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" f "IF Y0UU?,EE ,T IN ifA 8kK' JkJf C2 "IF YOU SEE IT IN I j
I I IT'B Q." k J J5JirBSlCM'tE5& VV IT'S SO," I iM
trtrs to be takes to believe
T Eaptror Bent on DlmlnUblas: Drunk.
I Bne-ConTrlon of Irlneea Sophie
la the flntk Falth-Ie Trouble mr mo.
losraphlac the Xmperor'n Brd-Kle-i
a Cera ' Berilta-Crle Going
1'nprnilaM-OcrmM "Steamer Won't
Itednee rltetrns;e Hatea to tht Port.
Disi.iN. Port. 6. The crnln crisis and the
.ampliations arising therefrom continue to
oec'uur the attention of the Ministry. At
tbe Iniinm-o of thn Emperor. Dr. Mltiuc).
Minister of l'lnnnco and Baron Ton Ber
lepsch. Milliliter of Commerce, vlaltod West
prU.(la to etMUlro Into the economh sltun
tion there. Dr. Mlniiel. sluce his retum.
hat prtvntely oppressed the opinion that It
would bo impossible to Insure the people work
b startlnc State Industrial establishments for
distressed agriculturists. Tho Ministers of
S Agriculture and Kducotlon will visit the same
district next week by special reituost of tho
Emperor, and continue tho Inquiry. When the
unitary manoeuvres are over the Emreror will
bold a sreclnl council of Ministers, at which
be -will preside In person, when the reports of
the condition of the people In West Prussia
will be read, and measures of relief, the oecea
ilty of which Is daily moro apparent:, will be
On the data furnished br th Ministers It
would not be surprising If the whole question
Hef the (train duties. In their bearing on publio
distress, should bo again taken up, whioh will
(Its Dr. Mlquel an opportunity of pressing
upon the Emperor and the Government his
policy ot reduction, or temporary abolition, as
a measure of relief.
The Emperor Is fully confirmed In his deter
mination to have passed at all hazards at the
next session of the Itelehstag the bill to dimin
ish and punish drunkenness. He has made
manr alterations in his own handwriting in
the original draft of the Mil, whioh. it la said.
goes to far a to legalize the Salvation Army
a toe ground ot the service It has rendered
the cause of temperance, as proved in England
and brought to the Emperor's attention while
there. The Radical members of the Itelabstag
are preparing a formidable opposition to the
bill on the ground thatltls an unconstitutional
Interference with personal liberty. As tho
Emperor's mind l bent on ite passage, a serious
tonBlot Is likely to arise in the Reichstag, tho
a first since the roung monarch's accession to
The Emperor, on returning from his trip to
the Norway coat in the Hohemollern, read
the m&llolous and absurd stories about his
health published in the French journals. While
amused at aome ot the Inventions, be cursed
tht inventors: but he would allow no official
denials to bt made, considering the fictions
beneath contempt nnd unworthy ot notice.
There were rumors which represented the
Emperor as not taking these stories so philo
sophically. They said that elaborate dentals
were ordered, angry protests made at Paris,
and the circulation ot all French newspapers
la Prussia prohibited, and that Gen. von
Caprlvl with difficulty persuaded the Emperor
from taking this course.
The recent war scare, whatever eausee it
may have had, waa not provoked this time by
the Government Caprlvl. reversing thu policy
ot Bismarck, did not take advantage of It to
alarm the German people br inspiring tho
German press with all kinds of rumors. Ber
, Jin remained undlsturben and barely noticed
the flurry. But some facts have come out
which are not calculnted to wholly stifle
, alarm. Military circles are agitated by the
I discovery that the Qrst-elats reserve recently
received mobilizing orders. Through the
local police each reservist received a sealed
! envelope, containing a notification to him to
1 Join his regiment ready for marching orders.
' The envelope was not to be opened by tho re
i stiver exeept br order and in tho presenco of
: f the district Chief of Police. One of the resert-
, 1 ills, a reporter, opened bis envelope and dl-
1 f mlged its contents. He In now In prison and
, will be made to suffer eeverely for his Indis
A report from across the frontier hits added
r to the uneasiness, and, if true, must leap to a
i ' demand for immediate explanation. The
t i BcUesiidm folia Zeituno publishes a com
J , munlcatlon from Warsaw which says that
I ( Gen. Gourkes, commanding tbeprovlnce, re
sntly received a delegation from Kallsch. and
! la the course ot bis speech on that occasion
Ideelarsd that the relations with Germany were
very bad. and to this he added remarks of an
insulting character concerning an exalted
German personage.
Another check to the hones ot peace-lovers
eomes from Copenhagen, whence semi-official
advices have been received that the Czar, now
in that capital, will not.be able to meet the
Emperor William as was Intended. This la
taken as confirming the report that a com
plete understanding between Russia and
France baa been arrived at, which wonld rn
dtr a meeting between tho two monarchs un
desirable. The conversion of the Princess Sophie ot
Prussia, now wife of tho Crown Prince of
Greece, to the Greek Chnrob. hag Introduced
an element of discord between Germany and
Greece and has strengthened Russia's Influ
ence In that country. The Evangelical pastor,
the Ilev. Dr. Petersen, who accompanied the
Princess to Athens, on tbe occasion ot hsr
arrlage, as her religious adviser, baa found It
uncomfortable to remiln there. He has ac
eordliiKly resigned his pulpit at Athens and
accoptsd a living at Mam?:. When the post of
Court Peaeher at Darmstadt was offered to
aim eighteen months ago he declined fct. re
gaining la Athens at the special desire of the
A curious and amusing story Is told In con
L wn Mellon with the growth of tho Emperor's
ap ward, which has so aroused the attention of
fl( Europe. A photographer ot Mainz named
fb 0raT' has been arrested for publishing a
gj. Picture of tbe Emperor with bis bearu half
1 Vm crown, contrary to the orders Issued that no
i m portrait be made until permission Is given.
t & Presumably when the beard ha attained its
ffft "i)1 rowtb. In this picture tho Emperor's
t Km uort looks like a failure, the growth being
' Ism ,'ubbr and Irregular. In spite of a liberal ap
t K'A Plication of pomade. Tbla picture, of courso.
i ,' In great demand, but Us sale was cut short
M "' Interference of the police. Graves as-
Sra Mrt tllt ne mnd8 ,ho pnotogrnpbs for
yjs J Philadelphia publisher, and that he
ffil Mi no Intention of permitting their sale
I $ '" Germany. He appealed to the American
9 Pa, ton,ul at Mainz, who volnly attempted to so.
: Bi cnre Dl liberation. The Gorernor refused to
fw "" on b1' own "U'norlty. and said he must
J ft!1 lwA't orders from a higher source. The Con
i I'W w. rMwd his effort, and telegraphed to
"'"''tor Phelps to bring tbe case beforo the
'MM orelln Ofilc. In the moan time tbopubllo
gH r" Impatiently waiting lor the Isfiiio of a
RH ,lri,,:'1 Pclro. the sale ot nil otbois having
!9 'fwicaliy ceaaed. to the great loss of Herlln
iflB ?.'7'r,:,ln(1 " maybe months before the
' M'ktr considers his beard worthy of photo-
"floP ?,." T""h Kraperor may be absolved
: Wl ,roni"ie'hargo of vanity on this score, It is
' W I ont on 800d authority that the beard
MP. , "dopte.l by the medical ndvlco of Prof.
V J ""'1'irch of Kiel:
J Tho condition oftheDukool Mocklcnburg-
M ,'"Vin ' bnl. nd his death Is only a
' M ?hun,lon"'layi.. He has been for weeks lit
. M ne woim sages of phthisis and atibrua; from
M b.I "!Ltc.r U, RU(IrIii8 has been extreme,
M ""MthfletB, by his own ordort. he Intend! to
be transported to Cannes, as In former rears.
before winter begins. In near especially built
for him. Ills physicians havo no hope that lis
will survlvo tho journey.
The Ilorlln authorities are discussing a
projeot for the construction ot elevated rail
ronds with elootrlclty for tho motive power,
running throughout Dorlln and BUburbs. Tho
system Is to Include olchMlncs. ranking a total
ot fltty-tlx kllnmotres In lonuth, nnd the cost la
estimated at 84,000,000 marks.
On application ot tho Italian Government,
flormnnr has undertaken the protoctlon ot
Italian retldonts and property In Chill. No dis
appointment Is expressed hero at the downfall
of llnlmacodn. Gorman commercial Interests.
llko those of otbor European countries, being
more or loss Identified with tbe succoss of the
Constitutional imrtv. There has boen no doubt
here that Balmacoda has boon playing a rock
less gamo for pergonal powor. and atno tlmo
has ho posnessod the confldonoo ot Uormnn
merchants. His Merit with all the public plun
der he could gathor wna to be expoctod tho
momont his system of fraud and forco broke
Tho record ot crime continues as full ns
ever, and acts ot violence lncronso. At mid
night on Thursday last throe ruflluns attacked
a watchman lu tho Ilochstrasse. opposite the
Humboldt Gardens. Thoy throw him down
and battered his skull with his own sword and
soabbard. injuring him so badly that it Is
doubtful whether he can recover. Tbe mls
croants had a particular grudge against this
watchman, as hevos a famous thief takor.
One ot them has stneo been arrested, and It la
hoped that through him the tost mav bo
A coachman was robbed and murdered two
nights ago on the outskirts of the Bohoonwald,
near this city. The murderer Is known to bo
George Wotrel, who, a week ago last Bundar.
robbed and murdered tho merchant Hlrsch
feld In Bpandau. Although It was known that
Wetzel was tbe murderer In each case, nnd
the route he toon was also known within a
few hours after the commlstlon of tno crime,
ret he still remalnB unarrested.
The pnbllo Is indignant at tnls state ot af
fairs: but tho Inefficiency ot justice Is largoly
due to a bad system. Each town has Its own
police, who are jealous ot others, and resent
Intrusion within their jurisdiction. Even the
suburbs of Berlin have their own polloe. Inde
pendent of tne central city organization. In
consequence of this tho majority of dangerous
criminals reside In the suburbs, and laugh at
the efforts ot the city polloe to catch
them. The proportion ot nndetectod crime
is startling and Is alarmingly on the Increase.
In the case ot this man Wetzel. Berlin detec
tives believe be la the murderer ot Bertha
Wende, the beautiful young wife of a Govern
ment official, who was shot dead in the Thler
gartenon the nineteenth of July, last rear.
Tbe act wa apparently without motive. Sev
eral men saw tbe murderer running away, but
he was not pursued, and disappeared in the
suburbs, where It Is Impossible to make a sys
tematic search. A reorganization ot all tbe
German police is loudly called for.
Many accidents at the military manoeuvres
are reported. While the guardB were practic
ing at Ealtenborn Wednesday Col. Yonder
Goltz was thrown from bis horse and bis skull
fractured. Prof. Bergmann was summoned,
and be thinks that possibly tho Colonel's life
may be sated.
During tbe manoeuvres at Warburg Capt
Eloch von Blottwitz was kicked In tbe chest by
a horse and Instantly killed.
Tho death Is announced at Heidelberg; ot
Lieut.-Gen. Von Colomb, formerly command
ant at Casscl. aged TC.
There has been genial harvest weather In
northern Germany during the past ten days,
aud the crops are much more promising In the
aggregate than was to be expected. Rye has
vastlr Improved, but the yield of straw will bo
During n Are at Loetzen a widow and her
fifteen-year-old son jumped from tbe third
floor of their bouse and were Instantly killed,
while three children who had been locked up
In the nursery were burned to death.
A Are occurred last night In the Hotel Zur
Btadt Philadelphia, in Ilaynau, much fre
quented by Americans, and when It was ex
tinguished two of the gnests were found dead,
having been suffocated by tbe smoke.
Uerr Helmers. a well-known artist ot Dfissel
dorf, fell from a train between Blautenhelm
and Schmidthelm and was Instantly killed.
The recent proposal ot the English steam
ship companies to reduce fares of steerage
passengers between Europe and America has
nit been accepted by the German lines.
Daring tbe absence) ot Herr Wermath, the
Imperial Commissioner to the Chicago Fair, In
America, tbe business of the Commission here
will be managed by Casper Hartenau.
Tbe first general congress of German mould
rs, held at Brunswick, has resolved to form a
anion of moulders and others connected with
Iron founding, with headquarters at Lubeck.
Tbe union Is to have a special organ published
In Hamburg.
The next Catholic Congress will meet In 1892
in Mainz.
The general assembly of German Socialists,
to bo held at Erfurt, has been postponed until
Oct U.
The Klngof Sweden has conferred the Grand
Cross of tbe North Btaron Prof. Ton Helm
holz. on tho occasion of his attaining his
seventieth blrthduy.
Two Tonne Rmkawsr T.tle Mayers Off for
Boatoa d Glory,
Yesterday afternoon at 3:45 two young men
sailed from Rockaway Beach In a dory, bound
for Boston. Harry Tumbonbnok. tho captain,
sat In tbe storn just beforo starting, while Rob
ert Van Vulkenburg, tbe mate and crew, wont
for'ard and christened the craft "Tbe Llttlo
Rover." Tl en thoy got away. Two hours
later they had madu about half a mllo,
Their bout is soea feot long, and two feet
six Inehos In width. It has asiiuaro stom, is
flat bottomed, has a centroboard, nnd carries
a mainsail and a jib, With its two ocoupunt
it draws six inches, whllu IU gunwales aro
about eicht inches above tho water. Tno sides
uto mode of ns ngle bonnl about thin '-iitinr-trrs
f an Ineli thiol;. Tho mnlninll ! live
feel hluli. and ill out throu toot widf.
In thl.-t olgar box tho two nivn ovpect to
reach Huston In nbout nluu days. 'I hey ex
pect to capsize frequently, and co thoy curry
a reel with a Jong lino. Witm thoy no ntor
boa nl ttioy lll hwIui nslioro. drag thu limit
alter them, ball btr out. nnd proruoil. Both
thevoyaccrs are robust youiu; fellows, rio
havo mide a record n life mvers nt ito -kawny
ami Ahbury Paiu. Tnoy will trust t'i tlioir
swimming p.iwerH rnilier than to thn b .ii o
save tueui. They will pius up the 1 ntt Itlvor, I
through the Bound, and tirouml r npo end,
keeping iH noar the shorn as possible. 1'lioy
curry a canvas to slielmr thorn nt nlglit. It 1
said that thoy are sailing font puree, or on a
Tlie Pollrc Thlak lie Una Iltrn AlidnrlrU
by a tnns or Younr ToughM.
All this wovk searching parties linva been
huutlns: timiialllucly In thu country about
Koulh Nornalk, Conn., for 14.jonr.olil Geoige
Joyce, who was severely noumlod by a gang of
toughs at a clambake In I'rlco's Woods on
Sept 1. Beorcblng and adrertUlng lor him
have alike proved unninlllug. Vesicrd iy, ns a
last resort, the muck pond In the woois et
ot tho village was drngged, but wltboii' ro-,ult.
On theory, nnd thu no mot eoniinoulv
held is thnt the cimg of toughs wldcii Infant
the Tnylor avenue vicinity, ami who nio at
tho clamluiku wlion loiiii:.' ,1 yi wnt, mill,
coul I clenr HI' Ibi-rnjsiery If tliuy wished in.
Chlal ul Fiiei Vnloii'i- of Koinii N. nvulk In
dines to ibe theory f the boy'e nlnlneiien br
oniof the irniun with uhleh th" town I-In.
ft-Htct. Ho snid Inxt ilulir that If uoih ntr wax
found of ihf loi in nfewilny.-j the u.o.ubu sol
th; cung " cul 1 t arretted. f
How the P4Aee Observed the Expressed
IVIshe or the Commissioner No doing
Into n Saloon In Flnln Clothes to Tiny a
Drink and Then Arrest the Heller.
Fowor arrests for violation of the Excise
law were telegraphed to Pollco Headquarters
yestorday than on any previous Bundar alnco
the police havo had a telegraph system.
Last Tuesday tho Pollco Commissioners
adopted rosolutions whoso purport was that
pollcomon should no longor seouro evldonce
against saloon koopors by entering saloons
and buying and drinking liquors.
Mnnyot the obbos against saloon keepers
wero formorly mado out by this mothod, so
tho ofTcct of the Board's rosolutions W03
watchod with Intorost yestorday.
But sovontoon nrreBts had boon 'reported at
' nendqiiarters at 10,'.' P. M. Last Sunday tlioro
wcro soventythrco, and tho Bundar average
b as boen about sevonty-flvo. This tablo shows
what proclncts arrests wero mado In yestor
day: I'rrdnct. Arrntt. Prtrtnct, JrreitU frtcinct. Anttu.
I o 13 o is o
J o It o 28 o
:i O 15 O 37 3
.13 IT O SO 3
II 3 14 O BO II
7 O 111 II 91 n
8 1 1 H3 O
9 II S!l 0 SJ 1
lu ii :3 i 4 n
II 1 II 0 M O
1'J 3 21 O
Total 17
" Tho prisoners taken," explained a police
Captntn. " wero nrrested under tho law that
providos that saloons must bo effectually
closed during Sunday."
Many of the arrests woro mado by offloers In
uniform, who entered side doors, and found
alcoholic boverngea exposed for sale.
Beornl pollcomen who wore Interviewed ex
pressed thomsohos as greatly pleased with
the resolutions adopted br the Commissioners.
" We don't object to doing decent and legiti
mate work," said one ot three grouped
about a corner, "but this going In and
gutting a drink and thon arresting tho
man who gave It to you was rather
touch. Of course we ran do but little toward
clo-ius saloons now, but we will hare more
honrt in what wo do accomplish."
Halooiis are clustered about the Eldrtdge
stroot station as tblcKlv. perhaps, as anywhere
In the city. Bergcant Creedan was at the desk
last night. . .
" Wo haven't made an arrest to-day, ho
said, "and although four mon in plain
clothes aro out on excite duty, I
shan't look for any prisoners upon
their return. Men connocted with this
precinct Ithe Eleventhl havo never been told
to go out and induce saloon keepers to sell
th&in liquor so that arrests might be made.
Personally I don't belloe lu tbe spy system.
Thero are black sheep In every flock, and
It can't be denlad that there are policemen
who havo bought liquor after hours and then
offered to sottlo with the Baloon keeper for
muney. Where thoro Is so much smoke there
must tioeomc lire. I myself have brought two
pollcomen botore the Commissioners un
charcos of this nature and have seen them
There were many saloons In tho precinct
wnoso side doors woro open to whoover might
Wish to push ttioni.
Thers were two arrests by the Lonnard street
police for exposure ot tho bar. Thn prisoners
wer Frank hrssler. tinrkeoner of Dietrich,
t-chnepor'd saloon. JOB Greenwich street
and James A. I.nwlor, bnrkeoper for Julius
Noliraiier, whose sahou 1 at 5 Lnlcht street
Policeman ( linden fiddlier, in Uniform, went
in at r-cbrnder's side door.
Thero were no senrinels nut and he was nos
baited. He didn't ask for a drink, and didn't
pee anybody drinking, hut he saw tho bar un
curtained und the barkeopcr behind it
Policeman John Hornier bad the same ox
porlor.ee at f JUilght sireot Tho barkeepers
wero released on t lOt) ball eaoh. Polke Jus
tice O'ltellly reteivoii ih bonds.
Iu the Fourth precinct (Oak street sta
tion), whoro no nrro-ita wore made, it
was said that the patrolmen and men
In plain clothes had leeched no In
structions otherwise than those ombodlod
In tho resolutions ot thsl'nllco Commissioners,
and that policemen would arrest only where
they could sea " an open violation ot the law."
No arrests wcro mado by the Twenty-second
street or Thirtieth street police. Under
the former interpretation of thn law the ner
ago number ot excl'H arrests In the first of
these proclncts wa-t three a Sunday, and lu tho
other precinct two.
Capt Cllnchy hud four men on excise duty.
They were in uniform. Tnoy loported that
they had not i-eon tho law violated.
One man wa nrrosted by the Forty-seventh
Street police. Ho was Patrick Burklny. who
keeps n saloon at J ifty-Ilrst street and Tenth
avenue. His place was open, but the police
man who arrested him bought no liquor, nor
did he see nnybo iy Hse buy.
Instond of the bnlf dozen or more prlsonors
formetlr arraigned at tbe Ussex Market Polico
( ourt on Sunday mornings lor violating the
Excise laws ihere were only two yesterday.
Thny weio Otto Kunkel ot 34 Division street
and Joenli Gellerof 124 Broome street In the
care of Kunkel the policeman testified tha- hn
enterod thn stloon at 12:15 A. M., and found
Kunki 1 solllct; haor to two men over th bar.
and that money was pnssed across thn bar by
thn purchasers to pay for the drinks. Kunkel
said he was only treating some friends prior
to closing his place, but Justioe Ryan held
him for examination.
Geller n as discharged beonnse tbe policeman
who mado the arrest testified that the place
was only open after hours, aud that he saw no
one buy liquor.
Tho Jefferson Market and Tombs Courts had
only two or turco excise prlsonors each. They
used to havo a dozen or more apiece,
Peter uninuth of 1.584 Avenue A was the
only oxclse prisoner In tbe Harlem Court lie
was discharged.
Bartender Michael Clancey of Patrick Buck
ler's saloon, at 783 Tenth avenue, was a pris
oner In the lorkvllle Court for assaulting John
Byrnes of 325 West Forty-fourth street In tho
Tho difficulty occurred early yesterday morn
Ing, so Clnnooy was hold not only for assault,
but also for tiolatlnu the Excise law.
Mr. Rvnn Demumta n Bundnr Horning
William Ryan of 313 Chorrr stroot, entered
Smith's taloon at 12J Worth stroot. at 8:13
o'clock yesterday morning and asked tho bar.
tender, Patrick Fitzlmmons, for a drink. Fit
zlmmous refused to soil anything and Ryan
sbotblmin the chin. Then he waved his
smoking pistol In the air nnd proceeded to
smnsb beorglasses.mfrrors.and bottles. Police-
in nn Burns of tho Klix.ibotli rtrt-et station,
leard th rnckot, nnd, tunning In, ondenvorod
tonrrest Ityiin. Ityun Mould bale shot tho
fiollcuinnn, but the tilggur enrno down on a
iftd rnrtrldgo. Ifoforo he could nlni asnln
Burns kno ked the pistol fiom his hand wltli
his club hnd then gavo hlin a goncl clubbing.
Ho urri-Med thn bartender for vlolntb n of tho
l-.xclso law and took both prlsunurs to tho
station housn.
JiiHttro O'Reilly at the Tombs discharged
FltzlnimoiiH, who suld h wne only olnnn up
whun I y.cn culuiiil. Ill wounds and thor-o of
Rvnn mtu drened at tho ('hamper, -treat
HoMdtnl. Neither mil sorfoiislr hurt. J.jau
wnn held fortrlnl on tirlnut'o of folutiiouu as
enult pri'leuad by I'ltliiiuiuiis.
Rrnily Iti bu un Auicvl.
John Heqtio, flu yeais old. ot 4 Hamilton
Ftreot.wns takon luxt night to Gouvernotirllos.
pitnl, und from thero to thn insane pavilion at
Bellovuc, ru"orlna from a peculiar foim of In
sanity, l-'equo was found standing on tho steps
of hi- hoi'iu wtying to pna-ersby:
" Jlnw do you do 1 am waiting for a pair of
A ollco nfllciT happened to pnss and nskod
gnqiin what he was going to do with tbo wings.
" Why, i e un angel, of course, and 11 y about
In tin' golilou streets."
The uilleer told hequo that he would find a
mot beautiful pair of wings down the street,
and offered io enow him tho way. Ho.iue ac
rniiteil ilioofTijr, aud wnlkod Into Gouverneur
lunrnhrohrre' I'iriJsnt Hnrnf d.
I'Irfl occurred, shortly aftor noon yesterday,
In tho store room of Aaron A Hporo's pawn
broker's shop, 3G7 Third nieiuie, Tho llnmos
guttod the adjoining store, occupied byJavob
Futornnskv for seconit-hnml clothing, nnd
Hlng Lee's laundry In tho basemsnt, and spread
to a building In thu rear, leased by hiraUon ,t
Ktorni for iiilnui'ii stonmo. TonoinoDii arn
utmo tlie sloie- on Third avenue, nnd as the
III o liuriioi llercely throe alnrinx iei-erit out
and tha strrel was bloc-i-d by tin Urn engines,
Morris fi'i-iii owns : I ' i V Third avenue nnd John
llupaittcl: nvii- 'fA and thn rvur liulMlntr.
"J It dii'intgn to Strnlion A Miirm's slock Is
otin:ntod nt fis.ii o: ihinlnmtig ioihegiodn
in pledge iitnl to the fixtures i the p.ivn shnii
n'i4.iuu Olhvi Ua-i.nso bnuga up thu total ,
. to fJO.'.OJ. J
Miss Pace Kcnts m Piano of One Dealer
and Sella It to Another In the Next Block.
A preltr roung woman, with short block
curly hair, called on Richard M. Walters, tho
piano manufacturer, at his wnrorooms. Twelfth
street and Unlvorslty place, on Aug. 4, and
alter Introducing horsolt an Miss Ousslo
Hodges, told htm sho wantod to rent a piano.
Mr. Waltors showed hor a second-hand Instru
ment worth tlCO.and by hor direction sout It
to 119 West Fifty-sixth stroot tho noxt day.
On Friday one ot Mr. Waltors's agents called
to iso Mies Hodges at 119 West Flltr-slxlu
stroot, which Is a flat house. IIo was told
thero that sho had moved to tho Continental
llotol. Ho found her at tho hotol. but didn't
find tho piano. Tho woman coolly told him
sho had sold It Noxt day Mr. Waltors sent for
Miss Hndgos. When nhe entered his offlco ho
Invited hor to sit down, and thou, going to thn
tolophono, rang up Inspector Byrnos, and
askod him to solid a dctoctlvo up right nwav.
Miss Hodges beard tho, message, but showed
no concoin, mon when Detective Horgenuts
Frlnk and Murphy walkod Into.ttin office. Tne
iloteutlvoa looked nt 'iicli other when they saw
their ptisoner, and Murpby unlkid up to tho
roung woman ana said: "Bo wovo got you
again, Alice."
Yesterday morning thoy nralgnod her bofnre
Justlco O'Reilly at the Tombs Pollco Court,
where she was held in ll.txio bnll for trial.
) lieu, In making out tho alUdavlt, Clerk Mo
Gowan asked thn onsonor her namo, she ro
pllcd: "Oussle Hodges."
Make that Allco Pago." exclaimed Deteo
tlvo Murphy. "That's her right name."
Is thnt rlghtV" naked the clerk.
Lxnctly," replied the young woman.
Accordlngto tho detections, a mau bought
horarojtaurant In Ann street, near Nassau,
in lBHii nnd set hor up In business. She did
well until they hud a qunrrol and the man
withdrew his money fioni tho concern, leav
ing hor penniless. A joar ago, tho dotec
tles pay, tbe woman was arraigned nt
thn Jofforuon Market Pollco Coun. oharged
With stealing f 1.000 worth of diamonds,
but tho complainant fulled to appear when tha
ea'e was called, bix months ngo .11 rs. K. itan
dolphot ll'J Yo3t Fifty-sixth stroot went to
Europo. leaving her tint in tho cnre of a woman
who called herself Oussle Hodges. ThW
Woman, who was Alfco I'nge, tbo detectives
sav. pawned almost all ot Mrs. Randolph's fur
niture nnd bric-a-brac in Lomon's pawnshop
on Sixth avenue. A short time ngo. though,
she wns informed by Jennie ltlgby. a dornestlo
who was formerly In tbn employ ot Mrs. Ran
dolph, that Mrs. Randolph was going to return
In a short time. Alice conlldod to Jennie thnt
she liatl pnwnod most of Mrs. Randolph's
things, nnd that young, woman foolishly told
hnr that hor mother had $500 In bank.
The noxt day Miss l'ucn called on Mrs. ltlgby
nt the latter" home, 91 Wost End avenue, and
told her thnt sbe know of a good lnve-tment
for 1-500. Mrs. Rlgby gavo up her $500 to Mls-i
Page, nnd Miss Pnee went away. With the
money she redeemed most of Mrs. Randolph's
property, and when Mrs. Randolph returned,
several days ago. sho found only one or two
small articles inlislng. Miss Page then went
to live at the. Continental llotol. where Mr.
Walters's agent found her. The young woman
IsjUoknowu ns Allco timlloy. Khe told Mr.
alters thnt strn bud sold the plnno to an auc
tioneer namod Mathews at Kloionth Ftreetnnd
Univeri-lty place for (30. The instrument was
found thero later. Mr. Walters wanted to
withdraw tha complaint then, but the detec
tives refused to allow it. Mrs. Rlgby has made
no complaint against the prisoner. Neither
has Mrs. Randolph.
TTntll a Bout Took II I m Off tbe CapaUed
Schooner Hall.
The schoonor Henrietta Collyer of North
port enmo down the Sound from Fresh Pond
yesterdarwlth a dock load of 50.000 bricks.
Thore was no wind when she drlftod on tho
swift tide at Hell Gate at 1 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, and stoorina was difficult Sho
grazed Llttlo Mill rock nnd tore a long gnsh In
ho- ilnrbo.irl sldr. Her uklupor. AI01170
Arthur, thought he could keep hor afloat an
hour or o and dock hor. Bho began keeling
to starboard, and hor crew. Goorge Van Dyke.
James Htzgerald, and John Wood, with a
passenger bearing tho Immortal namo of John
L. r-ulltwin. le'r her nnd got Into tho llttlo
host u-tern. Tho skipper stood by thn
tiller, still hopeful of reaching a dock.
Off Sixty-ninth streot tho deck load of
brick slid off tho slant tne dock with
n ronr nnd vnnlhed In seven fathoms. Tho
schooner gracefully nnd elowiy wont over on
her beam ends, giving Capt Arthur enough
tlmn to clamber up on her port sldo, Thn mon
In tho llttlo boat cut the pnlntnr nnd drilled
off. Dock Watchman Peter Matthews, Who
saw the ohoonor capsize, rowed out from
Peenty-thlrii Btroet and took the unlucky
skipper off. Tho tug Harlem River towed tho
1 schooner down to Thlrtv-tlrst Btreet. Khe is
owned by Cant. Arthur and Uoo. B. Longbot-tomotNorthport
Miss Aleh Interrniil II fr Narratlre to
Weep On Ida Itreaat.
Loud cries and sounds of blows brought
Capt Brooks and Ofllcer Callahan out on tho
steps of Police Headquarters a little before
noon yesterday. Two mlddlo-aged women,
sisters, wore fighting, and a man, the husband
of one. was endeavoring to separate them. Ha
appeared to sympathize with tho one who
wasn't bis wife. Officer Callahan and Capt
Brooks took them all into tbe Information
Bureau. , ,
One of tbe women said sbe wns Rachel Alch,
and thnt sbo Hoed with a sister at 173 Ludlow
street Here sbn wns no overcome that she
threw ber arms about Officer Callahan's neok
and putting hor head 011 his blue-coated breast
sobbed loud enough to be heard lu the street.
Oflloer Callahan dldn'i enjoy tno situation, but
(.'apt. Brooks and several other policeman did.
Ho struggled to get nwar, but the woman
bung on. until L'npt. Brooks came to the dis
comfited policoman'siescuo.
Rachel had met her sittor Rebecca Prinze's
husband on Grand street n little while before,
and she nnd Prinze, who lives nt 1)3 Christie
stroet, were talking enrnostly when Prinze's
wife csmo up. They quarrelled and separated.
Then Jtnchel nnd Prlnz-n met on Mulberry
street nnd again tho wifn appeared. This
tlmo came tho light Capt Brooks lot them go.
Angry Berante n Man Whom lie ITad Ar
rratrd Wna Illacbarsed.
Policeman Charles Moyor ot tbe Cedar
station, Willlnmsburgh, shot Goorge Smith, 18
years old, of 710 Hurt street. Willlnmsburgh,
yestorday In the loft check. William Moad ot
1,375 lit Kalb avenue, Wllllamsburgb, had
been robbed of n roll nt cloth, nnd ho was led
to euspeot that William Kelly, who lives in
apartments over Mead's store, was tbo tblef.
Roily was arrostod by Policeman Mover, but
ho wns not bold by tho Sergeant at the dosk,
Kelly's discharge angered Meyer, who. It la
said, curst it him as he loft thn station.
It wns shortly nfter midnight yestorday
morning whon tho polloimii metaerond of
mon on the coiner of Do Knlb und Humburg
avenue, nnd In th i-iowd lio re"Ognl?ed Kelly,
(lenrge Smith, nnd William IVttlt. After utter
Jim nn out Ii, it Is Hald.hodiow his revolver und
ilied at the whole crowd. Only Wmltli wni
struck, and whon hn ran awuy the policeman
lollnwed him nnd discharged thn rovolver
nuulii. rlnillh fell teiti.elos-1 In un alteywny nt
(its houi-o and wn carried into his home. Capt
liliKor hns suspended Jlnyer.
The bullet pasted through Smith's neok and
lodued In tho muscles of the back noar tho
Two Men Get On It anil It Dropped Them
Into the Mtreet.
Peter Fourcod, a waiter, 22 years old, and
Foier Ouconier, a sailor, 24 years old, French
men, board with a fellow countryman at 72
Greenwich street Tnoy occupy a front room
together on tbe second floor. On Saturday
eight Fourcod was arousnd from slumber by
. the sounds ot an altercation In the street Ho
wo to up bis room mate, nnd both men went
out on the fire escape In front of their window
to listen to tbo quarrel. The flro escape broke
town, landing tbe Frenchmen on the side wall;,
I'otircod's rlsht wrist wns broken, and
(lunoiiier's left knee can wns broken. The nc
cldont will boa rnnttor for luioitlnatlou by the
Building Inspector.
Where Teslerdny'e II res Were.
A M liA SI (iotrsk strut, occupies by Tnonus
Wcil.ihon. toui 8 a , 1 13 .tlriil3 tirMC no Jin;i.
I M -13-Jii. .101 TklrJ srrana. aoni se.17 TlilrJ r.
nut, John 11 tpurlck nil others. Ijo,ii. s.-.o. xli
Mir siilnjt, 4mj licit TwtulJ-lturtl ilnet, iljin-s
The People Didn't Cirre to See Iter Parade
Ilrr IHagrnee and the Mhowr Didn't Draw
-Nhe Had to Pay the Board Bills of
Her Company After the Perrormanee,
SiuMorttN, Pa,, Bopt C-Tfcs theatrical com
pany In which Mrs. Evn Maun was tho contral
flguro enmo to grief In this place latt night
It Is not likely thnt she will parade the stab
bing of Kursa Donnolly before the publio any
, moro, nlthough Manager Cole snys that tho
j Philadelphia ongngement will be flllod, Tho
j company wns to havo plnyod at Wllllamopnrt
i to-morrow night, but thoengagoment has boen
cancelled, as havo all othors In country towns.
Tho combination loft lioro oarly this mornlug
for Now York. Ono ot tho actors told the
Rending tlckot ngont that nftor tho tlokets
wore purchasod there wns ton conts loft Hnd
not Mrs. Mann given $20 to holppny board
bills It Is probablo that somo of them would
havo had to wnlk homo.
This wns tho fifth nnd last performance. On
tho day before tho company swooped down on
Pottsvllle. Two hundrod persons composed
tbe audience, and, It reportB are true, the com
pany hnd " hard luck" there. A fow of tho men
wero assaulted by bystnndnrs Inn saloon for
objecting to derogatory remnrks about Mrs.
Mann. Yestorday morning the trouno arrived
Inrhamokln. A big crowd was nt the station
to get a glimpse of Mrs. Mann. Bbe was hoav
tly volled when sho sot off tho cars. Bhe was
escorted to a hotel near by, and hnd noonday
lunch sorvod in hor room. The company ro
hearsed in tho ntternoon, but Evn stayed in hor
rooms onjoylng n novel. Bho was rudely dis
turbed by an entorprlslng boy. who begged
permission to sell her photographs totho audi
enoe In tho evening. Tbo adventuress How
Into a rage and droo tho boy from her room.
Bhe said that the newspapers hnd paraded hor
faeo entirely too much to suit her.
Boon nftor Ibis tbe manager wired Charles
Gardner ot hnw York, tbo backer of the
venture, that monoy wns needed to oiy ex-
Eensos. No answer waB rerelvod. Gardner
ad told Colo that ho would stand all oxpensea
as far as Pottsvllle. nnd if tho nightly receipts
were not largo enough to make It go after that
the company would have to innungo lor them
selves. Cole assembled tbe oomonny in the
parlor and Informed them of the fnots. They
eagerly awaited nightfall. When tne curtniu
rose 100 poonlo wore scattered about tha
theatre. On the appearance of Mrs. Mann a
fow gallery gods applauded in derision. Mho
was very pale nnd trembled. Khq epoke In a
low tono and thn promoter camo to her aid
frequently. When she wax ontorlng the cottage
In which the stabbing was to ooour. she halt
faced tbe audience and fell back Into the arms
of hor loading mnn, out of sheer nervousness.
During tho remainder of tbe play she acted In
an aimless mannor. Before tbe show endod
set oral people had loft the hall.
The most annoying part of Eva's trials began
after sho had regained the hotel. Manager
Cole told the night clerk that the company
was In a fix. aud that there was not enough
money ninong Ibe crowd to pay the bills. The
clerk urouscd tho proprlotor. who told him to
gat nil the money he could, and that to harbor
them another dny would menu that muoti
moro oxpeuse. Mrs. Mann reluctantly opened
ber purse and gave the tiO. Manager Cole
was asked why such small houses had boon
encountered. Ha snld that tho newsnnpers
hnd tieen attacking tho play bo savagely that
It ruined thn houao In each town. Every paper,
big and small, hnd " roasted V them. He
added: "Mrs. Hamilton has laid no pretence
to noting. Hhn thought that her reputation
would iliuw big houses"
Hnoe the nfubt Kvu played the opening en
gagement in Now Jersey she hns viewed with
complncency tha diminishing crowds In oach
theatre, hut when tho final crash came she
Wept bitterly. When the company rrulstered
yesterday Mrs. Mann's residence was omitted.
During tho dny some ono supplied tho words.
"Trenton Prison." Evn, won very indignant
whon intinued ct It end had thorn erased.
The Death or a Planter Soppoaed to Rare
Been Killed by a Nej;ro.
Columbia. 8. 0., Bept C In the early part of
last June. In Rot oson county. X. C. Major
Duncan Connolly, a planter, was murdered In
tbe night.
A man who looked like a negro called at
tbe residence of Major Connelly and asked
tho owner whore "Billy" Bikes lived. Tho
Major repllod that Blkes's house was three
quarters ot a mile down tho road. The caller
asked Major Connolly to show him tho road,
and thn obllglngold man started out with him.
Five minutes afterward Mrs. Connelly heard
two pistol Bhotn down the road. Bonding ont
one ot the servants the dead body of the Major
was found in the road,
Tbo nephow of the dead man, D. A. Mo
Dougnll. entered actively Into tho search tor
tbe murderer, and offered a roward ot i 1.000
for blsnrrest
Tho dny after tbo murder sorm negroes
employer In a sawmill on Lumbor River,
eevoral rntloj from the scone, found a suit of
clothes and n wig. When they wero taken to
the sawmill several ni-groes remembered hav
ing seen a colored man washing his face In the
The stranger ran away. The clothes were
held as a cine, and they wore reoognlzed as
having belonged to 31 e Don call, tbe nephew ot
the dond man. Borne time beforo tho murder
McDougnll took part in a farce-ootnedr, ae
sumlng the onnractor of a negro.
It-wns found thnt on tbe evening bsforeths
murder MoDougall hud loft Lawrlnburg. IIo
said that lie was going to Wilmington on busi
ness. He also said thnt he was going to Far
etteville. It was found that he bod not left
The elotheB wero Anally Identified as those
which MoDougall woro at the play. Immedi
ately McDoucall disappeared.
His disappearance deopened suspicion and
the matter was pincod 111 the hands of detec
tives, one of whom finally found him In Chi
cago. Here tho detective dinnk with htm, fol
lowed him to M. Louis, nnd to Denver nnd Into
New Mexico. The detective succeeded in get
ting on good terms with McDougnll nnd found
thnt hn Intended to sail for Australia, Mc
Dougnll told tho detctio that be hnd to look
niter sumn mining interests In Oregon before
leaving. Thodetoctlve followed blm to Albany,
Ore., nnd finding that he was mnkl"g prepara
tions to sail arrested him. Requisition pnpers
were Issuod. and MoDougall was brought back
to North 1 nrollna and lodgod In jail lust weok
at Lumbortou.
It wa found thnt McDougnll wns the prin
cipal heir ot the plnntor. who carried n heavy
life Insurance. The aunt plnond Implicit con
llndniieo in MoDougall. who looked niter nil
hor affairs and business. It is presumed that
be expected, naturally, that bis nunt would
place tbo estate In his hnnds for sottlomunt
when he could manipulate It ns bo plnnsi.il,
McDougnll wns A pillar of thn Methodist
church here. It Is now thought that hn burned
his store do wd. to get the Insurance somo time
Xdwnrd Ronaerau Kllla ntmaetr,
Edward Rousseau was found dead yesterday
afternoon In somo shrubbery at Woodsldo,
behind Calvary Cemotery. Ho bad shot him
self through Ihn right temple, nnd In his band
was mill clutched a new rovolver.
IIo lived nt a:l lounrd street. Greonpolnt.
nnd nns 'JC years old. Ho left bis hoinn Inst
Fiidny. ostensibly to attend to somo business
In New York. Ho did not como to New York,
nnd It U now thought ho went directly to
Woodside nnd shot himself. Nolghbors say he
had beon behaving recently as If there was
trouble on his mind,
Two Ilrnnklyn Boya Drnvrned,
Europe Conwar. 14 years old. of 140 York
Btreot. Brooklyn, slipped from the Btrlngpleoe
of tbe plor at the foot of Brldgo street, Brook
lyn, yesterday aftornoon. Into tbe river and
wns drownod. Ills body was carrlod away by
thn tide.
Frederick Hooh. 1(1 years old, of 270 Twenty
first street. Brooklyn, put out from the font ot
Thlrt). ninth street, Houth Brooklyn. In nrnw.
boat nt noon rosterdny. hllo standing up In
the boat bo lo-t his balance, foil overboard,
and was drowned. Ills body was rccovuied.
Hbot Ills Companion In the Leg.
Louis Loasco, an Italian BO years old, of 65
Bulllvan street New York, Is In the Hmlth In
flrmnry nt New Brighton with a shattered leg.
nnd Peter Vlnesla of Clifton has been arrest
ed. Thn two. lu company with several others,
were hunting on baturday near Garrison's.
Yliinslatold Loasco to hurry along with the
others or hn would shoot blm. Becnnse
Loasco did not qulckon his steps. It In said,
Vlnejia raised his gun und shot him in the
leg. Ho will leojvur.
Sre Mufsra snl then to Rirspst don't e to
Kuro iiret nniyia Hours from Aew York lirjiew
lull teatruli II tralut . j.av, (
Four Inches of Bala Fell In a Fevr Mlnntca
Incidents or the Storm. t
IUltimoiie, Sept. C One of tho most terrlflo
rnlrr-and elocttlcnl storms thnt ever visited
this city came down suddenly soon alter 8
o'clock Inst night. It ralnod steadily with
incronsod violence until about 0 o'clock, whon
a doluco came.
Accompanied by sharp dailies of lightning
and henvy booms of thunder, tho rain came
down for twenty minutes with fury. Tho wind
blow a galo from the southoast At 9:25 the
torrent coased suddenly. Bhowors continued
to occur during tha night. Tour Inehos of rain
fell nnd tho stroots of tho city woro filled with
Most of tho streets wore floodod from curb
to curb during tho night Many botisos In tho
course of erection woro partly wnshod away.
In mnny ensostbo forco of the nwollen gutter
streams was strong enough to ralso the heavy
platen which covorod tho sowers, and In somo
casos whore this was not done tho sowors
At Fayette street atone time the water was
fo high thnt It was dangerous for the trnctlon
company's cars to pass. One drlvor made a
dnsh across nt 9:20. and tho enr wns noarly
enrried from thn tracks.
The wnter wnshed up ngnlnst the car win
dows. 1 lie hordes lookod ns though they
wero swimming. As thn ear imsod this point
the driver culled attention to the fact thnt an
eloctrlo light halt a Bininre dlstnnt could hnrd
lylo seen. Thirty seconds later tbe driior
stopped tho car and went Insldo.
"Cnn't so tho horso's heuds,"Hald he. "guess
I'll wnltnwhllo."
Tbo telegraph, telephone, nnd electrlo light
wires Mirrored ronaldarnlile damage. The
elerri l nlon telegraph lino between Wash
ington nnd Phllndolplila during tho storm wns
ti-ele-s. It wns dangerous to go near tho
wires. The storm enme from the south. Balls
of flrn ns Inrgo ns eggs rolled along tbo wires
to tho Bwltchhoaid nnd then nxplodod. Tho
reports of the oxploslons wore llko guus.
Not a Delea-ate Will he Meat from Phlla.
delohla to Ilia ConTentlon In Chleasto.
PniLADKt.rniA. Sept C Tha officers of the
Irish National League of this city at a confer
once meeting to-day decided to Ignore Presi
dent Fitzgerald's circular calling for n nation
al Convention to be held In Chicago on Oct 1.
Among the reasons assigned for Ignoring tho
call are: First, that the time has not yet ar
rived for a Convention until the Irish leaders
on tbe other side are united: nnd. secondly,
the local leaders nere believo that It Is a plan
of Fitzgerald's and Alexander Bulllvan's to
havo the convention held In Chicago, In order
to have themselves eleoted to offices.
John O'Cnllahan, Secretary of the Municipal
Council of the Irish National League, said to
day that not ono of the forty-eight branches
of the lrlh Natlonnl I.ongun In this city would
send, a delegate to Fitzgerald's Convention.
' Thero aro." ho added. " very little funds
coming In at proscnt. nnd many of the
brauches hnve disbanded altogether, ret I
believo Mr. Button Is drawing his 11,500 a rear
ns Secretary ot the League in this country."
At,B.n?ef."n''0,.,D8 en. Corcoinn branch of
the Irl-h National League In Phllopatrlan Hall
this afternoon it was rosohod to wlthdrnwfrom
1n.?i.Irl.BJ1 I'lonal League and affiliate
with tho Irish Federation of America,
of which Dr. Thomas Addis Fmmltt Is
President and Eugenn Kelly Treasurer.
Hugh McCafforr. lco-rroldent of the
Irish National League of America, de
livered n long nddross In praise of the new
organisation, which he declared Iscomposod
or sornn of rbo lending Irish citizens nnd bus!
nosnmonof Now York citr. "These are the
klud.or men." ho said, "wo want-men who
will join tho organization for no personal or
ambitious motives, but nlmplr for the causa of
a down-trodden people."
Tbo ,on. Corcoran brsn.-li vns the oldest
and most Influential In Philadelphia. It was
formerlr known as the Pnrnell branch, but
changed Its name aoout two months ago. at
tho close of the Pnrnoll-O'Shon suit
Melbourne Raya, nowerer. It Will Be
Alone In X,eia Than a Day.
OnentsKie. Bopt. 6. Melbourne fallod to de
liver rain this afternoon or evening, but says
it will bo less than twenty-four hours late, and
Will be In quantity when It does coma.
The committee conoedo him tho additional
time on account of the heavy wind on Friday.
He said nt the time that the nlr movement
seriously Interfered with ItU operations. Bet
ting Is 100 to GO that bo will produco rain.
Const Preel One at the Pasaengers "Who
Arrived on I.n Tonralne.
Count Camilla Poecl.the oldest nephow of Tope
Loo, arrived hero rosterdny on the steamship
La Touralne. His visit has nothing to do with
ecclesiastical business. He comes merely to
see the country nnd for pleasure.
Gen. Stewart L. Woodford waa also a pas
senger br La Touralne.
Attorney-General Miller Oeta a Bevenaa
Cntter Also,
Pnn.ADEi.pniA, Sept C Attornoy-Oeneral
Miller with a party of six arrived here rtster
day afternoon from Washington. They went
down the Delaware In tbe revenue cutter
Hamilton, which had been put in readiness for
the Attorney-General. Tho party will steam
as far as tho Delaware Breakwater, and If tbe
weather Is favorable a short sea voyage will
A Man Dying of (Handera.
Eastos. Conn.. Sept. C nobert Purdy, bet
ter known as "Five-Fingered Jack." is dying
of glanders In a hovel In the western part ot
this town. Bovernl weoks ago ho wont to work
torn man In Btratford, caring for his horses.
One of tho animals hnd tho glanders nnd
Purdy became Infected and wus sent to his
home to die.
, Purdy has for vcarB livod tho life of a hermit
In his hovel in Laston, and when his neighbors
learned what his dlsoase was no ono daied to
Konenrhlm. ThoHeleotmen, after muoh dif
ficulty, found n man who goes to tho hut onco
a day to provide food aud watr.
A physician wnn found on Friday with oour
ace enough to examine li I in. He lancnd the
mans leg arid nrm and thus relieved his pain
r-omewhnt but tho sight was too much lor his
Iron nerio und ho declines to tee him nguln.
A Temptlnit, Offer from II mil I.
Ltjwyn. Mich.. Bopt C r.ugono Davenport.
Professor of Agriculture at the Michigan Agri
cultural College, to-day recohod a telegram
rfTerlnc blm tho Presidency of tbo col
lege which It Is proposed to establish
in Brazil, nt an annual salary of trt.OOO, to
gether with n houso and living expenses. Bo
desirous aro tho ilra?lllanrt of eerur
ing Prof, Daionnort'-i services that thoy
offer to pay his oxpenses both ways.
If at the end of n year's experience he does not
deslro to remain at tho head of the lustltutlon.
Prof. Daienport will thoroughly consider the
oflor beforo arrlvlnt at a doflnlto decision.
Keystone Bank Clerha Arreeled.
Pinr.APRi.piiiA, Bept. 8. Chnrlos E. Ego and
E. L. Magulre.formcrly Individual ledger clerks
at the broken Koystono Bank, woro arrested
last nlcht charged with making falso entries
In their ledgors nnd with mnklngsuehsrnto
ments ns would lend to doeimo tho Bunk
It Is exioctod thnt another arref-t upon the
samnrhnrgo will be made to-morrow morning.
Tho nrrei-ts o Magulro and Lgo wore niiide
upon an nmdutsornout by tho Government
accountant who liuio boon oxauitulug the
books of tho bank.
Mullane' Victim May Btcoyer,
It was said at Ht. Vincent's Hospital last
evening that John Mnrtln, Jr., of 173 L'11.abtith
street, wno wns stabboj lu tho abdomen in
front of 305 Broomo street, on Saturday night
liy John Mullane. tho Third district Repub
lican polltlcnn, plight rucm or, although his
condition In Mill cri.nnl. Miillnno, who was
arrested shortly aftor tho tabbli.g. was ar
raigned in the Toiuba Pollen four' yesterday,
and committed without bud to await ihe result
of Martin's Injuries.
Mullano has ben a keeper on Blnckwell's
Island, and a woigher'n laborer In the Custom
House. (
Meanwhile nhe Went Ahead with tha ;.
Other A Sea Comes Over Bier Bow aad fl
Twlsta Her Bridge Stanchions Awry.
The French Una stsamnhlo La Touralne, 'M
bearing E. Burd Grubb apd bis uniform, cam
In roaterdar. a dar behind her usual time, with - ,B
Bovernl of tho Iron stanchions ot her bridge M
twisted. Hor passengers were much shaken (
up on the seoond and third day out from II
Havro by tho verr llvelr toll of a crdone. Tha II
wind, permeated with rain, began beating up 1
the wavos on Aug. 80. Thero was '-
hurrlcnno next dny, and tho big ship jfl
was compellod to run nt half speed. ,.
Bho pltohod n great deal, and her propellers l
frequently whirred In the air as she rose on 1
tho crest of n mighty soa. Tho racing of the M
port propellor bent the eccentrlo rod of one ot l
the port onglnss. The port ongrnes were Im- 1
medlntoly Mopped, nnd three hours were spent jl
In disconnecting thn eccentric, taking It out.
and straightening It. Meanwhile tbe Touralne M
went ahoad with her starboard onsinon, losing "
prnctlca Iy no tlmn bcnuse of the accident.
This Is tho flr-t chance tha Touralne hns had
to show tho usotulnessof twlu screws In rough JM
wenthnr. KM
A tall sen brok over the port bow on Aug. f
81, twisting bridgo stnnvhlons and ripping oft $
n lot of canvas. Few of the pa-uengors none m
of whom was n'lowed on deck during the '
storm-knw naythlnc about lbs Inva-lon br :
wntor forward. The storm ceased on Monday
morning. Inning sens that kept qualmish ;M
passengers In ngony for a day.
Capt. Irangenl shvb thn voyngn wns one of KM
tho roughest In his long e-xiiorlonoo. Four ufl
other steumt.hlps. without the ndvnntngo of ;
twin screws, thn Aurnnln. Ponnlnnd. Kthlopla, -J.-M
and Rhnotln, due vostordnv probably mot th -?!
cyclone, nnd rimybaio Bomothlng interesting
in their logs about it. ''cm
Thn steamship Ozamt of tho Clydn Hn. W
which arrived , yesterday from West Indian ,i
ports, ropnrts thnr the hurrlcnno which devas- " iiM
tatad a part of Mnrtlnlqun on Aug. 20 blew
down hundreds of fruit trees and damaged iSB
tnnny houses In Knn Domingo. The force of &
the storm was not ns sovore at Turk's Island i
ns it woe nt Martlnlnuo. but four small const- M
Ing schooners woro driven ashore, and a sloop -.?
from Hnn Domingo wns broken to pieces on a
reef and hor crew of threo men were lost ''JM
Killed Whln the Family Were est Cknrefc ."$
and thn House Met on Fire. 3 'im
NABrrritLE, Font 6.-A story of a doubl ' JM
murder has reached bore from Livingston. ' ;;.
Overton county, about fifty mllos from tbe -
railroad. On last Sunday night tho family of vl
Wllllnra Smith went to church, leaving two &m
girls, aged 17 nnd It), in tho house alone. :
About 9 o'clock a neighbor noticed an un- $M
usual light In the direction of Smith's dwell- a'JB
ing. He ran oier nnd arrived just in tlmn to M
see the two girls, both dond. lying on tbe floor '-M
In the centre of a downstairs room. !
Their faces were coiered with blood and ?
their clothing disarrangod. Ho fierce were the .
names that tho bodies could not be rescued. IxM
The girls had undoubtedly boen murdered, 'm
after which tho bouso was set on lire. ?
A Phllndelphlan Arreated ae a Spy la - 'M
Germany. Iqm
WnsKtixo. Bent. C Carleton Groves, who il
was arrestod at Mayence, Germany, yesterday, 1 Jjl
charged with being a spy, is tho son of Robert jSl
Groves ot Barncsvllle, Belmont county. 0., 1
and a nephew ot Joseph Groves of this citr. $1
Ho hns been In the emptor ot the Pennsyl- fM
Tanla Railroad at the Broad streit station. 11
Phllodelpnlo. for several yoars. and. being nn -m
expert amateur photographer, wus sent along ?
tbe railroad this summer to tako views. II ii
wnn on a vuca.lon, nnd wns spending It In vvl
Germauy. , r.l
Tli I an He linn Dlseotercu. i Gold Mine. " &
MtLronD. Conn.. Sept. C John Braehm, a "ll
German, owns n fnrm on tho turnpike be- vl
tween this place nnd Now Haven. Mr. Brnohm il
baa discovered one of the thousands of gold "'
mines with which this State is honeycombed. il
and hns made arrangements with n New York .. 1
Urm to dig it out for him. He hns already ex- '' ,';1
cavated a holo olgbty feot deep, and nas a M
do7en Italians at work In It. '
Lnst week, wnter came In so fast that work ?1
had to b abmidoned until n tmmp big enough vM
to keep the water down Is riggod up. This Is 3 1
now being made In New York. Mr. Braehm is ';
tnlklngot gliing up his fnrm work entirely '
and devoting his time to tho mlno. i
Attempted Wife Mnrder and Snlelde. jl
WATKitr.unr. Bopt. C.-In Seymour. Conn., at ,'JI
12:30 this morning. John Welngtiladt shot
himself dead aftor an attompt to kill his wife JM
by shooting. The two bullets fired at the l'i
woman narrowly escaped a vital snot, both en- 1
toring tho bend. Welngbladt wns drunk and rl
lnanely jealous, nnd he had boon brooding si
over his troublos for somo tlmn. no was a 31
eteol forgor nnd n fine tool maker at th Hey- 3
rnour Pluxh Mills an 1 earned good wages until nl
a few days ago, blueo which time he had boon Si
on a spreo. jsm
The Weather. !'l
The westhsryeiterdir w itsuerally olornly, with fl
freqntnt ttaowtri: the diy was oloi and saltry. Ho- il
mldliy wu OH per cent. In the mornlni. and toe '41
vr was U3 for tht ilay. The wind raaehed lu '(I
highest velocity of 12 mllaa an hour about 3 I'.M.; the km
avsraga was 4 miles. Peine tofprtralnd in the morn- ',?l
tar, becoming llftit at 0 lis A.M,;rlnrll .of an Inotii ,'i
hlglieetottlolal temperalara 70', loweet oi'. ' jl
showert fell In tha lalia reglone, and In all th States
on the Atlanllo coait. Ilaary rains (all In Booth Caro.
Una and Florida. Charlettoa reported 3.30 Inches at 'i
Charleaton, and 3 IS at Jacktnnvlllt. Soalh ot the
Jakes atid wet: ot the Allejliany mouataJnt the ?(
waathar was generally fair.
Tbe slight baroraetrlo depression vat central ever
Hew York, and slowly working northward, showing ft
clearing condition! to tbo west of this city; Ibe pros- 'J
peels are for fair weather today In this region, and V
clearing weather lu lower tow I'.ngltnd, with but little
Changs In temperature. U
Tha thermometer at Perry's pharmacy In Tni Bon 8
building recordtd the femptra'.ur yeiterJaru tot- t
Iowa; 1
ISOQ. 1611. isso 1S9I. t
BA.M 73 Uft S30P. M HO' 70
UA.H 71' lif aV. M 7S- 74'
tA. M -7r 7J' (i - 1 7V -a- 1
I M &' 77 U Mid If 7J1 (
Average 7SU )
Average on bept. 8, M 7bj '
local rogrcaiT TULH r. W. MOniAV.
For sootheaetern Ksw Vork tlnclodtng Long Island), ,
alo for northern .New Jeriey, light tbowera, followed '
by generally rain slightly cooler, wnterlr winds. ' ?
Kor weatarn Connecticut, light auowara In the mora- '';
Ing, clearing lu the afternoon; lightly cooler) weelerly
winds. K. H. Pc', Local Korecait OfflclaJL -;,
wiBprrinruENT roRKc.ar tillHt. m. mosdat.
Showers have praratlad on tht Atlantic coast and la $
th lower lak region during the day, Ik rainfall being
heavy on th south Atlantlocoatt and In southern New fi
Knglanit. I.lsawher fair wtather continues. Th '
slight dlitnrbance which was central ovar th lak ro- B,
glone thle morning hi pnnj iirtbastward to th j
lower St. I awrence, aol there ar Indications ot a die- -
turlianca oil tho louti Atlmtlo cont. Tha orauur X
continues a'morm illy high m th central valleys, but iff
It baa declined rapidly In tho eitremo northweit. Hhow. S
r ar likely tocontlnu alimglb Atlanllo coast on B
Monday, but th Ka:hor wilt be generally fair In tbe 4)
Interior. 4
For Mattaehuiette. fair In western, showers In Altera 1'
porpoa clearing during the day) warmer In eaetern. I
stationary temperature In waatcrn portion; westerly ,te
lnd. '$
hor Uhodo felanl and Connecticut, local showers to- $,
ntglit: fair during tb groater portion of Monday, ttv i
tuinary tamptraluro; wetterly wind. W
fr ej$iem .Vu 1'oit, client i'inntyivinta, Hvo
JttHl, am txlavin, bxal thowtn near tht eoatl; air In M
Itu Inlirlor; northerly ulmli; natUnaryHmptraturt 'S
For Ihe District of Columbia and Maryland, fair If,
during th greater porUon of th day, but local ohowor Jk
araprbsblitllghtcUanges la temperature; northerly :!
win l. ' " S
r'or western Ksw Vork.generAlly filr during Mondavi
wtiUrly lods; s Ight change In Itmperaturo. '1
John Ifotahan. 42 yeare old. of lis Bowery, whowas 9
rrosl1 Xtj lnepaotor Hyruea'a men on sueplrlon of a
being yr,hoh So. i. 11 reimted murdeir of "Old ,
atiaseepeare." In April lait was arraigned for dsird i
erly conluct In lb Jeiler.ou Market Court ii;rJy A
and Diied fin. ' i
Bernard Hannlitar. colored, who wu arrenel In 4
PltlehelJ Uio by Peieciii sorgeam llanloy oa a $
enrger bMUl larceny (rfirrl by ilcrhirto I'ham.
ber us reman for the Kdlmu l.ltctrlo Light Com
n.ny. was arralgu-d befor Jueilv Kelly in the r
Jerftrion Market Court yoterdny. and held in ,'
4. in ball for trial. UannMar a employ, a aa a i
janitor lu th boarding nouio at 2il Weit lour. j"
l.rulh airtet a lair ago. aud. II is allerej, ruled r'
two trunks bsWglug tc fir, C6mtitrs of f l,UM war th 'S'l
lit clolblDg andjstrs ry, iU

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