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eeeeBeesseesaseasal. ..-' , . I I U..aaBaR)JJaa B e aSeaeaaaB eeeaaB --- .- - - .""; ''' J," 7? ..p-.. ,-. l
Bm" "" (V"u !r.M'iivtTf-'.i- vV'' rr.i1rrr."7' K". ,?'1 , , ' V-lt
, Addition to th rie or tho AIIbb
l (Mate I.lne Compuy,
Ant hundred BUtsts of Austin. Baldwin A,
1 ; yew York scent of ths Allan8tto line.
j'i,Mkt9tnt noon yesterday on board ths
, Atlntlc liner Htata of CnlKornln, now
&t th, (oot of Atlantic avenue. Brooklyn.
inloon vras adorned with flowers and
Lbs, and the masts flswovery ensign known
mn In botior of tho event. The new steam
',,, nA4 brotn'tit Into port by Capt. A. O.
... Mr. lliidelllTo llaldwlti of, ths firm re
'.A i iiin client. Tho vteamshlp Is liullt of
tt steel wd !. c!itr.d Al in Lloyd's, under i
fi.l.irW It li limit to comply with the ,
If, irim"nt of the llrltlsh Admiralty lor
JniDort "etvicp. ho Is 400 feet long over
fiT f.ct hesm. and 32 feet H inche,
i,lil ilopth. hho has a irross reclst.T
-s of 4.Viim. whllo the dond wnlelit she is
.inJ tocnrrv on Lloyd's frsehosrd Is fl.UUJ
. Shn l thn first hlth-cl.is passonser
?mor ft.M-'t to tho (lla-aow and Now York
iXt for a number of years. She cnn ncconi- 1
;Sat'.M nasioncors. The decoration of the 1
turn nail other pnhlln nnartments Is In
.I'lihed hardwoods. The music room Is pan- '
.,1 in nilnwiwil. hitch, and sycamore, and
iholtere'l In Ool elln tapostry. Tho main
I'" I" llcnied walnut and birch, with !
Hstorv In mociuoite. The ladles' cnbln Is In 1
;S Ctle tni""lry panelllnc. nn I silk tanes
innho'sierv. and Inn moklnn room stair
Ji and entrance hall are In different com- '
nations nf mahogany, oak. and walnut The
?h nerr consists of a sot of trlnle.extan
., unelnet of thn latent deslcn.havlnE crlln
.re 14 Inches, o't inches, and HS Inches, with a
rokeoiSI Inches, supplied with steam by
ireesteel t.ollorF.
s- aSCATU-.
For sportsmen, tourists and
others who spend their time in.
the open air, Mastiff cut plug
smoking tobacco is absolutely
the best. Packed in patent can
vas pouches which retain the
moisture and flavor. More solid
comfort in one package of Mastiff
than you can get out of a dozen
J. B. Pace Tobaooo Co., Richmond Virginia.
It le Cila Sil Sea Rii
i Narrative of Life on the Gilbert Islands, an
out-of-the-way Group of the South Pacific.
A new series of letters by Robert Louis Stevenson, describing his experiences
ltd advonturos In the Gilbert Islands. This Is a group cut off from all regular
Intercourse with the outside world, to which no post goes, nnd where only occasional
trading' vessels touch.
Life In this strange place Is most Interesting nnd picturesque. The articles aro full of
incidents and anecdotes, delightful character sketches of queer people, nnd dramatic bits
cldlaloKue. Tho narrative is ns captivating as a piece of fiction, full of color, of move
sent, of strange situations and pictures. Tho material is altogether fresh and novel. In
Aese papers Stevenson Is at his best; they show In Its full maturity the charming stylo
:f the most perfect master of English of our day.
, Itt A UbobKI olAi Arrival at Butaritari. Island characteris
tics. Tho King's palace not so commodious ns a laborer's
house in the United States. A visit to the King.
I, THE FOUR BROTHERS. The story of a South Sea chieftain.
Tho King acts as executioner. Tho harem of a tropical
potentate. A prince who was nickuamed "Mr. Corpse."
Hi AROUND MY HUuoE. Strange sights from the writer's house
in the Gilbert Islands. A sea wall built by tho hands of
queens. The toddy cutters. Beautiful women of the
South Pacific. Only one white woman in the islands. A
sample ruffian of tho South Seas. The parson of
f, A TALE OF A TAPU. The King of the Cannibal Islands on a
spree. Curious scenes at Court.
MORE CONCERNING THE TAPU, Spies about us. Attacked by
natives. In danger from drunken savages.
i THE FIVE DAYS' FESTIVAL Invited to the King's summer house.
A concert of nntive singors. A barbaric opera. A won
derfully dramatic ctauce. A South Sea topical song. A
native who made a flying machine. A magic lantern show.
of Naked Women.'' Polygamy in tho South Seas. Eti
quotto among the natives. Scenes in a Gilbortine house
hold. II. THE KING OF APEMAMA. The royal trader. Tho hero of song
and the butt of gossip. Tho last of the South Sea tyrants.
A savage Napoleon. An island chief who owns ships.
I structing a city in a day. Walled by a taboo.
I IKE PALACE OF MANY WOMEN. A retinue of dusky ladies.
I An evening at cards with the King. A game'of royal
I invention. A kingly poet of tho Southern Seas.
jj sloight-of-hand performance. Tho royal cook, and how
II ho was disgraced.
I see the;
Sunday Sun.
BLJ'S anil the Most Widely Circulated of til Sunday Papers.
''r3Vu m,, Opposite Hotel Imperial.
"Satiu, lollowiuv ofllrre will be the
F Ikose rliurcrd at the In office.
Bh'W'-'''-' V COR. I1T ST.!
lR 'j iVi 'l 6 ! " '"'" wil av . ron. 7:n sr. .
HtcUiiV "' '" "JR. KtV VORK.
H'Uk iV. ""'Til A. Nl'.AK7lhT.ST. ,.
Jinll!1 )l--',llIMi f. S. W. OIIK. BKOADITAT
Hiri v' ', 'iSMlVAY. I'll HKHAIIM'AV.
B IL'?!'"1 I" T. 7, 111 NU7;TII l-Tn.
" '' ni.r( St. I
IliW'tHSil I .C!U:.fiK. l.-jm nr'.P' '
I.j," ''' ll KAI. AV, l..l IIISOADWIV. UJ
''l m JI.li;.tlAV. XJiAK Ultl!V
Vrfl'i'Vlin'"'!, ' '"- " w lon- ""' !,lt;li':-s
II ''?I,.', " - ' VII-TltASItAV
II'JIIJ i ; AT i.AM if AV
'"i. I.Jiiiv. , .j. AV.. M.AIl IIII,MIV.'(T.
f iff I.OMJ si,mi iTVi
" S,!iv'",:' i "OltULM AV iTiliyliiMCal,
A DARK CHANCE. Huolneii corner In (rowlnrdl
Irloi. ilrof plotixiia. wliU twohonet and lia
ble fn Al r,r,Ier: prlc fll.O'tt Imiulre on prsmlic
Ul'.tll it. uU IUII plc. tint of UteUtilnii mv
A 1,1, 1M:ic:oSS iltAlnc In liolly. walnut, and per
Klinuiuil wmiil can It tuiipllcd lijr C, A. H11CUUI.U
lluuit, .i. 0,
DAIUV nr II CO-1 MII.Kfor.alo. BoxS0,Pawl
lug, Harlem llallroad.
1' .'OK KALIS llor.eiboeliK tUop, coruer lUOtU.t. and
' It th ar.
1JWST hlioi" for fale. I.!.',; rent $3: food liuilneM;
came for eelllng lotuen. 7Meritin n, Broutun.
qt'imtr.1 afrmaiw,
AP.TinclAI, FI.OWERH and fanoT ft athera Flrt.
.1 rlaia pafken anted; J early enicairemeiit. hull
w.are. only lliiiruugUI)' compoteiu liaude need aiiply,
lloi to, riiui oillce. .
A-Kancv rnATlimis,-it"ir work to ipirl-
ncnllian .' makera paiteia, and pinnetmauera.
III...JIAN.1 X uL'f.N.Ul'0, 8J9 Brudwar
Ari'ltlv.NTIci'.a xood leiverc alio, ladle, and girl,
lo Irarndreediiaklnt-and oattlnr
liilhiiSUAKI.n, l01We.tSUt.fc
RTII iriAI."r"I.OWl'.ns -Ksperlenced fancy feather
inalrra wanted. .MAX MKUalt. Wa ilowerr.Sd lloor.
I T UMJII-Hrewmakeri and llnleheraoiilaillei' drei.
1 j!t. II1.CII r .V ' . II I and llUUreene.t.
1 nil; ri"l,lirfi:ii on"ciiainberaanil btoneineu fold
IS Inif machlnea A. 1). i W, -arl (.
C'Allli il'TThlts.-'antfrt. flret-claie hand, on rn-
urt " i'"i '"' erapli.yinenl: oo.l wni
i. Ml l.i:n. . MOrtAN, priiuere- taitoieet.
' n fl Hi I Mlir.nll nrtl'.rson plnah, to workoullie
'' "'" """At. Wijfi'Ka'iS?sa,'itut h . .
ItM'V HiATMllf-llMid'hand. wanteds aleo pi
, 'u,'-Lr,?ii,iSJtfZi3!?4-cou --.
Wawtffl (ftmaitis.
IANCV FKATHKRS, Rxnerlenced himln wanted on
X1 pute work; aieadr work' ood par: appir all
weeLKAUKMAS A l.uWl.NHU.s, till liroadiray.
I.1ANCV Fl:ATIIi:itS-WaiiH,l, fancr feather nuken.
1- .malt handa, and learnere.
TIIOMah II. W i)U !!'( r,73 Broadway.
(-1 IRI.R WA.NTIIll to ew nn Mank lieoU,
X KTThNHUHIlUmi A HIII'.RKH. Iliand 12 I!ea
Want Drat clan aaleiwomen In all department.
tyiy 50th to aiet.t.
T"' nil ni.ANK HOOK SEWKR for leneraT work. Ad.
dreiaCiiNFIIiK.vCE. box '.'0;, itun ofllce, Haunt- ex
perience and Husee.
NKCKWKAH. Wanted. Tiret clan putt maker.; belt
prlcee paid. Apply all week
Ml, Al'l, A UORCK, f.37 Broadway.
NRCKWEAI's Wanted. Iiaail bow mikera Applr all
week. srllAt'l, a JtoltCK. .'..17 llroadnay.
OPKRITtilts wnntoil on wrappir and tea sowing
Rood pay. 174 I'tittou Mt.( Urunklyn.
)AI-i:it RtlXMAKUlty.-Al.o learner, and Klrlelo
A work on niachlnei.
KI'iHiNMl MUl. CO.. 232 Wet 27lh et , near nth av.
PAI'lirt tioXKS. -Wanted experieni-o TrImi! on email
trine work kIko ainne to take work home. Apply
to l.tiUl.s haUi:r. cornet tun a v. and it.Mh it.
Riiaranteed: ladteft wanted to learn nil etyte. gentle
men's neckwear. '2:t We.t iMd eu
SU-l-KNni'.H ni'HIIATOItS mi leather work. W "w.
.Nn. 12 miicltlneai (tu-iil prteen.
ill Kill. WATMluoURi:. B7 Broadway.
WANTKD A Rlrl acrttttomed to working on pluih
and leather ifnod.t ntim boy
TIKIS. JAY (ILI.ASON, 112 Liberty .t.
flomftic frvimw IVanttfl.
AYOL'Ntl WnMANWANTKl)nReneralhoueworkert
one who can cook, w a.h, nnd iron, itnod home and
toolwxit tallatlUI tet4ltet.
ATIIOHOCIIIII.Y COMrr.Tl.NT. rellalile wotnan a
Rood fumtly cook, excellent references; city or
country. Apply atuou We-Hlun
ASKATV0rS0TniAN a rliainbrrniald an I wait
tess can neatly, perenn.il relerences. Call
at 20b West ( 1st at.
flllAMHinMAID.-Wnnto.l. a Rood stronir ulrl as
J chatnkertnald and waitress; reference required.
CI riAMIir.ll.MAIiTi!rl wanted a- chamlwrmald and
' a!tre. Apply, alter :i A. M , am Went i.n th st.
CIIIAUHIillalAIU and wnltrets, cook, no waalilnx;
J $20. Mrs COLLI KK, lJ.'Wisf.'lidst.
Longncre Agency, corner 47th st and 7th nv.
nllCSKWOHK. Vnunir Rlrl for ireneral housework,
mall faintly, m aires $ti. reTi ret ces r'ninred
IIANHAI.I. 31 WeslS'th.t
H()I'Si:wiiRK7-(ilrl for general homework, plain
cook, washer, and Irnner.
Mr l.KVT, 7M Pth av , 2d flat.
Hoi'RKWnitK. Wanted, a Rlrl tor general house
work; plain cook, w-aalur. arid Ironrr.
Mrs l.UW ;m mh av.. 2d flat.
HOl'SEWOHK Wanted a Rlrl for general house
work In a small falnllv. reference reintred. .Mrs.
ABRAHAMS, 427 St. .Nicholas t near l.l d st.
HOlfhKWOltK llnod, strong girl for ceneral linn e
wnrk; must be good plain conk and laundress;
email family. Call. Hto 12, ll est 4Mh st.
HOl'SK.WIIltK. Wanted. Rlrl for light hopsework and
cs.lst with rhllilren, wages $ per moutlu lil
West4Uth St. 1st Mat.
HorsnwoitK. Voung girl for general housework;
two In family, sleep home Mi-.i.M)N, :,ti West
I lull at
HnUSI-'WOHK Wanted, a girl for housework;
wages tlU. J. il. I.I-.A. .t.', last .'.Mh st.
HOUSEWnrtlvT Wanted, giod p'aln cook, washer,
and Ironer in smalt family. :tr4 W est 4.M at
HOfSl'.WnrtK. Wanted a girl for general bouse
work. Rlnii Mosees bell, ml Lost filth St.
HntTr-r.WllRK Wanted, a girl for penersl house
work. 1,17 Lexington av , corrier stsl bt
VsTASTF.D Mother B"(J dnuihter In small family In
TT Connecticut about ept. . : owner passing winter
In Hurope; mother ns good pluln cunk and ilalry:
ilNiiiiliter as chainbertnat t unci wnltrrss Address by
letter. It. l.riental Hotel cor. l;roa,wy and :tl'tli at.
f ANTL11 A Rlrl for general houeorl.; must conk
T nnd imn: until ramlly. city relerences. Call at
124 Kast55lhst, ad Hat.
WANTF.D-A Rlrl forgenerat housework; plain conk;
wash and imn: seun In family: city references,
fall 77 Last lu7thst.
lirANTF.!) A .mart nnng girl to assist In general
TT lionsewnrk. Call t- bank st
rnl'.MJ (IlltL as chainherinal I ami laundress, also
one as exDerlen' ed cook-references 2' W. 34thsl
Mantra plaits JHrthanlw, &r.
COM ro-iUOIt'. None but good and experienced
hands need apply. II. I... box l'"s Min otiice
TIIK HUFFMAN I'RKSS. 141 I ennard St.
CnorSnS Five or six "anted at DAY A O'UOS-NLLIr-.
171 and 1J Snsiex st. Jersey Cltv.
Cl)ATMAKi:it8 WANTF.tl. Apply to LK(lNR0 K."
.SMITH A CU, 252 Canal SL. lit 1U o clock.
CVI.tSIiFR-prkss FKEOEIt wanted at 34 and 3d
Nurtli Moore at.
BOOKHIM1URS. Man who understand. Sheridan
book trimmer
JO.NI.s MANUFACTCRINII CO, llo-t 12 5th iit.
EJfCIN'KKR (licensed to run engine and boiler: pack-lug-box
factory. JDSlll'A Mil .Nils, 52 MarlnnsU
65 Broad u
HuRnsilObrL A lloormanat 12 Coles st, .Tersey
MAV to run planer and ntlier wood working ma
clllnes. Jlpstil .1 OI'.Ni.S, 62 Marlon si.
PAFP.lt BO.E. Wanted I'Nporlenced man on glue
table KKICIlf.ltl Mil., ill,.' aisnlliran St.
RrsiAWYKP.; packing box rartnrr.
JusllLA Yiil.NdS. 52 Marlon su
PATtQfF.T FLOOR I.AYERt W S.NTI.II. must be tlrstj
class workmen. Apply n We:i4th st.
SIIOH ni'KRs.1 nit. Wanted ynun.'innn to operate
and take care ot ten Iteece tiutton linle intchllies.
J. A r. ciifm.Ns. IP7 l, rand St.. city.
WO TIN KOOFI.It-. one helpir
1'. II. McAltlJl.li. 154 r.ast.'Sth st
I7 ATLD A treer on hots' and joutl.s' Hue calf
II shoes. Apply to
WM. J. A Mi. 5tti av. and Sterling plnco. Rrnokln.
WAILD A good llu and sheet'lron svorker: noni
but goi I men need apply.
KAY, DAIsLKY A CO.. 01 Fulton st, Brooklyn
WANTKD First class mechanics on furnace and
healer work.
M J. CONSTANT, 144th st. and t'd av.
ANTED flood pattern maker. Call personally at
factory. HAS E.Mil.NI, A.ND l'UWKIt Co.. Morris
Dock. rew York city.
W' ANTKD Mortising and tenoning ntaclilne hands.
.MANHATTAN MuLLUI.NU CO., tilt) and 1121 West
130th H.
a.nti:d-li:ad uLA.iEit
217 Atlantic av.. Brooklyn.
1ITA:TF.D a frst-cia.a horseshoer who can drive
TT and tit. 24-2'Mirand St.. Ilobu.eu, N. J.
AlTANII'.D Young man who can set type. Apply at
TT KWDuanost. 3d tlnor.
T ANTED-A ;lrst class carriage trimmer. Apply 35
YV West 2Hlh St.
iVantc.l tttair.o UfiTtn"anroa$.
ftJTvill' hEKKIMl KHI'LllY.MKNTt Do you wish to
change! cooks. $.11: firemen 51'-; stabltiiiii-n, l.';
waiters,- engineers, t is: married cook wile. wait.
ress. $rn; iaultnrs if40: watchmen. !" clerks, fj;
packers. 15; t-orters. f?I.'. salesmen. $15; collectors.
$m; bookkeepers, f ih. and others ptoenre elnpbo lueut
thrnu.'h this medluiu. Sew orilers esery inalL
NbW YOltk CAZEITi: AfiENCY, 75o Broadway, cor
ner nth tt. upstairs, front (.nice
A' OENTH-$i to S7 dally; exper.enco unnecessary;
exclusive territory
FUTNAM A CO, I'erfun.em, West Winste.l. t onn.
An Autobiographical History hy
Gr.NF.lt A I. IlKNilAUIN F. HUTT.lUt
Ol' M.rS.
1.200 pages. 151 maps and engr.tvlrgs handsomely
bound; L.iglti'i Fri-nch. and i.ermau editions, exclu
sive territory to reliable ,-anvasHlngagoiit .
JIKKBV .V ll,l,l'.ll.,liinwr.
Hit CHURCH SI.. M'.IV YllllK.
B "OY. not over Id s eara. to go errands and make him
elf generally useful., r0t 4UfMlt,
HOY WANTEU-Ileed ruler. 3tt Centre it.
EMrLOY.MKNTnTlf klnilsprocare4 for men, and
help furnished free to emplevers.
y Ml.lKultiLITAWAtlK.NCV7IO Broadway.
1" .TOR I'.M1'1.)YMI'..NT call on Mercantile Agency; po
' altlons for bookkeepira. cnllectnr., clerks porters,
drlvera iunlmrs. watchmen, i-iulueers. Iireinen, couks,
Mailers. ueful men. mechanics, lactory an l fiiriu
hands; new orders dally, estab tilled W7U. 3jUWa.ll
Ington st, Brookljii, .i minutes or bridge,
1,1 ARM HAND. II"; useful men Mil.
1 NEW YORK i.AZI.rn; aiie.nCY, 750 Broadway.
r'Tth'lll'.RY I'LEUK-llxprrlenced. NIW.YOItlJ l..
Il" ZliTTli Atii..NCY. "fli Broadway, cor Mil st.
MAN about 21 who is nulcU to learn an. I willing to
work wantedi will be ln.lriiiteil in our business
and paid .alary while learning. Apply at 2(1 Ka.t loth
RELIABLE MAN wanted, about '.I'l, of neat appear,
ance. with some knowledge , if rotill business, for a
permanent position; energy and tact required. A; Hy
Jiio. 2U5 East 123d st. near 3d av.
ALE8MEN on salary or commission to handle the
new I'atent Chemical Ink Erasing Pencil The
greatest tailing novelty ever produced. I.rasr. Ink
thoroughly In two .econd.t no apra.lon of paper. 20
in hon ner cent profit, cue agent'a sale, amounted to
20 In six days" another H In two houra. We want
one energetic general agent for each htate and Terrl
; For terms and full particular, address
tory. rorici jio.vnoE EIIABI-.R Mill. CO..
l.a Crosse, Wis.
HERE IS A (iOOD cTlAhTR to advance frr an ac
tive man about 3l who Is rraily l avail hliusell of
ourotlerlo specially train Him lor the work nml it.
?eire a resonible salary while learning. Apply ut2ul
Last H'lhst
AMUD-llerrull.'fnr Iho I' ft Marino Corps, un
married, uliif rodled men. beliveen the aues of 21
and W; marine, are generally stationed in I irge cities
and when at sci bate line opportunity It, see all parts .
lAppiy at iiecruttliig nation. 2Cl.anihersst.
Tva"6"Ell agecta t'H taonev in exclnatxa territory.
Vt our new patent safe, sell at light In city or coun
try. New agent, nrst In field actually getting rich. One
agent In one day cleared JJ. So can you t atalogo.
.... ALIITIr, bAro I.U..
" 803 371 Clark k, Clndnuati, ublo. i
Wanted Satfjs HtlisrcUanwiw.
WANTED A young and active married man who
understands rtttll trade an I the msuagsinent of
help, or one who nas the ability to learn uulckly. Ap
ply at Vill hast litth st '
rANTUD liny to hold copy In prtnlln; oltlcei one
TT acctiitotned to reading; manuscript. Apply to
STYLES A CASH. 77stliav.
WANTKD A man as night watchman In a faclorvT
Address with references. W ATCIIM N, 4US, 1,238
r A NTF.p-strong boy about Is lo learn a trade.
1 .',21 West I3thst
WANTED Seat boy In an office. SBa'Sroadway,
TT Brooklyn.
.Slhutiottji IVaati'd cmalMS.
AYIIFNil lady of 2n wishes pc.ltlon ot anything;
willing and obliging. A, lore-s iio.sEsr, s.14 1st av.
(1 UNTS' and fatnllv washing. 7V. per dozen; open air
drjlui'. Mra juh.n'son; r.'s westauinst.
nofSI.WiiRK-Neal. willing Herman I'rotestant;
two year s references; nmk, w ali, Iron, or general
housework, no objection tu the country, nil hast I2tn
st , near 3d nv.
RKnITI'IAI'LI! Ylt.V(f I,aiv, 2'i, wishes position
tu nnlce. lory, 5. Address r, McCLAUY, 24.1
West lUthst
i? It'tnlnglnii and I a'lcraph marhlnrs. desires posi
Hon; Is ep.rlencid. andean furnlsli rererences. Ad
diess Miss VI., box 101, sun up-totih ollice, I,2ik5 It'vay.
itunttons Wanted jnalcjs.
BOYnntAUtiAtlon tnlrnrn ll.f iiuclilnlt trade;
atte li;yar, lle Hlth ,tariit .Aii.lrc-'i
UleMl'M-s, :t.tl MeMSi.tliit. I
BooKni.sntMi WIhmis Mi-uTinv m cuttfr nr
MtiiUrt ttn. rxiitrkni'd In Aiiorird wurk. Call or
Ailillto-t ll. AI.I.M A.N, .ij Npit fiith "t. rlty,
IIOYnlincAnfetntrHiitht iiiAtier wnuM llk k-to-l-lJtioiitiisi
prlntlnif uittre, V. Kl.liumA.S J7Jeit
Xittl it.
Cl.r.UlC Hjr aii "lttcatf.l anil nrt.vn TiTin; 1i TvTnni'
exrnenrt m th ttocV lirnbfraue buln-i tltm
f.iiieJ. Aadr4 1'UaNk r, TL ic.SKU, -ijH tk uthat
Cio'Mt'OSITon.-.loi. I'mnpoNlinr ttniiu" Hf AiliHTttiiv
tlon riniloffouilnurl. nnd in ober ami Klfndyj
ne rnnderatu. I'lOA. box nv. sun dilli-e.
(MiMI'f)tlTi)lt.-.folilirr fuiu'llAr wlthton nnd raiv
J It'K'i- wi.rk. AddrfM .I111tlli.lt. Imx . Hi.mj.I.i'i.
(irnKi: t tTit?ii.ltiiAtlnn In a printing nii'Ce, r haw
J tnc ninlAMiA.lilii)t In blmlrry .1.11. tu ItonvvtMt il
(1 lTl KK w! MtiiAllnti In prlnttits itl'rf. or sxiwinff
J And f mRiSie in Mndery. ,l. n , . i itui taveHil
I,lS'OlNi:i:rtMAnm prmtlon wlirr wl-fr n-ul ImluT
-i irloiiB mtn will In .-ippffcUird lnl r artdrem
I..MJIM.ISH, mi Kt'iitav.. Uruuklrn.
ii.sT-rnssJoiicYi.iNi)i;i: imh.s.man hiVi a
A tltiutlon. I. . liov MU. unoi1lLe. j
H in ft I WOHK -IW A'np.til lii irlrl: i-ltv nr
enntrr. c..t . c.n ant lnii.dreii. kind ta chli
. urtu t'a IkL J7i t'th av, near ITth l Mr. haI.i. .
Ol'l-K,1 K- f-tiiernncftt mm per in Kidlea' hnntu
i.inl ll'H nati.i. hitUAinn t.. box I"8, Mtu DtUce.
I ft SsMAS.-mniAtltin wniited bv a nrnt-clais cyl
Inuai Mid tioftton prest!.Ai.. Adlren
llitLh.M A.N. box '2 Run ofllce.
IJHOOK nr.AlU'.U. irActlrnl jrlntrr. dlre MeAdy
ltualloiu Addrpps Ai'Cl KaIi-, bx J.T. Sun oillce.
Si'nitMIMAS lAtly landed, itteatty and rellablr.
t wantR itiiAttrn lu anv iMparitv pructlcAl crriifl
ratpd dnubip an. mn.rte entry iniikkeepers per ! need
i In i nriuiifrrt.il nrrrbpnndei.ca aii't ei.ril oinve work;
willing tolir the o.tv Adilre-A II. M. UAIifLAV.
lh All.Htnbru. NootruiiJ a v., Kroukhn
W MI H ''('Rition a tutor by enH-jre grAdiut;
TT il tt-lp. tn.itheinatl-'R plivstm. htiitlisti branch en..
Ac pracib-.u tie tn nit 1 nitfunu'e. nearlv mo year
reside tu1 a broad, term- modfrte. rrerure -Ad-.lr--(U.IIM
N niUHl.NT. V.if. Imx -131. J'ittftjurgh, I'o.
TANT 1'l.trP. at tmiler tire man: bent rfferencei
TT from last p'are, would be icmd help to I'mrlm-er. ,
J It,. ;t.')4 luth ar !
(Sclcrt v.oanu
CO ST .It 8 i:1..I.M!NATiK denlmy HedbtiRi
Koocht. Itatn Mice, riean. Antf. Ucej InfalllMe t)
l jeara; imititiiL t-ut ' ttislAlf." doe lsork tu itngte
Hi hi. 4" I'lintr.n place.
Hunt Nltte.
IjnuMTr: noARniN'n tmi'SK, .132 and -m-MAY.
ItitiiiUittttf y furnUlied lare an I small room, wttti
all convenience, lerum reAMuinble.
iU T, . betw vu tut And yd avs Mcely furnlihed
room for une or two neittlemen; good lierruan conk
In; J-. '".
JTM AV. in rMolra Ilouiie. on:. Conner Vntf-n.
1 Furnl-heil r.intr. iod eubntAtitfal bnart. Kiitrlnh
j 1 nuking tut netitlemeti nnd married couples, $4.M up.
!TII AV. in.'. :: yctr' fHtah'Uhed mechanics uoArd
tiu li'tu.- ior qitlet. rehpi-ctstble wuricliig ladlos and
getlti JJ f.U In S-j wet- l.
1 QT" v'' I.AST, near 1'roadway. Hfcepttnn rnom.
. " with bo,--.rl. also larya parlor; party gentlerutn;
( tablf Imar-t.
kTM T. h letween Vd and ."M avs.-Slngle and
r tiunbift rooiut excellent buarit and attendance;
.!.. up tu'de biisinl.
likril st. nn Ka'ir.AV'lAilTdeslr.Monms
IV' itb HupornT board and attendance, 1 npwarJ.
TllsT,yi4 KAsT-Moely furnished parlor, with
1 board, party of gciitn j."j ryi each, or couple; early
1,TTU sr, t;,2 HAST. single and double nicely
furnished room with tcood board; &up; newiy
tlll ST. '-'.'1 r.ART Flogint pnr)ir or entire floor;
eV other furnlft):ed rooms with tioard; gooti table.
17TU ST.. .Ml I AT, Stuyvftmt I'Ark. Neatly fnr
f mrbett (l.-uble rooms with board. Mnjrle gentlo
111-11 nr gutlfiu.tii and wife, moderate, two table
bo.irdtrs r ferencen.
07T1I ST. IR. KST Hall nnd double newly fur
m i i)thed room gnml board and Attendance; also
parlor Miilable tor ilrrtor
J11I ST. I). coriur -tth at Iiestrah'e rooma,
' 'liiglo and doub.e, with board; also table board.
! 1 ST ST., t.7 rAT Hall And double roomp; wupe
J x rbT board ami attendant. e e. ery convenience.
JXOI' T l'-4 i:Ar. I.arire an) ninail mom. all con
m tvninces Miulr r nuutte, board excellent;
Sunt her licrtt accommodate.!.
KQTI1 ,sr., ant KAST, Itet tab and accommoda
tJO tloi.b In city, all lm.'?oemenu; term nioilerate.
Mri'. IhA.
8;! 1 , rJtt I A-T rurntshed rnoina. large and
r-mall; buar I if drslrcd. private latnlly.
MHt Slue.
LaROi: ANP KMAl.I. furnUliM rooms with board
for gentleniv-n. tcrniH moderata ;ih Wen i-'th u
AiiTTi "1T1 luAit!.i; i:moI.s, closet-, gas. baths;
J ittrictly re&pcct.iblo Ul tVaverly place.
VK'l'.l.v rUKMSII!.!) rnoNT itOOM for" two; pri
Il mt family, board If d ttrrd
eMc.NAl'fil.T. 11 Morton st.
SOI Tl! UMSlllsNiiTON" MjL'AKi:. -I.V-Slngle nnd
double rooms; excellent board $ up; table board
8.1 up.
llfAMKD-A boarder, at T11O Amsterdam at.. 3d
tltor. Mra. Whr
14 ill M'.Vrjn AM Vll UlCSr-riean. plenBtnt
-J roon.s larga fry dining room on parlor boor;
fvcu It-nt Mile, leituH moderate; transient and table
boat dor
UTII T , V-V.U KST. Handsomely furnUbed rooin.
"Ingle and double, with I oard tor the wiuter; ref
erencet cxcbaiiKed.
lTII ST.. al WI'ST.-econd Ooor connecting front
JU rooiui, alito o I hern, with excellent homo taoie; reT
erencet 2, M ST. y:U ei.t, utricle and double rooms, nicely
1 furnished; all conveniences, with or without
board; central location.
).' ST. 3). W.jT 1'urniBheii rooms, with
brard refer ncei' 5 changed
IOT" sl.. :i: WKSr-IleautiruIlv furnished rnomnl
' en Biiiiu ir singl) ; Ur;o closeih; eery con en
Ifiu'e excellent fible,
lOQTlI (hT, WKST Htantlf ully furnished sec
J S-.0 ond htry iront room; running water; large
closet; w-tb board
Select JJoni'il "iivooWyn.
IIOAI'.li snd newly fiirnll e,i room, ft; all Improve.
J'lnemss us. ,il i-Uijo. uon.l i'nikiiiif, enmenleilt lo
rars aii't 1. t stlon. :nii ciiiiibirluiiil st, near Fulton.
BOAIIH. f"i I" '' I'lin.ll'lile St.. Brooklyn three
iiiinuies fioin LrMire. iiU.isan', ruuir.si excel ent
lalile linaril
JsJoartl IVantcd.
BOAItli AM) JtuiiMSWAMKiniy respectable partyi
state terms; tierinatieiiu
M. J, .M., let irifl. Pun ofllce.
Mitteltr.. "(Llooms & ijartmcttttt Co 3Cet
riw I,F,T An eleitanilf fnrnlslied alcove room for
X one or l ,, cent.eiauii at 1:1 t'tiarles st.. W. Y.
J.1IM Mill.
1TII AV,2'i', nenrot'.i st eitule ami double rooms;
ecry coiivcnirnce, terms mmler-ite.
11 Til hi', IVK re.ir.'ilav -mule ainl Oo'ibie rooms.
1J all irotil, eerv loiivciiitui'i-j t- iipw.irU
Killl M.. .m.l 1 A .-I', near -'I uv Hall a.., double
J. rnoiiis. Keiitlemeit 1'iiiy; lerms rcasonalilc,
"lr.HI l., lu I.AnT Mceiy fnrnlslied double
lt'riion,,; all cimveiileiit'es terms leasimat le.
(illii-r. Hs I'AST. New elegantly larrfe lurni.lied
.' roiiliu rt .ilelmute,
Off CU hi . 'I' I. A hi Hall amfc rtnulile rooms newlr
ili lutnlsliedi a. so front and connecilnk' parlor,
0"?ni hi'-. I'll IJAhr A fiw llk'iit. airy, uicely fur
l nlshcilrouin., roiivenlsiil lo all cars and lerrles;
Orflll M'.. Kil 1!A8T. I.srefronl alcove room: hoi
A I aud cold water, lsre c os.lsi terms moderate.
OQTII hT.. s'l KAST.-Hlnif tir'osi .iuare Ul two
,vO ilutils alcove (10111. oullla, lt7)i private family,
OfsTII hTTTs! I'.AKT. I.erca room, nicely furnlsaed.
7 suitable for married cujple or (ao gentlemen.
sjITII ST. It' 13 :ast. Slnle and double rooms; everv
eVl contenlcnco lor liou.rteeiiliu'or jsmlemeD; fl.W
A QUI hi. 1:17 KAST -Hall and double rooms; sups
HOriorbosid table board, i.
ftOH hT, I., I I S.M" -hlnrle ami double roullia newly
f furulsliid. all .onM'Uiaucei',iauo,tirmainoder
fC t Til hT, IV I T, Mcvlv furul.lied Iront ro un,
i'l iiiaiic. fi'lJIug bed, nery cnseuience, iu. .Mc.
j.uit lilerbtiell
K1H ra, 41M EAhT. Pleasau. reasa eery con
) I veulence; very reasonable If perinanenti Use
location; private family.
fi"7TU BT., 207 EAST, Nicely furnished .'joare room,
O I folding bed, batli, gsa J.
tf timlglufl ggoamg & gJVpntlmentu 5a g?et
I.uat Mlde.
I1 8T 1H7 KABT, Large and hall room.) private
J 1 American famllr; referencea
Q I Til HT, '.Ml KA.sT. near L autten Large and
O .mall rooms: all convenience.! gentlemen or
light boii.ekeeplnir.
I"" .ftl'll KT.. 1117 BAHT.-Large fnrnleli.a room for
Iv hou.ekeeplngt hot and cold water, bath; alio
per week.
Hi LKXINOTOS A v.. near Mth st.-Very choice
VlVrtf large room: a'so hall room I enperlor conven
lencni private family.
Weist Bldo.
DliMINICK RT.a Furnished room, for nousekeep
Ing: second floor Iront room and bedroom, also
smaller room, f-i up.
"pKRJ'ECT'nfu MIR "."-Largest, llghleii, finest In
l city 1 nth av lli'.iti st. L station. :W7.Vanhatianav.
41lfhT.. I'll WLStT blnBla and "doiihTe lleelF fur"
nlshed rooms; a'l conveniences; light housekeep
ing or gentlemen! V.! up.
O 1 ST ST.. 4.7 WlTsT -Single and double room.: light
& M. hotisskeepliig vt gentl.men. all convenience.;
term, moderate.
2O I' ST., 7TT(l M 1 WnST.-Rooms. light boussieep
a. tng nr gentlemeni all convenience.; l.&u up;
board It desired.
O'JH "T. S'i'.iWRST. Large front rooms: everv con
M.O veulence. with board for two, fl.'i without. fJ;
also front parlor.
QSJH ST. ilri'ST,"rln.e tnriniio'nnNlceTTTurnlshed
-J rooms: llghthousekeeplngor gentlemen; 5 1.5 1 up.
O f Til ST.. mm WI'.ST I arge front alcove room: also
J back room; singly or together; board if de.lrrd.
Q(TII ST., Mil AND S'.'i' WHRr.-llandsomelyfuN
U nlshed rnotns, gentlemen or famine.: central loca
tion; nrst tloor and baieiuenl; ilocinr or dentlsu
QSTII ST.. :'lli Wi:.ST. Handsomely fumlsliedToom.
.. forgcntleiiienonly; all conveniences
sjeyfll hT.. 4IH WHhT lloome with or wltlin'ut good
I board. ?.' 11 pi also room for party of gentlemen.
0(.Ttl ST.. I.'IMWI'.ST.-Mceiy furnished parlor, two
.' bedrooms, tery reasonab e. Tl'K.MiUI.L.
kJOTlfsf. M4 wlihT-Meely" fun.l'hsd single or
' double rooms, $J tipw.ird. all conveniences
sjlsr ST. :kb WKST-l.are and small nlcelv fnT
ej 1 nlshed rooms, all runvinlences; light Housekeep
ing or gentlemen (.' Ul
'tAtn ST. .:ra WF.ST.-La'rgenT.nTaiTroemJ. U np:
't louthern exposure; house t.rst class
OlilU hT. 142 Mest. near llroadway.-Eleganrrylur
OU nislie 1 room, to let; hot and cola water and bath.
0,4111 ST. 7.-, Wisr.-Iientist wishing to establish up
O'i town can have no better opport nitty; prominent
1.7.4TII ST.7 S43 WI'.ST -Furnished room". to1ei:
J. - 1 a'sn parlor ami bedroom lor man and wire; all
villi r without board In French lamilv, near Lata.
Hon. terms $J 10 j without board, anl rrom eft. .111 up
vltllb".,rd .Mrs. OKVKIl.
1,1111 sT.:i.uvi:sT-Mceir fiiriils'ie.l room: rii
'19J vate house; eery convenience, rererence.
flats'; am! 3tiartmtnw ITo ft.
Welllebt fle rontn apArttnents In cornt)lte order:
rAtives tuhM. .tc: habs cirpi:el; good entranco; $15
to $17 monthly, I'.U'J nth av. bee Janitor, or ilKAU,
ri-i'iiTnrircjicT. ist.
Well arrange 1 itats of five and six rooms and hath:
papered, Ao .ln'Jto.114 West l4Mh st. adjoining ele
vated elation ami the highlit av. $i7 to $.':!.
I'ul.l.l.s II yuuutVAUli. J.-lDmliav., onpremlsea
Nice live-room apartments In flr.t-class order. 5 ID to
JUS monthly; halls carpeted and decorated! neat en
trance a.43.' Hth av. Janitor, or JIHAD. 2.4D5 8th av.
Well-kct-t nvp.rooin apartment; tubs ranges, all In
complete order, h.nls carpeted and decorated, nlcoea
trsitce low rents $r to $17 monthly. -iObthav.
jHnltur seen any time, or Mh I, i'.4jo Mh av. i
yourTattention." PLEASE !
V.tHO and .uti hth av, Hvb rooms, hot and cold
ater l and 17 .J.'.i mt 2 6.1 hthav. near Hd
it.; hive rooms and bath f to $Im. .70l hth av,
n-ar 144th t. Fir rooms. $12 and $14. -Hi, .4j. and
J' West HHd st,. near Mh av Hvo rooms and bath.
?iHtoIH I'Apered, caotnet nmntels Ac. 4to'm
West J44th st Five rooms, lint and cold wAier. $14 to
$17 roLLIN H. .VoodwaUU. -719 th ar.. near
N. W. CR. fiTn AV. AND SAT1I ST.
An Hpnrtment nnil nlnicle room to let
iiiirurnt-tivcl, ApplT (i
(.'ahimhns tistlil at., Dsith nnd STlli Hto. '
Ktutit .Timmsi unit lliilli. Ntcism Heat. Pur.
rjuvt Floor, nnil nil modern lainroveineats,
Itl'.XT ."0 111 SUA.
Apply to Janitor or to
LflllMQ BROB.. 34 to 38 West 14th.t.
.t.-New lliillillnKe, .luat Comuleteil.
TWO. TIIKi;i:. A.Ni. FIVE itllDMS,
RENT S7 TO $15.
Apply at '.tu West rtethet., near Amsterdam nnth) v..
r 4H V1 :iiI ii v., bet, GUtls and S?th ate.
ATvn:.TY-Flvi: foot IIOI'SK on one noorln the
"I'.reentleld." 4il West 73d au. maanlilcent 1 room
niarlment. 4 larire bedrooms. servants'. .tore
rimiiis. everv room outside tlsiht. steam revlster
lien, hydraulic parlor and service elevators; best
arramred and inou complete apartment lu the city.
Ilent. 2 4'SI.
Apply on premises, or tn
Columbus av. and 7i'd st
APAKT.MKMS In the Improved dwelilnir : Kast 75d
sb. of tsvn. three, .iiul four ronns. all lla-ht with
bath laundry, hot and cold water, and bails healed;
rent $l.'J.'i and $14.
FULMIM HKOTIIEItS. so,! riroadway, cor. 12th st.
f NAI'AltTMF.NT InBroclhilst IMIh st and CoTunv
J bus av. i tor subletlal-. h room, and bath (beauties),
Imiulre at onco. l.h ijkaw. 4th noor. apartment 2.
AI'XIITMI NTS, Hand 4 rooms, with improvements,
lu new houses Janitor, J7 Last itllh St., or C.
W. 1IUIILMAN, ilS I'ovvery.
Bill. AIM FUT-i. 114TO IJJW'nW HIST RT.-Itefore
decldlnt; loolt at these co.ey Hats: only a few va
cancies: two blocks from i.'entral Park and t.lli and tub
av. " 1." roads, retlned and genteel; rent about 3J.
Inquire oillce. II. I.asi-iiient.
.N. II Please note aboe liumbera
IANK ST.. rj. second floor. Larffe rooma; private
3 bouse; rout ii lnnjilreoii tremlsea
J LLC A NT TLA r TlV" LETrorn7 bath. anoTTnv
-4 prot emnis: rent $-'1. Inquire or lauitor on preiu
Ises, 1J Anisterdaiii i li'ttn av., near Mltli st.
i.il!i:B TO OCT I. 14 wst"lS3d sts "rooms'" and
bath, all ImiT' T'nirnls; ilecorated; mantels,
nil-rois; owner on juvmlses, low rent, to desirable
Tm, a !'. ami Al'AltlMI.ST unfurnished and fur.
X: tnslie'i, in all parts of the city.
I iiI.miM Hltiii Hl.ltS. -:.' Hroadway. cor. ISth.c
IrrilRON AND IM-.Sr KITH BTS.-Kleiant apart.
1 ment. of three and four rooms in the live new
LinilT. SI'NNV FLATS, elshrroomc sieatn"liesled".
17 liast 44th st.
ll.lihst . bet. Tib and Mh avs.; r, rooms, bath, and lann.
drv, all Improvements: one block from L station; rent,
HTtof.u. Janitor In I'l.
RENT FRISK. Improved four-room apartments? all
liBllt; JIM fin, '.'7J West 143d St.
rpill! "IVKM PORT." it West 7Jd sLTsoulliesst cor
J iiit I'olumbus (iilhl av.; verv desirable extra large
aud lUbt c-iirht room apartment, eiery room direct
stiiillilit: best parlor and sen Ice elevators.
Kent, Including fuel fl.'J-sJ,
Apply on premisea or to
CHARLES nlT.lt, Owner.
Columbus av. and 72d.t.
Tin: i. ohm:,
lfl4 l'.4S I 1HTII HT.
Rent free to Sept i:.; elaant aparlments of eight per
fectly light rooms, hard v. ood mirrors, brlc a-brao man
tela door service. Ac, Ifon and K Inquire Janitor, nr
V. A. Ul'fllto, .i Park row.
Hen Uf to Sent l.l: elegant apartments of eight
light ronum some heated bard woo.! mirrors, brio a
b ac mantels, dour service. Ac 47 to si.t. Inquire
Jauiior, o 1, A. liL'UltO, liH Park row,
rpo A HLSI'LI'TAIH.H FAMILY of adults." five largo
a. rooms on d Door In private house, ;!5o West luth
su, rent r-wi; possession. Inquire of
n. ilI'.mP.R. 233 8th ar.
WARRF.SrT., 3JI. Jersey City, r, block, from the
ferry Large front nn.i back rooms; alsoback par
lor lo let by one who mind, her own bimnca
x lot ii "a v. an i"r.ai st.
ss (.'holl-r Auarlments,
S . M, 4. AMI a ROOMS. DliCOKATF.n.
ur slth All Ne-sv Iinprns-rmeiite,
' with nr without steam heat,
c- Anil lleisfrr. Ilisllss'iie,
r- Itrnt l to ll.
w Cnn tie- wren Ht isnv time1.
j Appiv t umce, oa wi"si aud st.
IsjTII StTh.'S iTaST.-A large floor to rent; 7 rooms
eaud balli: all modern ImproTcnieul.; una Might
up. or will rent parlor llcor
1trii"5r.""v.l WKST,-T let. apartments with all
tJ iuiproveiiients; 'A and 4 room..
ni'll iT :i.'l. neur Hth av.-Seven elegant all light
rooms: bathroom, private hall; every Improve
nieut; '-, $JJ.
2TII hT.. SIo'a.M) 313 EA.ST.-Apartrnsnts to let
if three or four room.; hot and cold water and
b.uiu rent $15 toUL
QUBT..";37KAST.-Ilandiome single flat.i all lm
OO provement.i B large llgnt rooms; rent tap to tvi.
JRT11 HT.. Ml west 4 and n rooma aparlmentJT
uJ all light; stationary tub.; dumb waiter; range;
hot and cold water; extra large room.; reasonable rent.
QQTH ST. -19 WERT, near Broadway. Handsome
Oil flats, .team heeed: four room, aud bathroom;
all Improvement.; jfri-.O.-ifl.
KOhT.. elB EAST-Freo rent to Oct. I; elegant
3m flats, u large room.; all Improvement.; 2h up.
Ts"l' W. 4". EASTHeautlfully ilecorated 3 and 4
f A rooms; fas, tlevators; near station, art upward.
liTTII hi'.. l'l LAbT -Elegant Hat to letTorootna
1U I Inquire on premi.ea
IO.SI ir, Tl I'.sSl half hock from Mount Morri.
m X Park. I'arlor Hat of 7 rooms and bath; all lm
p'oif mem., S'.'l
lO-ITIT. V4S IAT-Chean ren?; apartment, of
J.sJ three and four rooma all light, wi'.u Imsrove
meuts. Qlil TIIRBE ROOMS and bathroom: owner sup
ffllu, pile, hot water: all Improvement.; .teem heal;
aiosll Umlllea 834Ka.77tU.
gral Sjslne &nj(t.
BetTer ThtY? Golde
ni'ii. niNn i.ot.s
fur bam: on
ijasy instali.mknts
without intkuhst at
Hunt's Point, a?d Wftrdl c.tr.
Pelham Manor, wecht.rra.N.v.
West Englewood, Btrwoco.,.j.
Closter, BMwuCft, N.j.
Kqtittftblo iiuUdlnft 120 nroailwy,
Av7:RT "riimci- HOI'sr, 7ii Went 7ntlitt. Ut of
Mx; -in ftetwi). three mory, pantrr. vxttniloti.
ii lor. inn-lc roun and illnliibf roum, xtrs. iarjt
ltbrrtrr. with bhv wlnditsv on mtoikI Plory.
TIc only .I't.Oo i, Alna it open.
Apply on nreinlrR or In
UtlAltLbM M'KK .1 CO. Ownert
Cotuitibua ar. fttnl 7.'d it.
" TITKAhOWHRonK.' A inftjtnifleent rountry tttU
lTJL drnce and slock farm cotiUluinc I ti nrro tor
ale nt riimbriiiee. W'anluntfttiii cninny, N.V.ilioun
new, with al mouern liiiprovmAtiia. ronlftlna rrcep
t on room iiatior. llhrnry. i-ntinprTfttorv. illtniii room.
kttcl'en. pantry, 1 Mm dry. nK lMre xletpimr rnom-.
litiltiroom, Xv. , k'.i. lint nnd cohl warr from Hprlnir un
premise: 11root plara, eiicl.infd with woodbine;
Tl.vni. ilrUat hade. ntu u'tiry ; tiratitlful tcenery.
Urea rtlpronfrd itnck tiarn Jior tiarn uratiitry. let
lioue, and lienntry. Hit a ato ronfaili tialMntle tract,:
nine tinx ttalin: in minutf' wu imm depot. Ac. : .
liourn' rMe from New irk cltv. com $.! t.iwu. will pell
(or half on euy icrinn; Block and tiirnltiire If drilred.
Addreit CHArt. S. CLAitK, t.'amtirldne, N V.
B A HO A INS in Roc-tand county farmt and retldeneei;
itate wlmt ynu want.
T. II. lihM'INASRK, Sprint? Valley, N. Y.
1" .tor" kaI.R 01IKaV.-A uood farm, p'jrhty acrt"ii
. under ultlvatlnut one hundred arret, wood and
mountain land; a line farm for mock railing, a Kond
itreain ot never-failinR water run! tluttiifli th place;
only thirty mCeifrom ort Apply to
KNOCK HAMMOND, ttnonton, N.J.
poll Alil!- 10-rontn gueen Anne; all ImprovementiK
f htsh irro'ind. perfect dratniien 'J tiitoutvs trotn
(irand Central Depot on ll. K, It., term to intt.
JAMES WII.flON, ia Pearl it. city,
JARMS OF AM Kl.F.s for iale un eaiy terui; tend
. postat for U"t of barnAitiH.
ll. II. IMOM.Y, Pprlnir Valley. N V.
SUNNVRlDh. Klnit Virginia gra and rtock farm!
near lama city; T:t? acre; U mi tn cultivation. 257 in
tr-ift. ifOin woodlandi HOacrei re line river bot
toniR atiHOlutely Inexhauntlbte; uplands rich; farm
well fenced and watered, nice residence on command
In ulniatioti eminently healtliv; iitnpl outtiulMlUfs;
everythintr In ttood rep.ilr. averan - per cent. nt
proiit annually; price 51AWX). W. o. hTI.NS, lloui
ton, Va
Tl ! R KE-sTORY HRirTTTlOTI.I fill ly fiiTi-heTwIth
firm clnni hedn and heddlnfr. bar and restaurant
flxturei; In tlirtTtnir villatre on Hudnon River: will sell
verv cheap; first-c I km transient trade; poMefslon at
once. I', it Ll.hlM.NASi:. .prln Valley, N. V.
TI,RKE8T0RY FltAMK 1IOU8K and lot foriale
Full lot; alllmproTementa. ujn.i4gt. South Il'kln.
uround. hotel, cottnee or villa ute: 2.4'ni rn-lele-vatlom
matton on property; .t,1! hour from N. Y and
1'htia LAK,i,.hia;, ML Roc on o, l'a. tireat opentn
Mondav, aujt. :tiit.
Sinn -that is thk mice'" fob "those
beantiful 23 foot front lot. in rialnneld,
rortj nilnutr. to City Hall. New Vorlf.
Thirteen cent, commutation.
Herel. a bin chance tomakefsooin twoyeara
Excursion dally and Sunder
Map. and ticket..
33 Liberty st., Sf. Y..
u Wlllouitbbx st. Brooklyn.
Cheapest lots In the l'Uh ward. Brooklyn, for 2V)
each. Apply to JOHN JKNKINS A kON, l.tMj Broad
way, Manhattan Junction. Brooklyn.
YiOR- KAI.K IN BROOKLYN Three itory and baie
S: ment brown-stone houne also furniture, by a jmrty
leavinir the city llotiae located In the mom drairabie
part ot the city, tn ft"nd order throughout, lanttary
plamhlnc. .tc. : atie iix4ai:kj ; furniture firm cltnti
and in irood order. A (rood chance lor parties tfoinir to
housekeeping or as an investment A harealti for m
quick purchaser NVar Klnus t'ountv Elevated Kail
road station; w nilnuiei to lirooklyn brldire. House
will he sold feparatA If desired, tor full particular!
address JOHN II. WHIulli. LU New st.. New oiki'ty.
FOR fiALh-REAI. Iv3TTK-A fine :ot.xH". ron
venlent tohrldse and ferri. with irame liulldlngr
covering plot; excellent for factory purttoiiea Apply to
yJJJll Just think of It T Only $l" for -.vfflot tot
is n mnshroom lo.tn No sink hole iuvestinenti.
Thirteen cents fare to New York,
Excursion Kundnv.
ii LtUeriy St. N. Y..
u lliouaihby st-, Brooklyn.
for a home orfnr Investment: half hlock to depot: water,
sewer, electilc llshts adjoining; 1) tralrnt a day; 13
cents fare.
Only JtiiO for SS foot front lot; fin cash, balance ?l
weekly. Speak oulck.
Kxcurilon Sunday and dally. Maps and tickets.
YM. U. MOFFITT, :i Llherty st. N. Y
V Wllloiiuliby et. Rrooilyn.
The time tn step In I. now. ji.iot
fintlMII. K4I.A Villi $1 WEEKLY.
Fortr mlnut.sto i itv Hall. New York; 13 cent. fare.
I.erel. elsirant lots. Half block to dspoL
Man. and ticket.
WM. II. MOFFITT. S3 Liberty St. N. Y..
ti Wlllonnhby .c, lirooklyn.
Seal (ftjstatc got ale Jiw txfitS,
Ti:iSi;v CITY Hi:ir.)lTS-A poiltl.e tarir.iln: nice
two istory and liarement honne, lu rooms; rAtttre
and hath, street sewered and paved; price $i,U'.; only
f-'.tOij culi reuuireil Apply tn
-.MILETI-.(fhK. i(4 1-runkllnsc, Jersey City.
NFTLKY TKRItxri:. N J Now on the market, lm.
f". and iinward piuttire In niontlilv Installments,
only -to minutes from New York; low rate of commu
tation; puieitlr pure water; untendld dratnnire, one of
our Pest siiburl'iii. districts WLAUIKKUY A HAY, IK.'
Broadway, HeMtor .JohnsL
tix (Dstntc or alr gou.n $m&.
"vtA'MlMili. X. V.- f'nsey cnttaue and gro mil. 37x101
F In perfect order. Jahi Incimre K. JIAItrl.N, all
IlroaiKvn), N V,, Ii .MAKTEIt Vlushlni.
LOT on 7th st.. I.nntr Island City, near ferry, on easy
term. Apply 4.', , 4;hav
VACANT LUTf nn Broadway Flushlna. S.'.hjt13r, t
barKaln. I.'. MAI1TI.N Ml Uruadoay, N. Y.; l.
l ASTI.lt Main SI.. Hil-hllilt.
Vrstclirstcr tfo. property J-'oi nle.
WlHiTIIIIESTKIt COUNTY, for homesrekers and in
It vrstors llou.es ami lots. plot, an I acreage prop
rty for sale by b. A. MAITUI.W.-i. lucLahoe. .V V
Ctcat Sj6lntc for .Uc or (f xthmiflf.
SALE OB KXt'llAN'tlK Ior llrooklm orclly property,
free and clear ., no acres hravil) timbered bine
land. Address tno insta. si owner It. MoitlMiN
N hue Lake, rulllv.m county, N Y,
jittTllinn gloti.o'C'j Co Xtt.
O0S10N A'$n; elei.int house 1 rooms. Apply
J .1, III.MtV, V.u l.a.t Until 31, near Hi av
DTmYaIW.i; IIiKNik uuiunuslisd and' lurnlsbed,
In all I'Stlsn! the city,
llll.Mili Hiioilibiin. r;o llroadwar. cor lthsi
DE9I1IAIII.I: IIOL'bEK, furnished and unfurnished,
all parts of city. Kill. HI, KICK WI.NA.NT.
buii .Ma'llson av, near TiSd st.
HTiUnr. ON ni!OoT;i!'x"lir,li,ll fS-ilireeV,ry and
basement brick, '..Sx's slid, 17 rooms all lm
)roveliielits. itnod condition; price I3isii; part can
remain uu mortace at 0 per rem. Address
liWM.lt boa imv, nun ofllce.
ST.NIOHOLAS AY, WITH i-T-nent. Sl.Vsito fllO;
new housea never occupied .1 rooms deep uii feet
wide; two tiled bathrouuta fine pantry, lane cel.ar
and yard: one block from eletated st.tlon and cable
car.; hlKh ground handsomest psrt of tltvi lufMoot
avenue, anply to event on premises nr by letter to
owner, HBHlifiHT u fCLU MVyrtn
TO LET 'I'M West Mith st. (new number), close to
elevated railroad station and short distance from
cable roa.l; just beluk' mrrbauled and a'rll platiiiei) lor
large laroJly litinl.ilT I. HUti. X, '!" .Nassau st.
PATI.MS for Inventors procured promptly: low rales.
IIOLULK A hllll. DLX.Mi assau st, N.i, l.st'diaji,
fectantaDd l.HEt;T uji.l,f.ft tot sofa beda io.
The X agio lo.qnlto Bite Core and Insect hzterminator,
Alas Mafic Roach food. Ballade Co., (3 VT. lath .1, K,
gtral (gftxtt st gturtion.
iHqf, of supreme coma;
LOT. '
Hr order ot Efnwtham II, NiehoU. Ba eel ;fi
8l:i'T, 7, tsni, OV THE TAMODB OABIIBTT .j
al 2 o'clock, r. M on premisea et .',
400 Magnificent Lots
Never beforn offered nt nctlon 1ht propertT hi 4
)utl)een developed, ntid tioM fertile ll st time offer
nt either public or tnHi tule on u.rll. ii8i. ulX' j
and .HI) MS and HI II. HTll, nnd IHTH AS KKA i
HLVTHKliDUit.NK. lUth lif-eli Juiicilou. and UtT.rtl :
I'urV, tmd opposite the Unils ot th West Rroot "' -"5
ljn ltnprnve:nent t'niupntiy I.NMfil.INO NAr
TOTIir.SAl.i:, fiski: KXCUItHION BY $
KAIMIOAI), which Hat sections close to th it
j-ropertv, sij
This line runs to the Vn.nn Depot. 3th it. and Mha-.,
where It connects with the 5tn AT hlevtkted. Tim lj
from the Brldxe. :m minutes It will tnd)nir toon
run to th ;mii St. Kerry, the finest from hew York.
rare on rnllroa-1. f prnm. lie hen Heat'h and Mao- l
li-tun Mearh It.iliroHds ps through t"rllon of tho x
property htmI Imve tRtions In the ti.imertli.te vlrlnlty.
tie of the m oh t expentHe clioo, houses on I ontr Island
(outslile or Hnflviynt is wftiitn ne tniinnes' wtk. Tho
vrsde s level, nnd verv lot Ik remlj' to he built upon ol
once Un tiropertv. Kiirrounrled br tine )wrilinre and ,
th meit (leiirittiU In Ktni: count v. should command i
Hip et"cUI attention of all tu search of homes, buol- til
tiehH ft a nds or Investments Titles Insured. Additional
Inrorniatlnii aud free parses fmn .IMIK. JO UN BON, 'l
.H!.. iw l.thftiv t .Now York, and 1K0 and IW1 Mob ,
t.i true st, lirooklyn. ,
WM. E. TAYLOR. Auctioneer. I
Senator FREE T1CKI.TS end slAI'S to atUnd the -''
Fine Hifih ana Dn Biiili Lots
AT ET.NA. N. J..
On the New Jersey and New York Railroad. Every lot n
to be sold, repardless of the price, under the hammer, ,
If you want cheap lot, be nre and attend this clot tng- fi
out sale '1 his great Bale takes place ou j,
Monday, Sept. 7, at 2 o'Olosk P. MH
Isabor Par." KMOTAXT MUSIC by tho ITAOKRlf.
BACK BASIi. Free ride on eleirant Palace Car. Only 'K
2.rnilnute' ride from New York (l.rie ferries). Term-, "rk
in per cent, down the day of sale, fa per montk, 1$
or ft per cent on for cBh. For Free Tickets, slops. Ac, -t
call at J . Coward'. 70 (treenwtch et.; at tho otDeo V
or the t'rAndall Ijpo rltin Machine Company. 853 .
Hroadway; at Ahearn A Whitehead's cijrar store. WuH J
West Uthst. orat O'Net'i'adruK to 4H3 Hudson it. .A
N. Y., or wrlto the Auctioneer, I
lIAf'Kr.NSACIK. y. J.
TOHN H. MATES Auctioneer "" "" i
ofllce .'.! Mhfrty st. New York. 1
aa lots m:ai: mokkis pabe '
ir. . maim;s a co. -1-'
will sell At auction. A
MONDAY. HlllT. 7. IfOI,
at i o'clock P. M.. on the grounds
W?:T rilllMTER. .V Y,.
82 plots re.idv for Improvements as business, re1 M
dencc. or tuvctmetit pr"trtr. ..aloinln? the Morrt-
ParL tract and near the vllinfrenf West i. (tester.
t 'ti line ot the march of Improvements wlthrsptd
transit n fart riftyflv tntnutrs from the cfty Iloll. '
iia 'I turd uve U ronnectlnir with N. Y., K, ll. and
Hartford K. K. at, Kftu at., at 1 Mi 1'. 11 .. In time for
Bale. 'V
Tenn, T. percent, can remain at 6 per cent. Saad
for maps r
fKral (Dstntf to jSnlr Citii.
Ijiort SAI.K To ciose un the affairs of a copartner '
' ship, iseven Ini- of land on the south side of K. tta
st, H1' toiV.i feetwestof Ist av., the whole maklnfC 0
plot IT't ten bv HH Itmulre of IIKCTOKM. IIITirH- A
.Mis. Receiver. UU Nassau st., .Nevi ork. ,'
cat (?;;tatc Jot jutr Countrjj. &
I jioit Kal.K Country seats and farm, on eah .Ideof .
the IluUson ltler. h
Kit Ok I'URRIN. Flshklllnn Hudson. N. T. ',
OTw'KOO. N Y vi rayiiffa st : good liou.e and lot, . 0
hTilui desirable locttion la-eiin lli.e.al t-rma
1!. MA 1.1 IX. at Urns il way . V. j
ox $it ov ao aCet (Eountnj, 'I
porat.d Main oOlce. 17 Hrnadwav. f,ew york;
branrh nfljcss tn all il.slralde lecahlle,. suburban nrop- ,'
erty rr sale, rut, and exchange, coiiip'etu lists; relies ';
able li.forMMtliili. CIIAr. J. ZU'l'M.. hecrstsrj. If
To tx lot 3J.otnr.!o' wxye$tfi. ;i
AMMII.i. STtlltl. nlthtsro ro.,ms, suitable for an ''i
tiustnrss, Improvements, '.'in Last Hmhst. L eta- '
tiou. '
Di:ll!MH.i: hTOUKH. lofts, and oniees to Ist Ina'.l V
parts or tie cltv.
K11I..-11.M liiiii'lill-.lts h.t, Uroadaay. I'orner Uthst
Hl'IWOX AND tt'i.M mill STS.-Mr.' slMBlf .tore,
baveineni, and three Ugh; rooms tn new ttata
mil l.hT line liglit loft with or without rower! f
A. oillce outlrst (Icjor If desired. A.,iv f
Till; IILIiritl.a-'.HBerclayet.
JuntHliril atoucci Go 't.
" PKItf'l t'T lll'.M." Ten rooms: one block IIBth et 1
A ami 'til av. I, station, inodirate rent 'Ml
Iauhattan a.
Brooklyn Furniture Go.
A fi -$6forthia
I fffTjfTjf TJTTlT5j very neat 4
lllllll fr&& 4V -'?? Corn?r
&5is4ii oakorcher- 3
SlSj 3BMilii ry, silk 1
C SVN plush cot- 'j
-s. "'"" oring, any j
Vi shades.
Our Special Wearing Sat j
icell under teat for TO 1
n.fr, to- jiionnow
and TIlUMtMP.lY', Mi
X oot Is marked in plain Mgm v 1
Brooklyn Furniture Co. i
669 to 671 Fulton st.,

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