.Vi.i'.H.'.UU. And '1 lensitry notes Issuod neatnst
the saute, f V.'.'la'J.uCO, of vililob flo.70ti.ti!0
aro oiitstandlnc.
Money In London. S ? cet.t. Hate of dis
count In the open market for both liort nnd
three months' bills. 'J , V cent. Amount of
bulll.in withdrawn f mm the Dank 0' Knulntid ou
balance to-day, l"4,uiin, l'.tils ndvicc titioto
:i 'r cents nt !ij Irancs (!." eeiitltno. and ex
chance on London nt a.i francs '2'JS centlinos.
Messrs. lllalr .V Co. offer tn investurs a feloc
tinn ot municipal secuiitios patlne 4 to 0 V
Thesnlssof mlnlne tocks.it the New York
Consolidated Stork nnd I'etroleuin Lxehanee
to-day wore as follows:
(Vol Same. Oirnli7 Ulhttu tvHtil. (Icllrte.
tin Alii..... ui un ui ui
Mi 1 anuria I I I 1
200 ttelmnni. S3 S3 SI S3
H4i Heit A rietcher.... sou S no Bui 814)
.'00 11. niaiTii-u II II II 11
MMl'iimn H Tun. Co.. 17 17 17 17
Km I h.iitar Ill 2 20 2 20 2 '-'1
looiloii.it A Uurrr.,.. 1 70 1 7 1 1 71 1 70
Inn Ui'lican 2 35 2 3 2 85 -..11
100 blerra 5iraila.... 2 35 2 .13 2 31 2 35
1 lie total traniaetlom wera ZOOJ ihateA
Klectrtc Htock Qnotiitlone.
Pouo", Fipt. 1. The lateit electric atoek qootattom
to day were"
mi. Jf.
I-aatern Electric Cible Co . pfd ri i,ju
Tliotnlnn HnUNton I lectrlc Co 40 50 40 75
Tlioiniiin-llouiton Klectric Co. pfd ....21 87W 25 01
II. IMint hlectrlc 1 o 12 .'fl 12 H74
WeilliiKiiouie bleciric Co 14 25
JF.uropenn Money Mnrket.
Los-PON, Sept. 1. The excitement In tho
American market nuloted down to-day and
there vias a disposition to pauso until it was
seen if Now York would take stock 8nld hero
to realbe profits. Some sellinc for boar ac
counts neslstod the draiu. nnd tbo market was
for active shares fully ono bolow parity
when New York came In. After a brief
period of firmness prices ncaln weakened, and
closed at the lowest. In the street Pennsyl
vania shares and Iteadlne first Incomes wera
exceptionally strone at 56 andfi.1 respectively.
Other markets were dull and Irreeular. the
most Important movement belne n rise in Uru
guay bonds on the lormal adoption of the
scheme to fund the fives nnd sixes Into now 3 S
1? rent, bonds.
Tbe Dnnk of Enelnnd received 16,000 from
India, while -'jO.00O went out to Keypt and
100.000 to Borlln. Continental exchanees
havo moved In fn or of London, but tho weak
ness of American exchanee is causine dis
count to advance, nnd throo months' bills aro
difficult to meot nt'J1, percent.
Tho Vlonna estlmato of wheat rercentnee
for ISeleliint is corrected from 66 to '!'. nnd no
estlmnto is eivou for Denmark. Local esti
mates of I'nElish crops nro belne reduced, ow
ing to continued rain nnd cnlos. The London
bakers hnve advanced the price of broad from
sixpence to sixpence halfpenny per iiuartern
Crop Report.
Gkand Tonus. N. D.. Hept. 1. Tho wheat
crop just harvested in this Ktato exceeds 50.-
U0O.0OJ busbols. Comniissionur of Aeriuiilturo
Ilcleoscn's ofllclal estimato places wheat
ncreaee at 3.(iui).003 acres, with an average
yield of seventeen bitshols to the a,;i 0, maklnc
the neeiesnte viold ul.00li.0i)0 burhels. and
this estimate will fall short of tho actual crop.
1 Wheat thicshod In Grand Forks county to-day
I yleldod tliirty-elirht busltels to the ncio In
I Nelson county on Saturday tuo aud a half
I acres yleldod 2,15 bitshols of oats.
Ijulutw. Sept. 1. The wheat In store here
now is only 223,0110 bushels, hut tho new wheal
' has bruit n to pour In nt the rate of fifty to
seienty-iliecnrs aday, nnd advices from the
cn'mtry show that shipments by fnrmers from
uow on will be large, j'.ilks with faruiors who
are hern Indicate 1 1 1 rtt low of tho Dakota farm
eis will tiy to hold thoir wheat, but nearly nil
will put it 011 tbe market nt onco. A fow of tho
lnreer taimurs will sell part and hold what
thiy can in debitor. Tho Djlota elovator.i
will not storo wheat for faimois 011 nc ount of
tbe new Dakota law, nnd they will thus bs
compelled to sell.
A. J.Snwiei, the bend nf the North Dakota
r.leintoi' Company nnd the Dultith Hlovntor
Company, sajB thnt his company will hamllo
about lii.tUO.ooO bushels here, nnd bo estl
mnteil the total rocelpts of Dultith for tho crop
1 yo.ir at So.OUO.i.UO bushels. I.at week's liu
luili receipts ncereente I 4OO.O11O b'tshels, nnd
thlb week's v III piolubly aruounl to ns much
Nr.v.' Or.i.F.ir'r, Sei t, J. -Secielary Henry 0.
Hester of the New Oileiuis Cotton Lxc'ianee
hs8 eiiunlled h'.s recoul of last ioar by publish
I Ine Ihe total lleures of tho cotton ciop of tlio
Lulled Ktntcs, liuludlne port movements,
overland, ncio-, the Mib8is-ipil, Ohio, and
Potouino Ilivets. nnd consumption of tho
houthcrn mills, ou tbe first of the now com
mercial tear. Mr. Hester tins made 11 com
plete census ot tho bjutliem mills, full
details of which, toeotber with other Im
poitnnt data, will be issued to-morrow.
The crop totals for tho yeai ls'Ju !U nro as fol
lows: l'oit locolpts, i;,!)7(!,30 halo3, nuninst
5.sr)7.17 1 last vcat , ovoiland, l.lln, )': ,iun!u-t
'J17.171 i Soiitlieiu coi.suiiipiioi:, i.cluho of
cottons taken fr.'in outporti. 11 d ini'luilod in
portrcoipts. C'i.VJsj, ue.ui l 51U.677: total
cotton nop, h.ijV.'.o'Ji, ualitst 7,,')U,lii last
Tho total con-linn tion of tlio Sou'liorn mi'ls
for tlio i'iir, liicliulliie tnKine' fmni ,'iotitlieiu
outpoilB, foots up (iiil.i 61 bales nunliirt 516,
M)4 laot year, bbowiue an iuc euro of 57.767
Hw Tork Mnrket.
Tcnn4r. Sept. I. riiina iiii MutTlie inirket wa
dull, aim 1 ncei vcerasffoo'l deai nu-tttiel iiiebetirr
arauti tuuit le leilnce't 10 ie.1 ikb y. (.uu-edt
riuur i 1, til 1 In, til 3(1.7.. mix-nine e 1 (..;
D4, .no 2 extra. j iU'j-4 " ,N I ex ra .(.5e$l(.
clean, tl . ml si, rirl.'lit. ft 7 tt5. 1 ; ,aietij.
iprliii,$..2i(4e'7); winter. 7 .ei.i. 11, iiiIMj. inji.iii.r
extrm $.1 srii' He I'."', t1 tti rup-rrtiie, x,..
149 5n. com 1nr.1l V ti a s.i, 11 'a 1.1.11 Im IV vkiern and
Kr4l.'i ..r llrall'lyxlue.
C i'Tn t-iilulei ij.ine'l linn) nt a'tvntu'iliir lr'21
I1011I14, 1 rei, ntii .lei ilurt elu.ins nir.l) at tii"uiiiti
,iil(ali(c fr-.111 ) eitrr.la) r e 0,11. i JTl el 11 n iLiriill a
l.ell iU) nn tee 1 kiii 1. Ixrlniik'r. kii.1 aa Un Itia uui 1
liail tlie aliaiillffr. f.liarj t'riieil luttrrinr ril
tur r b ireruvtreil atnl c u.eJ ileare xnl re., rtr.l
mine 'mi I. .lenient. In w t.ull li.e 1. 11 Ir I141 r ..u,e1 t
11 I.,-. e,..(i ) .ii nit In VrtMit- llttli' ill 1 rn' lictn.inu
Wele 1 . I .nt on 11 1 a (1 It a 1 III., the 1 '.11.11'lini Hi
elil) 1 u.7T'ielil lr,w a. I ) nr. l.eimia aii. Ilia
coliilltlonll II r lent. I.el.iw laiDlir Alnl 11111 mill .1
reduction of pi V cent inarr,iie, inllC4tri a irrioui
denclt lu the outturn M.iiiir!iiaiii iki coiidiiloni.
taeuch fair, are leu promtiinir a lieaiy col.l rain
barinir dona mini daimjre. To dar ihe weather la
generally faeorai-le to plrklnc operalloni. 8iatcoi
ton u t-liio. dearer. AtlddllDf uplauJa, B7-lt)c. do.
tlntfa, SJ. Tha.fellnwlnir ara Ida detail! t tha tran
actloBi infoturra wlihaatet ot ml, 800 been
ininAi t'ii.,in urlrei. lllaiint. toioeit .!.
Peptemtier. -s.siiA . 8 4 831 a..oj;
iciniier K.iw .. MM 8 45 I8.ti
November . .. niUiAMH 8 8 8111 lOOO
Pecemtier 8.i"j.S8l Kn r.75 ?M1!!
January 8iis'H utn 8.M u.8i
Ket.ru.ry 11. '.mims 1121 mci 8.4'J
March lil-ia. ii:ij UU Jji
April 1127.4 124 l'.l I'M '.i'i
IA)' tV3,CA'i:i4 II. NS I' J I Ml)
Juno ,1147,11148 U.VJ P.4J 1SMI0
July IV5.-i.40 ,',7
l'oritN I.aril futures wera llrmer on the report
that i.'erinaiiv 11 aimut to remove her emoario 011
American liorproiiucti. 8alr 1 . 0 tea. at .ii27.t Jc.
for Hi toher. 7 Jlij7.22c. for Perembi-r, and ?,.. for
Jamiarr, After '1 banite the clou waiatea.lv- at(il"c
forseptetiilitr, ".inc ror October, ".lie lor November.
7 .-.'e lor Decimtar. and 7.i.'o lorJanuary. rpoi lard
wainrmori aie ten. rrliue city alM.vo. and ;.)
tci prime Wei ern at 7.i..fc ren'ilart retlned lor Ilia
'(inilneni iiuoted at 7,')'.' 1 45c. Pork nrm. but quirt
goi.ted New mei4.HI .MijtlJiol.t men.? I02(U,7V
extra prime, sniMnafll nu.l ilinrt clear. SI3iei45ii
(ut nn an null but firmly held, (juoteli I'lckled
bolilei, tuicw.i plcVtcl rlioin.ler. nwnijai baina,
p vi,lic : inioke,Miiii(iera.7'!7i4C hama. uUQl.'Jie.
PruiKiil iK.ici tititet at ,ii',f4i7',r. i iitca, ii)C. ueaf liai
nirilally (l,-illne,i aid lniute. at -.4$-iu for extra
ineii ftoiiu.i lur packet. ii'..tj5n tor family r!
l.bl, and t-l'.'" (4(.'u f tee. tor India nieie. Heef liaml
Inner at tn fi hbl oitii lair.nt is!) iib'i at the wen
011 k 1 8trarlne quoted at TtlU. In hhdl. and tea
(I'enmaruarliir 11 hrm nt 1,94c withauel ot ..u.(f 1 1. e.
Ta Inn too e active, at Ilia recent decline with la'ei of
5 ."tn nr, at ,(C ittitter dull at ihc24c for creatniry.
Chrrie llrmer but quiet at ni.fa'linc for Mate factor),
full cream. Kiel oritur at IHf 2 e.
(,iut ivhent future, were .trprened br the weak
cftlnr a III, eN.iilthoiil.li llir llallitical pnmtlon wai inn e
wtintiiirotitirr. SaiemvrMt.iiiii uuiii at tl "(i),f4f..i)4 fur
September, i ;ivf ,.n '1 for nciober. t n.ltajl.o.H,
1 fur .Noremi er. tii'ioi! lit, for December. t.l.''
l I'.HIt Jjiiuary, and si l'',.t In', tur May Slot
when win inkier, lea tinit to abetter builnrsi for ex.
l.irt illintier laktnir 12" ll" builirll liuotedi
rprlnir, I u (-?! 1', red winter, fiwel.l'ii while,
$i.'i,44l '-. Ike kVee nete tnalnlr .No 2 red
vdntei at $t 7'((?t "s attoit and tor early ar
rlvnl but Inclined lltunir Xn. 3 at 91,
Indian n.rn fultirci were nriarr There wai lome de
irtaie tu current receipts, and eotiie tiiAMnulatlou In
the inures! nt vveiirrnni eretor ralri iikioim l.u.ii
at i,'-iVf)'i',c for M-ptrmber iai''i''ir. tor October,
(ilil't7 r tor Nov ember, .'.n1,.? J'o. for Uei'eiuber, .'i'8
.'i'I'.c. fnr Jniiuery. an-l 1'tU' h,li for tar spot corn
w.11 dull mdI umetlteil. Only a local demand ao
peiirril tjuotrdi w eitarn mixed. 73(75c.t do.
veitotv. 7.lnt5c.; nlnte. 7247lr. The la'el wete
inatnlv .No 2 inU'il at 7.lHCt75r. In elavalor
ant attoat. nnd T.'Uf.'l.c for uniirailed white,
onl, wai e llrmer on the rrvlvalnf buyout lor export,
w hlcli lltmulalcd an aenve ip.'rulatlon. falex 52.1.M1O
buih tnclultair .Nn. '.' mixed at a .',.! .'.c. for Sep
tember, aim at .(.','i i-(C for October, and un tna
annt mixed al J'.yilic . and white at .l-(ixl7rM ai In
quality, alio .No 2 while at S'V-vl 'o In elevator, ani
Sn. 2 mixed at aM.ft-S'.c. In elevator llye wm no.nt
1. ally I.ivvrr. Wclern. h,(j''-c Mute P-imj-JI After
'Chanire Wheal clo-rd uteudvl No. 2 re, 1 wlnterfor rep
leiuinr l.'i.','4 (Ktub-r. l.'i-',i .November. l o-.;,-Iiecemler.
tl.n'ji J nuorv. fl.l.H: February, fi.l i'a
.Maj.tl. a1, Cora Ilnr. Nn '.' mixed tor rrptember.
'. llbC. Ortnber. 'b'lc November '.7iiC. Ilecrmt.er.
llif. .Inluia-.u r. May. . akC. Oats llrnl. N.k J mixed
fnreiiiember, .(',c, uctobit 3..',c., .no. 2 while lor
altellller .17 hc
Cniii' opti.ni, decline', .'.niiii pniut, on lie near
bv dellverire dwlnir tc ueci le.lly weaker foreign ad
xl.'0( t.ut II e itlJtaul mnnlli- u, re dull nml uncliaiiir-d.
llceipti ut 111", for two ilav 5 km baic. at 8antoa.
H.ixniIki.. Kxcliaiinetnltlilituiityfttl.il aleilt'
(fit ba.i. cloiitu; itea Iv, with id en -ll the folloulof
reptrinber.l.VKV IHrrember.. 13 '.'.'.r.l March I2.n"c
lid. iber . t44"c im.uary.. Itino M"tl ....l.'.soc.
November. I3.5nc.irebruary I'.'.ti'.c v.i 12.5c
Tl.e 11101 market wax 'lull and unctiutwril: I'.lo quoted
Ht live for No 7. ra'ex .Vi I. am lilu Noa, 3 4. and 0,
ilirt.111 I7"4C and aretiorteil ealy nt l.liK'basx Hlu No.
7 tula 'hipped at 1'.m,c. -tare terms Mild RTadei
dull, r ilex 2110 bum central Amcrlc.i I0.ibai.a8.iva.
ntllii an I to bairl .Warac.tbn nn ;i t Cjuo'rd: llln
l'i4lM-e.: Maracait.o. t7'Lyl'p'.: I.aiuiivro, 1hvj,
.014c . Savantlla. l-HWJIc , Mexican lr,2lc. fen
trnt American. IS.'.iajJc.. Java, UJSJia. Mocha.
roiAR, lc Puturei were dull and without chxr.ire,
no ixleii cpiltur dun at 3:t-ft Itr., for reptember.
U.U41411C. fnrOct.iber. J 2-( l.l.'c. for Nnyemoer. and
U.j'i'tl.lOc. for lucemtjer. 1 be ipnt market wai more
active .ind nrm at .ic lor fair re.tnimt inuecovadn
anda'.lnc. for ilandardcentrlfinmlr raln440 hbd.
I i.rto lllco niui.'oVH'lo. 8 1 text, at .lc. , 7 1JJII1 iir-. con
crete -.1' text, nt .xu. and an unknown qtiantltvot
xelitrlfll-f J 1. '"l" text, at .17 I.e. Ketlne I luirly .icllvo
and linn. (Quoted tut loxf and cruihe.l. f.iril,c.;
ciibei 4 5-liii,4 7 U'c . p,(.ler-.,l. 4','4VkCl uran
Hilled, 4lxs44C mould "A," 4 S-l((Jt 7 I' c ,
other white. 3J,i-(.l .1 Hie . vellowr a .l-ieiasi.e
xioU.ii. ilea lv. yuoled. l'ortn llico 'J'liaaSc.-.domei
lie. ordinary to fair. '.'fJI'V , nood to nne, 2i)'ij.c,
and choice 10 fancy. 2i'4 loo luce moderately active
and iii-ail), vju'.ioil: Pomeitlc, common to fair,
'.u&y.xjc . irood to tine. 5Ui, ijc. prime 10 cboire.
h"H,i.i(.Vtc. Itnncoon. HkM4,c .Tatna 4i,is,4',0., Japan,
4'.(jJ.v,c; Java IJva.'ic.
H Mir-8lralli tin quiet, bntitrady. deiplte a ellKbt
furlber decline in the toretsn market ealee , i lone at
2nc. for "cuah" auu 2i)c. lor reinetnber. leitllnr puce
for ll'iit 2i c : for November. 20.l'r llik'nl enpper w el
dull an! quoted nominally nt li'JV. f. r 8epteinber
lake l.euil llrnl but quiet, letttim; price lor iput
4 .,ic Speller quiet, but ilea ly et 5c l"r reptember.
Navii rTi.Hix Splrln lurrenilne wai a trtlle l-ia ar
tive but the market (..ntiiu.o-, nrm eloim-r at :iTc. fur
it ii ant reirularx and .v-c. lor mactiti'ea inlex ."el
bblK ll.nln uncnanired nnd dull. Quoted! Common to
gord itratneit at el loH.40. 'Ti." SI 5 i. "K" fin...
"ll," -H.--0, "II." fl.l'l. "I." f.'25. "K." SJ.4'1,
"M," $.'.5l. "N." ti7il "Wd.'JWi: "WW,"$kOO
Tar nrm at ra. r o li Pitch dull ni Jl no.
1'itikii rl Nallnnal Iranilt certtdcatei were dull
and without (lidded chatiee. npenmirat oilc. lellin-r
at il4ii'.'H4i,r.. and cloitne iteady t tl4-,c bid: -ale,
a.'.ixi bis, define, In bbla,, tt.v.c. bulk. 4.C.C. Crude
In bbli , 5.85c , bulk, 3.1 -5c Naphtha, 5.75c.
I. lee Stock Morket.
New Ynna. Tueiday. Sept. I Rccelpti of beeveiwera
07J head. Including J' ra.e for export and J7 can direct
to llailffhtarcri No truOinK. reeling llrm. Prel'ed
beef eiendi at i'i,(4 c. r a for native itdea. I.aleil
cab e rrom London quotei American iteera nrm
at IU(4li,c V ll, drefied weiiibt. and American re
frlveraled beef iteaJy al ecant r',o f lb -hlpioentx
to nay ., tneveiand 1,1 41 quarter! of beef, lo mor
row .'.72 qnarteri .... . .
itrceiplx of calvel were t.37'1 head Market ru'ed
itealyandlinchanired Vealxenl 1 at tXA.V-u-j.f.i r nil its,
crauen at -FJ 7"-niM 5D uu 1 IVextera calvei at t
llrrelptiof itieepand lamba were a. 4i.J head The
market nrm and a.-tive. with no reported chanire In
eel lot-valliea. rlieap ao.d "t S4.J5.j-f4 .5 p ton ITi .
lamlm ar e.' l'itr ." Prexred mutton ateady at
7,4'-',c. V lb . ilreiied Iambi llrm at-v-i'i.ioc.
"l.e.'elptiiof binrx liiclu.ltnil tan can for lale, wera
4,4.' 1 heak .Market Heady al il 1.0 if-l fl IbOlll
Itenl Kitate Triinarera.
4-th it, i a. 2.'.o w rth av. 30xim) 5; Mary Galta-k-I.e-
loTlioi .-mini i".-:' "
li.-tii it, a l.l i . 1 din. ton av, I.MOM1:
rum 1 .-tern et al to Aiuni blreen ..-,.. 12,000
4Mb It 11. .'.'"H4 w llllh av, lit r-xllel ",. W lllllim
blolenber.'iin.l wire to li Ir.J.TIck I.bben 10,150
7( til it. n a l.il w We-t hnd av 7-j(l02 2. Jkl It
rnitiliio lei.nurd Jacob. Jr ,-, "
1 17th xl na 15. '. e Alexander in ...xloo. Pom.
lull k VV elu to tt e I reu tn ( ouv eat of N V X
Parknv. I. ).d I, heyee a'ld lie to John Ij 11
Motl '. , "0,(00
2i lb . t 'il-Weit John It Annitroni; and wife
to llelljallilll 1 Cobell . . ... 12,000
r.'.lit hi jiiiw central lark Wek l-x!OJ2
nil laai lor-itercl al lo John 11 Maati 3o,U00
4thHl. 151 Writ Illa Kluuber und huhbaud
tn John Leliinu and wile 1
Av II. a ,. iv- .1 loin et -0 i,xS8, Lbai I McCala
lowlle. I.oie v,"",-, ,
1'arkav. wior 12.'dit,2'llxi: IlyUlan
reirirvrn etallnJubn 11 lime . 30.000
40iti it. -jii' I, ait; I-antiie .s J.eeb lo (.eomo II
llaimerty B.2jO
I.eiiu-tiiv i 7!Utn 131,1 il, W m 8jker, raf. ..
tn Win Mclircy .. .. ................. .... 10.000
Ill.ler av we 7H- aw 1 4 4 1 tl It, 125x75 the
Ihunixin llouiton I.lectnc Co lo the North S
. I litlitlnx Co .- I
fame pro.i, Joini J vtnore to Tliounon llouiton
H Co .. ..... . 10,000
Baxter it. 44 4H; Levin Lev) ind wife loAlcx
Mmoneitl . ,.-. eAOO
Cm on .t M. Adutpn llnth and wtra to Wm
liau-muii. . . .... ....... 1
Cannon al. 8.1; Adolpli Ullatail and wife to
Ailolpll llolh t v . ",t",".' '
CnuiKin al, i i, Adolpli Uoth al.d wife to Adolpli
I llman ... , I
Wllieit t. 4ii, Morrli lioienblom .nd wl to
ILiltieColien . 20.000
bunolkit.INI Moiei Unkledone and wife io
euine . . --.;
Sainepioii. Ilattle (.olien nnd huxt. lo Morrli
Hnienbloin ; ,-, .- J?-?0'5
8lliaL3.'in.. Julia It'ibichm ramuel I Irit ... 14 tOj
47IIHI, - a 1J.7W wptb av .'iu-.lon.S. Mary A.
Ix.reetal lo Maria rlinpinil .. .... P.5,10
2'tlirt.ia I til w Mil nv. l8.HMrt.il, Mrilnia
llall iii ilenl Cohen. . .. .. ...... . 11.900
I.iit .17 on map ( f rit.ite of lale Manilla Mln-
tti .me. etc He Aictitnt'Ciidel Vereln to
Anlirr Wrtiiitein .......... . . 55.OJ0
73d,t.n I- n Vludav I'.xWl I nher I) Tolial-
XI to ll.iiu iti.v.ll -- 23.0J0
7.'llbl la .J .1,1 av. 8x'022; Joi nchneider
and wife In lldil Normllikk) OJO
lMlli-n Inne. aitj land'Jnr lale Mury J Jonei;
Mill) J Cnxe to lioliell A Jol.nii'll 2?,'.0O
8anie piop, Ida I I raier to mine .. 22,514)
1 ruiimi , 5u8, 1'eier J Prody to Joseph Wnl-
lacli .... ' - t
Iltv i on ll, SS r.lteu II Wilcox 10 hltr It tll.
l.u . ... 30,000
lplh it. a a, 310 e ltd v. .''ixllM. II j Samuel
Alltiitlnerlo ha'.lierlne liar 13.500
4blhL il. W John Miiielvey, at ftl lo Albert
nerlik . . . -0,(0)
lllilat LOW, Will Jell I" Alidcrion to lieurea
7blb ll. II ii. 2111 11 eidli av 1 inch X -IX) 2; Alfled
r- l.akxilriinii ill' lu rain'll n cord .. I0"J
I'ulk av, I, hi.'. Abruli.illl rtecri and vto lu
I lelllUllll.o lllt'ker ., S'.IXlO
'.Nib il ii h, .17. e 4lh av, .,'ixlour, l.inma u
l oiili-.i In JliO Weber 1U.7UO
Sbriu.'it '", Jlio .viad-'l utid wife lu llocco M
Vlaioo .. ... . . ., 33,500
81 entl Ht, ll.l, Hand l.eae to Mar4a J.evln ,.., lr,5(i)
8iit,,,k Ik !-' Mark I ellil lo pall I l.u. 35,000
rberlll , 107; I Iixh We'.iberirer to Itacliel
i.ru- , 37,000
I sin ,i. I.'.". I...', and I5i I-; ruilia k) to Adam
vtur.m 411.500
4iill.kka. --' iv Ittl av,2,xlll.a Huh Mac-
luiueuml witr io I l.ir.i .1 Uru'lbury I
We, l Hid uv, ll e (r"vah It, J5xli4). Geo Poll
lur (iiiiml ll lenioil 35,0X)
It, i kleldll III. 7. "ie Vlaiton av. 25x1.115; Win
mm d) ku und alio io Iniephiiia M viuiulian. ,, 1IS7
MailiKi.i. 1,1c. Nalltau Iti.acliberK uau wile lu
).r' riliiouibrrit 30,1X0
Hid hi .JiUir.l 2i,xiuJ2, .vilvlt Oebl ard
nml wile t ' Joi Itleul 23,2, U
I. eiii.n.iia, en J.. n (Hi it, -U-.7 Iran
ileiuiulil M llenrleilv Popper I
Irl.nv .iv.e i, .ixi ii Iii. ai -I, .Orpin, Hubt C
Tinker In .onl l Tncer Jr I,SMU
I5.il i iii iii vi i ..(trt.Hii.lt, .iv In xuo. Cbai
I. hi liollliiiitt el al tn iphlu l.erch 7,475
8u link el I. limy M'h umber..' ti Nathan l(o
real era una uno .... .... 2IV.75U
2lit t n h. .1 - I iv Pi av. 2.tx'.tHti, Jnu I. tiar
unrd lo Vary A Wiu.t'iil 4,00)
7 III hi, i li i.. Abraham Kanel lu kouil Mill
iky u 31,000
Mad inn il. U i. 2P1 o ri.lumel il. 'J I'xlHi;
Lnuli lllniky and wife tn Ai'ialiam Kaoel . . 22,00)
Lot mil ou map of Fox eitaie, ( ailirrlna
braum mrf in xartlii Mcinrrney and ano .. S.7U0
e.dit-, ". I .'4 He .d av .xiii.,5, Adolpol'ow-
ill and rile to.ln-ept 1 n.elllern' ... 25.14J0
(ijnit.HH li'iuj'l.v.': xi'',5 mini to tin-
miindTnil'Tj 25,l)
74th it - e. .5 io .it av. . tx ', idu I otitior lo
raiilJOU iV'uI hc'i ,, . . . 13PIO
Ooerck t, t liuav Atiiuuiib) to Herman Op-
pentit'lm . ., .... SoiO)
3., I ik ii h. i ml Hi av, lexu-,11. Mary A It
n'l'rliii tu Pan 1 H linvu ,. tP.V)')
O'dit - .' ii mli av, ..'iMhi.'i .Im 11 Murray
to cli.tH i i rinuier ... '.'P.u.'i
Mltlllt. Ill llJf.ld 11V J'xll'2.2 lllalle bllcb
leubericxr to hliiv naiiHrr . , 24'0i
03,1 of ii J "w nth ay .,'txlirj. ii.kii Crau
int-r and ate to ibitrter W Cuultrr . Iln.u 0
KltlillM ll Ul ll',,4 .i ,
Cnh-n, llrnl I' tn Irnlerm .' M.ddlebrook, i
.i th ti, vv "til av I )r f7 5 O
Cohen li ni l,tu.lnu II Arii'ilrcliir, 3i.' !!
i lb it. I r .... P.tO)
Crian. Jai, A, and wife In Mutual Life Ini Co,
l W3.I it. .( fcth av. I yr 20
Canaan. Mroon and wife to Karl kl Wallach, HI
l.udlnw it OeminJ ,000
Conne 1 IluglHi. and wife to Talk Fterrifan, n
I 14411)11, w 3d av, J jn...,., 2,500
t -i r ' .
,4 e.
Cooran. Melthiw. and wf to rarmers' LMkn
and Truit Ca .in."! I ait 1 1 iih et, 3 yrt..... .... 1.
Same tn trad ey A l nrrler Co. Ltd. n looth ik ,
!ilal Imn 2.VXA)
Can ii Jatnei nml wife lo Marie Obry, loin av,
recor2'Hth hi, ayn a.ovxi
Drinan. rueene 1 to A iluprel'i Soni. n tor
vfllKavati I l.tlthit, Itotea ... ."
i Perilck. A brrt. to I liima ll Van Meik andalio,
frill. 4IJ want iHltiat, hire . IJ.1';!
Paine lo AimufiuH 1 Hull) lamr nrop, I yr,,..,, I,""'
liavi, Uavid ti. tu Mary A tiii'l r en, ni a.'dit,
wMliav. j) re . ". Jii.tso
liankern Hermann, lo ilea I hrei, 2,i3i8tliav,
ilemand , . i.""0
Delabarr1, 1.11 M to l.dw lielabarre, 1 1 2.d it.
ei.ihiivivr. .. l'x"
l.ttberi. H Ire.ik. an I wife to Mauklln Savna
Hk. iMMhn, w mill at, I vr 5,000
Frev.Juhll A. and wife lu l.ou'li Walion, IB ,,
.Mltlllk w lilav, 1 vr , .1-
llar. halharllia and Aitoliib, to ramuel Al-
Ibeutieii i It, III H e.nliiv, I )r .. "
llaaklm. Aiiiileaud Cuai, m rredk Itrommer,
irdn 4'.' viarket it 3yn .,,,. -WO
JuHimlaiil. Jennie 0 to lly I) 'v inane. 4 is l.ex
luaion uv. i vr . ... .uou
Jacon. Leonard. Jr, to.lai ll Kuillh, ns .dlli it,
w We.t i ndav. 1 yr .. .......... 44,hi
.'ame tn lame, n 7clli it l.il vv Wait Lnd av.
TxxPUJ.. . . 40,0X0
Jeller.ii, l-dwin T, to ile.i l-.hret, a-urth av, at
dement ., . ."
JutiiiHtoii Knbt A, to Mary I Coxe louracrexon
I alttier atane. 24lh ward, l v r !i""(!
Samalo Ida Iraier. Hitue prop a yr . . Ii.uuj
Belli Anttiouv. and wife 1" N li 8av Hank, a
I Md it. w lhav lr , ..... ....,- . lPOo
Slinpmn. MnrUK. tn Frederic J Mlddlebrouk.
it in I', wuthav, i vr. . u.000
8chnel c Win. in i Im Dexhelnier, w I.iiet
it M.iiiinii t. J ri.. .. ''
Miloinberir virirj tn.Naihati lloienberk'nn.l ano,
148 Madlloli it, 2 ll .. ,. .
Korniiniki, Ilenl. and wife to Mary llnrrla. n w
cor li.'uli it and I afnyelte place 2vri 1,200
Same tn Anrnn Hiiroh irj I ..'Uh at 2 yle .. 1,3 0
I.eie. David to Markl Levin rutlolk ll. w len
II lllTllntton it, 2 vrr.. .." iL'.v '
Wnran. Adam, tn Ambroie K Lly. 154 E nrih
gt.'jvri... .. ti.ixx)
Raliieminnie. I'.2 Uti-lli-t .'. vn .... Il.uou
ratiie tn -iiii'h l.ly. l.'-o Ittcili et '. vri . ll.ou
Mlueky, Loula. tu Abrahalh I'xaiel. lo.i halt .ittl
It, (I lllo, . . , , , 2.IH O
Motk.tiiul.il to l.dw I, K ex I Parknv I vr. Sl.oixi
Manha't, Hannah, and luti lu lllcti s nnmel,
trua,3vearx ., ... V'O"
Mcllrny. Win toN I.Ho Ini Co, e Lenox av,
7" 11 n 131dm I yr.... 10,000
Mahouev. Han't lo nrih A W'rlirht. lot irn on
luapot vlllmeor Molt unveil .lr. . -n'
Mutlir thai I. lo t.eo l.l.ret. 117 and 130
llrandil, nn dimatid -.:-, n0
Miuitaiiiin, .inn, ant ano lo Henrietta V. Mon-
tanu.xiidlili...iie-Mlllt.244e lllav..l.vri . S.0 xl
Oppelilielin, Herman, to lilac Alildlililky, Jl
(l(,nrck h , ,' jr.. , 41.51
Ohl. luiblel. in I'nicue Lowenleld. et al. 14 t and
147 h Itithrt Jn',21 jr . Ifa)
Pnt'el. line I). loJacnUMliolle, elal 58 a 80lli
il a vr Is.7'
Prairul. Jt.o tl. tn.ttioC Toulllixon III 81 th It.
72..I e l tb nv. I )r ... III.00U
llo-e. Jn.. II toll) li Van re intern and .mo, a w
io-I'arkavon.l I2.'dn. 1 vr '.H,ouo
limn Adolpli, tu Mriiiiuid Culm. r.'l i aunon it,
jvrx ... I.Wl
rtlelil, Jnerh. to Michael Getthard. i l Nlth ik
. .ii w Av A. tnitntl .... o.iO')
N irnbli nm. Morrie. and wife to Harney Colicn
lii -uKiilk n. 2 jr 3.'h"
Knjchlnii. Hum in i on ad Metn, w a 10th av.
.'.i.'isMitat .' yrs I'.'.OOJ
Sluiiinetii. Alex, to I ewli Levy. 44and4flltax.
terx. -t)ri ... 2,, -Mil
Church of M JumeitoWm P. O'Connor, ne
Henry k lot In.', i vr 7.VO
I'riulliie Convent tn Mutual llfelnaCt.wi
roiltlirnn Itoulevnrd tn llalnbrtdire nv, to
Marlu'i av. tolraveri it. I r I0,i0
L'I man. Ad tlpli. and wife lo l hn 85 Can
nun jl - jr- .... ... 1,000
Weber. Jnn. to Kmtna (I (oubuy.ua nuth it,
exor. Ijii .. 15IO0
Welnitriti. Aicner. to Iredertc J Middlebrook,
n iad it. vv 2d av. I jr ... ... 15,000
Same to Ml, a M l.llleipy, a 4llt it w 2d av, 3
jri 23.010
Cotmnn. I eona. to Teter J Pnolan and ano, a l
i.rand Ibiulevard 7Ni 7rth it. 5 vri f I 0:o
Cohen. Adolpli. to .Morrli W elullock. 86 Henry
HI, itore. 4 iv!2 jn . 900
Drake. Mary, and alio tnJnltn (lllnjman 17tl
Weital and 1..V l.'t Warren it 7 ii 6,000
llatiiclilld. John 1'. lo Lnuii lmtenheluier and
. ann llo Centra it. Invrx..,. .. ..SJiO0 4.aiO
lilcilulre JnhnT, to I'liai Mutzlc, 137 and I3J
ilrandet. Nyn .... 3 500
Wayne, itebecca, to Mich Solomon. 103 Talk
row lltvri . . I.pnn
Same toratne. lame prop 5yn 1,800
Coin t e.'ixlenitixr This nrxr.
FcpRiav Cornv CnxMeriix Motion calendar. Nob. 1
to l (alted at 11 o'clock,
8cRao,.Tk'H Comr. lor probate Willi of Elizabeth
Mei.niihrle. Carl K tv tiderliol.l. Caroline I. drove,
Ittcbard u Newcombe, Joini llartilih, and liertba G1ij,
lu a !,, Mary llenilnir. 10lA M.
X.ACITAL tl.000.000
A I.esal Oepoiltory for Court and Truit Fundi and
General Pepoatti.
The cnXIPASV il authorlred to act a EXECPTOR,
TK . ai FIM'AL and THAN -FEIt AGEN1 and al RKO
ISTRAROr riTOCk.'.anil llOMl-.
The company orTera tn exeeutori and trailed of es
latea and lorellgioui and bt-nevolent InHtliutloni ex
ceptional racliltied for the tramactlon of ihur builneia,
r. O TRENCH. I'reildent.
J. I. WaTEBBI'KV Vlce-I'reillent.
A. T. i:ENCII. recretary and Trexiurer.
e. o. rrtpvcii. n. v. ii. w. cannon, n v.
R. .1 CIKIS. S. V. JOHN H. FORI). N. V.
11 I. HiniiiNMiN. Bnton TJ .'oiil.lDOK. Jr.. Bit'n.
I'. C. RAI.HWIN. N T. .NAM IL SHII'l.bV. I'hlla.
rilynrBoitnnaii., 4 percent. .Hue? lf21
City of I.niilavlllr. Kr.,4 tfrcetit.lliic lO.'JO
HtateorNnrtll llukntH,4 liercetttn Ine 1031
4'lly nrlliiliitli.Sllnn.lipriTrnta.lliK. IOCI
I'ltvor.Sllnnrupnlle, Mmi.,4Vp.r Hue lOlil
('lnuniiiiuha,.rli.,.7iirrrrnli. .. Ilm-llltl
rilynl'lleanr, Cnl,, A per cental Due lHOO
C'lly ofNciittlc, Vnali.,Srrcenla ,I)(i- into
Cllyt''VcIlatnn.Olilo,.'prrcentii. llur lOO?
City of NuBlnixxv, Mlcli.,.' per cent Hue 1004
City of Hun Antonio, 1x.,tp.cln.. .llu ll)x3
Territory orUtnh,.'SerccntM Hue 1010
City orTucomu, AVaah., per -tav...Ilue loll
Bankers aud Stock Brokers,
18 Wall Street, New York,
traniaet arera'ar oanktnr builnexi. lacludlef the pnr
tkaia and lale en eommpilon of eecurltlei dealt to at
the New Vork Stock rxchanre,
Stocks and Bonds,
Members New York Stock Kxchunge,
so KitoAiivrA-ir.
120 Rroadn ay. New Vork.
June I ettiri of i reutt lor uie or Travellirtv
Draw roieiirn litlli.
CARD privately and promptly loaned on furniture,
without removal
.Nti.vil.Nr.ON. 30 Eatt Mill tt, room 15.
From SEPT, 1 on depoilti made NUT I.ATKR
THAN Si:iT. II, and remaining In bank on
JAN. 1. lSUti, br Hie
MASIIMI TOII'l.l. IIt;il.III.Vl, Clin.
Nl.lt S:l hi', A Nil 4JT1I AV.
(flection.-) nml 3cttinn.
rpilK 1.1, 1.' HON OF Illlll.l'rtll'.Sniit InipeclnrK nf
1 Hie Nt-w ork ( nlicert ( unit itiv l.ilitl e, tu ntrve
tir Hie eiiHinii vrxr ivlilhe held at Hie t'tmiiu llntad
wuv lllul 1'ilti al, Nea lrk cill.uuilio Ulli day of
repii uii'r ltit ut u rl't, k I' M.
liy oriier of the I'lrni Ihui
' A ll lit: Htr.lirr. hicretarr,
N'OTICI' I Imatei f. r preparing fur and levin
l.arriurnl Hint p ink roa luy. mi near maJe itud
on aii 1 1 1 te.r iii ciu vvt.ri tiiilki.ral trim rail l.x-ih
to t.i.rili ut i-a-t li'lli ih nu lite t ui em iv r, will te
rel elv ed I T the Hoard i.l I . uhi.Ihj iinrr ai Ihe Ilea I of
the Diprtiiieu ot in iksm ilia i.trlce ui laid lleparl
laeiu i u 1'irr a, tool n lutury p . e. Nortn liver
In Hie cm- nf .New Vita until I n'cuick I' VI nf
lllLltrlixr r' l'i i. It' I Ii.r fu'l partlcu'aniee llu
ltd I'.ert rd I'ltpli-H lor hiIh ii No '.' t'ny Iia i,
1lill I. I ni) ma en iep.urll.j lite i rih I U nlirad
I helaeeii I'M il . hill 4' I .ft lilWr, w(l, Iih ri.
ceiled t) til" II,, HI, I n I i, lllllll, l nrr al Hie I ea I of
He llrl'lllmeiit i.t luck, al II, nil e .if ilm nil
Ilrpirilliclil on Tier A. f -nl nr Imt rty pace Nu tl
HUrr iii lie .in ot Ne Vork, "nut I u c ock I" )i
nf llll'iirDW rl i'T i" l-ul lur full tarlciilari
ire lot-( Ity Hrci.r I I tp (I lor a e at Nu i t lly Hell,
tll ll I I 1 n( .itr, I itr l.rrpnrniir 'nr and exleiidiiia'
Xx I' era (t ,i. Mi.d ailtti p ttlrliuin rr, lietr the
Im.t i,r riouiiield .I N rili i tier an-i fur reiiatriiia
the crtli h'ltkliead at Tier od '.r, ul he received br
the Hoard of I'Lmlnlii ni.era at the hea 1 of the Ilepart
ment or Ilocki ut the (ill ce of iald I'epnrllntru on Fler
A. foot nf Haitery p aoe, North River, in the city of
New Ion, until I o'clock I' H. of THIHBIIAl HI-.fT,
In, Ihui ror full particular! tee th .Itr llecoid.
Coplii tortile at Ne. amy llalk
j JEfflnl jncrtlctiJ.
lTtTY.fll'.CONII HTItRRT-New Tork Sopreme Court
I X1 John J Jonei and H. Alexander Tnayer, ai exern.
I tura. Ao. idaimiila aealnit (,eorn Krdtnann and oik.
era. defeudantl-Actlon No. I '"
In nuriuatua of a Judgment of foreeloiure and iiu
entered In the attove entitled action, and dated June
J. in. lift. I. the tuiderilidied. the referee thereto
named, will irll at public auction, at the Rrat fcitat,
hxchaime and Aui Hon Itnom iLlmltedl. numtri AD ta
iii Lltierty itreet, In the city nl New York, en iii
twentv.nritdav of July. IX'H, at twelve o'clock neon.
Ity VHtllaiu kennell), auclloueer. Hie nrimiin mn.
Honed lu laid Judgment, and therein deicrlbed lilol-
All that certain Int. piece, or parcel ot land, with the
bulHliifi and improvemetiK tttereon ererted. innate.
I) ln. aim Senium theclt) of New York aforeiatd. inf
bounded and deicrlbed ai followa. to vv Hi Heelnnlnf at
a point ou the northerly aide or Hrir iieond itreet
dinanttao hundred and leventy-llve feet weiterlyfrera
the corner formed iy the Inieriectlon or the northirlr
ride nt mtyecond itreet with the wenerly ilde of
Tenth avenuei ruiinlni: ihenee northerly parallel with
Tenth avenue nnd piirily throtinh the centra of a parte
wai'. nne hundred Iceland nve inctiri in the centra
line ot the block between Klftvieiond and I'ltty.tMri
ttrreti thence weiterlv, parallel wlih Klfiyiecond
treet and alimiriai.l lentre line of the block, twenty,
lite feett thence loutherly. analn parallel lth Tenih
avenue and parllv throuuli Hie centre uf a party wall
onehundred feet and liieipchetto the northerly ilde
nf Hftv lecond nreet. und thence eaueriv, and alone
the iald northerly ilde of tirtj recond ilriet, twinty.
five leit lo the point or place n( beelnmnir
JdAIlTIN.t KROtllt. ltefirea.
rialntlrli' Attorney.
Temple Court, New York Oily.
The axle of the above deicrlbed premliei ti hereby
adjourned tn Irlfav. ihe slit day ot Auuit,lB9i, ,
,. ,.m. nour ...d plcfc mJMAH t
Dated New York. July Hit, IHBt. ""
Ihe late of the above deicrlbed premlltl ll hiriby
ailjournid to xionday, reptember ulit, ikoi, at Hit
m. hour Md rl. W1LLIAM T, EMMPT(
Ula New York Atitrunt 2UL l0t
rail FT V l'(Mt TltF.!.T. NswYorX Suorm Court,
1 j nli n J Jnnfr. anJ U. Alexim-ier Thjr, ai ticc
mors. Ar , pifitntint. nualnit tieurro hnlmann n1
ot1lc Offeti-latiti Aoiiott o i
lit iiiiroiirtncfi or n Jmlumtnt ot fnrrclour n1 n.i,
enlerp. tn the nloe rnittlfil ncll'n and tlitfi June
2i. l'M. l, tin utiden-tBiietl ihe rfer tlierliMi-.int 1
will gfil nt iHib-tr fiuct on at Die IU at I Male l.xctiAtitTii
and Auciliu. itonm il.unur'.'. o iyi to i l.itirrtr
j ulreM. in the Citv of .New ork. on the twfnr flrt Ur
of.lnlv lNv at li'n'xlock nontt. lij- Wlllljuii K" n U,
auclinnrrr, the rnnlKta tnrtitlnnea In raiU JutJiiuent,
an thfrln ilfrrlt-Mi a fnllowa
All thnt CTtilii lot. i fce. or rarret of land, with V
tmlldlnk-H aii'l linrirnvcttiFnt thereon erected. ittite
lylne. nnd he In if tn lliecitr nf Snw York aforesaid ant
bnunded at tl denrrthed nn followai Hennnltiff a, a point
on the imrtherly aide f I tftviecond "irert it Hunt
three hundred teet tteatem from the corner fnnnel t-v
the tnternePtlnii n( tlio linrtherh aide ! hlttt f rfti t
n reel with the weti rlv ilenf Tenth aeiuie niiimiig
thence nnrtherl. unr.iUel lth Tenth aveima and tart
lr thrniiifti the centre of n iiartj wall nne hundri-d ffti
and fltn tnctua tnttf rentrv llnei nf the Mock betnet-n
Uttyeconit and Hfly third itreet, the iu werieriy,
iiarntlel Mth t illy arcotid itreet and hioiik call cenrjn
liiir-nr Of hlnck. tent'lle feet, thence nutlrrr,
mriifn parftllel Willi Tenth avenue and nnrtU tlirmuti
thi centre "f a party nail, one hundred fet and iiftj
Inchea to the northerly tde nf Flttvaernn1 tft anl
thfjice iKierl). and nlnnir the iald nnrthTlr Pi'le o
nf..c..tid ttrfot, lentv nve feet to ihe iMnt or
place nf heirlnnliiff. WILLI AM T. KMMl r
MAHTIN .1 Kl.onr, lEcfcrre
l'lalntliTa' Attnrner.
Temple t'onrt. .New ork city
Thenaleof the abnrs deacrlbed prtmlaet ii heribr
adlournettn I rldiy. tho ..lit day of Auguit, IMM, at
ihe tame hmir nnd plai e
The ialenfthe abOTC decrlbed premlaea li lnry
adjourned to Monday, etiifinber 21. lmti atth-iam
hunraiid place WILLIAM T. hMMI T,
Dated .New York', AtiRuat LM, iwii. Iteferee.
T--W" Agri:iLVT KKSKUVOIR I.-opreme lourt,
ll hecond.ludtt'lal Dlotrict-Iu lh matter of th i
tit on of Thuinaa K. (lliroy. CotnmlMioner of rjbiio
W orka of the city nf New- nrk under and tu puriuaiic
nf chapter 4 of the Laws nf 1Hj and chatner lii(
the La era of ltv7 and on behalf of the Mayor. Alder men,
and t utumiinalty of the city of .New Ynrk, for tti p
pnintment or toinnilMiuiiers of Apprala-il onJer tu
1 all peraon Interested In thi proceedlnpi
.Nutice U hereby ffireii that tbe report of the abet
inemfmted rnmmlMlfinera of Appmiiat, appnltited here
inunJulj Hi. i (". nhlch report wa fl ed in the office
of the lerk of tt entchter coant, at the Court Home
in tlia village of While riatna. In said county on July
'21 ih H. and a copy nf which was tiled In the nttirt nf
the Clerk of Putnam county, at hta oftlce lu thr-tillage
nt Carmel. in aM county, on July 17, ll. will he pre
eentel tor continuation tn the Supreme Court, at a
apectAl term thereof, to be held In the heennd .Imltclal
diutrlc, at the t'nurc llmiae lu therlty of l'ou;hkerpitn.
Dutchaaa county, on eepu 11', Ib'Jl, at 11 o'clock in iua
Dated New York, An. SO ism.
Couneel to the Corporation.
UTryon row. New crk city.
chooU mid CoUrgc.9.
On the Iludaon, New York City.
Ktudleia Itestimrd Monday Hept. ?,
Etudenta retldo In the Initttutton or attend aa day
acholara. tor particular or catalogue addreu
Iter. UltuTllhlt A.NTHQ.SY. 1'realdeot.
41 KutleraL, near Court, Kroaklyn.
Frnnclacun UrotherN, Heopena Hept, A
htudica Claaslcal, t-clentmc. and commercial. Board
and tuition, per annum payable half yearly tnadranre.
$jt. atudenta under l& jears, f.ou, day acholara, pf
quarter. $ to $15.
t-or cataloguo and farther particntare apply to tb
Frealdent, liUOTHKU JKHOMK, O, 8. T.
(Mtltnre' entrance. I( Vveil Mith il.)
lieeuiar I.enoni In ilymnaitlca and Military DrilL
or catalogue addreu HltUTIIhit John. Director
BEST INRTnUCTIOV In ahorthand and typewrlllnf
at the vitJNrON rtenograplilc Initilute, rJ4 Broil
way, i lrculan rent trtt.
COI.UM1IIA INSTITUTE, 72a7M6th v. and 104 Welt
4Jd it. Ttinrumrti Dreparatlon for all trading rnu
level, clanlcal. xclellllllc. and roinmercial cooriei,
primary department military drill, Kymnailiim. Itoard.
an received I lie eeveiiteeuih year cotuineticei repb
DU rend tor CAtalouer.
Itr Minis' FOWLER, B. A . Trlncliial.
N. A. SHAW, il, A , lce-1'rlncloal
CANANDAKH'A ACIIEVI V Boya only. Ilirnrp
rated 11D5, Imme rare and irainiiiK prepare for
any college. Addreu tlie principal
J. C MiitKirx Canandxuna, N. T.
ST. JOHN'S roi.Lt:r;F. rordhani. N. ... ad)nnln
Bronx Park Jeiult f allien: nudiri rriuined rrjtL
U: cadel liana lor. In rhark'e ot army olt.rer atmolmed
by I'reildent t'. h Apply to Kev JlluN rl.'t't.l.y J.
ST. LOL'IS COLLEGE (Calhollo).
l'J4 Weit.'tHlh rt. Central Park
Strictly eelecl ichool for Uniiled nuinier of bori.
JS 1 fi TltATlTTv BorTaiiir tuitlnii: " lemlnarv
ty MirJ (ciriij. jiroi military academy (boyi a
dren l.piicnpjl fchoo'i. Iladilonlleld. N J.
ABUrSNESS education
BooVVeeplnir. writing, arltl mrlto. correnponilence
spelllnir, itenograptiv. and tipewrttiiii:. private initruo
tlon day and evening. I'alne'a ItuilneHH Lollfne, til
Bowery, corner Oanul; up loan. In Welt U4lti at,
corner Broadway,
BANJO guitar, mandolin, and ilase dancing tuition S
termi moderate, leinons private
J IIKAN, !t74 3dav
BANJO INSTIllXTlnS -Ladle, tangrit private, cata
logue mailed. 1 IiWj.HU iihBmiN. Orclieatra.
Ctilme MalijOH. I, ul Broadway. nrar4utlnt.
BANJO, eongand dance. Jig and cleg dancing tauicht.
I'lrcutara Ji'llN J. IIOilAN. .'Mi nowery.
BANJO, Tlolln, guitar, mandolin taught, .' fine nan
dollninidbalijoe. HOItlllN, i.'.T MTtit -3d n
I.Mi WtlllLN
In rbnnograpliy, t) rewriting commercial ariihme.
tic. tiitokkeepiiig Hriiing. tiimrien training pbyncal
culture, and clinlr iniiHlr.
for 'heginiierx and advanced itiidenn miehanlral
and freehand drawing, clay modelling and applied
lebign. ilti'tu negative retouchliig pliolo color, plio'e
era) on anl hoiu engraving normal claai ror
teerherl, I'rang lyHtem ror prlinarv leactieri Apply
loVuung Women'! rtirlitlan Aiioclatlon, 7 Kaal 1Mb
It. on end alter repl. 1, from I A HI to A P. M. mid
7 to i P. u Saturday afteruouni and cTeninrri it
Smilnuisi imrt 3jnirrwt.
Thecouponi or thu imranv i divliinnal bonde (11
Toledo. Atin Arbor and Ml r ea.xnt Coupon No id. and
(Jllolado. Ann Arbor and fndllla" I'oupiin No. II will
l,e paid on prelenlallon al ttiii rnllipaliy'l offlca, 110
Broadway on and after n pi I I"'!. .,
.1. M. Aral! i.i.V, .IK., Vice I'mlmnt.
NEW VOIIK. Aug 'Jl'. r II .
01 ARTi.lt-t daii I'hlt ( I.NT. ou tin capital nock ot
tliii i omi'itliy will I.e paid nl the nn.ee ol tlie coinpiliv.
'Jl I'orti It ,t In iiii. my. on end after Tl KhllAV.
rrpL II inn, rhe traujfer btnk III lie clmed fron
he cioie or bjilneii Toll vi uutil tl.e mornlLg at
Wedliexdai. hrvu l'i
By order of Hie Board of Maiiagrri
JAMI.m; IIAIITT Treaiurer.
t NKW Mlllh Aug Id. 1-11. 1
The Board of nirectnri of the Ainenrau I nal I oin-
pany of Allegany county, Maryland have lliliilayde-
clared a u ml annual dividend ot Three I'er t ent ul"
Ihe capital atock nf th, xoiupati), payatil, at tlm of! ce
on Thunder, rent, lu, ihui.
liKO. M. BOWL11Y, Fecrmry,
Coupon No, I on flrit mortgage bondi of thl co'H'
pany, maturing rerL I, mot, lll be ald on and afur
that date upon preitnlatlon at the batklnc loan et
Klll'N'IZi: llltO'l'IICKH. I'JI I roadway Ne
York. ,. II, MOOIir, Rrcon,i Vice I'reildfri
rrrt iiiiiKf. kaii.koaii io mi-.'
I roupoiiNii, HI on debenture bondi of the IIohIoo,
llnu-iii' 'I iiiuirl inn) Wratrrn Itullvvii) """
inni,inalurlngr,pi , irui, will hr paid on a'Ca't'J
'.',"" iU "K."!1 preienutmu al the bankli,.- i i;
Kill .Nl.l: llllll I'll i:itr. I.l ir,aili4 ""
rk H, A. 4)1. 1. .-.() V. Ina. 'er
ABET OP TF.RTII, tMj teeth exuactelTwc
Vio , gold lllltngi, Jl, :; Uraiid it. .
DR. FULLER rXTRACTH TEETH without pala. tV
in, V uv. f ultra, 74 Varlck n, cor. Oaaajai.

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